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Reviewed: 01/23/07

How super are the Gunstars?

Gunstar Super Heroes is the sequel Gunstar Heroes, a game released on the Sega Genesis. Gunstar Super Heroes is an action game featuring multiple guns, huge bosses, and tons of enemies. But, is this game good?

Gunstar Super Heroes is an 2D side scrolling action game where you go through multiple stages defeating armies of enemies with your arsenal of guns and sword. When you start the game up, they give you an introduction that tells you about the previous game, where two heroes(Gunstar heroes) defeated the God of Ruin. After his defeat, 4 moons were created. The 3YE was created to protect and it's forces, the Gunstar Super Heroes were named in honor of the Gunstar Heroes.

The plot seems a bit simple, and if you choose to play on Easy mode(You can choose from three difficulties: easy, normal, and hard.) then it will remain that way. But the harder the difficulty, the better the story gets. The game play is full of classic side scrolling action. You have two characters, Red or Blue, which you get to choose when you first start the game. Each character has different guns, although there isn't that big of a difference.

You have the ability to when you fill up your meter by killing enemies, to fire one of your gun's more powerful beams. There's always a bunch of enemies to kill, but most of them look the same, but that's not a huge deal. Every level after the first also varies the game play from riding on a robot to destroy a train to fighting of enemy attacks on top of your mini ship. This really makes the game much more enjoyable and helps the game feel more unique. The bosses are another great feature about this game. They're all big and fun to fight. You'll fight tons of these giant enemies in Gunstar Super Heroes, including a guy who can change into 7 different robots, a giant rock monster, or a giant robot trying to crush you with your mini ship! The only gripe I have with the game play, is that when you complete a section, your health carries over. So if you have low health, you're most likely gonna have to redo that section.

The graphics are some of the best 2D graphics that the Game boy Advance has to offer, I really like them. Lots of explosions, cool characters, and of course, the bosses. The cut-scenes are anime-like cutouts talking, not too creative, but you really don't need to be for that kinda thing. The music is pretty good, there's games with better music, but all of the tracks suit the game well. As for the replay value, you can play through the game six times, two characters plus 3 difficulties. Unfortunately, none of the playthroughs really take that long. There's about 7 stages and you can get through most of them pretty easily.(unless you're playing on Hard mode, then it's well, harder of course.) After you beat all characters on all difficulties though, there's nothing left to do other than go through the game for fun.

Gunstar is really fun, although if you only plan to go through it once, you won't get much out of it. There's a good amount of replay value and great game play to back it, and so if you can find it, I fully recommend a purchase.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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