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FAQ/Walkthrough by snoocete

Version: 1.04 | Updated: 05/10/05

Rock Man Zero 4 - FAQ/Walkthrough v1.04                           (05/10/2005)

writer: Aaron Paul Madriñan (Aeon17x)
e-mail: snoocete [at] yahoo [dot] com

0. Introduction\______________________________________________________________

Greetings, and welcome to my Rock Man Zero 4 FAQ! My name is Aeon17x, and I'll
be your tour guide for this game. With this article, I'll try to do my best
into helping you beat the latest addition to the MMZ series. Why would I do
that? Simple -- I love this game, and I believe the best way of showing it is
by assisting fellow Mega Man gamers through the path to victory. =)

As of the time of this writing, there is still much to be learned from this
game... so any comments, suggestions, and corrections would be highly
appreciated. Drop me a line through my inbox or visit the GFAQs RMZ4 forum.


I'll just hang around there, together with the veterans who would gladly
help you on your way. That said, let's get started!

1. Version History\___________________________________________________________

1.04 (05/10/2005) - Lots of stuff added on the enemy and chip recipe sections.

1.03 (05/08/2005) - Ultimate mode info added. (c/o xybazelu, mech gouki)

1.02 (05/02/2005) - Confirmed an e-mail saying that you don't get the minigames
                    if you play through the game on Easy mode.

1.01 (05/01/2005) - Fixed some spelling/grammar errors, double checked and
                    reordered the enemy list. Usual maintenance work. Added
                    some ways to quickly gain extra lives and Ceramic Titanium.

1.0  (04/29/2005) - First release. Walkthrough complete to the end of the game.
                    Most of the in-depth sections are also complete; the only
                    big thing I'm waiting for is the English release. ^^;

2. Table of Contents\_________________________________________________________

 0.      Introduction
 1.      Version History
 2.      Table of Contents
 3.      Controls and Player Interface
 4.      Weapons
 5.      Cyber Elves
 6.      Weather System
 7.      Chip Creation
 8.      Intro Story
 9.      Walkthrough
     .1     Intro Stage 1: Trailer Defense
     .2     Intro Stage 2: Area Zero
     .3     Underground Forest
     .4     Populated City
     .5     Scorching Particle Cannon
     .6     Cold Sleep Facility
     .7     Intermission Stage 1: Base Defense
     .8     Intermission Stage 2: Prison
     .9     Artificial Sun
     .10    Deep Sea
     .11    Airconditioned Park
     .12    Magnetic Zone
     .13    Final Stage 1: Ragnarok Control Room
     .14    Final Stage 2: Large Transfer Base
     .15    Final Stage 3: Inside Transfer Circuit
     .16    Final Stage 4: Ragnarok Core
 10.     Appendices
     .1     Enemy List / Z-Knuckle Weapons
     .2     Cyber Elf Effects
     .3     EX Skills
     .4     Parts List / Chip Recipes
 11.     Secrets
     .1     Galacta Armor
     .2     Unlockables
 12.     Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
 13.     Disclaimer, Copyright, and Contact Information
 14.     Special Thanks

3. Controls and Player Interface\_____________________________________________

Take note: I know nearly nothing about the Japanese language, so please don't
shoot me if I interpreted something the wrong way. ^_^'

On the first time you start the game (assuming you bought it brand new), you'll
be presented with the following options on the title screen:

 > New Game
   Enemy Database

You wouldn't see the Continue and Minigames options if it's your first time
playing. Of course, the Enemy Database won't contain anything as well, so let's
see the first option for now.

   Easy Mode
 > Normal Mode
   (Hard Mode)
   (Ultimate Mode)

The difference between the two is that enemies need a lot less effort to kill
in Easy mode, and you also get nine lives and two full sub tanks right from the
start. Your Cyber Elves are pre-grown to level 5 as well.

The default controls are nearly the same as the ones you used in the last game.

Left, right button - move Zero horizontally; quickly tap twice to dash
Up button          - climb ladders, enter doors, talk to other characters
Down button        - descend ladders, slip through platforms with A button
A button           - jump; stick to a wall to perform wall jumps
B button           - fire primary weapon; hold R while firing to use 2nd weapon
L button           - dash; combine with A button to perform dash jumps
R button           - activate secondary weapon; see B button
Select button      - discard current enemy weapon (Z-Knuckle function)
Start button       - pause the game

Now this is an ASCII art preview of the screen you see when you pause the game:

|     | Zero  x2  | Play Time:     E-Crystals
| ("_)| Level  F  | [00:00'00]     [    0]
|   __| [===   ]  | Code Name:
|  |              | [Hunter              ]
   ____        ________      __      __
  |MAIN| __   |EX SKILL| __ |  | __ |  |
   ¯¯¯¯ |  |   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ |  | ¯¯ |  | ¯¯
         ¯¯              ¯¯  __  ¯¯  __
                         __ |  | __ |  |
                        |  | ¯¯ |  | ¯¯
                         ¯¯      ¯¯
   ____        ________      __      __
  |SUB | __   |SUB TANK| __ |  | __ |  |
   ¯¯¯¯ |  |   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ |  | ¯¯ |  | ¯¯
         ¯¯              ¯¯      ¯¯
            _               _
   _______ |L|  ______     |R| _________
  |<-- Elf| ¯  |ESCAPE|     ¯ |Parts -->|
   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯      ¯¯¯¯¯¯         ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
  |<insert Japanese text here>          |
  |                                     |

I guess that should be pretty self-explanatory. The EX skill and sub tank panes
remain empty until you earn them in your playthrough.

In the Parts screen, there are four options you could check out:
    ____   ____________
 > |HEAD| |            |
    ¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
    ____   ____________
   |BODY| |            |
    ¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
    ____   ____________
   |FOOT| |            |
    ¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
       |Parts List|
The first three show the set of chips you can equip on Zero's armor. The parts
list contains all the parts you've obtained from enemies.

In the Options screen, you can configure the buttons as you like:
  |Button Setting (recommended: Type A)     |
  | > Type A          Type B          Custom|
     Main       B Button
     Jump       A Button
     Dash       L Button
     Sub        R Button
     Discard    Select Button
  |Attack Mode    (recommended: Type B)     |
  | > Type A          Type B          Custom|
     B Button - Main
   R+B Button - Sub
  |Dashing by double tap                    |
  | > Yes             No                    |

In the Elf screen, you can decide what elves are you going to use:

Lv.   0                   MAX           __________________
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ |¯¯|     |  |KUROWAARU______|
[Nurse ] ==================== |  |     |  |Elf Capacity 00|
                              |¯¯|     |  |Elf Total    00|
[Animal] ==================== |  |     |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
                              |¯¯|     |<elf description> |
[Hacker] ==================== |  |     |                  |
                               ¯¯       ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

I'll explain the slightly different Elf system on Section 5. Cyber Elves, and
in the appendices.

4. Weapons\___________________________________________________________________

Z-Buster  - same as the previous game. By default you can only have three
            shots on screen, and can be charged up to two levels. Buster EX
            skills allow you to shoot different projectiles.

Z-Saber   - same as the previous game. By default you can perform a three-hit
            combo and a charge attack. Saber EX skills allow you to execute
            different saber moves.

RMZ4's weapon system is different from its predecessors in that you don't
have a built-in rod and shield anymore. Instead, Cerveau enhanced your very
own hands, and turned it into what we call the Z-Knuckle.

Z-Knuckle - a new weapon for this sequel. By default you can hit enemies with
            it for relatively low damage (compared to the Z-Saber). However,
            whenever you do kill an enemy with it, it's possible that you will
            get a part from them to use in combat! For example, you can take
            a Met shield from a Metall, a spread shot buster from a Cannon
            Hopper, etc. You can also use it to dislodge objects in the
            environment, which can be useful to open up new paths and uncover
            hidden items.

For a list of Z-Knuckle weapons, go to Section 10.1.

5. Cyber Elves\_______________________________________________________________

RMZ's cyber elf system is unlike the one we knew from MMZ1-3. You don't have to
go out of your way to search for all those elves; instead, you can now talk to
Alouette who will feed this one super cyber elf (who can copy the abilities of
the other cyber elves) as you collect E-Crystals. By doing that, your elf will
gain levels:

Lv0 -> Lv1: 50
Lv1 -> Lv2: 100   (150 total)
Lv2 -> Lv3: 300   (450 total)
Lv3 -> Lv4: 600   (1050 total)
Lv4 -> Lv5: 1000  (2050 total)
Lv5 -> Lv6: 1500  (3550 total)
Lv6 -> Lv7: 3500  (7050 total)

Every time you level-up, you also earn three more cyber-elf powers. However,
you can only use one cyber elf power from each category at a time (i.e. only
one Nurse, one Animal, and one Hacker can be active altogether).

Furthermore, your Elf Total (sum of the levels of your equipped elf) must not
exceed your Elf Capacity; otherwise, you will receive penalties on your Elf
score on your current mission. You are free to use higher-than-allowed elf
levels as you want outside of a mission though.

For a list of Cyber Elf effects, go to Section 10.2.

6. Weather System\____________________________________________________________

Now for something that is totally new for this game: the weather system. I'm
not sure why this works (because in Soviet Neo Arcadia, weather changes YOU!),
but I could tell you how to use it.

After you have entered the boss selection screen, but before you proceed into
the stages, you have the option to 'change the weather'.

   Proceed with Mission
 > Change the Weather
   Choose Another Mission

You'll know that you got the right weather for that specific stage if the
border is flashing; if you didn't, then the border will be gray.

Why is this useful? Well, it changes the very environment of the stage you're
going to, which leads to some interesting possibilities. For example, if you
visit the Air Conditioned Park while the weather is bad, clouds will block
your view and the wind will be strong enough to push you back. But if the
weather is sunny, then the clouds and strong wind will not be present.

It doesn't stop there. The weather also affects the boss' behavior: it would
only use its EX skill on you if the weather is suited to its element. And if
you defeat it in that condition, you will win its EX skill. In some way this
comes as a relief, as you no longer have to struggle to A/S rank just to get
the EX skill.

For a list of EX skills, go to Section 10.3.

7. Chip Creation\_____________________________________________________________

In MMZ3, we used to acquire our chips by finding Secret Disks, or defeating
the bosses. Not anymore. This time, we create them from the spare parts of
normal enemies you've killed. Preview:

  ____________________        ___________________
 / -> /Manual Creation\      |  <name of chip>   |
| ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|     |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
| Ark Cannon        x9 |     |   <chip part 1>   |
| R*B Cannon        x3 |     |   <chip part 2>   |
| Axeroid           x1 |     |   <chip part 3>   |
| Ee*Laser          x7 |     |   <chip part 4>   |
| Eledeserter       x4 |     |___________________|
| Gan*Ga*Gahn       x9 |     |                   |
| Cannon Hopper     x4 |     |                   |
 . . . . . . . . . . .        ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

You'll know that you got the right parts when you see its name on the second
tab of Cerveau's menu. Additionally, you can check out your own Parts List.
Just combine the parts within Cerveau's lab and voila, the chip is yours.

For more information about enemy Parts and chip recipes (translated to
English), go to Section 10.4.

8. Intro Story\_______________________________________________________________

[from the Rock Man Zero 4 intro, as translated into English. Credit to gngfn
 of the Planet Mega Man forums (thanks dude!). You can find more of his work
 here - http://poke.dyndns.org/rmz4/rmz4.htm]

Those are the robots
created long ago
to be as much like humans as possible...

Those Repliroids
given personalities
with their advanced technology
worked on humans' behalf
and walked together with humans.
They should have become
the best partners...

On the opposite side of a time that had flowed peacefully,
the gears between humans and Repliroids
began to grate...

As a result of their being
exceedingly similar to humans,
Repliroids at times
opposed humans.
Humans feared the
dangerous Repliroids
of that kind,
calling them "Irregulars."

The Repliroids who had become Irregulars
were retired
at the hands of similar Repliroids...
That was the solution
that humans came up with...

For the Repliroids who
tried to protect the humans who were their masters,
there was no margin for choice.

Thus, with no idea when it would end,
a violent war began with
their Repliroid comrades.

They racked up many battles...
Time passed...
Even though the Utopia of the humans
who had been protected by Repliroids,
Neo Arcadia,
was completed,
the fighting didn't stop...

Thanks to the Irregulars pursuing their cause,
Neo Arcadia's
leader was defeated.
And now...
The place once known as Neo Arcadia
is controlled
by the criminal
Doctor Vile.

There is no longer any trace
of the humans' Utopia.
The place they could call "safe" is gone.
There are not many humans left
who left that place...

Again, we too...
When a caravan
made its escape from Vile's control...

9. Walkthrough\_______________________________________________________________

So here it is, what you've downloaded this file for (right?): the walkthrough!
Whether you're reading this from the start, or you're just checking some part
in the middle for a stage/boss you're stuck in, I hope that you'll be back
on track after reading this. Yeah.

This walkthrough is written on Normal mode. Whatever I write here may or may
not work on Easy or Hard mode. I also say that this is not the best way to
beat the game; this is just the way I found that works. Your mileage may vary.

Load your game now...

> Intro Stage 1: Trailer Defense                                         (9.1)

  MISSION: Secure the caravan by eliminating the enemy threat.

