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    Alphabetical Folder FAQ by HaCMurder

    Version: 2.65 | Updated: 11/23/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                     Megaman Battle Network 6 / RockManEXE 6
                                Gregar / Falzar
                            Alphabetical Folder FAQ
                            NetBattle Strategy Guide
                                  Version 2.65
                          This FAQ is bought to you by:
                           (Also known as David Wang)
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    [0TOC] Table of Contents
    [1PRE] Preface
    [2VER] Version History
    [3NSG] NetBattle Strategy Guide
    	A) The Metagame
    		I) Sample Folder
    		II) The 15 Turn Limit
    		III) 30 Chips
    		IV) Hit Points
    		V) Mobility
    		VI) Cross Canceling
    		VII) Time Freeze Counter
    	B) Staples
    		I) KillerMan
    		II) ElementMan
    		III) JudgeMan
    		IV) SP Navis
    		V) BubbleStar
    		VI) ElecPulse
    		VII) MachineGun
    		VIII) Sensor
    			- Vertical Sensor Slide
    			- Horizontal Sensor Slide
    		X) WhiteCapsule
    		XI) Uninstall and SunMoon
    		XII) Defenses
    		XIII) GigaChips
    		XIV) Static
    		XV) Others
    	C) Control
    		I) Area Control
    		II) Stage Control
    		III) Tempo Control
    	D) Defense
    		I) Invis
    		II) AntiDmg
    		III) ElementTrap
    		IV) Barrier
    		V) DreamAura
    		VI) Left+B NCPs
    		VII) Reflector
    		VIII) Recovery
    		IX) Other Traps
    		X) Sanctuary
    		XI) BubbleWrap
    	E) "Splashing"
    	F) Full Synchro
    	G) Statistics
    		I) Poison Levels
    		II) HP Drain Glitch Levels
    		III) Durations
    		IV) Custom Turns
    	H) Attack Boosting
    	I) Obstacle Limitations
    	J) Select Chip Glitch
    [4CRS] Beasts and Crosses
    	A) Gregar Version Crosses
    		I) HeatCross
    		II) SlashCross
    		III) ElecCross
    		IV) KillerCross
    		V) ChargeCross
    	B) Falzar Version Crosses
    		I) AquaCross
    		II) TenguCross
    		III) TomahawkCross
    		IV) GroundCross
    		V) DustCross
    	C) Beast Out
    	D) Beast Over
    [5FOL] Folders List
    	A) Come Pollinate Me
    	B) Bane Elemental
    	C) Element Rage
    	E) Shine Plasma
    	F) Hellz Rolling
    	G) Dirty Water
    	H) Hole-y Hell!
    	J) Einherjar's Judgment
    	K) Silver Weapon
    	L) Lightning Elemental
    	M) Strongarm
    	N) Numbchuck Nambo
    	P) Mercurialism
    	Q) Seventeen Soldier Salute RV
    	R) In Soviet Russia, Corn Pops You!
    	S) The Quiet Ones
    	T) Twisted Tantrum
    	V) The Fourth Spell: Custom
    	W) Yanti Plains / Wong Tong's Song
    	Y) Arctic Shock / Beast of the Sea
    [6TNC] The Navi Customizer
    	A) Cookie Cutter
    	B) The Quiet Ones
    	C) Disc-Oh!'s Custom
    [7FAQ] Frequently Asked Questions
    [8CLO] Miscellaneous
    	A) Contact Me
    	B) Credits
    	C) Closing and Copyright Information
    [1PRE] Preface
    Welcome to the Alphabetical Folder FAQ for MegaMan Battle Network 6,
    and thank you for reading. The folder, we at the Boards feel, is the
    most important part of the game. That being said, we have written
    FAQs to help you decide which folders to use, and which are the best.
    The Renowned Folder FAQ was the primary inspiration for this FAQ,
    this could not have been done without the help of none other than
    Asakura Yoh.
    Most folders in this FAQ are made and considered with the intent of
    them being used in a NetBattle. Anything can defeat an in-game navi
    - NetBattles are the true test of skill.
    Looking back at the Table of Contents, you can see that this FAQ is
    not yet complete. You can help by submitting folders at the EXE6
    Falzar Board on GameFAQs, or the EXE6 folder and strategy discussion
    Board at The Under Square. Emailing me is also fine. For ways to
    contact me go to section 6.
    [2VER] Version History
    Just a note, all dates in this guide are written as DD/MM/YY, because
    that's how we do things in my country. =P
    Version 0.10
    - Started writing FAQ.
    - Considered basic layouts and such.
    Version 1.00
    - First release. Has 18 folders so far.
    Version 1.10
    - Resubmitted to GameFAQs.
    - Added in "Yoh's take" on all the folders.
    Version 1.20
    - Allowed a couple more sites to use this FAQ.
    Version 2.00
    - Major revamp to all sections.
    - Added, revised, and removed many folders.
    - Added Section 4 Beasts and Crosses.
    - Added Section 6 Navi Customizer Setups.
    - Added Section on Sanctuary under Defense.
    - Added A) The Metagame.
    - Added E) "Splashing".
    - Added I) Statistics.
    - Added L) Select Chip Glitch, thanks to megarockexe.
    - Revised DreamAura. This section needs improvement.
    - Fixed some minor spelling errors and typos.
    - Hellz Rolling is now a Renowned Folder! Congratulations to AJAQ.
    - Moved "The Essentials of Folder Construction" to the bottom. It is
    no longer that important.
    Version 2.01
    - Fixed some minor spelling errors and typos.
    Version 2.50
    - Semi-major rewrite.
    - Fixed an error regarding TomahawkCross, thanks to Masamune_DS.
    - Some minor revisions to some folder's rundowns were added.
    - Added more stuff to the NetBattle Strategy Guide.
    - Added diagrams.
    - Added more statistics.
    - Added more folders.
    - Renamed Section 6 to "The Navi Customizer".
    Version 2.51
    - Altered the R coded folder so that it no longer uses 3 WhitePill *.
    It now has 2 MachGun1 *, and Roll3 R.
    - Altered the T coded folder.
    - Fixed a minor error in the Stage Control section.
    - Added a bit more information on BodyGuard.
    - Upped the rating for AquaCross.
    Version 2.60
    - Revised A) The Metagame.
    - Revised E) "Splashing".
    - My exams are coming up, so no more updates until that's over. 
    Version 2.65
    - A few minor additions.
    - Gave Static another mention, as it is VERY good.
    [3NSG] NetBattle Strategy Guide
    I have decided to write an in-depth strategy guide for the
    multiplayer gameplay of EXE6. Some of you may dispute this. If you
    have a good reason to do so, feel free to email me or contact me at
    the EXE6 Boards in GameFAQs.
    Note that this Guide is written for in-depth purposes. As such, I
    will not be including many obvious or beginner information in here.
    Most of it is written under the assumption that you are familiar with
    the game, have every single chip in the game, in most of the codes,
    and are prepared to go to the next level of EXE6. No, I'm not
    talking about the BassSP side quest. I'm talking about the true
    challenge: PvP.
    A) The Metagame
    Version 2.50
    The face of MegaMan Battle Network multiplayer gaming is ever
    changing. Thus, I have added this section to give you, the reader, an
    idea of the latest strategies. It is nessesary to include a sample
    folder for each time I update this, to explain all the trends and
    By the time you read this, this section could be out of date, so I
    have added a date on this section for each update.
    Wikipedia, the Online Encyclopedia, defines Metagame as any strategy,
    action or method used in a game which transcends a prescribed
    ruleset, uses external factors to affect the game, or goes beyond the
    supposed limits or environment set by the game.
    	I) Sample Folder
    We see an increasing number of folders with multiple codes, and these
    aren't just used by the alphabet soup noobs, these are competition
    level. Here, let's review this sample folder:
    3 TrainArrow2 G
    2 BubbleStar3 G
    2 AuraHead3 G
    3 Static G [Tag 1]
    1 AirWheel1 G [Tag 2]
    3 MachineGun 2 G
    3 AreaGrab [Preset]
    3 AntiDamage *
    1 AntiSword * / AntiNavi *
    1 Muramasa M
    1 LifeAura U
    1 Sanctuary Z
    1 KillerMan *
    1 JudgeMan *
    1 ElementMan *
    1 GroundManEX G
    1 GroundManSP G
    1 CrossDivide D
    Version: Falzar
    Crosses: None, Aqua, Tengu
    Theme: Outlast your opponent.
    It's Gibberish, because one code just isn't enough. This folder can
    dish out somewhere around 7400 damage from the entire thing. This is
    a change from the folders like Silver Weapon and Endgame, which can
    only deal about 3500 damage maximum. The folder uses a specific NC
    setup, which can be found at the section C) Disc-Oh!'s Custom. The
    folder is not meant to construct BodyGuard. It sucks flat-out, so
    don't use it.
    Most of the chips here serve a specific purpose. ElementMan and the
    GroundMan chips can take out large portions of Sanctuary. AntiSword
    defends against Muramasa and CrossDivide. The rest of the chips are
    self explanatory.
    The whole point of the folder is to use the brute force of 2600 hit
    points plus Shield to chip slowly away at the enemy. Code clashing
    doens't matter because you have about 15 turns or so to destroy the
    enemy. If they run out of chips, it's their problem. Tempo doesn't
    really matter, this folder can run on either FastGauge or SlowGauge.
    BeastOut should be used for SuperVulcan or Muramasa. Otherwise, it's
    not so useful. If you somehow draw 4 Aqua chips, you may as well use
    AquaCross. Muramasa and CrossDivide are good when used by themselves,
    but is even better when used against a TenguCross answer to LifeAura.
    There're not many RFF folders at this point in time that can defeat
    this. As one can see, Sanctuary has become a clear winner in this
    update, due to the prevalency of HP stacking.
    	II) The 15 Turn Limit
    What a decent player must realize is that a single battle in PvP mode
    only lasts a maximum of 15 turns. When the time is up, the computer
    will attempt to find a winner. These factors DO NOT determine the
    - Current Hit Points (HP)
    - Remaining Chips
    But rather, it determines the winner on the Total Damage Dealt (TDD)
    during the battle. This has a few implications on the gameplay, for
    example, the players only have 15 turns to deal all their damage. 
    Thus, Recovery chips are even more useless, since they do not affect
    the outcome of the match if both players survive. Also, if by this
    time you have not run out of chips then you have some serious issues.
    	III) 30 Chips
    You only get 30 chips in a folder, so don't waste those valuable
    chips on stuff like Atk+10, WhiteCapsule, excessive AreaGrabs, things
    like AntiRecovery, and sometimes, Invis. I'm not saying that these
    chips aren't useful, because they are, but the majority of the time,
    a successful PvP player won't overuse these... less powerful chips.
    	IV) Hit Points
    In a fully competitive environment, where players fully exploit all
    features of the game in attempts to gain an absolute advantage in
    comparison to his/her opponent, the best players will often come up
    with previously thought "unworkable" NC builds. This includes high
    Hit Point (HP) setups or GigFldr1 setups. This makes it difficult to
    destroy your opponent within 15 turns, even with BeastOut. Of course,
    the creation of the HP build makes BeastOver even more riskier,
    because BeastOver is an all-in gamble that will determine a win or a
    	V) Mobility
    Instead of using WhiteCapsules (which are really only good for Aqua
    Needles and some instances of AirWheels, in my opinion), there are
    other alternatives which are more useful. Consider Geddon (also known
    as DeathMatch) or JusticeOne.
    	VI) Cross Cancelling
    Getting paralyzed sucks, right?
    Equipping a Cross while paralyzed, however, will remove paralysis.
    Keep in mind that once Cross Cancelling is used, Anger Mode, Full
    Sync and Left+B NCPs will no longer be available. Activating Beast
    Out or Beast Over will have similar effects.
    Some folders such as The Fourth Spell and Mercurialism intends to
    force their opponents to Cross cancel, a strategy which is becoming
    increasingly common. To be honest, it's easier than it sounds - use
    a paralysing chip or BubbleStar right before they enter the Custom
    Menu works pretty well.
    Also, if you switch Crosses or activate BeastOut / BeastOver while
    you are using a chip like MachineGun or SuperVulcan the chip will be
    canceled. Weird.
    	VII) Time Freeze Counter
    Don't forget about this. Time freeze chips are nice, but they have a
    drawback. Time freezing can be countered by other time freezing
    chips. This means that a number of things can happen.
    A useful way to use this to your advantage is by countering time
    freezing attacks such as JudgeMan / KillerMan / CrossDivide with Anti
    Dmg / Invis / Barrier, etc.
    This feature is particularly useful for escaping paralysis chains.
    B) Staples
    Some chips are so good, that you always want them in any situation.
    Some of them come in the * code, which means you will see them just
    about 100% of the time, such as KillerMan, or only a few codes, but
    they should always be used when they come on code - it doesn't make
    sense not to use them because they're always so powerful.
    	I) KillerMan
    This guy is what we call "de facto Super-Piercing". Because Super-
    Piercing has been gone for a while, this navi is the closest thing
    to it. KillerMan is my favorite chip in the game, and is excellent at
    bypassing defenses. It hits every direction you can think of, pierces
    Invis, remove Traps, break Guard, and sets you up for attacks because
    his Beam will paralyze opponents to boot. The only defense that will
    stop him is AntiNavi, Barrier and LifeAura, which are not too common.
    While KillerMan will break shields and do double damage to frozen
    opponents, he does NOT do Breaking elemental damage, and therefore
    will NOT break SlashCross.
    KillerMan is also known by his North American name, EraseMan.
      1.    --- --- --- --- --- ---
           |   |   | . |   |   |   |    
            --- --- --- --- --- ---     K: KillerMan
           |   | K |   |   |   |   |    .: Direction of Beam
            --- --- --- --- --- ---     
           |   |   |   |   |   |   |
            --- --- --- --- --- ---
      2.    --- --- --- --- --- ---
           |   |   |   |   |   |   |    
            --- --- --- --- --- ---     K: KillerMan
           |   | K | . | . | . | . |    .: Direction of Beam
            --- --- --- --- --- ---     
           |   |   |   |   |   |   |
            --- --- --- --- --- ---
      3.    --- --- --- --- --- ---
           |   |   |   |   |   |   |    
            --- --- --- --- --- ---     K: KillerMan
           |   | K |   |   |   |   |    .: Direction of Beam
            --- --- --- --- --- ---     
           |   |   | . |   |   |   |
            --- --- --- --- --- ---
      4.    --- --- --- --- --- ---
           |   |   |   | . |   |   |    
            --- --- --- --- --- ---     K: KillerMan
           |   |   | . |   |   |   |    .: Direction of Beam
            --- --- --- --- --- ---     
           |   | K |   |   |   |   |
            --- --- --- --- --- ---
      5.    --- --- --- --- --- ---
           |   |   |   |   |   |   |    
            --- --- --- --- --- ---     K: KillerMan
           |   |   |   |   |   |   |    .: Direction of Beam
            --- --- --- --- --- ---     
           |   | K | . | . | . | . |
            --- --- --- --- --- ---
    	II) ElementMan
    My second favorite chip in this game. This navi is the scourge of
    Crosses. It can break 5 crosses, that's half the crosses in the game!
    Meteor: Fire attack that homes in on opponent. Primarily used in
    folders such as Shine Plasma and Einherjar's Judgment against
    TomahawkCross. Is also quite useful as a finish off move due to its
    Frostbite: Aqua attack that freezes opponent in WideSword range.
    Useful for paralysis, or following up with Breaking / Sensor.
      1.    --- --- --- --- --- ---
           |   |   |   | X |   |   |    
            --- --- --- --- --- ---     K: ElementMan
           |   |   | E | X |   |   |    X: IcePanels / Frozen Opponents
            --- --- --- --- --- ---     
           |   |   |   | X |   |   |
            --- --- --- --- --- ---
    WoodTower: Wood attack that deals non-flinching damage in a line.
    Next, it changes all the panels on the field to Grass, useful
    for destroying that wicked ElecCross, or just setting up Tornado,
    Darkness, etc. Some will use this to heal themselves with Tomahawk
    Cross, but you risk taking a horrible load of damage from fire.
      2.    --- --- --- --- --- ---
           |   |   |   |   |   |   |    
            --- --- --- --- --- ---     E: ElementMan
           |   | E | X | X | X | X |    X: Range
            --- --- --- --- --- ---     
           |   |   |   |   |   |   |
            --- --- --- --- --- ---
      3.    --- --- --- --- --- ---
           |   |   |   |   |   |   |    
            --- --- --- --- --- ---     E: ElementMan
           |   | E | X | X | O |   |    O: BrokenPanel
            --- --- --- --- --- ---     X: Range
           |   |   |   |   |   |   |
            --- --- --- --- --- ---
    Thunder: Elec attack that breaks the third column from MegaMan. While
    in theory this attack is very useful it is rarely used and is
    difficult to time in practice. Similar to ThunderMan chip in EXE2.
      4.    --- --- --- --- --- ---
           |   |   |   |   |   | X |    
            --- --- --- --- --- ---     E: ElementMan
           |   |   | E |   |   | X |    X: BrokenPanels / Targets Hit
            --- --- --- --- --- ---     
           |   |   |   |   |   | X |
            --- --- --- --- --- ---
    But beware, ElementMan does NOT EVER repair the stage with his Wood
    attack. Upon further testing, however, I can conclude that his
    Frostbite attack actually restores broken panels to IcePanels.
    	III) JudgeMan
    Needless to say, my third favorite chip in this game. Deals Elec
    damage in a line, piercing Invis. Also acts as GrabBack, summoning
    books to recover lost panels. Behold, the power of the Terrible Trio.
    This navi, like KillerMan, will paralyze, making it great for setting
    up combos. The books deal 20 damage each for JudgeMan (not EX or SP)
    and home in on opponents.
    The books will not pierce Invis, unlike GrabBack, and will not push
    opponents back. The books home in on opponents.
      1.    --- --- --- --- --- ---
           |   |   |   |   |   |   |    
            --- --- --- --- --- ---     J: JudgeMan
           |   | J | X | X | X |   |    X: Targets Hit
            --- --- --- --- --- ---     
           |   |   |   |   |   |   |
            --- --- --- --- --- ---
    	IV) SP Navis
    If your folder comes in a code that has an SP Navi, always PUT IT IN!
    These guys to tremendous damage, so do not EVER underestimate their
    power. Take for example TomahawkManSP - Who wouldn't want a dual
    elemental, 280 non flinching damage LifeSword time freezing attack?
    Or GroundManSP, which can deal 520 damage to a frozen opponent.
    ChargeManSP is most infamous, because he can deal 520 with just ONE
    AreaGrab. Rule: If the folder code offers an SP Navi and is in my
    FAQ, it will have that SP Navi. >_> I mean, seriously, look at their
    damage, and tell me if it's worth it.
    	SP Navi		Damage		Possible Damage
    	ProtoManSP	290
    	HeatManSP	260
    	ElecManSP	210x		420, 630
    	SlashManSP	220+40x		460
    	KillerManSP	210
    	ChargeManSP	130x		390, 520, 650 >_<	
    	AquaManSP	120x3		360
    	TomahawkManSP	280
    	TenguManSP	160x2		320
    	GroundManSP	130x3		390, (520 If Frozen)
    	DustManSP	200x		400, 600
    	BlastManSP	250
    	DiveManSP	270
    	CircusManSP	55x6		330, Causes Blind
    	JudgeManSP	190+40x		310, GrabBanish
    	ElementManSP	240		480, If it Breaks a Cross
    	ColonelSP	300
    	V) BubbleStar
    This chip will eventually hit the entire field, and is difficult to
    dodge. When it hits, it seals an enemy in a bubble, rendering them
    immobile and giving them AquaBody.
