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Event FAQ by ishingun

Version: 3 | Updated: 02/10/2006

Special Event FAQ
By: Ishingun no Hissatsu
Version 3 - Updated the following:
Event 6
Event 7
Event 13

Version 2 - Updated the following:
Event 8
Event 11
Event 18
Event 26

While browsing at a Japanese bookstore in Tokyo last year, I stumbled upon 
V Jump's official guide for the Yu-Gi-Oh GX  Gameboy Advance game (which 
wasn't even out in the U.S. at the time). "Free E-Hero Mudball Man!!" it 
screamed on the cover. The following thoughts immediately crossed my mind: 

* "Engrish" is alive and well in Japan
* I wonder if someone at Konami was inspired by the Beavis and Butthead 
golf ball episode where Butthead noticed Beavis' muddy golf balls and said: 
"Beavis, go wash your balls, they're filthy ".
* Why does this tiny book with only one free card cost 952 yen (about $9) 
while V Jump's heftier Variable Book 8, which comes with two cards -- Bakura'
s Death Cavalier Knight and Yugi's Dragon of Destruction Gandora -- cost 
only 857 yen?

Anyway, I figured this horribly named card might make a good collector's 
item and more than pay for the price of the book someday so I decided to 
get it. 
And now that I just got the American version of the game, I finally started 
reading the book and noticed it has a section about the game's 33 "Special 
Events." I figured I might as well translate it so I can enjoy this game 
a bit more.

I warn you, though: My Japanese isn't exactly great and I have barely started 
the game, plus I have a Japanese guide but am playing the American version, 
so the potential for mistakes is a bit high. I have yet to verify the majority 
of these events to make sure I translated them right; I will go ahead and 
indicate which events I've verified so far and, hopefully, update this guide 
as I (or some of you) verify the others. 
***Also, stuff and cards with names in [brackets] are those whose English 
names I'm not sure about yet.

Comments, verifications and corrections may be sent to [ishingun@hotmail.com] 
and I'll try to answer them when I have time (Don't expect a lightning fast 
response since I'm quite busy. Put Yugi GX FAQ in the subject line to speed 
up the process.)

For those who are interested in the book for some reason or -- gasp -- long 
to get their dirty, little hands on E Hero Mudball Man (6-star fusion of 
E Hero Bubbleman and E Hero Clayman, ATK 1900, DEF 3000, no effect except 
making you snicker), the book is:

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Mezase Dueru Kingu!
(Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters GX: Awaken Duel King!)
Publisher: V-Jump Books
ISBN: 4-08-779342-7

If you're interested in the Variable Book 8 that I also mentioned, the ISBN 
is 4-08-782099-8 (It's basically a catalogue of cards from Ancient Sanctuary 
to Elemental Energy).

If you live in the U.S. and don't know anyone in Japan, just copy and paste 
the info above via e-mail to one of the U.S. Kinokuniya branches and ask 
them to special order the book/s for you.

Now on to the guide...


Event 1: School Registration (Verified)
I'm not sure why but V-Jump decided to include the part where you input 
your name and stuff as an event. No translation needed.

Event 2: Helping the Dropout
Where: Gym
When: Saturday afternoon
- Be a member of Slifer Red.
- Have the title [Dropout Boy]
- Talk to Ayukawa (Fonda Fontaine)
If you flunk the exams and get the infamous title of [Dropout Boy], you 
can challenge Ayukawa to a duel. If you win, you'll get DP equal to the 
amount of Life Points you have left and have your title upgraded to "Minarai"
 [Apprentice] duelist.

Event 3: Merry Christmas
Where: The room of the headmaster of whichever dorm you belong to
When: December 25
- Be ranked Average Duelist or higher.
Visit your dorm's headmaster and get a free pack. Daitokuji (Banner) gives 
you the special fusion pack that randomly contains E Hero fusions (except 
Solar Flare Wingman), Cyber Dragon fusions, Dark Paladin, etc.. Kabayama 
will give you the pack that randomly contains pieces of Exodia, etc. Cheapskate 
Chronos (Crowler) gives you the standard 1-A pack (yes, it's the same basic 
pack available from the beginning).

Event 4: New Year's duel
Where: Your room
When: Jan. 1
Get a visit from one of your friends.