  ENEMIES: Valiant*Fire, Lamproid X, Ark Cannon, Gyro Cannon H, Beamwalker

  The moment you gain control of Zero, don't rush into the action just yet:
  change your weapon and controls as you see fit. I recommend that you swap the
  buster for the saber, but keep the Z-Knuckle: it's a fun weapon to have.
  Now move forward until you meet your first enemy: Valiant*Fire. These guys
  fire bullets that leave a flame upon contact with a surface: dispose them
  quickly with a dashing slash.

  Carefully jump into the next truck. Wait for the Lamproid to turn around and
  quickly kill it with the Z-Knuckle to get a Lamp Burner. After that, board
  the truck after it and go into the hole in the trailer to gain an extra life.
  Drop into the gap after that to earn a large E-crystal.

  Discard your Lamp Burner (press Select) once you see some cargo boxes and
  use your knuckle on one to get three Burst Bombs. Spend these sparingly on
  enemies you don't want to get near to (Lamproids, Ark Cannons). Try to
  preserve a full set until the end of the level.

  Once you have changed vehicles, just dash forward while dodging the missiles.
  If you're running low on health, destroy the main body of the lone Gyro
  Cannon H, but leave the propellers intact. Jump into it and press Up on the
  handle to take a ride upwards and snatch the two health capsules to the left.

  If you want to finish the next boss fight quickly, do not charge your saber
  beforehand. I have a faster way.

  BOSS FIGHT - SubDesert Core! (2 life bars)
  resist:  none
  weak:    burst bombs

     - Big Blue Lasers   - The core glows before sending out three consecutive
                           BBL's. Dash under those and wait until its over.
                           If you have nothing on your Z-Knuckle, then you
                           could try yanking out the blue wires below the core
                           to disable this attack.

     - Wave Beam         - The core releases two streams of energy balls that
                           follow a wavy pattern. Stay in between the streams.

     - The boss sends out some Beamwalkers across the ceiling and the floor
       when it's doing nothing.

     - Remember when I told you to keep those Burst Bombs? That's because this
       boss takes 1/2 life bar damage for every bomb! If all those bombs
       connect, you'll need no more than two three-hit combos to wrap this up.

  After the mission, you'll automatically proceed to the Resistance Camp. Save
  your game when it asks you, or you can talk to Ciel later and  choose the
  'Save' option.

   > Ciel

   > Manage Data

   > Save Data
     Load Data
     Erase Data

  Afterwards, go out and turn left to Cerveau's laboratory. He'll talk for a
  bit, then you're free to go. Return to Ciel's command room for another
  intro mission.

> Intro Stage 2: Area Zero                                               (9.2)

  MISSION: Investigate what's going on in Area Zero.

  ENEMIES: Molgul, Medyu Hopper, Popplan, Yadokaroid, Ark Cannon, Beamwalker,
           Teribomb, Cannon Hopper, Gyro Cannon H

  Yes, this stage counts as an intro as well. Weird, isn't it?

  Other than the gorgeous scenery and amazing music (which you'll find an even
  better version of in the official Rock Man Zero 4 website), the first stretch
  of the level doesn't offer much. Just zoom past everything and kill those who
  block your way; you have better opportunities to collect parts later in the
  game. Be careful of the Popplans as they can snap at you even if you dash
  jump over them; use the Z-Knuckle to kill it.

  You'll meet some Yadokaroids upon leaving the forest: to score a kill, you
  must get rid of the shell *and* the robot inside, which you should use the
  Z-Knuckle on to get an Aim Shot. Although weak, it's a useful subweapon
  since it automatically aims towards the nearest enemy and is infinite.
  Anyway, fall down the waterfall at the end and turn left to claim the two
  large E-crystals.

  Once you get inside the ruins, maneuver through the enemy fire and hit the
  Teribomb to send it away, hopefully to the Ark Cannons on the wall. Grab
  the lift and send yourself up. Board the sliding platform and let it propel
  you over the spikes, or you may dash towards the ceiling to obtain an
  extra life and a large health capsule.

  After that, just jump over the spikes and hold the rails until you reach
  the wall with a Gyro Cannon H and some Ark Cannons. Your Aim Shot should
  blast them off without putting yourself in trouble. Enter the boss door.

  BOSS FIGHT - Carnage Force 0! (3 life bars)
  resist:  none
  weak:    none

     - Giant Punch    - Not a threatening move, as you need to position your-
                        self right into his fist to be hit.

     - Multi Missile  - CF0 launches multiple missiles to the top of the
                        screen, which then lands in waves moments later.

     - Green Circles  - CF0 positions itself on top of the screen and fires
                        five green circles at a time.

     - The object you're going to hit in this boss is its head, so stay close
       to it and do three-hit combos if it's not firing anything. Charged
       slashes take too long to execute and do less damage overall.

     - When CF0 is doing its Multi Missile attack, hide underneath the
       platforms while the missiles are overhead, and go back to slash it again
       after it passes. About the Green Circles attack, stay at the wall
       opposite the robot. It repeats its pattern after that. Shouldn't be too
       hard to take down, despite its long life.

  After you have been introduced to Kraft (the green dude who has a slight
  resemblance to Axel of X7) and his gang, you're back to the Resistance Camp.
  This time you should pay a visit to Alouette in room 001. She will give you
  the super cyber elf I was talking about in Section 5 (its name is Kurowaaru,
  which translates to 'Clowall' or something). Hirondelle in room 002 also has
  a purpose in this game, but that'll come much later.

  This time you could pass through the guard to the right and enter the human
  village of Area Zero, which shelters Neige (the orange haired chick you
  rescued earlier) and her friends. A cutscene will ensue. After that you'll
  be back in the Command Room to choose any of the eight bosses to kick the
  crap out of.

  |                                            |  C - Resistance Camp
  |      (3)                          (8)      |
  |               (5)       (7)                |  0 - Area Zero
  |  (1)                (0)                    |  1 - Magnetic Zone
  |                                            |  2 - Deep Sea
  |                  (C)                       |  3 - Air Conditioned Park
  |                                            |  4 - Cold Sleep Facility
  |            (4)                             |  5 - Artificial Sun
  |                                            |  6 - Populated City
  |  (2)          (6)                          |  7 - Underground Forest
  |                                            |  8 - Scorching Particle Cannon

  Before proceeding, you might want to do any of these chores:
  1.) Feed the elves up to at least Lv2 (or Lv3, if you're patient with
      e-crystal collection). See the Cyber Elf appendix for more info.
  2.) Talk to everyone in the human village *twice*. Some of them have
      something to give to you, like chip recipes. And don't destroy their
      water tank.
  3.) Return to Area Zero and collect some robot parts (and e-crystals, too),
      particularly two Beamwalkers, one Cannon Hopper, and one Gyro Cannon H.
      You'll know you're getting robot parts when you pick up a wrench icon
      after you have defeated them.

  For information about the parts, consult the Parts List in the appendices.

> Underground Forest                                                     (9.3)

  MISSION: <no specific mission objective>

  ENEMIES: Valiant*Fire, Molgul, Ark Cannon, Bombsect, Beeneran, Gyro Cannon H,

  WEATHER: Sunny

  This is the stage to show off the potential of the Z-Knuckle.

  The stage starts in what seems to be a fine morning in the middle of a forest
  -- too bad this is a game. Greet the incoming Valiants with your saber, and
  enter the door in the middle of the tree. Drop straight down and stay close
  to the wall. Now there are some vines that block your path; yank them off
  with your Z-Knuckle. See those plants on the ground? Pull them out as well.

  You'll reach a path split not too far after that. The lower one has some
  vines and one large E-crystal; the upper one has some spikes on the walls,
  but it also has a large energy capsule and three E-crystals. I say you seize
  them both.

  Either path you take, you'll eventually start going up a wall. But look at
  a certain patch that looks more fragile than the other parts of that wall.
  Wall jump and slide on it until it gives way, and you'll get an extra life
  inside. From there, just climb up, making use of the rails. Charge your
  Z-Saber before going in.

  MINIBOSS FIGHT - Fire Rainant!
  resist:  none
  weak:    none

     - Flamethrower  - The miniboss walks around the whole room (including the
                       walls and ceiling) while shooting off flames from its
                       mouth. Cannot be deflected.

     - Egg Bomb      - Once the miniboss is in low health, it will start to lay
                       eggs that have a short time delay to explode. You can
                       pick these up with your Z-Knuckle if you're curious.

     - This guy is very easy to deal with. Two hits from a charged saber will
       cause it to change direction, so all you have to do is to stay in front
       (not directly, but on a 90-degree corner) and whack it before it turns
       its body. You could also chase after its back, but it releases Egg Bombs
       from there at low HP, so you better be at the front.

  Now be very careful in the upcoming section, as there are a LOT of spikes on
  the way down; don't hold on the rails for too long as they crumble after a
  few seconds. Fortunately, that's the only hard part of the level. Don't go
  through the door yet when you reach the bottom; slide through the wall to
  the left again to get a Ceramic Titanium.

  Destroy the first Gyro Cannon H, but don't completely annihilate the second
  one; keep the propellers intact so you can ride on them (press up). On the
  top of the narrow spike-filled shaft are two large E-crystals and a Sub Tank.

  We got a Sub Tank this early! Woo-hoo! =D

  From there, it's easy. Discard any Z-Knuckle weapon you have and dig through
  the vines if you want to instantly fill up your newly procured Sub Tank with
  a full energy capsule. Don't do anything stupid across the rails, and jump
  your way into the boss door.

  BOSS FIGHT - Nobel Mandrago! (2 life bars)
  resist:  none
  weak:    none

     - Dig            - Mandrago will just drill into the ground/ceiling. No
                        one gets hurt but her as you slash her apart while
                        she's drilling.

     - Mandrago Spin  - Mandrago stretches her arms and spins around the floor.
                        Stay up the wall to dodge this.

     - Mandrago Heal  - Mandrago sparkles for a bit. During this time, she
                        heals a bit of her HP. Don't try to attack her when she
                        does this as she's invulnerable for that short period.

     - Nectar Splash  - Mandrago throws around three nectar balls. If one of
                        these stick to you, your jumping abilities are bogged
                        down, and some bees will come in and bite you.

     - Seed Planting  - Mandrago throws some seeds (which look like Venus fly
                        traps) into the wall and ceiling. If these succeed in
                        planting themselves, they'll turn into plant versions
                        of traps or cannons. The seeds and the plants can be
                        pulled out of the ground, or slashed if fully grown.

     - Tsuibangeki    - The same as Mandrago Spin, but this time she does it in
       (EX SKILL)       mid-air, and there are rock projectiles when she lands
                        on the floor. Once again, stay on the wall.

     - As you see, Mandrago is a plant. So we'll do what we did to the other
       plants we (used to) know earlier in the level: when she shows herself
       from the ground or ceiling, pluck her out with the Z-Knuckle. This will
       stop whatever attack she's doing and do moderate damage. Keep on doing
       that while dishing out three-hit saber combos if she's on the ground,
       or charged hits if she's on the ceiling, and she'll whither soon as long
       as you hurt her more than she recovers.

  Now I'll explain something I overlooked - the stats screen at the end of a
  mission. Example:
  |Score\                              Notes:
  |Mission         100%      20p|      - You must completely fulfill the
  |Time            2'20      10p|        conditions of that mission to gain
  |Damage            10      20p|        all 20 points.
  |Enemy Kill        30      15p|      - Time and damage must be at most a
  |Retry              0      15p|        certain limit, while enemy kill must
  |Weather          Yes      10p|        be at least a certain limit.
  |Elf             0- 0       0p|      - Retry should always be 0 to earn full
  |-----------------------------|        credit. And your elf total must not
  |Mission Total            100p|        exceed your elf capacity.
  |Mission Average          100p|      - Weather score depends on whether (pun)
  |   Rank            S         |        or not you chose to enter that stage
  |   Title        Hero         |        with the right weather. If you do,
  |                             |        you get 10 full points.

  Back to the mission. You get Mandrago's EX skill, Tsuibangeki, if the
  weather is sunny. It replaces your non-elemental downward slash with a
  non-elemental downward STAB that throws out rocks when it hits the ground.
  Great for you Sephiroth wannabes out there. =)

> Populated City                                                         (9.4)

  MISSION: <no specific mission objective>

  ENEMIES: Cerberus, Bombsect, Medyu Hopper, Triaformer, Cannon Hopper,
           Megamezone, Eledeserter, Bomaider, Hecrysta, Metall, Cross Vine

  WEATHER: Sunny

  Yeah, the weather is supposed to be sunny... but it's nighttime. -_-'

  One more thing about elves: you elf capacity increases by 1 for every main
  boss you defeat (not counting minibosses and the bosses in the intermission
  and final stages). So for now, equip Nurse Lv1 or Animal Lv1.

  Proceed to the right and kill everything you meet while dash jumping over
  the spikes -- nothing special, other than the Cerberus (robots on wheels),
  which you might want collect some parts from later on. Charge your buster
  before entering the next room, and release it on the Medyu Hoppers in the

  You'll be in a room filled with spikes on the floor and some rails above.
  As usual, grab the handles to transport yourself over the spikes, but try
  to destroy the Bombsect first (it'll explode eventually, and the projectiles
  might hurt you) before proceeding.

