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    Gun Data FAQ by Chesu

    Version: 0.3 | Updated: 10/22/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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       Special Thanks - ST
    This section, at the top of the page, is reserved for anyone who has helped me
    in any way with the creation of this FAQ, whether they provided information,
    ripped maps for me (looking forward to that, if you're still interested!), 
    gave me advive on writing this, or even pointed something out! I hope that 
    this section will fill out in the coming weeks. ^_^
       For pointing out that I forgot to say 
       which site I was posting this on!
       Still interested in ripping those maps for me?
       Table of Contents - ToC
    0. Special Thanks - ST
    I. Table of Contents - ToC
    II. Introduction - INT
    III. Purpose of this FAQ - PoF
    IV. Updates and Version History - UVH
    V. What is This? - WiT
      V-1. What is Gun Data?
      V-2. What is a Krill Parasite?
      V-3. What's the deal with Krill ships? 
    VI. Gun Data Types - GDT
      VI-1. Cannon Types
      VI-2. Bullet Types
      VI-3. Impact Types 
    VII. Gun Data Locations - GDL
      VII-1. Legend
      VII-2. Map Layout
      VII-3. Cannon Types
      VII-4. Bullet Types
      VII-5. Impact Types
    VIII. User Gun Ratings - UGR
    IX. Notable Combinations - NC
      IX-1. Chesu's Combinations
      IX-2. User Combinations
    X. User Top Tips - UTT
    XI. Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs
    XII. Contact Info - CI
    XIII. Legal Stuff - LS
       Introduction - INT
    Hello, and welcome to my first FAQ! I've never done this before, so bear with 
    me. I've written several guides over the years, (almost every one of them for 
    a zelda game) but this is the first I've made specifically for GameFaqs.com! 
    I started a new save file on my copy of Sigma Star Saga to find where each
    piece of Gun Data is located, so progress on the Gun Data Locations section
    may be a little slow. I hope that many people will contribute to this FAQ.
    In case you're new to conputers, or just ignorant of the fact, you can press 
    CTRL+F to find content on the current page. Next to each section in the Table 
    of Contents, you'll see a two or three letter acronym- type it into the 
    seach bar to find the corresponding section on the page. 
    (Note: this feature is not case sensitive)
       Purpose of this Faq - PoF
    This FAQ was created to provide information on the Gun Data and all related 
    material in the Nintendo Game Boy Advance game Sigma Star Saga. There are 76 
    pieces of Gun Data to collect in the game, each with a unique function. This 
    FAQ lists the use, location, strategical advantage and rating of each piece 
    of Gun Data. I plan to make a separate FAQ focused on ships available to you 
    and what kinds of enemies you can expect to encounter on each planet.
       Updates and Version History - UVH
    10/22/05 - Version 0.3
    My FAQ has finally been accepted! Huzzah! Now that everyone (and be everyone,
    I mean all four of you) on the Sigma star Saga boards can easily see this,
    I can finally begin work on the user-submitted stuff. I've updated the FAQS
    section, and have added a Special Thanks to the top of this FAQ. That's right,
    the TOP of the FAQ! Special Thanks traditionally go at the bottom, but I plan
    to show REAL thanks! ^_^
    10/13/05 - Version 0.2
    I haven't beaten the game yet, (currently leveling up outside of the Starbase
    on the Forgotten Planet) but started a second file to flesh out the Gun Data
    Locations near the beginning of the game. Most of the Gun Data I'm missing 
    is probably on the Sand and Forgotten planets, not to mention the sixth
    planet. (the sixth planet is probably either Earth of whatever planet the
    Krill are from- they've already exhausted most of the typical video game 
    areas- all that remain are underwater and swamp/jungle areas, the latter of
    which seems likely as the environment in which the Krill evolved.
    10/12/05 - Version 0.1
    Just started work on this FAQ. I'm currently working on Gun Data Locations.
    I hope I'll be able to get people to contribute More information, as locating
    seventy-six pieces of Gun Data is a daunting task for one person.
       What is This? - WiT
    There are several things unique to this game, which I feel need to be 
    explained. This section describes just how Gun Data and related materials 
    function in the world of Sigma Star Saga.