    The higher versions of this chip move faster. However, BubbleStar3
    goes over 40 MB, which means only 2 may be placed in the same folder.
    	VI) ElecPulse
    Great chips, works well with BubbleStar. All 3 will pierce Invis, and
    have great side effects.
    ElecPulse1: Paralysis
    ElecPulse2: Pulls enemy in, removes flinch/Invis
    ElecPulse3: HP Drain level 1 glitch, causes flinching
    Again, version 3 goes over 40 MB, which means only 2 may be placed in
    the same folder.
    This chip works very well in BeastOut, particularly version 1.
      1.    --- --- --- --- --- ---
           |   |   |   |   | X |   |    
            --- --- --- --- --- ---     M: MegaMan
           |   |   | M | X | X |   |    X: Targets Hit
            --- --- --- --- --- ---     
           |   |   |   |   | X |   |
            --- --- --- --- --- ---
    	VII) MachineGun
    This series will remove Traps, hence the reason why more and more
    folders these days try to accommodate them. Does a great number of
    hits and can get pretty powerful with KillerCross.
    See "F) Hellz Rolling".
    Top row - 2 hits.
    Mid row - 4 hits.
    Bot row - 3 hits.
    	VIII) Sensor
    This chip was one of the best chips in the EXE3 days, but in EXE6
    this infernal contraption has been nerfed to dust. It has a delay of
    about 1.5 seconds after it is summoned, and even then can only fire
    once. Also, all versions of this chip have to look up/down if they
    aren't in the center row. All versions of Sensor will pierce Invis,
    and they're pretty good for rowlocking, so that's why they're in this
    section. Almost all folders on a code that has Sensor will have a few
    copies... except Numbchuck Namco.
    Note that Sensors are floating obstacles in EXE6 and can be placed on
    broken/missing panels.
    Update: If an opponent in BeastOut uses a chip, and it auto-aims into
    the path of your Sensor, you will get counter hit. This is one of the
    rare occasions that I've actually seen FullSync in PvP mode. Also,
    Sensor's lag is overrated. I've gotten hit by Sensor quite a few
    times when my friend used silver Weapon. Sensor can be chained to
    ElecSword / KillerMan.
    	- Vertical Sensor Slide
    Since EXE3, we have known Sensor for its ability to break Shields,
    pierce Invis, and control the stage. However, in EXE6, we discovered
    a new function of the Sensor - it is capable of multihitting! How
    does this work? It's slightly complicated, so I'll use some diagrams.
    Firstly, the limited range of Sensor makes it so that this Sensor 
    slide would only work if the Sensor is placed in the middle row, as
    shown below.
            --- --- --- --- --- ---
           |   |   |   |   |   |   |    M: MegaMan
            --- --- --- --- --- ---     S: Sensor
           |   | M | S | X | X | X |    X: Range of Sensor
            --- --- --- --- --- ---
           |   |   |   |   |   |   |
            --- --- --- --- --- ---
    Now, if MegaMan used a MagCoil from that location, it would pull any
    enemies into the sight range of the Sensor, thus:
            --- --- --- --- --- ---
           |   |   | v | v | v |   |    M: MegaMan with MagCoil
            --- --- --- --- --- ---     v: Pulled downwards
           |   | M | X | X | X |   |    ^: Pulled upwards
            --- --- --- --- --- ---     X: Range of MagCoil
           |   |   | ^ | ^ | ^ |   |
            --- --- --- --- --- ---
    However, if the middle row had an IcePanel, the opponent would slide
    past it, would he not? However, the pulling force of MagCoil is
    still in force, so it would pull an opponent back down to the middle
    row. Again, the middle row is an IcePanel, so the opponent would just
    slide past it and be sucked up again. This process is repeated
    several times until the duration of MagCoil finishes. For example,
    the opponent on the panel marked O would be pulled up and downwards
    like so:
      1.    --- --- --- --- --- ---     
           |   |   |   |   | O | Y |    M: MegaMan with MagCoil
            --- --- --- --- --- ---     v: Pulled downwards multiple times
           |   | M | S |   | v |   |    S: Sensor
            --- --- --- --- --- ---     O: Opponent's starting position
           |   |   |   |   | v | Y |    Y: Panels NOT affected by MagCoil
            --- --- --- --- --- --- 
      2.    --- --- --- --- --- --- 
           |   |   |   |   | ^ | Y |    M: MegaMan with MagCoil
            --- --- --- --- --- ---     ^: Pulled upwards multiple times
           |   | M | S |   | ^ |   |    S: Sensor
            --- --- --- --- --- ---     O: Opponent's starting position
           |   |   |   |   | O | Y |    Y: Panels NOT affected by MagCoil
            --- --- --- --- --- --- 
      3.    --- --- --- --- --- ---     
           |   |   |   |   | O | Y |    M: MegaMan with MagCoil
            --- --- --- --- --- ---     v: Pulled downwards multiple times
           |   | M | S |   | v |   |    S: Sensor
            --- --- --- --- --- ---     O: Opponent's starting position
           |   |   |   |   | v | Y |    Y: Panels NOT affected by MagCoil
            --- --- --- --- --- --- 
      4.    --- --- --- --- --- --- 
           |   |   |   |   | ^ | Y |    M: MegaMan with MagCoil
            --- --- --- --- --- ---     ^: Pulled upwards multiple times
           |   | M | S |   | ^ |   |    S: Sensor
            --- --- --- --- --- ---     O: Opponent's starting position
           |   |   |   |   | O | Y |    Y: Panels NOT affected by MagCoil
            --- --- --- --- --- --- 
    Note that the opponent could start on either diagram 1 or 2. Whenever
    the opponent moves past the middle row he is hit once by the Sensor.
    Damage racks up. That is the Vertical Sensor Slide.
    It requires:
    - IcePanel in middle row.
    - MagCoil.
    - Sensor.
    - A certain lack of common sense, or a favorable attitude to casinos.
    This not a particularly successful concept, and I have discouraged
    most folder makers who try to use this concept. It's too difficult to
    set up, and too easily disrupted (such as by the simple act of
    stepping into the panels marked "Y").
    	- Horizontal Sensor Slide
    This kind of Sensor Slide is easier, and I often encourage people to
    use this instead of the Vertical Slide. The concept is simple:
      1.    --- --- --- --- --- ---
           |   |   | M |   |   |   |    M: MegaMan
            --- --- --- --- --- ---     S: Sensor
           |   |   | S | < | < | O |    <: Motion of opponent
            --- --- --- --- --- ---     O: Opponent's starting position
           |   |   |   |   |   |   |
            --- --- --- --- --- ---
      2.    --- --- --- --- --- ---
           |   |   | M |   |   |   |    M: MegaMan (using WindRack)
            --- --- --- --- --- ---     S: Sensor
           |   |   | S | O | > | > |    >: Motion of opponent
            --- --- --- --- --- ---     O: Opponent's starting position
           |   |   |   |   |   |   |
            --- --- --- --- --- ---
      3.    --- --- --- --- --- ---
           |   |   | M |   |   |   |    M: MegaMan
            --- --- --- --- --- ---     S: Sensor
           |   |   | S | < | < | O |    <: Motion of opponent
            --- --- --- --- --- ---     O: Opponent's starting position
           |   |   |   |   |   |   |
            --- --- --- --- --- ---
      4.    --- --- --- --- --- ---
           |   |   | M |   |   |   |    M: MegaMan (using WindRack)
            --- --- --- --- --- ---     S: Sensor
           |   |   | S | O | > | > |    >: Motion of opponent
            --- --- --- --- --- ---     O: Opponent's starting position
           |   |   |   |   |   |   |
            --- --- --- --- --- ---
    Note that the opponent could start on either diagram 1 or 2. To get
    the opponent moving towards you, you need either ComingRoad or Tengu
    Cross' Left+B VacuumFan ability. The latter is probably better, as
    you don't have to worry about the Road panels fading, or your enemy
    with FloatShoes. After that, just hit them with WindRack to push
    them back. Rinse, repeat. As you can see, The Horizontal Sensor
    Slide is not only easier to perform (doesn't require you to throw
    IceSeeds), but also deals more damage in execution.
    It requires:
    - ComingRoad in middle row or TenguCross.
    - WindRack(s).
    - Sensor.
    	X) WhiteCapsule
    This chip works like Attack+10, except it adds no damage, and instead
    causes the chip selected before it to cause paralysis. Remember that
    it takes up an entire chip slot for NO damage, though. Useful if your
    folder has a lot of flinching, or if you're into paralysis stringing,
    like me. Keep in mind Cross Cancelling, though. This will be explained
    in depth below.
    UPDATE: I don't think WhiteCapsule is still viable. I haven't touched
    this chip in a long time.
    	XI) Uninstall and SunMoon
    Uninstall removes component programs (such as SuperArmor, AirShoes,
    etc) from your opponent's NaviCust. It has NO effect on plus programs
    (such as Rapid+1, HP+100, etc). Works like Attack+10, you attach it
    to a chip. Works on non-time freezing chips only.
    Contrary to what people believed in the old days, Uninstall works
    just as well on single hitters as it does on multihitters. Thanks to
    Megarockexe for this information.
    SunMoon is one of the most powerful PAs in this game. It deals 600
    total damage, removes EVERY SINGLE component program in the
    opponent's NaviCust, and cracks a 3x3 area. However, keep in mind
    that this chip has the range of a MiniBomb. Its main attack can only
    hit 1 panel! Make sure to support it with chips like BubbleStar3,
    which comes in the same code if my memory still serves.
    This Program Advance is hard to draw in battle. You can only have
    one of Atk+30, Meteors or Uninstall in one folder, and none of these
    can be tagged or preset. Once it hits, however, it is basically game
    MeteorRedSun does not EVER pierce Invis. Only BlueMoonRay does.
      1.    --- --- --- --- --- ---
           |   |   |   |   |   |   |    
            --- --- --- --- --- ---     M: MegaMan
           |   | M |   |   | X |   |    X: Targets Hit
            --- --- --- --- --- ---     
           |   |   |   |   |   |   |
            --- --- --- --- --- ---
      2.    --- --- --- --- --- ---
           |   |   |   | X | X | X |    M: MegaMan    
            --- --- --- --- --- ---     X: Cracked by MeteorRedSun (200
           |   | M |   | X | X | X |       damage only, NC does not get
            --- --- --- --- --- ---        disabled)
           |   |   |   | X | X | X |
            --- --- --- --- --- ---
    	XII) Defenses
    AntiDamage, Barr200, LifeAura, Sanctuary, BubbleWrap are staple,
    because not only do you always want some defense, you also want
    strong ones. AntiNavi and AntiSword are semi-staple, but are used
    more as filler chips than anything.
    	XIII) GigaChips
    These chips are the bomb. Most folders will use some sort of Giga
    Chip, because their benefits far outweigh the slight code clashing that
    you get. There are 4 commonly used GigaChips, they are:
    - Falzar: BassAnly, CrossDivide
    - Gregar: Bass, ColonelForce
    All the others fail, so don't use them. (BigHook is OK if it comes on
    	XIV) Static
    This chip comes in G, S, and V codes, and is pretty powerful. It has
    the Wind element, and deals 8 hits of 20 damage to a wide area,
    depending on how many bugs you have. Behold the power of evil! Very
    useful if you use the Humor Glitch, and works well with a number of
    chips that come in their code.
      1.    --- --- --- --- --- ---
           |   |   |   |   |   |   |    
            --- --- --- --- --- ---     M: MegaMan
           |   |   | M |   | X |   |    X: Targets Hit
            --- --- --- --- --- ---     (No Bugs)
           |   |   |   |   |   |   |
            --- --- --- --- --- ---
      2.    --- --- --- --- --- ---
           |   |   |   |   | X |   |    
            --- --- --- --- --- ---     M: MegaMan
           |   |   | M |   | X | X |    X: Targets Hit
            --- --- --- --- --- ---     (1 Bug)
           |   |   |   |   | X |   |
            --- --- --- --- --- ---
      3.    --- --- --- --- --- ---
           |   |   |   |   | X | X |    
            --- --- --- --- --- ---     M: MegaMan
           |   |   | M |   | X | X |    X: Targets Hit
            --- --- --- --- --- ---     (2+ Bugs)
           |   |   |   |   | X | X |
            --- --- --- --- --- ---
    This chip works well with AirSpin1 G, GrabBanish S, ColorPoint *,
    DoublePoint *, Atk+30 *, ElecPulse1 S, BubbleStar3 S, but I haven't
    yet seen this chip used in the V code.
    	XV) Others
    There are other chips that are staple or semi-staple due to the
    usefulness of their effects, these are:
    - ElecSword
    - FlashBomb3
    - Muramasa
    - SuperVulcan
    - JusticeOne
    - AssassinSword
    - GrabBanish
    - GrabRevenge
    - AreaGrab
    - FullCust
    - AquaDragon
    - WoodDragon
    C) Control
    	I) Area Control
    These are important in NetBattles. Area Control is the Red vs Blue
    tiles in a NetBattle. Commonly, AreaGrab is used frequently in Net
    Battles, and a player who has less or draws less will find him/
    herself trapped. This is referred to as AreaLock.
    Area control is important because:
    - Some attacks have low range, such as ElecPulse.
    - Some attacks are dependant on Area, such as TrainArrow, SlashMan,
    - Getting AreaLocked means that you can't dodge any enemy attacks,
    and dramatically improves their aim.
    But, how to control the Area? Well, the obvious choice would be to
    use lots of AreaGrabs. However, a lot of players will stay at the
    front of their area to prevent grabbing. Thus, WindRack and other
    attacks that can blow the enemy back are also useful. GrabBanish and
    GrabRevenge are even better, because they push the enemy all the way
    back, return Area stolen, and can pierce Invis / Flinch. In past
    versions, I forgot to mention JudgeMan as a viable utility of Area
    Control. Well, he is one of the best... not only recoverying lost
    panels, but paralysing the opponent to boot.
    	II) Stage Control
    Stage control refers to terrain changes. There are many different
    types of terrain panels in EXE6, and I will attempt to list them all
    and all their effects here. I'm not going to list Cracked and Broken
    Panels, because it's too obvious.
    Grass Panel
    - Heals wood element
    - Fire deals double damage
    - Tornado deals double damage
    - Once hit with Fire or Tornado, Grass is gone
    - Created by ElementMan, GrassSeed, Boomer, CornShot, WoodDragon
    - AssasinSword and ElementSword hits here
    Ice Panel
    - Non-aqua enemies slide on these panels
    - Aqua elemental attacks which hit cause freezing instead of
    - Frozen enemies take double damage from Breaking attacks
    - Once an enemy is frozen, the Ice Panel under where the enemy is
    will be gone
    - When combined with Magnet Coil, it can produce some interesting
    - Created by ElementMan, IceSeed, AquaDragon
    - AssasinSword and ElementSword hits here
    Poison Panel
    - Deals damage over time to anyone over it
    - Created by PoisonSeed, VDoll (not really worth mentioning)
    Magnet Panel
    - Moves anyone that steps on them in the direction indicated by its
    - Created by ComingRoad/GoingRoad chip
    - Is destroyed by Wood element chips for some strange reason
    Holy Panel
    - Doubles damage done to anyone or objects on them
    - Created by Sanctuary or HolyPanel
    Now, why is this important? Well, several folders rely on Stage
    control to win. Take Atlas (not included here, check Renowned Folder
    FAQ) or Element Rage (C coded). Atlas uses the Ice to ensure the
    success of the vertical Sensor Slide, while Element Rage uses Corn
    Shot and FireHit in rapid succession. In this aspect, it is
    important to know how to stop the opponent from using their Seeds,
    and how to make sure your own Terrain changes are successful.
    Seeds are thrown attacks, and can thus be easily stepped under. You
    should always aim to do this when your enemy is throwing seeds.
    Likewise, you should be aiming to paralyze your opponent so he
    cannot do the same to your seeds. When you want to make sure your
    seeds land, you should flinch or paralyze your opponent. 
    If somehow your opponent has tossed a seed successfully, there is
    still hope. While the Repair (also known as PanelReturn) chip is
    usually excluded from any decent folder, ElementMan is able to change
    the entire stage to Grass with his Wood attack! Use this to repair
    Poison or Ice Panels. Remember - An opponent must have a really good
    motive for using these Seeds, as they take up an entire chip slot for
    no damage! If your opponent uses Ice, it is very likely that they
    have either a Freeze and Breaking folder, or a Sensor Slide strategy.
    If its Grass, then it is obviously going to be fire or Tornado, both
    of which are comparatively easier to deal with.
    Also, some people will use ElementMan's grass attack to heal their
    own TomahawkCross. When people do this, I like to attack them with
    ElementManSP for some fun. ^_^
    	III) Tempo Control
    This used to be crucial, but now with the invention of 2200+ hit
    point NaviCust setups, this is no longer essential, but still a
    very useful method of giving yourself an advantage. Tempo Control
    refers to the 3 speeds at which the Custom Gauge fills up. Each of
    these tempos have advantages and disadvantages associated with them.
    FastGauge (4.27 seconds)
    - Invis lasts longer (relative to the Custom Gauge).
    - Flinching lasts longer (relative to the Custom Gauge).
    - Paralysis lasts longer (relative to the Custom Gauge).
    - More chance to Cross Cancel.
    - BeastOut doesn't last as long.
    - Players have less time to charge.
    - Sometimes, people can't use all of the chips in a turn due to
    Invis, Flinching, or other factors. These chips are commonly wasted.
    - Using the FstGauge chip in this mode has no effect.
    - Using the SloGauge chip in this mode restores the Gauge to Normal.
    - Using the SloGauge chip in this mode twice will cause the tempo to
    become SlowGauge turns.
    NormalGauge (8.53 seconds)
    - Default duration of a Custom Turn.
    - The duration of Invis is 6.40 seconds, which will not outlast a
    Normal Gauge turn.
    - Using the FstGauge or SloGauge chips in this mode will alter the
    Custom Gauge.
    SlowGauge (17.07 seconds)
    - BeastOut lasts longer.
    - Gives a player more time to use Poison, Humor Glitch, Charging
    chips, the Bug GigaChips, etc.
    - Reduces the effectiveness of Paralysis, Invis, Flinch, Blind, etc.
    - Using the FstGauge chip in this mode restores the Gauge to Normal.
    - Using the SloGauge chip in this mode has no effect.
    - Using the FstGauge chip in this mode twice will cause the tempo to
    become FastGauge turns.
    D) Defense
    This section was written from my own experience. Therefore, it does
    NOT represent global opinion and some parts of this section are open
    to debate. If you differ on this topic, and have good PvP experience,
    you can contact me.
    Firstly, the Golden Rule of defense:
    	KillerMan will destroy Invis, AntiDmg, and Shield.
    	Almost nothing is safe from this guy.
    	I) Invis
    The most common form of defense before EXE6. Turns MegaMan invisible
    and immune to most attacks for 6.40 seconds. However, some attacks
    "pierce" Invis, such as KillerMan, ElecPulse, and JudgeMan.
