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Game Script by Apathetic Aardvark

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/30/05

Final Fantasy IV Advance [GBA]
Game Script

Apathetic Aardvark, 2006

Please note, this is the Gameboy Advance script of the game.  It has been
changed from the original SNES version, which was a horrible translation.


Narration: The advent of the airship marked the realization of mankind's
dreams, but also sowed the seeds of corruption. Baron, the world's most
powerful military nation. Baron, a kingdom slowly changing its ways. A menacing
shadow hovers over the world. Gunshots, clouds of dust, chaos. Baron only
exploits its power to collect the worlds crystals. Why?  The omniscient
crystals, silently shed their light.

Throughout the opening narration, Baron's air force, the Red Wings, listen to
the King's instructions and prepare to launch. They are led by Cecil, a Dark
Knight. Their target is Mysidia, home of the first Crystal. As they depart,
Cecil's dear lover, Rosa, stands at the edge of the airship dock, hoping her
beloved comes back safely.

Crewman: Captain, we will arrive at Baron shortly.

Cecil: Very well.

Crewman: The captain seems kinda down.

Crewman: After what we did, who wouldn't be?  Orders are orders, but killing
innocent people to get the Crystals isn't right.

There's a flashback from earlier with the Red Wings taking a crystal from

Crewman: The Red Wings are supposed to protect people, not harm them!

Cecil: That's enough!

Crewman: But, captain!

Crewman: Surely you don't condone what we've done?

Cecil: All of you, listen well. The raid on Mysidia was imperative. His majesty
and his council concluded that the Mysidians and their broad knowledge of
Crystals posed a serious threat to our kingdom. For Baron to prosper, we need
the Crystals. As soldiers of the Royal Air Force, we must achieve this by
whatever means necessary,.

Crewman: Captain!

Crewman: Captain!  Monsters sighted dead ahead!

Cecil: Prepare for battle!

There is a battle against some monsters, but they are quickly defeated.

Crewman: Ugh...

Cecil: Are you already?

Crewman: We've got more hostiles!

Cecil: Damnation!

There's another battle, but Cecil defeats them.

Cecil: Is everyone okay?

Crewman: All accounted for,  sir.

Crewman: We've been encountering a surprising number of monsters lately...

Cecil: Could it be... some kind of omen?

Crewman: Captain, we are now over Baron.

Cecil: Very well, prepare for landing.

The Red Wings fly and approach the kingdom of Baron, where they land. Cecil
reaches the castle and is greeted.

Baigan: Well done!  So the Crystal is now ours.

Cecil: The Mysidians put up no resistance. In fact, they were completely

Baigan: Is this pity I perceive?  Hmph!  Come, captain. His majesty awaits.

They head further into the castle, stopping before the throne room.

Baigan: If you'll excuse me, Captain, I must speak to his majesty in private.
Please wait here.

Baigan heads into the throne room.

Baigan: Your Majesty,  I am afraid Cecil can no longer be trusted. He clearly
questions your authority.

King: I suspected as much. It matters not, so long as I obtain the Crystals.
Send him in.

Baigan: Yes, your majesty!  Captain!  His Majesty summons you.

[enter Cecil]

King: The Kingdom of Baron hails your return. May I have the Crystal?

Cecil: Yes, your Majesty.

Cecil hands the King the Water Crystal.

King: So this is the Crystal. What splendor. You are dismissed, Cecil.

Cecil turns around, but walks back towards the throne.

Cecil: Your Majesty!

King: Yes?

Baigan: Captain, what is it?

Cecil: Majesty, forgive me, but what are your intentions?  My men are confused
and displeased.

King: And you?  Do you question my command?

Cecil: No!  I only ask.

King: Silence!  Dissension only leads to treason,  and that I will not
tolerate. I hereby relieve you of your command of the Red Wings.

Cecil: Your Majesty!

King: Now, I charge you with another duty. Slay the phantom beast that infects
Mist Valley and deliver this Bomb Ring to the village of mist. You leave
tomorrow, at first light.

[enter Kain]

Kain: Your majesty, I beg you to reconsider. Cecil has done no wrong.

King: You insolent cur!  How dare you barge in here!  If you are so concerned
about him, you may accompany him!  Now, take the ring and begone!

Cecil: You majesty!

They are forced outside.

Cecil: I'm sorry, Kain.

Kain: Once we have completed this mission, the King is bound to forgive us
both. We will rejoin the Red Wings in no time.

Cecil: ...

Kain: Get some rest. Leave tomorrow's preparations to me.

Cecil heads to his room, but is stopped several times.

Rosa: Cecil!   Thank goodness you're alright. I was so worried. You left on
such short notice.

Cecil: We're fine. I wish I could say the same for the Mysidians we

Rosa: Cecil!  I'll visit you later, okay?

Cecil: Very well.

Cecil heads out onto the main decks of the castle, but is stopped again.

Cid: Well, well, well. Look who's back. Rosa was worried sick about you. Don't
you ever worry here like that again, you hear?  So, how are my airships?  I'll
bet you and your goons wrecked them up something awful. Hey, what's the matter
with you, kiddo?

Cecil: Well...

Cid: What?  The King demoted you?  What about the Red Wings?  They'll be a mess
without you!  What comes over the King?  He's been acting peculiar. He ordered
me to build an airship that he can use to slaughter people!  Everyone's worried
about his majesty... Anyhoo, be careful out there!  Make short work of that
mission and get back safe. Whoa, I have to start heading home or my daughter's
going to kill me!

Cecil heads to his room once Cid leaves and goes to bed.

Cecil: What's happened to the king?  He covets the crystals as though he's
possessed. And he'll resort to any means to get them. Nevertheless, I can't
defy him. How could I cross the man who raised Kain and Me like his very own?
The chivalrous knight whom I've adored and admired since childhood?  I will not
betray him, I can't.

[enter Rosa]

Rosa: Cecil!  What's going on?  You just returned from Mysidia and now you must
journey afar to battle this phantom beast?  You're acting very strange.

Cecil: Nothing's wrong, everything's fine.

Rosa: Cecil, look at me.

Cecil: In Mysidia, we killed innocent people to steal their crystal. It was
horrible. I suppose this is my fate as a dark knight. Soon, I won't even feel
remorse for my own actions.

Rosa: You and I both know that would never happen.

Cecil: Still, I can't defy the king... I'm a hopeless coward.

Rosa: The Cecil I know would never whimper like this!   The Cecil I love... You
leave for Mist early tomorrow, right?

Cecil: Yes, but don't worry. Kain's coming, too. I'll be fine. Trust me.

Rosa: Please come back to me in one piece.

Cecil: Thank you, Rosa.

[exit Rosa]

Cecil: Though as a Dark Knight, you know we can never be together.

Cecil falls asleep and the next morning meets Kain in the middle of the castle.

Kain: So, are you ready for some real combat?

Cecil: Always.

Kain: Lead the way.

They head out of Baron heading towards the village of Mist.

[Please note this narration is from the original SNES copy, I missed the
correct one, I assume it's slightly different]

Narration: Thus, the Dark Knight Cecil was expelled from his command as a
Captain of the Red Wings. And he and Dragoon Kain left Baron for the Village
Mist in a valley enclosed in deep fog. Airships had been a dream of many
people. After the realization of the dream, came greed and ambition. Through
its fleet of airships, Baron became the most powerful nation. But why is Baron
seeking the crystals?  Why do the monsters keep increasing...?  The crystal was
shedding its light silently...

Cecil and Kain reach a cave which leads to Mist. All is well until some other
voice speaks to them.

Voice: Turn back!

Cecil: What?  Who's there?

Voice: Leave at once!

Kain: could that be the Beast of Mist Valley?

Voice: Knights of Baron.

Kain: Who are you?

Voice: Leave at once or suffer the consequences.

Kain: Show yourself!

Voice: You choose to ignore my warnings?

Cecil: We have to get to Mist!  We're not turning back.

Voice: So be it.

Kain: The mist is gathering.

A battle against a Mist Dragon ensues. Cecil and Kain defeat the dragon and
continue to Mist. They enter the town and the ring which they are bringing to
the town starts acting up.

Cecil: The ring is glowing!

Out come several bombs which destroy the entire town, leveling it to several
flaming structures and virtually no life.

Kain: What?

Cecil: This is it?  This is why he sent us here?

Kain: We've destroyed the entire village.

Cecil: Why would he make us do this?

Girl: Noooo, Mommy!

Cecil and Kain see a lady dead with her young daughter crying beside her.

Girl: My mom's dragon died... and because of that, my mom... my mom died,

Cecil: What?

Kain: I've heard of people with the power to summon monsters... Summoners, they
are called.

Cecil: Then we are the ones responsible for killing her mother by killing the

Girl: YOU killed my mom's dragon!?

Cecil: We... we didn't know that would happen.

Kain: So that was the king's wish... to annihilate every summoner in this

Cecil: That can't be...

Kain: I'm afraid it's true. I'm also afraid we're going to have to get rid of
the girl.

Cecil: What!?

Kain: We have to obey the king's orders.

Cecil: But she's just a child!

Kain: You intend to defy the king?

Cecil: I refuse to continue any more slaughter in the king's name!

Kain: I knew you'd say that. But don't worry, I'm on your side.

Cecil: You are?

Kain: I owe the king so much, but I can't disgrace the dragoons.

Cecil: So you'll join me?

Kain: Yes,. But we will need allies if we are to oppose the mightiest kingdom
in the land. We have to do it for Rosa, as well.

Cecil: Thank you, Kain.

Kain: Save it. This isn't for your sake.

Cecil: ...

Kain: This place  is dangerous. We'd better get going. What about the girl?

Cecil: We can't leave her. We'll have to take her with us. It's alright. We
won't hurt you. You're going to have to come with us, okay?

Girl: No!

Kain: Come on! We have to go now!

Girl: No!  Go away!

Cecil: What?

Girl: I hate you!  You killed my mom!

The Girl attacks Cecil and Kain by summoning Titan. Titan's earthquake destroys
what's left of the village. Cecil and the girl end up near each other. Kain is
no where to be seen.

Cecil: She's safe. Thank goodness. Kain?  Kain!?  Kain?  Kain!?  I have to get
her out of here. Kain, I pray that you're alive.

Cecil takes the girl to a nearby town, Kaipo,  the oasis in the desert.

Cecil: I have to find her a place to rest.

Cecil takes her to the Inn.

Innkeeper: Welcome!  Oh, she looks very pale!  Is she alright?  Get her to bed,
quickly!  She can rest here, free of charge.

Cecil: Thank you.

Cecil places the girl in a bed.

Cecil: Hey. Are you alright?  My name is Cecil. What's yours?  I'm sorry about
your mother. I understand if you can't forgive me  Will you at least let me
protect you?

She is unresponsive and they go to bed. In the middle of the night, some Red
Wings burst into the inn.

General: Cecil!  I've finally found you!

Cecil: Wait!

General: I am here on the king's orders. All summoners from Mist must be
annihilated!  Hand over the girl, now!

Cecil: Never!

General: Then you shall die!

The general and three troops attack, but are no match for Cecil.

Girl: Are you okay?

Cecil: Yes,. Don't worry about me. I won't let anyone hurt you.

Girl: Promise?

Cecil: I promise.

Girl: I'm Rydia.

Cecil: Rydia...

They sleep and awaken the next day. Also in this town, in another building, is
Rosa. She's deathly ill.

Cecil: Rosa!   Rosa...

Rosa: ... Cecil. Cecil, be careful.

Caretaker: To cure desert fever, you need a rare jewel called the sand ruby,
found only in a cave where an Antlion dwells.

With great haste, Cecil heads towards the Sand Ruby, which is found well
northeast of his current location. Along the way to the cave,  Cecil runs into
an old man.

Old Man: Could that be...?  It is!  That Dark Sword!  Dark knight, I need your

Cecil: What's wrong?

Old Man: I must get to Damcyan to reclaim my daughter. She was deceived by a
wicked bard!  We must hurry, for I sense an ill omen!

Cecil: You must be Sage Tellah!

Tellah: Indeed I am... That girl!  She is a Summoner!  Perfect, she can help,
too. A giant monster lurks in the lake ahead. That devil even withstands magic.
I think we can defeat it together, and then I can finally be on my way.

Cecil: We're hurrying to Damcyan as well.

Tellah: Then let us make haste!

Before long they reach an internal save point. Tellah explains how to use it.
They use a tent for the night, Rydia falls asleep quickly.

Tellah: That girl's asleep already. She must have been exhausted. Who is she?

Cecil: A summoner from the village of Mist.

Tellah: She holds great potential. With proper training, she'll be able to
master many spells. Look at her. What a cute face. She reminds me of Anna at
that age.

Cecil: Who is Anna?

Tellah: My daughter. She eloped with a bard to Damcyan because... I didn't
consent to their union. What business do you have in Damcyan?

Cecil: A friend of mine suffers from desert fever.

Tellah: Ah. So you came for the Sandy Ruby. It won't be easy to obtain.

Cecil: Tell me more about this monster we must face.

Tellah: A vicious creature with eight huge tentacles. We must kill it and reach
Damcyan before it is too late.

Cecil: Too late for what?

Tellah: I don't know. I only pray my instincts are wrong...

Tellah and Cecil go to sleep as well. Before long they reach the end of the

Tellah: This leads outside. The monster lies in the cave beyond. Use a tent
outside if you must.

They head outside and into the next cave.

Tellah: He's down there!

They jump down the waterfall and are soon attacked by an octopus boss.

Tellah: There he is!  Watch out!

The Octomammoth is easily defeated.

Tellah: Excellent, Damcyan is just beyond this waterfall.

They head out of the cave onto the overworld just in time to watch Damcyan get
bombed from the sky by the Red Wings. They make haste towards the throne room.
When they get there, almost everyone is dead.

