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Guide and Walkthrough by ffmasterjose

Version: 1.77 | Updated: 03/01/2008

____ _    ____ _  _    ____ _ ___  ____ ____
|__| |    |___  \/     |__/ | |  \ |___ |__/ 
|  | |___ |___ _/\_    |  \ | |__/ |___ |  \ 
____ ___ ____ ____ _  _ ___  ____ ____ ____ _  _ ____ ____ 
[__   |  |  | |__/ |\/| |__] |__/ |___ |__| |_/  |___ |__/ 
___]  |  |__| |  \ |  | |__] |  \ |___ |  | | \_ |___ |  \

Alex Rider: Stormbreaker FAQ
Date Began: July 16th, 2007
Date Completed: July 31st, 2007 (Last updated on March 1st, 2008)
Version: 1.77
Author: Jose "ffmasterjose" Escamilla
Email: ffmasterjose (at) gmail (dot) com


I. Introduction...................................................[Intro]
II. Controls......................................................[Con]
III. Items........................................................[itemsiii]
IV. Walkthrough...................................................[FAQv]
V. Arny Training..................................................[armvi]
VI. Bug Hunt......................................................[bhvii]
VII. Mansion Recce................................................[manviii]
VIII. Night Delivery..............................................[nihiv]
IX. Alex's Escape.................................................[axev}
X. Endgame I......................................................[egi]
XI. Endgame II....................................................[egii]
XII. The Killer Jellyfish.........................................[kjiii]
XIII. Deus ex. Machina............................................[deusii]
XV. The Chase.....................................................[chixc]
XVI. Mr. Grimm....................................................[grim09]
XVII. Horseback Chase.............................................[hors45]
XVIII. Through the Looking Glass..................................[ttlgs3]
XIX. Ad Finitum...................................................[adfin77]
XX. Cheats........................................................[Cheats]
XXI. Legal Information............................................[Legal]
XXII. Version History.............................................[Ver]
XXIII. Final Notes................................................[Fin]

| I. Introduction [Intro]

Welcome to my third and hopefully one of many more FAQs to come! In this guide
you will find information covering the Gameboy Advance title Alex Rider:
Stormbreaker. While the game itself isn't exactly a blockbuster hit, and could
have used some polish, it's still more than worthy of having a guide for it. I
wrote this FAQ because at the time there were no other FAQS already posted for
the game on GameFAQs. So I figured I'd not only be helping the site (but more
importantly, the people who use the site...that's you!) out but I could use
the experience in FAQ writing, since I'm sort of an up and coming writer
(well, that's what I tell myself anyway). So in the end everyone wins if you
think about it. Well now since that business is out of the way, it's on to the
FAQ material itself!

| II. Controls [Con]

The following is a basic run-down of all the controls and their purpose in
Alex Rider: Stormbreaker.

Start = Pauses the game, player can either resume or quit from this menu.
Select = No use
L = Toggles through items
R = Uses items
B = Kick
A = Punch, also used to accelerate Alex's Quad Bike and Sabina's Horse.
Directional Pad = Moves Alex, allows you to scroll through menus.

| III. Items [itemsiii]

Throughout Alex Rider's wacky adventure he will acquire and use several
different types of neat items at his disposal. These items are essential to his
survival and progress. You don't pick them up, but rather they're given to you
as you progress throughout the game. Each one of them serves some use and you
usually always know when you need to use them. So now when I reference them in
the FAQ, you'll know just what I'm talking about and how to use it. You toggle
through each item by using the L button, and you use each item with the R

Item: Sodium Pentothal Pen
Effect: Stuns one enemy for a short period of time, allowing Alex to attack

Item: Yo-yo
Effect: Yes, a yo-yo. Alex uses this item to help him swing across gaps by
swinging across a marked object. Man, I wish mine could do that!

Item: Smoke Bomb Cartridge
Effect: Chuck this item to stun a large group of enemies. It's basically a
beefed up version of the Sodium Pentothal Pen, except it can effect more than
one foe. Plus if you hold the R button down, you can toss the bomb further
than usual. Nifty.

