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FAQ/Walkthrough by DaMc34

Version: 0.97 | Updated: 08/19/08

Monster House 
__    __   ______  __   __  | ----| _______  ______  _____
| \  /  |  | __  | | \  | | | |___  |__  __| | ____| |  _  \
|  \//| |  | | | | |  \ | | |___  |    | |   | |__   | |_| /
| |\/ | |  | | | | ||\ \| |     | |    | |   | __|   |  _ |
| |   | |  | --  | | |\   | ----  |    | |   | |____ | | \ \
--    --   ------  |_| \__| |-----     |_|   ______| |_|  \_|        

      __    __   ______  __   __  ______  ______         
      | |   | |  | __  | | |  | | | ----| | ____|
      | |___| |  | | | | | |  | | | |___  | |__
      |  ___  |  | | | | | |  | | |___  | | __|
      | |   | |  | --  | | ---| |     | | | |____
      | |   | |  ------  -------  ----  | ______|
      --    --                    |----- 

Monster House for Gameboy Advance
Walkthrough written by DaMc34
Version 0.97
Started: May 28, 2007
Finished: June 7, 2007
Updated: September 8, 2007 (v 0.94)
	 August 19, 2008 (v 0.97)

Table of Contents

1. Table of Contents
2. Introduction
3. Game Controls
4. Characters
5. Understanding Walkthrough
6. Walkthrough
    a.Entering the Monster
    b. A Way Blocked
    c. Towards the Attic
    d.The Attic
    e. Into the Labyrinth
    f. The Drowned Room
    g. Deep in the Bowls
    h. The Heart
    i. The Escape
7. Items List
8. Enemies List
9. Toys List
10. Gun Upgrades List
11. Fireplaces List
12. Bosses List
13. Tips and Tricks NOW WITH 3 TIPS!!!
14. Updates to Walkthrough NEW!!!
15. Legal/Contact
2. Introduction
Welcome to my very 1st walkthrough on one of my favorite GBA games ever. I
still have a few things I want to add to this walkthrough, but I wanted to 
make it available since I pretty much got it all in here. If you find any
errors, or complicated instructions, please email me at njmmrm34@yahoo.com.
3. Game Controls
Directional Pad - Moves your character 
B - Shoot water gun
A - Use special weapon or eat something
R - Hold down and press B to shoot without changing direction you face; Open 
doors or do special skill; also move right in menus
L - Move left in menus
Select - View map
Start - View items, guns, and maps menus
4. Characters
DJ - Great all around gun. DJ can climb up certain areas.
Jenny - Fast moving, shoots farther than other two, has least energy.
Chowder - Powerful shooter, but slow mover/shooter. Can move large objects
5. Understanding Walkthrough
I use several abbreviations because I am lazy and I wanted to type the least
amount possible. Here are the main ones:

SW = southwest
NW = northwest
NE = northeast
SE = southeast
x2 = twice
x3 = three times

I also use a few terms interchangeably so here are those:
up = north
left = west
right = east
down = south

To avoid being repetitive and stating the obvious, I will also assume that 
you will kill all enemies when you enter a room for the first time UNLESS I
tell you to not kill them OR you are low on water with no bathroom close by 
to refill at. If I ever mention killing the enemies in my walkthrough it is
just to reassure the reader that they are in the right room. 

I will also assume that you will break all pots to get water, candy, and
keys UNLESS I tell you not to.
6. Walkthrough


There are several doors in this main room on the 1st floor.  Break the pots 
and get some water and candy and then go to the door on the left. The door
will close behind you.  Go to the north part of the room and open the blue
chest to obtain the WALKIE-TALKIE. After the talk with Skull, Chowder will
drop a pot that will awaken the chairs in the room. Kill them with your water
gun (any character will do the job).  Next go to the room to the left.  You
need a key to go up so keep going left to the next room. Get your 1st KEY in
the chest in this room.

Now go back to the previous room and open the locked door and go up.  Kill 
the new wooden floorboard enemies and continue north.  Open the door to
the left to enter your 1st bathroom.  Skull will talk to you again and tell
you to go find blueprints to the house.  Save your game, open the chest in 
the room to get another KEY, and open the locked door.  By the way, you
cannot enter the eastern room because you don't have a flashlight yet, so
don't bother trying.

The next room has 4 locked doors, one requiring a key.  After killing the
bees, go through the northern door, which will lock behind
you after entering the new room.  Go to the NW corner of the room and open
the blue chest to obtain 1st FLOOR and BASEMENT BLUEPRINTS = MAPS Watch out 
for the chairs that wake up when you open the chest. Go to the left and 
enter that room.  Step on the switch near the SW corner of the room and enter
the door that opens.  

Move the 1st and 3rd blue boxes down and the middle box to the right or 
left.  If you go through the east door you will end up going back to the
room with the 4 locked doors, so continue going south into that room
instead.  Pull or push the two grandfather clocks onto the switches to
open the south door and go through the door. Enter the door on the right
before going down the stairs.  Go right one more time and open the tan
chest to get your 1st CHOCOLATE BAR, very valuable in the game.

