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FAQ/Walkthrough by Gray Fox

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 11/07/05

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
                 respective trademark and copyright holders.

Version 1.1

The Sims 2 (GBA Version)

This FAQ/Walkthrough is copyright of Alan Quirino (grayfox2510 (at) gmail 
(dot) com).

Ok, so let us go over a few basic things...

Ownership, Borrowing Info, Contributing, etc.:

1) Please do not take any of this without my consent or at the very least,
   without a written gratitude in wherever you posted this. I had to spend
   quite some time getting all there is to this, or at least as close as
   possible, and well, if you have written any document of this kind and
   someone took something without gratitude then you must know it sucks... 

2) Taking up part of the previos point, if you wish to take some information
   from my guide, then make it reasonable... I mean, don't take a whole 
   section. Nonetheless, give credit where it's due; golden rule of 
   GameFAQs.com. I don't mind if I'm not told, as long as I'm given credit
   for what I did to contribute.

3) So, you notice a similarity between my guide and a piece of someone's else
   but it looks out of place? What do you do? Simple, just let me know. 
   It might be a coincidence, it might be plagiarize, who knows, but I'll 
   contact the other author and find what's going on. Thank you for the 
   support if you do notice this by the way.

4) I try, but perhaps my efforts alone are not enough and thus I end up 
   missing something here or there. Contributions are of course welcome, but
   be sure to be looking at the latest version, which is always found here:
   Or just to be sure, hit Ctrl+F5 while viewing this file to ensure it's not
   a cached version. Also, be sure to put "The Sims 2" or the 
   like as the subject of your mail. If you wish for me to put you under a
   special name, include so. I normally also include e-mails just for
   reference, but if you want otherwise, then please let me know.

Permission, Posting, etc.:

1) First and foremost, I am NOT allowing other sites to post my works. The only
   sites that are allowed to host this is GameFAQs.com, and on the rare 
   occasion GameSpot, but that's since they, and only they can directly link
   to the former site. So save us both our time and do not ask for permission
   to post this.
   Amendment: IGN is also allowed.

2) So, assuming you inded had permissiong to post this... Do not change the
   format, the font size, the font... Nothing. Why? Simple, the whole basis
   of this guide is based on the current format, so changing it will simply
   corrupt the whole file or make it hard to read. 

3) Pay note that this is a free FAQ/Walkthrough. I make nothing out of this,
   so why should you? In other words, don't charge people for this. If I
   allowed this to be on display in your site, it must be free. Do not go
   around distributing this asking for money either. In short, don't get
   money at all for this...

4) Yes, I do get questions about this... You are free to download this and
   store it on your computer. No problem with that, just be careful with the
   format unless you want to have trouble reading. But if you want to e-mail
   me for any reason, make sure you are using the latest version...

Mailing, Inquires, etc.:

1) Ok, first of all, go to the TOC (Table of Contents). Then look at it
   again, and again a third time. Sorry for stressing that out, but most often
   the answers to your questions can be found in a particular section of the
   guide. Make sure you are also viewing the latest version, which will always
   be found at:
   Hit Ctrl+F5 to make sure you aren't seeing a cached version. That aside,
   if you still need to contact me for an inquire, then put a subject relevant
   to the game such as, but not limited to "The Sims 2."
   {No Subject} mails will be deleted 90% of the time, so...

2) In addition to the previous point, I reserve the right to answer or not, and
   as such, I will only answer questions that I missed to detail here at all,
   or extreme cases. Mails asking about information that is already found here 
   might, and probably will end up in the trash can on my mail account. 

3) A few things though, use proper grammar and spelling for all that is holy.
   Even if the answer can be found here, the odds of me answering a mail like
   those will raise if you took the time to write properly. Now, I understand
   not everyone knows English, heck, even mine ain't that good, but if so,
   say so. Is that so much to ask?

4) Lastly, I check my mail around twice a day. Some times even more, but on 
   the rare occasion, allow up to two business days for a reply. If they are
   gone and you haven't heard back from me, then either the mail got lost, both
   mine or yours. That, or I ignored your mail for X reason, such as, but not
   limited to: Crappy grammar, inquires already answered here, etc.

So what if it's a long TOS, it needs to be done nowadays... *Rolls eyes*

+ Finished
~ Under Construction
- To do

##. Section                                                           [Key]

00. ToDo, Updates & Forewords.........................................[000]+
01. Introduction......................................................[001]+
02. Controls..........................................................[002]+
 02.01. House & Needs.................................................[021]+
03. Main Menu & Pause.................................................[003]+

04. Episode List
 04.00. Starting the Game.............................................[040]+
 04.01. Season 1
  04.01.01. Episode 1: Buried by the Mob..............................[411]+
  04.01.02. Episode 2: What Digs Beneath..............................[412]+
  04.01.03. Episode 3: Aliens Arrived.................................[413]+
 04.02. Season 2
  04.02.01. Episode 1: Blackout!......................................[421]+
  04.02.02. Episode 2: A Brand New Scent..............................[422]+
  04.02.03. Episode 3: The New Cola...................................[423]+
  04.02.04. Episode 4: There Was This Mummy...........................[424]+
 04.03. Season 3
  04.03.01. Episode 1: Triassic Trouble...............................[431]+
  04.03.02. Episode 2: The Doomed Earth...............................[432]+
  04.03.03. Episode 3: It All Came to an End..........................[433]+
  04.03.04. Episode 4: A Very Special Reunion.........................[434]+
 04.04. Unlocking Episodes............................................[044]+
 04.05. List of Wants & Errands.......................................[045]+

05. Mini-Games........................................................[005]+
06. Plot Twists!......................................................[006]+
07. Social Moves!.....................................................[007]+

08. Inventory (Later...)

09. Neighborhood & Stores
 09.01. Strangetown "Townies".........................................[091]-
 09.02. Stores........................................................[092]-
 09.03. Junk..........................................................[093]-

10. Conclusion........................................................[010]+
 10.01. Credit List...................................................[101]+
[000]--------------------00. ToDo, Updates & Forewords-------------------------
To Do:
 -> Finish the subsections of 09.
 -> Do the Inventory list...

 -> Version 1.1 - November 07, 2005 ~ 76 KBs
      Added section 02.01 about needs and furniture, section 04.04 on how to
      unlock all the Episodes, and 04.05 listing all the Wants and Errands.
      Still some more work to do... I should have called the last version
      1.0 by the way...
 -> Version 0.5 - November 06, 2005 ~ 68 KBs
      All episodes done! I also added the locations of all mini-games.
 -> Version 0.3 - October 31, 2005 ~ 51 KBs
      Did a few more episodes and some other stuff.
 -> Version 0.1 - October 30, 2005 ~ 34 KBs
      Starting up. Not much to say. Done with the first 4 sections, this one
      included. S1E1 and E2, as well as S2E1... Did some work on the following

 Not much to say here with this game...

[001]--------------------------01. Introduction--------------------------------
I hope you aren't expecting a port of the PC Sims 2 to the GBA, because this 
isn't that. It's a good game, that will definitely keep you busy for at least 
some time though.

You only have your character, which you create, and are actually part of one
of those "Live" TV shows. You are playing the lead part in doing stuff that
is denoted by the episode of the season you are playing and completing plot
points (Think objectives) to finish the episode.

At first, like the Sims 2 actual game, you are kinda low on everything. Low
cash, low aspiration (more details later), no skills, etc.

In the "Introduction" on how the game works, you get some money and starting
equipment, but overall, getting money is up to your junk collecting hobby and
mini-games. (See their respective sections.)

Skills are obtained by purchasing books from some guy and reading them, you
then get a skill point. You can't just keep reading a book like in the Sims 2
though, you must purchase a book each time per skill point, and they grow up
in price as you do in skill.

