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Game Script by RandyPandy

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/30/2008

Final Fantasy V Advance
Game Script
by RandyPandy

#. Table of Contents

  0) Intro Scenes
  1) The Fellowship of the Crystals
  2) The Pirate Captain, Faris
  3) Stopover at Tule
  4) Boko and the Pirates
  5) The Wind Crystal
  6) The Torna Canal
  7) Faris's Secret
  8) To North Mountain!
  9) Return to Castle Tycoon
 10) The Water Crystal
 11) A Not-So-Warm Welcome
 12) The Library of the Ancients
 13) Flashback
 14) Spotted!
 15) Home Sweet Home
 16) The Ruined City
 17) Sarisa and Lenna
 18) Ronka Ruins
 19) The Earth Crystal
 20) Galuf's Departure
 21) Flying on Hiryu
 22) To the Other World!
 23) Battle of Big Bridge
 24) Reasons
 25) Galuf's Identity
 26) Kelger and Dorgann
 27) Dragonlike Dragon Grass
 28) Battle at Sea
 29) Destroying the Barrier
 30) First Impressions
 31) RIP, My Friend
 32) Exdeath's Castle
 33) Home... Or is it?
 34) Strategy Meeting?
 35) Blessed by Soil
 36) Four, Not Three
 37) The Legendary Weapons
 38) Syldra's Return
 39) Phoenix Tower
 40) Kissed by Wind
 41) Fork Tower
 42) Underwater Crusades
 43) Famed Mimic Gogo
 44) Enveloped by Flames
 45) Protected by Water
 46) Three New Jobs
 47) The Interdimensional Rift
 48) The Epic of Gilgamesh
 49) The Final Battle
 50) Ending (Best)

0. Intro Scenes

(A scene with a crystal resting in a shrine is shown. Then it blinks out and
four crystals float around the screen.)

Narrator: Fire. Water. Wind. Earth. The peace and prosperity of the world is
thanks to the power of these crystals. However...that power is nearing its

(Bartz and Boko look over a cliff before resting near a campfire.)

Narrator: Not far off is the day when the wind slows...the water stills...

(Lenna leaves her bed and walks out of her room to where a wind drake is resting
on top of the castle. The wind drake, Hiryuu, spreads its wings.)

Narrator: and the earth trembles and quakes...

(An old man is inside a circular cavern, with a glowing panel in front of him. A
group of pirates is sailing on their ship with Faris.)

Narrator: and yet, everyone remains blissfully unaware...

(Stars fill the screen.)

Narrator: and the grave secret hidden within the crystals remains untold...

(A meteor suddenly flies towards the planet.)

1. The Fellowship of the Crystals

(In Castle Tycoon, King Tycoon walks towards Hiryu, who wakes up. Lenna comes
out after him.)

Lenna: Father! Do you really have to go?

King Tycoon: You know I do, dear. I need you to protect the castle. Under no
circumstances are you to follow me, do you understand?

Lenna: But, Father...

King Tycoon: Something is wrong with the wind... I must go to the Wind Shrine to
make certain nothing's happened to the crystal.

(Lenna nods.)

Lenna: Yes...I've noticed it as well. But, to go alone is-

King Tycoon: Lenna. Don't worry, I'll be fine. Have faith.

(He climbs onto Hiryuu, who flies into the air. As he flies off, Lenna waves to
him and he looks back before flying away. Meanwhile, the group of pirates is
sailing on their ship when abruptly the wind stops blowing.)

Faris: The wind just...stopped...

(Inside the circular place, which is shaking and flashing, the old man there

Old Man: I've got to hurry!

(Back at Castle Tycoon, Lenna notices the wind stopping.)

Lenna: The wind's stopped. ...Father!

(King Tycoon enters the room in the Wind Shrine with the Wind Crystal, which is
flashing erratically, and runs up to it.)

King Tycoon: What in blazes...!?

(Suddenly the crystal stops glowing and shatters. Meanwhile, Bartz and Boko are
camping out. Without warning, the ground begins to shake, startling them, and
they look up into the sky to see a meteor falling, which lands on the ground.
Bartz mounts Boko, puts out the fire, and travels until he reaches the meteor.)

Bartz: Boko, wait here, okay?

(He dismounts and travels until he sees two goblins dragging Lenna away. They
battle and he defeats the goblins.)

Bartz: Hey, are you all right?

Lenna: Y-yes... I believe so... I give you my thanks. My name is Lenna. And you

Bartz: Me? Call me Bartz. Me and my chocobo just go wherever the trail leads

Lenna: Bartz...

(He nods, and they turn to the meteor.)

Lenna: This rock suddenly fell from the sky... The impact must have knocked me

Bartz: Guess it's a meteorite.

Lenna: A meteorite... I wonder if it has a connection to the wind stopping?

(She turns towards him and nods.)

Lenna: Again, I give you my thanks. I wish I could do something more to show my
appreciation, but I really must go...

(She starts to run off but stops when Bartz calls to her.)

Bartz: Whoa- hey, hold up a sec...

(He walks up to her.)

Lenna: Bartz... Did you hear something?

Bartz: Huh?

(They glance around, confused, as they hear a voice.)

???: Oohhh... Ughhh... Help...me...

(Bartz points to the east.)

Bartz: Over there!

(They head to the east and find the old man lying near the meteor.)

Lenna: Are you all right?

Old Man: Where am I... Oh...my aching head!

(He gets up and looks around, confused.)

Old Man: Sakes alive...what's happened? I don't remember... Ehh...? I can't
remember anything!

Bartz: Looks like you hit your head pretty bad... Maybe you got amnesia.

(Suddenly the old man starts.)

Old Man: Oh! Something came back to me... My name is Galuf!

Lenna: That's a start! Anything else?

Galuf: ... ...Nope, just the name! Other than that, my memory's a blank slate...

(He looks down, depressed. Lenna nods, and begins to run off again, before she

Lenna: I'm very sorry...but you must excuse me, I have no time to waste.

Bartz: Where're you going?

Lenna: I must go to the Wind Shrine...

(Galuf jumps up in shock.)

Galuf: The Wind Shrine! Now that you mention it, I'm pretty sure that's where I
was headed! It's decided, I'm going with you!

Lenna: But...

(He walks up to her.)

Galuf: I could never let such a sweet girl go all by her lonesome. Plus, I know
I've gotta get to that shrine...I feel it in my bones. You've gotta take me
with! [sic]

(Lenna nods.)

Lenna: Bartz, What about you? [sic]

Bartz: ...Sorry, I'm gonna bow out on this one. Good luck, though.

(Lenna and Galuf look at each other, and start to walk off, but stop and turn
back to Bartz.)

Lenna: Bartz... Thank you again. Farewell...

Galuf: Godspeed, and all that whatnot!

(They run off. Bartz heads back to Boko.)

Bartz: Come on, Boko, let's go!

(He climbs on, and the two head west and to the north until Boko suddenly stops
and throws Bartz off of him, who crashes into a cliffwall.)

Bartz: Ow!!! Boko! Bad, bad chocobo! What are you doing, stopping like that!?
...Now don't you give me that look.

Boko: Kweh! Kweh kweh!

Bartz: ...I know, it's just a girl and an old man... And with all those goblins
around... Fine, I got it, I got it.

(Suddenly, an earthquake starts, causing some of the ground to collapse.)

Lenna: Augh!

Galuf: Geh!

Bartz: Boko, come on!

Boko: Kweh!

(Bartz climbs on Boko and runs through the valley, fighting off goblins, hopping
over collapsed land, and picking up Lenna and Galuf along the way until they
finally escape. After a bit, Lenna wakes up and Bartz walks over to her.)

Lenna: Ohhh...

Bartz: G'morning.

Lenna: Bartz! It seems I cannot escape being in your debt...

Bartz: Hey, don't worry about it.

(He looks back at the valley.)

Bartz: The shockwave from the meteorite's impact caused landslides... The road's
covered in rubble. I don't think you're gonna be able to make it to Tule that

(Lenna stares at him and then the valley.)

Lenna: But...if I can't get to the Wind Shrine, then...

Galuf: Uhhhh...

(Everyone runs towards him.)

Galuf: Wind Shrine...gotta hurry...

Bartz: The old guy's pretty dead set on getting there, too... All right. I'll go
with you and personally see to it that you get there safely!

Lenna: Oh! Really?

Bartz: Yeah! You know, it was my dad's dying wish that I go out and travel the
world... Plus, this time, it feels like- like the wind is calling me.

Galuf: What a sweet-talker! As if you don't just have the hots for the little

(Bartz starts.)

Bartz: What- You're awake?

Galuf: Don't sound so surprised. This old dog is always ready for anything!

(He leaps to his feet, stretches, and laughs.)

Galuf: Still, if the road is blocked, that makes things a sight more

Bartz: Hrm...

Lenna: ...

(Lenna looks back at the valley.)

Lenna: I won't give up. There must be a way to reach the Wind Shrine!

Galuf: Right! And we'll find it!

Bartz: All right! Let's ride!

2. The Pirate Captain, Faris

(They travel north until they find a cave.)

Lenna: I don't remember there being a cave here...

Bartz: Probably opened up during one of those quakes. Boko, I think this is
gonna be a little too dangerous for chocobos. You stay here, okay?

Boko: Kweh!

(They dismount and head inside the cave and travel until they find a spring.)

Bartz: What's that spring?

(After healing, they enter another section and see a pirate looking around. They
flatten themselves against the wall and watch as the pirate pulls a switch and
enters a hidden door.)

Bartz: Aha! So that's how you get in!

(They follow and eventually see a hole that leads outside.)

Bartz: What's that?

(When they look through, they notice a ship sailing towards the cave.)

Bartz: That ship just now... How was it sailing with the wind so weak?

(They keep going into the cave and hide behind a wall as a pirate looks around
to see what is there.)

Bartz: This is a pirate hideout...meaning that ship we saw must've been a pirate

Lenna: I wonder if they would give us a ride?

(The other two start.)

Bartz: Um, I think the only ride they'd be interested in would be a keel-haul
for all three of us.

Galuf: Yeah...you can't ask a favor from a pirate! That's why we'll just sneak
on and steal their ship!

(Bartz starts.)

Bartz: Whoa! You're pretty gutsy for an old-timer.

(Galuf laughs. The three sneak onboard the ship and up to the helm, where Bartz
tries to move the ship.)

Bartz: Yo-ho-ho, and stuff! Time to cast off!

(The ship doesn't move.)

Galuf: ...Well? "Cast off" means start sailing, kid.

Bartz: I know that! The wheel won't even budge. How do you work this thing?

???: Try working anything and there'll be the devil to pay!

(The three start as Faris and five other pirates surround them.)

Faris: Trying to steal my ship, are you? You've a lot of brass... ...or mayhap
you're just lacking in brains! I'd wager it's the latter.

(Lenna walks up to the pirates.)

Lenna: Wait! I am Princess Lenna of Tycoon. Please accept my apologies for
attempting to commandeer your ship.

(Bartz and Galuf start.)

Bartz: Wha? Princess...

Galuf: ...of Tycoon!?

Lenna: Sir, this is a formal request from the kingdom of Tycoon. Please, allow
us the use of your vessel. I must get to the Wind Shrine - my father is in

(Faris glances at the other pirates and laughs.)

Faris: Oho, the princess of Tycoon, here on my ship? I'm sure we could fetch a
good price for this one.

Bartz: Hey! Leave her alone, you degenerate, lecherous, piratey...pirate!

(Bartz and Galuf walk up to them.)

Lenna: I beg of you, please...

(Her pendent accidentally shows, startling Faris.)

Faris: That pendant...!

(He turns to the other pirates.)

Faris: ...Toss the lot of 'em into the brig!

Pirates: Aye-aye, Cap'n!

(The pirates surround the trio and cart them off. At night, the three are tied
up in the brig with a pirate guarding the door.)

Galuf: Well, this is a fine how-do-you-do. What genius came up with the idea to
steal a pirate ship, anyway?

Bartz: Look in the mirror, Pops.

(Galuf leaps away from Bartz.)

Galuf: ...Ohh, my aching head! I can't remember a thing!

Bartz: ...And your amnesia oh-so-conveniently returns. Still...I can't believe
you're really the princess of Tycoon, Lenna!

Lenna: I'm sorry... I didn't intend to keep it a secret.

Bartz: It's not that big a deal. But, if you're the princess, why were you going
to the Wind Shrine all alone?

Lenna: My father is there. He hadn't been gone long when the wind slowed down to
almost nothing... I just can't shake the feeling that something terrible is
happening. I slipped out alone to head to the shrine, but then that meteorite
fell, and...you know the rest.

(Meanwhile, Faris is sitting in his quarters in the ship.)

Faris: Why does the princess of Tycoon have the same pendant as I do?

(He pulls out a pendant identical to Lenna's.)

Faris: She said her father's at the Wind Shrine...

(The next day, Faris and three pirates are at the top of the ship.)

Faris: Prepare to cast off, lads. Set a course for the Wind Shrine.

(The pirates start. Lenna, Bartz, and Galuf are thrown onto the deck, still tied
up, by four more pirates.)

Pirate: But Cap'n... What about the landlubbers?

Faris: Untie 'em.

(The pirates start.)

Faris: I meant, sometime today!

(The pirates nod and untie their bonds. The three stretch.)

Lenna: But...why?

Faris: I reconsidered your request. You can go back into the brig if you'd
rather. Pull anchor! We sail for the Wind Shrine!

Pirates: ...

Faris: Hey! Something wrong with your ears? I hope I don't have to repeat
myself! Well!?

Pirates: Aye...aye-aye, Cap'n!

(The pirates prepare to sail the ship. Lenna walks up to Faris.)

Lenna: But the wind stopped... How can the ship move?

Faris: Full of curiosity, aren't you, lass? Syldra! Come up and say hello!

(A huge sea dragon rises up from in front of the boat and gives a roar. Everyone
but the pirates are startled. Faris laughs.)

Faris: Beautiful, isn't she? Syldra and I were raised together. We're close as
siblings. All right, we're off!

(They begin sailing.)

3. Stopover at Tule 

(The group enters Tule.)

Pirates: Grog! Grog!

(The pirates run into the pub.)

Faris: Think I'll stop in and have a drink as well.

(He leaves them and goes into the Pub. Later, the other three head into the Pub
and go upstairs, where Faris is sleeping in another room. They head up to the

Bartz: Hold on, I'll go check on him.

(Bartz goes in and looks at Faris, who shifts in his sleep. Bartz starts, and
gets a lovestruck expression as he walks back out.)

Galuf: Bartz, what've you got that goofy look for?

Bartz: Uh...nothing, I didn't see anything! Must've been a trick of the light or

Galuf: For crying out loud, shove over and lemme see!

(Galuf walks into the room and looks at Faris. He also starts and gets the same
expression on his face as he walks back out of the room.)

Galuf: Great Caesar's ghost! Just gorgeous...sure haven't felt like that in a

Lenna: What in the word are you two going on about?

(Faris wakes up and stretches.)

Faris: *yawn* Ahh...slept like a babe, I did...

(He walks out and notices the two with their lovestruck expressions.)

Faris: What're you two gawking at? Get ahold of yourselves.

(He and Lenna slap them, and they snap out of it.)

Faris: I need a little time to myself. So shove off, you!

(He walks back into the room and locks the door. Then the three head to the
house far up north.)

Lenna: Mmm...I'm pretty sure that this is Zok's house, but...

Bartz: Someone you know?

Lenna: Yes. He built the Torna Canal.

(They enter the house and look around, but don't see anybody. As they walk out,
Lenna bows her head.)

Lenna: Looks like Zok isn't home...

Bartz: Okay then, let's check again later.

(The three start to leave town when Faris runs up to them.)

Faris: Oho? Trying to give me the slip? I think not.

(The four leave town.)

4. Boko and the Pirates 

(The four head back to the entrance to the pirate's hideout. Boko is gone, and
Bartz notices something.)

Bartz: Wha...those look like Boko's footprints! Don't tell me he tried to go
after us...

(When the four head back to the pirate hideout, they find an injured Boko in bed
with the pirate doctor attending to him.)

Bartz: Boko!

Boko: Kweh...

Lenna: Oh! He's been hurt!

Doctor: Found him zonked out in the cave, so we brought him back here. But he'll
be fine, now that he's in my capable hands.

Bartz: Please, if you can help him, doc...

Doctor: Leave everything to me!

(The group leaves the cave.)

5. The Wind Crystal

(The four head towards the Wind Shrine and enter it. After a bit, they find the
Chancellor of Tycoon as well as some scholars.)

Chancellor: Princess Lenna!

Lenna: What's happened? What's the matter?

Chancellor: The wind suddenly stopped, and now there are monsters in the shrine!

(Lenna pales.)

Lenna: What about Father!?

Chancellor: The king went up to the top floor... He has yet to return.

Scholar: Something must have happened to him...

Faris: The crystal's up on the top floor, right? Won't hurt to go up and take a

Lenna: Faris... Come on!

(The four head up until they find a monster, which attacks them.)

Bartz: Incoming!

(They battle and win. They continue through the Shrine until they reach the
crystal chamber and find the shards of the Wind Crystal.)

Lenna: The crystal-

Bartz: It's shattered!

(The shards suddenly flash.)

Bartz: What the-

(Near Karnak, the Fire Crystal shoots off a spark of light, which lands on

Narrator: Courage, the essence of flame...

(In Walse Tower, the Water Crystal shoots off a spark of light, which lands on

Narrator: Devotion, the essence of water...

(In the Ronka Ruins, the Earth Crystal shoots off a spark of light, which lands
on Galuf.)

Narrator: Hope, the essence of earth...

(From the base of the Wind Crystal, a spark of light shoots off it and lands on

Narrator: Passion, the essence of wind...

Bartz: What...

Faris: What's happening?

Galuf: Feels warm...

Lenna: Are these the crystals' essences?

King Tycoon: Le...nna...

(At the base of the crystal, King Tycoon suddenly fades in.)

Lenna: Father!

Faris: !?

(He runs next to Lenna.)

King Tycoon: Listen, and listen well. You four are the chosen ones, the warriors
of light...bearers of the four crystal essences.

Lenna: Father... What do you mean?

King Tycoon: The wind crystal has already shattered. The other three crystals
are in danger as well. You four must protect them! An evil presence is
awakening... One that wishes to return everything to darkness...

(Purple energy suddenly encircles King Tycoon.)

Lenna: Father!

(He is spirited away.)

King Tycoon: Go forth, Light Warriors! Save the crystals...

Lenna: Wait- No, Father!!!

(Lenna bows her head. The crystal shards suddenly shine.)

Lenna: ...What are these?

Bartz: Guess they're pieces of the crystal...

(The shards head into them.)

Narrators: Crystal fragments... And stored within, the power of warriors of
legend... Knight. Monk. Blue Mage. Thief. Black Mage. White Mage.

Bartz: The crystal... it's lending us its power...

Galuf: ...For now, let's get out of here.

(Lenna walks back up to the base, and Faris follows her.)

Faris: Lenna...

(She nods, and she and Faris walk back to the other two.)

Lenna: There should be a warp panel to the outside behind the altar.

(The two step on the warp panel and teleport out of the Shrine.)

6. The Torna Canal

(The four sail back to Tule, and Faris goes into the Pub again. The other three
head for Zok's house and go inside. Zok leaps up in shock when he sees them.)

Zok: Ohhh, Princes Lenna!

Lenna: Zok! It is good to see you.

Zok: Yes... It's been a long time.

Lenna: Zok...I have a favor to ask. We must go to Walse, so we need to pass
through the Torna Canal.

Zok: Oh, dead. Ever since the wind crystal was destroyed, the beasts in the
canal have multiplied like rabbits! It is much too dangerous to enter!
Moreover... I-I seem to have lost the key to the canal somewhere... I'm sorry I
cannot help you with the key. Still, since you've come all this way, won't you
at least stay the night?

(Lenna nods.)

Zok: Wonderful. Then, follow me!

(That night, the three are sleeping. Bartz wakes up and goes outside.)

Bartz: The crystals... Now that I think of it, they're the reason Dad...

(Flashback. A much younger Bartz is lying in bed, and his parents, Dorgann and
Stella, are sitting at a table.)

Dorgann: The crystals must be protected at any cost! Stella - if anything should
happen to me, never tell Bartz about the crystals... They aren't his burden to

(Stella walks up to him.)

Stella: Oh, darling...please don't say things like that...

(End flashback. Bartz goes back inside and sits down at the table. Meanwhile,
Zok is standing next to Lenna's bed, who is sleeping.)

Lenna: ... ...Father...I'll protect the crystals...promise...

(Zok nods, and leaves the room. He finds Bartz at the table.)

Zok: What's the matter, Bartz?

Bartz: Nothing... I just was reminded of my folks... They died a while back,

Zok: ...Here. Take it.

Bartz: Huh? Take what?

Zok: The key to the canal. With it, you can open the gate and travel to Walse. I
was worried about Lenna, so I hid the key, but... Please! Take care of her!

(Bartz nods. The next day, the three wake up and start to leave Tule when Faris
exits the pub and catches up to them.)

Pirates: Captain! Wait up!

(The pirates run out of the pub and to them.)

Faris: Sorry, lads. I'm leaving you laggards behind.

(The pirates are shocked.)

Pirates: Cap'n! But why!? You know we'd follow ye to th' ends of th' earth!

(Faris shakes his head.)

Faris: I know, and I thank you for it. But not this time.

Pirates: Cap'n!!!

Faris: This smells of a long journey... While I'm gone, I need you louts to
guard the hideout. We can't just let anyone raid our booty!

Pirates: But, Cap'n!

Faris: Please.

Pirates: ...

(They bow their heads, before lifting them.)

Pirates: Aye-aye, sir!

(The other three leave and Faris starts to follow when the pirates call to him.)

Pirates: Wind at your back, Cap'n. Godspeed!

(Faris nods, and the pirates wave goodbye. Later, the four are sailing to the
Torna Canal when Bartz notices Lenna looking depressed.)

Bartz: Lenna, what's wrong?

Lenna: The wind crystal has shattered... Right now, the only difference is that
the wind has slowed... But soon, it will stop blowing completely. And in a few
years, the air will grow stagnant, and the birds won't have any place to fly...
Father said that we had to protect the three remaining crystals.

Bartz: ... Three crystals?

Lenna: Yes, the crystals of fire, water, and earth.

Bartz: If those were lost too, then...

Lenna: At first, nothing would happen. But it wouldn't be very long before the
earth began to decay... the seas dirtied and rivers ceased to flow, fires lost
their heat and the world became dark and cold... It really would become an
unlivable world...

(Galuf runs towards them.)

Galuf: We've gotta protect the crystals!

Bartz: Huh? Did that trigger any of your memories?

Galuf: Nope... Doesn't matter. I'm still gonna help!

(Faris walks up to them.)

Faris: Well said, old man. I'm coming along too. Plus, we still have to find
Lenna's father.

Bartz: King Tycoon? But he disappeared into thin air.

Faris: He still lives, I feel it in my bones! Never for a moment believe

Lenna: Bartz... Will you come with us?

Bartz: Before, I was just coming along for the ride... But seeing everyone

Lenna: The crystal shards...

(Bartz looks at the crystal shards.)

