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Guide and Walkthrough by Lisanne

Version: 1.31 | Updated: 04/12/2007

                   F R A N K L I N   T H E   T U R T L E

Version: 1.31
Status: Complete
Game covered: Franklin The Turtle
System: Nintendo GameBoy Advance


This guide is Copyright 2005-2007 Lisa Harrison (Lisanne).

This document may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
distributed publicly without my advance written permission. Use of this guide
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1. Introduction
2. The Basics
3. Level Descriptions
4. Thanks to...
5. Things I learnt while writing this guide


Franklin the Turtle is a cartoon character based on a series of educational
children's books, which was later turned into a TV programme. This game is
mainly geared towards very young children, whilst older kids may feel it's too
young for them (even though the cartoon series appeals to most children's age
groups). I would recommend that parents should help their young children to
get the most from this game, as although this has an extremely easy difficulty
level, at the beginning of each level there will be reading involved and the
instructions given may be too complex for the age group this game appeals to.


Controls vary according to each level, and are described in the level sections
below within this guide. Each level works differently, and the instructions are
given at the start of each, telling you what needs to be achieved in order to
move on to the next. In all cases, you can press the Start button to pause the
game at any time.

There is an option to save your game available before you start playing for the
first time, should you need it. This can be found before you start a new game.
When you first start up this game, on the screen where you see the image of
Franklin with "Game Select" printed underneath, scroll sideways to see some
more options presented to you, including "New Profile", which should be used
to start a new save file. You can also load a previously created profile and
view the game credits from this screen. I know some people will be wondering
why I've bothered to include this bit, but several people contacted me to ask
whether they could do this, since it isn't overtly obvious that you can get to
other options from this start-up screen! By the way, from the New Profile
screen, you are also given a choice between "Easy" and "Hard". You can save up
to four different files too.

Once you start a new game, you can access any level from the starting position
moving clockwise towards the first padlock symbol. All the levels before that
symbol must be successfully completed before it becomes available to access,
although not necessarily in the clockwise order shown. All levels revolve
around doing something fluffy and/or nice (Franklin lives in a world devoid of
violence). As with the books and cartoons, this game is designed to attempt to
instil a sense of curiosity about the world around them in young children.


For the purposes of this guide, I'll assume you're tackling the levels in a
clockwise order. There are 20 levels in total, three of which start off as
locked (that padlock symbol that appears over them). Levels for which the
instructions say "catch as many ____ as you can" or similar have different
requirements for the different difficulty options, so I haven't included them
here. On easy mode the requirement is usually around 20 or 30, and on the hard
mode aim for double that amount to get through.

Franklin In The Garden
Objective: Keep the plants in the garden from shrivelling by making sure they
all have enough water for the duration of the level. Achieve this by watering
each plant in turn when you notice it beginning to shrivel. You'll also need
to keep refilling your watering can after watering each plant just once. The
tap is located on the far right hand side of the screen, immediately behind
Franklin at the start of the game. The level is completed when all the plants
are blooming with those big, red... things. Not sure what they are :) You have
two minutes to achieve this goal.
Controls: D-pad to move, and A button to water each plant and refill the can.
Difficulty: Takes a couple of tries sometimes to get this level done, as it
can be unclear what the game actually wants you to do. The only way to really
understand it is to play it - after one successful completion, there shouldn't
be any more problems with this one.

The Bike Race
Objective: See the bear on the bike? He's called "Bear", imaginitively, and
this level entails racing him to the finish line on your bike. By the way, Bear
seems to cheat! Anyway, there are obstacles that need to be avoided - Franklin
can't bunny-hop, with him being a turtle and all, so you'll have to go around.
Also, you should pick up some drinks on the way through the course by riding
over them. That apparently makes you go faster, but I'm not sure I believe the
game on that issue.
Controls: D-pad to move, A button to accelerate.
Difficulty: Medium-easy. I'm not keen on this level, personally. It's boring
and the controls aren't responsive enough. It does need to be gotten out of the
way though, so there you go.

Diving For Stars
Objective: Move through this underwater level, collecting the stars as you go
along. There are a few obstacles as well as fish that you need to avoid (they
get in your way and slow you down if you hit one), but this is one of the
easier levels. To complete it, you'll need to collect as many stars as you can
within the one minute time level.
Controls: Just the D-pad to move. Stars are picked up by swimming into them.
Difficulty: Easy. The fish don't alter the level they're already swimming at,
so you get plenty of time to avoid them. The level also moves slowly.

Mum's Homemade Cookies
Objective: I'm SO jealous. Franklin's helping his Mum to bake some cookies, by
adding the ingredients she asks him to add in the order she says. Basically,
it's a memory game, and not a difficult one at all. Respect the cookies - don't
mess up her recipe! There are seven rounds to this level. You start off just
needing to remember one, then two, and so on up until seven. After that, you've
successfully completed the level.
Controls: D-pad to move along the list of ingredients, and A button to select
Difficulty: Fairly easy, depending on your memory. There are only four
ingredients so it's not really hard to remember them at all. The longest order
you'll have to remember them in is step by step, seven ingredients total.