Now go back and go down the stairs, which lead to the basement.  As soon
as you go down the stairs, you are reminded that you don't have a
flashlight.  Open the chest to get another KEY and now go through that
door on the right that I previously mentioned takes you back to the
room with four locked doors (You will have to pull on the red switch in
order to get the door to open).  Open the locked door with the key you 
got in the basement and go right into the next room.  Go through the
door on the right and open the blue chest to get FLASHLIGHTS!  

The lights will go out so equip the flashlight and turn it on.  The door
on the left has been locked so go through the door on the right.  Go
right again and then get to the SW corner of the room.  Turn out the
candles with your gun and enter the west door.  Turn off the four
candles in this room and go through the west door that is now open. You are
now in that 1st room where if you tried to enter it earlier you were told 
you needed a flashlight.  Go left two rooms so you can save again (and
refill your guns) and then go back to the basement.  You won't be able to 
enter the room with the fireplace but the top left locked door in the room
with four locked doors will now be open so use it to get you back to the

Go right and then up.  There is a blue chest, and a TV monster to the right,
but there is no point going there yet without a key we will be getting later.
Go up instead and to the right and save your game. Exit the bathroom and go
to the left door.  Have Jenny go through the open vent on the south wall.
Open the chest to get a KEY.  Go back to previous room and open door on 
east.  Go through north door (watch out for lamp and TV monsters!) and have
DJ climb the north wall.  In the next room I recommend you use a flash to
kill the enemies without getting hit.  Go through right door (south door
has been locked after battle), and then through south door.  Pull on red 
switch and rejoin with Chowder and Jenny.  Take them to back red switch room
and go south.  Step on switch to open east door below.  Go back north two
times, move the bookcase with Chowder, and go north.  Kill the 3 enemies and
and one will give you a KEY.  

By the way, if at any point if you are running low on water, I recommend you 
go back to the bathroom to recharge.

Go back to the room where you first encountered the lamp monster (down
twice, left, down).  Go down the west wall and down to the door covered by
wood.  Shoot at the door until the wood panels fall off.  Reach the south
end of room and open blue chest in south room (contains peppermint candy).
You need the sling shot to open the door behind the wooden panels so go back 
to the room with the 1st lamp enemy and open the door to the right with the 

Go right a couple times then go north.  The furnace in there but you cannot
open it.  After talking with skull, pick up the BRASS KEY and use it to get
through west door.  Go up to north door and go left and then through south
door.  Open chest on north wall (CHOCOLATE BAR) and then use Chowder to
move grey block into hole by south door.  Go through that door and you are
now back in the room with all the bees.  Use the brass key on the south
door and save your game by going to east door.  Walk along south wall and
through south door and then right door.  Beat the TV monster and go through
brass door on south wall.  Go right and then up the room to the brass key 
door on NW corner of room.  Open blue chest and get 1st GUN UPGRADE for DJ.
Head back to 1st floor (right, left, up, left, down, and left).  Go back to
the room you started game from (after going up stairs go up x2, right x2, 
down x3, and right x2) and open steps on brass key door on north wall.  Go
up the stairs to 2nd floor.

Go around this room and through west door.  Go into bathroom through south
door and save and then head up stairs to 3rd floor.  

Don't bother killing the bees because they take forever and no reward is 
given.  Go through brass key door and ???

Go through north door and up this long room and get the BLUEPRINTS to 3rd
FLOOR and ATTIC out of blue chest.  Now that the locked doors are opened, go
through upper right door and get key out of chest.  If you need some candy 
and water go through upper left door in previous room.  If not, go through
the lower left door in room with blue chest.  Go left again and then shoot
wall between the candles and it will open a door.  Go right and get
chocolate bar out of chest then head left to south door.  Go through left
door and then through east door in lower part of room (CANT use north door
until you get sling shot).  

Move the purple blocks in this order: top left block push left, top right
block push up, bottom left block push down, and bottom right block push
right.  The south door is now open so go through it. Kill the enemies to
open the east door.  If you get seen by the window the enemies in the room
to the right will be awakened.  Beat the enemies if you woke the up and go
through east door to be back at the room with 5 doors.  Walk to the east 
wall and save your game by entering the lower right door.  Go up to the top
right door and open it with the key you got a while back ago. Go up the
stairs to the 4th floor.  

Use the brass key to open the south door.  Go down the stairs and to the
left.  Go up the south step and move the bookcase with Chowder to get your
first soda (inside the chest).  Go along the west wall and open the brass
key door.  Open the chest in this room to get a KEY.  Chowder will be taken
by something in the attic.  Go to the east door in the previous room and
open it with the key you just got.  Shoot the crack in the NE corner of
room to open a door (kill the bookcase to avoid getting hit a lot).  Get to
the SE corner of room and fall in the hole behind the 2 buckets.  

You are now in a room with books flying at you.  Pick up the canister next
to you and throw it to crack it open and get another KEY.  Push the purple
block and go through north door (Shoot crack to open it).  Save water and 
go through east door with as little water used possible (the chest behind 
TV monster has chocolate bar).  Go up in next room to west door and open it 
with KEY.  Go to SE corner and through south door.  Move purple blocks in
this order: top left block push up, top right block push right, bottom 
left block push left, and bottom right block push down.  Go through west
door and kill all the enemies to open north door.  Go across room and 
through lower east door.  Go through only other door (south) and open blue
chest to get SLING SHOT for Jenny!