Bartz: We were given power to protect the world... The power of the wind
crystal... ... ... ... That's it, I'm in! We've got some crystals to save!

(Everyone nods. Galuf climbs on the bow of the ship.)

Galuf: Sure enough! Let's be off!

(The group sails too the Torna Canal. When they get to the locked gate, Bartz
climbs on the bow and unlocks the gate.)

Galuf: Bartz! Where in tarnation did you get that key?

Bartz: Does it matter? Let's get going!

(They head through the canal until suddenly, a whirlpool forms in front of them,
startling Bartz and Lenna, who are at the bow, and Galuf and Faris, who are at
the wheel.)

Bartz: Hey...what's that?

Lenna: Oh no...the sealed monster...

Faris: Thundering typhoons! The rudder's not responding!

Galuf: You'd better figure something out fast, 'cause we're getting sucked in-

(The boat gets sucked into the whirlpool. Everyone is at the bow, when Syldra
suddenly gives a cry.)

Faris: Syldra, what's wrong!?

Bartz: Look alive, something's coming!

(The group is attacked by Karlabos, but they defeat it. The ship manages to
escape the whirlpool, but Syldra gets trapped inside it.)

Faris: Syldra!

Bartz: ...I'm sure she's okay. She's a fighter, and you know it.

Faris: Syldra!!!

(He tries to jump off the ship, but Galuf and Bartz hold him back.)

Faris: Lemme go! I said, get off! Syldra!!!

(Syldra is pulled into the whirlpool.)

7. Faris's Secret

(That night, Galuf and Bartz are talking as the ship drifts aimlessly.)

Bartz: How's Faris?

Galuf: As well as can be expected. We should leave him be.

Bartz: The ship is just drifting with the current...

Galuf: Wonder where we'll end up?

(Meanwhile, Lenna is consoling Faris.)

Lenna: Faris... Syldra is- Surely Syldra is still out there, alive, somewhere...

Faris: ...

(The ship ends up at the Ship Graveyard. The four, who had fallen asleep on the
deck, wake up.)

Bartz: Where is this?

Faris: The graveyard of the sea...

Lenna: A gathering place for ruined and scuttled ships...and a nest for the

Galuf: Brrrrr. All the more reason to hotfoot it out of here!

(The three head through the graveyard until they find a section underwater.)

Faris: Do we have to go this way? We'll get soaked...

Bartz: What, are you going to melt or something? Come on!

(The three head underwater and continue until they find a dry room with some
beds and supplies.)

Bartz: I'm soaked... Yow! There's a fish in my shorts!

Lenna: This room seems safe enough... Let's take a rest.

(She heads over to the other exit to the room.)

Lenna: I'm going to change into dry clothes... No peeking!

(She goes into the other exit as Bartz gets some supplies and starts a fire. He
and Galuf sit next to it, but Faris stays away from them.)

Bartz: Okay, time to get dry!

Faris: I'm fine like this...don't worry about me.

Galuf: Are you crazy, boy? You'll catch pneumonia in those wet things!

(The other two head over and grab Faris, who tries to get them off.)

Faris: Hey, what're you doing? Get away! Don't touch-

(He flings the two, who have shocked expressions, away, and Lenna reenters the

Lenna: What's all the commotion?

Bartz: Yeow! Lenna- this- he-

Galuf: Oh, my stars and comets! HE'S A SHE!

Faris: Well- maybe I am! You got a problem with it!?

Lenna: Of course not... Just, why were you trying to hide it?

Faris: When I was just a lad- er, lass, a pirate band took me in. I've been one
of them ever since.

Bartz: Yeah, so?

Faris: Well, would YOU want to be the only girl on a ship full of pirates?

Bartz: ...Ah, right. Yeah.

Galuf: Haw! I knew from the start that you were too pretty to be a man!

Faris: Anyhow- make fun of me for really being a woman and I'll shiver your
timbers but good!

Bartz: Uh...okay...

Faris: That's right, it's okay! Now, I'm turning in, and you louts had best do
the same!

(Faris goes to bed. The next day, everyone is asleep. Faris wakes up and hops
out of bed and steps away from the others.)

Faris: Ahhh, slept like a log! Rise and shine, dullards! Time's a-wasting!

(Bartz and Lenna get out of bed, while Galuf rolls over and falls off the bed.)

Faris: Hey, old man! That's enough lollygagging from the likes of you! On your
feet! Let's go!

(Galuf gets to his feet.)

Galuf: Bah... If you aren't gonna dress like a girl- and you should, a real
shame to hide such assets- y'could at least talk like one...

Bartz: Heh... No point in trying to change her... Faris is who she is!

Lenna: That's for certain!

(The group heads through the ship graveyard until they reach dry land. The place
suddenly darkens.)

Bartz: Something's fishy about this place, and it ain't cod...

(Stella suddenly flickers into view.)

Stella: Bartz... Come closer...

Bartz: Mom?

(He approaches her, winces, and suddenly falls into a trance. King Tycoon then
flickers into view.)

King Tycoon: Come here, honey...

Lenna: Father!

(She runs up to him. Faris follows her.)

Faris: Lenna!? ...ah...

(They fall into a trance. Then a blond-haired girl flickers into view.)

Girl: Grandpa, over here...

(Galuf frowns, turns away, and shakes his head.)

Galuf: Who's that? I just can't remember...

(As he turns back to the others, Bartz, Lenna, and Faris suddenly collapse and
their souls leave their bodies and go towards the illusions. Siren appears.)

Siren: Just let us have your soul... become one of us!

Galuf: Demon! What are you?

Siren: Oho... I didn't expect any of you to escape the effects of my magic...
Greetings. I am Siren. I'm afraid your companions' souls now belong to me.
Still, I'm feeling generous... I could be convinced to spare yours if you ran
home quietly.

Galuf: You think I would abandon these kids? Fat chance, missy!

Siren: Why would you risk your life for these people?

Galuf: Because... They're my friends!

(Galuf turns to the others.)

Galuf: Don't be fooled by her trickery! Open your eyes!

(Galuf goes up to each of them and slaps them, breaking their trances. The
illusions of Stella, King Tycoon, and the blonde girl dispel, and the souls
return to their bodies.)

Narrator: Bartz snaps out of it! Lenna comes to her senses! Faris leave her

Bartz: Galuf! Uh-oh- here it comes!

(Siren attacks them, but they defeat her.)

Bartz: Galuf! You saved us... I owe you my life.

Galuf: Ehh, don't sweat it.

(He looks embarrassed.)

Bartz: Aww, you're blushing!

Galuf: I'm doing nothing of the sort!

(The other three laugh and they all leave the ship graveyard.)

8. To North Mountain!

(The three head to Carwen and talk to a woman.)

Woman: The kingdom of Walse is south of here, beyond the sea. They use a machine
to amplify the power of the water crystal.

Lenna: We must stop it! How can we get to Walse?

Woman: Walse is across the ocean. It's a quick trip by ship, but since the wind
slowed, there aren't any ships sailing...

Galuf: Hrn... Haven't got Syldra, either...

(Faris suddenly looks depressed.)

Galuf: Faris- I'm sorry.

Lenna: Bartz, have you any ideas?

Bartz: No ships, so we can't go by sea... So if we can't go by land or sea,

(The group finds another woman standing outside the Pub.)

Woman: My husband claims he saw a wind drake flying to North Mountain! Everyone
says it's hogwash - really now, wind drakes? But then he got all nettled, and
now he's having himself a sulk upstairs in the pub. I don't know what to do with

(They find the husband at the top of the pub.)

Man: I really saw it! Up at North Mountain, flyin' around - it was a dragon,
sure as I live!

Lenna: What kind of dragon- was it tamed? What did it looks like?

Man: Uhh, looked dragonlike... It was wearin' some sort of armor, as I recall...
Could've been a real live wind drake!

Lenna: Hiryu! Fathe's wind drake is on North Mountain...?

Faris: What!? Why would it be there?

Lenna: On North Mountain grows a plant called dragon grass. It is the only
substance that can heal a wind drake's wounds... That means Hiryu must be hurt!

Galuf: Wind drake, huh? ...Say, Bartz. Since land and sea're out...

Bartz: We should take to the air!

Lenna: We could ride to Walse on Hiryu!

Galuf: That's the ticket! Now, let's get moving to North Mountain!

(The group heads to North Mountain and travels through it until Lenna spots King
Tycoon's helmet and jumps in shock. She runs over to it and picks it up.)

Lenna: Father's helmet!

(Suddenly, an arrow strikes her and she collapses, startling the others.)

Narrator: Lenna is struck by a poisoned arrow!

Bartz: Lenna!

(He starts to head over to her, but the ground suddenly collapses. Magissa walks
up to Lenna.)

Magissa: Ohohoho... I came here after that wind drake, but seems like I've
caught something even more valuable.

Bartz: Wait...you'd hunt a wind drake!?

Magissa: Of course. Their horns fetch quite a high price on the black market,
ohohoho! And I see I've caught no less than the princess of Tycoon! Yes, you'll
make a lovely souvenir for my husband.

Faris: Let her go, you addle-pated foul-complexioned scofflaw!

(Faris moves back and runs towards the gap, leaping over it. However, the part
she is on collapses, and she barely manages to cling onto the cliff-face before

Bartz: Faris!

Magissa: Oops, I guess he slipped. Pity.

(She jumps in shock.)

Magissa: What!?

(Faris manages to climb back up the cliff. She throws a rope to Bartz, and the
two make a rope bridge. Bartz and Galuf cross to where the others are.)

Bartz: Lenna! Hang on!

(Lenna gets up.)

Magissa: Ooh... Annoying little twerps, ruining my plans... Fine, it just means
I'll have to crush all four of you!

(They battle. Awhile into the battle...)

Magissa: Honey! Come here and take out the trash!

(Forza appears to battle. The four defeat Magissa and Forza.)

Lenna: Faris, thank you!

(The group keeps going until they spot Hiryu at the top of North Mountain in the
middle of a field of poisonous flowers. Lenna runs to Hiryu.)

Lenna: Hiryu!

Faris: He's hurt pretty bad...

Lenna: Hiryu... don't worry, I'll take care of you.

(Hiryu gives a weak cry. Lenna runs towards the dragon grass, stepping onto the
poisonous flowers and poisoning herself.)

Faris: Lenna! What- Where're you going!?

(She runs towards her, but stops at Lenna's words.)

Lenna: Don't come any closer! I will be fine. Just...must reach the dragon

(She moves towards the dragon grass, touching another flower by accident, and
picks the dragon grass. She runs back to the others and gives the dragon grass
to Faris.)

Lenna: Give the dragon grass to Hiryu...quickly...

(She faints. Faris feeds the grass to Hiryu, who eats it.)

Lenna: Please, get well...

(Hiryu gives a strong cry, and spreads his wings. Galuf runs towards Lenna.)

Galuf: My stars and garters! You're out of your gourd, young lady- that was
insanely reckless!

(Hiryu flies towards Lenna and heals her poisoning. Lenna stands up.)

Narrator: Lenna's poisoning is cured!

Lenna: Hiryu...thank you!

Galuf: Looks like you're both hale and hearty again! Let's saddle up!

(Bartz moves away from them, looking embarrassed.)

Bartz: ...Actually, I, uh, I don't really like heights...

(The others burst out laughing.)

Bartz: What's so funny!?

Galuf: Your face, kiddo! Anyway, get on!

(They all climb on Hiryu and leave North Mountain.)

9. Return to Castle Tycoon 

(The group heads inside Castle Tycoon, shocking the Chancellor and two of the

Chancellor: Princess Lenna!

Lenna: Forgive me... I didn't mean to worry you.

Chancellor: No need to fret about that now. But please, you must return to the
palace! Our guard has been severely weakened by monster raids, but there is no
way we can recover without our princess!

Lenna: I'm sorry...I cannot stay.

Chancellor: Princess, you have a responsibility to this kingdom!

Lenna: Yes...but more importantly I have a responsibility to the world. Right
now, we are all in danger... What's more... Father is still alive, and I-

Chancellor: ...I understand. Princess Lenna, we will protect the kingdom, I
swear it!

Lenna: ANd I swear to return, and bring Father back. Until that time, please
hold things together here.

Chancellor: For now, will you at least stay the night?

Lenna: Certainly.

(Later that night, Lenna is sleeping in her room, when she wakes up and heads
outside to the balcony, where Faris is.)

Lenna: Faris?

Faris: Hm? Ah, Lenna. It's late...you should be in bed.

Lenna: So should you...Sister.

Faris: ...!!!

Lenna: I'm right, aren't I? You're my older sister...

Faris: Wh-what are you going on about? Me, your... That's daft!

Lenna: But...

Faris: Besides, a buccaneer like me, really a prince- er, princess? 'Tis a bit
much, that!

(She laughs a bit before running back inside, as Lenna looks sad.)

Lenna: But...your pendant...

(The next morning, Bartz is stil asleep.)

???: Bartz...Bartz!

Bartz: ... *snort* ...nhuh?

(Bartz is suddenly flung from his bed, confusing him. The lights come on,
revealing the other three.)

Lenna: *giggle*

Galuf: What in tarnation are you doing, kid?

Faris: I think he's a few men short of a full crew...

(As the four head out, they meet an old man.)

Old Man: The chancellor's gone outside...he said he had something for Princess

(Later, the four encounter an old woman named Jenica.)

Jenica: I've served in this castle for quite some time. I looked after both
Princess Lenna and Princess Sarisa.

Bartz: Sarisa?

Jenica: Princess Lenna's older sister. Sarisa was sailing with her father when a
storm hit, and she was lost at sea.

(The group then finds the chancellor in the storehouse.)

Chancellor: Princess, this staff has been kept in your family for generations.
Take it. I'm sure you can find it of use.

Lenna: Thank you!

(He gives them the Staff of Healing and leaves.)

10. The Water Crystal

(The four head to Walse Castle and meet up with the King.)

King Walse: Princess Lenna! This is certainly a pleasant surprise!

Lenna: King Walse. You look well.

(She walks up to him and bows.)

Lenna: I come with a request. Please, stop amplifying the power of the water

King Walse: Ho ho ho... You must be joking. I could never do that! My people
live comfortably thanks to the crystal's power.

Lenna: King Walse, if left as it is, the crystal will shatter!

King Walse: Hmm... I have heard about the incident with the wind crystal...
However... No evidence proves that the same thing will happen to the water
crystal. Furthermore, I am certain that the people would be opposed to ceasing
the crystal's amplification.

(Bartz runs up to them.)

Bartz: Look, we don't have time to be arguing over this...

(Suddenly, the entire area turns red and begins to shake.)

Bartz: Holy moly! What's going on!?

(Outside, a meteor falls and lands next to Walse Tower. A soldier runs in as the
vibrations cease.)

Soldier: It's an emergency! A meteorite fell near the Tower of Walse!

King Walse: What!?

(The King and soldier look out the window.)

King Walse: There is no time to lose. Assemble the guard! To the tower at once!

Soldier: Yes, sire!

(The soldier leaves as the king turns to Lenna.)

King Walse: Pardon this interruption... I believe you understand the severity of
the situation. We'll continue this later.

(The king heads towards the exit.)

King Walse: Move out!

(He and several soldiers leave. The four follow, eventually heading into Walse
Tower, where they find two collapsed guards.)

Soldier 1: Garula suddenly went berserk and stormed into the tower...we didn't
stand a chance. The King went after it...some unknown knight went in, too...

Soldier 2: It took is by surprise... Garula's never tried to attack anyone

(The group heads through until they find King Walse crumpled on the floor.)

King Walse: Garula's upstairs... Please...save the crystal...

(The group continues until they reach the crystal room. An orange knight is
trying to stop Garula from reaching the crystal.)

Knight: They're controlling you, aren't they! Well, I won't let you destroy the

(Garula shoves the knight aside, who doesn't get up, and faces the party.)

Bartz: Uh-oh- here it comes!

(Garula attacks, but the four manage to defeat it. As they head up to the Water
Crystal, it glows.)

Lenna: Look!

Faris: The crystal...

(The crystal suddenly shatters, scattering the shards around the room.)

Lenna: We're too late...

Knight: Uhnnn...

(The knight suddenly gets up and walks towards the exit of the room before he
collapses again.)

Knight: Uhnnn... ...Lord Galuf!

(Galuf walks towards him.)

Galuf: ...Me? You know who I am?

Knight: Lord Galuf... Couldn't protect it... For-forgive...

Galuf: Hey- stay with me, man! Please, tell me who I am!

Knight: Fire crystal...protect...ngh...

(The knight doesn't speak anymore, and the others bow their heads in respect.
The shards began to glow.)

Faris: The crystal fragments are glowing...

Bartz: Are they gonna give us their power, too?

(The group gathers up five crystal shards.)

Narrator: Resting within the shard, a warrior's spirit... Berserker. Red Mage.
Time Mage. Mystic Knight. Summoner.

(Before they could grab the last shard, the tower begins to shake.)

Bartz: What's going on!?

Faris: The tower- it's sinking!

(The group glances at the last crystal shard before they flee through the back
exit. The entire peninsula with the tower sinks into the ocean, dumping the four
into the ocean where they frantically try to swim to the surface.)

Bartz: Aughhh!!!

(Suddenly, Syldra appears behind them.)

Faris: Syldra!

(Syldra roars and draws the unconscious Bartz and Galuf into her mouth.)

Faris: Syldra! You're alive!

(An unconscious Lenna begins to drift away from them. Faris grabs her and pulls
her into Syldra's mouth with her. Syldra then swims to dry land, where the four
exit her mouth.)

Faris: Syldra!

Lenna: Syldra... You used the last of your strength to save us...

(Syldra roars.)

Faris: What are you saying? Syldra! You can't die, I won't let you!

(Syldra drifts away, weakly roaring, as Faris tries to run after her. Lenna
holds her back.)

Lenna: Syldra... Thank you...

Faris: ...Syldra...

11. A Not-So-Warm Welcome

(The group heads back to Walse Castle and find the King in his chambers.)

King Walse: Princess... You were completely right... *cough cough*

Lenna: King Walse! Don't push yourself...

King Walse: You must hurry to Karnak. Their fire crystal is being amplified with
a machine similar to ours. It seems that a meteorite has fallen outside of
Karnak as well... There is no time to lose...

(The group nods. Somewhere in the castle, they find a soldier from Karnak.)

Karnak Soldier: I was investigating the meteorite that fell near Karnak when I
was suddenly warped here... Hey- where is "here," anyways? Where'd Karnak Castle

(The group heads to the Walse Meteor and inside it, where they find a glowing
panel. Bartz accidentally steps on the panel and disappears, shocking everyone.)

Lenna: Bartz!

Galuf: Did he make it? Did he...warp?

Lenna: We won't know until we try!

(Lenna and Faris jump onto the panel and disappear, but Galuf hesitates.)

Galuf: This...this all looks really familiar... And that soldier in the tower
knew me... Who am I?

(The four are warped to the Karnak Meteor. The group heads to the town of Karnak
and is about to purchase something from a shop when they hear a voice.)

???: You there! Freeze!

(A young man walks into the shop and points at the party.)

Young Man: There they are!

Bartz: ???

Young Man: They're with the monsters! We saw you all crawl from the meteorite-
don't try to deny it!

(Guards run into the shop and drag them off. The party awakens in a cell. After
some time, the old man in the cell next to them blows up the wall between them.
They talk to him.)

Old Man: Oh, horsefeathers!

Bartz: !?

(The old man walks into the cell.)

Old Man: My great escape, and it's another cell! That's the last of my
explosives, too... Nuts!

(The four look at each other and laugh, but quickly stop when the old man looks
at them.)

Old Man: Oh, you kids think that's funny, do you?

(They shake their heads.)

Old Man: Ehh...doesn't matter. The name's Cid.

Lenna: What? The same Professor Cid who made those terrible machines to amplify
the crystals?

Cid: ...

Lenna: Forgive me, that was rude...

Cid: No, you don't have to apologize. It's the truth, after all. I'm to blame
for everything... It's been years... One day, I found an ancient tome in the
Library of the Ancients. It said that thousands of years ago, the crystals held
much more power than they do now. So, I studied the crystals at Tycoon, Walse,
and Karnak, and build machines to enhance them... But I was wrong...increasing
their power output only caused them to shatter... Oh, it's all my fault!

Bartz: But why are you locked up?

Cid: I was too late to save the crystals in Tycoon and Walse... Figured I could
at least save the one here in Karnak. But when I tried to switch off the
machine, they threw me in here.

Bartz: So, you're in the same boat as us...

Cid: You're here to protect the crystal?

(Bartz nods.)

Bartz: Yup! They asked us to!

(He shows Cid the crystal shards, and Cid freaks out.)

Cid: What!? A crystal shard... Who are you people!?

Chancellor: This is terrible! Oh no! Professor Cid!

(The Chancellor runs into the dungeon and unlocks the cell door. Cid runs out.)

Cid: What's happened?

Chancellor: You were right all along... The crystal's cracked!

Cid: What!?

Chancellor: I turned off the amplifier but the crystal's power output has only

Cid: The fire-powered ship...

Chancellor: Yes? What about it?

Cid: Most likely the fire-powered ship is what's leeching power from the

Chancellor: Professor, please. We cannot do this alone. Please help us!

(Cid nods, goes back into the cell, and has the others follow him out.)

Cid: I need these kids' help as well.

Chancellor: What? They were seen coming out of the meteorite. They're in cahoots
with that werewolf!

Cid: If they can't help, I guess I can't either.

Chancellor: ...All right, Professor.

(Cid nods and heads to the party.)

Cid: You're willing to help me, right?

(The four nod.)

Cid: I'll go ahead to the fire-powered ship. It's not exactly a safe place to
be...you get ready and meet me there. I'll be waiting!

(Cid and the Chancellor leave. The group heads outside the castle when they hear
a scream.)

Soldier: The werewolf!!!

(A werewolf tries to get inside the castle but it is blocked.)

Soldier: Don't let it in!

(An explosion occurs, and the werewolf freaks and runs away.)

Soldier: We scared him off using some of Professor Cid's explosives... But he'll
be back, you can count on it.

(The party heads onto the fire-powered boat. Cid runs up to them.)

Cid: Took you long enough! Just as I suspected- the ship's engine is what's
draining the crystal's power.

Bartz: The engine?

Cid: Yes... If the engine isn't stopped- and quickly- the fire crystal will
shatter. Will you go?

(The group nods, and Cid leads them to a door.)

Cid: You can get inside here...but it'll be tough going from here on. The ship's
packed with monsters! Good luck, kids... We're counting on you.

(The group nods and heads inside the ship. After awhile, they find Queen Karnak
in the boiler room.)

Lenna: Queen Karnak!

Bartz: What's going on?

(A ring of purple energy suddenly surrounds Queen Karnak as the room goes red.)

Queen Karnak: Infidels... You shall pay for interfering with my revival!

(They are attacked by Liquid Flame. The group defeats Liquid Flame. The engine
explodes, and the ring around Queen Karnak does as well. She collapses.)

Bartz: Queen Karnak!

Queen Karnak: I...I was being controlled by something...an evil spirit... It
desires to envelop everything in darkness...

Bartz: Your highness...

Queen Karnak: The crystals...it's not just the machines that are destroying
them... Something evil is using their power to resurrect itself... Please...save
the fire crystal. It's in the room just through that pipe...

