1. Kenneth Fejer Additional Sprite Designers
  2. Armando Soto Additional Sprite Designers
  3. Noe Ortega Tsuji Additional Sprite Designers
  4. Larry Holdaway Boss Animators
  5. Chris Kerlegon Boss Animators
  6. Renee Lee Boss Animators
  7. Pablo Ruvalcaba Boss Animators
  8. Adam Tieryney Boss Animators
  9. Chris Kerlegon Enemy Animators
  10. Joakim Sandberg Enemy Animators
  11. Kenneth Fejer Level Artists
  12. Ben Rosaschi Level Artists
  13. Mark Bozon Level Designers
  14. Larry Holdaway Level Designers
  15. Adam Tierney Level Designers
  16. Pablo Ruvalcaba Menu Designer
  17. Chris Bachalo Portrait Artists
  18. Pablo Ruvalcaba Portrait Artists
  19. Tim Townsend Portrait Artists
  20. Josh Astorian Sprite Designers
  21. Gustav Kilman Sprite Designers
  22. Adam Tierney Writer
  23. Paul L. Robertson X-Men Animator


Data and credits for this game contributed by Cosmic!, KFHEWUI, LordAndrew, odino, and oliist.

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