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Story Guide by nitake92

Version: V1.1 | Updated: 07/29/07

SRW J Storyguide by Nitake92 
(Touya Route)V1.1

This work is copyrighted by Nitake92. The game SRW J is 
copyrighted by Banpresto.

V1.1 Note: After half a year of being stuck in post-production 
hell after being put on SRW.org I've decided to just put this up 
on Gamefaqs. It still has quite an amount of Grammar problems 
and not all name changes as suggested are incorporated but at 
least it's out there.


Humanity have taken a great step being able to go out into space 
as far as Mars, however they have not mentally matured and 
solved their numerous problems with each others. The race of 
genetically modified people Coordinators have emerged and the 
gigantic ship called Orphan has arisen from the bottoms of the 
sea.  A Martian relic is found and many immigrated to the 
terraformed Mars. People had hoped for a new age but with the 
rapid changes come dissent and strife.

The Coordinators who have been driven into space by fear from 
the Natural have established new colonies called Plants but the 
Natural have begun to fear the independence movement of the 
Coordinators. Those calling themselves Reclaimer have also 
invaded and establish a base in Orphan although these facts are 
hidden from people.

Cosmic Era year 69

From out of nowhere come the unmanned machines invading the 
Martian settlement. The Federation that fought and lose against 
these unmanned machines began a retreat from Mars leaving many 
settlers still abandoned there. These machines now called the 
Jovian Lizards have dropped Tulips onto the Earth which Jovian 
mech have appeared from thus putting the Earth into a 

There are those who have used this confusion and panic to 
achieve their own ends and the voice against the Coordinator who 
wishes total independence from the Natural-led Federation 
continues to grow.

It is now Cosmic Era year 70
The battle with the Jovian Lizards has not yet concluded and 
amidst the tension between Coordinator and Natural, the company 
Nergal has completed its new battleship "Nadesico" and the story 
begins here....

The day of Judgment is near...

Episode 1.

A mysterious man (Al Van) tells another person (the Queen) that 
they have found the rebel and he is going there to try to 
negotiate with him but is asked whether this is really what will 
happen. She says that there are things in them that can not be 
expressed with words, that person will not return.

The mysterious man says that things have begun and there is no 
stopping now even though she was against it. IF the rebel does 
not return, he will be force to kill him and is asked whether he 
will do that to the man he respected and love. The man replies 
that he is a knight and will do what is necessary to protect 
their people, she should understand. She says that she 
understand all too well since her parents dies and their wish 
for their people 

For as long as he can remember, Touya has been having the same 
dream over and over, it was of a praying girl begging for 
forgiveness saying that she tried but she couldn't stop them, 
even though the land belongs to you, the  offspring of this 
place. Its all been perverted through the space of time, please 
forgive her who is powerless to stop it. Touya would wake up 
with barely remembering what happen

In Tokyo, Chidori Kaname and her friend Kyoko is coming to 
school, Chidori is a bit annoyed about the Tulip that have 
appeared near Tokyo recently having cause much panic to 
everyone's life. As she and Kyoko approach the school, her 
classmate Boss and Kabuto Kouji and Yumi Sayaka races in with 
their bike, being late and all, Boss crashed into the wall and 
the teacher  (name) tells Kouji and Boss to not come rushing in 
with their bike and asks Sayaka how she is today. Sayaka says 
that they had a late night helping to investigate the Tulip near 

The teacher then see Touya coming in a bit wonked and ask if 
he's ok and when told about the recurring dream thinks Touya 
should see a counselor since this may be serious. 

As they were going to go in, Kouji and friends see a machine 
dropping out of the sky crashing into the schoolyard. After the 
crash, amidst the wreckage, Kouji see the Jovian Lizard machine 
coming out along with three mysterious enemies.

Their leader Jyua Mu sees the Jovian mech and thinks that they 
must have respond to their presence and the mech. Not wanting to 
expose themselves to the Federation right now even though it 
would be easy to destroy them all and a bit worried about Lord 
Al Van's battle with the other mech that escaped alongside the 
crashed mech, Jyua Mu decides to retreat. He thinks that the 
crashed mech piloted by those inside will not amount to much and 
can be destroyed later and calls the retreat after a bit of 
debate with his underling.

Kouji and co. wonders what those mysterious mech are and Sayaka 
wonders if they were ZAFT's army but ZAFT is supposed to only 
have it to protect their colonies, aren't they?  Whatever the 
reason, the Jovian mech are about to go on a rampage and Kouji 
notes that he won't make it back to the Lab in time to get 
Mazinger Z. However help arrived in the form of Roll and Rolly 
who brings Kouji his Pilder and gives Sayaka a lift back to the 
Photonic Lab. Boss , having been left out, decides to drive back 
to bring out the Borot.

Afterward, the Fortress of Steel, Mazinger Z arrives to beat the 
Jovian closely followed by Aphrodite A to which Kouji tells her 
not to be a bother which angered Sayaka like heck.

Kyoko and Chidori, having evacuated to a nearby hill, see 
Mazinger Z. Kyoko marvel that a classmate of them is driving the 
thing to protect them while Chidori is more pessimistic telling 
Kyoko that it's probably because they are pilot of Z and 
Aphrodite that the school is targeted.

Touya meanwhile, see that a robot has fallen into the schoolyard 
and out comes three pilots, all girls and Touya shouted that why 
have they landed here, someone could have been killed. Kateia, 
the girl in the green shirt apologize but Tenia, the red head 
says that no one was killed now, were they? As Merua, the blonde, 
checks out the robot called the Granteed, there was a flash, and 
the girls know that landing here was the right choice and asked 
Touya to pilot the Granteed along with them. Tenia says that 
they can only make it move, not fight and they can't let it be 
destroyed so if he would help them. Of course Touya refuses 
citing the normal " I can't do it" line and Tenia ask if he's 
afraid. Touya says that he's not like Kouji and if they need a 
pilot, go ask them (They're still piloting Z and Aphrodite, you 
know?) Tenia says that it has to be him and the other girls 
agree saying that they know that he can do it. More "I can't do 
it" and all sort of excuses comes up but they shoehorned him 
into the pilot seat while he screamed that he's scared, if he 
can do it, he would but he can't.  Kateia says that all four of 
them can't be in the cockpit so Tenia will operate along with 
him and the Granteed moves only to get shot by more Jovian mech 
that arrives

Touya in desperation retaliates and is surprised that he could 
move it this well. The Sytron flashes and he knows the girls' 

Tenia notes that the Sytron linkage is very high and that they 
made the right choice

Roll and Rolly informs Kouji that the Kikaijuu under command by 
Dr.Hell chose this opportunity to attack dividing their forces 
into two. Although Great Mazinger has deployed to stop one half, 
the other half will pass through here and it's up to Kouji to 
stop them.

Upon encountering the Kikaijuus, Touya wonder whether he can 
beat them but Tenia tells him not to worry because Granteed can 
do it.

After the battle, Roll and Rolly tells Kouji to retreat since 
the Federations are here and that they will take care of cleanup.  
Tenia doesn't really want to be captured and questioned by the 
Feds about Granteed and tells Touya that if they knew about this, 
they'd arrest Touya and the three of them so Sayaka offers them 
to come back to the Photonic Lab since it would help for awhile 
to figure things out. Kateia agrees because they can't let 
themselves be separated from Granteed and Touya.

Of course Boss Borot arrives, totally too late to help fight.

At the Photonic Lab, Kouji and co. learns about Kateia, Tenia 
and Merua's history about having been abducted by a certain 
group and was rescued by a certain someone who stayed behind to 
take care of pursuing enemy mech. Kateia note that he's 
probably... Sayaka wonders why this man, probably a friend of the 
mysterious enemy would do something like that but Kateia doesn't 
know but they made a vow to not let Granteed be taken away from 

What Touya wants to know is why him and Kateia says that only 
Touya can operate it the best, which made  Touya quite angry as 
to why he was dragged into this which anger Kouji and Sayaka  
because he was scaring the three girls.  Tenia tells him that 
while the three of them can make it move, they can't make 
Granteed fight as well as Touya does. Merua supports Tenia 
although she is fighting to stifle a cry. Touya tells her to not 
use crying to make him accept the situation, unless they give 
him a satisfactory answer, he won't be satisfied and let the 
situation drop.

The confrontation is interrupted by the arrival of Tsurugi 
Tetsuya, Great Mazinger's pilot who commented that those 
Kikaijuus were no match for Great. He looks at Touya and ask 
Kouji if THIS is the guy who fought alongside him which makes 
Touya a bit angry being looked down by Tetsuya. Dr. Yumi also 
arrives saying that the Feds wants to question Touya and the 
girls about Granteed.

After hearing from Kateia, Dr. Yumi note that until they 
understand the situation, its best that the Fed do not take the 
girls and Granteed since it uses black technology that is beyond 
their comprehension. Although if they stay here, its quite easy 
for the Fed to use their authority to demand the Photon Lab hand 
Touya, the girls and Granteed over, but there is one chance.

Dr. Yumi ask Touya about his family and after learning that he 
lives alone with his dad having died 3 months ago on the moon, 
tells everyone about Nergal and their plan to send a super 
warship named the Nadesico to Mars to evacuate the Mars settler 
that were attacked by the Jovian Lizard. He has been approached 
by Nergal to provide them with defense forces such as Mazinger Z 
and Great Mazinger. Dr. Yumi initially plans to reject the 
request but thinks that they could use this, since Nergal is an 
independent company without backing by the Feds, it would be 
harder for the Feds to demand Granteed and the Mars mission will 
take awhile giving them time to plan their next move and though 
Nergal WOULD be interested in Granteed, it would be to a lesser 
extent than the Feds.

Kateia and the girls agreed that this would be the best move and 
ask Touya to come along but he flatly refuse saying that even if 
he was taken by the Feds, he knows nothing and if they search 
his background, they'd find it to be true and have no reasn not 
to believe him, he's going home.  The girls pleaded with him but 
he refused angering Sayaka and Kouji one more time because 
technically, he's being a d**k saying no with all these cute 
girls pleading with him. Doesn't he feel any sense of duty? 
Touya ask what is he supposed to do, go out of his way to Mars 
risking his life fighting Jovian Lizard so that someone he knows 
absolutely nothing about can avoid the army?  Once was enough, 
he says. Touya continues  that he's not like Kouji, he's just a 
normal guy, it's not HIS problem, he just wants to live a normal 

Tetsuya smirk and says that it's too bad, Touya's normal life is 
OVER, the Federations are not THAT naive, they won't believe any 
words Touya might tell them. There's no way Touya will EVER go 
back to a normal life especially if he's someone without any 
organization's backing.  Tetsuya  continues " Think about it, 
you easily defeated  Jovian Lizards and Kikaijuu that gave the 
Fed a hard time operating that unidentified machine, that's a 
fact and the Fed will NEVER let you go"

Jun says that Tetsuya is right, Touya really have two choices, 
to go with the girls to Mars with the Nadesico or surrender to 
the Fed and lose his freedom and also without him, the girls 
can't operate Granteed to fight which makes them absolutely 
worthless to Nergal looking for a defense force for the Nadesico.

Touya thinks about it and tries to protest but nothing comes out.

Episode 2

Tetsuya wonder if sending Touya and the 3 girls along with Kouji 
and Sayaka to Nergal was such a good idea since he sense that 
there seems to be a lot that the girls aren't telling but Dr. 
Yumi says that they have no evil intent and he wants to believe 
in them. Dr. Yumi says that there is something very odd near the 
moon at around the same time that the Granteed is calculated to 
have crash landed on Earth, it seems that there was some sort of 
skirmish reported between two unidentified party and that all 
the Federation troops that headed there simultaneously suffered 
a malfunction rendering them all unoperable and was wiped out. 
The details are mirky but Dr.Yumi thinks that the skirmish 
involved the mysterious enemy chasing the girls and Granteed and 
if the simultaneous malfunction rendering it unoperable  was as 
a result of an enemy weapon then these enemies are VERY 
dangerous and the girls and Granteed would do well to disappear 
from their and the Federation's sights for a while to see what 
happens next.

Dr. Yumi ask Tetsuya to pick up the slack now with Z and 
Aphrodite away from Earth and Jun comes in and tells them about 
the Plate sighting along with the Grancher.

In a city block, a plate has revived to become a Brain Powered 
with Utsumiya Hime guiding it and befriending it. Of course when 
Isami Yuu and Kanan in their Granchers comes in and orders her 
to step away from the Brain Powered and says that they'll  
destroy it, well, she doesn't comply with the Oh so high and 
mighty Grancher and Yuu moves in to attack but the Brain Powered 
dodge. Yuu and Kanan are surprised that THIS Brain Powered have 
more power coursing through it than the Brain Powered they've 
encountered and destroyed from the Plate Revival and retreat. In 
the course of all this, Hime learns about Yuu's Name .

Meanwhile Colbett, the bald (censor) is urging Admiral Mismal 
Kouichiro to take the Nadesico by force to use it for themselves.

At the moon dock, Kouji and Sayaka meets the Combattler team who 
ask whether Dr. Yumi owes Nergal some money too.  Hyouma says 
that they've seen the Nadesico in battle and it's quite 
awesome.They are soon met by Gai Daigouji although the 
Combattler team say that isn't his name Yamada Jirou. Gai 
counters that Gai Daigouji is his REAL name, his SOUL name. He 
marvels at the Fortress of Steel Mazinger Z and Combattler V and 
Granteed and ask Touya about it. Touya got annoyed and says to 
ask the girls and storm off leaving Gai wondering how he 
offended Touya?

Noal and Aki introduce themselves stating that the Space Knight 
have been assigned to look for the Cosmic Culture Club on Mars 
if they survived.

Gathering for a meeting at the bridge of the Nadesico and 
waiting for the Captain to arrive, Yurika and Jun enters. Noal 
says that Jun is quite young to be a captain and to have this 
really good looking secretary with him but Yurika does her 
famous V-sign and says that SHE'S the captain of the Nadesico  
which surprises everyone but Prospector says that Yurika's score 
were very high from the academy.

Prospector tells everyone of the objective of the mission, to go 
to Mars and rescue the survivor left behind by the Federation 
when they retreated against the Jovian Lizard.
Hyouma says that he doesn't mind, Combattler V was originally 
created to fight against alien threat and Kouji says that he 
don't want to abandon the Martian colonist. Gai note about this 
situation and says that this is SO nekketsu.( hot blood burning 

However the dock are soon surrounded by Federation troops who 
hopes to make the Nadesico, their weapon . Admiral Mismal, 
Yurika's father tells her to surrender the ship like a good girl 
since he's worried about her and they need the ship badly 
because of the situation on Earth. Jun agrees that the Nadesico 
can be of tremendous help and that they shouldn't really just 
leave. Yurika tells Ruri to start the engines and take off since 
Admiral Mismal taught her himself to NEVER surrender the ship 
because of the responsibility that comes from being a captain.

The team are a bit surprised that they have to battle the 
Federation right away in their quest.
Colbett have their route blocks with Federation mech and the 
team deploys.

At the beginning of the battle,  Uribatake, the Nadesico's chief 
mechanic, reminds Gai about the Aestevalis's Gravity energy feed 
from the Nadesico and not to  go too far away from it.  Gai in 
his "Super-Robot Pilot" mentality tells the "Professor"  to open 
the Barrier to the Lab and for the cook to follow him.  Sayaka 
and the others note that it seems to be like they're at  home at 
the Photonic Lab.

Touya doesn't want to fight but Kouji tells him that the Feds 
means business and complaining won't help.

After deployment, Gai says that he will show how a  hero fight
Akito shouts that he will go back to Mars to rescue the people 
while Yurika mistakenl.y thinks that Akito is doing this to 
protect her

Kateia tells Touya that it's different up here and for him to 
concentrate, Touya, quite disgruntled,  reluctantly agrees that 
he'll fight.

Colbett tells the team to surrender but Yurika won't give and 
Colbett shouts that the Nadesico is the enemy and orders the 
attack. After taking care of the Feds, Ruri says that Jovian 
mech are coming

However help arrives in the form of the three ButterCup team and 
together they beat the Jovian Lizard.

Ryouko, the team leader isn't exactly polite to the Combattler V 
team when they meet afterward since she want a good shower after  
the battle and the other two, Hikaru and Izumi are pretty weird. 
Ryouko ask if the rest of the pilot are like this and Akito says 
that he's a cook while Touya says that he doesn't really want to 
pilot which makes Ryouko gets even more exasperated at those 
she's going to work with and again ask for where the showers are. 

Noal and Aki note that while the personality of everyone is out 
there, they each have the skills needed to go to Mars and come 

Afterward, the Nadesico received words that all out war between 
the Federation and the Plant (ZAFT) had begun with the Unius 7 
Nuclear attack tragedy that would be known as the Bloody 
Valentine. Prospector note that if they had left even a day or 
two later, they would've been embroiled in that war right now 
and with the war happening, it is even more imperative since 
with the war, Mars is but an afterthought to the Federation. In 
their war against the Federation, ZAFT has made use of Nuclear 
Jammer which prevents atomic weapons from being use and Yurika 
note that at least they won't be blowing the entire planet and 
colony up while they're gone. Ruri note something odd which is 
that the Jovian mecha are not attacking as predicted to the 
Federation vs. ZAFT war and Yurika wonder whether they're 
waiting it out to let both side decimate each other first before 
swooping in for the kill but Ruri counter that to do that, they 
must have some higher knowledge of strategy or someone is behind 
them to make this type of decision

Episode 3

Kouji and Sayaka tries to find out more on the Federation and 
ZAFT war but the Nadesico can't seem to receive any message, 
until their mission is over, they don't know what happen. The 
Nadesico is a computerized ship that unless a big battle occur 
doesn't need all crews on deck which is why only Ruri and Megumi 
is there.

As for the captain, she's gone to surprise Akito only to see him 
crying while watching Gekiganger 3 with Gai leaving her QUITE 

Touya is at the mech dock wanting to get better acquainted with 
piloting Granteed which surprised Tenia and Kateia. Touya says 
that even though he says that he doesn't want to fight, he's 
come on board the Nadesico and if he doesn't make himself useful, 
then he'll be dragging down Kouji and the others. Kateia wonders 
if this is because of the Gekiganger 3 anime that Gai had Touya 
watched along with Akito. Touya says that he's not into it as 
much as those two, he just don't want to die, he'll survive and 
go back to Earth.
Touya ask where Merua is and Kateis says that she's shut herself 
in her room because Touya was quite harsh on her yesterday. 
Kateia says that they understand that they roped him into this 
situation, its fine for them if he wants to scold them for doing 
this to him.  They need him even though he and they doesn't know 
the reason yet but a time will come when the meaning behind why 
he was chosen will be revealed.

Touya notes that this isn't the first time that the girls have 
say something cryptic that even THEY don't understand. He 
wonders if it has to do with the aftereffect of the Sytron in 
Kateia continues saying to please not scold Merua who cares 
deeply about Touya's well being.Touya thinks it over and says 
that he'll go apologize saying that he knows things were bad for 
the girls being in the mysterous enemy's captivity but its bad 
for him too being roped into this situation but Tenia stops him 
telling him to go say that to Merua and begins shoving him to 
the door. They pass a very annoyed Uribatake who says that he's 
jealous of Touya's "harem" situation, and Kouji comes in and 
tells Touya that Uribatake is in a bad mood since Akito, being 
chased by Yurika managed to destroy Uribatake's plastic models.

Approaching Mars, the team learns of Mars terraformation into a 
habitat much like Earth The team has a series of battle while 
nearing Mars against Jovian Lizard which while hectic and life 
threatening seems to be very enjoyable for all the pilot even 
though Gai got on Ryouko's nerve by not conforming to flight 
formation in the attack and going off alone t o "take back Mars 
from the evil alien Empire"

Finally arriving on Mars, the sign of devastation is horrific 
and Prospector tells them the location of the Nergal Lab on Mt. 
Olympus where the best chance of finding survivors are. He says 
that the lab's discovery of "that" 30 years ago led to the 
creation of the Nadesico.  Megumi caught a distress called made 
by Dr. Elizabeth who is the head of the Cosmic Culture club. 
Noal and Aki couldn't believe that there are only 6 survivors 
and was told that there were a lot before this but they were all 
hunted down and kill. They were on the way to the shelter to 
find other survivors when they notice the Nadesico.

The reason they live is because of one man, Albatrona Eiji Asuka 
who betrayed his own planet to warn them of the danger. The said 
man is on the ship that Dr. Elizabeth and the others were on and 
has a gun out pointing at Uribatake who supervised taking  the 
ship into the Nadesico and Dr.Elizabeth says that she'll go to 
meet him so that there isn't a misunderstanding. The team is 
surprise to find out that the Jovian Lizard are supposedly 
mechanical machine employed by the alien race known as Grados.

Gai is brimming with excitement saying that finally a real evil 
alien empire has appear for him to defeat. Dr. Elizabeth 
continues that  2 weeks ago, the Grados troops appear and 
deploys their Skull Gunner hunting down everyone and Eiji 
appears and saved them Of course Akito begins to blame Eiji for 
the settler's death but Juuzo stop him saying that it's 
misplaced anger and David chimed in that Eiji's their friend.

Eiji says that while he is a Grados, half of his blood is also 
human since his father was from Earth. Eiji says that Grados 
uses automated machines to attack to create strife and blame on 
Earth and that he came here to tell Earth what happen although 
Noal is a bit skeptical. Eiji says that he's always admired 
Earth from stories told by his father and that with time he's 
sure that they could prevent the Earth from going to war against 
each others 

 To which Ruri says that he's a bit late since the Feds and the 
Plants are already at war shortly after they left. This shocked 
the Cosmic Culture Club and Simone says that the top Fed's brain 
are very rigid, it's always a you're with us or against us 
mentality for them and to those against them, they use force to 
eliminate.  Jun, being a former Federation official is silent 
during this badmouthing of the Fed because he realizes it's true.

At the ruins of Yutopia colony, where Akito used to live,  
Megumi and Akito are walking around surveying the ruins. Megumi 
ask about Yurika and Akito's relationship to which Akito says is 
that they're just old childhood friends.

Near the shelter, Kouji and the others are shocked to learn that 
there are only 100 survivor sinceall the other shelters were 
attacked and everyone in there was killed. Ines Franches greets 
them and Hyouma and Akito says that now that they're here, its 
ok which Ines wonders how that's going to go.

Aboard the Nadesico, Ines says that she sent them the plan to 
create the Nadesico (?? Can't remember if this is true in the 
anime, someone confirm please) and she knows its strong but it 
can't win against the Grados so she has no intention of riding 
it. Akito ask if she has no faith in them. She counters whether 
they understand what a Tulip is and Eiji admits that he hasn't 
seen them on Grados before. Ines starts mocking him that if they 
don't know that  then she has no intention of going with them. 
She mocks both their mission attributing it to the naiveness of 
youth. Her attitude provokes a lot of anger by Kouji, Hyouma and 

Noal even suggest that they find all the survivor who wants to 
board and let them board leaving ingrates like her behind. 

A tulip sense the Nadesico and begins to warp out ships to which 
Hyouma wonders how can those thing fit in there. Ines says that 
they weren't in there, the Tulip is a gate to warp them out 
which means that the enemy can send an extremely huge number of 
mech at them easily. Without a strategy, they have no chance of 
winning. Yurika tells Ruri to enlarge the Distortion field but 
in doing that, it will crush the shelter along with all the 
survivors.  They can't fly up since it will take time since they 
were in preparation to let the survivors board.  It's either 
they enlarge the field and crush the survivor or die, it's that 
simple, Ines says.  Prospector urge Yurika to enlarge the field 
but Megumi says that Akito promised the survivors that they'd be 
safe now and they'd go home and to do this to them would be 

 As a gravity blast is charged against the Nadesico, Yurika 
sadly and quietly tells Ruri to expand the field, killing the 
remaining survivors. Ines says that what happen was only a 
matter of time, without the field, no one will survive and that 
the result is that the team weren't the saviour that they wanted 
to be. Uribatake calls and says that the engine has been badly 
damage and that they need to repair it or they're not going out 
of Mar's atmosphere. However the SPT troops that Eiji talked 
about have arrived to attack them. Eiji note that its Gale 
Senpai, his Senior and that they have to fight since there's no 
avoiding it. Yurika is in shock but says that she can still do 
her duty.

Deploying, Touya apologize to Merua who says that she also 
doesn't like to pilot the Granteed although she tells Touya not 
to tell the other two. Touya says that he understand her 
position and she says that its ok, she and the others have taken 
a vow that they will protect Touya who agreed to pilot Granteed 
for them. Touya says he believes them and that he will protect 
Granteed and them too and them being Granteed's pilot is their 
promise to each other. One day, he WILL understand why he is 
Granteed 's pilot but right now they have to survive.

Gale is surprised that Eiji has rendezvue with a powerful Earth 
Battleship. Gale tells Eiji to surrender since there might still 
be a chance for him to come back to Grados. He ask Eiji to not 
make it harder on him who is engaged to Julia, Eiji's sister to 
have to fight Eiji.  Eiji apologize but  refuse to surrender or 
back down. Gale says that he'll use force to bring Eiji back 
since he doesn't want to kill him.

Gale attack and note that the Mazinger's movement is quite slow 
and that the Combattler V has much power but they are no match 
for his speed. Akito's anger at what the Grados did to the 
Martian settler is making him fight quite unfocused. Gale ask if 
Eiji can really defeat him when the two clash. After Gale is 
downed, he says that Eiji has made his choice and that when next 
they meet, he won't hesitate to destroy him and signal for the 
troops to leave.

However a second troop lead by Goztello arrive with Goztello 
telling Eiji that he'll show Eiji that the thing Eiji did is for 
nothing and that he isn't one to be convinced with words. 
Goztello attacked and mocked the team as lowly ape and he'll 
tear them to pieces, however an " I don't think so" 
countershouted  by Kouji leads the team to blast him to Kingdom 

Afterward, Noal comments on how David and Roan are quite good 
using the SPT. David says that he has Eiji taught him in order 
to help them survive and Roan chimes in saying that Eiji brought 
3 SPT in his ship and THEY want to help him. Ryouko comments to 
Eiji that he's quite good but he's not giving it his all trying 
his best not to hit the cockpit of the enemies mech and she says 
that that kindness might get him kill since the enemies aren't 
THAT considerate. Eiji says that that's true but he wants to try 
his best not to kill anyone.

Noal communicate to Yurika that while he doubted her ability in 
the beginning,she shows true grit and tells her that what 
happened to the survivor was not her fault. Kouji and the rest 
tells Akito to go be with her since even though she's putting on 
a brave face, she must be hurting inside.

Akito meets Yurika in the hallway crying and she apologize to 
Akito that they didn't do what they set out to do, what she 
promised Akito that they would do and says she's sorry. Akito 
tells her that even though the tragedy happened, they managed to 
rescue the Cosmic Culture Club, gain a new friend and know the 
supposed origin between the Jovian Lizard which is supposedly 
from Grados so the trip isn't a total waste. Akito tells Yurika 
that it'll be ok amidst her tears.

Episode 4

Needing repair, the Nadesico heads to a former Nergal facility 
on Mars with hopes of salvaging some parts to repair the engines. 
Kouji wonders if they can avoid another battle with the SPT 
troops and Eiji says that the SPT troops here are only the 
advance force, they don't have all of Mars covered but they 
linger, the main troop will arrive and they have to get to Earth 
before that. Of course Gai shouts out loud again that this is a 
burning situation. Everyone agrees that they have to risk it , 
they WILL go home. Of course Yurika then also jimes in saying 
that it's also for her and Akito's love romance which provoke 
Megumi and Ryouko to demands answer from Akito as to WHAT did he 
say to Yurika when comforting her.

The Combattler team and Sayaka note that Yurika has returned to 
her usual cheerful ditzy self.

Of course Touya is his old moody self, and he wonders HOW can 
the others be THIS cheerful, they might not make it back to 
Earth and die here, and this is all because of but he shuts up 
not wanting to beat a dead horse again as to why he's here. 
Kouji and Hyouma tries to tell him it'll be all right and not to 
think too much about this or he'll worried himself to an early 
grave. Ryoko tells him that panicking will do absolutely nothing 
in this situation and what's happen has happened and no amount 
of complaining is going to make things better. Kouji says that 
they 'll do all they can to get out of this situation and Kateia 
note that Touya is upset because he doesn't know what to do to 
improve the situation which leads to his worrying. Kateia then 
goes on to say that if this isn't the case, then they wouldn't 
have met and they won't die, at least not yet. Touya then says 
that Kateia is spouting weird cryptic talk again and leaves 
wanting to rest in case of deployment.

The Naze Nani Nadesico make its first on air with Yurika bunny 
and Big sister Ruri along with Inez Franches and special guest 
star, Eiji Asuka in a suit like Yurika as host to explain about 
the Nadesico and Grados and all.

Simone  can't believe how cute Eiji looks when he's embarrassed 
and Noal and Aki busted a gut laughing at how ridiculous they 
all look. Anyhow, everyone learned that the Nadesico is created 
by studies made from the ruins on Mar.

As they approach the Nergal lab, Ruri note that a ruin of a ship 
identified as the Krokker is nearby, and Jun says that the 
Krokker is the Federation ship that got suck into the Tulip 
during the time of their departure. Ines explains that the Tulip 
are a type of Wormhole that creates a warp so its not impossible 
that the Krokker could have warped to Mars. Yurika wants to see 
if there are survivors but Prospector is against it since it is 
near a Tulip and enemies could come out. Fucube, the old captain 
who is the ship's advisor volunteer to go look with Noal and Aki.

As Fucube is going to explore the Krokker with Noal and Aki, 
Akito burst in remembering where he once saw Fucube, Fucube was 
the military head on Mars who decided to attack the Tulips once 
they appear and as a result of his miscalculation, the Tulip 
drops crushing a huge portion of the Martian settlement along 
with its people. Akito won't forgive him for this.

At the Krokker, it looks like there are no survivors and that 
the Krokker has been here for longer than the time since its 
disappearance, A call from Megumi about the Grados' s attack 
leads everyone but Fucube back to the ship and Fucube says that 
he'll stay behind to try and operate the Krokker in order to 
help the Nadesico.

Gai shouted that with his friendship and burning passion, 
defeating the evil alien empire's attack is a piece of cake. 
Merua ask if Touya is alright and Touya says that he'll do his 
best, he's not going to die to which Ryouko says that it seems 
Touya has stop being depressed.
As Touya is ready to board the Granteed, Kateia tells him that 
he's tried piloting the Granteed with each one of them and they 
each bring something different to Granteed and its up to him to 
choose who he wants to pilot it and they'll go along with it. I 
chose Merua and will try to stick with her as sub-pilot.

Gale tells Eiji that this is his FINAL warning, surrender or 
else, he doesn't want to make Julia sad. Eiji says that he'll 
only surrender if Grados decides to not attack Earth but Karura 
mocks him saying that the order to invade Earth came from the 
Grados planet itself and isn't Gale's decision to make and that 
they are wasting time and they should just kill all earthlings.. 
Eiji apologize to Gale but says that he won't surrender and Gale 
says that he'll regret it and orders the attack. Ryouko shouts 
that they're not going to lay down and die for the Grados.

In combat, Gale ask Eiji WHY is he doing this for the Earthling?? 
Eiji says that half of his blood is from Earth but Gale counters 
that the other half is from Grados  and that he was raised on 
Grados and for THEM, he betray his planet? Gale continues that 
they are not out to annihilate Earth (yeah right) but Earth's 
constant infighting must be stopped which is why they will take 
it over. Eiji then ask Gale how many more innocent lives has to 
be killed for that to happen?

After Gale is downed, Goztello appear and attacks Gale which 
surprise the team as to the apparent split between the enemies.

Goztello smirks and says that Gale will be reported kill by the 
Earthling and he'll take Julia's hand. Eiji tells Gale to run 
but Gale is knocked out and Eiji asked everyone to protect Gale. 
Noal asked if Eiji is joking, Gale is the enemy's commander who 
just tried to kill them. Yurika agrees to save Gale since he's 
not a threat anymore and they have to fight Goztello anyway. 
Akito is in total disagreement with this saying that Gale and 
the Grados killed all the people on Mars, he's not going to help 
Gale but Touya says that he agree to help Gale. As Goztello rush 
them, he mocks Eiji saying that Eiji might have made a fine 
solider had he not betrayed Grados, but Eiji will never amount 
to anything since Eiji doesn't like to kill but he DOES. Of 
course after the team hands him his butt a 2nd time, he vows 
vengeance and says that he'll be back to rip them to pieces. (If 
I had a dollar for every time he'll vow that, I can get myself a 
pretty big steak to eat)

After the team rescued Gale from Goztello, more enemies appear 
but they are Gale's troop. Akito shouts that this is why they 
shouldn't have help Gale. Gale tells the Nadesico to surrender 
and he will spare them but Yurika refuse telling them that they 
will make it back to Earth with Eiji. Gale then says that in 10 
minutes they will begin their assault on Nadesico and if they 
want to surrender, they can communicate with him via Eiji's SPT 
and leaves.

Back in the ship, Akito shouted that they should have finished 
Gale off and it would have demoralized and put the Grados troop 
into disarray but Prospector says that the opposite might happen 
with the Grados troop out for blood if they kill Gale and Yurika 
says that she can't fight dirtily like that. Ines says that they 
have to escape which puzzle Touya since Gale promise to spare 
them if they surrender but Ines says that while Gale WOULD stick 
to his word, others above him would not since they WERE the one 
to kill all the settlers on Mars. Eiji says that he'll go out in 
the Layzner to draw all their attention while the team makes a 
run for it but David and the others are against that. Yurika 
wonders where the advisor Fucube is and Noal tells him that he's 
back at the Krokker ship. The ship in question is moving towards 
them and fires a warning shot at them. Fucube tells them that he 
was a failure to let what happen in Mars happen but now he will 
protect what is dear to him and that the team will one day know 
it or find it themselves, what they fight for. He tells Yurika 
that he has nothing more to teach her as a captain but he will 
say one thing, the Nadesico belongs to them, it's their ship, it 
contains their laughter, happiness, sadness, everything. He 
tells the team to move into the Tulip to use it as a gate and 
while the Krakker's crew didn't live through the Boson Jump, the 
Nadesico has a distortion field that will allow it to survive. 

As the Nadesico makes it way into the Tulip, the Krokker moves 
to defend it against incoming Grados enemy, however before the 
Tulip can close, an enemy ship is preparing to Gravity Blast 
them. In their direst hour, Gai launch in his Aestivalis telling 
them to leave it to him, this is a nekketsu situation worthy of 
him. He plans to use the Gekigan Final Attack, kamikazeing the 
Heavy Artillery frame into the Jovian Ship and self destruct the 
frame while ejecting with the core and off he goes. After the 
ship is destroyed, Gai yells to Uribatake to shoot out the OG 
frame, he'll do a cross-slash turning into OG form and returns 
to the ship but Uribatake shouts out that they can't do that. 
"WHATTTT?????" was Gai's last word as the Tulip close and a 
large explosion can be heard.

Episode 5
The Nadesico have escape Mars via the Tulip. Inside everyone was 
unconscious after the entire process and Ruri had to wake them 
up. The team can see Earth nearby and note that they have 
finally returned to Earth. Eiji is stunned at it's beauty from 
out in space and note that he came here so that it won't lose 
its beauty because of Grados.

The girls thanked Touya for helping them out during all this and 
he said that he only did it because he didn't want to die and 
note that Gai and Fucube are dead and that if they hadn't been 
careful, they might have died there too.

Yurika asked where Akito is and is told that he is in his room, 
in shocked because of Gai's death.  Yurika says that only her 
love can help him now. However before that, Ruri catched a 
signal of Federation ships battling something unknown. The 
unknown beings seem to be organic, like a space monster. After 
it finishes off the Federation troops, it seems to be heading 
the Nadesico's way.  Yurika wants to run but the engines are 
badly damaged and they are soon converged by dozens of space 

At the Hangar, Akito rushed out asking what the heck is going on 
and Ryouko says that they are being attacked by mysterious space 
beasts. As Ryouko shouts for Touya to get in his mech and the 
Layzner team gets ready to board their SPT,.  Megumi calls him 
in on a private line to ask if he is ok after what happened. She 
says that Prospector founds a message by Fucube addressed to 
Akito stating his intention to die on Mars  but Akito in anger 
ask if Fucube wanted forgiveness from him? Akito continues that 
Fucube should have lived to pay for his crime against the 
Martian settler  but he died and drag Gai with him. Akito 
continues, he  wonders how can the others be this callous , a 
friend of theirs had just died in front of them only barely an 
hour ago to save them and they're not even sad., or grateful 
that they're alive thanks to him or that they'll fight on his 
behalf from now on. It seems that he's the only one who is sad 
by Gai's death.

Megumi says that that's not true, she's not ungrateful and she 
would feel even worse if something happened to Akito.

On the battlefield, Ruri confirms that these are spacebeasts. 
Merua notes the intention of the beast and says that they have 
to fight. In the battlefield, Akito begins to acts irrationally. 
Akito shouted that he shouldn't be scared, he's made peace with 
being a pilot and then he dives into the enemies' circle as if 
in panic he  Ines says that Akito has a fear of fighting before 
but he's managed to push it down but it hasn't disappeared. With 
Gai's death reminding him of death on the battlefield, the fear 
has return in full force. However Akito is save by the 
appearance of Akatsuki Nagare, piloting a brand new Aestevalis 
who herded him back to the Nadesico. Akatsuki says to Yurika 
that they'll talk later amidst the team's question for him, but 
these are aliens that have invaded the Earth during the times 
that the Nadesico has been gone. 

During the battle, a weird new being appears and says that he 
won't forgive the Radam for what they did. The team don't know 
what to make of him but Yurika says that the enemy of their 
enemy can be a friend and unless attacked by him to focus on 
defeating the space beast. However after some battle, he got 
attacked too much and has to leave the battlefield saying he 
won't die. Yurika ask if they can collect him  and Ruri says 
that she'll put a tracker signal on him so that they can collect 
him after the battle.

After the battle, everyone is surprised that the mysterious 
human sized alien seems to actually be human after his forms 
glimmer and he returns to human form. Still unconscious, he 
posed a big mystery for the team as he is carried to the 
emergency room. Akatsuki wonders how the mysterious man can do 
that and is asked how can he has a newer Aestevalis frame and 
engine than theirs which was promised by Nergal to be the latest 
in design. Akatsuki said that its natural for him to have a 
newer one since the team has been gone for eight months and 
development has continued on the frames as with other changes 
like the aliens. The team asked him to says that again and when 
he did, they couldn't believe that they had been gone for eight 
months when to them, it's only been a couple of weeks since they 
left Earth.

Inez explains that when they use the Tulip to Bosom Jump, it in 
effect is like an instantaneous warp across space and time and 
that they must have exit to a time which is eight months later 
than when they entered. The hint was the Krokker that entered 
the tulip shortly after they depart Earth but seems to have been 
on Mars for a long time. Dr. Elizabeth comes in and confirms 
that the mysterious man is human around Eiji's age. Prospector 
says that he has just contacted Nergal Headquater and the state 
of the Earth has vastly change. The war between Plant (ZAFT) and 
Federation is still going on but there are arrivals of the 
aliens just fought. ZAFT has embedded Nuclear Jammer on the 
Earth and elsewhere to prevent nukes from being used and have 
made enormous headways against the feds thanks to their Mobile 

Yurika tells Eiji that they forwarded his message about the 
Grados invasion to Nergal who will forward it to the Federation, 
ZAFT and all sides which relieves Eiji a bit. However Prospector 
warns him that even with the threat of the Grados, the war 
between the Federation and ZAFT shows no sign of relenting 
although Nergal will tries its best to get people to cooperate.

Akatsuki says that the Space Aliens have also flocked down to 
Earth and burrows deep underground creating alien forests all 
over the world. Yurika also says that Nergal has now decided to 
cooperate with the Federation  by having the Nadesico joins the 
Federation. Hyouma really doesn't want to work with the Feds who 
have that moron Colbette in charge but Juuzo and Chizuru says 
that they have to consider the state of the Earth now and the 
danger coming from the Grados. When asked if they will formally 
be inducted into the military, Akatsuki says that they won't and 
its better to cooperate when they don't know what's going to 
happen next.

Akito asked about Mars and Prospector says that with no 
survivors there and it being under Grados control now, it would 
be suicide to return to it. Akatsuki says that if they don't 
like this condition, they can formally leave the ship since the 
contract has changed.

Kouji asked what about them since they're just cooperators for 
the Mars mission and Prospector says that their agreement is 
fulfilled and that they can leave after the Nadesico returns to 
Earth after undergoing repair at the Orb Colony "Heliopolis"

Kouji plans to return to the Photonic Lab but Touya says that 
he'll remain on Heliopolis since he don't want to be capture by 
the Feds and draft into a war against other humans. Orb's 
Heliopolis colony is a neutral place so he think it would be 
fine for him to live there. The girls ask if Touya is serious 
and Touya says that if the Feds wants to research Granteed and 
the girls, they'd probably take him too and there's no other 
place to run to. The girls asked what about them and Touya 
confess that he is curious as to why only he can ride it with 
them and he doesn't want to say that it's not his problem but...  
As Touya continues to try to weasel his way out, Prospector says 
that they can remain as Nergal staff, even though they'll be 
cooperating with the Feds, the Feds wouldn't find it easy to 
just take them away to be studied.

Touya still doesn't like having to fight on their behalf just to 
remain free and note that its practically the same. Akatsuki 
note that Touya is pretty special piloting that mysterious 
machine and when Touya ask how Akatsuki knows this, Uribatake 
says that he sent combat data to Nergal as stated in the clause 
Touya signs when boarding the Nadesico (Read those fine prints, 
boy) Akatsuki continues that Nergal doesn't care WHAT Touya does  
and will give him more freedom than the Federation to which 
Touya says that Akatsuki is pretty much implying that he doesn't 
have a choice but to go with Nergal. Akatsuki says that Touya 
can think all he like but with the way the Earth is right now, 
someone who's been given power like Touya should consider what 
he can do closely. 

As the Nadesico enters Heliopolils, Ruri says that they will do 
a full maintenance and that all non repair personnel are 
requested to leave the ship for a while  and Kouji and the 
others decides to take this time to go shopping. Aki says that 
she'll be busy sending the data about the mysterious man to 
their chief and Chizuru says to list the stuff Aki wants and 
she'll buy it for her.

Outside, Crueset and his goons (I mean, Athrun, Deakka, Nicol , 
Izak, Rusty and  Miguel) have notice the Nadesico's arrival and 
the fact that the Orb colony has broken the neutrality by 
secretly developing 5 mobile suits for the Federation. Athrun is 
worried about the civilians who will get hurt by their attack.  
Of course Jerk boy Izak says that what happen to the citizen is 
their fault for living there. (I'm going to look forward to 
wiping that smirk off your face, everytime)

Episode 6
Aki finishes her report to Freeman who instructs her to 
accompany the surviving student down to Earth. They talk about 
the alien and the mysterious D-Boy. Erina introduces herself to 
the Nadesico team, she is from Nergal and will be joining them 
from now on. She then proceed to lay into Yurika when Yurika 
wants to go be with Akito lecturing her on the responsibility of 
a captain. Prospector mutters that "not her too" which made the 
others curious as to the word "too"

Later in his room, Elena and Akatsuki plans their little dark 
deeds. Akatsuki note that her coming on was unexpected and Elena 
says that the recorded Boson Jump was successful because of 
Tenkawa Akito. They then talked about the Morgenrette (spelling?) 
and it's secret project Mobile Suit.

In the colony, Kira and his friends are chatting and sees 
Cagalli and wonders who she is. Meanwhile Crueset is planning 
his attack. Akito is in his room wondering what he should do 
when Akatsuki pops in asking Akito about not wanting to 
cooperate with the Feds, and getting scared in the earlier 
mission. Shouldn't a fan of Gekiganger be thrilled that they'll 
protect the Earth? When asked about himself, Akatsuki says that 
he LOVES to fight. Akito says that he hates fighting especially 
fighting for war's sake. There has to be a life outside of 

Akatsuki then ask why he doesn't leave the ship now but 
continues to stay on  and Akito asks if he's looking for a fight. 
However before anything can happen, the alarms goes off and 
Akatsuki says they'll continue this later.

Kira and the others are evacuating since ZAFT's MS are coming 
into the colonies. Kausi wonders why they're doing that since 
Heliopolis is neutral.Cagalli runs off in the opposite direction 
and Kira says that he'll be back and runs off to fetch the girl.

The stealing of the Gundam happens and Kira and Cagalli sees the 
MS and Cagalli was annoyed that her father broke his promise. 
Back at the Nadesico, the team are wondering what to do when 
Yurika tells them to go in to the Colony fully to exit another 
way since they can deploy the Distortion field inside the colony 
unlike the docks. Akatsuki tells Touya and Akito that THIS is 
the state of the Earth now, so what are THEY going to do about 

The three stooges (I mean, Dearka, Izak and Nicol) takes their 
MS away on order while Miguel waits for Athrun and Rusty.  
Murrue trying to protect the last two MS meets Kira and then 
Athrun and Rusty. They got into a battle and  Rusty got killed 
and Athrun meets Kira in a boy meets girl type of meeting (One 
with a knife out ready to stab another)

Athrun then takes the Aegis Gundam and Murrue and Kira boards 
the last Gundam before anything happens to it. The Ginn attacks 
and the Phase Shift armour protects the Strike Gundam. Murrue 
can't really control the Gundam and Miguel note that it is easy 
picking when Kira saw his friends nearby and tells Murrue about 
it. He then rewrites the OS in a hurry and becomes the pilot and 
Murrue notes his skills.  The team deploys and Murrue contacts 
the team requesting assistance. Murrue tells the team that the 
other path is blocked and it will become a battlezone here if 
they don't help. Miguel note that the Nadesico is planning to 
escape and he'll sink it. Yurika tells everyone to deploy but to 
be careful about not destroying the colony.

Kouji shouts out that he won't let ZAFT get away with anything 
more and Hyouma tells his team to get ready, they'll teach ZAFT 
a lesson about daring to wage war where civilians are. Ryouko 
note that Coordinator and Natural are both human so how'd it get 
this way but Akatsuki says that it doesn't have to do with 
Natural or Coordinator as long as human are willing to kill each 
other over something. They can't escape it so they have to head 
in and do what they can, isn't that right, Tenkawa?

Akito tells him to be quiet, he has to focus on protecting 
everyone and the Nadesico right now. David says that they met 
Eiji and become friends with him so it's a bit sad to see 
Earthling can't understand each other and talk. He apologizes to 
Eiji saying that they've finally reached Earth and they have to 
get involved in this and Eiji tells him its fine. Noal says that 
they will go back to Earth. Touya tells Merua that its ok, he 
doesn't want to fight,but if he has to he will, he ask about  
Merua and the other two. Merua says that as long as they are on 
board the Granteed together, they will leave everything to Touya.

Murrue is amazed at the Nadesico's force and Kira finishes the 
OS rewriting and with him being the pilot, the Strike nows begin 
to unleash it's full power. Kira tells everyone to get away from 
here and they are surprised that Kira is the pilot.

The battle begins, Miguel shouts for the Natural to get out of 
the way as he sees that the Strike's movement while better is 
still clumsy with no training. However going up against the Blue 
Comet  Layzner, the Fortress of Steel Mazinger Z and the V is 
for Victory Combattler V, he really has no chance and goes down 

Suddenly the Archangel appears. Natarle  hails the Strike and 
tells Murrue that all the higher ranking officers are dead and 
that she's the highest rank thus the commander of the ship. 
Murrue explains the Archangel to Yurika and then Crueset comes 
out with more troops but the Hawk of Endymion, Mwu La Fraga, the 
Federation's ace pilot also arrives to help. His reputation is 
that he uses a Mobius which really isn't that effective against 
an MS and downed a boat load of them.

Mwu says not to talk about all that and that the Federation 
forces were wiped out and they're on their own. Murrue ask Kira 
to deploy in the Strike once more and Kira says that in exchange, 
he wants them to pick up his friends since they're not in the 

The battle begins once more and Crueset notes Mwu's presence ala 
Char and Amuro. The  Sword Strike appears and Kira wonders how 
it got to this. Hyouma shouts to Crueset that he won't forgive 
them for doing this and Crueset ask what are THEY going to do 
about it? Eiji notes that Crueset IS good, almost like Gale and 
if he doesn't give it his all, he's going to be defeated. 
Crueset note that it's a MS unlike he's seen before , just what 
IS it? Kouji shouts that he'll take on the Leader mech like 
Crueset  and Crueset note that it's a one-off battle machine 
from the Asian hemisphere on Earth against the monsters on Earth 
that he was willing to overlook  but it won't do much good 
against him. Kira shouts why is he doing this and Crueset ask 
whether Kira would be a good little boy and let him have the 
Strike and when Kira says no, Crueset says that that's why 
they're fighting. Crueset then shouts for Mwu to disappear and 
Mwu says that he won't let Crueset do as he please. Touya shouts 
that he's fought to live since then, even if the enemies are 
Coordinator, he won't fail. Crueset says that even though the 
machine is powerful, the pilot isn't.

Crueset then notes that he'll have to get serious with them and 
retreats for awhile. There isn't much damage to Heliopolis and 
Murrue note that the Nadesico team has a lot of power and 
experience, so them going and coming back means that they're 
very good. Murrue ask for further cooperation since they are 
understaffed at the Archangel and Yurika note that their ship 
isn't fully repaired and resupplyed so it might be better to 
accompany the Archangel to the Federation Moon base that it 
plans to go to. Natarle looks at the Nadesico and see that they 
have a very powerful ship to use even though they are civilians 
and what's more they are very powerful and capable in battle 
which is quite dangerous.

At the Archangel, everyone is surprised to learn that Kira is 
the pilot of the Strike and even more, he's a Coordinator. 
Natarle, of course, wants to arrest him at once but Murrue 
belays that. Kira's friends comes up to defend him. Kira is a 
first generation Coordinator with Natural Parents. Murrue wants 
Mwu to take over the ship but he says that while he might have 
reach the rank first( not too sure what it is) he doesn't 
understand the ship so its her's to command, besides he's a 
pilot and have to deploy when battletime come. Crueset is 
outside waiting for them even though they have the Nadesico with 
them so its going to be a tough battle.

Outside, Crueset makes plan for another attack and Athrun 
wonders if that was really Kira Yamato, his friend, at the MS 
factory that he saw. 

Episode 7

The Seed gang is wondering about Kira who's in a deep slumber. 
Sai says that Kira must be really tired but Kuzzy ask why since 
he didn't have to pilot the Gundam since they're with the 
Nadesico. Kuzzy also wonder how Kira could rewrite the OS like 
that, he knew Kira's a coordinator but that's beyond what 
Coordinator can do and Sai tells him to stop it.

Back at the Nadesico, Yurika ask for Kouji and the Combattler's 
team help in getting both the Nadesico and Archangel to the 
Federation's moon base. Hyouma didn't think they have to 
cooperate with the Feds this quick though Juuzo point out that 
they did get cooperation when they were fighting Jovian Lizard 
mech back then. Sayaka note that at least now her dad wouldn't 
be pressured by the Feds so much. Prospector says that in this 
situation, its ill advised to leave the ship for good for Touya. 
Touya grumbled and says fine since there's nothing he can do and 
Ruri wonders about Archangel with only the Moebius and the 
Strike Gundam which only has a civilian teenage Coordinator for 
a pilot.

Kouji and Jun thinks that that sounds a lot like Touya's first 
time. Sayaka then smirk and says jokingly " Over there, he's 
probably going " I don't want to fight"  Touya retorted that he 
was pressured into it back then.

Anyhow Yurika says that they will be leaving Heliopolis quickly 
and for everyone to get ready. At the Archangel, Murrue 
complains about the lack of able bodied crew for the Bridge and 
Natarle note that they'll have to pick and train someone for the 
job. Mwu marvels at the report that the Nadesico sent over about 
its armed forces and how its extremely powerful for a civilian 
ship and more importantly, all the pilots are ONLY in their 
teens. Natarle doesn't exactly want to believe the word of Eiji, 
an alien, about the Jovian Lizard being alien invader's weapon 
and she is extremely annoyed about that type of power being in 
civilian hands, since they could use the Nadesico's power at the 
beginning of the war.

Natarle ask about the civilians they picked up and Murrue says 
that they'll have to take them along since the shelters are 
closed and they can't just rely on the Nadesico, they'll need to 
deploy the Strike. Natarle is against having Kira pilot it again 
and ask why Mwu can't pilot it. Mwu says that the rewritten OS 
is beyond him and when Natarle ask what if they restore it to 
the original OS, Mwu says that he don't like that sort of thing.

Kira is of course against it and before they could argue it, 
ZAFT attacks and they need to leave Heliopolis, Murrue tells 
them that they can't get into the shelter so they'll have to 
come with the Archangel. Kira is angry at being forced into this 
knowing that he's the only one that can pilot the Strike.

As the Nadesico and Archangel moves out, Mwu notice something, 
they're not attacking the ship but attacking the colony itself 
trying to destroy Heliopolis and take down the two ships inside 
it. The team can't believe that ZAFT would be this mad to do it 
and Natarle says that because of the power of the Nadesico, 
they'll go to extreme length to destroy them. Yurika then ask 
Natarle if she's accusing them of causing this and Megumi then 
mutter that they just got saved by the Nadesico, Natarle's such 
a (censored) and when Sayaka says that they haven't cut the 
communication, Megumi replies "I know, I wanted her to hear it"

Yurika tells the Archangel that their only way is to leave the 
colony and face the Zaft regiment head on to stop them. As they 
leave, Natarle couldn't believe that Yurika could have made such 
a sound decision. Kira also deploy but state that it's not for 
them but for his friends on the ship. Ryouko shout that it's 
their turn to deploy now.

As the team takes on Miguel and the other Zaft MS, Kouji 
introduces himself to Kira and says that he don't know why Kira 
is with them but let's take out the enemies together. Kira is a 
bit silent and Sayaka note that Kira REALLY doesn't like to 
fight. Suddenly the four stolen Gundam comes in as enemy 
reinforcement. Athrun wants to make sure if the Strike Pilot is 
Kira Yamato or not and rushes the Strike, opening a 
communication line.

The two old friends turned enemies can't believe this is 
happening. Athrun ask Kira why he is with the Feds and Kira says 
that he isn't, he has friends on the ship that's why he has to 
protect them. Kira ask Athrun why he's fighting, didn't he says 
that he hated war and Athrun said that after the Bloody 
Valentine incident on Eunius 7 where his mom died by the Fed's 
hand, he thought otherwise. Athrun tells Kira that they're not 
enemies, they don't have to fight if Kira comes with him, he's a 
Coordinator, their friends.  Kira says that he isn't ZAFT and 
Athrun tells him to get a grip since if he doesn't ,he'll have 
to shoot Kira. (You know, maybe this is why Shin didn't come to 
his sense at all in Destiny, Athrun is  bad at convincing, 
especially to males). 

Izak and the others tell Athrun to pull back and he reluctantly 
does so. Miguel attacks Kira saying that this should have been 
stolen alongside the others but since he's ordered to destroy it, 
he will. Of course Miguel goes down fast.

Merua ask if the stolen Gundams are a Federation's mech and 
Touya say that it's a new top secret mech  but Granteed's spec 
is pretty good so they won't be taken down easily.

Dearka note that the Strike is the remaining Gundam and he'll 
sink it but Kira says that he won't let the Archangel go down. 
Nicol says that the Blitz Gundam can equally take on the Strike 
and Izak says that he won't go down that easily against some one 
with that bad a fighting style. 

Natarle says to take out the Duel before it's in position but 
Izak says that he'll sink the Archangel. Nicol says that it's 
the Federation's fault for building these things but he got shot 
down pretty quickly and have to retreat. Dearka can't seem to 
find any mid range weapon for the Buster and has to joust for 
position. He got taken down pretty quick too and so does Izak 
who JUST can't believe he got taken down by Naturals (Get used 
to the feeling, whipping boy)

Soon it is just Athrun, and as he face Kira he shouted that if 
Kira don't stop, he'll have to kill him. Athrun gets defeated 
and have to retreat, but the damage by ZAFT is too great to 
Heliopolis and it begins to blow up and the team have to retreat.

Afterward, Kira ask to search for the shelter pods that have 
survive, Natarle is outraged by this (she's outraged by 
everything) for using the oh so precious and top secret Gundam 
for this. She says to leave the rescue for others but Kira says 
that the Shelter Podcould be damaged and wouldn't last long. 
Natarle tells them to look at the situation and that they can't 
take in civilians right now. Yurika then says that if that's the 
case, then, they can put the civilian in the Nadesico since it's 
ORIGINAL purpose is to bring back the civilians on Mars.

At the Nadesico dock, Kouji and the others met Kira. Tenia and 
the others ask him how he got to pilot the thing and once he 
told them, Tenia says that it's a lot like Touya's situation. 
Touya ask why Kira wants to pilot that thing, he can tell that 
Kira's scared and Kira says that he's the only one who can since 
he rewrote the Gundam's OS and he has friends in the Archangel.

Afterward when the Shelter Pod open, Kira note that its an 
acquaintance Flay Alstar. Aki note that since Fley's friend are 
on the Archangel, its best that she goes there for emotional 

Elsewhere Crueset learns that the Strike's pilot is Athrun's old 
friend and Athrun ask for one more chance to convince him and if 
not, he'll kill Kira. Crueset plans to go after the Nadesico and 
Archangel since they are dangerous.

At the Archangel, Sai and Fley are reunited and Kira tells Tol 
that the people and the pilot of the Nadesico are mostly their 
age and that it didn't feel at all like a military ship. Miri 
tells Fley that they are on the run from ZAFT so she can't leave 
and that at least its better than being in a half destroyed 
shelter pod.

Mwu comes in telling Kira to at least take proper maintenance of 
his mech before leaving since he's the only one who can pilot it. 
Kira doesn't like it and Mwu says that they're the only one who 
can protect the Archangel if its under attack even though 
they're with the Nadesico because in a crisis, the mech from the 
Nadesico will have to protect the Nadesico first. Of course in 
all this Fley ask Kuzzy (the big mouth ) how Kira can pilot the 
Gundam and learn that he's a Coordinator just like the ZAFT 
people.  Toll and Sai shuts him up and tells Fley that Kira's 
their friend. Kira meanwhile is alone and in emotional pain of 
the thought of  having fight his best friend and the thought of 
it happening again until one or the other is dead.

At the Nadesico, Yurika tells the other that they'll be heading 
towards the Federation Moon base. Akito listen to all this 
quietly when he is approached by Kouji, Hyouma and the others. 
Kouji said that they heard from Megumi and that they haven't 
really forgotten about Gai and his sacrifice since because of it 
they're still alive. Touya says that he likes Gai and was a bit 
shocked at what happened but with the rapidly changing scenario 
and danger after danger that they were in, he could only think 
about surviving himself back then. Akito finally understand that 
everyone else isn't that cold hearted about Gai dying and Hyouma 
says that they've returned from Mars to find the worsening 
condition on Earth so they have to fight in his stead and defeat 
the Grados and the Alien to protect the Earth and of course ZAFT 
for doing what they did to Heliopolis.

Akito then tells Akatsuki that even though they'll reach the 
Moon Base, he won't leave the ship and stay with the Nadesico 
since he have something to protect which perks the ears of 
Yurika  and Megumi who think its them. They were let down when  
Akito says that it's Gai. Akito says that he don't want to fight 
in an army that in order to protect something, they have to lose 
something. Gai wants to protect the Earth but he didn't join the 
army and Akito wants to find out what the reason is in battle. 
(What I think he meant is to follow in Gai's footstep and 
preserve his memory) Hikaru and Ryouko says that that is SO like 

Episode 8

Crueset has a puff assignment for Athrun, it seems that the ship 
that rendezvous with them isn't here to help them but to ask for 
help in looking for Lacus Kline, Athrun's pre engaged fiancee 
and daughter of a very influential person in the Plants (not 
sure what the title officially is) Crueset says that Athrun 
can't be THAT cold in not going to look for her. Lacus's ship 
went missing in the debris field and is assumed to have been 
attacked by the Jupiter Lizard or the Aliens. Beside, ZAFT still 
need to win and keep the support of the Plants and something 
that makes Athrun looks like a knight in shining armour to them 
is good. Athrun reluctantly agrees to take on the assignment.

The Nadesico and the Archangel meanwhile are in the said debris 
field that got a lot larger  ever since the war started. There 
are tons of ships remains from Federation and ZAFT. They are 
here to avoid ZAFT detection and to also salvage rations, parts 
and whatever else they can use for their journey since both ship 
haven't been fully prepared to head to the moon base. Mwu thanks 
the Nadesico crew for helping since humanoid machines are best 
suited for this. The team feels a little morbid pillaging ships 
remain, Ryouko in particular is quite scared about the ghosts in 
these ships and gets taunted by Izumi and Hikaru. Akito note 
that its quite different and nice for Ryouko to be acting like a 
girl for once and she shouted for him to finish his search for 

Kira, in the meanwhile, has found an escape pod from ZAFT and 
has decided to bring it back to the Archangel even though 
Natarle protest. The others hope that when they open it up, a 
skeletal corpse won't drop out.  David says that it COULD be a 
princess who pops out and gives them a kiss for rescuing her and 
Hyouma says that if that's so it'll be a ZAFT princess.

Kouji and the others decide to come see who is in the escape pod 
and when out pops a young pink haired woman with a pink Haro who 
calls herself Lacus Kline and Akatsuki realize that this is the 
daughter of Shigel Kline, the influential person in the Plants, 
Kouji and the others couldn't believe that it really IS a 

Akito and the others are shown the mess hall of the Archangel 
and they have to agree that the Nadesico's is far better since 
it isn't military. Tol, Mirri, Kuzzy who led them around says 
that they were surprised when Kira told them that the pilots at 
the Nadesico are their age. David says that he and Roan are 
different than from Kouji and Hyouma because they pilot their 
SPT in order to survive and to return to Earth. Roan says that 
its because of Eiji that they could come back. Lacus interrupts 
asking what the talking is about. Flay freaks out at seeing 
Lacus, the ZAFT woman, walking around freely. Lacus says that 
she is not ZAFT since ZAFT is the military but Flay says they're 
the same since they're all Coordinators which gives Kira pauses. 
Lacus says that she's not military and neither is Flay so 
they're the same and she wants to introduce herself but Flay 
wouldn't have any of it and says that she doesn't want to be 
friends with Lacus and that something genetically manufactured 
like Coordinator shouldn't be on the same level as normal people 
which shocks Kira and Sai shuts her up. Flay says that she 
wasn't talking about Kira. Chisuru ask for Kira to escort Lacus 
back to her room and she'll be right there to get her something 
to eat and drink. Sayaka and the others afterward grills Flay 
asking if she's a Blue Cosmos, a fanatic group about superiority 
of Natural over Coordinator. Flay says that while she doesn't 
condone what they do, they're not wrong in what they say. A 
genetically enhanced human is definitely wrong. Akito says while 
that might be true, her way of saying it is very bad, he's born 
on Mars and could be considered a Martian but he lives just like 
they did peacefully on Mars. Flay tries to protest but Milli 
says that Flay hurts Kira and she has to apologize. Kuzzy 
wonders whether they'll be ok and Kouji and Hyouma says that 
they will since they're here to protect the two ships and Kira 
is doing his best to protect them too. Sayaka says that because 
Tol and the others aren't doing anything to affect the situation, 
that makes them feel uneasy and helpless since Kira's the only 
one fighting. Kouji agrees with Sayaka saying that Tol and the 
others should have a hand in making the situation better and 
safe. Kuzzy says that they just got caught into this situation 
(he's whiner all right) Roan says that that's the same with him 
and David on Mars but he learned from only being able to run and 
have Eiji protects them that there IS something that they can 
both do, so they asked Eiji to train them to pilot SPT so that 
they can fend for themselves and help Eiji out. If there is 
something that they can do then they should do it since if 
they're dead, they can't regret not doing it, Roan and David 
says to Tol and the others. Roan confess that he's still scared 
about fighting and wants to go home to Earth so that he wouldn't 
have to fight.

Tol and the others thought about what Roan and David just said 
and Tol note that its not good for Kira alone to be fighting and 
Milli continues that they can't do nothing while Kira is giving 
it his all and Sai says that the Archangel is still lacking in 
Bridge crew. Kuzzy wonders if they can do it but Tol says that 
they can at least try and give it a shot.

Kira leads Lacus back to her room and ask her that she don't 
come out again or he'll have to lock her in and there are people 
on this ship with not too favourable views on Coordinator.Lacus 
lament that she wouldn't get to know everyone but she knows that 
HE'S kind, Kira says that he's also a Coordinator but Lacus says 
that his kindness has nothing to do about his genetics and ask 
him his name. 

After Kira exits Lacus room, he finds his friends in Federation 
uniform, Tol says that they'll fight too by becoming the 
Archangel's Bridge crew and that Kira isn't fighting alone. Kira 
thanks his friends and they hear Lacus's beautiful song through 
the door.  Although the mood is spoiled when Sai says that 
Lacus's voice is engineered for that.

Natarle and Erina want to use Lacus's position as a hostage to 
ensure safe passage and "favourable" negotiation with ZAFT but 
Ruri and Megumi doesn't like that because it's what villains do.

At the Bridge, Milli, in her new job, gets contact by the 
Halbaton Fleet nearby.
Tol and the others are ecstatic that they are being picked up by 
another Fed fleet so soon and heading the Fleet is Flay's father. 
Kira ask if when they meet, he wouldn't have to pilot the Strike 
anymore and Mardock says that if they have a spare pilot for it, 
he'll be relieved but till then the Strike is his.

However the Halbaton Fleet is attacked by ZAFT and Yurika wants 
to go to its aid. Natarle is against this because she wants to 
avoid battle with ZAFT again but Ruri says that the odds of the 
Halbaton Fleet winning especially against the four stolen 
Gundams are non-existent. Yurika says that she can't abandon 
people in need and if the Archangel won't go, then the Nadesico 
is leaving alone to protect them. Of course Erina is against 
this also but Murrue note that even if they escape the ZAFT 
fleet, they will lose the protection of the Nadesico and they 
won't stand well against attack by the Jupitorian Lizard or the 
Alien with just the Strike and the Moebius Zero. Natarle says 
that if they DO go, she'll officially file a complaint when they 
get to a Federation Base and Murrue tells her to do what she 
wants if they survive this.

Kira is rushing to the Strike when Flay stops him and begs him 
to protect her dad and Kira tells her that its going to be all 
right, they're here now.

The teams deploy but standing before them are Yzak and Dearrka 
in their Gundams along with ZAFT troops. Ruri says that the 
Halbaton Fleet are still fine but they need to hurry. Yzak note 
that they attacked one Fed fleet and drew the Archangel out of 
hiding, this time they'll sink it. The battle begins and the 
Buster and the Duel confronts the Strike.

Yzak shouts "You're going down, Strike!!" and Kira note that he 
can't be defeated now with everyone on board, he also notes that 
they have to finish this quick if they are going to rescue the 
Purpleton Fleet and Dearka says that he's not going down that 
easily. Of course against three Super Robot and the rest, the 
two Gundams are no match and quickly retreat.

However the battle took too long and Flay bust into the 
Archangel's bridge wanting to know what happened to her father 
when Ruri report that the Purpleton Fleet was wiped out with 
apparently no survivors. Flay is hysteric, she shouted that Kira 
PROMISED her that her dad would be safe, that they were there 
now. Murrue barks orders and tell both ship to begin evacuation 
at once and Natarle ask if she REALLY think they can leave 
without getting caught.

Crueset deploys with his troops noting that for such a mundane 
prey that they killed, they did pretty good attracting better 
prey. He asks whether Nicol is using the Mirage Colloid and is 
told yes and also that Athrun is heading their way as 

The battle begins again and Crueset taunts Mwu saying that it's 
so bad that they couldn't make rendezvous with their friends but 
maybe in hell they can meet. Mwu is angry at Crueset's disregard 
for life and the two battles. Crueset got the living censored 
beaten out of him. However the team's apparent victory is cut 
short when the Aegis Gundam appears and also apparently out of 
nowhere, so does the Blitz Gundam appear near the Archangel's 
bridge section with weapons raised 

Nicol tells the Archangel and the Nadesico to surrender or he 
will destroy the Archangel's bridge and kill everyone. Hyouma 
wonders how the Blitz Gundam could have avoided detection and 
Natarle says that it is equipped with the Mirage Colloid that 
makes it almost undetectable to which Hyouma note that she 
should have told them before hand. See what happens when 
Federation keeps secret from you. Everyone is in shock not 
knowing what to do for a short while when Natarle barges in with 
Lacus and opens the communication line and tell Nicol and the 
other ZAFT soldiers that they have recovered Lacus Kline's 
escape pod and she is on the ship's bridge and if Nicol fires, 
he will kill Lacus alongside them. Natarle tells the ZAFT to 
retreat or else something horrible will happen to Lacus.  The 
team is shocked at what Natarle is doing although Akatsuki note 
that it's probably something that would have happened sooner or 
later with Lacus.  Yurika and Ruri tells her that this makes 
them looks like villains and Juuzo explains to Hyouma who is in 
shock that Natarle plans to kill Lacus herself if they do not 
retreat. Nicol is aghasted at how low the Federation is willing 
to stoop and Crueset noting that it would be better right now to 
not let Lacus die although she IS a pain and sounds the retreat. 
Athrun says that THIS is the Federation that Kira's fighting for?  
THIS is his Justice?  using innocent civilians as hostage? He 
WILL get Lacus back somehow and retreat. Natarle tells Murrue 
that they JUST cannot lose the ArchAngel and the Strike to ZAFT 
no matter the cost.

Mardock is surprised to see Kouji and the others docking into 
the Archangel and says that their ship is over there. Kouji, 
Sayaka, Hyouma, Akito are furious at what Natarle did and wants 
an explanation from Mwu. Is THIS how the Federation fights? Mwu 
says that in that situation, there was no way out, the Blitz 
Gundam had the Archangel and Natarle did the only thing they 
could have done besides surrendering.

Beside is it all right for the Nadesico to just run away and let 
the Archangel surrender on its own and Kira has friends here, 
would he have like to see them killed in a desperate attempt to 
fight back. Akito says that all these military people are all 
alike (i.e scum) Akatsuki and Noal stop them and says that they 
had no choice right then, and could someone come up with a 
better way?  Akito says that there HAS to be one and Kouji says 
that given time, they could have defeated the Blitz and rescued 
everyone. Akatsuki says that at that time, quick thinking and 
quick actions were needed, and the result is that no lives were 
lost. ANYONE can complain later but the fact is that they're 
still here and not in ZAFT prison.

Touya then ask Akatsuki whether HE thought what Natarle did was 
right, that war equals innocent civilian hostages? Akatsuki says 
no but all of them better act like adults in the battlefield 
which gets Akito very angry. Akatsuki continues that getting 
angry and dissing Murrue, Natarle or Mwu won't help if you don't 
have a better solution. Kouji says that they're just not happy 
with what she did but Noal says that it's the same with him but 
it's not something so serious that they can't help these people 
anymore. Akatsuki says that what they're feeling right now is 
just helplessness at not being able to do anything in that 
situation. Then Akatsuki had to go ruin it by smirking at them 
telling them to see their own helplessness (You know, I would 
have REALLY like for you to go bad in the later chapter so that 
we can kill you horribly)

Mwu says that for Murrue, that was the worst case scenario for 
her but that they have to do it in order to not lose. He'd like 
to think that that's the case.

Kira comes into see Flay and she is still hysterical about her 
dad's ship. She calls Kira a liar for not protecting her dad's 
ship and why didn't he just get rid of them (i.e. Athrun, which 
is weird since Athrun never joined THIS battle) Mirri tries to 
calm Flay down but she says that Kira hasn't given it his all 
because he's also a Coordinator like them. This hurts Kira badly 
and he left. Later in the hallway, he cries his heart out at all 
that has happened within these past few days. Lacus comes to 
comfort him since the Pink Haro picked the locks in her room. 
Kira sobbed saying that he doesn't want to fight ZAFT, he's also 
a Coordinator, he was friend with Athrun. This intrigues Lacus 
and Kira explains that Athrun was the pilot of the Aegis and 
that they had to fight. Lacus says that Athrun and Kira are both 
good people and that this is tragic. When asked how she knew 
Athrun, Lacus says that she is engaged to him. Lacus continues 
that Athrun is kind but very silent but he gave her the Pink 
Haro. Kira says that Athrun's the same since he gave Kira the 
Tori robo bird he made himself. Lacus wish that they didn't have 
to fight each other.

Episode 9

Tol and the others are talking about how hard this must be on 
Kira and Kuzzy wonder whether Kira is really giving it his all 
because he overheard Kira's conversation with Lacus about him 
not wanting to fight ZAFT because his best friend Athrun was 
part of the ZAFT troops that stole the four Gundams. Milli tells 
Kuzzy and everyone to not tell Flay this since she's very 
unstable right now from losing her father because she thinks 
Kira didn't give it his all, who knows what this'll do to her. 
Too bad that Flay was listening behind the door and heard 

Murrue note that the hostage situation was hard for Kira but the 
pilots in the Nadesico are taking this even harder. She notes 
that if they have to use Lacus as a hostage again, they may lose 
the protection of the Nadesico. Natarle state that she really 
thought that in that situation, it was the only way to not lose. 
They are contacted by Jun from the Nadesico whom Natarle 
recognize as a former promising military man who resigned to 
join the Nadesico. Jun says that the ZAFT troops are still 
following them and when asked where Yurika is, is told that she 
went to work on more important stuff and Murrue thinks that 
Yurika probably won't want to talk to either her or Natarle 
right now.

Meanwhile at the Nadesico's infirmary, Dr. Elizabeth, Noal, Aki 
and Anna are looking up on the mysterious man they picked up 
from space who is still comatosed. Said man wakes up and grabs 
Anna for hostage asking if they are Radam or not. When he learns 
that the team picked him up and are fighting the alien Radam, he 
lets Anna go. Noal question him about his weird techno suit and 
Aki ask him his name to which the man says that he forgot about 
it and that his only purpose is to defeat the Radam. He says 
that he's an Earthling even though Noal wonders how he can 
transform like that. The man intends to get out to complete his 
mission but is stopped by Aki and he brushed her aside only to 
fall down and lose consciousness again from the wounds he 
received earlier. Noal note that this D-Boy (Dangerous Boy) is 
quite a handful thus christening him D-Boy.

At the Nadesico bridges where Dr.Elizabeth is giving her report 
on D-Boy, Jun is wondering where some of the pilots are and are 
told by Ruri that they are at the Archangel to do stuff.

Kira takes Lacus out and met Kouji, Akito, Touya and Hyouma who 
also are not happy with the way Lacus is being used as a hostage 
bargaining chip. Kira tries to plead with them to let her go and 
they says that they thought so too which is why they're here to 
help. After all, if Kira takes Lacus back to ZAFT, he might be 
ambushed after he handed her over. They plan to take Lacus back 
to ZAFT by signaling Crueset's troop and hand her over. The team 
is helped by Sai and the others    Sai ask for reassurance from 
Kira that he's coming back right? Kira promise and they launched. 
Once Natarle finds out about this, she is furious (as usual) and 
orders them all back. Yurika said that she gave permission for 
this since it isn't right to be using hostages. Erina questioned 
her decision and ask if this is what captains are supposed to do 
and Yurika says that if they continue to have Lacus as hostage, 
it will affect the morale of all the pilots so it's better that 
she be returned.

Kira radioed Crueset's troop who comes and he ask for the pilot 
of the Aegis to come get Lacus alone otherwise the deal's off. 
Athrun agrees to this and comes, confirming that it is Lacus 
Kline. Natarle plans to at least get the ship to open fire and 
take down the Aegis but Mwu says that if she does that, Kira's 
not coming back and the others will desert them and she grumbles. 
As Lacus is sent to the Aegis's cockpit, she thanks Kira and 
Athrun look at him and tells Kira to come too. With the Strike's 
speed, he can outrun his other chaperones. This is where Kira 
belongs, with ZAFT. Kira says that he has friends on the ship 
and he wants to protect them and Athrun says that if that's the 
case the next time they meet, he will strike Kira down and Kira 
says uneasily that he'll have to do the same to Athrun.

Crueset plans to attack and destroy them all and deploy all his 
troops after the exchange is complete but Lacus seeing this and 
as thanks to Kira and the rest ask for Crueset to retreat for 
her and he thinks that it is best not to argue against her right 
now and sound the retreat. Once they have retreated, the Radam 
beast arrives. The battle begins and D-Boy awakens. D-Boy saw 
them and goes out to the airlock despite the protest of 
Dr.Elizabeth and others who says that he'll die. D-Boy says that 
he won't die and he raise his crystal in the air shouting 
"Teksetter!!". A light envelope him and he jump out into space. 
He announces himself "Tekkaman Blade!!!" Murrue and Mwu are 
shocked to see Blade and Yurika says that he's someone they 
picked up before coming to Heliopolis.

Enemy reinforcement arrives in the form of more Radam Beast and 
Tekkaman Dagger who sense the presence of Blade.  The fight 
begins again and Dagger says that he will destroy the traitor 
and Blade says that the one to die is Dagger, he'll stop their 
ambition. The team is surprised at the two Tekkaman and wonders 
whether to trust him or not but Touya says that he didn't attack 
them last time even though the enemy have someone like him, he 
guess that they should trust Blade. Noal says that he still 
don't trust Blade and will blow him up if he does anything 
tricky to which Blade says that he don't care, he wants to 
destroy the Radam.

Dagger shouted for the Earthling to get out of the way and he'll 
kill them later and that remark annoyed Touya a lot.

Blade confronts Dagger and Dagger shouts "You won't escape this 
time, Die Tekkaman Blade!!" but Blade retorted " I  won't die, 
not until I've beaten you all !!"
And Dagger falls and he retreats.

After the fight, Ruri says that a large amount of Jupitorina 
Lizard are heading their way and Mwu says that its Crueset's 
handywork by disturbing Tulips around here and fleeing while the 
team battle the Radam so that the Jupitorian mech would seek the 
team out.  Having just fought the Radam, the team is in no 
condition to take on the large amount of Jupitorian so Murrue 
says that they'll have to do reentry to Earth right now to avoid 
them. The team are preparing for emergency reentry when Tekkaman 
Blade drops in to the Nadesico and transforms back into D-Boy 
again who falls to his knee. He says that he needs food and 
drinks since the Tekkaman System draws on his energy immensely. 
Noal ask if the Dagger they fought was also a Tekkaman and D-Boy 
says he is and ask about his new name to which Noal says that if 
he doesn't like it, he can always tell them his true name to 
which D-Boy says that the name D-Boy is fine.

The team then begins to grill him about the Tekkaman System, why 
he is being their ally when the enemy also has Tekkaman and just 
what are the Radam. D-Boy says that he is an Earthling but he's 
forgotten the rest, he's an amnesiac man. Ryouko and Hikaru says 
that even a ten year old can lie better than that but D-Boy 
continues with his stance saying that all he remembers is that 
he is Tekkaman and that he must destroy the Radam. Noal gets 
angry but Aki stops him. Akito, David and Roan wonder if D-Boy 
is REALLY amnesiac. Before any more can happen, the Nadesico is 
under attack from enemy fire. The two ships enter the atmosphere 
and the Jupitorian stop pursuing them. However the team has 
landed smack in the middle of the Radam Forest in ZAFT territory 
with Jupitorian Tulip nearby. They are not out of the wood yet.

After the landing, Mwu notice the situation and note that this 
is bad; it'll be murder for them to escape this territory. At 
their room, Tol and the others confirm that the Aegis pilot is 
really Kira's old friend and he invited Kira to join them. Flay 
enters the room and saw that Lacus is gone and Sai says that the 
Nadesico pilots didn't feel right about it so they took her back 
to ZAFT. Flay ask for Kira thinking that he won't do it at this 

Meanwhile Athrun and Lacus are having a little talk about Kira 
to which Athrun says that he is an idiot for letting the Feds 
manipulate him like that but Lacus says that Kira doesn't really 
want to fight Athrun and Athrun says that it's the same with him. 
Lacus note that Athrun seems to have lost his smile for a while 
and Athrun says that he can't laugh and be happy while waging 

Episode 10 

Kouji, Sayaka and the others are looking at the Radam forest on 
Earth. They note how ill looking this thing is. Aki finishes her 
test on the atmosphere here and state that there is no danger 
such as alien virus,etc from it yet. Akatsuki says that aside 
from burrowing underground to become these forests, the Radam 
that descended haven't done anything yet. Kateia wonders what 
purpose these forests serves and Akatsuki says that if D-Boy 
opens up his mouth, they should know more about the Radam but he 
isn't. Merua wonders if some of the things grown in these forest 
can be eaten and Noal says no. Kouji and Touya is a bit 
depressed that while they were at Mars, this sort of thing 
happened. Tenia tells Touya to cheer up but he says that he's 
always down after seeing this weird dream about a woman kneeling 
and praying. Akatsuki tells everyone that they should be getting 
back to the ship. 
Mardock reports to Murrue and Natarle about the condition of the 
Archangel and the time they would need to fix it. It would go 
faster if they ask the Nadesico's mechanic crew for help. 
Natarle is against exposing the inner working of the top secret 
Archangel to outsider but Murrue oks it saying that they are in 
a position where they can be attack by ZAFT and the Radam so 
they have to be able to make it to a Federation base.

Later, Uribatake argues with Mardock on how to do things quickly 
but they resolved it and Murrue thanks him for helping but 
Uribatake say "Anything for a beautiful lady" which of course 
freaks Murrue out.

At the Archangel Mess Hall, Sai takes Flay in and when she saw 
Kira she apologize for what she said back then saying that she 
was in shock. She wants the war to end quickly since war's bad. 
And then she says Kira to kill them all in revenge for her daddy. 
Kira meekly agrees and Flay thought "That's right, no matter how 
much you hate it, you're going to have to fight and kill them 
all" Thus began Flay's seduction of the supposedly innocent.

Mwu is looking at the SkyGrasper that he is going to use on 
Earth and note that it can also be equipped with the Striker 
Pack as with Strike Gundam and can give it to Strike to equip in 
the midst of battle. Mwu jokingly wonder if he is going to be 
reduce to being a carrier boy for Kira Mardock tells Mwu that he 
should take a test flight.

Akatsuki comes over and talk to Mwu about what happened with 
Lacus. Mwu says that Kira and most of the others aren't military 
so its perfectly normal that they would react that way and they 
didn't really do much with her except for that one necessary 
time. Mwu says that Kira is a bit wary about them over this but 
Natarle is the most upset over losing THIS good a bargaining 
chip to which Akatsuki says that its like her.

Akatsuki says that he's more worried about Kira and Mwu says 
that having a friend for an enemy in Crueset's troop is bad and 
he wish that they would arrive at a Fed base quicker so that he 
can be dismissed from piloting the Strike. Uribatake who is 
around ask why Akatsuki is interested in Kira and Akatsuki says 
that a Coordinator who cooperate with the Federation is quite a 
big news, especially one with his piloting capability. He'd like 
Kira to do his best from now on. Mwu tells Akatsuki to not says 
that in front of Kira i.e. treating him as a weapon.

Meanwhile at the Nadesico, Yurika is asking D-Boy what he plans 
to do and D-Boy says that he only want to fight the Radam, and 
that's all. Yurika says that they have other enemies beside 
Radam and isn't it better to just fight everything alongside 
them. Chisuru ask if D-Boy has any where else to go and he 
doesn't. Yurika then agrees that he SHOULD fight alongside them 
since its for the best. D-Boy says that he won't follow any 
one's order and that THEY have other enemies. Erina ask if that 
means that he won't get involved even with the situation with 
the Grados and ZAFT. D-Boy says that fighting the Radam is all 
that he can concentrate on. Noal mocks him for being a Radam 
otaku and Aki says that fighting them all alone is dangerous, 
and if they're with him they can at least rescue him seeing that 
he didn't do too well against them when they first met. Ruri 
says that they don't know much about the Radam either and having 
him with them will help. While he's free to leave, the situation 
here isn't exactly that friendly.

Dr. Elizabeth says that if he has amnesia, if he remember 
something then it would help against the fight with Radam such 
as why the enemies have a Tekkaman, why a supposed Earthling 
like him can become a Tekkaman and such. D-Boy counter that all 
they really wanted to do is examine the TekCrystal right?

Inez says that they found out absolutely nothing examining it 
and D-Boy surprise everyone saying that he'd like to know more 
about it too. Erina says that he'll need backup for fighting 
Radam and that he might as well cooperate with them if he plans 
to cooperate with the Federation.

D-Boy says that the Federations are no match for the Radam, 
though the team might be different. The talk is interrupted by 
Ruri saying that she detects some sort of fighting going on near 
here. It's the Jupiter Lizard vs. someone, may be ZAFT. Kouji 
decides to go investigate and drags Touya along. Akito also 
decides to go and Yurika mistakes it as his love for her. Ryouko 
volunteer to chaperone him which got giggles from Izumi and 

Mwu ends up accompanying them too as his test flight for the 
SkyGrasper. As they near the battle, they see a mysterious group 
of enemy defeating the Batta that keeps coming. Al Van appears 
to tell Jyua Mu to use the Las Erem to finish them off since 
they are only here to scout. They do and the Las Erem activates 
the Stasis Bed which freezes their opponent making them easy 

Kouji and the others saw this and when Al Van and Jyua Mu see 
the Granteed Al Van note that the samples that escape are still 
alive, though its weird since THEY can't pilot it that well for 
a real battle. Anyhow the decision is made to kill off the team 
beside the Granteed so that Al Van can find out what that 
"Lord's" plan was. Touya feels something and tells everyone that 
Al Van and friends are hostile. Kouji then remembers them, they 
were the one who appeared after Granteed crash into his school. 
Merua freaks out and tells Touya to run but Al Van activates the 
Las Erem freezing everyone but Touya. As Jyua Mu and the others 
rush them, Touya notice that the others are frozen and ask 
what's going on. However suddenly the Granteed's system flash to 
life in Merua's quarter and she suddenly understands and tell 
Touya that whatever those guys did to freeze Kouji and the 
others, they can undo it. She tells Touya to focus on Al Van's 
mech and they release the other from Stasis. Al Van note that 
the Stasis is gone and tells Jyua Mu to be careful. Merua says 
that they did it but even without being frozen, they are no 
match for Al Van and friends right now.

Kouji and the others see them coming and note that they are too 
close to run away and have to fight. Jyua Mu is shocked that 
they can move. Al Van note that his mech is old and the Las Erem 
in it might have malfunction, he'll need to check it out once 
they go back to base. Even without the system, the team is no 
match for them so he tells Jyua Mu to finish them off but to be 
careful since their mech are important.

The grunts attack Akito sending him crashing to the ground. 
Another one targets Kouji who fires but miss getting attacked 
also. Jyua Mu targets Touya and says that he may have allow them 
to get away last time, but they're still no match for him and 
attacks the Granteed ferociously. Mwu sees the worsening 
situation and targets Al Van hoping to turn the tide but his 
attack bounce off harmlessly against Al Van's barrier. However 
before Al Van can down Mwu, Jyua Mu is attacked by the newly 
arrived Dancougar.

Sara demands to know why Shinobu miss all his shot and Shinobu 
says that those were warning shot. Jyua Mu in his gloated state 
tells Al Van that he'll easily handle them and flies right at 
them only to be attacked by  a trap that Cagalli, who's with the 
Dancougar team, set up for the ZAFT. Jyua Mu says that that 
won't stop him but Al Van tells him to retreat since all their 
mech are important and the Las Erem isn't working. They'll meet 
the team again. Jyua Mu obeys but Al Van wonders, the pilot of 
the Granteed can't be one of the three sample, who else can use 
the Sytron?

They disappear and everyone wonders what they are. Touya note 
that those were the so called friend that the person who created 
Granteed betrayed? Also, just what was it that they did to the 
others to freeze them. The others don't seem to remember. Mwu 
thanks the Dancougar team for saving them. Sara ask Cagalli what 
to do next after saving them and Cagalli says that these guys 
are part of the Archangel and Nadesico.

Kouji and the others learn that the Dancougar have been helping 
Cagalli who are the Resistance against ZAFT.Mwu doubt that the 
Resistance could have build Dancougar and Ryou wonder where he 
notice Mwu before and then remember about Mwu's reputation as 
the Hawk of Endymion. Shinobu says that they are not Resistance 
but were sent by Mythril to aid the Resistance. Mwu couldn't 
believe that Mythril actually exist and explains to the other 
that Mythril is like an independent shadow military under no one 
nation's command dedicated to protecting the world.

Suddenly the Nadesico arrives.  Yurika says that the Radam are 
coming down to attack and they have to fight it. D-Boy sees the 
Radam and henshin into Tekkaman Blade to which Noal mocks him 
saying that if it comes to Radam, it seems that Blade don't have 
a problem going to fight it. Shinobu decides to join in the 
fight also. Kira also appear in the Strike and Mwu ask if he's 
finally gotten out of the woe is me stage and ready to fight. 
Kira says that Mwu says to do what you can, even though he 
doesn't like fighting, he won't run away from doing what he can.

After they finished off the Radam, strange cyclopean MS appears. 
Ryouko asked Akatsuki what they are and while he's glad she 
asked he has no idea. Tekkaman Blade is silent and Noal ask him 
if because it's not Radam, he's not gonna fight. Blade look at 
him and say "Fine... I guess I can fight in exchange for food 
here". After the team dispatched a few of them, a monstrous 
Gundam appear followed by another, the Shining Gundam piloted by 
Domon Kasshu. Shinobu and Sara notice the monstrous Gundam and 
note that they never thought they'd find it here. Domon shouted 
"I've finally found you Kyouji!! You and the Devil Gundam" He 
tells Rain to stay back and he attacked the Death Army MS. He 
tells the team to stay out of the way. The Devil Gundam is his. 
This makes the hothead on the team like Hyouma, Shinobu, Sara, 
and Kouji very angry and they ask if he's picking a fight with 
them, if so, they're gonna beat the living daylight out of him.

Yurika tries to calm both sides down and ask Domon who he is and 
why he's trying to antagonize them. Domon, the one with anger 
management problem, tells them just his name and title and 
starts fighting the Devil Gundam.
 Ruri wonder where they've seen THIS type of behaviour before 
and Noal looks back at Blade and say "Wow... D-Boy, someone AS 
headstrong and reckless as YOU is popping out of the woodwork" 
Blade of course remains silent.

The team takes on the Devil Gundam but even after they damage it 
pretty good it regenerates its part and takes off. Domon, in 
frustration, tells Rain that they are following it but Rain says 
that the Devil Gundam's speed is too fast to catch up to. The 
way the Earth is now, it ISN'T the time for a lone trek against 
the Devil Gundam. Beside, the Shining Gundam, also, is at its 
limit and needs more maintenance for her to do alone. Rain 
suggests asking for cooperation from the Nergal ship but Domon 
doesn't want to and decides to go. However the Shining Gundam 
begins to malfunction and he is forced to do as Rain asked.

Shinobu explains the Dancougar team's mission to aid the 
resistance against the ZAFT, Radam and Jupiter Lizard but most 
of the resistance were wiped out by them and the town they use 
as a base got turned into a Radam forest and their supplies were 
burned by ZAFT. Sara says that its give and take, they help the 
team against the mysterious enemy, the Radam, and the Death Army 
so in return, they want to go with the ship to escape because 
they can't contact their friends here with the N Jammer 

Yurika agrees and say that they'll talk more when they reach the 
Archangel and turns to ask Domon and Rain about their mission. 
Rain explains that they are pursuing the Devil Gundam, which was 
designed by Domon's father in the Colony to restore the Earth. 
Shosuke remember something like it being talked about in the 
scientific community, the Ultimate Project by Dr. Kasshu. Rain 
says that it's the same thing but now the Ultimate Gundam has 
become the Devil Gundam and means more harm to Earth than it can 
restore it. Ryou says that he heard about the Ultimate Gundam 
from Mythril but this is the first he's heard of the Devil 
Gundam, what happened to it.

Rain says that she doesn't know the full detail but Kyouji 
Kasshu, Domon's older brother made the Ultimate Gundam go 
berserk and escaped with it so they are in pursuit of it. Anna 
is shocked that siblings have to fight each other but Domon says 
that Kyouji is no longer his brother. Its because of him that 
his mother is dead and his dad in deep freeze.Domon continues 
that he won't rest until he finishes off both Kyouji and the 
Devil Gundam. D-Boy listens to all of this and is oddly silent. 
He then leaves the room which made Aki wonders why but Noal says 
that the guy is too much of a loner to share his thoughts.

Rain says that they are under order to destroy the Devil Gundam 
from the Federation but in this situation, with other enemies 
and the Shining Gundam in need of repair and supply, they can't 
really do it. 

Prospector begins to say that they still have other 
responsibility and Domon cuts him off angrily saying that's 
enough and tells Rain to get ready to go after the Devil Gundam. 
Prospector tells him to listen till he finishes first. 
Prospector continues that while they have other responsibility, 
its not like they would abandon the two. However if Domon's with 
them, he's expected to play along (i.e. deploy against other 
enemies, etc) Rain thanks him but Domon says that if he finds 
the Devil Gundam, he wouldn't care what the others are doing and 
leave since that's his number one priority.However he wouldn't 
complain about the other things in the meantime. Yurika tells 
him that that's ok. Domon agree to the deal and tells Rain to 
take care of Shining and leaves 

Erina of course is quite annoyed that Yurika keeps taking people 
left and right into the ship but Akatsuki says that it can't be 
helped right now which quiets her up. Yurika says that they 
don't seem like bad people, beside it's her way of doing things. 
In this situation, it's best to have lots of friends to fight 
alongside with. Mwu note that that's something that the military 
can't really do on the spur of things.

As the Strike and the SkyGrasper returns to the Archangel, Flay 
comes to meet Kira saying that she was worried about him, is 
there any wounds,etc Flay invites Kira to come to the mess hall 
and have a drink.Cagalli and the Dancougar team also boards the 
Archangel and Sarah note that its quite a good ship. Cagalli 
says that it's the latest line for the Federation beside it was 
created at MorugenRete. Cagalli then saws Kira who recognized 
her and punches him in the face.(I think) She shouted " YOU'RE 
the Strike's pilot. Why are you on that thing" When Kira ask why 
she did that, she screamed "Shut up, Do you know what you're 
doing" This leaves Flay and Kira quite perplexed (So am I)

Meanwhile Yurika explains to Murrue the situation and so does 
the Dancougar team later.Murrue note the worsening situation and 
state it's probably impossible to head for the Federation base 
in Gibralta  Ryou says that that's the case since the Federation 
have forsaken Africa and it belongs to ZAFT and now with the 
Radam and others, the odds are against them being unable to 
escape anywhere without a fight. Murrue ask for Yurika's opinion 
and Yurika note that it's quite hard. Natarle suggest that they 
rush ZAFT's defense line going past the Indian Ocean (not too 
sure here) to the Federation base in Alaska since that the least 
risky course of action.

Meanwhile Cagalli apologize to Kira for punching him and Kira 
forgave her. Cagalli says that she thought about what happened 
to him after the incident in Heliopolis and didn't expect him to 
pilot the Strike. Kira says that a lot happened and he doesn't 
believe she's with the resistance.

Yurika has an idea about what to do. She suggests that they 
split up. The Nadesico will act as a lure for ZAFT forces 
heading east towards Asia going pass known ZAFT base. The 
Nadesico have enough firepower to do this alone. The Archangel, 
meanwhile, will use this distraction to head toward the Indian 
Ocean. Jun ask if it wouldn't be better to stick together with 
combined forces but Yurika says that if they do that, ZAFT will 
also combine their forces to attack and the Archangel would be 
in danger. With her plan, they both stand a chance to rush pass 
the ZAFT defense line. Murrue worries that they might not be 
able to do it with only Mwu and Kira as their battle forces. Mwu 
say that while he can make the impossible possible, that might 
be asking for a little too much.Yurika then says that she has 
another idea with a Victory sign. Masato (henceforth known as 
Masato D.) says that she likes her and the Nadesico. Cagalli 
meanwhile whispered to David and the others asking if they 
REALLY returned from Mars with Yurika at the command. David says 
that while she doesn't seem the type, she's amazingly good at 
this. By going pass the Indian Ocean, they will be able to pass 
the country Orb. Nadesico still have the rescued people of 
Heliopolis, which is of Orb origin with them. They can transfer 
those people to the Archangel. Natarle is against this because 
it was Yurika's decision to rescue them, beside they won't be 
making a detour to Orb since they have no obligation. Yurika 
then says that in return for going to Orb, they can get the 
Space Knight and the Layzner team to go with them because the 
Space Knight's main base and Dr. Elizabeth's Cosmic Culture Club 
is in Orb and they have to head there anyway.

Noal note that it WOULD be better that way and the Heliopolis 
survivors would probably like to get out at Orb than in Asia. 
Also, Noal would like Eiji to meet Freeman, the head of the 
Space Knight. Natarle is against having MORE civilian in the 
Archangel and the alien from Grados. David and friends stick out 
for Eiji and Kira saying that they are their friends and they 
both helped so much that discriminating against them now is 
immoral.  Mwu says that this is the way it has to be because 
they are too weak to go at it by themselves. Murrue concludes 
that they need the SPT and the Space Knight's help since 
protecting the Archangel and the Strike comes frst. Aki ask D-
Boy to come with them and Eiji so that the Space Knight can 
insure him. Natarle says that if Murrue agrees, then she'll keep 
quiet but she wouldn't tolerate rash and independent action from 
all of them since the Archangel is a Federation Ship and she 
expects them to obey order.

D-Boy says that he doesn't care about their order, he doesn't 
need friends or to be insured by others which annoys Noal but D-
Boy continues that he would like to be with those that can fight 
Radam like them. Beside he'll need food to henshin so he's 
willing to go along.

At the Nadesico's cafeteria, Prospector finds the Mazinger Team, 
the Combattler Team and Touya. He says that the Dancougar team 
and Domon have decided to remain with the Nadesico and they have 
more than enough firepower. If it's possible he'd like to lend 
the Archangel a little more firepower for their sake. Kouji and 
Hyouma decline saying that they have to get back to their 
respective laboratory as soon as possible since the professors 
and more are probably worried sick about them being missing for 
8 months. Prospector understands which is why he is asking Touya.

Kouji says that Touya was originally their responsibility but 
Prospector is asking just in case Touya change his mind. Tenia 
and the others leave the decision to Touya who agrees.

This shocks everyone. Kouji ask why he's doing this. Touya says 
that he's been thinking about what he alone can do. Kouji ask if 
that's why he agrees to go with the Archangel without them 
watching out for him. If he comes with the Nadesico, Kouji 
thought that Touya could have gotten off in Japan and work at 
the Photonic Lab. Hyouma says that if he isn't interested in the 
Photonic Lab, he could come to THEIR lab. Touya thanks everyone 
but he's made his decision. Kouji note that Touya finally have 
that burning spirit to protect others, he tells Touya to be 
careful and that they'll meet again. Touya promise and 
Prospector says that he'll arrange with Murrue.

In the Hall, the three girls confronted Touya wanting to know 
the meaning behind his words. Touya says that he has been 
thinking a lot about just giving it all up. He's been fighting 
to live ever since they set out for Mars and come back not 
wanting to die. He realize that that's a lost cause after 
returning to Earth and seeing the state it is in. He look at 
everyone and ask himself that if he didn't have anything to 
protect, does that mean that his reason for fighting is gone. 
Touya says that while he wanted to go back to his old life but 
he doesn't have any reason for going back to it or anything to 
look forward to in that life. He didn't REALLY want to go back 
to that life. All this means that all he's done since he got 
Granteed is to run away from the responsibility thrusted upon 

Touya says that he saw the death of Fucube and Gai while 
fighting the Grados, the Jupiter Lizard, and the Radam on Mars 
and in space. He saw what ZAFT did to Heliopolis, he saw Akito 
and Kira rising to the occasion and he knows that with the way 
the Earth is right now, he can't say that this is all right and 
leave. He wants to know what he can do, what he can REALLY do to 
change this. If he has that power, like Kouji and Hyouma, he has 
to fight. Tenia then ask if this means what she think and Touya 
says that this time he's fully commited, to them and Granteed 
and to wherever their destiny lies.

While the other two are happy, Kateia ask if this is what he 
wants to which Touya ask whether this isn't what the three girls 
want. Kateia says that they've faced off against "them" and they 
will need even more commitment from all four of them to see 
things through. Touya note that he saw in that brief flash in 
the battle today that they are destined to fight against this 
mysterious enemy. Touya says that he have to get stronger, to 
fight "them" , the Grados, the Radam and all others along with 
the three girls.

Meanwhile Andrew Bartfield, spying on the two ship is talking 
with his subordinate about the two enemy ship with 
Dacosta.Dacosta says that they haven't made a move yet and are 
not aware of them Andrew then notice that the coffee blend have 
changed from one sip and says that good coffee leads to good 
feeling. Andrew decides to return to base noting that this has 
to be the two ship that Crueset let escape and that they can't 
let the two ship escape. First off is to attack to determine 
their strength.
Back at their base, Al Van checked out his mech and found out 
that there is nothing wrong with the Las Erem on his machine. He 
noted that it didn't work against the team and wonders if the 
thing that "that Lord" did with the Granteed was for this.
Episode 11

Dacosta reports to Andrew that the Nadesico and the Archangel 
have split up with the Nadesico going past a Tulip and 
destroying it gaining the attention of other ZAFT base. Andrew 
then asks for the Archangel's movement and realizes that the 
Nadesico is acting as a decoy to lure the enemy away from the 
Archangel. He tells Dacosta to get ready for deployment.

Murrue, Natarle and Mwu are noting that it's been pretty good 
sailing so far with no attack from ZAFT but Mwu wonders why 
Cagalli is coming with them instead of going with the Dancougar 
team and the Nadesico. Murrue says that Cagalli said she'd make 
herself useful and might come in handy, beside they're not in a 
position to refuse her and the others. Mwu decides to go and 
look in on the others

Tenia, meanwhile, is complaining that they should have gone with 
the Nadesico since the meals here are so measly and bland, it's 
Touya's fault but Touya says that the thee girls left it to him 
to decide. Tenia sob that she didn't know it'd be like this. 
Kateia tells Tenia to shape up since she's been saying the same 
things for a while now. Milly ask if the Nadeisoc is really 
different from this and Tenia says that instead of having to 
share a room with the other two girls, she had her own room, 
there were lots of delicious food on the menu, the shower and 
the onsen is big. Everything was better there. Sai says that it 
can't be help since the Archangel is a Federation ship and Roan 
adds that it isn't supposed to accommodate civilians like them. 
David says that its just a little more hardship until it's over 
and Arthur says that he can't wait to get home which get Sai and 
the other people a bit upset. Simone berated Arthur for 
reminding Sai and the others that their home in Heliopolis was 
destroyed. Flay herself decides to go somewhere else (probably 
to seduce someone)

At the bridge room, Touya and the new arrival from theNadesico 
has been summoned by Mwu. Mwu says that since they are going to 
be fighting together for a while, he'd like to know more about 
their story. After listening to Touya's story, he notes that 
that was quite an adventure. Kira is shocked to learn that every 
settler on Mars except them was killed. Mwu ask Eiji if 
everything is really going to be ok with him even though his dad 
is an Earthling, he's still a Grados and there's the matter of 
him having to fight this Gale senpai of his. Eiji says that 
Earth is the place that he grew to admire from his dad's story; 
it's a place that he consider a home for his heart. Eiji wants 
to protect this planet and cease the war between his two places 
of heritage.

Mwu note that it would be SO much easier if everyone on Earth is 
like Eiji, he feels so embarassed at what Earthling like them 
are up to. Mwu ask Noal about D-Boy but Noal says that they 
don't understand a thing about him and how he becomes Tekkaman. 
In fact he believes Eiji is an alien more than he believe that 
D-Boy is an Earthling. Aki reprimand Noal for saying that but 
Noal says that he still doesn't trust D-Boy and will shoot him 
if he acts suspicious. Mwu note that D-Boy is their ally for 
fighting Radam for now and then turn his attention to Touya. Mwu 
wants to know about the mysterious enemy they encountered 

Touya says that he don't know much but that Kateia and the other 
two escaped from them and he then tells what he knows. Mwu note 
that while he knows more about Granteeed, it still tells nothing 
about the mysterious enemy.
Later, Mwu is at the dock checking on the Skygrasper and see Sai, 
Cagalli, Tol and Milly along with David, Roan and Simone at the 
Skygrasper simulator. Cagalli is training with it and the others 
are here to watch. Mwu note that there IS a spare Skygrasper but 
he's not going to let Cagalli pilot it since she'd be more of a 
hindrance than help

Tol and the others note that Cagalli did quite well in the 
simulator unlike them who game over immediately. Cagalli says 
that while she hasn't riden one before, Tol and the others are 
hopeless at this and would die if they go out. David wants to go 
next and Simone tells him that he shouldn't since as an SPT 
pilot, if he doesn't outscore Cagalli, he'd look bad. Roan ask 
Simone if she'd like to try but Simone says no although she does 
want to try piloting an SPT. David ask why she'd want to do that 
since Roan and him are around but she says that if they got 
injured, at least there'd be one spare SPT pilot.

 Milly ask if there's a simulator for an SPT but David says that 
they ride the real thing using data from past battle to create a 
simulation in the cockpit which is how he and Roan learned on 
Mars. Cagalli wants to try it but Roan says that Eiji will get 
angry if they loan it out like that, Cagalli ask them to ask 
Eiji for a chance but Mwu comes and put a stop to all this 
saying the war they're in is not a game. The real thing is 
harder and more horrendous than any simulation. He ask them not 
to just sortied when they're in a fight to try to "help"

David note that the reason they didn't die right away on Mars 
when they first battle the Grados troop was due to sheer luck 
and Eiji working overtime to cover their butts.Roan note that it 
REALLY is a miracle that they've survived THIS far.

At the bridge, Natarle report that they've spotted a 
reconnaisance MS and that they'll probably be attacked shortly. 
Murrue says that she had hopes that they wouldn't have to go 
through a fight but it seems that it can't be avoided. Murrue 
ask if D-Boy is going to help fight and D-Boy says that its so 
stupid,  Radams are invading the Earth going underground to 
become Radam Forest and all humanity can do is fight amongst 
themselves. Compared to Radam, Coordinators are Earthling just 
as much as Naturals.

Murrue says that what D-Boy said is absolutely correct, they 
SHOULDN'T be fighting amongst themselves but it doesn't change 
their situation now, they HAVE to fight to survive and protect 
what is dear to them be it against Radam or against other 
Earthlings. Mwu says that even if it is stupid, they have to do 
it and he bet that the non military people in this ship are 
thinking the same thing.

Noal tells them to forget it since the Radam Otaku is only 
interested in Radam, not the Grados or the Jupitorian Lizard, in 
fact why don't he go to ZAFT, they'd be in a better position to 
fight Radam than the Feds right now. Aki tells Noal that D-Boy's 
their friend now, why is he being so mean?  D-Boy says that he 
will fight since if the ship goes down right now, it'd be 
annoying afterward but he doesn't want any friendship.

Natarle doesn't care as long as he deploy. She tells Aki that 
they don't have time for this drama, if he's willing to fight 
then she doesn't care what he thinks. As the scream scramble, 
Flay approach Kira asking him to protect them all, and get rid 
of all their enemies. Kira says that he won't let anyone else 
die, he'll protect them.

The battle begins and Mwu note that there is no mothership which 
probably means a second wave of attack and tells everyone not to 
overexert themselves. Touya says that because ZAFT has been 
making waves, they're not free to fight the Radam.

Cagalli tries to get on the other SkyGrasper but is stopped by 
Mardock and Simone. Cagalli ask why they are stopping her, its 
not like they're in a situation that they can afford to not 
deploy one more unit but Simone says that Eiji and the others 
are dong their best and she'd only be in their way and get 

As the battle rage, the Archangel is attacked. Kira wonders 
where the attack came from and Natarle tells the Bridge crew to 
focus on their job and not just cheer those on the battlefield.

Sai note that the enemy ship is classified as the Ririch and 
Murrue knows that they are facing the Tiger of the Desert, 
Andrew Bartfield.  Sai and the others note that this guy sounds 
tough and wonder if Kira can handle him.

Andrew note that the Archangel have some of the Nadesico's 
forces with them so he tells Dacosta that there's a change of 
plan and deploy with the love of his life. Murrue note that even 
though the Nadesico is acting as a decoy against ZAFT, they've 
met an even tougher foe than expected. The battle continues and 
Andrew confronts Kira. Andrew noted that if he can continuously 
hit the Strike, even with Non-Beam weapon, the Phase Shift 
Armour won't be able to withstand it for long and run out of 
energy. He wonders what this miracle pilot will do. Kira shout 
that he won't let the Archangel be destroyed.

Eiji tells Rei to aim for parts to disable the enemy mech but 
Rei tells him that the enemy mech (Andrew) is quite good and 
that it is dangerous to go with this course of action but Eiji 
tells Rei to do it anyway. Andrew noted that this is the Blue 
Comet that doesn't seem to want to kill people, but his 
generosity will be the death of him in the battlefield.

Touya note that Andrew seems to be the head honcho. Andrew noted 
that while this mech has great power, it doesn't matter since 
the pilot seems incapable of using it properly.
Mwu note that the Tiger of the Desert has really outdone himself 
this time, Andrew says that that plane won't be much of an 
opponent for the Ragou and yet he is challenged? He's being 
snubbed isn't he?

Tekkaman attacks and Aisha wonders what that is. Andrew doesn't 
know since there is no info from Crueset but it doesn't seem 
like a robot that someone can pilot. It's either a power suit or 
some sort of radio controlled robot but he can't believe how 
strong it seems to be, the ArchAngel group is really a dangerous 
group not to be underestimated.

Andrew decides that they have tested the team enough and 
withdraw to prepare for a second assault. Murrue learns that 
with the damage the Archangel took, they'll have to land and 
take a couple of days to repair it. Since they are stuck here, 
Noal note that it would be best to get supplies since they're 
stuck here for a while and from what the Dancougar team told 
them, there's both a secret supply location and a town not too 
far away that they can get  it from.

