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Game Script by ZFS

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/16/2007

Final Fantasy VI Advance Game Script
By: ZFS [ZFS@comcast.net]
Version 1.1 -- 02/16/07

-------------------------------{Table of Contents}-----------------------------

        I. Introduction
        II. Version History
        III. Game Script
                a.) World of Balance
			1.) Narshe [001]
			2.) Figaro Castle [002]
			3.) South Figaro Cave [003]
			4.) South Figaro [004]
			5.) Duncan's House [005]
			6.) Mt. Kolts [006]
                        7.) Returner Hideout [007]
                        8.) Lete River [008]
                        9.) Locke's Scenario 
				A.) South Figaro [008]
				B.) South Figaro Cave [009]
			10.) Terra, Edgar, and Banon's Scenario
				A.) Lete River [010]
				B.) Narshe [011]
			11.) Sabin's Scenario
				A.) The Veldt [012]
				B.) Imperial Camp / Doma Castle [013]
				C.) Phantom Forest / Train [014]
				D.) Baren Falls [015]
				E.) The Veldt [016]
				G.) Crescent Mountain Cave [017]
				I.) Nikeah [018]
			12.) Narshe [019]
			13.) Figaro Castle [020]
			14.) Kohlingen [021]
			15.) Zozo [022]
			16.) Jidoor [023]
			17.) Opera House [024]
			18.) Vector [025]
			19.) Magitek Factory / Research Facility [026]
			20.) Zozo [027]
			21.) Narshe [028]
			22.) Cave to the Sealed Gate [029]
			23.) Imperial Palace [030]
			24.) Albrook [031]
			25.) Crescent Island / Thamasa [032]
			27.) Floating Continent [033]
                b.) World of Ruin
			28.) Solitary Island [034]
			29.) Tzen [035]
			30.) Nikeah [036]
			31.) South Figaro [037]
			32.) South Figaro Cave [038]
			33.) Kohlingen [039]
			34.) Darill's Tomb [040]
			35.) Maranda [041]
			36.) Zozo / Mt. Zozo [042]
			37.) The Veldt [043]	
			38.) Mobliz [044]
			39.) Cave on the Veldt / Thamasa / Coliseum [045]
			40.) Phoenix Cave [046]
			41.) Kohlingen [047]
			42.) Narshe [048]
			43.) Jidoor / Owzer's Mansion [049]
			44.) Cultists' Tower [050]
			45.) Triangle Island / Zone Eater's Belly [051]
                c.) Kefka's Tower
        IV. Credits
        V. Copyright


This is a Game Script guide for the recently released Final Fantasy VI Advance
on the Game Boy Advance. Final Fantasy VI has always been among one of my 
all-time favorite games, stretching all the way back to childhood -- except it
was called "Final Fantasy III" then. I was rather excited to find out that this
re-release on the Game Boy Advance would come complete with a fresh new 
translation, something that some may argue was a dire necessity. It would 
appear that since most people seem curious about what exactly Square Enix
went about changing within the script, that this would serve its purpose well
to provide a quick glance and some favorite lines. 

Personally, I find that the newly translated script offers a greater clarity to
the game's storyline and characters, offering superb characterization and 
interaction. Of course, people would appear to be rather split on their
decision as to which they prefer, some choosing the old, some choosing the new.
You can really get an idea of how certain lines can make a character's thoughts
feel better expressed, which goes right back to the idea that this script 
offers more clarity.

Anyway, if you have any suggestions, comments, or questions on Final Fantasy VI
or this FAQ, feel free to shoot me an e-mail and I respond to the best of my
ability. If there are any mistakes with a certain line, or perhaps a
misspelling that I may have missed, feel free to tell me and I'll correct it,
along with giving credit to you in the "Credits" section for noticing. As a
note, however, the initial submission of this FAQ will not contain the random
NPC conversations that you can have. This is stricly the mandatory dialogue 
that you see in the game. 

Hopefully you find this guide useful, whether it be to look up your favorite
line or quickly reference the script on a question that may have been bugging

-------------------------------{Version History}-------------------------------

Version 1.1 -- Added in the optional areas from the World of Ruin. Put in a 
	       few missed areas from the main script.

Version 1.0 -- Game Script complete. All major grammatical and misspelling 
               errors fixed. 


World of Balance

NARSHE [001]

	"The ancient War of the Magi... When its flames at last receded, only 
        the charred husk of a world remained. Even the power of magic was 
	lost... In the thousand years that followed, iron, gunpowder, and steam
	engines took the place of magic and life slowly returned to the barren
	land. Yet there now stands one who would reawaken the magic of ages
	past and use its dreaded power as a means by which to conquer all the
	world. Could anyone truly be foolish enough to repeat that mistake?"

Wedge: 	There's the city.
Biggs:	Hard to believe an esper's been found frozen there a thousand years 
	after the War of the Magi. 
Biggs: 	Bah! Probably just another wild goose chase.
Wedge:	I don't know. They wouldn't have let us use her unless they were 
	confident that the information was good.
Biggs:	Ah, yes...our witch. I hear she fried fifty of our Magitek armored 
	soldiers in three minutes... Kinda makes your skin crawl, don't it?
Wedge: 	Relax. With that thing on her head, she's a mindless puppet. The girl
	won't even breathe unless we tell her to.
Wedge: 	We'll approach from the east! Move out!

[Wedge, Biggs, and Terra make their way toward Narshe.]

Wedge:	The girl takes point. And don't waste time on the riffraff! Remember
	what we're here for. Let's move!

Guard:	Imperial Magitek armor!? Not even Narshe is safe anymore!

Guard:	For Narshe!

Guard:	We've got 'em trapped now!

Guard:	Defend the mines!

[Wedge, Biggs, and Terra arrive as the Narshe Mines.]

Wedge: 	According to our source, they unearthed the frozen esper in a new mine
	shaft they were digging. This must be it.

[The group arrives at a gate blocking their path.]

Biggs: 	I'll handle this. Stand back!

Guard:	We're not handing over the esper! Ymir! Get them!

[The group enters into a battle with Ymir.]

Biggs:	Hold it! This thing's a...! They must have trained it to guard the 
Wedge:	What are you talking about? You know what this is?
Biggs:	Ever heard of a lightning whelk? It's a monster that absorbs lightning.
Wedge:	...and stores the energy in its shell!
Biggs:	Right. So whatever you do, don't attack the shell!
Wedge:	Got it!

[The group defeats Ymir and make their way toward the esper.]

Biggs:	So...this is the frozen esper?
Wedge: 	This thing's giving me the creeps. Something's not right...!
Girl:	...

[The frozen creature begins emitting an eerie light...]

Wedge: 	Wh-where's that light coming from!? Uwaaagh!
Biggs:	Wh-what was that!? ...Wedge? Wedge, where are you? H-hey! What's going
Girl:	... ... ...

[The girl awakens inside of a home in Narshe.]

Girl:	  Where...am I?
Old Man:  My, my! And I just removed the crown!
Girl:	  My head...hurts...
Old Man:  Easy, there! This is a slave crown. The others were using it to 
	  control you. It was robbing you of your thoughts -- making it so 
          you'd do whatever they told you.
Girl:	  I can't remember a thing...
Old Man:  Don't worry. It'll all come back to you... In time, that is.
Girl:	  ...

	"A mysterious young woman, born with the gift of magic, and enslaved
	 by the Gesthalian Empire..."

Girl:	  My name is...Terra...
Old Man:  Impressive! I've never heard of anyone recovering so fast. You must
	  be made of tougher stuff than most...

[Outside, dogs and guards come up to the house where Terra is staying.]

Guard: 	  Open up! We're here for the Magitek armor pilot!
Guard:	  Open this door right now, and hand over that girl! She's an agent of
	  the Empire!

Terra:	  Empire...? Magitek armor...?
Old Man:  There's no time to explain! You need to get out of here! These fools
	  aren't going to listen to reason. This way! Quickly!
Old Man:  Make your way out of town through the mines! I'll try to buy you some

[Terra uses the backdoor of the home to make her escape through the bridge 
 above the city.]

Guard: 	  Up there!

[Terra enters into the mines, appearing to have escaped their grasp.]

Guard: 	  There she is!

[Terra, now cornered, falls into a hole and passes out, dreaming about her 

Kefka:	  My sweet little magic user... Uwee-hee-hee! With this slave crown, 
	  you'll be all mine!

[Flashback shows Terra facing off against Imperial soldiers.]

Kefka:	  Uwee-hee-hee! Good, good! Burn them all to a crisp!

[Flashback scene now switches to the Empire, where a speech is being given.]

Gesthal:  Soldiers of the Empire! We stand at the dawn of a new age!
Gesthal:  The lost power of magic has returned to us! We are the chosen ones!
Gesthal:  The time has come for us to claim our rightful dominion over the 
Gesthal:  Nothing shall stand in our way!

"Long live Emperor Gesthal!"

[Flashback scene ends showing a still unconscious Terra. Then goes back to the
 house of the old man.]

Old Man:  Took you long enough! Busy with all that robbing and plundering, I

	"A treasure hunter and trail-worn traveler, searching the world over 
	 for relics of the past..."

Locke:	  I prefer the term "treasure hunting"!
Old Man:  Ha! Semantic nonsense!
Locke:	  There's a huge difference!
Locke:	  Anyway, is there something you need me to do?
Old Man:  There is indeed. ...I met the girl.
Locke:	  ...!? You don't mean...?
Old Man:  The city guard is pursuing her as we speak. This city has the 
	  strength to stand up to the Empire, but it won't use it. The people 
	  are just too stubbornly independent to join an underground resistance
	  group like the Returners. I tried to explain that the Empire was 
	  controlling the girl, but they wouldn't even listen...
Locke:	  All right... So, you want me to get her out of Narshe?
Old Man:  That would be the idea. Make your way to Figaro for the time being...

[Locke finds Terra at the spot where she passed out, still unconscious.]

Guard: 	  Now we've got her!

Locke: 	  Wonderful... There's a whole bunch of 'em....


Locke: 	  Moogles... Are you saying you want to help?


[Locke and the Moogles battle the guards to protect Terra.]

Locke: 	  Thanks, moogles! We're in your debt!

[Locke makes his escape from the mines with Terra.]

Locke:	  This switch oughta...

Locke:	  Eh? You back with us now?
Terra:	  You... saved me?
Locke:	  Save your thanks for the moogles!
Terra:	  Ugh... I can't remember a thing... It's like my mind's trapped in a 
Locke:	  You lost your memory!?
Terra:    A man said it would eventually come back...eventually...
Locke: 	  So, you've got amnesia. Don't worry! I won't leave your side until
	  until your memory returns!
Terra: 	  ...?
Locke:	  I'm not gonna up and abandon someone just because they lost their 
	  memory! I'll keep you safe! I promise!

Figaro Castle [002]

 	  Halt! ...Oh, it's you. Proceed.

King: 	  You mean, this young woman is...?
Terra:	  Who are you?
King:	  Oh...my apologies!
King:	  How rude of me to turn my back to a lady on our very first meeting!

	"The young king of Figaro Castle, Imperial ally, and champion of the
	 technological revolution..."

Edgar:	  I am Edgar, the king of Figaro.
Locke: 	  Heh... Surprised that someone like me knows a king?
Locke: 	  Well, I'll catch you two later!
Edgar:	  So, you're an Imperial soldier, right? Don't worry. Figaro and the 
	  Empire are allies. Feel free to rest here for as long as you'd like.
	  It's not in my blood to harm a lady!
Terra:	  Why are you being so kind to me? Is it because of my...abilities?
Edgar:	  I'll give you three reasons. First of all, your beauty has captivated
	  me! Second...I'm dying to know if I'm your type! I guess your...
	  abilities...would rank a distant third.
Terra:	  ...? What's the matter?
Edgar:	  Guess my technique's getting a bit rusty...
Terra: 	  Hmm... I suppose a normal girl would have felt something from those
	  words. But...not me...

[Terra explores Figaro Castle, eventually running into the High Priestess.]

H.Priestess:   Edgar has a twin brother, you know. He was such a nice boy, 
	       always thinking of his family...

[Flashback scene occurs with Edgar sitting at a table.]

Youth:	  Edgar, what's wrong with Dad? Why's everyone talking about a
Edgar:	  Are you blind? Haven't you see how thin his face has become?
Youth:	  ...? ...What do you mean?
Youth:	  Edgar!
Youth:	  Are you...crying?

	"Edgar's twin brother, who traded the throne for his own freedom..."

H.Priestess:   Ah, yes...Sabin. I'm sure he's a fine young man by now. He was 
	       just a boy when he left -- even smaller than his brother. I 
               often wonder where he is now, and what he's doing...

[Terra goes back to the throne room to find Edgar.]

Edgar:	  Well? How do you like my castle?

	  King Edgar! There's someone from the Empire to you see you, sire!

Edgar: Kefka, no doubt!

[Kefka is seen crossing the desert with two Imperial soldiers.]

Kefka:	  Phooey! Emperor Gesthal's stupid orders!
Kefka:	  Edgar, you pinhead! Why do you have to live out in the middle of a
	  stinking desert? These recon jobs are the pits!
Kefka:	  Ahem! There's SAND on my boots!
Soldiers: All gone, sir!
Kefka:	  How pathetic!

	  Sir Kefka!? What in the world brings you--

Kefka:	  Out of my way!

[Edgar arrives to meet Kefka and the Imperial troops.]

Edgar:	  You wouldn't be thinking of invading my kingdom next, would you? We
	  have an alliance...
Soldier:  An alliance? With this miserable sandpit? Don't make laugh!
Edgar:	  I hear you've been busy down south, taking over a country or three!
	  Just what is the Empire up to?
Soldier:  That's none of your concern.

Edgar:	  What brings Emperor Gesthal's own court mage, Kefka, to my humble 
Kefka:	  A girl of no importance recently escaped from us. We heard she found
	  refuge here.
Edgar:	  This wouldn't have to do with that "witch" everyone's been whispering
	  about, would it?
Kefka:	  Lies! She merely stole something of minor value! Is she here?
Edgar:	  That's a tough one...
Edgar:	  There are more girls in here than grains of sand in the desert. A man
	  couldn't possibly keep track of them all!
Kefka:	  Oh, Edgar... You know you only stand to lose from trying to hide her
	  from us! Hee-hee-hee...
Kefka:	  I truly hope nothing happens to your precious Figaro!

[Kefka leaves and Edgar heads back to the throne room, running into Locke along
 the way.]

Locke:	  I didn't like the sound of that...
Edgar:	  Where's Terra?
Edgar:	  Take her to her room...
Edgar:	  I'd love to stay and chat, but the chancellor and I need to do some
	  planning now. Being a king's not all tea and crumpets. If you'll
	  excuse me...

[Edgar leaves and Locke leads Terra to her room.]

Locke:	  Follow me.
Locke:	  Sorry, I didn't mean to drag you around like this without giving you
	  a chance to rest. I'm--
Terra:	  Locke, right? ...Edgar told me about you. Is it true that you're a
Locke:	  On the surface, Edgar pretends to support the Empire. Truth is, he's
	  collaborating with an underground resistance group called the 
	  Returners. I serve as their go-between.
Locke:	  The old man you met in Narshe is one of us, too.
Terra:	  The Empire... But, I'm an Imperial soldier!
Locke:	  Not anymore. They were using you. That's all! Things are different
Terra:	  It's just... I don't know what I should do. Whenever I try to think,
	  it just makes my head hurt even worse...
Locke:	  All that matters is that you make your own decisions from now on. You
	  don't have to think too hard right now. You'll know what you want to
	  do when the time comes.
Terra:	  But how will I know which choice is right...?

[The scene switches to Edgar, who is awakened by something...]

Edgar: 	  ...? What in the--
Edgar:	  What's going on?
Soldier:  It's the Empire! Kefka, he--

[Kefka enters into the scene, with Figaro castle burning in flames.]

Edgar:	  What do you think you're doing!?
Kefka:	  Bring me the girl. Now!
Edgar:	  I have no idea what you're talking about!
Kefka:	  Oh? Then...enjoy the barbecue! Hee-hee-hee!

[Edgar goes to talk to a soldier.]

Edgar:	  Get her ready...
Soldier:  Yes, sire!

Kefka:	  Had a change of heart?
Edgar:	  It seems I have no choice...

[Edgar leaps off of the castle onto some chocobos below.]

Edgar:	  ...Or perhaps I do!
Kefka:	  Oh, my! The brave and noble king abandons his people to save his own
	  skin! How utterly delightful! Hee-hee-hee!
Edgar:	  Jump!

[Terra and Locke, waiting at a crossing on the castle roof, leap onto the other

Edgar:	  All right! Sink her into the sand!
Locke:	  Yahoo!

[The Figaro soldiers begin to sink the castle into the sand.]

Soldier:  Figaro Dive Mode engaged!

Chancellor:  Witness the glory of Figaro!

Kefka:	  Go! KILL THEM!!!

[Two Magitek Armors come chasing after the group and a battle ensues.]

Locke:	  What's the matter, Edgar? What made you jump like that all of a
Edgar:	  D-d-did y-y-you just see what I saw? You did, right? Right!?
Locke:    Yeah, this kid's really something, huh?
Edgar:	  REally...something!? That was magic! MA-GIC!
Locke:	  M-M-M-M-MAGIC!? She used magic!?
	  *whisper, whisper*...*whisper, whisper*
Edgar:	  Terra...Your name was Terra, right? What...what exactly was that just
Terra:	  I'm sorry, I...
Locke:	  No, we should be apologizing. I didn't mean to make such a big deal
	  out of it.
Edgar:	  Nor did I, it just...surprised me. I mean I've never actually seen
	  magic before! Where did you...?
Terra:	  ...
Locke:	  It doesn't matter, does it, Edgar? Terra can use magic and we can't.
	  That's all there is to it. The fact is...her magic could really help
	  us right now.
Terra:	  Thank you, Locke! Thank you, Edgar!

Edgar:	  Bravo, Figaro!

Kefka:	  Son of a sandworm! You'll pay for this!

[Terra, Locke, and Edgar continue forward through the desert.]

Locke:	  That was great!
Terra:	  Were those bad people? I...I'm scared...
Edgar:	  Terra, there's someone we'd like you to meet...
Locke:	  Like I told you before, we're members of the Returners...
Edgar:	  Would you be willing to meet our leader? Magic is going to be the key
	  to winning this war.
Terra:	  Magic...
Edgar:	  That esper reacted to your magical powers. There's got to be a 
Terra:	  I don't know any more than you do. These powers just come naturally
	  to me.
Edgar:	  But no human is born with the powers you have!
Edgar:	  Forgive me.
Terra:	  ...What should I do?
Edgar:	  The Empire will be coming after us. They want your powers for their
	  own. And if they get them, the world is done for. Terra, you want to
	  understand your own powers, don't you?
Edgar:	  Then I think you should meet with Banon. He may be able to help you
	  find out more about why you have them.
Terra:	  ...
Locke:	  Please... Edgar's right.
Edgar:	  There's a cave just south of here that leads to South Figaro. Let's
	  head in that direction.

[Edgar, Terra, and Locke head toward South Figaro.]

South Figaro Cave [003]

Soldier:  King Edgar! Where are you headed, sire?
Edgar:	  Through the cave, and eastward to South Figaro. We'll then make for
	  the Returner headquarters in the north. Return to the castle and pass
	  the word along.
Soldier:  Understood, sire! Take care!

South Figaro [004]

[The group arrives in South Figaro, encountering a strange individual.]


Locke: 	  Right, ignore us and maybe we'll just disappear...
Edgar:	  Back off, Locke. That guy looks familiar... Yeah, that's him, all 

	"He comes and goes like the wind, swearing allegiance to no one. Hidden
	 behind his wintry gaze lies a face known to none who live..."

Edgar:	  That's Shadow... He's an assassin. He'd kill his own best friend for
	  the right price...
Locke:	  Guess we'd better steer clear of him.
Shadow:	  Leave us. The dog eats strangers...