Tellah: Is that... It is!  Anna!

[Enter Prince of Damcyan]

Tellah: You!  You're that bard!  Anna ran away because of your treachery!

Tellah attacks the bard.

Tellah: You spoony bard!

Anna: Father, stop!

Tellah: Oh, Anna!  I'm so glad to see you again!

Anna: Father, Edward is the Prince of Damcyan. Forgive him, father, for running
away... but I love Edward. Still I knew I couldn't find happiness without your
consent, I was on my way home when...

Edward: We were attacked by Baron's Red Wings, led by Golbez.

Cecil: I've never heard of Golbez before. Who is he?

Edward: I don't know, all I know is that his powers were beyond words.

Cecil: But why did they attack Damcyan?

Edward: They wanted the Crystal, and they spared no one to get it. My mother,
my father, even Anna shielded me from their arrows.

Tellah: You love him enough to give up your own life?

Anna: Father, forgive me.

Edward: I love you. Anna!

Tellah: Anna!  Anna!  Damn you, Golbez!  Who is that monster, anyway?  What do
you know about him?

Edward: He came to Baron one day and became the new leader of the Red Wings.
He, He leads them in their missions to plunder the Crystals.

Tellah: Stop your simpering. That won't bring Anna back!  Golbez of Baron, I
shall take his life with my own two hands!

Cecil: Tellah, wait!  You can't possibly go alone!

Tellah: I will kill Golbez on my own. I don't need your help. I don't need
anyone's help!

[exit Tellah]

Edward: Anna... [Edward cries]

Rydia: Stop crying!  You're a grownup!  You're not supposed to cry!  I lost my
mom, but I'm not gonna cry anymore!

Cecil: Rydia!

Edward: I don't care, leave me alone. I'm staying here with Anna. I will never
leave her side.

Cecil smacks Edward.

Cecil: That's enough!  You're now the rightful ruler of Damcyan, so start
acting like it!  You owe it to your people and you owe it to Anna. Your
majesty, my name is Cecil and I need your help.

Edward: What?

Cecil: My friend is suffering from desert fever in Kaipo. I need to get the
Sand Ruby to save her. Can you help me?

Edward: What is her name?

Cecil: Rosa.

Edward: She is very dear to you, isn't she?  Like Anna was to me... You can
find the Sand Ruby in the Antlion Cave, which lies to the east. The ruby forms
from the fluid that the Antlion secretes when it lays eggs. We must cross the
shallows with our hovercraft to reach the cave. After we acquire the Sand Ruby,
we can cross the shallows to reach Kaipo. Let us be on our way. Goodbye, Anna.

They get in a hovercraft and head to the Antlion cave in the east. Before long
they reach the Antlion nest.

Edward: This is where the Antlion lays its eggs.

The Antlion pops up.

Rydia: Eek!

Edward: It's okay. Antlions are quite tame. They don't attack people. Here,
I'll demonstrate by taking the Sand Ruby, like so...

The Antlion attacks Edward!

Edward: Aaagh!!!

Cecil: Come on!  We have to help him!

They fight and defeat the Antlion, obtaining the Sand Ruby.

Edward: How could this happen?  They've always been totally harmless.

Cecil: Monsters are rapidly multiplying these days, and their behavior is
changing as well. I can't help but feel this is some kind of sign.

Rydia: Come on!  Let's cure Rosa!

Cecil: Right, let's go!

They head back to Kaipo in the hovercraft. Cecil rushes to Rosa.

Cecil: Rosa!

He exposes her to the light of the sand ruby.

Rosa: Oh!  Cecil!  You're alive!  Thank goodness.

Cecil: How do you feel?

Rosa: I'm fine. But I thought I'd lost you. They told me you died in Mist when
the earthquake hit.

Cecil: I'm sorry to have put you through that... Rosa, who is Golbez?

Rosa: He's the new captain of the Red Wings, appointed by the king himself. But
the king has been acting strangely. I believe Golbez is manipulating him to
collect the Crystals for himself. With Mysidia's Water Crystal in hand, he'll
surely go after the others, which are the Fire Crystal, of Damcyan, the Wind
Crystal of Fabul and the Earth Crystal of Troia.

Edward: The Fire Crystal has already fallen into his hands.

Cecil: Ah, let me introduce you. Edward is the prince of Damcyan. Rydia is a
summoner from Mist. I wouldn't have been able to get the Sand Ruby and cure
your fever without their help.

Rydia: Hi there.

Rosa: Hello, Rydia. Thank you both so much. Cecil, after Damcyan, Fabul must be
their next target. We must... [cough cough].

Cecil: You have to rest now. Don't worry. We'll go to Fabul.

Edward: But to reach Fabul, we must traverse Mt. Hobs and the trail is blocked
by thick ice.

Rosa: Rydia, can you cast fire?

Rydia: No...

Rosa: Fire is the most elementary of black magic spells. As a summoner, you...
[cough cough]

Cecil: Rosa. Stop!  You're not coming with is in that condition!

Rosa: I'll be alright. Really. As a white magic, I promise I won't be a burden.

Edward: Rosa only wishes to be with you, Cecil.

Cecil: Alright. We'll go together. Make sure you get plenty of rest tonight.

Rosa: I thank you.

They all head off to sleep. During the night, Edward wakes up and heads outside
to the watery oasis. He plays his harp.

Edward: Anna, I miss you so much.

Behind him, an enemy appears.

Edward: Ahhh!

Edward is attacked. While battling, Anna appears and gives Edward moral

Edward: Anna!?  This can't be!

Anna: I must leave this world. I must go on to a better place.

Edward: No!  Don't go!  I can't live without you!

Anna: You mustn't let Golbez have the Crystals. Fight for your people!  Care
for them as you did me.

Anna disappears.

Edward: Yes, I'll do it!  I'll fight!  But how could I stop him?  I don't know
what I should do.

Edward heads back to sleep. The next morning everyone wakes up. They head to
Mt. Hobs and just as explained, it's blocked by ice.

Rosa: Rydia, can you try chanting the fire spell?

Rydia is reluctant.

Edward: What's wrong?

Rosa: Give it a try. I know you can do it.

Rydia: No...

Rosa: ?

Rydia: I... I hate fire.

Cecil: That's right. Her village was destroyed by fire when...

Rosa: Rydia, you're the only one who can melt this ice. If we can't get through
to Fabul, more people will be in danger. Please, Rydia.

Edward: Rydia... You've healed me, you've helped Cecil, you've helped Rosa...
and you have the power to help many more people. Please, we need your strength
and courage.

Rydia: Fire!

The ice is instantly melted by Rydia's fire spell, which she permanently

Edward: Rydia, that was incredible.

Rydia: Hee hee!

Rosa: I knew you could do it!

Cecil: Thank you, Rydia.

After they head ways up the mountain. Cecil hears some commotion.

Cecil: What's going on?

There's a man on the summit of the mountain fighting several enemies.

Edward: That garb... He's one of Fabul's monks.

Monk: Hyah!

The Monk starts making short work of the enemies.

Monk: Hyah!

He takes out more of the enemies. A bomb appears.

Edward: Good grief!  A bomb!

Rydia: Let's help him!

They attack along with the Monk and defeat the bomb.

Monk: You have my gratitude. Yang is my name. I am the high monk of Fabul. I
came out here to train with my men, but all were killed by a swarm of beasts.
They were Fabul's finest monks.

Cecil: My name is Cecil, we bring urgent news to Fabul.

Rosa: A villain named Golbez is abusing Baron's authority to seize the world's

Yang: Then he covets our Wind Crystal as well.

Edward: There is no doubt. He easily seized the Crystal of Damcyan a few days

Yang: Then the odds are against us. The only monks left in the castle are
students. They stand little chance against Baron's forces.

Rosa: I'd assume Golbez was behind the monster attacks that killed your men.
And almost killed you.

Yang: Then the attack is imminent. I must go.

Cecil: We will follow you to Fabul. We would like to help.

Yang: I am grateful. However, this matter does not concern you.

Cecil: But it does.

Edward: For I am the Prince of Damcyan.

Cecil: Rosa and I are citizens of Baron and this girl is one of the many
victims of our kingdom's recent attacks... which I have personally led.

Yang: I see... then I humbly accept your assistance.

Cecil: Let's go. We haven't much time.

Yang: Fabul lies to the east of these mountains.

They head to Fabul. It looks as if the castle has not yet been attacked. Cecil
may explore the castle before reaching the throne room, in which case he may
run across Yang's wife in their home.

Woman: Where have you been, off loafing again?

Yang: Ah yes. This is my wife. Cecil and his companions came to my aid on Mt.

Yang's Wife: Well, that was mighty kind of you. Hey, hon, don't you have some
please you gotta be?  I heard the King's waitin' for you.

Eventually, they'll reach the throne room.

King: Yang, at last.

Yang: Sire, we must prepare for battle. Baron will attack us at any second to
steal our Crystal.

King: How do you know this?

Yang: These two are citizens of Baron. They came to warn us.

King: And the others?

Cecil: Sire, we haven't much time. The castle's defenses must be tightened

King: Yang, can we trust this dark knight and his companions?

Yang: Yes, they risked their lives to help me.

Cecil: We must hurry!

Rosa: Please!

Edward: It is an honor to see you again.

King: Prince Edward!

Edward: Sire, Baron's fleet decimated Damcyan and claimed our Crystal not long
ago. Many died, including my parents and my beloved. Damcyan's tragedy must not
be repeated!

King: Forgive me for my suspicions. Yang, mobilize the men for battle. Prince
Edward, dark knight, will you help us defend Fabul?  [Yes]

Yang: They have already offered to help, sire. We will join the forward guards
by the main gate.

King: Very well. Will the ladies assist our medic?

Rosa: Yes, sire.

King: Fabul's fate rests in your hands. May we be victorious.

Yang: We will assemble at the main gate.

Rosa: Cecil...

Cecil: Rydia, take care of Rosa for me.

Outside, Yang, Cecil and Edward join the front lines.

Soldier: Here they come!

Yang: Attack!

A battle ensues.

Solider: The Red Wings!

The castle is heavily bombed from the air.

Cecil: We can't hold them back!

Yang: Retreat!

They head to the inside areas of the castle and hold the main doors.

Yang: We are severely outnumbered. I regret involving all of you.

Cecil: This is our war, too. And it's far from over.

Edward: They're coming!

Another battle ensues as monsters rush the inside of the castle. After it, more
monsters come in and overpower some of the guards.

Yang: Fall back!

They retreat to the hallway before the throne room. Only a pair of guards

Cecil: Isn't the Royal Chamber just behind us?  We must hold them here!

Yang: The king has already retreated into a safe place along with the women and
children. It is our duty to lure the enemy away... And crush them!

More enemies attack. After the battle, more enemies appear.

Edward: Let's get out of here!

Yang: !

They head into the throne room. Just on normal guard remains.

Yang: The door has been locked. We must hold this ground!  The Crystal is in
the next chamber!

Edward: No!

The remaining guard unlocks the door.

Yang: You fool!  What are you doing?

Edward: He's one of them!

The guard attacks them.

Yang: We are outnumbered!  Withdraw to the Crystal Room!

They head out, but Edward stumbles.

Edward: Agggh!

Cecil: Edward!

Cecil and Yang rush to his rescue. They defeat the monsters and head back into
the crystal room. Kain follows them in.

Kain: It's been a while!

Cecil: Kain!  You're alive!

Kain: So it would seem.

Cecil: We'll talk later. For now, we have some fighting to do.

Kain: Indeed. Are you ready to face me, Cecil?

Cecil: What?

Kain: Ready your sword!

Cecil: Kain?

Kain: Ready your sword, fool!

Kain attacks Cecil, easily defeating the dark knight.

Cecil: You must be under Golbez's spell!

Kain: Have any final words?

Yang: Stop!

Rosa: No!

Kain: Rosa!

Rosa: Kain, you of all people.

Kain: No, I.

Golbez: Why do you hesitate, Kain?

[enter Golbez]

Edward: Golbez!

Cecil: So you're Golbez!

Golbez: Cecil, I presume?  Never hesitate to kill, Kain. Now see how it is

Edward: Cecil!

Yang: No!

Golbez: Silence!

Golbez blasts Yang and Edward with a lightning spell.

Golbez: Get the Crystal.

Kain: Yes, sire.

Rosa: Kain, please!

Cecil: No, Rosa!

Kain: !

Cecil: Rosa, no...

Golbez: So, you cherish this woman?  Then I shall take her with me to raise the
stakes. Until next time.

Golbez takes Rosa.

[Exit Golbez] [Exit Rosa]

Kain takes the crystal.

Kain: And you won't be so lucky next time.

[exit Kain]

Cecil: Wait... Arrrgh.

Rydia: Cure!

Rydia heals everyone.

Rydia: Feeling better?

Edward: I think you, Rydia, but...

Yang: The Crystal is gone!  I have failed.

Cecil: And now Rosa is gone, too...

Rydia: So come on!  We have to help Rosa, and bring back the Crystal, too!

Edward: She's right. We have no time for moping. We must get back Rosa and the

Yang: Cecil. It is our turn to assist you. For now, let us heal our wounds.

Cecil: Thank you.

They may talk to Yang's wife again.

Yang's Wife: Oh, hon. You're alright!

Yang: I am fine, thanks to their help.

Yang's Wife: You guys are like my husband's guardian angels!

Yang: And you?  Are you alright?

Yang's Wife: Yeah. Them Baron bozos ain't never comin' back!  I gave 'em a
helluva thumpin' with my non-stick frying pan!

Next, they head for the inn and rest for the night.

Edward: How will we go about the rescue?

Cecil: To fight Golbez, we need an airship. But Baron is the only kingdom that
has them.

Yang: Then we must sneak into Baron and borrow one for ourselves.