    In practice, Invis is good. It will last about 1 second longer than
    a FastGauge turn, making it simply excellent with FastGauge. Other
    than that, most Invis piercers will paralyze, so be prepared to Cross
    Cancel. One of AJAQ's folders use Invis as the primary defense,
    because the folder relied on TomahawkCross and it was immune to
    Another way to use this chip is to Time Freeze Counter. Do NOT use
    Invis to Time Freeze Counter a KillerMan, JudgeMan, or CircusMan. But
    you can actually Counter CrossDivide, Bass, or similar attacks with
    this chip.
    However, this chip is nigh worthless in the 2k health metagame. When
    both players are no longer racing to use up all their attacks, they
    can simply wait out the effects of Invis. Although Invis was 
    previously regarded as useful, it isn't too good if the opponent can
    just wait it out.
    KillerMan, JudgeMan, ElecPulse, VDoll, FlashBomb, Sensor.
    	II) AntiDmg
    The most common form of defense in EXE6 due to the prevalence of the
    Invis piercing chips in this game. Throws a shuriken when hit and
    negates the attack. However, traps are countered by attacks with the
    Cursor element, such as KillerMan, MachGun, CircGun, etc. Note that
    KillerCross charge shot is NOT Cursor element. Also, this trap sets
    off an opponent's AntiSword and will break TenguCross.
    AntiDamage is supreme in defense. The buster (and BeastBuster) will
    not set off this troublesome trap anymore, and it can be a hell of
    an annoyance if you use this right before an opponent's setup attack,
    such as JudgeMan.
    This chip is even more effective than Invis at Time Freeze Counters.
    Of course, this chip will be broken by MachineGun and KillerMan, so
    beware of those.
    KillerMan, Cursor element attacks, AntiSword.
    	III) ElementTrap
    This trap, once set, will trigger when an opponent uses an attack
    that deals damage from the 4 basic elements of Fire, Aqua, Elec, or
    Wood. It will then deal 240 elemental damage to the entire
    battlefield. However, this does not EVER cancel attacks made by the
    opponent, and thus does not really offer "protection" in the usual
    sense. ElementTrap will have nasty side effects in addition to the
    heavy damage.
    	Aqua: Flinching
    	Fire: Flinching
    	Elec: Paralysis, Non-flinching
    	Wood: Confusion, Non-flinching
    This chip should never be considered as a form of defense. Instead,
    it is more of an offensive capability than a defensive measure. See
    how it deals 240 Time Freezing damage to the whole field? Designed
    to be offensive.
    Use this to Time Freeze Counter elemental enemies, such as JudgeMan,
    ElementMan, DiveMan, etc. Note: ElementTrap WILL set off an enemy's
    ElementTrap is actually quite useful against opponents who use Elec
    to string paralysis. Yet another measure Capcom has installed to
    counter paralysis. The only problem with ElementTrap is that it
    takes up the space of your valuable AntiDmg, which actually defends
    KillerMan, Cursor element attacks, Invis, AntiDamage.
    	IV) Barrier
    Barrier comes in 3 versions - Barrier, Barr100, Barr200. Barrier will
    absorb 10, 100, and 200 damage before being destroyed respectively.
    Barriers are usually excluded from folders because of how weak they
    are. The only advantage they have to recovery chips is that they
    prevent paralysis and other harmful status effects. Barr200 is over
    50 MB and you can therefore only have 1 copy per folder. Rats.
    Barriers blow. Literally. As soon as the opponent gets into Tengu
    Cross, Barriers can be instantly removed by the VacuumFan effect of
    the Left+B ability. Barr200, if on code, is a decent form of defense,
    especially when used with Invis (protects against JudgeMan, Rush,
    etc). Barrier or Barr100, however, in most situations suck, so...
    don't use them unless you have to.
    Can be used to Time Freeze Counter anything... maybe except Wind
    element chips (There's only one Wind Time Freezing chip, and that's
    TenguCross, Wind element attacks. Fan and Wind instantly removes
    	V) DreamAura
    Summons a DreamAura which is a very powerful protective barrier
    around MegaMan. The DreamAura lasts roughly around a minute, so it
    won't be broken unless you're hit by an attack that deals 200 damage
    or higher (It will still protect you from that attack, but it will
    disappear). The DreamAura, like Barrier, will be broken if hit by a
    Wind chip, or TenguCross's VacuumFan.
    DreamAura in past games have been debatable. With a Sanctuary, it
    could withstand 400 instant damage, but, at what cost? DreamAura only
    comes in U code, while the Sanctuary chip only comes in Z. In
    addition to that, it is easily removed by TenguCross. But now things
    get interesting. Also, LifeSword comes in the * code now. Has Holy
    Aura become virtually useless?
    Mercury_Wing, long known for his ability to cook up unorthodox ideas,
    has figured out a new way to dupe Falzar players. This FAQ features a
    folder known as "Mercurialism" which uses DreamAura, and off code.
    Although it seems like a very noob thing to do, we find that
    Mercury_Wing actually does pretty well. It's easy: First he dons a
    DreamAura, then, the next turn, when the unsuspecting Falzar player
    goes into Tengu, Mercury_Wing retaliates with a 1000 damage Cross
    Divide. It won't work all the time, and certainly won't work multiple
    times on the same enemy, but it is a potent way to use this chip.
    In conclusion, DreamAura is not GREAT, because the U code sucks, and
    if you're going to use it off code you won't be able to select other
    offensive chips in the same turn. It provides decent defense, though.
    TenguCross, Wind element attacks, Fire attacks on grass, LifeSword.
    	VI) Left+B NCPs
    There are 3 Navi Customizer Pieces which will provide defense in this
    game. They are:
    Shield - Blocks attacks when Left+B is held.
    Reflect - Blocks damage, and deals 50 damage in a line if attacked
    while Left+B is held.
    AntiDmg - Uses a momentary AntiDamage while Left+B is held. Will only
    last a couple of seconds or so.
    These programs do NOT work when MegaMan equips a Cross, or goes into
    Unlike previous games, Shield, Reflect, and AntiDmg now have a lag
    time, so players are no longer able to keep up Reflect for entire
    turns like in EXE3. Also keep in mind that KillerMan breaks all of
    these, so be careful when using these. They're not too bad, but no
    defense is fullproof in this game.
    These kind of defenses are NOT broken by VDoll or Guardian.
    Don't use them if you're planning to use a Cross or BeastOut, which,
    coincidentially, will be 99% of the time. Therefore, don't bother
    with them.
    Asakura Yoh differs with me on this subject, and he has got a pretty
    good point: "Shield depends on the folder you're using. It can go well
    with The Fourth Spell, since you only Cross to cancel with that
    folder. It puts the rhythm of battle into your hands because of not
    having to rely on defense chips, and allows you to defend once on the
    spot. Not for everyone, but it's not horrible."
    Of course, Shield is a great NC Piece for folders such as
    KillerMan, Sensor, Breaking element attacks for Shield and Reflect.
    KillerMan, Cursor element attacks for AntiDmg.
    	VII) Reflector
    Once you activate this chip, you put up a shield that will absorb all
    damage except breaking or super piercing attacks. If you are hit, you
    automatically deal 100/150/200 damage in a line.
    The Reflector series, despite coming in the * code, are very trashy
    chips and are generally excluded from any decent folder. Why? Unless
    you are god, you won't be able to time this chip properly to get any
    decent effects.
    KillerMan, Sensor, Breaking element attacks.
    	VIII) Recovery
    Heals MegaMan (does not Freeze Time). Recover 10-80 come in * code,
    but they are too weak. Recover300, the only one that's even slightly
    worth using, comes in J, O, and Y codes.
    Recovery chips suck, unless you really know what you're doing. But,
    chances are, you don't. So... for general purposes of NetBattling...
    don't use them.
    You can't, unless you're using AntiRecovery for some strange reason.
    	IX) Other Traps
    This includes AntiNavi, AntiSword, AntiRecovery, and BodyGuard. Anti
    Navi automatically steals the next Mega Chip that your opponent uses.
    AntiSword, once set off by an opponent's Sword attack, will create 3
    SonicBooms that deal 100 damage each, not flinching until last wave
    hits. AntiRecovery will negate any Recovery chips (Roll, etc are not
    Recovery chips) and punish your opponent for healing by dealing equal
    to twice the recovered amount.
    BodyGuard is a * coded Program Advance that uses 3 traps for its
    components, in the following order:
    	AntiNavi *
    	AntiSword *
    	AntiDamage *
    BodyGuard, once activated, sets a Trap on your side of the screen,
    and as soon as you get hit by a non-Cursor attack, BodyGuard activates
    and throws those AntiDamage stars 10 times, dealing 1000 damage in
    AntiNavi is decent, especially when used with Invis. It is 50MB, which
    means it is restricted to one copy per folder, but could be Preset.
    Turning KillerMan and JudgeMan against them is nice.
    AntiSword is good once activated, but it depends on your opponent
    using a Sword first, which doesn't always happen. The upside? Anti
    Damage sets off AntiSword. That's right. Dealing 300 damage and
    wasting their AntiDamage is a pretty good deal.
    AntiRecovery sucks. Nobody uses Recovery.
    BodyGuard sounds awesome on paper, it blocks one attack, does 10 hits,
    can hit anywhere on the field. But the downside is that it is a 3-part
    Program Advance, and that the individual chips in it are probably more
    useful than the PA. Also, the PA is easily dodged, and after using the
    PA you can't use obstacles such as Sensor. The final nail in the
    coffin is driven into this PA by the fact that MachineGun and Killer
    Man REMOVES traps. It's not too bad, but you will regret it if you
    relied on BodyGuard. Also, this PA definetly won't work well if your
    opponent uses SuperArmor, which is staple.
    KillerMan, Cursor element chips. KillerMan should obviously not be
    used against AntiNavi.
    	X) Sanctuary
    This time freezing chip turns your entire area into HolyPanels, which
    halves all damage done to objects or players standing on them. This
    terrain doubles the defensive power or Barriers and Auras.
    When you're playing a HP setup (highly effective), Sanctuary becomes
    a very good friend, as it will effectively double your hit points.
    However, Sanctuary is easily destroyed by some chips, such as Boomer,
    Seeds, JusticeOne, Geddon, ElementMan, etc.
    Although previously thought to be worthless, Sanctuary is a monster
    of a chip - it should be used even if it is off code in most
    situations where you have higher than 2000 HP - just try not to let
    too much of it get stolen.
    JusticeOne, Geddon, ElementMan, Seeds, Boomer, AreaGrab.
    	XI) BubbleWrap
    Basically a Barrier that regenerates itself up to 3 times, but it has
    the Aqua element, which means you take double damage from Elec
    attacks and it is instantly gone. Can be removed with TenguCross.
    A highly useful chip that comes in the I, Q, and Z codes, this chip
    is too good to overlook. Although Elec is dangerous and very common,
    this chip is just too good to pass up... in Z code, this can even be
    combined with Sanctuary - giving you a 20 HP Barrier that regenerates
    3 times. Very annoying for an opponent, very good for setting the
    pace. Some people will even use this thing off code, but personally I
    think that's a bit much.
    JudgeMan, TenguCross, other Elec/Wind element attacks.
    E) "Splashing"
    Some folders work well in theory, but is complicated and difficult to
    use in practice. As such, testing out a folder on in-game opponents
    is not enough to produce a decent NetBattle folder.
    This is where the concept of "Splashing" comes in. Basically, while
    many folders only use one code in the early days, we discovered the
    usefulness of having some chips - these will be useful in ALL 
    First, the folder makers started throwing in off-code GigaChips. Bass
    and CrossDivide were certainly very popular. Gradually, this concept
    grew and SuperVulcan, LifeAura were found in popular folders at the
    time, such as Endgame and Mercurialism (Both of these are probably
    out of date, and would fail at competition level. Otherwise, they're
    fine for a fun battle).
    At this point in time, there are a few chips that are found in good
    folders, that are probably off-code. Here is a short list of some of
    the more common examples:
    Chip No.	Chip Name	Chip Codes
    008		SuperVulcan 	V
    130		JusticeOne	J
    171		Sanctuary	Z
    184		DreamAura	U
    183		BubbleWrap	IQZ
    084		Murasama	M
    09		AquaManSP	A
    30		ChargeManSP	C
    01		BassAnly	F
    01		Bass		F
    02		MeteorKnuckle	N
    03		CrossDivide	D
    04		ColonelForce	Q
    SuperVulcan is excellent with BeastOut. 480 multihitting damage is
    nothing to laugh at, particularly if the opponent isn't using Super
    JusticeOne, as we all know, breaks Sanctuary AND LifeAura (if hit
    in center), and could possibly force a Tengu or FalzarOut.
    Sanctuary is self-explanatory with most people playing 2000+ Hit
    Point builds, and LifeAura is just useful because it can bring out
    Tengu, so that you can cut them with 1000 damage from either Cross
    Divide or Muramasa (the latter in BeastOut).
    SP Navis are debatable, but I personally like them because they can
    deal some massive elemental damage, similar to Muramasa or Super
    Vulcan. The BubbleWrap is pretty hot, but I don't like it that much
    personally. Most of the GigaChips are nice, particularly the Bass
    chips and CrossDivide. ColonelForce and MeteorKnuckle are O.K.
    You Autofail if you splash DeltaRay.
    F) Full Synchro
    To put it in the words of a certain H0tSh0tZ1627:
    "There is no more random Full-Synching in EXE6! There hasn't been
    random Synching since EXE4!"
    G) Statistics
    Useful information for the Gauge chips. These should help you decide
    what and what not to use.
    	I) Poison Levels
    Poison level 1: 10 HP per second
    Poison level 2: 20 HP per second
    Poison level 3: 30 HP per second
    Poison level 4: 40 HP per second
    	II) HP Drain Glitch Levels
    Thanks to Nuz for this information.
    Bug level 1: 1 HP per 40 frames
    Bug level 2: 1 HP per 35 frames
    Bug level 3: 1 HP per 30 frames
    Bug level 4: 1 HP per 25 frames
    Bug level 5: 1 HP per 20 frames
    Bug level 6: 1 HP per 15 frames
    Bug level 7: 1 HP per 10 frames
    Level 7 is max, any more is unattainable.
    All HP glitches are stackable, therefore, 2 ElecPulse3's can raise
    the Bug level 1 to a Bug level 2.
    3 frames = 0.05 seconds.
    1 second = 60 frames.
    	III) Durations
    Paralysis lasts 2 seconds normally.
    Flinching lasts 2 seconds normally.
    Freezing lasts 2.5 seconds normally.
    Invisible lasts 6.4 seconds normally.
    	IV) Custom Turns
    Each Fast Gauge turn is 256 frames, or 4.27 seconds.
    Each Normal Gauge turn is 512 frames, or 8.53 seconds.
    Each Slow Gauge turn is 1024 frames, or 17.07 seconds.
    Capcom truncates any decimal past the hundredth's place. Lucky for
    H) Attack Boosting
    Attacks which have no attack rating, such as GrabRvng, DoubleBeast,
    GunDelSol, cannot be powered by WhitePills or Attack Boosters.
    Some attacks in this game which have an attack rating, however, are
    UNAFFECTED by attack boosters, such as:
    - JudgeMan's books
    - SlashMan's kunai
    - SunMoon's small meteors attack of 5 hits
    I) Obstacle Limitations
    A player can only have 1 obstacle on the field at a time. This
    includes, but is not limited to, Timpani, VDoll, Sensor, Anubis,
    and Fanfare. This does not include RockCubes, which are counted as
    "neutral" obstacles, not owned by anyone, and therefore are allowed
    to co-exist with other obstacles. A max of 2 RockCubes are allowed at
    the same time. FlashBombs also do not count towards the obstacle
    limit. This means that FlashBombs WILL sit on the field with Sensor!
    UPDATE: BlackBombs count toward the obstacle limit, and will remove
    Sensor, etc.
    Note that BodyGuard PA, when activated, counts as a "friendly"
    obstacle, and therefore will remove VDoll, Sensor, Boiler etc.
    Keep all of this in mind when building folders.
    J) Select Chip Glitch
    This is a glitch contributed by megarockexe. Thanks, dude!
    "To do this glitch, first you must select/tag the chips within your
    MB range. Sort your folder by ID, descending preferably. Then,
    operate any Link Navi. Go to your folder and switch the locations of
    your selected/tagged chips. So if you selected a Cannon at the top,
    move it to the bottom so, say a ProtomanSP chip is now in its place.
    DO NOT SORT. Go in a Net Battle from the Network option. When you
    play another player, your desired chips will be selected/tagged.
    There is one rule, you cannot choose Giga chips. Doing so will
    affect the chip underneath the Giga chip, and wraps to the top."
    [4CRS] Beasts and Crosses
    A word before we begin - my ratings on the Crosses are not absolute
    indicators of a Cross's usefulness. All the Crosses have at least 
    one folder which uses it well, but my ratings are more "neutral" and
    I consider how they fare with multiple folders. For example, Heat and
    Charge Crosses are almost never used.
    A) Gregar Version Crosses
    Gregar Crosses are characterized by their sheer power. Heat, Elec,
    and Slash, what I describe as "The Big Three", all give an instant
    +50 damage to chips of their respective element! Powerful!
    KillerCross gives +30 to ALL Cursor chips, and this is especially
    powerful on the multi-hitting MachGun chips. Lastly, ChargeCross can
    charge Fire elemental chips for up to +100 damage! Make sure you use
    SlowGauge if you plan to do so, though.
    	I) HeatCross
    Bugger, looks like Mr Match didn't come with any new navis this time
    - Fire element chips (non-time freezing) automatically gain +50 bonus
    - Buster attack level automatically raised by 1.
    - Weak to Aqua attacks.
    ChargeShot: Fire Arm
    - Range is the same as FireBurn.
    - Deals 30+(20xAttack) damage.
    - Fire elemental damage.
    - Flinching.
    BeastCharge: Great Fire
    - Range is the same as Gregar Breath.
    - Deals 50+(30xAttack) damage.
    - Fire elemental damage.
    - Flinching.
    Notable Apperances in famous folders:
    - Element Rage
    Final Thoughts:
    Ironic how even Conflagration doesn't use HeatCross. Well, HeatCross
    is not too bad, but it's nothing special. The charge shots are quite
    powerful, but, come on. Any decent battlechip combo could outdo that.
    In HeatBeast, you can charge elementless chips for GreatFire, which
    is again quite powerful, especially on Grass, but takes quite a
    while to charge, and I say it's overall not worth the effort.
    Rating: [***  ]
    	II) SlashCross
    A powerful Cross! In previous games, Sword souls were the weakest of
    the lot, both ShadowSoul's BackStab and BluesSoul's StepSword had
    flaws that were painfully apparent. SlashCross's SonicBoom ability,
    by comparison, is paramount to epic win.
    - Sword element chips (non-time freezing) automatically gain +50 bonus
    - Charging Sword element chips with A button causes them to fly down
    the enemy area, similar to SonicBoom.
    - Using Sword element chips gives the Charged Buster a +50 attack
    bonus (only works once per battle).
    - Weak to Breaking attacks.
    ChargeShot: Wide Slash
    - Range is the same as DreamSword.
    - Deals 60+(20xAttack) damage.
    - Sword elemental damage.