Natarle tells Cagalli, Kira, Eiji and a couple more to be 
careful in getting their part of the supply such as food since 
they ARE in ZAFT territory. She and some of the others like Mwu 
are going to the secret supply location. Noal note that it might 
be good for Kira and some of the others to go shopping and relax 
for a while since they've been on this ship since Heliopolis.
At the town, after finishing their shopping, Cagalli is 
complaining that while they got everyone the stuff they asked 
for, why does Flay need so much cosmetic and Simone says that a 
girl should look her best and ask if Cagalli doesn't use any and 
Cagalli says that she's fighting a war, looking good isn't a 

Finishing up, Cagalli takes them to get food, a Doner Kebab with 
Chilli Sauce. Of course a mysterious man tells them that eating 
it with Yoghurt Sauce is better. Of course Cagalli defends the 
Chili sauce. Before this silliness can go any further, Blue 
Cosmos terrorist comes after this mystery man who is revealed to 
be a Coordinator and actually Andrew Bartfield. Cagalli and the 
others saves him but of course, Dacosta and more comes to his 
rescue and Andrew figured out Kira and the others are from the 
Archangel and surround them so that he could have a debate with 

Cagalli recognize Andrew and Touya then say that he's the one 
they just fought. Tenia ask if they're going to be imprisoned. 
Andrew lead them back to his camp, and gives them coffee. 
Cagalli ask why is he playing nice with them, is he really the 
Tiger of the Desert who gave the resistance such a hard time. 
Andrew note that she's like the other resistance that died at 
his hands. Andrew ask Kira how does he think that the war will 
end since he is the pilot of the new Federation MS. Andrew 
reveal that he knows they're Archangel crew, and says that in 
war, there are no time over, so how do they think the war 
between them will end, is it when they completely obliterate the 
opposing side of ZAFT like they would the Radam and the Jovian 
Lizard and maybe the Reclaimer and all who are enemies of the 

Kira says that they're not Federation soldier but Andrew says 
that whatever the case, they're on a Federation ship. Touya ask 
if ZAFT has the same intention (total obliteration) with the 
Federation and all who oppose it since he saw what they did to 
Heliopolis without any remorse. Andrew then ask where Touya was 
during the Bloody Valentine event because he wants to know what 
Touya thought about the nuclear attack on Junius 7 and Touya 
says that he was on Mars. Andrew then notes that he was one of 
the Nadesico's crew. Andrew then ask him the same question he 
asked Kira about how long does he think the war will last and 
how it will end.

Eiji then interrupt saying that if he's an Earthling, then he 
should know that Grados is planning to subjugate the Earth, they 
shouldn't be fighting each other since they wouldn't win against 
Grados that way.

Andrew then note that this is the Grados halfling who came to 
warn the Earth (how is ZAFT's Intelligence THAT good?) He asks 
if he really isn't an Earthling and Eiji says that he is from 
Grados. Andrew then ask Eiji the same question as with Touya and 
Kira, how will the war between Earth and Grados end or how do 
you stop it, what does he think he should do and what does he 
plan to do on Earth after he delivers this warning message. Eiji 
is stuck for word and Andrew then says that Eiji is the one who 
said that they should stop fighitng. Kira note that they can't 
continue to be questioned like this and try to look around 
thinking of ways to escape but Andrew notice it and tells him to 
quit thinking since they all won't escape without harm at this 
range since everyone else isn't as strong or fast as Kira the 
Coordinator. Andrew says that he learn from Crueset's info about 
Kira. He doesn't care why Kira decides to fight other 
Coordinator but if he's a Fed pilot, they're enemies.

Andrew note that the only answer might be to oblierate each 
other at this point. Touya ask what Andrew is going to do with 
them and Andrew says that he'll let them go today since they did 
help him against the Blue Cosmos and he enjoyed talking with 
them though he's not sure they feel the same. Andrew says that 
they will meet on the battlefield again.

Meanwhile, a mysterious being is asking Dagger if he is fully 
healed and he says that he can go take Blade's head anytime now. 
The mysterious being says that he thought he should leave the 
task to the others but Dagger says that he doesn't want the 
others involved since it's personal. The mysterious being then 
notes that it's about revenge and allows Dagger to go for it. 
Dagger note that this time Blade is going down.

Episode 12

Dearka, Nicol and Yzak are sent to Andrew's battalion to be 
their backup. Dearka is complaining about the sand that seems to 
be everywhere even in his mouth and wonders why THEY were sent 
here and Nicol says that Captain Crueset is taking 
responsibility for the Heliopolis event and Athrun is taking 
Lacus back home. Yzak tells Dearka not to complain since they 
are ordered to chase the Archangel. Andrew welcomes them in and 
notes the three mech is similar to the Strike. Yzak ask if 
Andrew has already tackled the team and Andrew says that he 
can't laugh at Crueset now having been beat back. Andrew says 
that it'll be a while before they go after the Archangel again 
and tells the three to rest up.

The Archangel is now fully fixed and Murrue wants to take off 
though Natarle says that the Tiger of the Desert is probably 
going to be alert to their movement. Mwu says that they have no 
choice but to make a run for it, since they'll be coming sooner 
or later. Murrue note that even with Eiji and Touya around, 
it'll be a tough fight and ask them to do their best.

Meanwhile at the mess hall, Eiji is quite in thought and David 
has to shout to get his attention so that he can eat his food 
before it gets cold. Noal wonders just WHAT happen to them at 
the town when they were captured and let go by Andrew. They've 
(Kira, Eiji, etc) been like this since then. David says that 
Simone is also like this and when he ask Cagalli, she got angry 
and stormed out. D-Boy ask what is this food and Aki tells him 
that its Doner Kebab. Mwu says that he doesn't know what they're 
thinking but they have to fight to survive and get out of here, 
so they'd better eat and replenish their strength, oh and the 
Doner Kebab goes better with the Yoghurt Sauce.

This startles Tenia and Kira and Mwu ask "Did I do something 
wrong?" and Tenia grumbles saying "I hate to give props to him 
but it tastes so good" as she eats it with Yoghurt Sauce. Kira 
explains that Andrew told them about the deliciousness of Kebab 
with Yoghurt Sauce and Mwu note that Andrew has good taste in 
food (Personally I like Barbecue Sauce better) However, since 
he's an enemy and they have to fight him, its best to forget 
their little interaction with him since it might make them 
hesitate and get kill by him in the battlefield.

Kira thinks about it and goes back to his room, he met Flay who 
"came to see if he was alright and if he can fight if they're 
attacked" Kira says that he can fight, he has to fight, on 
Flay's behalf, even though he think that it would be better if 
both side can get out of this without any casualty but they HAVE 
to fight. Flay hugs Kira and.what they do afterward is not 
exactly known in the game (though I think I have a pretty good 
idea from the Gundam Seed Anime"controversy" regarding Flay 
around these episodes) Flay says that since Kira is fighting on 
their behalf, she wish for Kira's safety (After all, got to keep 
the pit bull fed and motivated)

Meanwhile Sai tells Murrue about a distress signal that they've 
catched on to. Natarle doesn't want to make this detour and pick 
more people up since they are under no obligation to do so. 
Cagalli notice the location and says that the village that it is 
coming from was one of the first village destroyed by the Radam 
when they burrowed in to become the Radam Forest. There can't 
possibly be anyone left around there now since it happened even 
BEFORE she came to Africa. Natarle wonders if it's a trap though 
Mwu wonders who would do it since ZAFT wouldn't and neither 
would the Jovian Lizard or the Radam. Aki says that though if 
there IS a survivor, they're waiting for help. Cagalli note that 
there might be a chance that some of the resistance who are 
defeated by ZAFT and the others might have escaped to the 
village to wait for help though Noal note that it could also be 
ZAFT troops who are waiting for help.

Anyhow Aki wants to go see and Murrue says that since it's quite 
close, she can allow it. Near the village, Touya note that the 
village is quite destroyed and overrun with Radam plants.Noal 
wonder if there really is someone who went in there through this 
hazard. Aki tells them that that's what they came to investigate 
and says that she didn't think D-Boy would tag along. Noal says 
that if they don't get down and investigate, they can't find 
anyone, David says that the environment isn't exactly friendly. 
D-Boy then offers to go in alone and let the others wait. Though 
Aki protest saying that they should all go, D-Boy says that 
he'll do it alone. 

Noal is quite annoyed asking why, does D-Boy think they'll be a 
hindrance? He has to admit though that if there's problem, D-Boy 
could change into Tekkaman. However, there's someone who needs 
help in there or does D-Boy not care. D-Boy says that that isn't 
the case. Noal then says that if that's not it, then it doesn't 
matter if its one person or a group. He then wonders if D-Boy 
thinks of them as friends even though he keeps saying otherwise. 
D-Boy says that going in alone is good, if he's alone he won't 
lose anyone which surprises both Aki and Noal.

Aki outfitted D-Boy with a communication device telling him to 
keep it turned on so they can communicate and Noal says that if 
there ARE survivors, don't change into Tekkaman in front of them 
and scare them away. Roan  agrees saying that they'll be shocked 
and distrusting of D-Boy.

When D-Boy enters the Radam forest infested village, he sense 
that it's one of them, but who is it? He met a man named Frits 
who's surprised he came alone. D-Boy call his name but Frits 
says that that is a name he abandoned long ago, isn't that right 
Blade? Frits continue that he won't die so easily, the one who's 
going to die is the traitor Tekkaman Blade.

Noal and Aki listen in and tells everyone that D-Boy seems to 
know this "survivor" and vice versa. D-Boy ask if Frits was the 
one who activate the distress signal and Frits says that he knew 
Blade is on the human's ship and would come to investigate and 
this would be his grave. Frits then Tekset into Tekkaman Dagger 
and activate the scrambling field. Merua notice it and wonders 
what it is
D-Boy tries to follow suit but can't Tekset and demand to know 
what Dagger did. Aki heard that and Touya realize that this is a 
trap for D-Boy. Dagger tells D-Boy that as long as the 
scrambling field is around, he can't Tekset since the Tekset 
energy will disperse and hurt him. Dagger tells him that he 
won't be killed swiftly that's for sure.

Noal ask if D-Boy can't transform and Aki shouted into the 
communicator for D-Boy to run. David wonders what they can do 
since they can't see where Dagger is.D-Boy call in saying that 
it's a trap and that there are Radam hidden nearby. He plans to 
get out of the village because he thinks the effect of the 
scrambling field wouldn't work there and if he can Tekset, he 
can defend himself. The message is cut off by a large blast. Aki 
is worried but Noal says that D-Boy won't die that easily Aki 
says that D-Boy state that something is interferring with him 
being able to become Tekkaman Blade and if its that burst of 
energy they just saw, if that's so, even if D-Boy comes out of 
the village, he still can't change. Noal then note that they 
have to destroy the four poles surrounding the village since 
taking on a Radam as a human is dangerous. Radam beasts appear 
and Touya says that they have to destroy the poles before D-Boy 
makes his way out of the village.

Dagger begins attacking, toying with D-Boy who does his best to 
avoid the blast. Dagger shouted that Blade has been a constant 
source of frustration and embarrassment to him. D-Boy finally 
makes it out of the village and tries to Tekset but the four 
poles still stops him. Dagger tells him about the poles but then 
the others destroy all of it and Aki tells him that he can 
Tekset now. Dagger then tries Plan B and brings out enough Radam 
for an attack. The Archangel arrives with Kira and Mwu in tow.

The battle begins and during the fight, Sai announce that he 
detected a ZAFT battleship heading their way. Murrue tells 
everyone to not let their guard down once they finished off the 

Dagger is defeated and retreat but tells Blade "You've think 
you've won? You haven't realized it yet but you can no longer 
fight against us, and I will be back to pick you off. 

The ZAFT troops arrives and Andrew say that he didn't expect to 
find them there fighting aliens but they're going down. Aisha 
note that it must be hard for Andie since he really seems to 
like those boys but Andrew ask her if she think they'd surrender, 
she says no and Andrew says that he thought so too.

The team manages to destroy Andrew's ship but he deploys in his 
Gau along with Aisha. Andrew tells Aisha that she should get out 
of the RaGou and retreat with Dacosta but she wouldn't have any 
of it so he tells her to hang on and tells Dacosta to retreat 
since the ship can no longer fight. Dacosta apologize for 
leaving him here and does. 

Kira and Touya says for Andrew to surrender since the fight is 
over, he's lost, why is he going for this last ditch attack but 
Andrew says that there are no rules in a war, they are on 
opposing sides so they must fight to the death. 

However, help for Andrew arrives in the form of the Buster and 
Blitz Gundam along with more ZAFT troops. Kira wonders if Athrun 
is here also. Dearka note that they arrive just in time to help. 
Nicol says that if they sink the Archangel, it's over and to 
leave it to Yzak who pops up in the Duel Gundam and attack the 
Archangel mercilessly.

Kira saw that Yzak's attack is near the shelter room where Flay 
and the people from Heliopolis are and shouted for him to 
stop.Cagalli wants to deploy but Mardock tries to stop her but 
Cagalli says that if she doesn't deploy now to stop Yzak, they 
might be dead and she does attacking Yzak who blasted her.  Mwu 
wonders who is piloting the other SkyGrasper and is told that it 
is Cagalli. Yzak circles around saying that this time there's no 
hostage for them to use and he isn't as nice as Nicol to offer 
them to surrender, he'll blast the bridge and kill them all.

Something in Kira snapped and he finally goes into SEED mode 
rushing Yzak and starts to kick his butt.Yzak couldn't believe 
it and attack the Strike but Kira dodges and shouted "I won't 
let you destroy the Archangel !!!"  The Strike then begins to 
pulverize the Duel Gundam turning Yzak's smirk upsidedown into a 
frown and leave him with a scarring parting gift. Nicol shouts 
for Yzak to retreat since he's in no condition to fight now and 
Yzak screams in anger at being pawned and that it hurts.

Andrew and the teams are shocked at Kira's movement; Andrew even 
thought that it was a berserker like rage. He targets Kira 
saying that he'll be the little berserker's opponent.  Eiji, 
Cagalli and Touya intervene. Cagalli shouted that she'll avenge 
the member of the resistance the Tiger of the Desert killed. 

Eiji apologizes to Andrew, he doesn't want to fight him but they 
can't die here. Andrew notes that it's the Grados boy so THAT'S 
the alien SPT. It seems dangerous so too bad, but he'll have to 
blow it down. Eiji says that this isn't the time for Earthling 
to fight each other with the Grados invasion looming over them. 
Andrew offers Eiji one advice, he has to praise Eiji for being 
good enough to just disable enemy mech and not kill them but if 
he continues to do so, it'll be the death of him one day and is 
that anyway to accomplish his mission?  He has to give it his 
all or does he plan to eternally sleep beneath these sands. Eiji 
knows that but he attacks any way aiming to disable.

Touya says that he doesn't know long the fighting will go on in 
response to Andrew's earlier question, but he knows that he's 
made a choice to fight. Andrew notes that this is the boy who 
went to Mars. Touya continues that he has to know the meaning of 
why he must pilot this mech to fight "them" so there's no other 
choice for him but this.

Andrew says that he don't know what Touya's talking about but he 
won't let them go today as easily as last time since they are 
opponents on the battlefield. Touya shout that HE won't go down 
easy and for Merua to get ready.

The three's distraction were enough to let Kira slip in and 
delivers a finishing blow. When Andrew's mech explode, Kira says 
with sorrow that he didn't mean to kill Andrew but disable his 
mech. Touya regrets what happens and Merua ask what's wrong

The Buster and the Blitz targets the Strike saying that he's 
going down but Kira says that he won't relent. Touya grumbles 
"Jeez, you guys are PERSISTENT" They both got curbstomped by the 
SEED Mode Kira and his amazing friends and retreat.

Natarle note that they've driven off the ZAFT and Murrue says 
that as soon as the mech returns, they'll head straight out to 
sea right away.

Back at the Archangel's dock, Kira is still lamenting over 
Andrew's death as Cagalli is being disciplined by Mwu, he's 
grateful she's still alive but that was a foolhardy thing she 
did. Cagalli says that at least from now on, there's no stronger 
than them and she did pretty well out there. Kira says that if 
luck wasn't with her, she'd be dead by the Duel Gundam's hand. 
Cagalli says that she's made her peace with what could happen 
but Kira says that she doesn't understand, if you're dead, 
that's IT. Cagalli says so what, she feels that she was doing 
her best to protect them and the ship but Kira says that just 
thoughts and feelings won't protect anyone. Cagalli is a bit 
annoyed when Flay comes in and jumps into Kira's hand. Kira said 
that he was so worried that she might be hurt by the Duel's 
attack, she says that she was real scared and he says that its 
all right.

Simone, Roan and David looks on wondering what the heck is 
happening, isn't Flay engaged to Sai? David hopes that it 
wouldn't lead to something heartbreaking. Eiji is silent and 
Anna ask what's wrong with him and is there anything she can do 
to help. Eiji thanks her but says that he's ok, he won't die, he 
still has things to do.

Noal tells Blade that this is the second time they've saved his 
butt,isn't there anything he has to say to them?  Tekkaman Blade 
changes back to D-Boy but is shocked to see that his Tekcrystal 
has shattered.D-Boy then remember Dagger's word and realize this 
is what he meant. This means, he can't fight anymore, he can't 
be Tekkaman Blade anymore. How can he fight them now?

The Archangel has now reached the ocean and Murrue note that 
except Andrew's troop, all other ZAFT troops were distracted by 
the Nadesico. Murrue hope that they can one day meet again 
though Natarle note that that's probably not going to happen. 
Murrue says that once they reach Orb, they should send them a 
thank you message and Natarle says that Touya is from Nergal so 
they can send it via him. Natarle still note that they're not 
totally safe yet, ZAFT can still send more troops from elsewhere 
to intercept them. Aki comes in with a report from Murdock and 
Murrue ask how is D-Boy's situation and she says that he hasn't 
eaten. Natarle ask if he can't become Tekkaman anymore and when 
confirmed coldly state that he's just an Earthling then, no 
different than the refugee they're transporting, though she'd 
want to know what he'd do if they encounter Radam next. She 
hopes that he would ride the Blue Earth along with Aki and Noal 
to fight but she's not expecting it.

Murrue is angry at Natarle's coldness but Natarle says that if 
he doesn't bring anything to the table, he has to be given the 
same treatment as the other refugee or there might be dissent by 
them and other people in the ship.

Episode 13

Aki is trying to get D-Boy to eat something since he hasn't 
eaten and leave his quarter since his Tekcrystal shattered. D-
Boy tells her to leave him alone. Noal tells her to leave him, 
if he likes to just sit in this room and sulk so much,Natarle is 
planning to put him in with the other refugees from Heliopolis 
anyway. D-Boy sums it up that Natarle has no use for him who 
can't become Tekkaman right. D-Boy then starts to walk out 
saying that if they have no more use for him then he plans to 
get off, even though it's the middle of the ocean since he has 
no more use anyway. Aki gets annoy and slap D-Boy telling him to 
come with her.

She shows him the dock where Mwu and Dr.Elizabeth are 
waiting.Aki tells D-Boy to look at the kids and what they're 
doing. Kira and the others, even though they may have to deploy 
are still helping with the maintenance of their mech and the 
ship even though they're not military. There is no one here who 
likes to fight.  Tenia and Cagalli tells him to lend a hand 
asking what the heck he is thinking shutting himself off in his 
room like that? Aki says that the others are trying their best 
unlike D-Boy who seems to have given up. D-Boy says that he 
can't become Tekkaman again. It's obvious that he's not out of 
his funk. Mwu says that he have a proposal to make to Aki, Noal 
and Dr. Elizabeth.

Sai and the others are talking about the Blue Earth leaving for 
the Space Knight's main headquarter passing Orb with D-Boy and 
Doctor Elizabeth in tow. Sai wonder if it's because of Natarle's 
pressure against D-Boy not being able to transform but Tol says 
that it seems to be Mwu's idea. They wonder if it's wise for 
just one lone mech to make the trip since they might encounter 
enemies like ZAFT but Eiji note that the Blue Earth is quite 
fast and small so the odds are good that it'll slip under the 
enemies' radar. The rest of the people heading for Orb will be 
with the Archangel. Kuzzy lament that if they're going to Orb, 
why didn't they take him and the rest of the SEED gang and Milly 
says that they all can't fit in the Blue Earth and without them 
the Archangel's bridge crew is gone and won't operate at full 
efficiency. Beside, David Roan, Simone, Anna and Arthur are 
survivors from Mars who have been through greater distress and 
Kuzzy wants to tell them to #$@ off while he abandon them and 
get to safety first? Kuzzy says that he didn't meant it like 
that but Arthur says that he understand Kuzzy's feeling of 
wanting to get to safety as soon as possible but they're men, 
they can't just leave other survivors who are women and children 
behind to make themselves safe. Simone compliments him saying 
that Arthur seems to have grown a spine at least.

Mwu comes in telling them that he has great news, they've been 
hailed by an ally ship though it's quite different than other 
Federation Ship in that it's not a space faring one but one 
designed to observe Orphan. They will be getting some supplys 
from the Novis Noah.

At the Novis Noah, Murrue introduce herself to Captain Anoa and 
Gaybridge, someone with substantial pull in the Federation and 
the head of their operation. Gaybridge says that the team has 
been a lot and Mwu agrees, he says that the Reclaimer aren't 
exactly being quiet, they ignore the other invaders and collect 
plates for Orphan to rise, even though scientist have theorized 
that all life on Earth will end if Orphan flies to the star. 

Gaybridge welcomes Eiji to Earth and apologizes for its state 
and that his warning was useless against the warring factions on 
Earth. Natarle talks to Captain Anoa about supplies when Murrue 
notices kids near the hangar and ask about them and Captain Anoa 
says that the only Federation ship who uses Organic Machine is 
them so they're understaffed so some of the kids who are with 
one pilot agree to help in ways they can.

 Lasse and Nanka talk about the Archangel crew and how it 
contains survivors from Mars and Heliopolis. Nanka is quite 
depress that young  people are drawn into this fight but Lasse 
tells him that THEY'RE not one to talk about using young pilot 
with Hime around being the best at piloting Brains Powered. The 
young seems to have quite good piloting skills. Nanka says that 
Hime spent the most time with Brains but in actual battle, he 
himself is quite a contender for best pilot, he tells his Brain 
that these people aren't enemies and the Nanka Brain hummed in 

Kira is quite stunned at the Brain Powered's appearance and 
Yukio tells him that he can look but don't get in the way. Merua 
ask what they're doing and Kumazo tells her that they're giving 
the Brain a massage and wash since they like it. The other kids 
chimed in that they like it and that Brain Powereds aren't robot 
but living beings. Cagalli note then that they could be compared 
to horse. Hime comes out of the BP cockpit to tell Kira and the 
others to step back since they're in the way. Kira note that 
Hime's quite young but Roan says that the same can be said about 
them. Touya ask Hime who's finished if she's the Brain's pilot 
and she says that "she" (Hime Brain) is attached to her and 
won't let anyone else tells it what to do so she takes care of 
"her" Hime herself is quite surprised that Kira and the others 
are pilots. Cagalli says that its easy to David telling her not 
to prop her skill that much, Roan ask about piloting a Brain. 
Hime says that the Brain will choose its partner, as long as you 
have a Brain that is interested in you, you just get in the 
cockpit and its easy since Brain moves themselves, the pilot is 
more like a coach and caretaker.

At Orphan, Isami Yuu thinks to himself that no one remembers his 
17th birthday today or anything much about him, even though its 
bad for Kanan, he's made a decision. Long story short, Yuu goes 
to meet his parent with gun raised in hand saying that he's had 
enough working to raise Orphan and kill all life on Earth, 
having to match his mind and body to the Grancher (the opposite 
of a Brain Powered where the Brain does this). He's been treated 
like a lab rat, and even his sister is acting strange. Said 
sister with possible multiple personality of Quincy Issa and a 
definite severe case of deafness to reason fires a shot at him 
to kill the traitor. Yuu escape and found a Brain Powered that 
they recovered and has junked at the Reclaimer Base and escape 
alongside it since it wants to see the light of the sun. Long 
story short again, Yuu fled, DTR girl orders Jonathan, Kanan and 
Shira to go kill the traitor.

Meanwhile, at the Novis Noah, they've detected a sign of an 
antibody and decide to send Hime out to investigate. Gaybridge 
ask the Archangel team to prepare for launch just in case.

The escaping Yuu is pursued by Shira and Kanan.. Yuu tells Shira 
that the Brain Powered fits in unlike what his dad said. Kanan 
rush close to him asking why didn't he try to talk to her about 
this and Yuu says that he did but Kanan was too busy always 
talking about herself to listen. Shira also rush close and grab 
Yuu Brain. This is when the investigating Hime arrives and frees 
him. Yuu recognize Hime's voice who also in turn recognize Yuu's. 
She ask why he's in a Brain Powered, isn't he a Grancher. This 
is when Shira rushes Yuu and Yuu and Hime moves together and 
Vital Jump out of the way. Yuu note that its impossible to 
escape at this range so he'll have to fight and ask Hime if she 
can fight. Hime says that she can and that the others will be 
here soon. The battle begins.

Shira plans to kill the traitor Yuu and tells Hime that her 
Brain isn't a match for her Granchers.  Kanan begs Yuu to come 
back to Orphan because otherwise Quincy or Deafness to Reason 
Girl will consider him an enemy and kill him, Yuu decline saying 
that he won't return to Orphan. Kanan notice Hime and remembers 
her from some times ago saying that after meeting Hime, Yuu's 
been acting strangely.

However, out comes Johnny Boy who plans to kill Yuu, complete 
Orphan's "will" etc but Yuu says that to claim that the 
Reclaimer's action is what Orphan would want is arrogance. Yuu 
says that the Earth and humanity will die if Orphan leaves for 
space but Johnny boy says that humanity will survive through the 
Reclaimers. Yuu's Brain sense the appearance of two more 
Antibodies heading this way but Hime tells him that those are 
allies as your units deploy. Mwu tells everyone that he hasn't 
fought an antibody before but they are rumoured to be pretty 
tough so be careful.

Jonathan is furious that Yuu has join forces with the Earth 
Federation and Yuu is amazed that the Federation has this many 
diverse type of robots, Hime says that she doesn't know much but 
they were on board this new Federation ship.

The team takes on Jonathan and Jonathan trivialize their efforts 
saying that lowly Brain Powered are no match for his Grancher 
which gets a "You condescending..." from Hime  and Yuu saying 
that this BP he's in was weak because it was uncared for and 
left for dead at Orphan. Touya tries to intervene but Jonathan 
says that a mechanical doll like the Granteed is no match for 
the Grancher's speed and Touya is finding it hard pressed to 
keep up with Johnny Boy's movement.

However, as smug as he is, Johnny Boy gets beaten and Yuu says 
that he's in no condition to fight anymore and for him to 
retreat. Jonathan can't believe that a Brain Powered can have 
this much power.

Yuu is quite surprised at how well the others can fight the 
Granchers, he wonder if they are a troop full of experimental 
units though its no concern of his and Vital Jump out with Hime 
following him asking what is he doing going away like this after 
being saved by them. The two gets out of their pilot and Yuu 
plant a wet one on Hime saying that it really IS her, Uzumiya 
Hime. Hime ask what is he doing and Yuu says that they defeated 
the Grancher right? Hime laugh that they DID defeat the Grancher 
together and Yuu says that he didn't expect her to be here. Hime 
wants to know what Yuu is doing with this new Brain Powered, 
wasn't he in a Grancher before? Yuu says that there's been some 
changes though Hime says that he was a Reclaimer isn't he, so 
he's their enemy? Yuu note that she likes to talk and tells her 
that he didn't exactly ask them to help. Hime says that its 
because of Orphan rising that there werer earthquakes destroying 
her home town but Yuu says that she got it backward, because of 
the earthquake, it triggers Orphan to rise and some people went 
inside and claim it becoming Reclaimer. Hime aske if they're the 
one who uses Grancher to collect Plates all over the world for 
Orphan to be able to rise and destroy the world in the process. 
Yuu says that that won't happen since he'll defeat them before 
that and leaves leaving Hime to wonder what kind of guy he is.

Back at the Novis Noah and the Archangel, Mwu admits that the 
Granchers were hard to fight, he wants to know how they can move 
like that and Nanka says that its because they're organic 
machine running on organic energy and that Hime is better than 
them since she can ride theVital Globe. Touya ask if its true 
that when Orphan rise,it'll siphon all the energy from Earth and 
Nanka says that he's not a scientist but Orphan WILL need a 
large amount of energy to go into space. Lasse note that they 
don't know what the sideeffects will be but if Hime brought the 
Reclaimer boy (Yuu) back then they might have some ideas. Kira 
and Cagalli note that if this is true, then its no joke and they 
have to prevent it. Mwu says that if it is proven true, then the 
Federation will probably stop concentrating on defeating the 
Plants since it wouldn't do well to die and leave the Plants 
victorious just from being in space.

Hime returns and thanks her Brain for the good work it did. Hime 
tells them that Yuu was going elsewhere and report to Captain 
Anoa. Gaybridge says that what Naoko predicted was true, Yuu has 
broken free and run away from his parents. Naoko ask if her 
grandson have really broken free of her child's grasp (Mom or 
Dad, don't know) and is confirmed by Hime. Nanka ask if they 
should go after and capture him but Captain Anoa says that all 
they know from tracking his Brain's energy trail through their 
incomplete Organic Radar is that he's travelling eastbound to 
East Asia.
Mwu note that it's a shame since with his parents being the head 
of the Reclaimer, he would probably be privied to lots of 
information they need. Captain Anoah apologizes but the Novis 
Noah is still just an experimental ship. David wonders if Yuu 
will encounter the Nadesico since it's also headed to East Asia. 
Gaybridge says that if Yuu is really serious about fighting the 
Reclaimer then they'll meet again and tells everyone to get some 

Episode 14

Flay is getting sea sickness from the Archangel being parked 
near the Novis Noah, Kira tells her that its better to lie down 
if she is, she can go lie down near the common room since Milly 
is there also but Flay wants to be near Kira and like a spoiled 
one, ask for a drink to which Kira went to get post haste.

At the Novis Noah, Murrue and Mwu learns of the ZAFT marine 
troops heading their way from ZAFT's Carpenteria base. Captain 
Anoa says that they learn that ZAFT is developing a marine force 
from before, and it may be to deal with the Novis Noah which can 
submerge if the info is right. When ask why she questions the 
source of the info, Captain Anoa says that the info was passed 
on to their allies troop who passed it on to them and the allied 
troops couldn't really identify their mysterious benefactor.

Kateia and Natarle wonders if the info is correct and who in 
their right mind if they're not Feds would give them this juicy 
info which seems to be dead-on. Gaybridge conclude that it was 
probably "The Toybox" from where the info came from and Captain 
Anoa agrees. When asked what "The Toybox" is, Gaybridge says 
that it is a phantom submarine that no one has ever been able to 
confirm. It seems to be a highly advanced ship with technologies 
beyond Federation and ZAFT. No one knows their alliegance but 
they are not Federation nor ZAFT though they do not seem to be 
the Federation's enemy. Lasse then says that they think it 
belongs to an organization named Mythril.

Hearing that name, the Archangel crew is quite surprised and 
then tells Gaybridge about what happened in Africa with the 
Dancougar from Mythril. Gaybridge note that Mythril seems to 
have step up their activities in these dangerous times and Mwu 
note that it's a secret organization for world peace? (Isn't the 
norm that these secret society are evil, look at Shocker, 
Destron and various from the Kamen Rider series.) Murrue wonders 
why Mythril is doing them this favour and Gaybridge note that 
they're probably interested in the Archangel and the Novis Noah. 
Mwu note that the Dancougar team must have radioed back to them 
about the Archangel's flight and about D-Boy and Eiji. Natarle 
adds in the Coordinator who has sided with them is also of 
interest.  Though Murrue protest at her insensitivity, Natarle 
says ANY one would be interested in Kira who has been able to 
draw out the Strike's capability THIS much.

Captain Anoa note that Kira's a first generation Coordinator 
with Natural parents, she does consider it interesting that he 
was able to fight to this extent, she guess it must have been 
because Kira wants to see his parents in Orb again.

Gaybridge returns the discussion back to the ZAFT marine troops 
and that the Novis Noah is planning on leaving this area. 
Murruesays that they are headed towards Orb to get the refugee 
they took from the Nadesico home as promised and for the 
Morgenlete company there to repair the Archangel fully since 
they built it for the Feds AND it's a condition in order to get 
Touya and Eiji's people from the Nadesico as protection. 
Gaybridge note that Nergal seems to be cooperating with the Feds 
but they seem to have something up their sleeves. The talk is 
interrupt by Nanka who says that ally forces have warned them 
that a nearby Tulip has started functioning spitting out enemies. 
Murrue offers to take the Grados troops and the ZAFT troops if 
they appear so that the Novis Noah can make their escape. 
Captain Anoa tells her that they will then heads towards Orb 
also and lends the Brain Powered troops to the Archangel.

Flay ask Kira about the fight that's about to ensue. Kira says 
that its with the Jovian Lizard but even if ZAFT arrives, he'll 
protect everyone, Flay urges him on.

As the Archangel collides with the Jovian mech, Sai says that 
there's a never before seen humanoid mech type along with it. 
Natarle wonders if those are Grados's SPT but Simone and the 
other Mars survivors says that those are mechanical Terminator 
Police, the killing machine that exterminate almost all life on 
Mars. The Layzner deploys immediately. Eiji tells everyone that 
if those things have arrived then the Grados troops are no 
longer hiding their identity or intent anymore, therefore they 
are pretty much in position to attack Earth now and they know 
that he didn't die on Mars but has arrived on Earth. Mwu ask if 
that's so, why haven't they clash with either the Feds or ZAFT 
before now and Eiji says that Grados Battleship has a defense 
barrier that allows them to stealthily arrives without anyone 
knowing it. Touya ask if they could come any seconds and Merua 
says that for Grados, entering and leaving Earth's atmosphere is 
probably extremely easy for them. Natarle tells everyone that 
worrying won't do anygood and to deploy. The team manages to 
take down some Jovian mech however the Archangel catches the 
coming of the Grados troops and they arrived.

Gale noted that this is the sea of the Earth; this is the planet 
that Eiji has staked his life to protect. Karura tells him that 
while the ship is wrong, that IS Layzner, she wonders how they 
did it since the live Jump from that gate (Tulip) is still under 
research by those people.

Touya and David note the Grime Kaizal and Eiji note that it is 
Gale Senpai. Mwu ask if this is the Gale that he was talking 
about and this is the troop that invaded Mars. Gale says that 
he's quite surprised that Eiji has made it to Earth, since he 
thought that Eiji had died after entering the Tulip. Eiji says 
that he still lives and won't die since he has to protect the 
Earth. Gale says that Eiji's action were pointless since the 
Earthling are warring between themselves even though they are 
being attacked not only by Grados but other alien beings like 
the Radam. They cannot control themselves, THIS is the Earthling 
that Eiji chose to protect. Gale says that Earth's system MUST 
be change, if not Earthling will take their war to other planets 
in space and that Grados's decision was right.

Mwu counter that while they ARE quite idiotic, Grados has 
absolutely NO reason to invade and kill Earthling. Cagalli 
shouted that if that's the reason, what about THEM being 
egotistical and killing everyone on Mars, Hypocrite!! They're 
NOT so CULTURED!! Hime agrees saying that if Grados is as good 
as Gale mouthed it to be, they wouldn't be starting a war with 
Earth using mechanical killers; THEY'RE just smug imperalistic 

Karua says that Gale is talking to Eiji and for monkeys like 
them to not interrupted (She'll get spanked hard by the team for 
sure after this) Cagalli shouted "Monkeys? US? That's IT alien 
#!@%"  Eiji calmly says that even though what the Earthling are 
doing is idiotic, Grados's way is absolutely wrong, they ARE 
human, they have a right to live. Gale says that Eiji's father 
is under imprisonment and branded a traitor while Julia, his 
sister and his mother are under house arrest, is that how Eiji 
wants it, to have his family suffers for the Earth, and to fight 
him for some unknown planet? Is Earth THAT precious to him?

Kira doesn't want Eiji to suffer like this but Eiji says that 
its ok, he's made his peace at the beginning of his journey 
about what he'd be giving up and so has his mom and dad. Gale 
note that there is no longer a need for word, he cut ties with 
Eiji on Mars and he is under order to destroy the Layzner, its 
too bad but he will end Eiji's life, really too bad and Eiji 
says that it's the same with him. Gale says that there are two 
ways for a man to die, honorably and as a dog; he will give Eiji 
an honorable death in battle.

Touya has heard enough from the Char wannabe and says that this 
is Earth; he's not going to let them do as they please "We'll 
protect Eiji from YOU and your ILK!!" David chimed in saying 
that they're not going to die having made it this far. Karura 
orders the attack on Layzner and the stupid Earthling. Said 
stupid Earthling kicked her butt in record times forcing her to 

Gale notes that he can't hold Julia's hand with her brother's 
blood on his so this is goodbye, Julia. Mwu tries to take Gale 
on but note that this is an ace he's dealing with so its pretty 
tough but Gale is angry that this Earthling thinks that he can 
fight the GrimeKaisal with just a plane. Kira note that this is 
someone that Eiji knew in Grados but he can't let it deter him. 
Touya shouted that he won't go down easily and Gale recognized 
him from Mars. Gale note that Touya's skills have improved but 
not enough. As Gale rush past the obstacle, Eiji confronts him, 
Gale says that he won't let the others interferes, he'll be 
Eiji's opponent. They both say their goodbye and fire but Eiji 
misses while Gale hits Eiji. Gale note that against him, Eiji 
still tries to hit and disable? Is this the type of dedication 
that Eiji has to Earth? Gale begins to attack Layzner 
ferociously as Rei, the onboard computer of Layzner tells Eiji 
that the body has been badly damaged and advised Eiji to abandon 
ship. Eiji shouted that he can still fight as Rei repeats its 
warning and then goes mysteriously silent. The Layzner's 
movement stop, the control won't respond to Eiji and Gale 
wonders if Eiji has abandon the Layzner though that's not really 
Eiji's way, nevertheless this is it as Gale prepares to shoot 
the cockpit on the head.

The Layzner is suddenly enveloped in a blue light, Eiji screamed 
as if his body was under a strain and the Layzner deftly shot 
GrimeKaisal near the cockpit and engine. Gale note that it is a 
wonderful shot and that this planet that Eiji chose to protect 
with his life is his Earth, the place that he admired. Gale says 
Julia's name and the Grime Kaisal exploded. Eiji screams Gale's 
name as Kira and the others looked on.

Mwu wonders what happened, after the mysterious blue light 
enveloped Layzner, it's movement totally changed.

The Layzner's blue light died down and Eiji in grief says that 
he didn't DO anything, why did the Layzner attack to kill? 
Natarle and Murrue ask about his condition but suddenly ZAFT 
troops arrived follows by the three Gundam. Murrue note that 
Eiji and the Layzner are in no condition to fight and order his 
retreival. Mardock looks at the Layzner as it comes in and note 
that the damage is atrocious and ask if Eiji's still alive as 
Simone and Anna rushes in to the dock to get him to the medical 

Yzak is of course, extremely angry at the Strike who has turned 
his smirk upside down. Nicol tells Yzak not to overdo it since 
he just barely recovered. Murrue note that the Duel has been 
modified and Yzak scream that with the Assault Shroud or his new 
armour that he'll return the scar he got back to the Strike and 
its pilot. Dearka thought that Yzak's all fired up but if they 
don't get results, their standings will go down. 

The battle begins agains sans Layzner, Yzak shouted that he'll 
deal with the others later, but he wants the Strike's head on a 
platter first, Touya note that they've been hounded by Yzak and 
friends ever since they left Heliopolis, will they cut it out?
Hime Brain of course is a little worried at the new enemies but 
Hime tells it that it can beat them with her help. Yzak note 
that its an Antibody but unlike the Reclaimer's Grancher that he 
heard about. Yzak of course, swears bloody revenge against Kira 
and the Strike. Too bad for him that he's totally outclassed and 
retreat screaming profanity in frustration. The others follows 
suit sans profanity after being hard enough  
Murrue note that they have to rendezvous with Novis Noah and 
order all mech to board quickly.

Inside the dock, Eiji is still in the Layzner lamenting over 
what happened; he wonder if there wasn't any other ways? Is this 
what HAS to happen? Is THIS fate? He didn't do anything but the 
Layzner act on its own.

The others ask about Eiji and Anna worries about him. Mwu note 
that they were in a senpai-kouhai relationship but David says 
that that's not all, Gale was engaged to marry Eiji's sister 
Julia and Mwu note that Eiji had not just a highly respected 
upperclassemen but his future brother in law to fight. Simone 
chimes in that on Mars, Eiji helped Gale survived even though 
Gale was ordered to kill him but now that Eiji had to pull the 
trigger himself, he's in severe emotional pain and shock.

Cagalli note that despite all this, Eiji made his choice to 
rescue them and warn the Earth, it was a path he chose himself 
and the other side came in guns blazing first so it can't be 
helped, so why is he tormenting himself so much over this.  Kira 
hears this and thinks about Athrun then leaves.

Cagalli wonders why Kira just left and Mwu says that Kira just 
had a glimpse of what the future might hold for him and explains 
the situation between Kira and Athrun to the others. Kira is in 
deep thought and regrets, he wonders if THIS is the future that 
will happen with him and Athrun, either he kills Athrun or 
Athrun kills him. The thought of this makes him almost in tears. 
Flay approach Kira and ask what's happened and Kira tells her 
about Eiji and Gale. Flay tries to comfort Kira as he cries to 
Flay but she note that this wouldn't do, she can't have him 
break just YET , she wouldn't allow him to get off at Orb, he 
has to fight and fight until he drops.

At the Novis Noah, Gaybridge learns about Eiji's situation and 
state that the Reclaimers are on the move and it might be better 
if they enter Orb. Captain Anoah wonders if Orb will let them in 
even with survivors but Gaybridge says that while Orb wouldn't 
want worsening condition with the Plants and ZAFT,  there's the 
case of Heliopolis and they need Orb's cooperation against 
Orphan too anyway and this might be a good time to ask for it.

At the Space Knight's Main base, Milly introduce D-Boy to the 
robot Pegas. Freeman says that he developed Pegas for another 
purpose but modified it for usage here to analyze the 
Tekcrystal's system with its remain and allow D-Boy to become 
Tekkaman once more.D-Boy doesn't believe it, not with Earth's 
current technology but Honda says that they have to give it a 
shot and D-Boy ask if it REALLY can be done. Freeman is silent 
and Revin says that they have one last obstacle to hack out, 
it's like a protect in the crystal to prevent reverse 
engineering or something, without it, D-Boy's body couldn't 
withstand the energy discharge given off during transformation. 
D-Boy thought that might be the problem and says that its 

Aki says that everyone is doing their best to get D-Boy to 
transform into Tekkaman again since they all think of him as 
their friend, so will he have a little trust in them? Revin is 
of course, in love with Tekkaman Blade's form and the thought of 
not seeing it again is too much for her.

Back at the Archangel, to cut things short, Sai notice Flay with 
Kira a lot and demands to know what's going on since they're 
engage, Flay breaks up with Sai quoting that their engagement 
was because of their parents and she needs a strong man like 
Kira. Sai got angry, tries to attack Kira but Kira easily 
overcome Sai saying that Flay's always been there for him unlike 
the others. Anyhow, Sai is left alone to ponder over the break 
up and he gets quite angry with Flay who's being ayou know what. 

Nearing Orb, the Archangel is refused entry even with Orb's 
Heliopolis survivors because of Orb's political stance, the Orb 
defence force says that he's not authorized to do anything and 
must wait for words from up high about the Heliopolis 
survivors,this gets Cagalli all angry and she demands the 
defense force to get her father Uzumi Nara  Asuha, the prime 
minister of Orb, on the line since this is his daughter, Cagalli 
Yura Asuha speaking. This of course stuns everyone and Touya 
note that she's akin to Orb's princess with Tenia saying "You've 
got to be kidding". Mwu thought that she wasn't an ordinary girl 
being with Mythril but this is beyond his imagination. Cagalli 
takes in their reaction and ask what the heck do they mean about 
you've got to be kidding, she hates being called that (The Orb 
Princess and the Prime Minister's little girl) but they have no 
choice, do they? Murrue ask why someone that important was in 
Africa fighting with the Resistance knowing Mythril to boot.

Cagalli doesn't really want to explain but says to leave things 
to her. Back at the Space Knight's base, no advance have been 
made even though Rebin has worked pretty much over 2-3 days 
continuously without rest when Freeman walks in and tells Rebin 
to try this data. Rebin is amaze that the data Freeman brought 
actually works, they've cleared the last hurdle, she asks 
Freeman where did he get it?

Freeman note that while cracking the last hurdle is beyond 
current Earth Technology, there are people on this Earth who has 
knowledges about things that SHOULDN'T exist (Gee, wonder if 
that person has white-silver hair, female, trips ever so often 
and has a crush on a certain teenage sergeant) Dr. Elizabeth 
then wonder if it's "them" and Freeman remains silent with not 
even a "Whisper"

Episode 15

Eiji has gone over Rei's computer log and finds it extremely 
strange, Rei's log was cut off when the blue light envelopes 
Layzner. Is there something about Layzner that he doesn't know? 
David communicate via the BeyBull asking if Eij has gotten his 
head together since its way past time he got out of the 
Layzner's cockpit.

David and the rest of the Layzner gang are worried about Eiji. 
Anna brought Soup for Eiji because Eiji hasn't eaten since the 
incident happened. Simone ask if he's allright and Eiji reassure 
her and apologize to everyone for having worried them.

Mwu notice them and ask if he's all right. Eiji ask if Mwu could 
stop referring to everyone as "boy" which is how Mwu usually 
address the others. Mwu is a bit exasperated that the other 
pilots like Touya and Kira doesn't want to be called that either, 
and not even a Grados like Eiji likes to be called that, blast 
it.Mwu then gets to the point that they're entering Orb and that 
he wants Eiji to be part of the crew that go to meet Uzumi

Uzumi heard their tales and note that that was quite an 
adventure they had. Mwu didn't think that Uzumi would let them 
enter had Cagalli not revealed her status and Uzumi ask Mwu if 
he really thinks that he did this at the peril of his countrymen 
at the behest of his idiot daughter.

Gaybridge says that the Feds have requested more formal ties 
with Orb but Uzumi says that its better to call it pressure 
which is what happen at Heliopolis with the development of the 
Gundams and the Archangel. Uzumi explains his country's neutral 
position and that he doesn't want to fight either ZAFT or the 
Feds He note that during this strife between the Plants and the 
Federation not to mention the attack of Grados and Radam, power 
is needed so that their independent status is maintained. He 
will help forward data he gets on Orphan and the Reclaimer to 
Gaybridge but he also wants something.  Uzumi wants in return 
for letting them in, repairing the Archangel, and giving them 
supplies, to gain a copy of the battle data from the Strike, the 
Archangel, the SPT and Touya's Granteed and for Kira to help 
Morgenlete in developing their own Mobile Suit.

Murrue is a bit stun but Eiji says that he doesn't mind but he 
wants to be the one who gets the data about all he knows about 
Grados and the SPT for them from Layzner. Uzumi note that it's a 
tough road that Eiji has embarked on against his own planet and 
promise that he won't let the data go to waste. Mwu says that 
the Granteed and its pilot is aligned with Nergal so they can't 
decide for Touya so Uzumi will have to ask him himself. Murrue 
also note that while she doesn't mind giving the battle data, 
Kira Yamato is no longer considered a crew of the Archangel but 
one of Uzumi's countrymen so Uzumi will also have to ask Kira 

Natarle is against this but Murrue shuts her up and Uzumi agrees 
to the condition.
Afterward, Natarle is absolutely against giving Uzumi the data 
in return for aid. She says that them bringing the Heliopolis 
survivors to Orb as a detour is considered enough for getting 
resupply and repair. Murrue says that while Uzumi didn't show it, 
she's certain that ZAFT is also applying pressure to Orb to 
comply with it and to hand over the Archangel. Captain Anoa 
agrees saying Orb is in enough trouble with ZAFT after the 
Heliopolis incident where they manufacture MS for the Feds.

Natarle then turns the conversation to about Kira, is Murrue 
going to really let him leave here? Murrue says that she 
understands Natarle's point but Kira's not a Federation solider. 
Natarle points out that without Kira drawing out the Strike's 
power, they wouldn't be able to head for their objective which 
is Alaska. She's certain there'll be more fights and it wouldn't 
do to have the Strike just sitting in the ship there. Natarle 
conclude that Kira is necessary for the ship and considering the 
possibility that he might align himself with ZAFT she plans to 
force him to stay.

Mwu says that is a little harsh and selfish but Natarle says 
that they have no one else to use. Murrue says that they can't 
force Kira to help them but Natarle says that though she'll 
agree to Murrue's order, she plans to file what happens when 
they reach Alaska. After she left, Gaybridge note that Natarle 
is quite blunt and straightforward though he can see where she's 
coming from. Murrue says that Natarle might be even better than 
she is. Murrue is a little frustrated and Mwu tries to calm her 
down by gently grabbing her to which Murrue says that if he 
doesn't remove his hand quickly, it's sexual harrassment.

Captain Anoa and Gaybridge note that its Kira's own decision of 
what to do next, they should get some rest while they can since 
if the higher up looks downbeat, it woudn't be good for the crew.

Arthur tells everyone that they're able to get off here with Sai 
and the others and he breath a sigh of relief that their life 
threatening adventure is finally over. Simone says that he's 
quite slow to get the news since everyone already knew and has 
contacted their parents. Roan note that unlike Sai's group whose 
parents lived here, they got in touch through the Space Knight 

Anna is silent but Eiji tells her not to worry about him. He's 
glad that he was able to get them back to Earth. Arthur of 
course, isn't exactly jubilant at having to leave Eiji and 
return home and the others agree. David apologizes but says that 
he thought they would be together longer but they want to go 
home.  Eiji says that its ok, they fought hard to get back home 
and now that they can go home, they shouldn't squander this 
opportunity. Simone ask Eiji what he'll do next and Eiji says 
that he'll cooperate with the people here for a while since they 
might be capable of stopping the Grados invasion. Milli says 
sadly that they won't see each other again and for Eiji and 
Kateia's group to be careful. Tol says that he's glad that their 
parents are also all right even though they got confirmation 
from the Moon. David ask about Kira and Milly wonder what Kira's 
going to do now.

Tol says that Kira has spent the last couple of days with 
Cagalli at Morgenlete, he's quite busy and Touya wonder if they 
should go see him. Tenia says that Granteed along with the other 
SPT are there for them to take data on anyway and David and Roan 
note that Baldei and BeyBull were also a big help in getting 
them home.

Sai gets a communication from Dr. Elizabeth who congratulates 
them for arriving. Dr. Elizabeth says that she heard about Eiji 
and Gale but she might have someone to cheer him up, the head of 
the Space Knight Morgan Freeman. Freeman note that Eiji looks 
quite like Ken Asuka though he didn't originally believe that 
Eiji could be Ken's son. Eiji is surprised that Freeman knows 
his father and Freeman says that he thought Ken died in an 
accident with his space faring ship and was surprised to learn 
that he was saved by a Grados's ship. He's grateful that Ken's 
alive and that his son has come to warn them of the impending 

Everyone congratulates Eiji having someone who knows his father. 
Milly wonders if the Nadesico safely reaches East Asia and if 
Touya will also get off at Orb.  Touya says that Prospector have 
told them to hang around the Archangel for a little while longer 
which is strange.

Later, Milly and the SEED gang are surprised to learn from 
Natarle that Flay is staying. Natarle say that Flay stated that 
wants to help because she seems to have learned something from 
her dad's death and its her choice so Natarle agrees to it.

Natarle continues that Flay said that with Earth consumed by war, 
there is no safe and peaceful place in the world, she didn't 
recognize that in Heliopolis. Tol note that Touya and the 
Nadesico people would also be involve in this war somehow and 
Sai and Milly agrees. Sai wonder, should they stay too? He's 
note that it's not just the Feds and the Plant, the Radam and 
Grados are also attacking. They've fought together and for them 
alone to just leave and say that it's none of their business 
anymore doesn't feel right. Kuzzy counter that they're not like 
Touya; they can't fight besides they're just normal students. 
Tol then stated that if they leave, the Archangel will be a 
couple of hands short and might get shot down later.

Kuzzy gripes that David and the others got to go home but Tol 
says that it can't be helped since they've escaped barely from 
Mars where everyone was killed, they've got a lot of hardship 
that they should forget.

Natarle interrupts saying that personally, she WANTS their help, 
but if they don't leave the ship now, they wouldn't get the 
chance again since she will not tolerate them whining about not 
wanting to do it anymore and wanting to leave later if they 
offically join up.

Kira returns, finds out and went to the Mess Hall to ask 
everyone what the heck they're doing deciding to remain on the 
Archangel. Tol says that Flay started it but they too also felt 
that they too have to do something. Kira is surprise about Flay 
and Sai ask if he didn't hear about it. Sai tells him that its 
ok for him to leave, he' s done a lot for them to which Kira 
tries to apologize for his earlier confrontation with Sai.  Sai 
says that he understands and also apologizes for not thinking 
about what Kira is thinking and feeling when he has to fight. 
Tol says that its fate and for Kira not to worry about them 

Murrue and Natarle are going over the repaired Archangel and 
Murrue is a bit worried that Sai's group chose to stay but 
Natarle says that it was their decision and the Archangel is in 
no position to refuse. Murrue admits that its true but suddenly 
a communication comes in from Uzumi.

Uzumi says that they are in a crisis, a Tekkaman with a group of 
Radam beast are heading towards their shore telling them to 
bring him Blade , if not he'll destroy the city. Uzumi says that 
he dispatch some troops but he's not optimistic. Natarle says 
that D-Boy isn't with them anymore but Uzumi says that the 
enemies doesn't seem to care for their answers. Uzumi note that 
they can handle the Radam but can't even scratch the Tekkaman, 
he's asked for help from the Novis Noah's Brain Powered troops 
and also asks for the Archangel's. Murrue agrees to launch and 
Uzumi says that Layzner and Granteed will launch from Morgenlete 
to meet up with them.

Mwu note that the Strike's OS hasn't been rewritten yet so he 
can't use it though even if he could, he's doubtful that he'll 
be good enough with it in a real battle. Mwu ask Mardock to prep 
his Skygrasper. Mardock note that without the Strike, it hurts. 
Flay comes in asking for Kira but Mwu says that he's not a part 
of the crew and the Strike's pilot anymore but Kira then comes 
in all dressed up and ready to pilot it telling Mwu that he's 
sorry  he's late.

Kira tells Flay that he heard from the others and that it's ok, 
he'll fight on her behalf and protect her and everyone. Flay is 
quite in amazement at Kira's determination. Kira says that he'll 
remain with the Archangel and that he'll pilot the Strike. Mwu 
ask if he's serious about this since there's no going back and 
Kira says he is. Mwu apologize for having to rely on Kira again 
and ask Mardock to prep the Strike for launch.

As Tekkaman Dagger approach with the Radam in tows, Natarle note 
that the advance Orb forces were totally obliterated. Dagger 
remembers the ship Blade was on and asks if he's brought them 
Blade. Murrue says that D-Boy isn't here and Dagger then says 
that the city will suffer for it then.  As the Brain Powered 
Troops and Granteed arrives, they note that they're in time to 
save the city. At the Archangel's Dock, Kira tells the bridge 
that the Strike is ready to go and Milly and Murrue is surprised 
that Kira is here. Natarle ask Kira if he wants to remain as 
Strike's pilot and Kira says yes. Natarle then order Strike to 
deploy telling Murrue that it's Kira's wish and yet again they 
are in no position to refuse. Murrue silently apologize to Kira 
for dragging him back into the war yet again. Sai then says that 
they're counting on him and Kira aims not to dissapoint and the 
Aile Strike launches with Skygrasper in tow.  Natarle tells 
everyone not to let the Radam enter the city and Dagger note 
that they plan on interferring and decides to measure their 
strength for now and leaves. 

After the team repulse the first wave of Radam beast,Tekkaman 
Dagger finally reappear with more Radam reinforcement,  the team 
are hard pressed with so few members left but then the Blue 
Earth appeared. Dagger senses D-Boy's presence but says that 
Blade still can't transform into a Tekkaman and thus will be 
easy picking and he'll make sure that Blade dies extremely 

Noal says to D-Boy "Ok, D-Boy, why don't you go give him a 
little shock?" D-Boy agrees and ask for Pegas to activate, 
before he leaves the Blue Earth he says  "Noal, Aki, Dr. 
Elizabeth... thank you"  which surprises Noal "Well, THAT'S a 
first" Noal mused.

"Pegas, Tekset !!" D-Boy shouted and the reformed and embedded 
Tekcrystal on Pegas shines and to Dagger's horrified eye, the 
Space Knight, Tekkaman Blade is reborn with his new steed Pegas.

Blade shouted "Thanks to my friends, I have been reborn, given 
another chance to fight again, to destroy all of you Radam!!" 
Dagger extremely angry says that that it means nothing since 
he'll crush Blade with his two hands.

Hime is wondering what's going on, that guy's a Tekkaman like 
the enemy? Touya says that Tekkaman Blade is their friends who 
have chosen to fight the Radam alongside them. Blade ask the 
team to lend him their strength, it's time to permanently defeat 

Blade tackles Dagger and though Dagger is repeating the same ol 
spiel about killing the traitor, Blade says that it's time to 
end this. Hime shouted that Dagger	is probably the Radam's king 
or something and if they defeat him, the Radam will stop coming. 
Dagger note that if she wants to die that quickly, it can be 
arranged. Touya shouted that Dagger's persistent (almost like 
the ZAFT boys) and will he quit it, Dagger of course mocks the 
Granteed's power against a Tekkaman.

The team's concentrated firepower begins to bring Dagger to his 
knee but suddenly Rei gives an alarm that Grados forces are 
approaching. Dagger promise that he'll get Blade next time and 
tries to flee but Blade cuts off his escape "There's no "next 
time" for you Dagger, like I said, THIS is IT for you !!" 
"Voltekka !!!"  Blade shouted as he fires his strongest attack.  
Dagger can't believe that he is defeated and is going to die. As 
he exploded, Blade noted "one down" However Gale's Grados force 
arrives sans the presumed dead commander led by Garula. Most of 
the troops aren't sure if they should do this with their 
commander dead and wishes that they should wait for orders first 
but Garula counters that for an advance forces like them, the 
order might be to retreat and fall back and she wouldn't have 
that. She wants Eiji's and those Earthling's head and note that 
it's good that they were just in a fight with the Radam since 
they are probably tired. Tired or not, said Earthling plans to 
kick her butt in record time again.

Help arrives in the form of the Baldei and the BeyBull piloted 
by Roan and David. They apologized for being late but their mech 
was at MorgenLete and they had a hard time convincing the 
personnel researching them there to let them pilot it.Cagalli 
shouted that they should have left the talking to HER since it 
would have been quicker. Cagalli commands David to get her to 
the Archangel and David says not to start kicking up a ruckus in 
the cockpit. Murrue is surprised that Cagalli is here also as 
David gets her to the Archangel and she deploys in the second 
Skygrasper. Mardock is reluctant to let her do it again knowing 
her position in Orb now but Natarle says that Cagalli probably 
knows what she's doing and to let her.

Kira says that what Cagalli is doing is quite reckless and 
Cagalli retort that she can't just sit idly by while they fight. 
The fight begins and Karula keeps saying the same thing that 
she'll kill Eiji and for them dirty apes to disappear. She's not 
too bright is she? Your team again beat her under record time 
and she vows revenge and retreat.

Back at the Archangel, Blade tells Pegas to transform him back 
and Hime is surprised that he really IS human.  Touya ask about 
Pegas and she tells him that it is a robot containing the 
various shattered shards of the Tekcrystal that D-Boy can use to 
transform into Tekkaman Blade instead. D-Boy agrees that Pegas 
really IS something, with this he can fight the Radam again and 
Noal corrects him that they'll fight the Radam together and D-
Boy agrees which Touya note is an improvement from before.

Mwu however ask that it wasn't THAT long that he had D-Boy went 
along with the Space Knight to try to do something about the 
crystal, how did they accomplish this so FAST. Noal says that 
Pegas was originally developed for another purpose though what 
Freeman did DID surprise Noal. Noal ask about the Brain Powered 
troops and got introduced to them. Dr. Elizabeth arrives also 
with Noal and Aki to commemorate the Cosmic Culture Club people 
in her charge's return to their home but David and Roan says 
that it's not needed since they are planning to stay with Eiji 
in his battle.

Eiji starts to protest but David says that he understands that 
Eiji fought hard to get them here and for them to throw away the 
chance to leave and return to a normal life is a bit foolhardy 
but the condition with ZAFT, Radam and the others aren't going 
to disappear. Roan adds in that at least here, they can do 
SOMETHING about it. David continues that the main Grados troops 
will be here soon and their lives are something that should have 
ended on Mars had Eiji not arrived, they want to help so that 
Eiji's effort won't go to waste. He saw how Eiji fought alone 
for them, but he's not alone anymore, he has them to help. Roan 
admits that he's not exactly confident about their chances but 
he wants to help Eiji. 

Cagalli berates them that they come to this conclusion pretty 
late, don't they ? It's a situation where they HAVE to fight, 
besides they're the only ones who can pilot the other two SPT 
they have besides Layzner. Touya says that it can't be help 
since David and Roan has been through a lot to Cagalli calling 
her by honorific which Cagalli says to leave it at Cagalli and 
she says that what she meant is, though she got cut short by 
Noal who says that since they've decided, he'll ask Freeman to 
make them Space Knight Staff so that they can remain on board 
the Archangel.

Anna and Simone are told the news about David and Roan's 
decision by Dr. Elizabeth. Simone tries to say something but Dr. 
Elizabeth continues that she knows Simone is confused and 
hesitant about what she can do, but what counts isn't what she 
can bring to the mix, if she wants to be by Eiji's side, then 
it's the sentiment that counts, she has to think what can she do 
for Eiji and that is to be his support. 

Anna note that Simone is really in love with Eiji but so is she, 
even though they've only met so briefly, she feels that Eiji's 
presence bigger in her life more and more each day.

Mwu is unexpectedly peeved and Natarle can see why, after 
risking their lives to get to Alaska, they've just received 
order to head to East Asia. She question just why they risk 
their lives to get the Strike and the Archangel to Alaska in the 
first place.Murrue doesn't know but the order is absolute, they 
are to be at Yokosuka Base in East Asia within 24 hours. Mwu 
suddenly realize that he might just know what this is about and 
when asked to explain by Natarle, Mwu started that since leaving 
Heliopolis, they were scheduled to go to the Moon base to 
deliver the Strike and Archangel Now while their mission is 
important, its JUST one ship and one MS. Murrue sees where this 
is going, she says that one ship and one MS doesn't contribute 
much to the overall war but ever since they've come into contact 
with SPT and Brain Powered whose data they collect has become 
useful from the Orb people to the Feds which is why they are to 
go to East Asia to give that more immensely useful data.

Murrue calls in Kateia and Touya telling them about the 
Archangel's new order and ask about what Nergal plans for them 
to do; Kateia says that she was just contacted by Prospector who 
tells her and the rest of the Granteed team to ride along with 
the Archangel to Yokosuka since they're going to meet there. 
Natarle wonders how Nergal knows about their mission but Mwu 
note that they'll just have to go and see, this seems even 
bigger than the data he was theorizing about.

Noal, also agrees to go with the Archangel since Freeman just 
order him to take Eiji's group and D-Boy to Yokosuka as well. 
Murrue ask about Anna, Arthur and Simone accompanying also and 
Aki says that they've been recruited into the Space Knight as 
staff. Arthur says that David and Roan was mean to not tell him 
anything, he's going too, he's still a man. Simone says that she 
won't let Eiji stop her and Anna, ever since Mars she plans to 
do what she wants to do and now's no different. Anna begs the 
other to take her with them, she won't be a bother.

Milly then muse that in the end, they're all still together 
which feels quite good. Captain Anoa is contacted about them 
going to East Asia and she state that in Eastern Asia, Plate 
activity has become frequent and that Isami Yuu was also heading 
there, it's become quite eye catching. Gaybridge says that he'll 
lend the Brain Powered to the Archangel team but note that 
things seems to be heating up in East Asia and hope that things 
goes well for the Archangel team.

Uzumi ask if Cagalli plans to go with the Archangel as well and 
when she says yes, Uzumi ask if she likes to fight that much. 
Cagalli says that its not that, she wants to save them and end 
the war so that people sadness and bitterness would stop quicker. 
Uzumi says that adding her alone to the mix wouldn't do anything 
to the situation, she can't change anything alone, that type of 
easy justice thinking can't do anything.

Cagalli disagrees and say that even if what Uzumi says is so, 
she wants to go with them, to help Kira and the others. She 
points out that Uzumi has Morgenlete develop the Archangel, the 
Strike for the Feds and is planning on mass producing MS of his 
own in order to keep the country independent but just this 
country isn't enough, she knows that it's a Federation ship but 
there are people from all sort of life there, Eiji and David who 
really wants to change things. Can Uzumi really tell them that 
their thoughts and determination is nothing at all in the big 

Uzumi replies that he knows all about the Grados invasion, etc 
and because of that Natural and Coordinator can't afford to keep 
fighitng each other but taking up a gun isn't the answer, or 
hasn't she learn anything in Africa with Mythril's protection. 
Cagalli note that Mythril contacting and helping her was due to 
Uzumi's influence afterall. She's learn a lot by seeing all 
these things, it's Uzumi who hasn't learn anything or see 
anything, its not about the conditons between the Feds, ZAFT or 
She understands where he's coming from but this is a time for 
action. Uzumi note that their arguing isn't going anywhere 
useful, he sigh and let Cagalli go and see the truth about the 
Earth's condition  with her own eyes and to learn and thing 
about what to do, since there isn't just one choice.

Justice isn't absolute, it is subjective and that the Feds 
aren't the be all end all to everything. Uzumi gives his final 
warning, be aware that the Archangel is STILL a Federation Ship. 
Afterward, Uzumi thinks alone that he never expected Cagalli to 
meet Kira Yamato in this type of situation, perhap it's fate.

Meanwhile at the Federation base in Panama, a mysterious officer 
asks another about the Archangel heading for Yokosuka in Eastern 
Asia and if it's all right since this was suggested by Nergal. 
The other note that its just a loan to "him" but he can always 
take it back from "him" Beside if that ship reaches Alaska, 
it'll attract a lot of enemies attention, better to send it to 
East Asia. The first officer then complements the other, 
possibly his superior or a person with a lot of influence in the 
Feds that they got the data about the Strike, the Archangel , 
the SPT and the Brain Powered. The superior note that they've 
got the data, it's enough, once the Archangel joins with the 
Nadesico, they'll be dancing on their hands as they think of how 
to use the two ships to their best advantage. He note that he'll 
leave it to the subordinate since he's certainly not going to 
trust Mismal going it alone and the subordinate says "For a 
clean blue Earth". You can pretty much deduce these guys as bad 
guys, Azrael and Kolbet so to speak.

Episode 16

At Yokosuka base which the Archangel has finally arrived, Kolbet 
(he's a bad guy in disguise now) tells Murrue that they are to 
operate out of this base for the foreseeable future. Kolbet says 
that many didn 't really believe Murrue and crew would make it 
out of Heliopolis and back to Earth but since they did  the data 
they have will be QUITE valuable. Murrue thank him and ask for 
more personnel on board but Kolbet slyly says that they're doing 
quite fine now aren't they, having weathered lots of things.

Kolbet then goes on to says that he knows the Archangel has many 
special people on it such as the traitorous Coordinator, the 
alien, and the man-monster calling itself Tekkaman. Tol and the 
Seed gangs tries to step up for Kira saying that he isn't a 
traitor but their friend. 

Natarle tries to quiet them while Kolbet says that they're quite 
arrogant to talk to a superior that way. Noal says that he 
didn't remember joining the Federation and ask Freeman what's 
the meaning of this.Kolbet says that the Space Knights only 
worth is because they have provide information on the Tekkaman.

Freeman says that while they are cooperating with the Federation, 
D-Boy and the others are under his supervision and not to be 
treated as weapons. Kolbet doesn't really care (dying by nukes 
too good for him, why can't I have the chance to kill him 
dammit.) Anyhow, he's gathered them all so that they could band 
and fight for the Federation against Radam and the rest.

D-Boy says that he doesn't mind working with them against the 
Radam, but he won't be a lackey for the Federation to use in 
wars that the Federation pretty much started (i.e. the 
Coordinators)  This gets Kolbet pretty angry when Yurika and the 
Nadesico crew walked in.

Mwu note that he thought this might happen and Touya says that 
Nergal told him that they would rendezvous here. Megumi 
recognize Kolbet as that bald impetuous Federation general who 
tries to blow them away when the Nadesico was leaving Earth for 
Mars. Tenia, Minato and pretty much everyone doesn't exactly 
want him here either.

Kolbet himself hasn't forgotten the incident and says that he 
hasn't trust them yet. Yurika calmly tells him that it was the 
Feds who ask/beg them to join forces. Ruri and Prospector then 
points out that Kolbet started the fight against them and they 
had to respond in self-defense. Kolbet is furious but Akatsuki 
looks at him sternly and says that they are allies now and to 
leave it behind.

Kolbet says fine, he plans to use the Nadesico to its limit now 
that it's under Federation control but Yurika again point out 
that Nergal is only cooperating with the Federation, but if they 
are given orders that the crew and the pilots disagree with, 
well they're going to have to politely refuse. (pwned)

Shinobu and Sara have to note that Yurika's got a pretty good 
sense of right and wrong. Kolbet says that they're all mouth 
like Freeman but he doesn't think they're going to have much 
problems (for now that is) because both the Archangel and the 
Nadesico and all its robots troop are to become a special 
taskforce dedicated to wiping out Federation enemies like the 
Radam, Devil Gundam, Dr. Hell and any others who threatens the 
Earth. Kolbet says that he'll have Murrue, Natarle and Mwu be 
the go between with the team and the Federation Yurika is ok 
with it. .(Too bad it really won't last, hey baldie, maybe you 
should have phrased it better since you and the Blue Cosmos ARE 
a threat to Earth.)

Later, Murrue thanks Yurika saying that the Nadesico really got 
them out of the jam back in Africa and now they're together 
again it seems. Mwu note that they couldn't really disobey order 
and have to come here but he's surprised at them coming here too. 
Mwu note that at least the Feds have the good sense to gather 
the powerful robots and ships together. Prospector note that the 
Layzner gang and the Seed gang are still here and Murrue says 
that it's their decision and Akatsuki note that in these times, 
it might be better to be here than to try and go somewhere to 
escape the problems though Megumi thinks that Akatsuki is 
glorifying it too much.

Mwu relate their adventures to Yurika who also says that they 
haven't exactly been goofing around either. Dr. Hell and his 
Kikaijuu army have been attacking frequently, they've been 
attacked by the Tekkoryu syndicate with their super powerful 
robots and have repelled the first wave of attack by the alien 
army Boazan not to mention tackling the Devil Gundam again even 
though they were against someone powerful at which Domon pauses.

Eiji says that he knows of the Boazan from Gale. They are a race 
of alien whose culture deemed that those without horns are 
inferior to those with horns who rules the planet and they plan 
to subjugate all those without horns. Grados have battled them 
once. Mwu note that they have not one but two alien invaders and 
Erina says that there are those that are taking advantage of the 
state of the Earth to attack it and Akatsuki says that that is 
where they come in. Yurika is then introduces to Freeman who is 
the Space Knight's chief.  Freeman says that they are also 
involved in this Federation plan and plans to do his best to 
support them.

Touya is surprised to see Kouji's new Mazinger. The Mazinger 
above all Mazinger named the Mazinkaiser. Kateia ask what 
happened to Mazinger Z and Kouji hesitate and says that a lot 
happened. Sayaka explains that Mazinger Z was stolen by their 
arch enemy Baron Ashura and Aphrodite Ace got destroyed as well. 
Kouji went missing in all this and when he returned, Kaiser's 
power overwhelmed him and it automatically went into berserker 
mode. Kouji says apologetically that while he was unconscious, 
Kaiser began to lay waste to everything in front of it including 
the Photonic Lab, good thing that the Nadesico crew manages to 
help revive Kouji and stops Kaiser.

Kouji ask about how they were doing and Tenia tells them of 
their hardship and adversity in getting to Orb and Ryouko says 
that its no easy picking for them either, they keep facing brand 
new enemy everywhere they turn. One is Domon's teacher who was 
pretty much an unstoppable juggernaut old geezer. Juuzou says 
that Toho, Domon's teacher pretended to be their ally before 
springing his trap.

Megumi also added that because they were cooperating with the 
Feds, Omoikane, the Nadesico's computer went berserk. Ruri 
explains that Omoikane refuse to see anything else except the 
Aestevalis as its ally and took control of both Nadesico and the 
Aestevalis attacking both friends and enemies. Ruri says that 
they manage to fix it and its all right now though Kateia 
wonders if its really all right but Sarah says that if its not, 
they're in trouble. Sara then ask that Cagalli returned to Orb 
right, why is she back with the Archangel, did she get her dad's 

Cagalli says that of course its to fight, and she didn't need 
her dad's permission, it's what she decided herself. Masato (D) 
says that it's different than in Africa now and Ryou says that 
its not like she can carry a bazooka into a fight anymore. 
Cagalli says that  she's a pilot now, besides with everyone else 
staying, she doesn't want to be the only one who leave the 
fighting behind. Cagalli then ask why the Dancougar team are 
still here and Shinobu says that there was a slight change of 
plans. Ryoko ask if its really ok with Eiji's group since they 
can't get off now and Eiji says that he came to Earth to try to 
stop the fighting between Grados and Earth and that hasn't 
changed. However he knows that the Earth has many other enemies 
and if he and Layzner can be useful in protecting the Earth then 
he plans to give it his all. David says that they did plan to 
get off at Orb but felt that with this situation, they want to 
fight by Eiji's side. Roan says that the Earth they want to 
return to isn't this Earth but the one they want to make. Simone 
says that she has also trained to pilot an SPT.

Sai's group chimed in that they watch the battle and 
understood,this isn't a battle t they can say has nothing to do 
with them and even if has nothing to do with them, its not a war 
they can just leave alone. Akatsuki says that what Sai says is 
correct and ask if Kira has finally found a reason to fight 
since he's glad to have Kira at his side.

Kira says that he doesn't know if this is right or not because a 
lot of things have happened but if its something he can do then 
he plans to keep on with it.

Mwu asks for introduction to the new recruits on the Nadesico 
side though Yurika doesn't know who it is and ask Murrue who 
says not to ask her.Ruri says that it's the rest of the groups 
from the Photonic Lab, the Voltes Team and the Zeorymer duo.

Kouji introduce Tetsuya who is Great Mazinger's pilot who put in 
overtime while they were on Mars and this is Boss, Nuke and 
Mucha. Tetsuya says that he heard about the Archangel from Kouji 
and is pleased to be fighting alongside the Hawk of Endymion. 
Mwu says that on Earth, he can't use a Mobile Armour but just a 
fighter jet but he's heard of Great Mazinger's prowess and looks 
forward to fighting alongside Tetsuya too.

Boss is angry that Kouji didn't give him any props when 
introducing him but Sayaka says that for him that's enough. Ruri 
says that the Boss Borot is ridden by these three and made out 
of junk, no one knows what it makes it work and every once in a 
blue moon, it is actually useful. Boss sulk at Ruri's word. 
Hyouma introduce the Voltes Team, Kenichi, Ippei, Daijiro, 
Hitoshi and Megumi. Kosuke adds in that the Voltes was created 
to repel the Boazan by Dr. Gou Kentaro who Kenichi says is his, 
Daijiro and Hitoshi's father.

Yurika says that Megumi and Megumi-chan of Nadesico has the same 
name and Megumi- chan ask why she has -chan attached to her name. 
Akito says that it's to differentiate them besides he like 
calling her Megumi-chan (which will be her name from now on) 
Megumi-chan doesn't mind being called that by Akito. Akatsuki 
says that Akito had learned some moves which get Yurika and 
Ryouko pretty mad.

Miku and Masato introduce themselves next. Masato says that this 
is different than he thought but since he has nowhere else to go, 
he has to be fine with it. Hime says that he's a pilot so he 
should look up instead of looking down otherwise he wouldn't be 
able to fight. Miku reassure everyone that Masato can and will 
fight. Yurika then ask about the Brain Powered group and gets 
introduced to them and their mission to monitor Plate activity 
and to fight the Granchers if needed be. Tol note that its quite 
amazing that they've all joined forces and Milly agrees. Kouji 
says that with all of them togethers, no matter the enemies they 
can defeat them. Akito note that if Gai was alive, he'd have 
been overjoyed by this but Touya then adds that Gai would have 
then complained that he isn't the center of attention anymore 
which Hikaru says is a dead-on impression.

Afterward, Hime is told by Nanka and Lasse that the earthquake 
they've detected was because of a plate. Nanka says that the 
Grancher have deployed and took all the plate before they could 
react. Lasse says that with the Granchers deploy, they can't sit 
by and do nothing and plans to deploy. Touya stopped them saying 
that he'll go too since the orders have come for them to defeat 
the Granchers and since the Brain Powered groups are going ahead 
first, he thought he should back them up since his mech's ready 

The Brain Powered Team and Touya arrives at a place outside town. 
Lasse and Nanka ask Hime what's wrong, they know her house is 
close by but this isn't the time to pay a visit. Hime says that 
that isn't the case, she sense another BP and Lasse note that 
since they haven't heard news of another Revival, it has to be 
Isami Yuu.

The team landed in a forest nearby and found Yuu and his Brain. 
Hime ask what the heck is he doing alone, his grandma Naoko is 
worried about him. Yuu then note that Grandma must be on Novis 
Noah. Nanka ask why has a Reclaimer like him decides to leave 
and then fight Orphan. Yuu says that he doesn't plan to tell 
them. Nanka says that since Yuu's fighting the Reclaimer, 
shouldn't they team up? Yuu says that that's not necessary. 
Nanka persist saying that he heard from Hime that Yuu's BP 
Cockpit hasn't been properly modified which means he wouldn't be 
able to fight properly but if he comes with them. Yuu says that 
he doesn't remember asking for their help, he's been riding a 
Grancher (which forces him to adapt to it)for six years in 
Orphan. Touya note that Yuu is around his age but to do that for 
six years would mean he started quite young. Nanka says that Yuu 
knows a lot about the Antibodies and they'd like to work with 
him. Yuu says that he'll fight alone and shows that what the 
teams are doing is useless. Touya then counter if Yuu plans to 
fight alone against the Radam, the Grados, he can't do much 
alone against them.
Yuu says that if they don't stop Orphan, none of that matters 
since the Earth will become a planet of death. Hime says that 
that doesn't mean they should forget about the other Invaders 
beside the problem of Orphans, that's why everyone is fighting 
them all.

Nanka says that for that they've got the Novis Noah which Yuu 
counter that it contains an Organic Engine his parents developed 
10 years ago meaning it wouldn't do squat against Orphan. The 
Novis Noah is a ship for survival on the Earth's sea but Orphan 
is different, they don't understand a thing. Yuu tells his Brain 
that its time they get going but Hime counter that his Brain has 
just gone through a Revival (birth), hasn't been fitted properly 
for humans to "pilot" it , isn't he treating it a little 

Yuu board his Brain saying that Hime talks too much considering 
they brought the enemies here. On cue the Reclaimer with Johnny 
Boy arrives finding the four Brain Powered. Lasse tells everyone 
to scramble and Yuu appear. Jonathan sees Yuu and isn't planning 
to let him escape. Jonathan tells Chira to get the Plates back 
while his squad handles Yuu. Yuu tells his Brain to get ready 
while Hime tells him not to forget about them. Yuu tells her to 
do whatever she wants.

The Nadesico and the Archangel arrives, Jonathan is quite 
surprised that the Feds have grouped this much firepower 
together and think that Yuu is with them. Meanwhile a group of 
mysterious people who you can pretty much guess is  Master Asia 
and the infected Chibodee, Sai Saichi, George and Algo is 
discussing this situation. They had planned to get a sample of 
the Antibodies but note that these are the group that Domon 
belongs to. They commend the stupid Feds for at least being 
bright enough to gather their strongest troops together  instead 
of spreading their forces out. At first they thought that it 
might be best to attack now while the team's attention are with 
the Reclaimers but rethink that so that the team could destroy 
the Reclaimer saving them the trouble and they would be tired 
and unsuspecting of another fight. Sai Saichi ask if they should 
destroy Domon now but Master Asia says that he still values 
Domon's fighting sense and they should take the opportunity 
while the Shuffle Alliance isn't  here, to capture him.  Johnny 
boy is of course all mocking Hime and Touya. This got Hime angry 
and Touya says that this is the 2nd time he's fought Antibodies 
like the Grancher so he has a pretty good estimate of how good 
they are. Jonathan says that he doesn't know what Yuu is up to 
but he'll down him. Johnny boy is an idiot, considering that 
he's facing not only the guys who downed his last time but 
adding in the Nadesico troops, the two Mazingers and Choudenji 
Brothers, Zeorymer and most of all Tekkaman Blade who is faster, 
stronger than Jonathan and he got his butt handed down pretty 
quick. Yuu tells Jonathan to retreat since he can't fight any 
longer and Jonathan does so.

Yurika is elated at their first victory as a peacekeeping force 
when the Archangel is attacked. Natarle demands to know why Sai 
and the others haven't picked up on it and Sai says that there 
is no enemy detected anywhere. The Archangel continues to be 
attack and lose a couple of guns when Ruri tells Yurika that she 
spotted a man; Toho Fuhai in fact, Domon's teacher but current 
enemy. Natarle thinks that that CAN'T be just a man considering 
the damage he's doing and tells Sai and the others to rotate the 
ship so that he falls down. Toho then decides to jump over to 
the Nadesico as most of the people who hasn't seen his prowess 
can only gape in amazement as he begins to attack when Domon 
comes in begging his teacher to see the light of day; he's just 
being used by the Devil Gundam. Toho of course calls Domon an 
idiot and Domon says that he'll make Toho wake up and realize it 
with his fist which got Toho, Master Asia quite amused that his 
stupid student would try to fight him and says that he can try 
beating these people first before getting to him. Master Asia 
note that if he can manage to infect such a strong troop as the 
team with DG cells then it should help him a lot later. The DG 
cell infected Chibodee, George, Sai Saichi and Algo appear with 
the Death Army apparently drunk with all their new powers from 
the DG cell. Domon ask if they crave power so much that they 
would sell their soul to the Devil Gundam. However, the robot 
butler driven by George's Butler Reymond arrives telling Domon 
that that isn't the case, George and the other three were 
tricked and defeated by Master Asia before being infected and 
George says that Reymond has talked too much and blasted him. 
Rain and the others tell him to retreat to the Nadesico and he 
does as he begs Domon to help George and the others. 

The team doesn't know HOW to help George's posse but Domon note 
that with the Death Army and Toho nearby, it's probable that the 
Devil Gundam is close and if they finish it off, there's a 
chance that the DG cell in George and the others will die out 
and return them to normal. So right now, they just have to beat 
the foursome so that they're unconscious and defeat the DG.

Yuu saw this and note that it isn't any concern of his plans to 
leave when Hime calls him in on it asking if he's planning to 
run away from the fight. Yuu says that its none of his concern 
but Hime retorted that he should know the state of the Earth 
right now; these guys are one of the evils that are plaguing the 
Earth, besides his Brain is still wanting to fight them. Yuu 
then ask his Brain if he wants to fight and Yuu Brain hums in 
agreement and Yuu says that if that's the case, he can stay a 
little while longer.

In fighting against the DG Cells infected foursome, Domon tries 
to appeal to their sense of chivalry, to their dreams and 
purpose to get them to reject the DG cells in them but as if to 
talking an unrepentent drunk, the four shrugs off Domon's appeal 
stating that the power they've gotten is bettter than any ideals 
or dreams.

Although the team manages to beat them up the foursome, they 
regenerate with the power of the DG cells.  Help arrives in the 
forms of the Shuffle Alliance who tells Domon to stand back 
because these people are beyond help and starts to attack them. 
The Shuffle Alliance are surprised to see that their attacks do 
not work because they sense the energy withing Chibodee's group 
that shows that these fours are their successor to their Shuffle 
Crest. Black Joker note that they have only one choice left and 
the others notes that their time as the Shuffle Alliance might 
have ended ever since they failed to prevent the Junius 7 Bloody 
Valentine Incident.  The Shuffle Alliance tells Domon and all 
the young seeds here that they will handle Chibodee's group and 
that they leave the future in these young people's hand. They 
are certain that these young ones can and will overcome the test 
and trials ahead to build a better future.

Toho Fuhai realize what they are about to do, burn their life 
force out to return Chibodee's group to normal, and ask about 
them their mission to defeat him. Are the lives of those four 
that precious? Black Joker says that though they may die, their 
wills will live on in the new Shuffle Alliance and these young 
seeds gathered here.

Toho shouted for them to stop as they burn bright and return 
Chibodee's group to normal. Toho then note that they were fools 
to trade their lives for these incompetent idiots, but at least 
the biggest stumbling block to his objective has been removed. 
Domon shouted that can't his teacher see the truth? Toho deploys 
in the Master Gundam and starts provoking Domon and the others 
to come show him what they're made of noting that once they get 
close enough, he'll have enough Death Army pop out to obliterate 

A mysterious voice then says that Toho's wish won't be 
accomplished that easily and attack him and the hills behind the 
Master Gundam. The mysterious person appears calling himself 
Schwartz Bruder and Ruri note that "they're" increasing like 
rabbit. The Devil Gundam then appears where Schwartz hits the 
mountain which surprises Toho and Hyouma note that if they'd 
went in any closer, they'd have been ambushed.

Domon demands to know if Schwartz is another one of Devil 
Gundam's pawn but Reymond says that Schwartz was the one who 
rescued him when Toho defeated George.  Schwartz tells Domon to 
accept the fact that Toho is no longer his teacher but a sworn 
enemy. Domon refuse to accept it saying that he will bring his 
teacher to his sense with his fist as is the ways of the martial 
arts. Schwartz wonders how a wet behind the ear martial artist 
like Domon can do that and says that he'll see what Domon and 
the team can do and leaves. Almost everyone on the team is 
stunned at the coming and going of these "super" martial artists 
but Yurika then tells everyone to start attacking lest they be 

Domon shouted that his fist will reach his teacher's soul but 
Toho says that Domon is a stupid student who has come here to 
die. Domon also shouted once he reaches the Devil Gundam that 
because of Kyouji, his father and mother had to suffer and die. 
He won't forgive Kyouji as he attack but Domon isn't exactly 
good enough when he hesitate for a moment looking right on at 
Kyouji who is his bigger brother.

The team's concentrated firepower begins to drive the Devil 
Gundam to the knee and Toho note that he underestimate their 
skills and firepower and tries to retreat with the Devil Gundam. 
Domon lamented sadly that his fist didn't reach his teacher's 
soul.The Devil Gundam however rush past through the team in its 
escape and Schwartz who has been watching the fight says that 
its escape route is through the nearby town which will destroy 
it in the process.

Hime says that her house which contains her brothers and sisters 
will be destroyed and Yuu decides to try using his Brain's 
Chakra Shield to block the Devil Gundam's path.  He thinks that 
the Brain has enough power and has to at least try. Yuu Brain's 
Chakra  Shield is indeed strong enough to repel the Devil 
Gundam's approach and the Devil Gundam then runs another way. 
Akito and Kira are amazed considering the size difference 
between a Brain Powered and the Devil Gundam. Domon screams 
Kyouji's name in anguish. Schwartz notes Yuu's action and has to 
give props to him while Hime is surprised that a Brain Powered 
can be use that way and Nanka note that Yuu spending six years 
with the Granchers isn't just a joke but for real. Lasse then 
ask the logical question, why would a Reclaimer like Yuu run 
away from Orphan. Yuu thanks his Brain for a good work and 
Schwartz note that he has to be going and bid the team farewell. 
Yurika wonders who Schwartz is really but Megumi thinks that 
he's just a weirdo. Domon too wonder who Schwartz is.

Mwu and the others are surveying the damage done by the Devil 
Gundam's escape and the previous battle with the Death Army. Mwu 
note that its pretty severe and Ryoko note that at these times, 
Boss Borot really comes in handy for rescue and repair work. 
Erina didn't think Natarle would spearhead the rescue operation 
considering her previous attitudes towards the Heliopolis 
survivors. Natarle says that this is their job as the military 
and it was their miss that cost this damage. Natarle ask if Hime 
has confirm the whereabout of her siblings and Hime says that 
they're all ok.

Natarle ask if D-Boy couldn't become Tekkaman to aid in this 
rescue work and Aki says that the Tekset system drains a lot of 
his power and if possible she'd like to avoid having him do it 
unless a battle is going on. Natarle note that that's too bad 
since with a human size Tekkman helping, the rescue work would 
be quite easier. Akatsuki then wonders about Chibodee's group 
that they picked up and whether they're ok. Touya says that 
they're being checked up on in the Nadesico medical room by Rain 
and Ines.

Mwu has to note that whether they're allies or enemies, they're 
pretty strong. At the Medical room, Domon ask about the four and 
Rain says that there is no trace of DG Cells on them and 
physical injuries are minimal. Ines says that they awoke 
sometime ago and is amazed at their bodies' recuperative system. 
Reymond thanks Domon and the others and George who has awaken 
says that it should be HIM who thaks them. He's heard from 
Reymond how they were used by Master Asia and such and thanks 
everyone including the beautiful captain again for rescuing them 
from the bottom of his heart. Yurika says that George is quite 
direct with his charms, but she has Akito so she's off limit. 
Sai Saichi note that Yurika is quite ditzy and Ruri note that 
Yurika's an idiot.

Domon says that it wasn't them who saved George's group and 
Chibodee says that he heard from Rain how the Shuffle Alliance 
sacrificed their lives to save them. Yurika note that the four's 
hand have an emblem on it like Domon but different. Domon says 
that those are the Emblem of the Shuffle Alliance. Chibodee says 
that those four seems to have thrust something big on them 
without even asking.

Tenia tells everyone that these soups are delicious and if they 
don't hurry, they'll be gone. Masato (D) says that she's one to 
talk since she's been the only one gobbling it all up. Sara 
tells Masato (D) that he shouldn't belittle people like that 
only to have Masato of Zeorymer apologize. Sarah note that they 
have the same name and say that she was talking about her team's 
Masato and for him not to worry about it.
Masato (D) says Sara shouldn't get too angry since she'll tire 
easily and give her a bowl of soup. Kouji note that these really 
ARE good. Agito ask who made these and Cagalli says that Hime's 
mom made these and hands Kira a piece.

Lasse tells Hime to thank her mom and Nanka who wasn't around 
ask what they were eating and Lasse says that it was a Vegetable 
soup with pork. Noal, Nanka, Izumi and Hikaru complains WHY they 
weren't called in since they're tired from the work and they'd 
like something warm to eat. Kateia apologize saying that there 
weren't enough for the entire team anyway (especially with Tenia 
gobbling up a large amount) Hime note that Yuu didn't exactly 
come to get a bowl himself. Everyone talks about Yuu and Nanka 
says that he seems to be fighting alone and Lasse thinks that he 
isn't such a bad guy up front though Hime note that Yuu's quite 
raw and naive in a way and cynical in another always quick to 

Natarle says that the Reclaimers have settled in Orphan which is 
around 7000 metre below Sea level so no one knows what they're 
doing and what the Reclaimers are capable of. The info that Yuu 
has is extremely valuable and tells Mwu that they should put him 
under arrest which Mwu doesn't really agree with. Merua tries to 
interrupt the conversation saying that Yuu's Brain Powered has 
just left. Hime tells Yuu to wait saying that his Brain is still 
tired. Natarle ask Merua why didn't she say anything sooner and 
tells someone to stop that Brain Powered. Nanka says that its 
board the Vital Globe which means that its teleported elsewhere 
and Lasse says that there's no way they can follow him now. 
Natarle note that she should have thrown Yuu in to the 
Archangel's cell and put him under heavy survelliance the first 
moment the battle ended and Mwu says that since he was the 
"hero" in saving the town, they can't really do that, can they.

Later on, Natarle is against George's group joining up even if 
they are the remnant of the MF plans. They've been used by an 
enemy and there's no telling if later on they wouldn't turn into 
their DG version again. Murrue and Yurika don't really see any 
problem in this but Erina also says that its hard to work 
alongside someone who just tried to kill you and wreck the town. 
George says that even though they were used, they did terrible 
things under Master Asia's control and would like to repent for 
their crimes and honour the wishes of the old Shuffle Alliance 
who sacrificed their lives and passed on the mantle to them by 
helping the team even though he knows where Erina is coming from.

Chibodee doesn't care about the emblem and the responsibility 
with it but he doesn't like being used and since he heard that 
this team is a special team that will take on threats to the 
Earth, there's a good chance they'll encounter the DG again and 
he wants to be part of the fight. Sai Saichi and Algo agrees 
saying that they won't take this lying down

Episode 17

Anna shows Flay the Nadesico's dining hall which is also used 
for meeting and also has a lot of cooks including Akito. Flay is 
jealous that the Nadesico could be THIS goodf and wishes that 
she could ride in this ship instead. Flay also ask why  Akito is 
the cook, isn't he a pilot and then sees Kira. Flay tells Kira 
that Anna wanted to show her the Nadesico's facilities should 
she want to come and use it especially the bath here is 

Flay ask if Kira is finish with his duty but Kira says that he's 
on break right now. David says that his head hurt from studying 
the various data of all the various enemies' attack and fighting 
pattern. Roan tells him that it can't be help, they need to do 
this since their SPT don't have as much firepower as the Voltes 
or Combattler to just attack head on. Kenichi says that that's 
not correct since he also has a hard time fighting the small 
sized SPT and MS. Megumi also says that they're lacking in 
experience since they're new at this. Kouji ask if they couldn't 
just use the data from Kosuke about Combattler V's fighting. 
Cagalli suggest they have Kira build an attack pattern database 
program to use and ask if he could do it. Kira says that even if 
he did, he'll have to talk to the Voltes V professor to get info 
on Voltes itself first in order to do that.

Anna tells Flay who has been looking intently at Kira's 
conversation with Cagalli that its time they go and Flay tells 
Kira that once he's done, would he come to her room. Kira says 
that he will but he still has three hours left.

Afterward, Sayaka gossip about Kira and Flay. David says that he 
didn't know the details of how it happen, and Yurika says to 
herself that there's a lot of things which surprises everyone 
that Yurika is sitting beside them. Yurika continue musing to 
herself that it isn't just fate that made them meet, she and 
Akito are special which gets a retort from Akito who has walked 
in with Sai Saichi and others "WHAT'S Special ? Don't make 
things up like that!!"

Sai Saichi says that he's here to see the Nadesico's kitchen, it 
seems to be so good that his cooking heart wants to make some 
food. Akito says that he'll lend Sai Saichi some utensils later 
to see his skills. Tenia says that she'll be the taster and 
Yurika says to leave her some too.

Yurika says that she has a messsage from Roll and Rolly back at 
the Photonic Lab. It seems that their school is going on 
indefinite hiatus with all the attacks going on in Japan and 
East Asia lately with parents getting worried. Sayaka says that 
she completely forgot about the school. Kouji note that it might 
be good to go see it one more time before it closes and invites 
Touya to join them since he's also a student there. Touya note 
that even if he did leave the ship, there's nothing to go back 
too it seems.

Back in Japan, Krutz note that this is the last day of school 
for the time being, guess it can't be helped with the way things 
are these days. Krutz tells Sousuke to try and behave like a 
normal student for this last day, don't go exploding stuff where 
there are no enemies now, got it?

Sousuke says that he'll try but as long as there is a 
possibility of Chidori being in danger, he won't let his guard 
down. Krutz note that while they're ordered to do so, he wonders 
if Chidori Kaname is really a target, Sousuke says that thinking 
like that isn't good and Mao says that Captain Tessa and 
Kanrinin wouldn't have given them this assignment  if it was a 
wild goose chase. Krutz says he doesn't think so, but no matter 
how you look at it, Chidori seems to be just a normal school 
girl, cute of course but that's that, nothing in her history to 
suggest anything else but her being a 16 year old normal girl 
unlike those people in the Nadeisco they fought alongside with 
earlier. Who'd want to kidnap HER.

Sousuke says that while they don't know everything, there's no 
need, sometime it might be better not to know since they might 
be safer that way. Krutz doesn't really like Sousuke's answer 
and ask Mao her opinion. Mao says that it IS odd that they were 
allowed to bring an Arm Slave for this but anyhow, they'll be 
changing the method of protection after tomorrow so Sgt. Sagara 
Sousuke better do his best today.

Chidori Kaname and Kyoko are walking to school, Chidori lets out 
a sigh of discontent and Kyoko ask what's wrong, is it Sagara-
kun since she spotted him behind them looking quite sad. Chidori 
grumble with rage "That War idiot, if he has to keep using those 
firearms, he might as well use it on those aliens or Kikaijuu"
Kyoko says that maybe with this hiatus, Sagara-kun might 
actually go ahead and ACTUALLY do that.

Chidori says that there's no chance of that, he's just a war 
enthusiast. If only he'd do those thing where she isn't around. 
Why does he have to be around her, is there some sort of grudge 
she doesn't know about. Sousuke comes up and says "It's just a 
coincidence" "WHAT Coincidence?  You've been doing it too much 
for it to be a coincidence" Chidori shouted   Sousuke says that 
since he saw danger around Chidori, he was only trying to 
prevent it. Chidori says the only danger around her is HIM and 
let loose her harisen (paper fan) whack. "That hurts, Chidori" 
Sousuke says in a raw monotone. Kyoko suddenly tugs her and 
tells Chidori "Look, Kana-chan, those people are still alive" 

Kouji, Sayaka and Touya have arrived, Kouji says that it's been 
a while and Sayaka says that there's a Radam forest that have 
grown near the school. Kouji note that the town has also suffer 
some damage so the closing down isn't exactly illogical and 
Sayaka says that she heard that only half the students are 
coming to school anyway and wonders if everyone's around. Kouji 
note that the teachers are still around and they might as well 
go greet them. Touya looks on at the school and Kouji ask what's 
wrong. Touya says that he hasn't exactly gotten nostalgic over 
seeing the school again, he hasn't forgotten about it but it 
seems like this isn't his memory or something. Kouji says that 
he doesn't feel that way but Sayaka says that even when they 
were in school, they were already pilots and fighting the 
enemies, that's the difference. Touya says that might be it, he 
feels that its like another world far away, far in the past. 
This isn't the place for him to return to. He's glad that he 
came here today, it puts things in perspective that he can't go 
home yet.

Chidori says "Gee, it really IS them; it's been a LONG time."  
Kyoko agrees saying that those people must have been fighting 
extremely hard.  Chidori then says to Sousuke "See, THOSE guys 
are the REAL things, actually fighting off those aliens and 
Jupiter Lizard unlike someone with a war mania like you" Kyoko 
ask why Sousuke's face is a little ill and he says that he has 
something to take care off.

In secret, Sousuke radioed to Krutz and says that he spotted 
Kabuto Kouji and Yumi Sayaka along with another person here and 
is there a chance that they're after Chidori.
Krutz says that there's no chance of that and that from Mao's 
info, they use to go to this school before their trip to Mars. 
They're probably here to attend the closing of the school and 
Sousuke should just ignore them if possible.

During Lunch break, Kyoko ask if Sousuke's lunch is just a slice 
of meat and Chidori tells him to take care of himself and eat 
properly. Sousuke says that in a mission they must eat quickly 
to be able to least interfere with it. Suddenly the school is 
attacked. Sousuke says that the school is under attack and for 
Chidori to get away from the windows. Sousuke then spotted Arm 
Slaves attacking. Krutz suddenly radioed him saying that there's 
too much enemy for his M9 alone to defeat and a squad of 
soliders have entered the building, he can't do anything.Mao 
tells him not to do anything rash for now and play it cool, wait 
for a chance first

Words of the kidnapping arrives to the team, apparently it was 
Dr. Hell's doing using the Gull and Arm Slaves to take 300 
people, teacher and student including Kouji, Sayaka and Touya 

Tetsuya then thinks that it's Baron Ashura's work and Jun-kun 
(Nadesico Male) says that from Boss's rambling, it seems to be 
so. Ryouko ask why the heck are they there. Yurika says that 
they're also students there so when they heard, they must have 
followed Kouji and Sayaka there after getting her permission. 
According to Boss, he arrives to see the Gull and the Armslaves 
already there and it left even though he challenged it to a 
fight. Juuzo and Akatsuki says that THAT'S a highly interpretive 
retelling of the event.

Kateia note that Touya is also amongst the hostages and Tenia 
says that they have to go rescue him. Kateia tells her to slow 
down, they don't know where Touya and the others are and if they 
go in without a plan, their lives could be in danger. Merua also 
adds that without Touya, even though they can make the Granteed 
move, they can't pilot it good enough to fight. Tenia doesn't 
care, where are they headed? Jun-kun says that they went south 
as far as he knows and Akito says that they have to go rescue 
them, what is the Federation's response to this anyhow?

Kosuke is a little bit confused, Dr. Hell hasn't used ArmSlaves 
and human agents before and Tetsuya agrees saying that he hasn't 
seen it before either, usually they use cyborg solider like the 
Iron Mask troops and Kikaijuus.  Ines says that maybe it was the 
work of the Hau Dragons syndicate that have allied with Dr.Hell 
and Tetsuya is angry that Dr. Hell has allied himself with 
others to destroy them

Yurika note that its quite odd that they target Kouji and Sayaka 
since its hard to know that they'd be there and Miku note that 
it seems like there's another purpose.

Murrue radioed in saying that the demand by Ashura has been 
made.The demand is that Mazinkaiser and all the firepower of the 
Nadesico and Archangel are to be exchanged for the lives of 
these students and teachers. 

Elsewhere, Kouji and Sayaka are separated from the rest of the 
hostage and probably hanged up by chain on a wall somewhere 
(It's classic Baron Ashura stuff) Sayaka and Kouji demands that 
Ashura release the rest of the hostages since he got them 
already. Ashura says that they were an unexpected bonus. He's 
sure Dr. Hell will be pleased. Gauron comes in saying that he 
hopes Ashura keep HIS part of the bargain and Ashura says that 
right now he has sent the demand to the Federation. Gauron think 
that not only is Ashura butt ugly but pretty dumb to boot, 
there's no way the Feds will give in to that.

Sousuke note that the enemies are Dr. Hell's group who've taken 
Kouji and Sayaka which could mean that they're not after Chidori, 
though he's quite intrigued by the ArmSlaves group. He spoke too 
soon as Chidori is taken away and her teacher tries to get her 
back by arguing with the terrorist. Gauron says that they need a 
picture to send to the Feds as proof anyway. Gauron tells his 
troop to take her but make sure that that she-man of an idiot 
doesn't realize it.

Sousuke couldn't believe it, that guy, Gauron, is supposed to be 
dead. The teacher throws even more of a hissy fit and Gauron 
plans to kill her to stop it. This is when Sousuke anoymously 
drop a bottle and apologize and the teacher fainted. Gauron note 
that that's that and leave. 

Sousuke wonder why he did that, if Gaulun recognized him then he 
would have been assasinated on the spot and who would rescue 
Chidori then? Sousuke note that there's one other pilot from 
Nergal and he must seek him out.

Sousuke approach Touya "You're Shiun Touya, The Granteed pilot 
from Nergal's Nadesico correct?" Sousuke then quickly tells him 
that he is not an enemy to quell Touya's reaction "I am Sergeant 
Sagara Sousuke from Mythril sent here undercover" Touya 
recognize Mythril as the Dancougar team's organization and 
Sousuke says that they're from a different squad than his but he 
knows of them, he's also worked with the Nadesico in a mission 
just a while ago though Touya wasn't there. Touya says that he 
was on a different ship at the time. Sousuke tells Touya that he 
needs his help in order to get information back to Mythril 
regarding the current hostage situation and to help Chidori, 
Kouji and Sayaka. Touya agrees saying that's he's worried about 
them too but says that without Granteed, he can't bring anything 
to the table.

Sousuke says that he realized that, it's not Touya's fighting 
abilities that he's counting on but Touya has been in a war for 
a while now and will react better than a normal civilian in this 
situation. Touya thanks Sousuke for his confidence and says that 
he's in. Sousuke and Touya then manage to sneak out and 
contacted the Da Nann, Mythril's secret submarine.

At the Da Nann, Captain Teresa Tesstarossa or Tessa is reviewing 
over the fact that they fail miserably to keep Chidori Kaname 
safe and endangered the other students and teacher of the school. 
She ask if there's any chance of freeing the hostages. 
Karinin,one of her right hand man and a General in his own right 
says that there's a chance, though the Feds wouldn't give in, 
Nergal might move in independently to rescue Kouji, Sayaka and 
Touya. Mardukgas, another right hand man report to her saying 
that Sergeant Sagara has reported in using the enemy's 
communication network.

Sousuke gives details of the situation. Tessa is quite shocked 
that the enemies have discovered Chidori's existence and 
captured her. Karinin thanks Sousuke for the info and Sousuke 
says that the leader of the ArmSlaves troop is Gauron. Tessa ask 
who Gauron is and Karinin says that Gauron is a very dangerous 
man who has personally killed over 30 people not caring if they 
are Naturals or Coordinator and involved in many terrorist 
activities over the world.(i.e. one sick you know what)
Karinin says that before he entered Mythril, he and Sergeant 
Sagara thought that they had killed Gauron after he burned down 
the village they were residing in. Sergeant Sagara personally 
shot him. Tessa says that despite all this, he's still alive 
Karinin says that he doesn't think Gauron is just cooperating 
with Baron Ashura on this and Tessa note that the target is 
probably Chidori Kaname then since Tessa doubt he'd tell Baron 
Ashura and Dr. Hell over Chidori's worth so he hides her capture  
within a fake objective.

Karinin thinks that Gauron will probably kill all the hostage to 
keep Chidori's existence secret from Dr. Hell under the guise of 
responding to the Fed's refusal to comply.  Tessa says that 
dangerous as Gauron is, he isn't someone they can't take the 
hostages back from. Tessa note that with Sousuke's communication, 
they've located where the hostages are and she plans on making 
Ashura and Gauron pay quite a high price for doing this. Karinin 
agrees on this but says that they'll need help to whittle the 
enemy forces down and Tessa says that they can get it from the 
Nadesico who will probably go into action to get the three back 

As predicted,The Federation tells Ashura to go suck an egg and 
for the team to destroy these kidnappers with no mention of 
saving the hostages at all. Noal and the others complain that 
it's just like what the Federation would do, not caring about 
anybody. They don't care if the hostage lives or die as long as 
the Federation itself is fine. Natarle defends the decision 
saying that the Federation can't give in to the demands made 
even for a large number of hostages along with important people 
to the team. They cannot allow the Nadesico or any of their 
Super Robot to fall into enemies hand Yurika says that they know 
about the location of the hostages from Mythril, they should 
mount a rescue operation. Natarle is against having to risk 
their lives on the word of a mysterious group, besides they are 
an army and must follow order since if they give in, that will 
encourage even more hostage taking.

Mwu says that while that might be true, he's not at ease with 
that. Cagalli says that Mythril has already made a plan to 
rescue thehostages anyway, they shouldn't even be debating this, 
if they can rescue the hostages they should.

Ryou note that if the Danan is taking the lead then Karinin must 
be the head of the operation. Sara vouch for Karinin since he's 
not one to go into mission without even a chance of winning. 
Masato then says that Mythril can do it with their helicopters 
and carriers equipped with even better cloaking system than what 
the Blitz Gundam has.

Kenichi says that they should do it, while they might only be 
tasked with defeating the enemies, if there's a chance that they 
can rescue their friends and the hostages, they can't cut them 
off since that is one hardship that they have to overcome in 
these battles.

Tetsuya also says that he's going to help Kouji and David says 
that Kouji and the others help rescued them from Mars, its their 
turn to help them  and the rest of the Layzner team agrees. 
Akito urge Yurika to do it, if the Archangel can't help then the 
Nadesico can go it alone. Ruri agrees saying that she wants to 
pay Tessa back for her help calming Omoikane. Yurika agrees and 
Hime's group also says that they'll help since they should teach 
those underhanded creeps a lesson and George says that he can 
start paying back for his crimes by doing this.

Murrue agrees to help to Natarle's constant disagreement. Murrue 
says that while Natarle's view might be right, she doesn't want 
to abandon the hostages if there's a possibility of rescue, 
while it might be easier for them if they do abandon the hostage, 
they'll never be able to live with themselves afterward.

Yurika note that the operation area (i.e. where the exchange 
takes place) is in ZAFT territory which means that if they go 
there, they'll definitely run into ZAFT forces. Since Ashura 
wants their machine and probably knows the Fed's response in 
advance, the probability is high that he'll come to take 
advantage of it (i.e. kill them all with the hostage hanging 
over their head so that they can't fight back) Yurika says that 
by doing this, they'll lure Ashura out giving Mythril the chance 
to rescue the hostages.

 Erina isn't exactly pleased that they'll have to take on both 
ZAFT and the Kikaijuus to do this but Akatsuki says that it's a 
given since the Feds aren't even bothering.
Kira note that they'll have to fight ZAFT and hopes that he 
doesn't have to fight Athrun again.

At ZAFT base, Athrun's group have detected the Nadesico and 
Archangel's path into their territory. Athrun note that they are 
headed straight for the area where  Kikaijuus have been spotted. 
Of course Yzak and Dearka wants to sink the team and urges 
Athrun to deploy. Miguel says that the decision lies with Athrun 
and Athrun note that Kira said that he only got involved to help 
his friends back in Heliopolis, he SHOULD have gotten off at Orb 
and isn't associate anymore with the Feds, he certainly hopes so. 
Athrun tells Nicol that to begin preparation for attack.

The team arrives and Ruri note that the ZAFT army has mobilized 
against them. Murrue hopes they gain Ashura's attention and 
Yurika says that even so they can't lose here yet and tells 
everyone to deploy. Athrun's group arrives with Yzak hollering 
for the Strike. Mwu and the other Archangel crew aren't exactly 
looking forward to having to take on the other Gundams as well.

Kira note that the Aegis is there which means so is Athrun. Eiji 
tells Kira that he doesn't have to deploy against them, Kira 
shouldn't experience what he went through with Gale. David 
agrees saying that they have enough firepower now that they can 
repel ZAFT themselves. However Kira himself deploys saying that 
even so, he wants to fight by everyone's side. Nicol tells their 
team to be careful since your team's firepower has increased big 
time. Dearrka smirks that it's just a grouping of Naturals but 
Miguel says that they have the advantage in numbers. (Besides, 
you got your butt kicked twice already by these Naturals, you'd 
better watch out I'm telling you why, cause the team has come to 
town with big guns.

  Athrun recognize the Strike while Yzak starts foaming with 
rage. Athrun establish contact and confirm that it's Kira. He 
asks Kira why the heck didn't Kira get off the Archangel when he 
had the chance. Kira says that he doesn't want to fight ZAFT but 
this is the only thing he can do, everyone is doing their best 
so he has to too.Athrun reminds Kira of what he said, the next 
time they meet as enemies, he'll shoot Kira. Kira says that he 
remembers that.

Athrun says in deep regret "Kira, you really ARE a big idiot" 
The battle begin, Miguel says that he didn't think that the 
Strike's pilot was Athrun's old friend but he'll cut that tie 

Athrun note that Kira's skill has improved immensely and Kira 
says that that's because he has to fight the Radam and the 
Grados who are bent on destroying all of them and this isn't the 
time for them to fight. Athrun ask if that's why he's with the 
cursed Federation. Kira tells Athrun to retreat since he doesn't 
want to fight him.