          What is Gun Data?
       Gun Data is basically information telling your ship and it's projectiles 
       how to react. Gun Data comes in three forms- Cannon Type, Bullet Type, and 
       Impact Type. The Cannon Type tells your ship what kind of cannon to fire 
       shots from. The Bullet Type tells your ship what kind of projectiless to 
       fire. Finally, the Impact Type tells your projectiles how to act on contact 
       with their target. All of this information is remembered by your Krill 
       Parasite, which communicates with the ship that you're currently in.
          What is a Krill Parasite?
       A Krill Parasite is a genetically engineered creatur, designed to enhance
       the natural abilities of the Krill and allow them to easily interact with
       other living Krill technology. Krill Parasites appear to be insects or
       crustaceans, with large armored bodies. They also have long tails, lined
       with spikes which they sink into their host's spine. The relationship
       between Krill and Parasite isn't truely parasitism, but more of a 
       mutualism, as both creatures benefit from the juncture. The Krill Parasite
       isn't a sentient, or even intelligent creature, but is able to store a 
       seemingly unlimited amount of information. They seem to communicate with
       the Krill in a base-emotion fashion, and are able to exchange information
       with the Krill ships, which are actually very large genetically engineered
       creatures. I don't really have time to go into detail on the Krill 
       Parasites here, so be sure to check my next FAQ (Ships and Creatures FAQ)
       for more information.
          What's the deal with Krill ships?
       Krill ships are actually very large genetically engineered creatures, 
       similar to the Krill Parasites. Krill ships arn't very intelligent, and
       are unable to quickly maneuver or fire their cannons without a Krill pilot
       and parasite in the Control Cavity. When a Krill ship feels threatened, it
       summons the nearest Krill pilot to eliminate the threat. The method behind
       this is unknown, but it is the key to the Krill's military success. The
       Krill are able to deploy thousands of vessles, without needing to deploy
       an equivilant number of pilots. Krill ships communicate with the Krill
       Parasites, allowing the ship to instantly know anything about the pilot.
       In theory, if a Krill ship felt that a pilot in it's range wasn't skilled
       enough to take out the threat, it could look to the second-nearest pilot,
       and so on. The Krill ships can also learn from the parasite what kind of 
       weapon the pilot prefers to use, and alter it's cannons to accommodate.
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     / / __/ / / / __ \/ __ \____ _/ /_____ _
    / /_/ / /_/ / / / / / / / __ `/ __/ __ `/
    \____/\__,_/_/ /_/ /_/ / /_/ / /_/ /_/ /
       Gun Data Types - GDT
    There are three types of Gun Data- Cannon Type, Bullt Type, and Impact type. 
    Below are lists and short descriptions of all 76 pieces of Gun Data. Some 
    of the less obvious descriptions have explanatory images, in which the @ 
    symbol represents your ship and the lines represent your projectiles.
          Cannon Type
       1. Standard Cannon= Fires shots forward   
       2. Rapid Cannon= Fires shots at high frequency   @ - - -
       3. Triple Cannon= Fires shots in a forward spread   @<-
       4. Front/Back Cannon= Fires shots ahead and behind
       5. Vertical Cannon= Fires shots above and below   
       6. V-Cannon= Fires forward split shots   @<                  -
       7. Scatter Cannon= Alternates shots in a forward array   @  -
       8. Sprinkler Cannon= Fires a downpour of shots   @         -
       9. Cross Cannon= Shots fire in a plus pattern   /|\          
       10. Vertical Alternating Cannon= Fires shots above and below 
       11. Horifontal Alternating Cannon= Fires shots in front and behind
       12. Rotating Cannon= Fires shots in a clockwise pattern
       13. Max Spread Cannon= Shots fire in all directions at once
       14. X Cannon= Fires shots in an x pattern                  -
       15. Angel Cannon= Fires shots in a wide forward array   @ -_
       16. Free Movement Cannon= Fires shots in the direction the ship is moving
       17. Locked Movement Cannon= While firing, current direction is locked