Shoot mirror to open NE north door.  Shoot mirror next to west door and go
to next room.  Avoid the three monster doors on north wall and go through
west door.  Kill 4 lamps to open south door.  Go left x3, up, down, and
left.  You are now back in the long room with a mirror next to the north
door.  Shoot it and go through door.  Kill the 4 bees and one will leave a
toy (TRICYCLE).  Go through the door on east wall and then through left
north door.  Push two pots onto the switches to open west door.  You have a
few choices so don't break any pots until you decide which two to use for
switches.  I recommend to use the one in the middle of the room and 1 of the
four near the north center part of room.  Get Jenny's gun upgrade in the
blue chest and kill all the enemies to open the door again.  

Head back to the bathroom to save again (from room with 2 switches go down,
left, down, right (2nd door), down, and right x4).

By the way, you can now go back to the basement to open up the SW corner of
the map.  

Get out of the bathroom and go through the NE door and up the stairs to the
4th floor.  Go through only door in room and head towards door in the middle
of the room that is looked.  Notice the two mirrors next to the door.  Get
on the ledges in front of the mirrors and shoot them with Jenny's slingshot.
If you are out of marbles you can go to 2 rooms to the right and in the 
room with all the holes inside the two buckets in the SE corner of the room,
there are 2 marbles.  Go through the door now and get up the stairs to the


The 1st room in the attic is a good place to reload with candy, marbles, and
the bathroom is to the right (go save before going through north door).  
There is a KEY in one of the pots near the north wall.  Use it to open the
door on the east.  Break the two mirrors in this room and go through the
east door, then north door, and east again.  If you break all four mirrors
in this room you can get the chocolate bar in the NE corner chest.  Go
through west door and then north door twice.  You are now on the roof level.

There are a lot of monster doors in this room so look at your map to spot
the real doors from the fakes.  Open the chest near the west door (chocolate
bar) and then go through it (you will have to kill the monster before being 
able to go through) and then move the brown statue on the bottom left closer
to the corner of the rug.  Go through west door twice (Chowder is within our
reach!)  Move the 2 purple boxes onto the 2 switches near south door and go
through door.  Kill the 4 chairs to save Chowder.  You will be using him
to move a lot of things.  

Move the bookcase blocking the north door in the previous room and go in.  
Kill east monster blocking door and enter the room with the elevator. The
elevator needs a gear so go find it.  Save in the east room Then go
through south door (pull both switches fast) in elevator room. From the 
room with the fat lady in the middle of the room (notice how she rotated
and is now facing north) go right twice and fall down to the attic floor. 
Go right, down, and then left and move the bookcase to access the blue
chest, which has a water bottle.  Fill it up in the bathroom and now you 
have a refill whenever you need it.  

Now go north and move the bookcase blocking the NW hole.  Have Jenny go 
through it and have her move west until she reaches 2nd crawl space and have 
her take it so she can get a KEY.  Go back to the crawl space you passed up 
and go through it and head east, back to the boys.  Now go 2 rooms left and 
open the brass key door.  Pick up one of the pots in the SW corner of the 
next room and throw it at the switch in the NE.  Go back a room and kill the
door monster blocking the NW. Go through door and open chest to get a KEY.  
Go back to room with pots and open the west door with the key.  Go south in 
the next room then west twice to save again.  Go right and move 2 purples 
blocks onto switches near NE door to open it.  Go up stairs in next room and
head south.  Get the GEAR from the blue chest in near the NE corner of the 
room.  Go through south door that just opened up when you got the gear.  Go 
south again (you will look to telescope) then go east then north.  Save your
game then open the north door with the KEY in one of the pots.  

The fat woman, Nebby's wife, wants to fight you.  Jenny and DJ work best
because they can avoid the candles.  Basically, just move around and shoot
the candles.  Once you turn them all off you can hit the fat woman.  Hit her
a few times and she will die, leaving you with a super peppermint candy,
which gives you an additional energy circle for each kid.  

Go north and Jenny will put the gear in the elevator, you will find out that
you can't get into furnace yet, and you need to go back to the 1st floor.


Get back in the elevator and head to the 1st floor.  Enter the left door to
save and/or go to the right door.  Go north and take the stairs to go to the
2nd floor.  Walk down the east wall and have Chowder move the bookcase so
you can go through the SE door.  Break the brass pot to get a KEY.  Have
Chowder push the bookcase up so that you can use the key on the NE door in
the previous room.  Pay attention to the order of pots on the painting in
this room: pot, brass pot, wooden pail.  Get the 2nd FLOOR BLUEPRINTS from
the blue chest behind the pink lamp.  Head through NE door and then the SW
door after killing the door monster(the other 2 are fakes). Turn off all the
candles in this room and go through west doors three times.  You are now
beginning the labyrinth part of the 2nd floor.  

Before we hit the labyrinth though, lets get a soda and kite. Go north and
through the NE door to get the soda, then head back to previous room and
through the NW door.  Chowder needs to move 2 book cases and then DJ can
go to next door.  Take the NW door and kill the super candle to get a
KITE toy.   Open the south door with the brass key.  Drop the purple box
to the floor below and push the block onto the switch to open east door.
Now the gang is back together.  Head back to the room with the switches.

