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Reviewed: 03/21/05


For those who don't know it, the Kappa is a monster from the japanese mythology. Also, despite having "How to breed Kappas" in the box of the game and in the game itself, it doesn't mean this is a kappa raising game, but it is a platform game...

As I just said, this is a platform game, in which you will have to control a super deformed Kappa in some levels in order to rescue more Kappas.

After starting the game, you will notice that the main section of the park you are in is the place where you can see what things you already have, and it also has a phone (no idea what it is for), a store, a place for the mini-games and a wheel of fortune.

As for the levels, they are split in 5 locations, each with 6 different levels, and each of those having 2 area. While the first area is always really easy, it turns out being just a small tutorial of the new things that will appear in that level, and this way everyone will know what to expect in that second area. However, while up to the third location the game is quite easy, in that one it turns out being somehow confusing, meaning that this game may turn out being a lot harder from that point beyond, which may stop the weaker players from continuing it.

As for the mini-games, they look like being taken from one of those old LCD games, and that means... excellent Gameplay, and a nice bonus for older players which miss their old system, long ago ruined by the passing time.

When you (the Kappa, I mean!) were going to a convention with the guy who owns you, some problem happens and everyone flees from the park. Now, you will have to try finding the other Kappas and return to safety... Will you be able to do it? It's up to you!

They look great, in a funny way (Densetsu no Stafi 3, anyone?), and everything can be seen quite clearly. However, the background sometimes can get into the gameplay, and most of the times you won't know if something in the scenario really belongs to the level or is just a background thing. Plus, there is a slight bug in the cut scenes, and that is... the human characters don't have faces! Strange, hum?

The music in the "normal" levels is quite, I am not sure but I would say that each level has its own music. The sound in the mini-games is simply perfect, I felt like I was playing the real and original LCD game. Now, there is a really bad thing around here... each time you make your Kappa jump he screams his name ("Kappa"!), which isn't very interesting and becomes boring really soon, so players are most likely advised to turn off the sound as soon as possible.

Play Time/Replayability
Because of the large amount of levels (more than 30) and the number of items you can unlock (despite they seem like not making any difference in the game at all...), I would have to say that this game has both a large play time and a good replay value. If you ever get to fully complete it , I mean...

Final Recommendation
Kappa lovers will surely enjoy this game (I mean, if there is any outside Japan...), but so will the platform games fans! Also, not being violent turns this game into a good gift for kids, if you don't mind having them play a game in japanese...

Rating: 6

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