  The room after has blocks that can move around by themselves, and it simply
  sucks if you got squished by one. Take your time here, because the last
  retry point is way back in the beginning.

  Soon you'll be back outside to face the miniboss. Reequip your Z-Knuckle.

  MINIBOSS FIGHT - Ribops! (8 plugs)
  resist:  none
  weak:    none

     - <none>

     - Actually, you don't have to pull the plugs; any method that could destroy
       other enemies will work. It's just that it's much faster if you would
       just your knuckle. What makes this difficult is the enemies around,
       particularly the Triaformers, which aims three sparks to your direction.
       Very annoying if it hits you while you're climbing the walls. Otherwise,
       this is a very simple miniboss, and you don't have a time limit so no
       rushing is needed.

  The whole structure crashes down once you defeat it. From there, it's a long
  winding path with Cannon Hoppers, Megamezones, and Metalls (o_O). Then
  you'll be in a vertical shaft with spikes on the floor and walls, and moving
  blocks. One slightly difficult puzzle here looks like this:

  |        |       Looks familiar? Those blocks move to the opposite wall
  |[]      |       regularly. There are many methods to go through that without
  |      []|       going splat, but here's an easy one: position yourself above
  |[]      |       the first block on the left, and when the blocks switch,
  |      []|       hold the right button and jump. You'll be on the second block
  |[]      |       then. Repeat until you're on the fourth or fifth block, and
  |        |       it should be easy to dash jump your way out of there.

  No, it's not over yet. The next room is filled with rails and spikes again,
  and an enemy called Cross Vine. There is an extra life on the top left
  corner, and a Ceramic Titanium on the platform. The boss room is in the
  upper right.

  BOSS FIGHT - Purpura Cockapetri! (2 life bars)
  resist:  none
  weak:    none

     - Jump          - What? Chickens can't fly. >_>

     - Feather Shed  - Cockapetri jumps up and sends out feathers that float
                       down. Can actually damage Zero.

     - Tackle        - Cockapetri runs a short distance toward you, even if he
                       bumps into a solid wall.

     - Green Blobs   - Cockapetri throws out three green blobs to your
                       direction. Only the middle one is aimed directly at you.

     - Egg Lay       - Cockapetri releases an egg which will hatch into a
                       small chick that could also damage you.

     - Time Stopper  - There are two versions of this attack: (1) Cockapetri
       (EX SKILL)      shoots a green projectile that freezes you on contact;
                       jam your buttons to break free, or let yourself get hit.
                       (2) Cockapetri jumps up high and flashes a light on
                       whole screen -- you will be frozen, and you can't escape
                       this. Afterwards, he will spin around and distribute
                       green blobs which will fall down as you unfreeze. Dash
                       to the few free spots that won't have a green blob
                       falling on.

     - This boss doesn't move around much, and even if it does, it's through
       jumping and mindless ramming. You can do three-hit combos on this guy
       without worrying about a serious counterattack. The floor also rises
       every now and then, and it hinders him much more than you. Just dodge
       his projectiles carefully (especially Time Stopper v1) and you'll be
       just fine.

  After completing the mission, return to this stage for a minute and collect
  three Cerberus parts. Submit them to Cerveau to get the Quick foot chip,
  which increases your running speed by 25%. This has the same effect as
  Animal Lv1 and the effects don't stack, so remove the elf point on that.

> Scorching Particle Cannon                                              (9.5)

  MISSION: <no specific mission objective>

  ENEMIES: Refbeamer, Valiant*Missile, Ark Cannon, Gan*Ga*Gahn, Beamwalker,
           Valiant*Fire, Lamproid X, Faitar, Cannon Hopper

  WEATHER: Sunny

  RECOMMENDED ELF SETUP: (Hacker Lv2) OR (Nurse Lv1, Hacker Lv1)

  The Time Stopper you got last stage comes in handy here, as there are some
  enemies you might want to skip since they take too long to kill (Gan*Ga*Gahn,
  for example). Your Hacker Lv2 elf also modifies your three-hit combo such
  that the third hit will be upward (and slightly stronger) if you hold the
  Up button. It is a pretty straightforward level with nothing worth noting,
  except for the miniboss which is actually larger than most main bosses.

  MINIBOSS FIGHT - Spy Rarrier F!
  resist:  ice
  weak:    lightning

     - Tail Laser    - SRF points its tail in front of you and fires three
                       lasers. Do nothing on the higher one, jump/dash on
                       the middle one, and jump over the lower one.

     - Body Slam     - SRF moves forward with its claws in front and grabs
                       Zero before smashing him to the ground, doing some
                       major damage.

     - Flame Pillar  - SRF spits out a fireball that produces a fire tornado
                       somewhere in the screen. Dash away (not run, you'll be
                       sucked in) repeatedly until it dissipates.

     - Although it is slightly quicker to move in and attack the dragon,
       doing so will likely get you killed. Just keep your distance, charge
       your buster and fire big ones to its face, while dodging the lasers
       and stuff. When he moves in to latch on you, immediately let go of any
       buster charge you have, and execute a three-hit combo. This will cause
       it to retreat (although barely). It also moves faster as its HP goes
       down, so you might get slammed a couple of times.

  Once you finish the fight and drop down to the lower floor, you'll see why
  this stage is called 'Scorching Particle Cannon'.

  Because there is this REALLY BIG beam of fire that travels over your head.
  Exposing yourself into it will kill you in two hits at your current HP.
  The only good thing about it is that it also kills all enemies that was
  stupid enough to stay on its path.

  Hide within the gaps on the ground and the ceiling to dodge it as you slowly
  move forward. You can use the top of the Faitars as platforms in case you
  can't reach the ceiling by normal jumping. However, do not be on top of one
  if it's lying on the ground; it'll shove you into the particle cannon's line
  of fire when it goes up. There's a Ceramic Titanium somewhere on the ceiling,
  but you have to dash jump from the top of a Faitar and kill the Valiant*Fire
  guarding it. Near to it is an extra life, but you can't get it (yet).

  You'll eventually get past the particle cannon. From there, it's an easy
  stroll until you reach a set of walls that spout fire from both sides.
  Time your wall jumps so that you won't be crossing the walls with the fire
  active, and enter the boss door.

  BOSS FIGHT - Heat Genblem! (2 life bars)
  resist:  ice
  weak:    lightning

     - Flamethrower     - Genblem raises his paws and withdraws his head into
                          his shell. During this time, he lets out a stream of
                          continuous fire that follow a wavy pattern. There is
                          a blind spot right in front of him where you can stay
                          and slash him until the attack is over.

     - Genblem Spin     - Genblem withdraws all of his appendages into his
                          shell, then he spins very fast and with flames
                          around him. He will then bounce along the walls.

     - Solar Death Ray  - This attack is always done after a Gemblem Spin. With
                          this, he spins in place while letting out a beam of
                          concentrated heat in a counter/clockwise direction.
                          The only way to dodge this is to climb up the wall
                          and dash jump over him, which is made harder by the
                          fact that his main body is surrounded by flames.

     - Shouenga         - There are once again two versions of this attack, and
       (EX SKILL)         they are both counters. (1) Genblem charges up a fire
                          punch that will throw one flame, or (2) Genblem does
                          an uppercut that will toss you to the opposite wall
                          and also sends out two flames to your direction.

     - Genblem moves surprisingly fast for a turtle. Stay on your toes.

     - You may wonder why the heck didn't I bring you first into some stage
       that will allow you to get his weakness. The reason for this is that
       even if you do use a weapon he's weak at, it's very hard to wield it
       against him, due to the behavior of his AI.

     - This fight is not hard if you know what you're supposed to do to beat
       him. At the start, he may either use Flamethrower, Genblem Spin, or
       nothing at all. See my second to the last comment if he did nothing.
        - Flamethrower - Immediately dash in right in front of his face. If you
                         did it right, the flamethrower will go right over your
                         head, and you can do three-hit combos until the attack
                         is done.
        - Genblem Spin - Either dash or wall jump over it. When he comes down,
                         he will either be back on the ground, or most likely,
                         stay floating in midair. If the latter happens...
                         he will definitely use the Solar Death Ray.

    - When Genblem uses his Solar Death Ray, start charging your saber, and
      climb the wall beside Genblem, fast. Once you're over his level and ready
      to jump, also press the dash button; this will let you do a dash jump
      from the wall itself, and clear both Genblem and his flames. Release your
      charged saber on the tail part of his shell (the end without the Solar
      Death Ray streaming from it) and you will do some damage to Genblem.
      Repeat for the next three rotations. After that he'll fall down, and you
      can do a quick three-hit combo before he defends himself.

    - Once he's back on the ground and walking, slash or shoot him repeatedly.
      This will cause him to turn around and charge an attack. Stay away from
      him during this. If he does the uppercut, dash under the flames and slash
      as he falls. If he sends out a single flame, then just jump over it.

    - You'll beat him eventually. This boss is one of the harder ones, so don't
      be afraid to use a Sub Tank.

  After defeating Genblem in the right weather conditions, you will earn his
  EX Skill, Shouenga, AKA the classic upward flame saber. What's more, I could
  lead you to concocting some very cool items. Collect these parts, the first
  two of which can be found at the Scorching Particle Cannon stage:

  Gyro Cannon H
  Cannon Hopper

  Submit them again (not necessarily in order) to Cerveau. You get the Double
  Jump chip for combining those. Now go out and find two of each:

  Ceramic Titanium

  Head to Cerveau's lab once more and exchange these for two S Crystals. Now
  visit Hirondelle in room 002 and give him the S Crystals. In return for your
  efforts, you will get... two Sub Tanks.

  This game seemed a lot more friendly now, didn't it? =D

> Cold Sleep Facility                                                    (9.6)

  MISSION: <no specific mission objective>

  ENEMIES: Valiant*Fire, Valiant*Claw, Hikyarunikosu B, Hikyarunikosu C,
           Grachal, Beamwalker, Serpent Gear, Metall, Phanteon*Corpse, Pure Elf

  WEATHER: Snowy

  RECOMMENDED ELF SETUP: (Animal Lv3) OR (Nurse Lv1, Hacker Lv2)

  Before going through this level, you might want to upgrade your cyber elf
  to Lv5 by collecting E-crystals from either Area Zero or Underground Forest.
  Due to some storyline factors, you cannot immediately return to those stages
  after finishing this mission. Just a suggestion.

  After climbing to the top of the building at the start, you can see that this
  stage has two paths you can take: an upper one and a lower one. You can
  readily access the upper one anytime, but if you want to pass through the
  lower one, you have to melt the snow down there . Your Shouenga EX skill can
  do that. I want you to take the lower path, but I'll also detail what happens
  in the upper path.

  Here's what you'll see on the two paths:

    - Upper path - You have to go down an elevator with Valiant*Fire's on both
                   sides. After that you have to slay more Valiant*Fire's until
                   you reach the miniboss door.

    - Lower path - You have to go down some production lines that have Hikyaru-
                   nikosu B's on it (B - bomb?). However, when you reach the
                   bottom look out for one Hikrayunikosu C which carries a key
                   card -- kill it with the Z-Knuckle to obtain that and don't
                   use it until I tell you.

  Both paths end up in the room with the miniboss.

  MINIBOSS FIGHT - Giabank! (4 outlets)
  resist:  lightning
  weak:    fire

     - Serpent Gear  - Giabank releases a bunch of these robots that will
                       circle the whole room. The Serpent Gears move faster as
                       the miniboss' HP is depleted.

     - You have four targets to destroy on Giabank. You can hit the lower three
       by mere slashing, while you have to jump to damage the top one. Don't
       forget to use your saber (and your Shouenga EX skill) on the Serpent
       Gears before they come too close.

  From here, dash carefully over the spikes, and you have to go up an elevator
  flanked with Valiant*Fires and even more spikes. Once you reach the top, get
  the large energy capsule at the right if you need it, and swipe your Card Key
  on the electrically-shielded door. Inside is a Sub Tank.

  We've got all Sub Tanks, and we're not even halfway through the game. =D

  The Card Key is worthless now, so discard it. Climb up the production lines
  and kill the Metalls. You'll be in a long hallway filled with Pure Elf
  capsules and Pantheon*Corpse's -- we can't do anything significant here yet,
  so please proceed to the boss door as soon as possible.

  BOSS FIGHT - Fenrir Lunaedge! (2 life bars)
  resist:  lightning
  weak:    fire

     - Slash           - Lunaedge moves in forward and uses the ice blade on
                         his wrist to cut you.

     - Lunaedge Wheel  - Lunaedge jumps into the air and spins into a wheel
                         that bounces along the floor before uncurling. He's
                         invincible while doing it, so just dodge.

     - Wolf Mirage     - Lunaedge stands on a corner and creates two ice copies
                         of himself. After a few seconds, these copies also
                         move and attack on their own.

     - Intercept       - A difficult move to dodge, since it's so quick and
                         unexpected. He will do these moves in this order,
                         assuming you're on the wall opposite him:
                          - jump upwards to the upper part of your wall and
                            release an ice blade downwards;
                          - jump horizontally to the wall he came from and
                            release two ice blades diagonally up and down;
                          - jump downwards to the lower part of your wall and
                            release an ice blade upwards.