(The group travels to the room with the Fire Crystal.)

Lenna: The fire crystal!
(A door opens from the other end of the room and the werewolf walks in.)

Wolf: Thank goodness, it's still intact!

(The wolf heads towards them and suddenly starts.)

Wolf: Galuf!?

Bartz: We won't let you touch the crystal, werewolf!

Wolf: Stand down. I am not your enemy!

Bartz: I'm not so sure about that!

(Galuf stares at the werewolf, confused.)

Wolf: Galuf, say something! What's happened...is something wrong?

Galuf: You know me? Ughhh... Can't remember a thing... Who in blazes am I,

(As Galuf tries to remember, a soldier suddenly walks into the room and
activates the machine.)

Wolf: You there- what have you done!? Sending that much power through the
crystal will smash it to smithereens!

(The soldier is surrounded by green energy.)

Soldier: And this makes three... One more and the seal is broken. Mwah-hahaha!

(The soldier leaves. The group runs to the switch and Bartz tries to pull it
back before giving up.)

Bartz: No good. The switch is broken!

(Two vents close, separating the werewolf and the party. As the third vent
closes, the werewolf stands between it and the crystal and tries to push it

Wolf: Galuf! I'll hold this back- you four must escape! Only one chance
remains... Save the earth crystal!

(Fires erupt in the room and the vent pushes towards the crystal.)

Wolf: Go! Once the crystal shatters, the whole room will go up in flames! Get
out of here, and protect the last crystal with your lives!

Bartz: Werewolf!

Lenna: We have to help him!

(As they move to help him, fires suddenly block their path, and the ground
collapses, flinging them into the floor below.)

Wolf: Galuf... You're our only hope...

(The fire crystal shatters, sending the whole room in flames, and the wolf
perishes in the heat. Meanwhile, the group falls into the room below. The
fires in the room die out.)

Faris: The flames are dying...

Bartz: The fire crystal must've lost its power...

(The group heads up the stairs and back to the room where the fire crystal was
and notice the shards.)

Lenna: The crystal's shattered...

Galuf: Where's the werewolf?

Bartz: He probably got trapped in the fire...couldn't get out...

Lenna: We have to hurry! The castle was held together by the power of the fire

Bartz: Hold up- so now that the crystal's gone, the castle's gonna blow!?

(Lenna nods.)

Lenna: Exactly! We've got no time to lose!

Narrator: Time left before detonation: 10 minutes!

(The group runs through the castle, grabbing items along the way. Just as they
are almost outside, they are attacked by a Sergeant and 3 Curr Nakks. After
killing the Cur Nakks, they realize something.)

Lenna: He's no ordinary soldier!

Galuf: Show us your true form!

Sergeant: Hahahahaha! You wish to know my true identity? I am the famed bounty
hunter... Iron Claw! MORPH!!!

(He transforms into Iron Claw. The party defeats him. The group then flees the
castle just as it explodes. The group watches, and three crystal shards land in
front of them.)

Bartz: Crystal shards... Will you lend us your power as well?

(The group gathers the crystal shards.)

Narrator: Resting within the shard, a warrior's spirit... Beastmaster.
Geomancer. Ninja.

12. The Library of the Ancients

(The group goes to the fire-powered boat and talks to Cid.)

Cid: If only I'd never made that infernal machine... Everything- all of this is
my fault! If it weren't for me...

(Cid suddenly runs away from the boat.)

Bartz: Cid!

Lenna: Professor!

Faris: ...

Galuf: Must be tough for him...

(The four chase Cid to the top floor of the Pub.)

Bartz: Cid!

Cid: Leave me alone! If only I hadn't made that infernal machine...

Lenna: Professor, it wasn't your fault...

Cid: Please, just let me be!

(The four bow their heads, leave the Pub, and go to the Library of the
Ancients. They discover that Mid, Cid's grandson, is missing, and they go look
for him. At one point, they find a book possessed by Ifrit.)

Ifrit: I am Ifrit... For many years I have existed, sealed within the pages of
this book... Only those who can withstand my flames will be granted the
privilege of summoning me.

(The group fights Ifrit. After awhile...)

Ifrit: ...Enough! You have proven your worth. I shall grant you the use of my

(The book joins the group.)

Narrator: Received the summoned monster Ifrit!

(The group travels until they meet a bookshelf that blocks their path.)

Bookshelf: Bwah-ha-ha! None shall pass!

(It blocks their way, but the energy of fire suddenly crackles.)

Bookshelf: Gah- Ifrit! S-sorry, sir!

(The bookshelf lets them pass. The party travels until they find a boy reading
a book in a room.)

Bartz: What's that?

Lenna: Mid?

Galuf: Stay on your toes! I have a bad feeling about this place.

(The group is suddenly attacked by book monster, Byblos. They defeat Byblos.)

Byblos: Arrrgh! So, this is the end...but only for me. Very soon, the master's
seal will be blown wide open!!!

(Afterwards, the group speaks to Mid, startling him.)

Mid: Huh? I told you not to bother me when I'm reading!

Bartz: Don't tell me you were engrossed in that book the whole time!?

Mid: What whole time? Now that you mention it, I did hear some rustling behind
me... Oh, was that you?

(The four turn away, open-mouthed.)

Bartz: !?

Lenna: ...!?

Galuf: You've gotta be kidding.

Faris: A strange bird, this one...

Mid: Whatever...guess it's time to go back, huh? You guys coming too? I know a

(Mid opens a passageway in the books, and the five head through it. They reach
the room with the scholars reading book, startling one as Mid climbs out.)

Scholar 1: Mid! There you are!

(The party climbs out.)

Scholar 2: Mid! You're all right!

Scholar 3: Thank you for finding Mid!

Scholar 4: Thank goodness you're back!

(Mid realizes something.)

Mid: Huh? You came to save me? I dunno what I needed to be saved from, but it
was nice of you anyway. Oh yeah! Look at this!

(He, along with everyone, heads to a table and opens a book.)

Mid: I found the most amazing book! Check it out... I bet with this method, we
could repower the fire-powered ship! I've gotta tell Grandpa Cid about it right

Bartz: Cid?

Mid: Oh, you know of him? He's my grandfather. Grandpa is so awesome! When he's
researching, he's unstoppable - he never gives up until he's found the solution!

Faris: Maybe that's how he was in the past, but now...

Mid: What're you talking about?

Faris: I'm just saying... He sure is acting like he's given up now...

Mid: What!? He would never do that!

(Mid stares at everyone, before snatching up the book. He pushes past a scholar
and flees the Library.)

Lenna: Wait- Mid!

(The four chase him.)

13. Flashback

(The four head to the top floor of Karnak's pub, only finding Cid.)

Bartz: Cid!

Cid: ...

Lenna: Mid isn't here?

Faris: Come on, man. Pull yourself together!

Cid: Leave me alone... Don't waste your time on a worthless old lump like me.

(Everyone bows their head.)

Mid: Grandpa!

(Everyone stares as Mid comes into the room.)

Cid: Mid?

(Mid shoves past the party and begans to slap Cid.)

Cid: Ouch! Mid, stop that! What are you doing?

Mid: What am I doing? What are YOU doing, you silly old fool!? You never give
up! Never!

(After a bit, Mid stops and bows his head.)

Cid: Mid...

Mid: You always told me not to be afraid of failing... That if you messed up,
you just had to start over and try again... What happened to that!?

Cid: Mid...

(Cid bows his head before raising it.)

Cid: Mid... ... Just try again... ... Mid! You're absolutely right!

(Mid beams.)

Mid: Of course I am!

Cid: It's not over. The earth crystal is still out there!

Bartz: Yeah, but where?

Cid: That I don't know. But we've got to find it and protect it! And to do

Mid: We'll need the fire-powered ship! I'm right, aren't I?

Cid: Yes... We'll need the fire-powered ship moving again. But without the

Mid: Way ahead of you, Grandpa. Just look at this!

(He opens the book.)

Cid: Ohh, where'd you dig this up? Hmm... Ahh, I see, like that... Nice work,
Mid, this could do it! All right! Let's get to work!

Mid: Yeah!

(Everyone nods. Mid takes the book, and he and Cid leave the room. The group
follows them to the fire-powered ship. As they get on, Mid shoves them aside.)

Mid: Move it, guys!

(Cid runs up to them.)

Cid: You'll have to excuse Mid, he's all fired up! We'll take care of the ship,
so you kids just sit tight.

(The group nods, and they head inside the cabin. Galuf suddenly gets an odd look
on his face.)

Bartz: Galuf, what's wrong?

(The others walk up to him.)

Faris: Yes...you do look even stranger than usual.

Lenna: Galuf, are you all right?

(Galuf turns away from them.)

Galuf: My head...

(He feels a little dizzy, but it stops. He turns back to the others.)

Galuf: It was like I could almost remember...

(Flashback to where Mid finds Cid.)

Mid: Grandpa!

(Mid enters the room.)

Cid: Mid?

(Flashback to Galuf standing on a castle balcony.)

Krile: Grandpa!

(Galuf turns around and the blonde girl walks up to him.)

Galuf: Krile!

(Flashback to where Mid is slapping Cid.)

Cid: Ouch! Mid, stop that! What are you doing?

Mid: What am I doing? What are YOU doing, you silly old fool!? You never give
up! Never!

(Second flashback to where Krile is slapping Galuf.)

Galuf: Owww! Hey, knock it off!

Krile: Silly old fool!

(Flashback end.)

Galuf: K... Kri... Krile...

(Galuf suddenly feels dizzy, but it stops.)

Bartz: Galuf! What happened!?

Lenna: Did you remember something!?

(Galuf walks away from them, before facing them.)

Galuf: I'm...I'm not from this world!

Bartz: !?

(The other three leap back in shock.)

Galuf: I warped here through a meteorite from another world. Because... The evil
we'd sealed thirty years ago was beginning to reawaken... So I came to stop

Bartz: Evil is reawakening?

Galuf: That's right... Big, bad evil, too- the dark warlock, Exdeath!

(Flashback. Galuf is standing with three other people, two men and a werewolf,
in a cavern.)

???: No doubt about it! The power of the four crystals is gathered here!

???: Perfect! We'll use their power to seal Exdeath here!

(The X-shaped marking in the world with four seals is shown. End flashback.)

Galuf: To seal him, I came here once before, thirty years ago...

Lenna: So... If all four crystals are destroyed, then Exdeath's seal will be
broken as well?

Galuf: Right... Ughhh...my head...

(Galuf moves away as he feels dizzy. The other three surround him.)

Bartz: Galuf!

Galuf: Still...still can't remember clearly...urg... We can't...allow Exdeath
t'...be reborn...gkk...

(After another dizzy spell, Galuf collapses.)

Bartz: Galuf!!!

Galuf: 'M...okay...

14. Spotted!

(The group exits the cabin and finds Cid and Mid asleep on the deck. They wake
Cid up.)

Mid: Zzz...zzz...

Cid: *yawn* ...Ahhh, slept like a top!

(Mid wakes up.)

Mid: *yawn* ...Ahhh, slept like a top! Heheh, I sound like the old man! It's
finished! We are so awesome!

Cid: Presenting, a boat that will sail without any wind!

Bartz: So we can use this ship to go find the earth crystal!

Cid: Righto! We're counting on you. We'll return to the Library of the Ancients
for now.

Mid: We should be able to find some more clues there.

(The two begin to head off the boat.)

Cid: If you need anything, then just stop by!

Mid: Take care of yourselves!

(They nod, and Bartz goes to the wheel.)

Bartz: We're off!

(The group heads out. After awhile, they near Crescent Island, and stop by the
Crescent Village. As they head inside, an old man freaks out.)

Old Man: Not again... It's another quake!

(He runs around, panicking, while the party looks confused. Suddenly, an
earthquake occurs, knocking them down, before they pick themselves up.)

Bartz: What the- Crap, the ship!

(As they head towards the exit, they realize something.)

Bartz: Oh no, the ship's sinking!

(The fire-powered ship is pulled into a whirlpool and sinks. The group leaves
the village and heads south to the Black Chocobo Forest. As they enter the
forest, they spot something.)

Galuf: What the heck is that?

Lenna: A chocobo...?

Faris: Doesn't look like any chocobo I've ever seen.

Bartz: Whatever it is, I'll catch it!

(Bartz eventually catches the chocobo.)

Black Chocobo: Kweeeh!

Bartz: He's a black chocobo!

Lenna: Oh! This means they aren't extinct after all!

Bartz: Guess not! Black chocobos can fly, so... Giddyup!

(Bartz climbs onto the chocobo, which attempts to fly, but falls, throwing
Bartz off as well. Galuf and Lenna run to Bartz while Faris examines the

Black Chocobo: Kweeeh!

Galuf: He didn't giddy. Did you break him or something?

Faris: Not funny, old man. Sounds like he's got something stuck down his

(Faris thumps the black chocobo a few times, and two crystal shards fly out of
it's mouth as Bartz gets up.)

Lenna: Crystal shards!?

Faris: They must have been blown here by the explosion in Karnak...

(The other three walk up to the shards.)

Bartz: ...And 'cause he swallowed them, he couldn't fly!

(He gathers the crystal shards.)

Narrator: Resting within the shard, a warrior's spirit... Bard. Ranger.

Bartz: Ew, they're still sticky.

Galuf: But maybe this time he'll be able to fly!

(The four climb onto the black chocobo, which dances slightly and begins to fly.
They fly back to the Library of the Ancients, where Cid and Mid run up to

Cid: Hey! You're back!

Bartz: Cid... We found Crescent Island, but the fire-powered ship sank!

Cid: Oh, so?

Mid: Whatever. We'll just build another one!

Cid: More importantly, we've learned the whereabouts of King Tycoon!

(Everyone starts.)

Lenna: What!?

Cid: He was seen in Karnak. From there, he moved on to the Desert of Shifting

Faris: Shifting Sands, you say?

Mid: It's the desert to the west of here, where the sand flows like water...

Cid: That's the name. It's impossible for people to enter. They say that past
the desert is the Town of Ruin, but no one can actually get there to see.

Bartz: If no one can enter the desert, how did the king manage to do it?

Cid: Good question.

Mid: Witnesses claimed to see him floating in midair.

Bartz: Floating!?

(Mid nods.)

Lenna: Father...

Faris: Come on, it's not like we're getting any closer to that desert by sitting
around here.

Galuf: Doesn't matter how close we get TO it if we don't know how to get IN!

Faris: Maybe we'll see it and be inspired. Don't tell me you're afraid of some
sand, old man...

Galuf: Please! When I was your age, we crossed burning sand every day and liked
it! Come on, Bartz!

Bartz: Let's check it out!

(The group leaves the Library.)

15. Home Sweet Home 

(The group enters Lix, where everyone seems to recognize Bartz.)

Scholar: Hey Bartz! It's me! Look, we've got to hang out later. It'll be like
old times.

(Flashback to when the two were kids.)

Scholar: Read or not, here I come!

(Bartz climbs onto the roof of a three-story house.)

Bartz: O-ka-aaay!!!

(He stays there until nightfall. Bored, little Bartz walks around the roof until
he suddenly slips. He clings to the roof.)

Bartz: Hey... Somebody...anybody!

(End flashback.)

Scholar: Heheh, ever since then you've been afraid of heights, huh? When I was a
kid, everyone teased me for being dumb, but now I'm gonna be a scholar, 'coz I'm
S-M-R-T smart! [sic]

(They enter Bartz's house, where a bard now lives.)

Bard: You used to live in this house? You must have a lot of memories here.
Please, take your time and look around.

(Bartz examines a tape and it begins to play a song. Flashback. Bartz is in bed
with his mom, Stella, standing by him. Dorgann is sitting at the table. Bartz
turns his head to side, supposedly asleep. Stella slowly walks away from him
and goes to Dorgann.)

Dorgann: Is he asleep?

Stella: ...You're leaving again so soon?

Dorgann: ...No. I'm not going anywhere.

Stella: The spasms aren't as frequent anymore... I can get by on my own now.
Still, it would be nice if you stayed... not to take care of me, but just so we
could be together, as a family...

Dorgann: I know. But get some sleep. You're still sick, and you need the rest.

Stella: I will, dear. Just let me finish this up first.

(Stella walks off-screen. Dorgann walks towards Bartz, who turns to him.)

Bartz: You're leaving again, aren't you?

Dorgann: So you were awake.

Bartz: Daddy, are you going to get more bad guys?

Dorgann: That's what I do.

Bartz: I wanna come!

Dorgann: You need to stay here and take care of your mother. Don't tell her you
saw me leave, all right? It'll be our little secret.

Bartz: Okay, Daddy.

Dorgann: Now it's time for good little boys to go to sleep. Stella! Worry about
that tomorrow and come get some rest.

(There was no response. Dorgann gets worried.)

Dorgann: Stella?

(The screen pans, and it turns out she had collapsed. Dorgann runs to her.)

Dorgann: STELLA!!!

(End flashback. The group leaves Bartz's house and goes to the inn.)

Innkeeper: Bartz! For you, son, it's free. Stay and rest a spell!

(The group goes to sleep in the Inn. That night, Faris notices that Bartz is
gone. She heads outside and finds him near a gravestone.)

Faris: Bartz... You okay?

Bartz: Oh, Faris...

Gravestone: Here Lies Stella

Bartz: Meet my mom.

Faris: Eh?

Bartz: You know, I was born here in this village. Mom passed on when I was still
young... After that I traveled with Dad for a long time. But three years ago, he
got real sick...

(He writes something on the gravestone.)

Bartz: That should do it...

Gravestone: Here Lies Stella and Dorgann, Devoted Husband

Bartz: He always wanted to be buried here with Mom. Dad was so strong...

Faris: A father, huh... wonder what that's like.

Bartz: Faris?

Faris: Let's head back. Lenna'll worry if she wakes and finds us gone.

(The group leaves Lix.)

16. The Ruined City

(The group heads into the Desert of Shifting Sands and tries to walk on the
ground, but the sand pushes them back.)

Galuf: As expected, it's hopeless...

(Cid and Mid run up behind them.)

Cid: Wait!

Mid: It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings, and the orchestra hasn't even
started tuning up yet!

Cid: We'll build a bridge!

Mid: It's a little risky, but you guys are all about danger, right?

Cid: How it works is, we use this bell to call the sandworm...

Mid: ...then you guys trash it...

Cid: ...and there's your bridge!

Galuf: Not the most sophisticated of methods... You aren't that sophisticated of
a guy! I think it suits you fine!

Cid: All right, we're going to call the sandworm!

Mid: You guys ready? [Yes] Oh yeah- if you use any magic on the sandworm, you'll
be sorry. Good luck!

Cid: Here goes!

(The group rings a bell, and the sandworm appears. The group battles and defeats
the sandworm, forming a bridge.)

Mid: Game, set, and match!

Cid: Now you can get into the desert!

(The two cheer.)

Bartz: Cid, Mid, take care of the black chocobo while we're gone, okay?

Cid: Good luck!

Mid: Take care!

(The group continues into the desert. They travel through it and past it until
they reach the town of Ronka.)

Bartz: Guess this is that Town of Ruin Cid was talking about...

(When the group goes up the stairs, they suddenly see King Tycoon behind a
pillar before he runs off. Lenna starts.)

Lenna: That was...

Faris: King Tycoon...?

(The group keeps going and they spot King Tycoon again, and continue to follow
him for awhile until he runs inside a destroyed building, where they corner

Lenna: Father!

Faris: ... P...Papa...

(The two stare at each other, before suddenly, a hole opens underneath them and
they fall in, startled, as King Tycoon watches. Bartz, Lenna, and Faris land in
an open room, while Galuf lands in a smaller room nearby.)

Lenna: Faris!

Faris: ...

Lenna: I knew it! You really ARE my sister!

Faris: I'm sorry... I wasn't certain at first, and then I didn't think I should
tell you...

(The two embrace.)

Lenna: Sister!

Faris: Lenna...

(Galuf wakes up and tries to find a way out of the room, but doesn't. Bartz
wakes up and goes to the two girls.)

Bartz: Uhhh... Where are we?

Lenna: This place is strange...

Faris: Say...what happened to the old man?

Bartz: Huh? He's not here?

Lenna: We must have gotten separated when we fell...

Bartz: He'll be okay. He's a tough old cuss! I'm sure we'll run into him again
later. Come on, let's get going.

(Galuf freaks as he hears this and bangs on the wall several times before he
looks around, spots a hole, and, clinging to the very edge, manages to pull
himself out of the little room and into the larger one where the others are,
freaking them out.)

Galuf: Now wait one cotton-picking minute! That was an awfully quick decision to
ditch me!

Bartz: Yikes! Uh...sorry!

(The group heads through the area until they step on a platform, activating it.)

Bartz: What is this?

(The four are teleported to another platform. The room suddenly shakes.)

Bartz: Look out!

(As they flee, the machine overloads and destroys the path behind them as they
run before they manage to flee into another room.)

Narrator: Meanwhile...

(Cid and Mid fly the Black Chocobo back to the forest where it was found and

Cid: East, west, home is best- even if you're a chocobo, huh!

Mid: Bartz should be thrilled! We went above and beyond the call of duty!

(Back to Bartz and the others.)

Bartz: Phew... That was close.

Galuf: I suppose that was a warp device.

Faris: After not being used for so long, activating it must've caused an

(The group continues until they find a switch, which they pull. This causes an
earthquake where Cid, Mid, and the Black Chocobo are. Suddenly, Cid and Mid fall
into a hole that opens beneath them as the Black Chocobo looks confused. The
party continues through the door that opened and travel until they cross a
bridge to something unexpected.)

Bartz: This is...? Hey, it's the fire-powered ship! I thought it had sunk.

(Then he notices another bridge leading to another ship.)

Bartz: ...But what's that ship over there?

(They cross the second bridge to a ship with propellers.)

Bartz: Propellers on a boat? What's up with that?

(Cid and Mid suddenly land in front of them.)

Bartz: Cid, Mid!

Cid: Oww...

Mid: What the... Bartz? Lenna, Faris, Galuf...what're you guys doing here?

(Cid looks around the ship.)

Bartz: I think that's our line! Where'd you guys come from?

Mid: We rode the black chocobo back to Crescent Island. Then, all of a sudden a
hole opened up beneath us, and we fell...

Bartz: Wait, so we're underneath Crescent Island?

(Mid nods as Cid disappears inside the ship.)

Bartz: That explains the fire-powered ship being here...

Mid: This place must've been built by the Ancients.

Bartz: Huh... And this propeller ship?

Mid: Uhh...maybe you should ask Grandpa about that. Huh? Wait, where'd he go?

(Mid follows Cid inside the ship. The party follows them until they spot the two
in the engine room.)

Cid: Hot diggity dang! This is mind-blowing!

(Cid continues examining the ship.)

Bartz: Hey, Cid-

Cid: Don't bother me, boyo!

(Cid ignores them and continues fiddling with the ship.)

Cid: ...tighten this...and adjust this...righty tighty, lefty loosey...

(The ship begins to shake slightly.)

Cid: Voila! That should do it!

Bartz: That should do what?

(Cid looks excited.)

Cid: That should get this ship moving!

(Underwater, a hatch suddenly opens, allowing the ship to fly into the sky. The
group talks to Cid who is looking over the side.)

