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FAQ/Strategy Guide by jimmythesnowman

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 09/02/09

| Snood 2: On Vacation
| FAQ Started: September 1st, 2009 
| ASCII art by jimmythesnowman
| Written By jimmythesnowman
| Original Version finished: Spetember 2nd, 2009
| Email: a_bilogur@yahoo.com
| Current Version: 1.00

[I] Introduction

Welcome to the world of Snoods! In this adaptation of the classic shoot the
creatures genre, in which you shoot a cannon and try to get rid of rows of cute
like things (in this game they are called Snoods) by shooting them into groups
of at least 3. You get bonus points for creating rows of more then 3. Yet as 
you play on, our intrepid puzzle-goer meets another challenge-time. As he takes
apart the Snood's numbers, the Danger Meter fills up, and as soon as it reaches
maximum the wall moves down upon you, bringing the Snoods closer to the no-go
line. in addition to the basic arcade mode, there is the loosely tied-togethor
World Tour, the interesting Snood Grab, the not-so-innovative Snood Sideways,
the quirky and fun Snood Ball, and wierd Puzzle Snood.

Now I've tried to give you the basics of this game in a poitive light, but
most of you whould have been ticked off from the start by the simplicity of the
genre. Well, its true. While shooting Snoods is fun for a while, it gets old
quickly, and there's not much variety to the play. There are multiple modes,
some of them quite fun, but the main mode, World Tour, is a loosely-or rather,
comepletely-untied set of levels in repeating order, taking place in certain
areas. So this is not worth the 40$ I would spend on FF:Crystal Chronicals or
Chrono Trigger DS or even Mario Kart (if you don't have this yet you are SOOOO
far behind, mate), but it IS worth the value in the 10$ Bargain Bin.

Oh and by the way, if you see a game with the DSI Games logo on it, be ticked
off that it's mostly a rip-off - which is what this game and Chicken Shoot
showed me. And also, if you want to quickly navigate to a section of this guide
just press Ctrl + F to open the find function, type in the section you want 
from the key below, and hit Enter to go there. That is all.

[V] Version History

-First version. Basically complete. This being a simple puzzle game, there's
not much to write...

[T] Table of Contents

[I] Introduction
[V] Version History
[T] Table of Contents

[1] The Premise
[2] Controls
[3] Game Modes
[4] Tips and Tricks

[L] Legal Bit

[1] The Premise

The Snoods are on a round the world trip taking in many famous locations. You
must kelp them in their travels by transporting them to their next location. 
This is achieved by creating rows of three or more Snoods by firing them from
the Snood-o-matic cannon. When you match three or more they will be transported
to the next location. Each snood you launch increases the Danger Level. When
the Danger Level guage fills up, the snoods will move downward. If the Snoods
reach the bottom of the screen before you have transported them all, the game
is over. Only when all the Snoods in one location have been transported will
you move on. Each location has a no-go area. In Classic Snood, the no-go area
is at the bottom of the playing area on either side of the cannon. Should any
Snood enter the no-go area you lose and will have to start over. (this was
taken from the manual)

[2] The Controls

L Button.....................Rotate Snoods anti-clockwise (Snood Ball only)
R Button.....................Rotate Snoods clockwise (Snood Ball only)
Control Pad..................Aim Cannon Left/Right
Select.......................Not Used
Start........................Pause Game
X Button.....................Not Used
Y Button.....................Turn Off The Screen (no clue what for)
A Button.....................Fire Cannon or Grappling Hook
B Button.....................Swap Snood

[3] Game Modes

In Snood Ball you have a limited amount of time to spin the formation, so think
quickly or it will lock. Also, in Snood Ball the centre is a skull (just a note
of interest). In Snood Ball the best way to arrange the Snoods is in pointy

In the end the Snoods you get will be reduced top the Snoods that are still on
the grid.

In Snood Sideways, besides the amusing change of face (all of the Snoods get a
new face or even slightly different shape), your distance is cut drastically,
but if you miss you're screwed.

In Snood Grab, you get a grabber that shows you which Snood you are picking up.
However once you pick it up it switches to the same basic cannon. You can pick
up a Snood infinte times but it's best if you arrange them minimalistically
because you don't get any new Snoods. You can also grab "keystone" Snoods that
will cause a whole section to fall off; obviously very useful. The premise of
Snood Grab is that you have to carefully count your Snoods so when you come 
near the end you can get rid of them all.

