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FAQ by Rai519

Version: 0.25 | Updated: 04/13/06

                             for GBA
                      Tips and Hints guide
                   Version 0.25

Table of Contents :
1. Intro
2. The dogs
3. Basic things to know
4. Training
5. Walking
6.  Contact info

1.  Intro
Ah, welcome to my completely random FAQ for Dogz.  This guide contains
things that should most likely be common sense, but some people (like me) may
need it pointed out to them.  If one of those people is you, please either read
this FAQ, or stop playing the game :)  Just kidding!

Only these sites may post my game guide: Gamefaqs.com

2.  The dogs 

While there are many different types of dogs, some have higher stamina,
cleverness, etc.  For personal preference, I really prefer female dogs (no, I'm
not being sexist!), but I find that female dogs don't mark up the telephone 
poles while on a walk, but you'll find out all about that in the next

The difference between male and female dogs :
Male : Seemingly more energetic, but also has to mark it's territory while on
a walk.  Personally, I think that it is also a bit slower to gain trust, but
that might just be my opinion.

Female:  Less energetic, but doesn't mark up the poles every time you wish to 
take a walk!  Seemingly quicker to gain trust, and I actually prefer having a 
female dog.....  But that may just be me!

Just found this out, but when you go to the pet shop/s/ at the start of the game
and if you don't like any of the pets, you can go to a different pet shop, and
find new ones, and also they may be new colors!  Like I've seen a black 
pomeranian, a white chihuahua, etc.  Thats the way I got my male black mini 
schnauzer, Xavier! Even though it might take a bit longer, it's also a chance 
to find your perfect pooch!

Beagle : 
(Haven't had, so more info later)
-Somewhat engergetic
-Very cute

Border Collie :
(Haven't had, so more info later)
-Very, very energetic
-Loves walks
-Loves to play
-Somewhat above average smartness

(Haven't had yet, more info later)
-Very smart
-Not much grooming

(Haven't had, more info later)
-Loves walks
-Loves to play
-Average smartness

French Bulldog:
(Haven't had yet, more info later)
=Very cuddly

Golden Retriever:
(Haven't had yet, more info later)
-Likes people
-Loves playing
-Loves walks
-Above average smartness

Labrador Retriever:
(Haven't had yet, more info later) 
-Great with people

-Very cuddly
-Average smartness
-Learns tricks fast
-Likes grooming

Miniature Dachshund :
(Haven't had yet, more info later)
-Very engergetic
-Very smart
-Learns tricks well
-Little grooming

Miniature Schnauzer:
-Mostly engergetic
-Okayish on walks (gets tired easily)
-Learns tricks fast
-Some grooming may be required
-Stamina is average
-Likes to play

Mixed Breed:
(Haven't had, more info later)

(Haven't had yet, more info later)
-Very curious
-Learns tricks somewhat okay

-Very energetic
-Loves walks
-Loves to play
-Doesn't need to be groomed often
-Learns tricks very, very well
-High stamina

Shiba Inu:
-Loves walks
-Is okay with playing
-Not much grooming required
-Knows when someone has arrived at the house
-High stamina

Shih Tzu:
(Haven't had, more info later)
-Requires a medium amount of grooming
=Loves the indoors and outdoors
-Likes to play somewhat

Toy Poodle:
(Haven't had yet, more info later)
-Requires a fair amount of grooming
-Learns tricks very well

Welsh Corgi:
(Haven't had, more info later)
-Loves to play
-Okay on walks

Yorkshire Terrier:
(Haven't had, more info later)
-Requires a large amount of grooming
-Little headstrong
-Little stamina

3.  Basic things to know:

- You'll have three weeks to play, love, train, etc. with your puppy (On 
the night of the 21st day, you'll go to sleep and it'll tell you that your 
time with your puppy is about to end)
-To change the music, simply investagate the stero, which is located on the
left side of the living room.

-You'll often see little pieces of garage, dust, dirt, etc. around the house -
use the vacuum (located in the front hall, on the left in a little closet) and
simply vacuum them up.  *Warning!*  If you never clean up the rooms, your puppy
WILL get sick, and that's no fun!  

- You'll also find a brush to groom your puppy where you found the vacuum.

