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Treasure Hunting FAQ by EtzHadaat

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/01/2006

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
Treasure Hunting FAQ
email: Etzhadaat_at_gmail.com
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Only GameFaqs has permission to show this guide.

How to use this guide:
Don't use it until you've tried finding it yourself. Most of 
these are really, really easy, and a lot of the fun in this 
game is finding everything. But if you get frustrated following
a rumor, you can check it here. Also, easy reference looking 
To find things, hit Ctrl+F. The treasures are arranged by 
island they are found on.

The parentheses tell where the rumor of this treasure can be
heard. Treasures won't appear until you've bought their rumor.
*Golden Idol of Kukucan*
Double Jump
Automatic game event.

Alimere’s Golden Idol
After getting Double Jump, fall down the nearest hole. Go left 
until you fall down, then head right. Jump over the hole, then 
double jump up to the chest to claim your prize.
*Willie’s Black Patch* (San Merlo)
+1 Handling
Bass-Terre Beach
Walk forward, past the first sand trap. Right before the second 
sand trap, there are platforms leading up and to the left. 
Follow them up to your prize.

Dead Man’s Garland (Cruzan)
The Spider’s Wood
Go forward, ignoring the platforms. It’s on the ground.

Staff of Hope (Javasu)
Defoe's Wood
Drop down at the beginning, then go right until you drop down
again. Head left, use the vine to jump into the alcove. Might
want to freeze the three pirates, then go get the money, 
health, and Staff.

Cortez’s Pyrite Crown (Cruzan)
Cayonne Cove
Go forward until you get to a vine ladder. Climb it upwards to 
a platform with another ladder. Keep climbing until you can’t 
any longer. Head left, jumping from platform to platform. If 
you can’t see the next platform, duck to make the screen lower. 
Watch out for a bomber on the last one. On the platform with 
the bomber is the chest, hidden by two barrels.
San Merlo
Drake’s Gold Cane (Tortuga)
San Merlo Sands
Walk straight forward along the ground and you’ll run into it.

*Tattered Skirt of Mary Read* (El Fondo)
+1 Attack (ship)
Buccaneer's Grove
From the beginning, you will jump up five platforms onto a
pillar. Go off the right side of the pillar and go right on
the ground until you get to a pit. Drop down, head left, dodge
the axe, and claim your prize.

*Medallion of Meztli* (Cruzan)
+16 HP
You'll see it on your way through the level. You can't miss it.
Just have the rumor.
William Dampier’s Coronet (San Merlo)
Cruzan Jungle
Jump up onto the solid platform with a vine ladder at the 
left from a green platform. It's reachable from the second 
pillar you see if you came from the beginning. Follow it to 
the end, jump up to the next solid platform, then onto the 
green platforms. Drop off the second one while holding the 
right button. You'll land on the platform with the chest.

Falcon of Mal Tess (San Loco)
Rackham's Hold
Go forward, fall down the pit, go forward, it's enshrined at
the top of a stairway.

*Ring of Anne Bonny* (Tortuga)
+1 to Attack; +2 with Ring of Calico Jack (ship)
Rackham's Hold
Go forward, fall down the pit, go forward for a while until
you get to a pushable box. Push the box as far as it'll go.
Use it to get up to the treasure above.

San Loco
Mayan Cup (Isla Del Pelegostos)
Bartholomew's Castle
Jump up the broken stairs to a rope, jump to a platform, then
up to another one, then swashbuckle your way across the chains
to a ledge with a chest on it.

*Ring of Calico Jack* (San Merlo)
+1 to Attack; +2 with Ring of Anne Bonny (ship)
Silkwater Delta
Go straight up the three tiny platforms as soon at the very
beginning. Head left, then up, then right. It's on your way.

Calthrope’s Azure Tiara (Tia Dalma’s Isle)
The Stinking Marsh
Fall down, then head right, past the vines, to the far end of
the area, there she lies.
Isla del Pelegostos
*Nacon’s Medallion* (Tia Dalma’s Isle)
+2 Def (ship)
Cannibal Cove
As soon as you see platforms, use them. Take the left-up 
platform when you have to choose, then hop along to the chest.

Mary Read’s Ivory Baton (San Loco)
The Haunted Maze
The first place with platforms, jump onto it, hop two platforms 
right, double jump onto a solid platform to the right and high
above you, then hop to the right from platform to platform to
the chest.

*Bracer of Nancon* (San Loco)
+1 Attack (Jack)
Dagger Wood
If you go along the ground in the beginning, you'll see it 
behind a wall. Jump up and continue right until a pit. There 
will be a viny ladder on your right. Go left. It's at the end.

*Idol of Apollo* (Isla Cruces)
+1 All Stats (ship)
Crocodile Swamp
Climb the vine you see at the beginning, then go right, but 
just fall when you see the next vines. Hi there!