Duncan's House [005]

Edgar:	  Hmm...? What's that smell...?
Edgar:	  These flowers... He always liked these...
Edgar:	  These dishes... They're just like the ones he always used!
Edgar:	  This tea... It was his favorite.
Edgar:	  Could Sabin be living here?

Edgar:	  Hey...
Edgar:	  Do you happen to know where I could find the man who lives here?
Man:	  Sure do! Left a couple of days ago, soon as he heard Master Duncan
	  had been killed. Headed up into the mountains! They say Duncan's son
	  Vargas is missing, too... I don't like it one bit!

Mt. Kolts [006]

Vargas:   Sabin sent you, didn't he?
Locke:	  Who're you?
Edgar:	  Sabin? Is he here?
Locke:	  You were the one sneaking around us the whole way up here, weren't
Vargas:	  And if I was?
Vargas:	  Hmph. Well, it doesn't really matter who you are. I've got no plans
	  to surrender. Woe is the day you met me...it'll be the last of your

[Party enters battle with Vargas.]

Vargas:   come on! What's the matter?
Vargas:   Enough of this! I'll send you to the great beyond!

	  That's enough, Vargas!

Vargas:	  Ah, if it isn't Sabin!
Sabin:	  Why, Vargas? Why did you kill Master Duncan? How could you kill your
	  own father!?
Vargas:   The fool snubbed me, his only son! He chose you as his successor!
Sabin:	  That's not true! Our master--
Vargas:	  It's true and you know it! It's written in that ugly sneer across 
	  your face!
Sabin:    He wanted you to be his successor, not me! He knew you had the most
Vargas:	  I'm sick of listening to your lies! I've got far more than just
	  potential! Why don't you see for yourself?

	  Blizzard Fist!

Vargas:	  Ah, Sabin! My father was right to see so much in you!
Sabin:	  I guess there's no avoiding this...
Vargas:   Fate made us train together, and now fate will send you to your doom!
Vargas:   Now... Get ready to join your beloved master!

Vargas:	  Uaaagh! You...already learned...that technique!?
Sabin:	  Vargas... If only you hadn't been so consumed by pride...

[Sabin defeats Vargas.]

Edgar:	  Sabin!
Sabin:	  Brother?
Locke:	  ...Brother? You're his twin brother!?
Terra:    His...brother? At first, I thought you were another one of Vargas's
Sabin:	  You thought I was a...bear?
Sabin:	  I guess I'll, uh...take that as a compliment!
Sabin:	  Anyway... Edgar, what are you doing here?
Edgar:	  We're on our way to the Sabre Mountains.
Sabin:	  To the Returner hideout, no doubt?
Sabin:	  So, the wheels are finally turning... I've been watching from a
	  distance, hoping the world would come to its senses. The way things 
	  were going, I was afraid Figaro would end up as a puppet state.
Edgar:	  A means of striking back has presented itself. There will be no more
	  playing lapdog to the Empire... I'm through with that act.
Sabin:	  Think a "bear" like me could be of any help?
Edgar:	  You'd join us? Sabin...!
Sabin:	  I think Duncan would rest easier knowing his training helped bring
	  peace to the world.
Locke: 	  Well then, let's get going!

Returner Hideout [007]

	  King Edgar! This way, please!

Edgar:	  Banon! We brought her with us.
Banon:	  So, this is the girl... The one whom the esper responded.
Terra:	  Esper...?
Edgar:	  It seems the Empire had complete control over her.
Banon:    Carrier pigeons have kept me informed. I also heard that she wiped 
	  out fifty Imperial soldiers in mere minutes...
Terra:	  No, that's not...!
Locke:	  Terra!
Edgar:	  For heaven's sake, Banon! This girl doesn't remember anything!
Banon:	  Hiding from the truth won't change it!
Banon:    Perhaps you've heard this story before? Once, when people were still
          pure and innocent, there was a box they were told never to open. But
	  someone went and opened it anyway, unleashing all the evils of the
          world. Pride...envy...greed...wrath...gluttony... The only thing
	  that remained in the box was a single ray of light: hope.
Terra:	  ...
Banon:	  Your power is a gift, not a curse. No matter what happens, you must
	  remember that. You are this world's last ray of light...our final
Edgar:	  Banon!
Banon:	  I've grown weary with the hour... Allow me to rest for a while.

[Banon leaves, and Locke and Terra converse in another room.]

Locke:	  The Empire stole someone important from me. I've hated it ever since.
	  If no one stands up to the Empire, more people will be left like me.
	  That's why I joined the Returners.
Terra:	  But, there's no one important in my life. I have no family...no
Locke:	  That's not true! And besides, I'm sure there are people who feel 
	  you're important to them. Those people are counting on you, too...

[Terra leaves the room to find Banon.]

Sabin: 	  I don't know what to tell you... But I do know that I trust my 
	  brother completely. He's always thought of my needs before his own,
	  ever since we were little. I think you should trust him, too. But
	  don't tell him I said that! He'll turn as red as a tomato!

Edgar:	  It's not easy asking so much of you... And if we force our ideas on
	  you, we're no different than the Empire. So...we want you to decide
	  for yourself.

	  Banon? He went outside just a moment ago.

Banon: 	  Have you made your decision? Will you become our last ray of hope?
Terra:	  Yes.
Banon:	  Really? You will?
Terra:	  But... I'm scared...
Banon:	  The uncertainty you're feeling is only natural.
Banon:	  Terra... I want you to have this.
Terra:	  What is it?
Banon:	  A charm to help you keep safe. Take it!
Banon:	  I have a plan. Would you please gather everyone together?

[Everyone gathers around the table to hear Banon's plan.]

Banon: 	  Well then... 
Banon:    We all know that the Gesthalian Empire is using its Magitek power to
	  wage war. The question is, where did they get that power?
Edgar:	  I had Locke dig around for information. It seems the Empire has been
	  gathering scholars from around the world to study espers.
Locke:	  Narshe's esper was also the reason for the Imperial assault there.
Terra:	  Are you saying there's some kind of connection between espers and
Banon:	  Espers and Magitek... Only one possible link comes to mind.
Edgar:	  You don't mean...
Banon:    The War of the Magi.
          "That's impossible...!"
Locke:	  My grandma used to tell me bedtime stories about magical machines...
	  ...Those stories were true?
Edgar:	  You're saying we're on the verge of a second War of the Magi?
Banon:	  It's only a guess. The war took place a thousand years ago, and every
	  historian has a different theory. But one theory says that energy 
	  drained from espers was used to power machines...and that ordinary
	  humans were also infused with the same energy.
Terra:	  So that's what Magitek power is...
Edgar:	  If we're going to fight Magitek enemies, we need Magitek weapons of
	  our own.
Banon:	  No! That would bring about another War of the Magi!
Edgar:	  Then what do you propose?
Banon:	  I was wondering if we might able to have a chat with an esper...
Edgar:	  ...With an esper!?
Banon:	  It's risky, but that esper reacted to Terra before... If we could get
	  it to react to her again, we might just be able to wake it up.
Edgar:	  Do you really think that would work?
Banon:	  I can't say for sure, but I believe it's our best shot... Of course,
	  we can't do anything without Terra's help.
Locke:	  Terra...
Terra:	  I'll do it.
Sabin:	  I'm not entirely sure I understand the plan...but what the hey! This
	  sounds like it'll be fun!

[Sound heard from the entrance.]

Banon:	  What was that? That noise just now...?
          Banon, sir...! S-South...Figaro...
Banon:	  What's wrong? What's happened!?
	  Th-the Empire's...t-taken South Figaro... They're headed...this way..
Banon:	  So they've found us... We haven't a moment to lose!
Edgar:	  Locke!
Locke:	  I know... "Someone" has to sneak into South Figaro to slow down the
	  enemy, right?
Edgar:	  This is right up your alley. We're counting on you.
Locke:	  Terra... Wait for me... I won't be gone long. ...And watch out for a
	  certain lecherous young king who shall remain nameless. The guy moves
	  in like a hawk!
Edgar:	  Locke!
Sabin:	  Edgar... Old habits die hard, eh?
Banon:	  What about us?
Edgar:	  We can escape down the Lethe River and make our way to Narshe. I'm 
	  curious about that esper they found in the mines...
Banon:	  Very well. I'll ready the raft by the back entrance. It's risky, but
	  we don't have much of a choice at this point.
Edgar:	  It's not safe here. Come with us to Narshe... It could be a chance 
          for you to gain a better understanding of your abilities.
Banon:	  We've no time to dilly-dally. Let's make for Narshe!

Lete River [008]

	  Here we go! This raft will carry us to Narshe!

[The party whilst rafting down the river runs into an octopus.]

	  Hey, what've we got here?

Ultros:	  Gwee-hee-hee... You're up the creek without a paddle. And I'm not
          gonna let you through! ...Does that make me a bad octopus?
Ultros:	  Oh, that one's a tasty morsel! I'd love to get my tentacles around
	  her... *sluuuuuurup*!
Ultros:	  Muscle-heads? Hate 'em!

Sabin:	  I guess it got the point...?
Edgar:	  I wouldn't bet on it... It's probably just hiding down there.
Terra:	  Ewww!!! Something's stuck to my leg!
Edgar:	  Terra! Get away from there!
Banon:	  We should be all right now.
Sabin:	  Eight-armed freak... I'm gonna smash it with a blitz!
Edgar:	  No! Sabin!!!
Sabin:	  Out of my way, Edgar!

[Sabin jumps into the river after Ultros.]

Edgar:	  Well, he's always been a bit rash...
Terra:	  Sabin...
Banon:	  Oh, he'll be fine!
Edgar:	  Are you sure, Banon? ...Sir?
Banon:	  You're his brother! You should know better than any of us. Any second
	  now he'll flop back up onto the raft, right as rain!

[Sabin shoots up out of the river, but way over the raft.]

Sabin: 	  Waaaaaa!
Banon:	  ... ...
Edgar:	  Think he missed the "onto the raft" part. Ha-ha...
Terra:	  Sabin!!!
Edgar:	  Sabin! You're on your own now!


	  "Edgar and Terra race toward Narshe while protecting Banon... But 
           what of Sabin, who was swept away by the raging waters? And how is
	   Locke faring after having penetrated the Empire's defenses in South
	   Figaro? Is all going according to plan...?"

Locke's Scenario - South Figaro [009]

	  "Locke has worked hard to stymie the efforts of the Imperial troops
	   in South Figaro. But now he desperately needs to escape..."

Locke:	   Dammit! Gotta get to Narshe on the fly...

Merchant:  ...You're that infamous thief, Locke, aren't you?
Locke:	   Oh, now that was just plain rude. I'm a treasure hunter...and don't
	   you forget it!

[Locke steals the Merchant's clothes.]

Locke:	   Here we go! They're a little tight, but the price was right!
Merchant:  Why do I always have to go and open my mouth...

[Locke gains access to the secret passage.]

	   My grandpa used to be a servant for the richest family in town. 	
           You're a merchant, right? Okay, go ahead.

[Locke engages an Imperial soldier, attempting to steal his uniform.]

Locke:	   Here we go! They're a bit too large, but he didn't charge!

[Locke enters into the local pub, looking for cider.]

	   Hey, you! Came to steal my cider, did you? You dirty little thief!

[Locke takes the cider back to the old man.]

	  Ah, cider! *glug, glug*... Hmm? Secret passage? Well, yes, there is a
	  tunnel from here to the mansion on the north end of town... Go 
	  downstairs and tell my grandson the password. It's, uh...umm... I 

[Locke goes downstairs to talk to the grandson.]

	  The password is...
Locke:	  "Courage."
	  I'll show you the secret entrance.

[Locke enters through the entrance and checks into one of the doors below.]

Locke:	  I know I've seen her before... Wait a second... She's one of the 
	  Empire's generals!

Guard:	  This is what happens to traitors!

	  "A Magitek knight forged by the Empire and tempered in battle. None
	   have ever truly known the woman beneath the general's guise..."

Guard:	  So, the mighty Celes has fallen!
Celes:	  Not as far as those who'd use their strength to oppress the weak...
Guard:	  Quiet!
Celes:	  Kefka's planning to poison every last man, woman, and child in the
	  kingdom of Doma.
Guard: 	  Shaddup!
Guard:	  Hmph! Run that mouth of yours while you still can... Your execution's
	  tomorrow. Keep a close eye on her!
Guard:	  Yes, sir! I can stand guard for days without sleep!

[Locke enters into the room after the guard leaves to see a collapsed Celes.]

Locke:    Her hands are bound...
Celes:	  And you are...?
Locke:	  Name's Locke. I'm with the Returners.
Celes:	  You're a Returner!? I'm...or at least I was...General Celes. Now I'm	
	  nothing but a traitor.
Locke:	  Well, let's get going!
Celes:	  ...!? You'd take me with you?
Celes:	  ...No. I can barely walk. I'd never make it out of here.
Celes:    I appreciate it, but... Even if you got me out, you wouldn't be able
	  to protect me. I'm better off waiting here for the executioner. At
	  least that way I'll keep my pride...
Locke:	  I'll protect you!
Locke:	  Trust me! You'll be fine!
Locke:	  Let's go!
Celes:	  Wait. 
Celes:	  This soldier might have something on him that could help us get out
	  of here.

	  Zzz... Zzz...
	  There's a clock key in his pocket...

Soldier:  ...more soup...'n...*mumble*...*mumble*...

[Locke and Celes make their way out of the basement area of the house.]

Celes:	  Why are you helping me?
Locke:	  You remind me a lot of someone...
Locke:	  What's it matter, anyway? I'm helping you because I want to!

Locke's Scenario - South Figaro Cave [010]

[Locke and Celes enter the South Figaro Cave, almost reaching the exit before
 hearing something.]

Locke:	  What is that noise?
Locke:	  What is that?
Celes:	  Something's coming through the wall!

[Locke and Celes enter into a battle.]

Celes:	  Tunnel armor! If that thing hits us with its magic...they'll be 
	  scrubbing two big scorch marks off the wall!
Locke:	  What are we supposed to do!?
Celes:	  Don't worry! I'll draw its magic with my runic blade!
Locke:	  And you'll be okay!?
Celes:	  Just you watch!

[The two defeat the Tunnel Armor.]

Locke:	  Whew! Looks like we're finally in the clear.

[Locke's scenario ends.]

Terra, Edgar, and Banon's Scenario - Lete River [011]

	  "Fleeing the Empire's troops, Banon, Edgar, and Terra ride the rapids
	   toward Narshe. But the going won't be easy..."

[Terra, Edgar, and Banon arrive on land, right outside of Narshe.]

Terra:	  When Locke first rescued me, we came out of the mines right around
	  here. He fiddled with something...
Edgar:	  Yes, he told me. Twist the stone like so, and...

[Terra, Edgar, and Banon enter into the caves and see a mysterious light.]

Edgar:	  This must be the place...
Terra:	  What place?
Edgar:	  There's a room in here they use to test applicants to the city guard.
	  We should be fine as long as we follow the light. If we make a
	  mistake, lights will surround us. Then we'll have to tag the 
          glimmering orange light to proceed.

[Terra, Edgar, and Banon enter into the Old Man's house.]

Arvis: 	  Banon! King Edgar! Oh, and Terra, too!
Banon:	  Arvis! how do things stand here in Narshe?
Arvis:	  Same as always. The town's neutral. I've tried to convince them to
	  side with the Returners, but it's no use. Of course, maybe with you
	  and the king of Figaro here...
Edgar:	  How are the townspeople?
Arvis:	  Everyone's been a little on edge since the esper was discovered.
Banon:	  We believe Terra may be able to help us get answers to our questions
	  about the esper.
Arvis:	  Well, the townspeople are still quite curious about it as well. If we
	  approach them in the right way, there's a good chance they'll agree 
	  to let her see it.
Edgar:	  That esper is either going to save us...or dig us an early grave.

Sabin's Scenario - The Veldt [012]

	 "What dire fate has befallen Sabin, who leapt from the raft after the
	  fight with Ultros...?"

[Sabin enters into a home near the river.]

Sabin:	  You...another traveler? You don't happen to know how I could get to 
	  Narshe, do you? I got separated from my friends.
Shadow:	  The Empire has set up camp just beyond the forest to the east.
Sabin:	  The Empire!? What are they doing here?
Shadow:	  They seem to have their eyes on Doma Castle.
Sabin:	  So Doma's next, huh...? But I need to get to Narshe right away!
Shadow:	  Your only road passes through Doma. I can take you there if you'd
	  like. Just know that I may leave you at any time...
Shadow:	  Death is always just a step behind me...

Sabin's Scenario - Imperial Camp / Doma Castle [013]

	  An Imperial camp... There are an awful lot of soldiers here...

Soldier A:  Hey, did you hear?
Soldier B:  Oh, you mean--
Soldier A:  Shhh! Keep your voice down! If Kefka catches us, we're toast!
Soldier A:  They say Kefka's plotting to drive away General Leo so that he can
	    take over his position as general...
Soldier B:  Don't even joke about something like that. If that freak becomes
	    our general, I'll quit!
Soldier A:  Shhh! What if he hears you? You'll be locked up!
Soldier B:  All right, all right!
Soldier B:  Uh-oh... Here he comes! Quick, back to your post!
Kefka:	    Hey, you! You keeping a sharp lookout? Hmm?
Soldier A:  Yes, sir! Kefka, sir! What a pleasant surprise! How are you today,
Kefka:	    Please, spare me your petty small talk! Just do your job! And don't
	    let me catch you slacking, or I'll make you regret being born!
Soldier B:  Hmph! Like we're gonna listen to you, you pompous little... What's
            wrong with that guy, anyway? It's like General Leo got all the good
	    qualities a man could have, and Kefka got stuck with the rest...
Soldier A:  Shhh! I just told you to keep it down! How many times are you gonna
            make me say it?
Soldier A:  You've gotta be more careful! General Leo may be a decent man, but
	    Kefka...that guy's twisted!
Soldier B:  Tell me about it...
Captain:    You there! We're about to storm the castle. The two of you will
	    join the assault squad. Get moving!

[The scene switches to Doma Castle, right before the Empire begins its assault]

Captain: 	Charge!

Doman Sentry:   It's hopeless! We can't keep them all out!
Doman Sentry:   So, this is it..
	        Wait! The battle is not yet lost!

	   "A noble warrior of a foreign land. A faithful retainer to his lord
	    and master, he fears not even death..."

Cyan:	  If we can but fell their commander, they should break rank and 
Cyan:	  I shall meet him on the field of battle.

[Cyan and the two Sentry's head out to the battle.]

D.Sentry: Sir Cyan! Please, defeat their commander!

Cyan:	  I am Cyan, retainer to the king of Doma. Ready thy axe!

Soldier:  The captain's been defeated! Retreat!

Cyan:	  Withdraw into the castle. We shall wait within its walls, while our
	  enemies grow tired without.

[The scene now switches back to Sabin and Shadow at the Imperial Camp.]

Soldier:  General Leo, sir. The Domans appear to be playing a waiting game.
Leo:      So, they're using their favorite strategy...
Soldier:  General... We're ready to storm the castle as soon as you give the
Leo:	  Patience! If we attack now, there will be too many casualties.
Soldier:  But...General! I'm prepared to lay down my life for the Empire at
	  any time!
Leo:      You're from Maranda, are you not?
Soldier:  Huh? I mean, yes, sir, I am, but...why do you ask, sir?
Leo:	  You would have me go there and deliver the news of your passing to
	  your family? What would I say when I handed them your sword? How
	  could I even look at them? You're a human being before you're a 
	  soldier. Don't be so eager to throw away your life. Emperor Gesthal
	  wouldn't want you to die for nothing.
Soldier:  Yes, sir!

Soldier:  General Leo, sir! A carrier pigeon arrived from Emperor Gesthal!
Leo:      What...? The emperor summons me. I must return at once.
Soldier:  Understood, sir.
Leo:      I'll leave the rest in your hands.
Soldier:  Yes, sir.
Leo: 	  Listen to me... Don't rush things. That's all I ask.
Soldier:  Sir! Leave it to us, sir!
Leo:      I'm counting on you.

