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Reviewed: 02/24/10

Playable. That's all.

Majesco, this is one of your better games out on the market today. But that doesn't means it's good. It means that it's okay, in a good way.

If you haven't heard about this game before, it is basically two games in one cartridge! Now that's a good deal for only $10! But the problem is that it is just plain boring at times. You play around as many Looney Tunes characters, doing crazy antics (not really that crazy) and completing objectives. Since this game has two games in one cartridge, I'm going to look at Acme Antics first, then Dizzy Driving.

Acme Antics is one of the two games found in this package. You play around as a Road Runner, who is somehow being chased by the coyote. Again. And your goal is to get away from him. The controls are somewhat interesting, as your character is already running. Your only goal is to steer and jump and duck. Those controls are very nice, to tell you the truth. They really are assigned well and the response is just nice.

Your goal in this game is to get away from that coyote in several levels and bosses. In order to do that, you have to survive the many attacks he'll set up for you. The levels for this game is for the most part very dull. The dullness of those levels must have limited creativity, as I've memorized everything about this game. It was just so easy. Also, the coyote's attacks are really easy to avoid, and if possible, counter-attack. It too really made this game very easy!

But the boss levels are a different story. They actually inspired a little bit of creativity such as an Ice Machine. I remembered when the coyote pulled off that embarrassing thing back at 1949. It was so funny, even that same trick he performs here in this game is pretty amusing to look at. I think the boss levels are the single best thing in the entire game.

This game takes you up to 1 1/2 hours to complete, to tell you the truth. It really was a short game. If you want to blow up that coyote ever again, go ahead and play this game again.

Next up is Dizzy Driving. The first problem I had with this game is just selecting what you want before the races. It takes about 1-2 seconds to register whatever I'm doing. That really ticked me off. Second, I hated the controls for this game. You basically drive around a track completing a singular objective in that race. But the problem with that is that your car will feel a lot of drag rather than speed, even to the fastest people. And using the objects you collect (or attempting to use them) was made really hard. The steering was so bad, I hardly doubt I'll give Bugs Bunny a real license for actually driving that thing. The steering actually made using weapons basically a chore.

This game is divided up in two classes: tournament and single. I'm focusing on the tournament right now. You select a character, and you're off into the racing world. The tracks aren't really that good in design. They look plain and simple. And even if it's really long, the tracks are really dull.

But I found a bit of creativity with the objectives for each track, especially the demolition derby part of this game. You basically use weapons to your advantage to wipe out all the other players in this portion of the game. Not only the controls are slightly better with this part of the game, it was actually fun to play.

The tournament would last about 40 minutes per character. So for every single character, this game would last about 5-6 1/2 hours. And since that is impressive for a racing game to have those stats, I found it really dull and boring to play for the most of it. The only times you can go back to this game again is to enter demolition derby.

The graphics for both games are okay, I guess. The characters doo look nice and the background looks passable.

The music soundtrack is really okay. I did find one or two tunes I really liked, but the rest of the soundtrack aren't that good.

This whole game overall can take you about 9 hours to complete every game here once. But there are few reasons, other than to mess up the coyote any further, to ever play this game again.

The Looney Tunes Double Pack game for the GameBoy Advance is really boring to play altogether, because of some control issues and some bad gameplay mechanics. This game is probably left alone for the most part, but Acme Antics might give this game a slight advantage, as beating up the coyote is as funny as I remembered from the cartoons. If you are planning to buy or rent this game, remember this motto: aim for the coyote, not the pit stop.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Product Release: Looney Tunes: Double Pack - Dizzy Driving / Acme Antics (US, 10/31/05)

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