Robert’s Jewel Encrusted Chalice (Tia Dalma’s Isle)
Mosquito Marsh
At the beginning of the level, you can either go up platforms, 
take a middle path, or go down. Go down. Treasure!
Tia Dalma’s Isle
*Eric the Red’s Stein* (Bolapelo)
Decreases food/drink consumption rate
Voodoo Rock
Take the main path until you have a choice between a platform 
and a drop. Take the platform. Go up and left. There's a 
platform to the right, but you don't really need it. Go left
until you land on a platform with the Stein.

Golden Mayan Headdress (Bolapelo)
Fool's Fire Swamp
Towards the end of the area is a series of four platforms, one
above the other. Take them to the top and head left. It's on 
a ledge.

*Boots of Chantico* (Javasu)
+16 HP
Shadow Wood Glade
Go right, fall down, go left. Ta Da!
El Fondo
Hoyle’s Grail (Bolapelo)
Tsetse Marsh
Make sure that when you drop the first time, you drop straight

*Head of Ehecatl* (Bolapelo)
+3 Speed when combined with legs and torso (ship)
Ghostlight Bog
Go along the ground until you get to a small green slope down 
followed by a vine ladder. Climb the ladder. Dice the snake, 
then jump onto that platform. Jump again, climb the ladder, 
then make a crazy flying leap to the left. You'll have to 
watch for a vine, and when you see it, catch it. Climb it 
up, head right, and claim your prize.

*Ring of Ahau Chamahez* (Santa Contresena)
+1 Def (Jack)
El Fondo Fortress
Climb the ladder, go all the way to the right, climb the 
ladder, go left until you fall. Go left until you see a ladder,
which you should climb. Jump left from the top of the ladder. 
Go left again until you see a ladder. Jump upwards from  the top
of this ladder. You should be able to see it, easily within reach.

Sankara’s Sceptre (Santa Contresena)
Silver's Stronghold
Go straight forward. Ignore the stairs, fall down the hole 
with the rope. Jump the pit, down the slope to a pushable block.
Massacre the soldiers, then push it all the way to the left and
use it to jump up to that chest.

Orichalcum Staff (El Fondo)
Agate Lagoon
Go straight forward. Ignore all ladders and platforms, though 
of course dodge traps and jump over obstacles. Your prize waits 
on the far end, surrounded by soldiers.

Jeweled Garland (Isla Del Pelegostos)
Fangwood Forest
Go forward until you fall. Head right as far as you can, then 
jump up onto the leafy platform. Progress left, watching for 
snakes and bats, then swing on the vine to your treasure.
Santa Contresena
*Triton’s Trident* (Los Teclados)
+4 Def (Ship)
Mangrove Fortress
Go the only way you can until you reach a ladder. Fall all the 
way to the bottom. Go left, jumping up on the ledge when you 
get to it. Continue left in a straight line and you’ll find it.

Oorag’s Silver Circlet (Isla Cruces)
Bellamy’s Keep
Follow the only path you can until there’s a place with a pit 
and a ladder on the right side of the pit. Jump over the pit 
and go left until you find the treasure chest.

Black Jade Baton (Isle De Tristeza)
Salamander Swamp
Go straight until you come to a shallow pit. Duck and jump to 
fall through the platform. Drop all the way to the bottom and 
go left. There she lies.

*Coin of Yacatecuhtli* (Los Teclados)
+16 HP (Jack)
Salamander Swamp
Go straight until you come to a shallow pit. Duck and jump to 
fall through the platform. Drop all the way to the bottom and 
go right until you see a green ladder. Not a vine, a ladder. 
Climb the ladder, jump to the vineoverhead, and go right to 
find the loot.
Los Teclados
The Queen’s Statue (Santa Contresena)
The Infernal Figurine (El Fondo)
The Shrieking Wood
There is a place in the second half of the area that slopes up
on both sides. At the bottom and center, there are two sand 
traps close by each other, with a small platform between. 
Duck and jump down through it to a secret area with two 
treasure chests. Tap A to get back up.

Starlight Scepter (Isle De Tristeza)
Los Teclados Rainforest
Take the first green platform you see, going up and left. Kill
the tomahawk thrower and then do a double jump up and to the 
right. In the alcove the swinging axe blocks are some spiders
and your treasure.

*Torso of Ehecatl* (Isla Cruces)
+3 Speed when combined with legs and head (ship)
Kidd's Fort
Climb the first ladder you see, then follow that path the only 
way you can. After you fall down the pit, go left. Your treasure
awaits at the bottom of the ladder.
Isla Cruces
Crown of Henry Morgan (Los Teclados)
+2 All Stats (ship)
Sunset sands
The first time you see a platform overhead, jump on it. It's 
kind of hard to see, but there's a condor perched on it at first.
Jump from platform to platform to the chest.