Move the 1st two switches to get to the west door.  Now you will have to
move the next switches correctly to access the doors.  Follow the diagram
below to move the switches in the right order:

    A     D/3      1  |    
  |                   |
  |      B            |    Follow order of numbers to get south door to
  |            2/4  5 |    open.
  | C                 |
  |                   |    Follow order of letters to get to east door
  |                   |    coming from the west one.
  -----  --------------   

Once you get it right you can go through the south door.  Go west then 
north (watch out for the 3 bookcases). 

Now you are in another labyrinth. You need to get to the SW corner of the
room. Move the switch by you and then the one above that one. Head left,up,
and right to move the next switch then head left,down and right through the
bookcase you just opened. You can now open the chest for a soda. Then head
south, then east to move the 1st switch you moved then head west to the SW
door.  Move the bookcase by the door to the left, then move the next
bookcase to the right into the hole.  Move the purple box south and move
the bookcase to the left to expose a chest with a KEY.  Go through the NW
door and head to the NE door.  You only have to move that 1st switch to get
to the NE door.  

Look back at the diagram above to get yourself to the east door (follow the
letters this time NOT the numbers). Move the switch above you, and head
through the next 4 east doors.  You are now back in the farthest east of the
2nd floor.  Head south and use DJ to climb down to move 2 purple boxes out of
the way so Chowder can move the bookcases. Use the brass key to get into the
west room.  Get the chocolate bar in the chest in this room and head west
again.  Use DJ to get down to move that purple box.  Now head back to the
room where you used DJ and Chowder to open the brass key door. This time
enter to NW door, shoot the curtain blocking the west door and move the
bookcase so you can get the KEY in the chest.  Now go right x2, north, and
west and use the two keys you have now to open both south doors and move the
grandfather clocks onto the switches to open the door below.  Get to that
room and down the stairs to be in the SE corner of the 1st floor.

Head to the NE door then the SE door. Turn off all the candles and head
south then west. Remember the order of the pots? Push the brass pot to the
middle, the wooden pail to the far right, and the blue pot to the left. 
Before you can get to the blue chest in the next room, a carpet monster
takes it away. Open the yellow chest to get a soda and then go save (it has
been a while since we had an opportunity to save). Head west and follow the
carpet monster down the stairs to a new section of the basement. Keep
following the carpet monster.

To defeat the carpet monster just do your best to predict what hole it will
exit the room from.  The holes change after each exit so guess correctly and
shoot him the whole trip it takes to get to that hole. The only way you get
hurt by this boss is if you fall into the holes so get off of it by dashing
and you should have no trouble beating it.

Go west, open the chest and get CHOWDER'S BALLOONS. Now you can extinguish
fireplaces to access no places in the house. Try the balloon out by going 
back to the room you fought the carpet boss and throwing a balloon at the
fireplace. Once the fire is out, use Jenny to crawl behind the fireplace to
get to a blue chest with JENNY'S GUN UPGRADE. Go west, then north, and use
another balloon to extinguish this fireplace. Step on the switch to open
east door, and introduce new enemy - a tougher floorboard monster. Take 
the stairs in the next room back up to the 1st floor. Go left a couple times
so you can save then head right three times to get to a room with a
fireplace. Extinguish it and have Jenny crawl behind it. Head to the east
door. Beat the 2 lamps and bookcase to get a KEY. Go back to previous room
and have Jenny crawl through hole near east door. Open the west door and
rejoin the gang. Head back to previous room and use brass key to open east
door. Open the blue chest to get a BRASS HEART TOKEN. Skull will tell you 
that there are 2 more pieces you must find and this level is over.


Before I get into this next level, lets go get some gun upgrades courtesy of
Chowder's water balloons.  Go back to the 2nd floor and get to the NW corner
of map. Extinguish the fireplace in room next to NW corner room and fall in
the hole behind the pink lamp in the NW room. Open the blue chest to get a
GUN UPGRADE 2 for DJ. Now head back to the elevator and head to the roof.
Get to W section of the map and enter the room with the fireplace we passed
up on our way to fight Mrs. Nebbercracker (right after we got the gear). 
Extinguish the fireplace, step on the switch, and head to the south door.
Fall in the hole and head right, then up to get Chowder's GUN UPGRADE. Kill
the super chair hiding in the NW area of this room to get WENDY the WALRUS
toy. Congrats the attic map has now been completely explored. Move the 3
purple blocks and go through east door. Go south then east to save, and then
go down stairs to 4th floor.

Head right, up, extinguish fireplace and make Jenny crawl to hole. Kill the
pink lamp in the middle and open blue chest to get 2nd WATER BOTTLE. Now 
head back to the elevator, on whatever floor you want.

Take the elevator to the 4th floor. We need to find a fuse for the machine
in the 3rd basement. Go right then up to get map in the blue chest. Now go
south and west a couple times and north and use DJ to climb the wall. Watch
out for the window monsters that reach out and grab you if you get to close
and stop in front of the window. Head west then south x2, hitting the switch
with 1 of the 4 jars in the room. Rejoin the gang by going east then go west
and north and move the bookcase to access new door. Go left then down (after
turning out 4 candles), and save your game in the room west of the one you
are in. 