Event 5: A New Hero Summoned (Verified)
Where: Jaden's Room
When: Weekdays
- Be a member of Slifer Red
- Syrus beaten 10 or more times
- Jaden beaten 5 or more times
Once you fulfill the conditions, visit Jaden's room. You'll  see Jaden dueling 
Syrus with his newly improved deck. Once Jaden beats Syrus, he will challenge 
you to a duel. 
Card reward: 
E Hero Flame Wingman

Event 6: Pride of the Elite (Verified: See note below)
Where: In Front of Obelisk Blue Dorms (Male)
When: Weekdays
- Be a member of Slifer Red
- Be ranked "Yuushuu" duelist (Superior?) or higher (This is the rank you 
get after winning 50 duels and clearing 50 times duels).
- Refuse a duel against Manjome (Chazz). There's a 1 in 3 chance that he 
will be upset and not let you back out. Win to get some cards and the ability 
to e-mail Manjome.
Card reward: 
[Return Zombie]
Injection Fairy Lily
Event 6 UPDATE: Here's an e-mail I got from Dan
"I have just completed event 6: Pride Of The Elite, where you unlock cards
and chazz's (manjome's) e-mail. Unlike how your book might (have) mentioned,
when I did it, the event was basically the same as event 13 where you get
alexis's e-mail. You do get the rewards that were in your book, but you
have to duel chazz's 2 lackies before you can take him on, and you don't
get a choice to duel him or not. Also, for both events 6 and 13, you have
to duel 2 lackies before you take on alexis/chazz."

Event 7: Battle against Manjome/Chazz (Verified: Thanks to Tracy and Jason
for pointing out you don't need to clear Event 6 first)
Where: Classroom, Duel Arena, Harbor
When: Weekdays
- Be a member of either Slifer Red or Ra Yellow
- Chazz beaten at least 10 times
Once you've beaten Chazz 10 times or more, you can trigger this event. You'll 
be allowed to enter Obelisk Blue and also be exempt from the monthly exams. 

Event 8: The Professor
Where: Obelisk Blue Lobby, Duel Arena
When: Weekdays (evening)
- Clear Event 7
After getting their butts kicked by Judai (Jaden) for the umpteenth time, 
Manjome's (Chazz's) lackeys will ask you to get your game on with Jaden 
and give him a primo butt kicking for them. If you accept their request, 
they'll give you some cards.
Card reward: 
X-Head Cannon
Y-Dragon Head
Z-Metal Tank

Event 9: Chazz Reborn
Where: Chancellor's Office, Duel Arena
When: Weekdays
- Clear Event 8
- Duelist title of "Yuutousei"[Honor Student] (i.e. the title you get after 
answering 40 questions in the exams) and above
- At least 3 weeks have passed after clearing Event 8
You get to duel Chazz and his new and improved deck, which now features 
the Ojama trio.
Card reward: 
Ojama Yellow
Ojama Green
Ojama Black
Ojama Trio
Ojama Delta Hurricane

Event 10: Old Memories (Verified)
Where: Anywhere
When: Saturday morning
- Duelist title of "Average" (i.e. the title you get after 10 wins) or above 
[1 in 3 chance event will trigger if you duel Sho (Syrus) in the morning]
Beat Sho (Syrus) in a duel after he summons his fusion monster Steam Gyroid. 
This is actually like a timed duel where you must find out how to beat him 
within 1 turn. You'll notice that you're actually using Jaden's deck. Summon 
E Hero Thunder Giant, use his special ability to destroy Steam Gyroid, then 
attack directly for the win. Sho will run away and Asuka (Alexis) will arrive 
and talk to you about Sho and his brother Ryo (Zane). She will then ask 
you to go to the Ocean at night. (You can still do whatever during the 
Card reward: Power Bond
Where: Next  to Ocean
When: Saturday night (Automatic)
- Drop by next to the Ocean and you'll run into Ryo (Zane). A duel will 
ensue. I won this duel but apparently, regardless of who wins, you'll be 
able to e-mail Ryo (Zane) from now on.

Event 11: The Power of the Kaiser
Where: Anywhere
When: Weekdays
- Be a member od Obelisk Blue
- Cleared Event 10
- Ryo (Zane) beaten once
- Be able to e-mail Ryo (Zane)
Chronos apparently doesn't believe you were able to Beat Ryo (Zane) and 
wants to see you defeat the "Kaiser" with his own eyes. If you beat him 
again, you'll get 3000 DP.