Cecil: Baron's main force is the Red Wings, so its sea power is relatively
weak. We might be able to slip in by boat.

Yang: I will ask the king for a ship tomorrow morning.

Cecil: Thank you, Yang.

Yang: Who was that dragoon?

Cecil: His name is Kain. He used to be my best friend. But I don't know what
happened to him.

Yang: Perhaps you will find your answers in Baron.

They all sleep. The next morning they go to the king's room.

King: I see. I will arrange for a ship right away, Yang, accompany and assist
Cecil. Cecil, take this sword. It belonged to a dark knight who came to Fabul
many years ago. The sword exudes tremendous force, but it is still a weapon of
darkness. Darkness can never prevail over true evil. I have faith you will slay
Golbez. Or perhaps that is but a mere wish. Go to the harbor to the east as
soon as you are prepared. A ship shall await you there. Golbez must be stopped.
If he acquires all of the Crystals, the world will be thrust into an
unprecedented crisis. I am counting on you.

They head outside and slightly east to the harbor. Yang's Wife is waiting

Yang's Wife: Good luck to you all!  Take care of yourselves and kick some
backside for me!  Keep your chin up, Cecil!  You'll get her back in no time!

Cecil: We'll do our best.

Yang: I trust you will look after everything in my stead.

Yang's Wife: You bet. I love you, you big lunkhead!

They board the boat.

Captain: You're Cecil, I reckon?  I heard you smacked the hell out of those
Baron lovelies. Sit back, and enjoy the ride. Anchors aweigh!

Crew: Aye-aye, Captain!

They lift the anchors and the ship heads toward Baron.

Yang: What will you do once we arrive at Baron?

Cecil: We have to meet Cid, Baron's chief airship engineer. He'll help us.

Yang: I only hope the man you speak of is safe.

Edward: ...

Rydia: Are you cold?  You're shaking.

Edward: I'm fine... It... it's nothing.

Before they reach Baron, though, a whirlpool opens up in the boats path. It
shakes violently.

Cecil: What's going on?

A sea monster begins to emerge from it.

Sailor: Shiver me timbers!

Sailor: Holy mackerel!

Sailor: The lord of the sea!

Sailor: Is that?

Captain: Yes!  It's Leviathan!

Leviathan pulls the ship towards the whirlpool.

Captain: Change course!

The ship is hit, Rydia falls into the water.

Rydia: Ahhh!

Yang: Rydia!

Yang jumps in after her.

Cecil: Rydia!  Yang!

The ship continues to take damage.

Edward: Argh!

Cecil: Edward!

The ship is pulled into the whirlpool. Many hours, perhaps day later, Cecil
awakens on a beachhead.

Cecil: ... Oh... Ugh... Where am I?  Rydia!  Edward!  Yang!  Where is

Cecil notices a town nearby, it's Mysidia, the town he pillaged earlier with
the red wings. He is immediately recognized.

Elder: You are that boy from before. Why have you returned?

Cecil: My name is Cecil, I am the former commander of the Red Wings. Before I
did not have the courage to go against the King's orders.

Elder: Apologizing won't bring back those who have already died.

Cecil: ...

Elder: However, I see that you have changed. Perhaps it would not be a waste of
my time to hear what you have to say.

Cecil: We are currently fighting against a man named Golbez, who presently
holds power in Baron. However, my friends were attacked by Leviathan on our way
to rescue someone who had been captured by Golbez.

Elder: Perhaps this is a test and you must prove yourself worthy. However, you
still have come to reply too much on your dark sword. This will only lead to
the darkness of your soul. If you wish to fight with purity, you must head to
Mt. Ordeals to the east. There, you may find, is where your fate lies.

Cecil: But my friends are in danger!  We can't waste any time!

Elder: I see your friends mean much to you. But you mustn't be impatient. You
are destined to a great fate. You must go to Mt. Ordeals and transform that
dark sword you carry into one of light. Those who accept the holy light will
become paladins. However, many have journeyed to Mt. Ordeals, but non have
returned. Do you wish to go?

Cecil: Yes, but I have little confidence I can do this on my own.

Elder: I thought as much. I shall call upon some mages to help you. Palom!

Girl: You called for us?

Elder: Where is Palom?

Girl: Palom!  Come out this minute!

Boy: I can't believe I'm helping this sleaze. Be grateful that Mysidia's
prodigy, Palom, will assist you.

Cecil: Are they the mages?

Elder: Yes, this is Palom and Porom!  Although still apprentices, they should
be of great help.

Palom: I'm the greatest mage in all of Mysidia!  You should be thankful I'm
helping you out!

Elder: Palom!  I hope you behave yourself on this journey...

Porom: My name is Porom. I'm pleased to meet you, sir. Palom!  Greet him

Palom: Hey, nice to meetcha.

Elder: Now go to Mt. Ordeals. You two, do everything in your power to assist

They exit Mysidia and head east towards Mt. Ordeals. The entrance is blocked by
a large fire, which Cecil alone would have been unable to pass.

Porom: Well, what are you waiting for?

Palom: Yeah, yeah. Keep your hat on!  Blizzard!

Palom extinguishes the fire with his blizzard spell.

Palom: Ha!  Too easy!

Porom smack Palom.

Porom: Palom!  The elder taught us not to submit to arrogance!  Please forgive
him for his antics.

Meanwhile... Golbez and Kain are planning something fiendish whilst Rosa is
held captive.

Golbez: Come forth, Scarmiglione!

Scarmiglione: Scarmiglione of Earth, at your command.

Golbez: Cecil aspires too much. He ascends Mt. Ordeals as we speak. I shall
clip his wings now.

Scarmiglione: So he desires to become a paladin.

Golbez: Dispose of him. His dark sword should be all but useless against your

Scarmiglione: I shall return with his head.

[exit Scarmiglione]

Golbez: This is getting interesting, wouldn't you say, Kain?

Kain: Cecil might still prove to be quite a formidable opponent.

Golbez: You dare question my judgment?

Kain: No, sire!

Golbez: Scarmiglione is one of the four Elemental Lords. He will not fail. Rosa
will bear witness as well.

Kain: Sire, please grant me a second chance!  Instead of Scarmiglione, allow me
the task of slaying him!

Golbez: Just be grateful I let you live after your blunder.

Kain: ...

Rosa: Cecil...

Back on Mt. Ordeals, Cecil, Palom and Porom journey up. Before long, they run
into Tellah, who's wandering about on the mountain.

Cecil: Tellah!

Tellah: Cecil?  What brings you here?  Wait, you seek Meteor as well?

Cecil: Meteor?

Porom: You know about Meteor?

Palom: They means you're Tellah!  Hey, old man, am I right?

Porom: Don't be rude!  You stand before the great sage himself! It is an honor
to meet you. We came here from Mysidia under the orders of our Elder.

Palom: Yeah, we're spying on...

Porom smacks Palom again.

Porom: Excuse me. As I was saying. We're just serving as guides for Sir Cecil.
My name is Porom.

Palom: And I'm Palom, Mysidia's most exalted mage!  I've heard a lot about you!

Tellah: Kids from Mysidia, eh?  Cecil, where are Rydia and Edward?

Cecil: We were attacked by Leviathan on our way to Baron and...

Tellah: What? They aren't dead, are they?

Cecil: I'm afraid so. On top of that, Golbez has captured Rosa.

Palom: I'll betcha that's his girl friend!

Porom: Hush!

Cecil: I thought you headed straight to Baron to confront Golbez.

Tellah: Against the likes of Golbez, my spells still lack power. I've come here
to seek the legendary spell, Meteor. I sense a strong aura on this mountain. I
believe it holds what I am looking for.

Porom: But that spell is much too dangerous!  It requires tremendous vitality.
For a man your age...

Tellah: I admit I am old. But I will make Golbez pay, even if it costs me my

Cecil: ...

Palom: Geez. Why are adults so pigheaded?

Porom: You don't understand because you're still a kid!  Now hush!

Tellah: Cecil, you have yet to answer my question. Why did you come here?

Cecil: I came here in hopes of becoming a Paladin. I cannot defeat Golbez with
the dark sword... and I have longed to renounce this hateful thing.

Palom: Who's Golbez?

Porom: Don't you know anything?  He's the one controlling Baron.

Tellah: Not just an ordinary man, but a powerful sorcerer, brimming with evil!
So, you've come here to become a paladin?  Then, the mountain must hold some
secret, just as I suspected. I shall accompany you.

As they head further up the mountain, some mysterious sounds occur. Porom
continuously blames Palom for them, who immediately denies making them. Before
long, on the summit of the mountain, they learn what made the sounds.

Tellah: I sense an evil presence.

Scarmiglione: I will enjoy... killing you all!

Cecil: Who's there?

Scarmiglione: Under master Golbez's orders, I, Scarmiglione of Earth will
deliver  you unto the gates of hell. But first, my undead hunger... for your

Scarmiglione attacks, but is easily defeated. Cecil walks across the summit,
but the sky grows dark once again.

Scarmiglione: Sssrrr... Fools!  My true strength lies in death. Join me in

In his now undead form, Scarmiglione falls even faster to the powerful fire
magics of Palom and Tellah.

Scarmiglione: How could I possibly lose?  Ugh.... Gahhh!

Scarmiglione falls off of the summit. Cecil walks up to an altar at the end of
the summit, it speaks to him.

My son, I...

Cecil: Son?  Just who are you?

He is taken inside of the altar. It continues to speak to him.

Through much sorrow have I longed for your coming. I shall now entrust you with
my power. By doing so, my pain will only grow. But there is no other way...

Cecil walks forward, towards a wall of mirrors. A sword of light comes out of
it and falls upon him. He is transformed. The voice continues to speak.

Break from your past and overcome your darkness. Only then will you receive the
holy power. You must fight... against the dark knight you wish to rid yourself

A dark knight Cecil appears from the mirrors and walks up to the new Cecil.

Tellah: !?

Palom: What's going on?

Porom: There are two of them!

Tellah: Cecil!

Porom: Hey!

Palom: Look out!

Cecil: Stay back!  This is my battle, to atone for my wrongs.

The dark knight Cecil battles the paladin Cecil. The voice continues to speak
through the battle, asking Cecil what he fights for, love, justice, or
something more. After the battle, the voice continues.

You have done well...  Now receive my spirit as light. My soul, my light. With
this, you must stop Golbez. Farewell, my son.

Cecil: Please, wait!

Cecil becomes a Paladin. His reflection changes in the mirror. His old armor
and weapon are gone, replaced with a sword of light.

Porom: Are you alright?

Palom: You must be...

Porom: Palom, enough!

Cecil: This feeling. I can't explain it. It feels... so familiar. That voice...

Tellah: I've got it?

Porom: Master Tellah?

Tellah: My spells!  I remember them now!  Me...teor... That light!  Somehow, it
broke the seal upon Meteor!

Porom: He is indeed a great sage.

Palom: Hey, Porom. I kinda think...

Porom: Er, Cecil?

Palom: We have to tell you something. We're actually...

Tellah: I'm ready to face Golbez. I am doom itself!  Come, Cecil, to Baron!

Cecil: Yes... to Baron!  That light... Why did it call me son?

[exit Tellah]

Palom: Hey, wait up!

[exit Palom]

Porom: Are you coming?

Cecil: Yes.

They head back outside and down Mt. Ordeals and back to Mysidia. Cecil heads
back to the Elder.

Elder: Unbelievable!  You've succeeded!

Porom: Sir Cecil fought brilliantly!

Palom: I'll say. He passed with flying colors.

Cecil: Come again?

Elder: Forgive me. I assigned them to spy on you.

Palom: That pretty much sums it up.

Porom: I feel awful having deceived you. I'm so sorry.

Cecil: I had suspected that was why. I deserved it, after what I did...

Elder: The most important thing is that you have become a paladin and have shed
yourself of the darkness you once had. That sword!  Where did you obtain it!

Cecil: It was given to me on the mountain's peak.

Elder: Is this...?  Yes, it is!  This sword holds the words of an ancient
Mysidian legend!

Cecil: A legend?

Narration of the Legend: One born of a dragon bearing darkness and light. Shall
rise to the heavens over the still lands. The moon's light eternal brings a
promise to earth with bounty and grace.

Cecil: The light at Ordeals called me "son". What was that light?

Elder: You ask a valid question, to which I do not know the answer. The legend
has never been unveiled. For generations, we Mysidians have been told to pray
for the fulfillment of this legend and to believe in the one with the sacred
light. Perhaps you might be the one.

Tellah: Enough chatter!  We must got and defeat Golbez!

Elder: Tellah?

Tellah: It's been a while.

Porom: We met him on Mt. Ordeals.

Palom: And guess what?  The old man learned to cast Meteor!

Elder: What?  Meteor, the legendary spell, unsealed?  What is happening to this

Tellah: I care not about the world's troubles, I solely wish to avenge Anna!

Elder: Anna, your daughter?

Tellah: Golbez took her life. And I shall use Meteor to slay him.

Elder: Tellah, you must not fight with hatred. Moreover, you are in no
condition to use Meteor.

Tellah: If I die, so be it!  Golbez must die at any cost!

Elder: Still stubborn as a mule, I see.

Tellah: Ha!  Like you're one to talk.

Elder: Nevertheless, with your spells and Cecil's newfound power, you may be
able to defeat Golbez.

Cecil: In any case, we must return to Baron to commandeer an airship first.

Elder: Very well. I shall grant you access to the Devil's Road. As a paladin,
you can safely travel the bedeviled path. Now is the time for me to retire to
the Tower of Worship. I shall pray for your success.

Cecil: We thank you.

Cecil and Tellah begin to leave. Palom and Porom follow them.

Elder: Palom, Porom, return to your studies.

Porom: Elder, please allow us to accompany him.

Palom: Yeah, you're the one who said we should help him in any way we can.