The Aspiration part... There are three aspirations: Friendly, Romantic, and
Intimidating. You can do three kinds of conversations in the game that follow
these same names, though you can only do Romantic conversations with people
of the opposite sex unlike the PC version.

These conversations are much like a pseudo-battle. You start only with two 
"moves" in each one of these:
 Friendly: Chit-Chat and Entertain.
 Romantic: Sweet Talk and Flirt. 
 Intimidating: Annoy and Insult.
They each have levels, and I believe the max is Lv3. They all start at 1 of
course. The level raises as you successfully keep using these actions, and
with each level they grow in accuracy on doing what you want.
It's easier to understand once you see this.

By the way, some actions can be "backfired" to you. Such as getting you
embarassed and such, locking those moves out. You must wait 12 sim hours for 
them to become available again.

More details, such as your rating bar and such are explained in the 
introductory chapter of the walkthrough section.

[002]----------------------------02. Controls----------------------------------
-> D-Pad
   -> Move your character around.
   -> Move the cursor in a menu.

-> A Button
   -> Confirm a selection.
   -> Use a move in a conversation.
   -> Use the selected tool.

-> B Button
   -> Back out of a selection/confirmation.
   -> Press and hold to run while moving.

-> L Button
   -> Used to rotate furniture that you are placing.
   -> Scroll the Status screen around.

-> R Button
   -> Switch between tools.
   -> Used to rotate furniture that you are placing.
   -> Scroll the status screen around.

-> Start Button
   -> Open up the status screen. (See next section.)

-> Select Button
   -> Open up the pause screen. (See next section.)
[021]------------------------02.01. House & Needs------------------------------
I have to give thanks to Kathy Quinn in a way because if it weren't for her,
I probably would have never added this (read: I forgot about this stuff).

This section explains how to place furniture, moving it, selling, etc, as well
as the needs of your Sim and how to satisfy them.

Furniture 101

To place furniture down, you must first have it of course. When it is in your
inventory, simply select it (Open up the pause menu, hit L or R until you get
to the Props screen, move the cursor over the piece of furniture and hit A).

Next, you will be presented with the normal game camera, except that you are
moving a box or figure with dotted lines of sorts and a big arrow in the 
middle. This is the piece of furniture you are placing down, or rather, the
layout and size. You can rotate using the L and R buttons and place it down 
with the A button. If the box goes red, something is in the way.

To put it away, either to move it or sell it, simply hit A near the object
when the yellow arrow is above it and select "Put in Pocket." Then either
follow the process above to place it, or go to the Pawn Shop and sell it.

Your Needs and Strange Effects on your Perfomance

I suppose that you can't really act with a full bladder or falling sleep, but
otherwise I find the "You are thirsty/hungry/sleepy/etc and your perfomance
bar is droping" strange...

Anyway, so a quick run down of everything...
 Thirsty: This is represented by a weird bottle/jug of well, a liquid. To
get this cleared simply go to a store (the Saloon is good here) and purchase
a beverage, then go to the Props menu and use it.
 Hungry: Same as thirsty, just that we get the usual fork and knife symbol
floating above us. Just get food and use it like described on Thirsty.
 Bladder: The icon of a bathroom, or a throne more like it. ;p -- Just go to
your house or the ice caves, go near the bathroom and hit Use.
 Hygiene: You see the icon of a shower, so, run to your house and use the
 Sleepy: Symbol of a bed, go to your house and sleep.

[003]------------------------03. Main Menu & Pause-----------------------------
By Main Menu I refer to the screen in which your boss appears and you can save,
select episodes, etc...

There are six options here:

Top left: The Rating Board
 This lets you see how well you did in the last episode you played. You can
 usually obtain a total of 100 points max.

Left-most Bottom: Change Clothes
 The name says it all. Just a quick fix if you want a new look.

Middle-left Bottom: Episode Select
 You can select an episode to replay or a new one here.

Middle-right Bottom: Save Game
 Do I really need to tell you what this is?

Right-most Bottom: Plot Twists!
 These let you purchase new Episodes. Refer to their own section to see what
 they add.

Top right: Social Moves!
 You can purchase new social moves here.

I call the screen that comes up when you press Start the Status Screen.

Plot Points:
 You can see your current objectives here, as well as your hidden want.

 You can see the whole set here, as well as your levels of friendship, romance,
 and intimidation. A little bio of them as well.

 Your cellphone to call people, the junk you have collected and your items.

Skills & Items:
 You can see your skills here, as well as the items you have. The current
 level of your aspiration is shown here as well.

The Pause Screen is the one that shows when you hit Select.

World Map:
 See the map of Strangetown and the buildings.

 Change the music/sound levels, see the credits or change the language.

Quit Episode:
 Tired of this episode? Then bail out.

Save Game:
 'nuff said...

Quit Game:
 Why would you want to do this?

-------------------------------04. Episode List--------------------------------
[040]------------------------04. Starting the Game-----------------------------
Ok, so you load up the game into your GBA and fire it up.
First of all, we've got to "Create-a-Sim."

So select the option. The process is very simple though, just follow these
easy steps.

Step 1: Select the name you wish to be called by. Then hit Done at the bottom.
 Really, you MUST hit Done...
Step 2: Now, select your gender and skin tone.
Step 3: Your hairstyle out of the ones available and the color.
Step 4: Your shirt style and its color.
Step 5: Your leg wear, its color and the color of your shoes.
Step 6: Finally, your aspiration.

You will then see your boss throwing some sort of tantrum. You will leave
after the introduction.

  + Go upstairs and explore the town.

Do as it says. Head up and you will have a look at your house, which is too
empty for our tastes by the way. No sense in staying here right? So head out.

You'll meet Dusty Hogg here. You'll have your first shot at a conversation
This is a friendly conversation, and since you are starting up, you only have
Chit-Chat and Entertain. Note that with each failure your rating bar (the green
bar at the bottom) drops a bit, but if you successfully make a conversation (of
any kind) it'll fill back up.

Keep playing with the two moves you have until the diamond fills up.

  + Buy a piece of furniture from the Pawn Show.

You get 499 Simoleons to go to the pawn shop and get yourself some goods.
Just follow the road up and enter the shop with well, the pawn sign to your 

Dusty is here too. Feel free to ignore him. ;p
The shop selection changes with every day, so you are free to check back
each day. Right now, you need a bed and a shower mostly. Everything else
can wait since you have a toilet being installed.

As you close the shop screen Dusty talks to you again, but what's that? You 
need to go to the bathroom. How he knew I don't know... 

  + Use the toilet!

Anyway, run back to your home to your newly installed bathroom. As you leave
the shop though, your boss comes in. Your rating, or perfomance meter at the
bottom will begin draining if you have an urgency flashing above you, and
satisfying the need will probably fill it up. If you were to let the bar drop
to none, you'll pass out. 

Ok, an alien in our bathroom? Right... Talk to the guy. Try to leave the 
bathroom and your boss will come in. 

  + Intimidate the alien off the toilet.

So, do as your boss said, walk up to the alien and select the Intimidate
Conversation. Just Annoy or Insult the green guy until he walks away.

Your boss will then show up and give you some Radiation Squeege, whatever
the heck that is...

  + Fix the toilet.
  + Meed Daddy Bigbucks in the boardroom downstairs.

First select the toilet and hit Repair, which I believe should be clean in
this case... Anyway, once it's done, use it.

Head down then for the last plot point. Hit A near the valve to open up the
secret door and go in.

Now come Commercial breaks. They are basically mini-games that you have no 
control of. Since you are just thrown into them every now and them. But you
get money, so you can't complain...

Play King Chug Chug (refer to the mini-games section for more details).

After the game, your boss mentions Dusty wants to see you in the saloon and 
also gives you a cellphone.

  + Go to the Saloon to see what Dusty wants.

The Saloon is north-west of the pawn show, in the same screen.
Seems like it was just a surprise welcoming party. 