     - Shougetsujin    - Lunaedge leaps into the air and slashes through
       (EX SKILL)        the air, discharging two large ice blades that travels
                         through the lower and upper half of the screen,

     - The floor is covered with ice which makes it slippery. This may cause
       your dashing to mess up a bit. Lunaedge suffers no such disadvantage,
       of course.

     - Lunaedge is not fast overall, but he does have some quick moves to pull
       like Intercept. To dodge that, dash under the first one, dash under the
       second one, and climb to the middle part of the wall on the third one.

     - The Shouenga EX skill literally melts his defenses, but you shouldn't
       get careless. His own EX attack is also hard to dodge (in some ways
       harder than Intercept) since there's so little room to maneuver around
       it, and he sometimes uses it twice in a row.

  After you have defeated Lunaedge, you will be brought back to the Resistance
  Camp to instanly proceed to another mission. Save your game, preferably in
  another save file.

> Intermission Stage 1: Base Defense                                     (9.7)

  MISSION: Defend the human village from invading forces.

  ENEMIES: Keroshu, Valiant*Fire, Yadokaroid, Maulroid, Bombgal

  RECOMMENDED ELF SETUP: (Animal Lv1, Hacker Lv3)

  This is a very short stage compared to the main ones, and you can't return
  to it, so take a nice long look at the background... familiar, isn't it?

  Fortunately there are some uses for your newly acquired Shougetsujin EX skill
  in this stage. It fires an ice blade that travels along the ground (like a
  shark fin), freezing enemies on its way. Perfect for the sloped environment.

  From the start, dash carefully to the top of the shaky floating platforms.
  Do the Tsuibangeki (downwards stab) if you need to get down fast (or you just
  want to instantly kill an unsuspecting Valiant*Fire ;).

  There are some usual Yadokaroids later on in the level, where there's a lot
  more solid ground. You have to ascend a slope with incoming Valiant*Fire
  from above and spikes below, on the top of which is a tower with a full
  energy capsule that you can only reach by double jumping. There are also
  three large E-crystals on the way down to the human village.

  We get to meet a new enemy here, the Maulroid. Its Z-Knuckle weapon is the
  Mega Hammer; very powerful, but the reload time takes ages. I take special
  mention of it here since this is the only known mission to get it, and you
  need two Maulroid parts to make some nice chips.

  We have a new mission objective as well (the village is already overrun).
  Rescue as many caravan people as you can, and put out the fires. Piece of
  cake. Just enter the doors and kill the Valiant*Fire's that's holding them
  hostage, and use your Z-Knuckle on the fire extinguishers so that Zero can
  shoot water on the fires.

  After you've done that, talk to the kid on the right end of the village to
  let you through. Wall jump up the tower and get the large energy capsule if
  you need it, and prepare yourself...

  BOSS FIGHT - Kraft! (3 life bars)
  resist:  none
  weak:    none

     - Homing Missile  - Kraft aims his gun up and fires one homing missile
                         that leaves an explosion even when destroyed. Slash it
                         once and do a few quick hits on him.

     - Laser Beam      - Kraft stands in place for a few seconds while beaming
                         out a thin red line. Then he shoots one blue laser.
                         Either position yourself behind him, or double jump
                         over the laser.

     - Shot Bomb       - Kraft throws out a bomb that explodes on the ground
                         and shoots four bullets in different directions. Try
                         to destroy the bomb before it hits the ground.

     - Bayonet Stab    - Kraft tries to poke you with the built-in knife in
                         his gun. If he succeeds, not only do you take damage,
                         but he also releases it so that it will hit you for
                         even MORE damage. Very evil, so jump at all costs!
                         HINT: He always says 'ha-tse-ge-da' before doing it.

     - Grenade Triad   - Kraft releases three grenades to varying distances.
                         Stay away from them.

     - Dodge Roll      - Kraft moves quite quickly across the screen. He is
                         invincible when he does this move, but he won't be
                         able to hurt you either.

     - Beam Dive       - Kraft jumps to the other end of the screen, hovers
                         there for a moment, and flies forward while shooting
                         the same blue laser. Dash jump forward and slash him
                         in midair to halt this attack.

     - Formulating an efficient battle strategy for this dude is a very hard
       thing to do. All I can tell you here is that, good luck and hurt him
       every opportunity you get. Slash him in the back if that's the only way
       to hit him. You do have four Sub Tanks, so I guess you'll outlast him
       in a direct battle. =/

  So yeah... Kraft isn't dead. Instead, he leaves with someone you know, and
  you must retrieve the one he left with. The next mission is about rescue!

> Intermission Stage 2: Prison                                           (9.8)

  MISSION: Save Neige from the Neo Arcadia prison.

  ENEMIES: Cerberus, Valiant*Fire, Ee*Laser, Cannon Hopper

  RECOMMENDED ELF SETUP: (Animal Lv1, Hacker Lv3)

  Another night stage. Dispose of the Cerberus as usual, and double jump *over*
  the entrance to collect a large energy capsule in the other end. Go back
  to the main path and use the Z-Knuckle on the Ee*Laser to obtain a Bend Shot.
  Use it on folks you can't take a direct aim on. Drop down the shaft.

  It turns out that this path is one big ventilation system. Use your ice saber
  EX skill to quickly destroy the fans. It's up to you to take alternate
  routes to find out energy capsules and E-crystals. All paths lead to the same
  boss door anyway.

  BOSS FIGHT - Hell the Giant! (3 life bars)
  resist:  none
  weak:    none

     - Smash  - There are about three versions of this attack:
                 - Hell tries to smite you with one of its spiked balls.
                   Nothing a quick dash can't solve.
                 - Hell brings together both of its balls in midair. This time,
                   dash under it.
                 - Same as the second version, but Hell brings them together
                   to the floor, creating a shockwave on both directions. Climb
                   the nearest wall to avoid the shockwave. This also shakes
                   up the ceiling, and two slabs of rock fall a few moments
                   later; you should know where these will land by looking at
                   the small pebbles.

     - Hell is not hard either, but he is quite strong. He'll kill you in no
       time if you're are not good at evasion. Taking him down takes a while
       though, since he has some high defenses. Hacker Lv3 might help more than
       Animal Lv4. Just use charged sabers (and maybe a Sub Tank) and he'll
       fall before you do.

  After you have rescued Neige and met Dr. Kool Ade -- I mean, Dr. Weil --
  you'll be in the second part of the level. Heal up before you continue, and
  turn up the music for great justice!

  Your mission objective has changed again. Since Ciel can't beam you out and
  Dr. Weil seems to send out the whole army after you, you have to get out of
  there on your own as quickly as possible. For some reason there is no time
  limit, which is always a good thing. Use your ice saber EX skill to
  instantly freeze the mass Valiant*Fire's.

  You can't destroy the electric poles, so grab the rails or double jump
  over it. Go up the wall, and you'll be against another set of puzzles:
  closing gates. Use the switches to open them, and quickly dash past the
  gates before you're stuck (don't worry if you flunked; they don't cause
  instant death).

  After that is a long, long downwards slope. Of course it isn't empty;
  we have Cerberus on the ground, and giant bowling balls from the ceiling.
  Hold on the rails if you think you're about to be overrun. This is where
  Animal Lv1 shines: because of that, your running speed is the same as the
  bowling balls, so you can let one go ahead of you and watch it mow down
  the enemies. Watch out for the spikes in the end, and enter the door to
  finish the level.

  Yep, no boss fight. *whew*


  Once you return to the Resistance Camp, here's a sidequest:

  Return to Lunaedge's stage while the weather is set to sunny. Play normally
  until you reach the room where you obtained your Sub Tank here. Just beyond
  that are some Metalls strolling down the production line. Ignore them, but
  look up. See those light bulbs? Grab one with your Z-Knuckle to obtain an
  Electric Light.

  Proceed to the part where there is this Pure Elf near some beams of sunlight.
  Use your light on it, which will make the elf retreat. Keep on doing this
  until you corner it into the sunlight, instantly killing the elf. Move away
  a bit so that it will respawn. Repeat until you get one Pure Elf part.

  These are the parts you should bring to Cerveau:
  Pure Elf
  Ceramic Titanium

  A mixture of those parts will yield you the Elf body chip, which increases
  your Elf Capacity by 1 (and changes the color of your costume to a shade of
  green). Equip it immediately.

> Artificial Sun                                                         (9.9)

  MISSION: Destroy the heat generators.

  ENEMIES: Valiant*Fire, Axeroid, Popplan, Lamproid, R*B Cannon, Ark Cannon,
           Glass Cannon, Gyro Cannon H, Sundozer

  WEATHER: Sunny

  RECOMMENDED ELF SETUP: (Animal Lv5, if you have Elf body chip)

  Those who followed my advice to create the Elf body chip and used Animal Lv5
  will see that their elf shoots auto-aiming lightning balls. To those who
  didn't... =P

  Okay, this mission will be a bit harder than the others because of the
  environment you're in. See, this place is so hot, you have a counter on top
  of the screen that tells you how close you are to melting point; if you stay
  in the sunlight and it reaches 100.0%, your circuits will overheat and you'll
  take damage.

  From where you begin, dash to the shade in front of you and kill the Valiant-
  *Fire. Move up and always pause in the shadows for your counter to go down.
  Try to kill the Axeroid with your Z-Knuckle to win a Mega Axe. Use your
  upwards flame saber on the Popplans to burn them. Go further up until you
  reach a door in the wall. Enter it and blast the Lamproid X and the heat

  For every heat generator you destroy, the rate of heat increase goes down by
  0.1%, allowing you to stay longer in the sunlight. The next room you'll enter
  is a much larger one in the form of a tower. There are R*B Cannons on the
  edges, which might make your ascent a bit more difficult -- your Mega Axe
  will do short work of them. There are two doors near the top: the lower one
  contains another heat generator, and the upper one has the miniboss.

  MINIBOSS FIGHT - Tiareen! (8 glass cannons)
  resist:  none
  weak:    none

     - Tiareen Shot        - Tiareen aims eight consecutive energy balls at
                             you. Stay on your position and jump over every
                             other ball (1st, 3rd, etc).

     - Cannon Barrage      - Tiareen's Glass Cannons revolve around it, while
                             firing multiple energy shots at you.

     - Tiareen Chain Beam  - After you have killed off all the glass cannons,
                             Tiareen will shoot many energy balls in rapid
                             fire around the room. use the same strategy
                             you used against Genblem's Solar Death Ray.

     - This miniboss is easy, even though you'll get hurt badly if you're
       reckless. Charge your saber while dodging the Tiareen Shot. After that,
       release the charged saber on the glass cannons, and mash the subweapon
       button to keep on axing. It's much more powerful than your three-hit
       combo. From there, you know what to do when Tiareen uses the Chain Beam.

  The weather outside would be significantly cooler now. However, there is
  still a problem: the Sundozers. These robots have a shield up front so you
  can't attack directly, and the ones on the higher levels dump dirt. Try not
  to be cornered. The boss door is not far away from here.

  BOSS FIGHT - Sol Titanyan! (2 life bars)
  resist:  ice
  weak:    lightning

     - Flame Mine     - Titanyan swoops down and lays some mines on the ground
                        that explode into four fireballs after a few moments.

     - Flamethrower   - Titanyan flies horizontally while breathing out a
                        continuous stream of fire. Dash under it when the
                        flame is at its high point.

     - Green Rotor    - Titanyan releases two green rotating flames; one
                        goes vertically up, while the other moves horizontally
                        back to her.

     - Red Rotor      - Titanyan releases two red rotating flames; both of
                        which curve downwards and upwards, respectively.

     - Burning Shot   - Titanyan raises her hands and throws to the ground
       (EX SKILL)       a large fireball which splits into six smaller

     - Awww... isn't that one of the cutest Mega Man bosses ever? 'Tis a shame
       we have to fight her. >_<

     - The main purpose of lightning here is to stun. The elf doesn't lock on
       bosses, so you have to jump for the lightning to hit her. Follow it up
       by a charged saber, or if you still have it, the Mega Axe. With the
       exception of Flamethrower and Burning Shot, all of her attacks can be
       destroyed by your own, so don't hesitate on attacking her.

  It's chip-making time once again. From now on I'll only discuss how to make
  the ordinary chips -- if you want to know about the Galacta Armor sidequest,
  then look at its own section in Secrets.

  Anyway, the Quick Charge Lv3 chip requires the following:
  R*B Cannon
  Hikyarunikosu B
  Serpent Gear

  This chip halves the amount of time you need to charge your weapon.

> Deep Sea                                                              (9.10)

  MISSION: Make it to the bottom of the first part of this stage within
           140 seconds.

  ENEMIES: Needballoon, Krio Neon, R*B Cannon, Yadokaroid, Bombgal, Megamezone,
           Eledeserter, Bomaider, Hecrysta, Teribomb

  WEATHER: Rainy

  RECOMMENDED ELF SETUP: (Nurse Lv1, Animal Lv5, if you have Elf body chip)

  There isn't a lot of advice I can give you here, since this part of the level
  is huge. If you want a map that could pinpoint to you exactly where to go,
  I suggest taking a look at my friend Mykas' map for Deep Sea.


  That'll explain the stage much more than I can. You should look for the door
  at the very bottom to exit.