**I didn't have my laptop while I played the last 10% so I wrote what I was
doing on a piece of paper...I can barely make sense of my cliff notes.**

Here is what I can make out. Hit the mirrors to open the south door. Turn out
candles to keep going south. Shoot the cracked wall to go north and kill a
blue chest but no prize. Had back down and shoot the other fake wall in the
SE corner of room to head south. If I recall correctly from last summer,
there is a toy in the room west of this one with the moving platforms. I kept
falling trying to avoid the window hand monster. Go back up and right. Use
the brass key to go north. Use Jenny to get KEY behind the crack in wall. Go
to room with purple box and move it to block the moving block along east
wall. Now you can pull the switch to get through east door.

Go back to room with elevator room on 4th floor. Head right use a key to keep
going right. Go up and avoid the flying pots then go right x2. Watch out for
the falling floor sections and go south x2. Move the switch in the middle of
the room up so it points north. Then go up and left, breaking the pots to get
another KEY. Go right and down x2 and fill the bottles with water using 
Chowder's water balloons and move the bottles onto the switches. Head west
and kill the enemies in this room to get another KEY. Go right and use key
to open south door. Use another key to open south door. Shoot cracked wall to
go west. Open blue ches to get SYRUP MEDICINE.

Now head back to the room with the heater outside of Mr. Nebbercracker's
bedroom (right, up x5, left x2, down, left x2, and down). Throw some syrup
medicine at the heater to cool it off and enter Mr. Nebbercracker’s bedroom.
Get the fuse and this level is over.

Take elevator to the 3rd basement. Head south then east to move switch, which
will lead to Jenny falling into water. Go left x2 and move the block to get
to the chest with a KEY. Now go right and take the left floating block to the
NW door. Go north, move the switch to drain water, shoot cracked wall on
west, and go west. Push concrete-looking block down to lower level and jump
down. Push the block into the hole (kill the chair of course to make pushing
the block possible) and open the blue chest to get CHOWDER'S 2ND GUN 
UPGRADE. Go south x2 and fill bottles again and move them onto switches. Head
right x2, turn the water back on, and then go back to the room with the
heater (left, NW left). Hit the heater with syrup and head west. Get on the
moving platforms and go west again. Use the key to go north and there is 
Jenny. Now with Jenny, head down, right, down, and left and use Jenny to go
through the crack on the west wall to get another KEY. Now right x4 and this
time take the right floating platform to take the NE door. Go north then 
shoot the crack in the SE section of room to go east. Move the switch and go
left then down the stairs and south and get the blue chest which has the 
3RD BASEMENT MAP. Now go back up then through the south door near the SE
corner of room. Now go right, down stairs and south. Get flashlight and beat
the bees up before shooting at crack in SE corner of room. Go upper right,
down, left, lower right, and pull the 3 switches fast (I pulled the left,
center, then left again, and then right one). 

Now go left, up, right, down, lower up. Use a key to go north, then right,
down, key to go right and move switch to fill water. Get to the NE section
of map and now get on the moving platforms to shoot the 2 mirrors looking
the north door. Now go back to the switch to drain the water, and then back
to the room with the 4 purple boxes and align them perfectly underneath the
north door. Now go back to the switch to fill the water, and use the bridge
you made to reach the NE room on the map to get JENNY'S 2ND GUN UPGRADE.

Now go down x3, left x2, down, left, and up to save. Exit the bathroom and
shoot at the cracked west wall to see a brass key door.  Go left and
look at Mrs. Nebbercracker again! Head to the NW door and left x2, fighting
a furnace monster. Go left, get on moving blocks to go down, then go left.
Use key to go right, then up and left. Hit switch to get chest with KEY. Go
right x3, use the key on SW door to go left, and use another key to go
left again. Shoot cracked wall to go left and hit switch and then go back to
Mrs. Nebbercracker's room to fight her again! She is a little faster but 
with your gun upgrades she should be no problem. When you beat her you will 
get another SUPER PEPPERMINT, which means more energy. Now go north and open
blue chest to get 2ND BRASS HEART TOKEN. Go save now by going down x2 and
right x2?

**That concludes my translation of my chicken stratch cliff notes. Back to
doing the walkthrough as I play the game.**

Now we need to get Jenny's trash can so we can maneuver around the 2nd
basement. From the save spot in the middle of the map of the 3rd basement,
head right and up, and if the water is drained you can get the blue chest
that has JENNY'S TRASH CAN. Now we can get to the last room on this floor,
and all over the 2nd basement. Head to the NE corner of map. Use the trash
can in the room north of where you fought Mrs. Nebbercracker and in the
room left of the room with the purple box bridge you made. Open the north
door with the brass key and beat the gold chest to get HEROIC WARRIOR TOY.

Now get back to elevator and get back to the attic/roof. With Jenny's trash  
can you can now access the SE section of the map to get another toy. Use the 
trash can in the long room with 3 windows that chase you. Get past them
with the can on, kill the chair, and open the door with the brass key.
Kill the golden chair and go north to get the PENGUIN TOY.

Now go back to the elevator and go to the 2nd basement. Go south x2 to get
the map for this basement. Go back north x2, then right and down. Shoot the
four mirrors, avoiding the hands and go south. Turn out all candles and go
south. Take the SE door and push the block onto the middle hole and shoot
the cracked wall to go east. Kill the 2 furnaces and get a KEY as a reward.

