Review by LondonMafia567

Reviewed: 03/05/05

Wow. I actually expected better.

Now, I'm not a real good fan of Yu-gi-oh!, but I used to be. I played around 200 hours on EDS and WWE. So, I tried it out, and, wow. It was horrible. Just horrible.

Graphics 2/10

Why is it that every time I see the sprites, I think, Golden Sun!? It's because these are all low-budget rips of Camelot sprites, with a few major exceptions. Namely main characters. The actually game field is a step down from EDS and WWE. It's way too cluttered. The actual card pictures are decent. But, the text boxes are just scribbles, and the name fits in the name box about half the time, because all the Yu-gi-oh! cards have 50 letter long names.

Sound 3/10

Interesting. This music sounds just like the previous games! That's because all Konami did was take all the music out of them, and dumped it into this one. Even the annoying selection beeps are the same. I guess composers don't like making music for games that are exactly the same. I wonder if Dynasty Warriors has the same problem...

Gameplay 6/10

This game is not like the original games. You walk around, anteing cards, and getting duel points to spend on booster packs. In other words, it takes about 3-5 duels to get a booster pack. The actual duels are bad, too. You're also missing cards essential to about 30 decktypes. Granted, it has more cards than the others, but as they say, quality over quantity. Also, the glitches are really bad in this game.

Story I'm not going to bother.

OMG DUEL EVERYBODY! That's not a story. It's a MMORPG plot, sans MMO.

Replay 9/10

Like all card games, all this game is is a big replay. Play people to get new cards, build a new deck, duel the people again, get more cards, build a new deck. You replay to replay.

Conclusion 4/10

Unless you are a hardcore Yu-gi-oh! plan, I wouldn't advise doing anything with it. The length is nice, 70+ hours, but it's mostly boring Human > CPU beatdown. With no ingame rulebook, it will take you a few hours to figure out even the basics. So, don't rent it, and save your 30 dollars. The promos are nice, but only viable in certain decks.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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