Seems like we are rated by the Goth family... Anyway, at the end of an episode
we get Rating Points, which we can spend of new episodes or new moves.
--------------------------------04.01. Season 1--------------------------------
[411]---------------------04.01.01. Buried by the Mob--------------------------
Summary: Mobster Frankie Fusilli has a favor to ask of just about everyone in
town. Where do your loyalties lie?

Difficulty: 1/5


As you begin, Jimmy "The" Neck will be banging at your door. So head out to 
talk to him. Seems he won't budge. 

You might have a hard time here, as we need to intimidate him and it can be
a bit hard sometimes. 

  + Find and return the Briefcase to Jimmy 'the' Neck.
  + Investigate the Pawn Shop and the Saloon for clues.
  + Gain Frankie Fusilli's confidence.

Let's start with the easy ones. Head to the Saloon and look at the sand pile
on the left side of the screen.
Talk to Dusty while we are here. Remember this freezer door, as that's the 
hidden want of the episode, but we'll come back to it later.

Now head to the Pawn Shop and to the left, past and up the door to the stairs.
Another pile of sand, this one with red paint and headlight glass... Hmm...

We are done here, head south a screen, into the house south of yours. This is
Frankie's house. Head down all the way and talk to him with a normal "What's

He wants help with his daughter, Ara, so...

  + Make friends with Ara Fusilli.

Head a screen north now, north of the Pawn Shop near where the casino is.
Do a "What's Up?" with her. Seems she won't budge, so we need to become a 
little friendly.

  + Get something to distract Giuseppy Mezzoalto so Ara can go to the Casino.

Head to the Pawn Show and buy the Paddleball for 250. If you don't have enough
feel free to go around collecting junk or play mini-games (see their own

When you have the paddleball, talk to Giuseppy (he's above Ara) and give him
the Paddleball, then talk to Ara.

Before we get back though, head West from the casino and West another screen.
Then go up the stairs into the Zoo. Talk to Sancho and ask for an Errand. We'll
get back to this later.

Anyway, head back to Frankie in his house.

  + Speak to Jimmy the Neck about what you learned.

Jimmy is standing next to the entrance of your home, so talk to him. You get
the Shovel, and:

  + Dig in the desert and bring the briefcase back to Jimmy.

Now, before we do this, let's finish up some stuff.

Remember the errand? Go one screen east of the zoo, or one west from the main
screen of town (to the nuclear plant). Go east and down into the parking lot
and then look for the stairs up and follow the path until you get inside the 
plant. Go all the way back and select Give Item with kAYLEIGH, the only girl
here and select the Dam Plug.

Now for the hidden want. You need one mechanical point for this though.
Head one screen south of your house and go west through the wood bridge and
talk to the guy atop the red ship thingy. He sells books for skill upgrades.
Get a Mechanical one and use it.

While we are here, head a bit south until you see a red car stuck in a tree.
Select your shovel (hit R button) and dig on the patch of dirt there to get
the briefcase. DO NOT speak to Jimmy yet.

First head to the Saloon and through the north door to fix the door and talk
to Dusty afterwards. Then make sure your aspiration meter is full. Once all
this is done, you can talk to Jimmy.

You will geth the Super Drencher tool and...

[412]---------------------04.01.02. What Digs Beneath--------------------------
Summary: Something strange is lurking under the arid sands of Strangetown. Is
 it a friend... or a fore?

Difficulty: 1/5


You begin this episode talking to Jimmy about how an elephant sat on him and
stuff... And then the earth crumbles and rats start coming out in numbers...

  + Investigate where all the rats are coming from.

Before we do anything, head to Frankie's house. Head down the stairs to where
Jimmy is and check the chimney-like thing above him, where the arrow shows up
to get the Microfiche, give it to Jimmy to finish the Hidden Want.

And while we are side-tracking, we might as well pick up the errand. Head a
screen East from the main town and go up the path and talk to Jebediah, the guy
with the brown cap and ask for your errand. You will get a Luxury Chair. 

We'll get to this later, for now, head a screen up from the main town and west
into the salt mines. Keep going all the way in to talk to the Lord Mole. 

  + Pluck the spines of a flowing Spiny Cactus.
  + Acquire a chunk of fissionable plutonium.
  + Find a pair of rubber waders.
  + Get a pile of scrap iron.

Leave the mines and Penelope Redd will ask you about what just happened and
says the moles are building a weapon of mass destruction... Anyway, feel free
to ignore the rambling while we keep going with our business.

In this same screen, go a bit right and into the Factory. Talk to Optimum
Alfred to start a mini-game: Chop shop.

Unfortunately, we can't really grab the scrap iron. So, how do we do this?

  + Find someone strong to help rip out the iron.

Go back to Frankie's house and ask Jimmy. Do a friendly conversation to make
him follow you to the factory. We got the Scrap Iron.

Go to the Pawn Shop, they should have Heavy Work Gloves in stock for 450, buy
them and head south from the screen of your house and hit A by the first
cactus you see to your right.

Now, because my inventory was getting full, I decided to do the errand right
now, so head into the Nuclear Plant Office. Momma Hogg is in the parking lot,
so give her the chair. There, now head to the Casino. Talk to Luthor, the guy
in the middle of the first screen. Use the "What's Up?" option and give him
300 simoleons afterwards, then talk to the pirate to your right.

  + Dig up the waders in the field behind the Factory.

First, go back to your house and check your mailbox, then get the note inside.

  + Pick up the plutonium behind the City Hall.

Let's do that, head behind the city hall and grab that green bottle. Now go
North and head behind the Factory and dig the patch of dirt there for the
last item, the Waders. 

  + Return to Lord Mole with all of the items.

Now, you sure you did your aspiration meter, the errand and the hidden want?
If not, this is your last chance. Feel free to play some last minute mini-games
as well, but head into the Mines when you are ready.

You should get a commercial break before going in most probably though. Play 
some more King Chug Chug...

Now you can head inside, where Redd will show up again. Talk to the Lord
Mole and Redd will show up again, now you have to choose between those two.

  + Choose who to side with by talking to Penelope Redd or Lord Mole.

It's the same, trust me. Just that after you pick one, you are faced into a
strange whack-a-mole-esque game, but if you sided with the moles, you gotta hit
the humans, and viceversa. The end-result is the same though...

[413]----------------------04.01.03. Aliens Arrived----------------------------
Summary: The shrewd Emperor Xizzle launches a full scale invasion... with a 
 twist: you may not be able to findhis army. Be careful!

Difficulty: 4/5


We start talking to Dusty before Tank shows up speaking awfully weird. He then
walks away, along with Dusty.

  + Give Tank's "bouquet" to Kayleigh.

Now, as usual, before we move on with the actual plot... Go to the City Hall 
and talk to Penelope, then head to the Gothic Gardens and ask Ava for your
Errand, then simply go back to Penelope and deliver her the bottle of green

Now we can continue with our business. Go to the Nuclear Plant. It seems 
Kayleigh is not in the mood to listen to Dusty, but a quick look at the bouquet
we have will say otherwise. Now we gotta go at him.

  + Confront Tank at his barracks about his gift.

He seems to know nothing and then, what the crap? Two Tanks? Do we really
need two of those guys? -- I mean, yeah, you all go out and see how the fake
Tank turns into an alien!

Commercial break!

  + Check the Canyon and Dam areas for a way to reveal the alien impersonators.

As Kayleigh asked. Head over to the canyon south of us, but nothing here it
seems. So let's head to the Dam. 

  + Drench the aliens!

Weak to water? Pathetic~
So get your NERF Super Soaker (ok, so it isn't nerf, but come on, nerf sounds..
Ok, not good...) and move along. You should see an alien in the desert just as
you come back. Get it!

  + Go to the Dance Club to save it from the aliens!