Item: Bug Finder
Effect: This allows Alex to disable any bugs he find without alerting guards
to his location. When you've got it selected any bugs present will give off
a green wave and they'll beep.

Item: Detection Device
Effect: This lets you see ahead of your path for any enemies, so you can plan
accordingly for your next move. Be warned though, that it leaves you open to
attack from any guards that happen to spot you.

Item: Metal Eating Cream
Effect: Dissolves metal doors and other metallic devices so Alex can
continue. You must use it without being interrupted, the meter must empty all
of the way for it to work. Easily the best item in the game

Item: Scanner & Transmitter
Effect: Allows you to save the game at any of the game's save point.

Item: Health Packs
Effect: Restores Alex's health

Item: Oil Can
Effect: Gives a boost to Alex's quad bike

Item: Carrot
Effect: Gives a boost to Sabina's horse

Item: Key Cards
Effect: Opens the door that corresponds to the card's color.

| IV. Walkthrough [FAQv]

Here we are, a guide to the main (and only) mode of Alex Rider: Stormbreaker.
This FAQ contains no plot spoilers, and everything is broken up into paragraphs
since that is the best way to explain things. The level titles are taken from
the guide's Instruction Booklet, I didn't think of the names (believe me if I
did they would have been much much more clever). So, enjoy.

* Addendum: For the last half of the game I gave my own titles for the levels
so if they seem weird...it's probably because I thought of them. I just wanted
to put that out there in case anyone owns the game manual and sees that there
are some inconsistences, to save you time from sending me an email complaining
about it :)

| V. Army Training [armvi]

At the start of the course, simply leap over the gap by walking to it without
stopping, Alex will automatically make a jump. You will land near a save point
so use it if you want (directions will be given to you about how to save your
game. After moving on from this area you'll leap over another gap. Continue
north until you're instructed to attack the guard. One punch should put him
away, though it won't always be that simple. Continue east after this to
attack another guard, this time you'll be asked to finish him with a kick
as opposed to a punch. Moving on from there, you'll encounter yet another
guard, you'll be asked to finish him with a hip throw. Simply press both A and
B to accomplish this. Head south and at this point you'll be asked to climb
down a ladder to search for a keycard.

After you've climbed the ladder head south and then east, you'll see that you
need to leap over the gap to reach the other side. Once you do, dispose of the
guard, you may take a hit or two but this is normal, and chances are it will
happen fairly often as you proceed throughout this game. Leap over the next
space, when you come to the barrels between the north and south paths, take
the south one, dispose of the guard and grab the health pickup that's not too
far from the red keycard, which you should also pick up too. Continue up the
north path up the ladder.

With the red cardkey in hand, simply walk up to the gate and it will unlock
automatically. You can't enter through any of the doors in those houses or
leap over the bush, so you'll have to head to your right near the gap. You'll
be forced to sneak past the guard posted. This isn't too hard of a task. When
you make the jump over the gap, get to the side of the structure as fast as
you can and stay there. When the guard turns his back and starts to walk down
in a southward direction, quickly dash left-ward and hop over the gap. Head
to the right where you'll encounter two searchlights that stand on either side
of the way on. Hug the right-most wall until you can stand againt the right
most search tower, then when the searchlight isn't in any proximity to Alex
move around and head straight up.

At this point you'll be instructed to find another cardkey to open the final
gate. You'll pass several buildings, including a black one that contains
nothing inside it. There is one guard that's patrolling the path, after three
hits he will go down. There's another black building there, enter it and pick
up the card key. Afterwards, head south. Another guard will be walking around
the area, and when he spots you he'll quickly engage you - show him what's up
and move on. Continue up the path to the gate, which should open with the 
cardkey that you picked up not too long ago. Congratulations, you've now
completed your army training!

| VI. Bug Hunt [bhvii]

At the start of this mission press L until the Bug Finder is the item you have
selected in the lower right hand corner of the screen. You'll get some details
about how it works after this. Walk up to the bug that you find and simply walk
over it to disable it, but always make sure the Bug Finder is equipped while
you're doing this, otherwise you'll be detected. There's a guard in the room to
your left that you'll have to take care of. Try leading him down to where you
started this mission so as to not attract the attention of the other guard
patrolling the halls. There's a health pickup in the room he was in if you need

North from that area is another Bug that you have to disable, along with a door
that you currently can't unlock, another guard and another health pickup. Take
care of the bug and the guard, then proceed east, passing by the door which
requires a blue cardkey and another guard (if you didn't take the time to take
care of him earlier). Go down the first path that you encounter, disposing of
the two guards that are posted there, and pick up the green cardkey.

