GameBoy Advance GameShark Save (North America)

Save Game File11/10/06ShinKungFuMan64K
All jobs mastered, all items, all spells, full bestiary, just before Enuo final boss fight. Necromancer class available too.
Save Game File11/23/10SpixieSticks64K
Final Fantasy V Advance fully complete all super bosses defeated with nearly all of the best equipment and all jobs mastered. No cheats used at all.
Save Game File11/12/06DarkNarutoCrazy64K
LV 81 (Secret Dungeon) Beat the Game, Music Player Unlocked
Save Game File05/18/15splakappa64K
Semi-Perfect Save File - 100% treasures, bestiary, All Level 99, Everyone Mastered All Jobs, Have at least 1 of every item (Chosen Brave Blade) except chicken knife
Save Game File11/13/06pokemeister64K
Slot One: World Three with all jobs available. Slot Two: Right outside bonus dungeon with all jobs. Just dive a little south of your position. Slot three: Right before Exdeath. Slot Four Ronka Ruins.
Save Game File11/12/06Aether Knight64K
Sv1-Enhanced OW start. Sv2-Last Floor Rift. ALL char. at max. level/gil. ALL jobs mastered/abilities/magic/equipment. 100% Bestiary. Sv3-Same as Sv2, but Galuf replaces Krile. Sv4-Same as Sv2, but at Lethe Court ready for Enuo.
Save Game File11/17/06Elranzer64K
Very beginning of game, first possible save point. All jobs (including the 4 new ones) unlocked. Slot 2 also adds a complete bestiary.

GameBoy Advance GameShark Save (Europe)

Save Game File01/08/11sylandro8764K
100% cleared: all items, magic, bestiary, all jobs mastered, lv. 99. Save before final boss.

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