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FAQ by Wolfire

Version: 0.90 | Updated: 05/04/2006

|                                  CATZ                                 |

                            TABLE OF CONTENTS

  001. "What is Catz?"
  002. "Detailed Summary"
  003. "Stats"
  004. "The Kittens"
  005. "Foods & Water"
  006. "Snacks"
  007. "Toys"
  008. "Groomings"
  009. "Bond"
  010. "Carry"
  011. "Nap"
  012. "Litter & Clean"
  013. "Gifts"
  014. "Talents"
  015. "Tips"
  016. "Bugs"
  017. "Credits"
  018. "Legal"

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not about my other guides.
|       001. "What is Catz?"    \________________________________________
It is all about the cats. You have to raise your kitten, and take care
of it. There are several kittens to choose, and you can buy the items
from the shops.	When you reach the game's ending, your kitten will choose
its own path.

|       002."Detailed Summary"  \________________________________________

When you first play the game, it'll show the screen where you have to 
choose your gender, and your name. Now that's out of your way, the game 

Now, you can pick a kitty! After you have chosen your kitty, you will have 
a daily allowance. Your parent will give you 300 money in each morning.

You have total of fourteen days in the game, so you better do well and 
raise your kitty to its best condition. When your cat likes you, it'll 
give you a gift. It will happen on a day before ending day), so be sure to
expect it. After your final day, the girl will come and see your cat. 
She'll determine if you're good at raising the cat or not. 
The game will end there, but not exactly.

You will start over again, but in this time, you will have more choices 
of kittens. (More Gifts you have, more options) Just in case that you 
want to see your old kitty, you can always go see your album.

There is one thing that makes CATZ very interesting that there is not 
one ending. Whatever you do will influence your kitten. When the game 
ends, it'll show you which path your kitten has chosen. I have whole 
section devoted to the endings that I have discovered, and it is titled 

|       003. "STATS"            \________________________________________

       In this game, there are four stats that you should increase
       much as you can. Those are "MOOD", "FRIEND", "PUNCH", and
       "LOOKS". You can increase the stats by use of toys, foods,
       snacks, grooming items, and other things.

       When you increase the stat over to the certain number, the
       stat will "level up". All stats have same required numbers
       to level up. So I'll list the numbers.

1 Level         0/100           You will start with this level.
                                Reach 100 number to level up.

2 Level       100/500		Reach 500 number to go to 3 Level.

3 Level       500/1000	        As usual, reach 1000 to reach 4 Level.

4 Level       1000/2000         Once again, reach 2000 to level up.

5 Level       2000/3000         You know it by now...

6 Level       3000/4000         You know usual.

7 Level       4000/5000         Do I even need to say this?

8 Level       5000/7000         Yup yup.

9 Level       7000/8000         No comment.

10 Level       8000/9999        This is final level.

       Ahem, now that's out of the way. I'll explain what is
       "MOOD", "FRIEND", "PUNCH", and "LOOKS" are.

MOOD    - It affects your cat's mood. Higher the number, more happy
          your cat will be.

FRIEND  - If your cat has more FRIEND, it'll be a lot friendly to you
          and as well for other people.

PUNCH   - It affects your cat's strength. Higher the number, more
          powerful your cat will become.

LOOKS   - It affects your cat's fur. Higher the number, more pretty
          your cat will be. So he won't be looking like a stray cat.

|       004. "The Kittens"      \________________________________________
On your first game, if you do well, your cat will give you a gift. After 
this, you need to finish your game, and wait until the game will tell you 
that you can start over again. So go to the Pet Store, the person there 
will notice that you have a "Gift". That will open up more options for
you to pick the cats. There're total of six gifts you can get.

(When you first play the game, you'll notice the "TBD"  on red background 
 when you're about to choose the kitten. It means they're unavailable, so 
 they'll become available when you obtain a gift from your own cat.)

I'll list all kittens that's available, according to the numbers of gifts 
you have.