Go there, which is just northwest from our current position and...
IT'S A TRAP! OH NO! (Long story http://www.4chan.org/flash/adventurequest.html)

Well, we were thrown into the Salt Mines... The exit has been blocked though
so we need to find a new one. Talk to the Lord Mole here.

  + Enlist the aid of Bigfoot and Optimum Alfred to defend the town.

Head to the very south-west here and dig around, you should spot the dirt
easily. Use this secret exit and switch to your NERF SS again to spray the 
aliens outside here. Don't kill them all, well, you can, but you will have to
do this area later again then...
Back in the desert, be sure to head to the Club again and kill them all for 
sthe Hidden Want.

You should find Optimum on your way to the main town (no, he's not in the 
factory, he's just by the screen switch).

  + Clear the Factory of aliens, then speak to Optimum Alfred.

Head into the Factory and kill those green bastards. You'll know you are done
when the music changes. Then head back to Alfred and speak to him.

Now, go into the main part of town and go near the exit to the Nuclear Plant.
You should see Bigfoot there, talk to him.

  + Clear the Nuclear Plant of alines, then speak to Bigfoot.

Well, he does mention the dam, but whatever... Go to the Nuclear Plant and kill
them all.Again, use the music as your cue, they are only outside by the way. 
Talk to Bigfoot afterwards.

  + Return to Lord Mole.

Head back to the Lord using the secret entrance/exit we found.

  + Clear the Dam of aliens, then speak to Lord Mole.

Yeah, just go out and get the job done then go back to the Lord.

  + Stop the aliens at their ship near Jebediah Jerky's ranch.

You know the place right? Right twice from the main town. Kill the four 
aliens here, then grab the object the last one drops to transform into an

Go inside the spaceship and move up for the emperor to order you.

  + Disable the alien's weapons in the computer!

Go to the object above the emperor (where the arrow is) and reroute the

--------------------------------04.02. Season 2--------------------------------
[421]-------------------------04.02.01. Blackout!------------------------------
Summary: A suspicious power failure at the Nuclear Plant raises question of
sabotage. Is the guilty party one of your friends? Or are greaters forces at

Difficulty: 2/5


You begin talking to Pete the pirate and Kayleigh when suddenly... BOOM! And
the lights go down.

  + Investigate the explosion at the Nuclear Plant.

Let's sidetrack for now as usual. Head a screen east and talk to Jeb, you know,
the guy in the brown cap, he'll mention some goo... Keep this in mind for later
but now, head to Frankie's house and ask him for an errand. You'll get a lava
lamp, which you must give to Luthor. You can find him on the "cave" above the
Salt Mines. Just head up the ramp by the entrance to the mines.

Now, go to the Nuclear Plant and head up.

  + Bring 10 Nuclear Fuel Rods to Mamma Hogg.
  + Ask around town about the little Insignia.

Head to the hospital right now.
Now, go around town picking up Nuclear Fuel Rods. I don't know if they are
fixed or not though.

Do not give them to Hogg when you get them though, go to the Pawn Shop and talk
to Ava there. She'll mention that Kent Hackett starred as Chaz Dastard in the
show by almost the same name.

Now you can go with Hogg, well, you could earlier, but it was to save time...

  + Investigate the Warehouse.

So yeah, head down to the Warehouse, you'll see Kent moving around the vents.
He's actually locking them. Some claim the combination is the same, some
claim it's not...

The true part is that the combination is in reverse order (actually, you just
switch vents 1 and 3 around, the 2 stats wherever it was). If you fail, you
get sent to jail.

  + Find a way past the locks and enter the Warehouse.

In my case, it was the middle one, then the left-most one, and finally the
right-most one. Use the left vent to go in. As soon as you do though, you'll
pass out form excess radiation and wind up in the hospital.

  + Recover Kent's nuclear rod stockpile.
  + Get the radiation protection from Penelope Redd.

You can find Penelope in the City Hall. Talk to her.

  + Get the Skin Cream from Misty Waters.
  + Find Thorium in the Salt Mines.

Apparently she doesn't have enough of the mix, so we gotta gather some stuff
up. You can find Misty in the Gothic Gardens all the way to the west.
You gotta cough up 1000 simoleons though... 

Head to the Salt Mines afterwards and speak with the Lord Mole. We need to use
the drencher to find Thorium... From the entrance of the mines, head south 
through the passageway, around the corner and to that purple crystal on the
wall, spray that, you should get some Thorium. If not, look around for some
other purple crystals.

Anyway, head back to Penelope to get your strange sun-block and into the
warehouse. Commercial break first though.

Go into the actual warehouse and grab all the rods there. Also, be sure to
pick up the green bottle of goo there. BE SURE TO GIVE THIS TO JEB.
Once you've picked them all up, you should get a phone call from Hogg telling
you Kayleigh is better.

  + Bring the Nuclear Rods to Kayleigh Wintercrest.

She's at the factory, as per usual. Give her all 45 rods and we are done!

[422]-----------------------04.02.02. A Brand New Scent------------------------
Summary: Kayleigh Wintercrest's sweet new perfume has surprising effects on the
 single men of Strangetown.

Difficutly: 2/5


We begin with Honest Jackson being jealo-- I mean, caring about his town and
this new perfume Kayleigh has gotten that can apparently persuade anyone into
loving her...

  + Use the Pawn Shop telescope to spy on the eligible bachelors of 

First go into the casino though, and to the right room to talk to Misty Waters.
This is part of the hidden want. Then leave the casino and talk to Redd
outside. Head to the Gothic Gardens and talk to Ava there. Next, go and talk
to Ara Fusilli outside her house then back to Misty Waters. Hidden Want out
of the way.

Now, head into the Pawn Shop and use the telescope at the top.
 Dust Vale: You see Tristan and Giuseppi here...
 Death Gulch: Nothing...
 Nuclear Plant: You see the Emperor Xizzle...
 Canyonero Grande: Nothing...
 Strangetown Zoo: Jeb and Sancho here.
 Wastelands: Ara and Auda.

  + Go see Honest Jackson at City Hall.

Wait, don't do this yet, head to the Salt Mines and talk to the Lord Mole and
ask for an errand. He'll give you a map for Penelope, who is outside the
casino, give it to her to finish the errand.

Now you can go and talk to Honest Jackson. As usual, he is so worried about
the city... *Cough*

  + Ruin Sancho's gift for Kayleigh.

Go to the Zoo and talk to Sancho out there.
  + Ask Jeb what he knows about the Desert Fuzz Beetle.

Go find Jeb where he usually is, east of the main town. Talk to him.

  + Soak the Desert Fuzz Beetle with your Drencher.

Seems the beetle doesn't like water, so anyway, you know what to do.
That thing looks... Weird without hair... 

  + Go see Honest Jackso at City Hall.

Haul tail back to that guy.

  + Ruin Auda's reservations at the Casino.

Go to the casino and talk to Pete. Oh, he won't budge? Nothing good friendly
conversation won't change. Auda will come and well, no luck for him tonight.

  + Go see Honest Jackson at City Hall.


  + Ruin Tristan's planner horse ride.

Go find Tristan east from the main town and talk to him. He's making Giuseppi
clean huh? Go talk to him a bit above from you.

  + Get manure from Jebediah Jerky to spoil the clean barn.

Talk to Jeb just a few steps away from you. Hope you know what's coming next...
Yep, mini-game time. And now we are carrying poo... Anyway, go to the barn
and drop it with the use of the arrows there.

  + Go see Honest Jackson at City Hall.

I'm getting tired of writing that... Anyway, again...

  + Find out what Emperor Xizzle's plans are, and foil them.

Head to the Nuclear Plant.

  + Acquire make-up from the Warehouse.

Go to the warehouse and talk to Kent, who'll give you over-expired make-up.
Go back to the Nuclear Plant and give it to this green guy.