Continue east until you come across two dividing paths, north and south. For
the moment head south. Attack the guard that's walking around, then continue
on, hook a left and get a surprise on the guard posted outside of the green
locked door. Enter that door, punch, kick or hip toss the guard into submission
and claim the blue keycard that is in the room. Head up the north path.

Knock out the guard there that awaits you, then the other one that will hear
the commotion and check out things. Deactivate the Bug you'll find in the lone
room, and pick up the health item if you're hurting or just want to pick it up
for the sake of doing so. Remember that blue-locked door we passed not too long
ago? Back track there and enter it with the blue keycard you picked up earlier.
There will be a guard there waiting in the room, so be prepared for some action
and when that's all said and done, claim the red keycard found in that room.
Go back to where the red-locked door was and continue north-ward (the red card
key will automatically open the door for you of course).

In this next area immediately take out the guard to the right of your position
and continue on the uppermost path, you'll be given a tip to use your Sodium
Pentothal Pen. Take out the guard and disable the Bug that's not too far from
the last guard's position. You will find yet another guard not too far away
from here so also punch or kick him on his rear end. Continue east and you will
find another red keycard.

Go back to where you first entered this area to use that red keycard that you
just picked up. There are two guards posted, along with a bug and a blue
keycard. So naturally your next step is to dispatch the guards, disable the
Bug and snag the blue keycard. After doing this leave the room and head to the
right, you'll come across another guard. After that you can either go down a
ladder or use the blue keycard on the door. I suggest taking the ladder down
first, you'll find two health pick-ups and a save point to save your progress.
After this minor indulgence pass through the blue-locked door.

There are two guards, one Bug and a green cardkey, time to go to work once
again. After taking care of that business leave the room, head right and up
the path. Yet another foolish guard will stand in your way, but you're more
than capable of dishing out pain, so send him packing. Another guard stands
between you and the door sealed with a green lock. After defeating that guard
go up through the door (Gee, you'd think that guards might call for some kind
of backup? Oh well).

In this area you can find a health pick-up not too far away from where you
entered should you need it. Pounce on the guard that's close to your left, but
watch out because he's got a friend that's not too far away from him. Disable
the Bug that you'll find near those two, and move down to find a good health
pick-up, though you may wish to save it for later. Moving north from there
you'll get jumped by two guards, just try to avoid their hits as best you can
and dish some out. Moving up from there will find you in contact with more
hostile action, but fortunately it's just one guard. Head east from there to
find a guard standing in front of a green cardkey, there's not really much
hope to sneak past him, so prepare to lock up in mortal combat. Snatch the
green cardkey, then go right from there to find another Bug near the end of
the hallway.

Take that cardkey to open the door that was in front of Alex when you first
found yourself in this area. You won't find any cardkeys in this room, just
two guards and one Bug - which is just what you need to find actually (AFter
all this is a Bug Finding mission!). Disable the Bug.

Go right from here, you'll find the last Bug of the mission and yet another
guard. You can avoid fighting this one by disabling the Bug quickly, that will
end the mission right away...assuming of course you've already disabled all of
the other Bugs.

| VII. Mansion Recce [manviii]

At the start, simply run forward (by holding the directional pad in the same
direction you're going...it looks like walking to me, but the game labels it as
running...go figure) to leap over the laser grid. Not too far from your spot
is a Bug, so bring up the Bug Finder and disable it, whilst taking out the two
guards that are near that immediate vicinity. If you move to the right you'll
pass a metal door (That can be traversed through by using the Metal Eating
Cream that you just acquired after the last mission) and you'll see a guard as
well as some health lying next to a wall. Take that guard out, and just for
good measure, the other one that's not too far from him.