              NO GIFTS
       American Shorthair - Silver Classic Tabby
       Tortoise Shell Cat - Tortoise Color
       Russian Blue       - Dark Blue
       Persian            - White
       Himalayan          - White & Brown
       Abyssinian         - Sorel
       Ocicat             - Lavender-Silver Spotted

              FIRST GIFT
       American Shorthair - Brown Classic Tabby
       Spotted Cat        - Spots

              SECOND GIFT
       Tiger Cat          - Brown Tiger
       Siamese            - Seal Point
       Munchkin           - Black

              THIRD GIFT
       Persian            - Black
       Ocicat             - Brown-Spotted
              FOURTH GIFT
       Russian Blue       - Light Blue
       Himalayan          - White & Black
              FIFTH GIFT

              SIXTH GIFT

|       005. "Foods & Water"    \________________________________________
              .              WATER              .
For some reason, your kitten can survive without water, so you don't have
to give your kitten some water at all. I only recommand using the water
if you want to give your kitten some LOOKS little boost.

When your kitten is drinking the water, it'll take 30 minutes to finish.
              Using the Water:
              LOOKS = +12, +13, or +14.
              .              FOOD               .
You will start with "FISH CAN", and "DRY FOOD FISH", so no sense of
buying them, eh? Not that you actually can, but it's there in the shop.

Just to remember, that all food and snacks have varying stats so 
sometimes your cat will gain +1 point more, lose +2 point more in some
stats. So, in the chart, you'll see three different numbers that your
cat can gain or lose, in one stat.

For an example, if your cat eats "FISH CAN", and it will gain
+10 Mood, +12 Friend, +11 Punch, and +10 Looks. But at next time, you
feed your cat "FISH CAN", and it will gain +11 Mood, +10 Friend, 
+12 Punch, and +12 Looks. See, the point gains are different. And it'll
be different each time you feed your kitty.
                / FOOD MENU \       EXAMPLE
| Food's Name	Stat gain or loss   How much is buying price	|
|       MOOD.....[???,???,???]       COST....[???]		|
|       FRIEND...[???,???,???]       TIME....[??????????]	|
|       PUNCH....[???,???,???]      How long your cat will eat  |
|       LOOKS....[???,???,???]					|
| FISH CAN							|
|       MOOD.....[+10,+11,+12]	    	COST....[100]		|
|       FRIEND...[+10,+11,+12]       	TIME....[50 Minutes]	|
|       PUNCH....[+10,+11,+12]      				|
|       LOOKS....[+10,+11,+12]					|
| DRY FOOD FISH							|
|       MOOD.....[           ]	    	COST....[200]		|
|       FRIEND...[+20,+21,+22]       	TIME....[50 Minutes]	|
|       PUNCH....[           ]      				|
|       LOOKS....[+10,+11,+12]					|
| TUNA MIX CAN							|
|       MOOD.....[+20,+21,+22]	    	COST....[300]		|
|       FRIEND...[+10,+11,+12]       	TIME....[50 Minutes]	|
|       PUNCH....[           ]      				|
|       LOOKS....[+10,+11,+12]					|
| DRY FOOD BEEF							|
|       MOOD.....[+20,+21,+22]	    	COST....[400]		|
|       FRIEND...[+10,+11,+12]       	TIME....[50 Minutes]	|
|       PUNCH....[+10,+11,+12]      				|
|       LOOKS....[           ]					|
| INSTANT PACK							|
|	MOOD.....[+20,+21,+22]	    	COST....[500]		|
|	FRIEND...[+20,+21,+22]       	TIME....[50 Minutes]	|
|	PUNCH....[+20,+21,+22]      				|
|	LOOKS....[+20,+21,+22]					|
| SEAFOOD MIX							|
|	MOOD.....[+30,+31,+32]	    	COST....[600]		|
|	FRIEND...[+20,+21,+22]       	TIME....[50 Minutes]	|
|	PUNCH....[-18,-19,-20]      				|
|	LOOKS....[           ]					|
| KITTEN FOOD							|
|	MOOD.....[+30,+31,+32]	    	COST....[700]		|
|	FRIEND...[+10,+11,+12]       	TIME....[50 Minutes]	|
|	PUNCH....[           ]      				|
|	LOOKS....[+10,+11,+12]					|
| CHICKEN 'N RICE						|
|	MOOD.....[+45,+46,+47]	    	COST....[800]		|
|	FRIEND...[+10,+11,+12]       	TIME....[50 Minutes]	|
|	PUNCH....[+20,+21,+22]      				|
|	LOOKS....[+30,+31,+32]					|

	The stat gains here is somewhat good in beginning. All of
	your kitten's stats will gain the points between 10/12.
	It's balanced food, so I recommand using this food in
	beginning until you can afford the rich food.