	  So that's General Leo... He may be an enemy, but he seems like a 
	  decent man.

Kefka:    Once Leo's gone, I can turn this water into a flowing river of posion!
          Anyone who touches it'll be pushing up daisies! Hee-hee...
Leo:	  I'm afraid the emperor has called me back home. Try not to cause any
	  trouble in my absence.
Kefka:    Hmph! I'll take care of things fast than you ever would!
Leo:	  Nothing dirty, Kefka! They may be our enemies, but they're still
	  human beings. Try not to forget that.
Kefka: 	  We needn't show mercy to those who side with the Returners. ...Which
	  is good, because I never seem to have any of the stuff.

[General Leo leaves.]

Kefka:    Yes, you just go off and be a good little boy...

Kefka:	  Is the poison ready?
Soldier:  But, General Leo said--
Kefka:    Leo's not here anymore. I'm in charge now. Fork it over!
Soldier:  Some of our people are being held prisoner inside the castle! If any
	  of them were to drink the water...
Kefka:    Who cares? They're the ones who were stupid enough to get caught by
	  the enemy!
	  You're inhuman!
Kefka:	  Gah...! Pests at every turn! Guess I'll have to take care of you, too!

[Sabin and Shadow enter into battle with Kefka.]

Kefka:   Yeouch!!!
Sabin:	 Kefka! Wait!
Kefka:   "Wait," he says... Do I look like a waiter?

[Kefka flees from battle.]


Kefka: 	  *gasp*... *pant*... You just don't give up, do you?

[Sabin and Shadow enter into another battle with Kefka.]

Kefka:    Yeouch!!!
Sabin:    Kefka! Wait!
Kefka:    "Wait," he says... Do I look like a waiter?

[Kefka flees from battle again.]

Kefka:    Gah! how long do you expect me to put up with this? Next time I won't
	  hold back!

Kefka: 	  Oh, gripe! This is getting tiresome. Hey, you! Handle the rest!

[Sabin and Shadow enter into battle; Kefka is seen riverside afterward.]

Kefka: 	  Hee-hee... Nothing beats the sweet music of hundreds of voices 
	  screaming in unison! Uwee-hee-hee!

[Kefka pours the poison into the river and the scene switches to Doma Castle.]

D.Sentry: Sir Cyan! There's a great deal of activity in the Imperial camp. I	
          think they may be preparing another assault.
Cyan:     Hmm...? Does the water not look a bit...odd?

[Doman Sentry's beginning collapsing all over the castle.]

D.Sentry: Sir Cyan!
Cyan:     It must be...poison!
D.Sentry: What a low-down, contemptible...!
Cyan:     We must warn the king!

D.Sentry: To the king, with all haste!
Cyan:     Yes! The throne room is just ahead!

[Cyan enters into the throne room.]

Cyan:	  Your Highness!
King:     Who's there...?
Cyan:     Cyan, Your Excellency!
King:     Oh, Cyan... My sight is failing... I cannot see your face...
Cyan:     Excellency! Please, you must be strong!
King:     Cyan... You have defended this realm since the days of my father 
          before me... I thank you...for your service. Urgh... Forgive me...
	  I failed to protect our kingdom...
Cyan:     No, Excellency, the fault lies not with thee!
King:     I fear for your family... Ohhh...my chest burns...with every breath..
Cyan:     Speak not, my lord! Save thy strength!
King:     Go...to your family...*cough*...*gasp*... ...
Cyan:     Excellency!
D.Sentry: Sir Cyan!
Cyan:     There may still be survivors in the castle!
D.Sentry: Let's split up and search...

[Cyan goes searching the castle for remaining survivors.]

Cyan:     Elayne! Don't leave me, Elayne!
Cyan:	  This... This is unpardonable...
Cyan:	  ...!
Cyan:	  Oswain!!!
Cyan: 	  No... No...!
Cyan: 	  This is not possible... This cannot be happening!
Cyan:	  I will not forgive them...! The Empire must pay for this!

[Cyan rushes out of the castle toward the Imperial camp.]

Cyan:	  I am Cyan, retainer to the king of Doma!
Soldier:  Enemy!!! All men, to your positions!
Sabin:	  !!!

Sabin: 	  Let me give you a hand!
Cyan:	  I know not they name or allegiance, but I welcome thy aid!

[Sabin and Cyan enter into battle.]

Cyan:	  Grrr! There will be no mercy for thee!
Sabin:	  These ones next!?
Cyan:	  Grrr! They are tougher than they would appear!

[Sabin and Cyan enter into battle.]

Cyan:	  Who poisoned the river!?
Sabin: 	  Look, I think we're gonna have to do this together!
Cyan:	  The thought occurred to me as well!

[Sabin and Cyan enter into another battle.]

Cyan:	  I am in they debt!
Sabin:    No need for thanks! I'm Sabin, from the kingdom of Figaro. We should
 	  get out of here!
Cyan:	  But I must avenge my family and my countrymen...!
Sabin:	  If we stick around any longer, we'll have an entire regiment down
	  our throats!

Soldier:  There they are! This way!

Sabin:    Hoo, boy...
Sabin:	  I have an idea... Follow me.

Cyan:	  Sir Sabin! What manner of armored beasts might these be?
Sabin:	  I'll explain later! Just climb in!
Cyan:	  Sir Sabin! How does one manipulate these abominations?
Sabin:	  Oh, for...! Thou art getting to be quite a pain in the-- Great, now
	  I'm even starting to talk like you!
Sabin:    Listen! See that lever? The one right by your hand? Push it down.
Cyan:	  Sir Sabin! It appears to be in reverse!
Sabin:    Yeah, yeah... Come on!
Soldier:  Hey! What do you think you're doing!?
Cyan:	  Aaahhh! I cannot stop this monstrosity!!!

[Cyan knocks out multiple soldiers.]

Sabin:    Okay, let's bust our way out of here!

	  Hold it right there!
	  Here they come! Stop them!
	  Do you really think you'd get away?

[Sabin and co. reach the exit of the Imperial camp.]

Sabin:	  Okay, I think we should be safe now! So, how do I get to Narshe from	
Cyan:	  Narshe? I believe the only route passes through the forest to the
	  south, but--
Sabin:	  All right! If we're going into the woods, I guess we won't be needing
	  these hunks of scrap metal anymore. Let's get going!

Sabin's Scenario - Phantom Forest / Train [014]

[Sabin and co. make their way through the Phantom Forest, then arriving at a
 mysterious train.]

Cyan:	  A train!? I thought all of Doma's railways had been destroyed in the
Sabin:	  There could be survivors. Let's take a look inside.

Sabin:	  Hey! Looks like we get can get through here.
Cyan:	  Sir Sabin!
Sabin:	  We can't just wander around out here all day. We have to check 
Cyan:	  Sir Sabin!
Sabin:	  Don't worry, it'll only take a second!
Cyan:	  Sir Sabin!

[Sabin gets onto the train.]

Sabin:	  What in the world...?
Cyan:	  We must leave at once! This is the Phantom Train!
Sabin:	  It's moving!
Cyan:	  We must get off this train at once!
Sabin:	  The door won't open!
Cyan:	  I fear we are too late.
Sabin:	  What did you say this train was?
Cyan:	  This is the Phantom Train... It carries the souls of the departed
   	  to their...final destination.
Sabin:	  ...Wait a second. You're saying this train's giving us a one-way ride
	  to...the afterlife!?
Cyan:	  Unless we find a way off, I am afraid that is exactly where we will	
          end up...
Sabin:	  Well, I'm afraid that's a trip I'm going to have to pass on! If it
 	  won't let us off, then we'll stop it ourselves. Let's make for the

[Sabin and co. head toward the engine at the front of the train.]


[The party enters into battle with a strange ghost.]

	  Whew... What do you suppose that was all about?
	  Who's there!? It came from over here.
	  Gah! They're coming after us...!
	  There are more of them this way!
	  Nowhere to run...
	  Nowhere to hide...
	  No escape for you...

	  Nowhere to run...
	  Nowhere to hide...
	  No escape for you...

	  Nowhere to run...
	  Nowhere to hide...
	  No escape for you...

	  They just don't let up!

[The party runs from the ghosts.]

Cyan: 	  I believe we have reached a dead end, Sir Sabin!
Sabin:	  All right!
Cyan:	  Hast thou an idea?
Sabin:	  Yes... The time has come to put my training to use! Come, Cyan!
Sabin:	  Yahoooo!

[Sabin leaps from the roof of the train onto another car and then another.]

	  Hey... They couldn't still be...?
	  They just don't let up!
	  We'll have to detach the rear cars!

[The party detaches the car with all of the ghosts.]

	  That should be the end of that...

Sabin:	  Food! Food! Bring me everything you've got!
Cyan:	  It this train's food tr-truly safe to eat?
Sabin:	  What are you worried about? Can't wage war on an empty stomach!
Cyan:	  *sigh*... Do what thou wilt, sir. I'm sure there is no stopping 
Sabin:	  Whew! I'm stuffed! Shall we get moving?

[The party enters into the next car and enters a room.]

Voice:	   Hold it right there!
Man:	   I am Siegfried, the greatest swordsman in all the world! And that
	   treasure belongs to me! If I were you, you overmuscled moose, I'd
	   grab Grandpa there and run away while you still can!
Sabin:	   "Greatest windbag" is more like it... You're the one who had best
	   beat a brave retreat.
Siegfried: What!? Brazen words for a man about to be spitted upon my blade like
	   a plump and juicy pig! En garde!

[Sabin and co. enter battle with Siegfried.]

Siegfried: Here I come! You kids had better get ready! Hi-yaaaaaa!!!

	   All bark, no bite...
Siegfried: N-no! It cannot be! But...the last laugh belongs to me!
Siegfried: Uwa-ha-ha! The treasure is mine! Au revoir, my friends!

[The party makes their way to the front of the train.]

	  This is the engineer's compartment. We've gotta fine a way to stop
	  this thing, fast!

	  The train should stop if we throw this switch.

Phantom Train:  So! You're the ones who have been slowing me down!

[The party enters battle with the Phantom Train!]

Phantom Train:  I will let you go... But first there is something I must do...

[The Phantom Train comes to a halt, letting Sabin and co. off.]

Cyan:	  It seems we have arrived.
Sabin:	  Whew! Glad to be off that thing!
Sabin:	  The faster we leave that train behind, the better!

Cyan:	  Is that...!? Elayne! Owain!
Sabin:	  Cyan! Was that your wife and son!?
	  ...The train's leaving!?
Cyan:	  Please, wait!
Cyan:	  Elayne!
Cyan:	  Owain...

	  My love...
	  You made me so happy.	
          Thank you...

	  I'll keep practicing with my sword so I can keep Mom safe!

Shadow:	  Best leave him be.
Cyan:	  ...

Sabin's Scenario - Cave to Baren Falls [015]

Sabin:	  This must be Baren Falls...
Cyan:	  To the south of here lies the Veldt. 'Tis a wild and dangerous land,
	  inhabited by all manner of ferocious beasts...
Sabin:	  But if we turn around and go back, the Empire will be waiting for us.
Cyan:	  Hmm... The village of Mobliz lies on the eastern coast. If we can 
	  make it through the Veldt, we could head there...
Shadow:	  I have served my purpose...
Sabin:	  Shadow!
Sabin:	  Thanks for your help! Let's team up again sometime!

[Sabin and Cyan jump off of the Baren Falls, eventually floating up on the
 shore of the Veldt.]

Sabin's Scenario - The Veldt [016]

	  "A youth draped in monster hides, his eyes shining with a warm and 
	  gentle light..."


Gau:	  Uwaoo~! 
Gau: 	  Oooh... I'm hungry!

[The group gives Gau some Dried Meat.]

Sabin:	  Wh-what the...?
Cyan:	  What a...peculiar child!
Cyan:	  I am Cyan, and this is Sabin.
Gau:	  You Sabin...you Cyan... Me want more food!!!
Sabin:	  Sorry, all gone!
Gau:	  You go...get more for me.
Sabin:	  You're a regular little munchkin, huh?
Gau:	  And you...afraid of me!
Sabin:	  You want some of this?
Gau: 	  Me not want hurt you...
Sabin:	  Stop looking at me like that!

[Sabin and Gau jump around.]

Sabin: 	  *gasp*...*wheeze*... You're pretty tough...for a little guy!
Gau:	  Wah-ha-ha! That fun! You strong!

[Sabin and Gau repeat it, but Gau stops early.]

Gau:	  You fall for it! Fall for trick! 
Sabin:	  Shut up!
Cyan:	  Oh, dear... Do simmer down, sirs! And thou, o wild one... Who might
	  thou be?
Gau:	  Thou?
Gau:	  Thou! Thou!
Gau:	  Thou! Thou!
Gau:	  Thou! Thou!
Gau:	  Thou! Thou!
Gau:	  You angry?
Gau:	  Cyan! You angry...me?
Gau:	  Cyan! You angry...me?
Gau:	  Cyan! You angry...me?

[Sabin drags Gau over to the side.]

Sabin:	  Listen, his family just... *whisper whisper* *whisper whisper* 
Gau:	  Me understand...me sorry. Gau not mean person...
Cyan: 	  Water under the bridge! Let us not dwell on such things. Sir Gau, I
	  have a feeling we will get along quite well. Wilt thou join us?
Gau:	  Oh!!! Gau give you present! Gau give Cyan and Sabin nice present,	
 	  thanks for food!
Sabin:	  Right... What manner of rubbish do you suppose he's gonna give us?
Gau:	  Gau's treasure...shiny, shiny! Shiny, shiny, shiny!!!
Sabin:	  ...Can anything be THAT shiny?
Gau:	  Mr. Thou like shiny thing?
Sabin:	  Mr. Thou's that one -- over THERE!
Sabin:	  A shiny thing, eh? Locke's gonna be jealous when he hears about this!
Gau:	  Who Locke? He bad man? Maybe he try to steal Gau's treasure!
Sabin:	  Locke? Well, he's...
Sabin:	  Listen when someone's talking to you!
Cyan:	  I believe he's trying to tell us something!
Sabin:	  ...*sigh* Fine... Well, what is it?
Gau:	  Here! Here! Shiny thing here!
Gau:	  Where Sabin is, that Mobliz!
Gau:	  Cyan stand place river bring you... Gau stand...Crescent Mountain!
	  Moon-shape mountain! Shiny thing there!
Cyan:	  Well then, shall we be off? We might as well see what's at this
	  Crescent Mountain of his.

[The group begins to heard toward Crescent Mountain, but Sabin lags behind.]

Sabin:	  *sigh*... Why'd we have to invite someone like him along?
Gau:	  Mr. Thou! Hurry up! We leave you behind!
Sabin:	  I told you before... My name is NOT "Mr. Thou"!

Sabin's Scenario - Crescent Mountain Cave [017]

[Sabin, Cyan, and Gau enter Crescent Mountain and Gau looks around.]

Sabin:	  Cyan! That "shiny, shiny" thing of Gau's is in here.
Cyan:	  And where exactly might it be found, Sir Gau?
Gau:	  Gau...forget!
Sabin:	  Shall we look around?
Cyan:	  It seems we have no choice!

Cyan:	  Is this it? The shiny treasure?
Gau:	  Treasure, treasure!
Cyan:	  'Tis nothing but a dirty class bowl...
Sabin:	  Kind of looks like it would fit over your head...
Sabin:	  Hmm...! I wonder if we could use this?
Sabin:	  It might let us breathe underwater.
Sabin:	  All right, let's go!

[The party exits the cave onto a cliff overlooking the river.]

Cyan:	  These rapids look quite...rapid.
Sabin:	  No kidding.
Sabin:	  But it's the only way to make it in time to meet up with the others..
Sabin:	  All right, let's go!

Sabin's Scenario - Nikeah[018]

[The party enters into the pub.]

Dancer:	  Hey, you handsome young thing... Why don't you come have a drink with
	  me? Tee-hee!
Cyan:	  H-how dare you!? Licentious howler! Off...off with thee!
Dancer:	  Oh, don't be a stick in the mud! Let's just have some fun! Hey, do 
          you like these? I call this one Humpty, and this one Dumpty!
Cyan:	  H-humpty!? D-Dumpty!?
Sabin:	  Cyan, you're too easy!
Cyan:	  Th-thou art unaffected by these...charms!?
Sabin:	  One of the benefits of all my years of ascetic training!
Dancer:	  Oh, don't leave me standing here all alone!
Cyan:	  Enough of that! A proper woman should have modesty, and...and decency!
	  Oh, Cyan...!

[Sabin and co. hop aboard a ferry bound for Narshe.]

Cyan:	  Narshe is just a stone's throw away.
Sabin:	  I wonder if the others arrived safely...
Cyan:	  I am sure they did.
Gau:	  Uwao...

Narshe [019]

	  "The three groups have arrived in Narshe, and now a decisive battle
	   is about ot unfold..."

Elder:	  I understand what you're saying. But...you're asking us to spill our
	  blood for you.
Arvis:	  That's not what we asked!
Elder:	  What you ask is the same.
Banon:	  Ha! You're absolutely right.
Arvis:	  Banon!
Banon:	  We're asking you to spill your blood.
Banon:	  Emperor Gesthal is racing to acquire ever greater Magitek power. 
	  That's the reason he wants the esper that was discovered here. If we
	  allow the Empire to continue amassing weapons of Magitek
	  destruction...history's greatest mistake will be repeated.
Elder:	  The War of the Magi...
	  "The legendary conflict that laid waste to the world..."
	  "You're saying it could happen again?"
Elder: 	  I had thought humans to be wiser creatures...

[Sabin arrives in Narshe.]

Sabin:	  Edgar!
Edgar:	  Sabin! You're all right!
Edgar:    Who have you brought along?
Cyan:	  I am Cyan, a warrior of the kingdom of Doma.
Gau:	  Uwao...Gau!
Sabin:	  The Empire killed everyone in Doma, down to the last child...
Cyan:	  Kefka...poisoned them...
Elder:	  Barbaric!
Banon:	  Elder!
Elder:	  But...that was because Doma was collaborating with the Returners. As
	  long as we remain neutral, we have nothing to fear from the Empire.

[Locke arrives in Narshe.]

Locke:	  Think again!
Terra:	  Locke!
Locke:	  The Empire's poised to attack Narshe as we speak!
Edgar: 	  What!?
Banon:	  Locke, where did you manage to get your hands on information like
Locke:	  Celes here was one of the Empire's gener--
Cyan:	  So it is her! I thought she looked familiar. Sir Gau, step aside!
Cyan:	  The infamous General Celes... The woman single-handedly responsible
	  for the decimation of Maranada... Stand and meet thy judgment, 
	  Imperial b--
Locke:	  Wait! Celes has promised to join the Returners! She's fighting on our
	  side now!
Cyan:	  Be that as it may...!
Locke:	  I promised I'd protect her, and I won't give up a woman I've sworn to
Edgar:	  Locke... You still haven't gotten over that, have you...?
Terra:	  I was also an Imperial soldier.
Cyan: 	  WHAT!?
Edgar:	  The Empire is evil, but that doesn't mean that all of its citizens
Sabin:	  I'm going to have to defer to my brother on this one...

	  The Empire is here! We're under attack!!!

[Kefka and many Imperial troops can be seen crossing the desert.]

Kefka:	  I don't care what you have to do, just get me that esper!
Soldier:  Kefka, sir... What about the civilians?
Kefka:    What about them? Kill them all!
Soldier:  But, sir, Narshe is a neutral city...!
Kefka:	  Idiot! Read my lips -- mercy is for wimps! There's a reason "oppose"	
	  rhymes with "dispose"... If they get in your way, kill them! March!

[The scene switches back to the Returners discussing with the Elder.]

Elder:	  It seems the choice has been made for us. Let us make ready for war!
Banon:	  They're here for the esper...
Elder:	  We moved it up into the cliffs above the valley.
Edgar:	  Then that's where we'll make our stand!

