Review by HeladoDeSol

Reviewed: 05/08/06

The epitome of pwnage

Dear me, where to begin. I heard about this game a while back; many people were praising it for being an excellent run n' gun for the GBA. I passed this game by, and forgot about it for a while. But later, something came up from inside me. A craving. A craving...for Action! I sifted through my RPG reserves, but alas, I found nothing that could satisfy my desires. And then I remembered Gunstars. I instantly ordered online, and when it arrived...whoa. Portable pwnage.

Most games of this genre have lackluster stories that usually take backseat for the action-packed gameplay. This is not the case in Gunstar Super Heroes. The story is well developed, and it is told through still pictures and text. The story is not the most original, but it still is great. It deals with an evil empire which attempts to control the 4 moons, and re-awaken the evil god of destruction. Your job, as the good guy, is to stop them, of course! (Also, there is the coolest character in any videogame ever. Smash Daisaku.) The story changes depending on the character you choose and the difficulty level. There are a total of 6 different endings. 6. And each story is filled with plot twists and explanations. I love it.
Score: 10/10

Gunstar Super Heroes is one of the most graphically advanced games on the GBA. Filled to the brim with pseudo-3d effects, and brilliant particle effects, GSH certainly takes the cake here. The character models are great, looking fresh and crisp. The enemies are many and similar, however, they too look nice. The backgrounds are beautiful, like something out of a classical painting. And the bosses. Oh, the bosses...They look amazing, with realistic movement, and original design. Each boss features amazing effects that will make you want to do a dance. The graphics will absolutely blow your mind, and you may find yourself saying, "Am I playing this on the GBA???"
Score: 10/10

The music in this game is just amazing. Simply amazing. From insane fast-paced tunes with crazy techno beats, to slow sad melodies, to tense rhythms, it's all here. Sometimes I find myself pausing the game and just listening to the music. It's so good, I think I may buy the soundtrack. In fact, I'm wondering why I haven't yet. The sound is also top-notch. Every sound is very nice, and fits well. There is even some voice acting! On the GBA! The voices aren't stupid either...well, some of them aren't...
Score: 10/10

Here is the meat of the game. Most run n' guns are the same, you run, and gun. Hence the name. But Gunstar Super Heroes is different. You have a choice of two different characters, each with their own personal weapon, and two similar weapons. You can fire your currently selected weapon, switch weapons, use a super, jump, and use melee moves. So much action! You do this for most of the levels, mowing down enemies and slashing bullets. But then there are many stages which involve you riding in some form of vehicle, which can get very intense. My favorite level is an speedy ride through an enemy infested mine on a mecha that can run, fly, or hang on the ceiling. You shoot at enemies until you reach a burning train where this awesome guy, Smash Daisaku, launches his minions at you until you destroy him. Then, you face off with a 7 form boss; each form with its own life bar. All of this without any slowdown. Not a single bit of slowdown. However, the only problem is that this game is incredibly short. 7 levels to be exact. Thankfully, you can replay the game with the other characters in different difficulty modes to challenge yourselves. You can also try and beat your old score and time. Overall, the gameplay is fast-paced, action-packed, and fun-filled without any slowdown.
Score: 10/10

In conclusion, this is a must-buy game. In fact, I would even go so far as to say it is a must-buy-now game. It is really action filled, and while it doesn't last too long, it is great to pick up for quick play. If you are in need of an action game, or if you are a fan of the original, pick this up now.
Final Score: 10/10

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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