	Althrough this food will give your kitten a big gain in
	FRIEND, but your kitten won't even get MOOD and PUNCH gains.
	So I recommand that you use FISH CAN. But however, if you wish
	that your kitten to gain many FRIEND points as it possibly can,
	use this food until you can afford the rich food. 

	It's my personal favourite. As you can see, when your
	cat eats this food, it will gain all stat increases.
	And it's very balanced too. But CHICKEN 'N RICE get very
	nice boost in MOOD and LOOKS. I only use INSTANT PACK if
	I wish to give my cat the boost in its FRIEND, and other

	I definitely do not recommand this food. It drops your
	PUNCH quite a bit so it isn't very good.

	It got very nice increase in the stats. Especially 
	MOOD, which get the biggest increase of all. But, 
	unfortunately, FRIEND gain is not all that impressive.
	In fact, INSTANT PACK got more increase in friend.
	But I suggest you get this soon as possible since its
	stats gain is better than other food.
|	006. "Snacks"		\________________________________________

You will start with "CHEESE BAR", so no sense of buying them, eh? Not 
that you actually can, but it's there in the shop.

| Snack's Name	Stat gain or loss   How much is buying price	|
|	MOOD.....[???,???,???]	    	COST....[???]		|
|	FRIEND...[???,???,???]       	TIME....[??????????]	|
|	PUNCH....[???,???,???]      How long your cat will eat  |
|	LOOKS....[???,???,???]					|
|	MOOD.....[           ]	    	COST....[100]		|
|	FRIEND...[+09,+10,+11]       	TIME....[30 Minutes]	|
|	PUNCH....[+03,+04,+05]      				|
|	LOOKS....[           ]					|
| CHEESE BAR							|
|	MOOD.....[+03,+04,+05]	    	COST....[100]		|
|	FRIEND...[           ]       	TIME....[30 Minutes]	|
|	PUNCH....[+06,+07,+08]      				|
|	LOOKS....[+03,+04,+05]					|
| CATNIP STICK							|
|	MOOD.....[           ]	    	COST....[100]		|
|	FRIEND...[-01,-02,-03]       	TIME....[30 Minutes]	|
|	PUNCH....[+13,+14,+15]      				|
|	LOOKS....[-01,-02,-03]					|
|	MOOD.....[+06,+07,+08]	    	COST....[100]		|
|	FRIEND...[           ]       	TIME....[30 Minutes]	|
|	PUNCH....[+10,+11,+12]      				|
|	LOOKS....[-04,-05,-06]					|
|	MOOD.....[+06,+07,+08]	    	COST....[100]		|
|	FRIEND...[+03,+04,+05]       	TIME....[30 Minutes]	|
|	PUNCH....[-01,-02,-03]      				|
|	LOOKS....[+10,+11,+12]					|
| CAT GRASS							|
|	MOOD.....[-01,-02,-03]	    	COST....[100]		|
|	FRIEND...[           ]       	TIME....[30 Minutes]	|
|	PUNCH....[+09,+10,+11]      				|
|	LOOKS....[+03,+04,+05]					|
Most of the snacks do have the stat drops when your cat eats it.
But there are two snacks that don't drop your cat's stats at all is
|	007. "Toys"		\________________________________________
You can use "TEASER" which you have already in the beginning, or you can
buy other toys from SHOP. Anyway, when you use your new toy on your 
kitten for first time, it will be frightened by your toy. But don't worry
about it, just use the toy again and again on your kitten and it will lose
its fear of the toy. 

In beginning, the toy's stat gain may not be much but I suggest that you
continue to use one toy very often, and the stat gain will grow. Just
keep using the toy until you get the message -
		"Your kitten really like the toy, it's winner!"
And the toy will stop gaining more stats when you use it, but the stats
are pretty good at the end.

