GameBoy Advance GameShark Save (Japan)

Save Game File10/13/05RuruniX64K
Almost all robot unlock, Got Great Zeo,Botakun,SPT MK2,IWSP,Noble Gundam,ets
Save Game File09/22/05Mykas064K
Debug save, game saved before the second mission, you have 99 pilots and 150 mechs.
Save Game File08/05/07AceWhatever64K
Final stage. Touya (Male) & Tenia (Redhead) in Granteed Dracodeus (white super). All possible secrets. Great Zeorymer, Julia and IWSP pack. Max of all items, skill parts and skill points. All mechas fully upgraded with max slots
Save Game File09/23/05Fallen Wings64K
Game cleared. All Robots are upgraded 20 times. Secret Robot unlocked.
Save Game File02/24/06RockmanXZ64K
GameBoy Advance GameShark Save (JP)
Save Game File09/20/05Mykas064K
Last possible save point, always picked the first option everywhere, press CONTINUE to see the ending sequence.
Save Game File03/29/06RockmanXZ64K
Mission 13, Nadesico path. Where you first obtain Mazinkaiser.
Save Game File09/23/05RuruniX64K
Next Stage is 46, Freedom and Justice w/ Meteor

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