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  1. What's the deal with Shadow and Relm? Is Relm Shadow's daughter? And how is Strago involved in all this?

    User Info: Shadow_Aura_64

    Shadow_Aura_64 - 9 years ago

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  1. Of course, being plot based, this is bound to have spoilers for those who care:

    Triforce has the gist of it pretty well. There's not a whole lot of concrete evidence, so you have to put a lot of characters backgrounds together for yourself, but I believe the consensus is basically that Shadow was a theif (Clyde), who abandoned his dying friend and fellow thief (Baram), when asking for Clyde to kill him before leaving him so he wouldn't be caught.

    Clyde thereafter finds himself on the brink of death in Thamasa, and being saved by a woman (Relm's mother, this is also when/where he meets interceptor), for an unknown period of time cultivates a new life for himself, haunted by his past and inadequacies, at some point taking the pseudonym of Shadow (either to start a new life in arrival, or on departure). He leaves this life, telling interceptor he wants him and daughter to live in a peaceful world (By ommission of his wife, one could assume she was likely killed somehow), Shadow leaves Relm behind, and interceptor follows.

    As Strago was a monster hunter in his youth, he could either have been Relm's maternal grandfather, or adoptive grandfather, who probably came back to town to find Relm abandoned, and quit hunting Hidon to take care of Relm in his old age. Strago (Magus), doesn't share Relm's surname (Arrowny), but then neither would a maternal grandfather, so it's anyone's guess there.

    for your interest if you want to see the dreams yourself:

    Other more obscured character backgrounds hinted at may include Gogo, and Mog. When watching Setzer's reverie of Daryl's crash, it should be noted that her airship crashes into triangle mountain, and this is the only plot relation using the location. It can therefore be assumed that Gogo is likely Daryl.

    When getting Mog in WoR, he stands in front of the relic "Molulu's Charm" (FFIIIUS: Moogle Charm, prevents all random encounters). As was with the japanese name of the item in the SNES version as well, it is synonymous with the name of the moogle who stands aside mog in the battle to save terra (five levels below party average), while the original description describes it as a charm given by a lover. Being she is low leveled standing next to mog, it can be assumed that Molulu was Mog's lover, and given the absence of the other Moogles in the WoR, that she likely died and left him that keepsake.

    We just don't get subtle games like this anymore sadly.

    User Info: Kelos7

    Kelos7 - 9 years ago 2   0


  1. I can't even begin to tell you how much information is out there about this game. Totally amazing if you ask me. You have this site and then there is that Final Fantasy Wiki that spills out even more information. People must have more free time on their hands because I don't know how people dug up so much information about certain characters..and I thought I had lots of time and I'm laid off!

    Anyway, here is what I know about Shadow. The forums and other tidbits of info out there point to the fact that he is Relm's father. Considering that Interceptor seems to take on to Relm quite well and the fact that both her and Shadow can equip the momento rings lend support support to this theory.

    That should answer the first half of your question. As far as Strago is concerned, I am not sure if he is Shadow's dad. In the game, there is no indication that Strago even knows who Shadow is, so for the time being, i will say no.

    I have to do research on what Shadow's dreams are all about. They might shed light on this issue. I don't remember ever seeing his dreams in any of my playthroughs, so this will be an interesting task to undertake. I will return when I get some more info for you. Hope this helps at least a little...

    User Info: TriforceSD

    TriforceSD (Expert) - 9 years ago 0   0

  2. Gogo is not Daryl. Gogo is a secret character from FFV that Square decided to bring over to FFVI. That's all.

    User Info: Ikazachi

    Ikazachi - 9 years ago 0   0

  3. I don't want to start a discussion because this is not the place, but I wanted to point out one thing about Kelos7's answer. I do not want to downvote it, as it's very good overall.

    There is no evidence as to who Gogo is. Daryl's ship doesn't crash in Triangle Island, as far as we know. The game doesn't show the actual crash happening.

    User Info: ReyJavikVI

    ReyJavikVI - 9 years ago 0   1

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