Hyouma noted, not these guys again. Juuzou tells Hyouma that 
they should finish them off quick so that they can save their 
strength for Ashura and Chizuru agrees.

Kenichi says that he's heard about the Federation's test MS and 
Ippei says that they are like Kira's Strike Gundam but for 
Kenichi not to be careless since their pilots are Coordinator. 
Hitoshi says that he didn't know they'd be taking on Coordinator 
also. Kenichi tells Hitoshi not to whine, while this may be 
tough and harsh, they are sworn to protect the Earth.

Miku tells Masato that these are Strike's sibling mech and for 
him to be careful. Masato knows that he has to defeat them since 
if things don't go well, the hostages might be in danger and he 
wouldn't allow that.

Akito shouted "Not you people again, if this doesn't go well, 
the rescue mission won't work and the hostage might be in 
danger" Tetsuya note that these are the other stolen Federation 
MS like Strike, but he wouldn't let this deter him. Tetsuya note 
that Baron Ashura HAS to be watching and if so, he'll come out 
to take advantage of this.

Yzak shout that something like a Mobile Fighter won't stop HIM.
Domon note that Yzak has quite a strong resolve and shouted back 
"Then with the name of King of Heart as my witness, I will fight 
you to the utmost, Let's GO!!" Needless to say Domon pwned Yzak 
REAL bad. Poor Yzak, he must have needed therapy after being 
pwned that bad by someone with the same voice.

The battle ended with the team victorious but Tetsuya says that 
now comes the hard part, they have to pretend being damaged and 
hurt to lure Ashura out. When Ruri says that she'll instruct 
Omoikane to do its best but questioned if this would really work, 
Tetsuya says that as Mythril predicted, Ashura won't let this 
opportunity before him go to waste. Natarle certainly hope so 
because if not, they've just entered ZAFT territory for nothing.

As expected, Ashura arrives. Ashura laugh saying that he 
wouldn't let this chance escape. He knows that the Federation 
wouldn't give in to his demand but he planned ahead.  They may 
have planned to come and save the hostage under the guise of 
handing him their robots but they had to go through ZAFT and are 
damaged as he planned when he chose this place as the place for 
exchange, he knew that ZAFT would move if they come in here. 
It's all according to his plan. He tells his lackey to deploy 
the Kikaijuus since the time to take their super weapons is here.

Ruri note that Ashura is here and Akatsuki note that he's taken 
the bait. Murrue tells everyone to bide for time and Natarle 
says that if they destroy too much enemy right now, the hostage 
will be in danger and to wait for a while.

The team tries their best to not attack back and sure enough, 
Mythril contacted the team saying that they've rescued the 
hostages (mostly). Ashura is shocked to hear from his 
subordinates that the hostages are freed by a group which defies 
their detection systems and Tetsuya and the others says that 
there's no need to hold back anymore and start wiping out 
Kikaijuus left and right.

Ryouko shouted that today is the day Ashura gets crushed and for 
him/her to say their prayers. Akito says that to involve 
students who weren't even involved is a major low, there's no 
way he'll let Ashura get off easily.

Ashura cursed Combattler V for interfering and Hyouma says that 
Ashura's not getting away that easily. Ashura is also angry at 
Tetsuya who always interfere, he'll kill him now. Tetsuya 
retorted that that's not for him who used hostages to do, 
Tetsuya won't forgive him for this and hops on the (this time) 
gigantic Great Booster ramming it forcing Ashura to retreat

Murrue note that their plan works but ask Yurika what will they 
do next? Yurika says that they'll have to wait around here for a 
while since while Mythril has rescued the hostages, they may 
need assistance getting them to safety. Natarle note that they 
can't wait long since a 2nd wave of ZAFT may be coming.

Somewhere else, Sayaka note that they didn't make it. Kouji note 
that they were too late to meet the rescue team but he's glad 
that everyone else is going to be ok.

Sousuke berates them saying that they should have come here 
earlier like he told them to using the confusion here as cover. 
IF they'd done so, they'd be safe by now but now they're left in 
what might be their graves. Kouji says that he couldn't leave 
the girl (Chidori) to be captured like that and Touya agrees. 
Sousuke says that that's the sign of being an extremely idiotic 
amateur, they're lucky to be alive.

Kouji says that Sousuke isn't exactly mister cool considering 
when he heard Chidori's scream, he rush straight in. Touya ask 
about Chidori's condition and Sousuke says that she's had a 
shock but should be all right, but he's grateful that they're 
around to help.

Kouji then note that they're here at the Arm Slaves Warehouse 
and Sousuke says that it's a Savage type and plans to use it to 
make their getaway since they can't stay here. Chidori finally 
wakes up and says that that was the worst and sees the other. 
She ask what are they up to and Sayaka explains their plans. 
Chidori ask if Sayaka or Kouji is going to pilot it and Kouji 
says that that's impossible which surprises Chidori because she 
knows they pilot robots like Mazinger but Sayaka says that the 
controls on these things are totally different so it's 
impossible for them. Chidori then ask if Touya's going to do it. 
When Touya says he can't, Chidori has a dread, "You don't mean..." 
Sousuke then tells Chidori to get back since he's moving it.

Chidori tells Sousuke that while she knows he has a war mania, 
he shouldn't be overdoing this, they're lucky to escape and if 
these pilots can't pilot the Armslaves then an amateur like him 
won't stand a chance. Sousuke then says "Amateur?  I'm not an 
amateur, I'm a Specialist"

Chidori is surprised at the look on his face when he says that 
and Kouji reassure Chidori saying that Sousuke's a pro and ask 
if the enemy have Kikaijuu. Sousuke says that there are only 
five Armslaves, no Kikaijuu yet. Chidori is confuse, how do they 
know Sousuke, who is Sousuke? He'd better answer or she's not 
taking another step.

Sousuke says that she's been marked ever since he moved in to 
the school. From what he's learn, Chidori is rumoured to posess 
a special ability that makes the enemy want to do a live testing 
on her. Chidori then remember what she just went through, a test. 
Kouji says that at first, he thought that Ashura was targetting 
them and Sayaka conclude that they were actually after Chidori 
and got the two by luck. Chidori couldn't believe it, why her? 

Sousuke says that Dr. Hell wasn't after her but another enemy 
and to protect her, Mythril sent in a soldier to blend in and 
protect her, which is him. Sousuke reveals himself "I am 
Sergeant Sagara Sousuke of Mythril, Call Sign, Uruz 7, though 
while I belong to another group than Kouji's group, I have 
fought together with them once" Sousuke then note that the 
enemies have spotted them and for all of them to get into the 
shadows, he'll handle this.

Kouji note that Sousuke's the same as when they first met, 
taking out five Armslaves in barely a couple of minutes. Chidori 
can't believe that this is Sousuke. Sousuke says that they're in 
trouble if a Kikaijuu appear since the Savage can't handle it, 
they have to make haste before it comes to that.

Sousuke lowers a hand for all of them to ride on though Chidori 
is oddly silent.  The gang is making their getaways and Kouji 
sees a lot of burning piles of metals. Sousuke says that those 
are traces of M9 of Mythril, they destroy their mech so that the 
enemies won't be able to analyze it once they're defeated, it 
seems by Kikaijuu this time. The Savage is attacked and Sousuke 
note that they've been discovered and put the others down. It is 
Gauron in his Venom who says that while he doesn't care about 
the rest of the hostages, he's taking the girl. With one shot, 
Gauron destroys the Savage and Sousuke barely got out alive. 
Gauron recognize him as that student on the plane, is he Mythril 
or from some other agent. Kouji demands to know why Gauron is 
working with Ashura and Gauron note that Kouji and Sayaka are 
also with them, this is good since if that monster knew they 
escape, he or she would definitely have a fit. When Sayaka 
accuse him of being in league with Ashura, Gauron says that he's 
no friend of that freak but he'll do that freak a favour by 
killing them all and he lords it over all of them that they 
can't do anything about it and then he looks closely and 
recognize Sousuke. "You're... Kashim, you're with Mythril?, how's 
Karinin?" Touya wonders at the name Gauron calls Sousuke and 
Gauron note that the rescue mission had to be Karinin's works 
otherwise he isn't please at having been tricked like that.

Sousuke ask "Why are you still ALIVE?" Gauron says that it makes 
for the greatest of reunion but too bad he's not here to dredge 
up old stuff, why don't he hand the girl over so that he could 
die quickly with a bullet to his head.

Gauron says that he's looking for treasure, inside the girl's 
head that is. Unbeknownst to her, the girl has hidden knowledge 
about Black Technology, such as the Lambda Driver and if its 
complete, Coordinator or aliens won't give them any problem. 
Chidori says that there's no way she could know any of that 
stuff, he's mistaken.

Gauron says that she knows, she has that knowledge from birth, 
it's a trait of the Whisper. Touya and the others are surprised 
at that word and want to know its meaning. Gauron says that 
someone hasn't been told the truth about the importance of his 
mission, but he's not telling anymore it's time for them to die.  
THE END...or not.

Episode 18

At the Da Nann, Mao is pleading with Karinin to go look for 
Sousuke and to give her an hour or so since Karinin plans on 
retreating right away because ZAFT ships are heading straight 
for them and he has to consider the welfare of the crew here. 
Mao complains asking how Karinin could stay so cool under 
pressure when he knows Sousuke even longer than she did and 
Karinin says that it's because it's necessary to stay level 
headed in these situations.

However, Karinin himself went to ask Tessa how much time they 
have before they absolutely have to pull out. Tessa says that 
the Nadesico itself is heading straight for where the hostages 
were kept to look for their missing teammates. Tessa note that 
she or the Federation probably won't be able to approve of 
putting the lives of several such as their own and their ship's 
crew in order to rescue so small a number of lives but it seems 
that the Captain of the Nadesico is that type of person 
considering their trips to Mars. Tessa says that she'd like to 
believe in them and she wants to rescue Sousuke also and tells 
Karinin that Mao and Krutz can deploy and heads toward the beach 
which is where Sousuke is most likely to go to if he missed the 

Karinin says that considering the time needed, they might have 
to take on ZAFT's underwater MS and this ship isn't exactly 
combat material like the Nadesico or Archangel. Tessa reassure 
Karinin saying that as long as she and this ship are together, 
she can probably find a way to delay ZAFT so that they can 
rescue Sousuke and hightail it out besides the Nadesico and 
Archangel will probably be their first target if worst comes to 
worst and they're unlikely to go down easy.

Karinin says that from reports by other field troops, he's quite 
worried about the unknown enemy that destroyed their Armslaves 
and thinks that they might have to deploy the ARX-7 Arbalest.

And on this note we return to Kouji's gang who hasn't been 
killed by Gauron yet and have hightailed it out of that 
confrontation already. Kouji is grateful that the enemy's mech 
seems to freeze just when it was about to fire but wonders why 
that is. Sousuke says that it could be an experimental mech 
which still has bugs in it. Kouji note that they have to escape 
since Gauron could probably radioed their location in to other 
troops but Sayaka and Touya ask where should they escape to?  
Sousuke says that they should head towards the ocean since if 
the Da Nann, Mythril's mothership, is nearby, his personal 
communicator might be able to reach them. Kouji grumbles that if 
he only has Kaiser, they wouldn't have to run from these creeps 
like this and wishes that the Nadesico or Archangel would come. 
Sayaka says that they don't know where our group is so it's 
probably hopeless.

Chidori ask if Sousuke is all right, since there's a lot of 
blood on him and his face is a little ill. Sousuke says that he 
got bandaged enough to be fine but Chidori says that he's still 
bleeding from his wounds. She then thinks why is Sousuke's face 
all grim and serious like that, she thought he was weird ever 
since but who IS he really to be able to do these things and 
keep a straight face? She doesn't really know him at all  
Sousuke says that they can't afford to stop here when the 
enemies are probably coming and that they have to keep moving, 
he tries to grab Chidori so that they can move on when Chidori 
flinch from him screaming "NO, don't come any closer"

Everyone is surprised at Chidori's reaction but Sousuke says 
"You're scared of me right? That's not unexpected considering 
what I do, but please believe me when I say that I want to help 
you" "I'm sorry for keeping everything a secret and if we make 
it out of this, I will go away so that you wouldn't see me again 
but now I need you to believe in me"

Chidori then comes to the realization that Sousuke is all 
battered and bloodied because he tries to rescue her, they miss 
the rescue because he came to help her, everything for her. 
Kouji and the rest tell Chidori that they'll make it somehow but 
they have to keep moving.  Chidori note that the other three 
aren't resting like Sousuke, they know how frightening the 
enemies are but chose to pilot robots to battle them and she's 
the one who's holding everyone back. Sousuke asks for Chidori's 
hand again and she gives it as they resume running.

At the Nadesico, Yurika ask for what's happening on the island 
and Ruri says that ArmSlaves and Kikaijuus are moving about like 
crazy. Ines says that its because Mythril rescued the other 
hostages that they're in such a frenzy. Tetsuya says that he's 
going out to look for Kouji's gang and Hyouma agrees. Mwu also 
radioed in that he and Kira are deploying as well. Kateia tells 
Tenia to give it up, even if she operated Granteed, she'll only 
be a hindrance to the search team. Merua tells Tenia to believe 
in the rest of the team.

Back to the rescue objective in question, they've made it out of 
the jungle and they see the sea along with a lot of Arm Slaves 
near it. Sousuke says that it's come to a point that they can't 
ALL escape and he's pretty much worned out and wounded, he'll 
work as a decoy to lure all the Arm Slaves from them while they 
use his communciator to contact the Da Nann.

Kouji countered that Sousuke's a wounded man and won't be able 
to do much, let HIM do it, he'll be able to lure them longer. 
Sayaka starts to protest but Kouji says that he won't go down 
easily like that. Sousuke says that he and Kouji will do it then. 

Touya and Sayaka starts to protest that they can't escape on the 
two's sacrifices but Sousuke says that he's a pro, he'll be ok 
and Kouji says that Touya and Sayaka are needed to get Chidori 
to safety and he's counting on them. Sayaka reluctantly agrees 
saying that she'll find a way to get help but Chidori says no.

Chidori says that she's been thinking hard about this and she's 
come to the conclusion that they're all idiots. Do they REALLY 
think it's cool to sacrifice their life to rescue somebody? They, 
especially Sousuke, probably aren't thinking about the rescuee's 
feeling, He may be satisfied at having laid down his life to 
protect her but she's not happy at all

Sousuke tries to protest but Chidori says that a little while 
ago he asked her to believe in him which is why no matter how 
banged up she got, how tired she is, she kept moving on along 
with them. Which is why she begs Sousuke not to think suicidally 
that whatever happens to me is fine as long as Chidori is safe. 
They should all make the effort to escape trying to their very 
best. Sousuke is lost for words and the other three has to 
applaud Chidori's conviction and Touya tells Sousuke that she 
won this argument. The situation isn't dire enough to not try 
escaping together, let's all try to make it.

Sousuke tries to protest again but Touya says that he went to 
Mars and returned. During those time he always thought "This is 
IT, I'm gonna die" which got him into a lot of trouble with 
Ryouko and when Gai died to return them back home,it didn't 
exactly felt good having to live through the death of another 
which is what Chidori was talking about but he learned from 
everyone on that journey not to give up to the very end, they'll 
MAKE their chances. He's not a soldier like Sousuke or as strong 
as Kouji, without Granteed and his partners he's average but 
he's not giving up.

Kouji says that he hasn't given up either but since Chidori is 
so against leaving Sousuke, they might as well scrap that plan. 
Sayaka starts grumbling to Kouji that when SHE was against the 
plan, he didn't exactly give up so WHY is he giving it up NOW? 
Kouji tells Sayaka that she misunderstood; he knew Sayaka could 
be counted on if they really have to do it. Chidori then ask 
Sousuke to make their escape and go home together. Sousuke 
contemplates those words and says that he understands.

The five do their best as they move towards the ocean front to 
avoid detection. Chidori has to admit that there's a lot of 
ArmSlaves and Sousuke says that it's only a matter of time 
before they're discovered and Kouji says that the one straight 
ahead of them would probably discover them first. Sayaka says 
that they're not discovered yet and Chidori agrees. However the 
Gull arrives with Ashura having spotted the five. 

Ashura isn't having a good day having been beaten earlier by 
your team, with the hostages lost, the only thing he can do to 
save face with Dr. Hell is to kill them all and he orders the 
Kikaijuu to deploy along with the Ashura Mazinger.

Sousuke note that they've been spotted and Kouji has to grit his 
teeth as his stolen and modified Mazinger Z is piloted by Ashura 
ready to kill it's former owner. Ashura shouted that Kouji 
should be glad that he'll die by the hands of a Mazinger. 
Sousuke apologize to Chidori for failing and Chidori calms him 
saying that this was her choice, she's glad she met Sousuke and 
everyone, she thanks him again for rescuing her from that lab.

Ashura is notified of two unidentified object dropping out from 
the sky. It is Mao and Krutz in their M9. Krutz confirms the 
five's location and Mao says that they're here to rescue them.  
Kouji remembers them from their mission together but Chidori 
couldn't believe it, the Krutz who is a lost happy go lucky 
foriegner she met is an ArmSlave pilot?

Sousuke says that Krutz is in the same squad as him and they 
were all assigned to protect her. Touya and Sayaka breathes a 
sigh of relief but Mao says to cut the chit-chat and for 
Sousuke's group to get clear, she and Krutz will hold them off 
until the Nadesico and Archangel who they've signalled arrive. 
Kouji is elated and Mao says that everyone is searching for them.

With the pleasantry out of the way, Mao and Krutz start their 
battle against the horde of Kikaijuus and ArmSlaves. However 
help arrives in the form of the team sans their mothership.

Tetsuya note that Kouji's group is all right, now they can fight 
without any hesitation. "Let's go, Baron Ashura !!" he shouted.

Akito is thankful that Kouji's group is ok. Cagalli noted that 
they must have endured lots of hazards and they're still in 
danger, if the team don't get them back they can't go home 
peacefully. Ryouko breathes a sigh of relief but also of 
annoyance that Kouji didn't get himself rescued like the other 
hostages and gave them such a worry. Hime is also thankful for 
their safety and says that with their rescues, all hostages will 
be accounted for and tells her Brain Powered to rescue them.

Hyouma says that he knew they were alive and Juuzo says that its 
like he told Hyouma, Kouji's gang is way too stubborn to die 
easily. Kenichi tells his team that it's time they rescue Kouji 
and the others. Akatsuki is amazed that they're still here, 
anyone else would have given up and wait for their death but not 
these guys, it's up to them now to draw the enemies' fire and 
provide Kouji's group a chance to get clear of the battle ground.

David laughed saying that he KNEW they wouldn't have gotten 
themselves killed and Noal says that it's time to help them, Aki 
is glad that they're safe.

Mwu is glad that they're all right but he's amazed that they're 
all in one piece considering that this is enemy territory with 
lots of enemies swarming in. He didn't believe they'd find them 
since Natarle was spouting the really low odds. Miku tells 
Masato that this is one less worry now but they don't have much 
time so they've got to do it. Masato understands, they have to 
defeat the enemies and grab Kouji's group before ZAFT forces 

Boss says that he's glad that Sayaka is all right but why is 
Kouji still ok? He really thought that he'd inherit the 
Mazinkaiser and turn it into the Bosskaiser. Boss notes that 
Kouji is someone who won't die even if you kill him.

Mao is thankful for the reinforcement and so is Kouji. Touya 
note that they can now live to fight another day. Sayaka 
reassure Chidori that those people are their comrades and now 
that they're here, everything's going to be all right since 
there's no way their friends can lose to someone like Ashura. 
Chidori can only gazed at the gathering of this many robots and 
then turns to look at the wounded Sousuke asking if he's 
allright. Sousuke says that he'll be fine, he's trying to redo 
the bandages to his wounds so that they'll be tighter and ask 
for Chidori's help.

Ashura is bemoaning that the team is here and the team begins 
their assault to save Kouji's group. Tetsuya shouted "Give it up, 
Ashura, you've failed in your gambit, we won't let any harm 
comes to Kouji and the others" Ashura can only curse Tetsuya as 
he rides the big ol Great Booster to slam against the Ashura 
Mazinger tearing it to pieces.

Ashura retreats and Krutz note that that's that but Mao says 
that the second waves are coming. One of them, a man name Zaido, 
is noting that Kachim is still alive. Gauron radioed in saying 
that he doesn't care what happen to the rest but that blue-green 
haired girl is off limit. They may cut her arms and legs but do 
not kill her. Their mission is not to fight the team but to grab 
the girl and retreat.  Gauron says to Zaido that it must be such 
a pain having to fight an old friend. Zaido says that he is not 
like those other idiots who died a dog's death because of their 
ideal and feelings, he won't let his life be wasted. Gauron says 
that that's a nice resolution for Zaido but don't overdo it, his 
mech's almost ready to deploy and the ZAFT are heading this way 

Mao note that these enemies probably won't let Sousuke's group 
escape easily but then the two motherships appeared. Yurika and 
Murrue are quite dismayed that there's this many left. Natarle 
says that they don't have much more time, if they linger, they 
are unlikely able to retreat from the huge ZAFT forces heading 
this way.

Yurika tells everyone that they have to defeat the enemies fast 
and asks Uribatake to deploy the Kaiser Pilder on Auto-Pilot. 
Uribatake says that the three girls are also on Granteed wanting 
to deploy and Yurika allows it though Ruri wonders why seeing 
that the girls can't pilot Granteed well enough themselves.

Seeing the Kaiser Pilder, Kouji is thankful for it and inside 
the Granteed, the three girls are trying their best to fly it 
but it's wobbling and falling fast. Touya note the Granteed 
coming in for a crash landing near them and tells everyone to 

Covered in dirt, Chidori moans out "What now?" Touya apologize 
saying that it's his mech thought who the heck is piloting it? 
The three girls came out asking if Touya's alright and is 
thankful that he's in one piece. Touya says that they shouldn't 
have done that but Tenia wouldn't have any of that and Kateia 
ask if that's how to greet someone who came to rescue him in 
their reunion with Merua being silent. Touya apologizes for 
giving them so much trouble and the three cheers up. Kouji tells 
everyone to wait a while, he's going to join the fight with 
Kaiser and Kateia tells Touya to get on the Granteed since they 
can't do much without him. Merua note that it's quite like the 
first time they met and Tenia note that that's true with Kouji 
and Sayaka also around. The Granteed stood up with Touya and 
Merua aboard as the Kaiser Pilder with Kouji in it races to the 

"Mazin GO!!" shouted Kouji "Pilder ON!!!" The Mazinkaiser 
appears ready for payback. Chidori wonders if things are going 
to be all right but Sousuke says that those two are in their 
element now "It's payback time for all the hurts you've given 
us" shouted Kouji
Sousuke is lamenting the fact that he can't protect Chidori 
right now himself but Krutz says that that's not the case 
because THEIR reinforcement from Mythril is here and to look up. 
Sousuke sees an ArmSlave parachuting down. Mao says that it's a 
present from Tessa, the ARX-7 Arbalest, they're short on time so 
he better get in it.

Sousuke note that the cockpit is empty waiting for him and tells 
Chidori to wait a little, he gets on and starts it up calling 
out "Uruz 7, ready to repel enemy forces" Zaido note that it 
isn't going to be as easy as he thought.

 Sousuke seems to recognize the fighting patterns from somewhere 
as Zaido attacks him. However Zaido is no match for your team 
and retreats. Yurika ask about their time limit and Ruri says 
that they're out of time, they have to leave now. Both ship 
signals everyone to get aboard but Kouji, Sousuke, and Touya 
says that they have to go get the girls first however Gauron 
comes out saying that Kashim won't have it THAT easy, he's 
taking the girl and they can die. Ruri detect one last Armslave 
and Murrue says that they're out of time. Natarle tells everyone 
to leave him be and begin evacuation.  Kouji note that it's the 
Armslave from before, since it's just one mech, taking care of 
it shouldn't take long and fires the Turbo Smasher Punch only to 
have it deflect off harmlessly against an invisible barrier.

Gauron note that the Mazinkaiser must be pilot by Kouji, he's a 
nuisance to him. Gauron then goes "Bang" with his mech's finger 
and the Kaiser and Kouji seems to be repelled by something 
invisible.  Chidori looks on and have a sudden reaction to it. 
Gauron attacks Touya next but note that Touya's mech hasn't 
exactly gone boom as he wished but it's over as Sousuke tries to 
rush Gauron and Gauron unleash another wave of attack. Sousuke 
note that its' like being hit with an invisible hammer, both him 
and his mech. Gauron note that he failed again to kill them with 
a thought, guess it can't be helped since this is an unfinished 

Sousuke then note the Arbalest's activity "What the... Lambda 
Driver Installization complete" Chidori suddenly speaks as if in 
a trance "No.. he  doesn't know how to use it, he'll lose, I 
have to help, give him a hint, rescue him" Sayaka is wondering 
what is up with Chidori when Chidori suddenly snaps out of her 
trance and shouted at Gauron "I'm NOT LOSING TO YOU!!" Chidori 
then ask for a communicator and calls Sousuke up. Chidori 
explains that Gauron's mech has a special system on it to change 
thoughts into attacks and defense. Sousuke and Touya are shocked 
at this and Chidori's knowledge of it. Chidori continues that 
Sousuke's mech also has this system, the Lambda Driver, 
installed. This helped protect him and the other two, he can use 
it to give shape to his will made into an image. Sousuke can't 
believe it but Kouji tells him to dodge since Gauron is 
attacking again. Gauron wonders why isnt' Kashim blown to bits 
yet. Chidori continues saying that Gauron was just thinking of 
Sousuke being blown to bit but can't, Sousuke can attack with 
his thought, with a strong will.

Gauron suddenly figure out that Sousuke seems to be protected by 
theWhisper since they were the one to create this system, it's 
natural that Kashim's mech has it but he doesn't know how to use 
it but it's over.

Sousuke doesn't know what to do, he can't seem to make it work 
and Chidori tells him to think of something important and when 
Sousuke protest, Chidori change tactic. She tells him to imagine 
her being captured by Gauron; she's going to be killed; he hates 
it right? His fuse snapped? He can't really let that creep get 
away with it right? Then take out his gun, close his eye, 
believe in her, carry the image of him wanting to hurt Gauron.

Kouji and Touya wonders if it's going to work and Gauron says 
that it's the end with Chidori telling Sousuke to fire the gun 
in his imagination. 

Later on at the Danan, Tessa tells Mardukgas that they will 
scramble the ZAFT's radar to provide a getaway for all three 
ships and to head for a certain location. Karinin approach 
Sousuke asking about Gauron, Sousuke says that he's dead this 
time but he wants to ask about the Lambda Driver and the Whisper. 
Karinin says that he might have realized that Mythril has super 
technology that is beyond what others are capable of and so too 
have many other sides. Sousuke says that the Nadesico and Voltes 
V are products of alien technology and Karinin says that the 
Coordinators also have higher technology than the Feds. However 
what he's talking about is technology that shouldn't be able to 
exist such as the Hau Dragon's tech, this ship's tech, the tech 
available to terraform Mars and the Lambda Driver. They 
originate from some people called Black Technology Whisper or 
people like Chidori as Sousuke guessed.

Karinin says that he doesn't need to know the rest and to get 
some relaxation. Karinin says that the Arbalest is Sousuke's 
personal mech from now on since it imprints itself on to him and 
that they cannot make another experimental mech like this again 
so he'd better take good care of it. Sousuke ask one last 
question, about his duty to protect Chidori. Karinin says that 
they've spread false information that Chidori Kaname isn't a 
Whisper out and that should probably keep her safe but he has 
another assignment for Sousuke.

Back at the Nadesico, Kouji is apologizing to everyone about the 
bother they went through because of him. Akito and Hyouma are 
glad that he's all right. David says that they got quite 
frighten at first when they got words that Kouji's group weren't 
amongst the hostages rescued. Miku then says that they bet that 
Kouji's group got themselves out of the danger but missed the 
rescue so they began searching. Tetsuya note that it was touch 
and go for a while, he really thought they'd have to fight a 2nd 
wave of ZAFT tooth and nail to get out.Murrue radioed in saying 
that the ZAFT are more intent on searching the island from the 
looks of it. Yurika note all's well that ends well, they're safe 
and sound, Dr. Hell is sent running and such.

Chidori wakes up to see Tessa by her side, Tessa introduce 
herself and where they are. Tessa then says that she has to talk 
to Chidori abut the Whisper. Whispers are people born with 
knowledges that no one has, over the past ten years they've been 
able to detect a couple, amongst them is Tessa herself and 

Tessa continues that as a Whisper grows older, they begin to 
hear voices in their head or whisper and grows up to be geniuses 
with knowledges that no one knows, they have the blueprint for 
Black Technology in their head. Tessa mention that Chidori 
probably heard them before, especially when Sousuke was in 
danger from Gauron's ArmSlave. To know a technology by heart 
just by looking at it is one of the Whisper's powers. Tessa 
relates her own experience saying that she started out hearing 
these whisper when she was around ten and has use that knowledge 
to develop this ship and it's computer system. Chidori is quite 
surprise and Tessa says that there's no better computer system 
in the world (not even Omoikane?) Chidori ask how old Tessa is 
and she says that she's 16, the same age as Chidori and Sousuke. 
Tessa says that with this knowledge of her value, Chidori should 
realize that she herself is quite valuable in many people's eye. 
Theres not many that knows about the existence of Whisper but 
those that do wants their power and knowledge of Black 

Chidori ask if Gauron was one of them, Tessa says that that's 
not all, while Dr. Hell didn't realize it yet, if word gets out 
to him and any other enemy groups such as the Coordinators, the 
aliens and even the Federation, they would want Chidori's 
knowledge for themselves and her's too if they knew about her.

Chidori bemoans her fate but Tessa says that Mythril will do 
everything in its power to protect her but the normal means are 
quite useless now. Chidori ask if the normal means is having 
Sousuke around her as a bodyguard. Tessa says that with large 
armies of enemies that could come for her, she needs to be 
insured by a military group which is good that school is closed 
for the foreseeable future. Chidori ask if that means she has to 
join Mythril and note that if so, it means she'll get to be with 

Tessa says that in her organization, it would be hard for 
Chidori to live and adapt, she'd probably run away after a while, 
there's a place for her with people of her ages, its quite a 
weird military group more suited to protect her.

As Chidori is wandering the Da Nann, Krutz and Mao approach her, 
Mao thanks her for her help with Sousuke and Mao ask if Chidori 
heard that she along with Mao and Krutz are to be sent to the 
Nergal dock to join the Nadesico. Chidori says that she doesn't 
have much choice, does she?  Mao says that over there she'll be 
fine since she has friends there. Chidori ask if that means 
Kouji, Sayaka, and Touya. Mao says yes and Chidori ask about 
Sousuke's whereabout since she hasn't seen him for days now. Mao 
says that Sousuke is already on his next assignment. Chidori ask 
if there's any message for her by him and Mao says no. "I see" 
says Chidori dejectedly

The three arrives and Krutz complains that this isn't a Nergal 
Dock but the Federation's Yokosuka base instead. Mao says that 
since the Nadesico is docked here, it's also considered a Nergal 
Dock. Mao's group is greeted by Yurika, Akatsuki, Mwu, 
Prospector and the Dancougar team. Mwu says that he's seen Mao's 
prowess and he'll introduce her to the Archangle crew later. 
Prospector says that while the Nadesico is allied with the 
Federation, it's still a Nergal ship and thus the Feds would 
probably find it hard to pressure them to hand over the Mythril 
operatives so they don't have to worry. Krutz is thankful for 
that noting that he thought it was weird that they would join up 
with a Fed ship.

Kouji and Sayaka come to greet Chidori asking her if she's all 
right. Chidori says that she wonders how it came to this. Yurika 
greets Chidori saying that she heard that Chidori is associated 
with Mythril and a very good cook. Sayaka whisper to Chidori 
that she didn't tell anyone about Chidori's part as who Gauron 
wants in the kidnapping so she should be safe even here.

Yurika introduces herself as the Captain of the Nadesico which 
leaves a weird "Wha..." in Chidori's mouth. Chidori says that 
she doesn't really like being made a fool of, aren't ship 
captains supposed to be old fat men with a beard smoking a pipe 
wearing an admiral suit? Kouji says that that's the norm and Mao 
continues "It's the truth, Chidori" and Krutz adds that the 
Archangel's captain is also quite a knockout.

Chidori hangs her head and accepts Yurika's hand. Touya looks on 
saying that Chidori doesn't seem to be coping with it as well as 
he thought. "Guess not" says another voice. Chidori says that 
she didn't mean any thing bad to Yurika or anything, she'll do 
her best. "I certainly hope so" says the mysterious voice. 
Chidori continues that she doesn't know what she can do or if 
she's very good at it but she'll try. "No problem" says the 
voice and Chidori turns back and see "Sousuke?"

Yurika says that Sousuke came here a couple of days ago to begin 
the transfer process.
Mao tells Chidori "Like I said, he was on another mission"  
Chidori is quite amazed at this and Sousuke whisper in her ears 
"I'm also still on your protection duty, we still have to be 
careful around Nergal afterall, if worst comes to worst, I am 
allowed to do whatever it takes to protect you." Chidori is 
stunned and then angrily says that she has LOTS of things to say 
(complain) to Sousuke, he'd better get ready.

Episode 19

Yurika, Jun, Murrue, Natarle and the rest of the head of the two 
ships gather for a meeting about how to tackle their mission 
against all the enemy forces out there. Natarle note that the 
most visible of the enemies are the Radam and the Grados/ Jovian 
un-manned mech that attacks and Mwu note that the Boazan and Dr. 
Hell's force also fit that category. Unfortunately, both they 
and the Federation have no idea where their bases are to mount a 
counter attack and finish them off. Prospector notes that a long 
road ly ahead of them with this many enemy, especially with the 
Grados, Radam and ZAFT, unlike some of their other enemies like 
Dr. Hell. Natarle adds the Devil Gundam to the list saying that 
there's no news of it recently along with the Grados troops they 
faced at Orb. Inez also adds the Hau Dragon in. Murrue says that 
tomorrow they will begin a concrete plan on deciding who to 
actively tackle first.

Krutz is saying that he's so frikkin tired and wants to drink 
beer and go to sleep. Cagalli says that they're still on duty. 
Sayaka note that if Krutz acts like that, he'll attract the 
wrath of Natarle again. Sousuke note that it was a wonderful 
one-punch attack back then. Krutz protest that he was only 
trying to talk to Natarle about their mission and Juuzou says 
that Krutz only pretend to do that as Cagalli says that Krutz's 
a guy that they can't trust in this sense. Masato (D) notes that 
he probably couldn't do what Krutz did with Natarle like that. 
Mao berates her subordinate asking if he lost all intelligence 
when he smothered his face in a woman's breast. Not even the 
Dancougar troop (famous for disobeying orders) would do what he 
did. Krutz retort what the heck did the old hag says?   to which 
he gets Mao's fist in his face asking what the heck did he say 
she was?  Krutz looks at Mao's extremely scary face and says " A 
very beautiful and dependable commander, sir !!"  "Good" replys 

Simone asks if this is normal behaviour for the two of them and 
Sousuke says it is. Ryouko ask Yurika if their duty is over now 
because she'd like to go onto the Nadesico for a bath. Yurika 
says that they're still on duty but it wouldn't hurt for some to 
go take a quick bath while the others cover for them.

Tenia asks Miku why she decides to pilot the Zeorymer since she 
heard from Masato that she was at the Last Guardian for a long 
time. Miku says that she was raised there; she knew that one day 
she would have to board Zeorymer. It is fate that she and Masato 
pilot Zeorymer though she didn't think they'd have to fight this 
many enemies. Akito ask if she isn't scared about having to do 
this but Miku says that she didn't think about that since 
thinking about it would change nothing and it's everything to 
her. Noal says that that sure isn't the case with Masato who 
hates it a lot to which Miku says that it can't be helped since 
he only learn about this recently. Kenichi says that he'd like 
Masato to at least improve his mood since Kosuke and Hiyoshi, 
both barely 10 years old, are doing their best too. Hyouma 
agrees saying that if Masato is going to do it then he should 
put everything into it otherwise he's going to be a hindrance 
but Touya says that they should cover for him until then since 
these sort of things takes time. From what he heard from Miku, 
Masato was taken suddenly and forced to pilot Zeorymer, he 
probably hates that but can't escape on his own will and is 
thrown into these situation. It'll take time for him to find a 
reason for him to do this that he can accept and be satisfied 
with. Ryouko muse that Touya's one to talk but Akito says that 
what Touya said might be the truth and Kouji agrees saying that 
Touya and Kira themselves had to go through this period. Miku 
says that it'll be ok; he'll fight since this is his and her's 
destiny. Tetsuya of course is a bit sick of Miku spouting fate 
this, destiny that and thinks that it would be better if Masato 
wants to fight himself

Later, Sayaks shows Kouji, her new Venus Ace. Kouji says it's 
beautiful, almost like Sayaka and Kosuke say that it was created 
based on Sayaka's look. Sarah says that she doesn't like it 
which gets Sayaka upset but Sarah says that Sayaka can do what 
she wants with it. Shinobu agrees saying that he doesn't really 
like a fighting machine that looks like a girl but Sayaka says 
that SHE'S going to be riding this and to her, a robot should be 
pretty. Hikaru says that Uribatake would probably go ga-ga over 

Chizuru note that Kouji got the Mazinkaiser and Sayaka the Venus 
Ace, they should do something to power-up Combattler V.Kosuke 
says that they're working on it, but the Professor seems to be 
quite busy lately. Roll and Rolly ask if Sayaka is pleased with 
the Venus Ace and Kouji ask if they brought it here. Rolly says 
that they also brought Shiro here. Shiro plans to ride along the 
Nadesico with Kouji, his bigger bro. Kouji doesn't object and 
introduce everyone to his younger brother saying that Shiro may 
be a pain in the butt sometime but he's okay. "Who's a pain in 
the butt, you stupid bigger Bro" retorted Shiro and he introduce 
himself to everyone else.

Inside the Nadesico (cue comical music), Chidori is going nuts 
asking why the heck Sousuke put traps outside her room. Sousuke 
says that they can't let their guard down even on this ship, 
while she might be all relaxed, it's better to be prepared. This 
earns a Harisen whack from Chidori who shouted, "You...#&* why the 
heck did you use a bomb for a trap?" Sousuke says that it isn't 
a bomb but a landmine, don't worry, he's a professional, he took 
out enough gunpowder and such to ensure that the victim get a 
broken bone if he or she is REALLY unlucky. Another whack comes 
down and Sousuke says "That hurts". Chidori shout what if she 
and the crew stepped on it? Sousuke says that that's not a 
problem considering the fact that the crew or other pilots would 
know just from a glance what this thing is, heck Chidori herself 
recognized it at once.

Chidori looks at him gritting her teeth, letting out a huge sigh 
then saying that she didn't think that he would do something 
like this and Sousuke replies saying that she understands now 
right? The importance of being prepared on a human battlefield. 
Chidori looks at the duncness in Sousuke and tells him to just 
take all the traps down and he's got some nerves saying those 
totally stupid things to her and then "KABOOM"

Sousuke note that someone has triggered the trap and tells 
Chidori not to move as he goes to investigate. Sousuke runs 
through the smoke, "You, don't move" he shouted. Yurika runs 
past him crying. Chidori approach Sousuke saying "Wasn't that 
the captain? You idiot, you'd better go and apologize quickly" 
Sousuke however is thinking another thing saying it out loud 
"Why would the captain come to Chidori? Oh no... Nergal's on to us; 
we have to escape; never thought that the captain would be the 
enemy; we can't trust anyone on this ship anymore" "Chidori, 
don't get out of my sight, we have to rendezvous with Mao and 
contact the Da Nann" This earns a tremendous Super-Whack with 
Chidori shouting "That ain't it... you idiot, Yurika-san was 
probably just coming to call me or something" "Great, thanks to 
this idiot, another weird rumour is born. Akito approach the two 
of them asking what's up? He saw Yurika running away past the 
corridor with soot on her face crying. Chidori is at loss for an 
explanation when Kateia ask what they're doing since everyone is 
at the Bridge. Akito asks what happened and Chidori wonders if 
what happened has already resulted in a problem.Kateia says that 
Masato has been kidnapped. Chidori note that she imagined the 
worst to happen to her just now.

At the bridge, Ruri informs everyone that Masato went outside 
the base alone and was kidnapped by someone. Sousuke ask why 
would he go alone since all the pilots on this ship have already 
been marked by various enemy organizations. Chizuru says that he 
was probably troubled over something. Ippei says that there are 
time when one has to be alone though it's a bit of a problem 
going out of the base like that. Kouji ask if it's Ashura up to 
his old tricks again. Ruri says that they have the Captain's 
permission to mount a rescue since they've tracked the 
kidnappers and know the location where he's being held. Minato 
ask where IS Yurika and Ruri says that she's in the bath and 
Akito says that he saw her all blackened with soot earlier. Miku 
says that she gave Masato a tracking device just in case which 
is how they tracked him down, would the others like to come with 
her to rescue him. George, Sai Saichi and Chibodee volunteered 
saying that they wouldn't be taken down easily.

At the Boazan base, Zul the crooked old Boazan geezer is 
thinking that soon his plans will be ready. Zul plans to dispose 
of Hainel and takes the position of Earth's conquering commander. 
Zul is then called by Katherine to report to Hainel. Hainel 
tells Zul that he heard from his spy team that Zul is secretly 
planning something and wants him to explain himself. Zul is 
surprised that Hainel is on to him and plans to diffuse the 
situation with a lie somehow. Zul tells Hainel that everything 
he did was for Hainel's sake of conquering the Earth; he has 
found a way to get control of the Grados/ Jovian unmanned mech 
in order to increase their forces. Jyangal, the brutish 
commander, is furious that Zul thinks they need to usurp Grados 
mech to win since it goes against Boazan pride.

Hainel ask if all this secrecy of Zul was for his sake and Zul 
says that it is; Hainel then says that since Zul's thrown away 
his Boazan pride, Zul can alsoo use this Grados forces to take 
out the Earthling team to prove his loyalty to Hainel. Zul tries 
to protest but Hainel says that isn't Zul doing this all for his 
victory? If Zul was THAT desperate to throw away his pride then 
surely he would win. Hainel then says that if he loses, he will 
cut Zul's horn as a symbol of those who threw away their pride 
but yet lost.

After Zul has left, Katherine congratulates Hainel on his 
decisiveness and Hainel note that he already knows that 
everything Zul says is a lie and he knows the truth. Jyangal 
notes that either win or lose, Zul is finished. Zul of course is 
extremely angry about this but notes that he will catch that 
glimmer of hope by killing your team and then dealing with 
Hainel and Jyangal.

Back where Masato has been taken, he is confronted by Empress 
Yura, Shi Aien and her sister Shi Tao of the Hau Dragon 
syndicate. Empress Yura didn't think he'd be THAT stupid to walk 
out of the base alone which is how they got him. Masato ask why 
they did this and Empress Yura says that it's because he's the 
Zeorymer's pilot and he killed her beloved, the Lanstar of the 
Wind's pilot Taiha. That's not all of his crime, he continues 
Kihara Masaki's legacy which is his greatest crime.

When Masato shows no sign of knowledge, Empress Yura is quite 
angry that while the Hau Dragon Syndicate were toiling in secret 
trying to regain their power, he spent those days without a care. 
Masato asks who Kihara Masaki is and Empress Yura ask if he 
doesn't know since if he knows he might want to die. Masato says 
that if the knowledge of who Masaki is will help him understand 
why this is all happening, he wants to know. Empress Yura then 
tells him that the Hau Dragon Syndicate is  a giant robot using 
group out to conquer the world which is all 15 years ago. All 
the Hau Dragon's robots and its pilot were created and selected 
by one man, Kihara Masaki, including the Zeorymer whose pilot 
that Masaki selected hasn't been borned yet. Masaki for some 
reason betrayed them and stole the Zeorymer along with a barely 
borned baby and destroyed the other Hau Dragon robots. It has 
taken them 15 years to rebuild and SHE was supposed to be the 
Zeorymer's chosen pilot. Masato then asked who the baby is and 
Empress Yura says that it is HIM, Masato the cursed man.

Masato is shocked by this, he can't believe that he was created 
out of a test tube to pilot the Zeorymer,is THAT all? Masato 
begs Empress Yura to tell him who he is and she replies that he 
is Zeorymer's pilot; that is all. Masato begins to cry and 
Empress Yura note that this is the sight of a man who is 
burdened with his cursed fate but she plans to end that curse 
right now along with his life. Suddenly a blast rocked the room 
as Miku and the Shuffle Alliance people rushed in. Shi Tao and 
Shi Aien tries to fight back but are no match for the Shuffle 
Alliance. Miku rush to free Masato as Empress Yura asks who she 
is; Miku says that she is the pilot of the Zeorymer and they 
rushed out with Masato as Empress Yura wonders that, doesn't the 
Zeorymer have just ONE pilot? Empress Yura gave the two twins 
permission to follow and kill them all and they can use THOSE 
people as well.

Back at the Nadesico, Hyouma, Yurika and the others are 
congratulating Masato's rescue and says that he had them all 
worried. Erina bluntly says that without him the Zeorymer won't 
move and he should be more careful. Bad choice of words since 
Masato asked why they rescued him? Is it because he's JUST 
Zeorymer's pilot? Miku says that everyone was worried about him 
but Masato says that without him, Zeorymer won't be usable right? 
This ticks off a few hotheads but before anything can happen, 
the enemies following them are detected. Ruri confirms Arm 
Slaves along with what Miku realized are Hau Dragons robots. 
Chibodee note that those two must have followed them and this 
should be fun. Miku tells Masato that they have to deploy. Miku 
ask if Masato is allright and he says that he HAS to be since 
riding this thing has become the only reason he's still living. 
Murrue note that they're too close to the town and that they 
have to fend off attacks from it lest there is damage and 

Shi Aien says that Zeorymer will die here and tells her sister 
that once they are position, they will use the Touin Road attack 
to which Shi Tao remains silent.
Shi Aien then makes her threat quite clear to Masato and Miku 
that they will be killed. Masato note that it's those two girls 
and he tells Miku that he knows those two, he can't fight them 
with Zeorymer since he's liable to kill them. Miku insist that 
those are the enemies but Masato insist that they're human girls 
that he knows.

Tetsuya ask what the heck are they doing, if he can't fight then 
don't deploy since he's just gonna be a hindrance. Mwu agrees 
saying that if Zeorymer can't fight then it should retreat. 
Suddenly a weird psychic flash comes out from the Zeorymer and 
Masato or someone whom I shall now call "Masato" for no 
discernable reason says "Can't fight?  WHO can't fight?  
Mwuhahhahahaha" Miku is surprised at this as "Masato" says that 
"I'll just blow them apart, THAT should be easy" Ryouko is 
shocked noting that what "Masato" is saying is totally different 
than before, is he all right? "Those Hau Dragon with their toy 
of a weapon, they're NOTHING to me" Miku tells Masato to lure 
the enemies away since the evacuation of the town hasn't start 
yet and is answered by " Hahaha, no need, with the presence of 
those trash of a civilians, the enemies movement will at least 
be hindered, a good chance" Hime is shocked by what she hears 
"Masato" says and Ruri note that his personality seems to have 
completely changed with Inez noting that he might have a split 

Yurika and Natarle tells him to stop with that with Natarle 
adding what the heck is Masato thinking and "Masato"shouted 
"Don't order me around!!" This of course begins to anger the 
others who say that any more out of him and they're not going to 
take it. Miku pleads with "Masato" to stop and he shouted "A 
mechanical doll like you have the nerve to order ME?" Miku is 
surprised how "Masato" knows about that and "Masato" note that 
it wont do to have the team as an enemy just yet, guess he'll 
have to go along. Natarle is furious asking what the heck is he 
up to when "Masato" says "What? I said I was going to along with 
your stupid plan and besides do you HAVE time to be picking a 
fight with me?" Natarle of course probably wants to go bitch 
slap "Masato" but Murrue says that dealing with the Hau Dragons 
comes first.

The battle is breaked by the arrival of the Boazan. Zul says 
that the Earthling are stupid for fighting amongst themselve 
when an invader like him is here, he'll kill them and next will 
be Hainel. Kenichi is all set to repel them but Hyouma note that 
it's quite odd that the Boazan have Grados weaponry with them. 
Yurika wonders if they've joined forces but Eiji says that he 
doesn't think the prideful Boazan would do that (Not in this 
game they don't, almost every previous game they did) Inez 
thinks that somehow the Boazan must have found a way to control 
the Grados unmanned mech and Ryouko says that it changes nothing 
since they're going to beat them back anyway.

Shi Aien is troubled that the aliens are here when they're still 
dealing with Zeorymer but her younger sister Shi Tau says that 
this is a good chance for them since the team will have to 
divert some of their firepower to fight against the Boazan and 
there'll be less to help Zeorymer.They can deal with the aliens 
and the rest afterward. Yurika note that the Hau Dragon doesn't 
seem to want to call a cease fire and that they'll have to take 
on both sides simultaneously and tells everyone to do their best. 
Natarle says that they'll have to battle on two fronts and she 
doesn't plan on losing.

The battle begins again, Shi Aien says that the Empress is 
watching and that they will defeat the Zeorymer of the Sky.  
"Masato" says that the idiots Hau Dragon thinks they can beat 
him with THOSE puny mech, it's pitiful.  Shi Tau says that she 
alone will defeat Zeorymer without her sister's help and 
"Masato" says "Pathethic"

Of course the two are no match for Zeorymer and your troop. Shi 
Aien goes down first and Shi Tau says for her sister to withdraw, 
she'll handle Zeorymer herself. Even though Shi Aien does so, 
Shi Tau doesn't fare much better and she can't believe that this 
is her limit, she promises herself she'll do better next time 
and retreats.

Eiji shouted to Zul that he won't let the Boazan do as they 
please. Hyouma note that it's the Boazan and he plans to sink 
them. Zul says that it's a Choudenji and he'll sink it. Kenichi 
says that he won't forgive the Boazan but Zul says that he'll 
destroy VoltesV and then Hainel. Zul is of course beaten like 
the wretch he is and he note that this won't do, his plan and 
his horn will be destroyed by Hainel. The only thing he can do 
now is to kill Hainel to save himself and he retreated

The team note that it was touch and go for a minute, having to 
take on two enemies group. Natarle of course now wants to 
question Masato for his behaviour and plans to lock him up if he 
doesn't have a good answer (you know, you should say that once 
he's OUT of Zeorymer so that he doesn't blow you to bits)

There is some sort of psychic flash in the Zeorymer as "Masato" 
disappear and Masato reappear wondering what happened to the Hau 
Dragons. Miku fills him in and Natarle ask if he doesn't 
remember what he did. Masato wonders if the other him inside was 
responsible and Inez theorized that he might have a split 

Back at the base, Masato plead with Miku to tell him who or what 
he is and she says that he's just tired and a little rest will 
help. Kouji and the others come up to him asking if he doesn't 
remember. Masato says that he remember only going out into 
battle and Kenichi repeated what Masato said about the civilians, 
him shouting back to Natarle about not being ordered,etc Masato 
is shocked at that and Hyouma tells him about Inez's split 
personality theory.

Masato note that that might be it since he felt that he wasn't 
himself and Tetsuya says that it's probably due to being forced 
to battle which dismayed Miku. Touya says that he should rest 
and go see Inez afterward.

Back at Boazan base, Zul tries to beg for Hainel's forgiveness 
but Hainel plans to cut his horn.Zul then tries to assasinate 
Hainel but Hainel is ready for him saying that he was on to 
Zul's treachery the whole time and Jyangal kills Zull. Later, 
Hainel, Jyangal and Katherine talks about Zul's treachery and 
threat towards Hainel's live but now that he is dead, they won't 
have to worry. The thing to worry is the Earthling since they 
are strong enough to repel Zul who is using both Boazan and 
Grados mech

At your team's hangar, it seems that the Layzner is going 
berserk as it automatically left and totalled the hangar and 
shot down three M9 who tries to stop it. Eiji can't believe it, 
he thought he told the Federation troop who told him this not to 
try to do anything with Layzner without him around. Simone ask 
what were they doing and the troop says that they were under 
Kolbett's order and Noal that it just had to be HIS fault. Kouji 
comes in saying that the Layzner have more or less landed nearby. 
David wonders what they should do and Akito says that even 
though it's pilotless, he doesn't really want to have to fight 
Layzner and Eiji says that he'll go stop it.

Arriving, Kateia tells him that it stopped moving but it could 
start up again at anytime. Touya ask if Eiji plans to stop the 
Layzner's berserker while Sousuke says that they can't trust a 
weapon that moves by itself like that however Kosuke says that 
it probably isn't going berserk since he's heard from Eiji that 
the Layzner has a self-protection program in it. It's most 
likely that the Federation troops, under the guise of 
maintenance, tried to dissect the Layzner. Hoyouma ask if that 
made the Layzner mad and Sarah says that it's that bald geezer 
fault. Eiji note that before he met the Nadesico on Mars and 
during his final battle with Gale Senpai and even now, there are 
times that it won't obey his commands and move independently, he 
won't let Rei says he don't know THIS time.

Eiji ask for Sousuke's gun and Mao says that he looks serious 
and to give it to him. Eiji says that he don't know what will 
happen so he wants everyone to stay far away for now as he jump 
up into the Layzner's cockpit.

Eiji tells Rei that it's him, Eiji Asuka, and for Rei to call 
the other computer out even if it has no knowledge of it, it IS 
there. Rei says that the request does not compute, it is the 
only computer on the Layzner. Eiji insist on the order and Rei 
repeat himself leading Eiji to say that if that's how Rei wants 
to play it, he's quite prepared to take it to the end as he 
points the gun at Rei's terminal. Rei says that it does not 
understand but Eiji shouted "Stop hiding behind Rei, you MUST 
have heard my order, I'm not going to tolerate your activities 
anymore, this cockpit is MY world and you're operating outside 
of what I want even though I call for you to answer and obey.
Answer me NOW," Eiji fires off a warning shot into the air and 
says that the next bullet will go through the display if he 
doesn't comply.

Suddenly, another voice besides Rei answers him, its name is 
Fauron and it says that Eiji's anger toward him would be 
troublesome since he was put into the Layzner by Eiji's father 
as is Eiji's father's decision to let Eiji pilot the Layzner. 
Eiji ask why and Fauron answer that he holds the secret of 
Grados for someone who wants peace like Eiji. Eiji ask what that 
secret is and Fauron says that this secret is a top secret that 
only a few Top Class in Grados is even permitted to hear it 
because it has to do with Grados's creation. Eiji demands Fauron 
tells him and the scene shifted.

It is where Al Van is and he note that he's had his mech checked 
over and over and the system is fine, so the problem isn't with 
his LaftKranz but that mech, that "Lord" must have known and 
sent it there. Al Van is stirred out of his musing by Schana Mia 
who he holds in high regards. Schana Mia says that she heard 
that Gu Randon ask him to deploy once more. Al Van says that it 
is to determine why the Las Erem system failed last time and 
Schana Mia ask if it's that unit with the three girls who they 
experimented on that that person sent to Earth. Al Van note that 
that person/ Lord fought to the end and let his mech be 
completely destroyed is to hide the fact that his mech does not 
have the Las Erem core system in it because it is in the mech 
with the three girls. Schana Mia says that those experiments and 
more were done without even her permission by Knights such as 
him, while she might have been quite young then, if she'd knew 
about this, she would have begged them to stop. Al Van says that 
it's all for their purpose and he will take full responsibility 
when the time comes including what he did to that Lord.  Schana 
Mia ask if the mech does have a Las Erem then what does he plan 
to do and Al Van says that he will destroy it along with the 
three girls who are experiments and that unknown pilot because 
if not, they will be a stumbling block to their plans. Schana 
Mia note sadly that that does sound like what Al Van would do 
and Al Van asks why did Schana Mia deign to meet with him? 
Schana Mia says that she can't put it into words but he'll have 
a harsh mission ahead of him. Al Van says that he's prepare for 
whatever it is since they can't back out now considering the 
state of this planet and the time left for their people. Schana 
Mia herself notes that it might have been better if they all 
have never woken up. Schana Mia then thanks Al Van for his time 
and stupid talk saying that Gu Randon has been avoiding her as 
of late and if she loses him as well then there is no one left 
to talk and understand her. Al Van note to himself that he has 
embark on this bloodstained road and until their citizens fully 
wakes up for him to see, he won't die, this is how he lives his 
life now

Episode 20

Rain is surprised that they still haven't found the cause of the 
Layzner's rampage but Cagalli says that afterward it has calmed 
down. Kira says that it should be all right as long as Eiji is 
the one handling it since it has a protection A.I. running but 
it seems Eiji doesn't want to talk about it too much. Simone 
note that since the incident, Eiji's been a bit strange, he 
seems to be deep in thought so much that he doesn't hear anyone 
calling out to him. Noal says that he heard that Eiji hasn't 
seen Freeman yet though he's been trying to arrange a meet 
between the two of them for a while. Kouji wonders if what Eiji 
wants to talk to Freeman isn't about the Layzner's rampage. 
Cagalli think that Eiji may be troubling over something alone 
again and Kira says that it might be about Grados. Tenia says 
that they'll just have to wait until Eiji opens up and tells 
them about it. Touya agrees and ask about Masato. Rain says that 
in examination, he WAS under a lot of stress but they found no 
trace of a split personality. Inez has theorized that the 
trigger may be having to fight in Zeorymer. Kouji note that 
while it isn't a rampage like Layzner, that's also a problem. 
David agrees as Natarle has say that until they figure out the 
cause of all this, Masato's not allowed to pilot the Zeorymer.

Rain sees Domon coming in to the mess hall as Domon berates her 
for slacking off since the Shining's left arm's response is 
quite dull. Rain apologizes saying that she's been quite busy 
but she'll get right to it. Domon tells her not to make excuse; 
she's HIS partner which means the Shining Gundam comes first 
since the Devil Gundam might appear at any time. Cagalli and 
Simone stands up for Rain saying that he shouldn't talk to her 
like that, it's not as if HE'S the one alone who has big 
problems. Domon says that it's a problem between him and Rain 
when Megumi-chan tells all pilot to report in at a certain 
designation since something big seems to be going on. 

The assembled team are greeted by AdmiralMismal Kouichirou. 
Yurika ask what her dad is doing here and he goes into Daddy-
mode fretting and frumping all over Yurika.Kolbet reminds him 
that this isn't a personal visit. Kouichirou says that he knows 
about that before shaking hand with Murrue and going into Daddy-
mode again saying that she's been a big help working alongside 
his daughter.

Getting serious now, Admiral Mismal says that they have been 
fully accepted by all Federation people as an independent 
peacekeeping taskforce. Admiral Mismal then says that Murrue, 
Natarle, Mwu and Kira who now has a rank is responsible for the 
Archangel's contribution to this team. Hyouma congratulates Kira 
for a high rank and Kolbet says that he would like 
Mr.Coordinator to do his best as one of their soldier. Mwu ask 
to whom would they as an independent team report to and Admiral 
Mismal says that they will report to him but they are free to 
make their own choices in the battle.

Natarle can't believe that the Federation would so easily 
approve this type of independent taskforce but Akatsuki says 
that desperate times call for desperate measure. Prospector says 
that Nergal is giving them materials for repair and Freeman of 
the Space Knight send his mechanic teams here. Honda tells Noal 
that he, Milly and Rebin came to check up on the Blue Earth and 
Pegas since it seems that they've taken some damage ever since 
last time he checked up on it. (Episode 15 or so)

Rebin says that there are a lot of sexy mech outside of Tekkaman 
here and she's quite pumped up and Yurika ask if Rebin's a man 
and Rebin says not to call her that (IS she a transgender, I 
don't know)

Yurika says that they shuld do their best to get along as Ryouko 
note that they've gained some friends in the military so she 
hopes that they wouldn't have to be ordered in a stupid way. 
Sousuke says that soldiers should obey orders otherwise the 
entire organization and the chain of command will crumble with 
Natarle agreeing. Akatsuki then says that he said before if 
anyone don't like this then they can leave but now that it's 
come to this, it's hard to do so with the Federation watching 
over them so what will Touya do? 

Touya says that Akatsuki's quite stubborn over this and says 
that if Nergal is willing to guarantee his position, this is 
fine though he may not really like it but that can't be helped 
right now. He made a choice that he'll fight and Kateia says 
that they'll follow Touya's lead. Akatsuki says that that's fine 
by him then and tells Touya to give it his best.

Kuzzy wonders if they shouldn't leave but Milly (Milealia) says 
that they're not Nergal but in the Federation now.Hyouma says 
that speaking of leaving the ship, Akito hasn't come back yet?  
Chizuru says that he was called in alone and that's quite 
strange? Yurika says that maybe he's been assigned to be a full 
time cook. Kouji says that if that's so, that should be good 
with Akatsuki staying oddly silent.

Unfortunately, that doesn't happen as Akito packs his bags and 
leaves with Yurika who has heard coming to Akito's side and ask 
what the heck is going on. Kouji ask Akito to tell them why he's 
leaving the Nadesico? Touya ask if it has anything to do with 
what Kolbet says to him in their lone meeting. Akito says that 
he's been fired, both as a pilot and a cook. Yurika says that 
she hasn't heard of this and tells him to wait as she'll try to 
talk to her dad. Akito says that even so, from now on, the team 
will do whatever mission is assigned to them right? He can't do 
that. Kouji ask if its all right with him that he has to leave? 
Akito tells them that Kolbet says that they don't need him who's 
just wet behind the ear what with this much firepower gathered, 
he'll just be a bother.

Yurika ask if he plans to leave her, his lover, behind and Akito 
retorted that he's not her lover, he then regrets saying it 
afterward as Yurika begins to get a bit teary eyed. Megumi-chan 
came to Akito and says that if Akito's leaving then she'll leave 
with him as well. Megumi-chan says that she talked to Prospector 
and got the ok, she thanks everyone for their trouble. Akito 
apologize to everyone as he leaves with Megumi-chan.

Hyouma note that Akito's gone despite the fact that he was 
alongside them ever since their trip to Mars without even saying 
a word to them about his decision. Tenia says that Akito and 
Megumi-chan are quite cold for having done that. Kouji note that 
Akito did talk about leaving before a long time ago but he never 
expected it now what with all they've gone through but Izumi 
says that it was a decision from above which can't be helped and 
Hikaru note that they did look a lot like married couple with 
Ryouko saying that Akito's an idiot. Tetsuya note that 
throughout it all, it's quite strange. Tetsuya explains to 
everyone that considering their firepower now, Akito really 
isn't needed as a pilot which is the reason they fired him but 
why does that affect him wanting to be a cook here? Why does he 
have to stop being a cook on the Nadesico? Sayaka note that it's 
true as Tenia note that Akito's cooking is quite delicious but 
Merua says that that's not the point.

Juuzo note that only Nergal knows what Akito does on the 
sideline so how do the Feds know, there's something there. 
Kateia ask if that means Nergal is the one behind Akito's firing 
by the Federation?

Megumi-chan of course is telling Akito that they can let the 
others fight for them while they settle down into an ordinary 
life but Akito says that he wasn't wanted as both a pilot or a 
cook which he plans to be one of them, no one is coming to call 
with a job offer since he isn't necessary. Megumi-chan says that 
Akito is necessary to her as Erina also arrive with Inez in a 
car saying that Akito is necessary to them too. Megumi-chan says 
that they don't want protection. They're no longer involved in 
fighting. Erina ask if they plan to be kidnap by Dr. Hell or the 
Hau Dragon since there IS something that only Akito can do. 
Erina tells them to get in.

In the car, Erina explains that Nergal is involved in 
researching Bosom Jumping especially the one that contains live 
sample since if they can do it, they can send their troops 
anywhere in an instant to the enemy's location.It will change 
the face of warfare. Inez explains that the reason the Jovian 
Lizard are using unmanned mech could be because they haven't 
figured out how to do a Live Jump yet, it needs preparation for 
that, while Grados have been able to warp a small number of 
their army out, even Eiji doesn't know about the Bosom Jump so 
that could means it's an unexplained technology even for them. 
The only record of Live Bosom Jumping was the Nadesico. Megumi-
chan ask why they are conducting this research outside of the 
Federation but Erina says that if the Feds can easily use Bosom 
Jump, then they might end the war by Bosom Jumping bombs into 
Plants to kill every Coordinators in the Plants.  There are 
those in the world who wants the Coordinator wiped out 
considering the events of the Bloody Valentine and they won't be 
picky with their methods but at least Nergal isn't thinking 
about that. Akito ask why is HE necessary?

Inez says that the reason the Nadesico can Bosom Jump with 
people inside is because of him (Which is a lie, it is because 
of Inez, Akito and Yurika) Erina says that Akito's special, the 
reason he survived the attack on Mars and woke up on the Moon is 
because of that. Akito says that he doesn't really remember but 
Erina shows him a red crystal which is the C.C. the Chulip 
Crystal (Tulip Crystal) It is something that they first found 
when they first excavated on Mars and it has the same function 
as the Tulip. The only one who has this is Nergal as Akito note 
that it's the same as the last treasure of his dad that he lost 
on that day. Erina says that he DID have it then and tells Akito 
that the C.C. triggers Bosom Jumping. She wants Akito to 
cooperate since they haven't tried a live test on anyone. Akito 
is shocked by that as he suddenly realizes that Nergal wants to 
use him as a lab rat. Erina tries to defend the offer saying 
that if they can master Bosom Jump technology, then they can 
turn the tide of the war, its for the Earth and humanity. 
Erina's sales pitch is disrupted by an explosion. A phone call 
tells her that the nearby Nergal lab's test Tulip's Field 
Generator was destroyed in the testing. Inez says that the 
enemies WILL have pick this test up and come to investigate the 
fact that Earth is starting it's live Bosom Jump testing.

Back at the team, Tenia asks if Hime has contact the Novis Noah. 
Nanka says that the Novis Noah is also headed here and they are 
ordered to wait here which means that they'll be alongside the 
team for a bit longer. Hiyoshi can't believe that the Brains are 
born from the Plate as Megumi ask how it felt. Lasse says it's 
hard to explain and Hime says that they have to be there to know. 
Krutz and the Space Knight team arrive with Rebin saying that 
she's so excited about the Brain Powered. Megumi is surprised 
that D-Boy's also here. A photographer named Balzack wonder if 
this is the AntiBody as he takes a picture. Mao says that he 
can't be a civilian since access is restricted here as she gets 
ready to draw her weapon as Balzack ask if that request didn't 
went through to them. Hime and Milly aren't exactly pleased to 
have their pictures taken without permission like that. Balzack 
tells them not to be angry since they're quite cute. Balzack 
then ask if that is the rumoured Human weapon Tekkaman alongside 
normal soliders with D-Boy grimacing. Kenichi demands to know 
who he is and what is he doing as Natarle comes in saying that 
Balzack Ashimov is a Camera Man for the UPS who has been given 
permission by Kolbet to stick around this base for a while. 
Natarle almost call Ashimov by rank as she asks him to not 
interfere with the peoples' work here. Balzack says that he 
wants to take pictures of them and show the world and give them 
hope.(Too bad it's all a lie ) Balzack ask D-Boy if he really 
does have amnesia and D-Boy says that Balzack can believe what 
he want but he doesn't remember anything about himself (Which is 
also a lie)

The team is then called in to handle Grados forces that are 
appearing over Kawasaki, where Akito and the others are, though 
they don't know that yet.

Inez note from far away that the Grados are doing quite a good 
job at making sure that Earth can't salvage any of their 
experiment in live Bosom Jumping here. Erina says that 
evacuation are almost complete and the team are here and ask 
what Akito plans to do. Megumi-chan of course wants to run away 
with Akito. As the team arrives, Ruri notice a huge new mech and 
Hikaru says that it's Gekiganger and Kouji ask if that's what 
Akito and Gai watched. Hikaru says that actually, she also likes 
it. Kosuke note that there is quite a resemblance as Akatsuki 
note that the Federation troops headed here earlier were wiped 
out. Natarle says that they won't let the enemies advance 
anymore as Touya and the others prepare to deploy. Touya 
suddenly gets a feeling and see the girl that he usually dreamed 
about being quite sad. Kateia who is also in the Granteed at the 
time note that she doesn't see anything, this is what the Sytron 
wants only Touya to see? Why?  Another image suddenly fills the 
two of them as Kateia ask if he saw that.Touya says that he saw 
it, it's those enemies from before, they're coming here. Touya 
says that it wouldn't be like last time and that he has to go 
and ask for Merua to board. Eiji is oddly silent which makes 
Anna quite worried and Miku ask if Masato is allright. Masato 
sys that he doesn't know; what if that other him appear? Ruri 
tells Yurika that the Gekiganger mech seems to have a Gravity 
Blast weapon attached but Yurika isn't exactly listening having 
not come to term with Akito leaving. Yurika tells the team to do 
their best

The battle begins but the Gekigan type starts warping. Ruri 
confirms that it's a Bosom Jump. Inez and Erina looking at this 
note that "they" seems to be one-up Nergal's effort and Erina 
note that it'll be a difficult battle for the team if they don't 
find a way to read it's jumping pattern quickly. The Gekigan 
type Bosom Jump again;Akatsuki note that it's quite interesting 
but they'd better do something about it quickly. Domon says that 
all they need to do is to hit it hard enough to wreck it before 
it jumps again but Mwu and the others thinks that it won't be 
that easy. 

During the battle, the Nadesico and the Archangel confirms the 
coming of an SPT troops. Krutz note that judging by Eiji, the 
Grados people aren't different at all from  them and Sousuke 
agrees. The Grados troops arrives and so does more Jovian mech 
reinforcement. Chibodee doesn't care who comes, he'll take on 
all challengers but George says that it's best to be careful. 
Giura, the Grados field commander note that "they" have also 
come, it seems that "they've" succeed in being able to use live- 
Bosom Jump, his superior will be pleased to hear that. Giura 
orders the attack and tells a mysterious person that he/she 
should know the reason he brought him/her here. The mysterious 
person reassure Giura who then tells the person to do it. The 
mysterious person can only think "Eiji" Eiji spots a Red Grime 
Kaisal and wonders if Gale Senpai is alive.

Inez note that the battle will be getting quite harsher in a 
minute as Akito looks on. Megumi-chan asks if Akito wants to 
fight. Akito says that it's not that, but what with what 
happened on Mars and with Kira and Eiji fighting even though 
they are in conflict with themselves and all, it doesn't seem 
fair for him to sit it out. Megumi-chan then ask if protecting 
her isn't good enough and continues that no one thinks that 
fighting a war is glorious but normal people tries their best to 
protect the place or the people they love most in a war and 
that's a form of fighting even though it isn't against an enemy. 
Akito listens to Megumi's reasoning but his self doubt still 

Defeating the Boson Jumping Gekigan type, the pilot shouted 
"Blast it, the controls won't respond, curse you, you evil 

Giura attacks Layzner shouting "Die, you traitor Layzner" but 
Eiji has other things on his mind as he approaches the red Grime 
Kaisal henceforth known as the Bloody Kaisal. The others tackled 
Giura on behalf of Eiji.

Eiji note that the movement of the Bloody Kaisal resembles Gale 
and he tries to communicate but there is no answers from the 
pilot. Eiji tries again asking if it is Gale in there but the 
Bloody Kaisal attacks. Eiji tells "Gale" to stop saying that he 
has important information about the link between Grados and 
Earth, however Fauron springs to life saying that the range 
between the Layzner and the enemy mech is too close and they are 
at disadvantage, Eiji Asuka, please give the command to attack 
because if not, it will move on it's own to protect itself.

Eiji shouted for Fauron not to do something like that and 
wonders why Gale Senpai isn't answering him since he wasn't shot 
down last time by Eiji but by Fauron. Fauron repeat itself and 
Eiji tells it to shut up. Meanwhile Giura shouted that don't the 
Earthling apes think that because they have stronger mech 
grouped together that they can defeat him or Grados. He is then 
forced to eat his own words as the team blasted him. Giura 
orders a retreat. Natarle note that all's left is the Jovian 
lizard and for each unit to focus on them as Eiji wonders if the 
pilot of the Bloody Kaisal isn't Gale

The leader of the Jovian Lizard reinforcement is defeated and he 
shouted, "Blast you, you evil earthling machine, I'll have to 
use that, you will all be blown away by the power of justice" 
and retreats. The rest of the Jovian are defeated, it seems that 
the team has won but one lone Gekigan type arrives. The team 
wonders why it's here since one lone mech can't do much. Natarle 
thinks that it might be a trap to catch them off guard. The mech 
begins to pulse as Akito wonders what's going on. Inez explains 
it to him, it's the worst scenario, they plan to have it self 
destruct, and everything in the surrounding area will be Bosom 
Jumped. And as we all know, they could end up any where any when 
and probably dead as a result of the Jump. However Erina says 
that they'll be ok as she looks at Akito; Akito apologizes to 
Megumi chan and ask Erina for her case of CC crystals. Cagalli 
and Ruri sees Akito running towards the machine and informs 
Yurika. Akatsuki mused that he didn't think Akito would be here, 
it's Erina work it seems. Well then let's see your power then, 

Touya wonders what Akito is doing as Akito thinks "What I can do, 
what only I can do, is there such a thing and jumps on to the 
Gekigan type as it is about to self destruct and Bosom Jump.  
There is a huge flash, and when the team could see once more, 
Akito and the Gekigan type are gone. Yurika is in shock and 
Kouji wonders what happened. Inez calls in to explain that Akito 
save them from the Bosom Jumping self destructing Gekigan mech 
by Bosom Jumping himself along with it. Yurika then ask if Akito 
did it to protect them and Inez says that she can see the 
results herself. Kira ask if she knows what happened to Akito 
and she says that there are no prior examples. (This is a lie 
considering her past and true identity in the TV series)

Unknown enemies warped out again and most of the team don't know 
them, but Mwu and some of the team does, it's the mysterious 
enemy they encountered back in Africa. Mwu explains this to 
everyone and says that they're definitely enemies and extremely 
powerful. Minato consoles Yurika saying that this isn't the time 
for her to be in shock. Merua warns Touya to be careful as he 
note that they DID come like he sensed, they have to know why he 
is able to pilot Granteed, why he is the only one besides the 
three girls to be able to use the Sytron. Al Van note that let's 
test it again and starts to use the Las Erem to create a Statis 
for your team. Touya sensed this and tells Merua to do the same 
thing they did last time. The Granteed negates the Statis effect 
and Al Van note that there's no mistake, there is a Las Erem 
system on that experimental mech, all may be for nought thanks 
to that one mech. Al Van note, what has that person left behind, 
was that person trying to tell them and their people to die?

Al Van tells Jyua Mu to destroy that mech, it was completely his 
own misjudgement that they allowed it to live this long, they 
cannot allow its existence if they are to proceed with their 
plans. Jyua Mu hears and warps out saying that THIS time those 
trashs are going down and attacks the Granteed but miss as Touya 
retaliate but missed also. Jyua Mu note that the Sytron readings 
are stronger, it's not those lab rats, could it be that the 
pilot is also of their race?

Al Van note that that might be it to explain why it's fighting 
so good, but WHO is it, outside of the Knighthoods there is no 
one else of their race who should exist here. Touya shouted and 
ask who are they and why are they attacking the team? Jyua Mu 
ask if he's the pilot and Touya says that if so,what are they 
going to do about it. The Granteed was created by them right? 
For what?

Al Van ask who is Touya since outside of their race, none can 
use the Sytron system so he MUST be one of their race. "WHAT ?" 
shouted Touya in surprise. Al Van ask again who is Toouya and 
how could he ride that thing? Does he know the importance of the 
system in that machine. Touya is confused at Al Van's questions 
as the others asks Touya if he's alright. Al Van note that its 
strange that Touya doesn't know who he is, then how can he... Al 
Van changed tactic and ask Merua "Girl, you have to know who he 
is since you were the one that that person freed and no one else 
was on board besides you three. Merua says that Touya is the one 
who rescued them, the one who gave them a home after THEY took 
everything from them, there's nothing else that matters. Jyua Mu 
is furious that the lab rats dares talk back and tells Al Van 
that it doesn't matter who that boy is, as long as they destroy 
him and that machine, their plans can still works. Al Van note 
that that is the case and tells his knights to attack but to be 
careful since the Las Erem stasis isn't working, he and Jyua Mu 
will destroy it while they handle the others, once it is 
destroyed they can stasis the rest and kill the others easily.

Touya shouted that he's not going to go down and Mwu tells 
everyone to be careful. Of course without stasis which is 
cheating and the fact that your team now has a LOT more super 
robot, Al Van's gang doesn't find it easy to even lay a hand on 

Jyua Mu says that he doesn't care if Touya is of the same race, 
he won't let Touya get away this time and Touya says that he's 
not going to be killed without knowing anything. However some of 
the others arrived to take on Jyua Mu as some goes to fight Al 

Kira asks who are they and what are they planning? Jyua Mu note 
that it's the famed Coordinator of the Federation, don't THEY 
think that because they have enhancement in their genes that 
they think they can win against him and his race.

Jyua Mu couldn't believe something is warping out onto his path 
which is the Zeorymer. Miku tells Masato that the enemy is 
rushing in as Masato does his best to attack and Jyua Mu note 
that THIS is something really dangerous and should be downed. 
Tekkaman Blade attacks also and Jyua Mu doesn't know what to 
make of him.

Hime asked what is wrong with her Brain and for it to calm down 
or she'll be shot down.  Jyua Mu shouted " You little piece of 
alien trash that came to OUR planet afterward, if you plan to 
interfere, I'll kill you first" Jyua Mu says that they are in 
the way but Mwu note that someone like Jyua Mu really can't be 
talked to but he can't just run away or there'll be no respect 
for him. Jyua Mu note that the Layzner and its pilot isn't from 
Earth but from Grados, still Gradosian are STILL not on a equal 
level to them. Eiji note that it's strong but he won't let the 
Granteed falls and neither will he himself fall. 

Shinobu shouted that he won't let them get away with anything 
easily as Jyua Mu scream for them to stop interfereing since he 
still haven't finished the Granteed yet. Hyouma note that it's 
the mech that attacked Touya just now as Jyua Mu note that 
something with just Power won't stop him. Hyouma tells everyone 
that they won't let anything happen to Touya as Kosuke tells 
Hyouma that it's speed is different than the Combattler and for 
him to aim to stop it's movement first.  Mao tells Sousuke to 
stop its movement as Krutz tells him to be careful since the 
enemy's quite strong but Sousuke says that with the Arbalest, it 
should be NO PROBLEM and Jyua Mu says that this trash of a 
machine can disappear from his sight.

Kouji shouted that he won't let anything happen to Touya because 
he, Kabuto Kouji, will take them all on. Jyua Mu says that if he 
just destroyed Granteed then they're all nothing to him. Jyua Mu 
says that afterward, he'll REALLY show them pain but Kenichi 
says that he doesn't know who Jyua Mu and his forces are but if 
he's looking for a fight, they'll give it to him as Domon says 
that he doesn't care who Jyua Mu is, as long as they plan to be 
his enemies he'll destroy them.

Of course, Jyua Mu is WAY overestimating his fighting prowess 
since he always cheat to win with the Stasis system and he is 
easily downed. Jyua Mu can't believe that he got shot down THIS 
easily (Get used to it punk) Al Van tells him to retreat saying 
that knowing now that the Las Erem system doesn't work, until 
they can destroy the Granteed they cannot afford to needlessly 
lose one of their mech. Jyua Mu protest but Al Van says that it 
is an order and he obeys.

Al Van says "For the future of our plan you must fall, forgive 
me" Touya retorted that he's not dying for anyone's stupid plan. 
As the others approach, he says that even without the Las Erem, 
they shall soon regret ever having met him on the battlefield 
( Think again) As the battle rages, Al Van note that he has been 
decieved, why didn't he catch on to that Lord's action at that 
time which covers the fact that  THIS (The Granteed) is no 
ordinary mech and of course there IS one person who has their 
blood in them outside of the Knighthood which is that pilot. 
THAT'S why he doesn't know about himself but why is he here?  
(Don't worry, it'll become clearer in Episode 38 or so)

Al Van himself goes down and he note that the team ARE worthy of 
being Earth's strongest taskforce with THIS much concentration 
of mighty weapons. With THEM protecting the Granteed, in order 
to destroy it without using the Las Erem means that they'll have 
to be prepared for the worst and give it their all. He'll wait 
for his chance and plans to retreat. Touya shouted if he's 
planning on turning tails and Al Van says that this IS irony, 
Touya doesn't know anything and he shouldn't considering his 
situation which is why he's escaped their attention until now 
but Al Van never suspect that Touya would succeed "that 
person's" will and become the Granteed's pilot. Touya doesn't 
understand what Al Van is saying but Al Van says that he WILL 
defeat Touya and destroy the Granteed next time but if HE is the 
one to fall then he will tell Touya everything because if this 
IS fate then Touya has a right to know. Al Van tells Touya not 
to die until then but then note that if considering the welfare 
of his people, he should wish it to be destroyed as soon as 
possible. Al Van leaves and Touya is extremely frustrated not 
knowing what he is and why Al Van didn't tell him.

Later, Kouji note that there's a lot of things that they don't 
understand going on around them with Touya and Akito. Natarle 
ask what happened to Yurika and Ruri says that she has retired 
to her room which angers Natarle who says that the battle may be 
over but this isn't yet a time to relax. Mwu stood up for Yurika 
saying that she kept a brave face during the battle having seen 
who she loved sacrificed himself and it's to be expected that 
this would happen as soon as the fight was over. Akatsuki says 
that in the end he BECAME a warrior to which Megumi-chan who has 
been picked up says that Akito wasn't like that, to think that 
OF him is strange.

Uribatake calls in to says that they need help with picking up 
the new Grados mech and Mwu says that they'll send the Voltes 
Team over to do it. Erina arrives in saying that they're all 
here. Megumi-chan goes off like a fuse shouting that its all 
Erina's fault but Erina says that if Akito hadn't done that, 
they wouldn't be here. Hyouma says that that's an incredibly 
underhanded way of putting things and Kouji agrees saying that 
forcing Akito to leave the ship is all Nergal's handiwork right? 
Sayaka says that they ALL heard from Megumi-chan how Erina and 
Nergal plan to use him as a lab rat for Bosom Jumping. Noal says 
that knowing about THAT, it makes the Nadesico's trip to Mars 
even more suspicious than ever.

Erina tells them not to gang up on her like that; as for Akito, 
he's fine, they just got a call from him as she handed them her 
personal communicator.  Akito's voice and face is patched 
through and he is relieved that he finally got through. He asks 
if everyone's ok since he heard that a lot of things went up 
after he left. Mwu note that he had them all worried. Inez 
explains that Akito was sent to the Moon as a result.

In Yurika's room, she is still crying over Akito when Akito's 
face popped up asking if she's still crying. Yurika think it's 
Akito's ghost. Akito fill her in about him being on the moon and 
Yurika plans to go get him right away but Akito says that she 
can't just up and run to get him like that. Akito then tells 
Yurika that he's sorry for putting her through a lot today and 
Yurika misinterpret that as usual that Akito REALLY REALLY loves 

In Akatsuki's room, the nefarious two are plotting something 
underhanded (Just listen to the music and you'd know) Akatsuki 
thinks that the reason Akito materialize on the Moon is because 
of that and he is worried about the newly finished Shakyak  
Nadesico-class ship on the Moon dock and that they should move 
over there as soon as possible. Erina ask if they're going to 
the moon and Akatsuki says that the Captain and a lot of people 
want to go and the Federation has already approved leaving the 
Archangel behind to take care of things. What about the other 
problem, have they establish their identity and purpose yet? 
Erina says that they themselves are in a bit of a fit over 
dissecting the Granteed since it has a lot of vital systems that 
they can't even make head or tails of. It's possible that 
they're a group with Black technology like Mythril or an alien 

At the dock, Touya wonders who he is as Tenia approaches him. 
Touya says that at THIS point, he's not going to say that he's 
not going to fight anymore since there are LOTS of enemies that 
they have to fight but he still doesn't know anything about 
himself. Kateia apologized saying that they know nothing either 
and Touya says that he knows, the three of them have as much 
knowledge as he does thanks to that system. However he wants to 
know who is he?  What is the Granteed? Why is he alone the only 
one to be able to operate it?  Miku says that to find out, he'll 
have to fight and win since that's what the enemy commander (Al 
Van) says. Touya says that while that's true, its all dependent 
on him not dying till then. Cagalli ask if he doesn't have any 
parents and Touya says that his mom died while he was five and 
his dad died four years ago so he can't get anything from them, 
oh and they ARE his true parent. His dad worked on the moon and 
comes home around once a year and he was raised elsewhere once 
his dad died. He checked up on this feeling a bit uneasy about 
it some years ago. Jyuuzo note that both Masato and Touya has a 
lot of worrying things under their belt and Chizuru says that it 
might be better not to think too much about it. He should fight 
alongside Kateia's group on the Granteed and knows that he IS 
everyone's good friend

Cagalli turns the talk towards Al Van's group, what are they? 
Kira says that if they knew that, they'd know about Touya's 
problem. Touya says that he doesn't know much about them but 
THEY seem to know something he doesn't know about himself. They 
move around the various enemy groups i.e. no certain purposes 
yet, they work in shadows while most of the rest comes out and 
give their mission statement of conquering the Earth and they 
seem to possess some sort of unstoppable system and the Granteed 
is the only mech that can stop that system from working.

Kateia says that when "that person" gave the Granteed to them, 
he told them to NEVER let it be destroyed and it was probably 
for this purpose. Kira wonders if there's such an unstoppable 
system and Touya says that there is, it once froze Kouji, Mwu 
and the others in place so that they would be easily killed 
though no one seems to remember it. Kosuke note that if such a 
system truly exist, it would be unstoppable and Juuzo says that 
the victim would be unable to move much less defend themselves. 
Tenia says that they MUST be planning something bad which is why 
they have to fight them. Miku says that that must be their fate 
to fight just as is her and Masato. This ticks off Tenia a lot 
and she ask Miku if she meant that for THAT purpose, she and the 
others were kidnapped by them and were forced to endure 
cruelties and experiments on them. Kateia says that she doesn't 
want to admit it but it changes nothing.

Ruri suddenly calls in saying that the Nadesico will be leaving 
for the Nergal Moon dock shortly while the Archangel will remain 
behind to continue its normal duty. Anyone except the standard 
Nadesico crew will be given one hour to make their decision and 
talk to the respective captain of each ship as to whether to 
stay or go. Kira note that he probably has to stay with the 
Archangel and its time they went back. Kateia ask Touya about 
his decision. Touya ask Ruri who is going with whom and Ruri 
says that the Space Knights, the Dancougar team and the SPT team 
have already decided to go with the Nadesico. Touya decides that 
they should go with the Nadesico. Touya says that the three 
girls once told him that the first thing they remember when they 
were escaping was around the Moon and they might get some 
information if they're lucky. Merua note that its quite 
nostalgic and Touya says that he first met the Nadesico crew on 
the moon.

Meanwhile the Voltes Team has brought in the warping Gekigan 
type. Ippei says that could they hurry it up, he's quite tired. 
Domon note that they've picked it up. Krutz doesn't understand 
why all these unmanned mech have to be human shaped. As 
Uribatake and Honda decides where to start dissecting it first, 
Megumi hears something and Hiyoshi says that it sounds like a 
song. Krutz wonders who the heck it is that's singing since they 
should have picked a better song. Uribatake ask around, who is 
the idiot singing the Gekiganger theme song around here? Domon 
says that it's coming from the mech itself which Uribatake can't 
believe since it's an unmanned Grados mech. Honda reconfirms it 
and Rebin note that this part COULD be a cockpit. Uribatake ask 
the Volt machine to rip off the covering.

Episode 21

Prospector is asking why Freeman, the head of the Space Knight, 
has come to the Nadesico and Freeman says that he was asked by 
Eiji to talk to him as soon as possible. Yurika is then 
contacted by Uribatake who says that there is trouble, the so-
called unmanned Gekigan type that they recovered isn't exactly 
unmanned since they found a cockpit in it. Erina wonders if the 
enemy has already found a way to live-Bosom Jump and Inez says 
that it was only a matter of time for them. Yurika says that 
even if there's a cockpit, it could be unmanned like the Layzner 
which only needs Eiji's helmet to control it from outside so 
what made them so sure there's a pilot. Uribatake says that it's 
because of Gekiganger, it seems the pilot REALLY like Gekiganger, 
it's like Yamada (Gai)'s cockpit.  Ruri wonders if the Gradosian 
are also idiots.

Ryouko, Hikaru and Izumi wonder why something like that would be 
there and Hikaru note that it's quite an old anime. Kouji says 
that Akito once watched it on Mars as a kid so maybe they got it 
when they invaded Mars and took a liking to it. Yurika wonders 
if that's it but Uribatake doesn't care, if there IS a pilot, he 
escape but it's possible that he's in the ship so he already has 
Domon and the Shuffle Alliance searching. Erina is quite scared 
at the fact that an enemy might be on board to kill them and ask 
the Captain to send out a full alert on the ship for a search. 
Freeman however says that they don't know yet if the enemy pilot 
is actually on board and it might be best not to put all the 
crew in a panic just yet, they should gather information from 
people first telling only those they want to involve. Inez 
agrees saying that there are people who haven't been trained 
here and if they were searching for the enemy they could be 
killed or used as hostage. Kouji says that he'll join the search 
and Yurika tells him to take the Dancougar team also. Prospector 
also says that it's good that Mao and her subordinate are on 
this ship (Since Sousuke's a professional) Ruri says that she'll 
act as their contact so they can just call out her name during 
the search to contact her.

Meanwhile in Eiji's room, Eiji thanks Freeman for coming saying 
that he has something to tell Freeman in case he ever died on 
the battlefield. Freeman says that he has business on the moon 
anyway and what is it that Eiji wants to tell him. Eiji says 
that it's the utmost deepest secret between Earth and Grados 
that his father Ken Asuka managed to give to him. Eiji himself 
learned it from the Layzner's cockpit.

Eiji told Freeman and Freeman is surprised at it saying that if 
it was made public, it would shock everybody. However Freeman 
wonders how Ken Asuka managed to know this secret since Eiji 
said that it was only known to a few top head of Grados. Eiji 
think that it was when his father is planning to escape to Earth 
that  NachBoa, a high ranking official in Grados who agrees with 
Ken Asuka told him this fact but Eiji was the only one to escape. 
Freeman ask what Eiji plans to do with this information and Eiji 
says that he plans to tell this knowledge to the Grados supreme 
commander in charge of the invasion about this secret to stop 
the invasion. Freeman tells him that as Eiji knows, the 
Federation considers the Coordinator as enemy and even if he 
made this public now, it would have no effect. If Earth and 
Grados manage to have a friendly relationship or if Earth is 
conquered by Grados, then Freeman says that he'll take 
responsibility for making this public but he'll keep it private 
till then. Eiji then thanks Freeman for his cooperation but 
Freeman still wants Eiji to be at his side when he reveals this 
so Eiji has to live.

Back at the bridge, the Nadesico has finally gotten out of 
Earth's atmosphere and avoided any attack by Radam or the others.  
Touya, meanwhile, has been telling Yurika about the enemy they 
just fought (Al Van's troop) Yurika's not sure about them too 
much but she notes that they're quite dangerous and Jun-kun note 
that if they appear again, they'll have to protect the Granteed 
and Touya agrees saying that if Al Van's troop used that system, 
no one can win against it. Tetsuya ask if Touya's team wants to 
fight those people and Tenia says of course with Merua addding 
that those people are bad people.  Touya himself wants to know 
his connection with them but right now they're just another 
enemy faction to fight. He knows absolutely nothing about them 
but because of that, even if there's a link between him and them, 
he doesn't feel as guilty like Eiji and Kira. (You pretty much 
hit the nail on the head about your origin, boy)

Tetsuya says now there's one less worry to worry about and 
explains that Dr. Yumi has predicted the existence of the system 
the enemy used back when Touya first arrived at the Photonic 
Institute thanks to noticing the records by the Moon base 
Federation. Kateia note that after they escaped, the Federation 
must have recorded the battle that happened between that person 
and the pursuing enemy. Tetsuya says that the Mebius fleet that 
scramble to that spot all received unexplained total malfunction 
and were shot down. Touya note that it HAS to be that system's 
work and Tetsuya thinks so saying that Dr. Yumi predicted that 
those people would be extremely dangerous enemy one day and also 
that Touya and the Granteed might also turn to be their enemy 
which is why he sent Kouji and Sayaka along hoping that Touya 
will decide to fight alongside them and it seems that Dr. Yumi 
was right, the Granteed isn't just some of their weapon but it 
can cancel the weapon the enemy used.

Touya has to sigh in frustration that Dr. Yumi had to think 
about that (especially about the part that Touya'd become Kouji 
and everyone's enemy) Simone has to note that Touya is also a 
person filled with mystery like D-Boy and Touya tells her to 
stop saying that. Akatsuki says that he'e extremely thankful now 
that Touya didn't retire (cause they would have been dead last 
episode) Ruri interrupts the talk saying that they've found 
their escaped enemy pilot though it's a little strange since 
Shinobu who found him say that the enemy pilot seems to know 
Minato and Megumi-chan and were hidden there by them.

Afterward, the two suspects (Megumi-chan and Minato) are silent 
and Aki ask why they did it with Erina shouting that concealing 
an enemy is a class-one offense or treason in other word. Noal 
says that they should be more concern about what to do with the 
enemy pilot first. Eiji says that as a Graodsian himself, he can 
guarantee the enemy pilot's safety since he's here to stop the 
invasion by Grados so please tell him the location of the 
Supreme Commander.

The enemy pilot, Shiratori Tsukumo, ask why is a Graodisian like 
Eiji here? Eiji says that he's cooperating with the team to stop 
the war between Grados and Earth so could Tsukumo please tell 
him the location. Tsukumo says that he is not a Gradosian. 
Freeman then asks which race is he from and Shinobu says not to 
joke about being from Earth.  Tsukumo gets a bit angry telling 
the team not to call him an Earthling, he is a revered Jovian 
solider. Eiji says that he doesn't know either after David ask 
him and Akatsuki says that they should leave the questioning to 
the Federation. Yurika says that if he's not from Earth or 
Grados, then who is he and where did he come from. Tsukumo says 
that he is Shiratori Tsukumo of the Space Advancement troops of 
the Anti Earth Alliance Jovian force of the Kanimede Karist Elro 
area of Jupiter.

Yurika didn't get it but Akatsuki think that it's as he thought 
though it's a little disappointing. Some of the team says that 
that's a long title and to make it shorter but Tetsuya says that 
that doesn't matter with Kouji saying that Tsukumo's quite 
respectful of Yurika (giving her his full rank and all). Tsukumo 
says that he doesn't know how the savages Earthling treat their 
women but they are taught to treat them with respect. George 
says that he respect that type of thinking though he's a bit 
against being called savages, he's a bit confused though since 
Tsukumo says he came from Jupiter but the records only show 
humanity going as far as Mars.

Tsukumo says that that's just the Earthling's history but his 
country is one hundred years old as they live there. Freeman 
note from Tsukumo's talk that Tsukumo might be an Earthling or 
descended from one which angers Tsukumo who says not to lump him 
in with them. Sai Saichi is a bit confused about what the heck 
this anger is about and Eiji ask why Tsukumo's people are with 
the Grados. Tsukumo says that they have join forces with the 
Grados to destroy the evil Earth and the Earthling who repeats 
their folly has no chance of winning. This angers quite a few 
pilot and Inez syas that it's all beginning to make sense with 
the Tulips and Bosom Jump and why the Jovian have finally made a 
Live-Jump. Eiji doesn't know all about the Bosom Jumping because 
this isn't Gradosian technology.  Tsukumo shouted that if they 
want to kill him, go aheadf but their fiery heart of justice 
will not be killed that easily.

Ruri suddenly interrupts the drama saying that the Federation 
Moon base is under attack and requesting back-up. Yurika says to 
get there full speed and ask Akito to wait since his Yurika is 
coming. Erina ask what about the two traitors and the enemy 
pilot but Yurika says that that can wait. Near the Moon, Ruri 
note that it's the Jovian. Miri who is at the bridge suddenly 
gets notified that the enemy pilot has escaped. Yurika ask what 
about the person that was guarding him and Prospector says that 
with all pilot ready to deploy, he had planned to ask Arthur to 
do it later but he thought that as long as Tsukumo couldn't pick 
the door lock, he couldn't escaped. Miri says that Minato and 
Megumi-chan opened it and took the prisoner out and he wounded 
Boss and Jun-kun who realized it. Uribatake radioed in saying 
that Tsukumo had escaped with the two using the top part of his 
Gekigan type as a jet. Yurika plans to go after them but Ruri 
says that they don't have the time since the enemy has deployed 
manned machine with Gravity Blast capability and the Federation 
troops wouldn't last long. Erina tries to rub it in saying that 
this is the result of Yurika's carelessness resulting in 
personnels being wounded (It's gonna be a pleasure to rub it 
back to Erina later on) David and Roan asked to go after Tsukumo 
citing the fact that a lot of people they knew were killed by 
these people on Mars but Ruri says that at this rate, Tsukumo 
would probably rendezvous with his troops right now and the two 
of them won't come back that easily.

Yurika says that the defense of the Moon base is first priority 
right now. At the Moon Base, the Federation troops aren't 
holding up well and they wonder why the enemy is targetting this 
base.  The commander of the enemy, Tsukiyomi Kanichiro note that 
the devils have begin testing Live- Bosom Jumping and Gravity 
Technology to this degree and he won't let them have a battle 
ship with that advancement (i.e. the Y Unit)

Tsukiyomi and his troops proceed to slaughter all the Federation 
troops who were guarding the base getting Akito who is in the 
base extremely furious. Akito doesn't care anymore if he has to 
be Federation or Nergal but he won't forgive them anymore. He 
also wouldn't forgive himself for turning away from fighting 
even though he has something he can protect by fighting. 
Tsukiyomi is quite ecstatic at his victory proclaiming that 
justice won and Bosom Jumping in blasting the moon base. Akito 
shouted for him to stop attacking him which gets Tsukiyomi 
furious that his Daimajin was scratched by them.

Tsukiyomi backed away and shouted to the Evil Earthling that 
this won't stop the fire of justice in his heart, he will 
protect his country no matter the cost to himself. Akito note 
that it's a manned machine and whether it's from Grados. 
Tsukiyomi says that he isn't Gradosian but a Jovian pilot, a 
warrior of justice, who has been selected to defeat the 
Earthling devils. Akito wonders what Tsukiyomi means as he 
deploys fully in the Aestevalis Moon Frame and the Nadesico also 

Ruri note that the Federation troop were wiped out and Erina ask 
if the Nergal dock is ok but Ruri says that she doesn't know 
though one Aestevalis in the Moon Frame is still there. 
Uribatake couldn't believe that the Moon Frame which has it's 
own Gravity engine in it along with the Rail Cannon is finished. 
Yurika ask who the Nergal pilot pilotting it is and Ruri says 
it's Akito which gets Yurika saying that his beloved Yurika has 
come for him. Akito doesn't exactly care at the moment wanting 
to know what Tsukiyomi meant when he said that he wasn't 
Gradosian. Tsukiyomi says how cowardly of Akito to get 
reinforcement and orders reinforcement of his own. 

Shinobu ask if they can deploy yet and Yurika says to do so and 
help her Akito and protect the Moon base. Ruri  muse "Baka" 
Kouji tells Touya not to overdo it and Touya tells Merua to get 
ready to do their best since they can't be finished here. Merua 
note that Touya's quite tense, would he like some chocolate or 
candy? Touya ask why the heck does she have those thing in the 
cockpit and then says he'll have it later once the battle's 
finished. Tsukiyomi goes into a heroic speech telling the evil 
earth machine to come get him as the battle begins.

Tsukiyomi note that it's the previous guy as Akito targets him 
and that on occasion like this, he's supposed to say... "Uhm, 
yeah that's it. We could have... been ..friends even if we were 
born on different planets" Akito doesn't care, he wants to know 
what Tsukiyomi means by them not being Gradosian, if so what ARE 
they? Tsukiyomi then says "Curse you, you evil Earthling, 
interrupting me in the midst of my speech"

Ryouko can't believe that these guys aren't Gradosian, what's 
going on? "Evil Earthling, I won't allow you to use that 
technology anymore" shouted Tsukiyomi

Tsukiyomi targets the Layzner"So THIS is the escapee Layzner 
from the Grados Empire, you fool who have allied with the evil 
Earthlings, I Tsukiyomi Kanichirou will destroy you" shouted 
Kanichirou. Eiji still can't believe that these people are not 
Gradosian. Shinobu and Domon though don't care since they're 
still enemies. Domon shouted that no matter the enemies' origin, 
if they pick a fight with him, he'll fight back with all his 
strength. Tsukiyomi shouted back "I won't forgive you Earthlings, 
let's go Daimajin"

Touya note that even though this mech has a Gravity Blast weapon 
attached to it, if he can't hit the target, it means nothing. "I 
will show you the fearsomeness of the Daimajin....Yes I nailed it" 
retorted Tsukiyomi. Of course, you have to have something on the 
level of Getter Robo G or Shin Getter to say that and Tsukiyomi 
goes down and he has to pull back for now. Yurika ask Akito if 
he's tired but Akito is still puzzling over the fact that they 
said that they weren't Gradosian. Erina says that the Nergal 
Dock, though damaged, is still ok to land and ask for the 
Nadesico to land there.

Later on, Erina can't believe that the Shakyak has been 
destroyed.Prospector note that it would have been different had 
they been faster but at least the the Y-Unit is safe. Uribatake 
is putting the Y-Unit on the Nadesico since it's the same class 
ship though he ask if it's really Ok to do this since there are 
SOME difference with the Nadesico and the Shakyak. Yurika ok it 
but Erina ask what doe she plan to do if the Nadesico wouldn't 
be able to fly afterward. Yurika says that she doesn't want to 
leave it here since it's a waste. Akatsuki calms Erina down 
saying that at least it'll make the Nadesico stronger.

Akito comes in asking for Yurika and Yurika in her reasoning 
think that even though Akito is tired, he came to see her; she's 
SO happy; Akito must be thinking A LOT about her while they were 
apart. Akito ask what Tsukiyomi meant when they said they 
weren't Gradosian. Prospector says that they didn't have time to 
question the one they captured before he escaped. Akito says 
that he heard that Megumi-chan and Minato was taken also, 
doesn't Eiji know anything? Erina says that Eiji doesn't know 
anything about this but Miri comes in to tell Erina that Freeman 
wants to talk to her before leaving this ship. Erina agree to it 
and Akatsuki pause menacingly.

At Erina and Akatsuki's room, Erina ask what Freeman wants to 
talk about? Freeman says that they will dispense with the 
charade, Erina is STILL the Nergal President's secretary right? 
Maybe she and Nergal would know that the Jovian Lizard or Jovian 
aren't Gradosian but Earthling who lived on Jupiter.

Erina note that Freeman being the head of the Space Knight might 
have known about that and Freeman say that he became suspicious 
when he note that it was odd that the Federation stopped their 
plans to explore outside the Asteroid belt and afterward there 
was the Jovian Lizard attack. Akatsuki enters and ask what he 
plans to do with that information, after all they're still the 
enemy, knowing their identity won't end the war. Freeman note 
that Akatsuki came afterall and Akatsuki note that Freeman's 
quite good at this so what does he want? Freeman says that the 
Earth needs time to digest this, they can't leave it to them 
military forever, doesn't Akatsuki agree?

Meanwhile, Noal has asked Ruri about a favour and Ruri says that 
she can avoid the Private Function but she can't do it without 
permission. Prospector hears this and praised Freeman and Noal 
says that he didn't meant for Prospector to hear but Prospector 
says that he agrees with the plan and authorize Ruri to do it 
since he doesn't really like their being secrets on the ship. 
Noal ask why Prospector wants to do this since isn't the one 
they're going to do this to, his bosses? Prospector says that 
there's a lot to say but Ruri says that these people are quite 
bad and it's over for them.

Back to Erina, Akatsuki and Freeman's discussion, Erina says 
that as Freeman suspected, the Jovian aren't Gradosian but 
Earthling who went out to space 100 years ago. Of course there 
isn't any trace of this in the history book because those 
Earthlings who went out to space settled on the moon and wanted 
independence but the Earth Federation didn't agree and attacked 
them so they moved to Mars instead. The Federation wouldn't 
relent and Nuclear bombed the Mars settlement leaving the 
survivors to take off for Jupiter and the records were deleted. 
Freeman says that even so, they survived on Jupiter and found 
the Ruins back on Mars. Akatsuki says that that's right; they 
found the Ruins which give them technology for their mech, etc 
in order to fight back and declared independence. The reason 
they attacked is revenge.
Freeman note that Grados must have established contact with them 
and propose an alliance but if what Eiji says are true, they 
might have just been used since Grados also consider them 
savages who would kill their own kind, so Grados plans to let 
humanity kill themselves which isn't the Federation vs. Plant 
but the Earth vs. the Jovian settler. Akatsuki note that when 
Eiji Asuka reached the Earth with the Nadesico, there was no 
need for them anymore to conceal their identity so they're out 
fighting now. Erina says that they were sure when Eiji didn't 
recognize the Jovian mecha as being Gradosian even though 
they're with Grados. Erina says that only a small number of 
people at the top knows about this which Freeman ask if they are 
trying to conceal this fact to everyone else, which is why the 
Federation easily made public and reinforce the "truth" that the 
Jovian Lizard mech are all from Grados.

Freeman says that that means that the reason Nergal has the 
Nadesico went to Mars is to find the remains of the Ruins that 
give the Jovian their technology. Erina says that she wouldn't 
comment on that but in order to stop a war, power is necessary 
and Earth really was underpowered. Freeman says that he'll 
accept that and Erina ask what does the Space Knight 
Organization want for coming to cooperate with them? It can't be 
to make this info public since knowing about this won't change a 
thing even if they says that the Jovian originally from Earth 
who has strong mech are just being used by the Grados to kill 
them all. No one HAS to know about this since the Jovian hostage 
escaped and thus no evidence.

This is all breaked up by Yurika calling in saying they heard 
everything, everyone from pilot to mechanic heard all of it. Of 
course everyone is angry as Akito shouted that Nergal is playing 
dirty especially about the Bosom Jump testing that they were 
trying to force him to be a lab rat of and concealing their ship 
at this base also. He realized now that the ship is something 
they created to try going to Mars to get the ruins again which 
is also secret from the Federation. Erina has to compliment 
Freeman on his Poker Face as he made them spill the bean and 
Akatsuki note that they've been had quite badly.

Erina quite angrily says that it's all true so what are THEY 
gonna do about it? Yurika says that they have the right to know, 
who and what they are fighting for? Erina retorted saying that 
it's the same whether they know or not since the enemy also 
includes Grados and that saying that since the enemy are 
Earthling, they wouldn't fight wouldn't work since they're the 
same as ZAFT and Radam who attacked them first and if they don't 
fight, they'll lose. Knowing this will only make fighting them 

Yurika says that the people who are going off to fight and maybe 
die deserve to know the truth. Kouji says that while it changes 
nothing, it doesn't change the fact that they were decieved by 
Nergal and the Federation. Erina ask what they plan to do about 
it then? Make all this information public? This was something 
that happened over 100 years ago and if they do, it WILL change 
the Federation/ ZAFT War (I.e. more public support for ZAFT) and 
also ZAFT may cooperate with the Jovian.

Freeman says that even at Plant, there are people like Patrick 
Zala who will kill anyone that is not the same as them like the 
Blue Cosmos with their all Natural stance.IF they are removed 
from command then it is not impossible to start a dialogue so 
it's the same with Grados and the Jovian. Tetsuya ask if he 
means they shouldn't make it public and Erina says that at least 
not now, there will be time when making it public will produce 
more good but doing it now will only worsen the situation since 
this is a problem that affects everyone on Earth.

Episode 22

At a mysterious place, Tekkaman Evil note that its time as a 
mysterious person ask how Evil feel after being asleep for a 
long time. Evil says that it's not bad and ask about the traitor 
Blade, has Dagger destroyed him? The mysterious person says that 
Dagger has failed and Blade lives and Evil says that he's quite 
relieved by that since it'll be his turn next. The mysterious 
person agrees to it but note that their plan on Earth isn't 
proceeding that well so they don't have much free time to give 
to Blade and tells Evil that Blade has joined forces with a 
powerful taskforce so be careful.

At the Jovian ship, Minato ask if its ok with them not putting 
the two in holding cells but Tsukumo says that he won't think of 
it, they're female before they're Earthling and females are to 
be respected. Minato note that Tsukumo's quite strange and 
Megumi-chan note that Tsukumo's people must really like 
Gekigangar since there's posters and memorablia everywhere. 
Tsukumo says that it's quite revered for them which surprises 
Megumi-chan. Minato note that Tsukumo seems to be the captain of 
this ship so why is he out there in a mech fighting? Tsukumo 
says that on Jupiter, the ship captain is a warrior of justice 
with extremely good skills which also makes them ace pilots. Of 
course the matter of them being short on people doesn't exactly 
help which is why they've used unmanned mech and agree to work 
with the Grados. Since  Grados is stepping up its invasion of 
Earth using it's own pilots, they also have to deploy to show 
their commitment so he has to deploy also while leaving many 
function to Pets or bugs shaped robots. Megumi-chan note that 
these people are really the Jovian Lizard that they knew, why 
did they team up with the Grados to invade the Earth and did 
that horrible thing on Mars?

Tsukiyomi comes in saying that the one being horrible was the 
Earthling. Tsukumo greets Tsukiyomi who greets his best friend 
back. Megumi ask if it didn't start with the Jovian attacking 
Mars but Tsukumo says that it's because the Earth was targeting 
Jupiter or else why are Federation ships stationed on Mars. 
Minato note that that's true as Tsukiyomi says that the Earth 
Federation drove them from the Moon and they were hoping to 
start a new life on Mars but they didn't relent forcing them 
away from Mars using nuclear weapons. Megumi-chan notes that the 
Plants were also attacked with Nuclear weapon. Tsukumo continues 
saying that it all happened the way the Earth Federation planned 
it for the peace of the Earth, all they, the survivors on Mar's 
many moon have left was Jupiter and the technology that they 
found. From their recon, they know that the Earth Federation has 
not changed and the Earthling continues to kill each other which 
is why they have decided to strike to avenge their parents and 
ancestors by joining forces with the Grados.

Tsukiyomi tells Tsukumo that he was only half-successful in 
destroying the new Nergal ship since the enemy ship they fought 
came and defeated them, once repairs and others things are done, 
he'd like to deploy again. Tsukumo says that the Grados has 
requested that they defeat all of the Radam beast on the dark 
side of the moon in order to make way for the main invasion 
force. Tsukiyomi says that that ship has the Layzner in it so if 
they defeat it, the Grados wouldn't mind their excursion. 
Megumi-chan ask if they meant to attack the Nadesico and Tsukumo 
apologize saying that they have to fight.