    - Flinching.
    BeastCharge: Cross Slash
    - Range is the same as CrossDivide.
    - Deals 50+(30xAttack) damage, hits twice to opponents in the same
    - Sword elemental damage.
    - Flinching.
    Notable Apperances in famous folders:
    - Silver Weapon
    - Einherjar's Judgment
    - Numbchuck Nambo
    Final Thoughts:
    SlashCross defines the Gregar version. Well, that's a bit of an
    exaggeration, but SlashCross is excellent. The SonicBoom ability is
    amazing, requires a ridiculously short time to charge, and can be
    very good when used with ElecSword. BambooSword is decent as well,
    but AquaSword with IceSeed in SlashCross is also great. ChargeMAX is
    what you want with SlashCross - The ChargeShot is quite powerful,
    too. However, if your folder isn't big on Swords, there's a limited
    usage for this Cross.
    Rating: [**** ]
    	III) ElecCross
    No joke, this Cross in a NetBattle, when handled correctly, is
    - Elec element chips (non-time freezing) automatically gain +50 bonus
    - Charging Null element chips with A button causes them to PARALYSE.
    - Weak to Wood attacks.
    ChargeShot: Thunder Bolt
    - Range is the same as DollThunder.
    - Deals 40+(20xAttack) damage.
    - Elec elemental damage.
    - Flinching.
    BeastCharge: Big Thunder
    - Range is the same as Gregar Breath.
    - Deals 40+(30xAttack) damage.
    - Elec elemental damage.
    - Paralysing, Cracks Panels.
    Notable Apperances in famous folders:
    - Hole-y Hell
    - Einherjar's Judgment
    - Seventeen Soldier Salute RV
    - Lightning Elemental
    - Conflagration
    - Shine Plasma
    - Element Rage
    - Numbchuck Nambo
    Final Thoughts:
    My, how ridiculous. This is the reason why Crosses like Slash only
    get 4 stars for. So many folders use this Cross, something tells
    me that ElecCross is broken. Anyways, ElecCross is one of the best
    Crosses around... I mean, who doesn't want paralysis stringing?
    It can charge chips to paralyse, and ElecBeast turns Null elemental
    chips into that horrifying BigThunder. Apart from that ability, it
    gives all non time freezing Elec chips a +50 attack bonus, so you
    can keep pelting them with powered up ElecPulses. Insane.
    Rating: [*****]
    	IV) KillerCross
    Another "Dark" navi. Unlike ShadowSoul, however, KillerCross actually
    does more than just attract fanboys.
    - Cursor element chips automatically gain +30 bonus damage.
    - Null elemental Chips cause bugs to opponent MegaMan if the number
    "4" is present in his HP.
    - Weak to Wind attacks.
    ChargeShot: Killer Death Beam
    - Range is the same as DollThunder.
    - Deals 40+(20xAttack) damage.
    - Null elemental damage (does not remove Traps).
    - Flinching, but also pierces Invis and Flinching.
    BeastCharge: Killer Tail Arrow
    - This attack automatically aims at the locked enemy.
    - Deals 70+(30xAttack) damage.
    - Cursor elemental damage.
    - Flinching, pierces Invis and Flinching, removes Traps, causes a
    HP drain glitch and other glitches.
    Notable Apperances in famous folders:
    - Omnislash
    - Rattle Snake
    - Hellz Rolling
    - Battle Ready
    Final Thoughts:
    Not very commonly used, I suppose. However, they do compliment the
    increasingly popular MachGun chips. Remember, the +30 bonus affects
    time freezing chips, too. This is a decent Cross, because MachGun
    removes Traps, so KillerCross not only increases their damage, but
    also takes out their scourge as well - Invis. The BeastCharge is
    incredibly powerful, but takes a while to charge.
    Rating: [***  ]
    	V) ChargeCross
    Sheesh, what a weird Cross. I swear, when Capcom runs out of ideas
    (either that, or they're drunk) they bring in navis like FootMan, and
    now ChargeMan. (I know, FootMan was a contest winner, shut up =P)
    - Charge Fire Chips for up to +100 attack bonus. The longer the Chip
    is charged, the more attack bonus it gains.
    - For every turn in this Cross, you get Custom+1, up to 8 chips.
    - Weak to Aqua attacks.
    ChargeShot: Charge Tackle
    - Range is up to 3 panels ahead, hitting the first enemy.
    - Deals 30+(20xAttack) damage.
    - Fire/Breaking dual elemental damage.
    - Flinching.
    BeastCharge: Charge Bite
    - This attack automatically aims at the locked enemy.
    - Deals 70+(30xAttack) damage.
    - Fire elemental damage.
    - Stuns, then flinching.
    Notable Apperances in famous folders:
    - Liquifier
    Final Thoughts:
    Again, nobody uses ChargeCross. Or at least, nobody did in the old
    days. Not amazingly useful, and is somewhat situational. Similar to
    DustCross, it is difficult to use unless you build a folder around
    Rating: [**   ]
    B) Falzar Version Crosses
    Falzar Crosses are characterized by their special abilities. All 5
    have amazing abilities, with the exception of AquaCross, which is
    more of a "Gregar" type Cross.
    The danger with Falzar Crosses lies with their counters. While their
    abilities are amazing (see below), their counters are also very
    popular chips. Take Aqua, for example. Elec chips are no doubt the
    most popular chips in this game. This makes AquaCross very
    vulnerable. Sword chips are also very common, and the one chip that
    is in every one of the folders in this FAQ (KillerMan *) will counter
    Ground and Dust. We also see a lot of MachineGun users, which removes
    	I) AquaCross
    AquaMan from EXE4, Blue Moon is back! This time as SpoutMan. Let's
    see if our pathetic Aqua Soul is any better this time.
    - Charging Aqua element chips with A button causes them to deal
    DOUBLE damage. Doesn't work for Time Freezing chips.
    - Using ANY Aqua element chip that doesn't freeze time will heal
    MegaMan for 5% of his total HP.
    - Has AquaBody, and therefore does not slip on IcePanels.
    - Weak to Elec attacks.
    ChargeShot: Bubble Shot
    - Range is same as Vulcan.
    - Deals 20+(10xAttack) damage.
    - Aqua elemental damage.
    - Flinching.
    BeastCharge: Aqua Spiral
    - Range is the same as LongSword.
    - Deals 10+(10xAttack) damage, up to 5 hits.
    - Aqua elemental damage.
    - Stunning.
    Notable Apperances in famous folders:
    - Mad Train Runnin'
    - Snakes on a Train
    - Siberian Sentence: Malice
    - Strongarm
    - Gibberish
    Final Thoughts:
    Similar to HeatCross, really. The thing is usable, and certainly
    could help, but it's nothing amazing. We can charge BubbleStars and
    TrainArrows for double damage, and heal some HP while doing so.
    Sadly, Elec attacks are so commonplace throughout the EXE series that
    using AquaCross is very dangerous business indeed.
    Rating: [***  ]
    	II) TenguCross
    A very useful Cross that unfortunately suffers the same cons as the
    - Wind element chips (non-time freezing) automatically gain +10 bonus
    - Has AirShoes, and is therefore not affected by Cracked or Broken
    - Pressing Left+B will automatically use VacuumFan, sucking all
    enemies to the front, removing Auras and Barriers in the process.
    - Weak to Sword attacks.
    ChargeShot: Tengu Racket
    - Range is same as WideSword.
    - Deals 40+(20xAttack) damage.
    - Wind elemental damage.
    - Pushes ALL enemies back.
    - Stunning.
    BeastCharge: Tengu Storm
    - Range is the same as Falzar Breath.
    - Deals 30+(20xAttack) damage, up to 3 hits for enemies for enemies 3
    rows away (LilBomb range).
    - Wind elemental damage.
    - Stunning.
    Notable Apperances in famous folders:
    - Atlas
    - Twisted Tantrum
    - Noise Wheel
    - Catacylsm Spiral
    - Spectrum
    - In Soviet Russia, Corn Pops You!
    - Gibberish
    - Every single bloody NetBattle.
    Final Thoughts:
    A very useful and versatile Cross. The AirShoes is amazing, it is
    basically FalzarOut without a time limit. You get the ability to
    freely remove Aura / Barriers and mess with your opponent's aim and
    positioning. The ChargeShot is certainly useful, as you don't even
    need to do damage to get the intended effect. Sensor Slide folders
    have great synergy with TenguCross, as do folders that have a bad
    range, such as ElecPulse folders or Tornado and AirWheel folders. The
    main con about this Cross is the weakness against Sword damage. An
    otherwise excellent Cross if it weren't for CrossDivide dealing
    instant 1000 damage to anyone who uses it.
    Rating: [*****]
    	III) TomahawkCross
    Dingo and TomahawkMan are back... and he's better than ever (by "ever"
    I do mean EXE5).
    - Charging Wood element chips with A button causes them to deal
    DOUBLE damage. Doesn't work for Time Freezing chips.
    - Has Status Guard, and is therefore not affected by ANY negative
    status effects, including, but is not limited to:
    	- Confusion
    	- Paralysis
    	- Blind
    	- Freezing
    	- Timpani
    - Weak to Fire attacks.
    ChargeShot: Tomahawk Swing
    - Range is same as LifeSword.
    - Deals 40+(20xAttack) damage.
    - Wood/Sword dual elemental damage.
    - Stunning.
    BeastCharge: Wing Boomerang
    - Range is the same as Boomer.
    - Deals 50+(20xAttack) damage, up to 2 hits, one Boomer from the
    bottom row, the other coming from the top.
    - Wood elemental damage.
    - Stunning.
    Notable Apperances in famous folders:
    - Come Pollinate Me
    - In Soviet Russia, Corn Pops You!
    - Nature's Lure: Malice
    - Nature's Lure: Banishment
    - Yanti Plains / Wong Tong's Song
    - Strongarm
    Final Thoughts:
    Two words: STATUS GUARD! TomahawkCross can't be paralysed or frozen.
    You can't do anything to this guy except to burn him, which is why
    ElementMan is a must in paralysis stringing folders. The ability to
    charge up those RiskyHoney chips aren't too bad, either.
    Rating: [*****]
    	IV) GroundCross
    Another Drill(Man) navi. Seriously, Capcom...
    - Breaking element chips (non-time freezing) automatically gain +10
    bonus damage.
    - Has SuperArmor, so you aren't affected by things like stunning.
    - Landing a hit with Breaking Chips will cause a maximum of three
    rocks dropping in enemy areas randomly.
    - Weak to Cursor attacks.
    ChargeShot: Ground Drill
    - Range is same as DrillArm, but it automatically moves you to the
    front of your area for the attack - you can dodge with this.
    - Deals 10+(10xAttack) damage, 2-4 hits.
    - Breaking elemental damage.
    - Stunning.
    BeastCharge: Drill Drive
    - MegaMan charges forward in Green Glow INVINCIBILITY, shaking off
    all status effects and attacks, charges forward until reaching the
    end of enemy area. Similar to DrillMan's attack in EXE3.
    - Deals 90+(20xAttack) damage, 2 hits.
    - Breaking elemental damage.
    - Flinching.
    Notable Apperances in famous folders:
    - Siberian Sentence: Malice
    - Hematite Weapon
    Final Thoughts:
    A pretty nice Cross, though underused it is. The main reason for that
    is because Breaking element chips aren't really all that useful.
    However, the SuperArmor is always nice, it helps. The KillerMan and
    MachineGun threat is always there, so take care when using this
    Cross. The falling rocks are pretty good at racking up damage, and
    Drill Drive can deal up to 570 damage to a frozen opponent. Not bad.
    Rating: [***  ]
    	V) DustCross
    The hippies have stopped their anti-war stance and are now ready to
    help MegaMan in battle. This is why Recycling is good, kids.
    - Dust Recycling allows you to discard up to 5 chips once per battle
    to have them replaced by new ones.
    - Pressing Left+B will cause MegaMan to suck in an obstacle on the
    field. Then you can shoot it out with the B button for 200 BREAKING
    - Weak to Cursor attacks.
    ChargeShot: Scrap Reborn
    - Range is same as Cannon.
    - Deals 50+(10xAttack) damage.
    - Breaking elemental damage.
    - Flinching.
    BeastCharge: Scrap Rake
    - MegaMan flies into the air, similar to the Bass chip, shaking off
    all status effects and attacks, and fires Scrapbots randomly forward.
    - Range is limited to 3 rows.
    - Deals 80+(20xAttack) damage, fires 6 Scrapbots, but only 1 hit!
    - Breaking elemental damage.
    - Flinching, Panel cracking.
    Notable Apperances in famous folders:
    - Dirty Water
    - Diamond Weapon: Absolute
    Final Thoughts:
    This Cross is strange, but not too bad. Like GroundCross, this is
    weak against the Cursor chips. This is one of those really under-
    used things in games where you have to build an entire strategy for
    it in order to be effective.
    Rating: [***  ]
    C) Beast Out
    The entire gameplay of EXE6 has been changed so irreversibly by the
    addition of this mode. With the single press of a button, MegaMan
    can enter this mode, which lasts 3 turns. The effects of this are as
    - Null element chips (non-time freezing) automatically gain +30
    bonus damage!
    - Press and hold A to charge non-elemental Chips to unleash the Beast
    Charge. It is Falzar / Gregar Claw by default, which goes up to the
    locked opponent and slashes twice, for 50+(10xAttack). First hit
    stuns, second hit flinches. If a Cross is equipped, the BeastCharge
    of that Cross overrides Falzar / Gregar Claw.
    - Automatically targets enemies for non-time freezing chips. Very
    useful for chips like Sword, ElecPulse, or Thunder.
    - When BeastOut runs out, and MegaMan has a Cross equipped, both the
    BeastOut AND the Cross is removed, and cannot be used again until
    the next battle. Other Crosses still may be used, however.
    - Automatically gives Gregar players SuperArmor, while Falzar players
    get OmniShoes (AirShoes and FloatShoes). 
    - Hold the B button to unleash the BeastBuster. Falzar players get
    the Gryphon Feather, shooting moderately rapidly down the row that
    MegaMan is on, and also on the rows immediately above and below him
    for 2 panels only. Gregar players get the Rapid Vulcan - this attack
    doesn't extend to other rows, but does not have a projectile like the
    Gryphon Feather. It shoots very fast, and damage can rack up if the
    right NC pieces are equipped.
    D) Beast Over
    After BeastOut is used, MegaMan enters the Tired Mode. His emotion
    window is kind of emo at this time, but he has been through a lot;
    give him a break. Anyways, at this time, we can unleash a final
    weapon - BeastOver. By selecting the Beast icon again, MegaMan enters
    into a state not unlike the DarkInvisible chip in EXE5 (possibly one
    of the cheapest things ever).
    This state grants MegaMan:
    - Green-Glow Invincibility, which means he is unaffected by ANYTHING
    for an entire custom turn.
    - Player loses control of MegaMan.
    - MegaMan teleports around randomly, attempts to be on the same row
    as locked opponent.
    - MegaMan still gets all of BeastOut abilities, such as OmniShoes and
    - MegaMan will use the BeastBuster like crazy while attempting to be
    on the same row as the opponent.
    - MegaMan will use chips randomly.
    In EXE6, however, there are dire consequences of using this
    transformation. If after the BeastOver the enemy has still not been
    defeated, MegaMan will enter Very Tired Mode. If you are in this
    situation, you're most likely screwed. He gains a MAX level HP drain
    glitch, which will take down roughly 6 HP per (game) second. In
    addition, he cannot use Crosses, and the Buster is reset to 1/1/1.
    Conclusion: Don't use BeastOver unless it's already Turn 14, so the
    battle will end regardless, or unless you know you're going to die.
    [5FOL] Folders List
    This is the main section of the FAQ, and, I'm sure, the reason why
    you are here. Here, we list all the folders that the pros have
    created and how they are meant to be used. There are no ratings here
    because every folder here should be very good, and will win you many
    battles in the process.
    Some folders were made to be fun, while others are designed to win
    without any regard towards fairness.
    Note that the folders listed here are only skeletons, and should be
    customized to suit both you and your opponent when used.
    A) Come Pollinate Me
    3 RiskyHoney3 A
    3 ElecPulse2 A
    2 ElecPulse3 A / FireHit3 A
    3 TrainArrow1 A / MachGun1 *
    3 AntiDmg *
    1 AntiNavi *
    1 AntiSword *
    3 AreaGrab *
    1 FullCust * [Preset]
    1 Muramasa M
    1 SuperVulcan V
    1 LifeAura U
    1 Atk+30 *
    1 DoublePoint *
    1 KillerMan *
    1 JudgeMan *
    1 ElementMan *
    1 AquaManSP A
    1 BassAnly F
    Version: Falzar
    Crosses: Tomahawk, Aqua, BeastOut
    Theme: "Screw me and I'll screw you back ten times harder" with Risky
    Honey and BodyGuard.
    Come Pollinate Me was the first and only A coded folder in the entire
    RFF. Why? Because the A code is, in my honest opinion, one of the
    suckier folder codes in this game. As the writer of the FAQ I have
    taken the liberty to modify the original Come Pollinate Me as I see
    Anyways, back on track, RiskyHoney3 will deal 20 damage of 5 hits
    when used. However, if you are hit while RiskyHoney is out, it will
    send out another swarm of bees, dealing an additional 5 hits. For
    every time you are hit, 5 more bees come out, and if you are hit by
    a multi-hit attack such as Vulcan, the damage from this chip will be
    very high. Since its base damage is very low, like AirRaid, attack
    boosters make this chip INSANE. Then you can charge it with Tomahawk
    Cross to make it deal double damage. This is considered one of the
    best ways to S-Rank BassBX, but against another human, usage of
    RiskyHoney3 could be difficult.
    Basically, all of Taoto's folders contained BodyGuard, and this time,
    it actually fits into the overall theme. However, after BodyGuard is
    activated you've really no way of ensuring it hits apart from Killer
    Man/JudgeMan. Master Cross has been removed, and for good riddance.
    It wasn't very powerful, dealing 6 hits of 100 damage, and was a 
    nightmare to draw. However, if you feel that you need it, it can
    still be added for fun.
    - High damage IF timed right.
    - Multi elemental damage - can break some Crosses easily.
    - It's actually better NOT to use BodyGuard. AntiDmg and AntiNavi are
    always great, and AntiSword can defend against the ever so popular
    CrossDivide and Muramasa.
    - The folder is a double-edged sword, because its greatest advantage
    can also work against it - You have to use the comb at the right time
    for maximum damage.
    B) Bane Elemental
    3 BubbleStar1 B [Tag 1]
    2 DollThunder3 B
    3 MachineGun3 B
    3 FireHit3 B
    3 Hi-Boomer B
    2 GrabBanish B
    2 Timpani * [Tag 2]
    2 AreaGrab *
    1 FullCust * [Preset]
    3 AntiDamage * 
    1 KillerMan *
    1 JudgeMan *
    1 ElementMan *
    1 ProtoManSP B
    1 BlastManSP B
    1 Bass F
    Version: Gregar
    Crosses: Heat, Elec, Killer
    Theme: Attack with complimentary offensive chips.
    This is c_rizzle08's second elemental folder. The concept is similar
    to Element Rage (see below), and uses similar chips. Hi-Boomers does
    2 things: Set up GrassPanels and can force the opponent into the
    middle row. This either sets them up for 4 hits of MachineGun3, which
    is 400 damage in KillerCross, or FireHit3, which does 460 damage in
    HeatCross. That's pretty good.