[The group can be seen making their way to the cliffs.]

Edgar:	  Locke has a complicated past. Don't go falling for him now, thinking
	  he was protecting you out of love back there.
Celes:	  Thanks for your concern, but I'm a soldier, not some love-starved
Edgar:	  So much for my next suggestion...

Celes:	  Terra... Who'd have thought we'd meet again...like this?
Terra:	  You can use magic, too...can't you? But...it's different from mine.
Celes:	  I was raised to be an Imperial Magitek knight. When I was still very
	  young, I was artifically infused with magic.
Terra:	  ...Is it possible for you to love other people?
Celes:	  ...? Are you mocking me?

Cyan:	  Do not think for even a moment that I trust thee!
Celes:	  Fine. Use your own eyes, and see for yourself which side I'm on.

[The party arrives at the cliff, ready to defend the esper.]

	  Here they come!

Kefka:    Oh...! If it isn't General Celes, the traitor! Excellent! Now I won't
	  have to hunt you down later!

Kefka:	  Go! Get those vile insects!

[The party battles many Imperial troops, then battles Kefka.]

Kefka:	  Grr... Don't think you've won!
Kefka:	  Grr! I won't forget this!

Edgar:	  Where's the esper?
Locke:	  Is it all right?

[The party heads toward the summit where the esper rests.]

Edgar:	  Whew... The esper's safe.
Cyan:	  It also appears to be...alive.
Sabin:	  Is that even possible...?
Locke:	  Terra! What is it!?
Terra:	  No!!!

[The esper's bright light knocks the party off their feet.]

Sabin:	  Terra and the esper...!
Edgar:	  They're reacting to each other!

Terra:	  What...? What is this I'm feeling!?
Terra:	  Hmm? Wh-what's going on...?
Terra:	  Please...tell me! Who am I? Who!?
Locke:	  Terra!
Celes:	  The esper... It's responding to her!
Edgar:	  Terra... Get away from that thing!

[Terra transforms into an esper and flys off. The party is back at the Arvis's

Locke:	  Uhhhn...
Celes:	  Are you awake?
Locke:	  ...Where's Terra!?
Celes:	  She turned into a...something...and flew off. She looked like...
Celes:	  She looked like an esper.
Edgar:	  Locke! Are you okay?
Edgar:	  Something happened to Terra... There must be some sort of connection
	  between her and that esper... We need to find her! Witnesses said she
	  went streaking westward across the sky, beyond Figaro.
Locke:	  We've got to hurry! I promised I'd protect her!
Celes:	  Locke...
Edgar:	  Let's not get ahead of ourselves. The Empire will be back again for
	  that esper.
Sabin:	  And someone needs to protect Banon...
Cyan:	  A former Imperial soldier... But still... We must help her!
Edgar:	  Let's split up. Those who aren't searching for Terra will stay here
	  to guard against further attacks. Figaro Castle can shuttle the
	  others to the western province. It shouldn't be hard to track down
	  clues in Kohlingen or Jidoor as to Terra's whereabouts.

Figaro Castle [020]

Sabin:	  Ah, this is just like old times! I'm gonna wander around for a bit!

sabin:	  Hmm... Castle hasn't changed much...
Sabin:	  And yet it's different... Mom and Dad are gone... Nothing can ever
	  really be the same... Not after what happened...

	  ...worst he's been...
	  ...so....if he should...

	  Y-you're wrong! 
	  ...It's not true!

	  ...The king, he's...


	  ...Dad...couldn't have...

Sabin:	   Edgar... ...*sob*...*sniffle*...
Edgar:	   So... Dad...didn't make it...
Priestess: Edgar! There you are!
Priestess: Your father just said he would entrust Figaro to the two of you. 
	   Those were his final words.
Sabin:	   You all make me sick! Everyone's saying that the Empire had Dad
	   poisoned...and the only thing any of you can think about is who'll
	   be the next king! No one's even sad!
Sabin:	   None of you probably cared when Mom died after we were born, either.
Priestess: That's not--
Sabin:	   You're just as bad as the rest of them!
Edgar:	   Sabin...
Sabin:	   Empire of murderers...! They won't get away with this!
Edgar:	   Priestess... Leave us.

Sabin:	   Let's leave this place! Let's forget this crazy kingdom, and live
	   our lives how we want to!
Sabin:	   You said you didn't want to be a king, right?
Edgar:	   A life of freedom, huh...?
Edgar:	   ...What do you think would happen to Figaro if both of us left? 
	   There'd be no one to take the throne. Dad was counting on us to take
	   care of the kingdom...
Edgar:	   Sabin... Let's settle this with the toss of a coin. Dad gave me this
Edgar:	   If it's heads, you win. Tails, I win. The winner chooses whichever
	   path he wants...no regrets, not hard feelings. Okay?
Edgar:	   Here we go...!

Edgar:	   And...you chose your freedom.
Edgar:	   It's already been ten years... That little shrimp has grown into a
	   whopping lobster!
Sabin:	   And you're a king crab!
Edgar:	   Sabin... Do you think Dad would be proud of me?
Sabin:	   Don't you ever doubt that! I'm sure he's beaming with pride,
	   wherever he is.
Edgar:     Ten years...
Sabin:	   Where has the time gone...?
Edgar: 	   Here's to a couple of confused grownups! Drink!
Edgar:	   Here's to Dad!
Sabin:	   To Mom! And...to Figaro!

Kohlingen [021]

[The party enters into a local pub where they run into a familiar face.]

Shadow:	   We meet again...
Shadow:	   Leave me alone...

[Locke enters into a house with lots of memories, a flashback occurs.]

Locke:	   I... I couldn't protect her...

Rachel:    Locke! What are we off to find today?
Locke:	   It's almost your...
Locke:	   There's supposed to be an amazing treasure hidden somewhere in this
	   mountain. We're gonna find it!
Rachel:	   Locke! Look out!
Locke:	   RACHEL!!!

Locke:	   Rachel! Are you awake?
Rachel:	   ... ...? I... I can't remember anything...

Father:	   Get out of my house! It's your fault Rachel lost her memory!
Locke:	   Wait! Just let me talk to her...!
Rachel:	   Please, just go away! I don't know who you are, but my parents get
	   upset whenever you come here!

	   Rachel would be better off without you hanging around, Locke. She's
	   going to have to make a start of it. With you here, she can't even
	   do that...

[Flashback ends.]

Locke:	   A year went by... When I finally returned, I found out that Rachel
	   had been killed in an Imperial attack. Her memory had returned just
	   before she died. The last thing she said was...my name. I never 
	   should have left her side. I... I failed her...

[The group enters into another house, with a dead Rachel in the basement.]

	   Oh, Locke! It's been a while! Ages even!
	   Oh, that? Worry not, worry not! Your treasure's quite safe! Hee-hee

	   It's a good thing I'd just happened to have finished that herbal
	   concoction back then! Now she'll never age a day!
	   Hee-hee-hee... Had to use my herbs, I did! Couldn't very well refuse
	   with you begging me like that...

[Flashback sequence occurs.]

Locke:	   Rachel...
Locke:	   You're sure the stuff will work?
	   Of course, of course! The love of your life will sleep here just
	   like this forever...and ever...and ever! Hee-hee-hee...
Locke:	   If there were a way to...call her spirit back...
	   A way to call her back, eh? ...You mean like that legendary
	   treasure? Hee-hee-hee... Oh yes, I suppose if you had that...you
	   might be able to bring her around! Gwee-hee-hee-hee!

[Another flashback ends.]

Locke:	   I...failed her...

Celes:	   Locke...

Zozo [022]

	  What brings you here on this fine day? Do you need to get through 
	  here? I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be in your way!
	  I'm not very strong in a fight and I'd hate for there to be any
	  trouble, so why don't I just let you pass?

[The party enters into battle with a strange man.]

Terra:	  Uhrrr... Grrr...
Ramuh:	  She's frightened.
	  Who are you?
Ramuh:	  This girl is you friend, I presume?
	  Terra... Is she all right?
Ramuh:	  So, her name is Terra... ...Terra, you say? Interesting...!

[Terra starts going crazy again.]

Ramuh:	  Her life is in no danger. She simply used a power she didn't know she
	  had, and it overwhelmed her. Now her body won't listen to what she's	
          telling it to do. As for myself, I am Ramuh -- the esper, Ramuh.
	  You're an esper!?
	  Don't espers live in another world?
Ramuh:	  That doesn't mean there's anything stopping us from living in this
	  one. Espers come in a variety of forms. My appearance is similar to
	  your own, so I can live here as one of you without fear of anyone
	  discovering the truth.
	  Why hide the fact that you're an esper?
Ramuh:	  Humans and espers are incompatible creatures.
Locke:	  But my grandma told me that humans and espers once lived side by	
          side... Of course, that was only a bedtime story...
Ramuh:	  No, that was no fairy tale. That was the truth. Humans and espers
	  used to live together in harmony. At least...until the War of the
	  Until the War of the Magi...?
Ramuh:	  It took place long ago... Espers fought humans who had been infused
	  with magical powers extracted from other espers.

[A flashback scene occurs.]

Ramuh:	  After the meaningless war had ended, the espers fashioned a new 
	  realm to which they exiled themselves. They feared that if they 
	  remained it would only be a matter of time before their powers were
	  targeted again. But then one day, about twenty years ago, humans
	  stumbled upon the entrance to that hidden realm... Humans who knew
	  of espers and the secrets of our powers. And thus began the hunt.
	  For Gesthal, the leader of the men, knew that he could use the powers
  	  extracted from us to create an invincible army. As soon as we
	  realized what was happening, we erected a massive gate and forced
	  humans out.

[Flashback scenes end.]

Ramuh:	  Those who were captured are now in the Empire's Magitek Research	
          Facility, being drained of their powers. I narrowly escaped that same
	  fate, and now I am here with you.

[Locke puts Terra back into the bed.]

Ramuh:	  She seems to have calmed down a bit...
Ramuh:	  I called Terra here to me when I sensed that she had lost control.
	  She responded to that call.
	  So Terra's...an esper?
Ramuh:	  No, she's a bit different from us...
	  She looks like she's in pain...
Ramuh:	  She is afraid of what she is, and that is a painful thing.
	  What can we do to help her?
Ramuh:	  Once she understands her true nature, the fear and doubt should 
	  Is there nothing we can do?
Ramuh:	  The others of my kind who are trapped in Gesthal's Magitek Research
	  Facility may be able to help her.
	  And if we can get inside that facility, you're sure we'll find them?
Celes:	  ...The Magitek Research Facility? Your people are in there?
Ramuh:	  I escaped alone, abandoning my friends and hiding here like a coward.
	  But I fear that I can remain here no longer.
	  What do you mean?
Ramuh:	  Gesthal's methods are mistaken. You can't drain an esper's powers by
	  force -- that weakens them. Only when we become magicite can our
	  powers be transferred in full.
	  What are you saying?
Ramuh:	  I am going to turn myself into magicite so that I may lend you my
Ramuh:	  Magicite is an esper's power in its purest form. When an esper dies,
	  magicite is all that is left behind...

[Espers turned into magicite fall from the ceiling.]

Ramuh:	  These are my companions who fell as we fled the Empire... And I will
	  give you my power as well...

[Ramuh turns himself into magicite.]

	   Old man... You're really gone, aren't you...?
	   He turned himself to magicite... He gave up his life to help us...

	   Why would you do such a thing?
Ramuh:	   If our power is used for destruction, the skies will darken and life
	   will fade from the earth... You must stop them. There must not be a
	   second War of the Magi...

	   Terra...wait for us. We'll be back for you!

[The party gets ready to leave, but the others from Narshe have arrived.]

	   Everyone's here? I was just thinking...
Edgar: 	   Let's talk on the way back down!

Edgar:	   So, the Empire's been draining magic from espers...
Sabin:	   Celes, was all of that true?
Celes:	   I was alseep when they performed my infusion, I don't know for sure.
	   But...I've heard rumors to that effect.
Cyan:	   Then I suppose we must find a way to slip into the Empire...
Edgar:	   We'd best split up again. We still need to beef our defenses in 
Cyan:	   That would indeed be wise.
Celes:	   I'll go to the Empire. I know it inside and out.
Sabin:	   But alone...?
Locke:	   Don't worry. I'll go with her.
Celes:	   Locke!
Cyan:	   It may not hurt to have a few more people along.

Locke:	   Wait for us back in Narshe. Don't worry, we'll be fine! If we need
	   to change party members, I guess we'll just head back to Narshe...
Celes:	   So...how are we going to get there? The Empire's on the southern
	   continent... They've closed down all the harbors, so there aren't 
	   even any ships sailing there anymore.
Locke:	   The town of Jidoor is to the south is full of wealthy aristocrats...
	   One of them might know a way in. "Where there's a gil..."
Celes:	   Locke.
Locke:	   Yeah?
Celes:	   Why are you coming with me?
Locke:	   Hmm? Well...there's the rumor about that legendary treasure being
	   there and all... I just wanted to have a look around.

Jidoor [023]

Impresario:  Maria!?
Celes:	     ...M-me?
Impresario:  Sorry, I mistook you for someone else. Wow, you could pass for
	     Maria in a heartbeat! ...Oh dear, we're really in trouble this
	     Celes looks like Maria...?
	     That man must've dropped this...
Maestro:     That man is the director of the troupe that performs at the opera
	     house. Everyone just calls him "Impresario." He's been in a tizzy
	     ever since that letter arrived.

	   "Dearest Maria,
	    I've decided to take you as my wife, so I'll be coming to kidnap
	            The Wandering Gamble"

Locke:	     Who's this "Wandering What's-His-Face"?
Maestro:     Were you born on a farm, son?

	    "A gambling vagabond who finds freedom from society's narrow views
	     of morality aboard his airship, the Blackjack..."

Maestro:     That would be Setzer, owner of the world's only airship!
Celes:	     If we had that airship, we'd have our way into the Empire... 
Locke:	     Let's set up a meeting with this Setzer. 

Opera House [024]

Impresario:  Ah! It's you again!
Locke:	     We read that letter. So, Setzer is coming to snatch Maria away...
Impresario:  He'll probably appear rihgt at the climax of the first act. He
	     loves to make an entrance... *sigh*...
Locke:	     All right! When he shows up, we'll jump out and nab him!
Impresario:  Dear me, no! You'll ruin the performance! I'll lose my job!
Celes:	     But if you don't do anything...!
Impresario:  Oh, this is simply horrible! I want the performance to be a
	     success...but I don't want Maria to be abducted!
Locke:	     Let him grab her.
Locke:	     We'll use a decoy. Once he's got her, we'll follow him right back
	     to his airship. And if all goes well, we should be able to 
	     commandeer it!
Impresario:  Are you mad!? If anything should happen to Maria...
Locke:	     That's why we use the decoy! We can hide Maria someplace safe!
Impresario:  Come again?
Locke:	     You said Celes looks like Maria, right?
Celes:	     Now just a minute...
Locke:	     She can our Maria! We'll let Setzer kidnap her and lead us to his
Impresario:  Brilliant!
Celes:	     H-hold on here! I'm a former general, not some opera floozy!

[Celes rushes into the room just ahead, where singing can be heard.]

	     Mi... Mi...
	     Do, re, mi...
	     Faaa...*hack* *cough*...
Locke:	     That's the spirit!

Ultros:	     Mwa-ha-ha! I gots my own little surprise planned for y'all, just
	     like Setzer! It'll be TONS of fun!

[Ultros throws a letter just behind the group.]

Locke:	     Better get to work! We've gotta make a star out of you, Celes!

Ultros:	     Gaaaah! Isn't anyone gonna read it!?

[The group sits down to watch the beginning of the opera.]

	     The war between the East and the West was growing ever more
	     violent by the day... Draco, a soldier from the West, thinks of
	     his love, Maria, back at home...

	     "O Maria!
	     O Maria!
	     My beloved, do you hear
	     My words whispered in your ear	
             As if I were by your side?"

Locke:	     I'm going to go check on things in the dressing room.
Impresario:  Oh, I hope this works...

[Locke goes to check up on Celes.]

Locke:	     Have you...always been that pretty?
Celes:	     Locke... Why did you stand up for me when you did?
Locke:	     ...Because I'm tired of standing by and doing nothing while I lose
	     the girls I like.
Celes:	     Am I just a replacement...for her?
Locke:	     ...That ribbon looks nice on you.
Celes:	     I have to go on stage soon. This next scene's an important one.
	     Maria starts to worry that something's happened to Draco, and 
	     pours her feelings into song.
Locke:	     Shouldn't you check the score one last time?

	     The Western armies were defeated, and Maria's castle fell into
	     the hands of the East. Forced to wed the Eastern Prince Ralse, 
	     Maria still thinks only Draco as she gazes at the stars each 

	     "O my hero, my beloved,
	      Shall we still be made to part,
	      Though promises of perennial love
	      Yet sing here in my heart?
	      I'm the darkness, 
	      You're the starlight
	      Shining brightly from afar.
	      Through hours of despair,
	      I offer this prayer
	      To you, my evening star.	
              Must my final vows exchanged
	      Be with him and not you?
	      Were you only here
	      To quiet my fear...
	      O speak! Guide me anew."

Draco:	      Come, Maria! Dance with me...
Draco:	      Ha-ha-ha...!

	      "I'm thankful, my beloved, 
	       For your tenderness and grace.
	       I see in your eyes,
	       So gentle and wise,
	       All doubts and fears erased!
	       Though the hours take no notice
	       Of what fate might have in store,
	       Our love, come what may, 
	       Will never age a day.
	       I'll wait forevermore!"

Chancellor:    Prince Ralse is looking for his dance partner. Please, leave the
	       past behind! Our kingdom is part of the East now...

Locke:	       You were wonderful, Celes.

[Locke notices a letter on the ground.]

	       I owe you guys one, so I'm gonna jam up your opera!

Locke:	       Uh-oh... Better tell the impresario!
Impresario:    What!? 

[The opera continues on.]

Soldier:       The Western survivors attack!
Ralse:	       Impossible!


[Draco enters onto the stage.]


	       "Oh, Draco!
	        I knew you would
	        Come for me, my love!"

	       "Insolent rogue! 
		Knave of the Western horde!
	        You would address my queen to be,
	       "Never shall you have Maria's hand!
	        I would die before that day comes!"

	       "Then it's a duel!"

[Scene switches back to Locke and the Impresario.]

Impresario:     But how is he planning to disrupt the opera? ...With that!?

Ultros: 	Mwa-ha-ha! Let's see if Maria can shrug this off!
Ultros:	        N'ghaaa! This is heavier than I thought! It's gonna make me 5
	        minutes to push this thing off!
Locke:	        Looks like we haven't a second to lose!
Impresario:	Talk to the stagehand in the room up on the right! He'll help
	        you get up there!
Locke:	        Leave it to us!

[The group goes to see the stagehand.]

Stagehand:	The impresario sent you? You need to get up to the catwalks?
	        Lower the switch on the far right. Bu don't touch any of the

[The party meets up with Ultros.]

Ultros:	        Huh...? Oh, rats!

[Ultros and the party fall onto the middle of the stage.]

Impresario:	Oh no, this'll never do! With those two flattened, there's no
	        one to win the girl! How can the story possibly continue!?
Locke:	        Neither Draco nor Ralse will win Celes's hand!
Locke:	        It is I, Locke, the world's premier adventurer, who shall take
	        her as my wife!
Impresario:	Oh, dear... What dreadful acting!
Ultros:	        Silence, knave! You stand in the presence of octopus royalty!
	        A lowborn thief like you could never defeat me! I challenge you
	        to a duel!
Impresario:	Hmm... Might as well make the most of this. MUSIC!

[The party enters into battle with Ultros.]

Ultros:	        It's me again! Long time no see! Did ya miss me?
Ultros:	        Here! Over here!
Ultros:	        I ain't no garden-variety octopus!
Ultros:	        Imp! Buddy! Pal!
Ultros:	        Thwarted again! I feel like such a sucker. Well, kids, I hate
	        to ink and run...but I AM an octopus!