  Upon entering said door, change your elves to Animal Lv3 and Hacker Lv3...
  we have a miniboss.

  MINIBOSS FIGHT - Spy Rarrier I!
  resist:  lightning
  weak:    fire

     - Tail Laser    - SRI points its tail in front of you and fires three
                       lasers. Do nothing on the higher one, jump/dash on
                       the middle one, and jump over the lower one.

     - Body Slam     - SRI moves forward with its claws in front and grabs
                       Zero before smashing him to the ground, doing some
                       major damage.

     - Icy Wind      - SRI breathes into the ground and forms some ice shards
                       which it will blow forward. Stay far from this attack
                       to avoid being frozen, and dash or jump through the
                       ice shards.

     - This is your chance to use the Burning Shot EX skill. Always fire fully
       charged shots at this guy, and since your charge rate is so fast, that
       dragon will fall faster than you expected.

  The second part of this stage looks like the exact reverse of Prison; instead
  of a long gentle downwards slope, we have a long jagged uphill climb. Fun,
  if you're a sadistic nerd like me. >_>

  BOSS FIGHT - Tech Kraken! (2 life bars)
  resist:  lightning
  weak:    fire

     - Ground Hunter         - Kraken releases four pods that travel along
                               the ground and climbs up the wall. Almost
                               exactly like X4 Jet Stingray's version, but you
                               can't destroy the robots this time.

     - Bouncing Cannonballs  - Kraken shoots out two streams of green balls
                               that bounce along the walls.

     - Ice Wall              - Kraken conjures a floating ice shield that will
                               also reflect his cannonballs. Use a fire-element
                               weapon to melt it.

     - Dimension Split       - Kraken creates a hole in spacetime and hides
                               within it. Every now and then he pops out his
                               tentacles in an attempt to puncture you; dash
                               jump around to fudge up his aim.

     - Ice Javelin           - Kraken floats up and releases two ice vortexes.
       (EX SKILL)              These vortexes will freeze you on contact, while
                               at the same time shoot long icicles that hurt a
                               lot. Dash under the icicles and stay in the
                               middle until it's over.

     - Definitely one of the easiest boss fights ever. You can immediately
       follow up your Burning Shot with Shouenga (upward flame saber) and the
       latter one will still count! Because of that you can literally finish
       this battle in about 10-15 seconds, provided that Kraken doesn't stall
       by hiding.

  For the next stage to be much easier, we need to get out of our way to get a
  special chip. Note that you don't *need* to create it, but don't blame if
  you keep slipping to your death in the next stage...

  The ingredients are:
  Glass Cannon

  You'll get the Spike*Type W foot chip from those. This will let you walk
  normally against strong wind.

  I also advise that you upgrade your cyber elf to Lv6 right now. A few trips
  to previous stages with Hacker Lv5 equipped should do the trick.

> Airconditioned Park                                                   (9.11)

  MISSION: Destroy the power generators.

  ENEMIES: Raiken, Grachal, Gyro Cannon H, Valiant*Fire, Triaformer,
           Megamezone, Eledeserter, Bomaider, Hecrysta

  WEATHER: Cloudy

  RECOMMENDED ELF SETUP: (Nurse Lv1, Animal Lv5, Hacker Lv1, if you have Elf
                          body chip)

  Hmm... doesn't this place look awfully similar to one of the final stages
  in MMZ1? Anyway, use your buster as the main weapon here, and deactivate
  your buster EX skills; your battles in this stage will be long range.

  You meet another new enemy here, the Raiken. It shoots lightning balls that
  trace the ground (more if the weather is really bad). Try to acquire two
  parts from it. Now step on the fountain and freeze it with Shougetsujin
  (ice saber); use the frozen water as a platform to obtain three large
  E-crystals on the roof. Remember to go back down and destroy the generator.

  In the next room (well, not really a room since it's open space), you will
  see why I asked you to produce the Spike*Type W foot chip. You have to cross
  some platforms over bottom pits, which usually isn't a hard thing to do. The
  catch is, sometimes you wouldn't see where you're going to land due to the
  thick clouds, and you might get blown away by the wind. At least your foot
  chip will keep you in place long enough for you to regain visibility.

  Note that Spike*Type W has no effect in mid-air; the wind will still push you
  back while you're jumping. So if you feel you're more comfortable with double
  jump, then stick with it. Traverse the platforms carefully, and shoot your
  charged buster on the next Valiant*Fire before he lands. Dodge the sparks
  created by the Triaformer.

  Destroy another generator, and be wary of the Valiants hiding in the clouds;
  you may not see them, but they can see you. Take your time dash jumping over
  the spikes. Freeze the next fountain, get the Ceramic Titanium on the roof,
  and go down again to ruin one more generator.

  Now change your animal elf to ice, equip the Ice Javelin EX skill and enter
  the miniboss door.

  MINIBOSS FIGHT - Spy Rarrier E!
  resist:  fire
  weak:    ice

     - Tail Laser     - SRE points its tail in front of you and fires three
                        lasers. Do nothing on the higher one, jump/dash on
                        the middle one, and jump over the lower one.

     - Body Slam      - SRE moves forward with its claws in front and grabs
                        Zero before smashing him to the ground, doing some
                        major damage.

     - Lighting Bolt  - SRE shoots three balls of lighting forward that splits
                        into separate lightning bolts once they're over you.
                        Stand between the bolts to dodge.

     - Since the Ice Javelin is one long stream of ice, the beam will hit the
       dragon as long as you jump first before firing. It also hurts multiple
       times, and together with your ice elf, your enemy won't stay flying for
       so long.

  Revert your Animal elf to Lv5, and disable Ice Javelin (elementals work best
  at stunning your enemy, not killing them). Use your saber on Megamezone, and
  freeze the fountain to reach a large energy capsule and E-crystal. Dash jump
  over the spikes, and there *is* a bottomless pit next to the Megamezone, so
  blast it first before proceeding.

  Now you have to cross some moving platforms. The wind will not blow you back
  that much, but you only need one slip to die, so don't take any chances
  unless you know exactly where you're going to land. You need to dash jump and
  fire your buster on the second to the last platform to destroy the next
  generator; otherwise, you need to reequip the double chip to reach it.

  From there it's a short climb to the boss door. Your Ice Javelin will work
  wonders here.

  BOSS FIGHT - Pegasolta Ekrehl! (2 life bars)
  resist:  fire
  weak:    ice

     - Bolt Conductor  - Ekrehl shoots out two small lightning bolts that plant
                         themselves on the ground. These bolts then connect
                         to each other before dissipating, so don't stay in
                         the middle.

     - Ekrehl Charge   - Remember those movies where some knights ride on
                         horseback and try to drive a pointy stick through the
                         other knight's chest? Ekrehl does that, too. Dash jump
                         over it when it comes to your level.

     - Ekrehl Stomp    - Ekrehl swoops down on you and gives you a nice kick
                         on the back, propelling you forward to the bottomless
                         pit if you're unlucky.

     - Line Lightning  - Ekrehl focuses his energy, and streams out two
                         lightning beams that reach the end of the screen. To
                         dodge it, stand on the lower platform and dash when
                         the beam moves over your head.

     - Buraitotsu      - Same charging animation as Line Lightning, but this
       (EX SKILL)        time Ekrehl dives in towards you while enveloped with
                         lightning energy. He's invincible in this state, so
                         stay away.

     - This guy would be a lot harder if we didn't prepare beforehand. The rain
       in the stage doesn't make it slippery, but the wind does. There is also
       no solid ground; only three platforms over a bottomless pit, which means
       that there's a fair chance you'll die by gravity.

     - In case Ekrehl does skewer you with Ekrehl Charge, immediately pull out
       your saber and give him a three-hit combo to the face.

     - Ekrehl is one of the 'smarter' bosses. If you jump up and shoot your Ice
       Javelin, he'll move up a bit to dodge it. However, he's also stupid:
       he's likely to come down after that, so you can fire consecutive IJ's
       and he will still get hit by some. Also, I noticed it's better to shoot
       when Ekrehl is off-screen; he doesn't evade as much for some reason.

  Here's something for those who are tired of charging. Collect these parts:


  That's the Auto Charge head chip. Personally, I don't use it since Quick
  Charge Lv3 is much better, but it's here in case you're too lazy to hold
  a button. =/

> Magnetic Zone                                                         (9.12)

  MISSION: <no specific mission objective>

  ENEMIES: Raiken, Valiant*Missile, Axeroid, Bombgal, Magnepa N, Magnepa S,
           Ee*Laser, Minicraban N, Minicraban S, Gan*Ga*Gahn, Valiant*Fencer,
           Gyro Attacker, Triaformer

  WEATHER: Thunderstorm

  RECOMMENDED ELF SETUP: (Animal Lv5, Hacker Lv3, if you have Elf body chip)

  Ooh... scary. Our last mission on the eight main bosses ends with one of the
  craziest levels around.

  Let's start with the magnetic field. The field will either make you float or
  sink; look at the sand to know the direction. The Raiken around are also
  powered-up now. Try to get a Mega Axe as usual, use your double jump to reach
  the large energy capsule, and go indoors.

  Unfortunately, you have to dispose of the axe now, since we need a certain
  weapon to advance peacefully. See that blue robot with two legs? That's a
  Magnepa S, and we don't want that. Instead, go through the blue portal and
  use the Z-Knuckle on the red one, Magnepa N, so that we get the Magnepunch N.

  The portal you just passed through put a charge on your body. Because of
  it, the Magmine that has the same color as you are will be repelled, and
  the Magmine with a different color will be attracted. The floor also acts
  the same way; if the same color, it'll push you up, and if it's not, it'll
  pull you down. Basic magnetism.

  From the portal, dash forward and ignore the blue Magmine as they will move
  away from you naturally, but always wham your Magnepunch on the red ones
  as they will attach themselves to you and explode. Do NOT enter the next
  two portals you go through; the upcoming floor will attract you if you do.
  By the way, there's an extra life in the ceiling after the first portal.

  Your charge will disappear eventually. There's another red portal on the
  end of the hallway. Enter that one and climb the shaft. Your lightning
  Animal elf will take care of the Ee*Lasers, so all you have to do is dodge
  the missiles, kill the Valiants firing them, and navigate the electrified
  platforms until you reach the miniboss door.

  MINIBOSS FIGHT - Crabbanger NS!
  resist:  fire
  weak:    ice

     - Raise Platforms     - Crabbanger pulls the floor closer to the ceiling
                             using electrical beams. The electricity can hurt
                             you. If you want to bring the floor back to
                             normal, just step on it.

     - Release Minicraban  - Crabbanger spawns some miniaturized versions of
                             itself. These crab robots have a charge; if two
                             of different colors touch each other, they
                             explode and hurt the Crabbanger itself. o_o

     - This miniboss is pathetic. It could actually hurt itself! The only worry
       here is the electrified ceiling, so don't jump too high when firing some
       Ice Javelins.

  The next part has a magnetic field that's going up, so you'll float for a
  long while before going down. In fact, you can double dash jump your way
  through the whole level if you don't want your hands to get dirty. The
  consequence is that you get a low kill score.

  Quick way: go up until you reach the rails, and stand on the highest
             platform. From there, just dash jump and land on the platforms
             until you reach the last one. The exit is a short walk from there.

  There's a Ceramic Titanium below the second to the last platform, if anyone
  wants to collect one.

  Time-consuming way: go through the lower path. Kill everything until you
                      end up in the boss door.

  Now change your Animal elf to ice for the boss battle.

  BOSS FIGHT - Mino Magnax! (2 life bars)
  resist:  fire
  weak:    ice

     - Magnax Slam   - Magnax dashes forward and tries to grab you. If he
                       succeeds, he will put a magnetic charge on you and toss
                       you to the wall. The charge attracts junk and makes you
                       heavier over time.

     - Magnetize     - Magnax creates a glowing ball over his shoulder that
                       either attracts or repels you towards him.

     - Junk Attract  - Magnax summons a green ball that pulls out the junk
                       on the ground. The junk could hurt Zero as they fly
                       to the ball. After the green ball has accumulated enough
                       garbage, it drops down, and Magnax halves it with its
                       axe, sending to walls two chunks that splits up into
                       many more fragments.

     - Magnax Split  - Magnax jumps into the air and splits his body into five
                       parts: head, two arms, and two legs. The head stays in
                       the middle, the two arms somewhere up on the walls,
                       and the two legs on the corners.
                        - The two legs hop to the middle and up the wall. Dash
                          under one and stay on the corner as they will skip
                        - The two arms join in the middle of the floor, and
                          then separate again to move to the corners. Wall
                          jump up the wall and fire an Ice Javelin to the head.
                        - The head connects to the arms before dropping to
                          the ground and hovering again to add the legs. You
                          can shoot him again at his legs as he falls.
                       This attack is really hard to dodge it on the first few
                       times you fight him.

     - Tractor Shot  - Magnax shoots out another green ball to the wall, but
       (EX SKILL)      this one returns with a lot of junk instantly. Either
                       be first to reach the wall and climb it, or dash under
                       the junk and watch out for the projectiles.

     - Don't be surprised if Magnax totally whomps you silly on your first
       fight. He's THAT strong.

