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  1. Pretty much what is said in the title, thanks.

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    idida_gilquest - 9 years ago

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  1. Lv 50-lv55 or even higher.If you need help training,go to the plains around gau's father's cabin(you can go in to heal if you get to weak)use growth egg if you need/have.Stick a character with genji glove ,master scroll,2boomerang/your preferred weopon to make him/her a killing machine.But that's just for training,it won't work at kefka's tower(well....if you wanna try....).You wil also need ultima spell AND most of the strong/good spells(curaga,valor,quick ,arise,reraise)

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  1. Unless your doing a llnmg, you should have all characters with at least level 60-70, and hp 6000-9999, mp 600-999, and all spells that you can have from your magicite that you currently have, that's what i'm doing. :( but it's working! :]

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  2. I beat the game twice once i had my characters average level around 50 at the first round but at the second i was able to beat the game at around level 30-35 just make sure you have curaga, arise and reraise learnt on at least 2 of your characters ultima is not really needed but it will help u big time

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  3. I had my partys at level 55 or lower and i had all my good equipment spread over so nobody had everything genji or whatever and i made sure i had the soul of thamasa with a gold hair pin (or a celestriad if you want to fight tranasaurs and branchiasuars for an hour) and it was fairly easy so i mightve been over leveled a bit

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  4. Levels mean a lot less than equipment and spell setups. Going in at level 35 with the best equipment you can buy find or steal isn't much harder than going in at level 70 with mostly store bought junk and just steamrolling the place. So, rather than grinding out a ton of levels, get together a good mix of elemental shields, decurse the paladin shield, and hunt down the rare armors, especially ones with multiple elemental resistances or absorbs, all the good weapons, and as many espers as you can.

    Make sure everybody has the -aga spells and flare (Ultima chews through the harder encounters but even going in at level 35 I didn't have it on more than one person per party at first and passed the paladin shield around on my way through), arise and reraise, some kind of status removers, and most importantly Osmose, which pretty much removes the need for any items at all since you can replenish MP for free. Any other spells are just help, but you'll learn a ton of spells passing espers around just on your way through, so covering the big bases is enough going in. I also had enough Hermes Sandals for everyone - you'd be surprised how many random encounters you can wipe out before they even get a move with those things. Celestriad are great for sustainability on random fights, but a bit overkill on most of the bosses where you're really only saving one or two turns from osmose.

    By the time you get those things, you could well be in the 40's anyway, but if you have 2000 hp, only a handful of things in the tower will kill you outright. 3000 is a lot more comfortable, but even at 2000 it's pretty easy if you keep reraise up on bosses. When you approach a boss, switch around the other two parties and unequip anything really good like the soul of thamasa, paladin shield, lightbringer, etc and pile it all onto the party about to go into the boss. When you get close to Kefka, pile it all on your front four.

    Same basic idea applies to the dragon's den, gear over levels. Dragon's den can be brutal even at level 90+, or it can be a cakewalk at 40.

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  5. All of the above answers are excellent. The only thing I would add is that level 40 seems reasonable for an encounter with Kefka. Don't have the best characters/equipment/spells?? Then level 50 is suggested. I think Dragon's Den was brought up, so I might as well add that Level 50-60 is suggested for that Dungeon and Soul Shrine. Good luck on your mission!

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  6. I say at least lv 50+ and make sure u have Dualcast and a couple of Genji Gloves to make it easier. if you dont have these materials then try lv 55+

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  7. Technically, the game can be beaten at level 6. But seriously, you'll want levels between 35 and 45. Anything less and you'll find some difficultie, anything more is overkill. In this game, though, equipment and magic matter more than levels. That's why people can beat it at such low levels.

    User Info: ReyJavikVI

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