Tsukiyomi launch amidst a recital of honour, etc al. ala the 
Jovian's Gekigangar type of justice. Back at the Moon base, Ruri 
detect the coming of Tsukiyomi and Shinobu wonders what the 
enemies are thinking that they'll attack this place again and 
again with Ryou noting that the reason may be that they may have 
caught the enemy's full attention. Yurika asks Uribatake if the 
Y-Unit attachment is ready after being attached to the Nadesico. 
Uribatake says that while the attachment is over, he's not too 
sure how it'd do in actual combat since they haven't tested it 
at all. Yurika says that she believes in his skill and asks for 
the Nadesico to take off.

Akito deploys quite angry noting that he wouldn't forgive them 
even if they're not Gradosian but human like them. Tsukiyomi 
note that the Earthling have deploy and its quite heavy on his 
heart, oh if only the Earthling have the same love as they do. 
(Corny, I know, it's hard to believe that this Hayato analogue 
is so damn corny)
Tsukiyomi plans to attack the Nadesico first but Touya says that 
he won't let the Nadesico fall.Kouji can't believe that these 
invaders are Earthling, he won't forgive them. Domon shouted 
that he never thought they were Earthling, but it changes 
nothing. Shinobu can't get over the fact either but Sara tells 
him that they were the one who attacked first joining forces 
with the Grados and plans on killing them, it seems that they 
forgot that they're Earthling tooEiji ask him to stop since he's 
just being used by theGrados but Tsukiyomi says that someone 
like him who's being used by the evil Earthling is one to talk. 
Tsukiyomi shouted that justice will win and Akito tells him to 
shut up.Tsukiyomi got beaten, as usual.

Tsukiyomi can't believe that he's been beaten yet again as 
Shiratori Tsukumo comes out. Megumi-chan and Minato are in 
Tsukumo's mech asking the team to wait and hear them out. Akito 
thought that they are being used as hostages and shouted that 
the Jovians are playing dirty. Minato says that she'll vouch for 
this person and the fact that they are not hostages. Megumi-chan 
starts to go into a revelation that these people aren't 
Gradosian but Akito cut her off saying that everyone knows about 
the Jovians' origin starting from being chased off the moon by 
the Federation.

Akito says that if those two aren't hostages then let them off, 
he'll hold fire until then. Megumi-chan ask why is he so intent 
on fighting with them, it's the same situation as with the 
Plants. The one at fault is the Earth Federation for what they 
did in the past.

Akito shouted that Megumi-chan doesn't understand, no matter 
whom they are what happened to them in the past, it doesn't 
matter. The moment these people joined forces with the Grados to 
attack Mars, it became OUR war. Megumi-chan retorted that 
they're the same race, they should be able to talk and resolve 
their problem peacefully. David says that it's the same 
situation with Grados and the Coordinator. Eiji and Kira though 
of the same race as those two enemies are their friends but they 
fight alongside the team even against their own kind. They have 
enemies that were once their friends that they don't want to 
fight, they begged those enemies (Athrun, Gale) to stop and so 
on but if those enemies attacked, they fight them.

Sarah says that THEY were the one who were attacked, if they ask 
politely for the Jovians to stop, would they? Tsukumo says that 
they can't do that. Megumi-chan can't believe what the two sides 
are saying  as Akito says that the people who found and rescued 
him on the moon were involved in their earlier attack, all of 
them were civilians who didn't want to fight, even if the 
Jovians are Earthling by descent like them, he won't forgive 
them. Akito then tells the two to get off that mech.

Miri suddenly tells Yurika that the Federation have radioed in 
saying that a horde of Radam beast are on their way here. 
Tsukiyomi says that his sensor catched up on the Radam too and 
tells Tsukumo that they should retreat but Tsukumo says that 
Tsukiyomi should go alone first since the Daimajin probably 
isn't battle capable after your team layed into it. Tsukiyomi 
wonders why Tsukumo won't Bosom Jump out with him but suddenly 
realized it as Tsukumo tells him that he can't Bosom Jump with 
the two girls on board. Tsukiyomi tells Tsukumo not to die. 
Erina wonders why Tsukumo doesn't Bosom Jump and Inez tells her 
that he probably can't. IF he Bosom Jump, he'll kill the two 
girls in the process and Erina wonders why he's doing this since 
he's the enemy.

Tsukumo says that he'll let the two go right now and ask for the 
team to cease fire but Tetsuya ask if he plans to run after he 
let the two go. Megumi-chan seems to have had enough as she begs 
the team to let Tsukumo go, why are they so intent on fighting? 
Is it because those that fight and protect the Earth are revered, 
that's strange when you think about it. Minato chimed in saying 
that it almost seems like the team LIKES to fight. This angers 
Kouji and the others quite a bit. Akito again tells them to get 
off but Megumi-chan asks if they fight, will the war end? Do 
they have that much power? This isn't like the Akito she knows? 
He shouldn't want to fight but want to stay at home with the two 
of them watching Gekiganger. THAT'S a lot more like Akito, the 
Akito she likes.

Akito calm down a bit and says that what Megumi-chan just said 
might have been a good description of him but he doesn't want to 
be like that. This surprise Megumi-chan and Akito continue that 
he isn't an adult who watched Gekiganger but he wants to be 
Gekiganger. IF in order to protect the things he cherishes the 
most, there's no other way than fighting, then he doesn't want 
to run away from it, he will fight. In war there are a lot of 
things that they can't protect. He thought like Megumi-chan says 
that even if he didn't fight, the outcome won't be different but 
in fighting, he HAS a little something to protect which is why 
he's out here. Yurika thinks that it means her as Tsukumo think 
that even amongst Earthling, there are those who do not want to 
fight but it's too late... Akito says that he'll let the Jovian 
(Tsukumo) go this time after he let the two off since they're 
not free to take him on. Tsukumo tells Minato and Megumi-chan 
that it's time they got off.

Tsukumo thanks Akito whose name he learned and he wants to tell 
Akito his name but Akito says that he doesn't want to fight 
someone whose name he knows. Tsukumo says "I see..." and leaves. 
Yurika tells the team to get those two back in the Nadesico 
before the Radam arrives. They do and a horde of Radam arrives. 
D-Boy is of course rushing in to finish them all off. After 
finishing them off, somewhere a little far away, Tekkaman Evil 
watched all this and note that THAT'S Blade's friends. If they 
can easily defeat Radam beast, then it's best that he prepared 
something a little better for their reunion. Evil leaves as 
Blade suddenly feels something and notes that it might be a new 
enemy Tekkaman, but whom? Ruri confirms the destruction of the 
Radam Beast and Yurika note that the Y-Unit is performing 
without hitches and tells everyone that they're calling it a day.

Back in the Nadesico, Akito apologizes saying that that was the 
only way for him back then and also back at Kawasaki. Megumi-
chan says that that's all right since he didn't fight Tsukumo in 
the end. She ask if it's wrong to just want to be with the 
person she likes most, is it wrong to find happiness even during 
this war.

Erina breaks up this emotion filled drama saying that THIS time 
Yurika HAS to court-martial these two for their actions. 
Prospector says that if they are taken off the ship, it'll be 
after they return to Earth and he'll try to do something about 
the Federation asking about it. Yurika says that she doesn't 
plan on court martialing them but Shinobu says that this is WAY 
beyond disobeying order, is this Ok? Yurika says that Megumi-
chan and Minato are their friends and do the others really want 
to do that to them? Kouji says that they don't want to though 
that's not the case. Yurika says that she doesn't want to either 
so she won't do it. Akatsuki note that she really is quite soft 
on this but Sayaka says that it's quite like Yurika. Erina says 
that this isn't about how they feel but Yurika says that the two 
are necessary for the Nadesico though if the two have had enough 
of fighting and wants to leave the ship, she's not going to stop 
them but if not then it's busness as usual for everyone.

Noal says that it's the captain's order so it can't be helped 
and Sarah note that Yurika really IS a weird captain. The two 
girls are silent but Erina says that she's not satisfied, what 
are they going to say to the Feds? The top head of Nergal 
probably also wouldn't be satisfied with this. Yurika says that 
they'll call it even for what Erina and the Top head of Nergal 
plans to do to Akito and keeping quiet about the truth of the 
Jovian from the team. Erina is pwned badly. Tetsuya says that 
even so, it IS a problem considering what those two did; they 
shouldn't just brush it off as if it was nothing. Yurika then 
says that how about the two being restricted in what they can do 
and get on the ship for a while and Prospector adds in that 
they're not gonna get paid this month for what they did.

Later, Sai Saichi wonders what they're going to do now and 
Simone says that they've rescued Akito though they didn't rescue 
the ship they set out to get so they're pretty much done here, 
its time to go back to Earth. Domon is in agreement of that 
saying that he has things to do back there and Devil Gundam to 
beat up. Inez says that they should be getting an order from the 
top brass soon. Ryouko, Hikaru and David still can't believe 
that the Jovian are of Earth descent and Akatsuki says that they 
should't get nervous considering they've already fought them. 
Shinobu says that he doesn't like agreeing with this creep but 
he's right. Akito says that he's prepared to fight no matter the 
opponent. Roan chimes in saying that from what he heard Megumi-
chan and Minato tells them, the Jovian might have attacked 
anyway even if Grados didn't offer to join forces with them. The 
Jovian might have join forces with ZAFT instead considering that 
they both are against the Earth Federation for what it did. Jun-
kun says that he's a military man and he'll fight the enemy 
whoever it is if he's ordered to but he can't help but shake the 
feeling that he's been betrayed by the Federation somewhat. Aki 
says that at this time, it's hard to nail down what's right and 
what's wrong but they have to fight. Masato (D) noted that in 
the end, those that they have to fight without ties to humanity) 
are the Boazan and the Radam which makes D-Boy oddly silent.

Aki ask what's wrong with D-Boy since he's been keeping quiet 
ever since the battle ended and D-Boy says that during the 
battle with the Radam just a while ago, it's possible that soon 
there might be a new Tekkaman appearing. Noal ask D-Boy what he 
means, isn't he and the Tekkaman Dagger that they killed the 
only Tekkamen? Does he mean that there's more of them? Aki ask 
if D-Boy remembers anything but D-Boy says that it's just a 
feeling he has. Yurika comes in saying that while it's a bother, 
they're not going back to Earth just yet. Prospector says that 
the Nadesico and its troops are to join in a mission with the 
Federation troops based on the moon. Prospector explains that 
the Federation wants to destroy the various Tulips based on the 
Moon which gives the enemy easy access to send their troops in, 
though before that, they want to take back a base that is 
currently being occupied by Radam beasts that the troops will 
use as base for this mission. Kouji ask if that's where they 
come in? Ryouko says that they're supposed to be working to rid 
the enemies on Earth, and this is just the Nadesico alone with 
only half of their full forces, so why are they doing this? 
Yurika says that Kolbet asked them to cooperate and she didn't 
have any good reason not to. Shinobu is annoyed that that baldy 
is jerking them around that much and Noal says that Kolbet might 
plan to use them to advance his career which isn't exactly good.

Episode 23

Kolbet explains his plans and tells the team that for them, 
it'll be quite easy and he's counting on their performance so 
they should do their best. Kolbet note that it'll be a couple of 
days before the operation start and they can have some free time. 
Yurika thanks him and Kolbet note that if they act as they're 
told, he wouldn't be quite as angry as he was towards them and 
he'll also be on this ship for the battle.

Ryouko note what's gotten into Kolbet and Kouji thought that he 
was glad that Kolbet wasn't a pain in the you know what but 
really, what's ALL that about? Simone note that he's quite 
unnerving being THAT nice and all but Erina note that this 
operation must mean a lot to Kolbet and his reputation which is 
why he's being nice for now to you who are the strongest troop 
around. Noal note that at least with them doing it, it's better 
than letting other troops get killed. Akito note that Kolbet 
didn't even say anything about him still being on the ship. 
Prospector then ask Yurika about their time off and Yurika says 
that they should spend the day as they want so she's giving them 
one day off. Kouji cheer but Sayaka note that they can't really 
rest and relax walking around town on Earth without wondering 
when they'll be attacked again. Sayaka wants to go have fun 
together with Kouji with Boss protesting like heck. Miri wants 
to go shop in the Moon city with Masato (D) saying that he'll go 
with her but Aki says that shopping with girls might be quite 
tiring and is he really up to it?

Yurika of course, says that she and Akito will spend the way on 
a Love-Love date but Akito says that he has plans with Yurika 
wondering if he's preparing a Love-Love Dinner for her with 
Akito shouting who'd do THAT? Ryouko is oddly silent with Hikaru 
asking her what is she looking at and Izumi teasing that she 
heard Ryouko's heart shouting "Crap, he has plans first" and 
then maniacally laughing. Ryouko of course denies it. Shiro says 
that while he doesn't mind his big bro being with Sayaka all 
alone but he should take the time to play with him and Kouji ask 
if he's been studying? Inez says that she made sure that the 
lesson were extremely understandable and Ruri says that he also 
had Omoikane to help out.

Rain nervously ask Domon if they shouldn't go for a walk in town 
since Domon's been a bit down lately with Domon saying that 
that's quite boring and he'd rather use the time to train. 
Chibode note that that's quite cold of Domon and George says 
that there are times when one must rest in order to become 
strong and not only him but  Rain must rest. Domon mumble "Fine... 
do as you please"  Tenia ask Touya where they're going and Touya 
says that he hasn't been here before but he wouldn't mind going 
about it as it comes. Merua wants to eat a REALLY big Chocolate 
Cake and annoys Touya playfully to heck to take her. Touya says 
that he doesn't know where to take her with Merua adding in 
wanting to eat a Chocolate Parfe. Touya ask for Kateia's help 
and she says that she'll look into it.

Some times later, Miri comes in saying that that was fun and 
Ryouko has to ask what the heck is up with this mountain of 
things she bought with Masato (D) muttering that he's quite 
tired. David note that Masato (D) was just there to carry thing 
as Aki thanks him for his effort and Akito note that they must 
have visited almost every shop in town. Miri note that as she 
was shopping, it was like a dream that there was a war going on. 
Anna agrees but Simone says that that's just an illusion and 
sooner or later that town might be attacked too. Tetsuya note 
that Kouji's group are still out and ask Akito for a Chuuka Don 
as D-Boy ask for Fried Rice. 

Aki notice D-Boy and says that while D-Boy mention not going 
anywhere, it seem that he DID went out after all right? They 
called out to him but he didn't heard and walked away. D-Boy 
wonders what they're talking about? Aki says that D-Boy went out 
to town alone right? He was walking alone when she and the 
others called out to him but he didn't notice them. Ryou says 
that D-Boy has been with him all day in the training room 
without leaving the ship. Aki ask if that's true and it might 
have been someone else but that person really did look a bit 
like D-Boy. D-Boy is suddenly serious asking if that person 
looks a lot like him. Aki says yes and Miri says that they 
really only saw him from the back but she could have swore it 
was D-Boy as Masato(D) note that that person felt like D-Boy D-
Boy is silent as Tetsuya ask what's wrong but D-Boy says that 
it's nothing noting that it can't be...

Elsewhere, Shinya note that it's been quite a while since he's 
walked amongst the human and that they are still as stupid as 
ever. It won't be long now until they meet....big bro.

A day or two later, the operation commence as the Nadesico nears 
the base that Radam has taken over. Miri tells Yurika that D-Boy 
has ask to deploy and Yurika note that since it's Radam Beast, 
he won't take no for an answer so she gives him permission as 
well as the others to deploy and get rid of the Radam beast. 
Tekkaman Blade is thinking "Where, Where is he?" Kolbet is of 
course a bit egotistic that he'll show the aliens who's boss and 
Shinobu have to wonder what the heck is he ranting about but 
Sara says to ignore him since they've got a big battle ahead of 
them and they need to focus.

The Radam beast outside the base are taken care off and Yurika 
ask if there are any more inside the base. Ruri says that she 
can't access the base's control function since it seems that the 
Radam have taken control of it. Kolbet ask what's going on, if 
they've taken care of the aliens then start establishing control 
of the base. Yurika says that they can't just go in there and 
take out the Radam by blowing up the base since that'll make 
their work for naught and they can't really take on a Radam 
beast without their mech. Kolbet then tells Yurika to send in 
Tekkaman alone since he can probably fight the Radam in the base. 
Yurika starts to protest that Blade alone is impossible but 
Blade tells her that that's fine, he'll go in and check the area 
out while they wait outside. Kolbet is fine with this though 
Noal isn't but Blade says that it's fine, he can do a lot alone 
and Aki tells him to be careful. Yurika says that she 
understands and tells everyone else that they should come back 
in to refuel just in case. Erina note that it's quite strange 
that D-Boy would be this cooperative but Akito tells her not to 
say that, D-Boy's their friend and Akatsuki wonders about that. 
Sayaka note that it's all because of Aki. Aki though is a bit 
worried, he's been acting a bit strange since that rest period 
they just had.

Some time passed and Blade hasn't come out yet, Kolbet wonders 
what's taking him so long and ask if they can establish contact 
but Miri says that it's not possible right now. In the base, 
Blade note that it's strange, other than the control area, there 
are no signs of Radam which means... A mysterious voice ask him if 
it's because he sensed that he came in alone. Blade tells him to 
show himself and Shinya appears saying that he's here Blade. 
Shinya tells him to stop with the rebellious act, they already 
have the Radam Forest on Earth already and the time for it to 
blom is near and when that time comes, Earth will be Radam's. 
The Earthling can't stop it and neither can anyone else. 
"Tekkaman Evil, so YOU'VE finally come" shouted Blade. "It's 
quite an emotional reunion isn't it" says Shinya. "Why are you 
here" shouted Blade and Shinya says that he's here to take care 
of the traitor of course. Blade ask if it isn't possible even if 
the odds are a million to one that they would stop this invasion 
of Earth but Evil says that it's not gonna happen, the strong 
devouring the weak are the fact of the universe. Blade retorted 
that all the Tekkaman were once human. Him and Shinya also. 
Shinya says that he is Radam and since they are Radam, they will 
work for Radam so the one who decides to fight for the Earth 
like him is a traitor, Blade or should he say Big bro Takaya. 
Shinya plans to fight his big bro and Tekset up into Tekkaman 

Evil's attack rattled Blade and Evil mocked Blade "What's wrong, 
you left yourself wide open, is it because you're around those 
Earthling all the time that you developed these flaws" Blade 
attacked back and Evil has to note that that's more like the Big 
Bro he knew. The battle raged. Outside, Ruri detected explosion 
in the base and manage to finally get control of the base thanks 
to D-Boy and Yurika tells her to get the inside the camera 
operating but just then the two Tekkamen comes outside still 
dueling. Noal sees the red Tekkaman and along with Domon wonders 
if it's the enemy Tekkaman that he mentioned. Evil says that the 
people of the same planet are fightng each other and it's like 
fighting themselves which Blade tells him to shut up. Evil 
continues that they are twins, originally one but split into two 
and now they've been split into human and Radam, who ever wins 
will survive and attacked Blade.

Blade is a bit hurt by the attack but what's more he note is 
that he has run out of time and scream. Evil wonders what's 
wrong since that attack can't have been THAT damaging. Aki 
shouted asking D-Boy what's wrong and Evil finally figure it out, 
Blade's utmost weakness. The team scrambles to assist Blade. 
Evil see this and note that he's gotten wonderful information 
and he'll leave for now. It will be a lot of fun the next time 
they meet, big bro, though right now he's sure that big bro 
isn't listening.
Evil leave and Noal ask Blade who is it and is he guning for 
Blade? Is there more Tekkaman? However he gets no reply and 
Tetsuya wonders why but Aki tells them that D-Boy is acting a 
bit strange. Ruri suddenly detects Bosom Jumping and out comes 
Saburota and Genhachiro Akiyama. Saburota says that against 
their newest machine, the Earthlings are like baby but Akiyama 
tells him to be careful since this is the fleet that gave 
Tsukumo quite a hard time and not to underestimate them. 
Saburota ask if they aren't overestimating them but Akiyama says 
that the main Grados fleet is coming so they don' have to fight 
as if their lives depend on it. Akiyama plans to test your team 
out to know more about them. Ruri note that they have a new 
Gekigan type and Prospector note that they're bringing out all 
the Gekigan type so that means they're showing all their hands. 
Hikaru note that it looks like RikuGanger this time but Akito 
says not to call it that (since it will defile the Gekiganger 3 
name). Kolbet tells the team to wipe these pests out and claim 
the base so that they can begin their Tulip operation. Miri 
calls out to D-Boy that the enemies are coming but Blade says to 
Pegas to cancel the Tekset immediately which shocks Noal and 
Shinobu wonders what he is doing. Aki ask D-Boy what's wrong and 
to answer but Pegas containing D-Boy rush back to the Nadesico. 
Kolbet ask why did Tekkaman not fight and let the enemy Tekkaman 
run away and without reason run from a fight returning here. 
Yurika tells Kolbet that this isn't the time for those questions 
as Miri report in that there is an emergency SOS from the space 
fleet. The 8th Fleet which was ready to begin the Tulip operation 
is in battle with what is the Grados fleet and needs immediate 
help since the battle has begun.

Kolbet can't believe it as Yurika note that the 8th Fleet was the 
Purpleton Fleet. Kolbet can't believe that his plan has fallen 
apart and tells the Nadesico to head over there to provide 
assistance but Jun-Kun says that that's impossible since they 
have their own fight on hands but Kolbet then tells them to 
finish it up quickly considering their reputation.

Most of the Jovian fleet fell before the team though Saburota 
taunts the team with his Gekigan type which annoys Ryouko a lot 
and she proceeds to own him. Akiyama tells Saburota to fall back 
and he does. Akiyama targets the Nadesico noting that it's the 
ship that gave Tsukumo such a hard time, the captain here must 
be quite something. Yurika tells Ruri to maintain the field and 
stand their ground firing back but Erina says that this isn't 
good, if he's past the field then it's over for them. 
A lot of the team comes out to block him. Akito rush in shouting 
that the Jovian are quite persistent and that if they hadn't 
come, he wouldn't have to be fighting them and Akiyama note that 
this guy isn't even trying anything tricky but just coming at 
him full force without even thinking,even for the vile rotten 
Earthling, it is quite an amazing display of bravery. "Next is 
you? Let's see what you're made of" says Akiyama as the Granteed 
confronts him "A manned machine again? There's no end to 
them...let's go"

"Not bad, Layzner" noted Akiyama "I can't underestimate you" 
Eiji note that these Gekigan type have a cockpit in the head so 
if he targets other areas, it should be fine.
Akiyama falls and note that it's not bad for Earthling to drive 
him back like this but the Grados army should be here by now so 
he'll take his leave. Kolbet note that that was good and ask 
about the condition of the 8th Fleet and Miri says that she's 
just receiving communication right now but it can't be... the 8th 
Fleet is destroyed, the main ship Meneraos is sinked and 
Commander Purpleton's escape is not confirmed. Yurika can't 
believe that Commander Purpleton is dead and Kolbet says that 
it's impossible, they sent all the enemy SPT data to them and 
the Meneraos contained all the Moon Frame that Nergal lent them 
for this mission; it might be a hard battle but to be completely 
decimated like this? Miri continues that all the Moon Frame and 
the Meneraos were destroyed by a Golden SPT.

Suddenly a Grados ship comes out and Ruri note that it hasn't 
Bosom Jump out. Eiji says that that's a Grados ship. Inez says 
that with Grados, they manage to bypass the sensor around Earth 
and Akito ask if that's the ship that destroyed the 8th Fleet. 
Another ship appears and with even more SPT deployed. Ru Kine 
notes that that's the fabled taskforce, quite interesting. Noal 
note that that's a Golden SPT and Kouji wonders if it's the one 
that singlehandedly took out the Meneraos. Shinobu ask Eiji what 
they are but Eiji says that he doesn't have any data on them; 
they must have been created after Layzner. Ruri note that they 
probably can't run without fighting and Yurika tells Ruri to 
charge the Gravity Blast and Eiji tells them to please wait.

Eiji then radioed to the Grados Troop and tells them his name 
asking to talk to the Commander of the Invasion force and Ru 
Kain note that that is Eiji Asuka, he thought he'd meet him soon, 
the Gradosian traitor. Another machine with Goztello in it  
shouted Eiji's name and Eiji note that it's Goztello and David 
is furious that he's still alive and Simone explain to Shinobu 
that Goztello was an enemy they defeated back on Mars. Goztello 
says that it's because of Eiji and the others that he's been 
turn into this. He doesn't know how long he has left but he'll 
rip them to pieces. Ru Kain tells him to get back and Goztello 
obeys saying Ru Kine's name. Eiji note that name and Ru Kain 
says that he is the commander of the invading force and he'll 
allow them to state what they want to state. Eiji couldn't 
believe that this man is the head of the invasion force but he 
then ask Ru Kine if he ever heard of the story of Grados's 
creation but Ru Kine hasn't so Eiji tells him to cross his 
circuit so that what they say will be secret. Kolbet of course 
is annoyed as to why they're not fighting to escape but Yurika 
says that they'll wait until Eiji is finished talking since they 
can't afford to make a mistake here.

Ru Kain does so and Eiji tells him. At the end Eiji says that 
this fight has no meaning so please call it off but Ru Kine says 
that he thought Eiji had something important to says but there's 
no way he's falling for this made up fairytale and stopping the 
invasion. A halfling like Eiji is as stupid as the Earthling but 
Eiji says that it's the truth, his family is living proof but Ru 
Kain isn't planning on listening anymore and says that now that 
he's here, it won't go as easily as before, all resister of 
Grados will be destroyed so they should kneel down to be 
conquered and the Earth will become a colony of Grados. Yurika 
says that she wouldn't forgive them for that assumption and 
they'll make their own way. Ru Kine says that they really are 
stupid continuing to war with each other. The Earth should be 
enslaved by those more talented than them and taught the proper 
ways and orders all attack on them. Goztello ask Ru Kine to be 
the one to finish off these Earthlings and Eiji and Ru Kine is 
fine with that and order the Death Ogre squad to the front and 
give him a good show.

Eiji wonder if they couldn't really avoid fighting as Kolbet 
says that if there was a negotitation, it would have taken place 
a long time ago and they were the one to attack Mars first. 
Yurika says that they have to find a way to escape first and 
tells everyone to lessen the numbers of SPT, once that's done 
the Nadesico will rush full speed out of here after everyone 
gets on board.

The escape begins and in the Layzner, Fauron tells Eiji that the 
situation is unfavourable and that he should leave the 
battlefield immediately; with the Layzner's speed, that is 
easily achievable. Eiji ask if Fauron is telling him to abandon 
his friend and run away? Fauron says that it must protect it's 
own self and again tells Eiji to depart the battlefield but if 
he does not give the order, the V-Max will be started so that it 
can use it to run destroying enemies units in it's path.

Eiji shouted "Will you give it a rest!! I've had enough of being 
on this killing machine" Fauron state that protecting the memory 
that it carries is it's first objective and Eiji shouted " Even 
more than obeying ME? The memory you posess is nothing more than 
data and even if your data is true, MY existence is the proof, 
My blood is the proof, or is that wrong Fauron?" "If it is; then 
you can just go ahead and kill me but if you can't do that, 
don't ever appear again. Leave things to me. Decide NOW 
Fauron!!" Fauron is silent then a change happen in the Layzner 
as Eiji ask Fauron for it's decision but Rei then says that it 
does not understand the question. Eiji is surprised by Rei 
coming back out and Rei says that it has an unidentified message 
to play back for Eiji "Everything is left to Albatrona Eiji 
Asuka's decision. V-Max function is also left to Eiji Asuka's 

Eiji note and say "So you leave it to me then... Let's go Rei; V-
Max Activate!!" "READY" replies the main computer and the Blue 
Comet Layzner now show forth its true power and speed.

The team destroys a lot of enemies SPT and Ru Kain note that 
they are quite fun and plans to deploy to toy with them and a 
mysterious voice tells his highness that he will deploy too and 
Ru Kine thinks it might be interesting and gives his permission. 
Ru Kine deploys in the Zagal and says "V-Max Red Power" Eiji is 
quite surprised at this and note that it isn't just an ordinary 
V-Max and Rei confirms that it has 25% more energy in it, 
battling it is dangerous. Ruri alert everyone to more SPT coming 
out as Kolbet ask if they can't do anything about it. Yurika 
tells the team to do their best. Shinobu note that beside the 
golden one, another weird one has come out and Sarah ask if Eiji 
knows about it but Eiji says that he has no idea about it. The 
mysterious man notes that it's been a while since he returned to 
Earth and already a familiar voice. He never thought they'd be 
here. Shinobu demanded to know who he is and the mysterious man 
is Shapiro Kietz. Shinobu and Sarah are quite shocked as Ryou 
says that he heard Shapiro died in battle during the first 
battle on Mars. Shapiro note that Masato(D) and Ryou are also 
there and wonders if these problem children are good enough to 
take him on now. Sarah asks why Shapiro is there and Shapiro 
asks if Sarah wants to come to the Grados army with him, if she 
does, he'll ask his highness Ru Kine about it. He tells her to 
throw away those useless feelings since Earth will never win 
against Grados. Noal ask if that is Shapiro Kietz and Kouji ask 
if that man over there is an Earthling? Shinobu says that 
Shapiro was their boss back when they were in the military 
academy and Sarah's lover. He joined the first battle on Mars 
and the ship he was on was supposed to have been destroyed and 
he was supposedly killed in battle. Ryou note that he survived 
thanks to Grados it seemed. Kolbet is furious and ask why 
someone of the Federation would be an ally for the Grados. 
Shapiro note that it's Kolbet and he says that he told Kolbet 
that they didn't have a chance of winning back then but Kolbet 
didn't bother to listen and look what happened, total defeat. 
This is why he has no lost love for these stupid Earthlings. 
Sarah is quite shocked by this as Shapiro continues that he 
works for Lord Ru Kine now. Earth has a Gradosian Eiji Asuka as 
an ally so what's so strange about him, an Earthling being 
Grados's allies.

Shapiro demands to know Sarah's answer as Masato(D) note that 
Shapiro's comparison isn't exactly flattering for Eiji and 
Shinobu wonders if Sarah will defect. Sarah asks if Shinobu 
doesn't believe in her. They've got to be joking, who'd join 
Grados. "Shapiro, you're wrong" she says. Shapiro tells Sarah 
that she is foolish and thinking on a smaller scale but if she 
does so, he'll kill her right now and Shinobu shouts that that's 
THEIR line.

The team downed a few more SPT and Ruri says that they have an 
opening and Yurika tells the team that the Nadesico will now use 
it's full speed to leave this area and that everyone outside can 
either come back or if they're fast enough, leave this area by 
themselves and rendezvous later. Kolbet wonders if this will 
work and Erina note that if they can do it, they'll do it. 
However Ru Kine and the others intercepted the Nadesico.

Shinobu shouted as he confronted Shapiro that he won't forgive 
him but Shapiro says that Fujiwara (Shinobu) never seems to use 
his head in a fight since they are all entranced by the 
Dancougar's war power. He then says that Sarah who throws in her 
lot with them is so pathetic that he loses hope on her. Sarah is 
silent as Shinobu gets extremely mad. Ryou tells Shinobu to 
focus; they've fought a lot of battle to reach here and if 
Shapiro is thinking that they're the same as that time in the 
academy, he's going to pay with his life. Masato (D) agrees 
saying that they won't lose that easily. Shinobu takes in all 
this and says "Right, get ready then... Yatte Yaruze" Shapiro of 
course dismisses all this and says that they will learn the 
extent of their weak power.

Goztello note that Touya and the Granteed were also on Mars when 
his disgrace happened and he'll kill them all. Touya note that 
Goztello is quite stubborn and headstrong.Goztello rushes Eiji 
maniacally saying that he heard Eiji killed Gale and that 
because of Eiji, he's been turned into this living junk, he'll 
rip Eiji apart but Eiji tells Goztello to shut up. Roan and 
David intercepts Goztello; Roan says that they won't let him 
take out Eiji and David says that they'll take him on; they're a 
LOT better than on Mars. Goztello shouted back that trashes like 
them shouldn't get too cocky and they should just stay still to 
be killed.

Domon notes that Ru Kine's gold mech isn't going to be an easy 
opponent but shouts "Let's go Golden boy, the King Of Heart will 
not lose so easily to this enemy commander." Ru Kine asks Touya 
if he think he can challenge him with that mech.Earthlings do 
not know their place. Merua tells Touya that the Golden one is 
extremely fast and Touya says that he can see that but they 
can't just run away here, let's go.Shinobu didn't think that a 
commander will actually come out to fight as Masato(D) says that 
the Golden one is headed their way. Ryou tells Shinobu not to be 
blinded by its speed and Sarah says that if they can defeat this 
golden boy, they can clear a path to escape. Ru Kine smirk 
asking if they really think they can tag him with their huge 
robot. Kouji shouted "Your name's Ru Kine right? I, Kabuto Kouji 
will make you regret coming out here" Ru Kine says that 
Earthling sure likes to boast and there's no way Kouji will ever 
down him.

 Eiji demanded that Ru Kine retreat and call off the assault on 
Earth but Ru Kine says that he will show Eiji that the Layzner 
is already an old model. The team fires their attack on Ru Kine 
and Tetsuya wondered if that did it but Ruri says that the 
damage is not enough to down him. More Grados troops appear. Ru 
Kine note that the team is powerful enough to give the Jovian 
trouble but against the main Grados fleet, they are nothing if 
they plan to resist Grados.

Inez notes that this is going to get worse if they hang on any 
longer and Yurika says that all units are to use their full 
speed with escape being their first priority. Eiji tells Ru Kine 
that if Ru Kine wouldn't stop the invasion then Eiji is prepare 
to make his peace.All the Earthlings will fight to survive and 
if they have to fight then he'll fight alongside them to protect 
the Earth. He will find a way to stop the Grados Invasion. Anna 
looks on at Eiji as Arthur asks if Eiji is ok with that. Eiji 
says that he is; his fight to protect the Earth has now truly 

The team hightailed it out of there and Ru Kine is in no 
position to go after them personally and tells his troop that 
they don't have to follow since they will now begin their 
occupation of this area. Ru Kine note that this is going to be 
interesting while he subjugate the Earth. 

The Nadesico makes it out of the Moon and all units are 
recovered. Yurika breathes a sigh of relief and Erina wonders 
that they've always make it by the skin of their teeth; just 
what the heck does the Captain believe in that makes her plan 
these course of actions? Akatsuki says that at least they're 
safe and to be grateful for that. Prospector says that even so, 
they've lost big time. Ryouko and the others note that the main 
Grados Fleet is here. Kateia and Hikaru begins talking about how 
smirky Ru Kine was and Eiji says that on Grados, he heard of Ru 
Kine's prowess being a genius pilot and being extremely prideful 
of himself. He didn't think Ru Kine would be the commander for 
the invasion of Earth. Anna asks if Eiji is allright and he says 
that he's fine. Yurika note that in the end, they couldn't stop 
the Grados from invading.David asks Eiji what he plans to do 
next and Eiji says that he believes the Earthling, Jovian and 
Grados can come to an understanding but this might be the time 
that he must only think of defending the Earth from their 
invasion. Akito is silent as Simone asks if that's really all 
right with Eiji since he originally came here to try and stop 
the fighting. Eiji says that there is nothing left he can do to 
stop the fighting; he's left with fighting alongside everyone 
with his all. Algo and Kouji note that that's quite a fine 
determination and Yurika says that they'll try together.

Kolbet is angry which attracts Yurika's attention and Miri says 
that he was trying to contact the main Federation Moon base but 
couldn't. Ruri says that there's one possible answer and Inez 
concur saying that this area doesn't have N-Jammer around and it 
isn't a problem from here then it means that there's problem 
over there which taking into account all the securities and 
safeguard to counteract communication problems means that the 
main Federation Moon base has been taken out. Kolbet can't 
believe it but Inez says that taking the main Grados fleet's 
firepower into account, it's certainly a big possibility and 
considering why they came to the moon (to establish a base) it's 
certainly logical that they would take over.

Kolbet tells the Nadesico to turn around and head back to the 
moon but Akatsuki says that they themselves are on the run from 
the Grados. Noal says that if Kolbet wants to go commit suicide 
by returning, he can do it alone. Kolbet is of course steaming 
at what happens and says that the Nadesico is to return to Earth 
immediately; he has to contact his superior in Alaska at once.

During their flight back, Chibodee ask how Sarah is and Shinobu 
says that she went back to her room and probably wants privacy. 
Ryou note that Shinobu seems to understand Sarah's feeling well 
and Yurika asks about Shapiro and Shinobu says that it's like he 
said during the battle that Shapiro was their commander back 
then. Domon ask if the Dancougar team is formally military but 
Ryou says that before they graduated, they were scouted out by 
Mythril and accepted.  Aki notes that Noal also graduated from 
there but didn't want to work with the Federation and entered 
the Space Knight and Tetsuya asks if that's how Noal knew about 
Shapiro.Noal says that Shapiro was quite famous for being a 
prick that looks down on others. Akito asks about where Yurika 
graduates from and Yurika says that she was in Federation 
College so she has no idea. Tenia ask how these two are 
different and Ruri says that the one Yurika went to is a lot 
more prestigous and focuses more on training top tier people 
like Captains and such in combat strategy, leadership, crew 
management,etc while the one Noal and the Dancougar team went to 
is more intended to train soldiers and such. Kouji note that 
Yurika's something but Erina says that if she really is 
something, she wouldn't be here. Ryouko defends Yurika saying 
that she's accomplished a lot but Simone note that she really 
can't see Yurika as being someone to look up to and such. Yurika 
turns the conversation back to Shapiro post haste and Shinobu 
says that he went missing after the first battle on Mars but 
they never expected him to be with the Grados.

Maybe Shapiro knew about the truth of the Jovian and uses that 
to help worm himself into the Grados's good grace as Sarah 
theorized and Yurika wonders if Sarah will be ok with her lover 
betraying her but Ryou says that she's not a weak woman and 
she'll be fine. Shinobu says that they don't have to think too 
much about Shapiro, he's an enemy which is simple enough like 
the Jovian and Grados. Rain arrives with D-Boy and Aki asks if 
he's allright and Rain says that he's still a bit worned out so 
let's keep this short. Yurika says that Kolbet's not around so 
it won't be the inquisition and she doesn't plan to blame D-Boy 
but she WOULD like to know his reason for leaving the 
battlefield otherwise it'd be troublesome; if he has one she'd 
like to hear it. D-Boy is silent and says that there's no reason, 
he was just tired. Noal couldn't believe that D-Boy can tire so 
easily but Rain says that he wasn't in a good shape when he came 
back to the Nadesico. Tetsuya says that even so; it isn't a good 
enough reason for him to just retreat without saying a word and 
Domon agrees with Touya saying that it isn't like D-Boy. George 
asks what the real reason is and D-Boy says that there isn't one.

Inez says that this is her theory but it might have something to 
do with his TekSet system, is that correct? D-Boy is silent 
which Inez note that he isn't blabbing. Noal then says that if 
he doesn't plan to talk about that, talk about that red Tekkaman. 
D-Boy seems to know him; what is he or more importantly what is 
a Tekkaman anyway? What is he and how many Tekkaman are there 
anyway? D-Boy is silent and Shinobu says that he should say 
something. Aki and Miri defend D-Boy with Miri saying that he's 
got amnesia so it can't be helped if he can't remember if he 
wants to. Noal wonder if that is true or whether it is that he 
actually remember but won't say it. Aki reprimands Noal as D-Boy 
stayed silent.

Episode 24

Murrue and Mwu are telling Yurika that they're glad that she and 
everyone on the Nadesico is ok since they got extremely worried 
when they heard what happened to the moon base. Yurika says they 
were wondering as well and Prospector says that they made it out 
when it was attacked. Ruri and Yurika tell Murrue about the main 
Grados troop and Ru Kine. Natarle tells Eiji that what he was 
trying to accomplish seems to be in vain. Eiji says that Ru Kine 
is a dangerous man and as long as he is the commander of the 
invasion force, there is no other alternative than fighting. If 
they can drive off Ru Kine's force then the planet Grados might 
be open to talk.

Mwu note that it's going to be pretty tough on Eiji but Eiji 
says that it's fine and Murrue ask if they can count on him 
helping them as usual and Eiji says that of course they can 
since he wants to protect this planet. Kira and Cagalli look on 
Eiji and Cagalli note that Eiji really is a good guy and Simone 
tells her that of course he is, he's their friend. Murrue tells 
Eiji that they'll be counting on him too and he accepts. Erina 
ask what the Federation's response to all this is and Jun-kun 
notes that they probably don't have the time and resource to 
take back the moon right now. Murrue says that this is correct 
since the Federation is moving to protect their remaining base 
on Earth and they are to continue their normal operation. 
Shinobu ask if they are to continue their drawing the enemy out 
at a time like this but Natarle says that it's a necessary 
mission since even if the situation is going badly for them, 
they can't just leave the enemies on Earth alone. Tetsuya says 
that the situation will change depending on their success 
against all these enemies and Kouji note that he better put his 
heart into it.

Murrue and the others are told about the truth of the Jovian's 
identity and they are shocked. Cagalli can't believe that those 
unmanned machine were sent by Earthlings but Natarle says that 
they are Jovian, not Earthling anymore. They are even worse than 
the Coordinator by joining forces with aliens to invade this 
planet but Kira says that the one who started it was the Earth 
Federation. Natarle says that that was over 100 years ago and it 
has nothing to do with their dangerous situation now and there's 
probably nothing from that era to back it up forcefully. Erina 
agrees and Inez explains that if all the data about them were 
erased by the Federation, then what little proof that remains on 
Earth would not be enough to show the world that the Federation 
persecuted the settlers into Jupiter and such. The same is with 
the Jovian Settlement, they may remember this happening as was 
told to them by their parents or grandparents who experienced it, 
but they wouldn't have cold hard proof to back it up. Yurika 
noted this and Cagalli note that it still is what the Federation 

Yurika then ask what happen here since the Archangel seems to 
have a lot less people and David wonders if they were killed but 
Mwu put a stop to that. Murrue says that the Brain Powered 
troops are with the Novis Noah and should be back in a while, 
right now they have 6 Brain Powered. Two of them were recently 
born in the Revival and the other one is the Reclaimer boy. 
Yurika note that it's Isami Yuu and that he is at Novis Noah 
must mean that he's decided to join forces with them.Murrue says 
that seems to be the case since another pilot is a former 
Grancher he knows and the other is from Novis Noah itself. 
Cagalli tells Yurika and the others that they missed seeing a 
Revival which was awesome to watch and the Brains are twins also 
which Yuu pointed out never happened in Orphan. Natarle says 
that speaking of the Novis Noah, Captain Anoah's son is 
confirmed as a Grancher Pilot. There seems to be a bit of 
trouble with her right now so Gaybridge is taking temporary 

Noal ask what happened to Combattler V and Voltes V and Mwu says 
that they've run into a bit of a problem and is at the Big 
Falcon right now. The Boazan seems to have developed a ray that 
can cancel out their combination which left the two robots badly 
damaged internally so he's not sure when they're coming back. 
Murrue says that Mao and her troops are also here, something 
seemed to have happened at Mythril and their superiror seems to 
have come here but she hasn't seen the person yet.

At Sousuke's room, Major Teresa Tessarosa or Tessa apologize for 
involving Sousuke and the others but the Da Nann isn't close by 
and the only one she could trust is them. Sousuke says that he's 
glad that the Major is safe and is she ok with her bruise and 
wounds. Tessa says that the bleeding has stopped but they've 
taken him hostage. Sousuke lament that they should have 
rendezvous with the Major faster but Tessa note that it was her 
miss by not realizing the existence of a tracker which lead to 
them being discovered. Sousuke note that Mao's decision to 
ensure the safety of the Major first was probably correct and 
he's glad that the Major is all right. Tessa note that she told 
Mao to get that boy first and Karinin who protected her from the 
blast and considering his level of danger, she should have 
ordered that boy killed but she couldn't and he was taken back. 
She is sad at her ineptitude on the field like that which may 
have cost Karinin his life. Sousuke says that Karinin did what 
he had to and they can't tell if he died in battle yet or not. 
He's probably alive. Sousuke relate that when he first met 
Karinin, they were enemies which surprised Tessa. Sousuke says 
that he lost completely even though the position favoured him so 
Karinin is not one to die easily. Tessa thanks Sousuke and says 
that she'll believe it as well.

Tessa note that this is the first time that they've talked side 
by side like this and he's quite like Melissa described him. 
Sousuke ask if that's so and Tessa ask if he knew that they are 
the same age and Sousuke says that this is the first he heard of 
it. Tessa says that from first glance, they might even appear to 
be lovers. "Wha..." says Sousuke and Tessa ask if he doesn't think 
so." No...I... It's an honour maam"

Chidori knocks and looks in asking if Sousuke is around and sees 
him with Tessa and Tessa says that something came up and Chidori 
wonders ifshe came here to meet with Sousuke... nah. Sousuke ask 
if Chidori wants something and Chidori says that Mao and Krutz 
tell her to tell him this "They haven't found Karinin's (What's 
his rank?) body yet and will continue to search". Sousuke note 
that Karinin is alive and Tessa note that he was probably taken 
by the enemy. Chidori note that Tessa is bandaged in some parts 
and demands to know what Sousuke did with her (with Harizen and 
a German Suplex hold ready to punish him) Sousuke says that it 
was a quick bandage job but Chidori shouted "You idiot, what 
type of organization is Mythril anyway to let a girl be in 
danger like this" Sousuke tries to explain but Chidori note that 
Tessa's face doesn't look too good either and that she better 
get Rain to see her.

Tessa ask if this is what he goes through all the time but 
Sousuke says that it's not all the time. Tessa says that she 
read the report that he was fitting in well with the others here 
but to let a civilian like her come in like this (without a gun 
pointed at her), it's a bit strange. Sousuke says that 
considering the situation with the Major right now, he should 
have been more careful which leaves Tessa wondering.

At the Archangel's mess hall, Mwu ask what's wrong with D-Boy 
since he came back and Noal fills him in about what happened. 
Sai ask if another Tekkaman has appears and Aki said that it 
happened when they were fighting the Radam. Toll note that 
Dagger wasn't the only one and Noal complains that they still 
know nothing because D-Boy isn't speaking even though he knows 
that D-Boy knows something. Milly ask what the Tekkaman is 
anyway and Cagalli note that if D-Boy remembers and tells them 
then it would help but Kira says that it can't be helped. Mwu 
note that that's problematic but Aki say that D-Boy has gotten a 
bit more cheerful and such and Noal concludes that now he's back 
to being a moody Dark Boy.

Krutz ask if it's just Sousuke and Tessa, whatabout Chidori and 
Sousuke says that she went to get a doctor. Tessa ask if they've 
confirm Karinin's location but Krutz says that there's no more 
progress outside of what he told Chidori but they did find out 
about the group that took Takuma back by having Ruri do some 
hacking with the Omoikane and pinpointing their location. Tessa 
ask where they are and Mao says that they're in Kawasaki near an 
area that was devastated by Orphan's wave. Tessa note that over 
there is a place that they marked as having an enemy gathering 
with a Lambda Driver equipped Weapon. This makes Sousuke quite 
surprised and Mao note that they're beneath their eyes and nose 
being this close and ask what they plan to do.

Tessa says she don't know but if they leave them alone, it might 
turn into a disaster and note that they're in quite a spot since 
the Da Nann is on another mission and can't be sent here. 
Sousuke ask if they're short for time and Tessa says that the 
enemies that attacked them seems to be desperate to get him back 
so something is up soon. Mao has an idea, while it might not 
look good for Mythril headquarter, what about asking Yurika for 
help. She's not too reliable but it never hurt and Krutz agrees 
saying that while the Archangel wouldn't, the Nadesico can 
mobilize on this small info with Sousuke also agreeng.

Tessa note that at first, she thought that she should have 
reacted better so that she wouldn't have lost Karinin and could 
have still ensured Takuma. She knows she's not good enough yet 
but that's no reason to lose hope and she wants to gain Sagara's 
respect that she is a person that they can trust. Tessa says 
that while it might be against headquarter's order, it can't be 
helped, they'll ask for the Nadesico's help.

Yurika welcomes Major Tesstarosa to the Nadesico and says that 
she heardd the detail and that the Nadesico will cooperate and 
that she can leave it to them. Tessa thanks Yurika and says 
hello to Ruri and thanks her for helping them get the data they 
needed to pinpoint the enemy's location. Chidori is of course a 
wee bit confused, what did Yurika just meant by Major since a 
Major is a really revered person and Murrue and Mwu aren't even 
at that rank, now she knows that Tessa is smart but SHE'S a 
Major? Chidori ask if Tessa isn't just a friend of Sousuke but 
Sousuke says that a low class solider like him can't compare 
with the Major who is his and Mao's superior and commander and 
the captain of the Tuatha De Da Nann "Wha..." says Chidori.

Akatsuki note that usually it WOULD be hard to believe and Ruri 
says that it's the truth but Chidori says that this is weird, 
why is everyone accepting this so easily and Touya says that he 
heard from before and Tenia says that they stopped being 
surprised then. Erina of course doesn't like it since it's 
another organization and they don't even know how reliable this 
info is. Masato(D) says that they're Mythril also and Sousuke 
says that it's the truth. Tessa says that they can't waste time 
with this anymore and apologize to Chidori asking Yurika to 

Yurika contact Murrue and tells her the reason saying that the 
Nadesico will launch and Natarle ask where they got the info 
about that place having terrorist with WMD and Yurika says that 
its from a Major at Mythril so she believes it. Yurika says that 
she doesn't mind if the Archangel stays behind but since they 
don't have time, they have to launch now. Tessa is silent as 
Erina tells her that in contrast with how she looks, Tessa seems 
to be a quite influental person.

At Kawasaki, Seina note that Karinin seems to finally be awake 
and says that she wants to talk to him. Karinin says that don't 
think they can get information from him and Seina says that she 
doesn't expect it since he'll probably choose death over talking. 
While his subordinates were good, they manage to take back 
Takuma so she doesn't care who they were. Karinin asked why they 
save him then and Seina says that she wants to talk, he reminds 
her of someone she knew in the past.

Karinin listens to her and note "I see, so it's revenge against 
the world that doesn't accept your existence" Seina says that if 
destroying, letting the flame of fear burn is that then it is 
revenge. She doesn't care anymore about the alien invasion or 
that ship from the bottom of the ocean, this stupid world and 
it's stupid people can go to heck as far as she care. Karinin 
ask if that's what the person who leads them wanted but Seina 
says that it probably isn't but he's dead now. Karinin says that 
if she has doubt, it's not too late to stop but Seina says that 
it is. 

Nearby, Mao says that she reads several people on her thermal 
reading and is it ok to do this knowing that Karinin is captured 
there? Tessa says that the first things to do are pressure and 
dominate the enemy. Mao rogered that and ask if Uruz 6 and 7 are 
ready and they are. Mao asks the Nadesico for assistance and 
drops the ECS mode firing at the warehouse. Zaido note that 
they've been discovered and Seina ask if he's still here, isn't 
the delivering of the Plate over or is it that he's here for 
other reason. Zaido says that he has to report to the client but 
thanks to her miss, it would be hard to smuggle that thing out 
without fighting. Seina says that the preparations are ready and 
they can do it. 

Seina tells everyone to get in their Armslaves since while it's 
earlier than they expected, it's going to begin and that goes 
also for Takuma. Takuma tells his sis that the bad feeling he 
got from being on it isn't gone and he knows that the Behemoth 
is quite important to his sis but he can't... Seina slaps him 
telling him not to be so weak and says that if he cannot get the 
Behemoth to move no matter the cost to him then he's worthless 
to her. She don't want him if he's not on that thing which 
shocks Takuma and Seina says that if he gets the meaning then 
get on it. Takuma reluctantly agree and Seina tells Karinin that 
his friends are even more capable than she thought finding this 
place and all. Karinin ask if Takuma is the pilot of that thing 
that had the Lambda Driver attached to it and she note that he 
got to know a lot of unneccessary things. Karinin says that 
whatever they destroy with that thing, it wouldn't change their 
lives or the Earth but Erina says that she told him that she 
doesn't care if it change or not and plans to go as well. She 
says that she'll leave the door open and if he doesn't want to 
die then he better get out under his own power and Karinin ask 
if she's not going to kill him.

Krutz sends a second shot to the warehouse and note that they 
should be coming out now. Ruri note that Armslaves have appeared 
and Yurika note that the info was right on. Rain tells Tessa 
that she really shouldn't be here at the bridge with her wounds 
and should be resting but Tessa says that she has an obligation 
to watch and note that that thing hasn't appear yet, if they can 
overwhelm the enemy fast enough then it won't. Yurika tells her 
not to overexert herself and the battle beings. Seina note that 
she didn't think she would have to take on the Nadesico on her 
first time and tells all units to buy time for the Behemoth to 
activate. The battle begins.

Miri tells Yurika that there is a communication from the 
Archangel. Murrue says that that place really had enemies there 
and it was good that the team striked first. Yurika says that 
they'll take out the enemies soon and go back to base but Murrue 
says for them that the reason the Archangel didn't deploy after 
them is because they've catch the Boazan army nearby. Natarle 
says that the Boazan seems to have read their movement pretty 
well and plans to strike when they're separated. Murrue says 
that the Archangel is on its way to backup the Nadesico against 
the Boazan. Yurika then tells everyone that the Boazan are also 

Sousuke note as he targets Zaido that this mech is strong and 
it's movement seems quite familiar and Sousuke makes Zaido 
retreat.  Seina also is defeated by the team and she notes that 
if she had met that man a bit quicker then it wouldn't be like 
this. Takuma sees this and note that he wanted to make his 
sister happy so he became Behemoth's pilot but his sister sees 
him as just one part of Behemoth. That's all between him and his 
sister, not love but this; he never wanted to know this. Takuma 
tells his sister that this is goodbye.

The Behemoth appears and Sousuke, Krutz and Akito wonder what 
that is; is it an ArmSlave. Ruri says that Omoikane is 
registering it as one and Tessa note that an ordinary Armslave 
can't be made that big. It has to be that thing. She notes that 
they weren't in time and that boy has now rides that thing. 
Tessa shouted for Takuma to stop and Takuma ask if she's on that 
ship and this is the Behemoth. Tessa asks what he plans to do 
with it and Takuma says that he will destroy lots of things and 
kill lots of people with it. Actually they plan to take out the 
Novis Noah with this but he doesn't care now since his sis isn't 
around anymore. He will continue to kill as long as the Behemoth 
is moving since he has nothing left. Touya wonders if Takuma was 
targetting the Novis Noah. Tessa is saddened by this and Takuma 
says that he'll make her feel better in a minute with the 
Behemoth by sinking that ship. Tessa then faints and Rain note 
that the wounds have opened and tells Inez that they have to 
take Tessa back to the Medical Room. Inez asks Jun-kun to help 
carry her carefully. Jun-kun is a bit reluctant but Yurika says 
that even without Jn-kun, it's all right and Jun-kun note that 
she didn't have to say it straight out like that. Yurika tells 
everyone to stop that thing and Sousuke targets it firing but an 
invisible wall protects it.

Takuma says that the Behemoth has a shield that they can't stop. 
Domon and the Dancougar team wonder what that is and Ryouko says 
that it's like an invisible wall.Kouji wonders if it's the same 
with that creep and Merua says that that seems to be so. Touya 
says that there's no mistake, that machine is equipped with the 
same system that Gauron had on his mech and calls on Sousuke. 
Sousuke note that it's a Lambda Driver and the thing that the 
Major was trying to tell him. Sousuke wonders if he can use his 
own Lambda Driver to penetrate it but what would happen if it 
doesn't work, what would he do then? Can he really do that thing 

At the Nadesico, Chidori starts to feel a bit weird again like 
that time and Anna asks if she's all right.Chidori note that the 
whispers have been in her head ever since then but this time 
it's very loud, is it because it's necessary?  Chidori suddenly 
spouts incoherent phrases "Necessary... You can't do it.. I'll 
take your body and I don't want you who will disappear" Suddenly 
Tessa's voice fills Chidori as she tells Chidori not to listen 
to those voices. "No I am here here...stop it" says the voice in 
Chidori's head but Tessa shouted for them to begone. Chidori 
then ask why she can hear Tessa's voice and Tessa says that they 
don't have much time; it's dangerous for her if she continues in 
this condition and asks Chidori to tell Sousuke about the Lambda 

Arthur and Anna are trying to snap Chidori out of it and Chidori 
says that she has to go to the Bridge. Meanwhile Sousuke note 
that he has to do it and tells the Uruz team that he'll take it 
on and asks for backup. Appearing before it, Sousuke note that 
he has to focus on an image and attacks but the attack bounces 
off the Behemoth. Takuma note that Sousuke has one too but it's 
useless using it like that. Kouji ask if that did it but Sousuke 
says that the attack didn't work. Back at the Nadesico, Chidori 
is grabbing Yurika telling her to get Sousuke on the line. 
Yurika says that they're in a battle right now but Chidori 
persists. Ruri comply and Chidori shouted to Sousuke that the 
enemy has a cooling vent for the Lambda Driver since it is 
incomplete like the Arbalest and easily overheats. Chidori says 
that that's the weakpoint and to aim for that but not using any 
normal attack but to use that. Yurika is surprised at what 
Chidori is telling Sousuke and Sousuke ask if it came from the 
Major. Chidori doesn't really know but probably. Sousuke note 
that it's the coolin vent in that slit right?

Takuma is boasting that no matter how many times they try, it's 
useless. He and the Behemoth are invincible and he will kill 
them. Sousuke tries again and this time the attack pierces the 
barrier hitting the vent. Mao asks if Sousuke's done it but 
Touya says that he doesn't see anything happening. Sousuke asks 
Chidori if that worked and Chidori says that with the vent 
destroyed, the enemy's output is lowered and it'll take a lot 
out of it just to keep it from toppling over itself. It might be 
able to have a barrier but it wouldn't be that strong anymore 
and everyone can wail on it. Inez looks on at Chidori "I see..." 
she noted. Yurika tells everyone to attack even though she has 
absolutely no idea what just happened. Takuma is furious as 
everyone attack and Mao note that taking on something like this 
wasn't in the plan. Takuma says that compared to the Behemoth, 
that Armslave is just a doll that he can easily crush.

Takuma laugh at the Granteed as it rushes in and says maniacally 
that they will be destroyed. Touya note that it's movement isn't 
too smooth and if they can get it off balance then they can stop 
it easily. Krutz shouted "You Jason hocky mask creep, I'll blow 
you down with one shot" and Takuma mocks him asking what an 
ordinary ArmSlave like that can do against him. Takuma shouted 
at Sousuke "Sagara Sousuke, you took Testarossa -san away and 
damage my Behemoth, I won't forgive you; I'll tear you to bits." 
Sousuke says "To snarl threats at a prey like this instead of 
just doing it, you're a third rate soldier, aren't you" Takuma 
goes down and he can't believe that he lost. Tetsuya wonder if 
that did it and Mao note that the Behemoth was quite an 
unbeatable foe. The Archangel arrives and so does the Boazan.

Jyangal ask Belgan if they're all right and Belgan says that he 
would have preferred to have more Iron Beast but it's a good 
chance to take them all out.and orders an attack. Belgan note to 
his Emperor that it wouldn't be long now that Hainel is dealt 
with. Kouji note that there's a lot of Boazan mech that he 
hasn't saw before and Mwu notes that they must be new models.

Combattler V and Voltes V arrives and Murrue ask if their mech 
is all right now and Kosuke says that they're in the middle of 
testing right now and Hyouma says that once the Boazan starts 
showing up like this, they can't just sit by idly. They'll pay 
back that debt they owe the Boazan. The Voltes V doctor tells 
Hyouma and Kenichi that the UltraMagCon they have created to put 
in the two Choudenji was based on data left by Dr. Gou Kentaro 
but they can't assure them that it will completely work. Kenichi 
says that they understand which is why they have to test it for 
real in a battle. Jyangal is annoyed that the two Choudenji is 
back but says that those two are no longer their enemy and he'll 
destroy them right now.Jyangal order the Namazungo to deploy and 
Hiyoshi note that it's the one from before. Kenichi note that 
it's here and for Hyouma to get ready. Jyangal orders the 
Namazungo to turn them to scrap and it fires it's attack and 
Hyouma ask Kosuke how they're doing and Kosuke says that they're 
holding up and Juuzou says it's their turn now and for Hyouma to 
do it and so does Megumi telling Kenichi. The two Choudenji use 
their combined attack, the ChouDenji Spin V no Jigiri to finish 
off the Namazugon. All looks fine and well with Jyangal shocked 
and Belgan noting that this is what Jyangal gets for just using 
the research Do Zul left behind. Suddenly both mech explodes 
with Kosuke saying that the UltraMagCon has overloaded and Ruri 
note that that didn't seem to work. Belgan note that the 
protection seems incomplete and for his warriors to destroy 
themNatarle berates the two teams saying that this is what they 
get for coming out when they're not ready and for them to get 
out of the way since they're a hindrance right now. 

Two new Boazan mech tackles the Combattler and Voltes and Hyouma 
shouted not to underestimate them and attack. However the attack 
does no damage which Kosuke says that no matter how low the 
Combattler's energy output is, that shouldn't happen. Ippei says 
that the new model seems to be different than the rest and ask 
Kenichi what he's going to do since turning tail and run 
wouldn't do. Two unidentified mech suddenly appears near the two 
Choudenji and Cagalli note that she's seen the black mech before 
in Africa. Sarah note that it's the Black Knight to the rescue 
and Shinobu wonders what the heck is he doing here? A mysterious 
voice in another plane tells the Voltes and Combattler team that 
they can't fully fight the Boazan warrior mech right now and to 
decombine and retreat. Kenichi takes that as their cue and tells 
Hyouma to do so as Hyouma tells the other that this new Boazan 
mech is pretty strong and for them to be careful. Tenia wonders 
if the two planes are ally as the Mysterious voice tells the 
Archangel and Nadesico that it will drop a data capsule around 
here and he wants them to retrieve it. The two mech leaves and 
Domon and the others wonder who they were. Jyangal is furious 
that they let the two Choudenji slip away but Belgan says that 
those two weren't even in the equation and that they shuld do 
what they first planned and get rid of the Choudenji's allies. 
Murrue note that the two teams seem to have escaped smoothly and 
that they'll recover them later but to focus on the Boazan right 

The battle begins and the team took down the bear mech that gave 
the Combattler a hard time. Yurika wonders why it was so tough 
considering that it didn't look too different from the others 
and Inez theorized that it was probably constructed from tougher 
metal, this along with the Namazugo that emits anti-Choudenji 
wave shows that the enemy are pretty crafty. Natarle note that 
it meant they shouldn't underestimate the enemies on the ground. 
Jyangal tells Belgan "So much for your super alloy mech" but 
Belgan says that the team has only destroyed one of them with 
one more still around. However when the team defeated that mech 
as well, Belgan is dismayed and Jyangal says that while having a 
super alloy mech is useful, the thing that matters most is 
numbers and orders the deployment of the rest of his fleet.

Those didn't last long too against the team and after 
concentrated fire on the Skulk, Belgan tells Jyangal that they 
have to retreat and Jyangal swears that he'll get the team next 

With the enemies gone, Yurika tells Murrue that they should look 
for that capsule that ship dropped off. Meanwhile, a dying Seina 
is found by Karinin and she asks if the Behemoth activated and 
Karinin says it did, she won. Seina says that she doesn't care 
anymore, Takuma's memory got so weird that he believed that she 
was the sister he killed with his own hands and she used it for 
her purpose. She has no parents either and she was so alone.

Back at the Nadesico, the team has found the capsule and Yurika 
says that they'll leave the analyzing to Inez. Ruri says that 
there are a couple of people sitting near the ruins of an 
ArmSlave. Krutz looks and says "Ah crap, that old geezer is 
still alive" and Mao says that he didn't get himself kill, you 
idiot to Krutz and prepare to go recover him.

Back at where Karinin is, Seina note that Karinin seems more 
suited to being a priest than a military commander and ask his 
name, the name of the person she hated.Karinin says that his 
name is Andre Selgebich Karinin and Seina says that that's a 
weird name and passed away. Karinin greets Mao and note that if 
the Nadesico is here helping them that mean that the Major is 
fine. Mao says that Tessa's fine though a bit wounded and ask if 
Karinin knew that enemy pilot and Karinin says that he was about 

At the Nadesico, Mao tells the team that Tessa and Karinin sent 
their thanks but Yurika says that they were indebt to Mythril a 
lot and if they hadn't come, Novis Noah would have been 
targetted. Akito note that deploying right away seems like a 
good choice but Erina says that even so, Natarle hates their gut 
even more now for breaking regulations. Akatsuki says that that 
can't be helped and ask about those two mech and Tetsuya ask the 
Dancougar team about them. Shinobu says that he doesn't know too 
much but the black one was the Black Knight's mech whom they 
encountered several time back in Africa. Ryouko note that 
Shinobu doesn't seem to like him, is he an enemy but Ryou says 
that he assists them several time back then so he's not an enemy 
and Sarah says that they fought Radam, Zaft and Jupitorian mech 
back then together.Masato (D) says that they've never met him 
directly but from his conversation with them, he sounds like a 
smirk cool guy type which Shinobu doesn't react to too well. 
Yurika asks about the other mech and Shinobu says he has no clue 
on that one.

Inez comes in saying that she's finish her analysis and that the 
capsule contains Voltes V's creation data.  Tenia wonders why 
that mech has that and Inez says that they'll have to send it to 
Big Falcon to research it.

At an unspecified location, a mysterious man note that Zaido is 
pretty good to still be alive. He note that those people (your 
team) is really something since they receive a new toy, he 
thought that at least they could wreck a town or two or even go 
as far as attacking the Novis Noah. On the other hand, they did 
recover a Plate and send it to the Reclaimer even though he 
knows they'll fail. Zaido ask what will they do and the 
mysterious man ask if it's about Kachim and the Whisper girl. As 
long as they're with the Nadesico and the Archangel, they can't 
really lay a hand on them right now but a time will come. He has 
another job that they need to do.

At the Big Falcon, Kenichi ask Dr. Sagaguchi if it really is 
Voltes's upgrade data. Sagaguchi says that the Nadesico sent it 
to them after recovering it from a mech that appear after the 
Voltes team retreat. Once he got it, he confirms that it is a 
plan to upgrade Voltes. This upgrade includes the complete 
UltraMag Con and ways to control even greater Choudenji energy. 
Of course this can be applied to Combattler V as well and 
Professor Yotsuya is adapting the plan as they speak. Megumi and 
Ippei wonders how that flying mech got it since Kenichi's dad 
made the plan for Voltes V right? Sagaguchi agrees that even at 
the Big Falcon, they couldn't create a complete UltraMag Con so 
the only one who could do this is Dr. Gou Kentaro. The Gou 
siblings are quite surprised that their father might still be 
alive and Hiyoshi says that their dad might be on that flying 
mech and Sagaguchi says that that is a possibility. Megumi 
wonders that if that's the case then why didn't he come back 
here and Sagaguchi says there might be a reason. Hiyoshi wants 
to go search for dad right away and Daijiro says that he want to 
meet his dad. Sagaguchi scold them saying that they're not in a 
situation to be afforded that luxury. Kenichi agrees saying that 
they have a mission to protect the Earth and for Hiyoshi and 
Daijiro to keep this desire in them for a while. Sagaguchi says 
that Kenichi is correct and they are now collecting data on that 
flying mech and it's whereabout but first they have to complete 
Voltes's upgrade.

At the base, Anna tells Eiji to look at the flowers and Miri 
tells them that Hime brought a lot here and she wants to put it 
in the Archangel and Nadesico which is why she asks Mireria for 
her help. D-Boy note that this flower is and Miri ask if he's 
interested and he says he is. Anna says that Eiji probably 
doesn't know it's name and this flower is and D-Boy says for her 
that it is the Amalylyth (spelling?) meaning something something 
in flower name. Miri note that D-Boy is more of a romantist than 
she thought knowing the name and meaning of this flower. Anna 
asks if his memory has return but D-Boy refuse to say anything. 
Suddenly Cagalli is shouting for this jerk to stop slinking 
around. Balzack says that it's an interesting combination of 
boys and girls so he'll excuse himself. Cagalli ask what Balzack 
wants and he notes that D-Boy seems to have a permanent frown 
since he return from the moon, what's up? D-Boy says that it's 
none of Balzack's concern.

Mardock says that he heard about the flowers and also of Balzack 
finishing his assignment here. Miri is dissapointed saying that 
she heard from Flay and the others that Balzack took nice 
pictures of them (photoshoot?) and was hoping forward to it
Balzack says that that's because she was on the moon and he's 
sorry about it but it's orders from above and he'll take them if 
they meet again and bids adieu to the Gradosian, the Coordinator 
and the mystery boy. Miri note that if Rebin hears this, she'll 
be even more upset but Cagalli note that Balzack seems to be 
eyeing them strangely somehow when he chats to them, she doesn't 
know if he really is a Federation cameraman but she's got a bad 
feeling about it since even until the end, he never called Eiji 
and Kira by name. Kira who is around says that it can't be 
helped since it's true and Eiji tells Anna that he doesn't mind 
and Cagalli says that this is why these two let Kolbet walk all 
over them.

Mireria or Milly note to Milleta or Miri that the flowers are 
here and Miri says that it's her true name. Mireria says that 
since her nickname is also Milly, this is so that she doesn't 
feel strange when adressing Milleta.

Balzack note as he walks past the gate that it was a sudden 
recall order and wonders if it's to test that thing and that 
it's time he make a name for himself. Goodbye this weird 
gathering, next we meet it will be on the battlefield.

Episode 25

Hainel note that it's like he thought from hearing the reports 
on this mysterious flying mech helping the Earthlings out, it's 
a Boazan mech. Belgan confirms this and says that the one who 
made this mech was that traitor Ra Goul. Katherine then note 
that Lord Ra Goul is Lord Hainel's and Hainel tells her to stop 
right there, it doesn't matter. What matters is that that person 
is probably an escapee from their home planet, a traitor who 
will most definitely try to reach the Earthlings again. IF this 
happen or the Grados get a hold of that traitor, their 
reputation will be in shamble and orders Jyangal and Katherine 
to search for him. Jyangal says that that's mech speed is too 
fast for them to pursue much less catch and Belgan says that he 
has figured out what the mech's engine used and has create 
something to stop it from working. Hainel note that he cannot 
further lose the Emperor's trust and tells the two to do their 
best. Katherine says that even if it costs her her life, she 
will deliver that traitor to him.

Meanwhile, at the Novis Noah, Mwu is asking about the 
disappearance of Captain Anoah to Gaybridge and Gaybridge says 
that it was during a Plate's recovery though the team that was 
with her radioed back saying that it seems to be a different 
Plate and he sent Yuu and the others over there quickly but...   
Murrue ask why the Captain went personally to recover the Plate 
and Gaybridge says that thanks to the case with her son Jonathan 
(Johnny boy), she probably thinks that she has lost the crews' 
trust as a commander. Hime didn't seem quite pleased with it and 
neither was Yuu so she probably assume that the same holds for 
the rest of the crew and probably thought that if she herself 
work with the crew on a dangerous mission then it would help 
recover that trust.

From Yuu's report when he reached there, Captain Anoa was 
enveloped by the Chakra that the Plate produced and disappeared 
along with it. Gaybridge says that they'll try to follow up on 
it but Orphan itself seems to be moving and according to Yuu, it 
will soon reach the surface which is why he asks for them to 
come here to discuss it. Murrue ask if Gaybridge will continue 
on as acting Captain but Gaybridge says that that's also on the 

Gaybridge ask the crew to pick a new Captain and tells them of 
Anoa's disappearance and Orphan's activities. Gaybridge himself 
picked Irene Kyaria who is excepnationally good and the ship's 
doctor who's a genius. He doesn't think that there is anyone 
else more suited right now for this position. Komodo says that 
she doesn't disagree and the kids agreed too and so does the 
others. Irene thanks them and Mwu note that it's quite amazing 
that there were no reservation about this.Murrue says that in 
their case, they didn't have the luxury of voting and Mwu said 
that he didn't mean it like that.Murrue says she was joking and 
says that Mwu would have make a good captain and Mwu tells her 
to quit it since she's pretty good at her job now too.

Irene tells everyone that she will now take on the duty of 
Captain and ask for everyone's help afterward. Gaybridge ask Mwu 
and Murrue to come with him and also Kant. Gaybridge explains 
that Kant Kestna is a child prodigee who holds a doctorate and 
is one of the most knowledgable people on Organic Engine. He 
joined this ship because he has an interest in Brain Powered. 
Nanka and Hime congratulates Irene as she walks past and Yuu 
said that he can't believed what they're thinking and Hime ask 
if he's dissatisfied but Yuu says that he's not, he's moved by 
the fact that a civilian doctor can be head of a military ship. 
Yuu ask if Irene is ok with this and Irene says that at a time 
like this, she'll just have to do her best since Murrue and 
Yurika are also trying their best. Yuu leaves and Hime tells him 
to wait but Irene says that that boy is quite kind thinking 
about the responsibilites that she will now have to shoulder. 
Hime says that Yuu's like that sometime but Irene says that he 
shouldn't think too much about things too much like he thinks 
about his past being a Reclaimer since it isn't good for Kanan 
either so Hime should be kind to him which surprises Hime.

Kanan ask Yuu what's wrong and Lasse says that if he has 
something on his chest, he should talk to them and Yuu says that 
he thinks that  a battle plan to stop Orphan without a B Plate 
wouldn't go well. Lasse says that that's what the boy genius 
(Kant) was also saying but even the Reclaimer don't know what it 
is so they'll just have to try it. Yuu says that he's not 
against it and they can do what they like. Kanan says that Yuu 
shouldn't feel that he's responsible for everything and Yuu says 
it's not that and leaves. Lasse note that he thought that Yuu 
relented enough to accept them as friends but and suddenly he 
slumps to the floor in pain. Kanan asks what's wrong and Lasse 
says it's nothing.

D-Boy sits alone thinking "Amalilith, she loved that flower" 
Nearby, Miri, Tenia and Simone are gossiping. Simone says that 
David and Roan dragged Eiji who was gathering data from the 
Layzner and wanted to talk to Freeman away to do something. 
Tenia agrees saying that that was so bad for Eiji and adds that 
the Shuffle Alliance doesn't seem to know the meaning of holding 
back either what with what happened to Sousuke some time ago. 
Tenia begins to elaborate and sees D-Boy sitting nearby and 
wonders what he's dong. Simone notes that he probably didn't 
hear them and Miri wonders what he's thinking about. D-Boy 
thinks that if they... those monsters hadn't come then... Miri gets 
close to D-Boy and ask what he's doing. "Miyuki?" says D-Boy 
which startles Miri and D-Boy note "Oh...it's you Miri" Miri 
apologize for startling him and Tenia ask who Miyuki is? IS 
there a girl who can be mistaken for Miri with that name? Simone 
wonders if it's someone outside the base, maybe a girl at a 
nearby shop and thinks that D-Boy's quite fast for someone with 
a loner reputation like him. Miri asks who it is and does she 
really look like her? D-Boy says "It's my sister" Miri ask if 
his sister looks like her and D-Boy says yes but Tenia says how 
can someone who can't remember his real name like D-Boy 
remembers his sister's. Simone asks if his memory have returned 
or is it that he never had amnesia in the first place. Eiji 
himself doesn't talk too much about his time on Grados...is there 
a reason he doesn't want to talk about it?

D-Boy says that he doesn't but Tenia cuts in saying that she and 
the other two girls doesn't remember too much about their past 
and she doesn't want to think too much about when she was 
captured by those people. D-Boy is silent as Merua and Aki comes 
walking in saying that Murrue and Mwu are back and Aki says that 
its good D-Boy's here; they have to gather to hear the plans on 
Orphan. Simone whisper to D-Boy that they'll pretend they didn't 
hear anything from him but it's best that he tells everyone 
everything soon since they're all his friends. Aki asks what's 
up and Miri say it's nothing and that they should hurry 
otherwise Natarle will get mad at them yet again for being late. 
D-Boy thinks to himself "I threw it away, all of it... in order to 
defeat the Radam...I have thrown away my past along with 
everything attached to it"

At the Big Falcon, Kenichi note that with this modification, the 
Voltes and Combattler can return to the frontline again. It's 
been a long wait. Kosuke says that that's not all, Combattler 
and Voltes have been powered up even more and Dr.Sagaguchi says 
that Voltes can now use the Choudenji Ball attack along with the 
Tenkuu Ken to power up it's attack. Kenichi note that that makes 
it the Choudenji Ball V no Ji Giri and Megumi note that it's 
like Kenichi to make up a name right away. Professor Yotsuya 
says that Combattler also has an upgrade weapon and Hyouma note 
that it's his turn to name things but Yotsuya says that he and 
Kosuke already named it the Grand Dasher. Yotsuya explains that 
they can make a wave rail out of energy to let a transformed 
Combattler accelerate in to attack the enemy and Hyouma note 
that that meant Combattler itself is the weapon which should be 
quite powerful.

Professor Sagaguchi says that he would now like the two teams to 
begin testing these upgrades but Daijiro says that more 
importantly, has any news about that flying mecha come in yet? 
Hitoshi agrees asking if they haven't found Dad's flying machine 
yet? Kenichi tells his two brothers to quit it saying that this 
isn't the time for them to be wasting their time and they should 
know this.Megumi says that she understands how they feel and 
Ippei says that they've done a good job of reigning it in for a 
while now. Sagaguchi says that he told them to wait but Daijiro 
says that they can't just shut up and wait, since Voltes's 
upgrade is finish, he'll go out searching. Kenichi ask his 
younger brother how long is he gong to be babyish in pursuing 
this thing and Daijiro ask if his big bro doesn't care about 
their dad, has he become that cold blooded? Kenichi says that 
that isn't so but there's no proof that their dad is still alive. 
Tako Chan, a robot Hitoshi built tells everyone to calm down and 
have a drink, he'll bring some coffee for everyone and for 
Professor Yotsuya, it'll be... Ropett, the Combattler V's robot 
responsible for gauging everyone's brainwave for the Battle 
Machine to combine into Combattler tells Tako chan that 
Professor Yotsuya will be having just water. That is totally, 
positively absolute.Do not bring him alcohol of any kind. 
Yotsuya shouted that he didn't made Ropett for this type of 
thing and Ropett says that that's true since Dr. Nambara built 
him. Chizuru tells Yotsuya that Ropett is just caring about the 
Professor's health and Yotsuya say it's unneeded.

Sagaguchi recieves a call and tells everyone that they have a 
location on the flying mecha and Daijiro wants to launch right 
away to meet it but Kenichi says that they haven't started the 
test on the Voltes yet but Hyouma says that they can do the test 
going there and his team will go too. Kenichi protest and 
Yotsuya ask what would happen if they run into enemies. Ippei 
says that if the enemies are Boazan, sooner or later, they have 
to find out for real in the battlefield if their upgrade will 
shield them from the enemie's Anti Choudenji wave by being hit 
by it. If it's some other enemies, they'll stop the test and run 
and Daisaku note that it's a good idea. Hyouma tells Kenichi 
that secretly Kenichi himself wants to go right? Megumi ask 
Professor Sagaguchi about it and he note that it can't be helped 
and gave permission but if it's too dangerous, they have to turn 
back.  Kenichi understands and apologize for this bother and 
tells everyone to launch.

At the scene, the mysterious pilot of the plane notes that the 
Boazan army has tracked him down but the Ion Engine's power on 
this mech is enough so that he can avoid capture. Katherine says 
to use the Ion destroyer beam. This wrecks the engine and the 
mysterious man note that he's going down and curses the Boazan 
for figuring out this mech's true ability so quickly, he can't 
die here.

Katherine notes that it's quite noteworthy of something from 
Belgan and that she Katherine will capture this man and unmasks 
him. Suddenly the Combattler V and Voltes V appear.

Ippei tells Kenichi that the flying mech seems to have gathered 
the attention of the Boazan and Kenichi ask if it's destroyed. 
Kosuke note that it was shot down but the pilot seems to be 
alive but unconscious so he can't move. He also seems to have 
suffered major damage so they better hurry. Katherine didn't 
think that Voltes and Combattler would come and note that the 
traitor probably was trying to get into contact with them and 
she can't let that happen. For Hainel, she will find out the 
traitor's true identity. Juuzou note that they have to take the 
Boazan on now and Hyouma note that they really do have to test 
it for real but Megumi says that it's the only way to save that 
flying mech's pilot.Kenichi tells his dad to wait and tells 
Hyouma that they should attack. Katherine notes that their 
protection against Namazugo's anti Choudenji wave isn't complete 
and once they power down she'll have the Oogamikiri (Bear mech) 
destroy them and tells the Namazugo to fire.

"That won't work anymore" shouted Hyouma and Kenichi shouted 
"I'll show you the power of the upgraded Voltes" as he fires the 
Choudenji Goma at it with Hyouma firing the Big Blast. The 
combined attack destroyed Namazugo and Hyouma ask Kosuke how 
they're doing. Kosuke says that this time, there is no overload 
on the Ultra MagCon. Ippei note that they past the first test 
and tell Kenichi that they better start the second one. Kenichi 
agree but Juuzou says that it's the tough Boazan mech so it 
won't go as easy as what just happened. Katherine can't believe 
that the Earthling can come up with this much improvement in 
their protection against the Anti ChouDenji Wave this quickly 
but note that she won't retreat in order to gain the Emperor's 
trust back in Lord Hainel. She won't let them have the traitor.

The battle begins as the two Choudenji tackles the OogamiKiri 
and Hyouma note that it really is quite tough and Juuzou ask 
Hyouma what they should do. Kenichi says to leave it to Voltes 
since they'll try the Choudenji ball. Ippei says that it's time 
they get the final test under way. "Tenkuu Ken.... Choudenji Ball.... 
Hissatsu V no Ji Giri" shouted Kenichi as the Voltes sliced 
through the OogamiKiri.

Ippei note that that was quite powerful and Kenichi agrees 
noting that the only one who knows enough about Voltes to give 
them a modification that draws out so much power has to be his 
dad. Kenichi tells his dad to wait as they'll soon defeat the 
Boazan and rescue him. Katherine can't believe that the Boazan 
mech that Belgan made can be so easily defeated and promise to 
Hainel that even if it cost her her life, she will do the task 
that their Emperor commanded them to. 

The two Choudenji takes on Katherine's Skulk and Hyouma note 
after they damage it a lot that it'll take one more shot to 
totally down it and Kosuke says that this is a good chance to 
test the Grand Dasher. Hyouma thinks that that's a good idea and 
tells everyone to get ready "Grand light Wave Rail fire.... Grand 
Dasher!!" shouted Hyouma. Katherine retreats and Hyouma ask if 
that did it. Kosuke says that it was as strong as they 
calculated it to be, the upgrades are perfect for both 
Combattler and Voltes which means they don't have to worry about 
the Anti Choudenji wave and the toughness of the Oogami Kiri 

Daijiro tells his big bro to go find their dad as the two mech 
landed near where the totalled flying mecha is.Daijiro note as 
he saw the pilot that it isn't their dad and Hitoshi is 
devastated. Kosuke note that his wounds are grave and even if 
they take him to an emergency room right now, he might not make 
it. Chizuru note that he's awake and Dange the pilot ask if they 
are the Voltes team's pilot. Kenichi introduce himself and ask 
how Danke got the upgrades plan for Voltes. Dange note that 
Kenichi looks like his father very much and Kenichi ask if Dange 
knew his dad and if his dad is still alive? Megumi says that 
this isn't the time and they should rush him to hospital post 
haste but Danke says that he probably can't be saved now and 
before he die, he has something to tell them.

He says that he is a Boazan Shogun Dange who came to Earth as a 
freedom fighter who fought tofree Boazan. Their father is alive. 
Hitoshi asks if that's true and Dange said that at least for now 
and there is one other important thing he has to tell them... 
their father is also a Boazan like he is. This shocks both team 
and Kosuke note that that means the Gou Siblings is also Boazan 
Halflings which Chizuru says that it's the opposite of Eiji. 
Danke goes on to say that Boazan cultures are divided into those 
with and without horns with the one having horn being royalty 
and high class and the one without horn being treated like 
slaves and peasants. Their dad who would have become Emperor 
wanted to erase that difference and was branded a traitor and 
persecuted. He who is also a Boazan shogun agrees with their 
dad's thinking and cut off his own horn to fight himself. He 
doesn't have too much time left but will try to talk as much as 
he can.

Dange Shogun passed away and Megumi note that they should take 
his corpse and bury it near their base so that he can peacefully 
rest. Kenichi is shocked saying that he never knew that his dad 
was a Boazan and of the Boazan's harsh history. Juuzou note that 
he never thought Kenichi and the other Gou siblings would be 
like Eiji in position. Kosuke note that at least now they know 
why Dr. Gou predicted the Boazan invasion and understood a lot 
about Chou Denji energy and Chisuru says that it's because he 
knew Boazan science. Kenichi note that no matter what he and his 
brothers are Earthling, Earthling who fights to protect the 
Earth. Ippei ask what thye should do about Kenichi's dad. If 
what Dange said is true then Dr. Gou is a salve in an 
underground Boazan hideout. Daijiro wants to go rescue their dad 
but Kenichi says that they don't even know the location and 
they'll just have to be happy that he's alive. 

Kenichi tells Daijiro and Hitoshi that they have a mission to 
accomplish and that sooner or later, if they continue their 
fight with the Boazan, they will get a chance to go save their 

Meanwhile, Katherine who after being shot down, thought that she 
would get the drop on the team heard everything, the traitor is 
Dange Shogun and the Voltes's pilots' father is one of the 
traitor and they have Boazan blood in them also. Quite a 
dangerous truth, she thinks. She can't let Lord Hainel knows 
about this which means she have to get rid of them here somehow. 
Ippei notice that someone is here and Juuzou took out his gun 
telling that person not to move since even at this range, he 
won't miss and for them to come out. Katherine can't believe 
that she was spotted and come out with Megumi noting that it's a 
woman with horn. Kenichi ask if she was the commander in the 
Skulk they just downed. Katherine introduces herself as Le 
Katherine, a commander for the invasion of Earth. Hyouma note 
that that's quite a catch and Ippei agrees saying that they can 
take her back and find out the location of the hidden Boazan 
base from her.

Katherine says that she would rather die first than talk and 
goes on to insult the Earthling. Suddenly more Boazan troops 
arrive with Belgan telling Hainel that Katherine has been 
captured by the enemy which gets Hainel quite angry. Juuzou note 
that that's quite a large army and Ippei agrees saying that this 
is bad. Hainel introduce himself as Prince Hainel, the commander 
of the Boazan invasion and if they return Katherine and the 
traitor to him then he'll allow them their lives this time.

Kenichi tells Hainel that the person he's looking for, Dange 
Shogun has passed away. Hainel is surprised by this and Kenichi 
says that he is the Voltes V's pilot Gou Kenichi and he has the 
same Boazan blood as them and wants to talk. Can Hainel stop the 
invasion of Earth? Hainel doesn't know what Kenichi is talking 
about and Kenichi explains that his dad is Boazan and he and his 
siblings have Boazan blood through them. Hainel of course is 
quite angered that these worms claimed that they have Boazan 
Blood. He thought he would let them go but this insult demands 
blood and challenge Gou Kenichi to a duel where he will kill 
Kenichi himself for that.

Katherine tells Hainel not to worry about her and start the 
attack and Ippei wonders what Hainel is planning and tells 
Kenichi that he can't accept since it's probably a trap. Kenichi 
plans to oblige but Hainel then goads on about the Earthling 
being cowardly worms compared to the Boazan which gets Kenichi 
quite riled up and says that if Hainel plans to talk like that, 
let's see him put his money where his mouth is and tells Hainel 
that if he wins then Hainel has to call off the Boazan invasion. 
Megumi says that Kenichi can't get tricked like that and to bide 
for time and wait for a chance to escape.

Hainel accepts and tells Katherine to come to the Skulk as he 
comes out and Belgan note that both sides are idiots for using a 
duel to decide this but it's a great chance to kill Hainel and 
he'll use that flying mech that Dange used as his tools and 
secretly gains control of it. Kenichi tells everyone to let him 
do this since they're at a disadvantage right now but if he can 
defeat Hainel then it'll work in their favour.

However as the duel begins, Kenichi has to note that Hainel is 
quite strong. Hyouma moves in to help but Kenichi tells him not 
to come since Hainel did come alone to fight. Hainel says that 
that was quite noble for a worm like him and that he'll make 
this Kenichi's grave. Kenichi retort that while he might not be 
as good as Hainel, he'll defeat him and save the Earth with 
their hands for their mother that gave her life for them. Belgan 
note that this is the time, if he lets the engine explodes now, 
the Earthling and Hainel will die.However Takkochan note that 
something is flying in close to the wrecked flying mecha's 
engine and it is a small bird shaped machine with explosives. 
Ippei noted that and tells Juuzou and Megumi to destroy that 
thing before it hits the wrecked ship's engine and blow them to 
bits. Megumi tells Hyouma to take care of Kenichi and Hyouma 
shouted for Kenichi to get away, it's dangerous. Kenichi berates 
Hyouma saying he told him not to come and Hainel ask if Hyouma 
pans to interfere. Hyouma shouted for Kenichi to get down. The 
bird shaped mech explode and Hyouma tackled Kenichi but was hit 
by the explosion and unconscious.

Hainel of course blames the team for trying to kill him with a 
bomb under the pretense of a fair fight and that the Earthlings 
have no honour. .Kenichi shouted back that that's his line or 
can't Hainel see the body of his wounded friends who tried to 
get him away from something the Boazan obviously did to kill him 
and his friends. Hainels says that the time for talks with trash 
like them is past; he calls for a Boazan mech to take him back 
to the Skulk. Hainel returns with Katherine asking if he's all 
right. Hainel ask if it was she who did that but Katherine says 
that she was sure that Lord Hainel would win so she never have a 
reason and it's probably those dirty Earthlings' works. Belgan 
himself note that because the small mecha he launch with the 
explosive didn't explode too close to the engine that it didn't 
take Hainel and everyone else with them. Hainel tells Belgan to 
use their mech to absolutely defeat these trash since he don't 
want to see them again and that he'll be going back to base in a 
high speed jet right now and leaves the rest to Belgan and 
Katherine tags along as well.

Chizuru is trying to get Hyouma to hang on and note that the 
damages on his arms are quite severe as Ippei note that the 
Boazan mech are beginning to attack as Kenichi apologize to 
Hyouma for believing an enemy commander's word and shouted that 
he won't forgive Hainel. Juuzou note that with Hyouma down, they 
can't combine and what can they do against that large an army? 
Kosuke note that because it's a large Boazan army being in this 
area has to tip off the Nadesico and the Archangel and to wait 
for them. Megumi note that they have to stall for time then and 
Kenichi tells the Combattler team to leave it to them, they'll 
hold out for Hyouma's sake as well.

The Voltes deploys alone to stall for time. After a while, 
Chizuru tells the Voltes team that she just got in touch with 
the Archangel and they'll be here shortly.

The Nadesico and Archangel appear and Yurika says that they'll 
retrieve the Battle Machine nows. Ruri tells Yurika that Hyouma 
is in bad condition and she tells Inez and Rain to do what they 
can. Natarle is of course annoyed, again, that these two teams 
couldn't keep their hands out of trouble. Noal wonders why D-Boy 
isn't here to deploy and is told that D-Boy said they don't need 
him to deploy for this mission.This irks Noal and some of the 
others and Ryouko shouted for someone to go get him from his 
room. Tenia pause a little bit which makes Kateia wonders if she 
knows something. Kouji says that that isn't important right now, 
they've got enemies to defeat and that they can deal with D-
Boy's action later. Sousuke agrees saying that afterward, there 
WILL be an inquiry into his actions and he will be responsively 
dealt with and Sarah says that this isn't a military style 
exectuion with the blindfold you know?  Touya says that whatever, 
they've got to launch themselves now.

Kenichi note that they've got enough reinforcement now to stop 
running and fight back and he says that he'll show the Boazan a 
thing or two. Belgan is of course angry that these mech of his 
couldn't take down the Voltes alone and now he's got the team to 
deal with. He notes that in this situation, it might be better 
to swallow his pride and calls Jyangal for backup. The team 
attacked and Yurika note that that's the way to go but Ruri says 
that more Boazan reinforcements are on their ways and Yurika 
note that the Boazan aren't going to give up that easily.

Touya got fed up and shouted "Will you quit it, you Boazan, this 
time you're going down."Shinobu shouted "Come on you Boazan 
idiot; I'll show you the resolves of Earthling" Miku note that 
the Boazan ship is headed for them and Masato says that with 
Zeorymer's power, they can hopefully sink it. Kouji stated that 
as long as he, the almighty Kabuto Kouji, is around, they're not 
doing anything to Earth and it's time they leave this Earth 

Kenichi asked if Belgan is with Katherine and Belgan introduces 
himself and calls the earthlings low life forms and Ippei shout 
that he's gonna get his butt kicked by low life forms and what 
is that gonna make him?

Jyangal arrives and note that Belgan seems to be having a hard 
time and Belgan says that the amount of troops he brought was 
only enough to take out the traitor not having a full scale 
fight with the team. Belgan goes down and retreats.

Kenichi ask if Jyangal is also a Boazan commander and Jyangal 
introduces himself and says "So Voltes, you dare claim that you 
have Boazan blood?"  "I will crush you for that insolence" 
Kenichi says that they didn't know about it until Dange Shogun 
revealed it to them on his deathbed and he believes Dange.  
Jyangal is shocked to learn that a revered general of Boazan is 
a traitor but he won't believe it until he see Dange's corpse. 
"I won't give it to you" shout Kenichi "Tell Hainel that the 
Dange Shogun that you would call a traitor is to us a hero."

Jyangal goes down and retreats noting that if they are to 
conquer the earth, they'll have to deal with the team first and 
they should rethink their strategies. Yurika asks Inez how 
Hyouma is doing and Inez says that it's not looking good , he's 
unconscious and the damage to his arms are serious,even if it 
can be healed, he'll be out of action for a long while. Yurika 
is dismayed by this bad news.

Ippei asks what Kenichi want to do with the information that 
they just got and Kenichi says that he'll tell everyone about 
the Boazan and his father after they've calmed down a bit and to 
keep quiet till then. Megumi says that she'll ask the Combattler 
team to do the same.

Meanwhile, Hainel learned that what Gou Kenichi was saying was 
from Dange Shogun and Katherine confirms it. Hainel laughed 
saying that he thought it was something important but this is 
stupid, Dange was an idiot who cut off his own horn and threw 
away his Boazan pride, it's a sure thing that his words are 
false. Katherine says that if it's true, they can make use of 
the Voltes Team's father who is imprisoned here but Hainel would 
have none of these underhanded attacks.

The Archangel and the Nadesico has not yet return to base as 
they parked their ship near the vicinity of the battle. Murrue 
learns of the Voltes Team's returning to active duty and Juuzou 
says that in actuality, they too would have return to active 
duty but with Hyouma down, they can't combine. Natarle didn't 
believe that there was a Boazan who was their ally and Yurika 
note that it's a pity that he died since he would have been a 
great help to them. Eiji says that he never realized there are 
people like that on Boazan and Simone asks why Hitoshi is 
staring at Eiji like that and Hitoshi says it's nothing.

Yurika ask if they've actually seen the Boazan commander of the 
invasion and Tako chan says that he will replay his recordings. 
Kateia note that the Boazan are like human except as Shinobu 
points out, they have horns. Akito note that they look like the 
Kyouaku Seijin. Domon and Roan says that that's the first he's 
heard of them and Hikaru says that it's the enemy that appeared 
in the Gekiganger show, they have horns too. Chibodee tells 
Akito not to give them a shock like that; they really thought 
another alien invader has arrived. Sayaka note that the Boazan 
really do feel like Evil alien invader considering what she 
heard they did to their own planet. Kouji note that he won't 
forgive them not only for invading their planet and Touya agrees 
that discrimination by those with horns against those without is 
really horrific on a planetary scale. Touya note that the only 
one not looking like humans are just the Radam then but Inez 
says that the Radam have the Tekkaman and considering what 
they've seen from D-Boy, it's easy to conclude that those are 
humans as well.Rain wonders what the Radam ARE then?

Akatsuki wonders what was up with D-Boy anyway this time not 
wanting to deploy and Noal says that they'll get him right now 
and find out what the heck is he thinking and Natarle agrees 
saying that being quite irresponsible like this is not good for 
the ship overall. If he is not willing to help then the army has 
no use for him and says further that they really don't know 
anything about him, the reasons that they've allowed him to stay 
is that the brass wants someone to keep an eye on him. Cagalli 
note that it would be best if he does tell them his true origin. 
Miri volunteer to go get D-Boy

 Miri approaches D-Boy's quarter and ask to come in but D-Boy 
suddenly says that the Radams are near and that he has to fight 
them. Miri says that if that's the truth then she has to alert 
everyone but she ask if this is the reason D-Boy didn't deploy 
just now and D-Boy suddenly says "Miri, I have to tell you 

At the Nadesico's bridge, Ruri tells Yurika that they have 
spotted Radam beast moving fifty kilometres west from here 
heading towards a power generator of some sort. Sai says that 
they've detected the same things and Akatsuki and Miku note that 
the biggest power generator here is close to the N Jammer. Inez 
says that whatever the reason the Radam is headed there for, if 
they destroy the Power plant then the energy build up from it's 
destruction would be catastrophic if it hits the N-Jammer. 
Murrue tells Yurika that they have to head there at once and 
Yurika prep everybody for launch once more as Kira and Cagalli 
returns to the Archangel

Episode 26

D-Boy tells Miri that if the worst came, he has to tell her 
something and Miri wonders if it's a confession of love, at this 
time? What about Aki? D-Boy says that if during the battle, he 
started acting strange then she has to tell everyone to kill him. 
This shocks Miri and she asks what D-Boy is talking about. D-Boy 
says that he can only be a Tekkaman with a human heart for only 
30 minutes, if he goes over that time limit, the TekSystem will 
run amok and start controlling his heart and he wouldn't know 
what will happened next? He might become a demon who wants to 
destroy the Earth and may not be able to return to normal. Miri 
can't believe this, what about all the past time D-Boy's out 
there and D-Boy says that he was careful enough to not go over 
30 minutes but if HE, the Red Tekkaman comes, then he may have 
to go over 30 minutes. Miri ask if D-Boy will become an evil 
Tekkaman like the Red Tekkaman she saw during the Moon Base 
operation and D-Boy says that that's right but before his soul 
and all is controlled, he will momentarily be defenseless, if 
that happens, tell Noal and the others to shoot me.

At the Nadesico Hangar, Uribatake and Honda are a bit annoyed 
that they're going into another fight right away and Akatsuki 
tells them to stop any repairs they're doing and prep everyone 
for launch. Tenia angrily tells Touya to get on already and 
Touya wonders why she's so angry and Kateia said that Tenia was 
looking forward to go have something to eat and Merua chimes in 
that they were in the midst of agreeing what to have today. 
George note that D-Boy has come as Noal shouted at him as to 
what the heck was he thinking? Masato(D) says that he didn't 
want to deploy before but now that the enemies are Radam, he's 
raring to go and all, that's not good. Ryouko tells D-Boy to 
stop being so immature about this but Yurika called in and 
ordered everyone to stop right there, they're near the 
battlefield and all this criticizing can wait. Noal tells Aki to 
hurry with the Blue Earth then a bit angered and Shinobu tells 
D-Boy that he better make his peace once they come back and D-
Boy says "Do as you want, IF I come back that is"

D-Boy uses Pegas to Tekset into Tekkaman Blade and deploys and 
Noal and Aki deploys in the Blue Earth also after him. Natarle 
note that Tekkaman has deployed and Murrue says that it's 
because they're taking on the Radam. At the Nadesico, Miri prays 
to God to stop time and protect D-Boy as Natarle tells everyone 
not to let the Radam beast near the power plant. The battle 

Out come more Radam and Tekkaman Evil. Blade shouted that he 
thought Evil would come, why are they targetting this place? 
Evil note that the team is quite fast to respond, he thought 
that he would have to wait for them to come here and tells Blade 
or his big bro that the only reason they're here is to fight him.

The battle begins again and Evil note that the humans aren't too 
bad and Blade shouted that he's not escaping that easily and 
deploys from Pegas after him. The others chastised him for 
moving too far out as Evil starts to goad Blade "So you've 
finally in the mood, eh Big bro?" "I don't consider us siblings 
anymore" shouted Blade but Evil replys "So you say you've cut 
your ties, with everything? Hmph, Look around you, big bro, have 
you forgotten that flower?"  Blade stops and Evil continues 
'What's wrong big bro, you've stop moving. You may TRY to forget 
but you won't forget the burning memory in your heart" "S...Shut 
up" shouted Blade "That flower is the Amalilith, the flower that 
Miyuki loved like you remember Big bro" "She'd be quite happy to 
hand that flower over to a traitor like you" "Stop it, don't say 
it" shouted Blade extremely angry. "That's right, get anry big 
bro, angry enough to forget us, well then, come on Blade"  
"SHINYAA!!" shouted Blade

The two Tekkamen leave the battle area as Aki shouts D-Boy's 
name and Tetsuya is quite angry at D-Boy for acting on his own 
as Shinobu plans to pursue him but Natarle says to forget D-Boy 
and to concentrate on defending the Power generator first. 
Yurika agrees reluctantly and Ryou ask if it's ok to let him go 
off alone but Noal says that D-Boy isn't someone to be defeated 
easily like that and they've got their own work to do but Noal 
secretly thinks "Dammit, come back D-Boy" Even more Radam 

Yurika cries that they're not making a dent but Erina says not 
to sound so defeated like that and to not let them near the 
power generator  but Inez is a bit silent with Rain asking what 
she's thinking.Inez  says that while the enemy does have a 
reason to target this place, why here? Also judging from the 
movement of that Tekkaman D-Boy pursued...and Minato finish for 
her asking if it meant the enemy is trying to separate D-Boy 
away from them and keep them busy. Inez says that that's a 
pretty big possibility; when D-Boy fought that Tekkaman before, 
he started acting a bit strange. From what she and Freeman 
theorized from observation, there's a big problem with his 
transformation system. Rain wonders if the enemy knows about 
this and is exploiting it.

The team defeat more Radam and a frantic Miri ask if D-Boy is 
back yet but Jun kun says he went after the enemy Tekkaman and 
isn't back yet, why is she worried? Miri tells Megumi-chan to 
call him back and then says that she'll do it herself. Yurika 
tells Miri to calm down since he'll be all right, he won't lose 
that easily. Miri says that that's not the reason; she heard 
from D-Boy that he can only fight as a Tekkaman for only 30 
minutes, if he goes beyond that, his mind will be controlled and 
he'll become an evil Tekkaman. Erina ask what Miri meant and 
Inez says "Bingo" Ruri says that only 5 minute is remaining 
which surprises Yurika. Noal ask Miri if what she just said is 
true and she says that D-Boy said so to her before he deployed. 
Mwu note that this is really something that they can't brush off 
and Natarle bluntly said that they've kept an unbelievably 
powerful bomb with them; if he pass 30 minutes and becomes an 
enemy, he's even worse than a faulty weapon but a double edged 
blade (pun intended). Murrue tells Natarle to stop calling him 
that since he's not a weapon but Natarle says it's the truh and 
Kolbet's worry was right. Murrue says that they have to wipe out 
the remaining Radam out fast.

The team does that and Yurika ask how much time they have and 
Ruri says it's just one minute. Sai says that the two Tekkamen 
are heading back here and Aki prays for D-Boy to hurry. Noal 
note that as long as they don't take out the Red Tekkaman, 
D-Boy can't return to Pegas, they'll attack him fast.

The two Tekkamen appear and Blade shouted for Evil to stop and 
Evil says that all he has to do is buy time and Blade will 
destroy himself, there's nothing as good as this, while the 
Radam beast are killed, it help take care of the traitor. Blade 
fires his Voltekka at Evil who dodge easily and Blade suddenly 
feels it with Evil taunting him and asking if he's actually 
hearing his word anymore.

Touya and Noal shouted for D-Boy to return to Pegaas, they'll 
take on the Red Tekkaman but Blade is silent as Aki ask D-Boy 
what's wrong and ask him to answer. Kouji adds to that and tells 
him to answer but Blade is still silent and Noal fears the worst 
as Ruri says that they are past the time limit 1, 2 seconds. 
Miri shouts D-Boy's name and Evil laugh that this is the end for 
him, the humans will destroy the traitor themselves or better 
yet Blade'll kill the humans first, but whatever the case, have 
fun killing each other and he leaves.

Ruri says that the enemy Tekkaman has retreated and Tekkaman 
Blade has fully stop moving and Miri says that D-Boy told her 
that when his mind is starting to be controlled, he'll be 
totally defenseless for a while and he said that if that 
happened to tell everyone to kill him. Aki can't believe it and 
David says that it's a lie right but Miri says that D-Boy told 
her that he'd rather die by his friend's hand than to become 
Radam's pawn and Earth's enemy.

Noal grits his teeth "Friends, he consider us friends, blast it 
that idiot" he shouts and Akito ask if they're to shoot down D-
Boy and Ryouko says that it's asking too much. Kira agrees 
saying that he can't shoot him down but Akatsuki trivialize it 
saying that it has to be done now that he's an enemy, there's no 
other way and Natarle agrees with him and orders all unit to 
attack Tekkaman Blade. Murrue tells her to belay that order but 
Natarle ask what should they do then since that's no longer the 
D-Boy they know but an enemy Tekkaman. Masato note that it's the 
same with him, if he falls under the grip of the other person 
within him then it'll be like this, he'll be everyone's enemy.

Miri begs D-Boy to return to Pegas and Shinobu wonder what they 
should do but Noal moves the Blue Earth to D-Boy with Aki 
protesting that he can't do this but Noal says that this isn't 
D-Boy anymore and Domon note that they HAVE to do this since 
it's what the man wanted with Chibodee also agreeing. Noal says 
that D-Boy believes that they would fire which is why he 
entrusted them with this, if they don't then they're betraying 
his trust. This is D-Boy's last wish and he won't make it 
worthless. Kenichi wonders if this is the ONLY way and Sousuke 
says that in a battlefield, sometime this is the best way to 
rescue someone who is in pain.IF they think that by firing, it's 
for his sake then they should do it. Mao agrees and Sarah is 
regretful that it has to end this way. "Forgive me D-Boy" says 
Noal as he preps the Blue Earth's gun but Ruri says that 
Tekkaman Blade has started to move. Aki ask if D-Boy is allright 
but Kira tells Noal to run, that's a movement to attack and 
Blade with red eye (seems to be a lot of that going around in 
SRW) attacks the Blue Earth.

Noal says that they're too late and asks D-Boy to forgive him 
and Blade rush to the Archangel and attacks it. Mwu note that 
this isn't a bad joke.Natarle tells the Archangel to counter 
fire and for Milly (Mirellia) to stop wasting time calling out 
to him. Sai says that Blade's condition is identical to when 
firing a Voltekker but suddenly someone attacked him.

The mysterious benefactor says that that's enough out of the 
monster, he can't allow him to sink that ship. Kouji wonders who 
that is and Nuke says that it looks like a Tekkaman. Boss 
wonders if it's another Tekkaman but Ruri says that it has a 
Federation code on it. Murrue hails it and the benefactor or 
Balzak says that this is Lieutenant (I think) Balzak Ashimov in 
the Sol Tekkaman I and that it's been a while since he met them.

Inez note that the Sol Tekkaman is the Federation's new weapon 
that they created from Tekkaman's data; so this is the result of 
the data that Freeman gave to the Federation. Milly ask if 
that's Balzack the cameraman and Yurika says that it's his voice 
but why is his face like that and Ruri says that he shaved his 
beard. Kira is shock that that person is a Federation solider 
and Cagalli says she thought it was strange, what's up with this? 
Noal ask why is he in that doll there and Balzack says that this 
isn't just a doll and Mwu tells Balzack to explain himself with 
Balzack retorting that while they may have the same rank, his 
came first so be careful with that mouth. Mwu then ask nicely 
but Balzack says they don't have the time and orders all unit to 
destroy that monster Tekkaman Blade. Natarle ask if that's 
Kolbet's order and Balzack says it is and Natarle says that they 
all heard that, since Blade's already attacked their ship; they 
will reclassify Blade as an enemy and orders all unit to attack 
him. Murrue note that Natarle seems to know Balzack quite well, 
why? Natarle apologize but she herself has to follow Kolbet's 
order (i.e. helping keep Balzack's ruse as a photographer)

Aki begs Murrue for them to wait, there HAS to be a way, D-Boy's 
their friend. However more Radam appears and Balzack says that 
Blade wasn't hurt at all by that attack he did just then so they 
don't have that pleasure of time and for them to get on with it. 
However Murrue tells all unit to attack the Radam beast first 
and they will start their attack on Blade afterward, until then 
they are to only defend themselves against him but not 
counterattack. Natarle starts to protest but Murrue says in a 
stern voice obviously quite tire of Natarle's manner "Be quiet" 
Balzack ask if Murrue is serious since it attacked her ship but 
Murrue says that she is the one in charge of this operation and 
for him to obey since she'll take responsibility for everything. 
Balzack doesn't like that. Yurika agrees saying that it doesn't 
have anything to do with Murrue's decision but they alone will 
try to find a way to restore D-Boy and she'll take 
responsibility for it, is everyone ok with that?

Aki agrees and Ryouko says that she forgot who the Captain of 
their ship is and Balzack ask if they're willing to undergo 
pointless danger for this but Yurika says it's not pointless, by 
rescuing him, they'll preserve a great firepower they have, 
that's what they're trying to do. Erina says that that's wishful 
thinking, this isn't funny and Mwu ask if this is ok and Murrue 
says it is and Mwu says that he understand, he'd like to do 
something about it too and tells everyone not to get themselves 
down by D-Boy. Kira agrees and Domon says that if he goes down 
by someone like him, his training is not enough. Eiji tells Rei 
toget out of Blade's attack range and if he does gun for them, 
to put all their power into dodging. "Ready" says Rei and Masato 
(D) says that it's suddenly quite complicated but Ryou says that 
that's why they're doing it and Shinobu says that at least for a 
while, they've ensure that they haven't killed him yet. Sarah 
tells Miri and Aki that they're probably the only one whose 
voice will reach out to him. Ruri says that they're all idiots 
which dismays Miri but then Ruri adds "But it seems I'm an idiot 
as well" Ruri then tells Omoikane to lock on to Blade and track 
his Brain Pattern and Miri thanks her. Balzack says "Fine, but 
only until those Radam beast are destroyed, afterward if nothing 
is done, I'm holding you all responsible for destroying that 

The team then takes care of the Radam while avoiding Blade's 
attack all the while Aki and Miri were trying to get D-Boy to 
respond but Noal says that it's not working, there's no response; 
they really HAVE to kill him and Balzack says that the Radam 
beast are gone and all that's left is that monster and Natarle 
tells Murrue that this is the utmost they can take it to but 
Ruri suddenly says that Blade's brainwave pattern is starting to 
get quite frantic which gives Miri hope as Blade says 
"Mi..yu..ki" Rain wonder if that's a person's name and Yurika 
ask Miri what's wrong as she seems to know something. Miri says 
that that's D-Boy's sister's name, he said she looked like her.