Elder: Very well. You have both overcome the trials of Ordeals and returned
alive. Perhaps this is your fate. Please look after them.

Cecil: But I, uh...

Palom: Are you saying you don't want us tagging along?

Porom: I'm sure we can still be of assistance.

Tellah: Don't worry, old friend. I will look after them.

Cecil: Very well, so be it. I'm counting on all of you.

Palom: Alright!

Porom: Palom, this isn't going to be some kind of picnic.

Elder: The entrance to the Devil's Road lies to the east of this town. Palom,
Porom, train well and return safely. Good luck to you all.

Using the Devil's Road, Cecil is able to return to Baron almost immediately. He
comes out in the town of Baron. In the town, Cecil runs into Yang, who is in
the pub in the back of the Inn. He's drinking with two Baron knights.

Cecil: Yang!

Yang: ?

Cecil: It's me, Cecil!

Yang: Cecil... Baron's knight turned traitor!  Seize him!

Guard: Yes, sir!


Cecil: Yang!  What are you doing?

Yang: You insolent wretch!

Yang attacks Cecil.

Yang: Die!  Hyah!  Ugh!  Cecil!  What just happened? After Leviathan attacked
us... I cannot remember anything.

Tellah: Obviously you suffered a slight case of amnesia and were being used by

Cecil: Where are Rydia and Edward?

Yang: Rydia was... swallowed by Leviathan.

Cecil: !

Yang: Edward, I don't know. Where are we?

Cecil: In Baron. Let's go elsewhere so we can discuss everything in private.

They head to the front of the inn to acquire a room.

Innkeeper: Thank you for taking care of those soldiers. You're more than
welcome to spend the night here.

Cecil: Yang, this is Tellah. His daughter and Edward were...

Tellah: My daughter loved him enough to sacrifice her life for him.

Yang: I am sorry for your loss. I am Yang of Fabul.

Palom: I'm the prodigy of Mysidia!  My name's Palom.

Porom: Feel free to ignore my twin brother. I am Porom.

Palom: I can't believe you were oblivious to so much!

Porom: Palom!  Apologize!

Yang: No, he is right. Forgive my actions.

Cecil: Well, first things first. We have to find Cid.

Tellah: Sneaking into the castle won't be easy.

Yang: Hm?  What is this?

Cecil: This is the Baron Key!  Of course!  They must've given it to you when
they gave you command of those guards. With this key, I believe we'll be able
to find Cid.

They use an underground passage from the town of Baron which eventually leads
them to the outskirts of the castle. Sneaking around, they eventually make
their way to the main rooms of the castle. They are spotted, fortunately, it is
only Baigan.

Baigan: Sir Cecil!  So good of you to return.

Cecil: Baigan, you too?

Baigan: Is something the matter?

Cecil: You serve Golbez as well?

Baigan: Never!  As captain of the Royal Guards, my loyalty lies with Baron.

Cecil: Where is Cid?  I heard he was confined in the castle.

Baigan: I, too, have attempted to find him, but my men and I were attacked and
I was the only one to survive.

Cecil: I see, then you must join us.

Baigan: It would be an honor to join you.

Baigan joins and they head to the throne room. Porom and Palom stop.

Cecil: What is it?

Palom: Something's wrong.

Porom: Yes, I sense danger.

Baigan: What?  Like... a... monster?

Palom: Oh, give me a break, man.

Porom: Sir, no disrespect, but that acting of yours is about as subtle as a

Cecil: Baigan!  You'd also betray Baron!

Baigan: Golbez's wishes are Baron's wishes. He granted a wonderful power to me.

Baigan attacks, but is easily defeated.

Palom: Ha!  Nothing to it!

Cecil: Even Baigan, who seemed so loyal.

They head to the throne room, where the King sits all alone.

King: Cecil, you have returned!  I am glad to see you are safe.

Cecil: Thank you.

King: I see you have become a paladin. Paladins are of little use; a dark
knight would be more useful to us.

Cecil: Your majesty?

King: Your who?  Oh, you must mean the older duffer who refused to surrender
the kingdom. Hahaha, I must save I've enjoyed impersonating him.

Cecil: What have you done with the king!?

King: You'll see him soon enough. Oh, and give my regards to Scarmiglione if
you run into him in the netherworld. That weakling never deserved to be one of
the four Elemental Lords. The rest of us are more powerful than him.

Cecil: Then you are?

King: Behold!  I am the Lord of Water, Cagnazzo!

Despite his speech to the contrary, Cagnazzo goes down with little fight.

Voice: You swine!

[enter Cid]

Cid: Someone's gonna get a complimentary face-beating for locking me up in that
sty!  Eh?

Cecil: Cid!

Cid: Cecil? You're alive!  You had me worried!

Cecil: I'm sorry...

Cid: Where's Rosa!?  She went after you, convinced that you were still alive.

Cecil: Golbez has taken her...

Cid: What!?  How could you let that happen?  First my airship, now my Rosa!

Tellah: And she's still in trouble, so stop your jabbering and take us to your

Cid: Who is this snippy octogenarian?

Tellah: I could say the same thing to you!

Cid: What?  I'm half your age, and then some!

Porom: Please!  This is not the time, sir, this is the great Sage Tellah  This
is Master Yang, the high monk of Fabul. I am Porom, an apprentice mage from

Palom: So now we'll have another geezer on board.

Porom: That repulsive brat is my twin brother, Palom.

Palom: You goody two-shoes!

Yang: Pleased to meet you.

Cid: Well, you sure are a mannerly fellow.

Cecil: Cid, where is your new airship?

Cid: Heh heh. Where nobody would suspect.

Tellah: We must hurry!  Rosa's life is in danger!

Cid: I know, I know. You don't have to shout, we're not deaf like you.
Everyone, follow me!

They head out of the throne room, following Cid. The stage is set however, for
another trap.

Cagnazzo: Hahaha. You have defeated me, but you have no heard the last of
Cagnazzo. Now join me in the netherworld!

The walls of the room begin to shake.

Tellah: The walls!

The room begins to shrink, both doors lock.

Cid: It's locked!

Tellah: This side is locked, too!

The room continues to shrink.

Cecil: Palom!  Porom!

Palom: I guess there's only one thing to do.

Porom: Cecil, I'm glad we were able to become friends.

Tellah: What are you going to do?

Palom: We're not going to let you die!

Porom: We thank you for everything you've taught us, Sage Tellah.

Palom: Ready?

Porom: Yes!

Cecil: No!

Palom & Porom: Break!

Palom and Porom turn themselves into stone, which halts the crushing advance of
the walls.

Cecil: Palom!  Porom!

Tellah: Hold on!  Esuna!

Tellah is unable to break the petrification as Porom and Palom willingly turned
to stone.

Tellah: You fools!  I am an old man!  It was my duty, not yours!

Yang: Forgive me, you two.

Tellah: I will avenge you both. I swear to it!

Cid: It's time for some payback!  To the Enterprise!

Cecil: I'll get you... Golbez!

Meanwhile, Golbez is back to his devious planning in his tower.

Golbez: He defeated Cagnazzo. His power continues to grow.

Kain: Sire, regarding the last Crystal.

Golbez: I know. That place remains a problem.

Kain: Then by all means, let's have Cecil get it for us.

Golbez: Hmm?

Kain: I'm certain he will comply. After all, we have Rosa. We can exchange her
for the last crystal.

Golbez: A primitive idea, but it just might work. And I will destroy him at the
time of the exchange.

Kain: I shall go convey your terms to him.

Rosa: Kain!

Kain: Rosa, you'll see soon enough that I am superior to Cecil.

[exit Kain]

Back in Baron, Cid leads them to Enterprise, through secret door after secret

Cecil: I never knew about this.

Cid: It's been here all along.

They board the ship.

Yang: Amazing...

Cid: Ain't she a beaut?  Let's get the Enterprise on-line!

He starts up the airship, it soars up to the sky, blasting through the ground
it was on. However, it's not the only ship in the air. Kain's ship approaches.

Cid: Battle stations!  Time to unleash the power of the Enterprise!

Cecil: Wait!

Yang: What is that?

Tellah: It's a white flag.

The two ships float next to each other and dock.

Cecil: Kain!

Kain: Heh!  So you're still among the living!

Cid: Kain!  You little maggot!

Cecil: Where's Rosa?

Kain: If you want her back, bring me the Earth Crystal.

Cecil: What?

Tellah: You shameless dog!

Kain: I will come to you once you have the Crystal in your possession. And if
Rosa means anything to you, you'll get that Crystal.

Yang: Why, you...

Cecil: Wake up, Kain!

Kain: I have nothing else to say to you.

[Exit Kain's ship]

Yang: Cecil.

Cid: That dirty scumbag.

Cecil: Cid set a course northwest, to Troia.

Cid pilots the airship to Troia. Inside, Cecil finds out from eight clerics
that the crystal has been stolen by Dark Elf and hides out in the Cave Magnes.
Also in the castle, in the western tower is Edward. He is still quite wounded
from the Leviathan encounter.

Cecil: Edward!

Edward: Cecil?  You are alive... I am so relieved. I wish to join you again.

Tellah: You cannot help us in that condition, though!  You'd only burden us!

Edward: Tellah... I cannot begin to ask for your forgiveness. Anna died because
of me...

Tellah: ...

Edward: I can never atone for that.

Yang: Edward, your health should be your greatest concern right now. You should
get your rest.

Edward: Yang... So we all survived... Where is Rydia?

Yang: ...

Edward: I see. I wish I had been there to help you out during your battles.

Cid: Hey, I heard you took mighty good care of Cecil and Rosa!  I appreciate
it!  Let me repay you. With my Enterprise, we can rise above anything!

Edward: You must be Cid, the airship engineer. Wait!  Does that mean we have an
airship!?  Cecil, whatever became of Rosa?

Cecil: Golbez proposed a trade. He will return Rosa in return for the Troia's
Crystal. But the Crystal lies in the hands of the Dark Elf.

Edward: The Dark Elf... Cecil, you must take this.

Cecil: What is it?

Edward: This is the only way I can be of any help right now.

[Given Twin Harp]

Edward: Cecil, please save Rosa.

They head to the cave and are stunned by a powerful magnetic field. Those party
members wearing metallic gear find themselves unable to fight.

Cid: That magnetic field is powerful!  Equipping anything metallic will slow us

Yang: My claws appear to be unaffected.

Tellah: Fear not!  We stand invincible with my magic!

Before long, they reach Dark Elf's make shift Crystal Room.

Dark Elf: I commend your effort. But your excursion ends here. You will never
get your crystal. You cannot defeat me with those weapons.

Yang: We shall see about that.

Tellah: Let's see how he likes my magic spells!

Dark Elf attacks. Without Cecil's sword, the party fails to defeat him [though,
if your Yang was level 99 at this point like mine... You probably did kill him

Cecil: If only I could use my sword...

Back in Troia, Edward senses the danger.

Edward: Cecil... and his friends... are in danger!

He stumbles out of his bed and walks towards another harp.

Nurse: Where are you going?  You're in no condition to move!

Edward: I'm fine. I just want to get my harp to... Agggh!

Nurse: Please, go back in your bed!

Edward: [Cough cough]  I must help them...

He walks over to his harp and begins playing his familiar theme. The sound
resonates in the Magnetic Cave as well, carrying itself through the twin harp.

Yang: ...?

Tellah: This melody...

Cecil: It's Edward!

Dark Elf: GAH!  What is this torturous sound?

Dark Elf's magnetic field begins to fluctuate and eventually fails altogether.

Edward: He cannot control the magnetic field while I am playing!  Now!  Draw
your sword!

Cecil gets up.

Cecil: Right!

Dark Elf: You, Gah!

Dark Elf attacks again, but is considerably weaker now. Cecil, being able to
use his metallic sword, quickly disposes of Dark Elf.

Dark Elf: This cannot be!  With the crystal... my eternal life!  Gaaah!

Dark Elf dies.

Cecil: Thank you, Edward.

Cecil takes the crystal and heads back to Troia. He enters the room with all of
the clerics.

Cleric: Oh my goodness!  The Earth Crystal!  You've reclaimed it!  Hurrah!

The screen goes dark.

Kain: I see you have acquired the Earth Crystal.

Cid: That voice!

Cecil: Kain!

Kain: Bring the Crystal and board the ship. I will take you to Rosa.

Cecil leaves Troia and boards the Enterprise. Moments later Kain arrives in his

Kain: Where is the Earth Crystal?

Cecil: Here. Where's Rosa?

Kain: In the Tower of Zot. Follow me.

Both airships heads into the tower. Cecil disembarks, but finds Kain is no
where to be seen.

Cecil: Kain.

Cid: Come out!

Kain: Now now. First, Master Golbez would like a word.

Tellah: Golbez!

Golbez: Well done, Cecil. You have exceeded even my expectations.

Tellah: Wretch!  Show yourself!

Golbez: Rosa stands beside me at the top of this tower. Bring the Crystal and
we will make the trade.

Cecil: She had better be safe!

Golbez: You had better hurry. Or else something... unfortunate might happen to

As Cecil heads up the tower, he'll be attacked constantly. On the fifth floor,
he'll run into a trio of women.

Cindy: Welcome to the Tower of Zot!

Mindy: Charmed, I'm sure.

Sandy: Welcome!  We are the Magus Sisters. We serve Barbariccia, Lord of Wind.

Magus Sisters: We're afraid your journey is over. We will take your Crystal.
Say goodbye to your Rosa. Delta attack!

They are easily defeated.

Magus Sisters: This can't be!  Our delta attack failed!?  Noo!

On the next floor, Golbez and Kain wait for Cecil.

Golbez: Welcome.

Tellah: Golbez!

Cecil: Where's Rosa?

Golbez: First, the Crystal.

Cid: She'd better be alright!

