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FAQ/Walkthrough by bodo_parkour

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 07/27/08

                   Cabbage Patch Kids: The Patch Puppy Rescue                  
                                 Gameboy Advance
                                  Version  1.00
                             Written by bodo_parkour


1.  Introduction
2.  Version History
3.  Controls
4.  Walkthrough
6.  Conclusion

 1.  Introduction

Hey there, and welcome to my FAQ for "Cabbage Patch Kids: The Patch Puppy
Rescue". The Cabbage Patch Kids are a brand of dolls, and you can find out
about them at their Wikipedia page:


They spawned numerous video games, and this is only one of them. If you have
any questions, comments, or suggestions, you can find my contact information
in the conclusion of this FAQ.

 2.  Version History

Version 0.50 - 3rd July 2008 - 13kb
First public release. Walkthrough 50%.

Version 1.00 - 27th July 2008 - 17kb
Walkthrough 100% complete. Added some sites to the allowed sites list in the
conclusion, and capitalised 'Cabbage Patch Kids' in the FAQ introduction.

 3.  Controls

 Menu Controls

    D-pad left/right - Cycle through save files
       D-pad up/down - Cycle through options for specific save file
            A button - Select save file

 Gameplay Controls

     Directional pad - Move character
            A button - Jump/Action
            B button - Jump
        START button - Pause the game

 4.  Walkthrough

First of all, you will be asked to select a character. Pick whicher of the
twenty-four you like best, and press the A button to continue. There will now
be a cutscene which introduces the story. Basically, all these kids get
puppies and leave them in a pen while they go out to play. The puppies escape
and not a single child knows where to go and find them.

You start off in a house, next to a girl with pigtails. Walk up to her and
speak to her with the A button. Approach the door to the right of her, and
go through it.

 Area One
 Run to the right, collecting the blue gems. When you come to two trees with
 low hanging branches, jump onto them, collecting the gem on the left and then
 the gem on the right. Jump across to the next branch. Now, if you time it
 right you can jump off and collect all three of the gems in one go. If you
 miss, run back to the left, and climb back up into the trees to repeat. There
 are some gems on the ground as well, so remember those, then continue right.
 Soon, you will find another tree with low brances. Jump on the low branch,
 then once again to reach the higher branches. There's a gem a couple of
 trees to the left. Drop back down to the ground and run to the right.

 After some more blue gems, you will find a gem above a prickly vine. To clear
 the vine and pick up the gem, you need to take a running start, then jump
 at the right moment. After you manage that, the scenery will change and you
 appear to be outside some kind of house. There are some shelves with gems
 on top, and two on the ground too. After taking care of those, continue.
 Yet more gems are up some more branches to the right. Pick up them then walk
 up the big hill. At the top, you will find one of the missing puppies. Speak
 to it to complete the area. Cutscene.

Walk right a little bit and you'll reach another door. Go through that to get
to the second area.

 Area Two
 This area is a city.  Go right, past the lamp post, and over the bridge. On
 the right hand side of the bridge, jump very high to collect a blue gem. After
 passing another lamp post, a fire hydrant, and a barrel, you will come across
 a dancing circle of fairies. Walk into that circle and the fairies will
 levitate you up onto a ledge. Walk right, along the hedge, avoiding the nuts
 that the squirrel on the branch drops systematically. Once you're lower down,
 avoid another squirrel, collect a blue gem, and return to the pavement. Watch
 out for a small white chicken on the ground. If you touch it, you will lose
 some health. Jump over it (or wait until if flies up), then go up the hill to
 another group of levitating fairies.

 This time, they will dump you on a balcony. Walk right, down a flight of
 stairs, and hop up onto the table. Jump to collect the two blue gems, and
 repeat that for the table next to you. Back on the ground, collect the gems,
 avoid another little chicken, and jump over a water fountain. Walk up the 
 small incline, to see a boy standing there. Speak to him. You will now have to
 play a mini-game.

 You will have to water the flowers as quickly as you can in this game. To do
 this, you have to run as quickly as possible to the fountians, and press A
 to turn on the tap. If you take too long doing later taps, the original plants
 you watered will need watered again. My advice is to always do the top row
 first and do the bottom second. This is because dropping from top to bottom is
 quicker than jumping from bottom to top. Once you've finished, you can
 continue to search for the puppy in this area.