Event 12: A Friend's Concern
Where: Your room in Slifer Red
When: Weekdays
- Be a member of Slifer Red
- Don't leave your room for 3 days or more straight
- Hayato (Chumley) visits your room
Hayato gets worried after noticing that you haven't left your room for a 
long time. He'll have a duel with yoyu to cheer you up. Win to get 2 of 
his key cards.
Card reward: 
Master of Oz
Des Kangaroo

Event 13: A Suspicioius Character (Verified: See note in Event 6)
Where: Classroom, Obelisk Blue Dorm
When: Saturday evening
- Visit the front of the Obelisk Blue women's dorm
- 3 months have passed since the "start" (I'm not sure but I think the guide 
meant 3 months must pass from the time you visited the front of the dorm.) 
- Talk to Asuka at the front of the women's dorm
When you visit the women's dorm at night, Asuka (Alexis) and her friends 
end up suspecting you of being a card thief. Clear your name by winning 
a duel (yes, that makes no sense whatsoever... Maybe it's just me). You'll 
be rewarded with the ability to e-mail Asuka (Alexis). Also, once you gain 
the title of Duel Prince, you'll be able to duel Junko (Jasmine) and Momoe 

Event 14: A Shadow Game?
Where: Ocean, Volcano and Gym
When: Saturday evening
- Clear Event 13
- Talk to Titan
This event involves a duel under restricted rules with Titan. You'll have 
to visit the indicated locations so you can duel him 3 times. Clear the 
event to double your DP.

Event 15: Suspicious Classmate
Where: Your room
When: Weekdays, evening
- Cleared Event 13
- "Unlocked" (i.e. they have appeared in the game) Judai (Jaden), Sho (Syrus)
, Hayato (Chumley), Misawa (Bastion), Kagurazaka (Dimitri), Kohara (Brier), 
Ohara (Beauregard), Rei (Blair) and Kunisaki (Gerard).
Go to your room and you'll run into a suspicious-looking Kunisaki. Answer 
his 9 questions to get 1000 DP.
Qs: (These are translations of the Japanese Qs so they may not match the 
English Qs)
1. What is Judai's (Jaden's) dorm?
Slifer Red
2. What is Daitokuji (Banner) always hugging?
3. Who was the first person you met in this game?
Sameshima (Sheppard)
4. [Something about being challenged in an e-mail by someone]
Maeda Hayato (Chumley)
5. How many hairs does Sameshima (Sheppard) have?
0 (Zero)
6. Who is Sho's (Syrus') brother?
Ryo (Zane)
7. Who is Judai's (Jaden's) partner monster?
Hane Kuribo
8. What is the name of this game?
(Please look at the box...)
9. What do you air out on a fine day?

Event 16: Occult Recommendation
Where: Classroom
When: Weekdays
- Cleared Event 18
- Have a Jinzo in your main deck
- Have met Takatera (Torrey)
Having a Jinzo in your deck will attract the attention of Takatera (Torrey). 
If you beat her occult deck in a duel, and you can unlock the Occult Brothers 
Card reward: 
Ouija Board

Event 17: Psycho Shocker (Jinzo)
Where: Your room
When: Evening after Event 16
- Win event 16
The following night after your duel with Takatera (Torrey), she'll barge 
into your room asking for help. Beat her pursuer, the spirit of Jinzo, to 
save her.
Card reward: 
Final Countdown

Event 18: Dark Fiend Deck (Verified)
Where: Harbor, Ocean
When: Weekdays, evening
- Be ranked Fiery duelist (attained when you win 30 duels) or above
- Be a member of Slifer Red or Ra Yellow
- Have 10 wins against Obelisk Blue students
Chronos (Crowler) is miffed that you've beaten his prized Obelisk Blue students 
so many times and hires Titan to take you out. You'll actually get a visit 
from Judai (Jaden) and the gang in your room and automatically go to "Next 
To Ocean."
Card reward:

Event 19: Kohara and Ohara
Where: Duel Arena
When: Saturday evening
- Have 5 victories against Kohara (Brier) and Ohara (Beauregard)
- See Kohara waiting at the Duel Arena
- Talk to Kohara and Ohara
In this event, you'll run into Ohara and Kohara and a misunderstanding ensues.
Card reward:
Robbin' Goblin
Goblin Thief

Event 20: The Goblin King
Where: Classroom, Front of Duel Academy, Harbor
When: Weekday, afternoon and evening
- Clear Event 19
- Be ranked [Yushou] or higher (i.e. Have 50 wins or more and 50 timed duels 
- At least 1 month has passed since Kohara (Brier) and Ohara (Beauregard) 
- Go to the classroom
This duel will be played under forbidden rules (winner gets loser's rare 
Card reward:
- Goblin Attack Force
- Elite Goblin Elite Attack Force