	MAX: 34 Punch

	MAX: 50 Punch
	     18 Mood
	     34 Friend

	MAX: 34 Mood
	     33 Punch

	MAX: +18 Mood
	     +17 Friend
	     +50 Punch
	     -16 Look

	MAX: -16 Mood
	     -32 Friend
	     +74 Punch
	MAX: +18 Mood
	     +74 Punch
	     -15 Looks
|	008. "Grooming"		\________________________________________
Using any Grooming Item on your kitten will takes 1 Hour and 30 Minutes.
And when you first start with the grooming item, use it on your kitten...
Your kitten will be frightened by your grooming item, but don't worry. 
Just keep using that item, and your kitten will lose its fear. And when
you use your grooming item for first time, the stat gain will be very 
little, such as +3 LOOKS. But just keep using that grooming item again
and, again, and again, and again... It'll increase the stat gain to MAX.

But it will be very slow gain. It took me nearly like 12 days of 
repeatedly uses on my cat to get the stat up to max. I used the brush.
Other grooming items may take less or more times to increase the stat.


	MAX: +17 MOOD
	     +48 LOOKS

	MAX: -00 MOOD
	     +00 LOOKS
	     +00 FRIEND

	     +57 LOOKS

SCRATCH POST (it won't appear in your grooming section, so you can't
	      use it many times as you like. Your cat will only use it
	      if it wants to. The scratch post is in the living room.)
|	009. "Bond"		\________________________________________

Select the icon that looks like the gloved hand. From there, you will see 
four options. "Toys", "Bond", "Grooming", and "Carry". I'll talk about 
"Bond" in this section.

When you select "Bond", you will only see two options.


When you first try to "pat head" your cat, it will be little frightened. 
But please not be alarmed. Just use "pat head" on your cat again, and it 
will not be frightened. Same goes for STROKE THROAT, toys, and other things.

When you PAT HEAD on your cat, it'll increase their stat. In beginning, the 
increase is only little, such as +2. But the number will grow as more you 
use "PAT HEAD" on your cat. 

| BONDING       | MAX STAT GAIN         |
| PAT HEAD      | +30 PUNCH, +30 MOOD   |
| STROKE BACK   | +44 LOOKS             |
| SCRATCH EARS  | +44 MOOD              |
| HOLD          | +44 FRIEND            |
| SCRATCH HEAD  | +44 PUNCH             |

Hey hold on, aren't there supposed to be only PAT HEAD and STROKE THROAT? 
Actually, when you first start your game... All you have is PAT HEAD and 
STROKE THROAT. But when you use one bond move on your cat very often, and 
you'll learn another bond move.

	STROKE BACK 	- Use "PAT HEAD" on your cat often and you
			  will gain this move.

	SCRATCH EARS	- Use "STROKE THROAT" on your cat often and
			  you will gain this move.

	HOLD		- Use "SCRATCH EARS" on your cat often and
			  you will gain this move.
	SCRATCH HEAD	- Use "STROKE BACK" on your cat often and you
			  will gain this move.

|	010. "CARRY"		\________________________________________
It doesn't really do much except you can pick up your kitten and drop it
in a different place. 

In beginning, your kitten won't let you to pick it up. You may have to 
use CARRY quite few times before actually picking up your kitten. When
you do "CARRY" on your kitten, it will gain some stats. But it's only
very low number, usually FRIEND / LOOKS / MOOD will gain from it.

|	011. "NAP"		\________________________________________
I love this option - "NAP". Unfortunately, it won't be available all 

        On Sunday only.

Ahem... When you go to your bed to rest a bit. Your cat may do something
to you, so after the scene's done. Your cat will get HUGE, HUGE jump
in its FRIEND and MOOD. It gets relatively huge jump in LOOKS. But
unfortunately, your PUNCH will... uh... what's that word? Falling off
the cliff, and splummet into the sharp rocks?

	[The nap is FIVE HOURS long.]