 Go right, avoiding another squirrel, and run over the bridge. Up on a little
 platform, there will be a white hen so wait until it flies up before going
 forwards. Collect the gem on the other side of the platform and use the group
 of fairies to get up onto the hedge. Jump over the prickly vine and walk
 downhill, avoiding two hens in the process. For now, ignore the gems you can
 see in the sky, and drop back down to ground level. Hop over the fountain to
 another group of fairies. Take a running jump left, over a massive gap and 
 leap onto the awning above the windows, to collect gems. If you fall off,
 just walk back over to the fairies and they'll lift you back up. Collect all
 of the gems on this side, and make your way back to the fairies to the right.

 This time, instead of going left once they lift you, go to the right. There
 will be a slidey patch on the pavement, but for now, avoid it and jump onto
 the balcony above it. Follow the path of balconies and awnings to the right
 where you will find many blue gems. When you reach a small hedge, go back
 along the way you came, and this time, slide down the pavement. There will be
 a fountain to avoid, but the gems make it worth it. Fairies will lift you back
 up to the small hedge, and this time, continue along it. Slide down the steep
 pavement, and you'll be stopped at the bottom by one of the puppies! Speak to
 it to complete the area.

Jump up onto the little ledge to access the third door and the third area.

 Area Three
 Go right, and step on the little waving branch. This branch acts as a spring
 from which you can bounce to higher branches. Follow the ascending branches
 upwards, and avoid a fountain that's mysteriously up a tree. On the right
 side of the founding, jump onto the branch, and from there, onto two green
 branches. These green branches will not support your weight for any decent
 length of time, so don't stay on one for more than a second or two. Jump up on
 to an even higher branch and then leap off, collecting the trail of gems in
 mid-air. Slide down the slippery patches of leaves until you reach some
 fairies. These fairies will not levitate you but will give you some floating
 powder. Now, for a short period of time, if you jump, you will float longer
 distances. Take a running jump to the right and try and clear the massive
 distance. If you fail, simple walk back up to the fairies and try again.

 Now, just like the springy branch, this sunflower acts as a spring. Use it
 to reach the high platforms slightly to the left. Follow the platforms until
 they finish, and finally drop down. Now, run onto the slippery patch to go
 sliding down a great distance. When you reach the bottom, hop up onto the
 ledge, collect the gem, and avoid the prickly vine. Just beyond that is a
 bright red puppy. But, the level isn't over yet. There's a mini-game.

 In this game, you have to splash in the puddles and score 10 points or more.
 Puddles appear on the ground in random places but in frequent intervals. Just
 run left and right and use A to jump. Land on one of the puddles to score 1
 point. It really isn't hard at all. On my first try, I scored more than 30.
 Now that you've done that, the dog will tell you that it thinks it can see
 another dog in the distance. Go to the right, avoiding the beaver, and another
 prickly vine. Keep jumping up the little ledges, and leap over the larger
 fountain (with a fish on it??!?). Now go down onto the patio and watch out for
 the moving turtle. Avoid it completely and get up onto the ledges. Hop up
 another few ledges to find more of the fairies which make you float. Float
 right, collecting gems, and this will cut out quite a bit of the level.

 Now simply continue right, avoiding the occassional beaver or vine, until you
 reach a slide. Slide down it and you will find some levitating faries. Use
 them to reach the branch, and jump onto the green branch. Quickly move on to
 a more stable branch, and keep going upwards until you reach another green
 one. Make sure you don't stay on it for a long period of time, and hop up on
 to another similar one above it. Now leap left to some more stable ground.
 Jump up the slope and over the beaver, then onto the springy branch. Follow
 the path of branches, gems, and ledges left, until you reach yet another
 slide. Use it, and you'll find a prickly vine underneath a branch at the

 Watch out for the vine when jumping onto the branch, and use that branch to
 reach higher ones. Go left onto the ground, and slide downwards, to find the
 puppy. It turns out that the dog was lying and he couldn't see the other
 puppy at all. Now, at last, this level's over.

Go down the slope to find the fourth area.

 Area Four
 Start off by collecting the single gem straight in front of you. Slide down
 the short slop then hop over the fish fountain. Go down the flight of stairs
 and avoid the turtle, continuing to the right. Jump on the bee which acts as
 a springboard. Use the floating fairies to give you some floating powder then
 launch yourself to the right, collecting the gems in the sky. Watch out at
 this point for a turtle that might appear out of nowhere. Jump over the two
 white chickens. Take a running jump, taking off just before the steps, to
 grab a gem that's almost out-of-reach. There's another turtle to jump over,
 and a beaver too. Use the bee to bounce to the right, onto a platform. If you
 go left there are some gems, but right is the way forward.