Golbez: Hand over the Crystal now or she dies.

Cecil: Here, take it!

[give Crystal to Golbez]

Cecil: There, now where's Rosa?

Golbez: Rosa?  Whoever are you talking about?

Cecil: What!?

Cid: You two-timing cur!

Tellah: Return her this minute!

Golbez: Ignorant dotard. Have you no idea whom you are dealing with?

Tellah: How could I ever forget the monster who killed my daughter!

Tellah shoves Cecil out of the way. He rushes Golbez.

Tellah: Vengeance will be mine!

Tellah attacks Golbez, hitting him with several powerful spells. They're
ineffective against Golbez. Golbez taunts Tellah throughout the battle. Tellah
prepares to cast Meteor. Everyone warns him not to. But, he does. It blasts
Golbez for 9999 damage. Golbez is defeated, but Tellah is exhausted.

Golbez: Ugh... how could he know Meteor?

Cecil: Tellah!

Golbez: It matters not. The Crystal is mine!  Kain!

Kain doesn't respond.

Golbez: So Meteor broke my spell over him. So be it. He no longer serves any
purpose. Mark my words, Cecil. Someday I'll destroy you.

Cecil: !

Cecil charges Golbez.

Golbez: Impudent fool!

Golbez smacks Cecil down with a spell.

Cecil: Ugh... Why don't... you finish me?

Golbez: You...

Cecil: ?

Golbez: What is going on?  Ugh... Agggh!

Cecil: !?

Golbez: We will settle this the next time we meet!

[Exit Golbez]

Yang: Cecil!

Cid: Are you okay?

Cecil: Yeah... Meteor must have weakened him. Tellah!  Are you okay?

Tellah: I failed...

Cid: Keep still.

Tellah: I'm such a fool. I lost myself... in my own hatred... Avenge my
daughter... for me... I beg of you...

[Tellah Dies]

Cecil: Tellah!

Yang: !

Cid: Get up, you gold geezer!

Yang: Tellah!

Cid: I'll bet your daughter's mighty proud of you. You did good.

Cecil: Tellah, Anna... I swear on my life... we will avenge you!

Cecil walks over to the motionless Kain.

Cecil: Kain!  Kain!

Kain: Cecil... I... I'm so sorry... What have I done?

Cecil: Don't blame yourself. You had no control over your actions.

Kain: But... a part of me inside was awake and yet... I just stood by and

Cecil: !  Where's Rosa?

Kain: Beyond those doors!  We must hurry!

They rush to the roof.

Rosa: Cecil!

Cecil pulls Rosa out of the way as the ball above her crashes into where she

Cecil: Rosa...

Rosa: I knew you'd come.

Rosa and Cecil hug!

Cecil: I missed you so much... And I realized... I...

Rosa: Cecil...

Kain: ...

Cid: You realized what?  Be a man!  Spit it out!

Rosa: Wait, is that Kain?

Cecil: He's okay now. Tellah's Meteor broke Golbez's spell.

Kain: But I was still aware. And yet. Rosa. I wanted to keep you close at any

Rosa: Kain.

Kain: ...

Cecil: ...

Rosa: Let's fight together, Kain.

Kain: After all that I've done... It's too late.

Cecil: ...

Cid: Hey!  Save the corny drama for later!  We gotta scram!

Cecil: let's go, Kain.

Kain: ...

Cecil: We need your help more than ever.

Kain: Cecil... Rosa... Thank you.

Rosa and Kain rejoin the party. As they try to leave the tower, they're
attacked by another Elemental Lord.

Barbariccia: Hahahaha!  It seems Master Golbez has underestimated you.

Kain: Barbariccia!  The lord of the Wind!

Barbariccia: You disappoint me, Kain. Submitting to a weak imbecile, despite
all your powers.

Kain: I've simply come to my senses. I've grown sick of siding with animals
like you!

Barbariccia: You snotty little wretch!  I'll enjoy killing you all!  With the
old man and his Meteor gone, you stand no chance.

Kain: Let's see about that.

Barbariccia: It's not over... The last Elemental Lord still remains!
Regardless, you'll never leave here alive!  Hahahaha!

The tower begins to shake as though it's going to collapse.

Cecil: It's collapsing!

Kain: Damnit!

Cid: That bastard!

Rosa: Hold on to me!  Teleport!

Rosa teleports them all from harms way into Cecil's room, in Baron.

Cecil: This is...?

Rosa: Yes, it's your room in Baron.

Cid: Now that we've taken care of the fake king, there's nothing to worry

Kain: Cecil, there is something I must tell you.

Cid: What is it?

Kain: It's about the crystals.

Cecil: Well, we've lost Troia's Earth Crystal to Golbez, which means he now
holds all the Crystals.

Kain: Not quite. He only has four.

Rosa: You mean there are more?

Cid: Of course!  So the legends are true after all!

Kain: Yes... The Dark Crystals.

Cid: Alright, listen up. The crystals of this world are called Light Crystals.
That means there's a whole other set of...

Cecil: Dark Crystals?

Kain: Exactly. So you see, he only has half of the Crystals.

Cid: Well, we now know they exist, but how would we go about finding them?

Kain: They lie under the surface of the earth... in the underworld.

Cid: Underground?  Are you sure about this?

Kain: That is what I overheard Golbez say. He also said that when all of the
Crystals of Light and Darkness are gathered, the path of the Moon will open.

Cecil: A path to the moon?

Kain: I'm not sure exactly what that is, but this is the key for unlocking it.
Here, you keep it.

[given Magma Rock]

Cecil: So this is the key...

Kain: This is to be used... somewhere, to open a path to the underworld.

Yang: But where?

Rosa: Yes, where do we use it?

Kain: I wish I knew.

Cid: Ah, no worries!  We'll just fly around the world on the Enterprise until
we find something.

Rosa: But we lost the airship near the Tower of Zot.

Cid: Pshaw!  My baby's equipped with auto-pilot. I'll be she's flown back

Rosa: Cid, what would we do without you?

Cid: Heh, heh. Alright, we leave tomorrow morning. Let's rest up for our
journey to the underworld!

Cecil: I still don't understand. Why didn't Golbez finish me off at the tower?

Rosa: Cecil?

Cecil: Oh, I was just thinking aloud. Come on, let's get some rest.

They rest up. In the depths of the castle, Cecil finds an alternate throne room
in which he could not previously enter. This isn't relevant to the main story,
but some important side quests do take place here.

Voice: Cecil

Cecil: Your majesty

King: Venture to the land of summons before you return. I shall help you then.

Cecil: Yes, your majesty.

Cecil leaves Baron and jumps onto the Enterprise. Eventually, he finds the
place to use the Magma Rock Key, a well in Agart.

Cecil: Wh-what?

The ground begins to shake and the nearby mountains open up, exposing a hole to
the underworld. Cecil heads back out to Enterprise and Cid pilots them into the
underworld. Before long, though, they find a major conflict.

Cecil: !?

Kain: The Red Wings!

The Red Wing air fleet and some tanks from the ground get into a fire fight.
The Enterprise is unfortunate enough to be stuck in between them.

Yang: They must have beaten us here.

Cecil: Who are they fighting?

Cid: I'm gonna bust through the line!  Hang on!

Cid speeds up Enterprise, but it's no use. Several shots strike the ship and it
starts to go down.

Cid: She won't hold together!

Cecil: We're going down!

The Enterprise gets out of the fire fight, but is badly damaged.

Rosa: Cecil!

Cecil: Rosa!  Is everyone alright?

Cid: Yeah.. But my ship... We have to land. It's too risky in this condition.

Cecil: We have no choice, let's take her down.

They land near a castle. Cecil leads the party in. They head to the throne

King: Welcome.

Cecil: You are?

King: I am King Giott, ruler of the underworld. State your business.

Cecil: We've come in search of the Dark Crystals.

Giott: Ah, I see. You are like the others. But from what I have witnessed, I
see you are not on their side.

Kain: Where are the Dark Crystals?  Have they been taken?

Giott: They have stripped us of two. Now only two remain.

Yang: One step too late.

Giott: The castle's Crystal is still safe. Our tanks fought them off.

Rosa: Yes, we saw your tanks battling the airships on our way here.

Giott: Airships, you call them?  The overworld creates many incredible wonders.
Our tanks have taken quite a beating. Can you help us with your airship?

Cid: Honestly, we need to repair her first. The attack really busted her good.

Giott: We will do anything in our power to help you repair your airship.

Cid: Ahh, she won't last in the heat of this lava, anyway. I'll make temporary
fixes for now then fly back up to the surface and gather me some mythril to
armor her better.

Cecil: Cid!

Cid: Just button up and relax. I'll be back before you know it!

Rosa: Be careful, Cid.

Cid: Heh, heh. No worries!  I'm a tough old man.

[exit Cid]

Cecil: King Giott, where is the Crystal?

Giott: In the safest place in the castle... hidden behind my throne.

Yang: !

Cecil: Yang?  What's wrong?

Yang: Someone is spying on us.

Giott: What?

Behind the wall, unseen by anyone in the game, someone was spying.

Cecil: Perhaps it was your imagination.

Yang: I wish it were so... but I definitely sense a presence.

Giott: Open the door!

Dwarf: Yes, sire!

They open the path the Crystal. Cecil heads towards it and into the Crystal
room. The door locks behind them. There are four dolls on the floor of the
Crystal room.

Kain: It's locked!


Cecil: ?

Rosa: Dolls?

The dolls start to dance.

Guess who?  Calcobrenas!  We're cute!  And we're scary!  We love to kill!
Let's take their heads!  Yeah!  A gift for Golbez!  Yippy ho!

A battle begins between the dolls and Cecil's party. The dolls are easily
defeated, though.

Owww!  Big bully!  But now Golbez knows about this place!  He's gonna getcha!
Sir Golbez!

Cecil: ?

Golbez: Our paths cross again...

[enter Golbez]

Cecil: Golbez!

Golbez: I commend you for finding your way to the underworld. To reward your
efforts, I shall tell you why I am collecting the Crystals. The eight Crystals
of light and dark are the keys to reactivating the Tower of Babel, which leads
to the moon. Legends say the moon possesses power beyond our comprehension. I
need only one more Crystal to materialize my dream. You have been a great aid
to my quest. Now prepare for your final reward!

Golbez attacks the party. They are unable to do any damage to him. He summons a
shadow dragon which kills the entire party other than Cecil [and Kain if Kain
Jumped off screen]. Before it can finish of Cecil, another dragon, this one of
mist, attacks Golbez and his shadow dragon. It kills Golbez's shadow dragon and
wounds Golbez. A spell is cast upon Cecil, removing him from being paralyzed. A
familiar voice sounds asking Cecil if he is okay. It's Rydia. She joins Cecil
and together they wail on Golbez.

Cecil: We did it... we've defeated Golbez!

Rosa: Rydia!

Cecil: What happened to you?

Rydia: Leviathan took me to the Land of Summons, a world of summoned monsters.
We became friends during my stay. I learned a lot there. I can't use white
magic anymore, but I've grown strong as a summoner. Time flows differently
there, so I may have aged quite a bit.

Rosa: That explains why your appearance has changed.

Kain: Cecil, who is she?

Cecil: It's the girl we found in Mist.

Yang: Fortune favors us indeed.

Cecil: Rydia, we owe you our lives. Thank you.

Rydia: You don't have to thank me. The queen of the Land of Summons said to
me... 'A great force is secretly at work. We must confront it together.'

They are all about to exit, but the room grows dark.

Golbez: I... cannot perish!

His body turns into a hand, which crawls to the crystal. It takes it and
disappears with it.

Cecil: The Crystal!

Having failed to secure they Crystal, they head back into the throne room.

Cecil: Forgive me. Golbez has taken the Crystal.

Giott: One Crystal left... We must protect it at all costs.

Rosa: Yes, where can we find it?

Giott: In the Sealed Cave to the southwest, where Golbez is heading. Do not
worry. He cannot enter without the key. I have a request.

Cecil: We will do anything. It was out fault the Crystal was stolen.

Giott: I want you to retrieve the seven Crystals at the Tower of Babel.

Yang: I presume it's fortified.

Kain: ... by Golbez's forces, yes. It won't be easy.

Giott: I have a plan. You will sneak in and seize the Crystals while our tanks
distract them. The plan must be executed immediately before Golbez returns from
the Sealed Cavern.

Kain: What do you think?

Rydia: A large force might be waiting.

Rosa: It's a risk.

Yang: As they say, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained."

Kain: As his majesty says, now might be our only chance.

Cecil: Alright. We'll go to the tower and reclaim the Crystals.

They head to the tower of Babel. As they arrive, Giott's forces are bombarding
it with tank fire. Cecil is able to slip in. The tower is a massive place.
After a long journey up it, Cecil eventually comes to a point where the final
Elemental Lord, Rubicante and a Doctor are having a conversation about their

Doctor: Have a safe trip, Master Rubicante.

Rubicante: Not to worry, Eblan has been decimated along with its ninjas. Take
care of things until I return.

[exit Rubicante]

The doctor starts dancing around the floor.

Doctor: Heh heh!  Golbez and Rubicante are gone!  I'm in charge now!

Rydia: What's with him?

Rosa: Shhh.

Doctor: Who's there?

Cecil: !

Doctor: Cecil!  How did you get up here?

Kain: Caught you at a bad time, eh?  With Rubicante away, what are you going to

Doctor: How dare you disrespect me, fools!  I may not be an elemental lord, but
I, Dr. Lugae, am the brains of Golbez's operation. On my honor, I will protect
this tower!

Kain: That's a laugh!

Doctor: I've heard enough out of you!  My great creation will shut you up soon

Dr. Lugae attacks with his creation, Barnabas. Barnabas starts by attacking the
doctor, who quickly tells the big oaf he's hitting the wrong team. Barnabas is
taken out quickly, but Lugae decides to control him from inside of the
contraption. Again, it is easily defeated.