Your chances of getting the scene during the nap:
Common === #1 Scene
Uncommon = #2 Scene
Rare ===== #3 Scene

Usually, your cat will get something like this:
	+112, +113, or +114 MOOD,
	+168, +169, or +170 FRIEND,
	-110, -111, or -112 PUNCH,
	+075, +076, or +077 LOOKS.

	+123, +124, or +125 MOOD
	+185, +186, or +187 FRIEND
	-121, -122, or -123 PUNCH
	+082, +083, or +084 LOOKS

	+101, +102, or +103 MOOD
	+151, +152, or +153 FRIEND
	-099, -100, or -101 PUNCH
	+068, +067, or +069 LOOKS

|	012. "LITTER&CLEAN"	\________________________________________
When you leave your kitten up to its devices, it'll do something. It may
break something in your room, or peeing on the floor, or using the
litter. (If you brought the scratching post, your kitten may use it in
its own time)

Anyway, after your kitten makes its mess... Of course, you will have to
clean up its mess. By cleaning the floor (or on any objects), and the
litter box, you will give your kitten some boost in its STATS. The stat
gain varies. But it's usually low number, like under +15.

And by cleaning so, you will be making the habitat more ... habitable
for your kitten.

|	013. "GIFTS"		\________________________________________

There're six gifts you can get from your kittens. 


|	014. "TALENT"		\________________________________________
You may don't know it but you have your own level. Just same as your
kitten. So I'll list the levels here.

| 1 LEVEL    | HOW TO GET THIS LEVEL: 					|
| Novice     | You don't. You start with this level.			|
|Intermediate| Your kitten needs to have two 6 Levels in its STATS. Or  |
|------------| have two cats that have one 6 Level in each. 		|
	     | BONUS:							|
	     | Will have 21 Days, instead of 14 Days, in next game.     |
| Advanced   | Raise more kittens - well over 7 Level in different stat |
|------------| BONUS:							|
	     | Will have 28 Days, instead of 21 Days, in next game.	|

I haven't reached all different endings, but those are results I managed
to get. I reckon there are a lot more different endings, like 20 endings
or so.
		---- BOSS OF ALLEY CATS ----
REQUIRED: Punch at 6 Level.

		------ THE MOB LEADER ------
REQUIRED: Punch at 8 Level.

		----- VERY POPULAR CAT ------
REQUIRED: Friend at 8 Level.

		----- LAZYBONES ------
REQUIRED: Under 5 Level of all Stats

|	015. "TIPS"		\________________________________________
If you don't know how to increase your kitten's PUNCH up to 6 level, and
the game always end before you even get to that level... so you need some
help? Well, here it is.

---> Leave your door open, so your kitten will come out and come back
     in its spare time. When it comes back, it'll gain some PUNCH and
     you will not lose any time.

---> Bonding move - "SCATCH HEAD" will give your kitten +44 PUNCH gain,
     but you will have to unlock it, and THEN increase its stat to max.
     This takes time so I don't really recommand this move.

---> Buy INSTANT PACK or CHICKEN N' RICE, for that they give your kitten
     same boost in PUNCH. Though, INSTANT PACK is cheaper than other.

---> Do not use the grooming items at all. Most of the grooming items will
     lower your PUNCH.

---> Stay away from the nap on sunday. If you do select the "NAP", your
     kitten will lose -99 to -112 in PUNCH stat. So avoid the NAP.

---> Buy BOUNCY BALL toy, and keep using it on your kitten. Eventually,
     your kitten will gain +48/+50 each times you use it. I highly
     recommand to use this toy all time, so it'll be easy to increase 
     your PUNCH stat over 6 LEVEL, long as you listen to other tips.

---> Don't give your kitten some water at all. It only increases the looks,
     and your kitten certainly won't die from lack of the water.

If you don't know how to increase your kitten's LOOKS up to 6 level, and
the game always end before you even get to that level... so you need some
help? Well, here it is.

---> Close your door! If not, your kitten will go out and lose some LOOKS.

---> Buy CHICKEN 'N RICE,  since it gives you best boost in the LOOKS of
     +30/+33. Be sure to feed it on your kitten whenever it gets hungry.