Continue down that corrider, knocking out the lone guard in the hallway and
disabling the Bug that's just around the corner. From here you should spot a
guard as well as a door that's sealed with a red colored lock, so you know
what you have to do. Move left from here, go up and dispatch the guard that's
next to the health pick-up and laser grid. Here you'll encounter a new type
of guard, the armed guard. These guards not only take more hits to take out.
but they also shoot at you...yes, shoot at you. Do your best to avoid the hits
and knock him out. But get used to their appearance.

Continue left from here then down, disabling the Bug you find and knocking out
the guard you'll find as well. From here I reccomend using the Metal Eating
Crean on the first metal door you saw when you started the level, so move west
and hop through the laser grid, wrap around until you get there, then open the
door. Take out the guard that's stationed there with a gun, pickup the health
item if you find Alex is hurting bad. Then back track to the last laser grid
you hopped, and use the Metal Eating Cream again to open the door there that
you will find to the north. 

Hop the laser grid, punch out the guard, and head up the stairs. Walk along
the path until you see an armed guard posted. Use the shelves for cover, then
move to take him out when the time is right. Down the stairs you'll see a red
cardkey and another armed guard. Once he is out of the way snag the red carkey
and start to travel back to the appropriate door. Unfortunately for Alex, two
guards will show up and be ready to take you out. Try to get in a good spot
as to prevent them from attacking you from both sides. Chances are you'll take
a hit or two (at the very least) but there's a health pickup that's ready and
waiting for you in this area...assuming you didn't already grab it earlier.

Open the door with the red cardkey, take out the armed guard posted there and
use the Metal Eating Cream on it to continue. You'll see another health pickup
and a guard. Knock him out and hop through the laser grid array, layeth the
smackdown on him and claim the blue keycard as your own. Then yes, travel back
to where the first metal door was and open the door found in that area with the
blue keycard. On your way out you'll encounter another patrol troop of two
guards. Once you've gotten to the door locked with a blue seal, traverse
through the door and into the next part of the level.

Knock out the guard posted there, then move to the left and open the metal door
with your Metal Eating Cream. Smack out the guard there, then watch out for
his armed friend that's not too far from him. Walk down from there, hop the
laser grid array once again, knock out the two guards guarding the red
cardkey, and claim it for yourself. Return to where you first started in this
area, and head up the center path. Hop the laser grid. You'll be prompted to
use the Detection Device to spot any potential guards ahead of you, but chances
are you already saw this guard as you were making your way to the red cardkey.
Open the door with your cardkey and continue onward.

Right from where the door is there's a Bug placed down and an armed guard that
will be ready to take Alex out, so deal with both accordingly. From here move
west to another Bug, and disable it. There's an armed guard patrolling so be
fast to take it out. From here move left to pick up some vital notes that are
just laying around. Climb down the ladder and in this new area, jump over the
laser grid. There will be a guard posted, knock him out and continue on your
path. Chances are this action got the attention of another sentry posted, so
take some cover around the corner, wait for him to come to you, and beat him
up. There's nowhere to go but up from here. In this area you'll find a health
pickup, a blue keycard, and a save point. Use / pick up all of them.

Now you must back track all of the way back to the door sealed with a blue lock
but on the path back you'll be forced to combat yet another pesky guard, so as
soon as he comes around to you show him what's up, and continue back to the
door that requires the blue cardkey to open. There will be two guards there,
one of whom is packing heat. Take them out and continue up the stairs. Simply
walk forward in this enclosed area, view the scene and save your game. The
level ends here.

| VIII. Night Delivery [nihiv]

At the start of the mission head left, take note of the door that requires a
red key card to open. Disable or dodge the first lone guard that you'll see.
If you search the storage unit you'll find a health pickup. Continue left to
come across a searchlight, two armed guards and another storage unit that
contains a stronger health pickup. Go north, dodge the searchlight and grab
the health pickup if you need it. Then use the Metal Eating Creme on the metal
door. Disable the guard in your immediate vicinity, then the other that is due
left. You can either use the Yo-Yo to swing across the gap and snag the red
key card, or take the left path up and get it then. Back track all of the way
to the start of the level to use your newly acquired key card.