  + Go see Honest Jackson at City Hall.

ARGH! If this were the PC version I would have b-slapped that guy already...
No new plot points... Leave the building and commercial break... Yay...
(Hand... Hurts... 135 or so in King Chug Chug... Pain...)
Kayleigh will talk to you out here, seems she wants to get rid of the perfume.

  + Find the perfume in the Kayleigh's office at the Nuclear Plant.
  + Ask Optimum Alfred to dispose of the perfume safely.

"In the Kayleigh's office"? Nice sintax... Anyway, go there and get the perfume
the drop it off with Alfred at the car factory.

[423]-----------------------04.02.03. The New Cola-----------------------------
Summary: A delicious new cola with a secret formula has an unexpected effect
 on your Sim.

Difficulty: 3/5	


Before we begin, let me say there is no errand here, so you have 25 free points

We begin with Ava and Dusty arguing somewhat before Tank shows up. He'll give
Dusty and Ava some new cola and you get thrown into a King Chug Chug minigame.
Afterwards you drink one too and then you and Tank shrink. o.o

You get a scene with Kayleigh and Hogg about how the cola company wants spent
Nuclear Rods and then we are thrown back to our character, who is a bit
too small to see...

  + Find a way to return to normal size!

Start going through the only path available to you. Before you know it you'll
see killer ladybags... Ok, maybe they aren't killer, but at your size...

  + Defeat the Lady Bugs blocking the path.

Don't go at them yet, instead head south to a can of repellent. Hit A by it
to fill your Super Drencher with it, then you can go and spray some ladybugs.
If the ladybugs were to get to you, you will suffer damage, which actually
translates to your rating/perfomance bar.

Follow the path north and you will end up surrounded, not to mention that the
lights will turn off as well. Tank then runs off like a little girl and leaves
you with 3 of these bugs right above you.

  + Find Tank!

Quickly run and spray these things before you start going after that guy.
If you've taken damage, head northeast from here to find what I believe are
jelly beans or something like that, they will boost your rating/perfomance bar.
Then head a bit south and go through the opening in the hose and resume heading
north to a path down by climbing a shoe-lace.

In this next screen, start heading west through the opening and you'll find 
Tank again.

  + Intimidate Tank into Fleeing.

You saw it. Switch back to your hand tool and intimidate him. Once you are
done, start heading north through the box to see one huge-ass black ladybug.
Tank will run away again back south, but we want to get rid of that black
ladybug, as that's the hidden want.

Keep spraying the bugger. Every time you spray it, it'll probably jump at you 
then run back up and summon some more lesser ladybugs. Dispose of them to make
him come back down. Keep at it, eventually he'll die.

Head back to Tank and just keep walking. If he doesn't follow try Intimidating
or being Friendly. But head back up the shoelace.

A can of Glug Glug cola has been spilled, and the lights are back on. 
  + Investigate the Broken Bowl.

'nuff said, head over. You might find a ladybug or two, but nothing major. 
Drink the cola when you can and you are back to normal!

(That was a 3/5 difficulty?)
[424]-------------------04.02.04. There Was This Mummy-------------------------
Summary: When things start disappearing in Strangetown, your Sim vows to
 unravel the cause.

Difficulty: 4/5


We begin talkking to Penelope inside the club before Luthor charges in to
inform you about a robbery, but Penelope says it's not her problem and goes
away. We end up having to help Luthor.

  + Find Luthor's gold medal.

Leave the club and go down to see Bigfoot going talking with Jeb about how
"Toilet-paper" man scared him and took his teddy bear.

  + Find Bigfoot's teddy bear.

Head down to the main town and Honest will tell you how he just got a call from
Penelope that she was being kidnapped and then the line went dead.

  + Find Penelope Redd.

Before we get to that of course, head to the Nuclear Plant and inside. Ask
Kayleigh for your errand, which we must deliver to Frankie.

Done? Good, now head to the Ziggurat (on the screen below your house, on
the east side) to find "Toilet-paper" man.

  + Intimidate the mummy to get into the Ziggurat.

You heard them. Once that is done, he will ask you to go inside his home.
As you go up the Ziggurat, you should notice a sudden yellow arrow by the
water, pick up the Gold Medal here. 

As the mummy is apologizing, some flies show up and we scramble. Apparently
they are blood sucking flies or something... We need to find how to get rid
of them since Penelope is still inside.

  + Get some strong insect repellant.

Head back to the main town and you'll give Luthor his medal automatically.
We need a creature expert, so it goes without saying that Sancho is the man,
so head to the zoo. We need $2000 to buy this thing, so give them to him.

  + Spray the tsetse flies in the Ziggurat.

Once you have the stuff, head back to the Ziggurat. Switch to your NERF
Super Soaker and use it on them. Go all the way up but it seems she is gone.
Head outside and you'll find her.


We are taken to the City Hall automatically. We still have to find Bigfoot's
bear though, so we play Hot & Cold.

Before we do this though... Head to the warehouse and talk to Kent. It seems
the place is burning up and he needs our help, so it's time to pull out our
NERF SS again and take care of the fire. Hidden want done.

Anyway, you know that car in the desert stuck up in the tree? Go across the
bridge near it, to the south-western edge of the screen and dig there.

--------------------------------04.03. Season 3--------------------------------
[431]---------------------04.03.01. Triassic Trouble---------------------------
Summary: Oops! Honest Jackson has misplaced a dinosaur. Or, rather, its bones.
 Your Sim can help him recover the pieces.

Difficulty: 3/5


It seems we were talking to Pete, but Jimmy "teh" Neck (Yes, I did wrote teh)
shows up. It seems he forgot what he was doing... Anyway...

  + Talk to Frankie Fusilli at his house.

Before we move out, talk to Pete here to get your errand. We must deliver a
Penguin Invoice to Sancho Paco Panza. We might as well do this and the hidden
want before we move, since they are in the same place... Go to Paco and give
him the invoice, then talk to him.

Head out and go south from there, but in the same screen. Go behind the bridge
and you should see a small patch of dirt. Dig up to find a Megalodon Jawbone,
which of course, we are giving to that guy. Now we are done with the extra
stuff, so we should speak with Fusilli now.

Head into his house and go down to find him and Ara. He mentions dinosaur
bones and stuff and how he wants some. So yeah, it's up to us to go to Jeb's
farm and pillage the dirt.

  + Dig up all the dinosaur bones on Jeb's ranch.

Just head to the ranch and start digging the dirt patches.
There are five pieces scattered in the area. Once you get them all, go back to
Frankie... Oh snap! We got busted by Jeb and Jackson!
Honest Jackson my ass... So anyway, now we gotta work for that guy...

  + Put the bones in the proper boxes.
  + Tell Frankie Fusilli about Honest Jackson's actions.

Just hit A by each box and select the only option. Do this with all of them
and Jeb will move away. So head down with Frankie. Once you are done with him,
your boss phones in for a Car Commercial.

We travel in time to the next morning, where Jimmy is already coming for us
again. Anyway, he can't remember again...

  + Go see Honest Jackson at City Hall.

Deja vu? (You know, the A New Scent episode...) 
So yeah, go to him. Oh yay! We get a free T-shirt for helping him!

  + Recover the bones from the buyers for Honest Jackson.

Check the table southeast of Jackson to look at the invoice.
We have Kayleigh Wintercrest, Aca Cadavra, Big Foot, Misty Waters and
Helen Hogg. Let's do this...

Misty Waters can be found, as usual, in the casino on the right wing.

  + Buy a really expensive chair and trade it for Misty's ribcage chair.

So, let's head to the Pawn Shop. Hope you've got enough, since we need a bit
over 3000 simoleons here to buy a Golden Chair. Go back to Misty Waters and
we get the chair in exchange.

Kayleigh can be found in the Nuclear Plant as usual, talk to her.