Franklin's Memory Game
Objective: A grid of cards appears, with matching pairs hidden face-down in a
random order on the grid. Matching the pairs with each other involves moving
between them and flipping them over. If they match, they are removed, and an
image is gradually revealed behind them. The grid is a square with 20 cards
starting off face down on it, and to successfully complete this level you will
need to match all the pairs correctly to remove all the cards. You are given
a two minute time limit to complete this level.
Controls: D-pad to move around the grid, and A-button to flip a card over.
Difficulty: Medium. This isn't so easy for younger kids.

Paint With Franklin
Objective: Paint by numbers! The original picture appears on the right hand
side. Remember there are three different paintings here too. Have fun!
Controls: D-pad to move around, A button to select a colour and then paint,
B button to clear all paint off the picture, L and R buttons to flip between
the paintings available.
Difficulty: Not really applicable!

NOTE: I've had a couple of e-mails about this level asking me how to move on to
from here. Since it's come up more than once, I'll add this here. You'll need
to complete at least one of the paintings so that it looks exactly as shown in
the top right-hand corner. Once you do so, you'll get a message on screen
saying, "That's beautiful!", and from here you can exit back to the level
selection menu and Franklin will move on to the next.

Franklin Plays Football
Objective: That's football as in the real kind, not that American version.
That Bear person is back again and as rudely competitive as ever. Franklin must
block his goals in a one on one game of football, by making contact with the
ball before it hits the goal. As long as you score more goals than him, you win.
Controls: D-pad to move.
Difficulty: Very easy. At least Bear doesn't cheat this time.

Butterfly Catching
Objective: Help Franklin catch butterflies and avoid catching bees by moving
him around the screen so they land in his net. If the bees land on Franklin,
he is delayed. You have one minute to achieve this objective.
Controls: D-pad to move.
Difficulty: There are so many bees!! Regardless, this is very easy. Remember
the "Diving for Stars" level and you'll know what to expect.

Help The Squirrels
Objective: Inexplicably, some squirrels are falling out of trees, and Franklin
along with that Bear person decide to help them get back into the trees by
running around with an extremely small trampoline, bouncing them back up. The
idea is to prevent any squirrels landing on the grassy clearing beneath. Watch 
out for the angle they bounce. You'll need to get them to the horizontal
branches at the sides of the screen to succeed, so watch for where they're
going. You'll have one minute to complete this level, and you'll need to get
most of the squirrels back into the trees to succeed.
Controls: D-pad to move left and right, A button to tilt the trampoline to the
right, and B button to tilt the trampoline left.
Difficulty: To be honest, this level is moderately difficult even on the "Easy"
setting! Oh well, at least it's a challenge.

Objective: Help Franklin to collect freakishly large pieces of fruit that are
scattered all over the street, whilst avoiding the selection of obstacles that
litter your path. There are way more obstacles than in the previous levels, but
vitally you can jump. Take advantage of this move, as the requirements for this
levels are steep compared to earlier ones. The level is timed - you have one
minute to complete this objective, since you aren't racing. The main thing to
watch out for is that your skateboard doesn't become too damaged - the bar on
the top-right of the screen shows you how much more damage it can take, and it
will be damaged every time you bump into an obstacle. Just avoid as many as
you can to get through it.
Controls: D-pad to move, A button to jump and B button to brake.
Difficulty: Much easier than it appears to be at first glance. So long as you
jump over as many obstacles as possible, it's actually very easy. The hardest
part is avoiding wrecking your skateboard!

Apple Harvest
Objective: Franklin appears on-screen with a basket, in which you must aim to
catch as many apples as you can before the timer runs out. The requirements
here are fairly steep. Apples drop quickly, and generally you won't be able to
catch them all. Just aim for what appears to be the most sensible option to
get through (ie, move in whichever direction has the most falling apples). You
are given one minute to complete this level.
Controls: D-pad to move left and right.
Difficulty: Fairly easy. The trick is not to aim to catch all the apples.

Franklin's Puzzles
Objective: Jigsaws!! Shouldn't need explanation. It's another one of those
nifty bonus levels. Have fun!
Controls: D-pad to move, A button to pick up or place a piece, B button to
get a new piece, L and R buttons to flip through the three jigsaws available.
Difficulty: Incredibly easy.

Franklin's Day At School
Objective: This level works the same way as a side-scrolling platform game. In
case you're not familiar with that type, you'll need to move left to right
across the screen, jumping over obstacles (and sometimes onto obstacles - yes,
you can do that in this level) and collecting stars to get to the end. There
are bees who you must avoid - jump over them or get underneath them depending
on which is most convenient. Note that you will need to collect all the stars
to progress.
Controls: D-pad to move, A button to jump.
Difficulty: Pretty easy, once you get the hang of getting past those bees.