Take out the guard you see that's to the left. You can leap across the gap and
snatch the boosted health pickup if you need it. When you're ready get your
Yo-Yo out and swing across the gap to snag that fancy green key card, but be
prepared to fight the armed guard that's posted up. When you get it, head all
of the way back to the farthest point you've reached in this level, head right
to leap across a gap, knock out the guard there, and use the green key card
to open the door. Continue north.

You'll come across a storage unit with yet another boosted health pickup. Go
left and avoid the guard that's in front of the empty storage unit, as you
really stand to gain nothing from fighting him. Eliminate the guard that stands
in front of the metal door, and use the Metal Eating Creme on it. Then continue
up the stairs. You'll come across a safe haven, pickup the health boost if you
need it, save your game and move along to the next area. Be careful about
entering the storage area, because there's nothing in there but an armed guard
just waiting to take you out. Continue west, knock out the guard there and
after you've been given a notification to do so, simply walk over those three
red switches to open a door across the level. Go back, move up to your right
and disable the guard posted there, then keep moving to pick up another health
item if you're hurting. Continue west-ward, past the metal door that you're
currently unable to open.

Avoid the two searchlights and get rid of the guard that's waiting for you.
Snag the blue key card that is lying around in the area that you opened when
you stepped on those three switches. Take out the other guard that's not too
far from there and grab the health pack again. Then continue north and use
that key card to open the door, be careful as to not get caught in the
searchlight. In the next area, move right until you spot the guard, get the
jump on him and take him out. Not too far from him you'll find another
storage unit with some more health for you to replenish yourself. Go up to the
next guard, take him out quickly and effectively. Once you've done this, go
east, dodge the multitude of searchlghts, then move down to the storage area
where the armed guard is standing. Take him out, grab the red key card, then
back track west-ward to the gate that will open up with your freshly acquired
key card. Once you're through the gate go right.

You're given a reminder about using Smoke Bombs. Be prepared to fight two
armed guards at once. After you have dispatched them go left and fight the lone
guard that's posted there, swing across the gap with your Yo-Yo and acquire the
key card that is placed on the ground. After you've done this dodge the search
light and continue on. Go down and get rid of the guard that's standing there.
Go east-ward, disable the guard that is posted in front of the door, use your
green card key to open it. Travel up until a acene occurs. End of level, save
your progress.

| IX. Alex's Escape  [axev]

At the start of the level use your trusty Metal Eating Creme to dissolve the
door that blocks your path, and once you're out of the room move to the room on
the left and take down the guard. After doing that, continue up and knock down
the armed guard that's patrolling there. You can't do much now except walk over
those switches to activate them. Go back to the room that's adjacent from the
laser grid and activate the lone switch if you didn't already. When this is
done, venture across where the lasers were and get disable the guard that's

Keep moving to the right, you'll come across a narrow hallway with a guard as
well as a wall that's locked with a blue card key. Dispose of the guard in the
narrow hallway, and the one that's walking around not too far from that spot.
After you've done this, take the path south that leads you to yet more guards
but also a boosted health pickup. But only venture down there if you find
yourself hurting. Otherwise continue north, go left and back to the metal door
that was near the laser grid. Whip out the eating creme, tackle the two enemy
sentry's there and snatch up the red card key.

Leave the room, go right and up, use the red card key to open the sealed path
and take out the armed guard there. Then claim the blue card key. Once you
leave the room a guard will pop up and try and take Alex out. But at this point
in the game you know what to do. So knock him out and continue towards the wall
that's sealed with a blue-labeled lock. After you've opened the door disable
the guard that's posted there, then pick up the card key that's in the room. As
you exit the room another guard will show up, dispatch him as well. Take your
green card key to the wall sealed with a green lock (it's not too far away from
the blue-sealed door). Open it, then continue on to the next area.