Bartz: Cid, what is this thing?

Cid: Isn't it obvious? It's an airship! Amazing...I've only ever seen these in
old texts! I can't believe I'm getting to use one in the flesh! ...Er, well, you
know what I mean!

(Suddenly the ship shakes violently, startling everyone.)

Bartz: Oof, what was that!?

Cid: Something's dragging us down!

(Bartz looks over the side.)

Bartz: Creeping crawdads! Some monster's got a death grip on the ships's hull!

(The group battles Clay Claw and defeats it. They all cheer.)

Cid: Ha! Looks like that overgrown lobster just got served!

Bartz: With cheese biscuits AND mashed potatoes!

(Cid goes to the wheel and brings the ship back down into the hatch.)

Cid: Looks like damage to the ship was minimal... We can use parts from the
fire-powered ship to make the airship good as new.

Bartz: Cid...

Cid: If you're just going to thank me, I don't need to hear it.

Mid: We'll stay here and search for some clues about the earth crystal!

Cid: The skies are yours, kids. Now get out there!

(Cid and Mid step onto the bridge.)

Faris: The evil warlock, Exdeath...

Lenna: We must prevent him from returning...

Galuf: All that's left is the earth crystal!

(Bartz goes to the wheel.)

Bartz: No point in dawdling... Let's go!

(The four take to the skies in the airship.)

17. Sarisa and Lenna 

(The group heads back to Castle Tycoon where the Chancellor greets them.)

Chancellor: Don't worry about us, Princess. We'll take care of the castle while
you're away!

(Lenna nods.)

Chancellor: Won't you rest here in the palace tonight? [Yes]

(That night, Faris wakes up and turns to Lenna.)

Faris: Lenna, you awake?

(Lenna turns to Faris.)

Lenna: Yes... Is something wrong?

Faris: Not wrong, just...strange. I was just a wee lass when I fell overboard...
Between that and the shock, I forgot a lot of my life here.

Lenna: Faris- Sarisa...

Faris: But for some reason, being back here- just being in this room is making
those memories return...

(Flashback. Little Sarisa is studying while Jenica watches.)

Sarisa: Cure... Cura... Curaga...  Cure... Cura... Curaga...

Jenica: All right, that's enough for today.

Sarisa: Phew... I'm pooped!

Jenica: Your mother has asked you to put Princess Lenna to bed. Take care of
that while I mark your test, please.

Sarisa: Okay!

(Sarisa starts to run out of the room.)

Jenica: And come straight back here! No dawdling!

Sarisa: Okay... Aw, man...

(Sarisa leaves the room and enters the room with four beds and places baby Lenna
into one of them.)

Sarisa: Hi-hi Lenna... Tomorrow, me 'n Papa're gonna ride the wind drake.

Lenna: Papa, Papuuu!

Sarisa: Flyin' up high is s'posed t' be the bestest thing ever, Papa says. An'
when you look down on them, all the people're s'posed to look like they cast
Float on themselves!

(She blinks, confused.)

Sarisa: Wait... Um, not Float, but Toad? Teleport? Uhh... Mini? Yeah, that's it,
they look like they were Minied!

(Meanwhile, Jenica is pacing her room.)

Jenica: She's late...

(Back where Lenna and Sarisa are, Sarisa had pulled another bed right next to
Lenna's and had fallen asleep. End flashback.)

Lenna: Sarisa...

Faris: Yeah?

Lenna: Perhaps we should keep this a secret from the chancellor for now. He
would only make a big fuss if he knew, and certainly wouldn't let you leave the
palace again...

Faris: Aye... And we have to get out there and find Papa...

(The next day, the four leave the castle.)

18. Ronka Ruins

(As the airship approaches the Ronka Ruins, an earthquake suddenly occurs.)

Bartz: What's going on?

Galuf: Look! The town...

(The ruins suddenly rise into the air. The party hurries back to the airship's
hatch, and Cid and Mid run towards them.)

Bartz: Cid! Mid! We've got an issue here...

Cid: Save your breath...

Mid: ...'coz we saw the ruins through the telescope!

(The two climb on the ship and Mid pulls out a book.)

Mid: This is bad...the earth crystal is way up there!

(Galuf starts.)

Mid: The ancient Ronkans amplified the earth crystal to make their town float.
But once they realized amplifying the crystal could make it shatter, they
stopped the machine.

Cid: Shake a leg, miscreants! Somebody's turned the machine back on!

Lenna: It couldn't- you don't think that Father...

Faris: Never! He would never do such a thing!

Bartz: How're we supposed to get that high?

(Cid pulls out another book.)

Cid: With this...

Mid: ...Adamantite! If we reinforce the ship with it, it'll fly higher! But
we'll need to find some more...

(Galuf raises his hand.)

Galuf: That's simple enough!

(Everyone stares at him.)

Galuf: That meteorite I came here in... I remember seeing some adamantite
reserves inside!

Bartz: Are you sure?

Galuf: You calling me a liar!?

Bartz: Of course not... It's just that your memory's still kinda spotty, right?

Galuf: Pish-posh! The adamantite part is clear as day!

Faris: It's good a place as any to start. Let's go check it out.

Cid: We'll stay and get things prepared.

Mid: You guys hurry and bring us some adamantite!

(The two leave, and the party flies the airship to Tycoon's meteor. When they
reach the meteor, Galuf looks around the meteor.)

Galuf: Hrm...It was around here, I'm sure of it...

(Galuf fiddles with the meteorite, and a door opens.)

Galuf: There! Inside there!

(The party enters the meteorite, grabbing the adamantite at the very back.)

Galuf: There it is!

(Galuf picks it up.)

Galuf: How about that! Pretty sharp memory, huh?

Bartz: How would an amnesiac like you know!?

Galuf: Ah-hahahahaha! ...Wait, are you mocking me?

(Galuf laughs.)

Narrator: Obtained Adamantite!

(The party tries to leave the meteor, which suddenly grows dark.)

Bartz: There's something in here with us...watch out!

(They are attacked by an Adamantoise, which they defeat. Then they head back to
hatch, where Cid and Mid come running to the ship. Galuf gives them the

Cid: Great, you got the adamantite!

Mid: Quick, give it here so we can install it! Bartz, you guys take a break.

(Cid and Mid take the adamantite and go inside the ship while Bartz and the
others leave the ship. The two rapidly work on the ship. Meanwhile, the group is
sleeping in the worklab of the ruins. Bartz starts and wakes up, climbing out of

Bartz: *yawn*... Weird... I dreamt that the airship was already finished...

(Cid and Mid run into the room.)

Cid: Rise and shine! It's done!!!

(Bartz freaks.)

Bartz: Yikes, you work fast!

(The other three wake up.)

Cid: After you lift off, press the A button to fly higher!

Lenna: So with this, we can go to the floating ruins?

(Cid and Mid look at each other.)

Cid: Technically, yes, but... Well, take a gander at this.

(He pulls out a book.)

Cid: The floating city is equipped with a heavy defense system... If you don't
disable it, you won't be able to enter.

Mid: According to this book, the cannons are really powerful...

Lenna: But we must go!

Faris: No question about it!

Galuf: I don't even see the worry. What's a couple of overblown pop-guns against
the likes of us!?

Bartz: Cid, Mid, thanks for all your help. Now, let's get to the crystal before
it's too late!

(The party leaves and heads for the airship, where Bartz goes to the wheel.)

Bartz: Yo-ho-ho, and stuff! Time to cast off!

(The group heads for the ruined city and destroys the four cannons on the sides
of the city.)

Bartz: So much for their defenses!

Lenna: Wait- what's that!?

(The Soul Cannon appears on the city.)

Galuf: Cripes, look at the size of it!

Faris: Guess there's one last thing to take care of...!

(The party battles and defeats the Soul Cannon, revealing a hole.)

Bartz: So, I guess that hole's the way in?

Galuf: Sure looks like it.

Faris: We'll know in a second!

19. The Earth Crystal

(The group heads inside the ruined city and travels until they find King Tycoon
near a monster.)

Lenna: Father!

King Tycoon: Urgh... That bedamned clapperclaw blocks the path!

Faris: Papa-

King Tycoon: Silence! There is no time for chatter! That beast is the guardian
of these ruins. It can change its weakness at will... Make yourselves useful and
defeat it!

(The party defeats it, but it comes back to life.)

Narrator: Archeoaevis was revived!

King Tycoon: Oh! Look at it! Such energy! This is the true power of the

(The party destroys it for good this time.)

King Tycoon: Good work! Very good... Mwa-hahahaha...

(King Tycoon shoves them aside and heads deeper into the ruins.)

Lenna: Father!

Faris: Papa!

Bartz: The earth crystal should be just ahead...

(The four head inside the crystal room and find King Tycoon next to the earth

Lenna: Father!

Faris: Papa!

Galuf: This is bad! Something's gotta be controlling him!

(As King Tycoon moves in front of them, Lenna and Faris block him from Bartz and

Lenna: Bartz, stop!

Faris: Don't even try it!

Bartz: Step aside!

(The girls shake their heads. King Tycoon moves towards them.)

King Tycoon: Heh... With the four of you gathered like this, it will be easier
to destroy you all!

(At that moment, the ruins shake, causing everyone to look around. Suddenly, a
fourth meteor falls from the sky, knocking everyone but King Tycoon down. The
blonde girl from Galuf's visions enters the room and fires a spell at King
Tycoon, knocking him down, as Bartz and Galuf get to their feet.)

Girl: Grandpa!

(She runs towards Galuf.)

Girl: Grandpa! I'm so glad you're okay!

(Galuf turns away, confused, before suddenly getting an enlightened expression
on his face. He turns back to the girl.)

Galuf: Krile... You're...Krile...!

Narrator: Galuf's memory returned!

(Krile runs around him a bit before stopping.)

Krile: Grandpa, I missed you so much...

(Faris and Lenna get to their feet and rush over to King Tycoon.)

Lenna: Father!

Faris: Papa!

Krile: Oh, don't worry. I just hit him with a little strike of Thunder! He
should be okay.

(King Tycoon gets up.)

King Tycoon: Ughhh... Where... Lenna...Sarisa? Sarisa- is that you!?

(Faris and Lenna nod.)

King Tycoon: It really is you... Sarisa! I can't believe it! You're alive!

Faris: Papa...Papa!

(Suddenly, the room darkens, and Bartz stares at the crystal.)

Bartz: Oh-

(The crystal shatters, scattering the shards around the room. The seal breaks,
and a beam of light flies onto the earth crystal's base.)

Galuf: Exdeath...!

(The light forms into Exdeath.)

Exdeath: Galuf. It's good to see you again...for it means I have returned!

(The crystals shards begin to crowd the six heroes, before heading towards

Exdeath: Crystals! Obey my magic... Give me your power! Smite these vermin!!!

Bartz: You think we're gonna just sit back and let you do whatever you want!?

(The crystal shards attack Bartz, knocking him down.)

Bartz: Nngh...

Lenna: Bartz!

(Bartz gets up as Exdeath becomes a light again.)

Exdeath: Hah! Now the crystals have been destroyed. Next shall be your world,

(Exdeath flees. King Tycoon runs forward.)

Lenna: Father!

Faris: Papa!

(King Tycoon looks at everyone.)

King Tycoon: Sarisa...Lenna...Bartz, and you, warriors from another world. I
fear your work is still unfinished. You must not allow the world to disappear
into nothingness...

(King Tycoon raises an arm and begins to draw power into himself.)

King Tycoon: Light of earth! Come forth and reclaim your essence from me!

(The room shakes, and the crystal shards begin to attack King Tycoon, knocking
all of them back. King Tycoon gets up, steps forward, and allows the crystal
shards to attack him again before he is knocked down again.)

Lenna: Father!

Faris: Papa!

King Tycoon: Get back! The crystal...must be saved...

(He gets back up, and the crystal shards circle him, before he grabs them and
flings them into the air. The room stops shaking, and the crystal shards fall
down, harmless, as King Tycoon collapses. The others run to him.)

Lenna: Father! Hold on!

Faris: You can't die!

King Tycoon: Sarisa... Forgive me... I wasn't...much of a father... Lenna...
Sarisa... Please, stay together... Become each other's strength... Bartz...take
care of them...as I cannot...

Lenna: Wait- Father! You can't-

Faris: Don't- don't leave us!

(They reach out towards him, but he dies and fades away, depressing everyone.
The shards shine slightly, before joining the party.)

Narrator: Resting within the shard, a warrior's spirt... Samurai. Dragoon.
Dancer. Chemist.

(After a bit, the room begins shaking again. Everyone looks around.)

Bartz: What's going on!?

Galuf: It's the ruins- they're falling!

Bartz: We've gotta get out of here! Everybody to the airship!

(Everyone except Lenna heads for the door. Krile and Galuf leave, while Bartz
watches as Faris heads for Lenna.)

Faris: Lenna... Come on!

(The three run through the door, and the five of them run through the ruins as
it falls and make it to the airship. Faris runs to the wheel.)

Faris: Hold fast, this'll be a bumpy ride!

(The airship flees as the Ronkan Ruins crashes onto the ground.)

20. Galuf's Departure

(Everyone is looking over the side of the airship. Faris walks over to Lenna.)

Faris: Lenna...

(Lenna looks depressed.)

Lenna: Father... He's gone, isn't he...

(Bartz comes out of inside the ship and goes to the bow where Galuf is standing
at the very tip.)

Bartz: Galuf... Something wrong?

Galuf: Yeah... We've got to get moving, and now!

Bartz: Huh? What's going on?

Galuf: It's all come back to me- I remember everything. Exdeath is an evil
warlock from my world... Thirty years ago, he came here to destroy this world's
crystals. I and three others- the Dawn Warriors- sealed him with the power of
the crystals. Everything was fine for thirty years...we thought it was all over.
But something bad was happening to the crystals. Once we figured it out, we took
the meteors and came back here... But I was too late... Exdeath's not only been
freed, but has returned to our world...

(Bartz and Galuf look over the side, depressed.)

Bartz: That's because we used too much of the crystals' power, right?

(Galuf shakes his head and walks over to Bartz and pats his shoulder.)

Galuf: No... We were the ones who left Exdeath on this world in the first place.
Back then, we should have dragged him back to our world, like he said...

(Later, the group is next to the meteor Krile came on. Krile is standing on the
meteor while Galuf looks at the other three.)

Bartz: So you guys are really going back?

(Galuf nods.)

Galuf: Yup. We've got to seal Exdeath again. Krile's meteorite should still have
some juice left... Probably only enough for one more trip, though. Bartz, Lenna,
Faris... Thank you so much for everything. I'll miss you guys.

(Krile jumps off, and they start to head inside the meteor, but stop when Bartz
calls to them.)

Bartz: What kinda nonsense is that? We're going with you!

Galuf: No, you're not. This is the last meteorite. That means that if you went
to my world, you'd never be able to come back here. Farewell!

(He goes inside. Krile waves to the other three.)

Krile: Goodbye!

(She heads inside the meteorite.)

Bartz: Galuf! Krile!

(The two are transported away to their planet. The other three fly around on the
airship a bit before landing. Bartz is looking over the side, depressed.)

Lenna: Bartz...

Bartz: Yeah?

Faris: So, we've been talking...

Lenna: They're still fighting Exdeath in that other world, and...

Faris: We've got to avenge Papa!

Lenna: Yes! What's more...

Faris: Galuf... He's...

Bartz: He's one of us.

Lenna: Bartz!

Faris: We knew you'd get it!

Bartz: Let's go then- to the other world!

Lenna: ...But how do we do that?

Faris: The meteorites don't have enough power to warp anywhere...

Bartz: Well, when I think meteorites, I think Cid! He'll probably know

21.  Flying on Hiryu 

(The group heads back to Castle Tycoon and are greeted by the Chancellor.)

Chancellor: Even if I tied you up, it wouldn't keep you here, it seems...

Lenna: Oh, Chancellor... Don't be sad, it's for the sake of the world.

Chancellor: Won't you rest here in the palace tonight? [Yes]

(That night, the three are sleeping. Lenna wakes up and looks sad.)

Lenna: Father... He's gone, isn't he...

(Faris wakes up and looks at her.)

Lenna: Faris...Sarisa. Do you remember Father?

Faris: ... It must've been fifteen years...

(Flashback to when Faris was little Sarisa.)

Sarisa: No! No no no no no!!! It's scary, I don't wanna!

(King Tycoon and Sarisa are standing by Hiryu. Sarisa runs away from them.)

Sarisa: No! No no no no no!!! It's scary, I don't wanna!

(She hides in a tower.)

King Tycoon: Sarisa! After all that talk about flying on Hiryu... Now you don't
want to?

(King Tycoon mounts Hiryu, who flies into the air.)

King Tycoon: All right. This time, Papa is going to find the best doctor in the
world to help Mama. I'll be back as soon as I can. Be good while I'm gone.

(King Tycoon flies away, and Sarisa runs up to the platform.)

Sarisa: Wait! I wanna go, too!

(End flashback. The three leave the castle.)

22. To the Other World!

(The group heads to Cid and Mid's. Not finding them in their usual spot, they
find a note left behind by them.)

Bartz: It's in Cid's handwriting.

Note: '...adamantite left over from the airship renovations is dangerous... Went
to return it...'

Lenna: I hope nothing has happened to Cid...

Bartz: Return the adamantite? That means...

(They fly the airship to Tycoon's meteor and find the Black Chocobo.)

Black Chocobo: Kweh!

Bartz: Huh? What's the black chocobo doing here?

(They head inside the meteor and find Cid and Mid there, startling everyone.)

Bartz: Cid! Mid! What're you guys-

Cid: Bartz, stay back! It's dangerous!

Mid: A huge wave of power just started flowing from the adamantite!

Cid: We just thought to put it back where it came from... Hold on...!

(He places the adamantite on the warp panel, and the room glows briefly before
dying down.)

Cid: Jumping Christmas! The floor is absorbing the energy from the adamantite!

Lenna: Say...do you think the meteorite could be recharging? Perhaps it would be
enough for us to travel to Galuf's world!

Bartz: That's as good an idea as any.

Cid: What? What are you going on about?

(Lenna briefly explains everything to Cid.)

Cid: Hmm, so that's your plan!

Mid: But this piece of adamantite is too small. There's not enough power for
this meteorite to get you to the other world. But maybe if all four meteorites'
powers were combined...

Bartz: ...it'd be enough to warp to Galuf's world!

(The group heads out of the meteor and cheers.)

Cid: All right... Let's get to the next meteorite!

Mid: Yeah!

(The two climb on the Black Chocobo and fly away. The party follows on the
airship and reach Ronka's Meteorite.)

Cid: Wait right here!

Mid: Be right back!

(The two head inside the meteorite. After awhile, the others get worried.)

Lenna: They've been inside for quite some time, don't you think?

Faris: We'd better check on them.

(The group heads inside and finds Cid and Mid encircled by purple energy.)

Cid: Help!

Mid: Yeow! Help us!!!

(They are attacked by the Manticore, which they defeat. Cid and Mid are okay.)

Bartz: Come on!

(The five of them flee the meteor.)

Lenna: Are you all right?

Mid: We are now!

Cid: That was close!

(The two cheer.)

Cid: All right... Let's get to the next meteorite!

Mid: Yeah!

(They get on the Black Chocobo and fly off, with the party following them on the
airship to Karnak's meteor.)

Cid: Come on, Mid!

Mid: Yeah!

(The two run into the meteor, but run back out almost immediately.)

Cid: Gadzooks! It's a den of monsters! Er, you kids can go ahead.

(The group heads inside and battle Titan, whom they defeat.)

Narrator: Received the summoned monster Titan!

(Cid and Mid run inside.)

Cid: Much obliged. Now, you can leave the rest to us!

(Later, the party is outside when Cid and Mid run out and cheer.)

Cid: All right... Let's get to the next meteorite!

Mid: Yeah!

(They mount the Black Chocobo and fly off to Walse's meteor, with the party
following on the airship until they reach it.)

Cid: Wait here!

Mid: Leave it to us!

(The two run inside, and after awhile, come back out.)

Cid: That's that!

Mid: Okay, let's hurry!

(Suddenly, a monster appears above them.)

Bartz: Cid! Mid! Look out!

(The monster attacks. The group defeats the monster, Purobolos.)

Cid: Are you all right?

Mid: That was awesome!

Cid: That's all four meteorites! Now, take a look at this map.

(On the map, the energies of the four meteors conjoin at a certain spot.)

Mid: See where the energies from all four meteorites intersect? That's the warp
point. Now, get over there!

Cid: Be careful!

(The party turns to leave.)

Bartz: Thanks for everything, guys.

(They leave and fly to the warp point and stare at the whirling portal.)

Lenna: The light is fading...

Bartz: There's not much power left from the meteorites.

Faris: No turning back now!

Bartz: A one-way trip, huh? You guys sure about this? We probably won't be able
to come back home...

Lenna: That doesn't matter...this is more important.

Faris: Aye. We're in this 'til the bitter end.

(They take a deep breath.)

Bartz: All right then...let's go!

Lenna: I suppose this is goodbye to our world... Farewell, Chancellor...

(She leaps into the portal.)

Faris: ...Buck up, mateys. I know you can handle the looting and pillaging
without me.

(She leaps into the portal.)

Bartz: Be good while I'm gone, Boko! Don't get into too much trouble!

(He leaps into the portal, and the three are warped away from the world into the
other one.)

23. Battle of Big Bridge

(The three land on an island in the middle of nowhere.)

Bartz: This...

Lenna: This is Galuf's world...?

(The three eventually use a tent. Faris and Lenna are sitting by the campfire
while Bartz is lying down.)

Faris: ... Lenna... There's something I've been wondering about... It was way
back when we were on North Mountain... Why'd you risk your life just to save
that drake?

Lenna: Sister... Do you remember Mother?

Faris: Eh? ...Mmm, a little...

Lenna: Whenever I see Hiryu, I'm reminded of her...

Faris: How do you mean?

(The fire suddenly goes out, confusing them. A monster suddenly appears and
grabs Lenna.)

Bartz: Monster! Look out!

(Faris is grabbed too and the monster flies away.)

Bartz: Lenna! Faris!!!

(The monster, an Abductor, attacks Bartz. He defeats it, but it leaves behind a
chest. Bartz opens the chest and is gassed.)

Bartz: Augh- gas! I...I can't feel my legs...

(He faints. Later, the three wake up to find themselves in a dungeon in a

Bartz: Ugh... Where are we?

Exdeath: Mwa-ha-ha... Welcome to my castle!

(Exdeath walks up to their cell door.)

Bartz: Exdeath!

(A monster walks up to Exdeath.)

Monster: Lord Exdeath! Galuf and the others have made it to Big Bridge.

Exdeath: Fortuitous timing... Prepare the giant mirror!

Monster: Yes, my lord!

(The monster runs off as Exdeath walks closer to their cell.)

Exdeath: Perhaps I should thank you... You are about to become quite useful to

(The monster comes back, bringing a mirror and positioning it in front of the

Lenna: Bartz! Look, up in the sky!

Bartz: A bird...? No, wait- it's our reflections!

(On the Big Bridge, Galuf, Krile, and two soldiers are standing on it. Krile
steps forward and points to the sky.)

Krile: Grandpa, look!

Galuf: Bartz! Lenna! Faris! What in blazes is going on?