---> Use FLEA COMB on your cat all time, it'll gain +48 at max. Of course,
     you have to use FLEA COMB often to get the stat up to +48, repeatedly.

---> Do not use the toys. Most of the toys will lower your LOOKS.

---> You can give your kitten some water if you want, but personally, I 
     don't recommand to use the water. It only gives your kitten little 
     boost in the LOOKS.

---> You can choose to use NAP if you want. But it doesn't give your kitten
     some impressive gain in the LOOKS. Your time can be better off by
     repeatedly using the grooming item on your kitten. It'll gain more
     LOOKS in five hours, than you do with the NAP.

If you don't know how to increase your kitten's FRIEND up to 6 level, and
the game always end before you even get to that level... so you need some
help? Well, here it is.

DOOR --	Open the door. Your kitten will gain FRIEND but it's very rare.
GROOM - Unknown.
NAP --- Yes.
TOY --- Unknown.

If you don't know how to increase your kitten's MOOD up to 6 level, and
the game always end before you even get to that level... so you need some
help? Well, here it is.

DOOR -- Leave your door open so your kitten may go out as it wants to.
       	If you're in the house while he goes outside, he will gain some
       	MOOD when he comes back.
BOND -- Unknown.
FOOD -- Buy CHICKEN N' RICE soon as you can afford to. CHICKEN N' RICE is
       	best food to boost your kitten's MOOD very nicely. It gives your
       	kitten a boost of +45/+47 MOOD.
GROOM - Unknown.
NAP --- When the day is Sunday, be sure to check if you can access to the
       	NAP. If you do, click on it! After some scenes, you will get very
       	good stat gain. Your kitten should get about +130/+180 MOOD.
TOY --- Unknown.

When you fed your cat some food, and you want to do it again... But your
cat's hunger is full so what should you do? Of course, go shopping! Just
go to "SHOP" and see the variety of options you can do from there. But
do not buy anything though. Just exit "SHOP" and your kitten's hunger
will drop a bit, so you can revisit your "SHOP" again, until your kitten
is hungry enough to eat. In that way, you don't lose any minutes/hours.
But it won't work all time, sometimes it drops, but sometimes it doesn't.

It's entirely up to you to open your door or not. If you leave your
door open when you go off to your school, or to sleep. Your cat
may will come out and do something outside.

But if you're inside in your home, and you left your door open. 
Occasionally, your cat will suddenly take off, and leave your house.
When it comes back, usually it will gains PUNCH and MOOD number.
But most of the times, he will lose some LOOKS.

So if you want him to be looking pretty, and don't care about PUNCH
or MOOD... Just close your door. But otherwise, if you don't care about
LOOKS, but you do care about MOOD and PUNCH, leave your door open.

I assure you, your cat won't escape and leave you alone forever. It
will always be back. And oh, another thing, if your cat leaves while
you're in the house. Don't worry about losing the time because you
won't lose any, don't even one minute when he's out.

I suggest you stay awake until your mother calls you that you must
go bed. That way, you get more time with your cat, even though you
may lose 30 minutes in the morning, but actually, you get more time
if you don't sleep until your mother calls you.

More time you have, more stat jumps your cat will experience if
you do something with your cat.

|	016. "Bugs"		\________________________________________

So far, there're only three known bugs that I encountered. 

When you fed your kitten, its hunger bar will be full. But however, if
after feeding the kitten, you go to the shop, and come back. Your 
kitten's hunger will drop, and you won't even lose any minutes. But 
unfortunately, it won't happen all time. Sometimes it happens.

Once when I went to the bed (after a scene with girl who's checking
up on my kitten), the scene shifted to my kitten. It said that my 
kitten is sleeping on the cat bed, but it isn't! It's sleeping on the

When my kitten was near the door (at that time, the door was open) so I
tried to close the door. But my game froze, so I had to restart. But that
bug is pretty rare. It only happened to me once.

|	017. "Credits"		\________________________________________
I give the credit to the makers of CATZ for making a good game.
And as well for the gamefaqs, for being great site.

|	018. "Legal"		\________________________________________
This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any 
other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, 
and a violation of copyright.
   Website(s) that are allowed to use my guide:
-> gamefaqs

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