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Reviewed: 06/30/05

A Dueling Disaster!

Introduction - Yu-gi-oh! 7 Trials of Glory: World Championship 2005
Today, Yu-gi-oh is one of the most popular and one of the best selling franchises out there. The TV show, cards, and games are watched and played by many eager fans. Some of the Yu-gi-oh games out now are all fairly good but is "7 Trials of Glory" one of them?

Story - 3/10
People say that this game doesn't have a story. I say otherwise. The story is similar to all the other Yu-gi-oh! games.You play as a normal teenage boy that lives in a busy town filled with duelists eager to duel. Your goal is to win tournaments and become the best duelist in the city. Very unoriginal.

Gameplay - 5/10
It's a Yu-gi-oh game that plays by expert rules, so it must be good, right? Wrong. It may play by expert rules but Konami put in lots of annoying additions. They tried to make it "RPGish" by letting you walk around town and being able to duel people with a touch of a button. You can now also buy cards from a shop instead of getting them from winning duels. Probably the worst addition to the game is the weekly banned list. Every week new cards appear on the list and you're not allowed to use them at all that week. Sure, it may seem fun at first, building new decks all the time, but after a little while it gets extremely annoying.

Graphics - 7/10
Hey, Konami actually spent more than a minute working on something! The duelist sprites and card pictures are fairly decent and it makes you feel like you're actually dueling in real-life. Unfortunately they didn't seem to put in as much time and effort in making the areas and surroundings.

Sound - 3/10
Ugh. The music gets so boring and repetitive that you'll turn the sound off after your first few duels. Music has never been good in any of the other Yu-gi-oh games and this one is definitely no exception.

Replay Value - 4/10
Being a very fun card game, it should have alot of replay value. Experimenting with new decks and dueling can be fun. Unfortunately it gets very repetitive very soon. You walk around, duel, go home, leave home, duel, tournament, go home, and so on. The whole game consists of doing those things hundreds of times. Not very fun, huh?

Overall - 22/50 ~ 4/10
If you want to purchase a Yu-gi-oh game, I suggest you skip this one and perhaps pick up "Worldwide Edition" instead. The 7 Trials of Glory is easily the worst expert ruled game on the GBA right now. I do not recommend this game to anyone, except to those that enjoy annoying and repetitive card games.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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