In this new area continue north, hop over the laser grid and show the guard
that's posted there what's up. Continue south from there, fight the guard you
see there and hop this next laser grid, work your way up the next path, but be
aware of the armed guard that's in this narrow path. Continue along, taking
care of the next two guards you come across. There's a ladder that leads to a
safe haven spot. Save your game and heal yourself if necessary. Then go back up
the ladder, keep continuing right and up the stairs into the next area.

Continue up, the first storage deposit you'll see contains nothing but a health
pickup and an armed guard, so enter that at your own discretion. Dodge the
searchlight and work your way around (the path is as always, fairly linear) on
the way you'll encounter two guards, one of them shooting projecticles at you.
Keep moving right, past another searchlight. You'll come across an area with a
guard and a door that you can open with your eating creme. Swing across the gap
with your Yo-Yo, claim the red card key that lies between the two guards, and
swing back. Another guard will show up, take him out. Continue to the east and
open the door with your new red card key. In this area, dodge the searchlight
and work your way up, taking out the armed guard that's on the right side.
There will be a guard to the left, and a storage unti dead ahead with some
health inside, so if you're hurting feel free to snag it. Take out the guard
and keep moving. You'll wrap around this next area, knocking out another sentry
that you'll come across. When you come across the metal door, dissolve it with
your Metal Eating Creme.

Move to your left, take out the two guards standing that you'll see. Continue
to the left though, as you can't do much else for now. Dodge the searchlights
and claim the blue cardkey that's in the left-most storage unit. Return back
to the start of this section to find what that key opens. In this space, take
out the lone guard and snag the red card key. Another guard will come out as
you make your leave, but dispatch him and continue on to that gap you just
passed. Swing across with your Yo-Yo, open the door and continue on. You've
reached the end of the level. Save your progress.

| X. Endgame I [egi]

At the start of the level immediately take out the guard to the left. There are
quite a few paths to take. Take the right most path for the time being, deal
with the guards you come across (shouldn't be more than a few), jump the gap to
get to the red cardkey you see, then either jump back to evade the guard, or
fight him if you want. Either way, just take him out and jump back across. The
middle path holds two guards and two bridges to cross, and only contains a
health pick-up. So really, only go there if you're hurting.

Head up the left most path, jump the gap and hook to the left. You'll come
across a split, but keep to the left. There's one enemy to deal with and the
door is behind him. To the right is a guard armed with a rocket launcher, thats
why I said keep to the left - you can do without all of that. Head through the
door that requires your red cardkey. Bust out your trademark Yo-Yo and swing
across the gap. Use the Metal-Eating Creme to break through the door. Take out
any guards you come across. To the right is a path which leads to health and a
save point. Use both, then go back to where you entered this room from. Then
continue to the right. You'll come across some armed guards so be prepared to
deal with them.

You'll leap across gaps several times before encountering another guard. Knock
him out and move to the left. Keep going until you see another gap. Jump it so
you can take out the armed guard and pick up the blue cardkey. Go back to the
junction, jump the gap and continue southwest. You'll come across yet another
armed guard. But knock it out and continue past the door that requires you to
use your blue cardkey. Cross the bridge, take out the guard and continue down
the ladder.

In this new area Alex cautions you of finding another way around, given that
it's heavily guarded. Fight the guard that's posted just outside of the door.
You could go balls to the wall, open that door and fight the three guards and
move on. However, for the path of least resistance go down to the left and use
the ladder. Work your way around the winding path until you can climb up yet
another ladder. Use the Metal Eating Creme on the door you see. Work your way
down, knocking out any and all guards you're bound to encounter. Fight the
final guards you come across and head down the ladder. The level ends here. So
save your progress.

| XI. Endgame II [egii]

At the start of this level head up to the left and punch out the guard. Keep
going west past the first set of lasers for now, use your Yo-Yo to hop over the
next grid of lasers, knock out the guards and use the metal eating creme on the
door. Swing across with the Yo-Yo and eliminate the two guards. You will pick
up a red cardkey and some health if needed. Go back the way you came and use
the red cardkey. Open the door, go up and claim the blue cardkey whilst doing
your best to avoid the searchlight and knocking out the guards. Leave that area
and go to that first set of lasers. Hop them and utilize your blue cardkey.