[The group defeats Ultros.]

	        Hold it right there!
	        My compliments on a most impressive performance!
Impresario:	Setzer!
Setzer:	        I'm a man of my word, Impresario. I'm taking Maria!
Celes:	        Whaaa--
Impresario:	Unforeseen twists at every turn! Just as we think Maria is to
	        become Locke's new bride, she's dragged off by Setzer instead!
	        What fate lies in store for her now? Be sure to come back and
	        see Part Two!

[Scene switches to Setzer's ship.]

Setzer:	        Don't worry, I'll give you plenty of attention later.

Locke:	        What a performance! You're a great fake actress, Celes.
Celes:	        Enough!
Locke:	        But the real show starts now. It's time for Act Two!
Locke:		Where's Setzer?
Celes:		He should be right back.

Setzer:		Wh-what are you doing here? Y-you're not Maria, are you!?
Celes:		Setzer, we need your help. We need to get to Vector. Your ship
	        is the only--
Setzer:		If you're not Maria, then we have nothing to talk about.
Celes:		Wait! We heard that your ship is the finest vessel in the world
Locke:		And that you were the world's greatest gambler...
Edgar:		I'm the king of Figaro. If you help us, you'll be well
Setzer:		Come with me.
Celes:		Then you'll...?
Setzer:		Don't misunderstand. I still haven't said I'll help you.

[The group goes with Setzer to a different part of the airship.]

Setzer:		Hmm... Business has been awfully slow lately, thanks to the
Celes:		You're not the only one suffering. The Empire has been toppling
		towns and villages left and right...
Locke:		They're abusing their Magitek power and trying to take over
		the world.
Edgar:		My kingdom was allied with the Empire...until recently.
Sabin:		Maybe you want to be a slave to the Empire, but I sure don't.
Setzer:		...Hmm.
Celes:		We're at least together in hating the Empire, right? So,
Setzer:		You know, I think you may be even cuter than Maria.
Celes:		Huh?
setzer:		All right! If you... If Celes becomes my wife, I'll help you.
Locke:		WHAT!? Are you crazy!?
Celes:		...Fine.
Setzer:		Great! It's settled!
Celes:		But I have some conditions... We flip this coin. If it's heads,
		you help us. If it's tails, I'm yours. Well, Mr. Gambler?
Setzer:		Ha! I like it! I accept.
Locke:		Celes... Are you serious...? If you marry that guy...
Celes:		Ready?

[Celes flips the coin into the air.]

Celes:		Heads... I win. Now it's time for you to hold up your end of
		the bargain.
Setzer:		...A valuable trinket indeed. I've never seen a double-headed
		coin before.
Sabin:		That coin...!? Edgar! Don't tell me...!
Celes:		I'm afraid you've been hustled, Mr. Gambler. But that's part of
		the game, now, isn't it?
Setzer:		Ha! How low can you stoop? ...I love it! All right, I'll help
		you. Gambling against the Empire, with nothing to lose but my
		life... I haven't felt so excited in years! My life is a chip
		in your pile! Ante up!

[The group is on top of the airship deck.]

Locke:		I can't believe this clunky old thing can fly... You sure it'll
		stay in the air?
Setzer:		When things fall, they fall... Life's a game of chance. You
		play your cards, and Fate plays hers...
Locke:		They'll spot us in the air from miles away if we try to fly
		this thing into the Empire. We'd better land a safe distance
Setzer:		That sounds like a good idea. I'll stay on board and keep the
		ship ready to take off at a moment's notice.

Vector [025]

	  Shh! I'm a Returner. I've heard all about you.
	  I'll distract the soldiers. Use this box to climb up onto those steel
	  beams and sneak into the research facility.

Man:	  Ohhh...! Musta...hadda...few too many...
Man:	  Urghhh... Gonna toss it all...
Soldier:  Oh, geez...

Magitek Factory [026]

Kefka:	  I'm a god! I'm all-powerful! Uwee-hee-hee... I'll collect more espers
	  I'll extract their magic... And then... ... ... I'll revive the
	  Warring Triad!

Kefka:	  I've already drained all your powers! You're useless to me now!
Kefka:	  You too! Take a hike!

[The group approaches the espers, Shiva and Ifrit, that Kefka threw away.]

Ifrit:	  I sense a kindred spirit...
Shiva:	  Who are you...?
Ifrit:	  You have Ramuh's power...? Wait... We're... espers.

Ifrit:	  Hmm... 
Shiva:    I can see why Ramuh entrusted you with his power...
Ifrit:	  Gesthal has captured many more of us. They're all here, being drained
	  of their powers. I, too, suffered in one of the capsules...
Shiva:	  When they finish draining us of our powers, they dump us down here to
	  die. We haven't much time left... We and Ramuh were siblings, each of
	  us born with a different elemental power. If Ramuh was willing to 
	  give you his strength, then we shall do the same...

[Ifrit and Shiva transform into magicite.]

	  Our friends are also... running out of time...
	  I'm sure they will lend you their strength as well...

[The party arrives at the part of the facility housing the espers.]

Espers:	  You wish to help us... But...we haven't long to live. We will follow
	  Ifrit's example... Our power we entrust to you...
Cid:	  What are you doing over there?
Cid:	  Wh-what are those!?
Cid:	  So...when espers die, they can leave behind the essence of their 
	  powers... The power contained within these stones is far greater
	  than what we could ever hope to extract... Hundreds of times
	  greater... Interesting...
Celes:	  Professor cid.
Cid:	  General Celes! Who are these shady characters? Your underlings?
Celes:	  No... You see, I...
Cid:	  Is it true you worked your way in amongst the rebels as a spy?
Locke:	  ...!? Celes...?

Kefka:	  Oh, I see! Magicite...! Excellent work, Cid!
Kefka:	  General Celes! We needn't keep up the charade any longer. Bring me
	  those magicite crystals!
Locke:	  Celes! You...tricked us!?
Celes:	  Of course not! Please, trust me!
Kefka:	  Hee-hee-hee! The sweet taste of betrayal! Oh, Celes! That's so...you!
Celes:	  Locke... Believe me...
Locke:	  I... ... ...
Kefka:	  NOW!
Kefka:	  Kill them all!

[Magitek Armors come after the party.]

Celes:	  Locke... Let me protect you for once... And maybe... maybe then 
	  you'll believe me.
Kefka:	  Celes! Wh-what are you doing?! Stop!!!

[Celes, Kefka, and the Imperial troops disappear, leaving behind Locke and the

Locke:	  Celes...
Cid:	  *hack, cough*... What happened?
Cid:	  Oh, no! This is bad! That blast reversed the energy flow in the
	  capsules! We need to get out of here!
Cid:	  Quick! Over here!

[The party and Cid take a lift down.]

Cid:	  Oh, what have I done...? There's no excuse for it, no matter how much
	  Kefka may have threatened me...
Cid:	  Draining the life energy from espers just to make people stronger...
Cid:	  You've helped me come to a decision. I'm going to talk to the emperor
	  and make him realize how foolish this whole war is!

Cid:	  Celes... I've known her ever since she was a child. I doted on her as
	  if she were my own daughter. But I also forced her to become a 
	  Magitek knight... If I ever get to see her again, I want to apologize
	  ...for all of my mistakes...
Cid:	  Oh no! It's Kefka!
Cid:	  Go!

[The group escapes from the Magitek Research Facility and makes it back to 

Setzer:	  You were taking too long... I got worried.
Setzer:	  ...Where's Celes?
Locke:	  ...
Setzer:	  We can talk about it later. Let's get out of here!

[Kefka is atop the facility, attempting to stop the group.]

Kefka:	  Crud! What a mess!
Kefka:	  Hee-hee-hee! You're not getting away from me!

[The party regroups back on the deck of Setzer's airship.]

Locke:	  We'd better not overstay our welcome... Let's get outta here fast!
Setzer:	  That probably would've been a good idea... But it seems we're a bit
	  too late. Here they come!
Edgar:	  I don't like the looks of those things!
Sabin:	  Whoa! What're those!?

[The party defeats the mechanical arms.]

Locke:	  I'm worried about Terra. Let's head back to Zozo.
Setzer:	  Terra? Who's that?
Locke:	  I'll explain everything on the way... Terra... The espers... The

Zozo [027]

          Everyone's here...
Locke:	  Terra...
Locke:	  The magicite!
Terra:	  Father...?
Terra:	  I remember now... I was raised in the esper world...

	  The esper world... 

Maduin:   Hey... PUll yourself together...! Wait, is this a...?

[Maduin takes the human woman home.]

	  She's still quite weak... She'll need to rest for a while.

Maduin:	  Did I wake you?
Woman:	  You're...an esper? What's this pendant arond your neck?
Maduin:	  ...I'll give it to you. A charm from the esper world!
Woman:	  The esper world... So, that is where I ended up...
Maduin:	  Everyone is at a loss as to how you, a human, could have made it into
	  our world...
Woman:	  You're the one who saved me, right?
Madeline: My name is Madeline. I was sick of living in the human world. It's
	  nothing but a vortex of greed and hate... So I wandered into the
	  storm, and before I knew it, I was here...
Maduin:	  They say that humans and espers...can't coexist.
Madeline: So...you don't want me here, right?
Maduin:	  No, I'm just...not sure.
Madeline: I'll return to my own world tomorrow.
Maduin:	  All right... Someone can show you the way back.

[The scene changes to Maduin in bed the next day.]

Elder:	  That human already left. I wonder if she'll be all right without a 

Youth:	  What's wrong, Maduin?

[Maduin catches up to Madeline, who's at the world's exit.]

Maduin:	  If you don't want to go back to your world, you're welcome to stay
Madeline: But... Humans and espers can't be together...
Maduin:	  How can we know for sure unless we try for ourselves?

	  How can we know for sure...unless we...try for ourselves...?

Maduin:   I've chosen a name for her...
Madeline: What is it?
Maduin:	  "Terra." It's beautiful, isn't it?

	  Two years later...

	  The nexus between our worlds has opened again! This storm is
	  just like the one two years ago... But this is different from the
	  time Madeline came here... This time, an army has come seeking our
	  magical powers.

	  This is no good! Retreat to the elder's house!

Gesthal:  Aha! I've finally found it. After all that time spent decoding the
	  secrets of those ancient texts... Now it's time to reap the rewards!
Gesthal:  Grab them! Riches go to any man who captures an esper! GO!

[Back at the Elder's home.]

Elder:	  We've no choice... We must do what we've been avoiding...
Maduin:	  You mean...the magic barrier?
Elder:	  I'll create a tempest to sweep all the invaders out of our realm,
	  then I'll seal the gate. Even among espers, the power to create a
	  magical seal is limited to a single bloodline. I am the last of that
Maduin:	  But at your age...
Elder:	  ...I may not survive. And without me, you will never again be able to
	  open the gate. 
Maduin:	  Madeline...
Madeline: The other world holds nothing for me.
Elder:	  Then it's decided. We have no other choice.

[Elder leaves to ready the magical seal.]

Esper:	  This is all becuase of that human woman! 
Maduin:	  Nonsense!
Esper:	  She could have led them here for all we know!
Maduin:	  Enough!
Esper:	  No! She's one of them! It'll only be a matter of time before she 
	  decides she wants our power, too!

[Madeline rushes out of the home and Maduin chases after her.]

Maduin:	  Oh, no...!

Elder:	  Where are you going!?
Maduin:	  Madeline, she...!
Elder:	  Oh, no... But it's already too late! I've begun activating the seal.
	  You won't be able to return!
Maduin:	  I don't care!

Soldier:  W-we're being pushed out!
Gesthal:  Nooo!!! Just when the ultimate treasure was within my grasp!

Madeline: Maduin... I'm not like them...
Maduin:	  I know!
Madeline: ...Thank you.
Maduin:	  Will you come back home with me?
Madeline: Yes, of course...
Maduin:   Madeline!

[Gesthal, Madeline, Maduin, and the baby all sit outside the gate.]

Gesthal:  ...A human woman? Who... Whose child is this?
Madeline: Leave...my daughter...alone...
Gesthal:  Your daughter? Hmm... Then she must be half human and half... How
Gesthal:  Mwa-ha-ha! It looks like my dreams of building an empire may come 
	  true sooner than I'd ever imagined!
Madeline: No...!
Gesthal:  Quiet!
Gesthal:  This world will be mine to rule! Ha-ha-ha...

[The scene switches back to Zozo, with a now normal Terra.]

Terra: 	  Father...?
Terra:	  I'm the daughter of an esper and a human... That's why I have these
	  abilities... But I should be okay now. I can control this power, as
	  long as I only use it in short bursts.
Edgar:	  Gesthal already knew the secret of the espers' power back then...
Locke:	  Those espers in the research facility must've been the ones they
	  grabbed that day. And Celes's power...came at the expense of one of
Sabin:	  The Empire won't get away with this! I'll hit that emperor with a
	  blitz or two...
Terra:	  How are things in Narshe?
Locke:	  Hmm... Maybe we should head back and see.
Setzer:	  The airship's ready to go!
Terra:	  Come on!

[The party is seen on the deck of the airship.]

Setzer:	  Oh! By all means, take a turn at the wheel! Let me teach you have to 
Setzer:	  Got it?
Setzer:	  Would you like me to teach you some special techniques as well?

Narshe [028]

	  We've been waiting for you. Please follow me...

Banon:	  Oh, you're here! The people of Narshe have finally decided to fight
	  the Empire. How did things go in Vector?
Arvis:	  I see... We'd been trying to work out a plan to make use of Narshe's
	  resources and Figaro's machinery, but... We just don't have enough
          troops to storm the Empire.
Banon:	  We have to open the Sealed Gate...
Terra:	  ...The gate to the esper world?
Arvis:	  We'll never beat the Empire without their help.
Banon:	  The Sealed Gate lies to the Empire's east. When we open it, the
	  espers can attack from there while we launch an invasion from the
	  An attack on two fronts...
Banon:	  We must reestablish the bond of trust that once existed between 
	  humans and espers. The espers must be made to understand. And there
	  is only one among us who can make them...
Terra:	  ...

	  (If humans and espers  were truly incompatible... I would never have
	   been born...)

Terra:	  I'll do it. I'm the only one who can!

Banon:	  If we can get the espers to understand, we can put an end to this war
	  once and for all. Terra... I know you can do it...

Elder:    Now we are left with no choice but to take up arms against the
	  Empire. I suppose this was inevitable...

Arvis:	  The Sealed Gate lies far to the Empire's east, but they keep it under
	  tight surveillance. Please, find a way to slip through and open the

Cave to the Sealed Gate [029]

	  That's odd... There aren't any guards...

Terra:	  We shouldn't stand around... Let's go.

[The party gets through the cave to the Sealed Gate.]

	  This is the Sealed Gate...
Locke:	  Beyond there is the esper world...
Edgar:	  From here on out, it's all up to you, Terra...
Sabin:	  We're counting on you, Terra...
Terra:	  ...

[Kefka and a couple of Imperial troops arrive at the gate.]

	  Terra, quickly! The gate!

	  K-Kefka! You followed us here!?
Kefka:	  Uwee-hee-hee!!! Just like the emperor said! "Give them Terra, and
	  they'll open the gate for us!"
Kefka:	  In other words... You've been playing into our hands all along! 
Kefka:	  I have no business with you. I'm here to open the way to my promised
	  You'd better think again, Kefka!
Kefka:	  Oh dear... You want to fight, don't you? This is just dreadful!
	  ...We have to keep Kefka busy until Terra slips through the gate!

Kefka:	  Oh! Th-the door is opening!

[The scene switches to Terra, now in esper form, at the gate.]

Terra:	  Espers... Heed my call...

Kefka:	  It's open! It's open!
Kefka:	  I...I...I've got a bad feeling about this!
	  Something's coming this way!

[Espers come rushing out of the gate, soaring past Kefka and the party.]

Kefka:	  Oh, such frightful energy!
Kefka:	  Gwaaah!!!

Terra:	  ...
	  The gate...!

[Rocks fall in front of the gate, blocking access to it.]

	  ...Where did the espers go?
Terra:	  We'd better head back to the airship.

	  What happened?
	  The espers flew off together...
	  The Imperials ran off, too, as if they were afraid of something...
	  Which way did the espers go?
	  Toward the Imperial capital...

Setzer:	  We're almost to Vector.
	  Huh? What's that...!?

Locke:	  What's wrong, Terra?
Terra:	  I can feel them... They're getting closer...
Locke:	  You can feel what?
Terra:	  There! A flash!
Locke:	  What was that!?
Locke:	  It couldn't be... The espers!?
Locke:	  They're coming this way! Terra, watch out!
Setzer:	  What was that!?
Locke:	  Setzer, get down!
Setzer:	  Esp... Espers!?
Locke:	  Where ae they going?
Terra:	  They were angry...
Locke:	  They were...angry?
Terra:	  No... You mustn't go... Please, don't go!
Setzer:	  More importantly, why are we shaking!? Is it because of the espers?
Edgar:	  Uh...Setzer? I've lost control of the ship!!!

Vector / Imperial Palace [030]

	  The emperor is expecting you. This way, please...

Gesthal:  I've lost my will to fight...
Cid:	  The emperor's had a change of heart...
Cid:	  The espers came to save their friends... When they learned that none
	  of tem were alive, they ravaged the entire city... I'll never forget
   	  their shriekds of rage...
Soldier:  We're hanging up our weapons for good. The war is over.
Gesthal:  The power of those espers...I had no idea. They'll destroy the entire
	  world if we don't do something. We're utterly helpless against them.
	  We must find a way to calm their rage.
Cid:	  Men should never lust after power they lack the means to control...
Gesthal:  Friends! Let us speak more over dinner tonight!
Cid:	  There are still some soldiers who'd prefer to keep fighting. Please,
	  talk to as many as you can before dinner. Make them understand!
Soldier:  You have 4 minutes until dinner. Please talk to as many soldiers as
	  you can.

[The party goes around talking to various soldiers, and runs into Kefka locked
 up in the jail.]

Kefka:	  Gah! How dare they put me in a place like this! ...Hmph!
Kefka:	  I just can't believe it!
Kefka:	  What a bore.

[The group heads back to have dinner with the Emperor.]

	  "That evening, a banquet was held with the emperor..."

Soldier:  This way, please.
Cid:	  I'll sit with the Returners, if that's all right.
Gesthal:  At last, we can all be together, sharing a meal at the same table!
	  Let us make a toast! To what shall we raise our glasses?
Gesthal:  Well then... To our homelands!
Gesthal:  As you may know, I've imprisoned Kefka for his crime of using poison
	  against Doma. What do you think should be done with him?
Gesthal:  I see... Well, let's let him stew in his cell for a while... Then we
	  can decide what to do.
Gesthal:  I am truly sorry about what occurred in Doma. No one ever dreamed 
	  Kefka would use poison.
Gesthal:  I'm terribly sorry about what was done. I promise to punish Kefka 
	  severely and to work to eradicate poisons all over the world.
Gesthal:  By the way... With regard to General Celes...
Gesthal:  Kefka was lying. General Celes realized the lunacy of this war long
	  before I did and went over to your side. Was there anything else you
	  wanted to ask?
	  Why did you start the war?
Gesthal:  It was all the result of my foolish lust for power... I've come to my
	  senses now.
Gesthal:  With your permission, I'd like to move on to discussing the espers...
	  Why do you want peace now?
Gesthal:  Because I now believe that working together is our only hope.
	  Why did we have to talk to your men?
Gesthal:  Some of my men still do not believe we should have ended the war. I
	  felt they might better understand if they could meet you face to face
Gesthal:  With your permission, I'd like to move on to discussing the espers...
Gesthal:  The Empire has been decimated by the espers that emerged from the
	  Sealed Gate. They're just too powerful... If we don't do something,
	  they'll tear the entire world apart!
	  They have gone a bit too far...
Gesthal:  When the espers came through on their rampage, all of my ambitions
    	  faded in an instant. Now I find myself asking why I ever wanted that
	  much power in the first place. Of course, there is no excuse for the
	  atrocities I committed in the name of conquest. By the way...what was
	  that first question you asked me a minute ago?
	  Why did you start the war?