Doctor: How dare you!  Face my true evil!

The doctor transforms into a creature which is far deadlier than either of his
first two battles, but nevertheless, fails to stop Cecil. He drops his key
after the battle, as well.

Doctor: You're too late. The Tower of Babel connects the underworld and the
overworld. Rubicante has already taken all the Crystals to the surface. The
dwarves will be annihilated with my cannons!  Victory is mine!  Mwahahaha!

Rydia: The dwarves are in danger!

Yang: We've got to stop the cannons!

Kain: What are you waiting for?  Let's go!

They make haste to the cannons control room down a few floors. When they
arrive, they find a few Goblins controlling the cannons shooting at the

Goblins: Hahaha!  Killing Dwarves is fun!

Cecil: You cowards!

Goblins: You!  How did you get in here?  Kill them!

The goblins are beaten easily by Cecil.

Goblins: Ugh... Destroy the controls.

They do just that, blowing them all up. The tower begins to shake.

Goblins: Nothing can stop the cannons now!

Cecil: !

Kain: Damnit!

Cecil: Yang!

Rosa: What are you doing?

Yang: Leave this to me!  Go!  Get out of here!

Rydia: No!

Cecil: It's going to explode!

Yang: Go now!

Yang shoves everyone else out of the control room and locks it.

Cecil: Yang!

Yang: Cecil, everyone. I thank you.

Kain: Open the door!

Rydia: Yang!

Rosa: Please don't do this!

Yang: Tell my wife... I will always be with her.

Cecil: Yang!!!

Yang: Farewell.

The control room blows up. From outside, Cecil and his friends are secure from
the explosion. Yang, on the other hand, was trapped in the room when it
happened. The destruction of the cannon, did spare the dwarves, though. Cecil
then leads everyone out of the tower. As they are about to exit, Golbez makes a

Golbez: You never cease to amuse me.

Cecil: Golbez!

Golbez: When the cat is away, the mice will play. The game ends now.

The tower begins to shake. The bridge Cecil is on begins to crumble. He along
with everyone else fall into what appears to be an almost endless abyss.
Fortunately, as great timing has it, Cid comes racing by in the Enterprise and
breaks their fall.

Cid: Whoa!  Doesn't get closer than that!

Rosa: Cid!

Cid: Where's Yang?

Rydia: [sob sob]

Cid: We've lost another good man. And who is she?

Cecil: Rydia. She's a summoner from Mist.

Cid: Damn!  They're still on me!

A red wing ship still  chases Cid all around the underworld. He tries to shake

Kain: Can we lose them?

Cid: I don't know. They've definitely upgraded the Red Wings.

The Red Wings begin to close on the Enterprise. Cid flies towards the
underworld entrance.

Rydia: They're catching up!

Cid: Come on baby!  You can do it!  The engine's not gonna last!  Cecil, take

Cid heads to the side of the ship.

Rosa: Cid!

Cecil: Where are you going?

Cid: Once she flies outta here to the surface, I'm gonna seal the entrance with
this bomb!

Rosa: Wait!

Cid: Oh yeah, head on back to Baron afterward and talk to my men.

Rosa: Cid!

Cid: Cecil, take good care of Rosa. Treat her well!

Cecil: No!  There has to be another way!

Rydia: Cid, please don't!

Cid: Hey, that's uncle Cid to you!  Remember!  Head for Baron immediately!

Cid jumps overboard as the Enterprise lifts into the overworld.

Cid: Now that is what I  call going out with a bang!  Haw haw haw!

The bomb Cid is holding explodes and the entrance to the underworld is entirely
sealed. The Enterprise makes it out into the overworld just in time, near

Rosa: Cid...

Rydia: Why...

Kain: Everyone chooses death too quickly...

Cecil: Let's head to Baron.

They head to Baron and talk to Cid's assistants, who install a hook onto the

Assistants: It's done!  Now you can hoist and carry the hovercraft!

Cecil: There's something I must tell you both. It's about Cid...

Assistants: He's impossible. Yes, we know. With all that crazy energy, I can't
imagine he'll ever check out. Please baby-sit him a while longer.

They leave and with the Airship, Cecil picks up the hovercraft and then heads
over to Eblan with it. In Eblan, aside from a bit of treasure, there's nothing
Of the Kingdom. With the hovercraft, Cecil is able to check a nearby cave,
Eblan Cave. In the cave, they come across the survivors of Eblan. The royal
family, aside from the Prince are all dead. The prince has gone deeper into the
caves chasing down the being responsible for the destruction of the Kingdom.
Cecil continues through the caves, eventually running into this prince, who is
about to go toe to toe with Rubicante.

Prince: Rubicante!  At last!

Rubicante: Am I supposed to know who you are?

Prince: I am Edge, prince of Eblan!

Rubicante: Eblan?  I don't believe I've heard that name before.

Edge: It doesn't matter, because you're about to meet your demise!

Edge attacks Rubicante, hitting him with everything he's got. His flame attack,
however, heals Rubicante. Before long, Rubicante criticizes Edge's fighting
style and defeats him.

Edge: Agh!

Rubicante: I must say I'm quite impressed. Continue your training, I look
forward to our next meeting.

Rubicante vanishes.

Edge: Come back!

Cecil: Are you alright?

Edge: I can't believe I lost... who are you all?

Rydia: We're after Rubicante, too.

Edge: Stay out of this!  He's mine!

Kain: Well, you obviously don't know who you're dealing with. He's one of the
four Elemental Lords.

Edge: Hah, you take me for some sissy prince?  I'm the rightful heir to the
throne of Eblan, famed for its ninjutsu for generations. Leave!  I can take
care of myself!

Rydia: Stop it!  Tellah, Yang, Cid... They're all gone... Please, no more...

Edge: Hey!

Rosa: Rydia.

Rydia: [Sob sob]

Cecil: Rubicante is the strongest of the Four Lords. The odds might be against
us, but somehow we must recover the crystals.

Edge: Alright, I'll let you all in on this. I can't bear to see a pretty girl

Kain: He's got quite a mouth... Rosa, give him a hand.

Rosa: Cure!

Edge is healed.

Edge: Thanks!  Two charming girls!  Maybe this won't be so bad after all!
Alright, let's do this!

Rydia: Gee, I don't know about him...

They head forward out of the cave and into the Tower of Babel of the overworld.
The entrance, however, seems blocked.

Cecil: How do we get in?

Edge: Heh heh. Watch. Ready?

I'll leave it open to debate if Edge jumped the wall, or kicked a hole through
it, but whichever way, everyone is able to gain access to the tower. They head
around the tower just as they had in the underworld, though in different areas
of the tower now. Eventually, on the fifth floor, Edge runs into his parents,
the King and Queen of Eblan.

King: Edge...

Edge: Father!  Mother!

Queen: Thank heavens! You're alright...

Edge: You're... alive?

Queen: Come with us, Edge.

King: Yes... Come with us...

Edge: Where?

Queen: TO HELL!

Cecil: !!!

They attack the party, focusing almost all of their attacks on Edge.

Edge: What's going on?  Father!  Mother!  It's me, Edge!

During the battle, the King and Queen break free of their possession spell and
stop attacking.

King: Edge, we are no longer human. We no longer belong here.

Queen: I'm sorry, Edge

Edge: ...

King: We must go now. The kingdom lies in your hands. Serve the people well.

Edge: Don't go!

Queen: Farewell, my son.

Edge: Don't go.

Edge: ...

Rosa: Edge.

The tower grows dark, Rubicante enters.

Rubicante: Lugae... How dare he...?

Edge: Rubicante!  You sick bastard!

Rubicante: It was Lugae who turned your parents into monsters, I am sorry for
your loss. My only wish is to battle you fairly.

Edge: To hell with your self-righteous blabbering!

Rubicante: I admire your spirit. But anger never bears true strength and it
blinds you from what you truly need to see.

Edge: Shut up!  I'll show you the power of rage!

Edge learns Blitz and Flood, brought out by his anger.

Rubicante: Well, this is interesting. Still, nothing can penetrate my cloak of
flame, not even ice!

Rubicante heals the entire party and challenges them to battle. While he is
difficult, the power of teamwork overcomes him.

Rubicante: Even the weak become strong when they gather. I am most impressed.
Until we meet again...

Rubicante vanishes.

Edge: ... Father... Mother... You can rest in peace now.

Your Highness!

Some of Edge's friends come rushing into the tower.

Edge: Gramps!

Gramps: Pray, let us fight with you!  Where is that Devil, Rubicante!?

Edge: We got him. It's over.

Gramps: Splendid!

Edge: They helped me out. So, who's this Golbez?

Kain: Rubicante's master. He plans together the Crystals to reach the moon.

Edge: Why the moon?

Cecil: We don't know exactly. He seeks some great power there.

Rydia: We have to stop him!

Edge: So he's the mastermind behind all this. I'm going with you.

Gramps: But, Your Highness, Eblan needs you.

Edge: That can wait!  We've gotta stop this guy before it's too late!

Gramps: But...

Edge: Ahh, stop worrying and go home. I'll be fine.

Gramps: Very well. Everyone, please take good care of our prince.

All: Good fortune, Your Highness!

Edge: Thank you, everyone!

Gramps and the Eblan's leave.

Edge: Okay, let's go get Golbez.

Rydia: We need to get Crystals first.

Edge: Right, right. Lead the way.

They walk into the crystal room directly in front of them. However, it's a
trap. The door slams behind them and they fall several floors.

Edge: Owww... That hurt!

Kain: That was a nasty drop.

As it turns out, they fell to the underworld half of the Tower of Babel. After
a bit of roaming around, they enter a room housing an airship.

Cecil: !?  An enemy airship?

Edge: Let's use this to get outta here.

Rydia: But that's stealing!

Edge: Who cares?  Besides, we'll put it to better use!

Edge gets to the controls.

Rosa: It could be a trap.

Edge: Hey, she's not bad. Let's call her... falcon!  What do you think, Rydia?

Rydia: Suits me fine. Let's get going!

Cecil: Yes, let's go.

Edge: Falcon, take us up!

Falcon lifts off from the tower and they pilot her to the Castle of the
Dwarves, as there isn't really anywhere else the ship can go. He heads into the
throne room.

Giott: You've returned!  Were you able to recover the crystals?

Cecil: No, I'm sorry.

Giott: I see. Golbez is very persistent. He is trying to open the Sealed Cavern
by force. It will be a matter of time before he succeeds. I want you to get the
Crystal before he does. Luca, come here.

Luca: Yes?

Giott: Your necklace.

Luca: Here.

Giott: This is the key to open the Sealed Cavern. Without this necklace, no one
can enter. We must protect the last Crystal.

Cecil: We'll do our best.

Cecil leaves the throne room, but still can't do anything as the airship at
this point is unable to fly over lava. He heads around the castle and
eventually enters a room in which Cid is sleeping.

Cid: Hey, where's my food?

Cecil: Cid!

Rosa: I can't believe it!

Kain: How did you...

Cid: Heh, heh.

Edge: Who's this geezer?

Cid: Geezer?  Who's this snot-nosed kid?

Edge: Watch your mouth, windbag!  I'm Edge, prince of Eblan!

Kain: It's hard to believe, but it's true.

Edge: I'm also handsome and really skilled.

Rydia: Stop that!  He's in no condition to argue!

Cid: Heh, heh. Rydia's got you whipped, eh, kid?

Edge: Shut up!  Geez!

Cid: So, what of Golbez?

Cecil: He still holds all of the crystal except one.

Rosa: We can't go after the last Crystal, since we left Enterprise on the

Kain: We've taken an enemy airship, but it can't go over the magma in these

Cid: I guess it's time for me to shine!  You're all hopeless without me.

Cid hops out of bed and heads towards the Falcon.

Dwarf: Back to bed!  Wait till you heal!

Cid: Ahh, can it and give me a hand!

[exit Cid]

Rosa: I think he's fine.

Cecil: Yeah...

Cid frantically moves around the Falcon making upgrades to it. Edge eventually
jumps aboard and helps him out, along with some Dwarves. Once complete, they're
back in the room of the Castle in which Cid was found initially.

Cid: Now you can fly over anything.

Rosa: Thank you!

Cid: ...

Kain: Cid?

Cid falls asleep.

Rydia: He must be pooped.

Rosa: He's overworked himself again.

Cecil: Thanks, Cid.

They leave the Dwarven castle. At this point in the game, Cecil has free reign
to do most of the side quests in the underworld. They're effective for powering
up Rydia, and will thus be included here. The first stop is the Land of
Monsters, which leads to the Land of Summons, which is where Leviathan took
Rydia earlier in the game.

Rydia: I passed here when I left the Land of Summons. Perhaps we should ask
Leviathan for help.

Before long, they reach the land of summons and enter the throne room of

Rydia: Queen Asura!

Asura: Rydia, dear, what brings you back?

Rydia: We need your help.

Asura: Very well, but first you must prove your worth. That is how it is done
here. Do you possess the strength and courage to challenge me? [Yes] Let us
begin the test.

Asura attacks the party. She is defeated.

Asura: You have proven your worth. Rydia, summon me at will.

Leviathan: You are the first to defeat Asura. But you cannot overcome evil with
strength alone. A strong spirit is required to steer one's powers toward
righteousness. Will you test your spirit against my powers? [Yes]

Leviathan attacks, but is defeated as well.

Leviathan: Indeed, your spirit is righteous. I, Leviathan, King of Summons,
shall serve you.

They leave the Land of Summons and the Land of Monsters. The other optional
area is the Sylvan Cave, which has some storyline of its own. Yang, somehow
survived the towers explosion and is in this cave. He is guarded by some
Sylvans, though, who won't let you near him. If you talk to him, he's entirely
unresponsive. This, however opens up a scene in the story for later.