Jun Kun and Minato are surprised by this, isn't he supposed to 
be amnesiac but Inez says that if it's true, that means he 
hasn't totally lost his heart. Ruri says that Blade has stopped 
attacking and is starting to move, his current direction is a 
town. Jun Kun says that they have to do something and Yurika is 
pondering over the word "His sister" Balzack radioed in saying 
that if Blade escaped, something terrible's gonna happened, if 
the team don't order everyone to attack then the Federation will 
use the Cyclops to turn everything in his vicinity and him to 
dust. Inez tells Erina that a Cyclop  is a wide range electrical 
bomb (or something like that) Murrue says that it can't be 
helped and is ready to order an attack but Yurika says to wait 
and ask Ruri how long they have until he reach the town. Ruri 
says that at this speed, around 20 minutes. Yurik a has a favour 
to ask Miri, could she go out along with Pegas to where he's at 
and try to directly convince him? 

As the two ship reach the town first, Sai says that Blade is 
coming and Yurika asks Touya to deploy and help Miri, it might 
be dangerous but this is the only chance they have to save him. 
Tenia apologize to Touya for also putting him in this danger 
along with Miri but Touya says that he wants to help D-Boy also 
and ask Miri if she's ready. The Granteed deploys as Kateia 
tells him to be careful and Aki asks Miri to take care of D-Boy. 
Balzack ask if they REALLY are serious about this, that 
monster's too far gone and that girl's going to needlessly die, 
they're really something both Murrue and Mismal's daughter. 
Murrue is silent and Natarle tells every mech to get ready to 
deploy if it fails, is that good enough? Murrue has to agree.

Touya says that Blade has no reaction yet, he's letting Miri 
down and Tenia tells Miri to get him back to normal. Miri 
approaches Blade and begs D-Boy to turn back to normal, to 
regain his human heart. Blade is silent but Tenia suddenly 
shouts to Touya as Blade begins to attack Miri and Touya covers 
for her. Touya note that it didn't work and tell Miri to get 
back but Miri says she's still fine and begs D-Boy to stop being 
their enemy and to return back to where they are, please. Blade 
attacked again leaving Miri flying and he closes in. Miri is 
half conscious now and still begs him to stop. Blade suddenly 
sees Miri as someone else, his sister and he screams. Ruri 
suddenly note that Blade's brainwave has totally changed and 
Noal tells Pegas to recover him now. Pegas gets to him and Blade 
Tekout back into an unconscious D-Boy.

Balzack snort annoyingly as Akito ask if he's back to normal but 
Inez says that while he's not a Tekkaman anymore, they don't 
know if he's back to normal or not. Tenia tells Touya to get 
Miri back quickly and Touya radioed in to the Nadesico to get 
the medical room ready along with Inez and Rain since he'll be 
bringing D-Boy and Miri in.

At the Archangel, Mwu is surprised that Kolbet predicted this 
would happen and Balzack tells him to be more polite to his 
superiors and says that from Freeman's report and what happened 
to the Moon, they predicted that he has a problem with his 
Tekset system which is why he's under survey.  Balzack says that 
Freeman gave them more info along with what the military has 
gathered on it's own in exchange for other info and the results 
is the Sol Tekkaman and the Vermillion Cannon that was developed 
researching Tekkaman's Voltekker and he's their first solider 
candidate. Murrue then ask if the reason Balzack come under 
disguise as a Cameraman and Balzack says that he's not really 
free to talk about it but he was ordered to check up on D-Boy, 
Kira Yamato, Eiji Asuka since they're from the enemies side and 
they can't just take the team's word for it. Balzack says that 
it was a dirty job anyway and he's glad to be rid of it and he 
plans to raise in rank and reward with this war now that he's a 
soldier again unlike someone.

Kolbet calls in saying that while they didn't destroy Blade, 
they stopped him but they can't allow that type of weapon like 
him to be used again and Kolbet thanks Balzack and promotes him 
and for him to arrest the Tekkaman since if he goes free he 
might become a force for the Radam. Murrue tries to protest but 
Kolbet says that this is from up high and Mismal will soon order 
it and Freeman hasn't disagreed. Balzack tells Natarle that once 
they arrive back at base, they are to transport him immediately 
and Natarle roger that and apologize to Murrue saying that D-Boy 
is dangerous and they cannot allow him to remain like this.

At the Nadesico, Inez says that the two doesn't seem to be too 
bad, and D-Boy 's  already conscious and Noal tells him that 
they gave him a big worry but D-Boy asks about Miri and Rain 
says that he remembered everything when he went out of control. 
Miri says that she's fine but then has to stop moving around 
because it hurts. D-Boy apologizes to Miri for putting her 
through that and really thanks her. Kouji tells him that he 
better not put them through that again, from now on they're 
going to watch the amount of time he has and Ryouko complains 
that he should have told them something THIS important first. D-
Boy hangs his head in shame saying that he attacked them but 
Tenia tells him not to be hung up like that, he's safe now, 
rejoice but D-Boy is silent.

Back at Yokosuka, Mwu note that while the Combattler can't 
return, it's still good that Hyouma can still return as a pilot 
and Yurika says that Hyouma's recovering at the Connection and 
Murrue says that they're still in time to take part in the 
Federation's plan to stop Orphan. Suddenly a boat load of pilot 
comes in, Akito shout Yurika's name and Cagalli ask what's the 
meaning of D-Boy being taken away by Balzack?. Natarle says that 
this is during a meeting but Shinobu says that they have to know 
what this is about? Natarle says that they know about Tekkaman 
Blade's rampage and his dangerousness, Admiral Mismal has 
already decided that he cannot be used as their firepower and 
this is what the Federation agreed on and Freeman accept and 
isn't something they can complain about.

David can't believe that Freeman would do that but Natarle says 
that the fact is Aki and Noal didn't come here, they already 
knew that complaining would do nothing. Touya ask Murrue if it's 
true and Murrue apologize which shocks Kira. Ryouko complain 
that all those morons at the higher up are all the same, they 
destroy whoever they feel is in their way and tells Yurika that 
her dad is as much a scum not fit to live much less command like 
Kolbet. Mwu tells the pilots to quit it, Murrue and Yurika 
didn't exactly LIKE having to hand D-Boy over but the fact is 
that D-Boy attacked them while out of control which is the truth. 
Akito complains "This is why I hate the army" Yurika deeply 
apologize to Akito.

At the Nadesico mess hall, Megumi ask if Kenichi has heard about 
D-Boy and Kenichi says it can't be helped and Juuzou says that 
even if they complain, it won't help so the Combattler team is 
going back to the Connection for a while since Chizuru and 
Hyouma are already there. Kenichi says that he want's to talk to 
Juuzou, Ippei and Megumi, he want them to keep quiet at least 
for a while about Voltes's creator, their dad's true origin as a 
Boazan and that he is being held hostage in the Boazan base. 
Juuzou wonders why since Eiji's probably going to be happy that 
he has a friend like him and Ippei ask if he's worried that 
he'll be targetted by the Feds like D-Boy and Eiji, he doesn't 
like having to shut up for that. Kenichi says that that's not it, 
he doesn't mind because even if he has Boazan blood, he is 
different than Hainel but this isn't important right now, which 
is why he doesn't want to worry the team right now.

At the Boazan base, Do Belgan is grumbling to himself that 
having no progress in the conquering of Earth is due to Hainel 
and the other two's no talent but if Dange's word can be 
believed, then the Boazan who created Voltes is here and Hainel 
doesn't seem to want to believe it which is why he better hurry 
and take that person away secretly right now.

At the Novis Noah, Geibridge and Irene is talking about Irene's 
recent duty as a Captain, Irene ask about Orphan's condition and 
Nanga says that it's continuing to rise and you can see the head 
if you're up close now. Irene asks Kant if that IS Orphan and 
Kant says that it is, it looks almost like a mountain. Irene 
note that it's weird to name it Orphan, a child without parents 
but Geibridge says that that's due to the human figurine inside 
it and that they have to complete the Vital Net Operation to 
stop Orphan.

Episode 27

Flay is complaining at the Archangel's mess hall that she feels 
quite seasick, why does it have to rock so much and Kira says 
it's as a result of Orphan rising up and Flay says that she 
thought she'd take a swim but no such luck. Kira says that 
they're rendezvuing with the Novis Noah so it can't be helped 
though they'll be near land when the operation happens. Milly 
comes in noting that Flay seems quite down with this and Flay 
says that it's amazing that Milly can eat during this, she's so 
seasick that she can only drink things. Kira says that it'll be 
a while so she should get some sleep.

Suddenly the Naze Nani Nadesico program comes up with Big Sis 
Ruri and Yurika rabbit. Everyone is surprised at this and Tol 
says that that's Yurika and Ruri and Milly laughs at their 
outfit and Sai note that they're starting something. Inez 
welcomes the viewer and introduces herself, today's Naze Nani 
Nadesico's program is a little different, they'll be talking 
about the Vital Net Operation or the Operation to seal Orphan 
and here is her assistant big Sis Ruri and Yurika Rabbit and a 
special guest.

"Yes ma'am, Sergeant Sagara Sousuke, ID Code B3128, Call Sign 
Uruz 7... I am extremely good at spying, sabotage and Armslaves..." 
Sousuke manage to get all this out before being hit with 
Chidori's Harisen. "That hurts Chidori" he says "Wrong, wrong, 
wrong, Sousuke, how many times do I have to tell you" and I'm 
not too sure what Chidori's complaining about so we'll leave it 
there but I'd hazard a guess as her complaining Sousuke's not 
supposed to introduce himself this way. Yurika Rabbit tries to 
talk to Chidori while she's in the rant and Chidori shouted "Yes? 
Miss Rabbit over there; be more happy and bouncing and that big 
sis over there, you're a little too subdued and looks as if you 
could fall any minute, be happy enough so that the Rabbit will 
envy you. "Kaname-san, you're scary" says Big SisRuri. 

"Uhm, Kaname san" Inez says to Chidori "you don't have to be all 
that aggressive about it, everyone seems happy enough to me..." 
"What are you saying, Inez san" retorted Chidori "You need to 
persevere at making people happy to the limit and get everyone 
involved all the way"  "I think that's a little different from 
the definition of being happy" says Big Sis Ruri and Yurika 
Rabbit says "I'm just a rabbit, I don't understand" and another 
voice says "We'll be right back" 

The SEED Gang is quite well dumbfounded and Flay ask what the 
heck is that program anyway? Kira himself doesn't know and 
neither does Kuzzy who wonders if it's a skit or play but Sai 
says that they WERE going to talk about the plan that they'll be 
taking part of. Milly conclude that Chidori is as always quite 
energetic. Mardock says that it's starting again and Toll says 
that Sousuke has been replaced by a Bonta- Kun and Milly says 
that it's a stuffed doll that Chidori brought, how did Toll knew 
it's name.

Big sis Ruri explains their plan and Yurika Rabbit ask what is 
Orphan and Inez says that it's a gigantic ship that appeared at 
7000 metre deep in the ocean which the Reclaimers have made as 
their base since it seems to possess an ancient ruin inside it. 
While it's different than the ruins on Mars, someone probably 
left it there and it uses Organic energy so they can consider it 
a living organism and it is trying to get back into Space. Big 
Sis Ruri adds in that the act of doing that will cause great 
cataclysm globally but what's even more is that Orphan needs a 
large amount of energy to do that so it may be able to absorb 
Organic energy from outside which means that the probability of 
every living thing on Earth dying is very high. Yurika Rabbit 
says that they have to find a way to live somehow and Inez says 
that it's only a theory but Orphan does possess a danger if it 
surfaces which is the reason for this operation right now. 
Yurika Rabbit ask what sort of plan and Inez fills everyone in.

Cagalli wonders why those people can still afford to play at 
this time and decides to leave with Kira asking where she's 
going which intrigues Flay. Cagalli says that she need to get 
out and those people seems to have no shame at all but Milly 
says that a rabbit suit might suit Cagalli to which she ask what 
the heck Milly meant. Sai note that this is a way to tell 
everyone about their operation but he's not sure why they have 
to play dress up like that and Cagalli says that that's 
something they shouldn't want to find out and then see Kira 
looking at her and she says she didn't meant that they can't do 
this and leaves.

Big Sis Ruri finish explaining and says that the Toy Box will 
also be helping in this plan. The Toybox is this Federation 
Codename for the phantom submarine and she knows a bit about it 
but since there's lot of problem in telling it, she'll keep her 
mouth shut. Inez says that the Federation will give Plate that 
have not revived that they have recover to the Nadesico, 
Archangel, Novis Noah and the Toy Box to use in surrounding 
Orphan and the chances of the Reclaimer intefering are pretty 

The Novis Noah will use it's Organic Engine output to reflect on 
each of the plate at the other ships to create an Organic Shield 
which will create an output that will stop Orphan from rising 
further and forcing it to submerge which is Phase 1. The next 
Phase is to use the Vital Globe to send all of Orphan's organic 
energy into space to fossilize it and hopefully send it back 
into the sea.

Big Sis Ruri explains that the Vital Globe are a pathway of 
Organic Energy worldwide and that it existed from long ago but 
only currently do they detect a lot of Organic Energy running 
through it and was able to confirm it's existence. Also when 
Antibodies like Brain and Grancher Vital Jump for a long 
distance, they geton this Vital Globe's net to do it.

At the Novis Noah, Kant note that Dr. Isami's theory that since 
Orphan is a living being, it will react to other is probably 
correct and Yuu says that this is why they need to find the B 
Plate. Kant says that if they don't find something like it 
Orphan may want to go into space, he doesn't want to make 
everyone on Earth lose hope. Hime ask if this is about that 
thing Yuu was harping about from before and Yuu says that he 
can't stop this mission and he will participate in it but he 
doesn't see a chance for success, right Mr. Genius Kant Kestna?

Kant says that since Orphan's energy amount is like the sun, 
humanity can't hope to control it but that's just a theory, it's 
worth testing it out for real. Yuu ask if there's things about 
Organic that they don't understand. Merua ask if they can touch 
the Brain and Yuu says he heard from the kids so it's ok. Hime 
ask what Touya is doing here and Touya says that a Brain Powered 
and a Grancher is coming here which is why he came to see it and 
Orb's cargo plane is also here. Yuu wonders what group brought 
the Grancher and both Yuu Brain and Hime Brain starts reacting  
and Hime tells them to stop making noises like that. Yuu note 
that that must be the person who brought it.

Nakki comes over and look at them and Hime ask if he wants 
trouble or something. Nakki says that he is Nakki Guys, a new 
member to strengthen the Antibody team. Touya ask where the rest 
of the pilots are, isn't there a Reclaimer here that Yuu knows 
here also? Nakki ask if Touya think there's someone as the pilot 
of those things and suddenly apologize knowing that Touya's not 
an Antibody pilot. Yuu ask if the 3 Brain Powered and 1 Grancher 
are his alone and Nakki says that it can't be helped since he 
doesn't have anyone around to be their partner and Hime wonders 
if they should tell Komodo this. Nakki says that he has 
something to do and leave. 

Yuu note that the thing coming out of the Orb cargo plane is a 
Mobile Suit and Kateia says that it's a Red Strike Gundam. Touya 
thinks that this is what Orb brought for them and Cagalli says 
that that's right. Kira sees an Astray and the same model Strike. 
Hime says that this is Cagalli's right, why is she unloading it 
here, it's annoying the Brains and Cagalli says to take it up 
with Orb since she told them to unload it at the Archangel but 
the transport pilot says that since it's to be used in the Vital 
Net plan, it has to be unloaded here at the Novis Noah. Kira ask 
about it's OS and Cagalli says that the one Kira did while he 
was at Orb was finished by Morganlete. Tenia note that they've 
got two more MS which is great so who's going to be the pilot 
since she doesn't see anyone accompanying it  and Cagalli ask 
her where Tenia's eyes are at, the pilot's right here and Tenia 
says that the pilot's here, where? They're not here.

"You"shouted Cagalli and Tenia laughs with Cagalli saying "I'M 
the Aile Strike Rouge's pilot, it's decided" and tells Kira to 
come train with her for a while. Touya ask about the other one 
and Cagalli says that she thought Asaki and the others would 
come to help with this but since no one came, she'll give it to 

At Orphan, Quinci or DTR (Deafness to Reason)girl is saying that 
she understands, she just have to kill them all right, all who 
interfere when Orphan reach Surface level, that is their mission 
as the Grancher who are Orphan's protector. Dr. Isami  Kensaku 
(Yuu and Iiko (Quinci)'s dad) says that she may say that but she 
haven't even defeat Yuu alone, Gabana's tolerance has a 
limit ,you know. Quinci says that she'll prove herself as an 
Antibody Pilot this time and to tell Gabana that and she leaves. 
Kensaku note that when they entered Orphan, they thought Orphan 
is preparing itself to leave for space and they didn't stop it 
and while he don't think the Novis Noah have brought the B Plate 
to stop it. He wants to see how Yuu at the Novis Noah would move.

At the Grados ship at the Moon, Karura ask why the other person 
is the one to go check out that humongous ship that's rising 
from the depth of the Earth's ocean. The other person or Julia 
says that they've confirm that the ship that Eiji is on is there 
and Giura has already given permission but Karura says that 
Julia can't kill Eiji Karura says that this same model as Gale's 
trusty machine has Gale's will in it and only the one who will 
take revenge for him can ride it, does she have such a worth? 
Someone who shares Eiji's blood like her? Julia is silent and 
Karura says that this mech should have been for her who has 
gained the love of Gale so why is it given to someone like her. 
Julia says that the relationship Karura has with Gale is only 
that of a subordinate and her commander, nothing else. Karura 
says that she lived with Gale ever since coming to Mars and 
Julia won't understand any of that but Julia says Karura's lies 
will only diminish Gale's worth which infuriates Karura. Giura 
tells the two to stop fighting each other and to take revenge on 
the battlefield on the one who did this and Karura grudgingly 
says that she understands.

At the Novis Noah, Inez is surprised that Orphan's head is 
already at sea level and Akatsuki says that it's a lot bigger 
than they could have imagined and he's quite  regretful that 
they didn't really believe it till now and Erina says that if 
Nergal had collected more about the Reclaimer then it would have 
been better, they were careless. Yuu says that it's too late, so 
now they understand that THIS is Orphan and if they don't stop 
it they will be annihilated. Yurika wonders if they can really 
do something against that big a thing and Irene says that they 
have to try. Kant says that he believe that the energy that 
drives Orphan is the energy that allows everyone to live and Yuu 
says that feelings and spirit may also be organic. Ruri then 
stares at Kant who ask if something's wrong and she says that 
she thought he was weird and Kant says that that's a bit strange 
coming from someone as young and as intelligent as Ruri.but Ruri 
says she's an adult. Kant says that that's weird since HE'D like 
to remain as a kid since being an adult is quite troublesome but 
Irene says that his mind and his mouth are already a full fledge 
adult which surprises Kant if that's how it is. Erina says that 
Kant seems a lot more mature than their captain which suprises 

Higgins says that they only confirmed it a moment ago but ZAFT 
forces from Carpenteria is heading near here and Mwu wonder if 
it's to scout Orphan out. Geibridge says that they're probably 
not cool about this either and he hopes that they don't present 
a danger to the plan. Murrue says that as part of the final 
phase, they have to divide the pilots up to accompany each ship 
(outside the Toy Box or has Sousuke and the others offer to do 
that?) As everyone is divided up, Natarle says that Touya is the 
last one and Yurika ask if it isn't better for him to come with 
the Nadesico (since he's still on Nergal's payroll). Touya 
choose to go with the 

Lasse comes in saying that he's not sitting around during such 
an important mission but Irene says that she can't allow him to 
deploy since he needs rest and Lasse ask if that is as a doctor 
or a captain but Kanan says that this will show on the Antibody 
and if he gets on in this condition, the Brain will be weak. 
It's better for him to rest and she begs him to do that and 
Irene agree. Lasse is cursing the fact that his condition has to 
worsen at the time that he should be participating in this. 
Nanga says that to leave it to them this time and tells Irene 
that the ToyBox called to say that they'll be at the designated 
point in one hour and Irene says that they better begin now and 
for the Archangel and Nadesico to take off and the Brain Squad 
to deploy

At the Nadesico's designated point, Yurika ask Ruri about the 
situation and Ruri says that Orphan is decreasing it's ascending 
speed by 30 % and Inez note that it seems to be going quite well. 

The alarm sounds and Akito wonders if it's the Grancher but Ruri 
says that it's the SPT Squad and that it's splitting up into two 
with one heading their way. Yurika orders their troops to deploy 
and Eiji deploys quickly with Touya noting that they better 
hurry too. Yuu warped in to ask what they're doing and Megumi-
chan says that the Grados are here and that they have to respond 
which gets Yuu quite upset that the aliens would come now of all 
time with the Grancher also deploying.

Karura and Julia appear and Karura says that she will get 
revenge for Gale this time and Giura says that they'll leave the 
scouting to the other troops while they take care of the traitor 
Eiji Asuka. Eiji wonders if that Red GrimeKaisal really contains 
Gale and tries to hail it asking for Gale but Karura tells him 
not to be mad, HE shot Gale down, the one in the Bloody Kaisal 
isn't Gale but his sister Julia.

Eiji is very shocked, why is his big sister on that thing? Julia 
thinks to herself and says that she doesn't expect to be 
forgived for this by her parent but she... and she says out loud 
that this is because Eiji killed Gale who meant everything to 
her, she won't forgive him for this so she tells Eiji to fight 
her. Eiji tells his sister to wait, that wasn't his true 
intention back then but Julia says that she will not listen to 
his story and if he isn't coming then she'll go to him and Eiji 
begs her to stop. Karura says that she'll watch the siblings 
kill themselves which is her revenge for Gale.

David aska Eiji if that's true and Yuu ask if that is Eiji's 
sister and Eiji doesn't know what to do.

The battle begins and Karura shouted to Eiji that she's been 
waiting for this day to avenge Gale by her own hands; she won't 
let that woman do it. The others intervene for Eiji and she 
shouted for the Earthling to get out of the way. Giura tells the 
Earthling that once the Gradosian use their full strength, 
they're nothing and that they were only playing before. Giura 
then says that he will take care of the traitor Layzner and add 
it to Lord Ru Kine's trophy. Eiji says that he has a reason not 
to lose. Giura's big mouth is forcefully snapped shut when Akito 
and the others downed him and he blames it on his SPT not 
responding good enough and retreat and so does Karura.

Eiji shouted for his sister to listen but she says she will not 
hear his explanation and for him to fight. Eiji keeps dodging 
her attack and Julia asks if he doesn't want to fight, why did 
he have to shoot Gale down? Julia grabs the Layzner ready to 
attack when Grancher troops appear. Eiji tells his sister to 
retreat since those people won't have a qualm about shooting her 
down and Julia says that she will get Eiji next time.

Yuu says that the Grancher will probably target the ship that 
has the Plate on it so they have to protect it and Lasse and 
Lasse Brain also appears. Yuu asks what Lasse is doing here? 
Does he plan to make Kanan even sadder? Lasse says that Yuu once 
said to him about attacking Orphan's weakpoint with a direct 
attack and beside, his Brain wants to do it not him and Yuu 
Brain hums out loud as if to confirm it. Yuu note this and says 
that they should go and tells everyone that he and Lasse will 
try to score a direct attack on Orphan's weak point and for the 
others to keep the Grancher busy.

Both Brain vital jumped and Hime tells Yuu to wait, what is he 
thinking taking Lasse like that? Kanan hopes Yuu take care of 
Lasse, and not let him do anything foolhardy.

The battle begins again and even more Grancher under Johnny Boy 
appears. Jonathan note the team's here also and that whatever 
their plan is, it's not going to stop Orphan. The only problem 
is Yuu who knows Orphan, he doesn't care about the other but 
where is Yuu? Touya note that that the one on that Grancher is 
Jonathan Gren. Shiela says that they found Yuu as he Jumps out. 
Yurika wonders where the Lasse Brain is and Hime asks Yuu what 
happened to Lasse, he didn't kamikaze himself did he? Kanan asks 
Yuu where Lasse and his Brain are. Yuu says that Lasse is fine 
but his Brain seems to have commited suicide since it smashed 
itself into the Orphan Figurine. He didn't think and wasn't 
aware that the Brains hated Orphan that much. 

Yuu returns to the Nadesico and ask them to take care of Lasse 
since he is still hurt. Jonathan says that Yuu finally came, he 
thought Yuu ran away. Yuu tells Jonathan to stop it, he became a 
Reclaimer to take revenge on Captain Anoa right? However Captain 
Anoa is gone along with the Plate she tries to recover. Stop 
putting other people into danger. Jonathan says that he doesn't 
care about that woman anymore and Yuu says that a child can't 
cut the ties to his parents that easily but Jonathan says that 
Yuu only lacks determination which is why he didn't try to sink 
Orphan with everything he had. Jonathan thinks that Yuu even 
with his Brain wants to return to Orphan and that if he was 
serious he'd strapped bombs to himself and kamikaze himself. Yuu 
says that that's not gonna stop Orphan but Jonathan says that 
Yuu can't bring himself to sink Orphan that contains the two Dr. 
Isami and his sister, he's a weakling and Jonathan will kill him 
into order to get into the Isami family's good grace and Orphan 
will be his. Shiela says that she was waiting for Jonathan to be 
like this. Yuu is of course not so pleased with Jonathan.

The battle begins and Shiela tells Yuu to die for Jonathan's 
sake but Yuu tells Shiela to open her eye, doing this amounts to 
nothing but Shiela retort that with the Grancher's Power, they 
can payback those that made the Earth like this and once Orphan 
goes out into the stars, she can finally meet with her siblings 
who have become stars as well. 

Shiela tells Kanan that she will take care of traitors like her 
and Kanan note it's Shiela and ask her Brain if it can do it. 
Hime shouted that they'll stop Orphan somehow which makes Shiela 
says that if Hime is so friendly with Yuu then she can die 
alongside him.

Jonathan brags to Touya that Orphan has surface and that even if 
they have Yuu with them, they can do nothing to stop it, it's 
hopeless for them but Touya then retort "Then why are you 
attacking then, your action is the greatest proof that we still 
have a chance, Jonathan Gren" This angers Johnny Boy to no end.

Jonathan tells Kanan that since they once rode Grancher together 
he'll make it quick and Kanan can't believe the power that 
Jonathan is harnessing out of his Grancher. Jonathan can't 
believe that Hime Brain is also still interfering and Hime says 
"Your life is quite morbid right(i.e. you're a nut), Hime Brain 
will fix that"

Kenichi shouted to Jonathan that he won't let him interfere with 
the Vital Net Operation but Jonathan makes fun of the Voltes 
saying that 5 kids are together so they can die and he'll grant 
that wish and Ippei note that if his whip has caught Johnny Boy 
back then then Captain Anoa may not have to go and do something 
stupid like that, it's time they finish him off and tells 
Kenichi to let's go.

Nanga says that if they can sink the commander mech, the 
fight'll be in their hand but Johnny Boy says that Nanga can't 
beat him

Jonathan attacks Yuu as Yuu tells his Brain "Let's go Brain" and 
Jonathan can't believe the amount of Organic Energy running 
through YuuBrain. Yuu says that he and his Brain have manage to 
harness it
Jonathan is defeated and Yuu attacks him. Jonathan disappears in 
the light which surprises Yuu who note that is it because Orphan 
has surfaced that the Vital Net has such a different reaction. 
Yurika tells everyone to come back for a while.

At Orphan, Mrs. Isami wonders why Orphan has stopped like this 
even though they shielded the figurine from an attack; there 
should be no energy problems. Kensaku wonder if this isn't some 
will of Orphan. Whatever the case, they should wait for a while 
to see what happens; the disturbance in the Vital Globe might 
have an effect on the Grancher so it may be better to pull out.

 At Novis Noah, Irene is communicating with the two ships and 
asks for confirmation that Orphan has stopped thanks to their 
operation. Yurika tells Irene that their plan is a success and 
Murrue says that the Grancher hasn't appeared since that attack 
and seems to be observing. Irene says that they should go to 
Phase two then but Geibridge tells them they have to stop, he's 
just been in contact with headquarter and the orders from the 
Federation halting the Operation has appeared. They acknowledged 
that Orphan can be stopped and want to wait a while and they 
cannot disagree with orders from up high. Murrue asks what's 
going on and Geibridge explains that there are those that speak 
for the Reclaimer (i.e. lobbying) even up high in the military 
and they believed that even if Orphan surface, there would be no 
effect on the surface. Irene wonders if the end comes, those 
people would only want Orphan to save them. Geibridge says that 
it doesn't change the order and tells everyone that they did a 
good job and that since they don't detect Grancher, they'll 
leave the Plate to other ship beside the main ship( Novis Noah) 
and for Mao to contact Karinin.

Yuu is quite annoyed at the turn of events with the Grancher and 
with Eiji's sister but Kant says that they don't know what would 
happen had they continued anyway. He feels that judging from how 
he pilot a Brain just now maybe Orphan felt good about this 
Ship's Organic energy that was sent to it so it stopped itself 
and that's something not explained by data. Nakki says that he's 
given up on the Feds and these people who don't have a clue that 
if Orphan move just a little, this ship's done for and gets on 
his Grancher. Hime says that his Grancher is still tired but 
Nakki says that thanks to her and the kid's massage on it, it's 
good again, let's go Nakki Gran. Yuu tells him to wait, just 
where is he going with that Grancher? Touya ask what happen and 
Yuu tells his Brain to follow

Yuu and Hime Brain along with the Granteed and the SkyGrasper 
pilotted by Cagalli go after Nakki. Yuu tells Nakki to wait 
since Orphan is just barely in front of them already. Hime ask 
why Cagalli has also followed and Cagalli says that she saw that 
they were headed for Orphan on her patrol so she followed, just 
what are they thinking?  Hime says she doesn't know either and 
Nakki tells them that they can't come,if it's a Grancher then 
it's easier to get closer, he knows. This one doesn't want to go 
back to Orphan, it feels anger to it for not calling for it 
right away. ZAFT forces along with the Aegis arrives and Nicol 
ask Athrun what's wrong on communication. Athrun explains his 
position and Nicol tells him to get out of there, there's no 
point in fighting right now. Athrun note that that's true and 
order all unit to evacuate but suddenly his subordinates are 
shot down. Athrun note that it didn't come from the team, it has 
to be Orphan's Grancher.  Quincy appears and Yuu note that it's 
his sis's Grancher. Athrun is of course angry but Quincy rushs 
in quite fast and attack him. Athrun note that he's down and he 
can't fall into the middle of the ocean. Yuu note that that 
power of his sis isn't natural, is she harnessing the power of 
Orphan? Athrun manage to get away as Quincy turns her attention 
to Yuu. Yuu ask her what's wrong, she seems different. Quincy 
says that she'll be killed by Gabana along with her Grancher and 
that's just too sad, it's all HIS fault, it's all the fault of a 
younger brother like him that she is doubted by Gabana. If he 
think of her as a big sis then die (Calling looney bin, calling 
looney bin, here's a live one)

Quincy attacks but Nakki blocks for him.Yuu tells Nakki to run 
since he'll be killed but Nakki says that it's his sister right, 
he doesn't know what the situation is but fif he kills her then 
he'll regret it for the rest of his life. It seems the same with 
the Gradosian Eiji who has to fight HIS sister so he'll relieve 
Yuu of that but Hime says that that Grancher of his is too weak 
and DTR Girl (Quincy) tells the inteferer to disappear and 
blasted Nakki. Cagalli tells Hime that Nakki seems to have been 
thrown out by the explosion and Hime moves to catch him. Touya 
tells Cagalli that they'll cover for Yuu and Cagalli attacks but 
Quinci dodge and downed the SkyGrasper. Cagalli manage to limp 
away and tells Touya to rescue Yuu, she'll get back somehow. 
Quinci targets her brother (some Big Sister) and tells him to 
die. Touya moves the Granteed in front of Yuu Brain as a light 
envelope it and both are gone.

Back at the Novis Noah, Hime made it back and tells everyone. 
Kanan wonders if they were both sent flying across the globe by 
the Vital Net that Orphan activated. Sarah tells Hime not to 
worry since the boy genius is hard at work trying to determine 
their location. Kouji and Akito say that they'll find them soon 
and for her not to be down like that. Kira ask if Cagalli wasn't 
with them which surprises Hime that Cagalli hasn't return yet.

At a small island cave, future husband and wife does a 
deathmatch and Athrun says that it's over, if she resist anymore, 
he'll shoot her. Cagalli curses and Athrun is surprise that it's 
a girl. Cagalli say that if he wants to shoot, go ahead and do 
it. Athrun says that they're both downed and waiting for their 
own comrade's rescue, if that red Grancher comes, they've both 
had it so how about a ceasefire for now. Cagalli ask if he isn't 
going to tie her up but Athrun says that it's fine but if she 
tries to steal his gun then he'll shoot her, so stop that since 
she manage to survive being downed like that anyway. Cagalli 
grumble that she didn't think that someone from ZAFT would be 
worried about her life.

Back at the Novis Noah, Geibridge note that the western part of 
the Federation are starting to move so they should too (not too 
sure here so we'll leave it at that)

Episode 28

Yuu note that it's snowing, it's like a colour he hasn't seen 
before, have they been blown far away? Yuu apologizes to his 
Brain, it was his fault that YuuBrain got so badly wounded. 
YuuBrain humms and Touya tells Yuu that he's glad Yuu's all 
right. Yuu note that Touya may have tried to help back then but 
also got fling along also, is HE all right? Touya says they'll 
cope and their machine is movable but it seems that YuuBrain is 
quite damaged. Nelly comes in saying that it's still a strong 
one and if it was put near her Brain then it might calm down 
since it'll be quite sad if it can't heal.

Yuu ask who she is and Nelly says that she's just a girl named 
Nelly. Merua says that it was thanks to Nelly that they were 
able to find Yuu. Yuu says "I see...that's a different type of 
Brain you have, it's a type I've never seen, is it an evolved 
Brain?" Nelly says she don't know, it might be like he says. Yuu 
ask where they are, they have to get back to the Novis Noah. 
Nelly says that above here, twoVital Nets has crossed so they 
can't leave this forest for a while. Yuu note if this is because 
of Organic Energy. Nelly says that it won't stop snowing till 
tomorrow so they're welcomed at her little cottage. They seem to 
be dead tire so they might as well rest there and she tells 
Nelly Brain to look after it's friend.

At Nelly's cottage, Yuu note that it's so quiet and Nelly ask 
about the other two and Yuu says they went to check the balancer 
since it seems to be malfunctioning or so. Nelly note that 
that's just a machine right, she wonders if they're tired and 
tells Yuu that he can go to sleep first since she'll be up until 
those two returns. Yuu says that he wants to see a little 
more...of her. Nelly asks why and Yuu says that she reminds him 
of someone and she asks where? Yuu says that it's not the face 
but how they both talk to their Brain is exactly alike. Nelly 
says that he can talk to them right? Yuu says a little but then 
says that that's a lie, he never heard any of his Brain's words 
and Hime says that he'll get the hang of it. She was quite glad 
that she could talk to her Brain and says he can too. Nelly says 
that if it's like that then he probably already heard but he 
just didn't listen. Nelly says that his thoughts are strong and 
harsh but after meeting his Brain, it's gotten a little softer 
and Yuu says that that might be it. Nelly ask if this Hime 
person is the one most precious to him. Yuu says that that's not 
it, he doesn't have someone like that and Nelly asks if he's 
just denying it. Nelly continues that everyone needs a most 
important person to them in order to live, living absolutely 
alone is a frightening harsh experience and the Organic Machine 
like the Brain are also like that (they want a partner)

At the Granteed, Touya note that that's all they can do for the 
Balancer and even if Radam or Jovian mech attack, this will work. 
Merua is silent and Touya ask what's wrong, is there something 
odd about what he said? Merua says that that's not it and Touya 
ask what's up and Merua says that she remembers a little by 
looking at the falling snow about her life before she was taken 
by those people.

She doesn't know why but she can't remember too much but it 
seems quite nostalgic looking at the snow. The chocolate Cake 
her mom make, the dozens of cookies and the big candy that her 
dad gave her but that's all she remembered. Touya apologize 
saying that he didn't knew Merua likes Sweets because of that, 
that it makes her remember the past and Merua says whether it 
does or if she really does like sweets.

Merua says that she herself doesn't know but she's always happy 
when she thinks about it. Merua says that it's quite quiet, 
Touya-san. Touya agrees and say that he told her that he didn't 
like pilotting this thing but does she think that he thinks 
differently now? Merua says that he rides that thing in order to 
fight so probably not but in order for them to still be them, 
it's something that has to be done even though Kateia will 
probably be quite mad but she also understands. However the 
Sytron may show them and Touya fighting but it doesn't show them 
the full future, they don't know what will happen next. Touya 
apologize saying that he couldn't do anything for them but Merua 
says that Touya has done a lot by piloting this thing. Touya 
says that that isn't what he's trying to say, he's found HIS 
reason to fight so it might be him who string them along for the 
battle. Even now he's not really confident that in the end he 
can protect her and the Granteed from all the enemies they faced. 
He thought he'd give it a shot but a dangerous incident like 
this also happen. Merua says that it's all right for her and for 
Tenia and Kateia too, they all understand. She's glad that 
they're still with him and from the bottom of her heart thinks 
that it's the most important thing that they have manage to 
catch. Touya ask if she's saying that he'll protect them and 
they'll protect him, and the proof of that promise is the 
Granteed? Merua says yes and Touya note that this thing might be 
a proof of a curse that they have to fight all that stands 
before them and Merua says that by saying that, the Granteed 
will be sad since it also tries it's best. Touya note that that 
may be and that they better get back, they'll just have to wait 
till tomorrow. If it stands that they can't get out then the 
enemies probably can't get in. Merua agrees and note that she 
has chocolates to give to Yuu and Nelly. Touya ask if she still 
has them hidden in the Granteed, Tenia will be angry if that 
gets out.

At the Novis Noah, Irene note that the Curtain has fall and 
Murrue note that it's quite an Aurora. Irene says that it's 
quite good that they can see it so close with their own eyes and 
that the Nadesico has already headed North right? Murrue says 
that in return, the Archangel will be on standby at Yokosuka 
with Mwu, Zeorymer and the Mazinger Team along to protect it. 
Irene says that if it's the Nadesico, it'll be back with Yuu in 
no time. Murrue note that even if it is order from the top, the 
Novis Noah shouldn't have been release from it's mission against 
Orphan. Irene says that at least this will give them the 
opportunity to move around freely and since Orphan doesn't seem 
to have surface yet so the Reclaimer are not doing much right 
now. Anyhow it wouldn't do to go against orders from the top. If 
the Nadesico arrives back before Geibridge does, she'll assign 
them to the Nadesico for now.

In the Nadesico, Noal is quite angry which caught Chibodee's 
attention and he asks what's up. Aki says that no matter how 
many time they tries, the Chief is avoiding them about them 
seeing D-Boy who is under arrest right (execution pending but I 
think the Fed wants more data out of researching him more than 
just killing him which is why he's still alive, or Admiral 
Mismal pull some strings) Noal says that he didn't think the 
Chief would be this way as with the Federation heads. If that's 
how they want to play it, if the chance pops up, he'll secretly 
sneak in to talk to D-Boy. Ryou tells him not to do anything 
stupid and get caught.

Sarah asks David how Eiji is and David says that that's a downer 
too, he wouldn't even show his face to any of them. Nanga says 
that he shot down his sister's lover who was engaged to her and 
would soon become his brother in law and is now targetted by his 
sister himself, that's quite tough for Eiji and George hope that 
he wouldn't stew over it. Krutz says that that idiot thought he 
was just making a hard choice but he was too kind, so Krutz will 
take care of Simone for... and Simone snag his mouth telling a 
trash like him to stop saying bad things about Eiji like that. 
Sarah agrees saying that if Krutz kept his mouth shut, he'd seem 
like a good person. 

 Cagalli is alone after being rescued, she wonder about ZAFT's 
Athrun, he's a weird one even though he's supposed to be an 
enemy. Kira tries to call out to her but Cagalli is deep in 
thought that a lot of her friends were killed by ZAFT but he 
also lost his mother and friends at Junius 7 and she's not here 
to only fight ZAFT but... Kira ask if she's even listening and 
Masato (D) ask what she's thinking about, is she annoyed that 
she was shot down? Mao says that at least she's behaving herself 
now, she heard that Cagalli went off course by herself when 
she's on patrol. Cagalli says it's not that and Masato(D) says 
that he knew it was about her being shot down. Kira says that he 
heard from Ruri that near the location where she was rescued, it 
seems that ZAFT's MS, the Aegis Gundam also went down there as 
they picked up their communication.

It seems that he went down first and Kira ask if she saw 
anything but Cagalli act all flustered and says that she doesn't 
know anything, even if it fell near where she also fell,she 
wouldn't know. Kira wonder if Athrun is allright.

At the Nadesico medical room, Kanan asks Lasse what this is 
about and Lasse says that Nanga probably blabbed to her. Ryouko 
says that they heard it all about his white blood cells disease 
so why didn't he get himself treated, that's why he was always 
tired. Kanan begins to cry as to why he would abuse his body 
like this and  Lasse tells her not to cry and Rain ask why he 
didn't get himself treated, it's not an uncurable disease in 
this day and age. Lasse says that he decided when he met his 
Brain that he doesn't want this Earth that he loves to be 
destroyed by Orphan, the Jovian lizards and others. IF they do 
that, he's willing to lay what's left of his life down the line 
to stop them. Akito ask if it wouldn't be better if he get 
himself treated first and then come to fight. Lasse says that's 
why it's like a last wish of a sort but when he went to Orphan, 
his Brain gives him strength and left him behind and kamikaze 
itself onto it. Ryouko ask if he's suicidal and Lasse says that 
he may think that him dying young is fate but once he looks at 
Kanan who is crying for him, he wants to live for Kanan and his 
Brain may understand and left him. (i.e. maybe considering what 
Nelly says, the Brain think that Lasse abandon it for Kanan? And 
doesn't want to live? Kanan makes him promise that once this is 
over, he has to go get himself cured and Lasse agrees. Rain says 
that he doesn't have a Brain anymore and Lasse says that he'll 
ask the Brain that Nakki brought whether he can ride it. Lasse 
ask about how Hime's doing and Ryouko says that she's still with 
her Brain.

At the hangar, Hime tells her Brain that inside her head is so 
loud and so on she can't really think right now, she must be 
weird and her Brain hums. Hime hopes that Yuu is allright.

The next morning, Nelly says good morning to the two Brain and 
note that the weather is fine today. Yuu Brain hums and Yuu says 
that Yuu Brain's condition is a little better today and he 
apologizes for abusing it in the past. Nelly tells Yuu that the 
Vital Globe's seal seems to be gone now and Touya ask if they 
can leave now. Nelly says yes and Touya ask if Nelly is going to 
stay here, why IS she here alone anyway? Nelly says that it's 
because of this day and age and she chose to be with this child, 
she felt it's right. Yuu ask if it's to fight but Nelly says 
that that's not it, if she can, she wants to live in a quiet 
place with only her and her Brainf but that isn't possible, in 
this day and age, many are born with a purpose, that's why she 
met them. Touya thanks Nelly for everything, he's glad he met 
her and he can relax again even if it's for a few days, he 
thought that this type of day wouldn't come again. Nelly says 
that she's also glad that she met them. Merua note that Nelly 
Brain seems to be full of life today, she's going over to take a 
look at their mech. Touya thanks her and Nelly note that the 
path Touya and Yuu are walking seems to be quite a handful 
though they can't escape from it even if they want to. Yuu note 
that that seems to be so.

Suddenly a blast hit Nelly's house and Touya wonder where the 
attack came from and from whom. Nelly tells Yuu to get on his 
Brain and Touya to get on his machine and ask for Nelly Brain to 
take her in. The three machine stood up and Yuu note that it 
resembled a Grancher's silouhette but it's not. Nelly notes that 
it's Baron Maximillian.

Yuu is perplexed at this name and inside this new Grancher is 
Johnnyboy who says that Baron said that the Vital Net seal is 
gone and that they cannot allow the woman named Nelly to go out 
with her Brain. Yuu is surprised that it's Jonathan and that 
he's still alive. Jonathan says that it's like them here. Yuu 
ask why he destroyed Nelly's house and Jonathan says that it's a 
greeting from him. Yuu tells his Brain to run since it ccan't 
fight in this condition. Touya tells Jonathan that he'll be his 
opponent and the Granteed rush in. Johnny boy laughs and ask if 
someone like them can take on the Baronz. Nelly tells Johnny boy 
to stop saying that he doesn't have the power to do as he 
please.Baron Maximillian is using the Baronz for an evil purpose 
so why is the Baron joining force with that young man. Johnny 
boy doesn't care saying that he's showing Baron his fighting 
style and to go back and take Orphan. He'll kill Nelly along 
with the others. Touya says he won't let him, like he said he'll 
be Jonathan's opponent. Johnny boy says not to mock him, that 
machine puppet won't hold a candle to an evolved Grancher like 
the Baronz. If he wants to see it's power first, fine.

Johnny Boy attacks the Granteed and Touya wonder if this really 
is just a Grancher and Merua tells Touya that the Balancer is 
down forcing the Granteed to land. Yuu rush in but Touya tells 
Yuu to be careful since this guy isn't normal. Johnny boy says 
that he'll thank Yuu for giving him the chance to reacquaint 
himself with Organic Energy. Yuu ask if his Brain wants to do it, 
if it wants to fight that weird Grancher. Yuu Brain attacks but 
Jonathan easily dodge saying that he and Yuu were once war 
buddie so it'll take a lot more than this amount of power to 
down him. Let's start with the blood festival from the Isami 
family and tells Yuu to make his peace and attacks the Yuu Brain. 
Yuu curse Jonathan and tells Nelly to run and save herself but 
Nelly says that from the looks of Yuu Brain, the one who is 
going to protect him is her and the Nelly Brain and it rush in 
and attack the Baronz. Nelly says that Johnny boy is only being 
manipulated by Baron who hates people and the Baronz and for him 
to get off that thing but Jonathan says that Baron Maximillian 
understands him which is why he is given this Baronz, and he 
willl show it's power to Baron and attacks Nelly Brain.

Touya note that Nelly Brain's leg is hurt, if this continues... 
and Touya attacks the Baronz as Yuu ask if Nelly is all right. 
Jonathan says that he will kill this mechanical doll later after 
he's done with the Brain and that he'll kill Yuu in one shot to 
make it good. Yuu ask if his Brain is all right with this fate, 
to be saved only to have it ended, is it good? Yuu Brain humms 
and Yuu understands it. It was taken to Orphan once it was born 
and it was glad that it was taken out of Orphan. To be able to 
see the Sun, to be able to imagine the universe that has the sun 
in it, that it is glad that it understand this planet in the 
universe is called Earth by the humans and it was glad that it 
was living in it but it can't be helped now. Yuu shouted that if 
it feels regret then do something about it. Yuu Brain suddenly 
flies and Yuu says that that's right, he can still do it, he can 
still save Nelly. Yuu tells Nelly Brain to protect Nelly and ask 
Touya if he's still game, he's counting on him. Touya says that 
he knows and tells Merua that in this condition, they can't just 
run by themselves so they have to stop it and protect Yuu and 
Nelly. Merua says that they'll do it somehow and all retreat to 
get ready to fight.

The Baronz attack and Touya tells Jonathan that he won't let 
Nelly and Yuu die as long as they can move and Johnny Boy says 
that he'll make them unmovable since they're just pest to him 
now. (I pray to the Banpresto god that one SRW where they 
include SRW that we can kill Johnny boy right out and piss on 
his grave) Jonathan tells Yuu that this is the end but Yuu won't 
accept that. Jonathan is getting pissed and Nelly comes to. Yuu 
ask if Nelly is allright and Baron tells Jonathan that he lets 
emotion rule him too much and that tempered attack will give the 
Antibodies strenght and to kill Nelly Kim's Brain Powered since 
that is dangerous. Jonathan starts to protest but Baron says 
that she will not hear what an immature person has to say.  
Jonathan then says that he'll follow the Baron's order since 
this was given to him by the Baron so he'll take care of that BP 
first and tells Nelly to get ready and rush to her. 

Nelly tells Yuu to fly as both are attacked. Yuu wonder if this 
is it and tells his Brain that he can stop, he did a great job 
and he'll let him do as he wish from now on, he'll follow. 
Johnny Boy says that it's great that they're in line since it's 
the end for Yuu but suddenly a double Chakra circle seems to pop 
up and Jonathan wonders what that light is. Baron note that he 
can't believe that the activation of Organic energy would happen 
like this. Yuu note that it's a Revival light and ask Nelly if 
there's a Plate. Nelly says that it's begun, she knew since she 
met him that her Brain is incomplete, it needs another Revival. 
Yuu wonder if his Brain will become part of it if they do a 
Revival with Nelly Brain. Nelly says that her Brain can't get 
out of here, it was waiting for someone like him with the given 
possibilities to give it life. Yuu ask who's someone with a 
given possibility and Nelly says that that's for him to search 
for, she knew from the beginning that she only has enough of her 
life to be absorbed by the Brain but if it's him, he can raise 
the Brain and live on her behalf too. Use her Brain's power to 
protect the people most important to him.

Jonathan of course is not seeing anything and wonders what 
they're doing opposite the Curtain but Baron says for Jonathan 
to stop it, once that happened it's useless and to get him to 
the Baronz. Touya and Merua are equally clueless, is that a 
Plate? Nelly tells Yuu not to be sad, she wasn't alone and in 
the end she met him and tells him not to forget not to battle 
with only hate; that will not stop Orphan. Outside, Baron tells 
Johnny boy to hurry since once it's Revival is over, the Plate 
will become Chakra and if they get hit by it, what will they do? 
They have to hurry to Orphan. Jonathan does so and leave saying 
that if they plan to stop Orphan, they'll meet up again anyway, 
there'll be time to kill Yuu and the others. Jonathan note that 
the Reclaimer will be glad to have someone with knowledge like 
Baron with them.

Touya note that the Baronz has retreated, was it fearing this 
Revival. Merua tells Touya that the Revival seems to be complete. 
Touya note that it looks like the Nelly Brain not the Yuu Brain 
and ask if Yuu and Nelly is aboard. Yuu is silent as the now 
Blue Nelly Brain hums. Yuu says that his Brain has become a part 
of Nelly Brain now and so is Nelly. So don't cry, it's no longer 
time for them to do that.

After a while, Merua says that the balancers are fixed so they 
can fly now and Touya ask Yuu what they should do and Yuu says 
they have to go, get out of here and see the world, that's what 
Nelly wanted. However suddenly Jovian Lizards appear and Touya 
wonders why they're here, is it to do with the Vital Net. Yuu 
tells Touya that they have to run, he's not taking them on, his 
and this Brain's life were given to him by Nelly so he can't 
waste it here. The Nadesico suddenly appears and says that it's 
the Granteed and an unknown Antibody. Touya is surprised by the 
Nadeisco's appearance and Tenia ask if Touya's still alive, he 
hasn't gone and die yet right? Kateia ask if Touya is allright, 
whatabout Merua? Touya says they're fine and Merua says she's 
right here. Tenia then shout "You idiotidiotidiot , you had us 
worried big time" Kateia is relieved but tells Touya that he 
better explain everything afterward. Kant note that it's an 
unknown Brain type and Hime ask who it is and isn't he with Yuu? 
Yuu says that he's right here and Hime ask if it's really Yuu, 
is he allright? Is he hurt anywhere? His leg's still together 
right? Where's YuuBrain? Yuu says that he's sorry to troubled 
her and he's on the Nelly Brain and Hime says that that's means 
Nelly's Brain and what happen to YuuBrain? Nakki note that both 
of them are quite fine and Yurika says that it's all according 
to Kant's calculation of where they went and Akatsuki tells them 
not to forget the Grados troop in front of them, they can save 
the emotional reunion afterward.

Dancougar deploys and Sarah says that that's right, the enemy is 
not just those unmanned mech, they've detected Grados troop 
coming in from the atmosphere. Yurika says that that's right and 
tells everyone to launch but if Touya and Yuu doesn't feel it's 
too much, they can stay there and help and they'll hear 
everything afterward. Nanga ask if the boy genius is doing well 
in his Brain and Kant says that it's ok, this Brain understand 
his feelings. Nakki note that after Lasse, Kant took his 
remaining extra Brain. Shinobu says that they better start with 
those unmanned mech.

The team defeated some but more Grados troops appear. Shinobu 
and David note that Shapiro and Goztello are here also. Shapiro 
says that he came down to observe the changes brought by Orphan 
surfacing but he just had to run into you people. While he 
doesn't really plan to take you on, how about it, beg him and 
he'll see to it that they get to join the Grados. Shinobu and 
Yurika of course don't want it at all. Domon says "Why do we 
have to beg forgiveness from the like of you, stop babbling and 
let's get it on." Shapiro says that they are idiots, he gave 
them this chance because he sees that they are at half strength 
(Some of your team is with the Archangel), fine he'll be their 
opponent. He can see it now, the image of them bowing at his 
feet (Dream on, Moron) Goztello tells Shapiro to get out of the 
way, they're his and he'll rip them to shreds and tells the 
other three to let's go. Manjero and Getei tells him not to bark 
out order, he's not their leader. Shapiro tells them to do as 
they please then. Yurika shouted that they won't let the Grados 
do as they please and tells everyone to return fire.

Goztello ask Eiji if he already fought Julia, so is he going to 
kill her next after his beloved Senpai? Eiji is of course quite 
angry at Goztello's word and Goztello continues that Eiji 
couldn't kill anyone, he's a joke and it's good that Julia 
didn't kill him because that pleasure reserve for Goztello alone. 
Eiji shouts that he won't forgive Goztello. Touya is also angry 
at Goztello and Merua tells him to go away. Goztello says that 
he laughs at them all, until he's turn all of them to mince he 
won't die. However, he can be defeated as everyone else help 
ganged up on him and on the other three Death Ogre squad.

Only Shapiro is left and the battle begins. Shapiro says as he 
confront the Dancougar team that this is where they part, he'll 
think about them some time while he's holding his wine glass, 
it's over. Sarah says that that's not a line for a traitor like 
him, he'd better make his peace, it's over between her and him. 
Shinobu ask Sarah if she's ok with this and Sarah tells Shinobu 
to shut up and attack Shapiro already, they'll be the one to 
finish him off. Dancougar defeated Shapiro's Desire and Shapiro 
note that he might as well retreat for now. Shinobu tells 
Shapiro to wait but Shapiro says that there'll be time for him 
to be their opponent that is if they survive the fact that 
humanity's killing itself. Shapiro says that he'll tell them 
something good, Grados hasn't even begun attacking in full force 
at all which surprises Ryou as Shapiro continues that even 
without doing that, humanity is heading for extinction. He'll 
wait on the Moon and see their stupid battle. Shapiro conclude 
that the hatred Sarah is feeling for him is out of love but 
that's just a stupid emotion and if they don't understand that 
they won't win against him and leaves.

Yurika tells everyone that it's a good job, they've rescued Yuu 
and Touya and repel the Grados though Hime says that she imagine 
that a reunion would be a lot more romantic than this instead of 
a battle. Krutz tells Hime that in this case, she should plant a 
reunion kiss and Hime think it's a great idea but Mao tells 
Krutz to shut it. Sousuke doesn't understand "Kiss? A mouth to 
mouth?  Krutz, why is artifical respiration related to a 
welcomed reunion, though if you save the person with it, they'd 
be glad about it but Isami Yuu doesn't seem to have trouble 
breathing" Hikaru laugh and ask if that's a new joke.

Anyhow, inside the Nadesico, Yuu meet Hime again and Cagalli 
says that she's gald they're ok but Chibodee tells her not to do 
anything wild and Cagalli says that she's just glad that's all 
and Honda says that it's something to be expected and Akatsuki 
says that it's because those guys are young. Yuu ask what Hime 
is doing after she plant a wet one on him and Hime says that 
it's a reunion kiss and Yuu got quite flustered asking what 
she's doing but Hime says that HE was the one who kissed her 
last time, what's HE complaining about? Anyhow changing topic, 
Hime ask what happened to Yuu's Brain and Yuu say that this is 
also his Brain but Hime says that this one is bigger and has a 
different personality. Yuu says that they Revival again between 
Nelly Brain and Yuu Brain and thanks Nelly Brain for it's hard 
work today. Hime ask against whom and Yuu says that it's against 
Jonathan's new Grancher and tells Hime how Johnny boy was blown 
to the same place as them and got a powerful Grancher to use. 
Hime ask about the person named Nelly and Yuu is silent. Hime 
ask if Nelly was killed by Jonathan and Yuu says that it was 
during the Revival, it happened so suddenly whent the Organic 
Energy activates and Hime note that he's been through a lot. 
Hime ask if Yuu Brain and Nelly Brain became one and Yuu says 
that that's it, it might not be as hopeless with Orphan as they 
thought and Hime agrees thathe Brain are living with them also 
and Yuu says that maybe they can do something about it and they 
won't give up. 

Nearby, Nakki note that it's fate and Cagalli has to wonder what 
they're going gah gah about, it's embarassing and Chibodee says 
that he told them not to get involved and Higgins says "Well, 
they're certainly doing a good reunion scene" Sai Saichi says 
that the other reunion seems to be quite (well) and Akatsuki 
says to leave it be, it's good like that and Ippei says that 
those people have complex feeling.

At the Nadesico bridge, Touya look quite stern and Megumi-chan 
ask what's wrong. Mao says that they can't let this pass after 
being quite worried about them. Touya ask Yurika if it's all 
right to just come running to get them like this to look for Yuu 
and him. Akatsuki says that of course, Natarle was definitely 
against it and Touya says he thought that was the case. Yurika 
says that it's all right, they even repel a Grados attack 
outside their search mission though Erina says that that's just 
looking at the result but Ruri says that fact's fact. Sarah is 
silent and Ryou ask if she's thinking about Shapiro's word but 
Sarah says that it's not really about her and Shapiro but about 
the fact that they're only watching right now as Yurika conclude 
for her. Eiji says that originally, the Grados army's tactic was 
to let the Earthling fight themselve to weaken the Earth. After 
taking over the moon, they may note that nothing has changed in 
the confusion laden Earth atmosphere and decide to wait. Kenichi 
ask if that means that it's more advantageous than to attack 
anywhere but use other army to their advantages. Nanga note that 
the Grados seems to want to look from up high. Erina says that 
it's just as well since they can't do anything about it now, 
they might as well be thankful about it and focus on other 
enemies. Yurika says that anyhow, they should return to Yokosuka.

In the colony, Crueset congratulates Patrick Zala on his gaining 
power. Patrick says that it's natural since  Kline who just 
wants to negotiate is not really doing anything for the 
situation. Even if there's alien invading, they will not 
negotiate even if they say it is to protect the Earth's sphere, 
it doesn't have anything to do with their situation since if 
they don't win this war and end it, it has no meaning. If the 
Federation will surrender without conditions then they might 
accept, if not the Federation are an even bigger enemy for them 
than the alien since whatever the case, the Coordinator have no 
future if they don't win against the Federation but the Kline 
faction never understood this. Crueset says that before the 
aliens on the moon make their move, they have to destroy the 
Natural which is why he has hasten the preparation for Operation 
Speedbreak in preparation for Patrick becoming the head of ZAFT 
and the Plants. Patrick asks if the aliens are not moving and 
Crueset says yes and Patrick says that they cannot let the Kline 
faction know about the true Operation Speedbreak. Crueset says 
that the Kline faction have been decieved into thinking that 
Operation Speedbreak will make it more advantageous to hold 
negotiations with the Federation, they won't know it's true 
purpose and for that Crueset is planning to go down to Earth. 
Patrick tells him to do his best and tells the Natural to take a 
good look, once the Coordinator are finally going all out, it'll 
be over for them in an instant. Crueset note that the war is 
going JUST like he wanted, go ahead and let his hate flow, 
Patrick Zala.

Episode 29

Miku ask why Masato disobey orders and came back to the Last 
Guardian like this, Natarle will be furious but "Masato" 
suddenly laughs and tells Miku to stop thinking of unneccesary 
things, she doesn't have to hide it from him that she's a robot, 
she only has to follow his orders,that's all and (ahem) (well) 
"Masato" did some unsavoury stuff to Miku afterward.

Miku ran away and Taki wonders "that face, how he talks, it 
can't be" and enters asking why Masato has returned to the Last 
Guardian. "Masato" tells Taki that he said it before but don't 
order him around, don't think he can be used just like that, 
he's going to do as he please and will not let anyone interfere 
which surprises Taki.

Back at Yokosuka, Yuu learn that afterward, Orphan has stop 
rising and Natarle says that it has but it seems that Orphan is 
slanting itself as if to headed for the sun. Higgins says that 
this isn't funny and that they have to go back to Novis to stop 
it.Murrue says that that's impossible and Mwu tells them that 
the higher ups have ordered them to stop making a move against 
Orphan and since Geibridge isn't back at Novis it means that 
there is no movement so far. Natarle says that until Geibridge 
return, the Brain Powered troops are to work with them as 
ordered by Captain Irene and Natarle herself will no tolerate 
any reckless activity that is not ordered. Yuu says that he 
thought they weren't right in the brain before but as he told 
them before, it doesn't matter how many other enemies they 
defeat, if Orphan leaves the Planet then the Earth will die and 
they had a chance of stopping Orphan back then and if they do 
nothing then Orphan will fly away to the stars. Inez says that 
that's why they're researching it, Orphan doesn't appear to be 
getting ready to fly and the Federation have begin negotiation 
with the Reclaimers but Yuu says that the Reclaimers are only 
interested in getting off this Earth so they can't believe a 
word they says. Lasse is angry that if they make any bad moves 
now, they'll be labelled as traitors. Natarle says that that's 
the case and that they're getting ready for a mission and she 
wants the Brain Powered troops to join in too.

Yurika ask what's up and Kouji says that they found Dr.Hell's 
main base and Sayaka clarify that Tessa and Mythril found what 
appears to be a mobile man made island and once they 
investigated, they found Gull and Boot ships coming out of it. 
Natarle says that they confirm the data Mythril sent over and 
the chance that it's Dr. Hell's main base is very high which is 
why they're getting everything ready to take them on. Shinobu 
note that they're finally able to hit a big one and Yurika 
agrees.Murrue apologize that they just got back but could they 
get ready to launch again?

Touya ask where Miku and Masato are, has anything happened? 
Kouji says that while the Nadeisco went north, they had a fight 
with the Kikaijuu and Radam and well afterward...Natarle cuts in 
bluntly and says that they ignore the order to return and went 
back to the Last Guardian, disobeying orders and calls for them 
to return. The Federation is ready to arrest him and Tenia asks 
if that's like D-Boy and Akito ask why is that? Erina says it 
can't be helped since they seem to be quite problematic from the 
beginning. No matter how powerful a weapon is, if it can't be 
controlled then it's a problem. Inez wonder if it's due to the 
other Masato in him and Tetsuya says that that seems to be the 
case and Murrue says that they'll have to do this without 
Zeorymer. Noal is complaining that they have to put D-Boy's case 
after they finis off Dr.Hell and Aki says that seems to be the 

At his base, Dr. Hell note that with Orphan rising, the aliens 
on the moon and the Radam forest increasing, this is no longer 
time to be idle and says that his army will full out attack 
Eastern Asia, especially Yokosuka. Baron Ashura says that he 
disagree with using Gauron and the Hau Dragon for this mission 
but Dr. Hell says that this is no longer the time to try and get 
both side's super technology anymore, they must destroy those 
that oppose them like the team and sink Orphan to the depth then 
take over the Earth. That is why Gauron and the Hau Dragon are 
necessary and no matter what they plan, it will all soon become 
his soon enough.Ashura ask Dr. Hell if he/she has not been a 
good servant for Dr.Hell and Dr. Hell tells Ashura to take a 
rest. Ashura says that it was their fault that they haven't 
defeated the team and wants to be the one to defeat them and 
he/she begs Dr. Hell to give them power and make them into a 
Gattai Kikaijuu. Dr. Hell is shocked by that saying that 
Ashura's body will then be... but Ashura says that he/she is 
commited to this and it will all be for Dr.Hell that he destroy 
the team. Dr. Hell says that he see Ashura's resolves and will 
make him/her into a Gattai Kikaijuu as they wish.

At the Hau Dragon's base, Miku wakes up and Empress Yura says 
that she is an idiot for falling into their hands this quickly 
and ask how can Miku also be Zeorymer's pilot since the Zeorymer 
that Kihara Masaki stole with the baby was only created for one 
person to control like the other Hau Dragon robots, WHY is the 
Zeorymer a two seater, she has to know and looks at Miku's face 
and says that those eyes reminds her of Kihara Masaki.

Later, Empress Yura learns that the Rose C'est La Vie has went 
to aid Dr. Hell as Ruran tells her so and that she is playing 
with a girl like that but Empress Yura says that this is not 
playing but to understand Zeorymer's power and turn this world 
into a netherworld and for her plan to be the Mei Oh

Saiga note that his Omzack of Thunder is finally finished and 
that with it, the Zeorymer is no longer an opponenet and neither 
is the Earth Federation, Orphan or those aliens. They will all 
fall to the Omzack's power.Rockfell looks at him and Saiga ask 
what's with that face, is the Empress tired of her and want to 
torture that girl herself even though there's nothing. Rockfell 
says that the Empress has her ways of thinking and is he 
discontent with it? Saiga says that maybe he is since the 
Empress is too obsessed with the Zeorymer as if she didn't 
understand how things have changed in 15 years. Rockfell tells 
him that that is quite insolent and Saiga asks Rockfell whether 
she'd like to team up with HIM instead. Rockfell ask if Saiga is 
planning treason and Saiga says that that is quite stupid of her 
to say that.

Later, Giso asks Rockfell whether she lend any ears to that mad 
talk of Saiga and Rockfell says that the Hau Dragons general 
like them will always side with the Empress. Giso says that he 
hopes that's so and Rockfell ask what's wrong, he seems 
different today but Giso says that he's just worried about her 
that's all and Rockfell wonder what about and Giso says it's 

At the Nadesico, Yurika ask Tessa what this "Venom" is and Tessa 
says that it's a new Armslave that they've registered and Touya 
ask if it's also on Dr. Hell's island and Kouji and Sayaka 
wonder if it's the same one as when they were captured by Ashura. 
Sousuke is silent and Tessa tells him that this Venom also has a 
special system attached to it so he and the Arbalest need to 
take care of that. Ruri note that it's the same system as the 
Behemoth and Sousuke roger that.

At the island, an Iron mask solider tells Dr.Hell that they've 
catched two ships heading to this area as the Archangel and 
Nadesico and Dr. Hell note that they came before he could attack 
them but it's fine and tells the Iron Mask to prep all his most 
powerful Kikaijuu army 

Kouji, Sayaka, Tetsuya, Mao and Sousuke arrive along with the Da 
Nann and Kouji tells Dr. Hell to watch, he'll end it here today. 
Tetsuya note that they haven't been found out yet and Sayaka 
note that it's thanks to the two ships using themselves as a 
lure so that they can come in and attack the main base. Kouji 
note that Tessa is quite good being able to let them come in 
undetected like this even though Hell is also a genius. Tetsuya 
note that they should get started and ask about Sousuke who says 
there's no problem. Mao tells Sousuke that he doesn't have to go 
overboard because he feels he's losing on willpower since those 
people aren't their enemy and Sousuke says he knows that. Mao 
says that even so, Sousuke wasn't even aware that Chidori came 
to see how he's doing and Sousuke ask when that is? Mao says 
that it was before they deploy, she heard that from Chidori so 
she's quite a bit worried that if he didn't notice that, he 
wouldn't notice his surroundings. She know he's worried about 
the Venom but don't be so troubled about it. There's no one on 
this team who fights by trying to win every situation himself 
like Sousuke and no one will think anything if he fails. Tetsya 
says that that's right, even if one fails, if the others take up 
the slack, it's fine, that's how they've done it and made it 
till here. Sousuke says he understands and Mao says that she's 
glad he got it and tells everyone that the Party has started.

More enemies appear and Mao ask if everyone knows what to do and 
Kouji says that they just rampage enough here right but Sayaka 
tells Kouji that they also have to draw out as much of the enemy 
into the open before everyone gets here and for him not to go 
out too far. Zaido wonders if it's a raid and see Kashim and 
note "I see..." Sousuke note that it's that Armslave again and his 
movement seems similar as if he's seen it before. "The way he's 
reading my movement and that Gattling gun, it can't be...Zaido?" 
Sousuke mutters and Zaido himself says "I am sorry Kashim but I 
want to be on the winning side"

The Nadesico and Archangel appear and Yurika note that they're 
doing it (i.e. defeating Dr.Hell) and Murrue wonder if this is 
the manufactured island. Milly note that it feels quite bad and 
Natarle orders all units to deploy with Yurika saying that 
they'll finish off the enemies in one swoop. The rest of the 
team deploys and Kouji grumbles that they haven't even draw out 
Venom and Ashura yet, just where are they hiding?  Mao tells 
Ruri to do a sweep since this island is manufatured, the enemies 
could come out anywhere. Ruri says that the Venom is found as it 
deploys along with another enemy battalion.  Mao says that she 
confirms it as well and wonders why it decides to deploy out in 
the open to let them know. Gauron laughs and says that the team 
actually did come and eat the bait. He'd been waiting to meet 
them again for a while, the Nadesico and Archangel team and the 
people of Mythril especially Kashim or is he called Sagara now. 
He won't forget that little debt he got last time. Sousuke can't 
believe that it's Gauron and Touya can't believe Gauron's still 

Gauron says that he picked himself out back at time fortunately 
and it's destination is here. While this might not be the best 
place, it's time to have a party. The battle begins and Zaido 
tells Sousuke that he's like before, his good and bad points are 
still there and Sousuke shouted "Zaidoo" Zaido says that this is 
no one's fault, to be a friend and then an enemy or vice versa, 
it happens all the time in the battlefield, Kashim should know 
this. Sousuke defeated Zaido but suddenly Zaido and his 
ArmSlaves moved again which makes Sousuke thinks that he's done 
for but thankfully, Zaido's mech explode which makes Sousuke 
quite annoyed that luck saved him.
The battle continues and Gauron is the team's next stumbling 
block. The team manage to damage the Venom a bit, Gauron laughed 
saying that it's not bad for them and rush in but Sousuke 
intercept telling everyone that he'll handle this and think "I 
can do it, I should be able to, I've done it a lot of time so it 
SHOULD succeed" Gauron ask what's wrong with Kashim, if he wants 
to do it, go ahead and try.

The Arbalest fires it's rifle but the bullets bounced off the 
Venom's Lambda Driver's forcefield. Sousuke is shocked and 
Gauron says that that won't do it, it's time to finish off 
Kashim for good. Mao attacks the Venom which surprises Sousuke 
as she says "You idiot, what were you doing all blanked out like 
that" However the Venom then attacks and destroys Mao's ArmSlave.

Sousuke shouted Mao's name and Gauron says let's get back to 
Kashim's punishment. Sousuke radioed to the Nadesico that this 
is Uruz 7, Uruz 2 is destroyed, living status unknown but Yurika 
doesn't understand that which makes Sousuke shout "I said Mao is 
down, I'll draw this one away, someone get to Mao quickly" The 
Arbalest rush away and the Venom follows and Gauron ask if 
Kashim is running away, that won't do. Sousuke note that this is 
leaps and bound different than before, can that creep use that 
function to infinity?  Compared to that he's... Ryouko shouted 
"You idiot, Sousuke, what are you doing" and Mwu tells him "Calm 
down, Sergeant. Where have you who are calm and cool gone? 
There's ally forces around, move according to that" Ruri 
confirms that Mao's still breathing and Krutz radio in to 
Sousuke asking if he heard that, Big Sis is gonna be just fine, 
don't go out too far alone like that, you idiot. "Roger that" 
Sousuke says.

The team scrambles to help Sousuke but many are blocked by the 
two Behemoth but they pool their power to defeat it. Gauron 
shouted "Kashimm, hahahhaa" maniacally and Sousuke shouted 
"That's enough, you've taken enough..Gauron"  Gauron says that 
he thought Kashim's skill would be better but it's only like 
THIS, that wouldn't protect that girl he liked so much which 
shocks Sousuke. Gauron continues that he know that that Whisper 
Girl is on that ship, if she's alive he'll take her but 
accidents DO happen. "Chidori? GAURON" Sousuke shouted. The 
battle continues and Touya also attacked Gauron. Gauron note 
that it's the brat from before; jeez he should have finished 
them all off back then, that was a BIG failure of his. Touya ask 
what is he anyway, Orphan's rising, aliens are invading, yet 
he's still doing something like this. Gauron ask if he's stupid 
or something, he does this because he likes to, beside he 
doesn't have too much time left so let's have some fun, Kashim's 
friends.Merua has to note that this person (is quite insane)

Kouji tells Gauron to get out of the way, he doesn't care who 
Gauron is, he's here to squash Hell's army, if he's going to 
interfere then the Kaiser will take him on.Gauron laugh and says 
that if he can do it, then go ahead, Kabuto Kouji. Gauron goes 
down saying that he loses and explodes. Sousuke wonders if that 
did it. However, suddenly the Hau Dragon robot Rose C'est La Vie 
arrives. Ritsu says that Dr. Hell is just someone on such a low 
level to be losing to these people, but note that if he get rid 
of them, defeating the Zeorymer will be quite easier. Ruri note 
that it's the Rose C'est La Vie of the Moon from before and 
Shinobu is grumbling that it's helping Dr. Hell out.

Suddenly the Zeorymer appears and "Masato" laughs saying that 
these pathetic Hau Dragons keep coming out. Natarle demands to 
know what is going on with Masato and tells him to reply right 
now. "I told you before Natarle Bajil, DON"T ORDER ME AROUND"  
"Masato" replies. This of course gets Natarle's goat up a lot 
and "Masato" says that he will do as he please. Touya note that 
it really is the other personality Masato has and Sarah tries to 
contact Miku asking what happen to Masato but "Masato" says 
"Miku isn't here and I've just returned to my true self, that's 
all" but he silently note "The power levels are down...without 
Miku" Ritsu says he didn't think Zeorymer would come out and 
fires his Luna Flash at it. "Masato" note that the motion is too 
stiff and is hit. "Masato" then turns back to Masato and he 
wonders what happened, why is he in the Zeorymer and where is he? 
Masato ask where Miku is and Kenichi ask if he's back to normal.

Masato note that the other him must have been in charge and the 
power level of Zeorymer is at 1/3, the control won't respond, 
where is Miku? Ruri says that Miku isn't here; he himself said 
it a moment ago. Masato is shocked and what is he going to do 
then? Ritsu laugh that without a subpilot, the Zeorymer is 
reduced to this? He'll end it's existence today, along with the 
existence of Kihara Masaki who created it. Masato ask why Ritsu 
hate Masaki that much, is it because he betrayed the Hau Dragons? 
Ritsu says that's not it, it's because Masaki played with his 
life which is unforgivable. "What" Masato says quite surprises 
at Ritsu removes his mask. Ritsu then says "Look at my face; 
this is a woman's face. All the Hau Dragon's general are 
warriors, grown to battle but I was given a woman's face. Does 
he know how much pain and suffering this gave me? And what's 
more I found out some times ago that the one who created me, the 
one who made my face like this was Kihara Masaki"

"Created?" Masato asked and Ritsu says "That's right, everyone 
of the Hau Dragon's generals are clones that Masaki created, an 
artificial life form that isn't too far off from the 
Coordinators." Ritsu then puts his mask back on and says that 
"Masaki put in a program that he created in our genes so that 
when we grow up, we would be tortured by this knowledge and 
would die. When I found that out, I swore that I would not do as 
Kihara Masaki wanted, and with my hate for Kihara Masaki, 
victory is now in sight" "I've said enough, die along with the 
blood of Masaki that you inherited"

However suddenly Masato changed back into "Masato" and he laughs 
"Masaki's blood? Don't make me laugh" which shocks Ritsu as 
"Masato" continues "Who do you think I am Ritsu? There is no way 
you will win" Kouji is surprised that Masato has switched again 
and "Masato" then says "Zeorymer...recall your lost part, your 
Jikenrenkentsu System" Suddenly the Zeorymer flash and "Masato" 
says "Heheheh, Don' think you're going to die that easily Ritsu, 
let's go Miku" Suddenly Miku's voice comes in "Yes sir" Kateia 
heard that and Tenia note that Masato just said Miku wasn't on 
the Zeorymer and Akito wonders what's going on. "Masato" says 
that he'll let the team live for a while, as long as they don't 
interfere with him

The Rose C'est La Vie is destroyed by the Zeorymer's Mei Oh 
attack and "Masato" says that it's over for Ritsu; someone like 
Ritsu can never win against him. Ritsu note that this isn't 
Masato, it can't be....father? The Rose C'est La Vie explodes as 
"Masato" laughs and says "I am Kihara Masaki, not your father" 
(So that's what we'll call him from now on). Yurika asks Masaki 
what he's going to do now that they've defeated the Hau Dragon 
robot and Masaki says he might as well tag along to destroy Dr. 
Hell since he's came this far.

Kouji shouted for Dr. Hell to stop hiding and suddenly, the 
skull cave explodes as Dr. Hell comes out saying that he is not 
hiding or running. Dr. Hell congratulates the team for coming 
this far but it's over as he call forth his strongest Kikaijuu 
army. Sayaka saw them come out and says that the Venus Ace will 
take it on and rush in which made Sarah ask what she's doing. 
The Dragon Kikaijuu attacks the Venus Ace with tentacle. Megumi 
tells Sayaka to get away from the Kikaijuu but Sayaka says that 
the Venus Ace's energy is being sucked out and Kouji begins to 
fire at the Kikaijuu when it suddenly let the Venus Ace go. Boss 
asks if Sayaka is all right and Kouji tells her not to overdo it 
and get back. Sayaka says she understand and retreat into the 
Nadesico. Suddenly an explosion rocks the Nadesico. Uribatake 
calls in saying that the Venus Ace is rampaging in the cargo bay 
and Rebin say that it doesn't look as beautiful as before. 
Sayaka asks who's in the Venus Ace but Honda says no one is in 
it, that attack the Venus Ace just got must have put something 
in it. Sayaka is dismayed and Yurika apologizes to Sayaka 
telling Uribatake to launch the Venus Ace out immediately. 
Uribatake and Honda try their best as another explosion hits the 
Nadesico before the Venus Ace is ejected.

Rain can't believe that that's the Venus Ace and Domon note that 
looks like it's been overtaken by DG Cells with Inez saying that 
something similar was probably injected into it by the enemy 
Kikaijuu, it's probably best to think that it won't be turned 
back to normal. Boss asks if the Venus is now an enemy and 
Sayaka tells the Venus that it's their friend and she begs it to 
listen to them. Cagalli says that the one controlling it now is 
the enemy so it can't be helped. Dr.Hell note that that went 
well and Kouji shouted that once he deals with all this, 
Dr.Hell's next on the chopping block but Dr.Hell says that he 
has finish his best and strongest Kikaijuu ever, the Hell King 
Godon. Godon appears and Tetsuya says that the Great Mazinger 
will take it on but Ruri says that there's a familiar face on 
the Godon.Kouji note that that's Baron Ashura. Ashura says that 
it's been a while but the Ashura they knew is dead and now 
reborn as the Hell King Godon who will serve the great Dr. Hell.

The battle begins and the Evil Venus is sliced in half only to 
regrow the bottom half and it now looks like a Lamia. That 
didn't stop it from being destroyed though. What is left is only 
the Godon. The team attacks it but Ashura ask if that's all 
they've got, he'll teach them the pain that he and the Kikaijuu 
have tasted, starting with Kabuto Kouji. Ashura attack and Kouji 
is offbalanced and Ashura prepares the final blow when Tetsuya 
and the Great Mazinger rush in and took the blow meant for 
Mazinkaiser. Tetsuya can't believe the Great is this damaged and 
it blews up. Kouji is worried but Milly says that it's ok, the 
Brain Condor has ejected. Ashura says that Kouji is next. "Blast 
it, blast it, the Mazinkaiser is invincible, I won't LOSE" 
Suddenly another mech appear and Rolly says that this is the 
Million Alpha from the Photonic Lab. Roll says to Kouji "Take 
this Kouji kun, it's what Dr. Kabuto Juuzo left, the wings for 

Ruri says that something is rushing in at highspeed and the 
wings attacks Ashura. Kouji noted "Mazinkaiser's wings?" "That's 
right, the Kaiser Scrander"Rolly replied. "Scrander Cross" Kouji 
shouted as the Mazinkaiser jumped and the Kaiser Scrander wraps 
around it's waist. Roll note that the docking is completed and 
Akito says "Mazinkaiser's wing, the Kaiser Scrander, it looks so 
cool, it's great Kouji" A voice is heard in the Kaiser Pilder 
calling out to Kouji, this voice says that Kouji has grown from 
the past battles and has now received the Kaiser Scrander, he is 
now the true pilot of the Mazinkaiser. It is time to unleash all 
of it's power, an even greater power that Mazinkaiser posessed 
will be unleash. Ashura of course doesn't care and plans to take 
out the Kaiser and Kouji and Touya tells Kouji to run. The voice 
continues to Kouji to unleash the Kaiser Blade as proof of him 
being the true pilot of Mazinkaiser.

"Uooh, Kaiser Blade" Kouji shouted and the Kaiser unleash the 
blade from it's chest and used it to slash the Godon. Ashura is 
of course angry at this and Kouji shouted "How'd you like THAT 
Ashura?" "I won't lose THAT easily" Kouji shout to everyone 
"Everyone, let's go. Once we finish off Ashura, it's over for 
Dr.Hell"The team combine powers again and Kouji Kaiser bladed 

After Kouji has finally Kaiser bladed Ashura's Godon and it 
explodes, he shouted out for Dr. Hell to come out since there's 
no one left for him to hide behind.

Dr. Hell complements them on their power but ask why they are 
using it for the moronic Federation. He makes them an offer; 
join him to rule the world and protects it unlike the Federation 
and Plant who are out to destroy it.

Yurika says that they are not fighting for that and Hime shouts 
out that if he REALLY wants to protect the Earth, they'd have 
already been fighting side by side. Dr. Hell counter saying that 
as the Grados has mentioned, humanity is only going to kill each 
other if left alone, they need to be ruled over and not by the 
Grados, Orphan, or any aliens. Kouji shouted that they won't let 
that happen and Shinobu points it out that Hell only really want 
to rule the world as a conqueror and to stop using such pretty 
word to justify his ambitions.

Dr. Hell laughs and says that its true and he adds that sooner 
or later, the team will realize the wrongness and stupidity of 
using their power for the Federation. Natarle tells the team to 
stop his rambling and arrest him but Hell says that he 
acknowledge their victory today but he will not die and will be 
back one day. Laughing maniacally, he sets the self-destruct on 
his man-made island and the team scrambles to retreat.

As they retreat, Sousuke sees Gauron's Viper which is still 
functioning and had overheat. Gauron surrenders and when Sousuke 
doesn't shoot him, he says Kashim (Sousuke) will regret this. 

Hidden nearby, Gorgon sees that Dr. Hell has failed even though 
he used the Mikene's technology and power and see that more 
spying is needed before they are ready to take on the 
Nadesico/Archangel team.

Natarle is a bit annoyed as to why they handed Gauron over to 
Mythril  since they should have taken him and his mech to 
dissect for the Federation to find out how it work and where he 
got it.

Murrue says that it was one of the conditions for cooperation by 
Mythril for this operation. Mwu ask if Mao is allright and 
Yurika says that she and Krutz took the Venom to the "Toy Box" 
but she seems to be all right with minor injuries.

Murrue notes that while Mao is ok, they've lost Venus Ace and 
Great Mazinger so they're a little weaker and Natarle chimes in 
about the problems with Zeorymer which still disobeys them and 
returned to the Last Guardian headquarter. Mwu hopes that it 
doesn't come down to the same solution as D-Boy's case.

At the "Toy Box" Tuathan de Danan, Tessa is briefed on Gauron's 
capture. Madruke says that while Gauron state that his Venom 
overheated, the technicians who went over it saw no sign of 
overheating. Madruke says that as long as someone don't pilot it, 
it should be all right. Madruke says that they should be 
cautious since Karinin says that they don't know what might 
happen next.

Back at the Nadesico, Ryouko and the others are celebrating that 
they've gotten rid of Dr. Hell and Kouji was a bit macho 
boasting that once they knew his base's location, he was no 
match for the all-mighty Mazinkaiser. After the words left his 
mouth, he saw Tetsuya and apologize saying that the reason he 
and Kaiser are ok is because of Tetsuya and Great Mazinger's 
sacrifice along with the arrival of the Kaiser Scrander. He 
wants to apologize for being careless enough to be put in that 
position. Tetsuya says that its ok, he got to see the TRUE power 
of  the Demon Emperor and he should go comfort  Sayaka instead 
of him and Shiro chimes in saying that Sayaka is in shock over 
losing Venus Ace in that way  and has shut herself in her room 
and only Kouji can help her and Kouji complies heading out.

Touya wonders, Mao is ok but what about Sousuke? Ryou and Masato 
(D) says that Sousuke was quite down but he went back to the 
Danann. The bigger problem is Zeorymer's Masato who with his 
"split-personality" has disobeyed twice. Masato (D) and the 
others note that the normal Federation mech probably can't 
handle Zeorymer should it ever go rogue and that they would 
probably be sent in to take care of it. They don't really want 
to be put in that position again as with D-Boy. Shinobu wonders, 
originally in the battle, Masato said that Miku wasn't there but 
later on she is; what's up with that? Simone says that THAT is 
something not even the know it all explainer lady can explain.

Back at the Danann, Chidori found Sousuke who is obviously very 
annoyed at the Lambda Driver system in the Arbalest. Chidori 
came from the Nadesico because she asks Tessa to come here when 
Sousuke didn't return to the Nadesico. Sousuke says that he made 
a mistake and can't face everybody. Chidori said that it WAS a 
big battle, what with Tetsuya going down, Kouji almost getting 
killed, and all but it ended ok, no one died and no one is 
harping on Sousuke's miss.
Sousuke muttered out "Don't make light of this... Mao was only 
saved through luck, it wouldn't be too impossible if she died in 
that situation.. all because of me and that Arm Slave"  Sousuke 
continues that the Lambda Driver that turns images in thought is 
something he doesn't understand, what's worse is that it won't 
work when he wants it to. Something that unreliable, he dislikes 
it intensely. Whoever created it is the worst technologist.

Chidori ask if Sousuke is tired but he says he's not. But 
Chidori says that Sousuke is not like himself. Sousuke retorted 
back " What do YOU know about me?, I'm just a normal soldier, 
I'm fine with taking normal order going on normal mission, but 
everything I have to do doesn't suit me, neither going with this 
special task force, using THIS machine, protecting you, 
nothing !!!"

Chidori in sadness and anger then shouted back "Then why don't 
you just quit? I didn't ask you to protect me!!" Sousuke then 
says that he didn't mean it like that, maybe SHE's the one who's 

Chidori then says that she was worried because everyone said 
that Sousuke was acting strange but he had to... and she ran away 
passing Krutz who in anger then punches Sousuke down to the 
ground. Sousuke ask what Krutz is doing but Krutz shouts
"You didn't live up to the expectation of being a hero, that's 
all. You didn't do an extremely good job and beat yourself over 
it" Sousuke says that THAT's not it  but Krutz  cuts him off 
saying that THAT's exactly what got Sousuke in a knot and made 
Chidori cries "You're the lowest type of B**stard" he shouted 
"Chidori was crying??" Sousuke asked.

Krutz continues "Yes, I know you're unlike the others, you're a 
Pro and that situation like this COULD happen, but to take all 
the burden on by yourself, isn't that a little too much?" (i.e. 
the results on the battlefield isn't due to just Sousuke alone)

Episode 30

In the Zaft Submarine, Athrun is thinking about Cagalli and how 
weird she is being from Orb but yet saying that she'll protect 
the world working alongside the Federation. Nicol ask Athrun if 
he's thinking about Orphan since it seems to start moving not 
surfacing and their superiors are contemplating stopping 
Operation SpeedBreak and pulling their forces from Earth. Athrun 
note that it probably wouldn't do to have their men die 
alongside the Naturals. Nicol wonders how can something that BIG 
fly into space and Athrun says that it's not impossible 
considering it tries to surface recently but it should have no 
problem for the Colonies. Nicol hope that's so and then change 
topic telling Athrun that the next time they get their leave to 
return to the Plant, he was thinking of doing a Concert and 
wanted Athrun to come. Athrun notes that Nicol plays the piano 
right? Why is he in the military anyway? Nicol is surprised by 
this and Athrun ask if it's inappropriate to ask but Nicol says 
that he think that they have to fight once he saw the Yunius 7 
incident on the news and ask about Athrun's reason to which 
Athrun says it's the same.

At Yokosuka, Kouji greet Dr. Yumi who praised them on defeating 
Dr. Hell. Kouji says that it was quite a battle with the Hau 
Dragons and Gauron popping up also but he wonders about the 
Kaiser Scrander. Jun says she'll explain that since they found 
the hidden cargo bay where Mazinkaiser was. Juuzo chimed in that 
they helped too since Hyouma was in rehab at the time. Jun says 
that the Scrander was there (Kouji probably didn't find it after 
taking the Kaiser out for the first time) and so is another 
thing that Dr. Kabuto Juuzo left them. Hyouma ask Tetsuya if the 
Great was destroyed during the battle with Dr. Hell and Tetsuya 
sadly acknowledged it but Chizuru says that he doesn't have to 
be so down and to take a look over there. Tetsuya sees another 
Great Mazinger and Jun ask if he's surprised. Sayaka ask what's 
going on and Dr.Yumi says that the Great was destroyed was a 
prototype the Photonic Lab built from the plans that Dr. Kabuto 
left but the Great Mazinger over there is the one that Dr. 
Kabuto actually built or as Jun put it, the REAL Great Mazinger. 
Kouji tells Tetsuya that that's great and Tetsuya thanks Jun and 
the Combattler team, with this he can fight again. Dr. Yumi 
tells Tetsuya to test the new Great out while he has a talk with 
Murrue. The talk is about Roll, Rolly and Jun being added to the 
team. Kouji is excited about this which earns a slap from Sayaka 
who ask if he thinks that she who lost the Venus Ace can go to 
heck. Jun tells Sayaka that there is a Venus Ace though 
technically it's the Venus Ace's successor which was rolled out 
yesterday which Jun was going to piloted. However after she 
heard what happened with Sayaka's Venus Ace, she asked that the 
name remained Venus Ace and while it won't be Sayaka's personal 
mech, she was thinking that they could share THIS Venus.

At the Da Nann, Tessa is in shock that Gauron is loose. Chidori 
is also at the bridge and Gauron tells them not to move since he 
doesn't want to hurt boththe girl and the cute captain. The A.I. 
Dana then welcomes Captain Gauron aboard which shocks Tessa even 
further saying that she thought that only she can transfer 
authorithy to another officer. Gauron says that it was a bit 
hard finding techies and crewmembers that will gladly cooperate 
since Mythril is quite a secretive organization up there. Gauron 
tells the A.I. that he'll give it a test run and to gather all 
crew into the cargo bay. Tessa tells it to stop but Gauron says 
it's useless since he's the captain of this ship now.

Back at Yokosuka, Natarle is asking Murrue if the Feds are not 
formally asking for Mythril's help and Murrue says that from 
what she heard from Admiral Mismal, a lot of people who heads up 
Mythril are former Federation people who are disgusted with the 
Federation. Murrue conclude that as long as they don't interfere 
with the Federation then they'll leave the relation at this 
point for the moment. Mwu note that that's a relief for the 
Nadesico since they have some Mythril members as well. Yurika 
contacted in and Murrue says that it's as well since she has 
something to talk with Yurika but Yurika says that they have to 
deploy right away. Mwu ask what's wrong and Yurika says that the 
Da Nann or the Toy Box as it is called has missed rendezvue with 
Karinin who called Yurika and their top brass doesn't know where 
it is either.

Natarle ask if it isn't normal for that ship since it might be 
involved in a battle and must maintain communication silence 
since it's not truly battle worthy but Yurika says that Karinin 
thinks the captured Gauron might have something to do with it 
and Natarle says that this is the result of capturing a Viper 
like him, Murrue note that this isn't good.

At the Last Guardian, Oki ask "Kihara Masaki?" and Masaki says 
"You said that the last time too, Oki" Miku ask where Masato is 
and Masaki ask if it's worried about Masato considering it's 
just a doll. Even though it's equipped with an advance A.I., 
it's just a doll but Miku says that he built her. Masaki says 
that that's right, back then by accident, he learned of their 
existences, in order to become king, he has to defeat them which 
is why he built Zeorymer but he predicted that he'd be killed 
half way if he stayed with the Hau Dragon so he put a couple of 
pawns into motion, those that can act like human much like her. 
Miku tells him to stop it as Masaki says "You want to know where 
Masato is? I'M Masato...or the Masato you knew is no longer around 
since this body is originally my clone. I made sure that once 
the clone grew and it piloted Zeorymer, my memory and 
personality stored on it would be transferred to it." Oki tells 
Masaki that he'd like Masaki to work with the Federation under 
their commands and Masaki ask what if he's not interested?  Miku 
ask if the reason he built and stole the Zeorymer from the Hau 
Dragon wasn't for this reason and there's the aliens to think 
about. Masaki ask Miku if it really think he's that sort of 
person, while the aliens are bothersome, to him, only those 
people (Hau Dragon or your team?) are problems, the rest can go 
to heck though the Granteed and it's pilots which can move may 
be a huge assett along with that Lambda Driver and that Whisper 
girl. Masaki says that with just that, the aliens and the 
Earth's sphere are no problems and then he begins to have a 
headache which makes Miku ask if Masato is there but Masaki 
brush her away.

Oki tells Masaki that at this rate, they'll be targetted by the 
Federation and if he's planning not to cooperate then... Masaki 
ask if Oki is going to kill him again since after he killed him 
the first time, he found Miku in the Zeorymer and this body and 
he tries hard to find out the Zeorymer's secret but failed. Oki 
tells Masaki not to move or he'll shoot but Masaki came prepared 
this time saying that he has a barrier on which is a little 
manipulation of the system in the Zeorymer. Masaki tells Oki not 
to interfere because he'll do as he pleases.

At the Hau Dragon base, Empress Yura asks Ruran why he didn't 
tell her that the girl Miku is a cyborg, he HAS to know about it 
when examining her but he kept quiet and because of that, she 
was recalled by the Zeorymer and Ritsu is now dead. Ruran note 
to himself that he wondered why Masaki made such a mistake like 
that but he never thought the girl would actually BE the system 

Back at the Da Nann, Gauron note that they should be entering 
ZAFT territory right about now so it wouldn't be long until 
their destination. Tessa thinks that everyone is captured in the 
cargo bay so she can't expect help from them but she has to find 
a way to take control back somehow. Tessa thinks that there's 
one way though it's impossible for her to escape from their 
grasp and do it and then looks at Chidori noting that if it's 
her then maybe then they can do it. Tessa thinks out to Chidori 
and tells her that this is like synchronization of the mind; 
they did it before once though it can't be done for too long so 
Chidori has to listen well.

In this situation, they have to find a way to take the Da Nann 
back, it's the only way so she's giving her the gold key in her 
room, in there she can get another key and head inside the Lady 
Chapel in the 3rd mainframe froom in the middle of the Da Nann 
and once she's there, they'll synchronize again. Chidori ask 
Tessa to wait since if Tessa has this plan thought out then why 
can't she carry it out herself? Tessa says that she can't escape 
from here but someone who's physically superior to her like 
Chidori might be able to pull it off. Chidori says it's hopeless 
out loud which gets Gauron's attention and he ask what's 
hopeless. Gauron suddenly see something in Chidori's hand and 
demands to see what it is but Chidori suddenly bolted.

Gauron's subordinate ask what do they do now and Gauron tells 
them to chase after her and kill any crew who ignored that order 
to gather at the cargo bay. The subordinates leave and Gauron 
tells Tessa that he's quite angry at her so he's thought up this 
penalty and tells the A.I. to locate the nearest ZAFT submarine. 
Tessa note that the A.I. alone can't control the sub's function 
that good and if they are captured by ZAFT, then he can't escape 
as well, what will happen if they attack with their marine MS, 
he'll die alongside them too in this sub, is he suicidal? Gauron 
note that that might be a nice way to go, he doesn't mind. Tessa 
can't believe that this man seems to have no sense of self-
preservation; they underestimated this man from the beginning.

Back at Athrun's submarine, they have detected the fabled 
Phantom Submarine which usually isn't this easy to find. This 
gets Athrun and Nicol thinking that this submarine might have 
bases nearby and that it might be best to send a team in to 

The ZAFT troops moved in to where the Da Nann is and the ZAFT 
commander note that he don't know why it wants to show itself 
today but he'll sink it. Gauron note that they couldn't get away 
after all, too bad. Tessa tells him that this is the worst 
situation and to turn the control of the Da Nann back to her 
otherwise they'll all sink since she has a better chance to get 
them all away than he does controlling it. Gauron laugh and says 
that they wouldn't know till they try right? If he fails, 
they're dead, just like that.

The Nadesico and Archangel arrives and Ruri note that this seems 
quite weird for the "Toy Box" since Tessa isn't someone who 
would do something like this and they can't establish contact 
either. Natarle says that without contact, they can't react 
without knowing the situation since ZAFT is here too. Megumi-
chan says that there's a contact from the Da Nann, it's Gauron 
who invited everyone to his party. Erina note that it's like 
what Lt.Commander Karinin feared the worst. Gauron explains to 
the team that as they can see, ZAFT is attacking so if they 
don't protect this ship, it COULD sink you know. Yurika ask if 
Tessa and the others are all right and Gauron says that the 
former captain is right here though he doesn't know about the 

Yurika decides to launch and repel the ZAFT forces first and 
Murrue agrees saying that even if the ship IS stolen, it can't 
be allowed to sink with the crew members on board. Kenichi tells 
Hyouma to take it easy since he's just barely back on 
rehabilitation but Hyouma says that it's not a problem anymore, 
Kenichi can take a look for himself in this battle. Yurika brief 
everyone on not letting the Da Nann sink though Ruri says that 
they're supposed to call it the Toy Box.

The ZAFT commander is furious thinking that the Phantom 
Submarine is really a Federation submarine and they'll sink the 
Naturals' ship and to contact Athrun's troop for reinforcement. 
Inside the Da Nann, Tessa note that with the team here, they can 
protect the Da Nann from ZAFT and the rest is up to Chidori to 
reach the Lady Chapel. Gauron note that this is quite fun so 
he'll start the fireworks and tells the A.I. to launch a missile 
at the Archangel. Tessa tells him to stop but it's too late as 
the Da Nann fires on the Archangel though Sai reported that the 
missile was a dud this time. Gauron ask if Tessa removed the 
explosives inside and Tessa says that it's natural as the 
Captain. Gauron grumble that he just lost the will to play as 
the team rush in to take out the ZAFT forces first.

Inside the Da Nann, Gauron's men are taunting Chidori to run 
faster otherwise serious things are gonna happen to her. Chidori 
shouted not to come any closer and he and the other men are 
attacked and defeated by Sousuke who tells traitors like him to 

Sousuke asked Chidori what happened and is she hurt but Chidori 
ask him why is he here (not rounded up and captured). Sousuke 
says that he came searching for her when this started and was 
boxed in. He was with Krutz a minute ago but when he heard 
gunfire, he came here and found her. Chidori tells Sousuke that 
she's fine alone, even without his protection, and she wasn't 
scared. Sousuke apologized for what he said earlier which is why 
he went searching for her. If it hadn't been for Chidori, he 
would have been killed by Gauron last time. Chidori accept the 
apology and says that there's some blood on him but Sousuke says 
it's nothing and asked why she's here.

Chidori says that Tessa asked her to go to the Lady Chapel so 
she ran from them. Sousuke note that it could be that restricted 
area and tells Chidori that there are enemies abound and for her 
not to stay far from him. The two moves out.

As the battle continues,Sousuke and Chidori makes it to the Lady 
Chapel, Sousuke note that this is a TAROS, it's something that 
the techies put on the Arbalest that he doesn't understand but 
why is it here? Chidori then close her eye and says "Transfer  
And Response "Omni-Sphere" "This is an older version than the 
one on the Arbalest and what it does isn't regulate the Lambda 
Driver but this ship's control mechanism" "Oh I see...it's like 
this..." Sousuke is confused and Chidori says "Thank you Sagara 
san, this is ok now, would you please come to the bridge to 
rescue me next?" "Major?" Sousuke replies a bit confused.

The team is almost finished with the ZAFT forces and Yurika 
cheers them on but Erina says that even if they do repel ZAFT 
forces, if the Da Nann is still under enemy control then it 
means nothing, what are they going to do afterward? Yurika 
doesn't really know and Erina screech that Yurika hasn't thought 
this through, has she? Something catches Ruri's attention and 
she tells Megumi-chan who asked what happened that the Omoikane 
has been hacked from the outside which is quite unbelievable. 
Omoikane then says "Don't worry Ruri-chan, tell everyone that 
it'll be fine" which gives Ruri pauses and Chidori's face comes 
up and continues " So tell everybody to protect us a little 
longer, ok?". Ruri is quite surprised at this "Kaname-san?"

The ZAFT forces are finished off and Gauron note that that's 
quite noteworthy of the team though this ship is still HIS so 
what are they going to do now? Suddenly a weird light fills the 
command center and Gauron ask what's going on as Tessa tells the 
Dana (A.I.) to release all the locks that it put in place and 
the Dana complies. Gauron wants to know what magic Tessa used 
but Tessa says that this ship is her's now and she wouldn't let 
him do as he pleases. Gauron note that it has to be that girl 
and Tessa says that she's the best and even if he kills Tessa 
herself, with Chidori around, the ship will survive and with the 
Archangel and Nadesico here, even if he tries to get away, he 
can't run so this is the end for him and... Sousuke is here.

Sousuke fires at Gauron aiming to wound saying that he's lost, 
give it up. Gauron doesn't plan to do that and says that they 
should start their next game and fires at Sousuke creating a 
getaway for himself. Meanwhile outside, Murrue wonders what's 
going on inside the Toy Box since she heard that something's 
happening.  Chidori tells Ruri that Gauron plans to deploy in 
the Venom..he's leaving "her" and Ruri informs everyone that 
Tessa and the others seems to have reestablished control but 
Gauron is out in the Venom. Natarle note that he can't get away 
on that, it overheats easily but Chidori says that he's not 
planning to run, he still has a card, he doesn't care if he 
fails the things before that, he's not normal in that he's 
having fun  and thrills with all this life threatening situation, 
someone please stop him.

Gauron reappears in the Venom and head for dry land saying that 
it's not over, it's just started since this is his specially 
prepared stadium. Shinobu note that that snake has come out. 
Rushing after it is Sousuke in the Arbalest, Sousuke worries 
whether he can use that function, if it wouldn't work again 
then... Chidori calls in telling Sousuke that it's all right, he 
can MAKE it work, make the Lambda Driver work so please trust 
the system. Sousuke protest and Chidori then says "Then how 
about trusting me...I promise you...you'll be fine"  Sousuke note 
Chidori's word and then says "Roger that". Touya ask if Sousuke 
is all right and Sousuke says that he's fine, let's stop that 

Gauron note that he's quite ecstatic, let's get it on Kashim. 
Sousuke note that he wouldn't accept it, he knows that Gauron is 
fearsome, Gauron took so many things from him at that time. Even 
when he's supposed to be dead, he targtted Chidori and now he's 
trying to take things
 away from him again, that's why there's no way he'll forgive 
Gauron. "That's more than enough, Gauron...I'll end everything 
with you right here" Sousuke shouted and the Lambda Driver 
flares to life. Gauron note that that's it, this is going to be 
fun. Suddenly more Armslaves appear along with three Hau Dragons 
robot. Gauron says that they should start the party.

Sai report the 3 Hau Dragon robots and Murrue wonders if they 
were hidden on this island all along and Natarle note that 
they've fallen into an enemy trap and to return fire. Saiga ask 
Gauron what happen to the Whisper Girl and Gauron says that 
she's still on that ship though he doesn't care anymore, if 
Saiga wants her, he can do as he please though he'll have to 
fight the team to get her. Rockfell is silent as Giso asks Saiga 
what this Whisper is, didn't he come here to beat the team? What 
is he searching for, what is he planning to do to deploy without 
the Empress's order

Saiga tells Giso that a tagalong like him should stop ramblings 
his mouth or is he afraid to fight the team even in a Hau Dragon 
robot. Rockfell tells Giso that Saiga was planning to get the 
Hau Dragon even more power which is why he's here. Giso note 
that it's because Rockfell is here that he's here too. Saiga 
says that the Federation trash will fall before the Omzack's 
Proton Thunder. Chidori note as she returns to normal that 
there's more enemy though things are ok here from now on so 
she'll leave the rest up to Dana to follow Tessa's lead. Dana 
complies "Yes, Ms. Chidori"

Suddenly the Zeorymer appears and Natarle has a fit as usual 
telling Masato to stop it, just what is he planning and Masaki 
says that it'll be troublesome if it gets destroyed before 
falling into his hands, it's not like he's here to save them, if 
they interfere, he'll destroy them. This shock Murrue and Mwu 
ask Miku what's going on with Masato, what happened but Miku 
says that Masato has... He's not...  Saiga welcomes the appearance 
of the Zeorymer as fun. Masaki says that he doesn't care what 
remnants of the mighty Hau Dragon are planning but they're 
nothing more than tools. Giso says that this is good; they'll 
beat the Zeorymer here for the Empress. Masaki smirk asking if 
they really think they can take him on but then he starts having 
those splitting headache again. Saiga then says that he has 
something to negotiate with Masato, what about if he and Masato 
join forces along with taking the Whisper Girl, there's nothing 
they have to fear from anyone anymore if they do that. Masaki 
note that Saiga seems to have been involved with Gauron and the 
others' plans.

Giso is furious saying that Saiga is a traitor like he thought 
but Saiga says that he didn't intend to and ask if Giso plans to 
strike him down. Giso is more than happy to do so to destroy 
Saiga's ambition and his heart. Rockfell tells Giso to stop but 
Giso tells Rockfell to open her eyes, she's just being used. 
During all this chit chat, Masaki seems to have a strange 
reaction which continues to get stronger the more he watch the 
three Hau Dragon talks as Rockfell continues that even so, she 
doesn't mind, she loves Saiga. Saiga laughs and says that he 
loves Rockfell too, he'll say it as much as he want.

Masaki reach a breaking point and scream "S..SHUT UP....STOP, 
STOP !!! Love? Don't be f****king me you idiot Hau Dragons, 
you're just clones that I made from DNA, you're techincally 
siblings or more precisely, the same being and I'm the MeiOh, 
the creator who created you!!" Saiga suddenly can't believe it 
as he put two and two together though Yurika came up with a 
three and doesn't understand. Inez says that it seems this 
person isn't Masato or another personality of Masato he's a 
totally different person. Kira is shocked that all the Hau 
Dragons' are clones created from gene manipulations. Natarle 
tells all the units to stop gawking; they're still in a battle 
for crying out loud, FOCUS and fight.

Masaki ask Saiga if he plans to betray his creator like him and 
Saiga note that this isn't Masato, could it be Kihara Masaki? 
Rockfell tells Masaki that even if he was their creator, he 
didn't create the love that she has for Saiga when she met him 
but Masaki replies that all that was just programs that he 
inserted into them before suffering another headache.

(Unfortunately, I kill Rockfell first so I don't know what Giso 
says) but after Rockfell is defeated, Giso tells Rockfell that 
they have to retreat since they can't lose the Dioneraus in a 
battle that the Empress did not authorized and both retreated 
leaving Saiga and Gauron as the last two.

Saiga falls with Gauron left alone not that it makes him less 
dangerous.  Masaki shouts in triumph but also in pain that 
something like the Omzack and Saiga are no match for him. Saiga 
can't believe that the Omzack would fall this easily, could it 
be that it's not truly complete yet? Saiga decides to retreat 
but says that he won't give up.

Touya rush the Venom with Gauron noting that it's Touya again, 
he didn't think a geek like him would have come this far, but 
come on let's have some fun then. Touya shouted that he didn't 
come hear to play, he won't let Gauron interfere for reason only 
known to Gauron himself, he'll end it today. Kouji shouted 
"Gauron, I'll show you the TRUE power of the Mazinkaiser THIS 
time, don't think that that invisible wall of your is going to 
stop it" Gauron is amused at Kouji's boasting and says that 
he'll take Kouji on. Sousuke shouted "Gauron, I won't forgive 
you" with Gauron egging Sousuke on saying that that's the spirit, 

The Venom is down and Sousuke shouted that it's over to Gauron 
who has to concede smirking a little. At the Zeorymer, Masaki's 
headache hasn't stopped and Mwu note that the Zeorymer is the 
only one left, do Masato really want to take them on? Yurika  
can't believe it but Natarle tells all units not to take their 
guard off. Domon ask Masato or as he call himself Kihara Masaki, 
does he plan to leave as usual or take them all on? Just what is 
his purpose anyway? Masaki shouted " Trash like you 
can't ...me...aaagghh" before another flash hit the Zeorymer making 
Miku call out to Masato"

Miku then tells everyone that Masato has passed out and Akito 
note that at the very least, they've avoided having to fight the 
Zeorymer. Natarle ask Murrue what they should do, it'd be easy 
to recover the Zeorymer now and put Masato under arrest. Murrue 
ok it and Natarle tells Miku to come on board. Miku reluctantly 
agree and the Zeorymer is recovered.

Gauron who has been watching says a bit dissapointed that 
they're not gonna get it on, that's very disappointing. Sousuke 
wonder if the Venom can still move but Gauron says that it can't 
anymore, they've won...or have they? It's gonna be good having 
them with him for the end. Sousuke suddenly realize it as Gauron 
says that Dr.Hell did it also so let's all be friend till they 
all hit six feet under. Hime and Yuu can't believe Gauron plans 
to blow up the whole island with himself on it and Tenia says 
that this isn't funny. Sousuke plans to finish off Gauron but 
Gauron says that if he destroy the Venom, it'll trigger the 
explosion immediately, though why don't  Sousuke finish him off 
like a hero and they can all go together. Natarle and Yurika 
order all units to fall back as Gauron taunt Sousuke whether 
they can escape or not.

All units boarded the two ship as they high tail it out of there 
as the Venom takes the whole island with it as it explodes which 
makes Minato half shocked that it's actually strong enough to do 
that and Jun-kun note that at least with this, Gauron is finish 
and Yurika note that he sure was unstoppable. Suddenly a weird 
communication comes on with Sousuke saying "It's over...Really 
over, blast it...Don't keep friendily calling me with that name 
Kashim, Kashim...you bastard"  This surprise Yurika and Megumi-
chan note that Sousuke must have forgot that he still has an 
Open Channel on.