Distaff of Atlantis (Isle De Tristeza)
Cruces Beach
Go forward, past the sand traps, until you get to a place with 
a wide platform directly over your head. Jump onto it. There will
be a tomahawk man on the next platform to your right. Go forward
from platform to platform until you see the chest. Watch for 
the condor.

The Bottomless Goblet(Isla Del Pelegostos)
San Loco Labyrinth
Down the ladder. Left. Right. Up the ladder. Left. Up the 
platforms. Jump from platform to platform to the right. Duck 
if you can’t see the next one. Back onto solid ground, head 
right a bit more and there it is.

Goodfellow’s Idol (Javasu)
San Loco Labyrinth
From the end of the level, go left, up the ladder, up over the 
tower on your left, and then down again. Jump over to the platform 
below, taking care not to hit the swinging axe. Time a jump so you 
can get through, and follow this cavern to its conclusion.

Bronze Effigy (Santa Contresena)
Ironweed Jungle
There is a place with five platforms, each directly above each other.
The fourth one has another platform to the left of it. Jump to that
platform. Jump from that platform to another one above and to the 

Isla de Tristeza
Ching Shih’s Jade Crown (Los Teclados)
Dutchman Del Mar
After the sand traps, go up past the grass with knives in it, 
and look to your left. There are platforms. Jump to your 

Golden Monkey Statue (Isla Cruces)
Dutch Point
There will be a series of platforms floating off to the right 
near the beginning. Use them, you have to. Then there are some 
more soon after. Use those too. But on the last one, after 
dispatching the navyman, duck. You should see a treasure 
beneath you. Jump through the platform to your reward below.
It's actually also possible to double jump up to it from the
ground just before the end of the level.

*Black Jade Seal* (Bolapelo)
+2 Attack (Jack)
Jagged Tooth Jungle
From the vine ladders at the beginning, make a flying leap to
the left. Proceed and double jump up to the ground above, then
jump again to the platform. Next, double jump to the right, 
where you can see a bit of rock. There's a cave here, swarming
with enemies, but therein lies the Black Jade Seal.

*Poseidon’s Horn* (El Fondo)
+2 Defense (Jack)
Blackwood Forest
Climb up the vine at the beginning, then head right. Carefully
make your way to the bottom, as there's an annoying trap thing
at the bottom. Go into the cavern on the left. There are way 
too many enemies in here, but the path to the chest is just
left up right. Watch the axe thing.

Silver Naval Badge (Javasu)
Adder Swamp
Make your way along the ground to the right after falling down
the two vines. After the spike pit, climb up the vine, jump up
the platforms and head left. There's another spike pit, and then
a pit with a chest and a spider.
Rum Runner’s Island
*Unlucky Dice of a Dead Man* (Tortuga)
+Pistol Shot
Firewater Caverns
To get to Firewater Caverns, go forward on the beach until you 
get to a bridge. Duck and jump down through it. Getting the X
just gains you some notoriety.
The first time the path branches, at the bottom of the rope,
go right through the swinging axe. At the next rope you see,
don't go down, go across, the chest is right there.

*A Black Pearl* (Santa Contresena)
+Curse of the Black Sails
Firewater Caverns
From the Unlucky Dice, go down the rope and go left. 
It's at the far end.

*The Devil’s Left Foot* (San Merlo)
Firewater Caverns
The first time the path branches, at the bottom of the rope,
go left. Jump up from the first ladder you see, then go left
to get it.

*Tome of the Dead* (Tia Dalma’s Isle)
+Dead Man's Breath
Firewater Caverns
From the Devil's Left Foot, go back and down the ladder. Go left
and down the next ladder. There it is.
*Legs of Ehecatl* (Isla Del Pelegostos)
+3 Speed when combined with head and torso (ship)
Cyprus Glade
When you see stairs that go up and to the left, ignore them 
and continue to the right. Double jump to the ladder and use 
it to get to a little alcove with a chest inside.

Jack Calico’s Tumbler (Tortuga)
Dead Man's Bog
When you see a pushable rock, kill all the enemies in front of 
it, then push it underneath an out of reach platform. Use it 
to get on top, then continue up to the treasure.

Version History
Version 0.1 6/29/06
Rumors and hints are all done.
Igualada 100% Done
Tortuga 80% Done
Bolapelo 100% Done
Santa Contresena 55% Done
Isla Cruces 45% Done
The rest are below 20% Done

Version 0.2 6/30/06
100%: Igualada, Tortuga, Bolapelo, Isla De Tristeza, 
	Rum Runner's Island, Javasu
90%: Isla Cruces
<50%: San Merlo, Cruzan, San Loco, Isla del Pelegostos,
	Tia Dalma's Isle, El Fondo

Version 1.0 7/1/06
All treasure locations revealed.

Copyright 2006 EtzHadaat

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