-Many times in the morning, your dad will ask you to go and get the paper from
the front of the house.  ***Warning****  Make sure you either run and get it, 
or feed your dog before hand, because after you do this, you won't have time!

-Your dog will recive one last checkup the day the game is going to end.

-You can go to the vet anytime you'd like, to check up on your dog's stress 
level, favorite toy, etc.  Just follow the directions below!

-You can change your puppy's potty and bed by purchasing them at the second
Supermarket, near the vet's office.  (See direction's below for vet's office)

4.  Training

Ah yes, the basis of this game.  You'll have to train your pup to sit, stay,
shake, switch, to use the doggy potty, lie down, and to walk.

For starters though, you'll have to teach your puppy it's name.  Simply call
out it's name, and keep doing it until it responds with a giant exclamation
point and runs over to you. 

The stages of training are :
Dark blue stage:  Your puppy doesn't have a clue what to do yet.
Blue: Your puppy knows that it is doing something right, but does't know what
Light blue: Has some semblence of what it's trying to do
Green: Has figured out what to do, but needs to remember how to do it
Yellow green: Can sometimes remember how to do it
Yellow: Is getting closer on knowing how to do it
Orange: Gets it right 90% of the time
Red: Completely knows and remebers how do it perfectly

**Note**  For you and your puppy to be able to go on walks, you must teach 
your puppy to sit 'n stay.  Sit can be found on the little menu that pops up 
when you get close to your dog, and once sit is mastered, you can attempt to 
teach your dog to "stay" during when you feed it. 

-To me, bathroom training seems the hardest to master - but a trick to it is
totally stuff your dog - meaning that feed it until it won't eat anymore.  
Then, go into the living room, and get your dog in there also.  If you see it
sniffing around and looking around, just wait - it'll run over to either the
doggie potty or it's bed and it'll poop in it.

-Your dog will get sick of training the same same trick over and over again -
soon, it will refuse to do it until after a large chunk of time has passed.
(Mostly that means a night has to pass)

5.  Walking

Once your puppy has master the sit and stay commands, your puppy will get to go
to the vet to recive its vaccinations, and you'll be free to walk around with 
it between 3-6pm.  After 6pm has hit, your mother will telll you that it is
too dark to go outside, and that you'd better stay in.

- If you've got a male dog, they'll try to mark up the telephone poles while
on the walk - nothing you can do about this, other than walk to the other side
of the road when you see a telephone pole.

- If your puppy takes a poop while on a walk, you MUST clean it up!  (Don't 
have to clean up pee - it'll dry up in a few seconds)

-Smaller dogs may get tired during your walks - if you see it slowing down, 
start walking towards your house, or it'll completely stop and you'll be
forced to go home anyway.

-You may see people walking around the down - talk to them.  They'll help your
dog get better used to people.  (Once you build a better friendship, your 
puppy will also trust others, such as your other family, the people walking 
around the town, etc)

-I know that the walkways can get confusing, so I'm going to tell you how to
get a few common places that you may or may not want to go to, but I suggest
that you do.

To get to the Doggy Park:
1.  Exit out the door
2.  Head right until you can't turn right any farther
3.  Go downwards (follow crosswalk)
4.  Continue going downwards until you reach a corner
5.  Take a left, and go up the street (past a red Japanese looking building)
6.  Turn on the walking light for the crosswalk, and continue forward

To get to the Supermarket:
1.  Follow steps up through 5 (located above).
2.  Go upwards (you'll see a single line in a gray parking lot, and just 
cross over it)

To get the other Supermarket (the one near the vet's office):
1.  Exit out the door
2.  Turn left, and follow the road until you see a cabin-looking store

To get to the vet:
1.  Follow steps the steps above, only keep following the road - you'll see a 
bronze dog statue sitting out on the front of the steps.  Thats your place.

6.  Contact info:
E-mail : sweet_lil_angel452@yahoo.com, 
09mitnic@altoona.k12.wi.us (only use this one if you need to contact me ASAP)
And when writing to me, put "Dogz Game guide" and the place where you found
it, otherwise I will NOT answer it.  If you wish to use part of my guide 
in yours, please e-mail me, or I will be forced to report it!

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