At the Nadesico hangar, Ryouko laugh and wonder whether anyone 
heard Sousuke cursing Gauron as that bastard and Hikaru note 
that even a no nonsense guy like Sousuke has a breaking point. 
Touya note that they must have had a long history together and 
Kouji chimes in that Gauron really was a bastard to the end with 
Hyouma agreeing.

At the Archangel, Murrue note that that was quite a problem and 
Mwu says that at least everyone's safe, what about the Zeorymer. 
Before Murrue can answer, Sai report in that ZAFT forces are 
heading their way at a high speed with Mwu noting that the one 
they repelled earlier must have called for back up. Yurika and 
Tessa call in to confirm ZAFT forces coming in from air and sea. 
Tessa apologize saying that it's because thanks to the team that 
they were saved but it seems that they're not out of the water 
yet. Natarle note that they'll have to fight their way out.

Episode 31

At the Archangel dock, Mardock tells Kira and Cagalli to hurry 
since ZAFT forces are still coming. Cagalli grumble that these 
people are persistent, it's not like they came to fight ZAFT 
this time but Mwu says that ZAFT probably don't care since this 
is close to their territory. The troops back then must have 
radioed in for assistance so it can't be helped. Cagalli says 
that she knows that, it's just that she doesn't want needless 
bloodshed to happen. Kira agrees with Cagalli's sentiment.
At the Da Nann, Krutz is briefing Mao on the ZAFT troops heading 
their way. Krutz says that it's like they haven't catch a break 
for a  long while now, it's one crisis after another but it 
can't be helped, they're going to put up a stand near the 
closest island against ZAFT. Krutz ask if Mao is all right since 
she's getting up but Mao says that this isn't a time for her to 
be lying down, she's fine though it must be a bit hard for 
Sousuke who's just gotten back after a major battle against 
Gauron. Sousuke says that there's no problem and Chidori comes 
in asking if there's going to be another battle.
Sousuke confirms it and apologize that he doesn't have the time 
to return her to the Nadesico. Chidori says that that's fine 
though he should be careful on the battlefield. Sousuke roger it 
and Krutz ask Chidori if this idiot apologize to her already. 
Chidori says that he did and Sousuke ask Chidori whether she'd 
like to stay on the Da Nann for a while if she wants to 
afterward, he'll get the Major's permission. Chidori says that 
she doesn't mind, she has something to talk with Tessa anyway. 
Sousuke says that that's great; he'll be back after a while.

The three ships stop near an island and Yurika tells Murrue that 
they can use this place to repel the ZAFT forces. Murrue agrees 
and ask Tessa about her opinion and Tessa says that she doesn't 
mind, she knows that her ship isn't made for big battle and the 
ArmSlaves they have doesn't work too well underwater but she 
knows the team's power and ZAFT's so it's best to stick with the 
team in this area. ZAFT forces appear and Kira deploys in the 
Strike along with the others. Natarle tells the team that 
protecting the ships come first so don't let the MS troop near. 
The battle begins and Ruri confirms that a second wave of ZAFT 
is coming and it turns out that it's Athrun and his gang. Yzak 
screams out in anger that Strike is here and Nicol note that it 
really is the Archangel and Nadesico team. Erina can't believe 
the numbers of enemy reinforcement they brought, Cagalli and 
Kira can't believe that it's Athrun and the Aegis and Kira 
wonder whether he'll have to fight Athrun again. Athrun himself 
think that the one on the Strike is probably Kira and that 
Cagalli girl is probably also on the team and here. Yzak says 
that he thought it would be a boring assignment, he didn't think 
he'd run into them here, he's going in. Dearka agree saying that 
it's time to sink those ships and Yzak says that he'll destroy 
Strike, sink the ships and pay back all the pain and hurt of his 
scar today. Athrun agree that it'll also be avenging Miguel by 
sinking their target ship and the tag along Nadesico.

Ruri confirm the 4 Gundams and Yurika didn't think it'd be them 
again and Ryouko note that with this amount of MS, they really 
are planning to sink both ship and Ruri says that it seems like 
vengeance for them even though Jun-kun says that they started it 
on Heliopolis (by stealing those Gundams) so it's a bit of 
reverse vengeance. Murrue note that it all started back there 
for them, they're persistent. Mwu note that at least they're not 
Crueset's troop anymore since that masked maniac isn't here.

Eiji calls out to Kira and Kira says he understand seeing how 
Eiji had to fight Gale Senpai and his own sister along with Yuu 
who had to fight his own sister and everyone he knew in the 
Reclaimer. Eiji says that it's not like they WANTED to fight, if 
they can avoid it, they should. Kira says he got that too but if 
the other side attack first then they have to fight to protect 
the things dear to them, it can't be helped. Yuu says that he 
heard from Hime about how the Aegis's pilot is a friend and Kira 
says that it can't be help; they have to fight since it's come 
to this. Cagalli is a bit shocked asking if the friend in ZAFT 
that Kira talked about is (the Aegis's pilot). Nakki can't 
believe that there's lot of people who have friends and family 
in the enemies side in this team a lot. Touya tells Kira that he 
doesn't have to go above and overboard to fight Athrun (i.e. 
seeking him out). Touya heard from Nakki back when Yuu had to 
fight his sister that the pain from having to fight siblings (or 
loved one) he'll take care of it. If it can't be helped, if it 
can't be avoided, while it might not solve anything, the team 
will do their best to cover him (i.e. fight Athrun for Kira and 
make him retreat) David says that he knows how Kira might feel 
responsible and try to do it himself but if possible he should 
stop (and leave it to them)

Yzak shouted that he WILL sink the Strike as thanks for this 
scar and for Miguel's revenge, he'll sink him today. Kira note 
that it's the Duel but he won't go down here.

Cagalli is shocked that it IS Athrun in the Aegis, the same goes 
for Athrun who notice that the one on the Strike Rouge is 
Cagalli. Cagalli says that they didn't come to fight ZAFT so why 
are they attacking in full force like this and Athrun says that 
to his team, the Nadesico and Archangel are targets that must be 
sink. This is different from back then, this is a war zone and 
if she appears on it as an enemy, he'll sink her. Touya shouted 
"Aegis, I won't let you and Kira fight, I'll be your opponent" 
Athrun is of course angry and retorted "IF only you people 
weren't at Heliopolis, if only you weren't there, it might not 
have ended up like this" (They'd steal the Strike also?)

Athrun then confronted Kira and the blame game started with Kira 
saying that if Athrun hadn't come, they wouldn't have to fight 
and with Athrun saying that if Kira knew he was coming, he 
should have gotten off the Strike. (Real fun stuff.) While all 
this is going on, the other three ZAFT Gundams gets their head 
handed to them and have to retreat. Only Athrun is left in the 
quite battered Aegis. Kira tells Athrun to retreat, he's lost. 
Beside he doesn't want to fight Athrun further but Athrun ask 
him what he's saying at this point, just go ahead and shoot, 
didn't Kira say it once that he'd also shoot Athrun but if he 
doesn't, then he'll shoot. This trouble Kira as he instinctively 
attacks but the Blitz Gundam comes back and Nicol tells Athrun 
to get away taking the attack meant for the Aegis.

Nicol's last words are for Athrun to get away and for his mom 
and his piano before the Blitz explodes killing Nicol. Athrun 
shouts Nicol's name as Kira is stunned and Natarle ask what Kira 
is doing. Kira tells Athrun to retreat since the Aegis can no 
longer fight. Athrun retreats with white rage. Murrue tells all 
units to get aboard since they will be leaving this area 
immediately. Milly repeat the order and tells Kira who is still 
in shock that it's over and to come back to the Archangel. David 
noted that he's in shock and Natarle note that at last they've 
destroyed one of the stolen X Number.

At the Archangel dock, Mardock congratulate Kira on downing one 
of the X Number but Kira leave quite silent leaving Mardock 
quite perplexed as to what happened and Mwu says that Kira's 
tired so he's not quite courteous and not in the mood to talk. 
Hime wonders if Kira is going to be all right and David note 
that the Blitz's pilot wasn't his friend but Yuu says that 
that's not the case. Touya then ask what is it since while this 
is Kira's first time in destroying an X Number, he's downed 
enemy MS before. Yuu says that Kira was attacking the Aegis; 
it's just that the other one barged in to take the hit for the 
Aegis pilot that's all. It's not downing the MS that's gotten 
Kira in shock but him fully trying to kill his friend and 
killing the other friend of his friend.  Mwu note that this is 
war, as long as they're enemies, it's kill or be killed. There's 
no place for doubt or it's going to get you kill, Yuu and Eiji 
are in the same predicament since the other side is really 
trying to kill them. Eiji is silent and Yuu says that he 
understand that and so does Kira but does Mwu know the feeling 
of aiming a gun at the one he knows most and having to fire that 
gun even though he doesn't want to? Mwu says he doesn't but it 
can't be helped. Yuu says that saying it can't be helped won't 
cut it if there's something they can do to avoid itand neither 
will the words that this is war.

David and Touya note that even so, someone like Eiji and Yuu who 
have made up their mind of what they want to do and who they 
have to oppose are different from Kira. Kira meanwhile goes past 
Flay saying he wants to be alone and alone in his room, he cries, 
noting that he's Athrun's enemy right?

At the Nadesico's bridge, Yurika is Oking something with Tessa 
and Tessa says that she'll talk with Murrue as well so they 
should get along fine from now on and she thanks the team for 
what they did this time. Yurika says that it's ok since Karinin 
asked them to, besides they're friends which make Tessa laugh a 
bit and she agrees. Yurika ask about Chidori and Tessa says that 
Sousuke wants to take her to their base since this time they 
caused her a lot of trouble. Yurika ask where Mythril's base is 
but Tessa says that that's a secret.

In the ZAFT Submarine, Yzak is of course white with rage having 
Athrun by the collar with Dearka telling Yzak to stop it. Yzak 
ask why Nicol had to die here and Athrun says that if Yzak wants 
to say it go ahead, it's his fault Nicol's dead, that he went to 
rescue him that he winds up dead. Dearka tells Athrun and Yzak 
to stop it, they can't go at each other, the one they have to 
destroy is the Strike, Archangel and Nadesico. Yzak says he 
knows that, they kill Miguel and gave him this scar too, next 
time he'll destroy them all. Yzak leaves fuming with Athrun 
thinking that Nicol told him that he wanted to invite Athrun to 
his concert when they have leave....blast it, the one who should 
have been killed is him. His immaturity in not shooting him 
(Kira) back in space killed Nicol. He will shoot Kira, next time 

At Yokosuka,  Kouji and the others learn that Masato has awaken 
and Masato recognize Miku who ask if it's Masato but Masato says 
that he's neither Masato nor Masaki, he knows now, he's not one 
or the other. Touya says that they heard a bit from Miku already 
but what's going on? Masato says that he is Kihara Masaki's 
clone and the Zeorymer has Masaki's full personality and memory 
inputted into it and once he gets on board and received it, he 
was supposed to become Kihara Masaki which makes Hyouma wonder 
if it's Masato's other self. Masato continues that however his 
memory and personality as Masato for 15 years didn't disappear 
but still lived, the foolish boy who didn't want any part of 
Kihara Masaki's plan. Inez says that no matter how much he's a 
clone, you can't just switch out a person's heart like that, not 
even Kihara Masaki who used Black Technology. Masato wonders who 
he really is but Kenichi tells him that he's Masato, he said it 
himself. Touya says that the time he spent living as Masato is 
still inside him, so he's Masato. At the very least his 
personality is not Masaki's. Tenia agrees saying that he's 
absolutely different from that one with the much hated 
personality with Kateia and Merua agreeing. Kouji note that it's 
just that he's also got Kihara Masaki's memory also that's all 
but he's still Masato.

At the Merida Island, Chidori ask if  Sousuke went to console 
Tessa and Sousuke says that she cried in his arms (some of her 
subordinates are dead thanks to Gauron's infiltration and her 
own carelessness in this) Chidori says that she thought so since 
Tessa took it to be all her fault even though no one is saying 
anything. Chidori then says that that's that but what is this 
place anyway. Sousuke says that this is his secret fishing 
spot...though with Orphan emerging, it's disturbed where the fish 
are thus making it no longer a place to catch fishes, too bad. 
Chidori ask if he's still planning on fishing even though it 
won't be long now that they have to board a plane back to 
Yokosuka. Sousuke says that he'd plan on taking Chidori here 
before but with a lot that's happened and what's going to happen, 
he doesn't know when they'll be able to come back here again 
though fishing's useless now and the sea has stop being blue, it 
was a great blue colour that he wanted her to see.

Chidori is a bit surprised by this but then says that fishing 
takes a long time, doesn't it but Sousuke wonders if that's so 
since whenever he's with her, he feels as if he can do anything 
even getting a big one in a short time or to get away from a 
large crisis. Chidori ask if he really thinks so and Sousuke 
says "Of course, it's because you're here that I'm here right 

Back at Yokosuka, in a meeting room Noal says that they can't 
stand it any longer, any more and they'll leave the team but 
Natarle counter that they cannot give permission with Aki saying 
that D-Boy is... but Natarle says that if he is given permission 
to be released then they will be notified. Aki says that they 
don't know what conditions D-Boy is subjected to or what 
punishment he's got, no matter what the Federation's rulings are, 
they're his friends; it's too harsh with Miri agreeing. Natarle 
says that if she thought them going would do something then she 
would sent them already and Murrue agrees saying that it's not 
like she and Yurika have been sitting on their toes. Yurika 
agrees saying that her dad has say that he won't be release but 
they might move his imprisonment to the Space Knights though 
whatever became of that notion isn't clear yet. Noal then says 
that anyhow, they're going back to their base to have a talk 
with the Chief since he hasn't say anything about this. They've 
cooperate with the Feds following orders in fighting the Boazan 
and defeating Dr.Hell and such so they're taking a little 
personal trip. Natarle starts to protest but Ruri ask if having 
D-Boy arrested in a Federation base isn't dangerous even though 
Kolbet doesn't seem to realize it

Natarle is surprised by this but Ruri tells Natarle not to mind 
her, she's talking to herself. Yurika tells Ruri not to keep it 
to herself but Inez then says that she'll explain then even 
though Cagalli says no one asked her to. Inez says that D-Boy is 
connected to the Radam that have landed to make Radam Forest and 
such (he seems to sense them) so what about the enemy Tekkaman 
like the two they've categorised, could they sense D-Boy's 
location and attack in order to want to fight D-Boy? This is 
probable since they haven't appeared before the team after D-Boy 
was taken away. While the enemy Tekkaman might have the same 
final goals as the Radam beast, they seem to have a different 
movement compare to the Radam beast since their movement is 
about attacking and killing the traitor Tekkaman with them and 
it seems that they can sense each others if they're nearby so...

Murrue ask if it means that the enemy Tekkaman might try to go 
for D-Boy and attack the base he's kept at. Inez says that it's 
a miracle that it hasn't happened thus far and may be due to the 
fact that they don't know that D-Boy has returned to normal from 
his berserk self so they might be searching now. Natarle note 
that that has merit so she'll file a report on it to strengthen 
the base but Aki says that that'll take too much time with 
Yurika suddenly going "Ah" as if remembering something. Sarah 
tells her not to do that suddenly and Yurika says that she 
forgot that Freeman asked her to do something. She was to take 
Eiji and the Layzner to the Space Knight headquarter and with 
the possibility of attacking Tekkaman and with Eiji's business, 
the Nadesico should head towards North America.

Murrue agrees, even if D-Boy isn't release, he might be attacked 
by Radam before he is transferred. Natarle protest but Murrue 
says that that's all they can do. Later on, there are talks 
about the Nadesico heading to North America. David notes that if 
Eiji's going, so are they. Hime ask about them and Lasse says 
that with Geibridge returning, they should be going back to the 
Novis Noah so they should remain with the Archangel. Chizuru 
says that they're staying behind as well since they plan to 
check if Hyouma's arms are fully all right and Kenichi says that 
he plans to talk with Dr. Sagaguchi so they're staying behind as 
well. Kouji ask about Touya and Tenia says that she wants to go 
save D-Boy so let's go.

Touya says that he's also worried about D-Boy so he might as 
well go with the Nadesico and Tenia says it's decided then.

Chidori and the Uruz team are back and Chidori is a bit confused 
as to where Sousuke is since she doesn't know but Ruri then says 
that Chidori is like that person, Tessa right? Chidori says that 
it appears to be so and Ruri ask how they can do something like 
that but Chidori says she doesn't know and to do something like 
during the Da Nann incident normally is probably hopeless since 
that's due to the Da Nann's TAROS which synchro with the Da 
Nann's system. The TAROS she knows is with the Da Nann and the 
Arbalest and the Arbalest one is for the Lambda Driver and she 
and Tessa has to use the Omnisphere in the TAROS...etc etc. Ruri 
is of course silent and Chidori apologize for saying things that 
Ruri and even herself doesn't understand. Chidori ask Ruri to 
forget all that, that time was special and it's not like Ruri 
who can easily control systems like that. Ruri says "I see..." 
with a bit of disappointed look in her face and Chidori says not 
to look like that and to keep it under wrap from everybody. Ruri 
agrees that would be best and Chidori says that it's their 
little secret and she'll bake Ruri what she wants and Ruri wants 
anything that Chidori eat in school with Chidori noting that 
that's easily made. Ruri says that she doesn't have a normal 
childhood that's why and Chidori says that if that's the case, 
leave it to her and Ruri says that she'll look forward to it.

Episode 32

At the Federation base where D-Boy is being kept, D-Boy lash out 
at the Federation troops to stop touching him, that's enough and 
they note that he's at it again so they have to use gas to make 
him sleep since if he starts rampaging then the researcher are 
going to have a fit. One of them fire the gas at D-Boy and tells 
the monster to go to sleep but D-Boy mutter as he goes down that 
he's not a monster.

At the Control Center of the Space Knights main headquarter, Aki 
press Freeman to say something, what does he mean when he says 
that D-Boy won't be released. Noal says that Freeman HAS to know 
what's happening with D-Boy right now so why is he keeping mum 
about it? Is he that type of person? Milly ask the chief if 
nothing can be done but Freeman kept silent. Ryouko mutter that 
she thought he was a bit different, better but in the end he's 
just like those Federation people. Akito plead that everyone is 
worried about D-Boy so if he knows something then could he at 
least tell them and Kouji shouted for Freeman to says something.

Yurika ask what Freeman is doing while everyone is pleading with 
him and Freeman thanks Yurika for bringing Eiji here along with 
the data that Inez and others gathered about the Radam. Freeman 
says that he will tell the Federation about the possibility of 
the Radam coming to the base and tells Eiji to come with him. 
Eiji reluctantly follow leaving Noal very angry at being totally 
ignored. Noal note that if it's come to this then he'll sneak in 
to the base to at least see D-Boy's face or else he wouldn't be 
satisfied. Tenia asks if Ruri knows the place and Ruri says that 
they are at the base called Soltreik. Everyone note that that 
was quite an accomplishment and Kouji tells Aki that they should 
go with Ryouko telling Akito that they're going too and to prep 
the shuttle and Tenia agrees with this but Kateia note that 
she's not sure what they can do once they get there though Touya 
says that they'll think about that when they do but at least 
they should go make sure that he's safe and sound.

Akatsuki ask if they've forgotten why they've come here in the 
first place and Erina says that it's to prepare for a 
possibility of the Radam attacking so what's going to happen if 
pilots like them leave the ship. Erina tells Yurika that she 
can't condone this, can she? Yurika is a bit hesitant as Aki 
tries to persuade her and Yurika says that if they're just going 
to confirm whether D-Boy is all right or not, then a large group 
won't do so how about just Aki and Noal going? Noal accept that 
and says that they'll find a way to meet D-Boy and Rebin tells 
Noal to do so since the Chief (Freeman) doesn't seem to be as 
dependable as she thought. Honda comes in to tell Rebin that 
they have to get back to work since there's a mountain worth to 

Dr. Elizabeth greets the Layzner's team saying it's been a while 
and they exchange pleasantry. Arthur note that Dr. Elizabeth 
seems to be a bit pale but she says that it's ok, the one who 
seems to be having bigger worry is them. She asks Anna how she 
is doing and Anna says that there's a lot that she was able to 
help the team with. Meanwhile, Freeman ask what Eiji thinks and 
Eiji says that he's quite surprised at the SPT Parts, he didn't 
think they were able to make this much. Freeman says that he'd 
like Eiji to help evaluate the parts with the Layzner as they've 
gotten data on this from Morgenlete too but they're just copies 
but they have a production plan ready here. Eiji ask what is 
Freeman meaning and Freeman says that they can use these new SPT 
Parts that they made to strengthen the output on the Layzner by 
30% and strengthen the weapon or to create a new  Layzner so 
that it also have a transform function but it's up to Eiji to 

Eiji chose to have the transform function and thus the Layzner's 
computer system is moved to the new Layzner Mk II. David note 
that that's great and Eiji thanks Freeman and Dr. Elizabeth but 
Freeman says that he wanted Eiji to survive till the end of the 
war and this is the only thing he can do but Eiji says that it's 

Meanwhile, Rebin has to note that she was surprised that the 
Chief did that for Eiji even though he seems to have 
convineintly forgotten about D-Boy but Honda says that Freeman 
isn't someone who doesn't know what needs to be done and Milly 
wonder if he has some ideas for D-Boy. Freeman comes in and ask 
Milly if she's free right now, he has something that needs to be 
done, a special mission that needs the cooperation of Ruri.

At Soltriek, the guards are busy telling Noal and Aki that 
without special orders, they cannot allow the two to see D-Boy 
and for them to get going but Aki decides to knock the guards 
out which surprises Noal but Aki says that if the Chief isn't 
helping, it can't be helped and to let's go meet D-Boy and not 
wait for Kolbett to grant them permission. Noal whistle and note 
that this is a pretty straight forward Aki he's looking at and 
says that he's in, though if they don't do it good enough and 
are caught, it's over.

As the two sneaks in, Noal has to wonder what's going on here, 
after they've entered this area, there's no one around not even 
anyone to shout for them to stop. Noal note that this must be 
the place but the door's locked and Aki ask if they can pick the 
lock but Noal says that this is a Federation base, it's not that 
easy, beside it's electronic. However the door suddenly open on 
it's own and Noal wonder what's going on and Aki doesn't think 
it's a trap, so they should go in. Suddenly Milly's face flash 
up on their communicator and says that she and Ruri will back 
them up and to take care of D-Boy. Ruri says that the reason 
that there aren't many guards around is because of false order 
but it won't last long. Aki asks what's up and Noal says that 
the area has been hacked for them and it certainly can't be 
something that Ruri or their Captain thought of on their own or 
something Milly would do on her own. It has to be initated by 
someone who knows that they would act this way and has 
information on this base, in other words, Freeman.

Noal note that they've been played, he knew their Chief was good 
at using people but...Suddenly the alarm sounds but it's because 
the Radam are attacking. Kolbet note this and order the base on 
Condition Red with all personnel ready to repel the Radam and to 
call in the Nadesico stationed at the Space Knight Headquarter 
nearby. Kolbet also tells Balzack to deploy in the Sol Tekkaman 
and he readily complies. Meanwhile Aki and Noal has found D-Boy 
and he asks them what they're doing here which surprise Noal. D-
Boy tells the two to forget about him but Noal says that this 
isn't the time to accede to D-Boy's wishes. They were just 
planning to come here and check up on him but the Radam are 
coming so D-Boy has to hurry and... D-Boy suddenly has a reaction 
to the word Radam which surprise Noal who says that he has to 
become Tekkaman and repel the Radam, isn't that what he's 
supposed to do? D-Boy tells them to stop, he doesn't want to 
hurt or kill anyone. 

Aki ask D-Boy what's wrong and D-Boy says that in this body is 
the same type of demon that resides in Evil and Dagger, he'll 
become something other than himself and fight everyone again and 
he might kill someone this time. He's had enough of that, he's 
not a monster. Aki is quite shocked at what had happened to D-
Boy and can only look on in sadness as Noal note that their 
Chief might have known that something like this could have 
happened. Aki says that they can't leave it like this and tells 
D-Boy to get it together and D-Boy shouted to leave him be. Noal 
lower his head and beg D-Boy to pull himself together but D-Boy 
is silent and Noal gets very angry and grab D-Boy saying that he 
who hates lowering his head to others begged D-Boy just this 
once and he had to be ignored like this...someone like him... Aki 
shouted Noal's name and Noal let go saying "Fine, I won't ask 
anymore, in this case, even Balzack is better than you, you're 
not good for anything." D-Boy is still silent and Noal then 
shouted for D-Boy to say something with that big mouth of this 
like usual, anything, just answer him. When D-Boy kept silent, 
Noal has had it and storms off shouting "You idiot."

Outside, the Radams are destroying Federation Arm Slaves left 
and right as Kolbett's subordinate tells Kolbett that even more 
Radam are entering the atmosphere to attack them. Kolbett ask 
what's up with the Sol Tekkaman. Balzack appear noting that the 
Radam has done quite a good job damaging this base but once he's 
here now, he won't let them do any more and he destroys the 
Radam beasts near the base's tower.

Balzack note that at least they're good in giving a bright 
future in the military. Meanwhile, elsewhere in the base, Noal 
note that the base's received a lot of attack and suddenly 
spotted a Power Suit, it's a Sol Tekkaman. He knew there's a 
Number 2 but he didn't think it'd be here. Noal overheard a 
Federation officer telling Balzack that this one is impossible 
to deploy since it's still under settings. Balzack doesn't care 
and orders the deployment to which the officer says that the 
pilot is dead from the previous attack and the test pilots are 
severely injured but Balzack shouted that anyone will do, just 
get that thing into the battlefield. The officer wonders what 
the heck he should do and Noal shout that he'll ride the thing 
to which the officer wonders who Noal is. Noal says that who he 
is isn't important right now, the bald menace said it, didn't he, 
that anyone will do. If the officer here isn't planning on 
getting in that thing, then he'll do it. Noal jumped in and ask 
what the weapons are and how to fire it and where is the exit.

Even more Radam comes out and wipe out Balzack's Arm Slaves 
subordinate and it gets Balzack quite annoyed that they keep on 
coming, just they wait, he'll get them all. The Sol Tekkaman 
No.2 appears and Balzack wonders who's in it and Noal says that 
he doesn't really want to lend Balzack a hand but they can't be 
finished here so he'll help. Balzack is a bit surprised, what 
the heck is Noal doing here? Noal says that this isn't the time 
for that. The Nadesico will be here soon and Noal hope that 
Balzack fights as well as that big mouth he has. Balzack says 
that he could handle all of them alone; won't it be better for 
someone like Noal to get out of here before he gets downed 
before he can blink? Noal retort that he's someone who won't 
back down even in Poker where the opponents have a Four Card or 
higher than his card. The battle begins and back at the base, 
Aki ask D-Boy why he wouldn't understand but D-Boy says that 
he's scared, so scared that he can't do anything. He's scared of 
himself that after 30 minutes would become a devil, no a 
monster... Aki tries to console D-Boy saying that he's not a 
monster, he's...but D-Boy tells her to stop. 

Even more Radam along with Tekkaman Evil appear. Evil tells the 
Radam Beast to go and destroy the human and for Blade to come 
out. Balzack is surprised at the appearance of Evil as Kolbet 
tells his troop to assist the Sol Tekkaman in fighting off the 
Radam's Tekkaman. Balzack note that this is the Tekkaman Evil 
who made D-Boy go berserk, a confident prey to give his name and 
rushes in to confront him. Noal tells Balzack to stop as Evil 
note that the bugs who manage to down a few Radam Beast and are 
so full of themselves are daring to take him on. Balzack shouted 
that he'll send Evil to hell and fires his Vermillion cannon at 
him shouting that even Tekkaman Evil can't take all of this 
firepower but Evil easily dodge. Evil then ask what happened to 
Blade, he knows Blade's still alive so why hasn't he come out or 
is it that he can't. Balzack retorted that instead of worrying 
about someone else, Evil should be more concern about his own 
welfare but Evil only smirk and says "Hmmph, seems like trash 
like you don't understand anything" but Balzack shouted back 
that whether he's trash or not remains to be seen, he'll hit 
Evil with everything he's got. Evil says that while they may 
have study the Voltekka a bit, it's just an inferior copy that 
they've rolled out; he'll show them what the REAL thing is like.

Noal shout for Balzack to run since there's no way they can 
fight him, they have to buy some time but Balzack isn't 
listening as he preps his Vermillion cannon to fire but Evil 
fires his Voltekka first hitting Sol Tekkaman no.1 head on. 
Balzack says that he's not going down yet, he still has things 
to do but then the Sol Tekkaman suit explodes. Noal shouted "You 
idiot" and Kolbet can't believe that his Sol Tekkaman was so 
easily defeated. Evil note that if Blade can't come out, it 
doesn't matter. This base will be his grave but if he doesn't 
like it, come out, he'll wait.  Evil leave and Noal note that 
this is not going to be something he reminisce about when he's 
drowning his sorrow in Sake, the Nadesico'd better hurry.

Noal does his best to survive and sure enough, the Nadesico 
arrive in time to save his butt. Shinobu note that the base is 
pretty banged up which David agree and Kouji is quite angry at 
the Radam. Ruri note that most of the base's defenses are 
destroyed, it's helpless. Megumi-chan ask for Aki and Noal to 
respond if they're ok and Aki note that the Nadesico is here and 
radioed back in that she's in the base and still ok. Sarah asks 
about D-Boy and Domon says that since the Radam are attacking, 
why hadn't he called on Pegas yet? Aki says that D-Boy is with 
her but... Milly note that there's a Tekkaman fighting but Ruri 
says that that's a Sol Tekkaman which makes Ryouko wonder if 
it's Balzack but Inez says that it looks quite different from 
the model he was wearing which makes Roan think it's a second 
one. Noal retreat back to the Nadesico and note that they've 
finally arrive which surprise Yurika and Tenia ask why he's 
wearing that thing. Noal says that it's circumstance but Evil is 
here so the team should deploy. Aki tells Yurika to deploy Pegas 
also and Yurika roger that asking Honda if it's ready. Hoda, 
Rebin and Pegas itself says that it is ready. When D-Boy heard 
this, he shouted "Do...do you WANT me to become a monster THAT 

Aki ask D-Boy if he hadn't heard that Evil is gunning for him 
but D-Boy says that he doesn't want to become a monster but Aki 
reply "Even so D-Boy, I believe in you" Back at the Nadesico, 
Yurika is ready to send Pegas out and Touya is ready to go kick 
some Radam butt but Kateia stops him and Touya ask what's wrong 
since pre-deployment operations should be over already. Kateia 
says that even so, she saw them and Tenia agrees saying that 
they're coming here. Touya realized that it's the mysterious 
enemy group that Al Van belongs to and he note that it HAD to be 
right now but he did say that he'll beat them for certain next 
time and they're not as green as they were before. Touya 
reassure the girls that they won't lose, who'd lose to them, 
he'll beat them and get the answers he want out of them. Touya 
call in to Yurika to let her know that the group they met at 
Kawasaki (Al Van's group) is coming and to be careful. Akatsuki 
note that they have Tekkaman for enemies also and on top of that, 
those guys are coming? Inez wonders if the system in the 
Granteed predicted their coming and Tenia says that's right so 
all of them have to be careful. Yurika ask if Touya is going out, 
if so when those people arrive, they'll do all they can to 
protect the Granteed. Touya understands and picks Merua as his 
partner to go out and apologize for this but says that he will 
protect her and the Granteed. He won't die without answers and 
Merua agrees that they will stop the enemy Tekkaman and win 
against those people. She's glad she knows how Touya think. 
Touya then ask Merua if she has a mint or some sweet drops and 
Merua rummage through her hidden sweets compartment on the 
Granteed and hands him one as the Granteed takes off with 
everyone else after him.

The team manages to take down enough Radam and Evil pops back 
out noting that the team is here before Blade could pop out but 
it's fine, he'll crush them before he takes care of the traitor, 
Blade and it's time for their debut. Ruri confirm Tekkaman 
Evil's appearance and note that there are three people near him. 
The three people Tekset into Tekkaman Axe, Lance and Sword. 
Yurika couldn't believe that they were all Tekkaman and the 
others are aghasted that there are four Tekkaman as an enemy. 
Evil tells Axe to draw Blade out and Axe says that he was 
thinking so and attacks the tower. Kolbett's subordinate tells 
him to withdraw and Kolbet grumble as to what the Nadesico is 
doing but he retreats. Aki saw this and tells D-Boy that 
everyone is fighting but D-Boy is still in his funk about being 
a demon. Aki ask him "D-Boy, just what is a demon, while it's 
true that if you go over 30 minutes as a Tekkaman, you may 
become one but in that 30 minutes, you still have a human heart 
and soul." "I believe that it's a kind and loving heart...so 
please believe in yourself" D-Boy tries to protest but Aki 
continues "D-Boy, you're not a demon, you're our most important 
friend who loves people and tries to fight your fate and the 
Radam...so why won't you yourself understand?"

Outside, Axe laughs and shouted out why won't Blade or the 
Takaya kid come out and D-Boy note that there are Tekkaman 
beside Evil here. A blast hit the area where D-Boy and Aki is 
and Aki is sent flying. D-Boy asks if she is allright. Aki says 
she is fine "D-Boy, would you entrust me your 30 minutes...even if 
you become a demon about to kill me...I believe in you...so would 
you please entrust those 30 minutes to me? Please?" D-Boy is 
stunned and then says "Aki, I entrust those 30 minutes to you... 
Pegas, Teksettaa" Pegas flashes to life and Tekkaman Blade rose 
up to the sky.Yurika shouted "Another one?" but Ruri tells her 
that it's Tekkaman Blade or D-Boy. Rebin and Milly cheers as 
Domon smiles and says "So you're finally in the mood" and 
Shinobu says that that was an appearance that took it's time 
with Noal shouting "You're late, you idiot" Blade apologizes to 
everyone and Evil says "So you've finally appeared, I've been 
waiting Blade." "I'll destroy you and those you trust today" 
"Evil, Radam...I'm not a demon, YOU'RE the demon" Blade shouted 
and he note that Axe, Lance and Sword are also here. Axe says 
that that's right and he'll see how good Blade is and Blade 
shouted that he won't hand this Earth over to the Radam, let's 

Noal note after downing one Radam beast that the Sol Tekkaman 
unit pack quite a punch (though he's smart enough to know that 
it doesn't compare to a REAL Tekkaman) Axe says as the team 
attack him that something man-made isn't going to cut it against 
him or the Radam and Sword shout that if the humans plans to 
protect Blade and obstruct Lord Omega's will then they will die. 
Lance wonder if trashes like them are daring to take HIM on, 
such foolishness. Go ahead and run since he has no other 
interest than Blade. Evil shout for the trashes to get out of 
the ways 

Axe shout that he will force Blade to submit to the Radam will 
and Blade ask if this battle can't be avoided, Godad?  Axe says 
that it's because he is Radam and Blade should come back to 
Radam so that this fight can be avoided, Takaya kiddo. Blade 
shout "Godad, I will destroy the Radam and defeat all you 
Tekkaman" and Axe shouted "Then use force to make me stop"

Lance tells Blade that an incomplete Tekkaman like him has no 
hope against a complete one like Lance. He'll show the 
difference between their powers. His traitorous life is at its 
end. Blade counters that until he can beat them, he won't die. 
Sword shouted that for Evil or rather Lord Omega, he will die 
here. Blade is surprised at the name, is there an unknown 8th 
Tekkaman around? Blade demands to know from Sword who he is but 
Sword says that it's for his sake that he doesn't know which 
makes Blade thinks "It can't be..." and Sword says that he won't 
get to meet Omega, he'll die here.

Evil note that his big bro's skill has actually improved so much 
that killing him would become such a waste. Blade counters that 
it's useless to wait for his Time Limit; before he lose his 
human heart again he'd rather die this time. Evil retort "Human, 
human, incomplete beings like that are fated to be destroyed" 
and Blade shouted "Shut up Evil"

Sword, Lance and Axe are downed. Sword note that it's come to 
this and retreat and Axe laughs heartily that they're pretty 
good for man-made toys and that he'll leave for today but the 
fun will continue another day though Sword is very angry that 
trashes like the team could leave a mark on his body, next time 
will be different.

Evil is badly hurt but he lunges for Blade as Blade shouts "It's 
over, VolTekker" and fires his Voltekker at Evil only for Evil 
to repel it with his PsyVolTekker. Evil says that he won't fall 
from his big bro's Voltekker that easily and is his big bro 
surprised at this? Blade says that even so, Evil can't take much 
more of everyone's attack, even if Evil can block his Voltekker 
he's still got his friends. Evil says that he will retreat for 
today but sooner or later, he will end Blade's life. Blade says 
"Shinya" sadly.

The Radam are gone and Erina note that in the end that 
mysterious enemy group didn't come after all but Touya suddenly 
sense that they are here as they warped out. Ruri confirms it 
and Yurika tells everyone to protect the Granteed since it will 
be targeted and they can't let that happened. Yurika also ask D-
Boy if he's still capable of fighting and Blade says that he's 
still got ample time left.

Jyua Mu's subordinate ask him whether this is all right since 
their mission was just to investigate and to undertake a task 
that is outside of that is... Jyua Mu says that if they can take 
care of that machine, they don't need to investigate anything, 
with it gone, nothing's a match for them here. Jyua Mu notes 
that Lord Al Van has been acting quite strange after meeting it, 
he wonders what could Lord Al Van be quite uncertain over. It 
seems that Lord Al Van knows who the pilot is so it's their 
fault, if he kills them, Lord Al Van will certainly return to 
his former self. (Spoken like a true lunatic) The subordinate 
continues to protest but Jyua Mu tells them to do as they are 
told, for their purpose that machine cannot exist. If they can 
do that, there will be no reprimand for them, even Lord Gu 
Randon, their Head Knight, has stated that if the chance exist, 
they must destroy it and Lord Al Van will approve since it is 
all for their people.

Jyua Mu tells the subordinates to attack the Granteed and they 
can take care of the other trashes later quite easily, he'll 
destroy them all today. (Nice plans, unfortunately Jyua Mu can 
do diddly against your team that is THIS world's finest without 

Jyua Mu tells the trashes to get out of the way as the others 
block for Touya. Sousuke note that Jyua Mu's machine's 
capability is higher than the others but there are ways to fight 
these types of machine. Jyua Mu shouted that if they plan to get 
in his ways, he'll start with them first and Domon says that 
he'll be Jyua Mu's opponent, let's go. Kouji wonders just who 
these enemies are and what's their purpose and Akito shouted 
that they won't lose to them. Shinobu shouted that they won't 
let these people do as they please. Blade shouted that he will 
fight as long as he has the human heart, against the Radam and 
against enemies like them.Rei tells Eiji that the Layzner's 
firepower may be too low to destroy such a dangerous enemy but 
Eiji tells Rei that even so they're going in.

Jyua Mu shouted that it's over, he'll destroy the Granteed today 
but Touya shouted back that there's no way he'll just shut up 
and die and Merua says that they are good to go against Jyua Mu. 
Jyua Mu shout that it's a useless struggle but Touya says that 
he won't go down easily, he'll beat Jyua Mu and find out their 
purpose and true identity and what they know about him out of 
Jyua Mu. Jyua Mu says that he knows absolutely nothing about a 
brat like Touya, whether he's one of them or not, how the heck 
should he know? However if a brat like him is in their way then 
he can die along with those samples. Merua note that Jyua Mu 
doesn't seem to know and Touya ask where the previous commander 
is but Jyua Mu says that this matter doesn't need to reach Lord 
Al Van's hand he'll destroy them himself.

Jyua Mu is of course downed and he says that this isn't over yet 
but Al Van appears asking Jyua Mu what is the meaning behind him 
disobeying his orders and for him to retreat at once. Jyua Mu 
tries to protest but Al Van says that sooner or later, they will 
destroy that thing but now is not the time or does Jyua Mu plans 
to further disobey his orders? Jyua Mu relent and retreat and 
Touya note that it's Al Van saying that he's late and that Jyua 
Mu may not know Touya's connection with them but Al Van 
certainly does. Al Van says that that is correct, he knows Touya 
or more precisely another boy, but that boy must be Touya. Touya 
tells him to stop with the nonsense babble and to lay everything 
out in the open but Al Van says that he told Touya that he would 
only talk once he is defeated.

Touya says that Al Van is planning to destroy the Granteed 
anyway and that means his death so he has to think of winning 
first right so let's get it on. Al Van says that he doesn't plan 
to fight Touya, this is not the time, one of them has to fall if 
they collide but neither can fall right now so there is no 
meaning in this battle. Merua tells Touya that Al Van probably 
have seen it and Touya note that it's from using the Sytron. Al 
Van says that is correct, he saw both of them fight elsewhere, 
though the future the Sytron shows is not absolute, he has no 
intention of fighting them until that time and place has come 
but soon it will. Al Van leaves making Touya even more 
frustrated at not knowing who he is.

At the Nadesico, Kouji and the others meet D-Boy and note that 
he's still healthy enough and Sayaka says that they were quite 
worried with Yurika agreeing. D-Boy says he is all right and 
then stutters a bit as he apologizes to Noal for what happened 
before the battle but Noal says that in the end, D-Boy came out 
to fight once more. Sousuke wonders what they're talking about 
but Aki tells him it's nothing.

Simone asks if it's ok to just take D-Boy along with that Sol 
Tekkaman suit with them just like that? Megumi-chan tells Yurika 
that Kolbett is on the line. Kolbett says that it is a good job 
and says that Tekkaman Blade and the Sol Tekkaman are to be left 
in their care and to hurry back to Yokosuka at once. Yurika ask 
what's going on and Kolbett says that the head of the Hau Dragon 
has begun a final offense against the Federation, the Archangel 
with the remaining people of your team has begin preparation to 
move out to respond. If they're lucky, they can rendezvous with 
the Archangel and join in the battle; that is all.

Minato wonders what's up with that attitude and Milly agrees 
saying that at least he should have been more grateful for them 
saving his sorry ass with Akito agreeing that a "thank you very 
much" wouldn't hurt. Ryou note that Kolbet compose himself quite 
well with Shinobu agreeing that he seems to be in a good mood 
considering those that died defending the base. Tetsuya says 
that he's more interested in what the Hau Dragons are up to and 
that they should return to Yokosuka immediately. Yurika agrees 
and tells Ruri and Minato to hit full speed. Akatsuki note that 
even so, to just give back D-Boy and the Sol Tekkaman suit that 
the Federation developed to them just like that is quite 
surprising. Erina says that Kolbett is just passing the buck 
around, he can be quite a hard man to read and Noal agrees. Aki 
welcomes D-Boy back and D-Boy thanks Aki. Kouji note that Touya 
isn't around and Kateia says that he's resting in his room and 
Yurika says that it can't be helped since those enemy just 
appeared again, anyhow they'd better get back to Yokosuka as 
fast as they can.

Prospector ask for a bit of Yurika's time, it seems that 
Uribatake has swindle some of their fundings. Prospector says 
that Uribatake have always order weird parts and use up a lot of 
money in his job but his reaction this time was well a bit 
strange. This warrants some attention. At the docking bay, when 
Yurika question Uribatake about some of their missing funds and 
what he used it for, Uribatake unveils his Uribatake Original 
Version that he's been slowly working on, the X-Aestevalis or 
the X-Valis for short. Yurika ask if the missing funds have gone 
into that and Uribatake says that's correct, he put a new 
generator and the Luna Frame's power together and with this not 
even the Jovian's giant robot is going to be much of a problem. 
Yurika note that she'll let it slip this time.

At where Evil and the rest of the Tekkaman are, Evil is quite 
shocked and tells the other that while they were out, Tekkaman 
Rapier has awoken and has disappeared. Lance note that Rapier is 
also an incomplete Tekkaman and must be destroyed as Evil sadly 
lament "Rapier"

At where Al Van and his group reside, a mysterious person (Queen 
Schana Mia) ask if Al Van has returned. Al Van asks what Queen 
Schana Mia wants and Schana Mia ask about "that person". Al Van 
says that he still lives for now, he's not sure what Lord Gu 
Randon told Jyua Mu but that machine must be destroyed and 
sooner or later he himself will need to do it. Al Van tells 
Queen Schana Mia that that person is no longer that boy they 
knew any longer.

Episode 33

Murrue is talking to Yurika saying that she's glad that they're 
all right and Yurika counter that that's HER line, they'd just 
finished a major battle only to hear of the Hau Dragon's final 
gambit so they rush back to try and rendezvous with the 
Archangel Team only to find out that the Archangel team with the 
remaining members have already defeated them. Natarle says that 
the situation demands immediate attention so they couldn't wait 
for the Nadesico team. Mwu says that as a result, the three Hau 
Dragon generals and their Empress Yura along with the rest of 
the Hau Dragon are destroyed, Miku and Masato are still ok but 
the Zeorymer has been destroyed.

Prospector ask what Masato will do next and Masato says that he 
will rebuild the Zeorymer and Simone ask if that means they 
still have a will to fight and Roan ask if they're ok with that? 
Masato says that he is which surprises Akatsuki who ask why the 
change of heart or does he wants by repairing the Zeorymer to 
become Kihara Masaki again? Miku tells Akatsuki not to even joke 
about that, Masato's not thinking like that at all. Akatsuki 
apologize but says that there's a lot of history with Masato and 
the Masato they know hated fighting so in a situation where the 
Hau Dragon is gone, why does he suddenly want to fight?  Miku 
tries to protest and Masato says that he will explain later to 
everyone. Ruri note that they've gotten rid of another enemy 
organization. Hyouma ask about the four enemy Tekkamen that the 
Nadesico team encountered and Akito says that they were really 
surprised to find that there's three more beside Evil. Cagalli 
then sarcastically ask D-Boy "And of course you don't remember 
anything about them, right?" "Right" D-Boy replies flatly. Noal 
grumble and says that he's given up on trying to get anything 
out of D-Boy, they'll just have to wait until D-Boy's ready to 
tell them.

Mwu says that they're not really in a relaxing position like 
that since there's no guarantee that there's no more enemies 
Tekkaman out there and D-Boy remains silent. Natarle asks Yurika 
if Balzack being MIA is true which Yurika doesn't know the 
meaning of the word. Ruri and the others say that it stands for 
missing in action where they can't confirm it but the person is 
probably dead. Yurika says that by the time they arrived, the 
only one on the battlefield was Noal in the Sol Tekkaman no.2

Mwu note that that was quite reckless of Noal to board it and 
Noal says that a lot happened. Balzack got wasted trying to take 
on Tekkaman Evil even though he try to stop that idiot, he 
headed straight into Evil's path and his Voltekker, he's 
probably dead. Natarle is silent and Murrue says that Kolbett 
have authorized them using the Sol Tekkaman so is he going to 
use it to be one of their firepower? Noal says that it's 
capability are pretty good (i.e. yes) and Kira ask what's going 
to become of the Blue Earth then? Milly says that she will pilot 
it along with Aki which makes Cagalli wonder if it's all right 
since they're not out there to play and Milly ask what's the 
meaning of that, she took the necessary training for this. Mwu 
says that both girls seems to nicely ignore his warning and 
enter the battlefield, he hopes they don't over do it. Cagalli 
asks Kateia that they fought the mysterious enemy group again 
too right? Kateia confirms it and Hime says that since Touya's 
here, they didn't lose so what happened? Touya says nothing 
happened, they fought those people but didn't learn anything 
about them and they disappeared again.

Yuu ask if the enemy group is the one Hime and the others 
mentioned and Touya confirms it. Mwu says that at least they're 
safe and sound which is good and Murrue says that Masato has 
something to tell everyone about those enemies. Touya ask how 
Masato could know about them and Masato says that if he says 
Kihara Masaki, would they understand? Of course some don't so 
Masato has to elaborate that the Zeorymer's creator at the Hau 
Dragon, the original that he was cloned from, Kihara Masaki had 
come into contact with those enemies that are gunning for the 
Granteed. This surprises the three girls and Touya asks Masato 
to tell them anything he knows about them and Masato says that 
this is from Masaki's knowledge with no ways to prove if it's 
the truth,it happened 17 years ago when Masaki was in the midst 
of creating Zeorymer's Jikenrengetsu System. Masaki by chance 
happen to notice a special difference on the Moon's surface. 

Touya is surprised to learn that these enemy group calls 
themselves the Furies and Masato says that Masaki believes that 
they lived inside the Moon which gets Hime quite shocked that 
it's the friggin Moon up there that they're talking about. 
Masato says that he doesn't know where they were from or how 
long they've been living inside the Moon but they're there all 
right and they plan to eradicate the irregular lifeform or 
humans from "their" planet. Masaki knew about this and that they 
would be an enemy group that he also has to annihilate. Natarle 
says that she doesn't know who they are but the Earth belongs to 
humans not aliens like them. Kouji note that the Furies do have 
very strong weaponry like that Stasis system that without the 
Granteed is impossible to resist but why NOW? They had plenty of 
time before all this. Sayaka agrees saying that there's also the 
matter of Kateia's group and the Granteed escaping. Masato says 
that that's all he knows from Masaki's memory. Kant says that 
that's quite disappointing, all they know is that the Furies who 
are their enemy MAY live on the Moon but with the state of the 
Moon right now, it's impossible to confirm and it's not clear if 
they really are enemy to be defeated or not too. Nothing much 
has been added but if the team is talking about the fate of 
humanity, Orphan's case is at least a more defined problem. 
Krutz says that the boy genius may have a point as Touya still 
note that he doesn't get just HOW he is related to them? They 
said that he was the same race as them but no matter how hard he 
think, he just can't see a connection with them nor can he 
remember anything. Akito note Touya's plight as Jun note that 
the place where Kateia and the other two were captured may be 
the Moon and Aki agrees though Kateia says that they don't know 
though she can't remember seeing the sky or stars where they 
were kept, they weren't allowed outside the building at all and 
Tenia says that they only know of the section where they're at, 
they don't know what's outside it or even how big the building 
is and Merua agrees. Kateia note that the building may have been 
inside the Moon but that's all she can say.

Mwu wonders what they're going to do with that information 
considering the Moon is currently occupied by the Grados army, 
and Murrue agrees. Masato says that that's all he has to tell, 
the Fury aren't just gunning for the Granteed, they're 
humanity's enemy that must be fought (thus the need for the 
Zeorymer) Inez note that if that's fact then it's become a war 
for existence and Masato says that he and Miku will now head for 
the Last Guardian to begin rebuilding the Zeorymer but they'll 
try to come back as fast as they can. Murrue wish them luck.

Yurika is approached by the Shuffle Alliance about training. As 
George puts it, they've been thinking about it for a while now 
and Sai Saichi adds that this is different than normal exercise 
or training machine. Chibodee says that that's why they need a 
suitable environment and adds that they originally joins to 
fight Master Asia and the Devil Gundam but afterward, there's 
been neither hide nor hair from the both of them. George 
continues that sooner or later, those two will appear before 
them again so in order to prepare for that, they want to do what 
they can do right now. Murrue ask if that's the reason for them 
leaving the base and note that if it's these five, it should be 
no worry. Domon note that it's agreed then and tells Rain that 
they're going. Natarle stop them which makes Domon wonder what 
is it NOW? Sai Saichi ask if Natarle's not going to give 
permission and Natarle says that they can do whatever the heck 
they want but it's a situation where they don't know what will 
happen next so at least tell the team where they're going.

At an unspecified place, Alan asks Schwartz if he's going to go 
where those five are heading. Schwartz says that he sense the 
Devil Gundam might appear there, currently there's no way for 
those five to beat Master Asia so they'll have to wager on their 
growth there and he asks Alan whether that thing is ready. Alan 
says that it's being transported in right now and Schwartz says 
that it might be needed; can he count on Alan to bring it? Alan 
says that he'll see to it and note that Schwartz seems to be 
quite finicky about Domon Kasshu and the Devil Gundam and 
Schwartz says that it's a promise he made and Alan thanks 
Schwartz for his help in lots of things. Schwartz says that the 
same goes for Alan, it's not just because the Old Shuffle 
Alliance ask him to do this that he's working behind the scene 
is he? Alan says that he thinks that his work is to create the 
grounds for what Joker called "Seeds" to grow, it's the only way 
humanity can continue their path towards the future, at least 
he'd like to believe that. Schwartz hopes that that's so and 
note that he should get going.

Back at the Nadesico, Milly note that there's a beautiful 
fragrance in the air and Simone wonders whose perfume it is. Aki 
comes and ask the two of them whether they know where D-Boy is 
and Milly is quite surprised that it's Aki. Simone says that D-
Boy is at the dock working on fine-tuning Pegas. Aki thanks them 
and leave and Milly says that she was quite surprised. Simone 
wonders what's up since Aki never wore perfume before.

Aki arrives at the dock bringing coffee asking whether the 
mechanics and the others wanted a break. Honda thanks her but 
note that he has other business to attend to and leaves with Aki 
telling him that the coffee will get cold. D-Boy approaches Aki 
and tells her that he really want to thank her, to him she's... D-
Boy then nervously says "Never mind...thanks Aki...that's a 
beautiful smell" which makes Aki quite happy.

At Domon's training place, Rain note that the Shining is near 
it's limit but she has to find a way to lengthen it's lifespan, 
for Domon. Domon ask Rain what's up and Rain covers that she was 
wondering about what the others are doing right now. Domon tells 
her not to worry about them but the Shining's output are down, 
take a look at it, he's going to be over there across the river 
(Quite blunt, ain't he?) Rain grumble that Domon doesn't seem to 
be able to catch on to other people's feeling and hope that he 
doesn't go wandering into the Radam forest.

Schwartz interrupts Domon's training and Domon ask what business 
Schwartz has with him? Schwartz says that he heard about Domon's 
training and came to see whether he's improved enough to defeat 
the Devil Gundam or Master Asia. Domon ask why Schwartz is 
interested in that, for that matter who the heck is he? Schwartz 
says that that doesn't matter, from what he's seen Domon lacks 
the strength to actually do it. Domon dismiss Schwartz asking 
what could he understand anyway? Stop mouthing off but Schwartz 
says that Domon seems to have a lot of confidence in himself and 
his skill but let's ask this sword how good he really is? Domon 
is shocked and ask if Schwartz is asking him to use this rusty 
old sword to cut the tree in front of them? Schwartz says that 
that is correct and taunts Domon whether he has the skill for it. 
Domon accepts the challenge but couldn't do it. Schwartz says 
that in order not to cry in defeat in wanting to beat Master 
Asia, Domon must forge and discipline himself but time is 
running short. Schwartz leaves and Domon wonder what Schwartz is 

Later, Domon is training in the Shining Gundam and note after he 
exercise with it that the reaction in the arms are still bad, 
what the heck is Rain doing? Schwartz appears in the Gundam 
Spiegel and says that Domon's form isn't bad but it clearly 
shows that Domon has not yet mastered that sword and there's no 
way that Domon can beat the Devil Gundam or Master Asia with 
what's he currently training himself in. Domon retortd what good 
does mastering a rusty old sword do? He'll go above his teacher 
as long as he has the Super Mode. Schwartz laughs at this saying 
that Domon's much- vaunted Super Mode is a defect, he won't win 
against the Master with that. Schwartz explains that Domon's 
Super Mode is the Super Mode of anger but anger clouds your 
judgement and vision, there's no way that THAT Super Mode is 
going to win against that man. Domon brush it off saying that he 
didn't ask for Schwartz's rambling, he's interrupting training 
time. Schwartz says that if Domon doesn't believe him, let's put 
it to a little test.

The Gundam Spiegel attacks and Domon ask what Schwartz is doing 
as Schwartz continues his attacks telling Domon to give it all 
he's got or he's going to die. Domon doesn't understand why 
Schwartz is doing this and Schwartz tells Domon to show off his 
Super Mode that he's so proud of and he attacks yet again and 
again. Domon of course has blown his lid by now saying that if 
that's the way Schwartz wants it, he'll take him on and unleash 
his Super Mode Shining Finger but Schwartz dodges easily and 
trumps the Shining Finger (with his Net attack like in the anime, 
no doubt) Domon is shocked that his Shining Finger is so easily 
overcomed.  Schwartz ask if Domon understands now his own extent 
and for Domon to reach the true Super Mode not the Super Mode of 

Domon ask Schwartz how and Schwartz says that it is for Domon to 
find out for himself. He must cut away his fear and doubt and 
put his soul into his skills and ability. Schwartz tells Domon 
to let's get it on but Domon tells Schwartz to wait. Schwartz 
says that if Domon cannot do this then he will die, if he 
doesn't want to die then he must do it. Schwartz continues his 
attack. Schwartz asks if Domon has given up, then he should 
still his heart and welcomes death. In his mind, Domon knows 
that Schwartz is truly willing to kill him but why but suddenly 
he feels like he hears a water drop and wonders what is this 
feeling, he sees his big bro, his mom and dad, his teacher flash 
before him. Domon note that everything in his life is passing in 
front of him, his pain and anger is gone and all that's left is 
death waiting in front of him but suddenly another image flash 
in front of him, Rain. "I see it" Domon shouted and then he 
notes that his King of Heart symbol is flashing like never 
before, what is this light?

Schwartz note that Domon has finally done it and Domon ask what 
this is. Schwartz says that it is the heart of the Meikyou 
Shisui, a heart that is not plagued by guilt, shame and grudge 
(true peace of mind) With it one can posess power above one's 
self. Domon ask if that is the true Super Mode and if all this 
was to teach him? Why? Why does Schwartz have to go to this much 
trouble? Schwartz says that it doesn't matter and for Domon to 
remember that only the heart of the Meikyou Shisui can defeat 
Master Asia. Schwartz leaves with Domon wondering about who 
Schwartz really is.

Chibodee and the rest arrive asking Domon what happened. George 
says that he thought he saw Schwartz here and he still has yet 
to thanks Schwartz for rescuing Raymond, where has he gone? 
Domon is lost for words but Algo suddenly tells everyone if 
they've realized it yet? Sai Saichi note that it seems that 
they're surrounded and the Death Army appears. Domon is shocked 
at this but then notes that it could only mean and Chibodee 
agrees that if these grunts are here, then that thing is also 
near here. George says that he doesn't know what they're 
planning but he has had enough of waiting, if they plan to come 
gunning for them, it's fair that they accept. Sai Saichi says 
that they should finish things here since they've been searching 
for the Devil Gundam and it's army also. Algo note that it's a 
good chance to test out their new attack that they've mastered. 
Chibodee says that that's the case and Domon agrees shouting for 
Touhou Fuhai and Kyouji to come out. Algo tells Domon not to be 
too worked up since they don't know the reason for their 
appearance here yet but if it's to finish them off then these 
troops are just a lure to wear the other side down first. It's a 
move that he himself used a lot as a space pirate and the main 
troops is sure to be elsewhere. George notes that in that case, 
they'd better fight with caution.

Even more enemies appear and Domon wonder if that's the Devil 
Gundam this time but it isn't but they are new arrivals. Domon 
wonder if they're the Devil Gundam's lackey but George says that 
those two could be manipulated puppets of the Devil Gundam 
through the DG Cells but Sai Saichi says that even so, they have 
no ways to help them and Chibodee agrees saying that they were 
saved by the old Shuffle Alliance in exchange for them burning 
away their life but they can't do that for these two so whoever 
it is, they have to just beat them.

The two new arrivals, Chapman and Mikero laughs saying that it's 
been a while, Domon Kasshu. Domon is quite surprised that it's 
Mikero, someone he's defeated before and George recognized 
Chapman and note that it's quite a surprise for someone who was 
dead like him to become the Devil Gundam's underling or is that 
the fault of the DG Cells? Domon ask if they've been infected 
and overtaken by the Devil Gundam and Mikero says that that 
might be true of Chapman who was dead but he willingly infect 
himself with it. Domon ask if Mikero has willingly sold his soul 
to the Devil and Mikero says that that's right and in return he 
gets unimaginable power and for the Shuffle Alliance to make 
their peace since they will fall through their power.

The Nadesico and Archangel arrives which makes Chibodee wonders 
what it's doing here and Yurika says that they can talk about 
that later but let's get rid of the bad guys first and the team 

Domon shouted out to Chapman as Chapman rush him but Chapman 
only laughs maniacally. Mikero says that this is the end for 
Domon and Domon note that this is truly different from the 
Mikero of before, the DG Cells have truly powered up Mikero but 
he won't lose.

After the team got rid of Mikero and Chapman, Domon shouted out 
"How long are you going to continue this farce, Mikero and 
Chapman are finished, come on out Toho Fuhai." Master Asia 
appears and then smuggly says "You idiot, you're not even fit to 
call me as an equal, is that your behaviour towards your 
teacher" but Domon retorted "Shut up, I'm not going to honor you 
by calling you as my teacher anymore" Toho then says that that 
is quite green of Domon especially when his big bro is here. The 
Devil Gundam appears but then afterward the Gundam Spiegel also 
appears. Kouji and the others note that it's that masked guy who 
called himself Schwartz Bruder and wonders why he is here. 
Schwartz tells Domon to calm down but Domon is having none of 
that shouting that he'll finish things off with Toho Fuhai right 
here right now. Schwartz lament that everything he said to Domon 
about the heart of the MeikyouShisui seems to have fallen on 
deaf ears, for Domon it is impossible right now but he note that 
with the Shuffle Alliance and the others here...maybe...

Schwartz vanishes leaving Hyouma perplexed but Megumi says that 
he just moved really quick (as a ninja herself she should know) 
Ruri wondered what Schwartz came out for anyway as Domon says 
that he's coming to get Toho Fuhai right now. Yurika tells Domon 
not to go charging in like that but Domon rush in attacking the 
Master Gundam and miss. Toho taunts him asking what an attack 
like THAT is supposed to accomplish making Domon even madder. 
Kyouji begins to laugh and Domon asks seething with rage "What's 
so funny? WHAT'S SO FUNNY? This isn't the place for you to laugh; 
I won't forgive you, I'll kill you" Toho then says that before 
that, he'll be Domon's opponent but even Domon's Super Mode 
won't do anything against him. Domon of course is now totally 
white with rage and use his Super Mode Shining Finger on the 
Master Gundam only to miss again. Toho then taunts him even 
further asking if Domon think that that attack fulls of hole is 
REALLY going to beat him? The Master Gundam then begins to 
attack the Shining Gundam mercilessly worrying everyone else 
who's trying to get there. Toho tells Domon that he will finish 
Domon off but the Gundam Spiegel appears again and takes the 
attack meant for the Shining Gundam.

Schwartz then says to Domon "You idiot, I warned you that much 
already, why did you activate the Super Mode" Domon ask why 
Schwartz did what he did and Schwartz says that he was hoping 
that by fighting alongside his friends, Domon might have a 
chance of winning but Domon went in alone... Domon apologizes "I'm 
sorry Schwartz, I'm a failure, I lacked the training" The Master 
Gundam then attacks again with Toho shouting that Domon IS a 
failure, a true failure for being in this pitiful state after 
having his life saved and his anger quelled. He'll cut Domon's 
head off. Chibodee tells Domon to do something to save himself 
and Schwartz tells Domon to remember that moment...that moment of 
Meikyou Shisui.

Domon note "Father, Mother...I" and Toho note that Domon has 
given up so make peace with himself and die. Domon then note 
"Die? That's right it's the same as that time..." and right then 
Rain's voice rings out from the Nadesico "Domon...what's wrong, 
keep trying...Don't lose" "Rain?" Domon note and then he shouted 
"I see it...the drop of water"(The heart of the Meikyou Shisui) 

Toho then wonder what this extremely strong spirit is, it's very 
different from before and note that Domon may have become a 
little better but don't pat himself on the back just yet and 
attacks only to miss and this time Domon counters easily. 
Schwartz tells Domon that that is the true Super Mode and that 
Domon did it but the Gundam Spiegel explodes. Domon apologize to 
Schwartz for his stupidity and rashness that lead to this and 
then shout "Kyouji, big bro...it all ends here." Toho isn't amused 
and didn't believed that Domon could achieve this much and calls 
on the Death Army and Domon says that as the Shuffle Crest on 
his hand is his witness, he will defeat both Toho and the Devil 

The team reaches Domon's side to help take out the trash and 
then the Devil Gundam.

Domon shouted "Let's go Toho Fuhai" and Toho retorted asking if 
Domon really think he can win against his teacher just like that.

"Big Bro...I'll end it here" Domon tells Kyouji as the Devil 
Gundam approaches. Domon fires the striking blow and the Devil 
Gundam fells leaving Toho QUITE upset about this turn of event 
with him screaming that none of your team is going to leave this 
place alive and he recovers the Master Gundam's damage all at 
once, Rain attributes this to the DG Cells on the Master Gundam. 
Mikero and Chapman also reappear and Sai Saichi note that even 
they got revived and Chibodee wonders how do they fight someone 
like this. Yurika says that if they're reviving then the team 
will just have to keep on pummeling them until they can't.

Domon says that Yurika don't have to state the obvious and he 
then asks Toho Fuhai why is he so hell bent on this, what is 
there to be gain from beating the team. Toho then says, "What am 
I fighting for? What's there to be gain from telling you" Toho 
note that he seems to be quite dispised to have his former pupil 
that he raised resist him so much like this, if only Domon and 
the others didn't appear at Kaochun, he would have been so 
happy... This perplexed Domon but Toho then says that's why Domon 
is an idiot and he wouldn't forgive Domon.

Toho rushes in and Domon gets ready to retaliate only for the 
Shining Gundam to start breaking down. Domon tells the Shining 
to move but Rain tells him that the Shining had received too 
much damage and is no longer capable of fighting, Rain tells 
Domon to run. Toho note that he's the winner and prepares to 
finish Domon off as Domon tells the Shining Gundam to move once 
again. The Shining is badly damaged but then suddenly Alan 
arrives noting that this is what Schwartz feared could happened. 
Shinobu note that it's the Black Wing, the Black Knight and 
Sarah wonders why he's here this tme. Alan tells Domon to take 
his new machine and the new Gundam arrives with Rain noting that 
it is the God Gundam and tells Domon to get on it since he can 
use it.

Domon did as Rain said and Shinobu ask what the Black Knight is 
up to this time and Alan tells Shinobu that he can pretty much 
guess himself and he tells the Archangel and Nadesico team that 
Master Asia cannot be allowed to escapeand must be defeated. 
Inside, Domon note that the God is just like the Shining. Alan 
rush in to the Nadesico telling Rain that he will send the God 
Gundam's data over. Rain quickly input the motion data in and 
tells Domon that he's good to go and Domon agrees that this is 
good and he calls out to Toho that they're going to finish their 

The Shuffle Alliance closes in on Master Asia. Sai SaiChi 
shouted "It's payback time for using us" Chibodee also shouted 
"Make your peace, old man, this won't be like last time" and 
Algo roared "I will quench my hatred on you" and Toho shouted 
"Those are mighty big words coming from trash like you, as if 
you trash can do anything," 

George says, "We were used and abused by you, and I did some 
unknightly things
Because of it, you will pay for it, I shall beat you" This 
elicite a smirk from Toho "Don't make me laugh, YOU, beat ME?"

Toho shout out to Domon as Domon lands the finish blow and tells 
his former master "Sleep and stay down there Toho Fuhai, We have 
no more times to play with you" and uses his God Finger to 
destroy the Master Gundam. Chibodee tells Domon that it's over 
and Domon note that it is, he's defeated the Devil Gundam.

Later aboard the Nadesico, Yurika and the others are 
congratulating Domon and Touya note that Domon's fulfilled his 
goals and Tenia then ask what is he going to do next (aside from 
go to Disneyland) Lasse hope that Domon isn't going to call it 
quits here and Domon says of course not, he may have beaten 
Kyouji and Toho Fuhai and what's left is to defend the Earth 
alongside everyone. Mwu says that that's a relieve to hear but 
what is that mech anyway? Domon doesn't know himself and ask the 
Black Knight what's the story behind it and how did he get it 
anyway? Alan says not to be bothered by the small details; it's 
Domon's from now on so he can use it as he pleases.

This irks Domon a bit and Shinobu tells Alan to give it a rest, 
he might have saved Domon with that machine but who is he and 
why is he doing all this; going around saving their butts and 
all. Murrue agrees and as Captain wants to hear Alan's 
explanation. Alan says that protecting the Earth should be 
reason enough for the Federation's special taskforce division of 
the third fleet. (They really need a more catchy name, even more 
than Nadesico/Archangel team, wonder if Alpha Number's taken)

Alan says that he will say this, this war will certainly 
continue and the Earth will be plunged into chaos even greater 
than this and envelope them too. During that time, they must ask 
themselves, for what and whom do they fight for and how should 
they do it?
They must never lose sight of that if they truly want to fight 
for the future of this planet and to protect their own future. 
They must always have their own thoughts like Eiji Asuka over 
there, that's all he has to say.

Eiji is silent and Kira thinks "For what and for whom..." Alan 
takes his leave.
At the Nadesico dock, as Alan is about to leave, the Voltes team 
caught up to him and Kenichi ask Alan that he was with Dange 
Shogun when he saved them and Alan says that Dange was a 
courageous man to believe in what he believed to the end in this 
foreign planet. Kenichi ask if Alan knew Dange was a Boazan and 
Alan says he knew along with the fact that the Gou Siblings are 
also half Boazan. Kenichi then ask if Alan knows about their 
father. Alan says that Dr. Gou Kentarou or Ra Goul is still 
alive. Hitoshi note that it's true then that their father is 
captive of the Boazan in their underground base. Alan says that 
a chance will come for them to rescue him and they must wait for 

Back at Yokosuka, Nanga ask what's going on and David says that 
since every one's tired, they're making food to make everyone 
hale and hearty again at least that's what Yurika wants to 
happen. Cagalli says that with that, Sai Saichi and Chidori are 
teaching cooking lesson, and they're doing pretty good. Domon 
ask why don't Rain take a course too and Rain ask what's that 
supposed to mean.

Chidori ask her students to show her their results and Yurika 
and Ryouko proudly shows off their creation only for Sai Saichi 
to wonder what the heck that smell is and for Chidori to wonder 
if THIS is really their cooking? Yurika says that it is, not to 
worry, she put lots of loves for Akito into making it, it'll be 
DELICIOUS. Chidori mutters "Well, love is really important 
but...what's even more important are the basics...this isn't food, 
it's poison" Sai Saichi agrees and says, "If I eat this, my 
tongue will be dead." Chidori says that anyhow Yurika and Ryouko 
should start over and throw that away only for Sousuke to say 
that the Captain and Ryouko isn't around anymore. Kouji comes in 
saying that if they're talking about those two they just went in 
search of Akito along with something that's so bad even to smell. 
Sai Saichi notes that Akito is one very unlucky guy right now 
and tells Rain that she'd better prepare the Med Room because 
Akito is sure to be sent there. Rain agrees 100%.

Chidori continues saying "Leaving those two aside, Simone's and 
Rebin's doesn't have any problem and Sayaka's look really tasty" 
Simone says that as woman, they can do at least this good and 
Rebin agrees to which Simone says that Rebin isn't a woman and 
to which Rebin says that that's discrimination. Kouji note that 
Sayaka's look delicious and it's quite noteworthy of her being 
this good at cooking to which Sayaka blush at Kouji's compliment. 
David asks Simone if she made that for him and Simone says that 
it's for Eiji of course. David note "yeah of course, how silly 
of me" Chidori then ask how Aki is doing and Sai Saichi note 
that this soup doesn't have any thing in it at all, even though 
Aki is going for carrots and potato, what happened to it? Aki 
says that well a lot happened and Sousuke ask if she hasn't 
thrown it all away and Chidori realized that Aki hasn't just 
peeled off the skin of the potato and such but also most of the 
innards as well. Rebin says that it can't be helped since Aki 
hasn't cooked before. Aki sighed

Hyouma comes rushing in shouting "Big problem, people"to which 
Kouji asked what happened. "Akito and Boss are down...it seems 
they got poisoned after eating something" "What...Poisoned? 
Could it be that an enemy has sneaked on board and is poisoning 
the pilot one by one? Trying to finish us off from the inside, 
I'd bet. Just which enemy organization is it?" Sousuke theorized 
"No this isn't the time; we must find the culprit at once and 
detain them. Chidori, I'm going to ask the Captain for 
permission to use gun aboard this ship, you stay put. Kouji, 
Hyouma, Cagalli, David, Domon, come with me. We'll split up into 
two teams"

Chidori tells Sousuke to wait and Sousuke ask why is she 
stopping him, this situation could spread if they leave it 
unattended, they must find and detain the culprit at once and 
Chidori says "Oh you don't have to do that since the culprit is 
the Captain anyway" and Sai Saichi agrees wholeheartedly with 
Kouji noting that Boss must have sneaked in and grabbed a bite, 
it's like him. Simone tells Aki to cheer up since no matter how 
bad Aki's is, it's so many times better compared to THAT. Anna 
and David tell Simone that that's not a good way to cheer Aki up. 
Aki note that she won't fit the bill of what a woman should be 
able to do like this.

Meanwhile, in ZAFT territory, a mysterious girl is wandering 
around wondering where her bigger brother is and she see ZAFT 
solider ready to repel Radam forces with reenforcement from 
Carpenteria but they're not in time and the soldier tells 
everyone to run including the girl. The solider is not going to 
make it as the Radam beast targets him and the girl then says 
"Teksetter" and becomes "Tekkaman Rapier" as she puts it. Rapier 
disposes of the Radam beast saying she won't let them do as they 
please but then the ZAFT reinforcement arrives quite surprised 
to see an enemy Tekkaman instead of Radam beast and they attack 
with Rapier fleeing wondering where her bigger brother is. 

Episode 34

Admiral Mismal is telling Murrue about patrolling the Crimson 
Island and Mismal says that it's an island that Crimson Company 
was once on, there's a Tulip that hasn't work sitting there 
because it's in a barrier and he'd like them to check it out. 
Mwu ask if there's a problem with it but Admiral Mismal says 
that there's currently no problems with it. Natarle says that 
she doesn't understand the meaning of this mission, if there's 
no problem with it, why do they have to go there? Admiral Mismal 
say that that's a pretty stern way of thinking, well you see, 
the team has defeated Dr. Hell, the Devil Gundam and the Hau 
Dragons saving the Earth a lot recently and this new assignment 
may be a bit lacking but... Natarle apologize sayig that she 
didn't mean it like that; she will put all her effort into this 
mission. Mismal says that that's good to hear and they can file 
a report on it later but just go out and relax. Mismal also adds 
that no one from anywhere else is going to complain about this 
before Natarle can protest and then he signs off telling Yurika 
to keep doing her good job.

Murrue wonders if they should take the mission words by words 
and Yurika says that that's a given, they should go out and 
relax and Mwu agrees saying that it's a good opportunity. 
Natarle starts to protest again but Mwu says that the Nadesico 
ever since Mars and they ever since Heliopolis didn't have any 
real chance to relax and let it all go, what's more they've had 
to fight really strong enemies lately and everyone's probably 
dead tired mentally and even physically so they can't let this 
opportunity go to waste. Prospector agrees saying that even at 
Nergal, every employee do wish for less work to happen and 
Natarle says that that's normal and Mwu says that that's why 
they shouldn't reject this mission.

Murrue tells Natarle that Admiral Mismal was probably being 
extremely generous to them so let's do their job. Natarle 
acccepts and begins to continue but Murrue says that as Natarle 
probably wants to say, she'll remain behind on the ship. Mwu 
says he'll stay behind too since not having any one available to 
deploy is quite bad. Murrue ask if he's ok with that and Mwu 
says let the young one go rest. Yurika is horribly dismayed that 
the Captain has to stay behind which earns a stern voice from 
Natarle. Prospector says that he can be acting captain for this 
duration, so she doesn't have to worry and he'll ask for 
volunteer to stay behind as guards. Murrue says she understands 
and will leave it to him.

At the Archangel mess hall, Mwu details their vacation plan and 
tells everyone to have a good time and reminds themselve how 
good life can be. Kuzzy is ecstatic, they get to leave the ship 
to play and they're at a beach too. Toll note that that'll be 
quite fun and Milly tease Kuzzy that he seems way too ecstatic 
and if he's not careful, a shark will get him. Kuzzy tells Milly 
not to scare him like that but Milly says that Earth's oceans 
are full of sharks or doesn't he know? Toll tells Kuzzy that 
it's probably a joke and Kuzzy says that he better go change.

At the Nadesico mess hall, Yurika outline their vacation plan 
and says that they've got permission, no signs of rain anywhere 
and snacks are 300 yen each not including apple and bananas. 
Hikaru says that it's great using a deserted island as their 
resort and Megumi chan says that she better select her swimsuit.  
Merua ask the Captain if they can't add banana roll and apple 
pies to the snack menus and Touya ask what Merua is talking 
about and Merua says that since the snacks are only 300 yens 
(She wants to eat a lot) Yurika tells Merua not to worry, she'll 
have apple pies and banana rolls included and Merua thanks her. 
"Baka" says Ruri and Minato ask if Ruri's not satisfied but Ruri 
says that this is her first time at the sea so she think it'll 
be a little fun.

At the Archangel hallway, Flay asks where Kira is and bumps into 
her former boyfriend Sai. Sai is a bit lost for word but says 
that Kira isn't around here and Flay leaves. Flay finds Kira at 
his room asking what he's doing, she ask where that girl is and 
Kira says Cagalli went back to Orb. Flay takes that in and then 
asks whether Kira wants to go down to the beach together but 
Kira says that he's a bit tired and ask if Flay can't go with 
the others for a while. Flay asks if he's really THAT tired and 
Kira apologizes saying that he'll go later. Flay says she 
understands and will go first and then she tries to ask Kira 
something but quickly says it's nothing.

At the Nadesico, Simone asks Eiji if there's seaside back at 
Grados and Eiji says that there is and he went several times 
with his family when he was a kid. Simone says that even so, 
this is his first time at Earth's seaside and he'll absolutely 
like it. Suddenly the two hears Arthur's voice "This girl is..." 
and also Akito's voice "Yeah, you see those two are lovers but 
they have to fight" "It's so sad" says Arthur "Right? You 
understand?" says Akito " I do, I do" says Arthur.  Simone 
wonders what those two are doing and tells Arthur that she's 
coming in. Arthur is quite surprised at Simone's appearance and 
Akito welcomes them. "God, I can't believe you two would sit and 
watch anime while we're at the beach" grumbles Simone and Eiji 
ask if that's the Gekiganger that Akito talked so much about. 
Arthur says that that's right, Akito promised to show him once 
and it's been great. See, this girl is Aquamarine says Arthur 
and Akito finish that she's an enemy warrior but fell in love 
with the main hero without knowing it. Akito says that this is 
one of his favourite episodes from way back. Simone takes all 
this in a bit annoyed as Arthur says that an enemy warrior like 
Aquamarine whose real face is pretty and good at cooking is 
great and Akito says that he's glad that Arthur understood.

"I...I see" says Simone backing out the door slowly with Eiji 
"Well then, we're going, sorry to bother you" and leaves 
immediately. Eiji says that that looks fun and Simone says that 
if the two are happy with watching the anime, it should be all 

Sousuke radioed in to Chidori "And that's why I can't go, sorry" 
and Chidori says quite annoyed "Yeah, it can't be helped that 
it's your job, go ahead and have fun with it, with Tessa at your 
side" "W... Wait Chidori, the Major is..." Sousuke tries to 
counter but Chidori shouted "Shaddup" and hang up.  Later 
Chidori is quite annoyed since she bought this new white bikini. 
Rebin comes up and says that that's a lovely white and that it's 
too bad that Sousuke isn't here. Chidori says that it's nothing, 
it's not as if she wants to show it to him or anything and Rebin 
says that she doesn't have to think so hard compared to her who 
wreck her brain into figuring out how to show her great swimsuit 
figure but D-Boy isn't even going out to the beach.

"Great swimsuit figure...gee ...uhm what SHOULD I say" says 
Chidori and Honda comes up to Rebin asking to know what she's 
doing here, they haven't finish doing that job they're supposed 
to do yet. Rebin tells Honda not to be that scary and she was 
just here to feel the atmosphere a little. Honda scolds her 
saying that the Chief (Freeman) told them how important this job 
is and here she is dodging it to play. Honda then drags Rebin 
back to the hangar

At the beach, everyone is having a GREAT time, Hikaru and 
Chizuru are going para gliding and Chizuru tells Hyouma that 
she's going first. Hyouma mutters "The sea is GOOD" "Yup the sea 
is GREAT" Shinobu agrees "Right now I really think from the 
bottom of my heart that it's GREAT to be alive, to live all this 
fighting, is this what life's great pleasure is about?  Sayaka-
san, Chizuru-san, Kateia-san, Minato-san, Megumi-san, Kanan-san 
and Inez-sensei and also..." says Kouji
Shiro tells his big bro that they should go and Kouji tells his 
younger bro to go on ahead and not interfere with the fighting 
man's vacation. Juuzou agrees saying that one day, Shiro will 
understand but Shiro ask what his big bro is talking about, Roll 
and Rolly (in silver V Thongs ala Mazinkaiser episode 4) is over 
there, let's go play. " Wha... Roll and Rolly san are over there? 
Why didn't you say so in the first place, let's go Shiro" says 
Kouji. Masato(D) asks where Roll and Rolly are and Shinobu says 
that they're not going alone, where is Roll and Rolly?

Tenia says that it's time for them to go, take off and Merua 
agrees.Kateia tells the two not to run around in the sea like 
that and Tenia says that she's fine although the waves are a bit 
big and Merua is hit by a wave dragging Tenia down. Kateia is a 
bit stunned and Touya said that he tried to warn them, are they 
ok? Merua says that she's quite downed and Tenia says she has 
water in her eyes, it hurts and Touya says of course, it's sea 
water after all. "I didn't know that...wait why are you laughing 
Touya? Why you, I'll do THIS to you Touya" says Tenia as she 
splash sea water onto Touya and Touya tells her to stop and 
Tenia tells Merua to join in and Merua splash even more on Touya. 
"Wait, I said stop, ok fine, Kateia, let's return fire" says 
Touya which caught Kateia off guard but she got her act together 
and start splashing the two too.

Domon note that the condition outside are perfect for training 
and asks Algo and George to come with him, Algo is fine with 
that but George ask if he's allright about Rain. Rain comes up 
to Domon in a bikini which pretty much have Domon all 
flabbergasted and Rain ask how she looks. George says she's 
beautiful but Domon still flabbergasted says that he has no 
compliments for her. George and Algo noted that Domon JUST don't 
seem to get it. Rain is quite annoyed by that and ask where 
Domon is going and Domon says that he's going training and tells 
her not to worry but rest here. Rain can't believe that he'd 
still do so at this time and says she'll come with him. Domon is 
a bit nervous saying that if she's coming then she better go 
change since that outfit is well...ahem, ah ,well she can't really 
move in the forest dressed like that. An obviously annoyed Rain 
then says "Fine, wait a moment, Domon you idiot" and storms off 
to change. Domon is perplexed at Rain, she's strange and did he 
say anything wrong? George tells him not to take Rain's feeling 
for granted like that.

At the beach, Simone asks where Eiji is and David and Roan note 
that that's quite a swimsuit; does she want some sun lotion 
rubbed on her? Simone says that she's not interested in asking 
someone like him who's thought is below the belt. Where's Eiji? 
David has to hang his head at Simone's rejection and Arthur says 
that Eiji is down here. Simone looks and asks what they're doing 
to Eiji and Hikaru says that they're burying him up to the neck 
in sand. Izumi makes another bad pun and Eiji smiles a bit 
nervously at Simone. Simone secretly thinks to herself that Eiji 
looks cute like this. Eiji ask if it's ok for him to move now 
since everyone's here but Hikaru and Miri says that he can't 
move or he'll ruin the sand mountain they're building on top of 
him. Anna apologize and say it'll be a little while and David 
says a mock prayer for Eiji who came to Earth and got asked to 
be buried under a mountain of sand by these people and then 
laughs his butt off saying "poor poor Eiji, and I can do nothing 
for him" The girls aren't finish with Eiji though and we'll 
leave it at that.

Nearby a beach volley competition is happening with Hyouma, 
Juuzo, Akatsuki, Masato (D) involved. Akatsuki boasted to the 
guys if they see his revered spin receive. Sarah tells the long 
hair idiot that if he's got time to pose, he'd better send the 
ball back. Megumi tells Chizuru that it's their chance and both 
says "X Attack" hitting the ball straight back to Akatsuki's 
face. "Well done...Gaku" Akatsuki says before going down. Robet 
says that the scores are now 18-21 and the player Akatsuki has 
retired from the game due to being KO. The two Choudenji girls 
are hugging each other ecstactic about their victory. Hyouma 
takes a look at Akatsuki's face and Juuzo agree as he's being 
wheeled out that it seems that Akatsuki saw something REALLY 
good (judging from that grin on his KO ed face.)

Sai Saichi tells everyone that the food's done. Tenia is of 
course rushing in to grab some being very hungry. Daijiro says 
that this is great and Tenia asks what is it, can she eat it all? 
Chibodee tells her to eat as much as she wants, if you're 
talking outside food, then it's gonna be B.B.Q. Sai Saichi says 
that it isn't just any B.B.Q. but mixed with his secret spices 
so they won't get it anywhere else. Hime have a taste and so do 
the kids with her.

Sayaka tells Kouji that she helped too so have a taste. Kouji 
thanks her and says that this taste great and tells Sayaka that 
she looks lovely today which makes Sayaka blush. Boss saw this 
and tells Kouji to pass some B.B.Q. around and begin devouring 
it out of being ticked. Nuke says that it's quite sad for Boss.  
Hyouma note that Masato couldn't come which is a shame since 
this vacation really help soothe the soul and feelings. Chizuru 
note that that goes for Miku also. Daisaku note that it can't be 
helped since they want to finish repair on the Zeorymer as soon 
as possible.

Tenia tells Touya that this food is great and Touya tells her to 
calm down and not to inhale it all in. Yurika brandish a special 
meal (on par with Kusuha's health drink) and says that she made 
this JUST for Akito so he can eat and eat and ....where is Akito 
anyway? Ruri says that he ran away and Uribatake says that he 
saw him headed towards the wood so she'd better hurry if she 
wants to catch up to him. Juuzou note that last time, Akito 
spent 3 days in the Medical room after eating it so it'd make 
sense that he'd run for his life and Ippei says that Yurika 
didn't hear any of that as she already went to give it to Akito. 
Shiro note that Yurika can be quite clueless and Akatsuki note 
that fortune and misfortune seems to come together as Jun-kun 
mutter' I'm jealous"

Deep in the woods, Akito has finished running, panting like 
crazy "This is no joke, no matter how much I hurt Yurika's 
feelings, if I eat that thing one more time, I'll DEFINITELY 
die......NOOOOO I don't wanna go down that way" he screamed. Akito 
bump into an unknown girl and apologize saying that he didn't 
think there were someone else here. The mysterious girl asks 
what's wrong with him, his face definitely looks ill and Akito 
says that he's being chased...but then clams up asking about her. 
The girl says that her name is Aqua and Akito note that it's 
like Aquamarine in Gekiganger (not to be confused with MX's Aqua)

Back at the Archangel, Murrue ask the patrolling Ryouko how the 
situation is and Ryouko says that there's no problem with the 
Barrier on the Tulip and no abnormality sighted from up above. 
Natarle note that just in case, she should check on the ground 
also and Ryouko roger that. Murrue apologize for troubling 
Ryouko like this but Ryouko says that it's fine, she doesn't 
really care for the sea and sand much anyway. Mwu ask if 
something happened but Ryouko persistently denied it saying that 
like their resident captain, she's not quick to adapt to her 
position  and Mwu says that Yurika is a bit special and Murrue 
wonder if Ryouko is thinking that she only knows about fighting 
so she doesn't know how to go have fun (like a girl with Akito) 
Ryouko denies it again as usual and Murrue apologize saying that 
Ryouko has charms but thinks too much about unneccesary things. 
Ryouko tells Murrue not to make assumptions like that and is 
suddenly distracted. Ryouko then tells Murrue that she thought 
she saw signs of a person (that's not one of their crew) so 
she's going down to investigate and she's shutting off 

Natarle tells Murrue to be careful not to let personal chit chat 
go on in communications like these and Mwu ask if she plans to 
talk with all the crew ala a psychiatrist Murrue says that many 
things happen when you're young and Mwu says not to talk as if 
she's some old lady, she's still in her twenties.Murrue tells 
Mwu not to talk about age with a lady and Mwu apologizes. 
Natarle interrupt and says that Lt. Major Karinin is on the line 
which surprises Murrue.

At the beach, Murrue radioed in which makes Erina almost swallow 
her food whole and she ask for water to gulp it down and answer 
back. Murrue apologize for spoiling the fun and ask if Yurika is 
around but Erina says that their beloved captain has went to 
commune with nature (in finding Akito) Murrue says that the Da 
Nann has contacted in and Erina wonders if there's trouble but 
Murrue says that that's not it, they're about to have an AS mock 
battle and wonder if the crew wants to go watch. Milly wonder 
why they have to do it now and Sai ask if Murrue ask the reason 
why? Murrue says she did though she doesn't understand much of 
it and Mwu step up saying that they want the team to go be a 
crowd (since they're nearby) and since the contestant is Mao and 
the other one is Tessa. Chidori is flabbergasted, why would 
Tessa try to pilot an AS while Toll wonder if she isn't a desk 
job person and Milly says that at the least she doesn't seem to 
be the type to have combat experience but Sai counter that she 
IS a Major, she SHOULD have SOME knowledge of AS piloting. 
Chidori tells Mwu to explain and then note that Sousuke has to 
be behind this. Mwu says that he doesn't know that much but 
they're welcomed to go watch and cheer. Kouji then note that 
it's over there and it's starting.

Near another part of the beach, Mao taunt Tessa saying that she 
didn't think Tessa'd come, she thought that she would get scared 
and run away a LONG time ago. Tessa apologize saying she was 
hungry so she had lunch first. This of course ticked Mao off 
though she says that the results are clear from the beginning, 
what's left is to implement them. Beside how is Tessa feeling 
about having to walk around the Nadesico nude? On second thought, 
she's just a kid so maybe it's ok to be lingerie claded. Tessa 
of course angrily retorted that it's an unwanted generosity, 
beside how is Mao feeling about having to walk around the 
Archangel nude? Nearby, Krutz (who should be REALLY happy at 
this bet) note that Mao doesn't seem to want to relent any bit 
and a certain furry military claded teddybear-esque being reply 
"Fumofu Fumoffu." "What's that?....You're saying of course, the 
Major also isn't relenting "
"Yeah, it's not like I don't understand...after all Big Sis Mao 
gave the Major a complex. Someone who has something that they 
themselves don't have is bound to attract interest" "You're 
saying that the Major has said the same thing that Mao is 
fierceful? So why should we be happy that it came to this" Krutz 
says and translate for Bonta-Kun.

Krutz ask if Bonta-kun really think that the Major will not lose 
that easily and translate Bonta's answer into "Of course" and 
Krutz then ask why the heck can't they have a normal 
conversation between the two of them?. "What's that? The Voice 
changer speech system is working a bit weird?... Hey you know 
what, I thought this was some type of a joke" Krutz reply and 
translate from Bonta that it seems Chidori is quite annoyed for 
some reason with him. So to hide him being here with the Major, 
he'd decided to test this thing.

Hyouma noted that the loser having to walk naked around one of 
their ship is well big news which earns a glare from Chizuru and 
Hyouma says that he wasn't thinking dirty thought though that 
didn't earn him a reprieve from some of the others. Algo says 
that it's become quite interesting and Sai Saichi ask if Algo's 
back from training with Domon and Domon says that the fight 
should be worth watching though Chibodee ask if Domon thinks so 
since the results seems to be all but announced but Rain says 
that it's not THAT certain though of course Tessa can't win by 
attacking head on. Ryou note that if Tessa hasn't taken that 
into calculation, she couldn't have been a Major at Mythril. 
Ruri note that battle strategy, battle techniques and battle 
skill are all different and there's luck in the battlefield too. 
Ippei note that it's worth watching a genius at battle strategy 
fight a pro on the battlefield. Kouji says that he's cheering 
for Tessa and Masato (D) also agrees though Shinobu is rooting 
for Mao. Erina tells the team not to encourage this sort of 
thing in the ship since it's against regulation and asks Domon 
if he's seen theiroh so beloved Captain.

Domon says that he hasn't though he HAS seen Akito go deep into 
the forest with an unknown woman and George went to go take a 
watch though it shouldn't be that much trouble. Mao note that 
with a lot of people cheering for Tessa, it seems she'd become 
the bad guy in this scenario, though she's going to betray all 
their expectation and get it over with in one fell swoop making 
the little princess cry. Mao shouted for Sousuke to ring the 
gong already with Tessa shouting that if Mao can make someone 
cry, go ahead!! Krutz note that Mao has become a bad guy pure 
and simple here. Bonta-kun then Fumofuu Fumofuu out with Krutz 
translating that they're both using Paint bullet, there's no 
time limit and will be decided if the other side lose the will 
to fight or cannot fight any more, is that ok. Both side agree 
and the battle is on with Chidori wondering if Tessa is going to 
be ok.

At Aqua's mansion, Aqua feed Akito a lot of her food which Akito 
says is delicious. Akito ask about Aqua's parent and she says 
that both her parents are dead so she's living here alone. Akito 
apologize for bringing it up but Aqua says that it's ok, beside 
she met Akito, Akito's like a prince to her. Beside it's her 
dream for a while now to die together with her lover in a flame 
of war beautifully, it's SO romantic. "Wha.. beautiful..what?" 
Akito asked and Aqua says "Let's die together Akito" Yes, a full 
nut job if I've ever seen one. Akito tries to run but is 
paralyzed and Aqua says that the paralysis medicine in the food 
has work. Akito tries to reason with the nut but she says that 
with this push of her broch, they'll both go to heaven, oh she's 
SUCH a tragic heroine to which Akito muttered' Why do these 
things always happen to me?"

George who has been watching jumped in telling the mad 
Madmoseille to leave it at that which makes Akito breathe a sigh 
of relief. Of course Aqua thinks that George is another prince 
and oh she's so tragic having found two princes before her 
death...but if heaven permits, why don't the three of them go 
together? The two are quite hard pressed for words against 
Aqua's self absorbed ramblings which is when Yurika barge in 
telling the weirdo to stop and hand Akito over and George tries 
to reason with her again which is when Ryouko smash the wall 
down with her Aestie demanding to know what the heck Akito is 
doing. Ryouko is pissed and demand that the weirdo woman unhand 
Akito or else. Aqua is of course shocked...that this isn't 
beautiful at all...that's it she's had enough...they're all going to 
die. George note that this isn't good as she press the broch and 
Yurika note that the Tulip has started working and Ryouko demand 
to know what the brain dead bimbo did with Aqua laughing that 
since they have destroyed her oh so beautiful romantic world, 
they can all die. "Don't be f**king me, you bimbo" Ryouko 
shouted and begins to lay waste to the Jovian mech appearing 
with Yurika encouraging "That's it Ryouko san, lay in to them" 
George has to compliment Ryouko in taking care of it but Aqua 
says that once the barrier is down, it's staying down. George 
says that this is a bit bad and for Ryouko to radio the ship and 
get back there, he'll take Akito and the Captain back. Ryouko 
roger that and snarled out "Hey you bimbo, I'm gonna come back 
and take care of you, so hang around" The three leaves with the 
Madmoseille moron noting that they're all idiots.

Back at the mock battle, Mao blasted around Tessa's AS but Krutz 
translate for Bonta Kun that it wasn't a direct hit, it just hit 
some of the trees around her. Mao grumble that if this was using 
a live round, then Tessa'd be send back along with the trees but 
Krutz translate for Bonta Kun saying that it isn't real bullet 
but paint bullet so the battle is continuing... and is it ok for 
Mao to be careless like this? Tessa takes this time to 
counterattack but missed. Krutz translate that that wasn't a 
direct hit also so Mao should be grateful since a live round 
there will probably finish her too. Mao has of course has it to 
here being lectured by an oversized stuffed doll and says "Fine, 
a direct hit right?" and rush Tessa's AS to which Tessa retreat 
into the forest breathing heavily from being tired that she 
can't tumble, can't fall now. She's scared; is this what it's 
like in the battlefield? Is this what Melissa (Mao) go through 
all the time?

Shinobu has to note that Tessa is quite sticky and perserverent 
to last this long against Mao and Ryou note that it's not a bad 
strategy to go into the wood to hide but Mao has a higher 
movement rate than her, if she catches up, it's over so what's 
she going to do next? Bonta-Kun through Krutz warns Tessa that 
her speed is down and she will be overtaken like this so please 
retaliate. Tessa is tired and scare saying that she can't do 
anymore but Bonta-Kun persist and through Krutz says that  it's 
ok, if it's the Major, she can do it, he guarantee it. Tessa 
gets an encouragement from Sousuke's word but Mao says it's too 
late and moves in only to fall to a flash grenade which is a 
trap. Tessa moves in and Mao says that that's not bad; she'd 
have to reevaluate Tessa though she won't give up that easily. 
Mao then suddenly stop mid-note and Krutz seems to have picked 
up on it as well along with Tessa. Their AS's sensor have picked 
up enemy readings. Bonta-kun asks Uruz 2 to call it in and Mao 
says that they've detected Jovian unmanned mech moving in and 
for Sousuke to guard the Major at once.

The three rushes in to guard Tessa and Mao says that it's not a 
big worry, the others will be here soon so they'll guard her 
first. Tessa apologize to Mao and Mao says that it's likewise 
since she said some awful things too, so let's leave the 
competition at that. The team saw the Jovian mech and decides to 
hurry back to their respective ship. Murrue radioed in and tells 
Erina that the Barrier guarding the Tulip has disappeared so 
they have to get back to the ships. Mwu says that while he'll 
deploy, it'll take a while so it's best to have all of the team 
back as soon as possible. Erina grumble and wonder where their 
no brain Captain is off to. Speaking of the devil, Yurika 
arrives saying that this is bad and that they have to get back 
to the Nadesico, and would someone haul Akito back for her. 
Yurika apologize to Akito but a Captain like her has to go and 
dump him down to the ground and tells Erina to hurry too with 
Akito thinking "My position...My standings (on the ship)"

Mao note that even though they're small fries, it's a little 
hard fighting them when not equipped properly and tells Tessa 
she has to get out of her AS since she's a liability moving it 
on the field right now.  One Jovian mech rush in and Mao tells 
Tessa to abandon the AS though Tessa is reluctant.

Bonta-Kun tells Tessa to jump and Tessa does so with Bonta-Kun 
then asking if the Major is hurt? Tessa tells Bonta-Kun or 
Sagara san that she's ok and Bonta-kun tells Krutz that he'll 
remain on the field and to get the Major to safety. Tessa 
apologize saying that it's her fault troubling others like that 
but Krutz translate for Bonta-Kun saying that the Major's battle 
was quite good, he didn't predict that the Major would last that 
long or went that far. As an AS pilot, he was quite glad. He 
knows that the Major is someone up above who can be trusted and 
that goes for Mao also. Tessa thanks her "coach" for this.

Chidori radioed in asking Sousuke if Tessa is all right and is 
quite surprised to see Bonta-Kun and Bonta-Kun says that Chidori 
doesn't have a voice changer system to decode things with her 
and Tessa says that she'll translate. Tessa says that Bonta Kun 
says the Major has been confirmed to be safe and Tessa will 
agree to that which relieves Chidori. Tessa translate that 
Bonta-Kun tells her to cut the talk for now and Tessa orders Mao 
and Bonta-Kun to remain on the field with the Nadesico crew to 
repel the enemy while she and Krutz return to the Da Nann. Tessa 
translate that Bonta-Kun will move in to provide cover fire and 
Chidori wonders if the man inside is ok with that but Tessa says 
that though it looks like a theme park mascot, Bonta Kun's 
capability is that that it can take on four M9 at once. 
Underneath the fake fur is special silicon and reinforced man-
made muscle. Mythril built it as a prototype combat suit to 
which Chidori muttered "Gee, and where the heck were you going 
to use it?" Tessa and Krutz leave the battlefield as Mao tells 
the stuffed doll to come over and help. Mao then ask if he can't 
do anything about that Voice Changer which 
Bonta-Kun says need to be examined.

Ryouko appears and tells the Jovian to wait up and apologize to 
Mao saying that she was supposed to be on call but was a bit 
late. Mwu also appears and says that the others are on their way, 
so they'll have to make do with this amount right now and is 
that guy in that teddy bear suit going to be all right? "Roger 
that"Mao translated for Bonta-Kun

The battle begins and Mwu shouted that enemies on this level 
shouldn't take too much out of them and Ryouko shouted "C'mon 
c'mon c'mon, I'm in a BAD mood today." Mao says to the Batta "So 
you hadda come and do as you please, eh? Well I'll return that 
to you 100 fold." Bonta-kun of course shouts out "Fumo Fumo 

The four manage to defeat all the Batta and Ruri confirms that 
there are no second waves and that the Tulip has completely 
stopped. Minato noted that they've managed to stop it and 
Prospector noted that everyone didn't have to deploy this time. 
Murrue confirms with Yurika that there are no more enemies and 
Yurika also confirms it. Murrue note that just in case, they 
should destroy the Tulip. Ruri suddenly says that something is 
moving here at high speed. Murrue says the Archangel confirms it 
as well but the size is quite small. Ruri says that it's 
humanoid size; this makes Yurika wonder if it could be...a 
Tekkaman. Tekkaman Rapier appears and note to herself to let her 
big brother find her. D-Boy suddenly note that that's... Noal note 
that it's not one of the Tekkaman that appeared before so it's a 
new one and this makes D-Boy think, "It can't be..." Aki ask where 
D-Boy is going and D-Boy says he is deploying and asks Honda for 
the Pegas. Honda says that they can't deploy Pegas yet when 
they're in the midst of installing the High-Coat Voltekker, 
it'll be over soon and to wait for a while but D-Boy says that 
he doesn't care about it. Rebin says not to get too fired up 
since if this installation isn't over, he can't transform yet. 
Freeman tells D-Boy to calm down since it's not doing anyone any 

D-Boy is quite frustrated which Aki picked up on and Uribatake 
says that if he's got the time to grumble, he might as well 
pitch in too to hasten the process. Uribatake shows D-Boy what 
to do and the location. This takes D-Boy a bit by surprise but 
he cooperated.

As Rapier wish that her big bro would find her, Tekkaman Evil 
appear and says that he's found her. The other Tekkamen also 
appear which makes Natarle wonder what's going on. Sai confirms 
that the other four Tekkaman are here along with this new 
entrant makes five and adding Blade makes up to a total of six. 
Evil note that this is the power of siblings that they can find 
each other no matter how far apart they are. He wonders which 
one contains Blade and blasted the Archangel. Yurika tells Ruri 
to prep the Distortion field and tell everyone to get ready to 

Evil note that Rapier still wouldn't say where Blade is and 
plans to kill Rapier to bring Blade out. He begins blasting her 
but then Blade shouts out Evil's name and appear. Evil says that 
it's a shame that Big bro Takaya has just met their little 
sister but he's going to have to kill the both of them. Blade is 
surprised by this as Rapier calls out "Big brother" "No. It 
can't be... Miyuki? Is it you Miyuki?" Blade shouted as Rapier 
says, "Big brother, I've finally found you" "Miyuki MIYUKI" 
Blade shouted. 

Evil says that it can't be helped if they're incomplete but they 
should be thankful to die in the form of a Tekkaman. Blade is 
quite enraged at Evil for this and Touya wonders "A sister?" 
Kateia couldn't believe that D-Boy's sister is also a Tekkaman 
and Tenia couldn't believe that their reunion would be like this 
with Merua agreeing that it's quite sad. Noal note that D-Boy 
didn't even bring it up once with them and Aki looks on sadly. 
Freeman ask Yurika to rescue the two which is what Yurika is 
planning since bad guys who picked on small girls needs to be 
taken care of.

Evil ask if the team really think they can take the four of them 
on (he really needs to rethink stuff considering the firepower 
your team's got) and he deploys some Radam beast. Blade shouted 
that he'll defeat Evil but Sword and Lance tells Blade not to 
get ahead of himself since they'll be his opponent first and Axe 
tells the Takaya kiddo to get ready. Blade shouted "Out of the 

Sword shouts to Rapier that she'll be her opponent and to die 
but Rapier replies that she can't die yet. Axe note that Rapier 
seems to be in pain, let's see what he can do to make it better 
but Rapier says that she won't let herself be killed by them. 
Lance ask where Rapier is going since her enemy is right in 
front of her and Rapier note that until she can tell her Big Bro 
the news, she can't (die yet) Evil shouted "Die, you incomplete 
nothing, curse yourself for not being complete" but Rapier 
retorted "The only real complete one is Big brother Takaya."

Sword shouts out to Blade that blood will flow from traitors 
like them but Blade isn't having any of it "Don't interfere" he 
shouted. "Make your peace, Lance" Blade shouted but Lance 
counter that he has nothing to fear from someone like Blade. Axe 
tells Blade "Takaya kiddo, isn't it time we end this match?" and 
Blade shouted back "I won't lose to someone like you"

Touya note that at this speed, he can't read Evil's whereabout 
and Evil ask if Touya really think he can win with that 
overgrown child's toy, he'll send him to hell. Merua tells Touya 
that Evil is coming in from above. Shinobu gets quite angry that 
he can't lay a bead on Evil and Sarah tells him to calm down 
with Ryou telling him that predicting an enemy's movement is the 
basic of fighting and Masato(D) ask if Shinobu is listening and 
Shinobu says he heard them, let's do it. Evil of course asks 
what these human toys can do and to die. Kira shouts that he 
won't fall here, he'll shoot Evil before he falls but Evil says 
that there's no way Kira can catch up with him. Mwu noted that 
Evil's really something but he himself won't go down that 
quietly. Evil taunts Mwu by saying "Too slow, too slow or is 
that the limit of humanity?" Noal shouted "We've got something 
call drive too, you know" but Evil retorted "With THAT toy? 
That's insulting, you know"

"I see, you're quite strong but against my fist, there is 
nothing I need to fear" Domon shouted with Evil retorting "While 
it might be so against a human opponent, it won't work on a 
Tekkaman" "Let's go, we'll decide this" Kenichi shouts and Ippei 
tells Kenichi to slow down and aim since Evil is quite fast and 
Kenichi say he got it. Evil note that Voltes is quite large but 
he has speed on his side. Eiji note that Evil's quite fast and 
for Rei to lock on to him and Evil says that it's pointless for 
a human like Eiji to even try. Juuzou note that this one's speed 
is nothing to laugh over and Hyouma note that it's a noteworthy 
challenge and for Kosuke to calculate Evil's flight pattern. 
Evil shout that something that big isn't going to hit something 
quite small like him. Tetsuya wonder "Can you win against ME?" 
and Evil says that he'll show Tetsuya the limit of humanity. Yuu 
tells Nelly Brain to calm down; once Nelly Brain calms down he 
can see the movement, he can do it. Evil retorted that speed 
alone wouldn't win against him. Kouji shouted "You little...I'm 
not gonna forgive you for doing as you please" but Evil retorted 
that the humans will feel his power. Bonta-Kun goes "Fumo Fumo 
Fumo" with Evil replying "Uh...I'm not sure what you're saying, 
but let's go"

Sword is defeated and shouts out that she'll remember this and 
leaves. Lance is a bit better composed this time and says that 
they're not bad but they'll come to regret this and he'll wait 
for the fun when that time comes. Axe says that the deciding 
match will be next time and for the team to make their peace. 
Only Evil is left against the team.

Evil says that he'll really send his big bro to hell this time 
and Blade shout that he won't forgive Evil for this. Evil notes 
that this isn't bad for his big bro, but playtime's over. Blade 
tells Evil to stop bluffing but Ruri says that she's detecting a 
huge energy build up from Tekkaman Evil. Freeman note that it's 
coming and Rebin ask if this isn't a little too dangerous. Honda 
then tells D_Boy to use the High Coat Voltekker since that's the 
only thing that can resist Evil. Uribatake chime in that they 
took a lot of time for the safety and balance of the Condenser 
but it should be working perfectly so he can use it as much as 
he want.

"Ok I got it, Pegas, High Coat Voltekker Formation" Blade says 
as Evil shouted "You can all line up to go to hell, 
PsyVoltekker!!" "I won't let that happen Evil, High Coat 
Voltekker" Blade retorted and Pegas change formation to help 
charge Blade's Voltekker to a degree that blasted Evil to 
kingdom come. Evil can't believe it as Honda note that it's a 
direct hit and Evil explodes. Rebin cheer that it's a success 
and Uribatake says that that's to be expected though it's quite 
powerful. Freeman thanks Uribatake for helping the team meet the 
deadline but Uribatake says that the Space Knight got most of it 
done anyway and it was good for learning too.

Blade wonders if this is the end of Evil as Ruri note that the 
Radam are finished. Yurika thanks everyone for their hardwork 
and ask if D-Boy and his sister are all right?

At the Nadesico, a reunion is taking place between D-Boy and 
Miyuki with the others being quite teary eyed about it but 
suddenly Miyuki goes quite a bit silent and D-Boy wonders what's 
wrong. Touya tells Kateia to get Inez here quickly.

Later, Yurika ask if D-Boy's sister has lost consciousness and 
Erina says that they're flying Dr. Irene from the Novis Noah 
over to take a look at her and Miyuki is in the medical room 
right now. This dismays Megumi chan and Prospector note that 
while it doesn't seem life threatening, it's worrisome.

At the Nadesico dock, Sousuke note that other than the Voice 
Changer, this suit doesn't seem to have any problems. Hikaru 
shout that it's Bonta-Kun gleefully and Sousuke ask if she knows 
this thing. Hikaru says that it's FumoFumoland's mascot 
character Bonta-kun right? Sousuke says that it might look like 
it on the outside but inside is a power suit Mythril made to 
suit the army and police; it's another form of ArmSlave. David 
can't believe that this mascot suit is an ArmSlave. Sousuke goes 
on to says that from the Spec Data, it compares to a human sized 
M9 and can be use for survelliance, stealth,etc. He was chosen 
as it's test pilot but since this happen it can't be helped, 
he'll continue testing it on mission with the team. He should 
talk with the Captain about this first though. David asks if 
this really IS safe to use? Ryouko answers that judging from the 
battle Sousuke put it through just now, she'd probably guess so. 
Hikaru says that hearing the "mofu mofu" sound was just so cute 
and David looks at Sousuke a bit weird after that.

Meanwhile at the Archangel's cafeteria, Kuzzy comes in saying 
that there's big news and tells everyone that their parents at 
Heliopolis is at Orb. (They survived, it seemed) Kuzzy says that 
he got news from Cagalli and that they can talk with them later. 
Milli is quite glad that she can meet her parents again and Sai 
is ecstatic though Flay is silent.