Now, Cecil and his friends continue on with their mission, entering the sealed
cavern. Using Luca's necklace, they are able to get in. They head through the
cave, which is protected by numerous trapped doors. Eventually, Cecil reaches
the Crystal Room. For once, there's actually a Crystal in it... and no enemies.
Cecil takes the Crystal and exits the room. The good fortune quickly ends
though. There is a wall trap, a boss, the demon wall.

Cecil: The walls!

Rydia: They're moving!

Kain: Removing the Crystal must have triggered it!

Edge: So much for a smooth exit.

They easily defeat the Demon Wall.

Rydia: Alright!

Edge: Nothing to it!

They head out of the cavern, but just before they do, the sky grows dark once

Cecil: What?

Golbez: Kain... You belong to me, Kain... Bring me the Crystal.

Cecil: Golbez!  Kain!

Rosa: Get a hold of yourself!

Kain: I'm... alright. I'm no longer under his control!

Kain pot shots Cecil, taking the Crystal while doing so.

Cecil: Ugh!

Edge: What?

Rosa: Kain!

Golbez: Now I can restore the Tower of Babel. At last, I will reach the moon!

Cecil: Kain!  Wake up!

Rosa: Please!  Kain!

Kain: With all the Crystals in hand, the way to the moon will open!

Edge: Stop!

[exit Kain]

Golbez: Mwahahaha!

Edge: Damn!

Cecil: ...

They leave the cavern and head back to the castle of the dwarves. Cecil enters
the throne room.

Giott: You have returned!  Where is the Crystal?

Cecil: Actually...

Giott: You did not succeed in retrieving it?  So now they hold all the
Crystals. There's nothing we can do now... That is, unless the Legend of the
Lunar Whale is true...

Cecil: The Lunar Whale?

Giott: A huge ship spoken of in Legend. "One born of a dragon..."

Cecil: The Mysidian Legend!

Giott: You know of Mysidia?

Cecil: It's the home of the mages in the overworld.

Giott: Mysidia truly exists?

Cecil: I've met the elder of Mysidia, who prays tirelessly in a tower.

Giott: He prays, you say?

Cecil: ?

Giott: Perhaps he prays for the Lunar Whale!  You must hurry to Mysidia!

Rosa: But the exit is sealed!

Edge: We can't get near the Tower of Babel, either.

[enter cid]

Cid: Then dig your way out!

Cecil: Cid!

Cid: I'll attach a drill to the Falcon's bow.

Rosa: Shouldn't you be in bed?

Cid: Naw, no worries.

Edge: Can you really do it?

Cid: Easier'n falling off a bike!  Okay!  Let's get to work!

Cid heads off and starts upgrading the Falcon, again. He wears himself out
doing so, and faints when complete.

Cecil: Cid!

They all go back to the room Cid has been resting in.

Cecil: Cid.

Rosa: You've overworked yourself yet again.

Cid: I guess I need to step out of the action for a while. Other than messing
with airships, I'm not much use anymore.

Edge: My hat's off to you, old man. You're really something.

Rydia: Get well, okay?

Cid: Look after Cecil and Rosa.

Edge: Don't worry, just get some rest.

Cid: Take care of yourselves, you hear?

Rosa: You too.

Cid: Alright, get outta here.

Cecil: Thanks for everything.

They head back to the Falcon and fly to where they had first entered the
underworld. With its new drill, the Falcon is able to dig its way to the
overworld. Before continuing with the story, Cecil can head back to Fabul and
inform Yang's wife of what has happened to Yang.

Yang's Wife: Come again?  My husbands in the underworld?  Why doesn't he come
home?  I'm not crying!  I just have... something in my eye... Here, take this.
Smack that no-good on the noggin for me!

She gives Cecil a frying pan. Cecil flies back into the Underworld [I take the
Enterprise, tee hee!]. He heads all the way back to the Sylvan cave and walks
back to where Yang is located in it. When Cecil gets down there, he smacks Yang
with the frying pan.

Yang: Is it time for training?  Allow me to sleep a little more... Cecil?

Cecil: Yang!

Rydia: I'm so glad!

Yang: The Sylphs saved my life.

Rosa: Just as you saved us by destroying the cannons.

Yang: I shall join you once again.

Sylph: You must rest!

Yang: I cannot rest while you risk your lives.

Edge: Just take it easy.

Yang: You are...

Edge: I'm Edge of Eblan. Don't worry, I can cover for you.

Yang: Eblan... So you are a ninja. But I must...

Slyph: No!  We'll fight in your place instead.

Yang: ?

Sylph: She's a summoner, correct?  Please call upon us at any time.

Rydia: Thank you.

Yang: I am most grateful.

Cecil leaves. There's a few other things to do, but none relate to the story.
Cecil heads to Mysidia to advance the story line by learning of their legends.
The Elder is waiting for him at the door.

Elder: We knew you should return. Please join us at the Tower of Worship.

Narration of the Legend: One born of a dragon bearing darkness and light. Shall
rise to the heavens over the still lands. The moon's light eternal brings a
promise to earth with bounty and grace.

Elder: Everyone, let us pray. Now is the time to make the legend come true!

The wizards in the tower all begin to pray. The sky flashes several colors.
Outside of town, the ocean opens up with a whirlpool.

Elder: Look!  Our prayers... have been answered!

Out from the ocean rises a massive ship, the Lunar Whale. It lands itself near

Elder: There is no doubt. That is the glorious ship... The Lunar Whale!  A
strange voice addressed me during our prayers. You are to fly to the moon.
Someone awaits you there.

Cecil: But how can we possibly get there?

Elder: The Lunar Whale is from the moon. According to old Mysidian documents,
there is a Crystal inside the ship that controls navigation between here and
the moon. You must communicate with it.

Cecil: I'll see what I can do.

Cecil heads outside of Mysidia, boards the Lunar Whale and heads to the moon.
Within moments, the ship moves from Earth to the Moon. After a bit of moving
around through caves of the moon, Cecil reaches a massive palace made of
Crystals. He enters.

FuSoYa: Welcome!

The Room lights up with several colors, and in front of Cecil appears a man.

Cecil: You are...?

FuSoYa: I am FuSoYa. My duty is to protect the slumber of the Lunarians.

Cecil: The Lunarians?

FuSoYa: Many, many years ago, a small planet between Mars and Jupiter was on
the verge of destruction. Species of the planet escaped on a ship to the blue
planet, Earth. However, the species was still evolving, and created another
moon where they could sleep a long, long slumber.

Edge: So that's where Lunarians come from...

FuSoYa: However, there was one who refused to sleep. Instead, he wished to raze
everything on the blue planet and create a new home there.

Rydia: How awful.

FuSoYa: I was able to seal him with my powers and force him to sleep. However,
during his deep sleep he channeled his evil to the corrupt ones on your planet.
And now he uses them to gather the Crystals.

Cecil: He must be the one behind Golbez's actions!

Edge: Who is he?

FuSoYa: His name is Zemus. He is gathering the Crystals, our energy source, to
run the dimensional elevator in the Giant of Babel. With it, he'll destroy
everything on your planet

Rosa: No!

FuSoYa: However, many Lunarians feel we can come to an understand with people.
They are merely sleeping and waiting for people to reach their level of

Cecil: What about the Lunar Whale?

FuSoYa: That was built by my younger brother, KluYa, years ago, as
transportation to the blue planet. He had always dreamed of visiting unknown
lands. This is how the Devil's Road and air flight technology were introduced.
On the blue planet, KluYa fell in love and had many children. You... are one of
his children.

Cecil: Me?  Then, the voice I heard on Mt. Ordeals was...

FuSoYa: The voice came from the soul of KluYa, your father. I see it now... You
resemble him when he was your age.

Cecil: That was the voice... of my father!

FuSoYa: You have received power from KluYa to stop Zemus and his evil plan. You
must do this for your planet!  For all Lunarians!  You must hurry to the Tower
of Babel in Eblan!

Edge: The Tower of Babel?  How will we get around its barrier?

FuSoYa: I should be able to enter. We cannot let the Giant of Babel reach the
Blue Planet!  I will join you on your journey.

They head back to the Lunar Whale and return to Earth. As they land, the entire
planet begins to shake.

Rydia: Ahhh!

Cecil: The Tower!

FuSoYa: We are too late!

Edge: What do you mean, too late?

FuSoYa: The Giant of Babel will come forth!

At the Tower of Babel, a Giant appears. It walks over the nearby mountains and
makes landfall. The planet continues to shake with each step it takes.

Rydia: No!

Edge: Damnit!

Rydia: IS there nothing else we can do?

Cecil: What's that?

Giott's tanks from the underworld have somehow made it to the overworld. He
attacks the Giant with them.

Giott: Dwarven tanks, ready to fire!  We will fight along with you for the
land, our home!  Lali ho!

Yang is commanding another tank in the formation.

Yang: I couldn't sit still and leave you all the responsibility of fighting

From the east, a fleet of Airships attacks the Giant as well.

Cid: You can relax now!  With my help, this'll be a cinch!  All engines to full

Crewman: Yes, sir!

The Elder of Mysidia, along with Porom and Palom are in another airship.

Palom: Hey, all!  Miss me?

Porom: The Elder restored us.

Elder: This battle is not yours alone!  Everyone must fight for the sake of

On another ship, Edward commands.

Edward: I will fight with you, Cecil, with the courage you have given me!

The airships and tanks fire everything they have at the Giant, but are not
doing much in the way of slowing it down.

Cecil: Thank you!

Rosa: The giant looks confused!

FuSoYa: Now is our chance to enter the Giant of Babel!

Edge: I get it!  We're going for the core, right?  Its heart.

Cecil: Cid!

Cid flies over the Lunar Whale and picks up Cecil's group with an airship.

FuSoYa: Approach the mouth.

Cid: Who is he?

Cecil: FuSoYa, Guardian of the Lunarians.

Cid: A Lunarian?

FuSoYa: Can you do this or not?

Cid: Ahh, keep your beard on. There's nothing I can't do!

Cid's ship flies towards the Giant.

FuSoYa: Now!

Cid: Hang on!

Cid accelerates to full speed and crash drop-offs Cecil's group into the Giant.
They are hurled into its mouth and quickly begin working their way to the
control center of it. Before Cecil can reach the center, he is stopped by

Rubicante: You come at last.

The other Elemental Lords enter one at a time.

Barbariccia: You cannot stop the Giant of Babel.

Cagnazzo: Hahaha... Now is the time...

Scarmiglione: For the death of you all!

Cecil: The Elemental Lords!

Scarmiglione: Indeed.

Cagnazzo: Master Zemus blessed us with a second life.

Barbariccia: Prepare to die.

Rubicante: I shall enjoy fighting you again. You have taught us the power of
joining forces. That is what we will do. Now, allow me to restore your
strength. This time, we shall prevail!

Rubicante heals Cecil's group. Afterwards, one of the most entertaining battles
in the game begins, a showdown with all four Elemental Lords one after another.
After a hard fought battle, Cecil's group prevails.

Scarmiglione: Master Zemus!

Cagnazzo: Please, one last chance!

Barbariccia: We have failed again...

Rubicante: Farewell, valiants.

Cecil pushes forward into the control room. Several alarms go off when he

FuSoYa: So this is the core of the giant!  This is its CPU!

Edge: Whoa...

FuSoYa: We have to destroy the defense node first, because it can heal the CPU!

They defeat the control system inside of the giant. It begins to explode.

Cecil: Alright!

Edge: We stopped it!

Golbez: Why, you!  How are you destroy the giant!

FuSoYa: You!

Golbez: Do I know you?

FuSoYa: You have to look deep inside yourself!  You have to realize who you
really are!

Golbez: Stop it!

FuSoYa: You must wake up!

FuSoYa uses some sort of spell to break Zemus's hex over Golbez. He because
exhausted after doing so, though.

Golbez: What came over me?  Why was I filled with so much hatred?

FuSoYa: You have regained your true self. Now, do you remember you father's

Golbez: My father... Is KluYa.

Cecil: What?!

Rosa: Then you must be Cecil's...

Edge: You two are brothers?

Cecil: My brother?

FuSoYa: You were Zemus's puppet in his plan. He was using you with his hypnotic
powers. You were chosen because you have the blood of KluYa, a Lunarian,
coursing through your body, which made it easier for you to be controlled. But
to make you fight against your own flesh and blood...

FuSoYa falls over.

Edge: That's enough!

Cecil: I was fighting against my own brother?  All of this hate... is against
my own flesh and blood?

Golbez: You're my...?

Cecil: I wonder why I wasn't chosen. It easily could have been me, as I also
have Lunarian blood.

Golbez: I was chosen... because of the seeds of evil that lay inside me. Zemus
saw that evil and he helped it grow.

Cecil: Where are you going?

Golbez: To find Zemus!  I'll settle this!

FuSoYa: Wait!  I, too, am a Lunarian, just like Zemus. I will join you!

Golbez: Goodbye, Cecil.

[exit Golbez and FuSoYa]

Edge: Is that what you want, Cecil?  Cecil?

Rosa: Golbez is never coming back...  You know that, right?

Cecil: ...

Rydia: Aren't you going to do anything?  He's your brother!

Cecil: My... brother...

Rydia: Yes!

Cecil: ...

The giant begins to shake.

Edge: We might be in trouble!

Rydia: We have to get out of here!

Rosa: Cecil!

Cecil: ...

Edge: What are you doing?

Rydia: We need to find a way out!

Voice: This way!

[enter Kain]

Rosa: Kain!

Edge: Oh no, we're not falling for that again!

Kain: We can talk later!  Right now, we have to get out of here!

Rosa: Hurry!

They follow Kain out of the Giant moments before it is completely destroyed by
internal and external explosions. They head back to the Lunar Whale.