     - The key to defeating Magnax is to hit him in the head with several
       Ice Javelins. But you can't do it in front of him since it's guarded by
       his axe most of the time. The solution? Hit him in the back as he's
       landing from a jump. Also, stay somewhere in the middle and don't
       get cornered. You should be able to beat him after a few tries (or just
       one, if you plan on using your Sub Tanks).

  Finally. You have beaten all eight missions! Now Ciel asks you to save, which
  means only one thing... a forced mission. -_-

> Final Stage 1: Ragnarok Control Room                                  (9.13)

  MISSION: Stop Kraft from firing the Ragnarok satellite cannon at Neo Arcadia.

  ENEMIES: Medyu Hopper, Refbeamer, Valiant*Missile, Teribomb, Lamproid X,

  RECOMMENDED ELF SETUP: (Nurse Lv1, Animal Lv6, Hacker Lv2, if you have Elf
                          body chip)

  From where you're standing, do a dashing double jump to the right and
  grab the rails. There's a large E-crystal and Ceramic Titanium in sight.
  Go back to the rails and move further right until you see a cracked wall.
  Wait for the Teribomb to fly over there, then slash it while it is within
  the wall to detonate it. Walk through the hole you made and board the
  platforms, while staying away from the Lamproids' flames and the Valiant*
  missiles. Take the full energy capsule in the top. Use your jumping slash
  on the Medyu Hoppers, and carefully dash jump to obtain the extra life.

  In the next room, we have a bottomless pit under the area we have to cross,
  and rotating platforms that don't provide enough space to go under the
  spikes. What isn't immediately seen is that the platforms have rails
  underneath it, so you can safely hang from there (remember to press up, or
  else you'll fall). There's another series of platforms on the upper floor,
  but I guess I'll let yourself guide you through that since I doubt you'll
  be reading this when you're like a circus performer over bottomless pits
  and spikes. >_>

  And yes, we get to fight Kraft again. Alrighty.

  BOSS FIGHT - Kraft! (3 life bars)
  resist:  none
  weak:    none

     - <same as last time, except for one special attack, which is...>

     - Mass Missiles  - Kraft jumps up and uses his gun's laser beam to keep
                        him in mid-air. He also releases multiple missiles
                        downwards in an increasing radius that will eventually
                        hit everything on the ground.

     - He's the same Kraft you fought in the human village, and he doesn't do
       anything special other than that new attack (which is actually more
       surprising than painful). This time, we have the Ice Javelin EX Skill,
       and although he's not weak to it, the fact that it hits multiple times
       still makes it the best way to finish this quickly.

  A series of events happen after you defeat Kraft. For details on what is
  going on, please go to this link-


  After all, I'm only supposed to help you with the gameplay. =)

  Now, if you don't want to be forwarded to the next mission immediately,
  choose the SECOND option when Rogue (the operator) asks you to.

  There aren't many things left to do in the camp, but what's remaining is
  very important.

  1.) Create whatever chips you want to have. The ones I've pointed out in
      the walkthrough are the chips I believe to be essential to beating
      the game. Here's a list of some chips that isn't as needed, but quite
      useful nonetheless:

      Auto Filling

  2.) Fully upgrade your cyber elf to Lv7 -- believe me, it's worth it. And
      it doesn't take that long; equip Hacker Lv6 and stay in the first part
      of Scorching Particle Cannon for 20-30 minutes, killing everything back
      and forth (especially the Refbeamers and Gan*Ga*Gahns).

  When you're ready, proceed to the only orange dot on the map.

> Final Stage 2: Large Transfer Base                                    (9.14)

  MISSION: Unlock the four protection switches.

  ENEMIES: Valiant*Fire, Valiant*Fencer, Keroshu, Needballoon, Hikyarunikosu B,
           Teribomb, Gan*Ga*Gahn, Cross Vine

  RECOMMENDED ELF SETUP: (Nurse Lv1, Animal Lv5, Hacker Lv3, if you have Elf
                          body chip)

  You start in a room with four doors on each side. I'll discuss the rooms
  behind each door in its own section.

  Just a quick note: in the end of each hallway is a closed room with Cross
  Vines appearing constantly and a switch (that looks more like a giant fuse).
  Pull it with your Z-Knuckle, then proceed to the other rooms.

  North door:
   - Just some Valiants of different varieties. Be careful near the top, as
     there are two Valiant*Fires and a Valiant*Fencer waiting.

  East door:
   - In this one we have Keroshus and Needballoons. When you come to a part
     with an open ceiling, double jump up to obtain a large energy capsule
     and a Ceramic Titanium. Take this path last.

  South door:
   - We have Hikyarunikosu B's and Teribombs here. To go down further, you have
     to wait for the Teribombs then hit them with your saber so that they'll
     explode on the blocks; you may need to turn off your lightning elf.
     There's also a Gan*Ga*Gahn on the bottom left side.

  West door:
   - More Gan*Ga*Gahns and Cross Vines here, plus some lava. Solid rock also
     falls down from the tubes, and when they land on the lava, they splash
     some of it on dry ground. The most difficult path.

  When you have pulled out all four switches, return to the main room: the
  computer doesn't want to let you go yet. Enable the Tractor Shot EX Skill.

  "Alert... alert... eliminating program... start... ha ha ha ha ha ha..."

  BOSS FIGHT - Random Bandom! (3 life bars)
  resist:  none
  weak:    none

     - Bandom Bounce  - Random Bandom rebounds along the walls. Slash it once,
                        dash around, and start charging your buster.

     - Bandom Shots   - During this time, Random Bandom disappears, and
                        multiple gun turrets appear on the wall. You're not
                        screwed; the Tractor Shot will absorb all the bullets
                        and grow larger. Shoot the green ball to Bandom when
                        it reappears.

     - Bandom Eye     - Random Bandom uses its eyes to shoot projectiles that
                        fragment into two smaller ones in this sequence:
                        down (climb the wall), middle (stay away from wall),
                        up, middle, and down.

     - Bandom Sparks  - Random Bandom shoots shuriken-like projectiles from its
                        core in a clockwise direction, then does it again in
                        counterclockwise. I've only seen this in Easy mode...

     - Bandom Select  - Random Bandom disappears again, while several parts of
                        the wall flash rapidly. A turret that shoots a six-way
                        laser shot will show a few seconds later. Destroy it
                        before it could fire. It'll repeat a couple of times,
                        and much faster than before.

     - Easy, but annoying. That laugh could get on your nerves, but that could
       be solved (turn the volume off). It shouldn't be too hard to get its
       pattern down.

  Nothing to see here, move on.

> Final Stage 3: Inside Transfer Circuit                                (9.15)

  MISSION: Destroy the protect program in the transfer circuit to freely
           transfer to the Ragnarok satellite.

  ENEMIES: Metall, Ee*Laser, Raytri, Bombsect, Krio Neon, Needballoon

  RECOMMENDED ELF SETUP: (Nurse Lv1, Animal Lv7, Hacker Lv1, if you have Elf
                          body chip)

  It's the second to the last mission, and this time we're doing it in cyber
  space! It's not like Z3's cyber space where everything's green, but it's
  even more hallucinating. @_@

  There aren't a lot of enemies in this level. What you should be watch out for
  are the Raytri; invincible rotating lightning rods. Without Animal Lv7, these
  objects take out 5 HP (out of your default 16), so it's better to wait until
  it lets you pass. You should also carry the buster as your main since you
  can't move in on your enemies immediately.

  There's a full energy capsule in the ceiling after the rails; get under the
  first Raytri and grab the rail just before the second one. You'll also see
  another path below the first Bombsect you see. I prohibit you from taking
  that though, as the only reward is a Ceramic Titanium (and you have loads of
  it now). Better take the upper path with more enemies.

  In the next room, nearly everything you see glows in the dark, so you might
  have a hard time spotting the Krio Neons and Needballoons. Ride the platforms
  and remember to hold to the rails underneath it when going over spikes.
  There's an extra life in the far left corner. To the right are more platforms
  that have an electric charge on one side, so quickly hop over each one until
  you reach the boss door.

  BOSS FIGHT - Cyball! (3 life bars)
  resist:  none
  weak:    none

     - Cyball Round   - Cyball goes around and between the platforms. Double
                        jump over it, or hang underneath the platform while
                        charging your weapon and attacking it occasionally.

     - Cyball Split   - Cyball transforms into four energy balls and rotate
                        to the other side. Stand on the upper platform and
                        jump over the balls.

     - Electric Wall  - Cyball disappears, and the four objects around the
                        stage conduct lightning between them. Stay in the

     - Cyball Gum     - Cyball releases three translucent membranes that
                        slowly moves closer. They're industructible, so just
                        keep slashing and stay away from them until they
                        disappear on their own.

     - Cyball Laser   - Cyball and the cannons fire pink lasers one at a time.
                        Dash underneath the lasers or jump over them.

     - Another easy one, although maneuvering through the platforms can be
       tricky. Cyball uses its Round attack every other turn, and that's the
       time you'll do most damage to it with your charged saber or buster.

  There. We could now go into the final, FINAL stage. Ready?

> Final Stage 4: Ragnarok Core                                          (9.16)

  MISSION: Stop the Ragnarok satellite from crashing into Area Zero.

  ENEMIES: Raiken, Grachal, Valiant*Claw, Faitar, Ark Cannon, Axeroid,
           Lamproid X, Valiant*Missile

  RECOMMENDED ELF SETUP: (Nurse Lv1, Animal Lv7, does not need Elf body chip)

  Standard deal here. As with most Mega Man final stages, this one has some
  tough to kill enemies at the start for warm-up. There are also some energy
  capsules and E-crystals (like you still need them) along the way. When you
  come into the room with an elevator, you have to enter the teleporters and
  fight the eight bosses again in order to continue.

                   |    |
         Ekrehl    |    |  Titanyan
                   |    |
         ----------|    |----------
                   |    |
         Lunaedge  |    |  Mandrago
                   |    |
         ==========      ==========
         ]                        [
         ========== ---- ==========
                   |    |
         Cockapetri|    |    Kraken
                   |    |
         ----------|    |----------
                   |    |
         Genblem   |    |    Magnax
                   |    |

  Proceed through the right door after you have settled your appointments.
  The path you'll go through is lined with Ark Cannons and spikes; use your
  Tractor Shot to absorb the bullets again, and very carefully climb the
  spike-filled shaft. Jump to the left to obtain a large energy capsule, and
  be sure to get a Mega Axe from the Axeroids; we'll utilize that in the final
  battle. A few Lamproid X's, Valiant*Missile's, and Ark Cannons will obstruct
  your way to the top.

  And then... the final boss door.

  FINAL BOSS FIGHT - Dr. Weil! (3 life bars)
  resist:  none
  weak:    none

     - Teleport       - Weil fades away a few times. Most of your attacks will
                        miss him during this state, so stay put and charge.

     - Phantom Split  - Four images of Weil appear on the screen, and only one
                        of them is real. Wait for the true one to solidify
                        and hit it with a charged saber/axe quickly, because it
                        immediately follows that with this attack.

     - Shock Pierce   - A while after reappearing from his phantom split, Weil
                        drops six daggers on the ground, and leaves an electric
                        ball on the top of the screen before teleporting away.
                        The electric ball shoots electric bullets to the
                        daggers, and then the daggers conduct the charge on the
                        ground. You have three options here:
                         - Keep jumping over the sparks on the floor while
                           dodging the electric bullets.
                         - Destroy the daggers with your Shougetsujin EX skill
                           (ice saber) while dodging the electric bullets.
                         - Same as first option, but only if you don't have the
                           mega axe. Use your Z-Knuckle on one of the daggers
                           to get a Death Pierce and use it later on Weil.

     - Meteor Storm   - Weil raises his hands and sends out two waves of rocks:
                        the first one are all gray and fall on a preset pattern
                        and the second one have some golden ones that are
                        directly aimed at you.
                         - For the first wave, stay in the corner and use the
                           charged saber on the few last ones.
                         - For the second wave, stay in the corner and use the
                           axe for every gold meteor, but keep your saber ready
                           for the gray one.
                         - If you don't have the axe, then the upward flame
                           saber works as well.

     - Arc Spray      - Weil releases eight blue balls that spreads into the
                        whole floor. And then he teleports to the other side
                        to do it again.
                         - There's a somewhat efficient way to dodge those.
                           I want you to look at the floor pattern.

                               *           *
                            __ __. .__ __ __ __.
                           ^  ^   |   ^  ^  ^  |

                           The asteriks show where you should stand and jump
                           forward when the balls come to you. I chose these
                           spots since that's where (I thinK) it's easiest to
                           dodge, and you wouldn't accidentally hit Weil when
                           he teleports to the other side.

     - Health Regen    - Weil calls on four green balls. You can destroy these
                         before Weil absorbs them for more HP.

     - Ice Crystal     - Weil creates a hexagonal block of ice on ground level
                         that splits into three smaller moving diamonds aimed
                         at you.

     Now, the next attack is a SPOILER, so don't read further until you have
     seen it.




     - Numbers Summoning - Weil brings out a multi-colored glowing ball (which
                           looks suspiciously like the Dark Elf...) and fades
                           away. That ball calls on all the late members of
                           Weil's Numbers for a group attack!