Flay goes to Kira's room and Flay ask if Kira's not going to the 
Bridge, it seems that they can talk to their parents and family. 
Kira says "Oh that"and Flay, a bit peeved, then shouts 
"What..don't you want to meet your family?" Kira says that he 
has to finish this program today but Flay then shout not to mess 
with her, he's probably pitying her right? She knows she doesn't 
have any family left so no one's coming to meet her. Don't be 
kidding. Why does SHE has to be pitied by him when the one who 
needs pitying is him, fighting all alone, scared, crying, 
someone like him. Kira tells Flay to stop; he isn't...(pitying her 
or anything) but Flay shouts, "Don't touch me" and leaves the 

Back at the Nadesico medical room, Irene note that Miyuki's 
stabilized for now. Aki thanks Irene for her hardwork helping 
Miyuki and tells D-Boy that Miyuki will be all right and D-Boy 
breathes a sigh of relief. Irene then says "But..." which gets D-
Boy all worried again and he asks "But what? Tell me..is Miyuki 
going to be all right?" Inez says that she'll explain, Miyuki's 
external wounds, while not small, aren't life threatening but it 
seems there are damage inside her, it's probably...not something 
she got from the battlefield. D-Boy's face turned white at this 
"Inside the body, it can't be..." Inez continue, "While this might 
be just an opinion of mine, could it have something to do with 
the reason that she can transform into a Tekkaman? Does that 
ring any bells, D-Boy?"

D-Boy is frantic "This is a lie, The TekSystem would...it can't 
be...Miyuki is.." and Aki tries to calm D-Boy down. Irene says 
that as long as they don't know the cause, they can't treat her, 
does he know something? D-Boy is silent and he grits his teeth 
but Freeman then asks "What happened to Dr.Aiba's daughter after 
she was taken by the Radam?" This surprised D-Boy and he ask 
"Chief, how did you know?" and Freeman continues "Isn't it time 
you told us everything? Aiba Takaya?"

Episode 35

Murrue asks "The Algos?" and Mwu says that he remembers that 
name from somewhere, wasn't it an exploration ship that 
disappeared? Ruri recite the fact that she pulled up from 
Omoikane that the Algos is a deep-space exploration vessel to 
find a new planet. It's captain was Dr. Aiba Kouzou and the crew 
were made up of his families and close associates. Three years 
ago, it went to investigate the gravitational anomaly near the 
L4 space colonies and never returned. Prospector says that he 
remembers now, Nergal also funded it. D-Boy then continues that 
what the Algos encountered was not a normal gravitational 
abnormality, what it was was the Radam's mothership for invading 
the Earth.

This surprises Yurika and Eiji is surprised that something like 
that was around three years ago. D-Boy continues that at that 
time they didn't know that, there were no signs of intelligent 
life on board but there were signs of plant life and they went 
in to investigate. D-Boy pauses as if he doesn't want to talk 
further but he then continues that inside, everyone was attacked 
by a mysterious lifeform one by one without even a chance to run. 
They were all captured and that thing was the Radam's Earth 
invasion system.

Natarle doesn't understand what D-Boy means when he says that 
it's the Radam's earth invasion system and D-Boy says heavily 
that those taken into that system gets converted into Tekkaman. 
Murrue is shocked and Tenia asks what happened to D-Boy then. D-
Boy continues that inside the system, their bodies were changed 
and at the same time given Radam knowledge, feelings, and 
intellect. They were remade into weapons to invade the Earth. 
Kateia says that that is horrific, no wonder D-Boy didn't want 
to talk about his past. Chibodee agrees saying that it's a very 
dirty process like being taken over by the DG cells. (not 
something you'd want to remember either)

Freeman then ask D-Boy why is it that his will hasn't been 
subjugated to the Radam's cause and D-Boy says that that's 
thanks to his father, the Radam will destroy any humans that 
they determined cannot be converted so his dad was to have been 
eliminated before conversion and his dad...used the last of his 
strength to break free and rescued only him...and him alone... D-Boy 
is silent as Aki looks on with Rebin also crying for what 
happened to D-Boy. Freeman says that he's satisfied with that 
but according to the Algos's record were the name Aiba Takaya 
and Aiba Shinya so could Tekkaman Evil be... D-Boy says that 
Shinya is his younger brother but that's not all "All of the 
Tekkaman were my family and friends." Merua is shocked by this 
revelation and Touya can't believe it. David then says "All of 
your enemies are your former family and friends, this takes the 
cake" Noal couldn't believe that D-Boy kept this pain to himself 
for so long and Mwu says that this is quite a revelation with 
Mao saying that it's the worst case having to fight your loved 
one who are out to kill you.

Inez suddenly radioed in saying that Miyuki has regained 
consciousness and to tell D-Boy. D-Boy says that he's heading 
there right now and Inez says for the Captain and the others to 
come too since it seems there's something they need to hear. 
Yurika then tells everyone that they better go.

At the Medical Room, Miyuki tells D-Boy that she wanted to meet 
him for so long and D-Boy ask Miyuki if she's all right now but 
don't worry, from now on he'll be here for her, she should rest 
and regain her health. Miyuki pause and then says that she has 
something that she MUST tell her big brother no matter what 
happened before she dies. D-Boy tells her not to talk crazy like 
that, she's not dying, absolutely not. Miyuki thanks her big 
brother for his sentiment but says that she knows about herself 
and how she is an incomplete Tekkaman that was to be terminated. 
This shocks Aki and Noal but D-Boy says that they'll do 
SOMETHING about that. He has lots of friends here who should be 
able to help so don't worry it will be ok. Miyuki then smiles as 
if to accept it asking if these people here are like that and D-
Boy says that's right, they fight the Radam alongside him. 
Miyuki thanks the people of the Space Knight, Nadesico and 
Archangel for fighting alongside her brother and helping him out.  
Noal is a bit surprised but says that it's the opposite where 
they had to be saved by D-Boy a lot.

Miyuki says that the reason she came here is to warn them that 
the Radam's invasion plan for the Earth is about to move into 
the main phase. Murrue is quite shocked and Yurika ask if this 
wasn't the main phase yet? Mwu ask if the Radam Forest, the 
Radam Beast and the Five Tekkaman were just warm-ups? Miyuki 
says that the Radam's information has it like this that once the 
Radam flowers in the Radam Forest blooms then the Earth will 
become the property of the Radam and that time is coming soon.

Murrue and Mwu note all this and then Mwu says that if they 
match this with what D-Boy just told them about that plant like 
life form that took all of the Algos's crew in and Mao note that 
the Radam forest might be those plant life things, this is bad. 
Freeman asks Miyuki if she remembers where she first awakens and 
Miyuki note that this has to do with the Radam base correct? 
Freeman explains to the others that he thinks that the place she 
first regained consciousness is also the place where Evil and 
the others also awoke and the chance of it being the enemy's 
headquarter is high. Freeman asks D-Boy what happened to the 
Radam ship after Dr. Aiba freed him?

D-Boy pause as if unsure and says that afterward, his father 
probably made the ship go berserk on purpose, from what he saw, 
the ship was headed back into outer space, but it can't be... 
Miyuki says that unfortunately, the Radam ship didn't went out 
into outer space, it crashed with an abandoned Colony and the 
Radam managed to set up shop there and regroup. Murrue note that 
that colony must be their base. Miyuki says that that's right, 
unfortunately she doesn't know where the location is exactly but 
in there, Tekkaman Omega who commands all the Tekkamen is in 
that base. Miyuki then suddenly have a reaction mid-sentence 
that worries D-Boy and Aki. Inez tells everyone that they better 
continue this later and Irene agrees saying that they have to 
stabilize her again and for Miyuki to hang on.
D-Boy stares on worried sick and Aki tells him that they should 
leave it to the two doctors and leave and D-Boy grits his teeth. 
Outside, D-Boy slams his fist into the wall, mad with grief. D-
Boy cursed out  "I can't do ANYTHING ? My only sister in the 
world is fading right before my eyes" D-Boy hears Aki's voice 
and see that Aki is crying "It's so sad...D-boy" "Aki..You're 
crying for me?"

At ZAFT's Carpenteria base, Yzak ask if Captain Crueset is 
really coming and Crueset arrives greeting them. Crueset says 
that as they know, Operation SpeedBreak is soon to start which 
is why he's come and he expects them to join in this operation. 
Crueset orders that all mech be prepared for this operation. 
Yzak begs Crueset for another chance at the Archangel/Nadesico 
team before Operation Speed Break but Crueset says that Yzak is 
getting a little too hot under the collar though he understands 
the feeling since he also thinks what happened to Nicol was a 
bit regretful so he does share their thirst for vengeance.

Dearka then begs for them to do it since he's also of the same 
mind and Crueset ask what about Athrun, does he want to destroy 
them too? Athrun says that he was the one who should have died 
but for him, Nicol... He'll destroy the Strike this time, please 
let him go. Crueset says that he understands their feelings and 
even if he were to stop them, they wouldn't be in a good 
condition to help in the Operation anyway so he'll let them do 
it but don't lose anymore of themselves since if  he lose them 
too then it'll just be too sad. (yeah right) Dearka and Yzak 
thanks Crueset and Athrun thinks "Kira... With these hands, I'll... 
(kill) you" and Crueset thinks that the Archangel/Nadesico are 
quite an enemy for him and he wonders what the results will be?

On the moon at the Grados base, Julia thinks "Gale, I have come 
to Earth, and to get your revenge..I..." Julia is interrupted mid 
thought by Karura that Julia got the Bloody Kaisal even though 
she don't have the nature to use it and it seems she have no 
shame getting into Lord Ru Kine's good grace after doing so with 
Captain Giura, she's very good at playing the demurred good 
grace girl isn't she?

Julia says that she does not remember getting into Lord Ru 
Kine's good grace, all she want is to kill Eiji. Karura burst a 
fuse saying that she's one to talk with having her suitor, 
Captain Gale being killed by Eiji, she's probably trying to be 
his replacement.
Julia says that that is baseless accusation and for Karura to 
retract her words. Karura of course gets angry and call Julia a 
half blood. Goztello looks on and says that a catfight between 
these two is quite worth watching. The two are surprised and 
Goztello ask if they wouldn't continue since he'd love to 
continue watching. Karura leaves in disgust. Julia also plans to 
leave as Goztello confronts her asking if she isn't a bit cold 
since he did come to her rescue but Julia says that she did not 
remember asking him to. Goztello continues asking if she should 
be saying that since they'll have to deploy together soon and 
he'll kill Eiji in her stead. Julia says that that is 
unnecessary, she will not forgive him should he interfere in 
their battle. Goztello gets furious now and shout asking Julia 
just where is it that she finds him unattractive? Getei and 
Manjero laugh at hearing this and they along with Bon starts 
making fun of him. Goztello then tells Manjero or the midget to 
shut up and Manjero then retort that those who insulted him like 
that wouldn't live for more than three days and Goztello better 
watch his back since them being on the same side wouldn't 
guarantee his safety.
Goztello then says what's a midget like Manjero going to do 
then ,eh?

Bon tells the two to break it up since tearing an ally apart 
just before deployment will earn all of them Lord Ru Kine's 
anger and even Goztello would be wise to avoid that. Goztello 
tells them that they and Julia better remember this well. Bon 
complains that Julia is a very prudish woman or something like 
that but Julia note that she will take whatever insult and 
hatred others flings her way and that it won't be long now until 
the end, Eiji.

At the Nadesico kitchen, Arthur asks Simone about the situation 
with D-Boy's sister and Simone says that she's stabilized for 
now but Inez and Dr. Irene needs to be on call for a while. 
Arthur says that this must hurt a lot emotionally to have a 
reunion with a sibling be like this and your former family 
wanting to kill you. Roan tells Arthur not to talk like that 
around here and Arthur suddenly see why with Eiji thinking about 
his own situation. Arthur apologizes for what he said and Eiji 
says he understands and he's also worried himself for D-Boy. 
Merua ask if D-Boy's sister will be all right and Touya says he 
really hope so. Merua tells Touya to be a little more upbeat 
since otherwise this will be too sad for D-Boy and she tries 
again and Touya muster a little bit of self conviction saying D-
Boy's sister will be all right. Tenia tells Touya to come out 
and say it with full conviction but Kateia tells the two of them 
to stop since doing this is only troubling Touya himself.

Domon says that D-Boy is not that weak, no matter what happens 
to his body or whether he becomes an enemy or not, he wouldn't 
want to live if he has to stop fighting. David tells Domon not 
to put it that way and Domon says that one more thing he has to 
say is that friendship will help sustain D-Boy, as long as he 
has friends that fight beside him, he wouldn't lose hope, 
absolutely. Chibodee says that that's quite a stirring speech, 
though it should be HIS job to say something like that. Simone 
tells Eiji that goes for him too, he's got them to fight 
alongside with and Anna agrees. Eiji says he understand and 
thanks them. Megumi-chan suddenly broadcast to all pilot to 
gather on the top deck for a briefing. Touya says that they 
should do what they can and concentrate on that for a while and 
asks Merua if that's ok with her. Merua is surprised by this but 

At the Bridge, Murrue says that they've passed the data they 
just gained on the Radam Forest to the top brass through Admiral 
Mismal and Mythril is moving on this information as well. 
Shinobu doubt the capability of the Top Brass to do much besides 
arguing against each other and Natarle says that he's being 
disrespectful. Mwu note that currently, the Feds are probably 
helpless to do much against the Radam Forest since it's spread 
out all over the world. Even if they end all the war today, it'd 
be too late to mobilize against all of the Radam Forest's 
location. Touya says that while that's probably the truth, a 
superior like Mwu shouldn't be saying something like this to 
them. Mwu says that conventional attack plans probably wouldn't 
work (i.e. go in and wipe out each forest one by one) so they 
need something that'll quickly change the battlefield all at 
once. Hyouma says that that's hard to come up with and Yurika 
says that if Orphan rises, all the Radam forest will be dead, 
wouldn't they? 

Akatsuki says that while that's true, humanity is doomed 
alongside it too if the team let that happen. Rebin gets a bit 
doomed and gloom and Freeman says that praying to God will not 
help at this point, it is a test of nerves and against something 
like this, they MUST believe in their own power and ability. 
Noal ask the Chief if he has any bright idea and Freeman says 
that they must cut the root of the main tree. Mwu says that he 
thought so and Domon agrees to it too with Sousuke noting that 
that plan has the most chance of success. Freeman explains that 
if they can locate the main Radam base that crash into that 
colony then they have a fighting chance. Miyuki said that 
Tekkaman Omega who commanded all the Tekkamen is in there and if 
Milly and Ruri worked together, they might be able to locate it. 
Kenichi note "If we crush the root then things might work out" 
Kouji ask where is D-Boy anyway, if he heard this then odds are 
he's fled the coop alone in order to try this. Sayaka says that 
he's been at Miyuki's side all this time along with Aki, they 
probably won't have to worry about him and it's best to leave 
him there for a while right now.

At the Archangel bridge, Sai note that their destination is 
Yokosuka base, correct? Natarle says that that's right, they 
might have to go into outer space just in case and Murrue says 
that they have to reach there quickly so they'd better take the 
fastest route. Kuzzy says that that route is near ZAFT territory, 
is that all right with the Captain? Murrue says that taking a 
detour this time will take too much time so they better 
strengthen the guard and patrols and go as fast as they can and 
she says to tell Kira that. Toll wonder if he should deploy also 
to help strengthen the guard and this surprises Miri who says 
that Tol has only pilot the Skygrasper in a simulator. Mwu tells 
him to stop since he'll worry Kira if he gets hurt.

At the Hangar, Kira hears Miri calling for him on the Intercom 
to deploy and Juuzo says that it must be pretty hard work for 
him being on call 24-7, has he gotten enough sleep? Kira says 
that he got a little but he has to go now and Kosuke thanks him 
for letting him look at Tori the mechanical bird that Kira has. 
Flay comes in seeing Kira and she fumbles for words to say to 
him after what happened. Kira apologized saying that he has to 
go but he does have some stuff he wants to talk with her so 
maybe afterward. Hyouma wonders what's up with Kira and Juuzo 
note that usually they were more a "Love Love"couple. Kosuke 
wonder if they had a fight and Daisaku says that even so they 
shouldn't pry into other people's affair. Hyouma note that 
that's right and they better get back to the Nadesico too and 
this leaves Flay alone saying "Kira."

Soon the Archangel is passing very close to ZAFT territory and 
Murrue tells Kira that thanks to the abundance of small islands 
here, it's a dead angle for the Radar so she wants him to do 
reconnesance. Kira rogered it though he says that it's a little 
tough doing it by eyes but he suddenly spotted something in the 
forest nearby. It's the three ZAFT G-Boys who feels like they 
hit the jackpot locating the Archangel. Athrun ask Yzak if he 
gets the plan and Yzak say that Athrun's hunch was on the money 
this time; he'll sink the Strike. Kira realized that it's Athrun 
and gang and tries to warn the Archangel with Mwu realizing that 
it's an ambush.

Yzak pops out and shouts "Eat this Strike, for what you did to 
Nicol" Murrue tells Kira that they'll be rushing full speed out 
of here immediately so just hang on but Dearka says that he 
won't let that happen with Athrun telling his team that it's 
time. The Archangel is hit by the Aegis and Buster's attack with 
Miri and Kuzzy saying that the engines are down. The Aegis and 
Buster starts to focus on the Archangel as the Duel keeps the 
Strike occupied with even more ZAFT forces appearing. Nearby the 
Nadesico note that the Archangel's been hit by a sneak attack 
and Yurika says that the Nadesico will act as the Archangel's 
shield which freaks Erina out and Akatsuki tells her to at least 
think of their own safety first. Yurika says that at this rate 
the Archangel will be sunk and she tells Ruri to enlarge the 
Nadesico's gravitational field. Ruri says that she's doing it 
though it may be taxing them quite a little too much since 
they're at 120% already and Uribatake radioed in saying that 
they can't do this forever. Murrue tells Yurika of the 
Archangel's situation and Yurika decide to deploy everyone to 
take care of the ZAFT forces.

The team deploys and Kouji note that the Archangel can't move 
with Tetsuya saying that if the ZAFT forces get another critical 
hit in, it's done for. They can't let them get any closer and 
the battle begins.

Yzak shouts, "Strike, you killed Nicol!!" and Kira note" The 
Duel? But I can't get shot down here now" Mwu tries to go in and 
Yzak shouts "You're not my opponent, out of the way" with Mwu 
noting that the Duel's movement is quite more focused than 

Dearka shouts "Go down Strike, this is for Nicol" and Kira 
shouts back "I 'm not going to die here" and Mwu moves in to 
intercept for Kira. Dearka tells the Naturals to move aside 
since if they don't sink the Archangel, there's no way Nicol 
will rest in peace and Mwu shout if Dearka really think they'd 
just kneel over and die like that.

Athrun shouts as he rushes in to get out of the way and Mwu note 
that it's an impressive fighting spirit and he wonders if it's 
for the revenge of the one they shot down last time. Athrun 
shouts out in rage as he confronts Kira "Kira, you..(killed) 
Nicol" Kira notice it's Athrun too but he can't go down now.

Dearka can't believe as he gets downed that he has to retreat 
yet again but he suddenly realize that something seems to be 
wrong with the navigational system and instead of going backward 
he goes forward. Sai report that an MS is headed this way and 
Natarle orders the prepping of the Bariant to shoot it down but 
Murrue tells her to wait as Dearka stays silent with Natarle 
noting "It's surrendering?" The Buster is recover by the 

Yzak of course screams bloody murder " Blast it, blast it, blast 
it, to go down now of all time" and he retreats. Athrun is left 
alone but he's not giving up "It's not over Kira" Athrun shouts 
as the Aegis rush in towards the Strike even though it's almost 
done for. Kira is surprised that Athrun is closing in this fast 
and Athrun shouts, "Kira, you killed Nicol!!"  Tol deploys in 
the Skygrasper in order to try and help Kira and Natarle wonders 
who's piloting it with Miri in disbelief that it's Tol. Kira 
shouts for Tol to get away; don't come but Tol says that he'll 
help Kira and fires at the Aegis only to miss and Athrun 
retaliate blowing up the Skygrasper. Kira screams Tol's name as 
Miri's heart sank. Natarle ask what happened and Miri says that 
the signal on Tol's Skygrasper has gone dead. "Athrun!!" Kira 
shouted in rage and Athrun shouts, "Kira, I'll kill you!!" and 
he rams the Aegis in gun-mode onto the Strike and fires. An 
explosion envelope the two MS and afterward, both are nowhere to 
be seen. Miri scream "Tol, Kira, please respond, please respond"

The battle is seemingly over and Prospector note that this was 
quite a dangerous one they just got through. Uribatake radioed 
in that they're not going to be able to go at full speed for now 
thanks to the Nadesico overtaxing itself in the beginning and 
emergency repair only put it's capability back at 50%. Erina 
note that the cost was quite high but Yurika counter that at 
least the Nadesico and Archangel are still standing and she ask 
that the pilot delay coming back to the ship for a while so that 
they can go search for Tol and Kira. Ruri says that that doesn't 
seem possible with new entries coming in. Minato wonders if it's 
more ZAFT but Ruri says it's the Grados along with those weird 
people they have.

Goztello and the other Death Squad along with Julia,etc arrives 
with Goztello shouting for Eiji to come on out and the other 
Death Squad laughing maniacally. Julia is silent as Goztello 
tells the other to keep their mitts off Eiji since he's his prey 
and he'll kill him. Julia then tells Goztello that she will not 
allow that since she will be the one to defeat Eiji but Goztello 
says that after he kills Eiji, he'll give her the loving she 
needs, just she shut up and watch. Eiji of course sees the 
Bloody Kaisal and note that it's his sister. Eiji then has a 
request for everyone, he'll deal with his sister, somehow, so 
please don't down that machine. Kouji note that even if Eiji 
requested it (it's gonna be hard) Yuu note "A big sis right, I 
know how you feel but..." Sarah continues that if they get attack, 
they might counter as they are trained to in the battlefield. 
Touya says that it can't be helped, they'll try their best not 
to attack it and Touya tells Merua that they'll start targeting 
the other enemies first. Eiji thanks everyone and apologize 
saying that he'll find a way to stop his big sister somehow.

As the Bloody Kaisal rushes in to attack the Layzner, Eiji 
shouted for his sister to stop but Julia says she will not 
listen and for Eiji to fight back.  Bon shouted for Eiji to shut 
up and die but Eiji says that he won't die here. Manjero ask if 
Eiji really think he  can avoid him as Eiji shouted "An attack 
like this won't stop me" Getei shouted that he'll kill Eiji but 
Eiji says that he won't let them do as they please.

Touya confronted Goztello and Goztello says "We meet again kiddo, 
how'd you like to die, I'll listen as a final request" but Touya 
says "Sorry, I don't really want to talk with scum like you" and 
Merua adds "That's right, please go far far FAR away."
Goztello laughs and says that he'll shut that mouth right now.

Goztello asks Eiji "How does it feel to be targeted by your own 
sister" "Shut up Goztello" Eiji retorted but Goztello continues 
"Don't worry, after I butcher you to pieces, I'll take GOOD care 
of Julia" "I won't let you say anymore, let's go" Eiji shouted.

All the Death Squad and Goztello are taken care off and only 
Julia is left. Julia note that only she is left and she ask to 
battle Eiji alone. Eiji shout for his sister to listen, it 
wasn't his will that killed Gale Senpai. Julia says that no 
matter how many time he says it, it will be the same, he lacks 
conviction. Julia blasted around the Layzner as Eiji continues 
that it was Fauron's activation that caused it. Julia ask Eiji 
why he does not attack back as she continues to blast around the 
Layzner. Eiji shout for his sister to stop but Julia says that 
it's too late for that and for everything. Eiji rush the Layzner 
to Julia's side and Julia wonder what Eiji is doing and a 
transmission of Gale's final words before his death appears. 
Gale said "This planet you strived to protect with your life...  
is your Earth...aaa..Julia..." Eiji says that this is Senpai's word 
that was left in Rei's memory, Gale Senpai left the affair of 
this Earth to him. This Earth cannot be allowed to fall to the 
hands of the many invaders wanting it... which is why... Julia is 
crying over Gale's final words but suddenly Goztello reappear 
saying he won't let that happen and prepares to fire saying that 
Eiji and Julia are his preys, he won't let anyone else kill them 
who ravaged his body and mind. David shout for Eiji to get out 
of the way as Rei also detect Goztello's action. The blast 
missed the Layzner but hit the Bloody Kaisal and Eiji shouted 
"Rei, V-Maximum...Activate" "Ready" the reply came and the Layzner 
smashed into Goztello's mech forcing him to retreat yet again.

Eiji ask if his sister is all right and ask for her hand but 
Julia says that it's all right...she's going to where that person 
is... Eiji shout desperately for his sister to give him her hand 
but the Bloody Kaisal explodes and Eiji screams his sister's 
Rei state that some parts are damaged and they have to return to 
the ship because they are currently at 38% capability and not 
ready to fight should enemy reinforcement appears and Eiji 
reluctantly comply.

Natarle breathe a sigh of relief noting it's over but Kuzzy 
suddenly report a second wave of ZAFT coming near. Natarle says 
that they're not going to be able to take them on and Sai report 
that another wave of Grados fleet is coming in also. Mwu note 
that they've attracted the attention of the big fish and this is 
quite a jam. Murrue ask the engine room if they can fly now and 
Mardock report in that they're at 40% capability so they can 
take off. Natarle says that they have to retreat immediately and 
Murrue agrees ordering all units to dock at once since they will 
leave at full speed. Miri is shocked by this saying that Kira 
and Tol hasn't been recovered yet and tries desperately to raise 
them on the comm.link again but Natarle stops her saying that 
that's enough and to contact the Nadesico to tell them of their 
retreat. Miri says that Kira and Tol still haven't (return) but 
Natarle tells her not to be too naive...at this rate all of them 
will be wiped out, they won't last another 10 minutes. Miri 
tries to get Murrue to help her but Murrue says that that's an 
order and to also contact Orb and the Da Nan and provide them 
with Kira and Tol's last known coordinate for a rescue mission 
since both will probably comply, she'll take responsibility for 
it. Miri reluctantly comply and Murrue says to start the engine.

Sometime afterward, Sai report that there are no followers since 
ZAFT and the Grados have begun fighting each other with Natarle 
noting that they were lucky for that. Miri left the Bridge and 
Sai follows which gets Natarle a bit riled up but Murrue tells 
Natarle to let Miri and Sai go, they've been pushed to the limit 
and Natarle note that it's true. Kuzzy reports in that the 
various pilots on the Nadesico and Mwu wants to go back. Murrue 
tells him to put them on the line and Shinobu's face pop up 
saying that Kira and Tol hasn't come back yet so they're going 
back to search. Kouji says that the Archangel can go back to 
base first though Erina shouted for them to stop since they 
don't have permission though Hyouma tells her to stop nagging.

Natarle asks if they know what type of situation is happening 
where they just got out of but Mwu says that he also want to go 
try and rescue them once emergency resupply are over which 
surprises Natarle that Mwu himself wants to go. Murrue says that 
she will not allow that since if they go back now, there's no 
guarantee that they'll make it back in one piece, they have to 
leave this to Orb and the Da Nan. Mwu protest and Sarah says 
that she's surprised that Murrue is taking this stance since 
she's known Kira a lot longer than many of them and Masato (D) 
says that they're (The Dancougar Team) quite famous for 
disobeying orders... Murrue shout,"Do you THINK I'm saying this 
casually?" and then she quietly says "Behave yourself...please" 
Mwu apologize for their behaviour and Chizuru could see that 
Murrue is in grief as well with Kouji and Shinobu very angry 
that they can't do a thing for the missing Kira and Tol.

At the Archangel's hallway, Flay ask Kuzzy where Kira is and 
Kuzzy says that he's MIA or missing in action along with Tol but 
if she wants the specific, she'd better go ask somebody else. 
Flay says that she doesn't understand, where is Kira? Kuzzy then 
sort of shout "I don't know...he could be alive...or dead...he's 
probably dead, dead... you happy now, Flay" and he leaves with 
Flay in shock "Kira...it can't be..."

At the Nadesico's hallway, Roan ask how Eiji's condition is and 
David says that he's shut himself off in his room though it 
can't be helped with seeing his own sister die in front of him. 
Anna wants to go be by Eiji's side but Simone tells Anna that 
they should leave Eiji alone for now. Anna asks Simone if she 
couldn't do anything for him since she said she'd supported him 
but to be able to do nothing like this... Simone says that that's 
not it but it's best to leave him alone right now. Anna 
reluctantly agrees and gets an idea saying that she's going to 
prepare some food and leave it at Eiji's door, that should be 
good right? David note "Anna...you" and Simone agrees that it's a 
great idea.

Back at Yokosuka base, Admiral Mismal note that they're back in 
quite a banged up condition and Murrue apologize but Admiral 
Mismal says there's nothing to apologize for, he's read the 
report and she seems quite down. Admiral Mismal note that the 
Nadesico's also hurting like the Archangel and Yurika says that 
that's because they overdid it a bit though Erina says that it's 
a wonder they even made it back to Yokosuka with what Yurika did. 
Admiral Mismal note that the Nadesico can use the Nergal docks 
to repair but the Archangel also needs urgent repair though 
there's no free Federation dock available this fast so how about 
using Nergal's dock?

Prospector says that they don't mind but...(i.e.Federation 
protocols, secrets prevents them from doing so) but Admiral 
Mismal says that it's a state of emergency so he'll explain it 
to his peers and superior later. Admiral Mismal tells them to 
take a rest but Mwu asks what the Federation's course of actions 
are regarding the Radam data they forwarded to him. Admiral 
Mismal says that it really does need urgent attention but...Mwu 
asks if the superiors half believed half doubt the information.  
Admiral Mismal says that they can put it like that and most of 
the Federation's core is anti-ZAFT so they're not exactly easy 
to convince... He knows that the team isn't at full power but 
he'll need to borrow their power again so they have to get back 
to peak condition fast.

At the Archangel's walkway, Dearka is being taken into 
housearrest and he complains to let him walk properly, they're 
acting as if he's one of those fugitive from justice or 
something. Kouji tells Dearka to quit complaining and keep 
walking. Dearka grumble that they don't seem to know how to 
treat a prisoner of war. Dearka suddenly sees Miri and askwhy 
there's a cute girl like this in a Natural's group. Miri is 
silent and Tetsuya tells him to be quiet and keep going. Dearka 
"Right, right, hey why are you crying anyway?" Miri puts up a 
brave face and says that she's not crying only for Dearka to say 
"Well I'm the one who should cry, what? Did your Natural 
boyfriend get shot down or something?" This pretty much snaps 
Miri and Kouji tells him that he doesn't know anything and 
Tetsuya shout for Miri to stop when Miri lunge at Dearka with a 
knife in hand. The two Mazinger pilots have to restrain Miri as 
Dearka shouts what's going on. Tetsuya shouts for Miri to let go 
and Miri scream "Let me go!!!.... Why is this creep here when Tol 
isn't...Why is this creep still ALIVE when Tol isn't...WHY?" Tetsuya 
tells her to calm down and that doing this wouldn't help anyone. 
Roll comes in asking what happened and Tetsuya says it's nothing 
asking Roll to take care of Miri and if necessary get her to a 
Doctor. Miri is crying as the two gets Dearka out of there, post 
haste. (He's lucky Flay isn't here in this version)

Back at the island where the Strike and Skygrasper went down, 
Orb rescue people has sneaked in and taken a look at the 
Strike's remain, they aren't exactly optimistic about a survivor 
considering the damage done to the cockpit block. One noted that 
it was a miracle that that even one person survives and the 
other agrees that a Coordinator seems to have a very strong luck.

Later, as the Orb rescue team hasleft the area, Athrun comes too, 
having been the one that Orb people found. Cagalli ask if he's 
awake and fills him in that he was rescued by Orb personnels. 
Athrun ask what a neutral country like Orb want with him and 
Cagalli says that from what she heard, Athrun was the one to 
down the Strike, what happened to the pilot, did he get out? 
They can't find him... what happened to Kira?
Athrun weakly says, "Kira...I killed him..." which shocked Cagalli 
as Athrun explains that he set the Aegis to self-destruct while 
it was stuck to the Strike, he doesn't think Kira got out. 
Cagalli grabs Athrun and shouted "You!! You may not know it but 
Kira was a good man...no matter what faults he had..." Athrun 
replied "I know...We were friends since we were kids" This shocks 
Cagalli as Athrun continues "He hasn't changed, he's still the 
same crybaby, easily fooled...but he was kind...he was a good guy" 
Cagalli asked "Then why if you were his friend did you kill 

Athrun says that he don't know...once they meet again after a 
while, they were enemies, he's a Coordinator, he's his friend. 
He told Kira to come with him for so many times but he didn't 
listen and in battle he killed Nicol. "So you killed Kira in 
response, you who's his friend?" Cagalli asked and Athrun weakly 
says "He was the enemy" This infuriates Cagalli who shouted "You 
idiot, you kill the other side because they kill your side and 
they kill your side because you killed their side, do you really 
think it'd end in peace!!!" Athrun begins to cry and Cagalli ask 
him why does he think that?

Mayura ask if Ms. Cagalli is still in the medical room and Julie 
says it looks like she's having words with someone in there, 
what's going on anyway? Asaki asks if they found someone but 
Mayura says they didn't but from what the main base at Orb told 
them, they recorded an unidentified flying machine near this 
area once the battle was over. Asaki ask if that's all and 
Mayura says that they should tell Ms. Cagalli afterward and 
Julie agrees. Asagi note that this flying machine seems quite 
suspicious and should be investigated further.

Meanwhile at the Da Nann, Mardukegas tells Tessa that the Black 
Wing has gone through the atmosphere and Tessa ask what is the 
report from the Black Knight? Mardukegas says there is nothing 
yet though someone like the Black Knight doesn't play it by the 
book in this type of thing. Tessa says that they'll leave 
contacting the Kline Faction all to him but they shouldn't be 
worried, it should be all right. Mardukegas rogered that and 
then turns the topic to that SPT they just recovered from the 
area of the battle. Tessa ask if the pilot has regained 
consciousness yet but Mardukegas says not yet and ask if it's 
all right. Tessa says that since they can't identify the pilot 
from friend or foes right now, it'd be best to reserve judgement 
so they should give Orb a ring, at the very least Orb can 
provide the pilot with a place to heal the wound they received. 
Mardukegas ask if that isn't going to be a problem considering 
the pilot is from Grados and Tessa says that they'll have to 
keep that a secret.

Episode 36

At Yokosuka base, Oki has driven Masato and Miku back and says 
that this is where he leaves and the two of them should go 
further together. Miku asks about the Zeorymer and Oki says that 
it's being delivered in parts to the base and they can check it 
out later. Masato thanks Oki and says that he really meant it 
but Oki says that he's the one to thank Masato and he asks for 
them to protect the Earth's sphere. Miku thanks him also and Oki 
tells the two of them not to go die. Masato tells Miku "Let's go 

Kenichi and the others see Masato and Miku walking in and greet 
them. Masato says that it's been a while, are they ok? Sarah 
says that it's the much wanted reunion scene, he finally came 
back and Shinobu says that the words "Are they ok?" is reserved 
for them to Masato and Miku, is he sure he's really all right? 
Masato says that he has repaired the Zeorymer and it's 
Jigenrenketsu's system but Tetsuya counter that it's not the 
Zeorymer they're worried about but him. Masato says that as he 
said before, he doesn't like fighting and he's still scared over 
what happened but he will not run from the Kihara Masaki inside 
him but he will use it's power for the Earth, he hoped that 
those who died from Masaki's ambition like Empress Yura and the 
other Hau Dragon would forgive him a little for doing so. 
Tetsuya note that he'll accept that and Masato says that he also 
has Miku that he wants to protect. Boss is of course fuming at 
the love-love Masato and Miku has for each other with Krutz 
noting that that eye contact and them holding hands means that 
they're connected to each other a lot and Sousuke asks if Krutz 
is talking about martial arts. Ryouko note that another idiot 
couple is born, why is there so many in this team anyway? Hikaru 
says that Ryouko also fits that category with Izumi saying that 
lately Ryouko's been into love-love research through astronomy 
fortune tellings. Ryouko mutter "How did you know... wait up you 
two" and the chase is on. Masato note that things are the same 
here but Kouji says that it's not exactly the same what with Tol 
and Kira being gone

At the Nadesico mess hall, Tenia enters ready for lunch along 
with the other two and Akito ask what they want. Touya ask if 
Akito's on cooking duty today and Akito says he's on training 
right now. Touya says he'll have the set lunch but Tenia says 
she'll have the big plate of curry with heapings of Korokke 
and....Kateia tells Tenia to eat some vegetables so Tenia says 
that she'll also have a potato salad. Touya wonders where all 
this goes since it's the same amount as every meal. 

 Sai note that they have to wait for Orb's contact but Kuzzy 
says that wouldn't it be better to keep on requesting updates 
from the Captain. Touya approaches them asking if they're eating 
here today and Sai says that this place is a lot better than the 
Federation cafeteria and the Archangel's one is under repair 
also. Kuzzy says that he wish he could have moved here and Sai 
says that that's futile talk so hang in there. Merua asks if 
there's been no contact from Orb yet and Kuzzy says that's right 
which is why everyone is so down especially Miri and Flay who 
hasn't shown their faces anywhere. Sai note that it's quite hard 
just waiting to hear the results and Touya and Kateia agrees. 
Kuzzy ask how long the Nadesico would take to repair since half 
the Archangel really needs working on and Touya says he doesn't 

Uribatake's voice comes up saying that the Nadesico is mostly 
finished with it's repair, it can fly up right now. Uribatake 
then ask for Ramen-Rice from Akito and then goes back to telling 
the others about the repairs on the Nadesico and the fact that 
it took so long because it wasn't up to his standard. Touya ask 
if that means Uribatake sneaked in some sort of weird super 
weapon in the Nadesico during repairs. With glee, Uribatake says 
that telling them won't mean much, they'll be delighted when 
they see it for the first time, heh heh heh, gahahahahaa. Tenia 
note "Quite suspicious all right" and Merua says "I'm scared" 
Uribatake change the subject to the Archangel saying that that 
one will probably take a week since a lot of major parts got hit. 
He'd already offered his assistance but there seems to be a lot 
of restriction in repairing Federation machines. Sai says, "I 
see...." Kuzzy says that that's fine by them since they don't 
really want any weird super weapon attached to the Archangel

Irene bids farewell to the Brain Powered team since she is going 
back to the Novis Noah and for them to continue helping out 
everyone. Nanga wishes her luck and Hime tells her to let the 
kids know that they have to behave. Freeman thanks Irene for her 
help but Irene says that she doesn't really want to leave the 
patient like this but she can't really leave the Novis Noah for 
too long. Milly asks if Miyuki's condition is still bad and 
Irene says that unfortunately, the ship got damaged enough that 
she feels that Miyuki should be admitted to a normal hospital. 
Hime theorized that Miyuki doesn't want to leave her brother's 
side and Irene says there's that but also if Miyuki enter a 
normal hospital, words would get out to the Feds who might want 
to use her as lab material so it's best for her here. Freeman 
says that about that, he wants to transfer Miyuki to the Space 
Knights Headquarter and Rebin note that if it's headquarter, 
then the Feds would have a hard time trying to take her away. 
Noal also note that their medical facility over there is top 
notch so D-Boy shouldn't be too worried. Irene thinks that that 
might be for the best and ask if she can get Freeman to do that 
and Freeman says that he'll get right on it since there's also 
the Radam case that they have to respond to. In the worst- case 
scenario, it might be just the Space Knights who respond to this.

In the Nadesico's medical room, Miyuki calls out to her brother 
and D-Boy asks if she's awake. Miyuki ask if he's been by her 
side all this time and D-Boy tells her that Freeman wants to 
move her to the Space Knight medical facility. He knows they'll 
be separated again but... Miyuki cuts him off saying that she 
understands that her brother has to go fight the Radam so she 
will wait for him. D-Boy says that he'll try to end it quickly 
and come back to visit her. Miyuki changes the subject saying 
that Aki is a good person and D-Boy says that Aki is a very 
important friend of his. Miyuki says that she's glad that 
someone like that is by her brother's side even though she does 
burn the Yakimochi that she made for her. Miyuki continues that 
she'd like to go to the sea once more along with him (Takaya) 
and big bro Shinya also but this time also with Aki. D-Boy says 
that he'll take her and Miyuki continues that it might not be 
now but one day. D-Boy says that he promise, he'll take her 
there one day. Miyuki note that it's time for her medicine and 
D-Boy says that he'll get some water but he stops in a haze 
afterward to which Miyuki asks what's wrong. D-Boy suddenly 
drops the glass of water he was getting for Miyuki. Aki enters 
asking what's wrong and D-Boy says that he's just tired; it's 
nothing. Aki says that that's because he hadn't slept at all; he 
has to rest too. Miyuki urge him to do so since if HE himself 
gets sick then... D-Boy says that he'll do that but she should go 
to sleep and don't worry about him to which Miyuki says that 
that goes for him too and D-Boy asks Aki to take over for him.

D-Boy exit wondering what just happened, his eyes got quite hazy, 
and for it to happen at this time.

At the Nadesico's bridge, Admiral Mismal wants the team to 
participate in the North Pacific Ocean Tulip Wipe out Operation 
since it has completed it's repair. Ruri note that it's quite a 
straight name and Minato says that they better look their 
vocabulary up for better wordings. Mwu roger that and asks about 
their plans for the Radam and Admiral Mismal is a bit lost for 
words. Murrue ask if the higher up are willing to let everyone 
be killed off. Admiral Mismal says that like he told them last 
time, the Anti-ZAFT faction in the Federation's core seems to 
not care about this. Aside from pressure inside the Federation 
from this faction, they've also applied pressure and influence 
from the outside also. Prospector then guess it "For a bluer 
Earth, is that correct" Admiral Mismal note that Nergal also 
seems to know about them and Akatsuki asks if it isn't dangerous 
with the higher up in the Federation having the same "God is 
with us" attitude which gets Natarle quite angry but Admiral 
Mismal state that that is correct, even Kolbet who was 
originally a strong voice in the Federation have accepted their 
ideals. It seems that there's no chance of getting the Radam 
issue to the forefront.

Yurika tells her father that him complaining and accepting it 
isn't going to help and Admiral Mismal says that truly there is 
no honour in this and Yurika says that they'll get the Tulip 
operation over with as soon as possible which surprises Murrue. 
Yurika says that the Nadesico is mostly repaired anyway so it'll 
be going ahead first. Natarle protest and Mwu ask if that's all 
right with them. Yurika says that since the Archangel needs to 
be repaired, they'll take care of the Tulips first and then 
they'll come back and they can all take care of the Radam. 
Yurika asks if that's all right with her father and he 
authorized the Nadesico's participation in the mission. Minato 
has to applaud Yurika's decision though Erina isn't pleased at 
her doing as she pleases. Mwu thanks them for offering to help 
since technically among themselve, the Archangel's own firepower 
(The Strike) is basically gone. Yurika says not to think too 
much about it since they'd do the same too if reversed. Murrue 
really thanks Yurika since as soldiers, they have to follow 
orders no matter what it is so it's very painful when they can't 
trust the upper people in their commands so it's a big relieve 
for them (for the Nadesico to offer to take it's place) though 
if Natarle heard this, she'll REALLY be mad. Natarle says "I 
heard that Captain, please do not even joke about it" Natarle 
continues to Yurika that she believe that disrupting orders 
isn't good for the organization but the strength that the 
Federation lacks which her ship and her mentality has cannot be 
learned so she thanks her this time. (This probably means, who 
knows what Yurika's thinking, she probably has her own reason 
for not following order to a T.)  Yurika doesn't understand much 
but says that it's all right. Ruri says that adults are quite 
sophisticated and Yurika says that with that over, they should 
launch and to get everyone ready.

During the operation, the Nadesico keeps getting attacked by 
enemie missiles like heck to which Ruri note that they seem to 
be quite despised. Prospector says that missiles are quite 
expensive and for them to keep firing this much even though it's 
not making a dent to the Distortion field speaks volume for 
itself. Hyouma ask when they can deploy and Sarah says that they 
can't just stay in here and Yurika wonders what to do since they 
keep being bombarded. Touya ask if they can call on other ships 
for reinforcement but Yurika says that they've strayed from the 
other ships. Domon says that whatever the case, they can't 
remain like this forever when Ruri says that she's detected a 
Bosom Jump reading from the third cargo bay near the Y-Unit.

Yurika is surprised as an explosion rocks the Nadesico from 
within and Ruri says that there was an explosion there but the 
damage seems quite small which is weird considering the force of 
the blast. Uribatake called in asking what the heck that blast 
was, if it weren't for the Distortion Block, they'd all be dead 
now. Touya remember it as that secret weapon Uribatake talked 
about in the cafeteria and Merua ask what a Distortion Block is. 
Uribatake says with glee that the Distortion Block, one amongst 
his many secret weapons is using the Distortion Field to protect 
the areas inside the ship to lessen or contain the damage done 
in it. "I thought this would happen; I knew it." Uribatake 
shouted with glee and Juuzo says "I'm sure he wanted to say that 
once in his life." Ruri quickly says that she detects another 
Bosom Jump reading from underneath the ship and Yurika says to 
rise up quickly and run like heck.

Shinobu doesn't like running but Noal note after the explosion 
that that was close. Yurika explains that if they don't know 
where the attacks are coming from, the best decision is to run 
away and she tells Ruri to maintain current speed. Erina asks if 
they're running to outer space and Megumi-chan says that one 
enemy ship has broken rank to pursue them. Ryou note that that 
has to be the ship that did this and Minato ask if they should 
try to lose it but Yurika says that if they're targeting the 
Nadesico, let it come after them since it'll leave the Earth 

Later on, Ruri state that the enemy ship is behind them at a 
range of 200 and Chibodee says that running away is good but 
what now, they can't run forever. Tetsuya says that the problem 
is that ranged attack the enemy has, as long as they don't do 
something about it, they can't get into attack range.  Sai 
Saichi wonders what that was since it appears suddenly inside 
the field and Akatsuki says that he has some idea but before he 
can explains, Inez pops up saying that she'll explain to which 
Daijirou wonders where did she come from. Inez says that that 
attack is an application of the short ranged Bosom Jumping 
technology that the Jovian has. As they can recall, the team 
once fought a Jovian (Tsukumo) who use Bosom Jumping to warp 
around the battlefield against them. This means that in a 
certain range, the Jovians do not need to use Tulips but they 
have the technology to warp by themselves. They still can't warp 
a large amount or go very far but they can use that technology 
to just warp bombs sending them directly into other ships. Noal 
ask how can they refuse this generous gift of the Jovian. Inez 
says that one way is range and Yurika note that they can't send 
something far to which Inez says is correct. Aside from that 
first blast they receive and the fact that they haven't received 
anymore bombs yet, it can be calculated that they're in the 
safety zone for now.

"Bosom Cannon" Yurika muttered out which surprised the others 
and Yurika laugh saying that it's best to name this attack and 
Akito grumble "That's just like you to do that" Shinobu says 
that whatever the case, just wrecking this Bosom Cannon will be 
enough right? Eiji note that if they can get close enough into 
range but Sousuke says that that's difficult since the enemy 
would probably concentrate their firepower into protecting it. 
Alongside that, it's a situation where the team will have to 
worry whether they will be attacked by that means or not also so 
it's too risky. Yuu wonder if there isn't any other way with 
Kateia noting that it has to be a way to get in close without 
the enemies realizing it. Erina says that there is a way and 
continues that it's an eye for an eye so they'll strike back at 
the Bosom Jump attack with a Bosom Jump attack of their own or 
more precisely, it's time for Akito to take a little trip. Erina 
explains that Akito can Bosom Jump near the enemy's ship and 
wreck this Bosom Cannon of theirs, it's the only way. Yurika 
tells Akito that he can back out if he doesn't want to do it but 
Erina tells Yurika to be quiet. Akatsuki note that that's quite 
interesting; maybe HE should also give it a go.

This surprise Akito and Akatsuki ask what's with the face, it's 
not as if it's guaranteed to fail if he does it, right? Inez 
says that he should give it up since Akito has a track record of 
succesful Live Bosom Jump so his chances are high but this is 
Akatsuki's first time so they don't know if his body will stand 
up to the strain of Bosom Jumping. Akatsuki is forced to admit 
defeat but Akito says that he will do it which surprises Yurika.

At the Jovian ship, Saburota is gloating that all that Earth 
ship can do now is flee before them but Akiyama wonders if 
that's so or has Saburota forgotten the hurting that ship gave 
them back on the Moon. In addition to that, they manage to 
escape swiftly before a second attack hits them and right now 
they still can't sink it. Saburota wonders if Akiyama isn't just 
reading too much into it but Akiyama says that they will see 
soon but don't underestimate the people on that ship. Knowing 
the enemy's strength as well as your own is the basis of 
successful warfare, beside it's really thrilling to fight an 
enemy with a lot of bones in them. Saburota agrees with that 
sentiment and changes the subject asking Akiyama whether he 
heard about that talk about a peace talk with the Earth 
Federation was true? Akiyama says that Tsukumo has been 
advancing that cause in the top brass. Saburota says that he is 
against it, they the Jovian army who are fighting for justice 
can never have peace with those EVIL Earthlings, what is Tsukumo 
thinking? Akiyama says to not condemn it like that, Tsukumo 
probably has his own reasons but what's important right now is 
the enemy infront of them so Saburota'd better clear his 
thoughts of all these other things. Saburota apologizes and 
Akiyama wonders how this will all go down.

At the hangar, Sousuke goes over the plan and note that it's not 
a bad plan they're going to use. Mao only hoped it goes by the 
letter since that Bosom Cannon isn't something they can laugh 
about. Nearby Chidori mutter that one year ago, just to even get 
on a spaceship for her would have been really weird and strange, 
it's a little frightening to her that she's gotten used to all 
of this. Sousuke tells Chidori that adapting to one's 
surrounding is the basis of survival, it's nothing to be ashamed 
of to which Chidori says isn't what she meant but whatever. 
Uribatake approach Sousuke asking if Sousuke has aerial combat 
experience? Sousuke says that he has experience flying a 
helicopter and Uribatake ask if he has experience in space 
combat. Sousuke says that unfortunately he doesn't and Krutz 
says that's to be expected. Uribatake says that he also thought 
this might happened so here comes secret weapon no.2, a joint 
venture between Nergal and Mythril, the Uribatake Seiya special 
ArmSlave attachment that will allow it to function perfectly in 
space. "You like?" Uribatake asks and Sousuke says "Then I can..." 
"Yes...from now on you are a space warrior"Uribatake replies and 
Sousuke replies "My greatest thanks, Chief mechanic" "Show me 
your solider spirit" Uribatake continues "Yes Sir" Sousuke says 
with a salute.  Chidori is silent looking at this and Krutz asks 
if she's all right. Chidori replies "Well I'm a little dizzy 
from all this but don't worry...I'm sure I'll get used to this...I 

Akito asks Uribatake what this lance is and Uribatake says that 
it's a toy he made to penetrate Distortion Field briefly and 
Akito asks if it can do a Gekigan Slash to which Uribatake 
retorted "You idiot"

The time for the mission is here and Megumi-chan confirms the 
loading of the CC Crystal to Akito's Aestevalis. Inez tells 
Akito to visualise the bottom of the enemy's ship, once he gets 
there and wreck the Bosom Cannon, he should retreat back at once. 
Everyone is cheering Akito on saying that they're counting on 
him and Akatsuki says for him to be the hero. Akito asks 
Akatsuki why he volunteered himself in the first place and 
Akatsuki says that it's nothing, just that he wanted to give it 
a try, that's all. Akito says that when he was a kid, he wanted 
to be a hero but he learned from that person that fighting 
doesn't make one a hero but saving someone makes one a hero but 
someone like Akatsuki is... Akatsuki says that unfortunately, he's 
not interested in Gekiganger but Akito's his own man and so is 
Akatsuki, they have different believes. Inez says that they 
should start.

At Akiyama's ship, his subordinate says that the Nadesico has 
stopped running and Saburota wonder if they've given up hope and 
is rushing in for a showdown. Akiyama says that it could be a 
trap but since they're giving an invitation, it's impolite not 
to accept it. 

Ruri note that the enemy is preparing to use the Bosom Cannon 
again and Tenia wonder if this will go well but Touya says that 
they have to trust Akito. Akito shouted "Gai...please watch this..." 
and he disappear only to reappear at the bottom of Akiyama's 
ship. Seeing this, Saburota tells the subordinate to launch the 
Bugs to stop him but Akito wrecked the Bosom Cannon and retreat. 
Akiyama note that these Earthlings are quite something. In a fit, 
Saburota tells Akiyama that he'll borrow a Tenjin and deploys 
shouting "You Evil earthlings, I won't lose to you" Akiyama note 
that he has a lot of hot blooded people under his command and 
order the deployment. Yurika also tells the team to deploy and 
the battle begins.

Saburota shouted to Akito that he applauds Akito's bravery for 
rushing in by his lonesome but evil will be defeated to which 
Akito shouted back "Stop calling us Evil" 

Saburota tells Akatsuki to receive his iron resolves but 
Akatsuki mockingly says that he won't since there's nothing 
substantial behind it.

Of course Saburota loses and so does Akiyama but before the team 
can finish Akiyama off, both sides detect the coming of another 
group, the Radam. Akiyama thanks them for having the good timing 
to come using this chance to order a retreat and asking if 
Saburota is still alive. Saburota calls in saying that he's 
still here though it'd be nice if they could recover him first 
before bailing out of the area and Akiyama says that they'll go 
pick him right up.

The Radam enemies also include Tekkamen and Jun-kun isn't 
exactly thrilled at having to fight them again but Ruri says 
that she doesn't detect Tekkaman Evil's presence. This could 
mean that he's still injured from the previous fight with the 
team. The Tekkamen who arrives with the Radam beast are Axe and 
Lance. Axe says that he didn't think he'd run into the team here 
and he'll have to ask them to die. Lance says to Blade that they 
will find out who is the better Tekkaman between the two of them. 

Masato tells D-Boy not to get reeled in by these challenges and 
Kenichi agrees that it's definitely a trap but D-Boy says that 
it's a good chance to take both of them out. Domon says that he 
thought D-Boy would says that and Kouji and Touya then note that 
their course seems clear, they have to assist D-Boy in fighting 
off these Tekkamen. The battle begins again and Lance rushes 
Blade shouting that he's the better, more complete Tekkaman and 
that it won't have to come down to Lord Evil's hand to finish 
off a traitor like Blade but Blade shouted that he won't die 
here. Noal tries to intercept Axe shouting that D-Boy's not 
fighting alone but Axe won't bother with him shouting for 
trashes like him to get out of the way. Axe shouted to Blade or 
the Takaya kiddo to show him how much his skills have improved 
and Blade shouted back "Godat, I'll show you that I'm not the 
kid you remember"

The battle begins and Lance is defeated and Axe is fatally 
wounded. Axe says "Takaya kiddo" and Blade shouted out "Godat" 
Godat commends Takaya on letting him cut the skin so that Takaya 
could cut the bone, it is a way of the warrior. Takaya has grown 
and finally gone on above him. Blade shouted that he really 
didn't wanted to get stronger, didn't wanted to fight them and 
Godat says "Goodbye Takaya kiddo" and explodes with Blade 
shouting Godat's name. Ruri says that there are no enemies left 
and Yurika says that it's really over this time and says Akito 
must be tired. Megumi-chan says that there's a comm link from 
Akito and Yurika frets that he might be sick or something but 
Akito says that's not it, on his way back he spotted an escape 
shuttle and anyhow he'll bring it in to the Nadesico. Yurika 
wonders what an escape shuttle is doing around here.

At the Nadesico cafeteria, Kouji ask if the one on board the 
shuttle is this cute girl here and Sayaka says that's right 
though there seems to be some problems which Boss ask what that 
could be. The girl says "Who am I and where is here anyway?" 
Hyouma wonders if it's amnesia and Sayaka says "Looks like it" 
though Kosuke says that a situation similar to this happened not 
too long ago (D-Boy). Minato says that she's wearing a tag 
stating that her name is...Yukina Shiratori and then takes note at 
the last name "Shiratori." Yukina then says to give it back and 
then note "You...the Earthwoman" which perks Kouji's curiosity 
and Yukina muttered "Oh crap" Juuzou says that this amnesia 
thing looks pretty suspicious and fake and Yukina goes "Gulp"

Hyouma then says "Trying to hide some information that you don't 
want to reveal so you pretend to have amnesia...Gee where have I 
heard THAT before?" (D-Boy)  Yukina wonders "Gee, have I been 
outed already?" Minato comes to Yukina's defense saying to stop 
surrounding Yukina making all those scary faces especially Boss. 
Kouji and Hyouma apologize and Minato says that these guys 
aren't bad so there's no need to be afraid of them and does she 
want to rest? If so she'll lend Yukina her room. Yukina 
reluctantly agrees and Minato says that she'll talk to the 
Captain later but to leave this to her.

At Minato's room, Minato apologizes for the mess and Yukina 
recognize a plush doll which Minato says is Gekiganger, it's 
something an acquaintance of her really likes. Yukina says that 
her big brother loves the stuff but she hates this comic. Minato 
says that Yukina really doesn't have amnesia does she? And her 
brother is probably Tsukumo Shiratori, right? Yukina says that 
Minato is probably fooling her brother so that she can spy for 
the Earth right? Minato says "Come ON, like I'd do something 
like that" and the two falls intoa banter to which Yukina tells 
Minato to list her big bro's good points. Minato says that he 
has a good sister like Yukina. Yukina tells Minato not to 
sidestep the issue but Minato says that she's not, Yukina came 
here so that she can be a help to her big brother right? That's 
awesome but she'd better stop doing something this dangerous 
since if something happens to her, her brother would be really 
sad. Yukina is silent and then asks if Minato wants to talk to 
her brother.

At the Hangar, Noal congratulates a silent D-Boy on nailing 
another Tekkaman and Rebin comes in to welcome D-Boy back too 
also but then wonders what's wrong with D-Boy as he slumps to 
the floor. Aki wonders where D-Boy was hit and tells D-Boy to 
hang on. D-Boy says that he's fine, he hasn't been... but D-Boy 
suddenly drops unconscious and Noal tells Aki that they have to 
take him to the medical room at once.
Noal note that it's a fever unlike that he's ever seen and they 
have to hurry. Rebin phoned Inez and Noal wonder how D-Boy could 
have fought in a condition like this.

At the Nadesico's bridge, Yurika asks Yukina if this device will 
let them talk with her big brother and Yukina says that her big 
bro has been silently preparing a peace negotiation. Ruri says 
that the line is open and Tsukumo's face comes into view. 
Tsukumo is of course surprised that Yukina is onboard the 
Nadesico. Yukina says that it's a special service to help her 
big bro which gets Tsukumo a bit peeved. Tsukumo then sees 
Minato and gets very flustered wondering where to begin talking 
and Minato greets Tsukumo that it's been a while. Kant note that 
the Jovian seems to be very flustered in front of an Earth woman 
and Hime says that it seems so and this won't get talk going 
anywhere. Yukina tells her big bro to get to the main talk and 
Tsukumo tells the team that as Yukina might have already told 
them, he's working on a peace negotiation with Earth.

This surprises everyone and Merua asks Touya if that means the 
war between the Jovian and Earth will end. Touya says that's if 
talks go well but there's a ray of hope. Tenia says that that's 
great if so. Tsukumo continues that amongst the Jovian are those 
crying out for peace though it's not a lot and there's the 
matter of the alliance with Grados but he believes that they can 
work something out if the Earth  wants to negotiate that is. 
Yurika says that they accept and that it's her decision as the 
captain. She'll talk with the top classes at Nergal about it to 
make it a reality. After all war's not the only solutionand she 
doesn't want it to be this child's place to grow up. Erina says 
that it's not going to be that easy but Yurika says that it's 
all right, they've also got Eiji as their friends, if talks with 
the Jovian went well then the Jovian and Eiji may be able to 
have talks with the Grados. Roan says that that could work and 
Simone agrees telling Eiji that if so, that's great. David tells 
Eiji to say something and Eiji says that if they really can make 
it a reality then he'll do it no matter what he has to do. 
Yurika says that it's decided then. Tsukumo ask if Yurika is the 
Captain and Yurika says that she is (probably with a V sign.)  
Tsukumo says that he's glad to have met them and to take care of 

Back on Earth, Yurika greets Murrue and Murrue ask if Yurika's 
all right with Mwu chiming in that they heard the Nadesico got 
attacked and had to flee into outer space and such which made 
them quite worried. Yurika says that they're all right and 
they've got big news which is this girl. Yukina greets them and 
the Archangel team are filled in. At the Nadesico's bridge, 
Murrue wonder about a peace negotiation with the Jovian and Mwu 
ask if the girl is an ambassador for that. Yurika says that's 
right but it has to remain a secret for now. Murrue says she 
understands but George says that her face seems full of doubt. 
Rain says that if they hadn't seen it first hand, they wouldn't 
believe it too. Tetsuya says that at least those two are still 
the one in all the military that accepts things more easily than 
the rest with Jun saying that it's probably because they work 
with the team for so long.

Yurika says that anyhow, she wants to talk to the Nergal top 
brass to try and make this peace talk a reality and of course 
she'll also want cooperation by Mythril, Orb and her daddy. Mwu 
note that that's quite an undertaking Yurika's brought back but 
Murrue says that if they can do it then it'll really be great 
and for Yurika to keep trying since it'll definitely succeed. 
Yurika agrees and says that she wants Murrue to help also and 
Murrue says that of course she'll help but not right now. Mwu 
says that the Archangel has been assigned to go to Alaska and 
they have to leave right away which surprises Yurika a lot. 
Murrue says that she just heard, it's as if someone doesn't want 
them to meet up with each other. Mwu says that it's a bit sudden 
but they'll have to divide their forces again, one to go with 
the Archangel to guard Alaska while the other remains with the 
Nadesico. Daijiro grumble that they can see the ray of hope of 
peace in front of them and Megumi chimes in that they're the 
only one to see it right now and Ippei says that as usual, they 
can't go against orders. Roan notes that the road ahead is still 
long and there's a lot of chances for mistakes. Murrue says that 
they can't let the top brass knows about the peace negotiations 
yet since it'll get buried or distorted by other agendas. Mwu 
note that recently the top Brass seems to be using them like 
pawns and all which Tenia says is quite abusive for them. Mwu 
says that it's always been like this in the military and asks 
whether Touya wants to come with them or not. Touya declines 
saying that he want to do something to make the peace talk a 
reality and the girls back his decision. Mwu says to give it his 
best shot and they'll meet later then.

After the Archangel has left, Yurika thinks that she should get 
started by talking to her father and asks Megumi to make a call 
but Admiral Mismal's face pop in to the communication screen 
saying that that won't be necessary. Yurika tells him not to 
startle her like that and says that she has something to go over 
with him but Admiral Mismal says that she doesn't have to say it, 
it's about that Jovian girl isn't it? Yurika wonders how he 
could have known as Admiral Mismal says that that girl will be 
insured (i.e. house arrest) by the Federation and they're coming 
in right now to take her away. This shocks the team and Yurika 
asks for the reason why this child can't remain on the Nadesico. 
Admiral Mismal says that there is no reason, it is a decision 
made by the Federation top brass. Yukina utter dismay as Tetsuya 
note that they got a wind of this a little too soon and Mao 
agrees that this translates as...  Admiral Mismal says that the 
Nadesico is completely surrounded and for them to behave. Ruri 
detected a large number of Federation mech/ships surrounding 
them and Kenichi shouted to Mismal if THIS is how they treat 
their allies and Hitoshi says that he's really dissapointed in 
Admiral Mismal to behave this way.

Yurika is of course not giving in telling Ruri to launch the 
Nadesico at once saying that she doesn't understand her father's 
reasoning but she was given the duty of protecting Yukina by her 
big brother so she's not going to just hand her over to anybody 
without reasons. Akatsuki note that it's come to this so it's 
too bad.  Yurika tells the Nadesico to launch but Ruri suddenly 
state that the engines are down, the Field is gone and all the 
Nadesico's system has stopped and Yurika wondered what happened 
and Akatsuki says that he just put in the Master Key and switch 
it off.

Touya ask how Akatsuki could have gotten a hold of that, was he 
the one who informed the Federation? Akatsuki smirk and says 
that they better behave since there's no way out for them right 
now. Admiral Mismal comes in saying that they wouldn't do 
anything bad and comments to Akatsuki that Akatsuki is very much 
like his father, it reminds him of the time Akatsuki's father 
and Akito's parent developed the CC crystals. Yurika then wonder 
if Akatsuki's father is and Akatsuki confirms that he is the son 
of Nergal's former president and the current president of Nergal 
so of course he'd have the Master Key on him.

Admiral Mismal says that on the first day of the battle on Mars, 
Dr. Tenkawa got involved in the battle and died but that was 
Nergal's cutting away the ties isn't it? Akatsuki says that he 
doesn't get what Admiral Mismal is implying

In secret, Mao asks how's the mike operating and Krutz says that 
it's good to go and Sousuke says that there's no problem on his 
end. Mao says that it's time to broadcast on-air Akatsuki and 
Nergal's dirty secret as prodded out by Prospector

All over the Nadesico, Akatsuki's revealation is laid bare out 
to the team which left them quite astounded and angry as heck at 
Akatsuki and Nergal especially Akito . What Akatsuki and 
Prospector revealed is that originally the CC Crystals are top 
secrets but Dr. Tenkawa wants to announce it's discovery and 
application which of course doesn't sit well with Nergal. 
Originally Prospector was working on Mars as a proxy for the 
command branch on Mars and he thought that this went a little 
too well so he did some digging and fact finding. Akatsuki says 
that it's all for the relics on Mars since the one on Mars and 
the one the Jovian has are the control functions for Bosom 
Jumping. The worth of this thing is beyond what they can imagine. 
At that time, it was only a matter of time that the unrest 
between the Plant and the Federation turns into a full blown war 
and it would be quite troublesome if an announcement of the CC 
Crystals were made public at that time. With that thought in 
mind, his Dad plans to make Nergal controls all the secrets of 
Bosom Jumping.

Akito wonder if Akatsuki is implying that his father and mother 
were a glitch to Nergal's plan after hearing this.
Prospector ask how the girl Shiratori Yukina figures into all 
this and Akatsuki says that the war with ZAFT is intensifying 
and the Jovian/Grados alliance is invading the Earth, out of all 
this time for a peace treaty to be made public would change 
everyone's fighting spirit. Yurika says that Akatsuki's not 
thinking of murdering her, is he? Akatsuki says that that it 
won't be anything public but done quietly. Ryouko's voice boomed 
in "Hey everyone, you hear all that?" which shocks Admiral 
Mismal and Akatsuki. Mao's voice boomed in also "Uruz 6, Uruz7, 
assure the Captain's safety"

"Everyone, down" Sousuke shouted as he bursted in firing and 
Krutz rush in to get Yurika. Akatsuki gets frantic but someone 
knocks him out from behind. Yurika is surprised that her father 
was the one who did it and he quietly tells Yurika "Go Yurika" 
and Yurika obeyed leaving at once with the Uruz team. As they 
run across the Nadesico, Federation troops starts firing on the 
Uruz team. The Uruz team is pinned down as the Federation troops 
advanced on them but out jumps Domon, Chibodee and Sai Saichi. 
Domon shouted that he'll handle things here, just go. Sai Saichi 
says that George and Algo have insured Yukina's safety. Sousuke 
rogered that and leave as the Federation troops asked if they're 
resisting. Domon shouted "I applaud your bravery for trying to 
take on the Toho style practitioner, I'll take you all on" 
Chibodee note that it's been a while since his last street fight, 
this should be fun. Kruz agrees and Yurika's voice boomed over 
the Nadesico's com link for everyone to run away from the 
Nadesico at once.

Episode 37

One week has passed...

In a crammed apartment not meant for six, Yurika and Jun-kun 
arrives home from their part-time jobs with Yukina welcoming 
them back. Minato asks where Akito is; didn't he come back with 
them? Yurika says that Akito stayed behind to practice on making 
better Fried Rice, the owner of the shop says that he has 
talents so Akito is doing his best to improve. Uribatake says 
that one week after escaping from the Nadesico, Akito's the only 
one who adjusted the fastest though he WAS a cook back at the 
Nadesico also. Jun-kun turns on the TV only to see Kolbet making 
a speech/propaganda against ZAFT and the Plants again. Minato 
urge him to turn it off since it's a waste of electricity. Jun-
kun wonders what became of the Nadesico and Uribatake says that 
they probably added some components or in Ruri's word, the 
Nadesico's a different girl by now in the aspects that counts. 
Minato tells them not to overthink it since they can't do 
anything about it. Yurika agrees saying that there'll be a 
chance for them to do something. Yukina comes in with their 
dinner and tells Jun-kun to move since there isn't any room at 
the table for her but Jun-kun says that it can't be helped, this 
apartment isn't meant for six people. Yukina tells him not to 
complain, this is an emergency situation and he's a man, isn't 
he? Minato note that Yukina's quite perky and Yukina says that 
until she meets her big brother again, she'll endure any sort of 

Meanwhile, back at the Photonic Institute where the Mazinger 
team has returned after escaping from the Nadesico, Boss wonder 
how long the Feds are going to keep surrounding the institute. 
Sayaka note that it's almost like they're under house arrest and 
Kouji says that it's not almost, they ARE under house arrest; 
the Feds viewed them as the enemies now. Tetsuya agreed saying 
that the barrel of the guns are pointed at the institute at all 
time, the Feds have finally shown their true nature. Dr.Yumi 
returned and Rolly ask how the negotiation went and Dr.Yumi says 
that it's to be expected, the Feds want the Institute to hand 
over Mazinkaiser and Great Mazinger to them. This of course 
peeved off Kouji a lot and Tetsuya says that he thought so, they 
refused right?  Roll says that they did but judging from the 
mood and mentality of the Feds, they're going to try forcing 
compliance real soon. Sayaka wonder what they'll do and Dr. Yumi 
says that they cannot hand over the Mazingers to the current 
corrupted Federation army, if push comes to shove, Kouji and 
Tetsuya must get out of here with them. Rolly note that that 
would turn the Feds into their enemy but Kouji doesn't care, the 
Feds started this. Tetsuya says that if that happen, they'll 
have to wage guerilla warfare against the Feds and Jun note that 
that might suit Tetsuya a lot.

At the Big Falcon where the Voltes team retreated to, Professor 
Yotsuya is in communication with Dr. Sagaguchi. Yotsuya ask 
Sagaguchi if the Big Falcon is surrounded also and Sagaguchi 
note that while they haven't begun attacking, it's only a matter 
of time. Yotsuya agrees that the Feds are really trying to 
strong arm this time though since the Combattler V is still with 
the Archangel, the situation doesn't seem too dire here. 
Sagaguchi says that Mythril will soon take action and they won't 
let it end this way. Yotsuya wonder if they plan to help take 
back the Nadesico and Sagaguchi says that they have to buy time 
for a while which makes Yotsuya wonder if he has something in 
mind but can't tell yet. He tells Sagaguchi that he'll be 
careful and signs off with Sagaguchi hoping that this will work. 
Kenichi comes in asking for the situation and Sagaguchi confirms 
the suspicion that the Feds are trying to strongarm then into 
complete compliance. This doesn't sit well with the Voltes team 
with Daijiro noting that this really isn't the time for humanity 
to be fighting each other and Hitoshi says that if the Boazan 
attacks now, they're doomed. Sagaguchi says that it won't come 
to that he's already put something into operation. Kenichi asks 
if this has something to do with not seeing Megumi since 
yesterday. Sagaguchi says that Megumi is working on a special 
mission from Lt.Commander Karinin. Ippei asks what Sagaguchi is 
planning since it's probably not complying with the Feds but 
Sagaguchi says that he can't tell them yet and they'll just have 
to wait.

In the mountains, Touya wonders if they should be doing this and 
Kateia says that they've been through this conversation a number 
of times. Merua says that this is her first time camping so she 
likes it a lot. Kateia tells Merua to be quiet and tells Touya 
that they can't go too far away from the Granteed, if it should 
get stolen by the Fury or even the Federation, they won't be 
able to get back. Touya says that he knows that they have to 
hide it and it can't be done in a town but... Kateia cuts him off 
saying that this is the best option, they're not here to have 
fun. Tenia asks Touya if she should start eating dinner now 
since they finished all the snacks and all which makes Touya 
tells Kateia that there doesn't seem to be any sense of danger 
here, it's more like a fun camping trip for these two.

Back at the Nergal dock, Azrael asks Akatsuki and Erina if they 
can't hurry with the modifications to the Nadesico since they 
really need all the fire power they can get. Akatsuki says that 
they are hurrying but since half the crew abandoned this ship, 
they're having a hard time finding good workers right now. 
Azrael tells Akatsuki that he hopes Akatsuki picks people who 
wouldn't rebel against him this time. Akatsuki brush him off 
saying he understands as Azrael says that he's quite 
dissapointed that those people were allowed to run away like 
that, shouldn't Akatsuki takes some responsibility for this? 
Erina says that they're doing the best they can to mark the 
location of the former crews who ran off. Azrael asks if this 
includes the Granteed since he knows how dangerous that thing 
can be, they better hurry up and find it and don't "forget" it 
on the report they give to the Fed this time.

 Akatsuki says that this is a good chance for Azrael's group 
isn't it since Admiral Mismal has lost a lot of power in the 
Feds and the Feds are beginning to use this as a chance to 
assimilate all the various private firepower under their 
complete control. Azrael says that he won't deny that, but it 
won't be the same as before from now on.

The conversation then goes on to if there's any chance that the 
team would do anything against them but Akatsuki reassure Azrael 
that cut off from the Nadesico, they can't do much. Azrael 
certainly hope so but there are still some things that the 
Federation doesn't know about, such as has Akatsuki ever heard 
of something called "The ToyBox." Akatsuki feigns innocence 
saying he never heard of it which amuseAzrael a little that the 
head of Nergal like him wouldn't have heard about it but he'll 
let it slide. He expects a lot from Nergal since Nergal's being 
a good boy cooperating with them.

At the Da Nann, Tessa calls out to the operative Cheshire Cat 
with her code Dolphin. 
Cheshire Cat is Ruri in a catsuit who says that everything is 
almost ready. Tessa asks if things are ok with her and isn't she 
cold in that suit. Ruri says that she is fine, since this kid 
(Omoikane) hates copying other people, having her pretend to be 
someone else was a little hard. Tessa says that they should 
begin then and Ruri says that they're ready and Omoikane is back 
to her old self. Tessa says that she will begin contacting 
everyone and to wait a little. After Ruri signs off, Tessa asks 
Uruz 2 for her situation and Mao says that they're ready with 
Tessa saying to commence Operation Sweet Home at 16:00. Tessa 
giggles a little as Mao signs off which perks Mardukas's 
interest and she says that Ruri seemed to be laughing a little 
back then. Tessa says that they should begin by broadcasting at 
AMF2329 with the code "Nadesico."

At the Boazan's hideout, Katherine brings news of the internal 
split the humans have had and the fact that the Nadesico is left 
unguarded. Hainel and Jyangal think that this is a good chance 
to divide and conquer against the stupid humans who manage to 
turn against their protector even when faced with a common enemy 
like them. Hainel order Jyangal and Katherine to go destroy the 
Nadesico while Voltes and the other Super Robot are confined to 
their lab by the Federation. Afterward they'll pick off the 
Super Robots one by one.

Back at Akito/Yurika's apartment, everyone sees that the 
communicator they got is flashing. Tessa's face pops up and says 
that she's contacting them with a special filter and urge them 
to get on the Nadesico. Jun-kun says that the Nadesico is but 
Ruri's face pops up saying that the Nadesico is fine.  Touya and 
the gang also hear this at their mountain camp as Ruri 
apologizes for not contacting earlier but Omoikane has now cast 
off the Dummy program it was using to fool the Feds and the 
Nadesico is now alive. Touya note that means that they've taken 
back it's system. The girls urge Touya that they should go and 
Merua says that camping has been fun but it's time to go home. 
At the Big Falcon, Tessa's voice is heard saying that they have 
informations that ZAFT is about to stage a major offensive so 
the bulk of the Federation's force will be in Panama. Ippei note 
that this isn't the time for them to be stuck here. Hitoshi says 
that they have to go to Yokosuka quick but Sagaguchi says that 
if the Voltes team moves out right now, it'll notify the 
Federation of their plan. Kenichi asks Sagaguchi if the mission 
Megumi is doing for Lt.Commander Karinin is related to this. 
Megumi returns just then and Sagaguchi ask how it went. Kenichi 
ask Megumi where she was doing what and Megumi says she'll fill 
them in later.  At the park that the ButterCup trio is lounging 
in, Ruri says "Some time ago, someone once said that the 
Nadesico is OUR ship and I feel that way now, it's OUR ship. 
Hikaru note that that's good and Ryouko says that they better 
prepare to launch with Izumi noting that their life of lounging 
around doing nothing for a week is over. Hikaru says that 
they're putting in all the spare batteries they have in their 
Aesti and Tessa's voice boomed again that they cannot hand the 
Nadesico over to the Federation...so all crew must board the 

At Yokosuka dock, a fleet of Strike Dagger is guarding the 
entrance to the dock holding the Nadesico. In hiding, Mao 
translates for Bonta-Kun who says that he destroyed all the 
locks so that they can't control it from the outside anymore. 
Krutz thanks him for a good job and all they have to wait for 
now is to escort the Captain. Mao says that they better hurry up 
since it's a little sad to keep Ruri waiting like this and Krutz 
agrees saying that it's worrying with her bodyguard being an old 
man like Prospector and all. Mao says to be quiet since here 
they come. The Butter Cup Trio burst onto the scene with Ryouko 
shouing "Outta the way, we're here to take back the Nadesico" 
Hikaru wonders if they're the only one and Izumi wonders if 
they're too early. Hikaru says that she feels bad at a time like 
this since they can't back out now. Akito's Aesti arrives along 
with Yurika and Ryouko says that they're late. The Federation 
solider sees this and sounds an alarm of invaders targeting the 
Nadesico and starts calling for reinforcement. Mao notes that 
it's time to come out of the shadows and tells the two to 
decloak their ECS. The Feds aren't the only surprised one as 
Ryouko asks where they just appeared from. Mao tells Yurika that 
they'll provide support and Yurika has to get to the Nadesico 
and activates the systems. Ruri and Prospector are waiting at 
the bridge with the Master Key and Akito's job is to get her 
there, does he have enough battery? Akito says that he has 4 
minutes worth and Mao says that they'll do it within that time 
and to commence operation.

The charge into the Nadesico begins led by a certain mascot 
shouting "Fumomomomoo Fumofu" and attacking the Federation's 
Strike Dagger MS. The MS pilot screamed before going kaboom 
"What is Bonta Kun DOING here?"

(Though if it's Sousuke in the Arbalest, Sousuke will muse as to 
how yesterday's friends can easily become today's enemy (just 
like Zaido) )

The Federation solider shouts out for Akito to disarm and 
surrender and his life will be spared but Akito retorted back 
for them to stop lying. 

Akito reached the Nadesico and deposit Yurika to the waiting 
Ruri and Prospector. Ruri says that she thought Akito would come 
and Akito says that it wasn't good for it to end that way for 
him and everyone. Akito tells Yurika that they should get going 
and Yurika orders the Nadesico to launch. Mao tells everyone to 
sweep the area of the Federation solider but Bonta-Kun suddenly 
tells Mao who translates "What's that...wait something is 

It is the Boazan and Jyangal note that they're too late and 
Katherine note that the Nadesico has already activate. Jyangal 
note that even so, they're not even up to half strength and they 
can win easily. Katherine note that seems to be the case and the 
dissention between the Earthling also seems to continue. The 
Federation soliders also gets reinforcement and the commander 
shouted that he didn't think these guerillas would work together 
with the aliens, don't let the Nadesico escape. Mao asks 
everyone if they heard that, this doesn't says wonder for their 
position and standings being lumped in with those aliens. Krutz 
translate for Bonta "What's that...Guerillas? They're one to 
talk.." Hikaru however says "Well considering we have an armed 
stuff mascot working with us...we certainly looks like a 
suspicious gathering" Krutz tells Mao that there's too many of 
them to take on but Yurika says that it's no problem, the notice 
about the Nadesico went to everyone, reinforcements should be 
coming soon.
Ryouko ask when "soon" is and Yurika says that she doesn't know 
when that is but just about then, the Shuffle Alliance  arrives 
and Domon says "Sorry for the wait, we're here to join in" Rain 
wonders if everyone is all right and Sai Saichi says that the 
Nadesico is afloat so all probably went well. Chibodee says that 
they're in time for the second party and there's lot of dance 
partner to choose from. Mao scolds them for being a bit late, 
it's not good keeping a lady waiting and George says that his 
sword against the enemy will be the apology. Algo note that 
another one is coming and it is Masato and the Zeorymer.

Ryouko is glad for the Zeorymer being here and Yurika thanks 
everyone for coming and they can retaliate now.Domon shouted out 
to Jyangal that size alone isn't enough to make him a worthy 
opponent but Jyangal retorted that he'll turn Domon into 
scraps.Masato shouted "I won't lose out in terms of power" and 
Jyangal smirk saying that rushing in from the front is suicide 
against him. Masato tells Miku to concentrate the fire on the 
enemy's ships and Katherine is annoyed that they came just when 
things were looking good for the Boazan forces, she'll kill them 
all since push came to shove. Domon retorted back "Sorry but 
against me, you're not going to be able to do such a thing."

Both Jyangal and Katherine are defeated and retreats. Prospector 
notes that the only one left are that huge Federation 
reinforcement that's arrived. The Federation soliders tells the 
guerillas that are on the Nadesico that they are surrounded, if 
they do not surrender they will be destroyed. Ruri note that 
it's a little too late for that but Masato says that the 
Zeorymer seems to pick up an energy reading, it's the Fury and 
it's one they haven't met before. A new Fury warrior, Fu Ru 
arrives and is surprised that the Granteed isn't here; maybe 
she's rushed here a little too much. Chibodee note that someone 
they didn't want to come here is here and George agrees, without 
the Granteed here, this is definitely bad. The Federation 
soliders wonder if it's a new enemy and moves in to attack 
despite Yurika shouting for them to get away. The Strike Daggers 
are all destroyed by Fu Ru in a blink of an eye and Ryouko note 
that they stopped time again, this is SO cheating of them.Fu Ru 
says that originally she only wanted to see if the insurance 
they placed here is all right but without the Granteed, it's a 
different story, the team must be destroyed since they are a 
major stumbing block for the Fury's plan. Don't be holding any 
grudge now.

Fu Ru deploys her army and Masato says that even the Zeorymer's 
Jigenrenketsu system can't fight the Fury headon. Akito wonder 
if this is it for them, they'd only just gotten back. However 
the Granteed along with Touya and the girls arrived, Touya 
shouted "I won't let you do that." Ryouko breathe a sigh of 
relief that Touya's in time, don't let them worry like that. 
Krutz agrees saying that his life expectancy got shortened a lot 
just from the dread just now. Touya note that there's a new mech 
there, a new Fury? Fu Ru introduces herself as the Knight Fu Ru 
Muru and Touya ask if she knows about him, if so then just tell 
them what the Fury is and how is he connected to them. Fu Ru 
says that Schua Mu seems to have said lots of unneccesary things 
but knowing won't make any difference since there's nothing he 
can do to change it. "Fine, don't talk then, I'll just defeat 
you and drag you out of your cockpit" Fu Ru says that's fine, 
she will gladly kill him but Touya shouted back "If you can do 
that, fine...Merua, get on"

The battle begins again and Fu Ru says as she approaches Touya 
and the Granteed that it's a waste since he really would have 
made a good knight but this is the fate that was dealt to him, 
has he made his peace? Touya asks who decided that fate for him 
anyway and Fu Ru says that of course it was the earthlings who 
did that, in a sense. Touya shouts to stop saying these 
mysterious craps to him and Merua says that Fu Ru is too fast 
and she'll be on top of them but Touya shout that he won't let 
that happen.

With the Zeorymer, the Shuffle Alliance, the Aestevalis and more 
importantly Bonta- Kun's help, Touya manage to repel Fu Ru and 
her group.Fu Ru begins to retreat and Touya shouted "You're 
running away?" Fu Ru replies that those words are an anathema to 
a knight but it can't be helped since she can't die here yet. 
Touya doesn't plan on letting her escape but Fu Ru says that 
they will meet again and leaves. Touya is of course frustrated 
again at not learning anything new. Yurika note that this is 
their chance to run away from here before more Federation 
soliders arrive and have everyone board the Nadesico.

At Nergal's headquarter, Akatsuki doesn't believe Erina's report 
that the Nadesico has been stolen and is now missing, as long as 
he has the Master Key here, it won't even run on electricity. 
Akatsuki opens up his desk drawer only to find that said key is 
no longer here, stolen by a certain Kunoichi who left them a 
letter as a compliment. Akatsuki note that he forgot that a 
certain Voltes team member is a female ninja and Erina says that 
that's extremely important information. Akatsuki says that 
everything is important information and he's just lost BIG TIME. 
He wonders how he's going to apologize to the Federation 
especially that Azrael fellow. Akatsuki asks Erina if they can 
include the Kakibatta's schedule into this since things are 
going to get interesting.

At the Photonic Institute, the Federations have begun an assault 
on it as Kouji and the other prepares to abandon it. Kouji muse 
that of all time, the Barrier doesn't fall as it usually does 
against Kikaijuu attack. Sayaka asks Boss and his gang if 
they're really coming along. Boss says of course he is but Nuke 
says that this is the only chance to change his mind and Mucha 
agrees that once they're on board, there's no turning back but 
Boss says that he's made up his mind, they're going wherever the 
road takes them. Rolly says that there is contact from the 
Nadesico with Yurika saying that they're on their way there. Dr. 
Yumi tells everyone to get on board the Nadesico and Kouji note 
that they should clear a path for everyone with Tetsuya noting 
that it might be a bit rough on the Feds though. Later at the 
Big Falcon, the Volt Machines have deployed seperately to 
contain the attack by the Feds. The Feds shouted for them to 
give it up but Ippei says "As if that's gonna happen now" with 
Kenichi firing away shouting "Don't underestimate the Volt 
Machines" Megumi spotted the Nadesico heading their way. Yurika 
thanks the Voltes team for waiting and Megumi for her part. 
Sagaguchi tells everyone to get ready since they will now leave 
the Big Falcon. Hitoshi ask if he can take Takko, his octopus 
robot with him and Sagaguchi says to go ahead.

Soon at the Nadesico, Kenichi note that the Dancougar team has 
also arrives to join in. Shinobu says that Professor Hatsuki had 
them arrive from Mythril's base so no problem on their end but 
Sai SaiChi says that heaps happened for them. Greetings are 
exchanged and Prospector asks the big question "What are we 
going to do NOW?" Ruri state the obvious that they are now for 
all purpose, a rebellion and will be shot on sight. George notes 
that they WILL need supplies. Yurika says that the Nadesico's 
mission has not changed, they are still going to try on their 
own to make peace with the Jovian a reality, especially since 
she promised Tsukumo and Yukina. Minato agrees with her and 
tells Yukina that like she said, it's going to be allright. Ryou 
note that they're on board for the purpose but how to achieve 
that purpose is another thing. This cause Yurika to try thinking 
about it with Hikaru noting that it's like she's gone to sleep 
standing up. Akito hopes Yurika has something good to say once 
she opens her eyes but Yurika then says that they should contact 
Tessa and the Da Nann since they have to thank them for their 
help and maybe they can discuss this. Izumi says that Yurika 
didn't come up with anything on her own, did she? Yurika could 
only try to laugh it off at this point.

At the Nadesico mess hall, the three girls are ecstatic that 
they get to eat the food on the Nadesico again. Touya is silent 
and Kateia asks if he's thinking about that Fu Ru person. Touya 
says that they didn't find out anything new as usual but Kateia 
tells him not to get too antsy since sooner or later, they'll 
know why and Touya note that might be true since the Furies are 
still gunning for the Granteed. Touya says that he won't run 
from them, he'll fight and he'll be satisfied with whatever 
happens. Tenia then sees Chidori and calls out to her asking if 
she's back onboard too.Chidori says that since this happened, 
she's in it for the long haul. Kateia then asks what's wrong 
with Sousuke and Chidori says to leave him be since that idiot 
seems to become very finnicky about being called a guerilla 
fighter and rebellion by the Federation quoting the difference 
between those two terms out loud in full details. Merua note 
that he's quite serious about something this trivial and Chidori 
harisen whacked Sousuke to knock it off. "That hurts Chidori" 
Sousuke replied and Chidori says to stop with this already, the 
important things are ahead of them so go ahead and eat up.

At the Nadesico bridge, Tessa note that the mission went well 
for Yurika and Yurika thanks Tessa for her support but Tessa 
says that another reason she wants to talk to Yurika is that 
they've learned that the Federation base in Alaska was wiped out. 
This makes a lot of people concerned and Dr. Sagaguchi ask if 
it's because of the ZAFT attacks. Tessa says that ZAFT did 
attack that base but what wiped it out was the Federation used a 
Cyclop to self destruct the base killing friends and foes alike. 
Ryou note that a Cyclop is a wide area electrical pulse WMD (or 
something like that) and Uribatake says that if it was strong 
enough to take out a base, it must have been planned ahead not 
used on the spur of things.  Megumi-chan can't believe that the 
Feds would do this and Sayaka raised an even more important 
question, weren't the Archangel stationed in Alaska? Tetsuya 
asks Tessa if there's any news on the Archangel but Tessa says 
that sadly there's none but they've given up hope of any 
survivors within a 10 kilometre radius of the base considering 
the range of the Cyclop. It's either they got out or they're 
dead. Yurika tries to reassure everyone that it's probably ok, 
they've gotten out of equally bad scrape as this and the 
Nadesico will head to Alaska to search for the Archangel whom 
she's sure are alive. Sarah then reminds Yurika that they're 
considered rebels by the Federation now and Prospector adds that 
that place will also be drawing attentions from the Federation 
and ZAFT as well afterward and to go there right now is suicide.

Tessa tells Yurika to calm down, they can't act without 
information and Alan Igol is headed for Orb to try and gather 
some so they have to wait it out.Yurika then says that the 
Nadesico will head for Orb as well since they probably can't 
stand waiting like this. Tessa says that she thought Yurika 
might say this so she'll support her decision. Yurika then tells 
Ruri to head for Orb.

Episode 38

In the Plant, Athrun is musing at a concert hall where Lacus 
started singing, he still can't believe the report that she has 
aided a spy in stealing the Freedom thus making the Clyne 
Faction branded a traitor. A Pink Haro rolls toAthrun and leads 
him to meet with Lacus. Athrun asked what happened and Lacus 
says if he has not heard with Athrun then asking if it's true 
that she aided a spy. Lacus says that he doesn't have to point a 
gun at her since she won't run. Lacus says that she has not 
aided a spy, she has just given Kira a new sword since she 
believes that it is necessary for him. Athrun starts to ask what 
is she talking about since Kira is... but Lacus cuts him off "Kira 
is killed by you?" "Don't worry, Kira is still alive" Athrun 
can't believe it, how? why?

Lacus asks Athrun if he doesn't believe her, then what does he 
believe in to continue fighting in, is it for a medal? Is it 
because to obey his dad's order or is it to once again turn Kira 
into his enemy once again and this time her too. Lacus then ask 
"Are you going to shoot me? ZAFT's Athrun Zala?" However before 
Athrun can decide, ZAFT forces bursts in announcing Lacus's 
arrest. The commanding officer thanks Athrun for being a lure to 
get Lacus out which Athrun doesn't even know that they were 
trailing him. He tries to prevent them from getting Lacus only 
to get the ZAFT soliders angry and the officer says to arrest 
the both of them and if they resist, kill them. Dacosta arrives 
with his groups to help Lacus and Athrun use this opportunity to 
stop the soldiers all the while not believing that he was 
ordered to be trailed. Lacus thanks Athrun for protecting her 
and tells Athrun that Kira is on Earth, he should go and talk 
with his friend. Lacus leaves along with Dacosta afterward.

The Nadesico is nearing Orb and Minato wonders if they should 
hail Orb first with Prospector agreeing that it's polite to do 
so even though Mythril made the preparation for them to dock 
already and Yurika says to open the communication channel. 
Uzumi's face comes up and Kateia note that it's Uzumi whom 
they've met before, she didn't think he'd come greet them 
personally. Yurika says "Mr. Uzumi Nara Asuha, right? I'm the 
Nadesico Captain Mismal Yurika" and greets him with a V-Sign. 
Akito can't believe that she just did that and Uzumi note "Well 
that's a different way of greeting than I know of" Jun-kun and 
Ryouko note that she's done it this time and to a head of a 
country too with Ruri commenting "Baka Baka" Yurika wonder if 
she did something wrong.

Mwu and Murrue's voice can be heard over the comm link laughing 
out loud and Yurika then ask if it's Mwu and Murrue, is the 
Archangel all right? Mwu apologize for laughing and says that 
they're headed for Orb too and there's another good new. Kira's 
face pops up telling Yurika that it's been a while which makes 
the team ecstatic that Kira's still alive. Uzumi says that he 
allows both ship to enter and they will talk afterward. Murrue 
says that she heard from Uzumi a bit about what happened to the 
Nadesico and it must have been harsh and Yurika says that she'll 
tell them the details once they meet.

People from the two ships greeted each other once they both 
arrived, Sayaka note that they got worried when the Archangel 
went missing after the Alaska base got destroyed and Tetsuya 
note that it must have been quite horrific and David says that 
it was by the skinof their teeth that they escaped, if it was 
any later, they wouldn't be alive to talk about it. Ryouko then 
tells Kira that if he was alright, he should have made himself 
known to the team a lot sooner than this and Kira apologizes 
saying that a lot happened. Cagalli enters the room and 
(probably hugs Kira or something) shouting that she was worried 
that he was dead, you idiot. Wolf whistle from Krutz and Hikaru 
prompt Cagalli to stop. Uzumi greets the two team and Murrue and 
Yurika thanks him for letting them both in. Uzumi tells them to 
have a seat since he'd like to hear the details of what happened.

After hearing the details, Uzumi then note that both ships are 
now branded traitors to the Federation. Eiji didn't think that 
the Nadesico would also suffer like this and Roan says that he 
thought Akatsuki Nagare knew more than he let on but he didn't 
think he would be Nergal's president. Akito gets quite angry 
saying that if they ever meet again,he'll (give him a good 
beating probably) Hikaru says to let it go for now and Mao says 
that at least they know Nergal's objective is the ruins on Mars 
so they'll probably focus on there for a while. Masato note that 
it'll also depend on how ZAFT, Grados and the Jovian make their 
move. Speaking of ZAFT, Shinobu ask if it's true about the 
Federation using the Cyclops and Mwu says that it's true, they 
saw it with their eyes and Simone says that she didn't even want 
to believe it. Uzumi says that the results are that ZAFT's 
forces on Earth are pretty much decimated so to the people in 
charge of the Feds, that's a pretty good result. Higgins notes 
that it's quite cold blooded of them to make this calculation. 
Uzumi note that the Feds will probably move to attack the Plants 
themselves now that they have the upper hand on Earth and 
afterward, probably the Grados on the moon. Yuu wonder if it'll 
happen that easily since there's still other enemies beside ZAFT 
on Earth and Hime agrees that there's Orphan and the Radams to 
worry about.

Kenichi note that they don't see D-Boy and the Space Knights 
around, have they returned to their main base? Cagalli says that 
from what Freeman told them, they can't move right now but if 
their gamble pays off, they will join up or something like that. 
David note that as usual, Freeman likes to speak in riddles.

Elsewhere, Touya dreams of a praying young woman in a strange 
garb who looks sad  and wonders why she is looking at him that 
way, what is it she wants to say. The woman says Touya's name 
but Touya then awakens. Kateia tells him to get it together, he 
can't just doze off here. Tenia hopes that he doesn't fall 
asleep at the wheel when they're active and Touya asks about the 
situation with the Granteed. Merua says that they've done all 
they can but they're at the limit.  Kateia points out that 
recently Touya has gotten quite too fast for the Granteed's 
response to keep up with (shades of Amuro and such)....

Alan Igol barges in and asks Touya if Touya's father had die in 
an accident on the Moon and whether his father knew of a Franz 
Zeppelin. Touya recognized the name as Uncle Franz who's a good 
friend of his father, how does Alan know him? Alan says that he 
also knows of him and he'll tell Touya all about it soon.

Meanwhile, Azrael has learn that both ships had retreated to Orb 
and plans to attack Orb to get them reasoning that they can't 
let the two ship goes free to Kolbet. Azrael also plans to force 
Orb into full compliance and Kolbet being Azrael's boot lackey 
agrees with Azrael and the Blue Cosmos's Blue Earth policy.

The Federation under the Blue Cosmos then made a demand on Orb 
which Uzumi pretty much anticipated, it seems that the world is 
now split into half in a you're with us or against us mentality. 
The demands are that Orb must fully comply with the Federation, 
dismantle their army and hand over the Nadesico and Archangel in 
24 hours or suffer the consequences. Of course Azrael knows 
Uzumi won't comply so it's a good chance to test out the new 
models that they just developed anyway.

Back at Orb, Yurika can't believe that the Feds are going to be 
attacking and Mwu note that they're no longer treating anyone 
diplomatically with Domon noting that they have no honour at all. 
Alan says that behind the Federation is the Blue Cosmos and 
Azrael and this is his method. Kira asks Uzumi what Uzumi plans 
to do. Uzumi says that even if he surrenders to the Earth 
Federation or even to ZAFT, this country and this planet has no 
future, they cannot let that happen. Mao says that unfortunately, 
ideals and reality are different. Orb will become the 
Federation's enemy if they don't comply. Uzumi says that it 
might be an ideal but viewing the world only in terms of allies 
and enemies will make the world become a place that only exist 
for killing others, is that the type of future they want for 
this world? Even if they avoid the conflict today, they might be 
a second Alaska tomorrow. Eiji agrees and Uzumi says that the 
team has a mission to make peace with the Jovian, they should 
decide for themselves what they want to do but there's not much 
time left. Uzumi says that they will stall for time and do as 
much as they can while the team decides.

 Mwu note that even if they decide for themselves what they want 
to do, they can't just up and abandon Orb like this. Kuzzy ask 
what about the peace with the Jovian but Akito says that while 
peace is definitely important and David continues, if they run 
out into space like this, they won't be able to forgive 
themselves. Kira says that he'll stay behind which surprises Sai 
and Cagalli. Kira continues that it's because he believes that 
the road Orb has taken may be the most difficult but it is the 
most correct path. The others aren't too keen on running 
themselves and Prospector asks Yurika for her opinion and Yurika 
doesn't want to abandon Orb either since Orb took the team in 
when they need it the most, they're obligated to help them out 
in return. The Buttercup team agrees with this statement and 
Yurika continues that she won't order anyone to remain behind 
since that's like what the Federation is doing; this has to be 
everyone's own decision on what they now want to do. Murrue 
agrees with Yurika and announce to her crew that should a battle 
with the Federation start, the Archangel is remaining in Orb and 
will become the Federation's enemy but this is her own decision 
not an order, to those who wants to leave, please do under Orb's 
guidance. Mwu tells everyone to go think it over and tells them 
to disperse preparing for their own decision. Merua asks Touya 
about his decision and Touya says that it doesn't even need to 
be said and the three girls agreed as Tenia points out that 
Touya has finally become a man which gives Touya pauses but 
Tenia says that was a joke. Kuzzy however is thinking hard about 
the Archangel's decision.

 Dearka asks what's going on as Miri frees him and Miri says 
that they'll soon be involved in a battle soon so they're 
letting him go wherever the heck he wants. Dearka asks where is 
his Buster and Miri says that it's originally their's so 
Morgenlete has it. Miri tells him goodbye with a bit of contempt 
and leaves but Dearka asks if she's ok with letting him go like 
this but Miri asks if killing Dearka will bring Tol back? Of 
course it won't. Dearka then asks what her boyfriend was 
piloting. Miri says that it's a Skygrasper and describes it to 
him which Dearka then quietly says to himself "Not me..." but then 
says it's nothing to Miri. Miri then leaves with Dearka telling 
her to wait a bit.

At Morgenlete, Kira ask Cagalli what she wanted to show him and 
Cagalli says it's this which is the Strike Gundam. Cagalli tells 
Kira, Mwu and Murrue that they recovered it and repaired it here. 
Mwu asks if it can be used, if so that's gonna be a big help. 
Murrue asks about the M1 Astray Mobile Suit troops and Julie 
says that thanks to Kira's help from before, they're able to 
pilot it now (also with the battle data from a certain Red Frame 
Pilot I'd bet) Cagalli says that it's dangerous for the three 
girls though which Julie says is such a harsh way of putting it. 
Mwu says that he'll be counting on them and wonders if they're 
being given the Strike back. Mayura says that they are and to 
make use of it on the Archangel

The M1 Astray Trio girls also shows them the IWSP Striker 
backpack that Orb created that combines all the advantage of the 
other backpacks.  Cagalli grinned like a cat "Of course I'm 
going to be using this" "Sorry I don't think so..." says Mwu to a 
perplexed Cagalli who asked why "Because... I'M going to be using 
it" Mwu replies  "Hey, Orb DID built this, y'know" Cagalli 
replied weakly.

Back at the Archangel, Kuzzy has made his decision to leave and 
is trying to find a way to rationalize it to Sai but Sai says 
that he doesn't have to since it's Kuzzy's own decision. Kuzzy 
ask if it's all right with everyone but him staying on, wouldn't 
Sai leave with him also? And why is Chidori staying also, she's 
a civilian girl to boot. Sai tells Kuzzy to stop and Chidori 
says that fighting isn't just going out with a gun to fight like 
a certain someone she knows. Chidori continues that it has 
little persuading power coming from someeone who can't do 
anything in this situation like her but she believes that it's 
safer in here than outside. She might not be much use but she 
wouldn't try to get in the way. Sousuke says that he agrees, he 
never felt that Chidori gets in the way. Chidori tells Kuzzy 
that even not on a battlefield, he can be of use to someone and 
she think that's good. Sousuke also agrees since it's equally 
important for people to fight the battle after the wars are won 
to make the world a better place. Kuzzy feels a lot better after 
hearing this from Sousuke and Sai tells Kuzzy that they will 
meet again once peace comes once again and Kuzzy agrees.

At the Archangel Bridge, Murrue note that with Kuzzy gone, the 
Bridge is now even  lonelier and Mwu note that a lot more people 
stayed on than he expected. Murrue asks why Mwu came back for 
them in Alaska and Mwu says that he thought she would have put 
it together by now and grabs her. Murrue calls Mwu by his rank 
but Mwu says that he isn't one anymore and a lot of foreplay 
happen as Mwu tries his best to charm Murrue (to end it in you 
know what). Outside, Kouji and the Layzner gang sans Eiji is 
doing their best peeping tom impression on Mwu and Murrue. 
Arthur comes by and asks what they're doing which pushes Kouji 
and the other into the door which opens. Mwu and Murrue are of 
course surprised by this and Murrue ask if they want something 
and Simone says that it's nothing, they were JUST passing by to 
which Mwu doubt very much. Kouji and Simone apologize saying 
that they'll be on their way but Mwu says that it's too late 
anyway (they've already killed the mood) and Arthur wonders why 
everyone's apologizing with David wondering why Arthur can't 
take a hint.

Meanwhile, Azrael is notified of Uzumi's response which he 
expected and decides to send in the troops that he brought which 
includes the three druggies Gundam pilots and their new Gundams 
along with a certain someone who wants to fight Domon.

Orb notifies Uzumi of the Federation's first wave of troops and 
Mwu launchs in the Strike and Kira launches in his new Gundam, 
the Freedom. Mwu tells the Astray girls to leave the front line 
to them and not to overdo it. The Astray girls tells them to be 
careful and to leave the back to them. Yurika note that they 
better deploy too and the battle begins.

After a while Yurika note that there's a new wave of Federation 
troops and Ruri note that it's something totally new also in 
that troop. Prospector note that those must be the Federation's 
new Gundams that he heard were under productions. Olga fires a 
shot at the Nadesico but note that it has no effect and Ruri 
note that these three are extremely demented, she hates these 
types of people. Yurika agrees telling the Archangel to be 
careful. Sai tells Murrue that another one is approaching and 
notes that it's a mobile suit? Minato wonders what that is and 
Yukina says that it looks pretty cute actually. Rain tells Domon 
that that's the Nobel Gundam, what is it doing here? Domon note 
that there's no mistake and tells Yurika that that one isn't an 
enemy, she's a Gundam fighter like them.

Yurika asks if it's true and Ruri says that it's no joke, 
there's a record on it, the Nobel Gundam from Neo Sweden with 
the pilot Allenby Biercly. Megumi-chan wonders why Sweden would 
have a sailor uniform for girls (as decoration for it's Gundam) 
and Ruri note that it must be the pilot's preference. Domon 
calls out to Allenby and Allenby note that Domon is there and 
fires a shot at him startling him. She roars that she wanted to 
meet him, now let's fight. Algo and Chibodee note that it's like 
being taken over by the DG Cells with Sai Saichi agreeing that 
she's being controlled like they were once. Yurika note that 
Allenby seems to be controlled and Rain says that they have to 
find a way to save her and Yurika tells everyone not to destroy 
that mech and Murrue rogers that.

A third wave of troops arrives as noted by Cagalli and Mwu note 
that this is getting to be about numbers. The three psycho 
Gundam pilots decides to use this moment to attack the Archangel 
and it's too fast for Kira or Mwu to intercept but the Buster 
Gundam comes out and fires at Olga. Miri wonders why Dearka did 
that. Sai can't believe that the Buster is helping them out and 
Dearka wonders what the Naturals are thinking, he never heard 
that they were fighting the Earth Federation. The three psycho 
retreats to a safe spot and the battle continues

Orb soliders report a fourth wave of Federation solider coming 
in and Mwu note that there's still THIS much? Cagalli is 
beginning to lose hope but Uzumi tells her not to sound weak 
since it will effects the morale of the  people they command if 
the commander begins to give up. Cagalli wants to protest but 
suddenly a voice booms out "Kira Yamato, do you hear me" This 
voice shocks Kira and Cagalli with Dearka wondering why even 
"that guy" would come here. "Athrun" Kira says in disbelief and 
Touya note that it's a Red Gundam. Tetsuya ask Kira if the 
Athrun he just said was the pilot of the Aegis Gundam and 
Shinobu note that even ZAFT seems to be getting in on the act 
against them. However Alan tells Shinobu that it's not for 
certain that Athrun comes as an enemy. Athrun shouted "Kira I'll 
back you up" which surprises Shinobu and Alan note "I thought 
so" Kira is surprised at this and asks Athrun what's the meaning 
of this, is ZAFT entering this battle also? Athrun says that he 
hasn't received any orders from ZAFT, he's here of his own free 
will, he has something to talk with Kira...but first they have to 
get rid of these interference. Kira agrees and the battle is 
joined as the Justice Gundam rush to the Freedom's aid.

Kira note that the three new Gundams are fast and he can't read 
their movement easily. Also their firepower is nothing to laugh 
about. Athrun notes that one of them seems to have a 
transformable frame like the Aegis and all of the pilots are the 
in your face type and their fighting style seems to indicate a 
penchant for wanton destruction.

As the battle with the Federation is in full swing, the Furies 
troops warped out. Al Van says that the Earthlings are foolish 
to be fighting amongst their own kinds thus closing the door on 
their futures as seeds. Jyua Mu seconds that and says that the 
Earthling definitely are fated to be wiped out and they don't 
have to do a thing. Al Van tells Schua Mmu that he does not 
enjoy a victory that they do not involve themselves in (i.e. 
handed on a silver platter) Jyua Mu note that he understand Lord 
Al Van's thinking, they must be the one to finish off these 
Earthlings. Touya note that it's Al Van and says that this time 
he'll get the answers from Al Van about what Al Van knows about 
him. Al Van asks if Touya hasn't realized it by himself already 
what with him absorbing the Sytron waves all these times. 
"What?" Touya asked but Al Van then stated "Fine, we will end 
our battle here today since someone who has survived until now 
like you is worthy of going against my blade. If you want to 
find out, defeat me and learn the keys behind your fate" "Don't 
forget those words" Touya shouted "Merua, let's go."

Hyouma and the others note that Jyua Mu and Al Van are a tough 
combination to beat and Chizuru note that if they don't down at 
least one of them, they're in trouble since they can't help 
protect the Granteed against both of these opponents. Suddenly 
an armoured form appeared and shouted "Everyone, get out of the 
way" which surprised the team as the armoured form shouted 
"Voltekker!!" and blasted Jyua Mu's mech forcing him to retreat. 
Touya wonders if that armoured figure is Tekkaman. The Space 
Knight teams appeared confirming it and Hime wonders why his 
forms have changed. Freeman explains that D-Boy has succeeded in 
evolving himself into the Blaster Tekkaman. Yuu can't believe 
that Tekkaman can do something like this and David asks if 
that's what Freeman meant when he said they had to take a gamble. 
Blade says that they'll talk later, it's time to battle Al Van 
and the Federations.

The Federation Gundams pilots' times are up since they seem to 
need their drugs and they retreated. The Archangel team wonders 
why they just up and left since it seems they still have plenty 
of fight left in them and Allenby also leaves which made Domon 
wonders what happened to Allenby but he promise to bring her 
back to normal. There's no time to ponder though since Al Van is 
still left.

The battle against Al Van begins as he confronted Tekkaman Blade 
"You may have downed Jyua Mu but miracle only happens once" he 

Freedom rushes into Al Van's view "I've decided to protect Orb, 
that's why I'm going to defeat you" Kira shout "I'll take that 
resolve" state Al Van "But our mission is absolute" "I'll 
protect it from whatever it is " shout Kira. 

Akito rushes in quite nervous "Don't know if this'll work, but 
I've got to try" "I applaud that bravery" replies Al Van "Shut 
Up" shouted Akito.

Sousuke remains silent as Al Van confronts him. "No words to say 
on the battlefield, very well" noted Al Van. (In Bonta Kun's 
case, Al Van shouted "Do you really think I'd be careless even 
against THAT, I'm going all out against it")

Hime tells her Brain to not be afraid, since together, they can 
take him. 

Al Van ask Eiji " As an alien, why do you fight for them, what 
do you see of humans from outer space" Eiji replies " I have 
friends here, if you are attacking Earth and Earthling, whatever 
you are, I will take you down" "That is the way of the knight, a 
fine sense of resolve, let's go" shout Al Van.

Combattler V and Dancougar approaches. Juuzo tells Hyouma to be 
careful since even amongst Fury, Al Van's the strongest. " I 
know, that's what makes it challenging" Sara state that they 
won't let the Fury do as they please and Ryou tells Shinobu that 
no matter the amount of armour Al Van's mech has, it'll buckle 
under extreme firepower, and Masato (D) adds that that applies 
if the attack hits him that is. "Enough babbling" shouted 
Shinobu "Yatte Yaruze"

Al Van braces himself "Awesome pressure... so the POWERFUL ones 
have arrived"

Great Mazinger tackles Al Van "Let's go" shout Tetsuya. "Then 
come take me as the walker in the Bushido way that you are" 
state Al Van. Voltes moves in and the rest of the Voltes team 
tells Kenichi to be careful around Al Van. "A challenge? Then I 
shall accept" Megumi says "If you underestimate us, you're in 
for a hurting"

Al Van noted Zeorymer. "Kihara Masaki's creation... a dangerous 
thing" "You don't have to state the obvious" says Masato.  
Thinking it might prove useful; Al Van decides to capture it. 
"Go ahead, IF you can" says Masato

Kouji roared "You little... I DON'T care how strong you are, as 
long as I'M around, you're NEVER going to get what you want" as 
Mazinkaiser charges in. Bracing for impact Al Van states "Fine... 
I do not mind a rough battle"

"Fury!!!" shouted Domon "Let's finish this" as he rushes in from 
the front. "Very well... I am Al Van Lanks, take that with you to 
the world beyond" stated Al Van "I am Domon Kasshu, the King of 
Heart, let's go!!" replied Domon.