Armaggedon is essentially a race against time. It features a constantly 
advancing Danger meter that falls back a tad when ever yous shoot out some 
Snoods, however this does not counter the Danger Meter all that much. The
grid is constantly shrinking so you have to defeat the Snoods very quickly.
Long angular formations are VERY dangerous as they may seem far away now, they
will get right in your face and all the way to the No-Go zone if you can't get
through them quickly.

Journey is incredibly simple. It features a small amount of Snoods, those alt
Snoods from Snood Sideways again, and they're all larger so that there is a 
much smaller row. The focus here is to use the least Snoods, as Snoods Used
makes up the majority of your point value in this mode. Difficult shots are
encouraged, practice makes perfect, and the best shot is obviously the one that
takes out the most, a.k.a. kock-out-the-base shots. However, as you advance it
loses the effect as the difficulties progress, ultimatly resulting in just
another version of world Tour...

Puzzle is similar to Journey, but instead of melting into another World Tour it
keeps the theme. Puzzle consists of a set of minimalist formations, and your
goal is to shoot as few Snoods as possible in clearing the level. The
formations are pre-determined.

Classic is the exact same as world tour except with only one level.

[4] Tips and Tricks

Most of the time, if you die and have another life available, you get a special
mode that projects a line from your cannon to where your Snood will go once
fired. Obviously VERY useful for aiming those difficult shots. This is an
important thing to note.

If you don't think you make a complex reflecting shot, don't try, unless you
have the line mentioned above.

You can swap your Snood to the one on the pavilion by pressing B. It's 
suprising how many people miss this early on.

The cannon has a basic line on it that shows you the direction of firing. While
it's not much, and isn't very useful when you start, it becomes a better guage
for you as you progress and get better at the game. Use it to figure you fire
angle, however you have to be a true pro to be able to accuratly guage complex
off-the-wall shots with just this (though it's enough for bouce-off-the-wall

The higher the difficulty and further into the mode, the more difficult the
Snoods are arranged and the faster the Danger Meter progresses. At the start
they're arranged mostly in rows of two, meaning you can shoot a Snood into
place and take three off the formation, but in the end they come in a mumbled
and jumbled mess.

By shooting off a formation that is holding Snoods into place, for example if
you make a combo with the Smileys and attached to them are some more Snoods
below, the other Snoods will "fall off" with a fanfare. This is the fastest
way to clear the levels, but as the Snoods are under more Snoods, often
requires complex shots to muster.

Sometimes you get a Snood that doesn't belong anywhere. The best thing to do
is fire it to the tip of the "stack" described below (just make sure it 
doesn't block further shots), or if none exists, to a secluded  place where
you can easily make a three. Or use the B button to switch your Snoods, but
sometimes both your Snoods are unneeded.

Near the end you basically have to shoot out the remaining Snoods. Since
there ar few Snoods of little variety left, you have to shuffle them and fire
the ones that can't fit where they won't bother you until you get the ones you
want. Then get rid of the ones you were forced to fire...

For some reason, the Smiley and Blue Snoods are the most common, followed by
the Silver thingie with spikes and Diesel thingie and Monster block, and the
least common is the the Pink Horned triangles and Sliver Horned triangles (for
lack of a better description). The yellows and blues usually make the base of
the stack, the middle the middle, and the latter the bottom.

There is one more object, but it's not a Snood per se, but a Skull. They don't
come from the cannon, they appear at the beggining of the level, and NEver in
the base of the stack. The only way to destroy them is to make them fall off by
taking down the stuff below.

Somethimes you have to shoot a Snood through an openning in the stack. If it
gets stuck it can be very problematic and you will probably have to shoot two
more to clear the gap again.

The most difficult shot of them all looks like this:
 ooo|    o = Snoods
sss |    s = Skelaton

You have to either land a Snood in the small one-Snood slot of bluce it off
off the side into the right.

[L] Legal Bit

This guide is (C) 2009 jimmythesnowman.  This may be not be reproduced
under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not
be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without
advance written permission.

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