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Abduction Mission Walkthrough by rebelstartc

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/21/12

Rebelstar:Tactical Command "Abduction" Mission Short Guide

Game: Rebelstar: Tactical Command 
Platform: Game Boy Advance 
FAQ by rebelstartc
Version: 1.0 
Last Updated: September 21st, 2012

By: rebelstartc

Table of Contents:

I.    Intro
II.   The Guide
III.  Acknowledgments
IV.   Legal Information
V.    Contact Me

I.  Intro

Rebelstar is an excellent turn-based strategy game, and most of the levels have
very manageable difficulty. 

However,  one of the  "hardest"  missions   in  the game  is Abduction,  if you
don't have any close combat skill whatsoever with Jorel. 

There is very little info about this potentially frustrating level in the game,
and thus I've made an account to write this  guide. This is my first guide, and
it took me around 1 and 1/2 to 2 hours to  write this guide. Believe it or not,
you can beat this mission in about 8-9 turns if you play your cards right!!!

II. The Guide

What doesn't work:

There's  no point  fighting  if  Jorel's  melee  skill is  zilch  so your  main
objective should just be GTFO. 

Even if you get weapons  which isn't necessarily  hard, you  probably have very
little ammo, and I believe  quite a few  enemies spawn so as  far as I can tell
it'll be virtually impossible to fight your way out in just 30 turns.

What to do when you are stuck:

It's definitely easier  with some stealth  stat because you  can travel farther
with higher stats if  I'm not mistaken.  Klaatu is garbage,  as he moves slowly
and his high psionic  skill is offset  by the fact  that he is level  1 and can
only use 1 psionic ability per turn. 

What you have to do is observe the patrolling patterns after trying the level a
few times. You basically  just keep  running, without  bothering  to attack the
enemies Near  the  very end  you can  just run  to get  out even  if there  are
Arelians shootng at you.

For the most part, don't  stand in the open,  stand in specific  spots when you
move, places where  enemies  patrolling can't  see you,  such as standing  just
around the corner or right next to doorways. 

This is my method for beating the level, and I did this with a stealth skill of
3 for Jorel. You can probably still use the same steps if you have less stealth
skill, and  if not you  can probably  use  a similar  strategy  by making  fine
adjustments. At the least, you can get Klaatu out safely using this method.

So for exact directions:

Turn 1: 

Make Jorel run  to the adjacent  room and  stay next to  the door on the  right
side. This uses 15 action points (AP).

Make Klaatu stand just beside  at the door in his room  for a few turns, facing
southeast  and wait  for the alien making  the circular patrol  to move. Uses 5

Turn 2:

Get Jorel to move to the upper middle corridor,  northeast of his position, and
stand next to or near the alien, should take 22-24 AP.

Klaatu doesn't move.

Turn 3:

Move Jorel to  the hallway  that leads  to the exit,  stand  next to the  first
room's doorway  but not  in the doorway  where the  alien inside  can see  you.
Takes 17/18-22 AP.

Move Klaatu south out the doorway and get  him just behind the corner where the
patrolling enemy was headed. Takes 9 AP.

Turn 4: 

Move Jorel closest to the exit as possible. 

There's an alien  down the hallway,  but it  doesn't matter,  move Klaatu  down
the hallway and turn right from his point of view so that he stands next to the
south wall, this should use up all 13 AP.

Turn 5 (important step, also might vary): 

Here, an alien might be pursuing and shooting Jorel depending on where you were
able to move the move Jorel earlier (I think),  so either get Jorel to the exit
point or try to  lure the alien  by going  into the room  closest to the  exit.
I've tried this out several times, if you  stand on the west side and overwatch
next to the door  you might be able to luck out and kill the attacking Arelian.

Or if you run to the southwestern corner of the room, you might be able to fool
the alien to go inside  the room but look  the wrong way, and  in this case you
can just run behind  him and  to the exit!  This could help  if you are  having
difficulties getting  Klaatu  out past this  alien closest  to the exit,  as it
provides an opportunity for Klaatu to just run past!  

Turn 6:

Move Klaatu  down the north-south  path  again until  he is  1 square past  the
middle hallway,  but not in the  middle hallway,  and he should  be against the
wall. Takes 13 AP.

Turn 7:

Send Klaatu down  the upper middle  pathway, as  far right as max  AP will take
him. He should be against the north wall.

Turn 8 and after:

Turn the corner to the exit hallway, and  keep heading to the exit. There might
or might not be an alien in  the vicinity, depending how  you played your cards
with Jorel, but you can most likely avoid him.

There you go! You just  beat probably the  hardest level in  the game in likely
under 10 turns!

III. Acknowledgements

Thanks to the developers of this excellent spiritual sequel to the X-COM games!

IV. Legal Crap 

Very straightforward stuff.

If you wish to host this guide, then you must agree to the 
following conditions:

1.) This is for  personal use,  not commerical,  so you  may not put this  in a
guide that will be sold for profit.
2.) If you somehow  need  to use post  it somewhere,  go ahead,  and also  post
either a link back to here, or credit my username, rebelstartc.

V. Contact Me

If you have any questions or comments, or spot an error:
You can try contacting me by  sending me a PM, but I'm  not sure how often I'll
check because I made this account just to post this guide.

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