 Now there are two options. You can jump using the fairies to get some gems or
 you can go down the slide, also giving gems. Either way, you will end up next
 to a little girl. It's mini-game time!

 In this mini-game, you have to wash the puppies, scoring more than ten points
 while you're at it. To play, catch the different coloured bottles that fall
 from the sky, then press A when you're next to the child with the same
 coloured jumper that the bottle was. It may take you a few tries to get 10
 points though. This is the hardest of the mini-games so far.

 Use the bee in front of you to go straight up to the platform. Now jump up to
 the right on to the next platform and follow the path laid out by the gems.
 Some floating fairies will allow you to float onwards. Time your landing
 correctly as to land on the branch of the tree. Jump across to the springey
 branch to the right and use that to reach the higher platform. From there,
 simply step down onto the next two branches. Their positions can be seen from
 the positions of the two blue gems. Leap across onto the balcony and use the
 blue slide. Now go up on to the patch of raised ground and leap on to the
 branch. Follow the path of the gems until you reach another slide. Use it and
 you'll see that it's a much smaller one, and it leads to the next missing
 puppy. Are Complete!

From the Area Four door, go right, and jump up on to the chest. Jump again on
to the platform, where you'll find the next area.

 Area Five
 From the start, go right, jumping over the turtle, and collect the two blue
 gems. Hop up on to the two branches and use the fairies to float on to a
 platform with a treehouse on it. If you miss, you'll fall down to the ground,
 but if you go back left, you will find more fairies ready to take you back up
 to your starting point. Anyway, land in the treehouse, and jump on the bouncy
 branch to your right to get on top of the it. Leap across to the branch to
 your left and climb up the tree to find more fairies. These fairies will lift
 you up to a green branch. Quickly jump to the second green branch, then again
 to the right to reach a solid branch. Jump over to the next treehouse.
 Continue to your left, collecting the gems, and you'll find yourself on a 
 much larger platform.
 Run all the way over to the left of this platform and jump down to where you
 can see a blue gem below you. Repeat this to the left. You will see some
 fairies but do not use them unless you want some gems. Instead, drop down,
 and you'll find the puppy that marks the end of the area.

Hop across the small gap and enter the next door.

 Area Six
 Go right and collect the blue gems. Hit the switch to get the platform to
 start moving. Stand on it when it's low down and you will be lifted up to a
 platform. Hop over to the left and hit the next switch which will do the same
 to the next platform. Before you get on the moving platform, there is a blue
 gem further to the left. Jump off the platform into the floating fairies, and
 jump to the right to float down on to a ledge. There's another switch here,
 which gets a third platform moving. Go up the stairs, but watch out for holes
 which will send to back to the bottom of the level. Use the sunflower to 
 bounce up to a hanging ledge. Hit the switch to set a platform moving. Leap
 across on to the small platfrom where the moving platform goes up and down.
 When you reach the top, JUMP OVER the stairs going down, because if you slide
 down them, you won't be able to stop in time and you'll go rocketing down

 Halfway down the stairs, hit the switch. Use the platform at the bottom to
 reach a higher balcony with fairies on it. There is a single gem above this
 balcony if you stay on the platform. The fairies will allow you to float,
 so float right to a narrow ledge. Jump up twice then leap left on to a ledge
 that's hanging from the cieling with chains. The puppy will be standing on
 this ledge (how it got there, I have no idea).

Back in the playroom, if you speak to the dog next to you, you can play a short
mini-game in which you have to put toys in the correct chest. Once you've done
that, you've completely finished the game!

 5.  Conclusion

This guide is Copyright (c) 2007 Bodo_parkour.

Only the following sites can use this guide as of now. To add your name to this
list, you must be an honest website, email me for permission, and uphold any
agreement between us that we make.

The latest version of this guide will always be found on www.gamefaqs.com.
Any other site hosting this FAQ may not have the latest version and some
information may have beena added in more recent updates.


My email address is bodo_parkour [at] hotmail [dot] co [dot] uk

Only email for permission to host this guide, with suggestions, or general
comments. Please title emails sensibly, or they will be unopened and deleted
without hesitation.

I will try my hardest to answer all legitimate emails within a week but
sometimes I am too busy so your email may remain unanswered for a longer
period of time.


Bodo_parkour - Guide Author
CjayC        - GameFAQs Founder
SBallen      - GameFAQs Administrator


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