Event 21: Draw, draw, draw (Verified by Sheedo)
Where: Shop, Front of Obelisk Blue Men's Dorm
When: Evening
- Be ranked [Yarite] or higher (i.e. Have 100 wins or more)
- Taizan (Damon) beaten at least 5 times
- Go to the shop
Tome (the shopkeeper Miss Dorothy) informs you about how Taizan went missing.
Taizan will eventually appear and duel you to demonstrate the power of 
the card draw. 
Card reward:
Poison Draw Frog
White Magical Hat

Event 22: Yugi's Legendary Deck
Where: Your room, Next to Ocean
When: Weekday, evening
- At least one month has passed after first meeting Kagurazaka (Dimitri) 
- Clear Events 10 and 21
Duel Kagurazaka to retrieve Yugi's stolen deck. Clear the event to get an 
exemption from the regularly scheduled exams.
Card reward:

Event 23: The Walk Home
Where: In front of Duel Academy, Next to Ocean
When: Weekday, evening
- Go home with the same character 3 times
Fulfill the conditions and you'll get to duel with your chosen character 
near the Ocean. Win to get your reward. 
Card reward:
Judai (Jaden) - Wroughtweiler
Sho (Syrus) - Patroid
Hayato (Chumley) - Des Wombat
Misawa (Bastion) - Ring of Destruction
Asuka (Alexis) - Fusion Weapon
Manjome (Chazz) - Mefisto the Infernal General
Kaiser (Zane) - Cyber Dragon

Event 24: Who Are You?
Where: Your room, Next to Ocean
When: Ra Yellow dining area, Duel Arena
- Be member of Ra Yellow dorm
- Talk to Kabayama once, then don't talk to him at all for 60 days or more. 
Once 60 days have passed talk to him.
Card reward:

Event 25: Help Tome (Miss Dorothy)
Where: Front of Duel Academy
When: During an exam day
- During an exam day, there's a 2 out of 5 chance this event will occur 
Help Tome with her truck delivery and you'll get a free [Maiden's Laughter] 
pack if you visit the store afterward. It looks like you might end up missing 
the test, though... (don't know if this event still triggers on one of those 
days you get an exemption from the test).

Event 26: Pharaoh's True Power (Verified)
Where: Daitokuji's (Banner's) Room
When: Saturday
- Be a member of Slifer Red
- Have 3 wins against Judai (Jaden)
- Have 3 wins against Sho (Syrus)
- Have 3 wins against Hayato(Chumley)
- Talk to Daitokuji
Get your game on with Daitokuji's cat, Pharaoh.
Card reward:
Win: Panther Warrior
Lose: Bone Mouse
Draw: Lost Dog Maron

Event 27: Missing Hero
Where: Harbor
When: Saturday
- One month has passed since Rei (Blair) first appeared
- Have won at least 50 percent of your duels against Judai (Jaden)
- Have Judai at the Harbor
- Talk to Judai
Overhear a conversation between Judai and Rei.
Card reward:
[A Hero Appears]

Event 28: The Power of a Maiden's Love
Where: Front of Obelisk Blue Men's Dorm, Your Room (if a member of Obelisk 
Blue) and Near the Harbor
When: Saturday afternoon
- Be ranked [Yarite] or higher (i.e. Won 100 duels or more)
- Clear Event 27 (not in same day) and 22
- Go to the front of the Obelisk Blue Dorm
When you fulfill the requirements, Rei's (Blair's) secret will be revealed. 

This eventually leads to an incident at Ryo's room...
Card reward:
White Magician Pikeru
Black Magician Curran
Rival Appears!

Event 29: The 7th Deck
Where: Duel Arena
When: Saturday
- Clear Event 28
- Go to the classroom
A duel against Misawa (Bastion)
Card reward:

Event 30: Duel Festival
Where: Classroom, Duel Arena
When: Friday
- 3rd Friday of November each year
Win this dueling extravaganza to get 15,000 DP

Event 31: The Truth Behind Kunisaki (Gerard)
Where: In Front of Slifer Red Dorm
When: Anytime
- Win Event 30
Kunisaki comes clean, and you get a card to boot.
Card reward: 

Event 32: Battle for the Chocolate!
Where: Classroom, Duel Arena
When: Feb. 14
- Have met all female characters.
- Participate in the great choco duel.
Battle for 4 rounds to receive the prized chocolate from this Valentine 
event's "Queen." You also get 10,000 DP. Simply hilarious.

Event 33: The Duel King
Where: Chancellor's Office
When: Saturday
- Go to the chancellor's office after the game's ending.
You basically get to change your name to whatever you want. May I suggest 
a "primo" name such as Crowler or Mudball?

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