Gesthal:  Right... Anyway, I truly desire peace. I want you to understand that.
Cid:	  You must be getting tired... Why don't we take a short break?

Gesthal:  Is there anything you wish to hear me say?
 	  That your war is truly over.

Gesthal:  All right. I swear right here and now that there will be no more 	
	  fighting. And now, I have a favor to ask...
Gesthal:  After they attacked us, the espers flew off northward, toward
	  Crescent Island. We have no way of knowing when they'll decide to go
	  on another rampage. We need to find them and convince them to set
	  aside their aggression before that happens. But...considering all
	  that the Empire has done to them, I doubt they'll be willing to
	  listen to us. That's why...I need to borrow Terra's power. Terra is
	  the only one who can bridge the gap between human and esper.
Gesthal:  I have a Magitek armor transport ship moored in the port of Albrook..
	  I had hoped to send it to Crescent Island with all haste. Would you
	  please go on board?
Gesthal:  I'll have my top general and some of his troops accompany you as well
	  General Leo!
Leo:	  I'm General Leo. Pleased to make your acquaintance.
Sabin:	  Didn't I see that guy in Doma...? Oh, right...! He was the one with
	  the principles... So...that's General Leo, eh?
Leo:	  I'll be waiting for you in Albrook.
Gesthal:  Please, find the espers and convince them to cease their attacks. 
	  You're our only hope.

[The banquet ends and the party has a discussion.]

Locke:	  If Terra goes, I go.
Terra:	  Locke... Thank you.
Locke:	  The rest of you stay here. I smell a rat...
Edgar:	  As do I... It's hard to trust the emperor just like that...
Cyan:	  We'll remain here and watch out for anything out of the ordinary.
Locke:	  Thanks. You'll be our eyes and ears. Keep your guard up!
Edgar:	  Right. You be careful, too!

  	  I bear a message from the emperor. Due to your decorum at tonight's
	  banquet and your grace in speaking to our soldiers beforehand...the
	  emperor has decided upon the following. 
	  All Imperial troops will be withdrawn from South Figaro immediately.
	  In addition, Imperial forces will be withdrawn from the kingdom of
	  Doma. We will also unlock the armory at the Imperial observation post
	  to the east. You are welcome to any of the weapons and armor within.
	  And this is a personal gift from the emperor... Well then, if you'll
 	  excuse me...

Albrook [031]

Leo:	  Ah, there you are. Another Imperial general and a man I hired back in
	  town will be accompanying us as well.
Leo:	  Let me introduce them... General Celes...and Shadow.
Leo:	  Is something the matter?
Locke:	  No, it's nothing...
Leo:	  We depart tomorrow. In the meantime, I've arranged lodging for you at
	  the inn.
Leo:	  Please, try to get some rest.
Terra:	  Celes...
Celes:	  ...
Locke:	  Celes...

Shadow:	  I'm working for the Empire. But don't worry...they didn't hire me to
	  kill you.

[The group heads back to the inn.]

	  General Leo already made arrangements for your stay here tonight. By
	  all means...

[Locke awakens in the middle of the night and goes outside.]

Locke:	  Celes...
Locke:	  Please... Why won't you talk to me?
Locke:	  I know, I doubted you...if only for a moment. But... We can still be
	  friends, right...?
Locke:	  Celes!

[The next day on the boat.]

Leo:	  All right... Let's go!

Soldier:  The engines are all running smoothly, sir.
Leo:	  We should arrive tomorrow morning. Why don't you rest until then?

Leo:	  Having trouble sleeping?
Leo:	  I hear your emotions have returned...
Terra:	  ...It's strange, isn't it? The Empire used me, controlled my very
	  thoughts...and now here I am, cooperating with the same people.
Leo:	  People are people. Not everyone in the Empire is like Kefka.
Terra:	  So...what about you?
Leo:	  I knew that you were half esper and being made to suffer through
	  horrible experiments... Yet I did nothing. I'm no better than Kefka.
Terra:	  If a human and an esper can love one another... Do you think a human
	  I could love each other?
Leo:	  Of course!
Terra:	  But... I don't even know what it feels like to love someone.
Leo:	  You're still young. ...Someday you'll know. I'm sure of it.
Terra: 	  But... I know to know now...
Terra:	  Who's there...?
Shadow:	  I thought I'd sleep out under the stars.
Terra:	  Did you...hear what we were talking about?
Shadow:   I didn't mean to listen in.
Terra:	  So...
Shadow:	  I can't help you. Those are answers you'll have to find for yourself.
Shadow:	  Terra. 
Shadow:   There are people in this world who have chosen to kill their own
	  emotions. Remember that.

Locke:	  Urgh... Ohhh... Uhhhn...
Locke:	  Oooh.... Ohhhhhh....
Locke:	  Bleeeuuuugh!!!
Locke:	  ...Urgh... ...world's greatest treasure hunter...reduced to this...
Locke:	  Bleeeuuuugh!!!

[The next morning.]

Leo:	  We're almost to Crescent Island. When we make landfall, we'll split
	  into two groups. I'll go with Celes. Terra, you go with Locke and
	  Shadow. If you find any clues as to where the espers may be hiding,
	  report back at once!

Locke:	  Let's go.
Locke:	  Shadow!
Celes:	  Um, Locke...
Celes:	  I, um...
Locke:	  Come on.

Crescent Island / Thamasa [032]

	  What brings you folks to see me?

	  "An elderly gentlemen who has spent his whole life pursuing the 
	   secrets of monsters..."

strago:	  Espers, eh? Hmm... Haven't heard that word in years.
Locke:	  So, you know about espers?
Strago:	  Nope, can't say I do! Don't know a thing. Not one thing!

	  Something's fishy here...

Strago:	  Hey!
Strago:	  What do you think you're doing, young missy?

	  "In her pictures, she captures everything: forests, water, light...
	   the very essence of things she paints..."

Relm:	  Grandpa, who're they? Are they friends? Can they use magic, too?
Strago:	  Sh-shush!
Relm:	  What a cute doggy!
Shadow:   Back off. He bites.
Strago:	  Go back to your room!
Relm:	  Why do I have to go my room? You never let me have any fun!
Strago:   Because I said so! Now shoo!
Relm:	  ...Fine.
Strago:	  Oh, dear... Seems to have taken a liking to your dog...
Relm:	  Hmph!
Strago:   That child...
Strago:   My apologies.
Shadow:	  It's fine. He usually doesn't like other people, though...
Strago:   Anyhow... I'm terribly sorry, but I really don't think I can be of 	
	  any help to you folks.
Locke:	  I, uh... I see...
Strago:	  We're just your ordinary, quiet little village... You're not going to
	  find anyone who knows about any of those espers things here, I'm 
	  afraid! Not in Thamasa!
Locke:	  Hmm... There's something strange about this place...
Terra:	  Let's have a look around the village.
Locke:	  Thanks for your time!
Strago:	  Sorry I couldn't be more helpful!
Shadow:	  Interceptor!
Relm:	  Bye-bye!

[The party heads toward the inn to get some rest.]

Strago:	  You've gotta help! Relm...she's...!
Terra:	  Something happened to Relm?
Strago:	  Yes! She was on fire...and then it caught the neighbor's house on
	  fire...and... Oh, I can't even think straight anymore, but...!
Strago:	  Please! You have to help her!
Locke:	  Shadow!

Shadow:	  Interceptor... Where did you go!?

[Locke and co. head outside to find a building on fire.]

Strago:	  Relm's in there!
Strago:	  Relm!!!
Locke:	  What're you doing?

	  Flames BEGONE!

Mayor:	  Magic is forbidden!
Terra:	  Magic!?
Strago:	  I don't care! Relm's inside!
	  Flames BEGONE!
Mayor:	  All right... We really have no choice.
Mayor:	  Stand back.

[The town unites to try to take out the flame.]

	  Flames BEGONE!
	  Flames BEGONE!
	  Flames BEGONE!

Strago:	  It's no use! The fire's too strong!
Mayor:	  They were storing an awful lot of flame rods in there...
Strago:	  I'm going in!
Terra:	  Wait... I'll go with you.
Locke:	  Count me in, too. I'm not gonna let an old geezer go in there on his
Strago:	  Who are you calling a geezer!? I'm only seventy, and fit as a fiddle!
	  "Geezer," he says...

[Locke, Terra, and Strago enter into the burning building.]

Locke:	  The fire's spreading fast...
Terra:	  Looks like this house could collapse at any second...
Strago:	  We have to hurry and find Relm!

	  Is that what started the blaze!?

Strago:	  Relm! Where are you!?
Strago:	  Relm!!!

	  Oh no! We're too late!

[The group passes out, but Shadow comes along get them out of the burning

Shadow:	  Time to get out of here! I'll use a smoke bomb!

Strago:	  Are you okay?
Relm:	  Yeah. Thanks, Grandpa...
Strago:	  These folks are the ones you should be thanking!
Relm:	  Thank you.
Strago:	  I guess our little secret is out now...
Locke:	  Everyone in this village can use magic, can't they? What is this
Strago:	  This is... ...the village of the magi.
Strago:	  A long, long time ago, humans use magicite to acquire magical
	  powers... Those who gained the ability to use magic were the people
	  known as the magi.
Locke:	  I didn't think there were any magi left in the world...
Strago:	  After the War of the Magi, the espers fled to a new world beyond the
	  Sealed Gate. They wished to live in peace, without fear of their 
	  powers being used by others. That left humans in this world, and the
	  ordinary ones feared the magi's power. The horror of the war was 
	  still fresh in their minds...
Strago:	  It soon turned into an inquistion. Magi were hunted down and
	  executed. Oh, there were trials, of course...but they were merely
	  for show.
Terra:	  Even though the only difference was that they could use magic...
Strago:	  The few who managed to escape took up shelter here. They were our
	  ancestors. Our powers have weakened as our magi blood has thinned,
	  but they remain...in some form or another.
Terra:	  If you're up to it...do you think you'd be willing to help us?
Strago:	  You said you're looking for some espers, right?
Strago:	  Well, I do owe you one for saving Relm... I'll help you find your
Relm:	  I wanna go, too!
Strago:	  I think not, young lady!
Relm:	  Fuddy-duddy...
Locke:	  But...where do we start?
Strago:	  Hmm... If they came this way, they may be hiding in the mountains to
	  the west.
Locke:	  Why there?
Strago:	  Those mountains are teeming with magical energy. According to legend,
	  they're a sacred place to the espers.
Terra:	  Perhaps the magic of that place drew them there after they went
Locke:	  It's worth a look.

Shadow:	  Don't get the wrong idea. I just wanted my dog back.
Locke:	  You're leaving?
Shadow:	  I'll search for the espers my own way.
Shadow:	  Interceptor!

[The party heads into the Crescent Mountain.]

Strago:	  Are these...statues of the Warring Triad!?
Terra:	  The warring Triad?
Locke:	  There are letters chiseled into the back of these things...
Locke:	  So, uh, what's this "Warring Triad"?
Strago:	  They're the legendary gods who created the power we know as magic.
Locke:	  So...they're the gods of magic?
Strago:	  You could say that.
Terra:	  This place is brimming with magic...
Strago:	  Those three gods are the creators of magic...meaning they also
	  created the espers. It's said that the espers once enshrined images
	  of the gods in a holy place. This must be it...
Terra:	  The espers must have been drawn here by the magic of these statues.
Locke:	  So what happened to the gods after they made the espers?
Strago:	  Supposedly, they tired of their fighting and turned themselves to
	  stone. Legend has it they can be found beyond the Sealed Gate,
	  resting in their eternal slumber.
Terra:	  I wonder if their magic is what connects the gate to the esper world?
Locke:	  Hmm...
Terra:	  If the espers were drawn here by these statues, they could be just up
Locke:	  It's worth a look.

Ultros:	  Heh-heh-heh... These shiny golden statues are all mine! Now I'll 
	  finally be able to get some respect from Siegfried!
Ultros:	  Ohhh! They're all glowy and sparkly! So purdy...
Locke:	  Hey squidbrain! Don't you ever learn?
Ultros:	  Well, Mama always said I was a slow learner...but at least I never
          give up!

[The party enters into battle with Ultros.]

Ultros:	  Thought you wouldn't see me again? I've got more lives than I do
Ultros:   I know what you're thinking... "Man, that was cheap!" Sorry, so

Relm:	  Grandpa! I...I followed you here!
Strago:	  Relm! I thought I told you to stay home!
Relm:	  I wanted to practice my drawing. I am a budding virtuoso, after all!
	  Hey there! What's your name?
Ultros:	  How dare you ask me my name! As if anyone wouldn't already know the
	  great Ultros!
Locke:	  A pint-sized virtuoso...and an egotistical octopus. Do I even want to
	  know what's next...?
Relm:	  Hey, Ulty... Why don't you pose so I can draw your picture?
Ultros:	  Ult...Ulty!? The nerve of this brat! Look, I'm not one of your kiddy
	  friends, and I don't want a stinking portrait!
Relm:	  Forget it, then! *sniffle*... *sob*... I didn't want to draw your
	  picture anyway!
Relm:	  It's okay... I'll just jump off this ledge -- then everyone will be
Terra:	  No! Relm, don't jump! 
	  *whisper, whisper*...
Terra:	  How dare you tease a little girl like that! If anything happens to
	  her, I'm not going to forgive you!
Ultros:	  I'm... I mean... I didn't... Well, geez, whaddaya want me to do?
Locke:	  Let her draw your picture. Maybe she'll even make you look good!
Locke:	  I'm not cut out for this sort of thing...
Ultros:	  ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...Oh, all right. Uncle Ulty really,
	  really wants you to draw his picture.
Relm:	  Hee-hee-hee... You're gonna love it!
Strago:	  At any rate, get over here!

Ultros:	  How can this be? I'm just a...washed up old octopus.

[The party defeats Ultros.]

Relm:	  Hey! Did you seem? Wasn't I great? I'd be way more useful than 
Strago:	  G-Gramps!?
Terra:	  It wouldn't hurt to bring her along, would it?
Strago:	  Oh, all right already! Not like you stay at home when you're told,
Relm:	  Yay!

[The group finds the espers.]

Relm:	  Is this...an esper!?
Strago:	  ...What are they doing!?
Terra:	  I had no idea there were this many...
Locke:	  Gramps, take Relm and get out of here!
Yura:	  Wait!
Relm:	  What is it?
Strago:	  I sense...incredible magic power in Terra. No... it's more than just
Locke:	  I wonder if she's gonna go ballistic again!

Yura:	  You're...different from the others. You possess the same power we
	  do... I can feel it.
Terra:	  Yes.
Strago:	  You're all young espers from the world beyond the gate, aren't you?
Yura:	  Entering this world is forbidden, but we wanted to do something for
	  our friends who'd been turned to magicite. We gathered at the gate.
	  And just then, Terra appeared...
Terra:	  I could feel the strength of your emotions from the other side of the
Yura:	  When Terra opened the gate for us, we were finally able to escape. 
	  But the moment we stepped into your world, we completely lost control
	  of our powers.
Yura:	  We destroyed an entire city, and attacked people who had done no
Terra:	  The same thing happened to me... When that power suddenly stirred
	  inside me, I had no control over it...
Strago:	  There must be something in your world that dampens your powers. Freed
	  from their reins, your powers ran wild...
Yura:	  It seems even we espers can lose our senses and do unforgivable 
	  things. ...I'm truly sorry.
Locke:	  The Empire wants to make peace with you. Why don't you come with us?
Yura:	  ...They would forgive us?
Locke: 	  Let's head back to Thamasa and meet with General Leo.
Terra:	  Right!

[They all arrive back in Thamasa.]

Locke:	  General Leo!
Leo:	  Locke! It seems you found the espers. I owe you a debt of gratitude.
Leo:	  I am Leo, a general of the Empire. Might I have your name?
Yura:	  I am Yura.
Yura:	  What we have done to your people is inexcusable. We are in no	
          position to ask for your forgiveness, but...
Leo:	  Speak no further. We did not seek you to chastise you for past 
	  mistakes. It is we who ought to be ashamed. We thought of you only as
   	  a means by which to wage war. How close we came to bringing about a
	  second War of the Magi!
Yura:	  We must put this all behind us.
Locke:	  I think our work is finally done. It looks like true peace is finally
	  upon us.
Celes:	  Let's go back to Vector.
Locke:	  Celes...
Celes:	  Please, don't say anything...
Relm:	  Those two are hot and heavy, huh, Grandpa?
Strago:	  They're young, dear...

[Kefka arrives at Thamasa.]

Kefka:	  Uwee-hee-hee...! How about a little Magitek mayhem?
Leo:	  Kefka! What do you think you're doing!?
Kefka:	  Hee-hee-hee... Emperor's orders! I'm to turn all these espers into
	  magicite. Behold! A magicite mother lode!
Kefka:	  How pathetic!
Kefka:	  This little hamlet is too much "boring" and not enough "burning"...
	  Torch everything!
Leo:	  Kefka! No!
Kefka:	  Shut up!

Leo:	  Kefka! I can no longer stand by while you commit these atrocities!
Kefka:	  Ah, Leo... Always the consummate soldier...
Leo:	  Where are you, Kefka? Show yourself!
Kefka:	  EM-PER-OR GES-THAL... ... I need you here...
Gesthal:  Leo...
Leo:	  My liege!
Gesthal:  I'm sorry I had to deceive you, Leo. It was the only way to get the
	  magicite. You understand, don't you?
Leo:	  But, Emperor...
Gesthal:  Don't say anything. I understand how you feel.
Kefka:	  Uwee-hee-hee... That's right! Our top priority is collecting magicite
Leo:	  But my liege, then... What have I been fighting for...?
Gesthal:  Leo... I'd like you to take a well-earned rest... A very, very long
	  rest! Mwa-ha-ha!
Leo:	  !!!
Kefka:	  What, you thought you actually hit me? That was an illusion -- just
	  like my Gesthal! You really are a slow one. And always, always...
	  ALWAYS such a little goody two-shoes!!!
Leo:	  K-Kefka...! Y-you're insane...
Kefka:	  Hee-hee-hee... I'll tell your "liege" I had to dispose of a traitor!
Kefka:	  Die, die, DIE!!!

[Kefka kills General Leo, then turns his attention toward the espers.]

Kefka:	  Wh-what is this!? I feel tremendous power! Waver after wave of pure,
	  magical energy...!

	  Hang on! We're coming to help!
	  Hurry! Faster!

[Espers from the Sealed Gate bust through the blockade and make their way for

Kefka:	  Oh, you all showed up for my party! I wasn't expecting you guys!
	  ...Gals? ...Whatever! But I'm so happy to see you! After all, you've
	  brought me more presents! And they're all just what I wanted --
Kefka:	  Well, I wouldn't want to turn you down after you came all this way!
Kefka:	  First, let's neutralize those pesky powers of yours...
Kefka:	  Now, little espers... let's see those presents!

[Kefka begins to zap the espers one by one, turning them into magicite.]

Kefka:	  Eh? You wanna take me on? Fine. Here I am!
Kefka:	  Thinking you could defeat ME? How rich! Mwa-ha-ha!
Kefka:	  Come to me, my magicite pretty... Come, and help me build the Magitek
	  Empire of Kefka!
Kefka:	  Uwee-hee-hee! Oooh! It's warm to the touch! What a lovely treasure!
Kefka:	  What a joke! I didn't know you espers were such wimps! This isn't
          even fun... Time to wrap things up!
Kefka:	  Hee-hee-hee! This should be plenty of magicite... Now all I need to
	  do is claim that final treasure beyond your precious Sealed Gate!
Kefka:	  I just can't believe it!

[Kefka leaves and the party recovers, now at the burial site of General Leo.]

Terra:	  General Leo...
Terra:	  People only seem to want power, don't they? Do they really want to be
	  like me?
Terra:	  I... I wanted you to teach me so much more...