Kain: Finally, I was able to regain my true self. I don't expect you to forgive
me, after all I've done.

Edge: Of course we're not gonna forgive you!  The giant was practically all
your doing!

Rosa: Stop it!

Kain: Rosa...

Rosa: It's not Kain's fault!  You saw how Zemus had control even over Golbez!

Kain: Golbez too?

Rosa: Golbez is... Cecil's older brother... A Lunarian named Zemus was
controlling Golbez, taking advantage of the Lunarian blood he carries.

Rydia: Golbez and FuSoYa went to the moon to destroy Zemus.

Kain: Golbez is Cecil's... brother?  Then I, too, should follow them to give
Zemus what he deserves!

Edge: I hope you don't end up betraying us again.

Kain: If that happens, kill me as well.

Edge: I'll go, too!  I want to give this guy a piece of my mind!

Kain: Edge...

Cecil: I'll go. I'll go, too!  To the moon!

Rosa: Cecil...

Cecil: Rosa, Rydia. You two stay here. The three of us will go. I can't put you
in this kind of danger.

Rosa: But Cecil!

Rydia: That's not fair!

Cecil: Please, you have to get off of the Lunar Whale.

Rosa storms out of the room, obviously ticked off.

Edge: You kids won't be much help, anyway.

Rydia: Who're you calling kids?

Rydia leaves, too.

Edge: Just stay put, okay?

Kain: Cecil...

Cecil: Edge!  Kain!

They head to the Crystal and fly the Lunar Whale back to the moon.

Cecil: Let's go!

As Cecil is about to leave the ship, Rosa pops up.

Kain: Rosa!

Rosa: ...

Cecil: Get out of the way, Rosa.

Rosa: No!  You have to take me with you!  Otherwise, I'm not moving!

Cecil: Why are you doing this?

Rosa: I want to be with you. I don't care what happens as long as I'm with you.

Cecil: Rosa...

Kain: I guess we have no choice.

Edge: Well, aren't you a ladies' man.

Cecil: Alright... Rosa, I'll protect you with my life.

Rosa and Cecil hug.

Rydia: It worked!

Edge: What, you too?

Rydia [though it's mislabeled as Edge]: I told you before that this was
everyone's war!  Besides, I'm the only one who can summon creatures to help us!

Cecil: Rydia, you too?  Alright, let's all go!  After all, this is everyone's

They head out of the Lunar Whale and onto the Lunar Surface. Unlike the
original version of the game, you can change party members with those still
living on the Planet's surface. This opens up a new sub-quest on Mt. Ordeals,
which are the trials of each character whom is now playable. These quests yield
their best weapons. There's a bit of story which goes along with this, similar
to that of getting the Bahamut and Odin summons; and has thus been omitted from
the guide.

Now, as the party no longer has to be Cecil, Rosa, Rydia, Kain and Edge at the
end of the game, the story has been slightly altered. In this case, my party
consisted of Cecil, Rosa, Rydia, Kain and Palom, so the few lines which Edge
did have been replaced by Palom, and vice versa.

Cecil re-enters the Crystal Palace on the moon and heads into the Crystal Room.
All eight Crystal are here. In the center of the room is a tile which leads to
the subterranean layers of the moon. Cecil steps on it.

Crystals: We shall guide you to the core.

The Crystals light up in various orders and before long Cecil and the group are
teleported down. As Cecil journey's through the dungeon, fighting several
powerful bosses guarding the best weapons in the game. They all speak
momentarily of Zemus and his power. Eventually, Cecil reaches Zemus. Also in
the room are Golbez and FuSoYa, who are about to battle him.

Cecil: Golbez!  FuSoYa!

Golbez and FuSoYa attack Zemus, hitting him with several powerful spells. He is
hurt, somewhat. Eventually, they unleash a double Meteor. Zemus's body is
defeated, but his spirit lives on. His body slumps to the ground.

Golbez: We did it...

FuSoYa: You have much strength. It is a shame Zemus had control of your powers.

Palom: Yes!

FuSoYa: All of you have come!

Palom: I came all the way here and I didn't get to use my magic!

Golbez: Cecil...

Cecil: ...

Rosa: Cecil...

Zemus's body begins to burn.

Voice: We are... evil...  We are... the... hatred of Zemus...  We are...
Zeromus... We loathe... all...!

Zeromus makes the moon shake.

FuSoYa: His death caused him to double his power?  We've intensified his evil!

Golbez: Zemus... No, now you are Zeromus!  This time I will see to it that you
are completely destroyed!

FuSoYa: It is time for you... to disappear!

Golbez and FuSoYa attack Zeromus with meteor, but it heals him!  FuSoYa
instructs Golbez to use the Crystal. He does, but it has no effect, Golbez
contains too much evil to use it. Zeromus flattens FuSoYa and Golbez with a
Meteor of his own. In addition, it takes out Cecil's entire party.

Zeromus: Suffer... die...  Our hatred... will continue... until all... is
destroyed...  Is  it your turn... Come... Join us... in hell!

Down on earth, in the Tower of Worship, the Elder and every other remaining
party member look on.

Porom: Elder!

Edge: Everyone's in trouble!

Elder: So I see...  Now is the time to pray for them!  Pray for them and this
earth!  We must pray hard to send our prayers to Sir Cecil!

Yang: Cecil...

Edward: Please, take my strength...!

Cid: I'm gonna kill the whole lot of you if you don't come back safe!

Wizards: Please return to us safely!

Giott: Do it for this land!

Luca: We are supporting you!

Wizards: We will pray as well!

Edge: Stop joking around, Cecil!

Porom: Sir Cecil, everyone!

Elder: Moon, I call out to you!  Please accept our prayers!

Back on the moon, despite the fact that he's been beaten down badly, Cecil gets

Cecil: G-Golbez!

Golbez: You must... use this!

Cecil is given the Crystal.

Cecil: Zeromus!  I can't lose!  I... just... can't!

Cecil attacks Zeromus, entering the battle alone and with one hit point.
Various members from the Earth who are praying appear momentarily in the
background, giving Cecil some moral support. Each time one of them does
something, the members in Cecil's party are revived, healed and given some
magic points back. By the time they're all done with their prayers, Cecil's
group is at full power. Cecil starts out by using the Crystal which Golbez was
unsuccessful with, and just a moment ago gave to Cecil. The Crystal reveals
Zeromus's true form... and the final battle begins! Zeromus is defeated, taking
forever to actually fall off of the battle screen, I might add. Cecil prevails.

Zeromus: We cannot perish... As long as evil exists in the hearts of the
living...  Graaah!

Zeromus, shaking the entire moon with him, is defeated and melts into oblivion.

FuSoYa: Well done!  You hold much more power than I had expected...  The race
of the blue planet may have already evolved past us Lunarians...

Palom: Of course!  I am a prodigy!

Kain: Zeromus's last words bother me, though.

Rosa: As long as evil exists...

FuSoYa: True evil will never die. Every living creature has at least a touch of
evil in its heart, along with goodness. It is as sure as there is light and
darkness in the overworld and the underworld. However, goodness exists because
evil exists. It is that goodness which you destroyed Zeromus.

Palom: Of course!  I'm practically a sage!

Rydia: It's all thanks to the summoned beasts!

Palom: I'm gonna surpass Sage Tellah!

FuSoYa: Well, it is time for me to return to my home. What about everyone else?

Cecil: We will return home as well.

Rosa: Yes, there are people worried about us!

FuSoYa: I see. I'm glad to have such wonderful friends. I look forward to the
day we meet again!

Golbez: May I... may I come along, too?

FuSoYa: You wish to come?

Golbez: Yes... I cannot return home after all I've done. I would very much like
to meet my father's people, as well.

FuSoYa: Ah yes. Lunarian blood flows in your veins... Very well, come along.
But you must be ready for a long, long sleep.

Golbez: Yes, thank you. [To Cecil] You sounded very worried when you called my
name... Does that mean you've forgiven me?  ... How foolish of me, of course
not, after all I've done.

FuSoYa: We are off to spend many years in slumber. We pray that the blue planet
will be peaceful, for a long, long time. Come.

Golbez: Yes.

Rosa: Cecil.

Kain: Are you certain you want to part this way?

Rydia: He's your brother!

Golbez: Goodbye, everyone.

Palom: Cecil!

Cecil: ...  Goodbye!  Goodbye, my brother!

Golbez: Thank you...  Cecil!

The screen fades to the moons orbiting the earth, with the same Mysidian

Narration of the Legend: One born of a dragon bearing darkness and light. Shall
rise to the heavens over the still lands. The moon's light eternal brings a
promise to earth with bounty and grace. After brief pause, the moon travels
forth, seeking another, in search of its radiance. Though of the same blood,
one Earth and one Moon, times march alone, keeps two far apart.

The Lunar Whale returns to Earth with Cecil's party, landing where it had
initially risen from near Mysidia. In Mysidia, the Elder and Porom await a
class, but Palom is no where to be seen.

Elder: We shall begin today.

Porom: Yes, sir.

Elder: Hmm, where's Palom?

Porom: Oh no, not again!

Porom leaves to find Palom, who is on a coast somewhere bragging to a girl.

Palom: And then I cast blizzard on the creatures we encountered at Mt. Ordeals.

Porom comes up to Palom and smacks him.

Palom: Ouch!

Porom: How many times are you going to be retelling that story?  Enough of your
boasting!  Elder is waiting for you!

They head back to Mysidia to see the Elder for training.

Elder: How many times do I have to scold you?  As punishment, you must train
twice as hard as your sister today!

Palom: That's not fair!

Porom: I think it's very fair!

In Eblan, Edge is sitting on the throne with Gramps pacing around him.

Gramps: When will you realize that you have responsibilities?  You are a

Edge: I know, I know, geez!

Gramps: You say you know, but your actions say otherwise.

Edge: Yeah, yeah.

Gramps: The correct words here would be, yes sir.

Edge: Alright, I shape up. I can't help but think of Rydia though.

[Heart over Edge's head]

Gramps: Your highness have you been listening to anything I've said.

[Exit Edge]

Meanwhile, in the Land of Summons, Rydia is with Leviathan and Asura in the
throne room.

Leviathan: What a courageous little girl.

Asura: Yes, I never really thought she would come back.

Monster: Rydia!  Rydia, why do I not look like you?  I wish I did not have
fangs like you.

Rydia: What are you talking about?  We are all living creatures, we are all the

Leviathan: I cannot wait to see what kind of beauty this girl will grow up to

Rydia: The most important thing is that we are alike on the inside, not on the
outside. Isn't that right, Cecil?

In Fabul, Yang is now the king.

Yang's Wife: Honey.

Yang: You're a queen now, try calling me "My King" instead of "Honey".

Yang's Wife: I know, but I can't stand being so formal.

Yang: Oh no, it's time for my training!  Let's go. Hyah!

Yang's Wife: Hun, come back.

Former King: Do not say that!  I think Yang will create a wonderful kingdom.

In Damcyan, Edward is rebuilding his battered castle. Some kids enter from off

Kids: Your highness!  I hope you'll play your Paladin song for us sometime.

Edward: I will, but only after I finish my work. You want the castle back the
way it was right?

Kids: Yeah!  That's a promise, right?

Edward: Anna...  I hope you're watching over me, I'm helping the people of
Damcyan. I'm caring for other people as I cared for you. I hope you and Tellah
are having a fine time together.

In the Dwarven Castle, which is rather beaten up, Giott and Luca are surrounded
by a half dozen other dwarfs.

Giott: Lali ho!  We need to repair our castle with great haste.

Dwarf: Your majesty we don't have enough materials!

Giott: Then take apart the tanks. Remove any useful pieces!  There's no need to
worry about war anymore.

Luca: Father, I wonder how Cecil and his friends are doing.

Giott: I almost forgot to tell you. It seems Sir Cecil and Lady Rosa are the
new King and Queen of Baron.

Luca: Oh my!

Giott: I also have been notified that we have invited to the marriage ceremony.

Luca: How wonderful!

Dwarf: Your majesty, you're not helping to fix the castle at all!

Giott: I'm the King, I can do whatever I want. Now, go take apart some tanks.

On the edge of a mountain, Kain stands looking over the countryside.

Kain: Cecil, Rosa. I cannot bring myself to face you both, not yet. I must test
myself as you did, Cecil, at Mt. Ordeals. I will train until I've surpassed my
father as a Dragoon. When that time comes, then I shall return to Baron.

In an observatory, some of Cid's assistants are looking at the skies with their

Assistant: Oh!

Corrio: What is it?

Assistant: You have to see this, the moon!

They look up at the moon where the Lunarians sleep. It slowly drifts out of the
orbit it had around the Earth and flies back out towards the outer solar

In Baron, in Cecil's room, Rosa and Cecil are getting set to be married.

Cecil: ...

Rosa: What's wrong, Cecil?

Cecil: I thought... I thought I heard my brother's voice.

Rosa: Really?

Cecil: I couldn't tell for sure. Forget it, it was just my imagination.

[Enter Cid]

Cid: Hey, you two. Why aren't you getting ready, it's your big day!

Rosa: We must have lost track of time.

Cid: You two do whatever you want later. Come on Rosa. Err, uh, your majesty!

Rosa: Please, just call me Rosa.

Cid: Rosa, we've got to get you dressed and get some makeup on you. The bride
cannot keep the people waiting. Come on, we've been waiting all day!

Rosa: Alright, I'll be right there.

[Exit Cid]

Rosa: It's been a while since we last saw them. Let's go Cecil!

[Exit Rosa]

Cecil: I did hear him. He said... so long.

Cecil and Rosa gather in the throne room, along with several wizards, red wings
and dwarfs. The main cast comes in one at a time and pays their respects. Rydia
enters, but Edge turns his back. They get married!  Everyone cheers.

-roll end credits-

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