    Next, we have BubbleStar1, which has great range, but due to its
    slow motion, c_rizzle08 has added Timpanis. Once they're Bubbled, we
    can hit them with DollThunder3, which is, once again, 460 damage in
    ElecCross. MachineGun3 is great because of the high damage, and its
    nifty ability to remove Traps and destroy DustCross.
    Like Element Rage, the folder packs some very powerful Navi Chips.
    BlastManSP can deal 500 damage on Grass, plus another 250 if the
    opponent is in TomahawkCross. ProtoManSP removes the ever popular
    TenguCross to boot, and deals 290 very accurate damage.
    This folder, like The Fourth Spell, can force a load of Cross
    Canceling in practice. With the amount of different elemental attacks
    in there, this could actually work to our advantage.
    - Powerful combos here. Hi-Boomer and FireHit3 in HeatCross deals
    600 damage, while BubbleStar1 and DollThunder3 in ElecCross deals
    520 damage. MachineGun3 in KillerCross can do 400.
    - Loads of elemental damage makes using Crosses risky for your
    opponent, speeding up his/her demise.
    - Plenty of ways to keep an opponent in place.
    - Sheer power of ProtoManSP and BlastManSP.
    - Good against Falzar players.
    - Flinching. 
    - ElementTrap.
    C) Element Rage
    3 FireHit3 C
    3 BubbleStar2 C
    4 CornShot2 C [Tag 1]
    2 DollThunder2 C
    2 MachineGun1 *
    2 Timpani * [Tag 2]
    3 AreaGrab *
    1 FullCust * [Preset]
    2 Invis *
    2 AntiDamage *
    1 ElementMan * / CircusManSP
    1 JudgeMan *
    1 KillerMan *
    1 ColonelSP C
    1 ChargeManSP C
    1 Bass F
    Version: Gregar
    Crosses: Heat, Elec
    Theme: Overwhelm your opponent with quick elemental combos.
    A folder that runs on a simple and fun concept. The folder packs
    chips from all 4 of the basic elements. CornShot2 sets GrassPanels,
    which makes FireHit3 deal double damage. BubbleStar2 used with a
    Timpani can't miss, and gives them AquaBody. This sets them up for
    DollThunder2, another elemental double damage attack. All of these
    attacks have great range, but don't forget that FireHit3 can't hit
    opponent's 3 columns away from you.
    The problem with those combos have always been flinching, but we have
    KillerMan and JudgeMan, so the folder should be fine. The MachGun1s
    are there to help remove traps, so you can chip away at your opponent
    quickly. They also help if your opponent decides to get your Timpanis
    with DustCross.
    In defense, you get the best of two worlds with both Invis and Anti
    Dmg. In support damage, we have ColonelSP, which can deal an easy
    300 Sword damage. Then we have ChargeManSP, boy is this guy
    overpowered. With the original 3x3 area, this navi deals 390 damage.
    With one column stolen, 520 damage. CircusManSP can deal a heap of
    damage in addition to blinding the enemy and piercing flinch, but due
    to the lack of accuracy some players may like to use ElementMan
    This folder, like The Fourth Spell, can force a load of Cross
    Canceling in practice. With the amount of different elemental attacks
    in there, this could actually work to Element Rage's advantage.
    Asakura Yoh's Take:
    Well this sure looks like an interesting folder. It has all four base
    elements, meaning you can probably crush any of the five elemental
    crosses if need be. BubStar leaves the opponent open for DollThunder,
    which will seriously hurt the opponent-- imagine landing a full synch
    with your BubStar! But you can also use CornShot on them afterwards,
    and everything is supported by Timpani. There's even MachGun to try
    to stop someone from Dust Recycling away your Timpani; proof of the
    desire to force cross cancelling or crossing in effort of breaking
    them. The less contingencies your opponent has the better it is for
    you, and crossing gives them new abilities and allows them to shirk
    paralysis. Going on, CornShot sets up grass panels for Firehit,
    though this combo seems a little  like it might not be too common in
    a heated battle. Throw in the decent defense this folder has, and
    you're doing fine. 
    - Two elemental combos that deal very high damage. CornShot and Fire
    Hit3 in HeatCross deals 580 damage, while BubbleStar2 and DollThunder2
    in ElecCross deals 480 damage.
    - Loads of elemental damage makes using Crosses risky for your
    opponent, speeding up his/her demise.
    - Plenty of ways to keep an opponent in place.
    - Sheer power of ChargeManSP and ColonelSP.
    - Flinching. 
    - ElementTrap.
    E) Shine Plasma
    3 BubbleStar1 E
    3 ElecPulse2 E
    3 ElecSword E
    3 MachineGun2 E
    3 VDoll *
    3 AreaGrab *
    3 AntiDmg *
    1 AntiNavi * [Preset]
    1 AntiSword *
    1 JudgeMan *
    1 KillerMan *
    1 ElecManEX E
    1 ElecManSP E
    1 ElmtManSP E
    1 Bass F / BassAnly F
    Version: Any
    Crosses: Any
    Theme: A decent attempt at paralysis stringing, but capable of
    dealing damage through ElecMan all the same.
    This folder is the younger brother of chaospotatohead's Endgame. Elec
    Man is a accurate and powerful navichip which deals damage to enemies
    and obstacles, but there's an additional effect - it will also deal
    additional damage for each obstacle an opponent is adjacent to. This
    folder uses VDolls rather than LilBoilers, because VDolls can go
    through flinch. A correctly chained BubbleStar/VDoll/ElecManSP can
    deal 1000 damage, which isn't shabby at all.
    Basically, the folder doesn't use IceSeed to support VDoll, due to the
    fact that any incarnation of AirShoes, including Falzar's BeastOut,
    will render it useless. Furthermore, it has a chance to make Bubble
    Star freeze, and because there are no Breaking attacks in this folder,
    we don't want that. Instead, I suggest you paralyze the enemy with
    BubbleStar, ElecSword, or the Trio, then throw the VDoll when they are
    paralyzed. Easy.
    ElementManSP can deal an easy 480 damage if your opponent has equipped
    any of the 5 elemental crosses, and ElementMan's grass attack can even
    set up the Darkness PA to deal 900 damage. All of these attacks can be
    used to destroy TomahawkCross, but they can still perform other useful
    Without MegaChips, we have BubbleStar, ElecPulse, and ElecSword,
    which do great damage by themselves, and can be chained. BubbleStar
    seals the enemy in a Bubble, then a ElecPulse will do double damage
    while pulling the opponent into the range of ElecSword. MachineGun2
    is there for the inevitable traps, or perhaps that annoying Dust
    While Shine Plasma isn't dependant on any specific Crosses, there are
    a number of decent choices. Elec helps with the damage, while Slash
    can be used to charge up those ElecSword chips, and Killer to power
    up those MachineGuns somewhat. The BodyGuard parts are for defense,
    and due to the fact that the Program Advance itself sucks, these
    should be used seperately. Their effects are great, and AntiNavi is
    preset so there's no need for the Beat NCP.
    Like The Fourth Spell and Endgame, Shine Plasma forces a lot of
    Cross Cancelling and can easily break most Crosses, especially Falzar
    version Crosses. Again, like The Fourth Spell and Endgame, this folder
    requires no specific cross, and although Elec and Slash will
    help, not using crosses will leave you with options such as Anger
    Mode and not having an elemental weakness.
    Asakura Yoh's Take:
    Rabble, this has to be at least the third time I've seen this very
    folder. You have a lot of paralysis type stringing here, with things
    like BubbleStar, Elecpulse2 to remove flinching, and Elecsword. You
    even have MachineGun2, which can do decent damage and remove traps.
    The premise here looks like you want to lay down a few obstacles,
    bubble your opponent, then let loose with an amped Elecman to
    seriously shock your opponent. That seems pretty eccentric, but given
    all the paralysis in this folder, it might just be possible. There's
    not a lot of cross crushing in this folder, so cross cancelling out
    of the methods you have might be a problem you have to deal with.
    Finally, given the two Elementman chips you have, you can set grass
    to pump up Dark Messiah (Darkness, for you NA people). This folder
    definitely has potential, but it's definitely something that will
    need to prove itself over time.
    HaCMurder's Notes:
    Some stages START with obstacles! Unless they're Guardians, you will
    find that your ElecMan offensive gets a lot easier.
    - Powerful supporting chips! Most of them will paralyze.
    - Paralysis Stringing, but not dependant on it.
    - Interrupts strategies and destroys Crosses.
    - Main combo could be difficult to perform.
    F) Hellz Rolling
    3 RollingLog3 F
    3 Magnum F 
    3 MachineGun3 F
    2 MachineGun1 *
    4 AreaGrab F [Tag1]
    1 FastGauge * [Preset]
    1 Atk+30 *
    1 DoublePoint *
    2 MagCoil * [Tag 2]
    3 AntiDamage *
    3 WhiteCapsule *
    1 JudgeMan *
    1 KillerMan *
    1 ElementMan *
    1 Forte F
    Version: Gregar
    Crosses: Killer
    Theme: Cursor Element Beatdown.
    A powerful folder! An on-code GigaChip is destructive as ever, and
    all the chips in there has the potential to deal high damage, fast
    and accurate. MagCoils can be used to pull the enemy into the middle
    row, which sets them up for all the attacks the folder has to offer.
    MachineGun and RollingLog3 all do their maximum damage if the
    opponent is in the middle row, and no flinching! MachineGun1/3 in
    KillerCross is 240/400 damage, and RollingLog3 is 180. 
    Magnums with WhitePill is a great setup attack. Since it can hit the
    entire enemy field, use it as soon as the enemy goes into the middle
    row. Coupled with the Terrible Trio, this folder has a quick setup
    and is able to deal massive amounts of damage quickly, as well.
    It is also very easy to learn and use, because basically all you're
    doing is somehow get the opponent into the middle row then dishing
    out accurate attacks on a paralyzed/unsuspecting opponent. If the
    opponent uses Invis, KillerCross's charge shot comes in handy.
    Asakura Yoh's Take:
    I've had my eye on this folder for a long time, and I'm still
    debating whether or not I should renown this one. Going on, one thing
    I like about this folder is its synergy. You want your opponent in
    the middle once again for those lovable MachGun chips-- of which you
    have 3 and 1, so they're definitely going to hurt as well as remove
    those traps. However, you also have RollingLog, which also does more
    damage when your opponent is in the middle row. Given the area
    control this folder has, the use of the terrible trio, your giga chip
    and Whitepills to do some controlling of your opponent, and you have
    a very potent folder. On a slightly negative note, this is yet
    another folder that might benefit from NOT using FstGauge-- their
    Invis will wear off before the turn ends, leaving AntiDmg as their
    only likely source of defense. And we know how well that'll do when
    you have a lot of MachGuns. All in all, though, this is a great
    folder. Good work, AJAQ.
    - A TON of non-flinching high damage attacks.
    - Fast.
    - KillerCross is quite a safe Cross because there aren't many Wind
    chips in this game. 
    - Forte.
    - Traps WON'T be a problem if you use this folder.
    - Dependant on a single Cross, or damage is reduced significantly.
    - MachineGun only does 2 hits to the top row.
    - AJAQ getting addicted to FastGauge, I think.
    G) Dirty Water
    2 Timpani * [Preset][Tag 1]
    2 IceSeed * [Tag 2]
    3 TrainArrow2 G
    2 BubbleStar3 G
    2 RockCube *
    2 HeatDragon G
    2 LilBoiler3 G
    2 AirRaid1 G
    3 AreaGrab *
    3 AntiDamage *
    1 Uninstall G
    2 AquaMan *
    1 KillerMan *
    1 ElementMan *
    1 GroundManSP G
    1 CrossDivide D
    Version: Falzar
    Crosses: Dust, Aqua
    Theme: Abuse DustCross with freezing.
    At first, the folder might seem strange. It looks like just a bunch
    of random attack chips thrown together! (I'm not done yet, Randy,
    relax.) However, the folder has a very good strategy, and actually
    does pretty well.
    For a start, you should use the Preset Timpani. When they're
    paralyzed to your music, throw an IceSeed. Then you're set, start
    using those Aqua chips! AquaMan, TrainArrow, BubbleStar, and even Lil
    Boiler will freeze the opponent on an IcePanel, which sets them up
    for the next phase in the plan.
    See how your obstacles begin to run out of usefulness? After they're
    frozen, you won't be needing that Timpani. Suck it up with DustCross
    Left+B and shoot it out, dealing an instant 200 BREAKING damage to
    the opponent, and that's 400 since they're frozen. Then, you have
    even more options. Lay an AirRaid, and freeze them again. Now, as
    the AirRaid reaches the end of its lifespan (after about 10 shots),
    absorb it with DustCross and let go of another 400 damage. Pain. 
    But what if you mess up? Don't worry, we've thought of that too.
    If for some reason you get a bad draw of chips, there's always Dust
    Recycling. If you lose DustCross somehow, there's always AquaCross.
    Guess what, since you've lost DustCross you've probably taken some
    beatings. Charge them Aqua chips up and heal yourself while dealing
    double damage on BubbleStar and TrainArrow. If they somehow get into
    TomahawkCross, you have the HeatDragons. Note that although Element
    Man can be used for this, he is also very good at freezing with his
    Frostbite attack.
    Asakura Yoh's Take:
    I had my eye on this too, because it deserves FFage at the very
    least. Timpani is good, and this folder does take my advice of not
    always spamming FstGauge as a preset to heart. Given the right draw,
    which is actually pretty likely in this folder, you'll be able to lay
    ice panels pretty easily. Once Timpani stops playing, they might
    easily be able to destroy it, but that's when you let loose with your
    aqua chips-- TrainArrow3 can cause some serious pain, and BubStar3
    is almost impossible to dodge due to its speed, which is only hurt
    more by those convenient ice panels. After that, LilBoiler can do
    even more damage due to TrainArrow. Once the opponent is frozen, Dust
    Cross can suck up Timpani to do another 400 damage to them. Heat
    Dragon is to remove Tomahawk Cross, and you can even charge aqua
    chips to heal yourself if your other cross is broken (or you find
    yourself cross cancelling). AirRaid can be used while they're frozen,
    and you can eat it to shoot it at them once again, though I doubt
    they'd be frozen to be hit by it, meaning you'll need to freeze them
    once more. But that's a risk you just have to take, no? Add in the
    usual staple of 2 Invis and 2 AntiDmg and you have a pretty solid
    folder here. Nice, Randy.
    HaCMurder's Notes:
    GroundManSP and CrossDivide D has been added. Removed FullCust and 1
    AirRaid1 G.
    With only KillerMan in there and no JudgeMan, you should have Rush
    equipped in your NaviCust. RandyPandy also suggests First Barrier.
    - Deals an awful lot of damage without charging anything. It's
    basically just Left+B. This folder, therefore, is fast.
    - Can achieve freezing quite effortlessly.
    - Good usage of DustCross.
    - Timpani, AirRaid, and LilBoiler will not sit on the field at the
    same time.
    - Only KillerMan will remove traps and pierce Invis, but there's only
    one of him.
    - Very dependant on freezing... Suppose you don't draw the IceSeeds?
    - IceSeed, LilBoiler are all thrown attacks. They should be used with
    - Some flinching, not enough flinch piercers.
    H) Hole-y Hell!
    5 TripleShot *
    2 SummonBlack2 H 
    3 MachineSword H
    3 Snake H
    3 FlashBomb3 H
    4 AreaGrab *
    3 Barrier100 H
    1 Atk+30 *
    1 FastGauge * [Preset]
    1 KillerMan *
    1 JudgeMan *
    1 HakushakuSP H / ElementMan *
    1 HeatManSP H
    1 GiantHook H
    Version: Gregar
    Crosses: Elec, ElecBeast
    Theme: Use and abuse ElecCross to its utmost potential.
    This AFF has, expectedly, been plagued with ElecCross folders, I knew
    this Cross was broken. This folder has unfortunately been taken as
    crap by many, but it was renowned for a reason, folks. The 5 Triple
    Shot chips unlock a myriad of attacks and strategies, and they become
    the focal point for this machine.
    Basically, the 5 TripleShot chips can be charged with ElecCross,
    making them paralyse upon contact with the enemy! Since they're very
    accurate, this will almost gurantee a hit. This leaves the opponent
    very open, we have MachineSword, which requires paralysis, Snake and
    SummonBlack, which both require holes. WhiteCapsule should be stacked
    onto Snake and SummonBlack whenever possible, but MachineSword, being
    non time-freezing, can be charged with ElecCross to paralyse again.
    While the theme is to paralyse the opponent, the folder offers a
    ridiculously good defense. Holes + Barr100 = ElecMan's evil Fortress.
    Although this folder packs a FastGauge, ElecBeast is an amazing
    transformation. The TripleShot chips can be charged for BigThunder,
    shattering panels and paralysing opponents in a huge area. The down-
    side with this choice is that if BeastOut runs out, ElecCross can no
    longer be used. Consider this a worthy gamble though, because using
    Big Thunder to set up Snake is just plain evil.
    Asakura Yoh's Take:
    Synergy galore, folks. With five TripleShoot * in the folder, we can
    see that removing panels is the main point of this folder. What's
    more, you can charge it with Elec Cross, making it paralyze. That
    leaves open many attack opportunities: the hole in front of Megaman
    allows him to use SummonBlack, a nice 200 damage chip. WhitePill or
    Elec Cross's paralyzation allows for MachineSword to be used-- so
    long as an enemy is paralyzed, it will hit for another 200 damage.
    All of these things can be chained into one another; once all of
    those things are said and done, you can let loose with Snakes for
    even more pain. Finally, even more synergy comes in with defense--all
    those panels being removed makes it hard for them to maneuver.
    HaCMurder's Notes:
    Obviously, AirShoes is a must when using this folder.
    - Good speed and synergy.
    - Many means of attack, all unlocked by a single chip which you have
    many multiples of.
    - Great defense with Barr100 and TripleShot.
    - The RFF doesn't like mention the obvious, but... paralysis galore!
    - While most people don't use AirShoes, SummonBlack can take out
    TenguCross, and FastGauge reduces the effectiveness of FalzarBeast.
    - Dependent on chaining paralysis.
    - Without the chains, these are one shot chips with moderate damage.
    - The above is only worsened by Cross Canceling.
    - No Trap removal.
    J) Einherjar's Judgment
    1 Sword * [Tag 1]
    1 LongSword * [Tag 2]
    2 WideSword *
    2 AntiDmg *
    3 ElecPulse1 J
    3 ElecPulse2 J
    2 ElecPulse3 J
    3 Sensor1 J
    1 JusticeOne J
    2 Recover300 J
    3 AreaGrab *
    1 FastGauge * [Preset]
    1 JudgeMan *
    1 JudgeManEX J
    1 JudgeManSP J
    1 KillerMan *
    1 ElementMan *
    1 Forte F / CrossDivide D
    Version: Gregar (not required)
    Crosses: Elec, Slash
    Theme: Abuse the ElecPulse and JudgeMan series.
    Behold, the power of the ElecPulse series! These chips are extremely
    versatile, being able to remove flinch, paralyze, suck opponents in,
    cause a HP glitch, pierce Invis, and even blind! The Program Advance,
    DestPulse, will deal heavy damage, paralyze, HP glitch, and blind! In
    addition to these, we have Sensor, KillerMan, and the entire JudgeMan
    series to boot.
