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  1. After the credits, it shows the party looking down at the world, and it looks like places like the Lethe River, Mt. Kolts, and the Phantom Forest, three areas that were most likely destroyed when Kefka destroyed the world, seem to show up again. Could someone explain why they reappear?

    User Info: MBS923

    MBS923 - 8 years ago

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  1. Probably not.

    When Kefka broke the Warring Triad's Balance, the world "was changed forever". It's unlikely that a world that had been under relentless decay and getting blasted by Kefka for a whole year could reform itself in a matter of minutes or hours, and even if it could, it would never be the same again.
    They just got those areas from the past and threw them in, as a sign that life and balance were being restored to the world.

    User Info: Dark_Einherjar

    Dark_Einherjar - 8 years ago 3   0

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