In this new area press all four switches that are located next to the walkways
in order to deactivate the center laser grid so you can walk without any
problems. If you're hurting move to the left, hop the lasers and claim the lone
health pick-up that you'll come across. Otherwise use the metal eating creme to
gain the green cardkey that opens the door to the rightmost side. Knock out the
armed guard you'll come across and move down the stairs. Save your game using
the save point, hop the laser grid, work your away around the winding path
while kicking some serious behind, and move south so that you can hop the new
grid of lasers and continue on. Use the metal eating creme to open the door,
move to the right, hop the laser grid (again) and move southwards. Eventually
you will work your way to the red cardkey that's needed to open the door you
passed while getting to the red cardkey.

Go up so that you can make your way to the blue cardkey, then go back to the
junction, knock out that guard you come across and open the door. Avoid the
searchlights in this area whilst fighting off the guards you will encounter
and go down. Work your way around to another door that requires the metal
eating creme. You've reached the end of the level. Save your game.

| XII. The Killer Jellyfish [kjiii]

Whoa, a Jellyfish! This won't be as hard as it might seem. Simply swim to each
metal lock, use the metal eating creme and you're done. Just be sure to put a
decent amount of distance between yourself and the killer jellyfish. Enjoy
that wonderful scene that you'll view and save your game.

| XIII. Deus ex. Machina [deusii]

In this new area take out the first guard you see. Then press those three red
switches to deactivate the laser grid hindering your way. A squad of two guards
will appear but you know how to handle them at this point in the game. Go past
the two doorways that you're unable to go through at this point and continue
along the only path that you can really take. Snag the red cardkey and work
your way back around to the door sealed with a red card symbol. Open it and
take out the three guards in the room so you can claim the green cardkey for
yourself. Venture to the green sealed wall so you can venture up the stairs and
into another exciting new area!

Step onto the first set of red switches to turn off the laser grid to the right
and then step onto that set of red switches to turn off the other set of lasers
and notice the guards coming in, be prepared to take them dowm. Continue along
the linear path and take the ladder down so you can heal yourself and save the
game. Afterwards, head back up and move up the stairs. Avoid the searchlight
and take out the armed guard that busts out of the door. Go leftward and press
the three red switches so you can unlock the path that leads to the red cardkey
and work your way to it, all the while by dodging those pesky searchlights and
taking out the guards. Snag it and go back to the northeast where you can use
it, swing across with the Yo-Yo and get the blue cardkey. Go all the way to the
west, use the blue cardkey and continue to the right, taking out the guard you

Work your way to the right, claim the red cardkey stored in one of the forts.
Go through the gate and up the runway, taking out the guards that are posted
there. Swing across the gap on the left side and claim the green cardkey.
Walk down and head east so that you can use your green cardkey. In that room
take out the guards, claim the blue cardkey across the H pad and go back to
the gate sealed with a blue symbol. Open the gate, head up, save your game and
be happy.

| XV. The Chase [chixc}

This next segment involves chasing them on Alex's quad-wheeled vehicle. This
really isn't too terribly difficult, just try to avoid the other four wheeled
vehicles that will try and force you off the road while picking up speed boosts
and follow the arrows. If you fail, just try again, figuring out what didn't
work before, and going from there.

| XVI. Mr. Grimm [grim09]

Boss fight, yay! Mr. Grimm (Hmmm, Twisted Metal influence there?) isn't too
hard to defeat. Avoid his tossed projectiles and throw your Pen to stun him.
After he becomes stunned, give him all you got. Repeat as needed. Both your
health and his health are displayed so that you know you're making progress.

| XVII. Horseback Chase [hors45]

This next segment involves you on horseback. It's basically the same thing as
the other chase segment, except you must avoid traffic that will slow you down
and pick up carrots to boost your speed. Avoid the road blocks because even if
you've got cheat codes enabled they will still slow you down.

| XVIII. Through the Looking Glass [ttlgs3]

Final level...you hope. Move to the left, take out the guards walking around
and keep moving westward. Snag the red cardkey, travel back all of the way
around to the east where you can use it to open the door. Take out the lone man
guarding the blue cardkey, take it for yourself, then go to the center door and
use the blue cardkey to open that door and continue on. Use the metal eating
creme to open the door and move up the stairs into the next area.