    Of course, not every folder is fullproof in EXE6. With Time Freeze
    Counter wrecking your setup, and Cross Cancelling available to those
    who are caught in your chain, keeping an opponent paralyzed is
    becoming a problem. Then there is the low damage output. With the
    exception of JusticeOne and the GigaChip, most of the chips in the
    folder deal low damage. Worse yet, the folder has almost no way to
    deal with AntiDmg the exception of KillerMan, and with only one of
    him in the entire folder, Traps will be devastating to your strategy.
    Also, Sensor has been nerfed since EXE3. Since Sensor is no longer
    able to fire the moment it has been set, you'll find that opponents
    will be more often than not dodging your Sensor unless they are
    already paralyzed.
    Asakura Yoh's Take:
    The main intent here is to string all the paralyzing chips we have
    to create a constant chain of death. With the entire Judgeman series,
    Killerman, the Pulse series and Sensor, it seems like this folder has
    paralysis set. But alas, there's no such thing as a perfect folder,
    and this is no exception. The best ways of actually paralyzing
    someone are Judgeman/Killerman. Considering you have only four of
    those in your folder, it's not something to highly depend on. Not
    even with an eight chip draw bolstered by Search Shuffle. Next up we
    have Areagrab + ElecPulse1. That's two chips, and the pulse can be
    dodged. Worse yet, AntiDmg is NOT broken by any Pulse chip. Only
    Killerman can do something about it, and we have one of him. The
    folder is a good folder, and when played well, can be pretty
    devastating. However, against an experienced opponent who makes the
    best use out of things like Time Freeze Counter and Cross Cancelling,
    you're going to have a lot of trouble.
    HaCMurder's Notes:
    It's best to list the optimal set up to go for. Start off with Judge
    Man or KillerMan. Follow up by laying a Sensor. Continue with your
    pulses, preferably using one of your 2/3s while they're paralyzed by
    Sensor, followed up by an ElecPulse1. Then try to assemble the
    Destroy Pulse PA. On your next turn, your opponent will NOT be
    paralyzed if they know what they're doing, so JudgeMan or KillerMan
    will be needed again. But by this time you SHOULD be able to finish
    them off if you have a clincher stored for the right time.
    I have made a few minor changes to this folder - tagged Sword and
    LongSword, and kept 2 WideSwords. This ensures that you have no 
    useless Swords floating around, because the WideSword can still be
    charged with SlashCross for some damage.
    I've added ElementMan. Honestly, I find the lack of him in this
    folder disturbing.
    - Flinching and Invis are completely negated by this folder.
    - Contains the entire JudgeMan series and JusticeOne! Awesome Area
    Control - JudgeMan protects our own panels, while JusticeOne is
    capable of destroying Sanctuary and is great for cracking panels, as
    - LifeSword is easier to use this way.
    - Lots of paralyzing chips.
    - Sucky damage.
    - Time Freeze Counter.
    - Cross Canceling.
    - A certain dependance on Tempo. When you're dealing with someone
    with 2400+ hit points, you will agree that it's time to stop using
    Einherjar's Judgment.
    K) Silver Weapon
    3 ElecSword K
    4 VarSword K [Tag 1]
    3 Sensor3 K
    3 AreaGrab *
    3 FlashBomb2 K
    1 FullCust *
    3 Invis * / AntiDamage *
    1 Barrier200 K
    3 WhiteCapsule * [Tag 2]
    1 ElementMan * [Preset]
    1 JudgeMan *
    1 KillerMan *
    1 KillerManEX K
    1 KillerManSP K
    1 Forte F
    Version: Gregar
    Crosses: Slash, SlashBeast
    Theme: Abuse SlashCross and support your Sword offensive with
    This folder is great. It focuses on the boost to Sword chips that the
    slightly overpowered SlashCross is able to do. Basically, you can
    charge ElecSword to give it awesome range, and if you happen to have
    VarSword and FlashBomb, you can flinch your opponent with VarSword so
    they can't stop your FlashBomb.
    Don't forget, if you throw a FlashBomb into the path of a Sensor,
    FlashBomb won't remove Sensor! So, if your opponent tries to step
    onto the FlashBomb, they'll be paralyzed by the Sensor's beam
    anyways. Sensor also helps to protect you when you want to charge
    your ElecSword.
    That being said, there are plenty of Sword chips in this folder,
    right? Well, when you put up your Barrier200, if your opponent tries
    to destroy it with TenguCross, they're in for a nasty surprise,
    aren't they?
    That's not all. This folder also contains the entire KillerMan
    series, which will help you win many battles. If they go into
    TomahawkCross, ElementMan is preset, and should be saved until this
    happens, unless you're fighting a Gregar player, of course. The K
    code was always known for its low damage output, and this can be
    remedied if you throw in a Forte F.
    Strangely enough, KillerCross adds 30 damage to each of the KillerMan
    chips. Not too useful, but could work if you lost SlashCross. Beast
    Out can be used to aim ElecSword, as well.
    Asakura Yoh's Take:
    And we thought the power of swords was downgraded in this game. This
    Slash Cross folder doesn't even use the Lifesword components, which
    might seem a bit strange at first. Sensor3 K is great, because it
    will keep them in one row for a bit, enabling you to use Slash Cross'
    sword wave ability very well. VarSword can be charged to a wave and
    then use the button combo for Widesword as well, merely by charging
    with A, releasing, then hitting A and inputting the combo very
    quickly. ElecSword paralyzes, amazingly enough, making it GREAT for
    this folder. Flashbomb of course removes Invis/flinching and keeps
    them still as always, and so forth. Sword lovers rejoice!
    HaCMurder's Notes:
    Chips that don't have the sword element in their picture will NOT
    get the +50 bonus. This means ElecSword, people.
    VarSword Button Combos: (Credits goes to Nuz)
    	WideSword: Up, Right, Down
    	LongSword: Down, Right-Down, Right
    	LifeSword: Down, Left, Up, Right, Down
    	FghtSword: Left, Left-Down, Down, Right-Down, Right
    	SonicBoom: Left, B, Right, B (Basically the only one worth
    - Easy to use, great range.
    - Flinch and Invis will be almost completely negated by this folder.
    - Lots of paralysis... but this could easily be a weakness as well.
    - Many powerful chips, such as ElecSword, and the entire KillerMan
    - All separate attacks. 
    - Sensor is slow, whereas the rest of the folder is fast.
    - KillerManEX/SP is hard to use because the Cursors move so much
    faster than KillerMan.
    - Damage might be somewhat low. With only 85 damage per chip, this
    folder's damage output is similar to Einherjar's Judgment.
    - Abundance of useless chips.
    L) Lightning Elemental
    3 BubbleStar2 L
    3 ElecPulse1 L
    2 ElecDragon L
    3 MachineSword L
    1 Uninstall L
    1 FastGauge * [Preset]
    2 FlashBomb1 *
    2 TripleShot *
    3 AreaGrab *
    3 AntiDmg *
    1 FullCust*
    2 TomahawkMan *
    1 ElementMan *
    1 KillerMan *
    1 JudgeMan *
    1 Bass F
    Version: Gregar
    Crosses: Elec, BeastOut
    Theme: Chain many attacks together (not to be confused with paralysis
    stringing), boosted by ElecCross.
    We can pretty much see that this folder is made by AJAQ, it's fast,
    and contains TomahawkMan.
    This folder is generally regarded as one of AJAQ's best. It can deal
    INSANE damage in a matter of seconds, and focuses on the +50 attack
    bonus to all Elec chips that you receive when in ElecCross.
    Basically, even without ElecCross, that simple combo of BubbleStar2,
    ElecDragon, ElecPulse, MachineSword does 680 damage. With ElecCross,
    830 damage.
    BubbleStar gives the opponent AquaBody, which sets them up for Elec
    Dragon, dealing double damage but causing flinching. Use ElecPulse1
    to paralyse them and remove the flinch quickly, then follow up with
    MachineSword and TripleShot can also be charged for paralysis,
    though I would not recommend doing so on MachineSword. FlashBomb
    works as well, just toss one while they're paralyzed by ElecPulse
    or BubbleStar, and continue with the combo. Your only problem might
    be TomahawkCross, so it might be wise to swap out a TomahawkMan for
    a BlastMan.
    Asakura Yoh's Take:
    Brother in arms to The Fourth Spell and Mad Train Runnin', we bring
    another elemental folder. Yes, this is yet ANOTHER Elec Cross folder.
    I knew this cross would be broken. But this one focuses on the boost
    to elec chips, too. Basically, even without Elec Cross, our simple
    combo of BubbleStar2, ElecDragon, ElecPulse, Machinesword does 680
    damage. With Elec Cross, 830 damage. That's pretty formidable. As
    always, Machinesword can be charged by ElecCross for a paralysis
    chain, and Tripleshoot is almost unavoidable and can paralyze.
    HaCMurder's Notes:
    The rundown is short, I know. But, seriously, there's hardly
    anything to say about this folder. Use chips. Own.
    This folder cannot be built in Falzar version, because only Gregar
    has ElecCross, and only Gregar has ElecPulse1 L, ElecDragon L, and
    MachineSword L. Weird.
    - Insane damage from a few attacks.
    - Not dependant on ElecCross charging your chips, though you could if
    you wanted to.
    - Offers some forms of paralysis, but there's no need to keep it that
    - Dependant on ElecCross.
    - TomahawkCross could be slightly problematic, because they can't be
    paralyzed and they can charge chips to deal 4x damage against your
    poor ElecCross.
    M) Strongarm
    3 RiskyHoney3 M
    3 MachineGun3 M
    3 M-Boomer M
    3 AntiDamage *
    1 AreaGrab * [Preset]
    2 Timpani *
    2 TrainArrow3 M
    2 GrabBanish M [Tag 1]
    1 Sanctuary Z
    1 Muramasa M
    1 LifeAura U
    1 Atk+30 *
    1 ColorPoint * [Tag 2]
    1 DoublePoint *
    1 JudgeMan *
    1 KillerMan *
    1 ElementMan *
    1 SuperVulcan V
    1 BassAnly F / CrossDiv D
    Version: Falzar
    Crosses: Tomahawk, Aqua, BeastOut
    Theme: Overwhelm the opponent with offensive brute force.
    This folder is quite simple, really. The whole point of the folder is
    to amass a sea of powerful multihitters, which as we can see are
    plenty in the M code. Since most of these chips are Wood elemental,
    the TomahawkCross is a great candidate for the folder.
    RiskyHoney3 deals a great number of hits, and can be charged for
    double damage in TomahawkCross. The M-Boomers are another great
    source of punishment, because they don't need any attack boosters to
    deal damage - all you need to do is charge it with TomahawkCross.
    This attack then serves another purpose as it can metagame the enemy
    into the range of some of the other attacks, such as TrainArrow,
    MachineGun, CrossDivide, Muramasa, SuperVulcan, and BassAnly. Most of
    the chips stun, which are nice, but SuperArmor gets in the way. Due
    to that problem, I have added in a couple of Timpanis, which help.
    TrainArrows are always good for support damage (they don't flinch).
    The folder packs MachineGun3s, these things do decent damage on their
    own, works well with Boomers, and can remove Traps, which most heavy
    hitting folders don't seem to have a good solution to. It also serves
    to punish an opponent for using DustCross as an answer to Timpani.
    Strongarm has only one Preset AreaGrab, instead relying on JudgeMan
    and the GrabBanish chips to protect our territory - these help
    because most of the chips here aren't area dependant, but because of
    the Point chips, GrabBanish are more effective for Area Control.
    BeastOut is also excellent for Muramasa and SuperVulcan support. You
    want to play this with a 2000+ HP Setup.
    - Firepower coupled with lack of flinching.
    - Many multihitters, where the attack boosters can go on anything.
    - Great area control between JudgeMan and GrabBanish.
    - 4 Cursor chips with good range, so Traps are no problem.
    - Dependence on TomahawkCross.
    - SuperArmor.
    Colonel M's 
    N) Numbchuck Namco
    2 MachineGun1 *
    3 TripleShot *
    3 AreaGrab *
    3 Invisible * / AntiDamage *
    3 WhiteCapsule *
    3 AirRaid3 N
    3 ElecSword N
    1 FastGauge * [Preset]
    1 Atk+30 *
    1 DoublePoint *
    1 KillerMan *
    1 JudgeMan *
    1 ElementMan *
    1 NeoVariable N / SuperVulcan V
    1 Numberball N
    1 AssassinSword N
    1 Bass F
    Version: Gregar
    Crosses: Elec, Slash, SlashBeast
    Theme: Multihitting madness + Long paralysis + SlashBeast abuse.
    Oh my god, an AirRaid folder? Well, it is a great chip. It acts like
    that nifty LockOn chip from EXE1, and deals 18 hits of 10 damage
    each. Tack that with a WhiteCapsule, and you have the opponent
    paralyzed for the full duration of the attack! While the opponent is
    immobilized by this, you can do a number of things, such as hit your
    opponent with MAX Gregar Buster, or use any of the other powerful
    chips that the N code offers. ElecSword works well with SlashCross
    and BeastOut, and should be a decent way to set up attacks. 
    ElementMan is preset, but should not be used until the opponent goes
    into TomahawkCross. 
    In addition to that, we can see that the folder is full of multi
    hitting chips, such as Bass, NumberBall, and AirRaid. This means that
    Atk+30 and DoublePoint can go on almost anything, and most of the
    chips in this folder are very accurate. 
    Basically, I'm going to list the optimal setup to go for, like I did
    for Einherjar's Judgment, although this folder can afford to switch
    the order around a bit. First, start off by charging an ElecSword in
    SlashCross. This should NOT miss if you know what you're doing. Then,
    place an AirRaid3 with WhiteCapsule, and that should keep your
    opponent paralyzed for the next 6 or so seconds. While that's
    happening, you should be firing away at them with your Gregar Buster,
    or any of the other powerful chips such as NumberBall, AssassinSword,
    or NeoVariable, with a White Capsule or followed up by Killer/Judge
    Man of course. When that's done, charge up TripleShoot or another
    elementless chip and unleash it with SlashBeast, dealing an easy 400
    damage, if you aimed correctly.
    If you somehow lost SlashCross, don't panic, we still have ElecCross.
    It can charge up TripleShot to paralyze the opponent, and if you are
    in ElecBeast, it will attack with a powerful Electric Breath,
    cracking panels and paralyzing all in its wake. A very versatile
    folder for paralysis stringing enthusiasts.
    Asakura Yoh's Take:
    More like Multihit Madness. Anyways, Numbchuck Namco is a folder that
    uses the destructive N code to its fullest, I'd say. N code is an
    amazing code, but we haven't seen many folders done in that code;
    that's odd, considering ElecSword paralyzes, AssassinSword can work
    in tandem with that for high damage, Numberball can do almost 500
    damage, and AirRaid can do quite a bit on its own. The rundown above
    states that AirRaid with a WhitePill will keep you paralyzed
    throughout the attack, but that's not exactly true - Time Freeze
    Counter could potentially free an opponent, and with FstGauge, Cross
    Canceling could happen, too. Even though AirRaid3 could continue to
    paralyze after the Cross Cancel, you never know when your opponent
    decides to button mash in an AntiDmg, or Invis. As usual, we have
    defenses, which are supported by FstGauge, which also lets you Cross
    Cancel out of this attack pattern. FstGauge is a serious weakness of
    this folder, and there's no way to counter it. Obviously, this folder
    is for Gregar, considering the Bass giga chip, so let me also mention
    that NeoVari with Slash Cross is also very potent. This folder does
    seem to have some flinching with those powerhouse N coded chips, but
    AirRaid and ElecSword counter that nicely. TripleShot messes with
    their area and provides a pretty efficient way to paralyze them.
    Finally, Elementman stands tall to counter those pesky Tomahawkers,
    but TFC has always been a pain when trying to do that. This folder
    has a lot of synergy, but also note the navicust listed in the
    initial rundown is VERY important.
    HaCMurder's Notes:
    NC Setup should include AttackMAX and Custom 8.
    If you cannot use NeoVariableSword, SuperVulcan is a decent
    replacement choice.
    - 2 Crosses which can effectively use this folder, meaning even if
    one is lost, your strategy is not dead.
    - Long paralysis. AirRaid with WhiteCapsule can continue to paralyze
    opponents even after Cross Canceling, so keep that in mind.
    - Powerful chips! AssassinSword, NumberBall, NeoVariable, ElecSword,
    - Lots of multihitting chips! Remember that attack boosters CAN be
    tacked onto NumberBall.
    - Only one way to remove TomahawkCross - ElementMan. If that somehow
    fails, you're screwed.
    - Only KillerMan will remove Traps. Oh well.
    P) Mercurialism
    5 AreaGrab *
    3 PoisonSeed *
    3 CircleGun P
    3 FlashBomb3 P [Tag 1]
    3 AntiDamage *
    3 Fanfare * [Tag 2]
    2 SlowGauge * [preset]
    1 FullCust *
    1 Anubis P
    1 LifeAura U
    1 Muramasa M
    1 ProtoMan *
    1 JudgeMan *
    1 KillerMan *
    1 CrossDivide D / BugThunder V
    Version: Falzar
    Crosses: "Try to avoid if possible, otherwise use what you need."
    Theme: Plays mind games and slowly wear an opponent out.
    Wow, he named an entire folder after himself. This folder isn't bad
    at all, and it's the only good poison folder so far for this game.
    The folder packs two SlowGauges, which will be frustrating for an
    opponent who runs a paralysis stringing folder. Basically, a second
    SlowGauge is used in case the opponent counters your first one with a
    FastGauge, so you can keep the battle going at the pace you desire. 
    This folder is very fun to use. It focuses on playing mind games with
    an opponent. PoisonSeed and Anubis together will obviously make the
    opponent think that you're just running a Poison type folder. Fanfare
    should also be spammed. This will bait an unsuspecting opponent into
    going into DustCross, but when they do, crush them with CircleGun.
    ProtoMan, Muramasa and CrossDivide should be used to retaliate for a
    Tengu answer to LifeAura.
    Fanfare and FlashBomb are tagged, so that Fanfare can draw the
    opponent's fire while you throw the FlashBomb, which, if successful,
    will cause paralysis AND blinding. FalzarOutand FloatShoes will be
    the scourge of this folder, and at least Mercury_Wing has put in a
    FullCust to counter FalzarOut. However, even with FullCust the
    opponent gets 2 SlowGauge turns of BeastOut, which could be
    devastating. A good and fun folder, but once the opponent catches
    on, it's game over.
    Asakura Yoh's Take:
    Definitely an interesting folder considering all that can be done 
    against poison in this game. This folder has two SlowGauge chips to
    make sure that even if your opponent counters yours, you can keep it
    going at the pace you want. This folder is quite adept at playing
    mind games with an opponent. All the obstacle chips here do what you
    intend them to do-- FanFare defends you (maybe even your area), and
    Anubis poisons them without regard for panels. This might just make
    your opponent use Dust Cross, which you can cancel out with a well
    and easily aimed CircGun. LifeAura can force a Tengu Cross, which you
    can cancel with Protoman, Colonel, or CrossDivide if you have it. 