	  ...Interceptor! That's a nasty wound!
Locke:	  Not only Leo, but Shadow, too... Curse the Empire!
Locke:	  That'll have to do for now, buddy.
Celes:	  You're so sweet...
Relm:	  Don't worry, your friend Relm will take care of you!
Locke:	  Now I'm worried about Edgar and the others back in the Empire...
Terra:	  I hope they're all right...

[Setzer's airship can be seen flying toward Thamasa.]

Setzer:	  We've been had! The emperor is a liar!  It was all a trap.
Cyan:	  Thanks to King Edgar, we managed to escape bfeore the trap was
Locke:	  Good work, Edgar!
Edgar:	  The lady who brought us tea tipped me of to the whole crooked plot...
	  I'd barely finished exchanging pleasantries with her when she just
	  blurted it out!
Sabin:	  ..."Pleasantries"?
Edgar:	  Did you think I could be so rude as to meet a lady and not make any
	  moves at all? It was a matter of courtesy, dear brother! Courtesy!
Locke:	  General Leo's dead... Kefka...murdered him.
Cyan:	  Sir Leo? Dead!? What a terrible waste... He was one of the few people
	  in the Empire who truly understood.
Edgar:	  We need to rethink our plans. Let's return to the airship.
Strago:	  Would you mind if I accompanied you?
Edgar:	  And you would be...?
Locke:	  He's from this village.
Terra:	  He's a descendant of the magi. He'll be useful to have along.
Strago:	  The Empire has abused its power for the last time. We cannot allow
	  them to get away with this.
Relm:	  I wanna go, too!
Strago:	  I think not, young lady!
Sabin:	  We can't have kids getting in our way!
Relm:	  Who do you think you are, trying to tell me what to do, you overfed
Sabin:	  Kid's got quite a lip!
Relm:	  Grr...! I'm gonna paint your picture!

          N-no, Relm! stop!

Strago:	  Oh, all right already! Not like you stay at home when you're told, 
Relm:	  Yay!
Sabin:	  All right, let's go!
Relm:	  What's wrong, lover-boy?
Edgar:	  ...How old are you?
Relm:	  Ten... Why?
Relm:	  Weirdo. I'm going on ahead, okay?
Edgar:	  Not even a lady yet... Here's hoping you're still arond in eight
	  years, kid.

[The party now on deck of the airship.]

Setzer:	  The Imperials were heading for the Sealed Gate. Said they'd found
	  some statues or something...
Strago:	  It couldn't be...!

[Scene switches to the Sealed Gate with Kefka and Gesthal.]

Gesthal:  Oh, those half-witted espers! To think they would open the gate for
	  us themselves! The Warring Triad is waiting just beyond that door...
	  I need only to reach out and claim it for my own, and all of my
	  dreams will be fulfilled!
Gesthal:  Hurry it up!

[Scene switches back to the airship.]

Celes:	  What's wrong, Terra?
Terra:	  The island... Something's happening! The earth is crying out...

[A scene of a continent splitting up from the ground is shown, now there with
 Kefka and Gesthal.]

Gesthal:  Mwa-ha-ha! So this is the power of the Warring Triad! With this and
	  my magicite...the world will be mine to command!  

Strago:	  The source of all magic... The Warring Triad...
Terra:	  Those things?
Strago:	  They're said to have turned themselves to stone facing one another.
	  That way, each one's power would be neutralized by those of the other
	  two. If the three were ever moved out of their perfect alignment...
	  ...the resulting power imbalance would destroy the world as we know
Terra: 	  What!?

Floating Continent [033]

	  Uh-oh! It's the Imperial air force! They've got us surrounded! We're
          going to have to engage them!

	  There's something strange up ahead! It's coming this way!

Ultros:	  No, really! This is our last battle! Honest!

Ultros:	  Looks like I lose again! But today I brought along a buddy of mine!
	  Mr. Typhon! Come on down!
Typhon:	  Fungahhh!!!
Ultros:	  He's not so great with words, but his strength'll blow you away!	
Ultros:	  I'd try not to make him mad... He gets hungry when he's irritated.

[The party gets blown off the Blackjack.]

	  Just ahead are Kefka, Gesthal...and the Warring Triad!

Shadow:	  Filthy, double-crossing Empire... Tried to off me th second I had
	  served my purpose...
	  Shadow! We thought you were dead!

Shadow:	  Is Interceptor all right?

	  He's fine. Come on, let's go!

Shadow:	  Just leave me here.

	  Sorry, that's not happening!

Ultima:   My name is Ultima... I am power both ancient and unrivaled...
	  I do not bleed, for I am but strength given form... Feeble creatures
	  of flesh... Your time is nigh!

Shadow:	  I have no right to fight at your side...not after I sold myself to
 	  the Empire.

[The party meets up with Kefka and Gesthal.]

Gesthal:  Well, well...look who's here.
Gesthal:  Ha-ha... So you all came to die together, then... Well, you're just
	  in time! Behold! The Warring Triad!
Gesthal:  Ohhh! What power...! I've got goose bumps!
Celes:	  Emperor Gesthal! Please, stop this madness!
Gesthal:  Celes, child... You alone are special. Why don't I give you and Kefka
	  the task of creating progeny to populate my new Magitek empire?
Kefka:	  Kill the others and we'll forgive your treachery!
Kefka:	  Take this sword! Kill them all!
Gesthal:  Celes... Together we will rule the world!
Celes:	  Power only breeds war... It's something we'd all be better wihout.

[Celes takes the sword and stabs Kefka with it.]

Kefka:	  Ouch! B-blood... Blood! Blood!!! You vicious brat! Argh... Grrr...!
	  You know, you really are a stupid... Vicious... Arrogant, whiny,
	  pampered, backstabbing, worthless... LITTLE BRAT!!!
Kefka:	  Gods, you were born to fight! Now is the time! I implore you...show
	  me your power!
Kefka:	  Let me in here! Grrr...!
Kefka:	  Now listen to me! No more playing games! I command you... Show me
	  your power!
Gesthal:  Kefka, stop! If you revive them, they'll destroy the very world we
	  want to rule! There's no value in that!
Kefka:	  Shut up!
Gesthal:  Kefka! Are you mad!?
Kefka:	  Mad...? Emperor Gesthal, what are you saying? This is the perfect
	  chance to show them the power of the Warring Triad!
Gesthal:  Oh, Kefka... You poor, hopeless thing! I'm afraid you leave me no
Gesthal:  No hard feelings, now... I'm just going to use this power you've 
	  unleashed to put you to sleep...
Gesthal:  What's so funny!?
Gesthal:  Very well... I suppose it's only fitting that you go out laughing.


Gesthal:  ...What's going on!? Why isn't my magic working!?


Gesthal:  K-Kefka! H-how...!?
Gesthal:  How are you doing this!?
Kefka:	  "How?" you ask? By standing in the center of the Warring Triad, of
	  course! They absorb all the magic sent their way. ...Or hadn't you
Gesthal:  ...!
Kefka:	  Triad! Your first victim has stepped forward! Show this useless old
	  man your true power!
Gesthal:  No! Kefka! Stop playing around!
Kefka:	  I said, SHOW HIM YOUR POWER!
Kefka:	  In...credible...
Kefka:	  Can't you do any better than that!? You're way off! Where're you
Kefka:	  More to the right!
Kefka:	  Run! Run! Or you'll be well done!
Kefka:	  Bull's-eye!

Kefka:	  Oh dear... Well, I guess I was a bit hasty in calling you a useless
	  old man before... NOW you're useless!

Gesthal:  The world is about to learn...the meaning of...fear...

Celes:	  No! Kefka!
Celes:	  Kefka...you mustn't! If you disturb the balance... their power will
	  run wild...!

Kefka:	  Who's that!?

[Shadow comes leap into the platform, moving the statues back into balance.]

Kefka:	  Oof!

Shadow:	  Go!
Shadow:	  Forget about me! Run! There's no stopping this now! I'll find my way
	  back! Trust me!
Kefka:	  You can't escape me!

	  Shadow... Come on! We have to get out of here!

	  Mwa-ha-ha...! You think I'm going to let you escape?

Shadow:	  I'd never be able to rest in peace if I died without collecting my

[The party jumps back onto the deck of the Blackjack.]

	  There's no way to stop their magic?

Setzer:	  Hang on!

World of Ruin

	  On that day the world was changed forever...

Solitary Island [034]

Cid:	  Oh, Celes...!
Cid:	  Oh, Celes...!
Cid:	  You're finally awake!
Celes:	  How...how long have I been sleeping?
Cid:	  One year, as of today. I was starting to think you might be out for
Celes:	  A whole year... You've been taking care of me all this time?
Cid:	  Yes... And I must say, I'm a bit knackered...
Cid:	  We're on a tiny, deserted island. After the world was torn apart, I
	  awoke to find us here.
Celes:	  After the world was torn apart...? So, that wasn't just a dream...
Celes:	  What about everyone else? ...Where's Locke?
Cid:	  I don't know. For all I know, this island could be the only part of
	  the world that's still above water.
Cid:	  Ever since that day, the world's been sliding deeper and deeper into
	  ruin. Plants wither, and animals waste away. The other people who
 	  were here with us all gave up hope... One after the next, they flung
	  themselves from the northern cliffs in despair...
Celes:	  So...everyone could already be...
Cid:	  Celes... Try not to take it so hard. We can still live out our lives
	  together in peace! You're the closest thing to family I have left in
	  this world...
Celes:	  Yes... I suppose you're right, Cid... Or should I say Granddad?
	  Is that all right if I call you that?
Cid:	  Granddad, eh? Heh-heh... You're going to make an old man blush! All
	  of a sudden I have a granddaughter! *hack*... *cough*...
Celes:	  Hee-hee! Granddad...
Cid:	  Ha-ha-ha...*hack*! *cough*!
Celes:	  You must be hungry, Granddad...
Cid:	  I...actually haven't had anything to eat since I fell ill three days
Celes:	  What would you like?
Cid:	  Well, unless I ask for fish, I won't get anything! That's all there
	  is here.
Celes:	  I'll go catch some.

Cid:	  No matter what happens to me...you mustn't lose hope! *cough*...
Cid:	  *cough*... *hack*... Celes...while I can still talk, I...*cough*...
	  want to...*wheeze*...thank you...*gasp*!


Celes:	  Granddad... You have to eat, or... Wh-what's the matter? Granddad...
Celes:	  Cid...
Celes:	  No! ...No!!! You promised you'd stay here with me!
Celes:	  Granddad, answer me! Tell me you're just joking!

[Celes rushes off, crying, to the Northern Cliff.]

Cid:	  The other people who were here with us all gave up hope... One after
	  the next they flung themselves from the northern cliffs in despair...

Celes:	  Everyone's gone... Even Locke... There's nothing left for me in this

[Celes throws herself off the cliff, attempting to commit suicide.]

Celes:	  Uhhhn... Were you watching over me? Why would you wnat to help 
	  someone like me? I've already given up hope...
Celes:	  This bandana... It couldn't be...!
Celes:	  Hey, little bird... Where'd you come from? Is the person who wrapped
	  your wound still alive? Please, tell me...!
Celes:	  He's alive... Locke's alive!

[Celes goes back to the house where Cid rests.]

	   You must leave this island. Somewhere out there, your friends are
	   waiting for you. Go down the stairs by the stove. The road to your
	   freedom awaits...
				Love, Granddad

[Celes grabs the raft downstairs and gets ready to set off.]

Celes:	  I'll make you proud of me, Granddad...

Tzen [035]

Celes:	  Sabin!
Sabin:	  Oh...! Celes!
Celes:	  Let me help you!
Sabin:	  Wait!
Sabin:	  If I move, the whole house'll collapse. First...save the kid who's
	  inside. I don't think I can hold this up much longer... You've gotta
	  hurry! ...Urgh!

	  "I'm scared!"
	  Don't worry, you're safe now!

Sabin:	  Took you long enough!

Celes:	  Sabin! You're alive!
Sabin:	  Of course I am! Did you think a little thing like the end of the 
	  world was gonna do me in?
Celes:	  I'd given up hope... I thought everyone else had died... But...I was
	  wrong! I'm sure we're not the only ones! We need to find everyone!
	  And then...
Sabin:	  ...smash Kefka, and deliver peace unto the world! All right, count
	  me in!

Nikeah [036]

	  Hey, aren't you...? You were with the Returners, right? Me, too! I
	  thought everyone else was wiped out! I don't know if there's anything
	  I can do for you now, but I did hear something that you might be
	  interested to know... Apparently, four espers escaped from that 
	  Magitek Research Facility not long before you guys snuck in there.
	  There's no way of knowing if they're still alive, but if you could
	  find them, I bet they would lend you their power!

Gerad:	  What's your problem?
Celes:	  Aren't you... Edgar?

Celes:	  Edgar?
Gerad:	  I have no idea what you're talking about... I'll take this, too, kid!

Gerad:	  Look, I'm kind of busy here. I have to get ready. We're leaving for 
	  Figaro on the ferry soon.
Celes:	  Don't play dumb with me! Edgar? ...You didn't lose your memory, did
Gerad:	  Listen... It grieves me to have to disappoint such a beautiful lady,
	  but I've been Gerad since the day I was born!
Celes:	  I've never met anyone else who'd flirt with a "lady" he was trying to
	  shake off his tail...
Gerad:	  Being polite to ladies is common courtesy the whole world over!

Gerad:	  You know the way into Figaro Castle quite well then, correct?
Henchmen: Ho-ho-ho, do we ever!
Gerad:	  Then lead the way. I'll take charge once we're in.

South Figaro [037]

Gerad:	  ...Just wait. I'm on my way to help... ...You followed me here?
Celes:	  You are Edgar, aren't you?
	  Boss, everything's ready. Let's go!
Gerad:	  Case of mistaken identity, my dear. Give it up!

South Figaro Cave [038]

Siegfried:  It's dangerous beyond here. I'll go ahead and clear out all the 
	    nasty, vile monsters. You just wait here, okay?

Gerad:	    All right, what now?
Henchmen:   Here, boy...! Here's some yummy food for a good little turtle! How
	    'bout that, eh?
Gerad: 	    Nice.
Henchmen:   Used to have me a pet turtle...

Figaro Castle [039]

Gerad:	    Are you still with us? Just hold on a bit longer, okay?

Gerad:	    So, this is the problem... Got its tentacles tangled up in the
Henchmen:   Boss! What should we do? Our treasure's in teh storeroom back
Gerad:	    I'll keep this thing busy! You guys go get the treasure!
Henchmen:   But...boss! That's awfully dangerous!
Gerad:	    Just get moving!
Celes:	    Edgar!
Edgar:	    What are you standing around for, Celes!? Give me a hand!
Celes:	    Edgar! It is you!

[The party enters battle with the tentacle monster.]

Celes:	    Acting like you didn't know me...
Edgar:	    I'd heard Figaro had run into some kind of trouble. I wanted to
	    help, but how was I supposed to get here with the castle stuck in
	    the sand? Then I caught wind of the rumor that those guys had
	    escape the dungeon... 
Celes:	    So you used them...
Edgar:	    Bingo. And obviously, I couldn't let them find out I was the king
	    of Figaro...
Celes:	    ...Because they'd just escaped from your own jail.
Sabin:	    You could've told us.
Edgar:	    Uh-oh... We'd better hide!

	    Boss! ...? Boss?
	    That monster must've gotten him...
	    Poor boss...didn't even last as long as the last boss... Oh well...
	    Let's go.

	    You don't care if they take that treasure...?
Edgar:	    I couldn't care less about treasure. What we need is to worry about
	    Kefka. Those guys haven't done anything wrong...not really.
Celes:	    So...you'll come along?
Sabin:	    Let's go shake things up again!

	    Oh...the engine's working again! Next stop, the surface!

Kohlingen [040]

Celes:	  Setzer!
Setzer:	  So, you survived...
Celes:	  Come with us! We're going after Kefka.
Setzer:	  Hmph... I just don't have the drive to do that kind of stuff anymore.
Celes:	  What are you talking about!?
Setzer:	  I'm a gambler... My world has always been one where a man's spirit
	  could soar free... Not anymore. I feel like the weight of the world
	  is crushing me. It's just too much to bear... And on top of that,
	  I've even lost my wings...
Celes:	  You fought with all your heart before the world was ruined! That
	  couldn't have been easy either, bu you seemed to bear that just fine!
Setzer:	  That was then... All my dreams are gone now.
Celes:	  If you need a dream to chase after, then why don't you find yourself
	  a new one? Like taking back our world.
Setzer:	  Heh-heh... You know...maybe you're right. ...You'd chase after it 
	  with me then? My new dream?
Setzer:	  Thanks... ...I think it's time to pay a visit to Darill's tomb.
Setzer:	  ... She's waiting for us... ...with a new pair of wings!

Darill's Tomb [041]

Celes:	  This is your friend's grave?
Setzer:	  Yeah... She was really something. The world could've turned inside 
	  out and she'd never have even flinched.
Setzer:	  Could be anything lurking down here, so keep your eyes peeled!


Setzer:	  Being here brings back all kinds of memories...

Darill:	  This next test flight could be dangerous...
Setzer:	  What are you trying to prove by pushing your ship to its limits? It's

Setzer:	  Watch your step.

Darill:	  If the worst should happen, take care of the Falcon for me!
Setzer:	  You can't be serious! When I take the Falcon from you, it'll be
	  because I left you a mile behind in a race! Until then, I'm not 
	  letting you out of my sight!
Darill:   Ha! Good luck with that!

[Flashback sequence occurs.]

Setzer:	  Ah, there's really nothing like flying!
Darill:	  How long you plan on hanging back there? Aren't you gonna try to pass
Darill:	  Or are you too entranced by my lovely behind...?

Setzer:	  Incredible.
Darill:	  All right, it's time to get serious. I'm gonna break the records!
	  I'll fly past the clouds and see the stars closer than anyone ever 
	  has before!
Setzer:	  Be back by sunset! I'll be waiting for you on our hill!

	  It was a year later when I found the wreck of the Falcon in a distant

[Flashback sequence ends.]

Setzer:	  I restored the ship, and then put it to rest down here.
Edgar:	  So, this is the Falcon?
Setzer:	  ...I can't very well be the world's fastest pilot if I can't even
 	  fly. I need your help...Falcon!
Edgar:	  With this, I think we just might have a chance...
Celes:	  Now we'll be able to get up to the top of Kefka's tower!
Edgar:	  If we land up there, we should be able to get inside to launch our
Setzer:	  And we'll be able to look for the rest of our friends...
Edgar:	  Right. First things first. I'm finally starting to feel like we have
	  some hope!
Celes:	  That bird... Could it be...?
Celes:	  Setzer! Follow that pigeon!
Setzer:	  ...Why?
Celes:	  I'm not sure... But...something tells me it'll lead us to our

Maranda [041]

Lola:	  Look at all these flowers! My boyfriend in Mobliz sent them to me!
	  Look closely -- they're all handmade! Real flowers won't bloom
	  anymore, so he made these from silk! And he just sent me this letter!

	  But...wasn't Mobliz destroyed by Kefka? Someone else must have
 	  written that letter...

	  My beloved Lola,
	  Art thou well? We have rebuilt as much of the village as we could
	  hope to... I believe I should be able to return to thy side before
	  too long...

	  This handwriting... It looks a lot like Cyan's. ...But where is he
	  mailing them from?

Lola:	  Could you please attach this reply to the carrier pigeon outside?
Lola:	  Thank you.

Zozo / Mt. Zozo [042]

	  If you climb to the top of the building with the pub sign, you'll 
	  find a path leading to Mt. Zozo. The monsters up there are quick!
	  If you go, you'd better have a way of making sure you'll be able to
	  hit 'em. Like one of those, you know...sniper whatchamacallits! 
          This Rust-Rid will let you open that door up there. 
          Yours for 1000 gil! How about it?

[The party arrives at the summit of Mt. Zozo.]