(Galuf steps forward as the image of the trio and Exdeath appears in the sky.)

Exdeath: That's far enough, Galuf! One more step and they die!

Galuf: Hell's bells! Everybody, fall back!

(All of them run away. Back at Exdeath's castle, he moves away from the cell.)

Exdeath: Gilgamesh.

(Gilgamesh appears.)

Gilgamesh: Sir!

Exdeath: Watch them. See that they don't try anything.

(Exdeath turns to leave as Bartz runs up to the cell door.)

Bartz: Exdeath! You...

(Exdeath shoots a beam at Bartz, knocking him into the wall.)

Bartz: Argh!

(Meanwhile, on the Big Bridge.)

Galuf: Krile, I'm borrowing your wind drake. Bartz and the others need my help!

(Krile nods.)

Galuf: Release the wind drake!

Soldiers: Yes sir!

(Two soldiers release the wind drake, which Galuf mounts while running. The wind
drake flies over to the roof of Exdeath's castle, where Galuf jumps off.)

Galuf: Thanks, boy. Now go back to Krile, okay?

(Galuf falls into the castle as the wind drake flies away.)

Galuf: So...this is the place?

(Galuf opens a chest and finds everyone's items.)

Narrator: Received Bartz's items and crystal shards!

Galuf: Bartz, Lenna, Faris...hold on! I'm coming!

(Galuf runs through the castle all the way to the dungeon until he is stopped by

Gilgamesh: Who goes there?

(The two battle.)

Gilgamesh: Take this!

(He attacks.)

Gilgamesh: Rahhh!

(He attacks again. Galuf deals some damage to Gilgamesh.)

Gilgamesh: In...inconceivable! W-well... Um. Well, then! That's enough of a
beating for today! Don't step out of line again!

(Gilgamesh flees. Galuf runs up to the cell door.)

Bartz: Galuf!

Galuf: Sit tight and I'll have you out of there in a jiffy.

(He opens the door and they all come out.)

Faris: Thanks, old man.

Bartz: Sorry for messing up your plans... We just wanted-

Galuf: Whatever! I'll verbally berate you later, after we've blown this pop

(The group runs through the castle, at one point having to pass monsters.)

Bartz: Whoa! Better not let them see me!

(The exit the castle and reach the Big Bridge. After entering the bridge, some
monsters appear.)

Galuf: From here on, it's monsters all the way! Stay on your toes!

(They are attacked by several sets of monsters as they run through the first
half of the Big Bridge. As they open the door to enter the second half, out pops
Gilgamesh, causing them to leap back in shock.)

Gilgamesh: Ha ha! Guess who's been waiting behind this door the whole time? Yes,
it's me! Took you long enough, too... I was just getting worried you might have
gotten lost! Anyway! It's go time!

(He attacks them. During the battle, they talk.)

Gilgamesh: I suppose I misjudged!

(He casts Haste.)

Gilgamesh: Fighting all four of you...

(He casts Protect.)

Gilgamesh: ...is just too tough for me...

(He casts Shell.)

Gilgamesh: ...NOT! Ha, I lied! Like a rug! Oh, I kill me!

(They fight Gilgamesh some more.)

Gilgamesh: Urgh! ...Goodness gracious! I, uh, just remembered something! See ya!
I must take my leave... but we'll meet again! Count on it!

(Gilgamesh flees. The four continue running through the second half of the Big
Bridge, battling monsters, until they find Krile.)

Galuf: Krile!

Krile: Grandpa! The barrier- look out!!!

(The five run as the barrier around Exdeath's castle starts to activate. Krile
makes it to safety, but the other five are caught at the edge of the barrier.
They are flung away to another part of the planet. Krile runs back out of where
she had been hiding and looks around.)

Krile: Grandpa!!! Grandpa!!!

(She bows her head.)

24. Reasons

(The party lands on a distant continent.)

Faris: Any idea where this is?

Galuf: Yeah... This has gotta be Gloceana...the back of beyond! Crawling with
monsters, too. Figures we'd be thrown someplace like this...

Bartz: Galuf... Sorry about all this. I mean, we came to help you, but you ended
up helping us...

Galuf: As usual! I meant it, yanno, you really didn't have to come... Meddlesome
bums, the lot of you.

(Lenna, Faris, and Bartz move away from Galuf slightly.)

Galuf: Still... it's good to see you again.

(The four travel until they reach Regole and head to the Inn there.)

Innkeeper: Well, I'll be! Customers! That is a sight for sore eyes. Tonight's on
the house!

(They go to sleep. During the night, Galuf wakes up and leaves the inn. Bartz
wakes up and follows him outside, but doesn't see him.)

Bartz: Where'd Galuf go?

(He looks around before entering the Pub, where Galuf is drinking wine.)

Galuf: Ahh...now that's the stuff! Finally, a chance to try the famed Regole
bew! Kinda burns a path down your throat!

(Bartz enters the Pub.)

Galuf: Oh, Bartz! What's up?

Bartz: Couldn't sleep...

Galuf: Mmm. Come on, pull up a chair.

(Bartz sits down across from Galuf.)

Bartz: Galuf...I'm sorry. If we hadn't butted in, you'd have been able to get
into Exdeath's castle...

Galuf: Nah, even if we had gotten in, the barrier would've destroyed us... I
hadn't the slightest inkling it'd been finished. In fact, it's only thanks to
you that we weren't all crushed!

Bartz: Galuf...

Galuf: Bartz... You knew that once you came here, you could never return. So
why'd you do it?

Bartz: ...No particular reason.

(Galuf stands and walks up to him.)

Galuf: Bartz...

Bartz: Hey, don't worry about it.

(The party leaves Regole and eventually enters a forest. They accidentally
startle a creature, which runs away, but eventually falls into a pit.)

Creature: Kupo!

(The four walk up to the pit.)

Galuf: What's a moogle doing in a place like this?

Bartz: Moogle?

Galuf: Strange little critters that live in the forest. They're pretty timid,
though, so you don't see them that often.

Lenna: Let's help it!

(The group jumps into the pit after the moogle. They head through the cavern
until they spot the moogle cornered by a monster.)

Lenna: Be careful, Mr. Moogle!

Moogle: Kupo kupo!!!

(The group engages the monster in a battle and defeat it. They approached the
moogle, but it freaks and runs away to another platform. Lenna slowly walks
towards the moogle.)

Lenna: Oh, you must have been so scared... It's okay now, don't worry. Come

Moogle: Kupo...

(Lenna outstretches her arms.)

Lenna: It's all right now!

Moogle: Kupo kupo!

(The moogle slowly approaches Lenna, and the two of them nod to each other. Then
the moogle runs towards the door and gestures to them.)

Moogle: Kupopo!

Bartz: What's going on?

Lenna: I think he's asking us to follow him.

(They see the moogle run through the world into a forest. They follow it and
reach the Moogle Village, eventually finding the moogle that they rescued.)

Lenna: Look, it's the moogle we helped!

Moogle: Kupo! Kupo!

Lenna: Are you thanking us?

(The five walk inside the moogle's house.)

Moogle: Kupo!!!

Lenna: I think it's telling us we can have what's inside.

(They take the chests and leave the house. After exploring the village, they
talk to the moogle they rescued. The moogle climbs onto the tree.)

Moogle: Kuku popo!

Galuf: Hmm? What's it doing?

(Meanwhile, in a castle room, Krile and a moogle run out of her bedroom.)

Krile: What's going on? Why are you so excited?

Moogle: Kupo!!!

(Krile nods, and the two head up to the roof where the wind drake is resting
near an orange soldier.)

Soldier: What's happened?

Krile: It's Grandpa- he's in moogle village!

Soldier: ?

Krile: Moogles can all communicate through telepathy. Even when they're far
apart, they can keep in contact with their minds...

Soldier: The moogle village... That's pretty far from here.

Krile: Yes... Plus, the wind drake is too tired to fly.

(The wind drake wakes up and chirps slightly.)

Krile: So that means...? I see. ...Thank you. He says he can go- but only once!

Soldier: If you're certain it's all right...

(Krile nods, and the wind drake spreads its wings, knocking the moogle aside.
Back in Moogle Village, the moogles get excited.)

Bartz: What's going on?

Moogle: Kupopopo!

(One of the moogles gestures.)

Bartz: Huh? Nose?

(The moogle nods and it and the others run off. Meanwhile, Krile and the wind
drake are circling above the forest.)

Krile: Gee, where is the moogles' forest anyway?

Moogle: Kupopo!

Krile: Hmm? At the nose?

(Her moogle nods. The wind drake finds the nose in the forest.)

Moogle: Kuku popo!

(The wind drake lands and Krile gets off.)

Galuf: Krile!

Krile: Grandpa!

Galuf: How did you find us?

Krile: The moogles told me you were here! Grandpa, we should hurry back to the

(The five and Krile's moogle climb back on the wind drake and fly into the sky
as the other moogles wave to them. The wind drake flies away.)

25. Galuf's Identity

(The wind drake lands at a castle and the five get off.)

Krile: I'll take the wind drake back to his roost so he can rest, okay?

(Krile climbs back on the wind drake and flies off.)

Soldier: King Galuf!

(Six orange soldiers run up to them.)

Galuf: Thanks for holding down the fort while I was gone.

Soldier: King Galuf!

(Later, the four are in the throne room. Galuf is sitting on the throne, nodding
as the soldiers say things to him.)

Galuf: What's the situation on Exdeath?

Soldier: There's been no activity since the barrier went up.

Galuf: I see... And our troops?

Soldier: They've been almost entirely wiped out by Exdeath's monster hordes...

Galuf: ...

Soldier: I'm sorry, sire.

(They bow their heads, but lift them up when Bartz walks up next to Galuf.)

Bartz: Eh? I thought you were just some crazy old man- you never said anything
about being a king!

Galuf: ...Well, you know!

(Galuf nods, and Bartz gets an odd expression on his face.)

Bartz: This sure is a surprise and a half!

Galuf: Good job, men. Go get some rest.

Soldier: Yes, sire!

(The soldiers leave the room. Galuf gets off his throne and walks to Bartz.)

Galuf: Bartz, what is it? You've still got that funny look on your face.

Bartz: It's you- a king! I still can't get over it, that's all!

Galuf: What, you saying I'm not the epitome of kingliness?

(Bartz nods, and Galuf raises his arms.)

Galuf: What!?

(Bartz freaks and runs as Galuf chases him around before they stop. Bartz raises
his arms in defense as Galuf raises a hand to smack him.)

Bartz: Just kidding! I'd just better mind my P's and Q's around you...King

Galuf: ...

(He shakes his head.)

Galuf: Listen up- before you knew me as a king, you knew me as a friend. Just
"Galuf" is fine.

Bartz: Understood, Just Galuf!

Galuf: ...Don't push it, kid. Here in Bal, bad jokes like that will get you

Bartz: *groan*

Galuf: Haw haw haw!

(They all laugh. The group explores the castle and find Krile with the wind

Krile: ...

Lenna: Krile?

Krile: The wind drake... He's dying...

Lenna: What?

Faris: What happened?

Krile: He pushed himself too hard... He was wounded, and shouldn't have been
flying, but... He took me to find you.

Galuf: He sacrificed himself to save us.

Faris: Is there any way for us to save him?

Krile: ...

Lenna: We'd need dragon grass...

Krile: Dragon grass? Will that heal his wounds?

Lenna: Yes. However...does such a thing even exist in this world?

Faris: Back home, wind drakes always nest near dragon grass. I expect these
drakes act the same. If we go where drakes roost, we ought to find dragon grass

Galuf: Hmm, if that's the case, then...

Bartz: Well? Where do we need to go?

Galuf: Our best bet is Drakenvale... the old valley of wind drakes. However, no
one who's entered has ever returned...

(Everyone bows their heads in sorrow, before Bartz lifts his up.)

Bartz: Guess that means we'll be the first who do!

(Everyone stares at him.)

Krile: Bartz!

Galuf: Drakenvale is north of the castle. It's just past Quelb, the werewolf

Krile: But what about the monsters outside? There are so many of them!

Galuf: No worries- not if we're all offensive!

Bartz: Right!

Lenna: Together, we'll be all right.

Faris: And we'll bring back that dragon grass, never you fear!

(The group nods, and heads towards the gate.)

Galuf: Open the gates!

Soldier: But sire! Exdeath's monsters are waiting right outside...

Galuf: Once we're clear, shut the doors and seal them tight!

Soldier: Sire! If we do that, you won't be able to reenter the castle! Are you
certain that's what you want? [Yes]

(The soldiers open the gates and the party runs outside.)

Galuf: All right! Now close the gate and seal it. Don't let anyone inside, no
matter what!

Soldier: If you so command... Take care, Your Majesty!

(The soldiers run back inside and lock the door.)

Galuf: Yipes...didn't take long for Exdeath's creeps to get here... On your
toes, kids, here they come!

(They are attacked by monsters, but defeat them.)

26. Kelger and Dorgann

(The group heads north and reaches Quelb.)

Galuf: The gate to Drakenvale is north of town- easy to find. The question is,
will it be open...

(They find the gate, but its locked.)

Galuf: No good! It's locked tight. Figured as much... Guess we'd better find

(The group enters Kelger's house, but no one is there, and just as they are
going to walk back out, they are stopped by a voice.)

???: Halt! You have encroached far enough!

(Three werewolves surround them.)

Bartz: Hrn... Well, if it's a fight you want, then-

Galuf: Bartz, calm down! They're our allies!

Faris: If our allies are pointing blades at us, I certainly don't want to meet
our enemies!

(A brown werewolf, Kelger, enters the room from the door at the top.)

Kelger: Oh, Galuf!

Galuf: Kelger!

Kelger: It's been quite a while, has it not?

Galuf: Sure has! Ah, Kelger here's one of the four Dawn Warriors.

Bartz: He fought Exdeath with you, thirty years ago?

(Galuf nods and walks to Kelger.)

Kelger: Who are the younglings?

Galuf: Folks from the world where we sealed Exdeath.

Kelger: Friends of Exdeath!?

(Bartz walks up to them.)

Bartz: Huh!? Wait-

Kelger: These cads are the ones who destroyed the crystals and brought Exdeath
back... and you've led them here!?

(Galuf stands between Bartz and Kelger.)

Galuf: You've got it all wrong, listen-

Kelger: Stand down, Galuf!

(He knocks Galuf aside.)

Kelger: Bartz, or whoever you are- prepare yourself! I would test your blade!

Bartz: !?

Galuf: Kelger...

Kelger: Crony of Exdeath or no- show me what kind of man you really are!

(Lenna and Faris run up to them. Bartz looks at the girls.)

Bartz: No...stay back. I've gotta settle this man-to-man.

(The girls stand near Galuf. Bartz and Kelger go to the center of the room and
bow to each other. Kelger takes a few steps back.)

Kelger: Hah! Let's see how you handle my lupine attack!!!

(Kelger begins circling Bartz very rapidly. After a few seconds, Bartz realizes
where Kelger really is.)

Bartz: There you are!

(He knocks Kelger into the next room. Galuf leaps up and runs to Bartz.)

Galuf: Bartz! I told you not to hurt him!

(He runs into the room, followed by Lenna and Faris, while Bartz rubs his head,
embarrassed. Later, Kelger is in bed with Galuf and Bartz standing next to it
while Lenna and Faris are sitting at a table.)

Bartz: Sorry about that, Kelger.

Galuf: Hell's bells, Kelger, always overdoing it! Why don't you act your age,
for once!

Kelger: Still... to foil my lupine attack so easily... You're more skilled than
you seem.

Bartz: Nah. It's just a trick I learned from my dad.

Kelger: From your father? What was his name?

Bartz: Dorgann.

(Both Galuf and Kelger freak out.)

Bartz: What? What're you making those faces for?

Galuf: No way...you can't be...

Kelger: Dorgann's son...

Bartz: Um, Dad's name was Dorgann, and I'm his son, so... What's going on?'

Galuf: Well! Small worlds we live in, huh? Bartz, your father, along with me,
Kelger, and Xezat Surgate- we fought together against Exdeath.

Kelger: Dorgann was one of the four Dawn Warriors.

(Bartz steps away from the two of them.)

Bartz: Wait... Dad's from this world!?

Kelger: Correct.

Bartz: ...

Galuf: We followed Exdeath to your world, and then...

(Flashback. Galuf, Kelger, Xezat, and Dorgann are standing there, with an
unconscious Exdeath on the ground.)

Galuf: Is this guy immortal!?

Dorgann: How much punishment can he take? Even when we knock him down, he won't
STAY down...

Kelger: We'll have to seal him here.

Xezat: Yeah...that's our only out.

Dorgann: What- seal him here!? We can't just leave a demon from our world in

Xezat: What other choice do we have?

(Exdeath starts to recover.)

Kelger: Look sharp, lads, he's recovering!

Galuf: Damnation!

Kelger: Now there really is no choice. He must be sealed, and we may not get
this chance again!

(Kelger, Galuf, and Xezat step forward, raise their arms, and begin to seal
Exdeath, but Dorgann looks away from them.)

Galuf: Dorgann, we can't seal him with the crystals unless all our hearts are
united. Are you with us?

Kelger: Dorgann!

(Dorgann doesn't move for a few seconds, before he too raises his hand in the
air. The four seal him with the crystals in the forest. Later...)

Galuf: You're certain you want to stay?

(Galuf, Kelger, and Xezat are standing near a warp in a meteor. Dorgann looks
away from them.)

Dorgann: My mind's made up.

Kelger: But why?

(Dorgann says nothing but walks up the stairs.)

Dorgann: Safe journey!

(Dorgann leaves the meteor.)

Galuf: Dorgann...

(End flashback.)

Galuf: Dorgann stayed in your world to watch over Exdeath's seal...

Bartz: ...Wow. That's...huh.

(He walks back to Kelger's bedside.)

Kelger: How fares old Dorgann anyway?

Bartz: Three years ago, he got real sick, and...well.

Kelger: I see... My sympathies. Son of Dorgann, anything you ask of me shall be
done! You need only name your request.

Bartz: Actually... If we could get into Drakenvale...

Kelger: I will have one of the villagers unlock the gate.

(The four leave the village.)

27. Dragonlike Dragon Grass

(The group continues until they reach Drakenvale. As they travel, they encounter
a battle with a Golem and two other monsters. The others eventually turn on the

Golem: Help! You gotta help me!

(The group destroys the other two monsters.)

Golem: Thanks a ton! It'd rock if I could roll along with you!

(The battle ends. They continue through until they find some dragon grass.)

Lenna: Look!

Faris: Dragon grass!

(The two girls go to pick it, but it suddenly attacks them.)

Faris: Aughhh!

Lenna: Help!

(They collapse. Bartz and Galuf run over, pick them up, and place them a few
steps away from the dragon grass. They recover, and the four look at the dragon

Bartz: What the crap was that!?

Lenna: Grass isn't supposed to attack people!

Faris: That's no grass, that's a beast! A foul, leafy demon!

Galuf: This must be why all the drakes are extinct!

(The dragon grass attacks. They four defeat it.)

Faris: The dragon grass!

(It goes back to its normal state.)

Lenna: Look! Come on, let's take some and go!

(She picks the dragon grass.)

Narrator: Obtained Dragon Grass!

(The group heads back to Bal Castle. Galuf bangs on the door.)

Galuf: We're back! Now open the gate!

Soldier: Nice try, monster! You're gonna have to work harder to pull one over
the soldiers of Bal!

Galuf: Aw, man... Guess it's time for Plan B.

(Galuf jumps into the moat as the others watch.)

Galuf: You coming?

(The others jump into the moat and find their way onto the castle grounds. Galuf
speaks to one of the soldiers.)

Soldier: Sorry, sire! We thought it was another one of Exdeath's tricks...

Galuf: No worries! Better safe than sorry, or whatever... *grumble grumble*

(They go into the castle and into Krile's room, where Krile is resting.)

Galuf: Krile!

Krile: Gr...Grand...pa...

Galuf: Hang on, dear!

Krile: He's...calling...

Galuf: Shh, don't try to talk.

Krile: ...Calling...Ghido is calling...

Bartz: Ghido?

Krile: Hurry...go find Ghido, please...

Bartz: But who's Ghido?

Galuf: A sage who has lived for over seven hundred years... Ghido's the one who
prophesized that the crystals in your world would break.

Bartz: And he's calling her? Like, pyschotically?

Galuf: ..."Psychically," Bartz. Anyhow, the sage might know some way to defeat

Krile: ...

Galuf: Hang in there, Krile. We're gonna go see Ghido, so just hold on a little

Krile: Mmm...but...have to... use the wind drake...

Galuf: Don't worry. We've got dragon grass in spades.

Krile: Really!? ...The drake's resting at the top of this tower...

Galuf: Will you come with me?

Lenna: Certainly.

Faris: Like you needed to ask.

Bartz: Where do we find this Ghido, anyway?

Galuf: He lives on a small island. It's in the ocean northeast of Drakenvale.

(They all nod to each other, and the four head up to where the wind drake is
resting. Lenna shows it the dragon grass.)

Lenna: Here, eat this, you'll feel better.

(The wind drake shakes its head in refusal.)

Bartz: That grass killed off all the wind drakes...no wonder he doesn't want to
eat it.

(Galuf moves behind the wind drake.)

Galuf: It doesn't matter if he wants to...he has to! With wounds like these, if
he doesn't hurry and eat that stuff, he'll die!

Lenna: It's all right. Look, you can eat it, see? I'll have some, too.

(She eats some dragon grass.)

Faris: Lenna! Are you insane?

Bartz: Lenna! Did you forget? Dragon grass is poisonous to humans!

(Lenna shows the wind drake some dragon grass.)

Lenna: Here, now you try...

(The wind drake eats the dragon grass, healing it, and it spreads its wings with
a roar.)

Lenna: That's a good boy...

(She faints.)

Faris: Lenna!!!

(Krile runs onto the scene.)

Krile: Lenna! Hold on!

(She runs over.)

Krile: Drink this!

(She gives Lenna something to drink. Lenna is cured.)

Faris: Lenna!

Bartz: Lenna! Are you all right?

Lenna: Yes... Thank you, Krile.

Krile: Don't do things like that! That's ridiculously dangerous!

Faris: Cripes, Lenna, if something had happened to you-

Lenna: I'm sorry...

Galuf: Krile! You sure you should be up and about?

Krile: I'm...I'm okay...

(Krile collapses.)

Galuf: Krile!

(She picks herself up.)

Krile: Don't...don't worry 'bout me...

Bartz: Geez-oh-pete, every one of you guys is always going overboard!

Krile: Eheheh...

Galuf: You stay here and get some rest, young lady!

Krile: Okay...

Lenna: Krile... Thank you. I am in your debt.

Krile: You saved my wind drake. I think we're square. Thank you!

Galuf: You rest up now, got it?

Krile: I will! You guys be careful too!

Galuf: To Sage Ghido!

Lenna: Right!

Faris: Let's go!

Bartz: We're off!

(The four climb on the wind drake and fly off as Krile waves to them.)

28. Battle at Sea

(The four land on the island and head outside Ghido's cave.)

Bartz: So, this is it?

Galuf: Yup, Sage Ghido's place.

Lenna: Let's find him!

Faris: Wait-

(The ground suddenly shakes.)