Go left x2, take the NE right door then up. Hit the heater with syrup to open
right door. Crack the wall in the SE section of room and head right. Use  
Jenny's thrash can and then DJ to climb the wall. Avoid the moving hands and
open the chest to get a 3rd WATER BOTTLE. Go back left then move the bookcase
with Chowder to go north. Fill up 4 bottles and move them onto switches to go
north. Crack all the pots to get energy, water, and a KEY. Go down x2, left,
down, and left to be back in the room with 5 doors. Take the south door then
go west x4 to end up in the SW corner of map. Hit the heater with syrup to
open north door. Shoot the 3 mirrors to open west door. Break the bottles for
a refill and a KEY.

Go back to the room with 5 doors and this time take the SW door. Make your
way to the bathroom to save your game, using all 3 keys in the process. Use
the brass key to open the gate. Not again...Mrs. Nebbercracker! She is even
faster than the 2nd time you fought her. Move around and beat her like
before. Get another SUPER PEPPERMINT to add more energy to your gang. Go up
and get the 3RD BRASS HEART TOKEN in the blue chest.

Head left and use the flying pots to hit the 3 switches along south wall. Go
left and kill the 2 furnaces to open the doors. Go left then down, shoot the
cracked west wall to expose a closed door. Move the switch up to access the 
SW section of the map. Go left, down, right x2 (chocolate bar in chest in
south of this room), up, left, north, and right. Open middle blue chest to

Now back track to the room with the switch. This time move the switch left  
then down to put it in south position. Go up, left x2 (there appears to be
something behind the bookcase monster but I don't know how to revive him), NE  
right, move the blocks to fill 4 holes and then you can open chest for a KEY. 
Avoid the flying pots and open east door with key. Kill the 2 chairs and the
golden bookcase to get a BASKETBALL TOY. Head east x3 to end up back at the
elevator room. Take the elevator to the furnace, save your game, and begin
the last level of the game by opening the furnace with the brass heart 


Go down, left, (use the blocks to avoid getting burned) down, left, and get
the FURNACE MAP in the blue chest (shoot the red bricks to cool them off). Go
up, right x3, avoid the flames and go through south door. The south door is 
locked so we are going to explore the NE section of map. Use Chowder to move
the bookcase to access north door. Go left, down x2 and get the KEY in the
chest. Now go north x2 (shoot the cracked wall). Move the switch (READ
west. Go right x3, then use Jenny's trash can to keep from waking up the 3 
chairs that are standing on 3 switches, and go through south door. Shoot the 
cracked east wall and go through. There are 9 switches in this room and only 
4 coat hangers you can move onto the switches. Looking at the diagram below, 
move the coat hangers onto where you see the 0's:

0  x   x

x  0   0

x  0   x

Once you place the coat hangers correctly the south door will open. In the
next room use the blocks to protect and open the chest to get another KEY. 
Go up then left, and shoot the south cracked wall and go through. Get the
chocolate bar in the chest and now go back to the room with the locked south
door (up x2, left, down x2). Open the locked door and head south. Look at your
map and notice that there is only one real door in this room. Kill the door
monster blocking that door and go through. Go right to save and then go left
x2, kill the furnace monster to open the doors and go west. Skull will tell
you that you can't destroy the furnace without a destruction kit (aka TNT) so
go find it. 

Go west and meet Mr. Nebbercracker. He says he will help you in your dynomite
search. Go west, climb the wall with DJ, and go west again. Go north to step
on a switch behind the TV monster, then go back 2 rooms and take the north
door this time. Go left x2 and avoid the fire to reach the south door. Get on
the moving platforms and pick up a jar that you will through at the switch
to open the east door. Now that the gang is back together, go back 3 rooms.
Kill the 2 lamps and bookcase and then shoot the cracked wall to go north.
Take out the fast-moving blue candles and have Jenny go through west wall. 
Use the moving platforms to shoot the 6 mirrors and go north. Kill the golden
furnace to get a RACE CAR TOY.

Return to the room with the 2 lamps and bookcase and go east then north. Climb
the wall and in the next room avoid the flying pots and get the KEY. Now get
all the way to the SE corner of the map and use the 2 keys you have now to
open the 2 locked doors in that part of the map. Head up the stairs to the
1st basement. 

Go left a couple times to get a soda can. Go back to the room with stairs and
this time take the north door. Use DJ to go up the wall and then through the
east wall. Go east again then north. Kill the 3 lamps and take the SW door.
Cross the bridge and get the KEY inside the pot. Now backtrack to end up
below the bridge so you can open that west door. Go west again and once you
kill all the lamps the south door will open up. Cool off the 3 hot blocks and
then pull the 2 switches so the east door opens. With the gang back together,
go back to the room with 2 mirrors and a locked north door. Use Jenny to open
the door make note of the painting above the door. 