                           They always appear in this order:

                            - Flizard    - appears in the corner nearest to you
                                           and uses his flamethrower.
                            - Inarabbita - appears in the middle and dives to
                                           releases four ice shards.
                            - Schilt     - appears in the corner nearest to you
                                           and shoots electric balls at three
                                           different heights.
                            - Mantisk    - appears in the corner nearest to you
                                           and throws his claw at you, which
                                           returns sharp side open.
                            - Foxstar    - appears in the middle and releases
                                           multiple upward flames that land on
                                           the ground.
                            - Le Cactank - appears from above and tries to land
                                           wherever you are.
                            - Biblio     - appears in the middle and plugs his
                                           tail into the ground, electrocuting
                                           the floor.
                            - Kelverian  - appears from above and tries to land
                                           wherever you are.

     - To tell you the truth, there's no easy way of taking down this pain in
       the ass. It all comes down to who drains each other's energy faster.
       A good way to measure whether you're on the winning side of the battle
       is if you could drain two life bars of Weil's before you fully use up
       a Sub Tank.

     - The axe is more powerful than the charged saber, but you should only
       use it on the 'slower' phases of the fight and you don't need a quick
       reaction time.

     - Put a higher priority on dodging than attacking. Seriously. This fight
       takes more than a minute most of the time, and Weil's not even around
       in some phases.

     - Unless you're an expert, this fight WILL be messy, so don't whine on
       the damage you take. Just don't take too much, and try not to use more
       than two Sub Tanks.

  After you have defeated Weil, it's all over now... or is it?

  With one of the most ****ed up scenes ever depicted in a Mega Man game,
  Dr. Weil merges with the Ragnarok satellite in one last attempt to take you
  down... what's worse, you have a time limit of 120 seconds before Ragnarok
  crashes with you two on top of it.

  Timer starts now.

  TRUE FINAL BOSS FIGHT - Dr. Weil! (3 life bars)
  resist:  none
  weak:    none

     - Shield           - Not really an attack, but that spike in front of
                          Weil's face protects him from attacks and hurts you
                          if you touch it. Wait until it's down to attack Weil.

     - Beam Cannon      - Weil sucks you in for a second, then shoots a
                          horizontal orange beam from the middle of the screen
                          downwards, where you'll have to dash under it to
                          dodge. He then follows it up with another beam on
                          ground level. Jump and press 'up' on the tip of his
                          horn to grab it and stay safe until the second beam

     - Bombsect Summon  - Two Bombsects appear from different green portals.
                          You could use your Z-Knuckle on them (if it's empty)
                          to obtain some Joint Bombs which can go over Weil's
                          shield, although it's hard to aim it properly.

     - Thorn Boomerang  - Weil puts his shield down and uses it as a projectile
                          that returns to him after a few seconds. Jump over it
                          and hurt him with a couple of charged sabers/axes.

     - Crimson Spheres  - Weil releases three red balls that splits into three
                          smaller ones every time you destroy it. Hit them with
                          a charged saber as they come out so you'll damage
                          Weil, too.

     - Circle Spray     - Same as Arc Spray, but this time he does it on the
                          top of the screen and only once per turn, thankfully.

     - Cross Spike      - Weil sucks you in again, and brings out a blue
                          rotating crystal that releases non-fatal spike-shaped
                          projectiles in a (+) and (X) pattern.

     - Lock-on Cannon   - Several green hexagons appear all over the screen,
                          homing into you. If even one of them makes contact
                          with you, you will be sucked in into Weil's line of
                          fire and receive a beam cannon straight to the face.
                          The most evil attack in the game, surpassing Kraft's.
                          In case you have <40 seconds left, it's better to
                          just jump into a hexagon and get hurt rather than
                          waste ten more seconds trying to destroy them (which
                          you probably won't succeed at anyway).

     - In some ways this version of him can be harder or easier than his
       previous form. Harder, since you fight with a time limit on and you
       can't hit Weil if his shield's up. Easier, because he's always there in
       front of you, and you can definitely whack him once the shield's down.

     - This one is also much slower than the first form, so you don't need to
       dash around as fast. Just... be careful. Most of the tips I said on
       the last time also apply here, except for dodging -- you MUST attack
       at all costs, or else you will run out of time. Weil is tough, but not
       that tough if you keep the pressure on him.

  Watch the ending.

10. Appendices\_______________________________________________________________

The other fun part of this article: compiling all relevant information in the
game in one section. Happy studying!

> Enemy List / Z-Knuckle Weapons                                        (10.1)

Legend for enemy locations:

  |                                            |  C - Resistance Camp
  |      (3)                          (8)      |
  |               (5)       (7)                |  0 - Area Zero
  |  (1)                (0)                    |  1 - Magnetic Zone
  |                       _____________________|  2 - Deep Sea
  |                  (C) |                     |  3 - Air Conditioned Park
  |                      |                (F4) |  4 - Cold Sleep Facility
  |      (I2)  (4)       |  (F2)   (F3)        |  5 - Artificial Sun
  |                      |                     |  6 - Populated City
  |  (2)          (6)    |                (F1) |  7 - Underground Forest
  |                      |                     |  8 - Scorching Particle Cannon
   I1 - Intermission Stage 1: Base Defense (not on map since you cannot return)
   I2 - Intermission Stage 2: Prison
   F1 - Final Stage 1: Ragnarok Control Room
   F2 - Final Stage 2: Large Transfer Base
   F3 - Final Stage 3: Inside Transfer Circuit
   F4 - Final Stage 4: Ragnarok Core

An (inf) beside the weapon name means that you can use that weapon as long as
you want in the stage. However, Z-Knuckle weapons are automatically discarded
once you exit the level.

  Enemy Name       |  Weapon Name      |  Description
                   |                   |
  Ark Cannon       |  Search Shot      |  Rotating gun turret that aims to hit
                   |  (inf / beam)     |  Zero with energy bullets.
                   |                   |
                   |                   |  Found: Area Zero, Artificial Sun,
                   |                   |         Underground Forest, Scorching
                   |                   |         Particle Cannon, Final Stage 4
                   |                   |
                   |                   |
  R*B Cannon       |  Cannon Buster    |  Stationary gun turret that hides in
                   |  (x6 / beam)      |  an invincible mound before popping
                   |                   |  out to shoot a green ball.
                   |                   |
                   |                   |  Found: Deep Sea, Artificial Sun
                   |                   |
                   |                   |
  Axeroid          |  Mega Axe         |  Walking robot that carries an
                   |  (inf / overhead) |  oversized axe.
                   |                   |
                   |                   |  Found: Magnetic Zone, Artificial Sun,
                   |                   |         Final Stage 4
                   |                   |
                   |                   |
  Ee*Laser         |  Bend Laser       |  Laser gun that can bend its laser
                   |  (x8 / beam)      |  90 degrees in transit to track Zero.
                   |                   |
                   |                   |  Found: Underground Forest, Magnetic
                   |                   |         Zone, Int Stage 2, Final
                   |                   |         Stage 3
                   |                   |
                   |                   |
  Eledeserter      |  Elec Nail        |  Lightning-elemental robot produced by
                   |  (inf)            |  Megamezone. Looks like a space ship.
                   |                   |
                   |                   |  Found: <same as Megamezone>
                   |                   |
                   |                   |
  Gan*Ga*Gahn      |  Drill Rod        |  Stationary machine that drills into
                   |  (x6 / thrust)    |  the ground, sending rocks out.
                   |                   |
                   |                   |  Found: Magnetic Zone, Scorching
                   |                   |         Particle Cannon, Final Stage 2
                   |                   |
                   |                   |
  Cannon Hopper    |  Spread Shot      |  Hopping robot that shoots five shots
                   |  (inf / beam)     |  in a wide arc before hopping onto
                   |                   |  the opposite horizontal surface.
                   |                   |
                   |                   |  Found: Area Zero, Populated City,
                   |                   |         Scorching Particle Cannon,
                   |                   |         Int Stage 2
                   |                   |
                   |                   |
  Grachal          |  Ice Buster       |  Tractor robot that fires balls of ice
                   |  (x8 / beam)      |  that freeze the ground on contact.
                   |                   |
                   |                   |  Found: Air Conditioned Park, Cold
                   |                   |         Sleep Facility, Final Stage 4
                   |                   |
                   |                   |
  Glass Cannon     |  N/A              |  One of the eight satellites that
                   |                   |  protect the miniboss Tiareen.
                   |                   |
                   |                   |  Found: Artificial Sun
                   |                   |
                   |                   |
  Krio Neon        |  Neon Bomb        |  Green ghost robot that floats round
                   |  (x2 / throw)     |  and sometimes sends electricity
                   |                   |  through its body.
                   |                   |
                   |                   |  Found: Deep Sea (first time only!),
                   |                   |         Final Stage 3
                   |                   |
  Cross Vine       |  Cross Shot       |  Cross-shaped robot that appears
                   |  (inf / beam)     |  briefly and shoots thorns before
                   |                   |  disappearing.
                   |                   |
                   |                   |  Found: Populated City, Final Stage 2
                   |                   |
                   |                   |
  Cerberus         |  Bound Tyre       |  Motorcycle robot that tries to bump
                   |  (x1 / throw)     |  into Zero.
                   |                   |
                   |                   |  Found: Populated City, Int Stage 2
                   |                   |
                   |                   |
  Keroshu          |  Tongue Rod       |  Frog robot that swims on the water
                   |  (inf / thrust)   |  surface, occassionally drawing out
                   |                   |  its tongue.
                   |                   |
                   |                   |  Found: Int Stage 1, Final Stage 2
                   |                   |
                   |                   |
  Serpent*Gear     |  Gear Bomb        |  One of the many gears produced by
                   |  (x1 / throw)     |  the miniboss Giabank.
                   |                   |
                   |                   |  Found: Cold Sleep Facility
                   |                   |
                   |                   |
  Sundozer         |  Blade Shield     |  Bulldozing robot made to carry sand
                   |  (inf / shield)   |  and dump it on other places.
                   |                   |
                   |                   |  Found: Artificial Sun
                   |                   |
                   |                   |
  Gyro Attacker    |  Gyro Boomerang   |  Propeller robot that tries to bump
                   |  (x1 / throw)     |  into Zero, but limited on rails.
                   |                   |
                   |                   |  Found: Magnetic Zone
                   |                   |
                   |                   |
  Gyro Cannon H    |  2Way Shot        |  Propeller robot that can either shoot
                   |  (inf / beam)     |  bullets or drop bombs.
                   |                   |
                   |                   |  Found: Area Zero, Airconditioned Park,
                   |                   |         Underground Forest,
                   |                   |         Artificial Sun
                   |                   |
                   |                   |
  Teribomb         |  N/A              |  Hovering bomb that moves in very
                   |                   |  slowly towards you. Any hit will send
                   |                   |  it to the direction you hit it to.
                   |                   |  Can be useful in wiping out enemies
                   |                   |  or detonating crumbled walls.
                   |                   |
                   |                   |  Found: Area Zero, Deep Sea, Final
                   |                   |         Stage 1, Final Stage 2
                   |                   |
                   |                   |
  Triaformer       |  Tri Shot         |  Flying robot that sets three sparks
                   |  (inf / beam)     |  in midair that homes in to Zero
                   |                   |  after a few seconds.
                   |                   |
                   |                   |  Found: Magnetic Zone, Air Conditioned
                   |                   |         Park, Populated City
                   |                   |
                   |                   |
  Needballoon      |  Balloon Bomb     |  Fish robot that puffs up itself to
                   |  (x1 / throw)     |  shoot spikes.
                   |                   |
                   |                   |  Found: Deep Sea (first time only!)
                   |                   |         Final Stage 2, Final Stage 3
                   |                   |
                   |                   |
  Valiant*Claw     |  Steel Claw       |  Weil's soldier equipped with steel
                   |  (inf / thrust)   |  claws and pops out of the snow, if
                   |                   |  present.
                   |                   |
                   |                   |  Found: Cold Sleep Facility, Final
                   |                   |         Stage 4
                   |                   |
                   |                   |
  Valiant*Fire     |  Blaze Buster     |  Weil's soldier equipped with a flame
                   |  (x8 / beam)      |  buster and lands from above.
                   |                   |
                   |                   |  Found: Air Conditioned Park, Cold
                   |                   |         Sleep Facility, Artificial Sun
                   |                   |         Underground Forest, Scorching
                   |                   |         Particle Cannon, Int Stage 1,
                   |                   |         Int Stage 2, Final Stage 2
                   |                   |
                   |                   |
  Valiant*Fencer   |  Heat Sabre       |  Weil's soldier equipped with a
                   |  (inf / thrust)   |  soldering tool. Can only be found
                   |                   |  hanging from rails.
                   |                   |
                   |                   |  Found: Magnetic Zone, Final Stage 2
                   |                   |
                   |                   |
  Valiant*Missile  |  Wide Buster      |  Weil's soldier equipped with a
                   |  (x4 / beam)      |  missile launcher. Slightly tougher
                   |                   |  than the other Valiants.
                   |                   |
                   |                   |  Found: Magnetic Zone, Scorching
                   |                   |         Particle Cannon, Final Stage 1
                   |                   |         Final Stage 4
                   |                   |
                   |                   |
  Pantheon*Corpse  |  Elec Arm         |  Phanteon remains that is reanimated
                   |  (inf / thrust)   |  by a Pure Elf.
                   |                   |
                   |                   |  Found: Cold Sleep Facility
                   |                   |
                   |                   |
  Beeneran         |  Hive Bomb        |  Plant robot that produces Puchinets
                   |  (x1 / throw)     |  (bee-bots) from inside it.
                   |                   |
                   |                   |  Found: Underground Forest
                   |                   |
                   |                   |
  Beamwalker       |  Beam Shot        |  Walking robot with a pointy nose that
                   |  (inf / beam)     |  can shoot lasers.
                   |                   |
                   |                   |  Found: Area Zero, Cold Sleep Facility
                   |                   |         Scorching Particle Cannon
                   |                   |
                   |                   |
  Hikyarunikosu B  |  3Way Bomb        |  Side-stepping robot with a bomb on
                   |  (x1 / throw)     |  top of it.
                   |                   |
                   |                   |  Found: Cold Sleep Facility, Final
                   |                   |         Stage 2
                   |                   |
                   |                   |
  Faitar           |  Flame Sword      |  Platform machine that hides in the
                   |  (inf / overhead) |  floor, then rises up and blows flames
                   |                   |  when Zero nears it.
                   |                   |
                   |                   |  Found: Scorching Particle Cannon,
                   |                   |         Final Stage 4
                   |                   |
                   |                   |
  Pure Elf         |  N/A              |  A dark Cyber Elf that has been
                   |                   |  awakened. The only way to kill it is
                   |                   |  by driving it into direct sunlight.
                   |                   |
                   |                   |  Found: Cold Sleep Facility
                   |                   |
                   |                   |
  Hecrysta         |  Ice Shield       |  Ice-elemental robot produced by
                   |  (inf / shield)   |  Megamezone. Looks like a clump of ice
                   |                   |  crystals.
                   |                   |
                   |                   |  Found: <same as Megamezone>
                   |                   |
                   |                   |
  Popplan          |  Long Snaper      |  Plant robot that suddenly extends
                   |  (inf / thrust)   |  upwards and snaps on Zero when he's
                   |                   |  near it. Use the Z-Knuckle or the
                   |                   |  Shouenga EX skill to kill it.
                   |                   |
                   |                   |  Found: Area Zero, Artificial Sun
                   |                   |
                   |                   |
  Bomaider         |  Rising Bomb      |  Fire-elemental robot produced by
                   |  (x2 / throw)     |  Megamezone. Looks like a spider.
                   |                   |
                   |                   |  Found: <same as Megamezone>
                   |                   |
                   |                   |
  Bombgal          |  Wave Bomb        |  Flying robot that drops bombs that
                   |  (x1 / throw)     |  trace the ground with fire.
                   |                   |
                   |                   |  Found: Magnetic Zone, Deep Sea, Int
                   |                   |         Stage 1
                   |                   |
                   |                   |
  Bombsect         |  Joint Bomb       |  Centipede robot that crawls through
                   |  (x4 / throw)     |  the air. Explodes on its own.
                   |                   |
                   |                   |  Found: Underground Forest. Populated
                   |                   |         City, Final Stage 3, Final
                   |                   |         Stage 4
                   |                   |
                   |                   |
  Magnepa N        |  Magnepunch N     |  Red two-legged robot that jumps into
                   |  (inf / thrust)   |  the air and shoots two bullets.
                   |                   |
                   |                   |  Found: Magnetic Zone
                   |                   |
                   |                   |
  Magnepa S        |  Magnepunch S     |  Blue two-legged robot that jumps into
                   |  (inf / thrust)   |  the air and shoots two bullets.
                   |                   |
                   |                   |  Found: Magnetic Zone
                   |                   |
                   |                   |
  Minicraban B     |  Minicraban B     |  Blue crab robot created by the
                   |  (x1 / throw)     |  miniboss Crabbanger NS.
                   |                   |
                   |                   |  Found: Magnetic Zone
                   |                   |
                   |                   |
  Minicraban R     |  Minicraban R     |  Red crab robot created by the
                   |  (x1 / throw)     |  miniboss Crabbanger NS.
                   |                   |
                   |                   |  Found: Magnetic Zone
                   |                   |
                   |                   |
  Megamezone       |  N/A              |  Giant machine that produces Hecrysta,
                   |                   |  Eledeserter, and Bomaider.
                   |                   |
                   |                   |  Found: Deep Sea, Airconditioned Park,
                   |                   |         Populated City
                   |                   |
                   |                   |
  Metall           |  Met Shield       |  Some odd robot within a miner's hat.
                   |  (inf / shield)   |  Classic enemy since the earliest
                   |                   |  Mega Man games.
                   |                   |
                   |                   |  Found: Cold Sleep Facility, Populated
                   |                   |         City, Final Stage 3
                   |                   |
                   |                   |
  Medyu Hopper     |  Vertical Shot    |  Yellow robot with a spring as its
                   |  (inf / beam)     |  support. Bounces up and shoots when
                   |                   |  Zero's near.
                   |                   |
                   |                   |  Found: Area Zero, Populated City,
                   |                   |         Final Stage 1
                   |                   |
                   |                   |
  Maulroid         |  Mega Hammer      |  Same as the Axeroid, but with a giant
                   |  (inf / overhead) |  metal mallet instead.
                   |                   |
                   |                   |  Found: Int Stage 1
                   |                   |
                   |                   |
  Molgul           |  Drill Shot       |  Mole robot that digs up from the
                   |  (x8 / beam)      |  ground and shoots its nose.
                   |                   |
                   |                   |  Found: Area Zero, Underground Forest
                   |                   |
                   |                   |
  Yadokaroid       |  Aim Shot         |  Hard-shelled robot with a green core
                   |  (inf / beam)     |  inside. Retreats after its shell has
                   |                   |  been slashed off.
                   |                   |
                   |                   |  Found: Area Zero, Deep Sea, Int
                   |                   |         Stage 1
                   |                   |
                   |                   |
  Raiken           |  Elec Rod         |  A floating rotating lightning rod
                   |  (inf / thrust)   |  that shoots one or three electric
                   |                   |  balls on the ground, depending on
                   |                   |  the weather.
                   |                   |
                   |                   |  Found: Magnetic Zone,
                   |                   |         Airconditioned Park, Final
                   |                   |         Stage 4
                   |                   |
                   |                   |
  Lamproid X       |  Lamp Shield      |  A red robot with a shield on one side
                   |  (inf / shield)   |  and a flamethrower on the other.
                   |                   |
                   |  Lamp Burner      |  Found: Artificial Sun, Scorching
                   |  (x6 / beam)      |         Particle Cannon, Final Stage 1
                   |                   |         Final Stage 4
                   |                   |
                   |                   |
  Refbeamer        |  Ref Laser        |  Hovering robot that shoots reflecting
                   |  (inf / beam)     |  solar energy.
                   |                   |
                   |                   |  Found: Scorching Particle Cannon,
                   |                   |         Final Stage 1
                   |                   |