    Fanfare can draw your enemy's fire while you throw a Flashbomb, which
    is why they're tagged; and Flashbomb has that nifty blinding along
    with paralysis. Finally, PoisonSeed might just force an early Falzar
    Out. It seems like most of the defense here are against Falzar, so it
    could fall short on a Gregar opponent.
    HaCMurder's Notes: 
    Try to avoid Crosses while using this folder, unless you desperately
    need to. The NaviCust setup for this folder should have at least 400
    extra HP, Shield, and at least +2 for the Buster's attack. Tango is
    recommended but not required. Gregar players using this folder should
    use BugRiseSword or Forte.
    Strictly multiplayer only.
    - Poison damage disregards defenses, Anubis poisons enemy even if
    they're on FloatShoes.
    - Mind games galore! Uses Fanfare to draw fire, force enemy to go
    into Dust/Tengu Cross, then attack them for double damage!
    - Fanfare, AntiDmg, DreamAura, Blinding! Great defense.
    - Doesn't depend on Crosses.
    - FlashBomb3 just owns. >_>;;
    - Not many conventional attack methods.
    - FloatShoes shuts half the folder down.
    - Can't deal too well with FalzarOut.
    - That being said, mind games don't even do much against a Gregar
    - If the opponent has more columns than you do, PoisonSeed loses
    most of its usefulness.
    Q) Seventeen Soldier Salute RV
    1 FastGauge * / FullCust * [Preset]
    3 GunDelSol3 Q
    2 MachineSword Q
    3 Sensor3 Q [Tag 1]
    2 MagCoil * [Tag 2]
    3 WindRack *
    2 ComingRoad *
    1 Muramasa M
    1 SuperVulcan V
    3 AntiDamage *
    3 AreaGrab *
    1 GrabRevenge Q
    1 BubbleWrap Q
    1 KillerMan *
    1 JudgeMan *
    1 ElementMan *
    1 ColonelForce Q
    Version: Gregar
    Crosses: Elec, BeastOut, ElecBeast
    Theme: Destroy the opponent with Sensor3.
    This is the "Revived" version of Seventeen Soldier Salute, by Colonel
    M, AJAQ, and myself. Basically, the intention is to base the folder
    around Sensor3, and expand on that.
    At a glance, it can be seen that most of the chips here work best
    when the opponent is paralyzed - GunDelSol3 and MachineSword. Killer
    and JudgeMan helps, of course, and so does the GigaChip, ColonelForce.
    Sensor3 is pretty good, however. Laying one in the middle row, then
    set up ComingRoad. Next, drag them into the middle with MagCoil, then
    as they take multiple hits from Sensor, use WindRack to push them
    back. This will cause them to move to the front again due to the Road
    panel's effects. This combo is potent but can't be done more than
    thrice - and I can't guarantee that you will succeed. Of course, the
    risks of using Sensor Slide is high, so I've decided to add another
    couple of attacks to the folder, which are supported by Sensor's row
    lock - both SuperVulcan and Muramasa should benefit.
    Of course, GunDelSol3 and MachineSword can still be charged in Elec
    Beast for Big Thunder, which is pretty powerful.
    - Good synergy. Everything can work together.
    - Some pretty good chips like BubbleWrap, GrabRevenge, and ColForce.
    - Messes with opponent aim and positioning.
    - Sensor's lag. This folder is overly dependant on Sensor.
    - Main combo requires at least 4 chips to perform.
    - Apart from ElementMan, there's no way to stop TomahawkCross.
    - FloatShoes, FalzarOut shuts down Sensor Slide.
    - Suffers from the same flaws as Einherjar's Judgment. This folder is
    at best an ancient relic, at worst metagame suicide.
    R) In Soviet Russia, Corn Pops You!
    3 CornShot3 R
    4 Tornado R [Tag 1]
    2 BubbleStar3 R
    1 AssassinSword R
    1 Meteors R
    3 AirSpin1 R [Tag 2]
    4 AreaGrab *
    3 AntiDamage *
    2 MachGun1 *
    1 Uninstall R
    1 Atk+30 *
    1 KillerMan *
    1 JudgeMan *
    1 ElementMan *
    1 Roll3 R
    1 CrossDivide D
    Version: Falzar
    Crosses: Tengu, Tomahawk
    Theme: Hit the opponent with fast combos.
    A revolutionary way to utilize the CornShot chips!
    Throughout this series, Tornado experienced a number of changes. With
    BeastOut and the fact that they gain double damage on Grass panels
    now, which is much more common, and AirSpin, Tornado has really
    reached the height of its power.
    This folder interestingly, doesn't go for the classic "ubernado"/coup
    de grace approach toward Tornado. It is more intended to be a
    "beatdown" type folder, hitting the opponent fast, frequently, and
    hard with few chips at a time. First, there is the AirSpin and
    Tornado combo, which will deal 500 damage if used correctly, with no
    boosters. Next, we have the obvious CornShot3 with Tornado, which
    will deal 460 damage if everything hits. CornShot3 can also set the
    opponent up for AssassinSword (with WhiteCapsule attached, of
    course), which is quite strong, and even better if you can chain a
    Tornado to it.
    Finally, if you happen to draw SunMoon (this folder should be played
    with a good Custom draw), there are a number of ways to make it hit.
    FlashBomb, and most chips with a WhiteCapsule will help. And then
    there's the "LOL" way - Judge them then Moon them. If SunMoon is
    successful, the battle will pretty much be over. 
    In the words of megarockexe, the creator of this folder, "I guess
    its only flaw is that it can't inflict powerful damage at once."
    Asakura Yoh's Take:
    I did say R code has a lot of potential, and it really does.
    CornShot3 sets grass and does decent damage in multiple hits, which
    sets up and supports a very powerful Tornado combo. However, that's
    been proven to be kinda hard to do, so that grass is more for
    AssassinSword. However, both combos are possible, so we have synergy.
    For even more synergy, Tornado can boost the power of AirSpin for more
    strong damage. This is a hard hitting folder not focusing on a one hit
    kill, so that's a very good thing. Not only that, this folder has the
    SunMoon PA, which is amazingly useful. If you're reading this FAQ, I
    expect you to know what it does, so this should be self explanatory.
    Corn pops you!
    HaCMurder's Notes:
    Also, going BeastOut means that your AirSpins will become nearly
    useless. Make sure to remember this before you do so.
    - A good balance between speed and power.
    - CornShot can set up quite a number of attacks, and it is very easy
    to use.
    - High damage. Tomahawk Cross can charge CornShot3 for 280 damage.
    There's almost no setup involved here.
    - Sucky range of SunMoon and Tornado.
    - The most powerful attack also seems to be the hardest one to draw
    and aim.
    S) The Quiet Ones
    3 AreaGrab *
    3 NoiseStorm S
    3 AntiDamage *
    2 BubbleStar3 S
    2 ElementTrap *
    3 MachGun2 S
    1 FullCust *
    2 GrabBanish S [Tag 1]
    1 ColorPoint * [Tag 2]
    1 DoublePoint *
    1 Atk+30 *
    1 FullCust *
    1 SlowGauge * [Preset]
    1 LifeAura U
    1 KillerMan *
    1 JudgeMan *
    1 ElementMan *
    1 SlashManSP S
    1 Forte F
    Version: Gregar
    Crosses: Not to be used at all, neither is BeastOut
    Theme: Abuse Humor Glitch with the aid of SlowGauge.
    "It's always the quiet ones who suddenly snap and go on killing
    	- Mercury_Wing
    Well, that is actually quite disturbing. Anyways, from here, we
    present to you, the first ever RFF/AFF standard Humor glitch folder.
    Basically, by glitching the Humor or Poem NaviCust pieces, we get the
    handy but risky "EmotionBug", where MegaMan will randomly switch
    emotions in battle. This has several effects:
    1. If the Custom menu (L or R) is entered while MegaMan is in the
    "Tired" emotion, he cannot use BeastOut.
    2. If the Custom menu (L or R) is entered while MegaMan is in the
    "Very Tired" emotion, he cannot use BeastOut or Crosses. But this
    doesn't really matter, because we won't be using either of these
    3. MegaMan randomly enters into FullSync and Anger modes, so using a
    chip during this time will give double damage.
    4. If MegaMan enters Very Tired mode he will drain HP. Nothing big.
    We can see from the above that the aim of the folder is to abuse this
    EmotionBug to its fullest extent. We have powerful multihitters such
    as NoiseStorm, RiskyHoney, and Forte. These can be boosted by Atk+30,
    ColorPoint, or DoublePoint, and then have their damage doubled by
    Anger or FullSync! This will cause major damage, not to mention the
    fact that they are all very accurate.
    Not only that, we also have ElementTrap, which of course will deal
    some major damage if you set it with Anger mode or FullSync... 480
    elemental damage is nothing to laugh at. Not only that, it can also
    potentially paralyze or confuse the opponent.
    BubbleStar3 helps hold the opponent in place, but also deals high
    damage (100/200), while MachGun2 is in there for the inevitable Traps
    that will be devastating to your hard-hitting strategy. SlashManSP is
    also quite strong, because by holding B he auto-aims all his kunais,
    but as we find out more about FullSync, we discover that it even
    doubles the damage dealt by kunais! Deadly, especially since LifeAura
    could be used to force a TenguCross, making this guy deal quadraple
    Finally, the S code also offers us GrabBanish, which we can use to
    recover lost panels, a great way of making up for the Color and
    DoublePoint chips in this folder.
    HaCMurder's Notes:
    Here's a damage chart for each of the chips that should be used while
    under FullSync or Anger.
    - AntiDamage			200
    - BubbleStar3			200
    - ElementTrap			480
    - SlashManSP			440+
    - Static			320
    - Static +30			800
    - Static +60			1280
    - Bass				960
    - Bass +30			1440
    - Bass +60			1920
    - RiskyHoney1			100x
    - RiskyHoney1 +30		400x
    - RiskyHoney1 +60		700x (This is getting out of hand,
    				     don't you think?)
    RiskyHoney1 should be used to counter hostile BeastOut. Due to the
    SlowGauge, the enemy could easily abuse the BeastBuster, especially
    if they're playing with Gregar version. Of course, for every time
    you are hit by it, RiskyHoney1 will deal 400 damage. Just let them
    hit you with their GregarBuster until you get FullSync or Anger.
    Expect instant deletes...
    SlashManSP doesn't get affected by Attack Boosters.
    This folder uses a specific NaviCust setup. Refer to Section 5 for
    - Ridiculous damage.
    - SlowGauge not only helps your Humor Glitch, but does a number of
    other things as well, such as reducing the effectiveness of Invis,
    paralysis strings, etc. We have MachGun2 for AntiDmg.
    - Area Control of sorts with GrabBanish.
    - Time Freeze Counter.
    - Cheap?
    T) Twisted Tantrum
    5 Tornado T [Tag 1]
    3 AirWheel2 T
    3 AirWheel3 T
    3 BubbleStar1 T
    3 AreaGrab *
    3 AntiDmg *
    1 AntiSword *
    3 WhiteCapsule * [Tag 2]
    1 ElementMan * [Preset]
    1 JudgeMan *
    1 KillerMan *
    1 TomahawkManSP T
    1 TenguManSP T
    1 BassAnly F / CrossDivide D
    Version: Falzar
    Crosses: Tengu, BeastOut
    Theme: Use the Tornado chip to devastate opponents.
    Tornado is known throughout the EXE series as one of the most
    powerful, and least accurate chips. Before EXE6, they were neglected
    and usage of them as a basis for a folder required a certain lack of
    common sense. However, in EXE6, Capcom has actually encouraged us to
    use Tornadoes. Here is what they've changed:
    1. Tornadoes now deal double damage on Grass, which is a lot more
    common and easy to seed.
    2. They can now be comboed with AirWheel, making it spin 8 more
    times, dealing massive damage.
    3. WhiteCapsule's entrance into the game allowed opponents hit by
    Tornado to take all the remaining hits.
    4. BeastOut not only gave a boost to the damage of Tornado, but also
    auto-aimed it, significantly improving its accuracy.
    5. This is a sort of a nerf, but Grass, unlike Sand or OceanPanels,
    won't actually help slow the opponent down.
    Basically, you hope to suck the enemy to the front with Tengu Cross's
    Left+B ability. Next, use the Preset ElementMan's thunder attack to
    destroy the backrow of the opponent's area. This should make your
    AirWheels a lot easier to hit with Tornado. When it is hit by
    Tornado, we know that AirWheel spins eight more times, dealing
    580/630 for the respective versions of AirWheel.
    However, if you feel that the AirWheel offensive is failing, feel
    free to use BeastOut. This will increase the damage of the Tornado,
    and auto-aim it. Of course, once you do so, you can't go back to
    using AirWheels because BeastOut will automatically aim for the
    opponent's panel instead. With ElementMan's grass attack, your
    Tornado in BeastOut will deal 480 damage. Not bad at all.
    This folder is very versatile, and can be customized pretty easily.
    Some prefer to use AntiDamage instead of Invis, which is fine. Wood
    Dragon also comes in the T code, and if attached with a WhiteCapsule,
    can prove a powerful setup for Tornado. On the other hand, the folder
    is supposed to be played with the AirSpins.
    H0tSh0tZ1627's Take:
    Tornado folders in past EXE games have been criticized for their lack
    of accuracy.  In EXE6, however, we were introduced the auto-
    targetting power of Beast Outs.  By using Tornados in Beast Out, the
    Tornado WILL hit, and if a WhitePill is tacked on, the opponent will
    take all the damage.  That is the main idea of Twisted Tantrum. 
    Elementman is interestingly preset to help the AirWheels in the
    folder hit much easier, an ingenius idea on the folder builder's
    part.  The combos work together very nicely, but the downfall may
    come with the setting up the combos themeselves.
    - Heavy damage.
    - Both combos work, and have similar setup (ElementMan).
    - Good aiming with Beast Out and WhitePill, and supported by Tengu
    Cross' vacuum fan.
    - Easily customizable.
    - Dependant on paralysis, and the right setup.
    - We can only have one copy of ElementMan, which is important.
    - No other chips to provide Grass.
    - This folder belongs in another age. Seriously, the folder can work
    in some low-level games, but it's too weak, slow, and inaccurate to
    be even considered if you're going to play even half-competitively.
    Asakura Yoh's
    V) The Fourth Spell: Custom
    3 BubbleStar2 V
    3 DollThunder3 V
    3 AreaGrab * [Tag 1]
    3 WhiteCapsule *
    2 FireBurn1 *
    2 ElecDragon V
    2 SummonBlack2 V
    2 Invis *
    2 AntiDmg * [Preset]
    1 MachGun1 *
    1 FullCust * [Tag 2]
    1 Atk+30 *
    1 JudgeMan *
    1 KillerMan *
    1 ElementMan *
    1 SuperVulcan V
    1 CrossDivide D
    Version: Falzar (not required)
    Crosses: None, BeastOut
    Theme: Usage of multi elemental chips to destroy Crosses, while
    capable of dealing high damage from a small amount of chips.
    This is the new, tweaked version of The Fourth Spell, by Asakura Yoh,
    and customized by xxsniper31xx. It was initially considered to be a
    quick and fun folder, but is now recognized as one of the best
    folders in this game. It has many means of attack, from almost every
    BubbleStar is difficult to dodge, and seals the opponent in a bubble,
    causing Electric chips to deal double damage. The ElecDragon also
    cracks panels, which helps set up SummonBlack2. DoubleShot and Body
    Guard have been removed from this version of The Fourth Spell,
    instead this folder now focuses on Cross destruction.
    The most famous combo that originated from this folder is Bubble
    Star2 followed up by DollThunder3/ElecDragon. This is a very easy
    way to deal 440/380 damage.
    Well equipped to deal with every Cross the Falzar version has to
    offer, The Fourth Spell actually ENCOURAGES Cross Cancelling. Once an
    opponent is forced into the cycle of Cross Cancelling, you're set.
    DollThunder, ElecDragon, SummonBlack, CrossDivide, FireBurn are just
    some examples of the attacks which can be used to break enemy
    Crosses. Note that FireBurn has replaced DoubleShoot and can still
    help with rowlocking. FullCust could be used to counter an opponent
    who uses BeastOut.
    An obvious problem in this folder is the fact that there are 10
    flinching chips (not counting ElementMan). No wonder there are 3
    WhitePills, but, as Yoh famously said about WhitePills, they don't
    solve everything. 
    CrossDivide and SuperVulcan are great chips for finishing an opponent
    off, and the former is just painful against TenguCross users - an
    instant 1000 damage. Of course, row locking is made easier by the
    ElecDragons and FireBurns, setting up your opponent for these
    clinchers. A great overall folder that is a true display of the power
    of the elements.
    Asakura Yoh's Take:
    Alright, this is a tweaked version of my TFS. As always, it packs
    quite a bit of damage in its combos. BubbleStar2 + DollThunder3 stack
    to do 420 damage. Flinching had always been a problem with that combo
    and things like ElecDragon, so that’s why I added another Whitepill—
    while it doesn’t solve everything, it sure helps. Here’s part of the
    beauty of this folder, though. It forces a lot of Cross Canceling in
    practice. WhitePill, BubbleStar, the paralyzing navis—they all force
    the opponent to cycle through their crosses more often than not. Some
    people might even use a Cross Cancel to escape flinching. And in this
    folder, we have a lot of elements. Fire, Aqua, Elec, Cursor, Sword
    (to a little extent, unless you’re fighting a Tengu user, and thus
    use SummonBlack). ElementMan and Killerman add one Wood/Breaking
    attack in, but that’s not worth a lot in the grand scheme. All in
    all, this folder forces a lot of Cross Cancels, and then also breaks
    crosses quite efficiently. 
    HaCMurder's Notes:
    KillerMan doesn't do Breaking damage, although he breaks shields. The
    above rundown is a bit out-of-date.
    - Synergy gold mine.
    - High damage, and from many different directions.
    - FireBurn and ElecDragon are great at panel breaking.
    - Can play mind games, wreck strategies, break Crosses.
    - Paralysis Stringing, but not dependant on it.
    - DollThunder, FireBurn, ElecDragon, SummonBlack. 9 chips that cause
    flinching, not counting ElementMan and CrossDivide. Although there
    are 3 WhitePills, they don't solve everything.
    - Not enough multiples on some chips (ElecDragon, FireBurn, MachGun),
    making a NC that uses ChipShuffle better suited for this folder.
    - A bit hard to use SummonBlack2, especially if your opponent has
    FloatShoes (I'm speaking from experience here).
    AJAQ / Colonel M's
    W) Yanti Plains / Wong Tong's Song
    1 FastGauge * [Preset]
    1 Barr200 W
    2 GunDelSol3 W
    3 Sensor1 W [Tag 1]
    3 RollingLog3 W
    3 M-Boomer W
    3 DrillArm W
    2 MagCoil * [Tag 2]
    3 Invis * / AntiDmg *
    3 AreaGrab *
    1 TomahawkMan *
    1 KillerMan *
    1 JudgeMan *
    1 ElementMan * 
    1 DoubleBeast W
    1 CrossDivide D
    Version: Falzar
    Crosses: Tomahawk
    Theme: Speed kill Tomahawk Cross beatdown. >_>;;
    This folder is designed to be super fast - none of the chips cause
    flinching, which makes FastGauge perfect for this folder. The credit
    for this folder goes to both AJAQ and Colonel M, who both made VERY
    similar folders. As such, I have slightly modified the folders, but
    of course the folders in this FAQ are intended as guidelines only -
    the exact customizations are up to you, the reader.