Move the two grandfather clocks like the painting shows (the 0's): 

x   x   x    

x       0      

x   0   x       

Head east and use the moving platforms to get to the 3 pots along the north
wall. Get the KEY inside one of the pots and then take the NE door. Now use
the key on the SW door. Take the NW door and step on the switch. Go back to
the room with the grandfather clocks and move them like the painting states:

x   0   x

0       x

x   x   0

Go through west door and then north with Jenny x2. Kill the bees then go
behind the coat hanger on the NW corner to find a golden candle.  Kill it to
get ROVERS TOY. Go right, kill the 2 bookcases and there is another painting.
Go south x2, then right, and step on switch. Go back to the grandfather clock
room and put the clocks on the 0s like in the painting:

0   x   x

x       0

0   0   x

Take the north door. Kill the 3 furnaces and go north. Open the blue chest
to get the dynamite! Now go down, right, save again and head back to the

Your final battle will be tough but manageable. Here is what you need to do.
If you were smart and you saved 3 chocolate bars and 1 soda pop, you can rush
the pipes one one side of the room and drop dynamite behind the furnace. 
Immediately rush to the other side and do the same. Now shoot at the mouth
of the furnace. The furnace has 3 attacks. One is it drops fireballs out of
the sky onto you. Just run around the room and you should have no trouble
avoiding them. Its 2nd attack is throwing fireballs directly at you.
Standing in front of the mouth causes you damage even if a fireball does not
hit you. The 3rd attack is opening its mouth up and sucking you in. That is
when you want to shoot it in the mouth. After a few solid seconds of shooting
it in the mouth it will die. 

Here is how you get to the stairs to the 1st basement: left x2, down, left x2,
up, right x2, up, NE up, right, and up. Move the switch to open the red doors
and go this way to get to the 1st floor stairs: down x2, left x2, down x3,
and left. Now you need to get to the main entrance of the house so go: up x3,
SE down, right, down x3, and right x2. Now shoot the yellow bag in the
middle of the room and there it is THE END.
a. Walkie-talkie - 2nd room you enter in the beginning of the game inside a 
blue chest.
b. Flashlights - 1st floor, obtain after getting the 1st key in basement
c. Slingshot - 3rd floor, NE section, shortly after losing Chowder.
d. Water Bottle - attic, NE section, shortly after getting Chowder back.
e. Gear - roof NW corner room, access through attic 1st time around
f. Balloons - basement middle section, obtain after boss battle
g. Water Bottle #2 - 4th floor near center of map, behind fireplace
h. Medicine Syrup - 4th floor near SE section of map, used to cool hot
radiator locking door into Mr. Nebbercracker's room which holds the fuse.
i. Fuse - 4th floor south of elevator room in Mr. Nebbercrackers bedroom.
j. 1st Brass Heart Token -
k. 2nd Brass Heart Token - 3rd basement room above Mrs. Nebbercracker room.
m. 3rd Brass Heart Token - 2nd basement room above Mrs. Nebbercracker room.
n. Water Bottle #3 - 2nd basement, NE section of room, use Jenny and DJ to 
o. Super Peppermints - Receive 1 after each battle with Mrs. Nebbercracker
p super slingshot - furnace, NW section of map, in blue chest behind bookcase
monster that can be revived by stepping on switch behind a bookcase in room 
read section 14 for more details on this item
q. super balloon - furnace NE section of map, you have to use the switches in
this section of the room correctly to access the room with this upgrade
read section 14 for more details on this item 
a. bees - easy to avoid and kill
b. bees purple - move faster so a little tougher to kill
c. floorboard - easy enemy. just unload on it for a bit until it dies
d. floorboard tougher - found in basement, breathes out smoke, moves faster
than weaker floorboard monster.
e. chair - lunges at you when close
f. chair dark brown - move faster and do more damage
g. TV - it shoots electric waves at you. Simply shoot at it until you here it
prepare to shoot at you and then get out of its way
h. lamp - wait for it to get close and when it lunges at you shoot it like
i. pink lamp - take it out with jenny's slingshoot or if it is attacking you 
use your guns
j. window hand - 1st seen on 4th floor. cant kill it so just avoid being 
k. floor hands - some move around others stand still. avoid them since you 
cant kill them 
m. floor hands suprise - some come out of nowhere and take you back to another
room. you have to use Jennys trash can to avoid these enemies
n. furnace - shoots fire out of mouth so shoot it and move before it hits you
o. furnace orange -tougher furnace but same attack as easier one
a. kite - 2nd floor, near switches room, kill golden candle
b. tricycle - Read TOWARDS THE ATTIC to find it
c. Wendy the Walrus - attic, same room as Chowder's gun upgrade, kill super
chair to get it
d. heroic toy - 3rd basement, NE section, can get after you have Jenny's trash
e. penguin - roof, SE section of map, use Jenny's trash can to get into room
with this toy.
f. basketball - 2nd basement, NW section, kill golden bookcase to get it back.
g. race car - furnace floor, read THE HEART to find it
h. rover's bone - 1st basement right section, NW of the map in that section.
i. plush chicken - * found on floor 1 east, behind fireplace, kill golden
lamp to get this toy
j. boomerang - * 4th floor, SW section, past the room with the floating tiles
= use trash can to get past window monsters
k. red wagon - * 1st basement, SW section, slingshot needed to access 2 rooms