Bartz: An earthquake!

(They are startled.)

Bartz: The island's breaking apart...

Galuf: We gotta get back to the wind drake- hurry!

(They fly away just as the island sinks into the sea. Menawhile, Exdeath laughs
inside his castle.)

Exdeath: Mwa-hahahaha! Witness what befalls those who stand against me!

(The group flies to Surgate Castle. The soldiers stop them.)

Guard 1: State your name and business!

(Another guard opens the castle doors and comes out.)

Chief Guard: Stand down- this is King Galuf of Bal! Let them in, you cretins!
King Xezat is leading the fleet to Exdeath's castle.

Galuf: Really!

Faris: Xezat- one of the Dawn Warriors, right?

(Galuf nods.)

Bartz: Someone who fought with Dad...

Chief Guard: This way, please.

(The four enter the castle after the chief guard.)

Chief Guard: Please, take anything within the castle that might help you.

Galuf: Thank you!

(They go through the castle and eventually leave it. They fly towards Exdeath's
castle and find a fleet of ships. Xezat spots them.)

Xezat: That wind drake...

(As the wind drake prepares to land, the soldiers step between that place and

Xezat: Hold your fire. They're friends!

(The wind drake lands and the four step off. The soldiers separate as Galuf and
Xezat greet each other warmly.)

Xezat: If it isn't Galuf! Aren't you a sight for sore eyes!

Galuf: Xezat! How the devil have you been?

Xezat: Managing, barely. These friends of yours?

(Galuf steps aside to introduce them.)

Galuf: This is Dorgann's son, Bartz!

Xezat: Dorgann's...!

Galuf: The ladies are nobility from the other world.

Xezat: Well met. I'm the swordsman Xezat.

Galuf: Oho? Not "King" Xezat?

Xezat: Ehh, I don't think it suits me all that well.

Galuf: Sure doesn't! Har har har! I'm the same way. So, can you get us into
Exdeath's castle?

Xezat: Ha, you're halfway in already! For now, go below deck and rest for a bit.
The fireworks'll start soon enough.

(The four do as suggested. Suddenly, they are rudely awakened as the ship shakes
and they fall out of bed.)

???: Monsters! Look out, we're under attack!!!

(The group heads back up to the deck.)

Galuf: Xezat, what's going on?

Xezat: Exdeath... Somehow he's gotten the jump on us!

(Monsters appear on the deck, including Gilgamesh. The monsters knock the
soldiers aside as Galuf and Xezat go back to back.)

Galuf: Surrounded...

(Xezat takes on one of the monsters.)

Xezat: Leave this trash to me.

Galuf: Don't blow it this time!

Xezat: I think that's my line! Rahhh!!!

(Xezat and the monster are flung to another boat. The four go around destroying
monsters until only Gilgamesh is left. Meanwhile, another monster is chasing
Xezat. He casts Thunder, destroying it, as the first one catches up to him and
knocks him down. Galuf and the party encounter Gilgamesh at the bow.)

Gilgamesh: Ahhh...blue, blue skies and the rolling sea! It's days like this that
get you high on life! But you, sirs, are harshing my buzz!

(He attacks. They battle. At some point during the battle, Enkidu appears.)

Gilgamesh: I see you're leisurely as ever, faithful sidekick!

Enkidu: The old man gave me some trouble.

Gilgamesh: Ho? Let's return the trouble... ...and make it double! Come on!

(At some point, Enkidu is defeated, but Gilgamesh doesn't notice. After awhile,
Gilgamesh speaks again.)

Gilgamesh: Enkidu! Faithful sidekick! I trust you can take care of the rest!

(He turns around and sees that Enkidu is gone.)

Gilgamesh: Faithful sidekick? ...Enkidu? Hey! Sidekicks are NOT to ditch the

(Gilgamesh is defeated.)

Gilgamesh: Geh! If I go, I'm taking you with me! How about going for a swim!?

(Gilgamesh jumps into the ocean, nearly taking Galuf with him, who grabs onto
the ship.)

Galuf: Whoa whoa whoa!

Gilgamesh: Hey! Foul! That's playing dirty! I'm not supposed to be the only one
in the drink! Don't think I'll forget this! You'll- *glub glub glub...*

(Gilgamesh swims away.)

Galuf: Urk... My hands are going numb...

Xezat: I'm coming! Hang in there!

Galuf: That pun is so bad, I'm gonna fall on purpose...

(Just as Galuf slips off the boat, the wind drake hovers underneath and Galuf
catches its tail.)

Galuf: The wind drake!

Xezat: Good timing! Now, it's our turn to strike! Quit hanging around and get
over here!

Galuf: Again with the puns...oy.

(The wind drake carries him to the deck.)

29. Destroying the Barrier

(Later, the group meets Xezat below deck in his room.)

Xezat: If you're ready, grab the other side of this box, would you?

(The group does so, revealing a secret passage. They all climb into the secret
passage into a submarine.)

Xezat: We're off!

(The group looks around.)

Galuf: What's going on?

Xezat: The fleet's only a decoy- the real plan is to get to the barrier tower by

Galuf: Well, huh. That's kind of brilliant, actually.

Xezat: You expected any less? The tunnel that leads to the barrier tower's been
completed. Let's go!

(The submarine moves to a small cavern.)

Xezat: Come on!

(The group leaves the submarine into the cavern, where Xezat was placing a bomb

Xezat: Get back!

(The five move away as the bomb explodes.)

Xezat: Come on!

(He and the party go through the tunnel into the tower.)

Galuf: This is the barrier tower?

Xezat: Indeed. All that's left is to take it out, and the barrier will be
destroyed! I'll take care of the generator downstairs. You hit the top floor and
find the antenna.

Galuf: Find it and destroy it, I assume?

Xezat: You got it. I'll vut the power, and once that happens, you blow up the
antenna! Here, you'll need this.

(He gives them some Whisperweed.)

Narrator: Received Whisperweed!

Galuf: What's this do?

Xezat: With this, we can keep in contact. All right, let's move! I'm counting on
you! Good luck!

(He heads through a door. The group continues until they hear a voice.)

???: *hiss* ...Galuf, do you read? *hiss* Over!

Bartz: What was that- the whisperweed?

Galuf: Xezat!

Xezat: ...*hiss* Repeat, Galuf, do you copy? Over!

Galuf: I hear you, loud and clear!

Xezat: ...Good. *hiss* I've made it to the generator, over.

(Xezat is in the generator room, when a monster sneaks up behind him.)

Xezat: Everything looks all clear on this end. Ove- eh!?

(He dodges as the monster lunges towards him, and casts Thunder on it, which
destroys it.)

Galuf: Xezat! What was that?

Xezat: ...*hiss* ...Don't worry about it. *hiss* You just get to the roof as
fast as you can! Over!

Galuf: Gotcha- er, over!

(The party continues through the tower until they reach the antenna at the top.)

Galuf: Xezat! We've reached the antenna!

Xezat: Roger that! Over!

(Xezat goes up the steps to the generator before turning it off.)

Xezat: Now! Destroy the antenna!

(Back with the party, the antenna dies, but a voice speaks.)

???: You think it'll be that easy? Think again! Now pay...with your blood!

(The group is attacked by Atomos. They defeat it, and the antenna is blown apart
by them. They cheer.)

Bartz: And that's how it's done!

Galuf: Xezat! Can you hear me? It's done, we destroyed the antenna!

(The generator room suddenly starts exploding, and Xezat tries to leave, but the
door is blocked by an electrical current.)

Xezat: No way out... Galuf! Things are getting hot down here. You need to hurry
and make your escape! The energy feed's gone into a recursive loop... It's only
a matter of time before it all blows!

(At the top, the group hears the cry of a wind drake.)

Lenna: The wind drake! He can fly us out!

Galuf: Xezat! We're coming to get you!

Xezat: No! Don't come down here! Wait for me in the sub, and I'll catch up with
you. Just go!

Galuf: Idiot! He's gonna die! But I'm not gonna let him-

(Bartz blocks him from going down the stairs.)

Bartz: Galuf! It's too dangerous!

Galuf: I don't care!

Bartz: ...Lenna, you and Faris go ahead.

(Lenna and Faris nod and jump off the antenna onto the wind drake.)

Galuf: Xezat... You knew all along something like this would happen, didn't you!
You knew, and still you sacrificed yourself...

Xezat: Galuf, wait for me in the sub. Promise me you'll go. Over and out!

(Galuf starts to run down the stairs as Bartz holds him back.)

Galuf: Damn it, Xezat!!!

(Back in the generator room, Xezat bows his head.)

Xezat: Of course I knew... This was my plan, how could I not? But it would've
been too dangerous for any of you to go in my stead. Four new warriors have been
chosen by the crystals... They must be the ones to fight Exdeath. Galuf... and
Bartz, Lenna, Faris... The rest is up to you. Don't worry...I'll always be with
you when you need me...

(The generator room explodes, killing Xezat. Back at the top...)

Galuf: Damn it, Xezat!!!

(Bartz pushes Galuf back up the stairs.)

Bartz: Galuf...I'm sorry.

(Bartz punches Galuf, knocking him out. He then carries him as he jumps off the
side of the tower onto the wind drake.)

Galuf: Ughhh... Bartz...take me to the sub...

Bartz: Galuf, Xezat-

Galuf: We made a promise. Please, let me keep it.

(The wind drake flies away as the tower malfunctions and the barrier to the
castle of Exdeath dies.)

30. First Impressions

(Back in the cavern with the sub, Galuf is depressed.)

Bartz: Galuf... Nothing could've survived that blast...

Galuf: Let me wait- just a bit longer. Just a minute more...

(After a minute, Galuf suddenly bows his head.)

Galuf: Xezat, you ass! Always trying to play the hero, even to the end...!

(Later, everyone is in the submarine. Faris and Bartz are on the top.)

Faris: With a submarine, I reckon it should be an easy task to locate Ghido's

Bartz: Yeah, a lot easier than swimming!

(Lenna comes in from the bottom floor.)

Bartz: How's he holding up?

Lenna: He'll be all right... He just needs a little rest.

Bartz: All right. We've got to keep moving!

(Galuf is sitting, depressed, on the bottom floor as the group maneuvers the
submarine to Ghido's cave. They climb out and head through the cavern until they
see a turtle in the water.)

Bartz: Hey, it's a turtle!

(The turtle swims away and the group jumps into the pond, swimming until they
jump back out elsewhere. They head up until they find the turtle in the middle
of a platform.)

Bartz: Huh...what's up with this turtle?

(Bartz pokes the turtle, and it retreats into its shell before popping back out
again. Galuf is mortified.)

Galuf: Bartz! Stop that!

(Bartz continues to poke the turtle.)

Bartz: But it's fun! Poke, poke, poke...

(The turtle suddenly freaks and turns to Bartz.)

Turtle: Would you quit that!?

(Everyone except Galuf starts.)

Bartz: Sweet Christmas, it's a talking turtle!

Galuf: Sage, I'm so sorry. Please forgive my brainless companion.

Bartz: Wait- this turtle...

Lenna: ...is the sage?

Faris: By the briny beard of Neptune!

Galuf: And you finally catch a clue! Tarnation, I can't take you anywhere!

Ghido: It's all right, it's all right, no lasting damage... Physically, anyhow.

Bartz: Oh, man, I'm awfully sorry...

Ghido: You should be, boy, picking on defenseless turtles... However, we have
more important things to discuss.

Bartz: You mean Exdeath?

Ghido: So, you aren't as slow as you look. What the warlock seeks is within the
Great Forest of Moore.

Bartz: The Forest of Moore?

Ghido: Trees, my dear boy, lots of them, sprawling to the west of Surgate...
That sentient forest is Exdeath's birthplace.

Bartz: !?

Ghido: A certain tree in that forest had been used to seal evil spirits for
years... Five hundred years ago, the concentration of evil turned it into a dark
creature with a life of its own. That creature is Exdeath. I maintained the seal
on Exdeath for five hundred years... However, thirty years ago, the seal was

Bartz: Thirty years ago... That was when he fought the Dawn Warriors...

Ghido: Yes. Don't interrupt. Dorgann and the others fought hard... Finally, they
were able to seal the warlock with the crystals. However, somehow, he escaped.

Bartz: That was our fault...

Ghido: Aren't we feeling self-important, taking all the blame, hmm? Had I meant
it was your fault, I would've said that. Seals are meant to be broken. It only
means that this time, Exdeath must be destroyed!

Bartz: Where is he!?

Ghido: As I said, the Forest of Moore... Something- exactly what I do not know,
so don't ask- rests sealed within the forest that he wishes to claim.

Bartz: The Forest of Moore... The Forest of Moore...

Galuf: And Xezat's revenge!

Faris: We'll defeat Exdeath!

Lenna: Let's do it!

Ghido: The Forest of Moore is sentient. It does not take kindly to intruders,
and will attack all who attempt to enter.

Bartz: ...

Ghido: Take this with you.

(He gives them a Guardian Branch.)

Narrator: Received Guardian Branch!

Bartz: What is it?

Ghido: A branch from the Guardian Tree... That tree is what protects the seals.
With that branch, you may enter the forest. Now, hurry! Exdeath is already on
his way to Moore!

Bartz: Right!

(The group leaves Ghido's cave.)

31. RIP, My Friend

(The group enters the Forest of Moore. At the entrance to the deep forest, they

Lenna: Look...the tree branch, it's-

(The tree branch opens up a pathway.)

Faris: The forest...

Bartz: ...It's letting us in...

(After traveling through the forest, the earth suddenly shakes, knocking them
all down before they get back up.)

Bartz: What the-

(The forest is set on fire, and flames fall near the heroes.)

Bartz: Oh no- Exdeath is setting the forest on fire!

(As they wander around, trying to find a way out, a moogle pops out from a hole
in the ground.)

Moogle: Kupo!

(The moogle jumps back into the hole and the party follows, finding a place
with two moogles and a spring.)

Bartz: Let's hide out here until the flames die down!

(After awhile, the moogles allow them to go back to the surface. When they do
so, the whole forest has burned down. They continue through until they spot a
blocked passage.)

Lenna: What's that?

(A huge tree looms before them.)

Galuf: The Guardian Tree... That's what protects the seal...?

(The branch reacts.)

Bartz: Look, the branch!

(The branch changes the area, allowing them access into the Guardian Tree. They
head inside and spot four sealed objects.)

Bartz: What're those things?

Galuf: Those must be whatever's sealed in here!

(The objects react to their presence and move towards them.)

Galuf: Here they come!

(The four are attacked by four crystals, which they defeat, and the seals go
back to their original positions.)

???: Such efficient work...as if anything less could be expected of the bearers
of the crystals' power. Well done; you've destroyed the seals. Mwa-hahaha! I
suppose I should thank you for saving me the trouble!

(Exdeath walks up to the party.)

Galuf: Exdeath!!!

Exdeath: How ironic! The seals broken by the power of the four warriors meant to
protect them!

(The seals break, revealing four crystals.)

Bartz: What!?

Galuf: They were crystals!?

Exdeath: The crystals which bound me for so long... Now, their power is mine!

(The crystals move towards Exdeath.)

Exdeath: Bow down before my crystals- and my power!!!

(The crystals knock the heroes down and began to zap them with their power.
Meanwhile, back at the castle, Krile is standing with the wind drake.)

Krile: My heart is pounding... Something must have happened to Grandpa!

(Her moogle walks out.)

Moogle: Kupo!

Krile: What? They're in the Forest of Moore? Come on, let's go!

(The wind drake spreads its wings. Meanwhle, the four are still being zapped by
the crystals.)

Exdeath: Time for your viscera to see the light of day! Now die!

(The power output by the crystals increases. Suddenly, a spark of light appears
and zaps Exdeath, knocking him down, and the rays projected by the crystals

Krile: Grandpa! Oh- Bartz! Lenna! Faris!

(She runs up to them.)

Galuf: Krile...Exdeath-

Krile: Don't worry, he shouldn't be doing anything for a while... Oh!

(Exdeath gets up.)

Exdeath: Impudent little fool!

(He summons a ring of fire, which surrounds Krile.)

Krile: H-hey, what are you-

Exdeath: Die!

(The ring knocks Krile around the walls several times.)

Krile: Gr...Grand...pa...!

(Galuf forces himself to his feet.)

Galuf: Kr...Krile...!

(The crystals begin zapping the four again, but Galuf pushes back against the

Exdeath: So certain you want to keep moving, Galuf? Try to dispel this power,
and your precious crystals will shatter!

(Galuf glances at Krile.)

Galuf: Krile!

(Galuf contineus moving, causing the crystal attacking him to shatter. He pushes
Krile out of the ring of fire and jumps into it himself, and it goes into him.)

Galuf: Exdeath!!!

(He attacks Exdeath. Even at 0 HP, Galuf continues to fight.)

Exdeath: Take this!!!

(Exdeath continues attacking.)

Exdeath: Now I'll show you my true power! Prepare yourself for the afterlife!

(Exdeath casts Flare, Holy, and Meteor, but Galuf continues fighting.)

Exdeath: Why...why won't you die!?

Galuf: Takes a lot more than that... ...for me to kick the bucket! I'll destroy
you, Exdeath... even if it means I have to take you into the afterlife myself!

Exdeath:  Fool! All the hatred in existence would never be enough to defeat me!

Galuf: This...isn't anger...isn't hatred...it's...

Exdeath: Then...what...?

(The battle ends, and both Exdeath and Galuf collapse. The remaining three
crystals stop attacking the heroes. Exdeath grabs the crystals, picks himself
up, and teleports away. Everyone except Galuf gets up.)

Krile: ... ...Grandpa!

Lenna: Galuf!

Krile: Grandpa!!!

(They all run to Galuf.)

Bartz: Galuf!

Lenna: Galuf!!!

Faris: Hold on, we can-

Galuf: No good... 'S too late...f'r me...

Bartz: Galuf! Don't talk like that!

Lenna: Galuf!

Faris: Get up, you old bat! Quit playing around, this isn't funny!

Krile: Wake up...wake up, please!

Galuf: Bartz... Lenna, Faris... My dear Krile... Exdeath... Exdeath...

Krile: Grandpa-! No! You can't die, you can't!!!

(They all begin casting spells on Galuf.)

Bartz: Galuf! Curaga!

Lenna: Please... Raise!!!

Faris: Open your eyes! Phoenix Down! Elixir! Anything!

(Galuf dies and flickers away.)

Narrator: Galuf's flame has flickered out...

(Krile throws herself over where Galuf had been.)

Krile: GRANDPA!!! No! No! You can't leave me, you can't die!!!

(They all bow their heads in mourning. Suddenly, a light flashes and Krile leaps
to her feet.)

Krile: Grandpa is calling...!

(She suddenly runs out of the Guardian Tree into a clearing.)

???: Krile...

Krile: ...? Grandpa!?

(Galuf's bracelet comes out of the Guardian Tree.)

Galuf: The Guardian Tree, which has protected the crystals for a thousand years,
is letting me borrow its power to speak to you. I don't have long. I want to
give you my strength... C'mon, Krile...don't cry... Stand with Bartz and the
others, be strong, and fight!

Krile: No! You do it, come back! Don't leave me alone!

Galuf: You know I can't do that. But you're not alone, Krile. You understand
that, don't you.

(Galuf's bracelet joins Krile.)

Narrator: Krile received Galuf's abilities!

Krile: Grandpa... ...it's warm... Grandpa- I feel you with me...

Galuf: I'll be in your heart, always.

Krile: Grandpa... ... ...I understand. Huh? Exdeath is...?

(The other three run out of the Guardian Tree.)

Bartz: Krile!

Krile: Bartz, Lenna, Faris... I'll fight along with you!

Bartz: Krile...

Krile: Grandpa told me that right now, Exdeath is trying to destroy the
crystals. We've got to hurry to Exdeath's castle!

(They nod. Krile raises her hand.)

Krile: The wind drake!

(The wind drake gives a cry and lands on the ground. The four clamber on and it
rises into the air and flies away.)

32. Exdeath's Castle

(The group enters Exdeath's castle and travels until they find a dead end.)

Bartz: Dead end, huh...

(Krile goes back to where the dead end was. The others follow.)

Bartz: Krile, where're you going? There's nothing in here.

Krile: No, there is... All of this is an illusion created by Exdeath.

Lenna: What? Are you certain?

(She nods.)

Krile: Grandpa, give me strength...

(Back in Quelb, Kelger is still in bed, surrounded by four were werewolves.)

Kelger: I see...Galuf has fallen as well... Dorgann, Xezat, and Galuf have all
shuffled off this mortal coil... *cough cough* I fear I haven't much longer,

Wolves: Lord Kelger!

Kelger: It's nearing the time for that longest of rests...

(Galuf's ghost suddenly appears above him.)

Kelger: Who goes there? ...Galuf? Galuf, is it you? Krile is...?

(The ghost nods and leaves.)

Kelger: Galuf... Understood. Everyone... Lend me your strength!

Wolves: Lord Kelger!

Kelger: Let us rend the illusion Exdeath has created! This is my last wish and
command. Send all your power to Exdeath's castle!

(The five wolves do so, and Kelger dies and vanishes.)

Wolves: Lord Kelger!!!

(Back at Exdeath's castle.)

Krile: I see Grandpa... and... a wolf man!

Bartz: It must be Kelger!

(The room suddenly flashes.)

Krile: Everyone's power...

(The room shakes and reveals the true appearance of Exdeath's castle. The five
continue until they find a chest and open it.)

Narrator: It's empty.

(When they try to leave the room, Gilgamesh appears.)

Bartz: Ah geez, Gilgamesh!

Gilgamesh: Ha ha! Looking for something? Well, guess what? I already took the
treasure! ohh, you guys are sooo burned!

(They battle. During the battle, they speak.)

Gilgamesh: Already, our fourth rumble! I must say, I quite enjoy these tussles.
I feel we've gained an understanding...

(They continue fighting.)

Gilgamesh: ...an understanding that I will pound you silly! Ha ha!

(They continue battlings a bit longer before Gilgamesh speaks again.)

Gilgamesh: Say... what happened to that spry old fellow?

Krile: He...he fought Exdeath, and...

Gilgamesh: ...I see. ...

(After fighting some more, they start talking again.)

Gilgamesh: Enough expository banter! Now we fight like men! And ladies! And
ladies who dress like men! For Gilgamesh...it is morphing time!

(Gilgamesh morphs into a multi-armed creature.)

Gilgamesh: Now that it's mine, let's see how good this Excalibur really is!

(He swipes at them a few times with the "Excalibur", but it doesn't do much.)

Gilgamesh: Have at you!

(After another few times, he realizes it.)

Gilgamesh: Ehhh!? Why, I've been had! This is far from the strongest of swords!
I feel so betrayed!

Exdeath: Gilgamesh!

Gilgamesh: Erk!

Exdeath: You worthless fool! For your continued bungling, I banish you from this

Gilgamesh: Wh-what!? No! Anything but that!

Exdeath: Silence!

(Exdeath casts Banish on Gilgamesh, throwing him into the Rift.)


(The party continues to travel until they find Exdeath.)

Exdeath: Do not interfere!

Bartz: Exdeath! No way we'll let you get away with this!

Exdeath: Mwa-hahahaha... Have you any idea what I plan to get away with in the
first place?