       18. Node Control= Auto fires, steer the ship or the Helper Node
       19. Free Aim Cannon= Auto fires, control switches between ship and cannon
       20. Twin Nodes= Two Helper Nodes flank the ship
       21. Node Orbit= A Helper Node orbits the ship
       22. Double Node Orbit= Two Helper Nodes orbit the ship
       23. Triple Node Orbit= Three Helper Nodes orbit the ship
       24. Sweeper= A Helper Node moves horizontally back and forth
       25. Double Sweeper= Two Nodes move horizontally at varying range
       26. Patrol Node= A Helper Node moves back and forth vertically
       27. Double Patrol= Two Helper Nodes move back and forth vertically
       28. Mirror Node= A Helper Node that does the opposite of the ship
          Bullet Type
       1. Short Shot= Limited range bullets
       2. Normal Shot= Standard shot of average strength  
       3. Heavy Shot= A large projectile with a wide hit area  @ 
       4. Charge Shot= Hold down and release for 10x damage
       5. Double Shot= a double laser with a wide hit area   @ =
       6. Triple Shot= A triple laser with max hit area   
       7. Wave shot= Energy that travles in a wavy pattern   @ ~
       8. Super Wave Shot= Energy patterns with superior range
       9. Max Wave Shot= Energy patterns with maximum range
       10. Seeker Missle= Seeks out enemy targets
       11. Bomb= Falls with gravity
       12. Steer Shot= Influenced by ship movement
       13. Bubble Shot= Acidic floating suds
       14. Mines= Can be placed anywhere
       15. Rocket= Slow but powerful, adds +3 damage to your current power   
       16. Bounce Shot= Bounces like a ball
       17. Ricochet Shot= Shots bank off walls
       18. Power Shot= Adds +1 damage to your current power
       19. Super Power Shot= Adds +5 damage to your current power
       20. Max Power Shot= +10 damage to your current power
          Impact Type
       1. Absorb= Shots are removed on impact
       2. Splinter= Shots may burst into deadly shards
       3. Barrier= Shots create vertical walls 
       4. Smolder= A deadly explosion lingers in place
       5. Boomerang= Shots reverse course on impact
       6. Wave Crash= Wave shots are created on impact
       7. Vertical Spray= Shots fire upwards and downwards on impact
       8. Pass through=  Bullets continue on to next target
       9. Ignite= Bullets stop, gather strength, then blaze ahead in flame
       10. Fork= Shots fork forward
       11. Bubble= A bubble is left behind that rises slowly
       12. Totem= A stone chunk is created that falls and explodes on impact
       13. Shield= On the 30th impact, the ship becomes invincible for a time
       14. Super Shield= On the 30th impact, the ship becomes invincible for a 
           few seconds
       15. Bullet Eater= On the 30th impact, all bullets are removes from screen
       16. EXP Leech= On the 30th impact, a large EXP container is dropped
       17. Bomb Steal= On the 30th impact, a bomb item is dropped
       18. Duo Counter= On impact, each enemy counts as two
       19. Trio Counter= On impact, each enemy counts as three
       20. Quad Counter= On impact, each enemy counts as four
       21. Ingest= Ship guns may malfunction, dropping bombs
       22. Revenge= Ship engines may malfunction, dropping bombs
       23. Air Quake= On the 20th impact, a quake damages all enemies
       24. Curse= Ship loses health with each shot, but refills to max when
       25. Vampire= On the 10th impact health is gained
       26. Super Vampire= On teh 10th impact, significant health is gained
       27. EXP Miner= Experience pods are released from the ground
       28. EXP Miner Plus= Higher experience pods are released from the ground
       Gun Data Locations - GDL
    This section lists the locations of all pieces of Gun Data by number. I may
    also list the Gun Data by planet, in the future. Letters such as (N)
    in the description signify which (if any) tools you will need to find the 
    Gun Data. The symbols representing each tool are listed in the Legend below. 
    I will refer to Gun Data found planet-side by it's coordinates on the map in 
    the Status Screen. The columns will be labled with letters, while the rows 
    will be lables with numbers. This section is far from complete, so please 
    send in any information you may have. Gun Data with *more information needed* 
    listed as their location are either ones that I haven't found yet, or have 
    simply forgotten the location of.
