• Defeating Intangir with the Confuse-Smoke Bomb glitch.

    In the Gameboy Advance version of Final Fantasy 6, the Vanish-doom trick used to kill Intangir in the SNES and Playstation 1 will no longer work. However you can still kill Intangir, first go to Triangle Island and walk around until you encounter Intangir, once you're in the battle, cast the Confuse spell on the character you will use, then wait until your character gets hit with the Confuse spell, while the Confuse spell is cast, quickly go to the item menu and select the Smoke Bomb item. Due to a glitch in the game, Your character will be confused and will use the smoke bomb item on Intangir which will kill Intangir but, it will counter attack with Meteor. Use this trick to quickly earn 10 AP magic points for your characters magic spells early on in the World of Balance.

    Contributed By: CrosswalkX.

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  • Item Duplication

    At the end of the game, it is possible to duplication equipment en masse. Note that you must have this duplicated equipment on Terra. During the tiered, sequence battle at the end of the game, end each battle such that only Terra is alive. When the final battle starts, you'll find that there are two Terras in the fight. The equipment of this second Terra can be removed without affecting that of the first, although you must also unequip the first. (You only need to do the unequipping before the end: you can do this just before the battle's end if you know the final boss's HP and then estimate when he is near-dead and unequip then.)

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

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  • Level Resetting

    This glitch can be used to reset a character's level in a given save file: however, note I say only "level". Only the character's level will reset, and all their other stats and anything about them - other than Level and EXP. - will be unaffected. This in turn makes it very possible to maximize a character's stats without intense optimization of Esper stat growth as you only need to continue leveling up. This is because leveling up is only based upon stat increments rather than pre-set statistics.

    To begin this glitch, you must save and then quicksave your game. Return to the title screen and start a New Game and continue along it for a while. This length of time must be as long as it takes to recruit the character whose level you wish to reset on the originally-saved file, and you cannot save during this entire interval: thus, it is most practical to do this with early characters, such as Terra and Locke. Once the desired character joins the party, you now need to earn a Game Over. This will send you to the last time you saved (that is, the initial save), with the joined characters at the level they were at in the New Game file. However, only their level will be overwritten, making it possible to continue upgrading their level and further increasing their stats from the original stats pre-glitch.

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

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  • Mantra Abuse

    To be able to use this glitch, Sabin must know the Blitz Mantra. You should have Sabin input the command sequence for Mantra and then, as soon as possible, have someone else Confuse him, preferably an ally for the sake of keeping the situation controlled. When Sabin does use his Blitz, it would, under most circumstances, be intended to heal the foe rather than the party because he is Confused; however, due to poor coding, it will actually deal damage to the foes: most importantly, if there is only one foe, for example, then 65,535 damage will be dealt (though it is shown as 9999). Otherwise, the damage calculation is as normal: Sabin's HP divided by the number of foes minus one, although the "one foe" instance causes a division by zero which forces maximum damage.

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

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  • Psycho Cyan Advance

    The famous glitch from the SNES version, revisited. This time, there's a new method to trigger it.

    Step 1: In battle, kill Cyan.
    Step 2: Revive Cyan.
    Step 3: Have Cyan use his Level 2 Bushido, "Sky," previously known as "Retort."
    Step 4: Cast "Imp" on Cyan.
    Step 5: Watch in awe as Cyan loses his mind and proceeds to attack continuously, uninterrupted, until every enemy is dead.

    This glitch is the result of two smaller bugs involving "Imp" Status and being revived in combat; one that makes Cyan counter with physical attacks, rather than the "Sky" move, and another that makes Cyan counter any move performed by any character, not just a physical attack from the enemy to Cyan. As you can see, activating this glitch is done differently from the original SNES version of the game, but it results in the same thing: Cyan countering his own counterattack over and over again, until the battle is won.

    Contributed By: Lucid Faia.

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  • Save/Use Tents Virtually Anywhere in Multi-Team Dungeons

    This neat little trick from FF3US for the SNES still works, and with the addition of the new post-game hidden dungeon, it's even more useful!

    Have one of your teams in a multi-team dungeon move onto a Save Point. Next, switch over to one of your other teams. As long as you remain stationary with this second team, you can Save your game, or even better, use a Sleeping Bag or Tent for quick and easy healing!

    Should your party move out of place or if you want to save/use a tent again later on, simply switch back to the team on the save point, switch back to the party you wish to save with/heal, remain on one space, then do as you will.

    Contributed By: 2D_Anubis.

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  • Skip Kaiser Dragon (and Other Events)

    This glitch will allow you to skip the obscenely-difficult battle against the Kaiser Dragon and in turn get the Diabolos Magicite it guards without battling. It would be prudent to save before this. You also should have the Sprint Shoes equipped and Auto-Dash in the Config menu on. First stand in front of the Kaiser Dragon. Then open the menu and quickly tap the D-Pad northward so as to attempt to get past him: if done correctly, you'll move into the Kaiser Dragon, and then can finish going through him to the Magicite.

    This glitch also is abusable in a number of instances: this is merely the most functional of them. Note, however, that you must beat Kaiser to be able to reach the Soul Shrine or battle the Omega Weapon. You can use this glitch to go through walls and bypass tiles that trigger event battles to skip them.

    Contributed By: SexTaco and KeyBlade999.

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  • Dragon's Den

    Defeat the 8 Dragons in the World of Ruin. This dungeon is located at North-West of the world map

    Contributed By: sephirosuy.

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  • Soul Shrine

    Clear the Dragon's Den and beat the game. This secret dungeon is located on one of the small islands at North of Mobliz.

    Contributed By: sephirosuy.

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  • Unlockables

    Perform the stated task in order to unlock a new option, which will then be available in the main menu, under "Extra".

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    BestiarySave the game once.
    Music PlayerComplete the game.

    Contributed By: Mykas0.

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