Bartz: Wha? No, but...

Exdeath: You all fight so fiercely, yet have no idea of the truth... Hmph. I
will return the earth to how it used to be.

Bartz: You mean you'll turn it to a world full of evil!

Exdeath: Believe what you wish. Simple-minded fools such as yourselves could
never hope to understand my motives. It matters not. I will tolerate no more

(They battle. The group defeats Exdeath. Suddenly, the castle begins to shake as
the crystals spin.)

Lenna: Oh no- the crystals!

Bartz: They...they're breaking!

(They are knocked to the floor as the three remaining crystals shatter.)

33. Home... or is it?

(The group wakes up to find themselves in a familiar place. Lenna points.)

Lenna: That's...

Faris: That's Castle Tycoon...

Lenna: We're back home!?

(The group heads to Castle Tycoon, where they are greeted by the chancellor.)

Chancellor: Princess Lenna! Princess Sarisa! Welcome home!

Lenna: Father...he-

Chancellor: The king's passing was a great loss...However, we must do our best
to continue on without him. Additionally, Princess Sarisa has returned, when we
thought her dead... It is cause for celebration!

(The chancellor leads Faris forward.)

Faris: Sarisa... My true name...

Chancellor: Yes, my lady.

Faris: The name Papa gave me...

(Two guards suddenly surround Bartz and Krile.)

Bartz: Hey, what're you doing!?

Chancellor: Preparations for the banquet are ready. Of course, your
acquaintances are welcome to attend.

(Later, Lenna is sitting on her throne with Krile and Bartz near her. The
chancellor is talking to Faris, who is inside a room.)

Faris: Wh- You want me to go out there- dressed like this? Are you mad!?

Chancellor: Come now, Princess!

Faris: *sigh*

(The chancellor and Faris, who is dressed in a yellow dress, come out. Bartz
gets googly-eyed.)

Bartz: Oh... Sh-she's gorgeous!

(He steps forward to get a closer look.)

Bartz: Yowza! She really is!

(Bartz completely falls in love. Krile walks up to him.)

Krile: Bartz, I think you're blushing!

Bartz: I-I am not!

(Faros sits down on her throne as the dance begins. After a bit, Krile looks
depressed and walks out to the balcony. Bartz follows her.)

Krile: Grandpa...

Bartz: Krile...how're you holding up?

Krile: All right... It's not so painful anymore, but... I guess I just feel
anxious. It's like Grandpa is fussing at us to hurry.
Bartz: Mm, I think I get it. Let's check it out.

Krile: Huh? What?

Bartz: We're back in my world. There's gotta be a reason for that, right? Let's
find out what it is.

Krile: ...Okay!

(The two start to leave the throne room, but Krile looks back at the girls.)

Krile: What about the girls?

Bartz: No way they can slip away, so...

(The two walk outside the gates when they are bowled over by a running soldier,
who helps them to their feet.)

Soldier: Oh, sorry! I was just rushing over to tell everyone the bridge over the
west river is complete!

Bartz: Boko might still be over in that cave to the west...

Krile: Boko?

Bartz: He's my prized chocobo- and my best friend.

Krile: Oh, really?

Bartz: What, you don't believe me?

Krile: Well, you're so poor at riding wind drakes...

Bartz: Hey! You little-

(He pushes her.)

Krile: Ow! Take this!

(She knocks him down.)

Bartz: Geez, I can't win against this kid...

(The two head towards the caves where Bartz left Boko, when the chocobo walks
out of the cave and gets excited.)

Bartz: Boko!

Boko: Kwehhh!!!

Krile: Hello! I'm Krile!

(Boko responds.)

Bartz: Huh? You speak chocobo, too?

Krile: Just a little. I think he wants to introduce us to someone.

(Boko waddles into cave and comes back out, followed by another yellow chocobo.)

Krile: Huh? For real? This is his wife! Her name's Koko.

Bartz: Boko! You stud, you!

(Bartz and Koko greet each other.)

Bartz: Listen, Boko, I've got a favor to ask...

Boko: Kweh!

Krile: He says he already knows.

Bartz: Wha?

Krile: He says you're leaving on another journey, right?

Bartz: Boko, is that okay? I know you got the little woman and all...

(Boko nods and turns to Koko.)

Bartz: What's he saying?

Krile: He says that he loves her...

Bartz: Slick!

Krile: ...And that while he's away, to take care of the babies...

Bartz: Babies!?

Krile: Koko has little ones on the way! She says she'll be waiting here for him.

Bartz: Koko...thanks! Don't worry, we'll come back safe!

Koko: Kweh!

(They nod to each other. Bartz and Krile climb on Boko, and Koko waves as they
leave. The three travel until suddenly, the ground collapses under them and they
land in a cavern.)

Bartz: Ow!!!

Krile: If you hadn't been riding so fast...

Bartz: ...Boko! I say this's all your fault!

Boko: Kweh kweh kweh!

Krile: Don't take it out on him, there's nothing he could've done!

(Suddenly, a tentacle pops out from the ground.)

Krile: Bartz! What's that?

(The two are attacked by a monster, and they fight it until it flees.)

Bartz: Stuck in a monster's nest... Great, just great.

Krile: I don't think it's very great at all. Now what'll we do?

Boko: Kweh...

(The two wander around until a rope suddenly appears. They try several times to
grab the rope, but it goes out of reach every time.)

???: Do you promise never to try and pull something like that again? Willing to
admit you were wrong to try and make it without me? Heh heh heh... Come on, get
up here!

(Boko, Krile, and Bartz climb up the rope. Faris walks up to them.)

Bartz: Faris!

Faris: Which one you decided to maroon me back there!?

(Bartz and Krile point to each other and deny it.)

Faris: Try it again and you'll swing from a yardam!

(They nod and made a pirate's saluting gesture.)

Bartz: But...what happened? Why'd you come after us?

Faris: I'm just not cut out for being a princess, I'm afraid. Pirating's much
more my style.

(The other two laugh. Faris looks sad, but when they try to console her, she
looks up quickly, startling them, and laughs.)

Krile: Ouch!

Bartz: What's wrong?

Krile: Owie, I think I got a splinter... Don't worry about it.

(The three climb onto Boko and leave the area.)

34. Strategy Meeting

(The group travels until they find a familiar cave. As they go through it, they
find a very familiar person, upside-down, confusing them.)

Bartz: Ghido!? Alley-oop!

(He rights Ghido.)

Ghido: Oh! Thank you! I suppose you can be helpful after all. The shock of the
two worlds merging sent everything topsy-turvy...including me! I'm a bit too old
to do much on my back, I rue.

Bartz: What do you mean, "worlds merging"?

Ghido: I see you're just as slow on the uptake as before. It's an ancient
legend, but I had never imagined it was true... According to the legend, a
thousand years ago, Bartz's world and Krile's world were one and the same.

Bartz: The same!?

Ghido: It seems there is quite the echo in here.

Bartz: But... why did the worlds split?

Ghido: To seal the Void.

Bartz: Void...?

Ghido: I fear no matter how often I allude to your ignorance, my dry wit just
goes over your head, so I will simply explain. One thousand years ago, there
existed a presence of the strongest evil, Enuo. Enuo possessed the power to
control the Void. After a long and harrowing battle, the people were able to
defeat Enuo with the twelve legendary weapons... However, the Void that Enuo had
created could not be erased. As a last resort, the people split the crystals
into two. To maintain balance, the world split into two as well. The Void was
sealed within the space between the two worlds- the "interdimensional rift."

Bartz: That means Exdeath was telling the truth... He really did want to return
the world to how it used to be...

Ghido: However, without the crystals...

Bartz: The wind's power will never return...

Ghido: Nor will that of the earth, fire, or water.

(Krile suddenly winces, confusing everyone.)

Krile: Ouch! Ooh, this splinter really hurts...

(The splinter leaves her and transforms into Exdeath.)

Bartz: Exdeath!?

Exdeath: Mwa-hahahaha... I turned myself into a tiny splinter, waiting for just
this moment! Now you can understand my true goal: to take the sealed power of
the Void for my own!

Bartz: What!?

Exdeath: Why do you think I merged the worlds together? Mwa-hahahahahahaha!!!

(The earth suddenly begins to shake, and Castle Tycoon is enveloped in a black

Ghido: Ohh...now that the two worlds are one, the interdimensional rift the Void
was sealed with is appearing as well!

Faris: Wait- so in plain English, you're saying that this Void whatevernot is
coming here?

Exdeath: Yes... The Void shall be released from its thousand year prison and
into my keeping! The matchless power of the Void will be mine!

Bartz: Not a chance, Exdeath!

(He tries to attack Exdeath, but Exdeath zaps him and knocks him away. As a
result, Ghido is knocked into the water. Faris rouses Krile.)

Krile: Castle Tycoon...

Faris: Lenna!

(At Castle Tycoon, the sky turns red as meteors rain down, freaking out the
guard. Lenna watches for a few seconds before running inside. Castle Tycoon
disappears inside the black hole.)

Exdeath: Beautiful...beautiful! Look! Gaze upon the unlimited power of the Void;
watch as it engulfs all in its path! And soon, it will belong to me!

Faris: Lenna... Exdeath, you...!

(As Faris moves forward, she is zapped by Exdeath and knocked back. Bartz
steadies her, and the three move to attack, but Exdeath zaps all three of them
and knocks them down.)

Exdeath: Peons! Tremble before my might! Mwa-hahahahaha! Time for your viscera
to see the light of day! Now die!

(Ghido suddenly appears from the water and rams Exdeath, who is knocked down but
manages to get back up.)

Exdeath: Turtle!

(The two knock each other around a bit.)

Exdeath: ...Not bad, for a reptile!

Ghido: You think I sat around seven centuries munching on pizza?

Exdeath: Ha ha ha... Perhaps you should have taken the chance... You shall find
no such tasty diversions in the afterlife!

(Suddenly, the room shakes, and Exdeath uses magic to fling the four away from
the cave.)

Exdeath: Peons! Tremble before my might! Mwa-hahahahaha!

(He leaves. Meanwhile, the four land on a grassy plateau.)

Ghido: Ohhh, my aching...

Bartz: Ghido! You okay!?

Ghido: Exdeath, that cur... He must be stopped before he obtains the full power
of the Void, or- Hmm?

(He notices something.)

Ghido: By Jove, what's that!?

Bartz: Just the Library of the Ancients...

Ghido: THE fabled Library of the Ancients? My dear boy, have you any idea what
an important place that is!? Oh, of course you don't... To think that the
Library of the Ancients was here the whole time... Follow close, children!
Within the library is a book which describes how to defeat Exdeath!

(They go into the Library, and several scholars run up to them.)

Scholar: Sage Ghido!

Ghido: Oho, scholars from Surgate.

Scholar: We've been able to find the second half of the Sealed Tome!

Ghido: Perfect!

(The group enters the second floor. The staircase turns into a table.)

Ghido: Now, let us begin the strategy meeting! As you have probably noticed, the
two worlds have recombined into one. Also, the Void is trying to break free from
where it has been sealed within the Rift!

Bartz: Then we'd better hurry there and stop it!

Ghido: Bartz, Bartz, Bartz... so enthusiastic and yet so stupid. Along with the
Void, many fearsome monsters were sealed in the Rift a millenium ago. They are
all incredibly evil, and incredibly strong. I feel safe in saying that as you
are now, you kids wouldn't stand a chance.

Bartz: Then, what do we do?

Ghido: Elemntary, my dear Bartz; the legendary weapons used to defeat the
warlock Enuo a thousand years ago!

Bartz: Legendary weapons?

Ghido: Sometimes I wonder if you say thinkgs like this to spite me... Yes, the
twelve legendary weapons. They are weapons. They are legendary. There are even
twelve of them. Now that we have both halves of the Sealed Tome, if all goes
according to legend- and I'm certain it will- the book will show us the way.

(The two halves of the book join to become one.)

Bartz: The book...!?

Ghido: It is written: 'When Nothing's power again does peak, To Light Warriors
this book shall speak.'

Narrator: The book begins to speak...

Book: After Enuo's defeat, the weapons of legend were sealed within the Castle
Kuza. To break the seals, the four tablets must be assembled. One rests
alongside spirits of the past, blessed by soil... One rests within an island
shrine, kissed by wind... One rests beneath the ocean's floor, engulfed by
flames... One rests beyond the river's torrents, protected by water... Along
with the keys to open the seals- the four tablets- are sealed our servants. If
the tablets are moved, our servants will awaken... The ultimate spells of white
and black... The magic of time and space, Meteor... The sea king, Leviathan, and
the dragon king, Bahamut... Present this book unto the gate and the way to the
seals will be opened...

(The book joins Bartz.)

Ghido: Go- unseal the twelve legendary weapons before Exdeath gains the power of
the Void! We are all counting on you. Go and find the first tablet... Blessed by
the soil and the spirits of the past... Eureka! It must be the pyramid in the
Desert of Shifting Sands! Faris, Krile...and even you, Bartz. You must go at
once! The future of the world depends on it!

(The three depart the Library.)

35. Blessed by Soil

(The three enter a forest that is alive and see the Guardian Tree.)

Bartz: The Guardian Tree...

Faris: The forest is beginning to come back to life...

(The three of them bow their heads.)

Krile: Grandpa... Why can't Grandpa come back to life?

Faris: Lenna...Papa...

Bartz: So many lives have been lost...

(They lift their heads.)

Krile: We must stop Exdeath. The people around the world need us... No, not only
the people, but all life...

Faris: Aye...so man sacrifices have been made alreayd... I won't stand by while
more lives are lost!

Bartz: Let's go...so there won't be any more sacrifices.

(The three leave the forest and enter the Desert of Shifting Sands. Bartz walks
on the sand a bit before noticing something.)

Bartz: The sand stopped moving!

Krile: I guess now that both sets of crystals have shattered, there's not enough
power in the earth for it to move...

Faris: Even the ground is getting unstable...

(At the entrance to the pyramid, they are attacked by two gargoyles, which they
defeat. The book suddenly appears.)

Krile: Look- the Sealed Tome!

(A page is torn out of the book and is burned.)

Book: Blessed by the soil and the spirits of old, one tablet rests...

(The door opens. The group goes through until they find a monster known as
Sekhmet and battle him.)

Sekhmet: You may have defeated me...but my brother in the tower will-gahhh!

(He is defeated. The group continues until they find the first tablet deep in
the pyramid.)

Narrator: The first tablet!

(The earth suddenly begins to shake.)

Bartz: Holy moly! What's going on!?

(The platform they are on is raised to the top.)

Krile: Look, something's written on the tablet. "The Dragon King, Bahamut..."

(The peninsula that had the portal to the second world and the airship sinks.)

Krile: The peninsula- it's sinking!

(A huge dragon rises from where it sank.)

Bartz: Incoming!

Bahamut: I will await thee at the summit of North Mountain...

(The dragon leaves.)

Faris: Look! 'Tis the airship!

(The ship sails over to the edge of the continent. The group leaves the pyramid
for good.)

36. Four, Not Three

(As the group enters the Guardian Tree's forest, they hear the cry of a wind

Krile: Listen- a wind drake!

(The wind drake, Hiryu, flies down to the ground and deposits an unconscious

Faris: Lenna!

(They run to her.)

Bartz: Lenna! Are you okay? Come on, wake up, say something!

Lenna: ... ... ... This body is mine!!!

(The three are knocked to the ground by a force.)

Faris: Lenna!!!

Bartz: What the-

("Lenna" stands up.)

???: Beast sealed between dimensions for a millenium... Go forth, Melusine!

(Exdeath appears.)

Bartz: Exdeath!!!

Exdeath: Mwa-ha-ha! All that was once sealed in the Rift is now mine to command!

(Melusine, in Lenna's body, knocks the three heroes around before paralyzing
them with a red light.)

Bartz: Ghk...

Faris: Lenna...stop, please...

Krile: Lenna...

Exdeath: Mwa-hahahaha! Face destruction at your friend's hands!

Bartz: Exdeath!

Exdeath: Mwa-ha-ha... Now, watch as I take care of a turtle infestation!

(A black hole envelops the Library of the Ancients, and Ghido and all the
scholars inside it are sucked into the Void, leaving the black Void.)

Exdeath: Soon...very soon! The power of the Void will completely be mine, and
the entire earth will kneel before me! Mwa-hahahahahaha!!!

(Exdeath leaves.)

Bartz: Le...Lenna... Stop...

(Suddenly, Hiryu roars and attacks Lenna, stopping the paralyzing process, but
getting killed.)

Narrator: Sacrificing itself, Hiryu attacked! The demon is expelled from Lenna's

(Melusine is forced to leave Lenna's body. Bartz, Krile, and Faris stand up.)

Bartz: Now!

(They battle and defeat her, before running over to Lenna, who is still out.)

Bartz: Lenna!

Lenna: Bartz... I...

Faris: Lenna!!!

Lenna: Sister... Krile... The castle... We were...the darkness...it-

Faris: We know. Don't try to speak.

(Lenna rejoins the party and the four leave the Guardian Forest.)

37. The Legendary Weapons

(The four are sailing on the water with airship.)

Lenna: We can enter the interdimensional rift near where Castle Tycoon used to

Krile: Hurry! It won't be much longer before Exdeath gains the power of the

Faris: But Ghido said we hadn't the power to fight him and win...

Bartz: We'll need the twelve legendary weapons. They're in the sealed castle of
Kuza... Come on, let's go!

(As the group flies on the airship, Exdeath is in the Rift.)

Exdeath: They said none could control the infinite power of the Void... Pathetic
fools! Power of the Void! Reveal your true self!!!

(The Void reacts.)

Exdeath: Go forth and destroy everything! Show how absolute your power really

(The Void reacts. Black holes appear above Castle Walse and Istory, and the
people are sucked into the Void as the party watches on the airship.)

Krile: All the towns are being sucked into the Void!

Bartz: Exdeath! Stop!!!

(A black hole appears above Moogle Village, sucking it into the Void.)

Moogles: Kupo! Krile! Kupokupooo!

(A black hole appears above Lix, sucking it into the Void.)

People: Aughhh! Bartz! Help!!!

(The party is depressed on the airship.)

Lenna: It's awful...

Faris: Even a tiny place like Bartz's hometown, Lix...

Krile: That...to go that far is...

Bartz: Aughhh!!!

(To vent stress, Bartz runs to the controls of the airship and flies it very
spazzically around the world nonstop. Eventually, the other three run to him.)

Faris: Bartz! Stop, get ahold of yourself!

(He stops, looking sad. They fly the airship to Castle Kuza and travel until
they reach the room with the twelve weapons. When they approach a table, the
tablet reacts.)

Bartz: The tablet-!

Tablet: If breaking the seals is what you seek, approach the one you'd have and
speak. But once three seals have been erased, the tablet leaves only dust in its

Bartz: Three seals... That means we can only pick three out of the twelve

(After they unseal three weapons, the tablet breaks and they leave. Meanwhile,
Exdeath is in the Void releasing monsters.)

Exdeath: Prisoners of this space between dimensions... Hear me, my servants!

(The monsters listen to him.)

Exdeath: Warriors led by the light of the crystals seek the ancient tablets...
Seek them out and kill them! They must not be allowed to obtain the fabled
weapons that destroyed Enuo...

(Some of the monsters step forward.)

Monsters: Let us go, sire!

Exdeath: Very well. Go now, my monsters! Destroy them while I obtain the full
power of the Void! Mwa-hahahaha!

38. Syldra's Return

(The group heads to the Pirate's Hideout. Faris suddenly runs to the right as
she hears a familiar cry. The others follow.)

Faris: Syldra! You-you're alive!

(Syldra's spirit appears.)

Bartz: Faris, what are you talking about?

Lenna: Faris...do you see something?

Faris: Don't you? Syldra's right there...

(Krile approaches and sees Syldra's spirit.)

Krile: Syldra's your name? Oh, you're such a good girl...

Faris: Krile! You can see her?

Krile: Syldra's spirit says she wants to help Faris...

Faris: Eh!?

Krile: Such a kind soul...

(Syldra's spirit swims towards the party and becomes a summoned monster.)

39. Phoenix Tower

(At the top of North Mountain, Bahamut appears to the four.)

Bahamut: You who have broken the seal... If you can best me in battle, I shall
award you my power!

(They battle. The heroes defeat Bahamut. Later, they head to the Phoenix Tower
and climb all the way to the top, where they find an injured Hiryu.)

Lenna: Hiryu!

(Hiryu chirps weakly.)

Krile: Is this the wind drake that saved you?

(Hiryu suddenly spreads his wings and flies off the tower.)

Lenna: Hiryu- what are you doing!?

Krile: He says he wants to help you...

Lenna: Hiryu!!!

(Hiryu flies down the tower rapidly until he is engulfed in fire, before giving
a dieing cry. Lenna is watching, depressed.)

Krile: Lenna... Hiryu knew he didn't have much longer to live...

Lenna: That means... In the ancient forest, when he saved me-

Krile: It seems he came to this tower so he could help you with the last of his

Lenna: Hiryu...

(Flashback. King Tycoon, Jenica, and Lenna are standing in a bedroom.)

Lenna: ...What do you mean, Mother's not going to make it?

King Tycoon: Dear, the doctor did his best... It seems the only thing that can
cure her is a wind drake's tongue...

(Lenna starts to run off.)

King Tycoon: Lenna! Where are you going with that knife!? ...Certainly you don't
mean to-

(She runs out of the room.)

King Tycoon: Stop!

Jenica: Sire, I'll go.

(Jenica follows Lenna out to where she is standing in front of a sleeping

Jenica: Princess Lenna! Kill him, and you'll have finished off the last of the
wind drakes. What's more... The queen mother has always cared deeply for Hiryu.
Will you still cut out his tongue?


(King Tycoon runs out and slaps Lenna harshly.)

King Tycoon: You fool!


Jenica: Princess... Your father used to come here every day, debating what to
do. But...perhaps it's for the best.


Lenna: *sob* Mother...

(End flashback. Hiryu's spirit joins with Lenna.)

Narrator: The wind drake Hiryu became a phoenix! The phoenix entrusted its power
and its soul to Lenna.

Lenna: Hiryu... ... Thank you...

40. Kissed by Wind

(The group enters the Island Shrine and are attacked by Gargoyles, which they
defeat. A page is torn out of the Sacred Tome and is set aflame.)

Book: Within and island shrine, kissed by wind, one tablet rests...

(The page burns and the door into the shrine opens. After a bit, they encounter
a Covert in a chest. After battling a bit...)

Covert: That's far enough!

(The Covert is defeated. After awhile, the group finds the third tablet. One of
Exdeath's monsters, Wendigo, appears.)

Wendigo: I was excited by the thought of what warriors could have made it this
far... But to think, it's only a group of little girls! Ha ha ha! Sorry,
ladies... I will send you all to your graves!

(They battle, and the party defeats Wendigo and receives the second tablet. A
barrier disappears in another place.)

Narrator: The gate to Fork Tower, resting place of the strongest white and black
magic spells, has opened!

Krile: There's something written on the tablet...

Tablet: The twin houses of the strongest magics, Fork Tower... If the two houses
are not traversed and spells removed as one, both shall be destroyed, and the
tower rent asunder...

(The group leaves the Shrine.)

41. Fork Tower

(The group encounters Mid running around frantically in Crescent Village.)