  + Pay Kayleigh for the dinosaur spine.

500? Deal! Easy cash for us anyway.

Ava Cadavra can be found in the Gothic Gardens like usual as well, but she
wants something creepier than a skull...

  + Search the Ziggurat for a really old decoration for Ava.

Head there. The Ziggura is east from the guy who sells skill books, just head
south near the screen exit and go east down the ramp.
Go all the way back and pick up the urn there but before you can, the Mummy
will show up and says you aren't scary enough to give you the urn. So, I guess
I don't need to say we need to Intimidate him. 

There, go back to Ava and give her the urn. Now pay a visit to Big Foot outside
the zoo.

  + Get enough strength to massage Bigfoot's foot.

I wonder if that was a pun... 
According to Zhen Jie Tan, you only need 1 point in Strength to be able to
massage his foot.

Last one, we gotta see Hogg in Dusty's trailer.

  + Convince Dusty to pretend to be allergic to dinosaurs.

Who eats dinosaurs anyway? Besides them of course but, whatever...
We can find Dusty in the Saloon. We need to be friendly with him though, so
persuade the big guy into lying. You will then get the last piece, which we
must take to that 'Honest' Jackson. Good, he came to his senses...

  + Find a place to display the dinosaur bones.

As you leave the place, Frankie calls you...

  + Assemble the skeleton correctly as Honest Jackson asked.
  + Or assemble the skeleton inccorectly, as Frankie Fusilli asked.

Believe it or not, this goes in the Saloon, so go inside.
The correct order is: Leg, Tail, Spine, Ribs and Head.
It's the same however if you do it right or wrong, you will still be done.

[432]---------------------04.03.02. The Doomed Earth---------------------------
Summary: An errant asteroid hurtles towards Earth, much to Emperor Xizzle's
 delight. Stop this natural accident before it's too late!

Difficulty: 4/5


We see Xizzle and his crew mentioning the asteroids coming and how they are
planning to run away. Then we switch to your character talking to Jeb by his
farm. Seems he needs money in order to keep his farm going.
  + Give $500 to Jebediah.

500 is not too much if you ask me. Go ahead and help the poor guy. I mean, we
have to in order to advance anyway. Kent shows up almost right away and while
they are arguing... WHAM! An asteroid comes crashing down.

As Kent leaves, and you try as well, Penelope shows up. Seems she's going
story-crazy again.

  + Acquire a Telescope.

It seems Tank has one, as Misty mentions (she's outside the casino). Before
we do this, go to the Cavern Club (you know, above the mines) and ask Auda
for your errand. He'll give you some Shark Jaws for Dusty, who can be found
in his trailer. 

Go a bit south and enter the House Barracks below the Hospital to find Tank
there. He seems a little shakey when you ask him about the telescope...
Nothing we can do, so go back to Misty. Seems he has been stalking Ara with his

  + Find someone to flirt with Ara Fusilli.

I think you can pretty much convince any male here, just get them in a Friendly

  + Meet Ara in front of Frankie Fusilli's house between 6 PM and 11 PM.

So head there between those two hours and watch the scene unfold.

  + Follow Ara into Frankie Fusilli's House.

Go inside and head all the way down. And... Oh Snap! We've been busted!

  + Calm Frankie Fusilli Down.

Friendly conversation is the key here. Once this is done, walk out and you will
see Tank running to Ara.

  + Check out Tank's Place while he is still distracted.

Go go go~! Grab the telescope and run for dear life.

  + Give Penelope Redd a Telescope.

Not much to say, get to her and give her the Telescope.

  + Ask around town for help in stopping the Asteroid.

Go to the Car Factory and talk to Alfred there. He needs 5000 Simoleons to get
you what you need though.

  + Pay $5000 to Optimum Alfred.

Not much we can do, so cough up. He requests that you return at the end of the
day and we get a commercial break. Back to live we go.

  + Return to Optimum Alfred's Workshop after Midnight.

Ok, start killing time however you wish, but head back when you it's time.
So, we can teleport into the asteroid and blow it up...

  + Destroy the Asteroid!!!

Go up and use the quantum matter transporter. Head south on the asteroid and 
don't ask me how you can be here like nothing without any kind of protection...
Anyway, go south and look at that crevasse with light coming out of it.
Place the bomb there.

Hit A by the bomb and we get three choices. Select the middle one. Not only
do we get the hidden want, but we also get an...

[433]-------------------04.03.03. It All Came to an End------------------------
Summary: In a scheme for higher ratings Daddy Bigbucks decides a tragedy 
 should befall Strangetown in this season ending cliffhanger!

Difficulty: 5/5


So, it seems we want to end with a grand finale, or rather, Bigbucks wants
to. We need someone like Emperor Xizzle, but under his control, so how about

  + Get a high-powered Super Drencher from Emperor Xizzle.

Go to the City Hall first and talk to Penelope Redd. It seems she's still 
trying to find something that would make an alien invasion immanent. Then head
to the Salt Caves, near the throne to find a bottle of plutonium. Then go
back to Penelope to clear the Hidden Want.

Now go right from the City Hall to see the alien Emperor. Head around and go
inside his spaceship, then talk to him. Intimidate the guy to convince him.

  + Drench Optimum Aldred to turn him evil!

Talk to the alien that just warped in to get an errand. He'll give you a Ray
Gun we gotta give to Xizzle, who is by the zoo now. Leave the spaceship and
go into a commercial break. Be sure to give the item to Xizzle before you head
to the Car Factory.

He is outside, so get your newly improved NERF Super Soaker to spray him.
I like this music... Anyway, seems our little friend went totally BOOM!
Ara and Dusty show up and wonder what the heck happened, but they decide to ask
Tristan for help.

  + Report back to Daddy Bigbucks in his boardroom.

That guy is losing it...

  + Find all five pieces of Optimum Alfred.

Ok... Near where he exploded is one.
Second one is by the dam.
Third piece is by the Gothic Gardens.
Fourth piece is by the warehouse.
And the last one is in the desert above the warehouse, near the first bridge.
Holy crap he's alive! Well... Whatever, so now we are double-crossing Bigbucks.

  + Convince Tristan Legend to rebuild Optimum Alfred.

You can find this guy in the casino. Talk to him. 
As usual, friendly conversation. Watch the scenes that unfold.

When you are in prision, the game kinda splits in two in a way.
Either you ask Bigbucks to get you out (Scenario 1), or you go against him
(Scenario 2).

 [Scenario 1]

We gotta convice people that this is just a prank of sorts.

  + Convince three people that Optimum lied.

Here we go...
 Momma Hogg is by Dusty's trailer. Friendly conversation...
 Ara is in her house. Same as with Hogg.
 Pete just south of the Saloon.

  + Get Optimum Alfred to leave town!

Find him in the factory as usual. Talk to him. Give the greedy bastard 4000
Simoleons to make him go away. Hmm? We need to go to the town center? 
Head south and enjoy.


 [Scenario 2]

Jimmy comes up and says he's going to watch over you while the town decides
what to do.

  + Convince Jimmy the Neck to let you out of jail!

Friendly conversation as usual. It seems now we have to prove to him we are on
his side, so we gotta find all the cameras around town and bash them.

  + Destroy all of the town's surveillance cameras (one per area).

NOTE: The game is kinda bugged here, I don't know if this is a killer bug or
Here we go... You can destroy them by using your NERF Super Soaker.
 In the area by your house, there's is one outside Dusty's trailer.
 There's another one by the guy in the boat, south of your house.
 Another one in the warehouse, by the second streetlamp.
 Another one in the right wall of the casino (outside of course).
 In the Nuclear Reactor, go up the ramps to the first console.


  + Report back to Daddy Bigbucks in his boardroom.


[434]------------------04.03.04. A Very Special Reunion------------------------
Summary: Five years after the final episode, it's time to cash-in on 
 Strangetown's cult status. Help Kent Hackett find the best loved stars and 
 most reviled villains for one last action-packed adventure!