The Fish Card Game
Objective: Gain more points than "Beaver" the Beaver. You get one point for
each set of four identical cards you collect, but so does he. The best strategy
is to work out what cards he may have, and try to mess up his own hand while
collecting four identical cards in your own. Please let me know if I got that
wrong - I've never actually worked out what the rules are, but regardless of
that, it's still easy enough to get through!
Controls: D-pad to move between the cards, A button to select one and B button
to cancel a selection.
Difficulty: Considering I beat this level before I even worked out what the
rules of the game were, I'd say very easy!

Treasure Hunt
Objective: To collect as much gold from the treasure chests at the bottom of
the screen as possible before the time is up. The requirement here is lower
than on similar levels, to reflect the fact that the fish get in your way so
much (if they hit you, you drop the treasure). You'll need to swim down to the
bottom of the screen to pick up treasure - the chests at the bottom will open
and close randomly, showing gold within them. Swim into one to pick it up, and
then after each piece of gold, swim back to the top, avoiding the fish, and put
the treasure into the boat waiting (again, just swim into it). Repeat this as
many times as possible within the two minute time limit. Bear in mind that the
game doesn't even expect you to achieve double figures here as far as the
amount of gold needed is concerned.
Controls: D-pad to move.
Difficulty: Moderate. The fish really get in your way here. Best way to avoid
them is to move slowly up into each gap between rows of fish.

Marbles With Fox
Objective: Yep you guessed it, you're playing a game of marbles. With a fox.
And his name is "Fox" as well. In order to complete this level, you'll need to
get more of your marbles into the red circle in the middle than Fox does. You
are allowed to aim to hit his marbles out of the circle, if you need extra
help. There's nothing to this but practice, I'm afraid, but he makes a fairly
easy opponent. Watch out for him trying to get your marbles out of the circle
though. Score is based on which player gets the most in the middle.
Controls: D-pad to aim your shots, and A button to shoot.
Difficulty: Can be tricky at first, but it's easy once you get the hang of it.
Just practice and you'll get the hang of it without too many problems.

Beaver Repairs The Dam
Objective: Beaver needs to repair the dam. You'll need to collect branches
from the bottom of the screen and get them up to the top until the dam is
completely repaired (the progress is clearly visible). Swim into a branch at
the bottom to pick it up, avoid the logs on your way back up and then put the
branch in the hole at the top of the screen to begin repairing it. Logs move
in a set pattern and for this reason it's much easier to complete than the
Treasure Hunt level with the fish. After that one, this should be a breeze. You
have one minute to complete this level, but need only to collect three branches
to be successful.
Controls: D-pad to move.
Difficulty: Fairly easy. Similar to the "Treasure Hunt" level.

Slide The Tiles
Objective: Yes, it's another of those bonus levels! This time, you have three
tile puzzles to play with. You'll need to unscramble the pieces of each one in
order to complete this. Enjoy!
Controls: D-pad to move tiles around, B button to get a hint, L and R buttons
to select a different picture.
Difficulty: Not applicable, since it's a bonus level!

Ice Hockey
Objective: Oh no, it's that Bear person again. To get through this, you'll need
to score goals by correctly aiming your shots. There are nine pucks in total,
so you will need to get the majority of those in the net in order to win. Bear
just slides around fairly randomly so it's not too hard. I find that a good
tactic is to aim for his head when he's at one of the edges, and shoot when he
is there. Chances are he'll move just at the right time.
Controls: Hold down the A button and move the target around using the D-pad.
Let go of the A button and press it quickly again to shoot. Not sure why the
controls had to be so complex in this level!
Difficulty: Medium, but don't be surprised if you miss the first couple of
shots. Takes a while to get the hang of this.

Franklin's Blocks
Objective: To remove all the blocks from the screen. There are several rules
that this game and the player must follow - blocks are lettered A, B and C. To
remove blocks, you must match them up in groups of two or more. Blocks move
downwards when others underneath them are removed, and they move to the left
across the screen if you remove an entire column. The layout varies from game
to game. If you have problems understanding the rules, just play a few games
of this - you'll soon learn what the principle is. It's simple in theory, but
can be tough in practice!
Controls: Use the D-pad to move and the A button to select a block.
Difficulty: Fairly difficult, but then, it IS the last level! Speaking of
which, I hope you enjoyed this guide. Congratulations, you've finished!


 o Sashanan for pointing out that I STILL hadn't finished this guide which is
   what led me to actually get it done!
 o ASchultz just for the hell of it.
 o The friends and relatives who lent me their offspring to test this game on.


 o Kids seem to like me. I have no idea why.
 o Kids today have no idea who "Pob" is. Anyone remember him? Channel 4 (in the
   UK), Sunday mornings during the early-mid 1980s. Brilliant series. Didn't 
   understand any of it, myself...
 o "Rainbow" isn't on TV anymore! I'm shocked and appalled.
 o Hi Mum!

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