      (N) No tool needed
      (S) Scanner
      (P) Krill Puck
      (B) Krill Boots
      (G) Girl Wings
      (W) Warp Tool
          Map Layout
          A  B  C  D
       1 |__|__|__|__|
       2 |__|__|__|__|
       3 |__|__|__|__|
       4 |__|__|__|__|
          Cannon Type
       1. Standard Cannon= You have this Gun Data from the beginning (N)
       2. Rapid Cannon= *more information needed*
       3. Triple Cannon= Fire Planet, G-8 (N)
       4. Front/Back Cannon= Fire Planet, D-2 (N)
       5. Vertical Cannon= Fire Planet, K-5 (S)
       6. V-Cannon= Forest Planet, D-3 (S)
       7. Scatter Cannon= Fire Planet, D-6 (S)
       8. Sprinkler Cannon= Ice Planet, C-9 (S)
       9. Cross Cannon= Ice Planet, A-7: cave (N)
       10. Vertical Alternating Cannon= Forest Planet, F-5 (N)
       11. Horizontal Alternating Cannon= Forest Planet, I-7 (N)
       12. Rotating Cannon= Starbase 1, Skinning Room (S)
       13. Max Spread Cannon= *more information needed*
       14. X Cannon= Starbase 2, hallway leading to detention center (N)
       15. Angle Cannon= Sand Planet, M-6 (N)
       16. Free Movement Cannon= Forest Planet, D-3 (N)
       17. Locked Movement Cannon= *more information needed*
       18. Node Control= Starbase 5, main hall (N)
       19. Free Aim Cannon= *more information needed*
       20. Twin Nodes= Forest Planet, K-2: cave (P)
       21. Node Orbit= Starbase 2, hallway leading to detention center (G)
       22. Double Node Orbit= *more information needed*
       23. Triple Node Orbit= *more information needed*
       24. Sweeper= *more information needed*
       25. Double Sweeper= *more information needed*
       26. Patrol Node= Fire Planet, N-5 (S)
       27. Double Patrol Node= *more information needed*
       28. Mirror Node= *more information needed*
          Bullet Type
       1. Short Shot= You have this Gun Data from the beginning (N)
       2. Normal Shot= Forest Planet, F-2: cave (N)
       3. Heavy Shot= *more information needed*
       4. Charge Shot= Fire Planet, J-4: cave (N)
       5. Double Shot= Forest Planet, B-3 (N)
       6. Triple Shot= Starbase 2, second room of crewmen's quarters (N)
       7. Wave Shot= Fire Planet, F-7 (N)
       8. Super Wave Shot= *more information needed*
       9. Max Wave Shot= *more information needed*
       10. Seeker Missle= Forest Planet, L-10: cave (G)
       11. Bomb= *more information needed*
       12. Steer Shot= Forest Planet, A-2 (N)
       13. Bubble Shot= Hallway outside Commander Recker's office on Starbase 5 (S)
       14. Mines= *more information needed*
       15. Rocket= *more information needed*
       16. Bounce Shot= Sand Planet, D-8 (S)
       17. Ricochet Shot= *more information needed*
       18. Power Shot= *more information needed*
       19. Super Power Shot= *more information needed*
       20. Max Power Shot= *more information needed*
          Impact Type
       1. Absorb= You have this Gun Data from the beginning (N)
       2. Splinter= Starbase 4, plexiglass floor in main hall (S)
       3. Barrier= Sand Planet, F-10 (N)
       4. Smoulder= Fire Planet, G-5 (N)
       5. Boomerang= *more information needed*
       6. Wave Crash= *more information needed*
       7. Vertical Spray= *more information needed*
       8. Pass through= *more information needed*
       9. Ignite= Fire Planet, K-6: cave (N)
       10. Fork= *more information needed*
       11. Bubble= Forest Planet, D-6 (N)
       12. Totem= *more information needed*
       13. Shield= Ice Planet, E-3: cave (B)
       14. Super Shield= *more information needed*
       15. Bullet Eater= Fire Planet, K-5 (S)
       16. EXP Leech= Starbase 2, third room of crewmen's quarters (S)
       17. Bomb Steal= Fire Planet, A-4: long cave (G)
       18. Duo Counter= Forest Planet,  J-6: cave (P)
       19. Trio Counter= *more information needed*
       20. Quad Counter= *more information needed*
       21. Ingest= *more information needed*
       22. Revenge= Ice Planet, N-6: cave (G)(S)
       23. Air Quake= *more information needed*
       24. Curse= *more information needed*
       25. Vampire= *more information needed*
       26. Super Vampire= *more information needed*
       27. EXP Miner= Forest Planet, J-9: cave (G)
       28. EXP Miner Plus= *more information needed*
       User Gun Ratings - UGR
    No User Gun Ratings have been submitted yet.