* info given my spence (thanks)
a. DJ gun upgrade - basement, after getting brass key you can get this SE
section of map
b. Jenny gun upgrade - basement, carpet boss room behind fireplace
c. DJ gun upgrade 2 - 1st floor NW corner, get by getting to NW corner of 2nd
floor and falling through whole behind pink lamp
d. Chowder gun upgrade - attic SW section of map, same room as Wendy the 
e. Jenny gun upgrade 2 - NE corner of 3rd basement, get after creating 
bridge with purple boxes.
f. Chowder gun upgrade 2 - 3rd basement NW section of map
g. DJ 3rd gun upgrade - 2nd basement NW section of map, after moving switch 
to north position you can access room with this upgrade.
a. 1st Floor - NW on map - Room with Blue chest with 1st floor and basement 
b. Roof - W section on map - Room with
c. 2nd floor - NW on map - room with super candle that gives you kite toy.
d. 1st floor - SE corner of map - room you access from 2nd floor stairs.
e. basement - room you fought carpet monster -> blue chest with Jenny gun
upgrade behind fireplace
f. basement - middle section -> switch allows you to get back back to 1st
g. 1st floor - NE section of map - room with 5-6 candles ->Jenny crawls 
behind it to get to 1st BROKEN HEART token.
h. 4th floor - near center of map, extinguish to get 2nd water bottle

a. Mrs. Nebbercracker - attic 
b. Carpet Monster - basement middle section
c. Mrs. Nebbercracker #2 - 3rd basement, faster than 1st but easy to beat
d. Mrs. Nebbercracker #3 - 2nd basement, faster than 2nd but not too tough
e. Furnace - furnace, tough fight but beatable if you have the energy and

TIP: Chowder being so slow makes him my least favorite character to fight
bosses.  I recommend you use DJ or Jenny, whichever has the best gun, but
use Chowder to help you get used to the bosses movements.  

TIP: Have as much chocolate or Soda before you fight bosses.  

a. Use the Chocolate Bars BUT save the soda pop - You can only hold 4 items
to refill your energy, and you need all the soda pop you can have to beat the
furnace, so save all the pop you can but if you pick up a chocolate use it
up as soon as possible to free up a spot for soda pop. By the way, if you
already have 4 items saved the next one you collect WILL NOT be added to your
b. Quick Refill - If ever you are low on energy go to where an elevator,
stairs, and/or a bathroom. There are usually a lot of pots with candy near
these 3 locations and if you go in the elevator to another floor and then
come back, or if you take the stairs to another floor and then return 
immediately, the pots will once again reload with candy. You can do the same
things with normal rooms but you have to go 2 rooms away from the room with
the pots and that doesn't always work.
c. Get Gun Upgrades ASAP - The easiest way to help you defeat enemies is to
have the best guns possible so as soon as you can get an upgrade you should.
In my walkthrough I tried doing this but I might have delayed getting an 
upgrade here and there as soon as I might have been able to...let me know if
I did so I can update this faq.
d. Once you pass the game for the 1st time, give it a shot again but make
sure you use the ruby key given to you at the beginning to open the east
door leading to the "Thou Art Dead" arcade game.  Get a score of 50,000 or
greater and you will get the best gun for DJ.  Thanks MetroidXPS for this

14. Updates to Walkthrough (version 0.9 to 0.93)

There were a some toys and items I did not collect or was not able to collect
when I was making my FAQ. This weekend I was able to get a couple more items.

Slingshot Upgrade - There is a bookcase in the NW section of the furnace that
I was not able to bring to live to kill in order to get to the blue chest
behind it. Well I found the switch that brings him back to life. It is behind
the bookcase that is just left of the bookcase monster. Walk behind that
bookcase and you should hear a click and then the bookcase monster will 
start attacking you. Kill him and inside the blue chest is the slingshoot

Balloon Upgrade - In the NE section of the furnace there are 2 rooms I was
not able to access but I figured it out. In the room with the switch, move 
the switch so it points west?. This locks the door to your right but if you
go down then right and take the north door (where you shot the cracked wall)
you will be in the room with 2 bookcases and a switch between them. If you
have not already pressed this switch do it now and then go through the left
door. There is a north door that is open now. Take it and go east a couple
rooms to reach the blue chest holding the balloon upgrade. 

??? Toy - Read above for the Balloon Upgrade and before you get to the
balloon you will get this toy from a golden enemy.

version 0.93 to 0.94

Fixed mistake in 3rd basement directions going from Jenny's gun upgrade to
the room where Ms. Nebbercracker's wife is located. 

version 0.94 to 0.97

Added more toys to list. Some thanks to Spence.

I was wrong about the location of the camera upgrade! --> as mentioned in the
toy list section, the boomerang is in the room west of the moving tile room
in the SW part of the 4th floor.  I still have no idea where I got the golden
camera upgrade!?!

Added diagram to INTO THE LABYRINTH to explain the order of the switches.

Finished title

Added 2 tips to BOSSES LIST section.

Added 1 more tip to TIPS AND TRICKS section.


Copyright Daniel Melendez 2007

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All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
respective trademark and copyright holders.

Credit for the Information in this Guide goes mainly to myself and my own 
play experience, but also to:
GameFAQs Message Board members from last year's post.
Spence who gave me locations to some toys.

If you helped with my guide but don't see your name here, let me know! (You
know who you are so please email me)

If you have any other questions (please make sure they aren't already 
answered in the rest of my guide), corrections, comments, complaints about
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