	  Dear, Lola
	   	I am writing to beg your forgiveness. I am guilty of
	        perpetuating a terrible lie. I have only now realized the error
		ways, and taken up this quill in hopes of correctcing a great
	        wrong. Your boyfriend, who you believed to be in Mobliz, passed
	        away some time ago. I have been writing to you in his stead.
	        We have a tendency to become trapped in the past and refuse to
	        move on. I implore you not to let this happen. Now is a time	
   		for you to look forward, and rediscover love and all other joys
	        of life...

	   Memories of the world before the fall remain... But the light
	   of dawn doth never change, nor e'er the hearts of men...

Cyan:	   !!! Thou art...alive!?
Cyan:	   I shall go with thee! We must not abandon the world to Kefka! But...
	   however did thou find me? W-wait! T-tell me thou did not read my 
	   my letters...!

Cyan:	   These are... They're...umm...sort of a...minor diversion of mine...
	   Cyan... These flowers are gorgeous!
Cyan:	   Oh...! Must thou embarrass me so!?
Cyan:	   ...Dost though truly think so?
Cyan:	   I wondered what had become of that poor girl, always waiting for 
	   word of her beloved. I decided to pay a visit to Maranda. I learned
	   that she had long since stopped receiving replies, but still sent a
	   letter each day. I could not bear to stand by and do nothing...
Cyan:	   As I wrote to that girl, I began to realize that I was no different
	   from her... I was refusing to move on. I could not let go... I will	
   	   no longer live in the past. We must all look to the future now. I
	   encountered Sir Gau in Maranda. He said he "get strong, smash
	   Kefka!" I believe that means he intends to hone his skills in order
	   to challenge the lord of the tower. Knowing Sir Gau, he was probably
	   headed for the Veldt.

	   Wh-what are these? "Machinery for Dunces," "A Pictoral Guide to 
	   Machines," "Everything About Machines," "Machines for the
	   Mechanically Disinclined"...and..."Bushido in the Bedroom"?

The Veldt [043]

Gau:	  Uwaoo~!
Gau:	  Uwaoo, aooh! I'm Gau! Gau your friend! Gau you friend! Frieeend!!!
	  I join you again!

Cave on the Veldt / Thamasa / Coliseum [044]

[The party enters into the cave and Interceptor comes toward them.]

	  Are you trying to tell me to follow you?

	  These wounds are awful...

[The party enters into a battle with a monster.]

	  Something's coming from behind!

	  We can't do anything for wounds like these here... Let's fly back to
	  Thamasa on the double.

[The party arrives in Thamasa.]

	  Must be having a nightmare...

[Shadow's nightmare is shown.]

	  You came to try and stop me... I'm sorry, but I can turn back, boy...
	  Stay here with my daughter... You both deserve to live in peace...

[Shadow's nightmare ends.]

	  All we can do now is wait... Rest will help.
	  Hey, how are you feeling?
Shadow:	  It's only a scratch. I've had worse. And I've got this guy watching
	  over me.

	  What are you doing here?
Shadow:	  The only thing I know how to do... I'm fighting.
	  Why don't you come with us?
Shadow:	  Perhaps I should...
Shadow:	  All right! It's time to put my skills to the ultimate test!

Mobliz [045]

	  Aaahhh! Someone's coming!

	  You're gonna have to fight your way in here! We can fight, too,
	  you know!

	  Mama! Are these people your friends?
Terra:	  I'm so glad to see you're safe! I wanted to see you again!
	  Terra, come with us! There's no saving this world unless we defeat
	  Kefka once and for all...
Terra:	  I know... But...

Terra:	  I...I can't fight anymore.
Terra:	  The very day the world collapsed, Kefka turned his Light of Judgment
	  on this village. The adults...these kids' parents... They all died 
	  trying to protect their children...

	  "It's aimed right at us!"
	  "Protect the kids!"

Terra:	  This is a village of children now... They clung to me from the moment
	  I arrived... They needed me...

Duane:	  You can't take Terra from us!
Katarin:  Duane... Please, forgive him. It's just...if we lose Terra, we lose 
	  the only thing that's holding this village together.
Terra: 	  I don't know why these kids need me... And it's not like there's 
	  anything forcing me to protect them. It's the strangest feeling... 
	  But once that feeling took root inside of me, I lost the strength	
 	  to keep on fighting.
Terra:	  I feel like I'm on the verge of understanding something important.	
   	  It's hard to describe... But the harder I look for the answer, the
	  more I lose my strength to fight.
Katarin:  Terra is the glue that holds this village together. With her here,
	  we're somehow able to keep going.

	  Help!!! Humbaba's coming!

Terra:	  Humbaba...the ancient monster released from the depths of the earth
	  by the cataclysm... I have to protect the village!

	  Terra! Wake up! Uh-oh... Here it comes!

Terra:	  I guess I really don't have the strength to fight anymore...
	  Mama! Are you okay!?
Terra:	  I'm staying here. I wouldn't be any help to you now. And...the
	  children need me.
	  But, Terra...
Terra:	  Maybe after a little more time has passed... I need to understand 
	  what's happening to me.

	  Thanks for scaring Humbaba away! This fell off the chain around his
	  neck. Here, you can have it!

[The party returns sometime later.]

Duane:	  I...don't know what to do. Katarin's pregnant...

Terra:	  You're back!
Terra:	  Katarin's going to be having a baby.
Katarin:  I'm so happy that I'm going to have a child... But when I told Duane,'
	  he turned cold all of a sudden...
Duane:	  Katarin... ... I'm sorry. I just didn't know how to handle all of
	  this... I acted like an idiot. But everything's okay now! So,
	  please...come back home with me.

	  Aaahhh! Humbaba's headed this way!

Terra:	  Please! Protect this village! I...don't have the strength to fight...

[The party enters into a battle with Humbaba.]


[Terra joins the group in the battle and defeats Humbaba.]

	  "It's another monster!"
	  "It's scary..."
	  "I'm afraid..."

	  Mama... It's you, isn't it? I can tell...

	  "Huh? Mama?"	

Terra:	  I...I'll fight!
Terra:	  I think...I finally understand. The feeling that's been growing
	  inside me... It must be... ..."Love"! I have to fight...to protect
	  the people I love, and to make the world a safe place for new lives!
Terra:	  Duane... Keep Katarin and your baby safe! Children, Mama has to go
	  away for a while to make the world a safer place for you to live! But
	  I promise I'll be back as soon as I can!

	  "Mama... I'm not gonna cry!"
	  "Me either!"
	  "I'll be good, so come back soon!"
	  "Don't forget, you promised!"

Terra:	  Thank you... You all helped me understand what it means...to love.
	  I'll fight! I'll make this world a place where life can flourish, 
	  and children can grow up in peace!

Phoenix Cave [046]

	  All right. We're going in!

Locke:	  You're all safe! Behold... The legendary treasure that can undo death
	  Is that... magicite?

Locke:	  It is. Legend has it that the Phoenix turned itself to stone ages
	  ago... It seems the story was true. But now it's filled with cracks. 	
   	  I don't know if it still has the strength to perform miracles...
Locke:	  Rachel... I failed her. I broke my promise and lost the only thing
	  that was real to me... So until I do I said I'd do... Until I restore
	  my honor... ...I'm nothing but a no-good liar.
	  So, you're headed to Kohlingen...?

Kohlingen [047]

		The village of Kohlingen...

Old Man:  If only it didn't have all those nasty cracks... Don't think it's 
	  gonna be calling back any wayward spirits like that! Nope, nuh-uh!
	  Too bad, really... Too bad...
Old Man:  Gaaah! The magicite sh-sh-shattered!

Rachel:	  Locke...
Locke:	  Rachel!
Rachel:	  Locke... Oh, how I've wanted to see you... to talk to you...!
Locke:	  Rachel...
Rachel:	  The Phoenix used the last of its power to give me some time... But
	  I must leave again soon... Before my time is gone... There's
	  something I must tell you... Something I never had a chance to say...
Locke:	  ...
Rachel:	  Locke... ... You made me so happy... In my last moments, my memory
	  returned... I drifted off thinking of you, and I was truly, truly
	  happy. So let me now say the words I never had the chance to say...
	  Locke... Thank you.
Locke:	  Rachel!
Rachel:	  I have to go now... But thank you so much for all the happiness
	  you've given me... Please, let go of the chains that bind your
	  heart... I release you... Give your love to the one who now dwells
	  within you heart... Love her...as you loved me... Phoenix... Be 
	  reborn! And give your power to Locke!
Locke:	  Rachel!

Celes:	  Locke...
Locke:	  I'm all right. Rachel put my heart at ease... From here on out, 
	  everything'll be okay. Let's go! We've got a job to do!

Celes:	  What is it?
Locke:	  Those are all the treasures from the Phoenix Cave!
Locke:	  All right, let's get going! I think we've kept Kefka waiting long

Narshe [048]

Pickpocket:  Eh? Haven't we met someplace before...? Meh, whatever... Nothing
	     left in this town anyway, 'cept for that one lousy moogle... 
	     Doors are all locked, and you'd have to be some kind treasure
	     hunter to get 'em open...

	  Kupo!!! Don't scare me like that, kupo!
	  You can talk!?

	  "A moogle who speaks the words of men, and can summon the earth's
	   power through his dance..."

Mog:	  An old dude named Ramuh taught me your language, kupo! He kept
	  showing up in my dreams and telling me to help you, kupo! So... I'm	
	  gonna help you, kupo!
Mog:	  I bet the yeti'll come along, too! He'll be a big help, kupo! He can
	  be a little...wild...though, kupo. He should be here in the mines
	  somewhere! He'll help us if I order him to! Let's look for him...

[The group faces the esper at the summit of the mountain.]

Esper:	  So, humans broke my seal of ice... Humans who possess magicite... 
	  Just who are you...? I suppose that's of little consequence. But
	  what of this devastation that fills the air? Could the War of the
	  Magi have lasted a thousand years? That foolish, unending war...
	  Hmm...? You would seek to put an end to it...? Then I shall put my
	  trust in you...

	  There's an opening in the cliff.

	  What's this carving? Looks like bone... Is that thing stuck in the
	  eye socket... magicite!?

[The party enters a battle with a Yeti.]

Mog:	  I'm your boss, kupo! You're gonna join us, kupo!

	  "A yeti with a love for bone carvings. Stronger than a gigas... but
	   a bit unruly."

Umaro:	  Ooo...me Umaro... Yes, boss... Me join you!
Mog:	  Umaro! No slouching, now, kupo!
Umaro:	  Oooh... Me wait, big flying ship!

Jidoor / Owzer's Mansion [049]

Owzer:	  P-please... Help the painting...
	  ...The painting!?
Owzer:	  There's... There's a monster possessing my prized goddess painting...
	  ...A monster!?
Owzer:	  Yes... It hides in the painting. It won't show itself...
Relm:	  Eek!
Owzer:	  Relm! You mustn't attack the picture of the goddess! It'll only make
	  matters worse!
Chadarnook:	Gwa-ha-ha-ha... Try to get between me and my prize, will
	 	you...? This painting's the best I've had in a long time... No
	   	one's denying me this treat!

[The group enters into a battle with the painting.]

Chadarnook:	Back off! The girl in this picture is mine! I won't give her up
	    	without a fight!
Chadarnook:	I...I'm... This can't be..

Relm:	  Hey! You can relax now! That monster's not gonna be possessing any
	  more paintings!
Owzer:	  Oh, thank you... That picture's worth more than my own life!
Relm:	  ...Really?

	  So...what was a monster doing in that painting...?

Owzer:	  I guess I should start at the beginning. I'd been looking at this
	  lovely stone I'd bought at the auction house... All of a sudden, I
	  was overcome with desire for a painting of Lakshmi. I had a few 
	  different artists try to paint it for me, but none of them really
	  gave me what I was looking for. It was right around that time that I
	  heard about little Relm. I brought her straight here and set her to
	  work. But then that thing came along and possessed her painting...
	  It must've been lured here by that stone.

	  Where's the stone now?

Owzer:	  Oh, the stone? It's over in that bookcase.

	  This is magicite...

Owzer:	  Whatever it is, I sure don't need it anymore. If you want it, you can
	  have it!
Relm:	  I have to go now. But don't you worry! I'll be back to finish this
Owzer:	  I'll be waiting for you...

Cultists' Tower [050]

Relm:	  Come on now, you stubborn old bag of bones! Snap out of it!
Strago:	  Relm! Relm, is it really you, dear? You're alive!?
Relm:	  Grandpa, you idiot! What were you thinking?
Strago:	  Oh, Relm... I was sure you were...
Relm:	  Did you really think I was gonna check out before you, you old
	  geezebag!? Ha-ha-ha...
Strago:	  Oh, you're as foul-mouthed as ever, bless your heart!
Relm:	  Come on, Grandpa! You're coming along with the rest of us!
Strago:	  Whoa! Well, I'll be...! All right... Guess I can't be leaving
	  everything up to you whippersnappers!

Triangle Island / Zone Eater's Belly [051]

	  "A man shrouded in strange clothing. ...Or perhaps a woman? Perhaps
	   not even human at all..."

Gogo:	  I am Gogo, master of mimicry. It has been a long, long time since
	  anyone visited me here...
Gogo:	  I have been idle for too many years... Perhaps I ought to mimic you.
	  Tell me, what are you doing here?
Gogo:	  I see... So, you seek to save the world? Then I guess that means I
	  shall save the world as well. Lead on! I will copy your every move.

Kefka's Tower

	  All right. We're going in!

Edgar:	  It's time we took the battle to Kefka's doorstep!
Setzer:	  What's wrong?
Celes:	  ...
Celes:	  The gods of the Warring Triad control the magic of the esper world...
	  If we destroy them...
Edgar:	  ...You're worried about what might happen?
Celes:	  I'm not sure, but...
Celes:	  ...espers and magic might vanish from the world entirely.
Edgar:	  And if that happens...
Celes:	  ...what'll happen to Terra?

[The party jumps from the Falcon to Kefka's Tower.]

	  The Warring Triad awaits...

[The group finally meets Kefka.]

Kefka:	  Welcome, friends! I knew you'd come, so I've been practicing my 
Party:	  How much do you have to destroy before you'll have had your fill, 
Kefka:	  I've acquired the ultimate power! Observe...
Kefka:	  Such magnificent power! You're all nothing more than fleas compared 
          to me now!
Kefka:	  Embrace your destruction... It is the fate of all things.
Party:	  To be destroyed? Maybe it is! But people can always rebuild, and new
	  lives will always be born!
Kefka:	  And time will destroy all of those as well. Why do people insist on
	  creating things that will inevitably be destroyed? Why do people 
          cling to life, knowing that they must someday die? ...Knowing that
          none of it will have meant anything once they do?
Terra:	  Because it's not the end that matters! It's knowing that you have
	  something to live for right now, at this moment! Something you've
	  worked for... something that's worth protecting! As long as you have
	  that...that's enough!
Kefka:	  And did you all find your "somethings" in this broken world that just
	  won't die?
Party:	  Yes!
Terra:	  Love!
Locke:	  A person worth protecting.
Cyan: 	  A life and child who live on within me.
Shadow:	  Friends...and family.
Edgar:	  A peaceful kingdom.
Sabin:	  A loving brother who always looks out for me! Gah-ha-ha-ha!
Celes:	  Someone willing to accept me for who I am.
Strago:	  An adorable little granddaughter.
Relm:	  An obnoxious grandpa...who I couldn't live without!
Setzer:	  Wings from a dear old friend!
Mog:	  New pals, kupo!
Kefka:	  Bleh! You people make me sick! You sound like lines from a self-help
Kefka:	  If that's how it's going to be... I'll snuff them all out! Every last
	  one of your sickening, happy little reasons for living!
Party:	  No, Kefka, stop!

[Kefka uses the Light of Judgment across the world.]

Kefka: 	  I wield the greatest power in existence! You may as well be the dirt
	  on the bottom of my boots! Or the dirt stuck to the bottom of that
Party:	  You can't destroy everything! People will always have dreams!
Kefka:	  No! I'll destroy the entire world! There won't be anything left to
	  dream about!
Party:	  We won't let you hurt any more people!
Kefka:	  Hee-hee-hee! But what fun is destruction if no "precious" lives are
Party:	  It ends here, Kefka!

[The party enters into a final battle with Kefka!]

Kefka: 	  Life... Dreams... Hope... Where do they come from? And where do they
	  go...? Such meaningless things... I'll destroy them all!

Kefka:	  The end draws near...

[Kefka has been defeated, and the tower begins collapsing.]

Party:	  The tower's collapsing!
Party:	  There's no time to lose!
Party:	  Come on! The airship's just up ahead!

Celes:	  Come on, everybody! We can make it if we work together!
Celes:	  Terra! What's wrong?

Party:	  The magicite... Magic is disappearing...

Edgar:	  If espers are fading from the world now...
Celes:	  What'll happen to Terra...?
Terra:	  Come with me. I can use the last of my power to guide you out.

[The ending sequence begins, showing the party escaping from the collapsing 


Edgar:	  Cyan! Could you hit that switch?
Cyan:	  I, umm... Mechanical devices are...not my strong point.
Cyan:	  ...I do believe I am getting better, though!


Setzer:	  Wait! 
Setzer:   ...Whenever you think you're right, you're wrong. And that's a big
Setzer:	  That was what you always used to say, wasn't it, Darill?


Sabin:	  It's not like I wanted to dump all that responsibility on you. I knew
	  you'd look out for the kingdom. I wanted to be able to look out for
	  you. That's why I went off to become stronger.


Mog:	  Help me!!! Kupo!
Mog:	  The hair!!! Watch the hair! I'm not a stuffed animel, kupo!


Celes:	  It won't open!
Umaro:	  Ughaaa!
Umaro:	  Ughaaa!


Celes:	  Both buttons have to be pressed at the same time, in exactly the same
Setzer:	  Gogo! Mimic Celes!


Gau:	  Shortcut! Take shortcut!
Gau: 	  Shortcut! Take shortcut!


	  Come on! This place is breaking apart!
Celes:	  Locke!
Locke:	  I won't let go...I promise!
Locke:	  Are you crazy!? You almost got yourself killed -- for that!?


Terra:	  Father...?
Maduin:	  Terra...we must part now. We espers will disappear from this world.
	  You may fade away as well...
Maduin:	  But, perhaps if the human part of you feels something strong enough,
	  then maybe...just maybe you will be able to remain here as a human.


Relm:	  Grandpa, you can't give up yet!
Strago:	  Sorry, dear...
Relm:	  Any more whining out of you, and I'll paint your picture!
Strago:	  Oh, no! Anything but that!
Relm:	  ...But, you know, someday I really would like to paint your portrait.
	  On a canvas, I mean!
Strago:	  Oh, Relm... Look what you've done! You've made me go all misty-eyed,
	  and now I can't see where we're going!


Shadow:	  Go on, Interceptor! Get going!
Shadow:	  Take care of yourself, boy...
Shadow:	  Baram... It looks like I can finally stop running... Come and find me
	  all right?


Strago:	  Come on, Strago! You can't let yourself be shown up by a bunch of
Strago:	  Gotcha!


[The party has escaped and made it aboard the Falcon.]

Terra:	  Follow me!
Edgar:	  The last piece of magicite!
Celes:	  Terra! You've done enough! Your power's getting weaker...
Celes:	  Terra isn't going to be able to hold on much longer!

[Terra's power fades, and she begins to fall from the sky...]

	  Don't give up, Katarin... I won't either...

[The Falcon manages to swoop down in time to save Terra from certain death.]

	  Not yet...

Celes:	  Not...yet?
Celes:	  Terra!?
Celes:    Terra!
Terra:	  Thank you, Setzer...
Setzer:	  I told you, didn't I? She's the fastest ship in the world!



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  game. Bravo, guys, bravo.

- Karpah for something of an inspiration on the layout of the guide. Your 
  method from the old FFVI Game Script proved to be the most efficient for this

- Thanks to Raytan for reminding me about the bit on Terra's magic in the 

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