    Charge the M-Boomer, and when they step into the middle, let loose
    DrillArm, pushing them into the back column, and into the path of the
    M-Boomer, which should have been charged to deal double damage.
    Should M-Boomer force them into the middle row, but you have no
    DrillArms, don't worry. RollingLog3 deals the most damage when the
    opponent is in the middle, and Sensor works great to ensure the
    accuracy of the M-Boomer, because it's either getting hit by the
    Tomahawk charged Boomer or getting paralyzed.
    Colonel M's folder uses MagCoils, which is a decent way of getting
    the opponent into the sight range of Sensor1. Since that will remove
    flinch, Invis, and paralyze the opponent, you have again, a number
    of options, such as charging up a Wood chip (RollingLog deals the
    most damage when they are in the middle row), or using GunDelSol3.
    AJAQ's clever decision to use Invis instead of AntiDmg has been
    adopted by me, because in TomahawkCross you are pretty much immune
    to Rush and paralysis anyway (KillerMan and JudgeMan). There are two
    powerful chips at the bottom of the list, which will both deal a lot
    of damage in one attack. Keep in mind that DoubleBeast DOES work in
    the English version, but cannot be boosted by attack boosters or
    WhiteCapsule. The W code also has the great defense of Barrier200,
    which has been added. TomahawkMan deals 140 dual elemental damage,
    which isn't too bad, since it doesn't cause flinching and has Life
    Sword range.
    I guess the only flaw in this folder is the dependence on Tomahawk,
    and without it you will lose most of your firepower.
    Asakura Yoh's Take:
    Another grab heavy folder, I wonder if they should try to fit in some
    PanelGrabs here. Going on, this is a Tomahawk based folder, giving
    you the ability to shrug off the paralysis most folders bring to the
    table. Rather than use AntiDmg for defense, you can use Invis, since
    Rush can't paralyze a Tomahawk user. The bread and butter of this
    folder would be the synergetic combos we have-- I think AreaGrab and
    PanelGrab would support the M-Boomer to DrillArm combo, since if they
    have to move in the sideways U, they can be caught by the DrillArm a
    lot easier. DrillArm breaks Shield, and Boomer chips go through them
    anyway, so that takes away a lot of defense. However, AntiDmg will
    likely cause problems. Killerman goes through this, but that's just
    one chip. GunDelSol3 pierces Invis and does great damage, and can be
    supported well by most of this folder-- which doesn't really cause
    flinching in the first place. MagCoil can send someone into Sensor's
    range as well as let a charged RollingLog hit, which will do some
    serious damage. Add in some more wood power and slashing damage with
    TomahawkMan, and you've got a pretty fun folder to use for this code.
    - One of THE fastest folders in this game, with most attacks doing
    around 300 damage per chip in addition to the blatant lack of
    - DoubleBeast.
    - Can play mind games and has great area control. By dodging your
    M-Boomer they are moving themselves into the range of your Rolling
    Log, DrillArm, Sensor, etc.
    - Relying on a single Cross is never a good idea. Suppose you lose
    Tomahawk Cross, all you will be doing for the rest of the battle
    will basically be throwing random attack chips at your opponent.
    - Dependance on Tempo. Good thing is, the folder still packs a
    punch, so it could take down high HP opponents.
    c_rizzle08 / Abysseon's
    Y) Arctic Shock / Beast of the Sea
    2 TrainArrow3 Y
    2 IceSeed * [Preset]
    3 AquaSword Y
    1 AssassinSword Y
    3 Sensor2 Y [Tag 1]
    2 Recover300 Y
    3 AreaGrab *
    2 Barr100 Y
    3 AntiDamage *
    3 WindRacket * [Tag 2]
    1 KillerMan *
    1 JudgeMan *
    1 ElementMan *
    1 AquaMan *
    1 BlastMan *
    1 CrossDivide D / BassAnly F
    Version: Falzar
    Crosses: AquaBeast, Tengu
    Theme: Deal massive damage with AquaBeast, while Sensor Slide comes
    in for support and backup damage.
    Again, two who have made very similar folders have their folders
    combined into one. The primary aim of the folder is to get into Aqua
    Cross straight away, hopefully place a Sensor and chuck that IceSeed.
    Alternatively, you can use any of the attacks that cause flinching
    in this folder, so the opponent can't block your IceSeed.
    That's all fair, and there's lots of defense in this folder, which
    is needed to preserve a fragile Cross like this one.
    On the next turn, you can hopefully get into AquaBeast, and this is
    where the fun begins. Charging AquaSword will turn this normally
    overlooked chip into a 300 damage slash at the enemy face, which
    will of course freeze the opponent provided you've successfully
    thrown the IceSeed. Sensor also supports TrainArrow3, which as we
    know is a heck of a lot of damage if used correctly with AquaCross.
    AssassinSword is always a good chip, this thing cuts the opponent as
    long as he is paralysed or is on an IcePanel. Just rememeber that
    this thing doesn't work on Frozen opponents, and it should all be
    ElementMan and BlastMan are primarily concerned with killing that
    pesky TomahawkCross, but use them as you see fit. AquaMan is a great
    freezing chip, with unparalled accuracy.
    On the other hand, should your opponent somehow destroy your Aqua
    Cross, you've lost a lot of damage, but not the battle. This is
    where the backup plan, TenguCross, comes in. Those Sensors can still
    be used... and there's WindRacks... put two and two together... Use
    the Horizontal Sensor Slide! Anyways, if this fails then I don't
    know what else you can do, maybe try not to lose AquaCross so fast
    in the rematch. =P
    - Brick wall-like defense, used to preserve AquaCross for as long as
    - Is very efficient at freezing opponents.
    - The folder does provide some heavy damage.
    - Without AquaBeast, damage and accuracy are reduced dramatically.
    Elec attacks are VERY common.
    - TenguCross is pretty vulnerable, too.
    [6TNC] The Navi Customizer
    A) Cookie Cutter
    		     [ ][ ][S][ ][ ]
    		  [S][S][ ][S][S][ ][2]
    		  [S][S][1][S][B][2][2]   Command Line
    		  [ ][S][1][B][B][2][2]
    		  [ ][ ][1][1][B][B][ ]
    		     [ ][ ][ ][B][ ]
    S = Search Shuffle
    B = Bug Stop
    1 = Custom 1
    2 = Custom 2
    This is a great NC setup for in-game battles. When I was a noob, I
    often wondered how I can fit BugStop, Custom1, Custom2, and Shuffle
    into my NaviCust's Command Line. Here it is, folks. The white space
    can be filled with anything, preferably more HP. Should be used for
    in-game battles ONLY.
    B) The Quiet Ones
    		     [4][4][4][4][ ]
    		  [3][3][ ][C][C][H][ ]
    		  [3][3][S][U][C][H][H]   Command Line
    		  [3][3][S][S][C][ ][H]
    		  [ ][5][5][5][5][5][ ]
    H = Humor (glitched)
    S = Shield
    C = Custom1
    U = UnderShirt
    A = Attack+1 (glitched)
    3 = HP+300 (glitched)
    4 = HP+400 (glitched)
    5 = HP+500 (glitched)
    (Optional) Use 5 colors to produce the StatBug glitch.
    This NC setup if for the folder S) The Quiet Ones only. As you can
    see, it packs glitches:
    - "EmoBug"
    MegaMan randomly switches emotions.
    - "BstrBug"
    The MegaBuster will sometimes fire blanks or ChargeShots.
    - "StatBug"
    MegaMan will have a random status at the start of every battle for 5
    seconds, this could be either Blind, Confusion, Green-Glow
    Invincibility, or Invisible.
    - "HPBug"
    MegaMan drains HP every second (Level 3).
    These glitches aren't too bad, and can be quite beneficial sometimes.
    Even better is the presence of EmoBug, which is what fuels the flames
    of the folder.
    C) Disc-Oh!'s Custom
    		  [3][5][5][5][5][5][ ]
    		  [3][3][A][A][S][3][3]   Command Line
    		  [ ][5][5][5][5][5][3]
    3 = HP+300 (glitched) (x2)
    5 = HP+500 (glitched) (x2)
    C = Charge+1 (glitched)
    A = SuperArmor
    S = Shield
    Pretty decent NC setup for Falzar players. Pity that it lacks Beat,
    Rush, FirstBarrier, which are, for the most part, staple. This should
    win most battles against people with only 1.5k HP. Laugh after you
    [7FAQ] Frequently Asked Questions
    Q. There are errors in your FAQ and I would like to correct
    you or contribute information. How can I do this?
    A. Check the Contact Me section below. I will be glad to accept
    people who point out any spelling errors, inaccuracies, strategy
    deficiencies, weak folders, etc. If there are ANY grammar and
    spelling errors I would want to know about it.
    Q. What do AFF, RFF, etc stand for?
    A. AFF is an abbreviation for Alphabetical Folder FAQ, while RFF is
    Renowned Folder FAQ.
    Q. Your FAQ has some clear contradictions with the Renowned Folder
    FAQ and Folder Building FAQ.
    A. There are some errors in the RFF, but they are not intentional, I
    assure you. Any difference in information you find is the mistake on
    one of our part - but because my FAQ is more recent, you will find
    that most of the information is more accurate. The RFF information on
    KillerMan at this point in time is incorrect, for example.
    Temjin Zero's Folder Building FAQ is clearly out-of-date. Although
    the base information is quite solid, any opinions expressed are
    probably going against recent trends. Just a small hint: Don't
    believe anything he says about how "great" Einherjar's Judgment is,
    or you will be on the recieving end of some... other... folders.
    Q. Why is there no folder for the X code?
    A. There are no chips in the X code which actually do anything apart
    from freezing the game in the US version.
    Q. Why is there no folder for the (Insert code here) code?
    A. Some codes in this game really suck. I'm still looking for folders
    for them, but chances are I won't find any.
    Lets see:
    D code - With the exception of some pretty strong Mega and GigaChips,
    this code is a disgrace.
    I code - What exactly is wrong with the I code is that the Q code can
    do everything the I code can, but better. This code is pathetic.
    O code - Just because the code contains Guardian and Otenko doesn't
    mean you have to make it utter rubbish, Capcom. Seriously.
    U code - Same thing, but with LifeAura and Barr200.
    Z code - Need I go on?
    Funnily enough, all of these codes will contain a Sword-element Giga
    Chip, or a version of Sensor - This means that you can still make a
    Sensor slide folder out of I, O, or U. Forget it, I've got more than
    enough of those.
    Q. Who is AquaMan?
    A. Sorry, I've explained about KillerMan being EraseMan, but it's not
    that hard to figure out that SpoutMan is AquaMan.
    Q. I cannot find the DoubleBeast W chip for Yanti Plains/Wong
    Tong's Song. Where is it?
    A. It is in a random Yellow Mystery Data in the Graveyard Area in the
    North American version. Good luck trying to get it though, there's
    about a 1 in 100 chance that a Yellow Mystery Data pops up.
    Q. Which Cross is the best?
    A. Well, there isn't exactly a best Cross, but I can tell you that
    Elec and Slash are really powerful. Falzar version's Crosses are more
    adaptable, because you have to change Crosses to suit the situation
    (eg. TomahawkCross against a paralysis stringing folder.)
    Q. Why do all these folders use CrossDivide D, or Forte F?
    A. Although DeltaRay and ForteAnother deal tons more damage, their
    accuracy is questionable. We typically use these chips as clinchers,
    so accuracy is important.
    Q. Elaborate on why DeltaRayEdge "sucks"?
    A. Well, basically...
            --- --- --- --- --- ---
           |   | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 |   0 - DeltaRay won't hit this enemy
            --- --- --- --- --- ---    1 - DeltaRay will hit once (260)
           |   | 3 | 3 | 3 | 3 | 1 |   2 - DeltaRay will hit twice (520)
            --- --- --- --- --- ---    3 - DeltaRay will hit thrice (780)
           |   | 2 | 2 | 2 | 2 | 1 |   
            --- --- --- --- --- ---
    Point is, DeltaRay is too dependant on enemy positioning to
    maximise damage. If they are in any of the spots marked 0-1 the chip
    is basically wasted. Even if they are in spots marked 2-3 DeltaRay
    won't work if there are any holes/obstacles, which, coincidentially,
    will be 90% of the time.
    Q. Elaborate on why the AFF doesn't use ForteAnother.
    A. This is somewhat complicated to explain.
            --- --- --- --- --- ---
           |   |   | W | 2 | 4 | 4 |   M - Position of MegaMan
            --- --- --- --- --- ---    W - 2 Wheels go here, and travels
           |   | M | 4 | 4 | 4 | 4 |       in the -> direction. Can
            --- --- --- --- --- ---        turn up/down once. Homing.
           |   |   | W | 2 | 4 | 4 |   # - Number of hits
            --- --- --- --- --- ---
            --- --- --- --- --- ---
           |   |   |   | 2 | 2 | 2 |   M - Position of MegaMan
            --- --- --- --- --- ---    W - 2 Wheels go here, and travels
           |   |   | W | 2 | 2 | 2 |       in the -> direction. Can
            --- --- --- --- --- ---        turn up/down once. Homing.
           |   | M | 4 | 2 | 2 | 2 |   # - Number of hits
            --- --- --- --- --- ---        
    ForteAnother pretty much requires you to be in the middle row, and it
    won't go over holes. It's not as bad as DeltaRay, but it is still not
    very reliable. Not as reliable as Forte, say.
    Q. Can you list some name changes?
    A. Some chips have different names in the Japanese versions, some
    have gained new names in EXE6, so I'll list them here.
    Old/JP Names		New/NA Names
    ---			---
    Air Wheel		AirSpin
    Navi Scout		AntiNavi
    Kawarimi		AntiDmg
    Shirahadori		AntiSword
    Bad Medicine		AntiRecovery
    Area Steal		AreaGrab
    Bug Shuusei		BugFix
    Suikomi			Fan
    Ouenka			Fanfare
    Hell's Burner		FireBurn
    Death Match		Geddon
    Golem Punch		GolemHit
    Steal Banish		GrabBanish
    Steal Revenge		GrabRevenge
    Dream Aura		LifeAura
    Ryuuseigun		Meteors
    Engetsu Kunai		MoonBlade
    Panel Steal		PanelGrab
    Reflect Met		Reflector
    Noise Storm		Static
    Fuumikomizan		StepSword
    Senshahou		TankCannon
    Waraningyou		VDoll
    Toppuu			Wind
    Fuujin Racket		WindRack
    ---			---
    KillerMan		EraseMan
    Hashukasu		HackJack
    AquaMan			SpoutMan
    ---			---
    Forte			Bass
    Forte Another		BassAnly
    Faltzer			Falzar
    Greigar			Gregar
    ---			---
    Dream Sword		LifeSword
    Jigoku Hockey		PitHockey
    Q. How can I submit my folder?
    A. Make sure you've read Yoh's Essentials of Folder Contruction
    first, and make sure that the folder doesn't suck, has to be somewhat
    original, and you can email it to me, or post it on the EXE6 boards.
    I'm at Falzar Board most of the time, but I do check Gregar
    Q. I'd like to send you ASCII art for your heading. Can I do so?
    A. The heading is nothing special, and if you've got a good one that
    you don't mind sharing, go for it and send it to me. Credit will be
    given, of course. Keep in mind that FAQs submitted to GameFAQs must
    be less than 79 characters in width.
    Q. Why do you use both the JP and the NA names?
    A. I honestly don't know. >_>;;
    [8CLO] Miscellaneous
    A) Contact Me
    Errors? Omissions? Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation mistakes? Outdated
    information? Like to contribute?
    My email address is <dire_conqueror(at)hotmail.com>.
    Questions will be accepted only if the subject line tells me that the
    email is directly concerning this document. No attachments will be
    accepted. I will accept flame, because I have no choice, but please
    refrain. I can and WILL block people who spam me. I may not check
    email for a while so please be patient. I also visit the MMBN3/6
    boards, so I can be contacted there.
    Suggestions are always welcome, but please do your best to make your
    email readable. I had (and still have) a hard time reading L337.
    B) Credits
    I have the following people to thank:
    - GameFAQs and CJayC, for hosting this FAQ.
    - Asakura Yoh, for his help, his RFF, everything he has done in this
    game, bah... too much stuff to mention. Also, for being the original
    creator of The Fourth Spell. Look at what it has become - a monster.
    - xxsniper31xx for The Fourth Spell: Custom. You really perfected TFS.
    - Mercury_Wing for his post regarding when to use SlowGauge or Fast
    Gauge, and Mercurialism. You're one of the most experienced Net
    Battlers here. Also, cookies for contributing the only good poison
    folder out there.
    - More thanks to Mercury_Wing for Midnight Sun and The Quiet Ones.
    - Zidanet129 for his Cross Beast FAQ, and his valuable contribution
    to the entire series.
    - Taoto for Come Pollinate Me, and for being the dictator of the TUS
    EXE6 Folder Discussion Forums. Just kidding... Keep up the good work.
    - Nuz for HP Glitch Drain levels, Silver Weapon, VarSword combos...
    what else have I missed?
    - AJAQ, for Hellz Rolling, Lightning Elemental, Nature's Lure:
    Banishment, and Yanti Plains. My rundowns of your folders have always
    been short, but that's because they use simple yet effective combos.
    Nice work.
    - For my M-coded folder, Strongarm, I'd like to thank AJAQ for
    Nature's Lure: Malice and c_rizzle08 for Omnislash. You guys did in
    fact contribute valuable ideas to my folder.
    - RandyPandy for Dirty Water, the best use of DustCross I have ever
    - Hotshotz1627, the first to make a "cheap" folder. Although EJ has
    lost most of its effectiveness, you will be remembered for creating
    what was the best folder of the time.
    - Colonel M, (AKA MaxNBass06) for making Numbchuck Nambo, Wong
    Tong's Song, and helping with the customization of Seventeen Soldier
    Salute RV. 
    - Escalator, (AKA Spark_Flash) for Battle Ready!
    - megarockexe, for In Soviet Russia, Corn Pops You!. Also, your
    expertise in hacking and helping me with other technical matters.
    Cookies for contributing the Select Chip Glitch.
    - c_rizzle08 for Element Rage, and for those numerous other
    contributions. I'm sorry Omnislash didn't get in, but... oh well.
    - c_rizzle08 again for Arctic Shock and Bane Elemental.
    - Abysseon for Beast of the Sea.
    - Dish-Oh! and Shadow4747 for giving me more insight into the PvP
    scene. Also for Gibberish: Where one code just isn't enough!
    - Maple Grunt for all his Memory Upgrade FAQ, as it helped me get
    my 1000 HP and my 50 MB.
    - Masamune_DS for correcting an error.
    - Everyone at the EXE6 and TUS Boards. I love you all.
    - You, for reading this FAQ.
    C) Closing and Copyright Information
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or
    otherwise distributed publicly without the advance written permission
    of the author. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part
    of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of
    (C) Copyright HaCMurder aka David Wang, 2007. All Rights Reserved.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by
    their respective trademark and copyright holders.
    This guide is only permitted to appear on the following sites:
    	The UnderSquare
    	Super Cheats
    If you would like to use this guide on your website, e-mail me.
    Thank you for reading, once again!

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