Best place to level up?

  1. What is the best place for a lvl 20 party to lvl up? all my guy's are lvl 20 except for Terra. she is 17 =/
    So where should i train? i got the airship for my use.
    I only wanna know the best places for me to lvl up.
    Thanks in advance! ^^

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    XDraks - 10 years ago
  2. Wow thanks! ^^

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    XDraks - 9 years ago

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  1. If you're in the world of balance then probably around Vector or Maranda. If you're in the World of Ruin I have an even easier way of leveling up, obtaining Magic Points AND getting gil/GP.

    First step: You're going to need an Exp/Experience Egg (also called Growth Egg), Vanish OR Phantom Esper, & one character (If you're trying to bring up a lower level character then bringing 2 characters in your party is good enough).

    Second Step: Fly to Jidoor, just outside of it you should see what looks like a "V" shaped forest facing a rocky terrain. Equip your lone (or 2) character(s) with the Exp. Egg and be sure to have Vanish or the esper Phantom. Before going into the forest to battle walk around in the plains until you engage in a battle now cast Vanish or Phantom's Fader move & then run from the battle. Now your officially invisible. Now for the fun.

    Third Step: After you've casted Vanish go into the "V" shaped forest & start battling. You'll encounter ReachFrog & Mantodea enemies. Typically you'll face off against 4 ReachFrogs in that case just cast Blizzara/Ice 2 or Shiva and they'll be wiped out in no time - rinse & repeat. The same thing against the Mantodeas (except they come in twos). They only have physical attacks and once your invisible through vanish they can't attack you. Each battle with the ReachFrogs will generate about 6500 exp. points (if you have one character in your party otherwise its about 3100-3500) and will also give you 10400 GP and 1 Magic Points. The Mantodeas will generate 4612 exp points, 501 GP and 2 Magic Points.

    This is the safest & quickest way I know of. Most people will recommend going to that Forest where you fight the Tyranno/Tyrannosaur but those monsters are really strong & can wipe out your team quickly if your not at high enough levels. I went to this place outside Jidoor & in about an hour & a half I got my Cyan and other characters to level 99. If you have Bahamut you can max out your HP rather quickly as well.

    Second Step: Go & fly to t

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    Jiroxy416 - 9 years ago 13   0

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