As the battle rages on, Touya and Al Van finally confront each 
other. "Impressive movement, Touya, and your will to fight is 
amazing" stated Al Van. Annoyed, Touya shouted "What are you 
babbling about, are you deliberately leaving yourself wide open 
in your movement for me?"

Al Van goes on "Do you know HOW you got that fighting style?" 
and Touya says that he picked it up on the battlefield in order 
to survive. "Really?" mused Al Van "While certainly there are 
geniuses at fighting, how can someone without ANY training fight 
me equally like you?"  Touya hesitate and begins to question 
himself and Merua shout "Don't listen to him Touya-san, Focus!!"

The two mech withdrew from each other positioning and readying 
themselves for one final attack.Al Van shouted "Touya,  I will 
fulfill the promise I made to you, let us finish this" and Touya 
shouted "Just what I wanted." Merua tells Touya that Al Van is 
rushing straight in and Touya note that just one more shot ought 
to do it. Both machine exchanges blow and are heavily damaged. 
Al Van congratulates Touya on his attack but says that trying to 
hit him during an attack shows that Touya is still green.  
Kateia and Tenia wonders if Touya is the one who lost but Touya 
shouted that the Granteed that is behind him isn't something as 
cheap as that and Merua chimes in saying that that's right, 
she's here also. (i.e. Touya knew the Granteed can take the 
attack and with Merua can dish out better?)

Al Van says that as promised, he will tell all to Touya or 
should he say Touya Seruda Chun. The Furies' objectives are the 
extermination of mankind since Earth is the Promised Land for 
their people. Kenichi can't believe that the Furies can be so 
selfserving and Kouji shouted "Who decided that anyway?" but Al 
Van then replies "Even if the one who created humanity are us 
Furies?" This surprises Eiji as Al Van continues that they are 
the one who sows the seeds of life on the planet of rocks and 
waters but Lord El Seruda came to love humanity. Al Van then 
tells Touya to come with him since Touya has the right quality 
but Masato and Merua tells Touya not to listen to Al Van. Al Van 
continues "That is because..." but Jyua Mu appears again and says 
that he won't let Lord Al Van say anymore. Al Van asks if Jyua 
Mu has gone mad but Jyua Mu says that it's Al Van who's confused, 
why did he had to take an attention to this Earthling?

Al Van tells Jyua Mu to get away since his LaftKranz is going to 
blow but Jyua Mu says that he's not leaving, he's taking Lord Al 
Van home and they both disappeared in a flash of light leaving a 
silent Touya behind.

After the fight, Boss and Jun looks at the damage brought on Orb 
and they note that it's quite tragic since this was a beautiful 
country. Kouji notice Athrun and Sayaka ask if he isn't that 
Aegis pilot who's Kira's friend. Athrun says that he wants to 
talk to Kira and Kira thanks him for his help but again he wants 
to know what Athrun is doing here.Athrun says that he's under 
order to retrieve the Freedom or to destroy it but he currently 
has no intention to fight Kira or his friends right now, he 
wants to asks Kira "What are you fighting for, Kira?" Before 
Kira can answer, Cagalli arrives and hugs the both of them 
crying with relief.

Elsewhere, Merua note that the damage done to the Granteed is 
quite severe, it's so sad to look at it so damaged like this. 
Tenia note that this is WAY beyond their capability to fix up 
and Kateia wonders how much Morgenlete can fix it up if they 
asked them to although it's a good thing that the Las Erem 
Canceller wasn't damage. Alan comes in apologizing for 
interuppting and asks for Touya's whereabout and Tenia says that 
Touya told them he wanted to be left alone and Kateia note that 
she's quite worried since he's taking Al Van's revelation pretty 
hard. Alan notes that it might be impossible to talk to him 
today but he wants to see him soon, it's about the Granteed.

At the Nadesico Bridge, Freeman apologize for being away this 
long but Yurika say it's no bother, so D-Boy's all right now? 
Freeman explains that they manage to use the Teksystem in D-
Boy's body which has been straining him to evolve himself into 
the Blaster Form. Ryouko note that with this form, it'll be easy 
going against Evil from now on. Megumi-chan asks about Miyuki's 
conditions but Milly says that it's not looking good, she's not 
gonna make it at this rate. Yurika ask if nothing can be done 
and Honda says that they thought about using the same method as 
D-Boy but there's too little data and there's the matter of the 
Radam Plant blooming worrying all of them on their heads too. 
Inez asks where is D-Boy anyway and Rebin says that he and Noal 
went walking somewhere with Milly chiming in that he said he saw 
someone, but whom?

At a ruin building in Orb, Noal ask the mysterious man they met 
or Balzack who is revealed to be alive (after being totally 
beaten by Evil) what the heck he's doing here. Noal ask if the 
shock of losing to Evil was too much for him. Balzack says that 
he was here originally and it was the team who came and started 
this war at Orb. This angers Noal but Balzack continues that 
he's had enough, he's finished. Aki has to restrain Noal from 
hitting the down and out Balzack. Balzack says that he's washed 
his hand of fighting, he's sorry for what happened in the 
past...this is goodbye since they won't meet again. D-Boy asks if 
it's all right with him and elaborates "Is it all right with you 
to stop fighting here?" Balzack says that he's different from D-
Boy, that day made it all too clear.  D-Boy says that if that's 
what Balzack really thinks then he won't say anymore but if he 
still has a will to fight then come with them, that's all he 
wanted to say. D-Boy tells Aki and Noal that they should go and 
Balzack is left alone to think. "I...I..."

At the Hospital, a mysterious woman is tending to a wounded 
solider who sees her as a saint before passing out. Another 
voice then calls out to her "You should rest too Julia" The 
woman then replies "Yes Gale, afterward..." Gale asks if she won't 
go see Eiji and Julia says that maybe after this battle is over. 
Gale lament that Eiji's group was attacked by Earthlings who 
should have been their allies, the one he fought so hard to 
protect and Julia tells Gale that he should go...Eiji will have 
need of him. Gale tries to protest but Julia continues that they 
were both saved by Earthlings and she wants to help these people 
out even a little bit...she's found her place and battlefield 
which is to take care of the wounded and sick. Julia says that 
the BloodyKaisal that Uzumi gave back to them is at Morgenlete 
and tells Gale to take care of Eiji. Gale says that he will go 
then and tells Eiji about her also. Julia also have another 
request and Gale says that he knows, he wouldn't die for a 
second time, it's a promise.

At Uzumi's headquarter, Uzumi tells the team that he request 
another meeting with the Federation but was turned down and Mao 
note that they won't grant dialogue with their enemies which 
makes the Fed's course all too clear. Alan says that they should 
be attacking again soon and Uzumi then says "I have a request to 
make of you..sooner or later, the war will reach our kingdom's 
core, once that time comes...please take care of Cagalli"  Uzumi 
says that he knows it's a very personal and selfish request and 
they can laugh if they want but Murrue says that they will do as 
he wish. Uzumi apologize saying that even in the face of the 
demise of their country, he still want their idiot princess to 
live...this must be human stupidity. Yurika says it's not 
stupidity but one of humanity's good point.

Episode 39

Azrael ask Kolbet how long until they can attack again and 
Kolbet says that it won't be long though Orb has just made a 
request for further negotiations. Azrael says that that won't do, 
no one outside of the Federation can have a warpower that big. 
Kolbet asks if that mean they should wipe it out as fast as they 
can and Azrael tells him that they will soon have to take on the 
Grados/ Jovian alliance and such as well. It's better to go to 
space with this off their hands. Kolbet then say their slogan, 
for a bluer Earth.
Azrael note that those three seems to need their drugs now as 
the three druggies cries out in pain. Azrael says that they 
better shape up, there might be no next time for them.

At Orb, Eiji ask Cagalli who is the people who wanted to meet 
him and Cagalli tells him as they arrive at a hospital that 
he'll know in a moment but just don't get too surprised. The two 
people who come out to meet Eiji are Gale and Julia as Anna and 
Simone remembered them. Eiji is in a bit of a shock and David 
had to snap him out of it.Eiji ask if it's really the two of 
them and Gale says that he's sorry that he hasn't contacted Eiji 
at all since the incident as Julia says that Eiji  seems to be 
happy. Anna herself cried at the happy reunion and Roan points 
out that Arthur's crying also. Eiji is extremely elated that the 
two of them are alive. Gale note that Eiji has grown up a lot 
and Julia agree both physically and emotionally. Eiji ask how 
the two managed to be at Orb and Cagalli says that the two were 
admitted into Orb Hospital until recently. Gale explained that 
they were both picked up by Mythril who hid their origins and 
send them to a neutral country like Orb to recover. Gale note 
that he was rescued by Earthling and that Orb is now under 
danger. He says that he wants to fight for this country and 
wants to join them. Roan ask if he's'serious and Simone says 
that they'll also have to fight the Grados also. Gale says that 
he really doesn't want to fight the planet of his ancestry but 
he's made his decision, he should have died back then but now 
that he's here, he want to use this life for the Earth's sake. 
Anna ask what Julia will do and she says that she will work on 
the surface in order to make peace possible, that is her fight.

At the Archangel Hangar, Athrun is telling Kira that to be 
honest, no matter how hard they fight, the outcome seems to be 
obvious. Kira says that everyone probably knows it and before 
Athrun can press his point, Kira says that even if it IS a 
hopeless fight, they can't just roll over and do what the other 
side wants. Kira then says "You asked me before, what do I fight 
for?" "It's because there are things that I want to protect and 
the only way to do it is to fight" Athrun takes the words in as 
Kira thanks him for being able to talk with him as a friend once 
more and leaves.

Athrun is deep in thought when Dearka shows up and note that 
it's quite a predicament Kira has gotten himself into Dearka 
note that the situation will probably turn quite bad, maybe they 
should go back to ZAFT. Athrun says that even so, he doesn't 
want him or them to die and Dearka note that it's quite rare and 
trendsetting that they both agreed on the same thing for the 
first time. Athrun is surprised by this and Dearka says that 
it's like Athrun think.

Elsewhere at the Nadesico's hangar, Alan comes to talk to Touya 
saying that he has something to show Touya and ask if the 
Granteed's Sytron System is undamaged. Kateia says that while 
the core is undamaged, the outer part of the mecha is half 
destroyed with Tenia adding in that it couldn't withstand Al 
Van's attack and Merua says that they were going to talk about 
what to do since yesterday. Alan says that under the Core Module 
should be a slit and to insert this disk into it. Touya asked 
how Alan knew about this but Alan says that they'll quickly 
understand but to do it quick.

The image shows up and Touya recognize the image as Uncle Franz. 
The three girls of course are a bit shocked and Touya ask if 
they knew him. Merua says that they met him before they escaped 
the Furies back at the moon. Alan says that it's a holographic 
recording of a memory taken two years ago. Holo-Franz state that 
if this disk is seen, it means that the Granteed had reached 
Earth safetly. As Touya tries to call out to his uncle (not by 
blood relation mind you) Holo-Franz says that it is only a basic 
program and cannot engage in complex conversation so please talk 
or question in a straight forward way. Touya tries to ask why 
Uncy Franz is connected with the Granteed but Holo Franz repeat 
that the question must be in a straight forward manner as Alan 
tries calm Touya down saying that it isn't Franz but just a 

Touya calmed down and ask if Holo Franz is Franz Zeppellin and 
is answered yes. Touya continues asking why is this disk 
supposed to be in Granteed and Holo Franz says that that is 
because of Alan Igol. Touya says that that's not what he meant, 
how is Franz connected to the Granteed? Holo Franz says that he 
was the one who created the Granteed. The three girls are 
dumbfounded and wonder how connected Touya is to the Granteed 
and Merua wonders if it's just pure coincidence that this man 
created the Granteed but Alan says that it's probably not 
coincidence taking everything into consideration. Touya 
continues asking if Franz is a Fury but Holo Franz says that 
while Granteed was created using Fury technology, he himself is 
not a Fury. Touya is a bit flustered at what to ask next and 
Alan tells him to calm down asking that he was asked to replay 
this disk together with the pilot when the Granteed is destroyed, 
why is that ?

Holo Franz says that he recognize that voice as Alan Igol, is he 
doing well? Alan noted that Franz seems to have a sense of 
humour programming this disk. Holo Franz then states that the 
Granteed has a stronger body that was under construction. It was 
moved from Ashuary Kroitzel to Morgenlete and SHOULD be finished 
by now. Kateia note that if there IS a stronger body then that 
means that they can fight again as Tenia points out. Holo Franz 
continued that if the core is undamaged, all that is needed is 
to move it into the stronger body. Merua is ecstatic and Alan 
note that they're in luck being near Morgenlete. Alan ask Touya 
if he got all that and note that there isn't much time before 
the next battle starts, is there any other questions that Touya 
wanted to ask?

Touya has one last question, does Franz know of a Fury named 
Seruda Chun and Holo Franz says that if that means El Seruda 
Chun, then yes, El Seruda was the one who was responsible for 
the Granteed's construction plan. Touya continues that does this 
man have any children and if yes, can he give the name? Holo 
Franz continues that El Seruda fell in love with an Earth woman 
and had one child named Touya.

While Touya digest all this, the girls are dumbfounded yet again. 
Kateia note that El Seruda has to be the one who rescued them 
while the other twos' mouths are flabbergasted. Holo Franz then 
state that if they want to ask more questions, all they have to 
do is plop the disk in once more and deactivates. Touya reminsce 
about his mom and dad as the girls try to find the right words 
to speak with him, but he says that it's ok. Alan is sorried 
that he seemed to drag up old wounds but Touya says that right 
now, they should concentrate on staying alive and he doesn't 
want to think about anything else right now and note that they 
better get to Morganlete.

At Uzumi's headquarter, Orb soliders are telling that there is 
no reply from the Federation and Uzumi note that the Federation 
seems to have lost the ability to talk. Ryou note that they 
should be finished with resupplying by now and Chibodee says 
that it's time for Round 2. Shinobu doesn't care how many times 
they attack, they'll get sent right back by the team but Freeman 
note that all that will do in the long run is destroy the 
country and hurt it's citizen and Shinobu then ask Freeman what 
they should DO then? Tetsuya suggest that they target the head 
and Hyouma note that that's a good idea taking out their 
commanders in the commanding ship. Jun asked how they can do 
that but Kouji says that if conditions are good, they should do 
it. Uzumi stated that there are those who flame the wars between 
each others making wars that should end continues, behind the 
Federation is the Blue Cosmos's Azrael and the one on the Plant 
who thinks that they are the next level of humanity, Patrick 
Zara. If this keeps on, the world will become a hateful place 
with strife of man against man. 

Kenichi tries to say that this isn't something they can do about 
right now but Uzumi ask if that's all right with the team having 
to defend this place for eternity since they have a peace 
meeting to accomplish with the Jovian. Ryouko note that they 
can't just leave Orb to be conquered. Uzumi says that he'll take 
their feelings to heart but no one in this country will let the 
Blue Cosmos backed Federation do as they like, this is THEIR 
country. An Orb solider comes in reporting that the Federation 
are deploying their MS as D-Boy note that THIS is their answer. 
Mao says that while what Uzumi says might be true, right now all 
they can do is resist and defend the country, they'll think of 
the future later. Murrue tells Yurika that they should go as 
Yurika tells Uzumi to leave it to them. Uzumi note that he won't 
let the team sacrifice themselves and lose their future.

At Morgenlete, Touya is quite surprised to see the strengthened 
body and Alan note that it looks quite powerful. Touya note that 
this new body is called G. Dragodius but wonders if they can 
really use it. Kateia reassures him saying that she can feels 
it's power, it wants Touya to board it. Tenia says that they'll 
help to get it ready and Merua just can't wait to ride it. Touya 
note that the battle's beginning and Alan says that they should 
install the core quickly.

Sai note that the enemies have overcome the first barrier of 
defense and Murrue shouts commands to prep the Archangel and 
ready to deploy their own forces. Kira and Mwu deploys in the 
Freedom and Strike. Mwu note that they'll have their works cut 
out for them, Kira agrees but he's not backing down. Athrun 
calls out to Kira and deploy in the Justice with Dearka in the 
Buster accompanying as well. Kira is a bit surprised as Athrun 
says that they understand as well, something that they must 
fight in order to protect with Dearka saying that to cut the 
small talk and speech and let's get down to business. Milly 
can't believe that Dearka would help out again. Balzak in the 
Sol Tekkaman 1 Kai also arrives saying that he'll help too. D-
Boy says that he knew Balzak would come and was waiting for him. 
Balzak says that it's hard to admit it, but D-Boy won their 
previous conversation, BUT he's still the sempai in using the 
Sol Tekkaman to fight as he points out to Noal, he'll show Noal 
HOW to use this thing correctly which irks Noal to no end. Rebin 
scream how could Balzak let that sexy machine be full of dirt, 
grime and rust like that, once he's back she'll make it spiffin 
clean. Balzak roger that and begins to concentrate on work. 

Simone note that the Zaft's Gundams and even the Sol Tekkaman 
are lending their strength to help them defend Orb and Arthur 
note that it's like a real miracle happening. Yurika note that 
yesterday's enemies are today's friends as Anna note that it 
feels quite uplifting and Yurika note that they're fired up  
from this so let's do it and orders the deployment of the team 
as well. Domon note that Allenby isn't here today, why is she 
with the Federation yesterday? Rain tells Domon to concentrate 
and Domon does.

As the team keeps downing Strike Daggers, the three Druggies and 
their Gundams also appears. Kouji note that they just keep on 
coming and Tetsuya state that the Federations are using the 
sheer amount of number of troops it has to crush them but just 
how large an army is it that they have here. However 
reinforcement for the team arrives in the form of the new 
G.Dragodius. Touya apologizes for being late and Masato (D) 
breathes a sigh of relief telling Touya to pitch in since 
they're shorthanded here. Ryou note "So that's the talked about 
new model?" and Sarah ask if they can depend on it. Touya says 
that he hasn't figured out everything on this thing yet but it's 
got a heck of a lot more power than the Granteed. Touya ask if 
Merua can cope with this thing and Merua says that while it's a 
bit too strong, she's sure she can do it, Touya just focus on 
fighting and leave the rest to her. Akito can't suppress a glee 
and says "Wow it looks so cool, Touya. Really" "Why thankyou..." 
Touya replies and Akito muse "Man, if only Gai were here" Alan 
also pops up in the BlackWing and tells Shinobu it's time to 
combine. Professor Hatsuki cuts in to the communication channel 
and tells the Dancougar team that by combining with the 
BlackWing, the Dancougar will be able to release it's full power 
as the Final Dancougar. Masato(D) note that that also seems cool 
and Sarah tells Shinobu to do it and Shinobu shouted out his 
trademark "Yatteyaruze" combining the two mech. 

With two new powerhouses in the game, the Strike Daggers are 
taken care of and only the three Druggies are left. Clodo tells 
the Blue one to begone and Kira note that it's quite fast. Kira 
shouted that he won't let them do as they please but Shani tells 
him to die and Athrun note that normal shooting attack won't 
work on them.Clodo shouted "You did well yesterday, Red...Die..." 
Kira note that Olga is still doing reckless attacks as usual 
against him as Athrun tries his best to attack him but Olga 
shouted for him to die. Olga wonders what this weird thing is 
and Touya note that they can do it, with this machine. Clodo 
says that he doesn't care who Touya is but it's too bad that he 
appears. Touya asks Merua if she's ready and she says she is. 
Shani screams as he attacks and Touya says that it won't be like 
yesterday. (Not much of a conversation here with these three) 

The three druggies are defeated but even more Federation troops 
arrive surrounding the team. Yurika tells everyone to keep at it, 
they can't retreat now but Prospector note that it seems like 
they're taking on the entire Federation fleet of this hemisphere. 
Megumi-chan tells Yurika that Uzumi is on the line. Uzumi thanks 
both captain for holding out this long and tells both Yurika and 
Murrue to retreat from Orb since losing Orb is a matter of time. 
Tetsuya asks if he is surrendering but Uzumi says they are not 
surrendering which makes Kouji ask why the team alone has to run 
away. Uzumi says to the effect that even if one falls, if 
another takes up the cause then it will be all right. Uzumi 
tells Cagalli to go with the team. Cagalli ask what her dad is 
going to do and Uzumi says that even if they lose Orb, they will 
not lose something that can't be lost, the team is the hope for 
peace. If they have a future they want to build then they must 
protect that small flame of hope and head towards that future. 
Domon then tells Uzumi to come along too, he'll go get him right 
now. Uzumi says that they have their mission just as the team 
has their's. Freeman suddenly realizes what Uzumi is planning 
and Yurika says that they're not going, just wait; they'll take 
care of these troops. Cagalli shout that she's not going alone, 
they have to all go. Uzumi tells Cagalli that aside from her 
friend, she has a brother, he gave Murrue a keepsake for her to 

Uzumi then tells the team that if there is no one to continue on, 
then all will be lost. It's a tragic road but he hope Cagalli 
will understand. Cagalli is hysterical by now as Uzumi says that 
as her father, he was happy. Sai report that a large energy 
source is growing from Orb's central area and Miri says that if 
they don't retreat now, they'll be hit by it. Cagalli screams in 
anguish and Yurika noted sadly that they still haven't done 
anything to help and this happened. Murrue orders everyone to 
retreat and as Kira left, he regrets not being able to save Orb. 
Uzumi note that the Seeds have flown...this is good...he won't let 
those people do as they please with this country and this world. 
An explosion rocks Orb.

At Azrael's headquater, Kolbet note that Uzumi's really done it 
and Azrael in a hissy fit tells Kolbet to pull in the troops. At 
the Archangel, Sai says that there are no Federation pursuers 
and Mwu note that even they were a bit shocked by this. Murrue 
tells Yurika that it's too bad and Yurika asks about Cagalli. 
Murrue says that she's still in shock with Mwu agreeing that 
with something like that happening, they can't just tell her to 
reign in her tears.

In her room, Cagalli is thinking about her dad along with 
looking at a photo as Kira and Athrun arrives.Athrun doesn't 
know what to say and Kira ask if she's all right and Cagalli 
lets out her tears.

Meanwhile at the Nadesico, Prospector note that they don't have 
a place to go to yet again but Yurika doesn't think so, as Uzumi 
told them, if they have a future they want to build then they 
have to head towards it. Murrue agrees along with the words 
"those that will carry on" that Uzumi stated with Mwu noting 
that they've receive a really huge responsibility to carry on 
with. Ruri note that the adults are always cheating (dying and 
leaving the problems they made for the childrens to fix) Mao 
tries to cheer Ruri up asking if she knows why they have to 
carry on this task and Krutz says that being glum like that will 
make her cute face disappear, if a cute girl like her's sad, 
he's sad too.

Yurika says that there's something that only they can do, they 
have to head for Jupiter to meet with Tsukumo and make peace 
happen; they won't let a tragedy like Orb happened again. 
Everyone else agrees and Hyouma note that they should take off 
Freeman however says that before they do, they have to learn of 
the Earth's situation first so that they're not leaving things 
unattended to. Ryou wonder how they'll get the information and 
Alan thinks that they can ask the Novis Noah for help. Hime 
wonder if the Novis is going to be all right or will the same 
thing with Orb happen. Kant note that as long as the Orphan 
problem is still around, the Feds probably won't trie to take it 
over by force. Nanga is curious that there's no movement by the 
Reclaimer, have something happen between them and the Feds? Yuu 
doesn't know either what happened inside Orphan these days.

Yurika note that it seems that they should make some 
preparations before going into space then and Murrue says that 
they'll continue this discussion at length later. Ruri then 
tells Krutz that she's not a kid but a lady...so stop trying to 
talk like that to her. (i.e. hitting on her)  Krutz says that he 
was talking normally but Chidori and Mao gets the wrong 
impression and Krutz says to stop misunderstanding him and asks 
Sousuke for help. Minato note that Ruri has cheered up and Ruri 
says that she's a kid (i.e. it's a prank on Krutz).Anna ask what 
happen and Chidori tells her not to come, it's not safe with 
that Lolicrazy gaijin around. Sousuke then note that Krutz has 
something dangerous on himself, like a biochemical virus.

At the Novis Noah, Irene is talking to Hime who tells her of 
their situation. Irene note that the Feds will probably try to 
pressure the Novis Noah also which means that Hime and the Brain 
Powered team may not be able to come back. Kanan asks what the 
Federation plans to do about Orphan. Irene says that recently 
there's been no battle between the Federation and the Reclaimer, 
it might have something to do with the head of the Reclaimer. 
Yuu wonder if Gabana will accept the Federation in and Nakki 
says that's a possibility. Nanga note that speculations are wild 
right now, they'll have to search for more evidence on what 
happen and Irene says that she'll contact them before they go 
out into space if she has more information.

At the Da Nann, Tessa apologize for not being able to do 
anything for Orb. Yurika outline their plans to go into space so 
they'll be away from Earth for a while. Mao asks Tessa if 
something's wrong and Tessa says that she's been thinking about 
whether to tell them or not and Karinin says that it's better to 
tell them. Tessa note that that's so and says that they seem to 
have confirm several large object heading for a certain area 
near the Asian Seas (Japan)...after cross examination, those 
objects seems to be Boazan mech and the Devil Gundam... there's 
little chance of them being wrong. Domon can't believe that it's 
the Devil Gundam with Algo noting that they destroyed it. Rain 
wonder if it regenerated but it shouldn't be able to this 
quickly. George says that it's possible and it would explain 
Allenby's case. Kenichi wonders why it was with the Boazan then? 
Tessa says that they don't know but they don't seem to be hiding 
like before and they can pinpoint the location where the Boazan 
may be hiding in. Gale note that it could be a trap but Domon 
doesn't care, the Shuffle Alliance is sworn to destroy the Devil 
Gundam no matter how many times it revived itself, they'll end 
it's threat. Sai SaiChi note that they can't leave them like 
this and Chibodee agrees saying that the team won't get far 
trying to stop them from going after the Devil Gundam. Mwu says 
that they won't so they'll help out instead. Tessa says that if 
that's the case then she'll forward the location to them and 
please be careful.

At the Nadesico hangar, Touya is deep in thought about his 
father and the G.Dragodius. Tenia invites Touya to go eat but 
Touya says he's fine. Merua offers him some chocolate that she 
bought a lot from Orb but Touya says that he has a lot on his 
mind right now. Kateia tells the two to leave Touya alone since 
he's tired and Tenia apologize for interuppting him. Merua also 
tells Touya to cheer up and leaves. Touya thanks them and says 
that he's not depressed or anything but he does have a lot to 
think about. He thought that this might happen some day what 
with the Sytron they absorb being the cause, the girls should 
know all about it since early on they sometime talk about stuff 
they don't even know. (I.e. it gives vision and information to 
people absorbing it's ray) Kateia says that even so, they don't 
try to hide it like Touya. Touya wonders if this El Seruda or 
his dad is the one who helped the girls escaped and Tenia think 
that's so. Touya ask what type of person his father was, he'd 
like to know even a little. Kateia says that they didn't 
exchange words much but Touya says whatever they know will do 
and...he thinks he'll have one of those chocolate Merua was 
talking about.

Episode 40

At the Furies' base, Jyua Mu awakes from his regeneration and he 
asks where Lord Al Van is. Fu Ru tells him that while he is safe, 
Jyua Mu can no longer meet him since he has been expelled from 
the Knighthood by earning Lord Gu Randon's displeasure and wrath. 
Jyua Mu can't believe it but Fu Ru says that if he plans to 
speak up for Al Van, it is too late, Lord Gu Randon has made his 
final decision and it may have been his fate. Fu Ru then says 
that because of this, she and Jyua Mu will make up the main 
forces from now on. Jyua Mu is in shock but accepts and Fu Ru 
says that he will get a new mech to use from now on. After Fu Ru 
leaves, Al Van starts foaming at the mouth saying that it's all 
that brat's fault ad nauseaum and then shouted that he'll kill 

At the Nadesico's mess hall, Balzack hope that Riruru and Rick 
have made it out and is safe until he returns. Noal wonders what 
the heck he's thinking about and Krutz note that he's looking at 
a photo of a woman, a beautiful one too. Rebin ask if this 
person is Balzack's lover and Krutz press him for more info when 
Balzack keeps mum. Balzack state that at least he has someone 
waiting for his return which gets a teasing from Rebin. Noal 
starts to downplay Balzack having a girlfriend, but Krutz and 
Uribatake puts their hand on his shoulder and tells him it's ok. 
Noal then ask "Hey, what's with that look that says I'm one of 
you?"(Hopelessly single) Aki ask if Balzack met this person at 
Orb and Balzack says that they helped him in when he has nowhere 
to go. Aki note that Balzack has changed a lot from his glory 
grabbing days and Balzack wonders if it's because of Riruru and 

Meanwhile at the Archangel Bridge, Mwu asks Athrun and Dearka if 
they really want to continue being with the team. Athrun answers 
yes and Dearka says that it also depends on whether Mwu and the 
others wanted them. Mwu says that he saw them helped out at Orb 
and this team of theirs doesn't really care much for formality 
(anyone with the same goal can join and such) BUT sooner or 
later, they WILL have to fight ZAFT again. Is that all right 
with them? Can they fight their former allegiance especially 
Athrun who is Patrick Zala's son? Cagalli tries to defend Athrun 
but Mwu says that it's not a small matter when a solider desert 
his own allegiance, they're going to need more proof than Kira 
or the Nadesico needs if they want to continue working together.

Athrun says that he saw, heard and thought a lot about the Plant 
and Earth and other things. He's not sure if he's right or not 
but he feels that the world he wants seems to be the same one 
that they also wanted. Mwu says that Athrun seems to be a lot 
different than Kira in this aspect and Kira says that Athrun's 
like this since he knew him and Dearka agrees. Mwu then accepts 
both pilots' offer to help and he wonders if a team of two ships 
and its various super robots can really change the world. It 
might be nigh impossible but they've got to try. Miri says that 
the Nadesico has called in and Murrue note that they must be 
near the target.

Elsewhere, Belgan is talking with someone who isn't dead yet, 
Tohou Fuhai. Belgan tells Tohou that Emperor Zanbajil has noted 
that the invasion of Earth has not advanced because of Hainel 
and Tohou asks if Belgan plans to replace Hainel as the 
commanding officer.Belgan says that is correct, with the power 
of the Devil Gundam it should be a piece of cake which is why he 
secretly lend them a hand. Tohou says that thanks to Belgan, the 
Devil Gundam has regenerate a lot from the damage it received so 
he's honoured bound to return the favour. Belgan asks if the 
target has taken the bait and Tohou says that he knows how Domon 
thinks so they should be here soon. Belgan note that by luring 
the Earthling forces here to the underground hideout to defeat 
Hainel then attacking them with the Devil Gundam once they're 
done and tired is an extremely good plan. Both then laughs 

At the Nadesico's bridge, Tessa tells the team that near the 
Landao island seems to be a manufactured area which might be an 
entrance. Murrue note that this is going too well and Touya 
agrees saying that they found it too easily. Tetsuya says that 
even so, something is there and they can't let it go. Hiyoshi 
wonders, if this IS the Boazan base then their father might also 
be here but Kenichi tells him that they promised not to talk 
about their father and Daijiro agrees saying that the objective 
is to defeat the Boazan and the Devil Gundam. Megumi asks if 
they should press on and Domon says that he knows it's dangerous 
but even if it's a trap, they have to press on. Domon then says 
that the Shuffle Alliance will go on in alone if they need to. 
Mwu says that he thought Domon would say that so, guess they'll 
have to bite the bullet and charge in. Yurika agrees saying that 
it's better if they all go in so they can watch each other's 
back. Tessa tells them to be careful and they'll do all they can 
to gather more information for them.

At the Boazan base, Katherine asks Jyangal where Belgan is since 
all their Boazan warrior mech in the underground factory has 
disappeared without them noticing it, there's nothing here and 
Belgan is nowhere to be found.  Jyangal suddenly wonder if it's 
treachery on Belgan's part and Katherine says they need to tell 
Hainel. Hainel can't believe it as Jyangal report that the 
Boazan mech factory has been taken offline and the only forces 
they have are only the small amount they've got at the present. 
Hainel note that by moving forces without notification, Belgan 
plans to abandon them and they must find him quickly. Katherine 
tells Hainel that they must first find a way to fortify their 
bases should an attack occurs. Hainel tells Katherine not to 
mention such things since those stupid Earthlings can't find 
this place THAT easily. Belgan's face then appears on a 
communicator asking "Oh really?"  Katherine asks Belgan what is 
the meaning of this and Belgan says that he is simply obeying 
the Emperor's order. Hainel tells Belgan not to speak such lies 
and Belgan says that he can go question the Emperor himself 
should he still live. Katherine then detect that the Nadesico 
and Archangel seems to have found their base and are coming in. 
Jyangal then note "Belgan, you didn't..." and Belgan laughs saying 
"If you want to hate, then go hate the Emperor...hahahaha" and he 
signs off. Hainel is of course furious and doesn't plan for 
things to go as Belgan wants.

As the two ships enter, Belgan watch from a hiding place noting 
that they've drawn the team in just as plan, now is the time to 
retreat since doing so later might not work.  Kouji note that 
it's a big cavern and there's even a castle and David says that 
bad guys who act like royalty seems to have this sort of taste. 
Yurika wonders if noone's home which Hyouma think is strange 
since this DEFINITELY is their base. Hiyoshi wonders if they've 
taken his dad somewhere else. Kosuke wonder if this is an 
abandoned base since there's no defense and so on but Domon 
doesn't think so which made Prospector as if he's spotted 
something. Domon says that while he can't see the Devil Gundam, 
he knows that it's nearby and Chibodee agrees saying that their 
emblem is saying the same thing with George saying that the 
DevilGundam's presence cannot be hidden from their emblem. 
Yurika then says "Wow,really? Excuse me, is anybody home?" which 
gets a reply from Akito "Hey, what are you thinking?" and Yurika 
says it's a joke to lighten the mood. Ruri says that 
unfortunately the joke seems to be lost on these people since 
the radar has detected something. "You're kidding, wait so it's 
MY fault? You've gotta be joking" Izumi note that that's quite 
good of the Captain luring the enemy out with a bad joke.

The Master Gundam and the Devil Gundam appears and Tohou says 
that he's been waiting for Domon. Sai Saichi can't believe the 
DG and the old geezer is still alive and George note that they 
must have regenerate though he's unsure why it's THIS quick. 
Tohou ask if they really think he'd die just like that, if so 
Domon is stupid. Domon of course gets extremely angry and 
frustrated shouting that he'll beat Tohou no matter how many 
times it takes to make him stay down and the Shuffle Alliance 

Belgan tells Tohou that this isn't part of the plan; they were 
supposed to have the team fight Hainel first. Tohou then says 
that he doesn't plan on letting aliens like them live from the 
beginning which gets Belgan quite angry that he's been used
Ippei then sees Belgan and tells Kenichi who note "So he's 
hidden there but once we found you, you're not escaping" Belgan 
then is forced to deploy his forces and Tohou note "That's good 
enough for this place" Mwu note that if they've charged in, they 
would have been ambushed and he doesn't know why they've had a 
split but it's good for them. Murrue tells the Archangel to prep 
it's cannon to be in battle mode. Tohou tells Domon that if he 
wants a fight with him then all he has to do is follow and the 
Master Gundam and the Devil Gundam leaves with Domon,the Shuffle 
Alliance and Rain following. Noal thought it'd come to this, 
guess it can't be helped that the Shuffle Alliance are like this. 
Belgan note that if this is the case then he'll attack them head 
on and deploys all the forces that he's gathered. Kenichi note 
that first they'll have to clear these obstacles and deploys in 
the Voltes V. Ruri note that the Voltes has deployed and 
everyone seems quite high tensioned today with Megumi agreeing 
that it's like being in an episode of Gekiganger. Yurika order 
the rest of the team to deploy and the battle is on.

Belgan's force fells and Belgan's ship is almost defeated but he 
says that he has an ace up his sleeve and tells the Voltes Team 
to look at the person he's dangling out in front of them. It is 
Dr. Gou Kentaro, Kenichi, Daijiro and Hiyoshi's father. The team 
can't believe that Belgan would sink so low as to use a hostage 
but Belgan says that they can say whatever they want, he'll win 
in the end. Dr. Gou Kentaro tells Kenichi not to mind him and 
destroy Belgan and the Boazan otherwise Dange Shogun will have 
died in vain to which Kenichi reluctantly comply and he begins 
to raise the Voltes's Tenkuuken. The team can't believe that 
Kenichi is serious about attacking when Hainel's voice rings out 
"Belgan, I won't allow such treachery." This distracts Belgan 
enough for Kenichi to seize the chance and rescue his father and 
sink Belgan's ship. The team is glad that Kenichi's father is 
all right but Belgan is furious saying that it's all because of 
Hainel and he won't die alone and he rushes his ship to Hainel's 
castle to explode. Katherine got Hainel down but takes the brunt 
of the explosion herself. Katherine breathes her last word to 
Hainel that she is glad that he has finally grasp her hand this 
gently and passed away. Hainel is furious with grief and vows to 
not let her death be in vain with his pride at stake. He tells 
Jyangal that they will deploy and activates the Boazan protector 

Hainel claims that when one throws away his life for the fate of 
Boazan, the protector god Godol will arise. Masato can't believe 
this fighting spirit and Tetsuya note that the Godol is 
different from all the Boazan mech they defeated before. Hainel 
tells Jyangal that it's time to die and Jyangal charges eagerly 
along with his liege. Touya note that the two Boazan are making 
their final stand against the team as Hainel challenges the 
Earthling to fight. Kenichi tells Hainel that he thanks Hainel 
for that distraction earlier which saved his father but he will 
not relent, he will destroy their ambitions. Hainel says that he 
would have it no other way and the battle begins again. 

Jyangal shouted that even if he has to sacrifice his life, he 
will not let Voltes do as they please but Hiyoshi shouted that 
they won't lose either. Ippei noted that Jyangal is on a suicide 
run now and Megumi tells Kenichi to be careful. Kenichi agrees 
and says that if Jyangal is hell bent on fighting to the death 
and Daijiro finishes for him that they will tackle him head on. 
"Let's go Voltes V" Jyangal shouted and Kenichi retorted "Let's 
finish this" 

Jyangal is defeated and he tells Hainel that he will be going 
first and glory be to Boazan. Hainel sees this and tells Jyangal 
that that was a magnificient end for him and that his death will 
not be in vain.

Masato tells Miku to focus their energy, with the Zeorymer's 
power they can take on the Godol. Hainel tells Blade that no 
matter how fast Blade is, his attack will not penetrate the 
Godol's armour and Blade retorted "Even after eating THIS?" 
Tetsuya shouted that social classes have no relation with a 
battle and Hainel says that he will let his sword speaks for him. 
Hyouma shouted that they'll finish this with the Choudenji's 
power. As Juuzo eggs Hyouma on to rush in and defeat Hainel, 
Kosuke tells Hyouma to be careful and so does Chizuru. Hainel 
tells the Combattler team not to get too arrogant. Yuu tells his 
Brain not to be scared because the enemy is big, together they 
can do this. Kira shouted as he fire "There, go!!" and Hainel 
says that he can take that type of weak attack all he want but 
Kira says that no armour is infinite. Kouji shouted "I don't 
know what you're so stuck up about this royalty thing, it's just 
a sharp point on your head" Hainel retorted that for that remark, 
he will send Kouji to regret it in hell. Sousuke completes his 
scanning of the Godol and report that he found a weak spot and 
will move in to begin concentration firing. Krutz reminds him 
that the enemy is an extremely powerful close range fighter, he 
better jaunted for an advantageous position. Sousuke rogered 
that and says that he'll go by the book. This annoys Hainel a 
lot as Sousuke starts firing from the Godol's blind spots. Eiji 
also has the same idea telling Rei to dodge and attack from 
blindspots with everything they've got.

Hainel note that the G.Dragodius is a lot different than what it 
just displayed in the beginning of the battle and Touya shouted 
that before,it took him all he had just to control this thing 
but it's different now. Merua can't believe how good Touya is, 
just when did he mastered this thing already? Touya says that 
maybe the G.Dragodius adapted itself TO him because it's 
something his dad created. The G.Dragodius is like the Voltes in 
that it was each created by their father and that's why they 
won't lose this battle. Touya asks Merua to come along with him 
in this battle and Merua complies.

Kenichi shouted that Hainel's thinking is wrong, whether someone 
has horns or not, they're still the same, they're still humans. 
Hainel ask if Kenichi is still blabbing about that at a time 
like this. Ippei note that the Godol has a lot of power and 
Daijiro tells his big bro not to lose to it. Kenichi shouted "I 
won't lose, especially not to you" Hainel then retorted "That's 
my line; I'll kill you with my hands"

The Godol is brought down with the power of the double Choudenji 
and Hainel curses the Earthling scarcely believing that even 
with the Godol, he was brought down. Kenichi quite tired wonders 
if they've really defeated the Godol and the Boazan and is 
congratulated by Hyouma.

Murrue is about to ask for each unit's status when an explosion 
rocks the base. Kateia tells Touya that the base is exploding 
and the flames are spreading. Mwu note that they better get out 
of here fast. The Gou siblings ask if their father is all right 
and Hiyoshi and Daijiro starts crying. Ippei and Megumi note 
that it works out for the best. Mao tells Kenichi that she hates 
to break up the teary reunion but...and Kenichi understands saying 
that they'll talk later and that they should get out of here. 
Suddenly Hainel's voice rang out telling them to wait. Hyouma 
and Tetsuya can't believe that Hainel's still alive.

Hainel tells Kenichi to take this sword and Kenichi asks what 
Hainel is up to. Hainel says that his base is lost, all his 
trusted lieutenants are dead, he applauds the Earthling's 
courage and bravery. Kouji ask what is he trying to get at right 
now and Hainel concludes that even so, he still hasn't lost his 
Boazan pride, their race with horns will fight to the last man 
and they will decide this with the sword. Masato ask if he 
doesn't see his surroundings and Hainel says that he knows but 
so what, Hainel then challenge Kenichi saying that Kenichi once 
said he also has Boazan blood within him, if he's made that 
claim then Hainel challenges him to a fight to the end. Kenichi 
accepts and the battle is on again.

Sayaka note that if they don't get out of here quickly, they're 
done for and Eiji tells them to stop, there's no meaning in 
doing this anymore. Hainel says that he doesn't care about 
meaning, this is to show those without horn about their race's 
pride. An explosion startles Hainel and Kenichi uses that chance 
to disarm Hainel. Kenichi tells Hainel "Accept it Hainel, the 
battle's over" Hainel tells Kenichi not yet and draws out a 
short sword but Dr. Gou Kentaro recognize that short sword and 
asks Hainel who gave him that short sword. Hainel says that it's 
a memento that he recieves from his mother, he can't recognize 
it. Dr. Gou Kentaro can't believe it, then that must mean...

Dr. Gou Kentaro then tells Hainel that that short sword is the 
thing that he gave to his first wife Rosaria to treasure and if 
he recieves that from his mother then that must mean. Hainel 
tells Dr.Gou Kentaro to stop mincing words and spit whatever he 
wants to say out. Dr. Gou Kentaro then says that his Boazan name 
is Ra Goul and there should be an emblem on the hilt (or 
something like that) that they as a couple wished for peace. The 
Gou siblings can't believe it, that means Hainel is 
their...biggest brother?

An even bigger explosion rocks the place and Boss note that it's 
all coming down. Dr. Gou Kentarou tells Hainel to come with them, 
what meaning is there between those with or without horn. 
Kenichi ask if Hainel is his big brother and Hainel says not to 
call him that. He tells Kenichi and the Earthlings that he has 
been defeated by them and abandoned by the Emperor. He accepts 
this defeat and the fact that he is the son of the traitor Ra 
Goul. He wish them well in the world they will build after their 
war but when he dies now, it is as a Boazan noble. Daijiro, 
Hiyoshi and Kenichi calls out to their big brother and Hainel 
ask if they would still call him his big brother but even if he 
is related by blood with them, he cannot change how he lives now. 
Eiji, Yuu and Dr. Gou Kentaro tells Hainel to stop as his 
surrounding begins to engulf him in flames and Hainel shouted 

Freeman note that they can't hang in here much longer or they'll 
be engulfed by an even bigger blast and Touya tells Kenichi to 
run and Kenichi does so reluctantly. Yurika orders a full 

Outside, Dearka note that that was close and Mwu note that it's 
by the skin of their teeth which is as usual like Sai points out 
but it's been happening too frequently lately. Cagalli is silent 
and Athrun and Kira asks if she's hurt but Cagalli says that 
she's been thinking about how Kenichi got to meet with his 
father again, it's so good. Cagalli then tells Kira to knock it 
off as he looks on sadly at her and Cagalli note that the Gou 
even found a long lost brother too even if it ended in tragedy. 
Dr. Gou Kentaro tells his children that they must have been 
under a lot of hardship and they all denies it saying it was 
nothing. Professor Sagaguchi also greets Dr. Gou and he thanks 
him for looking after the Voltes Team. Sagaguchi says that it 
was due to his powerlessness that the Big Falcon got taken over 
by the Federations. Dr. Gou says that it's not Sagaguchi's fault 
and that they will take the Big Falcon back afterward since it 
has a necessary function. Kenichi asks what that is and Dr. Gou 
says that once he completes the Solar Bird, it will become 
complete. Ippei asks if the Big Falcon right now is just one 
part of this thing. Dr.Gou says that is correct, in order to 
free Boazan from Emperor Zan Bagil, both the Big Falcon and the 
Solar Bird are necessary. Dr. Gou continues that even now, 
Boazan commoners are being suppressed by Emperor Zan Bagil which 
is why they need to end the war on Earth but their war will 
continue. Kenichi doesn't mind though.

Hime note that it's quite a teary reunion, she's a bit jealous. 
Prospector wonders what became of the Shuffle Alliance?  Where 
have they gone?. Megumi-chan says that she's been trying to 
raise them for a while but there's no answer. Rebin thinks 
that's weird since they can't have gone THAT far away and 
Freeman note that they'd better go after them then. Yurika 
agrees and wonder where to go and Eiji thinks that they should 
do a recon flight. Megumi-chan then says that there's a 
transmission from Rain. Yurika asks Rain what happens to Domon 
and the Shuffle Alliance and Rain says that they've been closed 
in by a Gundam Fight Ring Barrier. Yurika doesn't know what that 
is and neither does Jun kun who's never heard of it. Tenia then 
says that if it's about Gundam then they should ask THESE people 
and points to Kira, Dearka and Athrun. Kira says he hasn't a 
clue and neither does Dearka who says that even ZAFT doesn't 
know about anything THIS weird.

The explaining lady Inez then explains that the Mobile Fighters 
that Domon and the Shuffle are in are supposed to be used for 
martial arts competitions called Gundam Fights. Dearka can't 
believe what he's hearing "Martial arts competition? With Mobile 
Suits?" Inez continues that that's right and the Ring Barrier is 
a barrier so that nothing can go in to interrupt the fight. 
Dearka mutters "Jeez, I'm completely lost as to how you Naturals 
think." Rain continues that she doesn't know why a Ring is here 
but it activates all of a sudden and she doesn't know what 
became of Domon from the outside. Yurika then says that they'll 
head there at once.

Meanwhile inside the Barrier, Domon wonders where Tohou Fuhai 
has gone off to and is almost ambushed by a Zombie troops when 
Tohou appears and save him. Tohou scolds him for being THAT 
careless as to let something like a zombie troop sneaks up on 
him. Domon asks why Tohou saves him and Tohou says that the one 
to finish Domon off is him. Domon says that something like that 
wouldn't defeat him and suddenly sprains an ankle. Tohou then 
tells Domon to remember that something like this once happened 
to him during his training and that was when Tohou release his 
greatest technique to save his student.. the Sekiha Tenkyouken. 

Tohou released it and tells Domon that this was the one 
technique that he never taught Domon and Domon isn't too 
different from then, too absorbed in reaching his goal and 
letting his heart becomes flustered, losing sight of what's most 
important. Domon remembers how he was saved back then by Tohou 
who release this technique. Tohou then tells him that his fist 
must never be without calmness or he will never learn this 
technique. "Shishou (teacher)" Domon utters and Tohou then asks 
what Domon sees in front of him. Domon says that it's the ruins 
of a village caused by wars. Tohou says that is correct, up 
until a couple of years ago, this was a thriving village but 
look at it now. That's not all, all over the world there is 
signs of this type of destructions. Domon asks what his teacher 
is trying to point out and Tohou continues that even so, 
humanity wouldn't stop making war whether they call themselves 
Naturals, Coordinators or Reclaimers or even Jovians. Don't he 
think that humanity is a living thing that JUST can't be saved? 
Humanity is no longer needed for this Earth which is why he...

Another zombie troop interrupts Tohou and Tohou tells Domon to 
use the Sekiha Tenkyouken since otherwise his previous victory 
against him will only be a fluke. Domon fires the Tenkyouken 
amazing himself. Tohou tells him that he has finally taught him 
the Sekiha Tenkyouken and to remember the images of this 
destroyed village and what he said about humanity in his heart 
and leaves.

Chibodee and the others catched up with Domon asking if he found 
Tohou Fuhai and Domon is silent with Sai Saichi and Algo 
wondering what's up. Domon wonders why his teacher taught him 
this technique.

Episode 41

The battle between the Shuffle Alliance and Tohou Fuhai is 
intensfying as Domon and friends struggles to overcome the wave 
of Zombies troops. Tohou taunts them asking if they alone can't 
do anything against these zombies, oh how the mighty Shuffle 
Alliance has fallen in this generation. This spurs Domon and the 
others even further as the battle continues.

Outside the ring barrier, the team wonders if this is really for 
sport competitions. Miri note that they really can't communicate 
inside and Kouji thinks that they should just go above the 
energy barrier and drop down inside and then trys it with Kaiser 
only to get shocked back. Rain tells him that there's an energy 
barrier above too even if they don't see it with their eyes and 
the same goes for going underground.Kouji tells her to tell him 
that more quickly. D-Boy asks if there's no way in and Freeman 
says that it's constructed for a Gundam Fight, if they have a 
Mobile Fighter with them, things might be different. Milly notes 
that Domon and the others have Mobile Fighter with them but 
Balzack tells her that those people are the one inside that 
they're trying to rescue. Freeman says that they alone can't do 
anything but Schwartz's voice rangs out "If you have a Mobile 
Fighter, you can do something right?" "Then I might be able to 

At Azrael's quarter, Kolbet asks if they should just watch this 
and Azrael says that it's fun to watch besides they owe that old 
man nothing. Kolbet says that if they attack both sides now 
(they'll wipe them out) but Azrael says it's a bother, beside 
that thing was originally his toy, one of the monsters used to 
make this world a bluer world for mankind, it's time he got it 
back from the old man. He wonders if Allenby will do as he 
expected though he's not expecting much from a puppet.

Rain note that this is the Rising Gundam and Schwartz says that 
is correct, with it and his Spiegel, they can create an 
interference field that as Freeman and Mao puts it, will allow a 
small intrusion into the ring so that the operative or Sousuke 
would be able to find the generator and bomb it cancelling the 
ring's barrier. Schwartz tells them to hurry; they don't have 
much time and begins to cough up blood. Juuzou asks if Schwartz 
hasn't fully recovered yet from that last battle with the Devil 
G. but Schwartz says that they have to hurry. He hopes silently 
that his body will be able to hang on.

Inside the ring, Tohou has debut his two generals, Michello and 
Chapman and asks if the Shuffle Alliance can beat these people 
too and Algo says that's fine and Sai Saichi says that once the 
Shuffles are together, there's no limit to what they can do.

Outside, Rain and Schwartz are maintaining the field, letting 
Sousuke in, Chidori tells Sousuke to be careful and Sousuke says 
that it's nothing compared to a previous experience, don't worry. 
Mao reassures her that originally Sousuke's a pro at this. 
Sousuke finds the generator and does as plan but Schwartz says 
that his body is too hurt to go on right now so he'll catch up 
with the team later.

Inside the ring, the Shuffle Alliance is taking a beating from 
the ranged attacks from both Michello and Chapman. Sai Saichi 
notes that those two have gained a powerup from the DG Cells 
with Chibodee saying that they better go all out. Tohou ask 
what's the matter with them with that defeated look on their 
face, he knew they weren't something that can destroy the Devil 
Gundam, he'll kill them all here. Suddenly the two ships arrives 
and Murrue orders the guns to fire. Algo note that the team 
saved them and Yurika says "Sorry to keep you waiting, everybody, 
we're deploying right now... Gundam Fight, ready GO!!" "What does 
that mean?"Ruri asks. Tohou can't believe they broke in but 
he'll make this place their grave.

Domon and the others rushes to confront Tohou but the two 
generals are blocking them. Domon shouted that he won't lose to 
someone who sold his soul to the Devil like Michello but 
Michello says that he will show them his Gundam's power.
Algo shouted to Michello "Come on Big bird, I'm gonna make fried 
chicken out of you" Sai Saichi also tells Michello not to forget 
about him too.

George tells Chapman that he will now pay back that debt Chapman 
gave him long ago in their first confrontation. Chibodee tells 
Chapman that he wanted to spar with the former champ at least 

Suddenly the Nobel Gundam appears with Allenby in a berserker 
rage wanting to fight Domon; the team recognizes it as a 
Federation Gundam that appeared before them at Orb. Domon then 
thinks that this is Tohou's work and Tohou note that that Azrael 
brat had to use something like this. Rain in the Rising Gundam 
also appears telling Allenby to stop it. Rain tells Domon that 
she'll fight too. She may not have a fighter's heart like Domon 
and the others but the feeling she haves of wanting to save 
those like Allenby who are driven mad by the DG Cells are as 
strong as anyone's. Domon takes Rain's resolves in and Tohou 
mocks him asking if he can't do anything without his friends 
helping him. Domon tells Tohou to shut up since all of their 
victories are fighting alongside their friend's resolves. The 
battle's just beginning. Tohou then decides to reveal the Devil 
Gundam and Yurika tells all unit to aid the God Gundam as Domon 
steels his resolves for the final battle with the Devil Gundam 
and his former teacher.

Rain tells Allenby to stop but Allenby shouts out where's Domon, 
don't leave her alone since she likes Domon. Rain feels 
Allenby's confession of love to Domon and notes that there must 
be a way to return her to normal and then spots a Berserker 
System in place and fires the Rising Arrow to make Allenby stop 
her rampage and retreat.

Domon and the team meanwhile have reached the DG, it attacks and 
Touya note that it's a lot stronger than when they defeated it 
before. Tohou says that are they all talk then and that those 
without strength who steps on to the ring will die on the ring. 
Domon note that he got this far thanks to his friends' supports, 
he won't let it all be in vain; he WILL defeat the DG.

The team attacked the DG furiously but it recovered all the 
damage and Schwartz appears saying that if they don't take 
Kyouji who is the core out, they can't beat the DG. Tohou is 
annoyed that Schwartz is still here and Schwartz says that he 
won't let Tohou do as he please with his younger brother. This 
surprises Domon and everyone else and Domon asks if it's his big 
brother to which Schwartz says that he's sorry to worry them but 
he'll explain later since defeating the Devil Gundam comes first. 
Schwartz rush the DG and jumps into the cockpit to stop the DG. 
Everyone is surprised to find another Kyouji Kasshu there. Domon 
wonders why there are two of his big brothers and Schwartz says 
that he is Kyouji's shadow, a copy created by the DG cells to 
defeat the Devil Gundam. Yurika asks if he didn't want to take 
over the world with the DG like they were told and Schwartz says 
that's wrong. The Devil Gundam was originally created to restore 
the Earth as the Ultimate Gundam. It's three power, self 
regeneration, self replication and self growth were to restore 
nature but some unseen power took an interest to it which is the 
Federation and it's backer the Blue Cosmos. Mwu can't believe 
that they were lied and used by them. Schwartz continues that he 
or Kyouji took the Ultimate Gundam and head for Earth but a 
crash landing perverted it's program turning it into the monster 
known as the Devil Gundam.

Domon can't believe that he didn't know any of this and wounds 
up hating his brother so much all for a lie and Schwartz says 
that in order to protect Domon, Kyouji input all his personality 
into the dead Neo Germany's fighter and created him.  Domon 
accepts Schwartz as truly being his brother and Tohou then says 
that if he knows the truth then look upon his brother's ravaged 
body; the ravaged body that was caused by Domon from their last 
battle. Tohou plans to make Domon into the new core to replace 
Kyouji which irks Domon to no end. 

Schwartz says that he won't let Tohou do as he please and he 
will stop the DG from regenerating and for everyone to attack, 
destroy him along with the DG. Everyone is shocked to hear this 
and Domon says he can't do it but Schwartz reminds him of the 
burden and responsibility that comes from bearing the Shuffle 
Crest of the King of Heart. Tohou shout for Domon to stop; does 
he want to kill his brother? However Tohou suddenly starts 
coughing out blood and is angry that his condition had to be now 
of all time.  Schwartz asks if Domon wants the tragedy that 
befell him and Kyouji to happen again and pleads with everyone 
to do it, he won't last long trying to halt the regeneration and 
Domon finally accepts his brother's plea which surprises 
everyone. Schwartz says that is good; release them from the 
curse of the DG. Tohou tells them to stop, without the DG; the 
Earth's future is... (gone)

Tohou screams "Don't!!" as Domon solemnly shouted "Seki Ha 
Tenkyou Ken" and fires it at the Devil Gundam and both Kyouji 
and Schwartz tells him "Thank you" and explodes with the DG. 
Domon screams his brother's name in sadness. The only one left 
is Tohou Fuhai.

Touya tells Tohou that Tohou had so much power and to use it for 
something like this and Tohou says that brats that don't know 
anything can go away.

George rushes in with a focused will and Tohou has to commend 
George for throwing away all petty thoughts of styles and such 
and to wish to fight from the bottom of his soul, it's a 
depature from his usual style of nobleness. George says "That's 
right, all this is for me and my friends; make your peace Master 

Sai Saichi shouted out his Shourinji Kung fu's teaching and the 
meanings behind them which Tohou mocks but Sai Saichi clears his 
mind and shouted "Chestoo" ala a certain Sword that cleaves Evil

Chibodee says that his fisit contains the mountains of hopes and 
dreams that he wishes to accomplish, he won't fall to Master 
Asia here but Tohou mocks those hopes and dreams saying that it 
won't beat him and Chibode shouted back "I'll never give up"

Tohou asks Algo or the Black Joker as to what obligation keeps 
him fighting and Algo shouted back that the only thing gained 
from fighting is not only victory and Tohou ask if he doesn't 
care about the value of his life but Algo says that he cares but 
as long as Tohou and the DG are not defeated, there is no future.

Domon scolded Tohou telling him that he is an evil who wanted to 
use the Devil Gundam to rule the world but Tohou then shouted 
back "Since WHEN did I ever say THAT'S what I want?" Domon then 
retorted "You joined forces with the Boazan and the Blue Cosmos 
and you denied that claim?" Tohou says that he was just using 
their power to help revive the DG and Domon asks why the DG is 
necessary then and Tohou says that if Domon wants to find out, 
he better win against him first.

The Master Gundam is badly damaged but Tohou won't give up, he 
cursed that if his body wasn't like this, it wouldn't have come 
to this, he would have been the DG's core unit himself and wipe 
out all of humanity. Kouji, Shinobu and Touya note that he's 
just like them, the Fury. Tohou says that he's not like that sad 
race, the reason he wants to kill all humans is all for the 
Earth. It's all because of that war with Plant that started 
humanity on the course of destroying the Earth themselves. The 
team saw what happened in Alaska and Orb. Mwu asks if Tohou 
thinks that without humanity there won't be any wars and Tohou 
says that that's the answer the Devil Gundam came up with, 
without humanity, the Earth will recover and with the strongest 
Devil Gundam around, the Fury, Plant and the Aliens won't be 
able to do anything to the Earth.

Domon tells Tohou that he is mistaken because humanity is also 
something that this Earth created, a part of nature. To forget 
this, what Tohou is doing is only killing people, it's 
destroying nature itself. Tohou tells his stupid pupil that even 
when it's come to this, doesn't he understand but Domon retorted 
that the only one stupid is Tohou himself.As the King of Heart, 
he will defeat Tohou's ambitions. Tohou then says that they 
should decide who's right or wrong right now and the two depart 
to battle each other. Hyouma and Juuzo wants to go help but 
Chibodee tells them not to interfere since this is Domon's 
battle with his teacher as Sai SaiChi puts it. Algo says that 
they have a responsibility to just watch and George chimes in 
that it is the mission that they inherit from the old Shuffle 
Alliance. Both Domon and Tohou release their Sekiha Tenkyouken 
with Domon being on the losing end. Tohou asks him if that's all 
he's got, he can't even beat one lone evil like him. Domon 
wonders what this sadness coming from Tohou's fist is, his fists 
are crying.

Tohou tells Domon to stand up since only those who quits the 
battle falls and Domon shouted "Shut up, from this day forward I 
WILL rise above you" and puts more energy into the Sekiha 
Tenkyouken turning it into the Sekiha Tenkyou God Finger that 
grips and crushes the Master Gundam. Tohou's last words are 
"Good...from now on you TRULY are the King of Hearts" and the 
Master Gundam explodes with Domon shouting out his teacher's 

At a sunset, Domon and Tohou's ravaged body looks on as a dying 
Tohou says that he learned from Domon that humans are part of 
nature and to destroy them is to destroy nature, he just 
repeated the process of what he was trying to stop. Domon says 
that he only now learns fo his teacher's sadness and Tohou ask 
if Domon would still call him his teacher. Domon says that he 
never once tried to ask why Tohou became like this but Tohou 
still thought of him till the end. Tohou says that whatever the 
case, he's a very big sinner but he can take refuge in the fact 
that he has never used the DG Cells on himself at all.

The others looked on crying themselves for Domon to truly lose 
his brother and teacher all in the same day after everything 
came to light like this. Tohou tells Domon that the Earth is 
beautiful and Domon agrees then Tohou and Domon recites the 
teaching of the Tohou style of martial arts together before 
Tohou passed away in Domon's arms.

Meanwhile Azrael is a bit peeved that things keep turning out 
like this, he hates it, who'd have think that that's what that 
geezer was up to...one year's worth of investment went poof just 
like that. Kolbet asks what they should do, if they attack now 
the enemy would be defeated and Azrael tells him to do whatever 
he wants, he's going to go take a nap. Kolbet doesn't like 
Azrael's attitude but can't do anything about it so he orders 
the troops to attack not wanting to miss such a chance like this.

At the Nadesico's medical room, Allenby awakes and seems to 
remember what she did but Rain tells her that it's not Allenby's 
fault but Allenby says that she almost hurt the person Domon 
love the most but then clams up before Rain could hear it 
properly. Allenby thanks Rain for helping her and she'll help 
fight from now on since she wants to help Domon.

At the Nadesico's bridge, Megumi-chan tells Yurika that Tessa is 
calling her telling Yurika that a huge troop of Federation 
soliders are heading their ways, they seem to have kept an eye 
on the conflict with the Boazan and the DG. Hikaru note that 
that mean they knew all that happened and Uribatake doesn't like 
the fact that they were watching the team's struggle from up 
high like that. Yurika note that they better run though Ryouko 
doesn't really like that. Freeman asks if she's up to taking a 
large troops like that and Ryouko says that she knows the 
situation quite well and doesn't like Freeman's remark that much 
even if it is the truth. Tessa asks if the team is going into 
space now and Yurika says that it's too bad they couldn't visit 
the Novis Noah first. Tessa says that she'll relay the message 
about the Brains to the Novis for them and Hime thanks Tessa for 
that and Yurika also thanks Tessa for all her help. Tessa says 
that that's all she can help with, it's very dangerous out in 
space right now but the team is the only one they can count on 
to make things right. Yurika says not to worry; they'll get the 
peace talk over and done with before returning in a jiffy.

Episode 42

At Ru Kine's place in the Grados Base, Ru Kine praises Shapiro 
for predicting the way that the Federation is using it's troop 
and Shapiro accredited it to ZAFT's failed Speed Break operation 
and the destruction of the Boazan and the Devil Gundam.  Ru Kine 
note that as Shapiro observed, letting them fight each other 
works out to their benefit but he better have something to 
follow up with. Shapiro says that the time is right to use Ozone 
destruction system to launch a direct attack on the Earth. Giura 
can't believe that Shapiro would ask Ru Kine to use it, doesn't 
he know what it means in Grados to use that. Karura agrees 
saying that it's not something to be used against lowly 
Earthlings like this but Shapiro counters that weapons have no 
meaning, it's either they're used or not. He's been planning to 
use it since the order to invade Earth begins since it is the 
one weapon which will have the most effect in the least time. Ru 
Kine asks if Shapiro will go oversee this plan himself and 
Shapiro says that's if Ru Kine wishes it. Ru Kine note that it's 
quite interesting for an Earthing like Shapiro to destroy his 
own planet but Shapiro says that he does not consider the Earth 
his planet any longer. Ru Kine note that if Shapiro was still on 
the Earth's Federation side, he would really be a hard to beat 
enemy and grants Shapiro permission to use the Ozone destruction 

Karura and Giura tells Ru Kine that he should not trust Shapiro 
with that much power and Ru Kine says that in this universe, 
there are only those who conquer or be conquered, there is no 
need for doubt and tells them to stop their questions.

Meanwhile the Nadesico and Archangel has break through the 
atmosphere and Simone and Roan note that went well, they thought 
the Feds would be hot on their tails. Prospector says that they 
don't seem to have the time for the team which Alan attributes 
to the worsening condition of the war. 

At the Hangar, Kosuke tells the other that they're not followed 
though Boss is a bit disappointed that he won't get to show the 
Borot's power out in space, he even had a spacesuit ready. 
Tetsuya wonders why there were no attempts and Ryouko wonders if 
they're so below the Fed's radar right now. Uribatake says that 
that may be or they're lucky to go at a time when the Feds are 
busy. Touya note that it may also be because a part of the Feds 
who doesn't agree with the top let them go. Kateia note that the 
Earth has become such a dangerous place and Tenia says that 
worrying will do them nothing and tells Touya that they should 
go eat.

Hyouma then asks "I've been meaning to ask you this for a while 
but was wondering if I should..." Kouji says that it's really been 
on their mind which gets Tenia curious so Juuzou blurted it out 
"Why don't you get fat from all that eating?" This earns a slap 
from Tenia and she runs away screaming "Don' ask THAT!!" Merua 
tells them before going after Tenia that that was mean to ask 
something like that, what do they think a girl's feeling is? 

Izumi tells the boys that this was their fault and Sayaka chimes 
in that they have absolutely no delicacy. Chizuru tells them to 
apologize later which Hyouma regretfully nods to. Touya says 
that he should have stopped them before they ask; it's sort of a 
forbidden question for them. Kouji ask if Touya has also asked 
them this and Touya says that the results were similar in his 
case. Kateia grumble that those two have to be like this and 
goes off in search of them. Jun note that Kateia also seems to 
have her hands fulled looking after the other two and Touya says 
that she has to cope with a lot.

At the Bridge, Ruri informs Yurika that she detects an abnormal 
energy spike at 12 o clock though it peters off quickly. 
Prospector wonders if it's something man made and Freeman says 
that it may be some unmanned protection satellite. The Archangel 
didn't detect it either and Mao notes that they should check it 
out just in case. Eiji volunteer for the mission since the 
Layzner can reach that location quickly and Gale also says that 
he's coming too since he wants to get reaccquainted with space. 

At Cagalli's room, Cagalli tells Kira and Athrun that she have 
something to talk with him and Athrun offers to leave the room 
but Cagalli tells him to stay and hands Kira a photograph of 
twins being born to a mother. Cagalli says that there's a sign 
on the back with the name Kira and Cagalli. Kira is surprised by 
this and Cagalli says that her dad entrusted it to Murrue as a 
keepsake to be given to Cagalli later. Her dad also told her 
that she had a bigger brother which could mean...? Athrun can't 
believe that Kira and Cagalli are siblings and Kira says that 
this doesn't really prove much but whatever the case Cagalli's 
dad is Uzumi no matter what the truth is.

Meanwhile, Eiji and Gale are beginning their search. Gale note 
that from here, Earth is very beautiful and Eiji agrees. Gale 
says that they should widen their search parameter and Eiji 
tells Rei to widen the Layzner's radar and Rei says that it 
detects something manmade with a lot of energy being gathered to 
be headed for Earth. Eiji decides to take a closer look which 
worries the other but Eiji says that he'll just go check and 
return before whoever it is noticed.

At the man-made structure, Goztello asks what the hell is this 
thing and Shapiro says that it's an Ozone Destruction system not 
that an idiot like Goztello would understand. Manjero explains 
saying that it's to destroy the Ozone layer on Earth with a big 
laser which will kill all humans. Shapiro says that if Goztello 
gets it now, go away he's busy and Bon tells Shapiro that even 
if he DOES have Lord Ru Kine's favour, he's still just an Earth 
Ape like those down there. Shapiro says not to lump him with 
those trash, he's worthy of being a god which Manjero note is 
quite arrogant of the punk. Shapiro warns the Death Ogre Squad 
that he has been given permission by Lord Ru Kine to head this 
mission so his orders are akin to Lord Ru Kine's order so they 
better behave.

Gale can't believe his eyes and Eiji ask what that thing is. 
Gale says that it's an Ozone Destruction System, a WMD that the 
Grados Army once used on various planets. It's existence and 
usage was considered by Gradosian as blight on their history and 
was banned afterward. Gale never heard that it was brought to 
Earth. Eiji tells Gale to contact the Nadesico, he'll stay watch 
here, if they start to fire this thing, he'll try to stop it 
first. Gale tells Eiji not to do anything suicidal and leaves.

Shapiro note that soon he will hear those morons' screams of 
torture and death even from here as his subordinates says that 
preparations are almost complete. Watching from nearby, Eiji 
asks Rei if the Nadesico hasn't been contacted yet and when Rei 
says that they are beginning to prepare firing, Eij tells Rei to 
use V-Maximum. The V-Maximum Layzner attacks and sinks one of 
the ships used for the system which stops the energy inflow. 
Shapiro is of course very angry at this and wonders who's 
responsible and Goztello note that it's Eiji and the Layzner.  
Eiji ask how long before V-Maximum can be used again and Rei 
state the time limit. Eiji note that he alone won't be able to 
sink the three remaining ships. Rei says that enemies SPT are 
coming and Eiji says that they can't run, they'll have to buy 
some time.

Goztello appears saying that Eiji is an idiot for coming alone, 
he'd never expected his prey to come waltzing into his mouth 
like this though Eiji isn't prepared to go down that easily. 
Gale reappears which surprises Goztello who says that he's 
supposed to be dead by Eiji's hand and Gale says "Sorry for 
that,but aren't YOU supposed to be dead as well?" Goztello says 
that he'll send Gale to hell once again but the Nadesico and 
Archangel arrives. Eiji says that to stop the Ozone Destruction 
System, they'll have to sink the three ships that are spread 
apart protecting the remaining three structures. The battle 
begins as the team spreads out to sink those ships.

Eiji asked if  Grados loved Earth so little as to use such a 
weapon like this on it but Goztello says it's none of his 
business, all he wants to do is kill Eiji and Eiji shouted that 
he won't let it be destroyed, neither the Earth or the Layzner.

Gale can't believe that trash like Goztello is still showing his 
ugly mug and Goztello says that goes the same for Gale, since 
when did he rise from the grave anyway? Words from traitors like 
him have no meaning anyway. Gale says that he won't deny the 
fact that he's considered a traitor now but he won't allow what 
they're doing to continue.

David shouted to Goztello that Eiji isn't fighting alone, they 
all will protect the Earth to which Goztello mocks him back 
"Awww...how cute."

Goztello is defeated and all the ships are destroyed. Rei 
confirms for Eiji that the Ozone destruction system is now 
completely unoperational but Shapiro is furious and orders the 
rest of the Death Ogre Squad to deploy. Manjero says with a 
smirk that it's probably too late anyway, Shapiro better start 
thinking of how to grovel for Ru Kine's mercy. As they deploy, 
Bon note that Goztello had to be stupid and deploy out alone to 
be ganged up on. Gedei doesn't care about Shapiro's plan but 
plans to kill the team anyway.

The team manages to down some more enemies which frustrate 
Shapiro who says that if you want something done right, do it 
yourself not let trash do it for you. Shapiro deploys with more 
troops and Shinobu see Shapiro and put two and two together that 
Shapiro was the one who had the bright idea of using this Ozone 
Destruction System. Ryou says that too bad they wrecked it and 
now he's come out himself. Sarah snarls at Shapiro and Shinobu 
tells her not to get too worked up but Sarah tells him that 
since Shapiro's made his debut, it's a chance to kill him.

Shapiro confronts the Dancougar team and Shinbout shouted that 
Shapiro's really gone above and beyond tolerance this time with 
Masato (D) chiming in that to use something as devastating as 
the Ozone Destruction System is way too sadistic but Shapiro 
says that they are fool, what's wrong with the strong doing as 
they want with the weak, that is the truth of the universe (also 
subscribed to monthly by the Aerogaters and Guests) Sarah tells 
Shapiro that she will teach him that it's only his delusions of 
grandeur speaking and Ryou says that Shapiro is just a sick 
bastard that's all. Shapiro says to defeat him as proof them if 
they can and Shinobu is willing to comply.

Shapiro is then promptly handed his butt and the battle is over. 
Freeman note that that was a close one, had they not pick up on 
the readings or done so even a little slower, the Earth would 
have been destroyed. Eiji agrees since this is the sealed Grados 
weapon that all of Grados feared and Shinobu says that only 
Shapiro could have thought of using it, he doesn't have a human 
heart left anymore to which Sarah says that it's a long known 
fact. Alan says that war will always bring forth these WMD.

Later on, Alan comment that with the Grados moving into the 
battlefield again, something might have happened with their 
alliances with the Jovian. Mao note that they should establish 
contact with the Jovian soon since if fighting breaks out 
between them again, all this will be for naught. Freeman asks 
Yurika if they don't have a communicator with them to which 
Yurika says they does, the Bosom communicator. Akito note that 
Yurika seems to keep naming these things weirdly. Yukina says 
that Earth's gravity and other factor might make communication 
hard or impossible and Yurika suggest getting closer to Jupiter 
then though the others doesn't think closer range will improve 
anything. Yukina sort of agrees since they'll be closer to her 
big bro anyway.

At the Archangel, Athrun asks Kira if he shouldn't be with 
Cagalli but Kira says that if he's there, she might think 
something unnecessary and he wonders if his parents knew about 
this. Athrun has a favour to ask of Kira, he wants to borrow a 
shuttle to go back and go talk with his father one more time, at 
the Plant. He'll leave the Justice behind. Kira tells Athrun 
that that is a very dangerous move and Athrun acknowledges it 
but it's his DAD, he can't just leave it be like this. Kira says 
that he'll talk to Murrue about this.

Back at the Nadesico, Yukina is still trying to raise her 
brother up on the communicator and Simone asks Uribatake if he 
can't fix this but Uribatake says that this thing is hard to do 
since it's Over technology that Nergal is trying it's darndest 
to research. Masato says that it's really a piece of work and 
Honda agrees that it's a little too hard for the mechanics and 
engineer here to take a crack at it though Ruri has another idea 
by giving the communicator a good whack....making it work just 

The Engineers are dumbfounded and Kateia note "That actually 
WORK?" with Merua noting that even Over technology seems to be 
fixable with a good whack. Tenia wonders if they can do the same 
with G.Dragodius if it starts to go and Touya says that he'll 
pretend he didn't hear that but if the girls try this, they're 
not getting a days worth of meal to which Tenia hastily says she 
was joking.

Yurika greets Tsukumo and apologize for being severely late and 
Tsukumo says that from his info, the Earth's gone through a lot 
and so has the team. Yurika apologizes saying that they couldn't 
do much but Tsukumo says that there's still hope and he wants to 
make actual contact with the team and then starts to fluster. 
Yukina says that her big bro is having personal thoughts (of 
Minato san) running through his head from the looks of it. 
Yukina says that she'll ask Minato to attend the meeting as a 
favour to him to which Tsukumo goes all jittery and blabbery. 
Krutz note that he never gets used to that type of reaction. 
After lots of ribbing and joking from the team on Tsukumo and 
amongst themselves, Tsukumo says that he'll give them the 
details about the meeting place later.

At the Archangel bay, Athrun tells Dearka that if he doesn't 
make it back, Dearka can use the Justice but Dearka says that 
Athrun is suited for that thing. Cagalli comes running asking 
why he's going back to the Plant without the Justice to boot. 
Athrun says that the Justice is better off here since if the 
worst happen, Kira can still use it. When Cagalli says that 
that's not what she meant, Athrun apologizes saying that this is 
something he has to do, he can't leave it like this and Kira 
tells Cagalli to understand Athrun's intent.

At the Radam mothership, Shinya asks his biggest bro why he 
can't become a Blaster Form and Omega, his biggest brother, says 
that it's too risky and even if successful, it will shorten 
Shinya's lifespan. He tells Shinya to forget Takaya but Shinya 
says that in order to beat Big Bro Takaya, he needs the Blaster 
Form; he doesn't care if he dies. Omega says that even without 
fighting, Blade will perish soon but Shinya says that while he 
is still alive, he wants to defeat Blade or does his big bro 
Kengo thinks that he's inferior to big bro Takaya. Omega says 
that no means no and asks Shinya's forgiveness as he has Shinya 
taken away and locked up. Omega tells him to stay there and cool 
down since he won't lose Shinya too. Shinya begs his big bro 
Kengo not to take his objective of defeating Big Bro Takaya away 
from him.

Alone Shinya wonders what purpose is there to live if he can't 
defeat Blade, he doesn't want to remain like this while not 
beating Takaya. Fon Li or Tekkaman Sword comes in asking if he 
meant that. Fon Li tells herself that for Lord Omega or Kengo's 
safety, she will protect him even if it means sending his 
beloved younger brother to his death.

Episode 43

Patrick Zala is informed of his son's return and Athrun barges 
in asking his father's thought on the war. Patrick isn't in the 
mood and asks what happened with the Freedom. Athrun says that 
with the way things are going, Earth and humanity are headed for 
extinction though Patrick thinks that his son has been decieved 
by Lacus Kline. Athrun ask if force meets force will end this 
war and Patrick says that it'll end when all the Naturals are 
extinct and then demands to know what happened with the Justice 
and Freedom, if not he'll consider his son a traitor. Athrun is 
then sent to be interrogated about the Freedom and Justice's 
whereabouts.  Patrick says that he is disappointed in Athrun and 
Athrun says that he's also disappointed in his father.

At the Nadesico's medical room, D-Boy asks Freeman how Miyuki is 
since she hasn't regained consciousness in days, her body wounds 
should have healed already. Freeman says that they're doing all 
they can based on the way they made D-Boy turn into Blaster Form 
but originally the Blaster Form are a big risk itself. Rain says 
that it might be time for D-Boy to make his peace and Noal asks 
if the unthinkable happens with Rebin telling Noal not to say 
that. Freeman says that there is no guarantee that this process 
will work, there's a 50% chance of it not working. Aki tries to 
calm D-Boy down saying that it's not all hopeless and D-Boy 
shouted that he knows that. Rain tells him not to shout even 
though she knows how he feels. Balzack tells D-Boy to calm down 
since while the success rate isn't high, it's not zero. Rain 
says that they'll do all they can and D-Boy asks them to take 
care of Miyuki and apologizes to Aki for his shouting earlier.

At the Moon, the Grados's base is being attacked by the Fury. 
Shapiro is astounded as to how fast his troops are being 
slaughtered effortlessly. They're being decimated left and right 
and Shapiro note that they have to pull out. Karura calls in 
asking what's taking Shapiro so long with this small group an 
enemy and Shapiro says that they don't know the enemy's true 
identity and are being wiped out before even attacking. It's not 
an enemy that they can take on in a frontal at all. Giura mocks 
him saying that Shapiro said a day or so ago that he was close 
to being God, what's with all this weakness then. Shapiro tells 
them to say whatever they want; they have to retreat before 
being wiped out. Giura and Karura laughs saying "What a useless 
being" Shapiro tells his troop to pull back and join with Lord 
Ru Kine's troops.

The Fury in question is led by Jyua Mu who's now a few fries 
short of a Happy Meal. Jyua Mu raved that the Grados will all 
die, they never should have built a base on top of people's head 
when they're sleeping. Even when told that the enemies is 
retreating, Jyua Mu shouted to not let even one get away, 
nothing else except the Fury deserves to live, wipe them all out.

The Nadesico is nearing the Moon and Minato tells everyone to 
pray that they don't encounter enemy forces here which Alan note 
should be the Grados. Yurika says that they'll run if push comes 
to shove. It's a long distance to Tsukumo's meeting point. 
Arthur wonders why they couldn't take a safer route and Simone 
says that they have to race quickly for peace. Lasse also points 
out that no matter which route they take, there's no guarantee 
that the enemies won't find them. Nanga says that space is full 
of enemy and Nakki says that except for Tsukumo that is. Ruri 
detects a lot of energy reading out on the Moon which is 
abnormal. Shinobu note that the Moon is the Grados base while 
Tenia says that she feels very uneasy, if they go close to the 
Moon, something bad will happen. Merua says that she also feels 
the same even though she doesn't want to think about it, she's 
very scared. Kateia tells Touya that she's also shivering and 
Touya asks if it's because the Fury's are probably there.

Ruri complete her dissection of the energy reading and confirms 
that it's the LasErem system and it's not being used just once 
but multiple times all over the place. Hime asks what's wrong 
with the three girls and Merua says that if where they were kept 
was the Moon then... Tenia then asks Masato that he once said that 
the Fury was in the Moon right?  Masato says yes but Kateia then 
wonders how they get in and out since they don't seem to have a 
base there. Touya says that it can't be helped if these feelings 
are being brought back since the Furies are on the Moon right 
now and using the Las Erem. Eiji wonders if they're in combat 
with the Grados forces there and Mao says that's a big 

Yurika is thinking about it but Jun-Kun says that there's 
nothing to think about, they have a job to do and they shouldn't 
risk their neck out for something that doesn't concern them like 
this. Eiji starts to protest but Arthur says that they have to 
move ahead in their goals. Yurika then says "As long as the 
Furies have the Las Erem system, the Grados army has no chance 
of winning, correct?" Roan says that's right, since they have no 
prevention method like the G.Dragodius. Yurika then says "If 
they're totally wiped out, then they might called on their 
alliance with the Jovian army to provide troops" Hyouma note 
that that's so and Chizuru then says that if that happens, then 
the peace talk will be cancelled.

Like it or not, this is a job for G.Dragodius and his tagalongs 
and Touya agrees though the three girls are a little uneasy 
about this and Kateia says that they'll go prep the mech. Hikaru 
note that the girls are acting strange and David note that it 
started when they heard that the Furies were on the Moon. Touya 
says that he'll go check up on them. After Touya left, Mao note 
that they should leave this to Touya and Simone agrees that he 
can be trusted to help the girls. Mao says that Touya seems to 
have almost reverses from when he started out. Yurika tells all 
pilots to get ready to deploy.

On the Moon, the Grados troops are desperately trying to retreat 
but Jyua Mu shouted "Don't you understand, you're ALL going to 
die here" and uses the Las Erem and then wipes them out. Ru 
Kine's troops arrive only to find the retreating troops 
decimated. Jyua Mu note that it's the Grados high commander, he 
has a lot of dying to do for building a base on top of people's 
head. Ru Kine says that he'll make Jyua Mu regret attacking his 
base and for that remarks but no sooner has the words left his 
mouth that Jyua Mu use the Las Erem again to freeze Ru Kine.

"You'll WHAT?" Jyua Mu smirks and wipes out Ru Kine's troops. 
Jyua Mu notes that it's too bad they don't hear these people's 
scream.  Before Jyua Mu can get around to killing Ru Kine, his 
troop says that there's an abnormaly in the Orgone Extractor and 
that the Las Erem is shutting down. Ru Kine fires a shot at Jyua 
Mu but he dodges. Ru Kine then look around and see his troops 
decimated. He notes that it's like Shapiro says, they can't 
fight these people head on, but he'll still get Jyua Mu at least. 
Karura radioed in telling Ru Kine to retreat since the Earthling 
forces are headed his ways and odds of him being wiped out is 
high if he stays there. Ru Kine grits his teeth and says that he 
won't forgive this indignity handed to him.

Jyua Mu's troop asks for order to pursue the fleeing Grados 
Commander but Jyua Mu note that it's them, they're here. The 
team arrives and notes that this is quite bad and Alan note that 
it's like Hell on the Moon. Murrue can't believe that such a 
small amount of Fury troops can cause this much damage to the 

Touya deploys and Jyua Mu says that he wanted to meet Touya to 
kill him, kill him. Ruri note that the commander mech is 
different and Ryouko note that Jyua Mu himself is a wee bit 
different than last time. Touya note that something must have 
happened when he exploded along with Al Van but Jyua Mu then 
shouted not to talk about that person lightly, thanks to Touya, 
he and Lord Al Van have gone through hell, he'll rip Touya to 
shreds. Touya note that Jyua Mu has definitely changed for the 
worst as Jyua Mu orders his troops to get them and kill kill 

Touya tells Merua to go and see that she's quite scared. Touya 
asks why since they've fought the Furies dozen of times together. 
Merua says that she doesn't know but when she heard that they 
were on the Moon, she feels that it's not like when they fought 
them on Earth. Touya says that it can't be helped and handed her 
a chocolate telling her to eat it and be happy, just keep this a 
secret from Tenia. Touya says that he doesn't know what Tenia is 
feeling or remembering but as long as she's with him and the 
G.Dragodius, it doesn't matter if they're fighting Furies on the 
Moon or not. Merua gathers her courage and agrees with Touya, 
polishing the chocolate off quickly. The battele begins and Jyua 
Mu targets Touya.

Jyua Mu shouted raving mad "Why are you still alive, you stupid 
Earthling?" "Are you actually an Earthling?" "THIS is what 
happened when we didn't take care of you earlier" "I'll 
killyoukillyoukillyou etc." Touya says that he won't die to 
satisfy Jyua Mu's raving.

Kenichi note that Jyua Mu's become quite fast, if he lose sight 
of Jyua Mu's movement, they're in trouble and Megumi tells him 
not to try following Jyua Mu's movement with his eyes but read 
his pattern to predict his movement. Kenichi says that he'll try 
it though Jyua Mu says that they can try all they want, it's 
hopeless with that lumbering mech of theirs. Kosuke tells Hyouma 
that he can't just attack head on since the enemy has power up 
from before a lot. Hyouma says that he can see that but just 
leave it to him. Jyua Mu says that that's quite arrogant for an 
Earth mech. Sousuke reminds Jyua Mu that head on attacks alone 
do not constitute a battle, remember that. Jyua Mu is infuriated 
that Sousuke is using every dirty trick in combat on him; this 
won't end well for him. "You're an amateur; there is no such 
word as "dirty" in warfare"

Kira can't believe that Jyua Mu's mech is even faster than the 
Freedom and Jyua Mu says that that's the limit of something made 
by Earthling. Eiji note that it's even overtaking the Layzner 
and Jyua Mu says that Eiji's too slow, it's like he's freezed in 
time. Domon note that Jyua Mu's quite different from before with 
this speed and power and Jyua Mu says that if Domon got that, 
then go and die. Kouji shouted that no matter how much Jyua Mu 
power up, it won't work on him and Jyua Mu retorted that that's 
just asking for it.

Tekkaman Blade charges Jyua Mu as Jyua Mu charges right back. 
Tetsuya note that it's interesting, he'll be Jyua Mu's opponent 
but Jyua Mu shouted not to intefere and get out of the way. 

Jyua Mu is of course downed and he shouted "Why, WHY can't I 
kill you? If only you weren't here." Jyua Mu retreats and Touya 
says that he wouldn't die just like that since there's a lot of 
thing riding on him. Merua asks if Touya is all right and Touya 
asks Merua if she sees now that even if the Furies are attacking 
on the Moon, it's not so scary as she thought. Merua agrees with 
Touya and says that no matter who comes now, she's not afraid. 
Suddenly a girl's voice rang in Touya's head "Please continue to 
live on, Touya" Touya asks if Merua says anything to which she 
said she didn't. Alan notes that the Furies operating in space 
is a bit of a worry since they don't know their range of 
operations. Mwu says that the Fury mech like the one Jyua Mu 
pilot and others seems to have increased from before and they're 
also strengthened, this might be their base like the team 
theorized, but the Moon is huge so it's hard to pinpoint a 

Sai suddenly report enemies coming in and Eiji wonders if the 
Grados are back but Sai says that from the looks of it, it's a 
Tekkaman. Tekkaman Evil arrives demanding to know where Blade is 
since he wants to finish their rivalry today. Blade can't 
believe that it's Shinya and David is surprised that Shinya 
wasn't finished off at Crimson Island with Blade's High Colt 
Voltekker. Evil says that until he kills his big bro, he won't 
die. Blade shouted "Don't do anything foolish, Evil, there's no 
way you can beat an evolved Tekkaman like me" and Evil then 
shouted that they'll just have to see about that and begins to 
change. Freeman note that it's within the realm of possibilty 
that Evil can also evolved. Yuu note that Blade did it so Evil 
doing it too is possible. Freeman note that Evil is now Blaster 
Tekkaman Evil and Evil shouted for Blade to come fight him. 
Blade sees this and shouted "Blast it, Shinya..."

The fight begins and Lance confronts Blade shouting "An Evolved 
Tekkaman? Right? There's nothing more complete than us" "Come on 
Lance, you're not getting away today!!" Blade retorted

"Won't you stop interfering? Or do you want to throw a wet 
blanket on my match with my big bro?" Evil shouted to Touya but 
Touya answered "It might be a bit bad for you but D-Boy is our 
friend, we won't let him be defeated"

Blade tackles Evil and Evil says "We're twins, big bro, even in 
the past, we'd always fight each other" and Blade retorted "SO?  
What I have now is the anger and hatred towards the Radam" Evil 
laughs and says that he thought they'd reminsce a little but if 
that's how Blade wants it, they'd better end it here, Blade.

Evil note that the cost and consequences befalling those who 
used the Blaster Form are this high, yet his big bro chose to 
become this form in order to fight him, he's touched. The others 
don't know what Evil is blabbling about but Evil says that his 
big bro knows all too well himself. Blade noted "The cost of the 
Blaster Form, then I..." Tetsuya and Shinobu see Blade's 
movement stopped and shouted for him not to stand still like 
that when Lance grabs him. Lance shouts "Die Blade, I won't 
accept someone like you as an evolved Tekkaman" Blade can't move 
and Lance tells Evil to attack but Evil tells Lance to get out 
of the way, Blade is his. Balzack note that they can't help in 
time but then Rapier appears saying that she won't let them kill 
her brother. Evil is surprised that Rapier is still alive and 
Blade tells Miyuki to stop. 

Rain doesn't know when Miyuki went outside but she has to come 
back. Freeman agrees saying that it's dangerous, her 
regeneration isn't complete yet. Rapier grabs Lance and Lance 
can't believe that he would die here, by this incomplete thing. 
Rapier tells her big bro to win and to defeat the Radam and self 
destructs. Blade screams his sister's name "Miyuki!!!!"

"Evil !!! Uohhh!!" Blade shouted and lands a critical hit on 
Evil who screamed "No this can't be..." and retreats.

The battle is over and Rain asks D-Boy about Miyuki and D-Boy is 

Meanwhile, at the Plant, Athrun makes his escape as he is being 
escorted to the interrogation room and Dacosta who is working 
for Lacus also arrives to aid Athrun's escape. 

Dacosta brings Athrun to their hideout where Athrun sees a one 
eyed Bartfield welcoming him to their princess's ship. Lacus 
also greets Athrun and asks why she is here but Bartfield says 
that they can talk later, they'll soon be followed. He asks 
Dacosta if everything is ready and Dacosta says they're good to 
leave. Lacus then orders the Eternal to set sail.

At the Nadesico medical room, D-Boy asks about Miyuki but then 
Miyuki's voice greets him. Freeman says that it's a miracle as 
they can see, Miyuki is alive and cured. Aki and Noal is happy 
for D-Boy as Freeman note that it was extremely touch and go, if 
her regeneration wasn't complete, then she'd be dead at this 
point. D-Boy asks if Miyuki is truly cured and Rain says that 
they ran a check and though she hurt herself plenty by doing a 
kamikaze on Lance, she should be fine after a while. Miyuki 
thanks them for all their help and Noal says that's fine, what's 
left is for them to find the Radam base. Miyuki says she has 
something to tell them about that.

Ever since she's been in a coma, it's been a long time so the 
Radam Flowers are going to bloom very soon, at the very worst, a 
few days. When the Radam Flowers bloom, the invasion will soon 
be complete. Freeman says that as he theorized before, the Radam 
Flowers are the system that turned people into Tekkaman which is 
what hit the Algos. If all the Radam Flowers which are spread 
throughout all of Earth blooms simultaneously in a few days, 
it's the end of humanity as they know it since they will all be 
converted into Radam Tekkamen. D-Boy notes that they have to 
find the Radam ship quickly.

Freeman says that Ruri and Milly are working on that but it 
would help if Miyuki remembers something more to aid them. 
Miyuki says that she'll help and she'll also fight alongside her 

As for the Eternal, they're definitely followed and attacked. 
Bartfield note that ZAFT just won't let them go.Athrun asks if 
there's any MS on this ship but Bartfield says that the Eternal 
was constructed for the Freedom and Justice which isn't here. 
Lacus then broadcast herself to the ZAFT solider saying that 
because they believe in a different future than ZAFT, they have 
put themselves at odds with them but they do not want a fight, 
please let them go. They should also ask themselves again as to 
what they fight for. Yurika's face then comes out interruppting 
the broadcast saying that's very essential. Kira's face then 
also appears asking if Athrun is all right and Cagalli also 
appears saying that they came here since they were worried about 
Athrun but what's he doing in that ship. Yurika orders the 
Nadesico to aid the Eternal and the ZAFT soldiers decides to 

At the Nadesico's dock, Bartfield introduce himself, Andrew 
Bartfield, and thanks them for rescuing their ship out of a 
tough spot but Yurika says that they should help each other if 
they're in a jam. Lacus says that's a very good ideal and that 
the Nadesico is a very good name. Yurika says that she thinks so 
though a certain someone doesn't and Lacus asks why though 
Yurika doesn't know. Murrue tells Yurika and Lacus to focus on 
the formal greeting and ix nay the chit chat.

At the Nadesico's bridge, Lacus thanks Alan for his help with 
the Eternal and Alan says that he only helped a bit. Kira asks 
if the reason they met on the Plant was that he was helping with 
this ship and Athrun also note that Lacus also sent him to Earth, 
she's quite a planner. Bartfield introduce himself again though 
he says that for the Archangel, it's a reunion.

Murrue says she's surprised that they're meeting as allies in 
this situation and Mwu note that no one knows where life will 
take them. Bartfield says that's true, he's especially glad to 
meet that kid again and Kira says that Bartfield has a reason to 
shoot him dead here. Bartfield says that what happened was in 
the heat of battle, it can happen anywhere.  Kira is silent and 
Bartfield then ask if they know all this but still want to make 
peace with the Jovian who also killed a lot of Earthling 
themselves. (One side has to start forgiving the other first for 
talks to begin) Kira then says that it's as Bartfield says and 
thanks him.

Lacus says that many who shared the same ideals as them will 
also gather and it is people like them who will create the new 
age that isn't like this one. Anna note that to create such a 
new world is appealing. Lacus asks what the team will be doing 
now and Yurika says that the Nadesico is headed towards it's 
meeting point with the Jovian named Tsukumo but there's a 
problem, the Radam and the Radam Flower which will bloom in days. 
Murrue says that Freeman is trying to pinpoint the location of 
the Radam mothership so that they can reach it quickly in 2 days. 
Tetsuya note that it'll be very touch and go then if the Flower 
starts to bloom at that time. Alan says that in order to achieve 
both objectives, they'll split the team up once more with the 
Nadesico going to the peace talk while the Archangel handles the 
Radam. Bartfield then says that the Eternal will follow the 
Archangel. Merua asks Touya which group they should go to and 
Touya says that he wants to make the peace talk a reality and 
Tenia says that she think that's the right choice since the 
Archangel also gets the Eternal.

Episode 44

Tsukumo is arguing with the Jovian military head Kusakabe that 
their ultimate goal is peace in the universe and stated that 
they have to think about walking the road of peace with Earth. 
Kusakabe note that the digging of the ancient Bosom function is 
about to be over and they would soon work with Grados engineers 
to recover it. Kusakabe asks if peace talk with the Earth can 
really be done and Tsukumo says that it can and Kusakabe gives 
him permission to try while Tsukiyomi is silent. After Tsukumo 
leaves with hope in his heart, Tsukiyomi confronts him asking if 
he's insane or something trying to make peace with those EVIL 
Earthlings. Tsukumo says that whether they're truly EVIL is up 
for debate and asks why Tsukiyomi is so dead set against this. 
Tsukiyomi says that he's all for peace and all but Tsukumo is 
only seduced by this Earth woman to be considering this. 
Tsukiyomi tells Tsukumo to remember that their ideal girl is 
Nanako-san of Gekiganger and Tsukumo says that while Nanako san 
is a very splendid woman...she's not real. This infuriates 
Tsukiyomi to no end.

Elsewhere as if on cue, Ruri says "Baka" and then proceeds to 
says that they're near the destination point. Eiji and everyone 
hope that the peace talk will succeed and Yurika says that it 
definitely will. Ruri state that a Gekigan type has warped out 
in front of them, it is Tsukumo who tells them that he has been 
sent as a delegate to take them to the peace talk.

Yukina has her reunion with her big bro and Minato gets to meet 
Tsukumo again which gets him all flustered again. David note 
that it was fun seeing this for the first time or so but it's 
beginning to get repetitive. Yukina pinches Tsukumo saying that 
he sure took his eye off her quick when Minato comes in. Yurika 
greets Tsukumo who return the greeting. Tsukumo asks Akito if 
he'll tell him his name this time considering how bad their 
first meeting went and Akito says that he's Tenkawa Akito, pilot 
and cook. Akito says that he feels weird that they meet like 
this and Tsukumo says that he has something to show them.

At the Nadesico's cafeteria, Chizuru asks what the heck is this 
Special showing of the Nekketsu collection of Gekiganger and 
Kosuke says that it's all the Gekiganger material that the 
Jovian has and Daisaku note that this will be fun which made 
Kenichi asks if Daisaku's into this. Hyouma says that Daisaku's 
hobby is drawing manga which surprises Hikaru who says that he 
should have told her earlier, how about a collaboration doujin 
next time. The three girls are helping fix up the screen but 
Kateia is trying to get it just right which made Tenia tells her 
to hurry up since her arms are tired. Domon wonders why he was 
roped into this and Rain says that Tsukumo's an honoured guest 
so they should all participate in this event and Arthur reassure 
them that it'll be fun, heck Eiji can attested to that and Eiji 
reluctantly agrees. Gale notes that Earth's culture is 
fascinating and this will be a rarity to watch.

Chidori brief Sousuke that whatever the case, don't fire his 
pistol at the screen, kapish? Sousuke asks what she takes him 
for, he's not going to do something as stupid as that and 
Chidori says that it's because she can't trust him not to which 
is why she's reminding him right away. Sousuke says that it's a 
bit funny though why they're being shown the Jovian's military 
records and achievements in animated forms which Chidori trys to 
rebuff but Krutz says just to give in, it's a lot less headache 
for her than to try and correct Sousuke.

Kouji note that this brings back memory of when he was geeked 
out about this show as a kid which Touya says is like Kouji. 
Boss asks if Touya hasn't watched it and Touya says that this is 
his first time and Kouji says that this is a good chance for him 
then. Sayaka note that all boys seems to be alike and Roll note 
that this seems special to them even if they themselves are 
piloting Super Robots for real. Rolly agrees saying that no 
matter how old they get, they'll still like the same things they 
like as a kid. Yukina says that they're all idiots for being 
this gaga over a cartoon which Ruri agrees. Yurika defends it 
saying that knowing their culture will make communication 
possible. Minato note that's true, both side have watched 
Gekiganger and can hopefully find a common point to build a 
truce on. The showing begins.

Meanwhile, Tsukiyomi is asking Kusakabe if he's really going 
through with this idiot peace talk and Kusakabe says that there 
are those wishing it in the Jovian government. Tsukiyomi note 
that this might make their alliance with the Grados completely 
vanish which Kusakabe agrees but he says that it's all for that 
artifact on Mars, with it in hand, victory is theirs and he has 
a little job for Tsukiyomi.

At the Nadesico cafeteria, the Gekiganger showing is over, 
Tsukumo is glad that Akito enjoys it and Yurika grabs Tsukumo's 
hand saying that she's very touched, she understands now that 
the key to peace is Gekiganger, the bravery, perserverence, 
friendship and love which Tsukumo is glad to hear. Yurika says 
that if the Jovian loves Gekiganger like this then they can 
probably come to an understanding. Sai SaiChi note that that was 
quite fun and Domon says that it's touching even if this is his 
first time and then he quickly rebuffs it as Rain and Allenby 
starts to tease him about it. Chibodee has to agree that he 
didn't think that he's moved by a kid's cartoon.

Hime note that they should also have the kids watched it and 
Kant says that hes a kid and he enjoyed it. The three girls also 
enjoyed it and Touya says that he knows why Akito's so into it 
now. Kouji says that good things will always be good things and 
Ryou note that it certainly has something that's lacking in this 
day and age which is to be treasured and Shinobu says that he 
likes it since he doesn't have to think too much to understand 
it which gets a ribbing from Masato (D).

Mao says that real war is a little more complicate than 
Gekiganger though it's fun to watch and Masato hope that things 
will go as well in real life as in a cartoon. Alan note that 
that's all up to them. Yurika says that she still holds hope 
that the Jovian aren't at all different from them with the same 
heart, love and justice and all. Tsukumo is glad to hear that.

Ruri detect a Jovian ship Bosom Jumping out which Tsukumo says 
is the Kagurazki. Kusakabe hails the Nadesico and says that they 
want to get the peace talk started quickly and all and in an 
hour, they'll meet with Tsukumo also along with them.

Elsewhere, Ru Kine is being briefed on the situation with the 
Nadesico meeting the Jovian ship but he's not really in much of 
a mood to be in after the beating Jyua Mu gave him but note that 
Kusakabe must be up to something.

Kusakabe is told that the Earth people are here and note that 
the time for justice is now and tells Tsukiyomi to do his part.

The peace talk begins with Yurika, Alan, Voltes's Megumi, Akito 
and Minato along with Tsukumo attending. Megumi also brought 
along Takko which is Hiyoshi's pet robot saying that it's a 
camera robot to record this historic event. Kusakabe tells them 
to read what they've come up with. Of course after reading the 
so called peace treaty, Yurika and the others asked if it's a 
joke since it pretty much amounts to an unconditional surrender 
by the Earth Federation to the Jovian/Grados Alliance.

Takko suddenly tells Megumi that's he detecting a firearm nearby 
as Tsukumo tells Kusakabe to rewrite this saying that these 
people love Gekiganger as much as they do, they want peace and 
there is only one justice. Kusakabe then says that that's true, 
there is only one justice. Hidden in the shadow, Tsukiyomi asks 
Tsukumo to forgive him as he gets ready to fire his gun at 
Tsukumo but Megumi interfere causing the bullet to hit Tsukumo. 
Akito saw this and ask why he fired, is this THEIR idea of 
justice? Kusakabe says that evil will fall before justice and 
justice is with the Jovian. Alan tells everyone to run as 
Kusakabe tells his soldiers to open fire and Megumi throws her 
shuriken at them giving Akito time to get Tsukumo and everyone 
out of there. 

Outside the Nadesico is suddenly attacked which made Kouji 
wondered what happened in there. Alan and Akito appear with 
Yurika telling the Nadesico that the peace talk is a failure; it 
was a failure from the start since it was actually a lie. Alan 
says that they can talk later, they have to get the wounded into 
the medical room quickly with Minato shouting that Tsukumo's 
been shot. Akito note that the Jovians are closing in on them 
and Alan tells Akito not to take them on now but run. Mao tells 
each unit to prep their mech at once and Alan notes that if he 
was alone on the BlackWing, he'd be able to run interference but 
with the others in here, he can't. Minato tells Tsukumo to hang 
on and Yurika shouted that she doesn't want to die this way.

Suddenly a lone figure arrives to help Akito and Alan. Akito 
note it's an Aestevalis and the sound bite coming from it is 
enough to surprise the heck out of him "Sorry to keep you 
waiting guys, here I come to save the day!!" "What's wrong, the 
real hell is much worse than this" "That phrase, that voice..." 
Akito says in shock and Yurika ask if Akito knows who's on that 
Aestevalis and Akito says that that phrase was from the Final 
episode of Gekiganger when Joe who supposedly died came back to 
help the team. It couldn't be...Gai?

The others on the Nadesico wonder who that is and Ruri ask 
"Could it be Yamada san" and Gai shouted with a smile"That's 
right...Heroes definitely DO come when all seems lost." "What's 
wrong, Tenkawa, you look like someone who's seen a ghost?"  "Gai, 
is it really you? I thought you were dead" Akito asked and Gai 
says "That's right, the immortal man, Daigouji Gai is here to 
bail your butt out" The wounded Tsukumo noted "So HE'S also 
here" which made Minato ask if Tsukumo knows Gai.Yurika tells 
Gai to help them get back to the Nadesico, she doesn't want to 
die like this, not this way, not by this underhanded treachery 
and Gai shouted "Captain, you finally remembered and called me 
by my soul's name, don't worry I'll handle this." Gai tells 
Akito to head to the Nadesico, he'll run interference. Shiro has 
to note as he looks on that that was quite a cool entrance.

Once Yurika and the others are on board, Tsukumo is quickly 
taken to the medical room and Akito and the others launched out 
to tackle the Jovians.

Kusakabe arrives with more troops and tells Tsukiyomi that 
Tsukumo was an Earth's spy; he did the right thing though 
Tsukiyomi isn't so sure of himself anymore. Ruri confirms the 
coming of more enemies Gekigan type but Akito says not to call 
them that.

Kusakabe has to wonder why this ONE ship is so hard to crack, it 
must have overwhelming firepower but they will destroy it. Giura 
of the Grados contacted him noting that they're having some 
problems. Kusakabe admits it and Giura says that they'll lend a 
hand and deploys. Hyouma note that the Grados troops are also 
here and Shinobu note that those ingrateful twerps are only here 
and not decomposing on the Moon is because the team saved their 
little behinds from the Furies, talk about ingrateful. Eiji note 
that the Grados being here must mean that they knew the peace 
talk was a failure from the start and Gale agrees with David 
noting that they were played for fools.

Gai shouted out as he confronted Tsukiyomi "Tsukiyomi Ganichiro, 
I had thought that you were a better man than this" to which 
Tsukiyomi kept silent. Akito screamed asking "After doing this, 
do you really think you can even utter the word "justice"? 
Shiratori san is... he's..." Tsukiyomi says that they have nothing 
to talk about and Akito and Gai defeated him with the Double 
Gekigan Flare.

Giura taunts Gale saying that he's fallen low as the famed Armas 
Gale to decide to turn against their own planet like this.Gale 
says that he wil accept the name traitor but he has not yet lost 
his pride. Giura says that he won't accept those ramblings.

Giura then tells Eiji that he doesn't know what they were 
planning, but as they can see, it was hopeless but Eiji tells 
him to shut up, there's no way Giura can understand those 
wanting peace in their heart.

Soon only the Kakuratsugi is left and Akito shouted "Shiratori 
san and Yukina believed in us but you had to..." Kusakabe says 
that they also have their own believe, that of their justice 
which irks Akito who screamed "There's no way I'm going to 
forgive you for this" (Better add in what may happen after the 
wedding with Yurika too, Akito) Gai tells Kusakabe "So you 
manage to fool my soul brother, Shiratori" and Kusakabe says 
that Tsukumo is a traitor to even have an Earthling as a soul 
brother. Gai says "Hmmph, to be fooled by a creep like you, 
Shiratori is quite optimistic isn't he? All right evil doers, 
the almighty Daigouji Gai will smite you good!!"

 The Kakuratsugi is damaged but more enemy troops appeared 
surrounding the Nadesico. Prospector note that they have to 
retreat but there isn't any way out. Yurika note that they'll 
have to chance it by clearing a path head on but suddenly 
Akatsuki's voice boomed out as his face comes up on the monitor 
" I guess I have to say this, Jeez, what are you people doing" A 
Nadesico class ship then appear and wipes out the reinforcement. 
Uribatake note that that must be Nergal's third ship in 
development (with the Nadesico as the first and the second one 
wrecked). Akatsuki tells them to retreat now and Yurika agrees 
with that sentiment. Kouji and the others really hate having to 
run but there's no choice right now.

Inside the Nadesico's medical room, Yukina is frantic, telling 
her big bro not to die, she's not gonna make fun of Gekiganger 
anymore so please don't die. Minato also tells Tsukumo to hang 
on and Tsukumo tells Yukina not to worry, he's not going to die 
and he wants Minato to have this. Minato is surprised that it's 
a ring, could it mean... Tsukumo then apologize to Yurika and 
Akito as to how this turned out but Yurika says that it's not 
his fault. Gai tells Tsukumo not to die; someone who rescued him 
from certain death having to die first like this isn't a 
laughing matter. Rain says that they'll start the surgery soon 
and for everyone to leave.

Meanwhile, Kusakabe is busy blaming the death of Shiratori 
Tsukumo and the destruction of the peace talk on the Earthling 
and riling up the Jovian solider to fight.

Akito is of course very disillusioned and starts blaming the 
Gekiganger cartoon on its simplistic views of justice and how he 
only saw the best in people and the world thanks to it. Mao note 
that the other side didn't want peace from the beginning and 
Akatsuki says that that's how real life is to which Akito tells 
him to shut up, he doesn't want to trust Gekiganger and the 
values it teachs anymore but Gai then says that the justice 
Tsukumo believed in is also true, Tsukumo isn't one to lie, he 
should know.

Touya asked Gai if Gai being rescued by Tsukumo is true and Gai 
says that's true, they both believed in the same things and 
became friends, which is why he knows for certain that there 
really ARE those in the Jovian wanting peace and believing in 
the justice that Gekiganger taught them. What Gekiganger teach 
isn't wrong. Uribatake has to note that after his "resurrection" 
Yamada-san seems to have a se