       Notable Combinations - NC
          Chesu's Combinations
       No combinations have been added yet.
          User Combinations
       No User Combinations have been submitted yet.
       User Top Tips - UTT
    No User Top Tips have been submitted yet.
       Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs
    This section is for any questions not covered in the 'What is This?' section.
    If you have any questions about Gun Data (in general), Krill Parasites, or
    Krill ships, be sure to check 'What is This?' section before emailing me.
    If you have any questions you want answered here, email me at Chesumon@aol.com.
       Q. I want to make a Sigma Star fansite! Can I put your FAQ on it?
       A. If you are interested in using my FAQ, please email me for permission
          first. If you have my permission, you can post it on your site, as long 
          as you don't change any of the content. 
       Q. Who's the cute blonde on the bos and instruction manual?
       A. That would be Scarlet, a scientist you meet halfway through the game.
       Q. I can't beat this miniboss! Is there a special way I have to shoot it?
       A. Most of the time, yes. I plan on writing a ships/enemies FAQ, but until
          then, you can either email me or post your question on the boards.
       Q. There's this thing that looks like two tiles with little arrows on them,
          but when I jump off from there I'm sent back to the beginning of the 
          area! What's up with these things??
       A. That's usually an indicator of a spot for you to launch with your Girl
          Wings, an item you get in the second half of the game. The exception is
          on the Fire Planet, where force field platforms can move you from one
          spot to another.
       Q. I see 22 spots for Inventory Items, but I haven't seen a single one yet!
          What am I doing wrong? Am I missing something important that will keep
          me from advancing in the future?
       A. Okay, I honestly have no idea why there are so many slots. You will 
          never, in the entirety of the game, have anywhere NEAR that many 
          Inventory Items. Maybe it was just easier/faster for the programmers to
          recycle the script from the Bullet Type in the Gun Data list. 
       Q. Okay, a couple of questions about the Forgotten Planet. First, I keep
          getting this unending stage from random encounters. I kill the required
          number of enemies, but I can't get the stage to end! Okay, and second,
          there's this miniboss that kind of looks like a bird's head, but it has
          metal spikes/blades on the back. For some reason, I keep exploding and
          losing a lot of health! :(
       A. The first problem is a glitch. It's caused by the white tombsone-looking
          enemies and the lumpy green enemies. In order to kill the lumpy green 
          ones, you usually have to first kill the tombstones. Unfortunately, if
          the tombstones are the last enemy you kill, you could experience this 
          glitch. The best ways to avoid it are by ignoring the tombstones, or by
          equipping a multiplier (Duo Counter, Trio Counter, Quad Counter), 
          which will count each kill as more than one. As for the miniboss, it 
          seems that at certain points of the battle, the far left of the stage
          becomes 'solid', and your ship will crash into it. As far as I know,
          this is a randomly occuring glitch, and can be avoided by treating the
          left side of the screen as a solid wall- don't go to close, at any time.
       Contact Info - CI
    You can contact me via email at Chesumon@aol.com
    I enjoy getting feedback, especially if said feedback
    enables me to add content to this FAQ! 
       Legal Stuff - LS
    This guide and all of it's content are © (copyright) Chesu (Kyle Merritt)
    2005. I'm not going to post this guide on any sites other than GameFaqs.com, 
    so if you see it on another site, be sure to contact me.
    Sigma Star Saga, it's characters, situations, associated logos, and all 
    other intellectual properties are © (copyright) Philip Cohen, Matt Bozon, 
    Robert Ennis, WayForward Technologies, and Namco.

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