Move along and head south, knocking out all guards you encounter. Use the metal
eating creme again to gain access to a room that lets you save your game and
collect the red cardkey. Go along the southeast path and wrap around to use it
so you can fight your way to the blue cardkey. Go back up, opem the door that
is protecting the green cardkey, take out the guards posted there, and claim it
for yourself. Go back near the start of this area and use your green cardkey,
go down the stairs and continue on. Swing across with the yo-yo and step on
the red switch so that you can use a stepping path to jump across in the area
to your right. Snag the red cardkey that you find in this new area, then go
all the way back, swing across the same path and use the red cardkey that you
just acquired and open the gate. Take out the three guards posted there and
claim the green cardkey.

Travel back to where you picked up the red cardkey (repetitive? oh yes) and
open the door which requires your new green cardkey. Go up the stairs and into
the next area. Go east, then south, while taking out the guards. Traverse
your way north across the maze of gaps and claim the red cardkey. Then take it
down to the door sealed with a red symbol. Step on the two red switches to
disable the laser grid below the room you're currently in, then work your way
up and step on the next set of red switches to turn off the other laser grid.
Work your way up into the next room. Save your game my friend.

| XIX. Ad Finitum [adfin77]

Whoo-hoo, final battle! During the fight you have to avoid his gun shots while
delivering solid hits to Sayle, and even taking out the guards that will come
into the fight and beat on Alex. When his health becomes low enough you have
to get Sayle at the edge of the tower. You can beat up on him all you want, it
won't make a difference until you get him to that ledge. After this is done the
fight is over. Enjoy the rather anti-climatic and mind-pondering ending.

| XX. Cheats [Cheats]

Enter the cheats below in the cheat menu to get the desired effect. Please note
that cheat effects do not stay after you turn your game off.

6894098 - Slow Bullets
9785711 - Chase Passthrough
4298359 - Dizzy Enemies
6943059 - Enemies have extra health
9603717 - Extra enemy damage
5204025 - Guards can't detect you
SARYL HIRSCH - Fast downtimer
RENATO CELANI - Slow Bullets
JESSICA PARKER - Unlimited Health

| XXI. Legal Information [Legal]

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respective and copyright holders.

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private use. It may not be placed on any other website besides
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and a violation of copyright. I'm only granting GameFAQs permission to host
this guide, so please refrain from requesting permission to host this anywhere
else, as your request will be denied respectably.

Copyright 2007-2008 Jose Escamilla.

| XXII. Version History [Ver]

July 31st, 2007 - 0.23: The initial start of the FAQ

August 5th, 2007 - 0.31: Added the Mansion Recce level to the walkthrough
section. Lazy update I know, but it's something.

November 18th, 2007 - 0.42: Wow, long time no update. Senior year of high
school is keeping me busy, with the whole getting ready for college thing and
whatever else comes up. But I haven't forgotten about this project. Added the
Night Delivery level to the FAQ.

November 22nd, 2007 - 0.53: Thanksgiving holiday, found enough free time to
chip away some more at this guide. Added the Alex's Escape level to the FAQ
portion of this guide.

February 11th, 2008 - 1.00: Not much to say besides I finally hit 1.00. Had
to update my legal info.

March 1st, 2008 - 1.77: Finally finished the FAQ, wow. I'm proud of myself,
and I hope I helped you out a bit more with that.

| XXIII. Final Notes [Fin]

I encourage feedback of any kind, and I can be reached at the email listed
above. In addition to feedback, if you have errors or missing content to report
I'll look into it, and if everything checks out credit will be given to you in
a future update. Thank you for viewing my FAQ.


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