Mid: Guys, a tower suddenly appeared on top of the catapult! It trapped Grandpa

(The group heads to the Fork Tower and notice the fork in the path.)

Krile: If the spells aren't taken from both towers at the same time, the towers
explode, right?

Bartz: Guess we'd better split up, then...

(They nod and split into two groups to traverse the tower. The group on the
right reaches the spell.)

Party #1: We have to take it at exactly the same time... Take it right when I

Party #2: Got it!

(The party on the right takes the spell and is attacked by Minotaur. After a

Minotaur: The power of Holy magic... I think it's time you tasted its might!

(But it can't cast it and is defeated. The party gains Holy. Meanwhile, the
other party is looking at Flare.)

Party #2: If we don't take it quick, the whole tower will blow!

(The group takes it and are attacked by Omniscient. They defeat it and obtain
Flare. Suddenly, the tower darkens.)

Party #2: The tower... It's disappearing!

(The group is transported outside, and find that the Fork Tower, which stood
over the Ruins, had disappeared.)

42. Underwater Crusades

(The group enters the ruins and are horrified to find Cid trapped on a gear and
being spun around. They pull him off the gear.)

Cid: Oo-err! My head's spinning...

(Mid runs in and starts.)

Mid: Grandpa! You okay?

Cid: I think I'm going to be sick... But first, the good news: While
researching, we found a couple more techniques... So, we can upgrade the airship
with submarine functionality!

Bartz: Really!?

(Cid pumps his fist in the air.)

Cid: Of course! Nothing's impossible for me! Come on, Mid!

Mid: Yeah!

(The two run around the airship, making adjustments. After awhile, Mid comes up
and finds Krile on the deck.)

Mid: Shouldn't take much longer.

Krile: Wow, you two really work hard.

Mid: ... Grandpa blames himself for the world having ended up like this...

Krile: But... I mean, it's not like there's anything he could've done...

Mid: I know that... I think deep down, he knows it too. But that's why this
time, he's so driven to see his machines used for peace.

(Cid comes up to the deck.)

Cid: And that should do it!

(Bartz, Lenna, and Faris walk onto the airship.)

Cid: Once you're in the water, press + then the A Button, and the undersea world
is yours!

Bartz: Thanks for everything, guys.

(Cid turns to leave, but stops and bows his head before coming back.)

Cid: Bartz... I can't fight for beans. In fact, about all I'm good at is
modifying machinery. Even so, I've tried to do everything I can to help you out.
The rest is in your hands...

(Bartz nods and pumps his fist.)

Bartz: Come on, guys!

Lenna: We can travel underwater now, right?

Faris: Aye. Now we can search for the tablet underneath the waves...

(Bartz, Lenna, and Faris head up to the wheel as Cid leaves. Krile and Mid lag

Krile: Mid... Take good care of your grandpa.

(He nods and prepares to leave.)

Mid: You guys take care, too!

(Mid leaves.)

Bartz: No point in dawdling... Let's go!

(The airship rises into the air.)

43. Famed Mimic Gogo

(The group enters the sunken Walse Tower through the back door, before Bartz
gasps for air and relaxes.)

Bartz: *glub glub glub!* Gah! I can probably hold my breath... *glub glub* But
only for about 7 minutes!

(After awhile, they find a chest on the 5th floor that gives him some air.)

Bartz: *gasp!* Hahh...hahh... Okay, got another 7 minutes.

(When they reach the bottom, they find the crystal shard that they had been
unable to retrieve the first time through Walse Tower.)

???: It has taken the first two acts, but now, the amazing power of this crystal
shard is within my competent grasp. I shan't allow you to take it, so turn back
and begone! [No] Tsk tsk tsk... Then let the curtain rise!

(They are attacked by the Famed Mimic Gogo.)

Gogo: My name is Gogo! Mimic extraordinaire! The basis- no, the very soul of
mimicry is the ability to aptly imitate anything, no matter the situation.
Thusly, I will imitate your every move! When you attack, I will attack. When you
cast a spell, I'll cast a spell. Could you imitate me, you'd certainly win. More
likely, it will be curtains for you!

(The party does absolutely nothing, and after a few minutes, Gogo praises them.)

Gogo: Oh! Bravo, bravo! Perfect, just lovely! You've seen me doing nothing, and
are copying that nothing yourselves! Rather... you're doing perfectly nothing,
perfectly! Yes! You feel it - the essence of mimicry! I give you my blessing to
continue on the true path of imitation! Adieu!!! Break a leg!

(Gogo casts Banish and throws himself into the Rift. After the battle, the group
picks up the crystal shard.)

Narrator: Resting within the shard, a warrior's spirit... Mime.

(The group leaves Walse Tower.)

44. Enveloped by Flames

(The group enters the Great Sea Trench and travel until they find a door and are
attacked by two gargoyles. After defeating the gargoyles...)

Book: Deeper than the bottom of the sea yet enveloped by flames, one tablet

(A page is torn out of the Sacred Tome and set on fire, and the door opens. The
party goes in and travels until they find the tablet, but are thrown away from

???: Oink oink...

(A green monster, Phobos, appears.)

Phobos: Exdeath send us... oink!

(A purple monster, Nereid, appears.)

Nereid: Told us to kill you, oink oink!

(A pink monster appears.)

Triton: Orders, you know, nothing personal, oink!

(They all move towards the party.)

All three: Oink oink ooooink!!!

(The group battles against Triton, Nereid, and Phobos, whom they defeat. They
take the third tablet.)

Narrator: Something is written on the tablet...

(They received the magic Meteor and leave.)

45. Protected by Water

(The group heads to the Istory Falls and defeat two Gargoyles blocking the
entrance. A page is torn out of the Sacred Tome and set on fire.)

Book: Protected by water beyond its falling torrents one tablet rests...

(The door opens and the party travels until they reach the tablet room and take
the tablet. However, as they leave, a voice calls out to them.)

???: That tablet... you'll hand it over to me!

(A monster appears.)

???: Once Lord Exdeath gains the power of the Void, he'll create a world for us
monsters! I won't let you interfere!

(Suddenly, the room shakes and Leviathan appears, destroying the monster.)

Leviathan: The power of my waters... Strong enough to wash away all sins and
make all things pure... But only to those with the ability to fight the Void
will I award this power!

(They battle, and the party defeats Leviathan and receives it as a summon before
leaving the Istory Falls.)

46.Three New Jobs

(The group enters the Sealed Castle of Kuza and gets the rest of the Legendary
Weapons. As they exit, a scholar runs up to them.)

Scholar: I heard there was an earthquake down south! We can only hope that no
one was hurt... No one knows the cause of the earthquake... I wonder if some
underground volcano erupted. If only we had a submarine, we could go take a
look, but...

(The party goes to check out the cause of the earthquake, and get sucked into a

Bartz: Geh- some incredible force is coming up from the sea floor! Urg... It's
like time and space are being twisted! It's sucking us in!

(They fall unconscious, but after awhile, they wake up.)

???: You've finally arrived...

Bartz: ... Come on, let's check it out.

(They head through until they find three crystal shards.)

Narrator: Resting within the shard, a warrior's spirit... Oracle. Gladiator.

(A man suddenly runs into the room.)

Man: Heya! I'm a traveling merchant...ever searching the world for rare and
wonderful items. Recently my ship was caught in a big storm, and I washed up
here... On the bright side, a mysterious cavern under the sea is just bound to
be full of great loot, or so I figured...

(He looks around a bit before walking up to the party.)

Merchant: Hmm? Oh, you kids have got those crystal fragments, eh? That's the
rarest of the rare. Ohh, and it seems you don't even understand what powers are
hidden inside those shards, huh... All righty the, I'll tell you! First are
oracles. They have the power to Predict, foretelling helpful or harmful
phenomena that will happen to themselves or those around them. Earthquakes.
Tsunami. Illness. All of these can be predicted and made to befall enemies...
but be careful, sometimes they'll affect the oracle himself. As for the
necessary conditions to spark each phenomenon...well, that's something you'll
just have to find out yourself. Predictions come in three ranks. Higher ranks
take longer to come true, but have much more drastic effects. It's like they
say, good things come to those who wait, right? Anyway, after a little practice-
and maybe a little luck- effectively using Predict will be a breeze. Next we've
got gladiators. Gladiators fight like they were born with a blade in their
hands. Between their Bladeblitz technique and their Finishers, they've got the
power to take down almost any foe. Last but not least, the cannoneers. These
explosives experts use their ability to Combine to always get the most bang for
their buck. Combine lets cannoneers put together ammunition with various other
items to cause different effects. There are three types of ammo: Buckshot,
Blastshot, and Blitzshot. Try combining different ammo with different items, and
see what happens! Actually, I'd love to help you guys get started by selling you
some ammo right now...but I'm all sold out. How 'bout this: I'll go talk to my
supplier, and then I'll be more than happy to help you with all your ammunition
needs! I'm always on the go, so look for me when you're in towns or castles.
I'm usually lurking around the equipment shops...gotta keep tabs on the
competition! I hope this is the beginning of a beautiful - and profitable -
relationship. See you around!

(He leaves, and the group also leaves, realizing they can't do anything here.)

47. The Interdimensional Rift

(When the party flies their airship to the black hole over Castle Tycoon, they
stare at it.)

Krile: What's that!?

Lenna: The Rift!

Faris: Can't fight it- we're being sucked in!

Bartz: Good, we get a free ride! Here we go!

(They get sucked into the Rift. They travel through until they find a door.)

???: For a thousand years, we have been sealed in the Rift...

(The group of Exdeath's monsters appear.)

???: Once Exdeath obtains the power of the Void, our new world- a world of
darkness- will be born!

(They disappear.)

???: You've been a thorn in Lord Exdeath's side for long enough! The Void will
be your burial ground! Bwahahahah!

(After traveling for awhile, they encounter Calofisteri.)

Calofisteri: These woods are so peaceful. Why don't you rest here... ...FOR ALL

(They battle and defeat her. They continue until they open a book.)

Apanda: To be honest, I never though you'd make it this far... No matter; soon I
shall rid you of your pitiful lives! The instant you touched this book, you
activated the dimensional switch!

(Apanda attacks. They defeat Apanda. They travel through until they reach the
prison room, where they find a monster.)

???: Halt! Are you the ones who bear the crystal shards? [Yes] I see... Then
this shall be your burial ground!

(They battle Azulmagia, whom they defeat. After a bit, they encounter another
monster, Catastrophe, whom they defeat, and the girl who was in the cell walks
out with a love-struck expression.)

Girl: Thank you, I've been locked down here for ages! Let me show you my
appreciation... *smooch*

(She runs up the stairs to the next area. The party follows. They are pushed
away from the door twice into the throne.)

???: You can run, but you can't hide...

(The girl they rescued earlier walks up to them.)

Girl: You received my kiss of death!

(She reveals her true form as Helicarnassus.)

Helicarnassus: C'mere, I'll treat you right... ...Treat you to a slow death at
the hands of the master of this castle- I, Helicarnassus!

(The group battles Helicarnassus, whom they defeat. They head to the top of the
castle, where they find Twintania.)

Twintania: That's as far as you go... Beyond is where the power of the Void is
contained. You shall not enter!

(They battle Twintania and defeat it. They head up and are transported to the
next section of the Rift, which looks like the Void.)

48. The Epic of Gilgamesh

(The party travels until they run into Gilgamesh, who doesn't seem to recognize
them at first, and attacks them.)

Gilgamesh: Have at thee, vile beast!

(After fighting a bit, he recognizes them and they stop battling.)

Gilgamesh: ...Wait a minute... Bartz? Zounds! 'Tis no beast, just Bartz! You
should've just said so from the start! Oohhh, I don't like it here... Creepy
monsters lurk around every corner, and I can' find the way out... Cripes...
*sniffle* ...I'm gonna break down! Anyway. How did you get here? Or rather, how
does one exit?

Bartz: Oh, just go that way, then...

Gilgamesh: I see! Let us egress posthaste! Say...afterwards, what say we have a
few spectacular adventures, just us five?

Bartz: ...Um.

Gilgamesh: ...Oh yes, that whole savng the world thing....phooey. If you make it
out safely... Hah! No ifs about it. I'm certain we'll meet again. At that time,
I hope you'll consider me a... Uhh...er. *cough* Never mind, ha ha! Hasta la

(Gilgamesh runs away towards the exit to the Rift as the party watches him. Then
the party continues heading through the Rift until they encounter Necrophobe.)

Necrophobe: This light... I will never give it to you!

(The group battles with Necrophobe, who has barriers around him.)

Necrophobe: Hahaha! With these barriers, I've achieved invincibility! Do you
really believe you can defeat me?

(The group destroys the barriers.)

Necrophobe: My...my invincible barriers... You've left me with no choice! Have a
taste of my true power... ...It's all you can eat!

(After battling a bit, Gilgamesh appears out of nowhere, surprising everyone.)

Bartz: Wha- Gilgamesh!?

Gilgamesh: Made it! Why hello there! Surprised to see me? Hah! If I'd just left
you in the lurch, I'd look like a jerk for all of history! Thought I'd let that
happen? As if!

Necrophobe: Hmph... You've a big mouth. If you're so eager to fight, you can be
the first to die!

Gilgamesh: Oh really? Just try it, Baldy! You cannot even hold a birthday candle
to the blazing flame of my winning spirit!

(Gilgamesh and Necrophobe begin to battle as Gilgamesh talks to the party.)

Gilgamesh: Krile! Your grandfather... ...he was a pretty strong guy!

Krile: Grandpa...

Gilgamesh: And you, Faris! You must fall in love, or something, and try acting a
little like a woman- if you still know how!

Faris: Hey...

Gilgamesh: Lenna! Always so selfless towards animals... Never lose that pure

Lenna: ...

Gilgamesh: And Bartz... I wanted to fight you one more time, mano-a-mano. You
have admirable companions. I envy you.

Bartz: Gilgamesh...

Necrophobe: Enough of this. Die!

(He casts Flare on Gilgamesh.)

Gilgamesh: *snort!* I believe that's MY line!!!

(Gilgamesh casts Self-Destruct, killing both himself and Necrophobe.)

49. The Final Battle

(The party heads through the Rift until they find Exdeath at the end.)

Exdeath: It took you long enough! But now you are too late!

(Exdeath hovers in the air.)

Exdeath: Mwa-ha-ha... Finally, it is in my grasp! The greatest power known to
man...the power to control the universe! The power of the Void!!!

(The room shakes as he reveals his true form as a giant tree with a face.)

Exdeath: I will crush all who stand in my way! I think I'll begin with your
precious "friends"! I hope you'll enjoy watching your companions be sucked into
the Void!!!

(The Void activates. A black hole appears above Bal Castle. The wind drake and
the soldiers are sucked into the Void. Then a black hole appears above the
pirates' hangout. Koko and the pirates are sucked into the Void. Then a black
hole appears above the entrance to the Ronkan Ruins, and Cid and Mid are sucked
into the Void.)

Bartz: Stop it! Let them go!!!

Exdeath: Mwa-haha... And now you too will meet your end, inside the Void!!!

(A black hole appears above the party and sucks them into the Void, where they
lie unconscious. Dorgann suddenly dashes past them.)

Dorgann: Bartz! Stand up!

(Bartz stands up and rouses Lenna, Faris, and Krile. They look up as Dorgann
moves towards them.)

Bartz: ...Dad?

(Kelger and Xezat move towards them as well.)

Bartz: Xezat! Kelger!

(Galuf moves towards them.)

Krile: Grandpa!

Bartz: Galuf!

Galuf: Enter the Dawn Warriors!

(A light leaves the Dawn Warriors' bodies.)

Galuf: Bartz! Lenna! Faris! Krile! We'll hold off the Void. You kids take care
of Exdeath! The only ones who can save the world from the power of darkness are
the warriors of light! That's you! Now, go!!!

(They nod, and the party is transported back to where Exdeath is while the Dawn
Warriors hold off the Void.)

Exdeath: What!? Why is the power of the Void disappearing!? No matter- take

(He summons another black hole, but King Tycoon appears and dissipates it.)

Lenna: Father!

Faris: Papa!

(The Dawn Warriors and King Tycoon stand above Exdeath.)

Dorgann: Now!

Galuf: This is it!

Xezat: Take your chance...

Kelger: Destroy Exdeath!

King Tycoon: Onward, Light Warriors!!!

Bartz: Exdeath! You'd better get ready, 'cause here we come!!!

(The party battles Exdeath. However, after awhile, Exdeath gets sucked into the

Exdeath: NOOO! WHY!? The Void was mine to command! How could it- Uwaaah!!!

(He reappears as Neo Exdeath.)

Neo Exdeath: I am Neo Exdeath! All memories...dimensions...existence... All that
is shall be returned to nothing. Then I, too, can disappear... ...forever!!!

(The party defeats Neo Exdeath.)

50. Ending

Narrator: In the beginning, there was only the Void... But from the Void came
four essences. They formed the crystals, and the world was born. Hope blessed
the earth. Courage blazed into flame. Care and devotion turned water into the
seeds of life. The passion for knowledge spread intelligence and wisdom on the
winds. If ever the Void threatens to engulf the world, so long as the four
essences still exist in man, light will be born anew. The four essences shall
rise from the Void and weave light once again.

(In the Void, the four lie unconscious before waking up and looking around.)

Bartz: The Void is still here...

Krile: But-but we beat Exdeath!

Lenna: Is it because the crystals are all gone?

Faris: The world will be engulfed by the Void...

(They all look sad. Suddenly, the crystal essence in Krile flares up, startling
her, and she rises into the air as the crystal shards leave her.)

Narrator: Hope, bless the earth...

(Faris rises up, and her crystal shards leave her.)

Narrator: Courage, light the fires...

(Lenna rises up, and her crystal shards leave her.)

Narrator: Devotion, breathe life into the waters...

(Bartz rises up, and his crystal shards leave him.)

Narrator: Passion, spread knowledge on the winds...

(In the Pyramid of the Shifting Sands, the Earth Crystal forms where the tablet
rested. In Istory Falls, the Water Crystal forms where the tablet rested. In the
Great Sea Trench, the Fire Crystal forms. Black holes appear above where the
Library of the Ancients, Lix, and Castle Tycoon were sucked into the Void and
bring them back. In the Void, the four are watching.)

Bartz: The world...it's being reborn...

(Lenna, Faris, and Krile fly up towards him.)

Lenna: And the crystals as well...

Bartz: There was still power remaining in the crystal shards.

Krile: Thank goodness...

Bartz: Lenna... Faris... Krile... It's because you took such good care of the

Lenna: Don't forget yourself, Bartz.

(Krile hops around excitedly a few times.)

Krile: Or Grandpa!

Lenna: Now, wind will return to Tycoon...

King Tycoon: Correct, my dear.

(Bartz starts, and they all turn to see King Tycoon and the four Dawn Warriors
floating down to them.)

Bartz: Dad...

Krile: Grandpa...

Lenna: Father...

Faris: Papa...

Bartz: Kelger, and Xezat...

King Tycoon: The world still needs you.

Galuf: It's too early for you kids to be meeting us!

Dorgann: Go, return to your world...the one you saved!

(Their essences become a wind drake. The four float towards the wind drake as
the Wind Crystal forms in the Island Shrine. Much later...)

Mid: Grandpa!

(Mid runs into the room in the Ronkan Ruins where Cid is standing.)

Mid: A letter's arrived!

(He runs up and places the letter on the table, and the two read it.)

Letter; Cid...Mid... How are you? It's me, Krile. Somehow, we made it back.

(The Wind Drake deposits the party in Castle Bal and flies away.)

Letter: Feels like that fight was just a bad dream...

(The four relax in the Moogle Forest.)

Letter: Since then, I've traveled all over. Seems like everything's become
peaceful, like before.

(Lenna and Faris are sitting on the thrones in Castle Tycoon as the Chancellor
fusses over them.)

Letter: The chancellor of Tycoon seems quite happy.

(However, Faris changes out of her dress into her pirate clothes and hops out
the window of her room.)

Letter: However, Faris seems worried about her pirate crew.

(At Castle Bal, Krile is standing with the wind drake and her moogle.)

Letter: Everyone in Bal is worried, since they have no heir to the throne...
Maybe I'll be queen! ...As if. ...It'd be pretty cool though, hee hee.

(Bartz goes to Dorgann and Stella's grave in Lix.)

Letter: Bartz went back to his hometown. He's not giving up traveling, but he
said he wanted to spend time near his parents before he set out again.

(In the pirates hideout, Koko lays three eggs, which hatch into chocobo chicks
in front of the pirates eyes, much to their amazement.)

Letter: Oh! Boko and Koko had children! Baby chocobos are the cutest! You simply
must go see them!

(Krile stands alone at the top of a mountain with her wind drake.)

Letter: It's been a year since then... Lenna and Faris are busy with running
Tycoon and all, and Bartz is off on another journey. If...if any of the others
happens to ask about me... No. I'm sure they'll come. Tell them I can't wait to
meet again...

(Cid bows his head and takes a few steps away.)

Cid: Krile... You worked so hard. Everyone fought well...

(Flashbacks of Bartz, Lenna, Faris, and Krile are shown. The scene switches from
Cid and Mid's to the Guardian Forest, where Krile is standing in front of the
Guardian Tree. She places flowers at the base of the tree.)

Krile: If Grandpa hadn't saved me back then... The crystals have been restored,
and everything's peaceful. But...for some reason, I'm sad... I guess it's just
that... Since Grandpa died... I've been all alone...

(Krile bows her head. Flashbacks of Galuf occurs. She lifts her head up.)

Krile: ...See you, Grandpa.

(As she turns to leave, Bartz calls to her.)

Bartz: What're you talking about? You're not alone.

(As Krile looks around, Bartz, Lenna, and Faris jump down from the Guardian Tree
in front of her.)

Lenna: We're here with you.

Faris: Buck up, kiddo!

Krile: Everyone! You made it!

Bartz: As if there was any doubt. Like I'd forget about a friend after we were
together for so long!

Krile: Everyone...you...

(She rubs her eyes.)

Lenna: Tears don't really suit you, Krile. You have to be strong.

Faris: Galuf's laughing at your blubbering, kiddo.

(Some lights fly by, and as they do, they touch the four, and flowers form
underneath their feet.)

Krile: *sniffle* ...  Heh heh...you're right... *sniff* He is laughing. The
crystals have regained their power. This time it's up to us to protect them.

Bartz: Like Dad and the others did...

Lenna: Say, do you hear that?

Faris: ...Aye, that I do.

Krile: Grandpa's voice...?

Bartz: No...just the wind through the trees.

Lenna: The rippling of the water...?

Faris: Just the crackling of flames...

Krile: The settling of the earth...

Bartz: Dunno... I'm not sure what it is, but...

Faris: I can hear it...

Lenna: Yes... Something warm...

(They cheer.)

Lenna: Let's go!

(They run into the shade, and three chocobos with Lenna, Bartz, and Faris, as
well as Krile on her wind drake, get out, wave, and run/fly off as the credits


This document is Copyright (c) 2008 by Shree Panda. Under no circumstances is
this guide to be reproduced, altered, copied, or otherwise changed in any way
unless authorized by me.

Especially since I spend many pain-staking hours playing through the game and
typing all of this up. Do you people hear me?

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