Difficulty: 5/5


We begin reading the description from a paper about what the heck is going
on. We talk to Xizzle, but he doesn't seem to intrigued about the idea...

  + Convince Emperor Xizzle to host a reunion.
  + Arrange a ride with Frankie Fusilli for Kayleigh, Ava and Giuseppi.

Friendly conversation for the win?

Anyway, go to the Factory right now. Holy crap, it's Alfred! Talk to him
and he mentions how we can't do 5 jobs in a row...
So yeah, go around and play EVERY minigame and come back to this guy to get
the Hidden Want done.
If the "Hidden Want Complete!" doesn't trigger, leave and enter the Factory.

Anyway, now we can go for Frankie at his house. We need 2000 Simoleons for
this, which is easy cash for us basically. Leave and you will hear a message
from Tank about how he is planning a rebellion against the aliens.
Kent will phone you afterwards.

  + Find Tank and convince him to attend the reunion.

The Ice Caves should be open now. Go inside and talk to the Yeti, and ask him
for your errand, which is to give a doll to Bigfoot who is in the zoo.
Tank is also here, but for all purposes, doll first, Tank later.

Talk to him then.

  + Knock some sense into Tank.

Intimidation is the key. The guy is paranoid though.

  + Get Tank's house barracks back for him.

Leave the place and commercial...
Anyway, go to the barracks and talk to the green fella. We gotta give him
500 simoleons to make him go away, so feel free to pay.
Then go back and talk to Tank.

  + Go to the Club for the reunion!

You know the one. Near the Salt Mines?
Anyway, head in. Oh snap! IT'S A TRAP! OH NO!
Ok, so we gotta find the bomb...

  + Disarm the bomb!

Part of me wants to think this is random but whatever. There are several arrows
showing up everywhere here, look around. For me, it was in the bushes on the
right side by Misty Waters. Aww... No trap...

[044]----------------------04.04. Unlocking Episodes---------------------------
There are four unlockable episodes, you can see them in the Episode Select
screen actually, and they are greyed out. They are:

 + Aliens Arrived
   -> Unlock by purchasing the "New Plot - Weirdness" option in the Plot 
      Twists! with 50 RP.

 + There Was This Mummy
   -> Unlock by purchasing the "New Plot - Mystery" option in the Plot Twists!
      with 50 RP.

 + It All Came to an End
   -> Finish all the episodes of Seasons 1 and 2, as well as the episodes
      Triassic Trouble and The Doomed Earth from Season 3.

 + A Very Special Reunion
   -> Link up with a GBA or DS. That, or use a GameShark or something. XD
[045]-------------------04.05. List of Wants & Errands-------------------------
For those who want to see these quickly without scrolling through the actual
walkthrough of each episode...

Season 1
 Episode 1: Buried by the Mob
  + Hidden Want: Fix Dusty's freezer in the back of the saloon. You need at
    least 1 Mechanical skill point.
  + Errand: Talk to Paco in the Zoo and give the Valve to Kayleigh in the 
    Nuclear Plant.

 Episode 2: What Digs Beneath
  + Hidden Want: Find the Microfiche and give it to Jimmy. This can be found
    in the fireplace at Frankie's house.
  + Errand: Talk to Jeb the farmer and give the chair to Momma Hogg. I think
    she was in the Nuclear Plant...

 Episode 3: Aliens Arrived
  + Hidden Want: When Aliens start to take over, head to the Club (the one
    above the now-closed Salt Mines) and spray all of them with your NERF 
    Super Soaker.
  + Errand: Talk to Penelope and get a bottle of green goo from Ava (who can
    be found in the Gardens as usual), then give it to Penelope.

Season 2
 Episode 1: Blackout!
  + Hidden Want: Talk to Jeb, he mentions something about green goo. When you
    can get access to the Warehouse and are safe from the radiation, get a 
    bottle of green goo from inside, then give it to Jeb.
  + Errand: Talk to Frankie Fusilli, then give the Lava Lamp to Luthor.

 Episode 2: A Brand New Scent
  + Hidden Want: Talk to Misty Waters in the sauna (?) area of the Casino.
    Then talk to Penelope, Ava, Ara and then back to Misty.
  + Errand: Talk to the Lord Mole in the Salt Mines, then give the map to
    Penelope outside the Casino.

 Episode 3: The New Cola
  + Hidden Want: After you find Tank in the lower level, if you go north he'll
    run like a little girl because of the giant black ladybug. Go ahead and 
    kill it by spraying lots of time with your NERF Super Soaker.
  + Errand: No errand. FREE POINTS! ^0^

 Episode 4: There Was This Mummy
  + Hidden Want: When you are playing the Hot & Cold game (could be possibly
    done before but whatever), head to the Warehouse, which is literally on
    fire even though the mummy says you are cold. Go inside and put out the
    fires with your NERF Super Soaker.
  + Errand: Talk to Kayleigh, who'll give you a couch. Give this to Frankie.

Season 3
 Episode 1: Triassic Trouble
  + Hidden Want: Talk to Paco in the zoo, then go out of the zoo, but in the
    same screen, head south from the bridge, until you are in the dirt just 
    above the water level. You should notice the patch of dirt, so dig there
    and give the jaw to Paco.
  + Errand: Get the Penguin Invoice from Pete the pirate and give it to Paco.

 Episode 2: The Doomed Earth
  + Hidden Want: After you place the bomb in the asteroid thingy, hit the 
    MIDDLE choice to get this done.
  + Errand: Talk to Auda inside the club above the mines. He'll give you some
    Real Shark Jaws or whatever to give to Dusty.

 Episode 3: It All Came to an End
  + Hidden Want: Talk to Penelope inside the City Hall, then go to the Salt
    Mines and get the seemingly harmless jar of plutonium. Oh, but what's 
    this? Boss battle! -- Wait, wrong game. Just get that back to Penelope.
  + Errand: After upgrading your NERF SS to the NERF Ultra Soaker 2510 (Yes,
    I blatantly made that up, same as the NERF SS name) from Emperor Xizzle,
    an alien will appear there. Give the Ray Gun he gives you to Xizzle in
    the screen of the Nuclear Plant.

 Episode 4: A Very Special Reunion
  + Hidden Want: Meet Optimum Alfred in the Car Factory and talk to him. Then
    go around doing all five minigames (Bigfoot Loves Chickens, Canyon
    Jumping, Cattle Cleanup, Chop Shop and Keelhaulin' Cards). I don't know
    if you can pretty much lose in a horrible fashion or need to win something
  + Errand: After you get the broadcast from Tank, go to the Ice Caves and talk
    to the Yeti. Take the doll and give it to Bigfoot who is outside the zoo.

There, all done.
[005]---------------------------05. Mini-Games---------------------------------

Bigfoot Love Chickens
 ...but he's picky about their color. Use the +Control Pad to find the correct
 color combination that will satisfy this sasquatch. Press the A Button to see
 if your combination matches Bigfoot's appetite!

Level 1: No requirements.
Level 2: Score 0:30, and Intellect 1.
Level 3: Score 0:25, and Intellect 2.
Level 4: Score 0:15, Intellect 3, and Strength 1.
Level 5: Score 0:10, Intellect 4, and Strength 2.

Basically, a Mastermind game. You get four chickens, and they can rotate colors
at your leisure. As you send them flying, if sasquatch doesn't eat them, he
will give a number followed by a /4. Meaning you got that number of chickens
right. Which one? Who knows, it's up to you to try.

So try to get your winning strategy.

Location: Inside the zoo.


