• Acquire free Berserk status in any battle.

    Step 1: Un-equip all beserk status preventing items such as the Ribbon helmet from the party members you want beserked.

    Step 2: Equip the Avenger sword on Kain (or Cecil).

    Step 3: Enter a battle.

    Step 4: For the Character you want beserked, watch his ATB. You need it to fill up just as Kain attacks. Once this happens, Kains berserk status will be copied to this character and he or she will now be berserked. (You can get your whole party berserked this way)

    Step 5: Win the battle. Un-Equip Kains Avenger sword and equip on Kain any weapon you want. From now on until you restart the game, anytime Kains ATB fills up along side any of your other characters, they will be put in Beserk status, unless they are wearing a Ribbon.

    Contributed By: tritorch.

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  • Easy rare encounters with one 'Siren'

    If you use the Siren item, the game automatically sends you into the rarest encounter on the current floor/part of the world you are on. With just one Siren and the handy soft reset, you can use that one Siren to get a rare fight when you need it, if a save point is nearby.

    Simply save the game, then use the Siren and you will get the rare encounter. Do a soft reset (A+B+Select+Start) and the first fight you get into should be the rare encounter for that floor and you still have the Siren item.

    A test example that works great is to go to the Summoned Monsters town, then save. Go back to 3F of the Cave of Summons then use the Siren. You should confront two rairyuu/Thunder Dragons. Do a soft reset, then go back to 3F and walk around until you get into a fight. It should be with two Thunder Dragons. Use this to get some of the harder to encounter enemies if you do not have a large stock of the Siren item.

    Contributed By: Red Scarlet.

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  • Equip Adult Rydia with White Mage staffs.

    When Rydia returns as an adult she no longer has the ability to use white magic, so she can no longer use staffs (but still can use rods don't confuse the two) First off you must beat the game with her in your party and go to the lunar ruins and start her trial. When she is young again she has white magic again so you can equip her with staffs. Finish the trial with a staff equipped and even when she returns to an adult she will still have it on. But if you unequip it she will not be able to equip it unless you return to her trial in the lunar ruins. And now your black mage summoner has a white mage weapon.

    Contributed By: shadowraptorxx.

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  • Fight Flan Princess without using Siren/Alarm

    The Flan Princess can be found in the final Lunar Subterane area on Floor B5 in the southeastern most room. This enemy has the probability of dropping a Pink Tail which can be traded for an Adamant Armor, the strongest armor in the game. The rate at which you fight the enemy and the rate in which it drops the item however is very rare (1/64 chance for both). Follow this process to be able to fight a set of Flan Princesses very frequently without having to use a Siren/Alarm item, and in turn greatly increase your chances to score a Pink Tail:

    1) Get to the room on Floor B5 where you can encounter the Flan Princess. It is a room with a treasure box in it, and the room is shaped slightly like an unspide-down L.

    2) Quick save the game when you enter the room, and once you come to the Final Fantasy 4 title screen, cut the power off to your GBA system.

    3) Turn your game back on, go to the main menu on the title screen, and select Continue. When given the option to continue your quick save, press B to go back to the title screen.

    4) Select continue again from the title screen, and this time, select Yes when given the choice to restart your game.

    5) Walk around within the room. One of two things will commonly happen. You will either immediately fight a group of 5 Flan Princesses within taking a few steps.


    You will fight a series of 5 battles. The first battle will be a Gold Dragon and a Silver Dragon, and the next three battles will be Dinozombies respectively. Run from these battles if possible. On your fifth battle, you will fight a set of Flan Princesses.

    For each battle you complete, you will score a large amount of gold and a decent amount of experience. You will also have a chance for an item drop. As soon as you finish a battle, quicksave, and restart the process as many times as you wish to fight as many Pink Princesses as you can.

    Contributed By: xybur.

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  • Psycho Edward Glitch

    This takes advantage of Edward's auto-hide property when he is in critical status (low HP). First, berserk him, then take him down to critical (tornado works well). He should hide in his next available turn. However, he retains his berserk status, and in his next available turn, he'll reappear and attack again. He will still be berserked, but he'll also still be considered "hidden." That means that he'll constantly attack and never be able to be targetted, even by spells that should hit the entire party, as long as one other person is still alive (he can't hide if he is the only person left alive). On the negative side, it also means you can't heal him, even with party healing spells.

    Contributed By: Purple Lizard.

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  • Lunar Ruins

    Beat the game once to unlock the Lunar Ruins. Inside there will be a trial for each of your characters but to unlock these you must beat the final boss with each character atleast once.

    Contributed By: CloudStrife6666.

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  • Music Player

    Beating the game once unlocks the Music Player. It can be accessed under "Extra" on the title screen.

    Contributed By: AUNAO.

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  • The Cave of Trials

    An eight floor dungeon containing weapons and armor for the party members you couldn't use for the final dungeon in the original. Once you unlock Party Switching and head back to Mysidia, you'll be informed of a new challenge at Mt. Ordeals. A scene will occur once you get there and the Cave of Trials will be accessable.

    Contributed By: AUNAO.

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Easter Eggs

  • 1991 Dev Team Office

    The Developers' room is now renamed to the 1991 Dev Team Office.

    To get there, reach the Underworld for the first time. After gaining access to the armory (after beating Golbez in the crystal room) go down to the Weapon/Armor room and go behind the pillar between the two shop desks. From there, go up, you'll then be in the Lali Ho Pub (another secret room). Then, go right to where there's a dark marking on the floor and progress right through the wall and down a stairway. You will now be at the 1991 Dev Team Office entrance, where you can talk to the developers of the original game, complete with their rank back when they worked on the game in 1991.

    Contributed By: LanceHeart Gothann.

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Enemy/Boss Tips

  • Easy Defeat of Lunar Odin

    Firstly, you'll need a Black Mage with you. Anyhow, inside the Lunar Ruins, during Cecil's trial, you will eventually get to fight Lunar Odin. At the start, use Slow on him. For the next few turns, focus on keeping your party alive. After Lunar Odin's sixth turn, on which he'll cast Holy, have your Black Mage cast a Thunder-based spell (Thunder, Thundara, or Thundaga) on Lunar Odin. With good timing, you'll hit Lunar Odin on the same turn as "Lightning courses through Odin!" appears on-screen. Assuming Lunar Odin is hit with the spell, it is an instant-KO.

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

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