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Reviewed: 08/25/10

I don't consider myself a big Yu-Gi-Oh fanatic, but this is pretty good.

Yu-gi-oh 7 Trials of Glory takes the form of a standard Yugioh game, and it tosses in free roam, in which you can walk around. Now Yu-Gi-Oh is not known for having outstanding video games, however this 2005 Gameboy Advance Game (while far from outstanding) strikes me as above average.

The story features you as a new duelist. You must collect cards and duel other people, and win tournaments. I am not sure whether to consider that a story or not, but I guess I will. There is nothing further in the story, the rest is up to you, in a free roam where you can duel other duelists and enter tournaments.

Story: 6/10

The duels are pretty fun, there are tons of different characters to duel against, although this is the only character interaction. Besides that this is one of the first Yu-Gi-Oh games to feature free roam and it is done well. You can choose where to duel, and when to duel however there is no in-game clock and the day only ends whenever you choose to go to sleep. When you go to sleep the duelists switch locations, if you don't go to sleep they stay in the same place all day. Some duelists are harder than others, some tournaments are harder than others. There are special things to do to unlock different duelists in free roam. All of this combined makes for a great gaming experience and even those who don't consider yourselves Yu-Gi-Oh fans such as myself can get some enjoyment out of this thanks to the easy and fun gameplay.

The duels are easy to do, there is a help guide within the game that is helpful for new players who would like to try this game out. I've seen a lot of games not include this, or include it in a different way so it is nice. With the control guide the controls can be figured out in no time at all.

Gameplay: 7/10

The graphics are standard for a gameboy advance game, with mainly 2D sprites and nothing overly fancy. All of the cards are uniquely designed and the character designs are average. There isn't anything special about them. The sound is average as well, with a basic soundtrack that doesn't stick out much. You really have to turn on the game and listen to the sound to notice it.

Graphics/Sound: 7/10

Replay Value
There isn't much to do besides duel different duelists, win more tournaments and trophies and try to get your money's worth of gaming. Once the main plot is done it is possible to try and collect every card and find even more ways to make the game last, but overall the game is not that challenging and there is no duelist that is too hard, so there isn't much to stay about the replay value.

Replay Value: 6/10

- A lot of cards
- A lot of trophies and tourneys to win, a lot of people to duel
- Good graphics for a GBA game
- Easy for any non-Yu-Gi-Oh fan to figure out

Nothing really sticks out

In conclusion
Judging on not just my review but other reviews, if you are an actual yu-gi-oh fan this game will probably be more of a disappointment towards you but it's good if you have no history with Yu-Gi-Oh anime and just want to duel, as there is little story and even less relation to the anime.

Overall rating:

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Yu-Gi-Oh! 7 Trials to Glory: World Championship Tournament 2005 (US, 02/15/05)

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