Canyon Jumping
 Tap the A Button repeatedly for a good take-off speed. After the jump press B
 Button to pop out your wings. Use the +Control Pad to find a perfect angle
 that will keep your speed up! Watch out for geese and weather ballons, and

Level 1: No requirements.
Level 2: ???
Level 3: Score 975, Mechanical 2, and Intellect 2.
Level 4: Score 1000, Mechanical 3, and Intellect 3.
Level 5: Score 1050, Mechanical 4, and Intellect 5.

The game is overall fun, just keep moving in the air to keep yourself there
and when you see land below you, start falling because if you don't, you'll

Location: Near the ice cave. Go above the dam and then hug the right wall as 
 you go near the canyon.


Car Commercial
 Take Amazonite's latest ride for a test drive! Your quick responses to 
 marketing department slogans will boost your score! Careful though... crash 
 this car and your score will drop.

Level 1: No requirements.
Level 2: Score 750, Confidence 1, and Hotness 1.
Level 3: Score 800, Confidence 2, and Hotness 2.
Level 4: Score 1000, Confidence 3, and Hotness 4.
Level 5: Score 1500, Confidence 4, and Hotness 5.

This game is easy actually. You get several slogans on top like "All Terrain
Vehicle" so just go into the rough. Or "Easy Handling" so just go between two
of those orange weird posts. There's "It's Fast," so keep the top speed on
and such... By the way, you are allowed to crash when you get a "Dual-Side
Airbags" slogan. In fact, you have to...

Location: Only playable through Commercial Breaks.


Cattle Cleanup
 Help Jeb clean-up his farm. Fill your canisters by collecting poo! Watch out
 for the charging bull and the green radioactive poo. If you have any methane
 left, hit the L Button or R Button for a boost!

Level 1: No requirements.
Level 2: Score 8, and Mechanical 1.
Level 3: Score 10, Mechanical 2, and Strength 1.
Level 4: Score 10, Mechanical 3, and Strength 2.
Level 5: Score 11, Mechanical 5, and Strength 3.

I don't really like this game. But basically, just hit A to dash and move
around collecting poo and avoiding crashing.

Location: By Jeb's farm.


Chop Shop
 Welcome to Mr. Fusilli's private and not-so-legal chop shop. Help sort the
 various car parts. Press the A Button to grab a part and use the +Control Pad
 to pick a bin to drop it in. Your score is based on the bin with the least
 amount of parts. So make sure you separate them evenly!

Level 1: No requirements.
Level 2: Score 8, and Strenght 2.
Level 3: Score 9, Mechanical 1, and Strength 3.
Level 4: Score 10, Mechanical 2, and Strength 4.
Level 5: Score 12, Mechanical 3, and Strength 5.

This game isn't hard at all. Just grab and item and hit the pad in the 
direction the bin is. I suggest you just keep grabbing at random, only when
you are close to running out of time, should you try to get items of the least
you have.

Location: Inside the Car Factory, between two cars in the lower floor.


Keelhaulin' Cards
 Collect pirate cards and earn three of a kind. Turn them in and watch your 
 pirate walk the plank. Play a ghost card for extra points! At the end of your
 turn, don't forget to discard. First played with at least 200 points at the
 end of a round: WINS!

Level 1: No requirements.
Level 2: Score 200, Intellect 1, and Personality 1.
Level 3: Score 200, Intellect 1, and Personality 2.
Level 4: Score 200, Intellect 2, and Personality 3.
Level 5: Score 200, Intellect 3, and Personality 4.

This is a slightly weird game. Basically, you get several cards. If you have
three or more of a kind, you can play them to add points to the vault. Ghost
cards can be played if the last pirate that walked the plank is the same as
the card, or in some ocassions they don't seem to have rules, haven't figured
that one well.

Anyway, the one who ends a turn with no cards, wins the points in the vault
and this keeps going until someone goes over 200 at the end of a round.

Location: Inside the casino.


King Chug Chug
 Don't let King Chug-Chug catch you! Tap the A Button repeatedly to run away.
 But be careful: if you run too fast your cola will explode. Press Down to
 drink and relieve the pressure, and Up to jump over obstacles.

Level 1: No requirements.
Level 2: Score 60, Hotness 1, and Personality 1.
Level 3: Score 60, Hotness 3, and Personality 1.
Level 4: Score 60, Hotness 4, and Personality 2.
Level 5: Score 45, Hotness 5, and Personality 3.

The game is fairly simple, though it can wreak havoc on your finger. Just keep
tapping A as fast as you can and keep an eye on your cola gauge and the boxes
of colas. Drink when the icon of your cola is flashing red and keep hitting
A to run away from that giant psycho-cola.

Location: Only playable through Commercial Breaks.
[006]--------------------------06. Plot Twists!--------------------------------
New Plot - Mystery Plot (50 RP)
 What the audience wants is more intrigue!
 -> Adds "There Was This Mummy" to Season 2.

New Plot - Weirdness (50 RP)
 Glowing lights, goofy gadgets, quirky contraptions... make it happen!
 -> Adds "Aliens Arrived" to Season 1.

New Set - Friendly (65 RP)
 Fun and frivolous objects will make the scene more festive and lively!
 -> Changes the decor of your house to make it seem more friendly.

New Set - Romantic (85 RP)
 Add some pillows, soft music, and a little candlelight to set the mood in
 your new pad.
 -> Changes the decor of your house to make it seem more romantic.

New Set - Intimidating (75 RP)
 A house full of bold and brazen items will certainly give viewers something to
 talk about.
 -> Changes the decor of your house to make it seem more intimidating.

New Prop - The Chopper (150 RP)
 Get your paws on the throttle! Built by Dusty Hogg himself, this fine ride 
 will make you the envy of Strangetown.
 -> Adds a bike you can ride around town.

[007]--------------------------07. Social Moves!-------------------------------
Friendly Moves:
 Hug (??? RP)
  Wrap your arms around them and squeeze!
 Brag (80 RP)
  You're proud of yourself and you aren't afraid to show it.
 Apologize (100 RP)
  Go on, say you're sorry. It's OK. Everything will be fine.

Romantic Moves:
 Blow Kiss (40 RP)
  Lighter than air and more romantic than a regular kiss.
 Kiss (85 RP)
  Plant a big smooch right where it counts.
 Show Off Bod (Body? -- ??? RP)
  You're totally buffed up and proud of it.

Intimidating Moves:
 Threaten (60 RP)
  You aren't going to this lying down!
 Rude Gesture (75 RP)
  This gesture is forbidden in over 30 countries around the world.
 Karate Moves (115 RP)
  Fists of steel, feet of stone, stomach of iron.

[010]---------------------------10. Conclusion---------------------------------
Closing in...
Hope you enjoyed the guide and it helped you, as it really takes a while to 
finish these things (when they are finished...).

Of course, any problems or suggestions you can always email me.

Anyway, as you know, most of us FAQ writers do this pretty much just for the
heck of it or to help other people who are having trouble (yes, I know some
people wonder how we can actually do this...).
So if you ever feel like repairing me one way or another, money is the way~! ^^

Seriously, if you ever have a spare buck you wish to send me, it would be
greatly appreciated. What's it used for? To keep me alive, help keep my comp
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a game I'm writing a guide for. So in one way or another, they help me keep
getting these coming out. 

How to do so? Well, if you are interested, how kind of you. Just enter into the
page below, though I believe you would need a PayPal account, not sure...

Just enter my email into the "Recipient's Email" field and the rest is up to
you. Giving a note as well would be appreciated. Thank you.
[101]-------------------------10.01. Credit List-------------------------------
Thanks to: 
 -> Maxis and whoever else was involved in the creation of this game.
 -> Zhen Jie Tan, for the minimum Strength needed to massage Bigfoot's foot.
 -> Kathy Quinn, well, she did brought to my attention stuff on section 02.01,
    so I decided to write it.

This FAQ/Walkthrough is copyright of Alan Quirino (grayfox2510 (at) gmail 
(dot) com).

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
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