All of the above enemies drop parts when they are killed. The next ones do not:

  Enemy Name       |  Weapon Name      |  Description
                   |                   |
  Mellnet          |  Bee Rod          |  Bee-bots that appear after you have
                   |  (inf / thrust)   |  been hit by nectar balls from
                   |                   |  Mandrago's stage
                   |                   |
                   |                   |  Found: Underground Forest
                   |                   |
                   |                   |
  Cockapule        |  N/A              |  Chick robots produced by Cockapetri.
                   |                   |
                   |                   |  Found: Populated City
                   |                   |
                   |                   |
  Hikyarunikosu C  |  Card Key         |  Like a Hikyarunikosu B, but with a
                   |  (x1 / thrust)    |  card instead. Use the Z-Knuckle on it
                   |                   |  to obtain a Sub Tank later in the
                   |                   |  level.
                   |                   |
                   |                   |  Found: Cold Sleep Facility
                   |                   |
                   |                   |
  Puchinet         |  N/A              |  Bee-bots produced by Beeneran. It
                   |                   |  also appears in Mandrago's room if
                   |                   |  you are hit by her nectar balls.
                   |                   |
                   |                   |  Found: Underground Forest
                   |                   |
                   |                   |
  Pechipricker     |  N/A              |  Mines that form crawling chains on
                   |                   |  the walls leading to Mandrago's room.
                   |                   |
                   |                   |  Found: Underground Forest
                   |                   |
                   |                   |
  Magmine N        |  N/A              |  Red floating sphere of energy that
                   |                   |  moves closer if Zero has a blue
                   |                   |  charge, and away if Zero has a red
                   |                   |  charge.
                   |                   |
                   |                   |  Found: Magnetic Zone
                   |                   |
                   |                   |
  Magmine S        |  N/A              |  Blue floating sphere of energy that
                   |                   |  moves closer if Zero has a red
                   |                   |  charge, and away if he has a blue
                   |                   |  charge.
                   |                   |
                   |                   |  Found: Magnetic Zone
                   |                   |
                   |                   |
  Raytri           |  N/A              |  Invincible metal object that emits
                   |                   |  short lightning bolts in three
                   |                   |  different directions.
                   |                   |
                   |                   |  Found: Final Stage 3
                   |                   |

Z-Knuckle weapons that do not come from enemies:

  Weapon Source    |  Weapon Name      |  Description
                   |                   |
  N/A              |  Burst Bomb       |  Explosives contained within some of
                   |  (x3 / throw)     |  the cargo from the human trailer.
                   |                   |
                   |                   |  Found: Trailer Defense
                   |                   |
                   |                   |
  N/A              |  Iron Pipe        |  A bent metal pipe found in the
                   |  (x6 / overhead)  |  middle of nowhere.
                   |                   |
                   |                   |  Found: Cold Sleep Facility
                   |                   |
                   |                   |
  N/A              |  Electric Light   |  Device ripped off an electric bulb
                   |  (inf / beam)     |  socket. Use this to drive away the
                   |                   |  Pure Elf into sunlight.
                   |                   |
                   |                   |  Found: Cold Sleep Facility
                   |                   |
                   |                   |
  N/A              |  Water Gun        |  Weapon used to extinguish fires by
                   |  (x8 / beam)      |  shooting blobs of water.
                   |                   |
                   |                   |  Found: Int Stage 1
                   |                   |
                   |                   |
  N/A              |  Death Pierce     |  One of the projectiles Dr. Weil
                   |  (x1 / overhead)  |  throws out. Pick up one and swing it
                   |                   |  to him to deal some OK damage.
                   |                   |
                   |                   |  Found: Final Stage 4
                   |                   |

> Cyber Elf Effects                                                     (10.2)

Before you could use any of your cyber elf powers, you must feed it first with
E-crystals. To do it, talk to Alouette in room 001 and choose the following
options in this order:

 > Cyber Elf

 > Feed Cyber Elf
   Change Elf Settings
   Talk to Cyber Elf

You can change the elf settings by placing your cursor over the elf, and
then adjusting the levels by pressing the left and right buttons.

Now here are the elf powers you obtain for each level-up. Remember, you only
get to activate one of each type of elf power unless stated.

  Elf Type  |  Level  |  Description
            |         |
  Nurse     |   Lv1   |  Elf drops small energy capsules every 20 seconds.
            |         |
            |         |
            |   Lv2   |  Life Max increased by 4 units. (Life Max = 20 HP)
            |         |
            |         |
            |   Lv3   |  Life Max increased by 8 units. (Life Max = 24 HP)
            |         |
            |         |
            |   Lv4   |  Life Max increased by 12 units. (Life Max = 28 HP)
            |         |
            |         |
            |   Lv5   |  Life Max increased by 16 units. (Life Max = 32 HP)
            |         |
            |         |
            |   Lv6   |  Combined effect of Nurse Lv1 and Lv5.
            |         |
            |         |
            |   Lv7   |  Life Max multiplied by 4. (Life Max = 64 HP)
            |         |
            |         |
  Animal    |   Lv1   |  Running speed increased by 25%. (doesn't stack with
            |         |  Quick chip)
            |         |
            |         |
            |   Lv2   |  Slide slower on walls. (doesn't stack with Frog chip)
            |         |
            |         |
            |   Lv3   |  Elf shoots fire-elemental bullets straight ahead.
            |         |
            |         |
            |   Lv4   |  Elf shoots ice-elemental bullets that go up and down
            |         |  like rocks.
            |         |
            |         |
            |   Lv5   |  Elf shoots lightning-elemental bullets that are aimed
            |         |  towards the nearest enemy (does not aim on bosses).
            |         |
            |         |
            |   Lv6   |  Elf rescues you if you fall into a bottomless pit.
            |         |
            |         |
            |   Lv7   |  Zero takes 50% less damage from attacks.
            |         |
            |         |
  Hacker    |   Lv1   |  Max amount of buster shots on screen is four instead
            |         |  of three.
            |         |
            |         |
            |   Lv2   |  3rd slash in three-hit saber combo is upwards if 'up'
            |         |  is held.
            |         |
            |         |
            |   Lv3   |  Weapon damage increases by 1 point.
            |         |
            |         |
            |   Lv4   |  3rd slash in three-hit saber combo creates wave if
            |         |  'down' is held.
            |         |
            |         |
            |   Lv5   |  Higher enemy drop rate on items.
            |         |
            |         |
            |   Lv6   |  Items do double their usual effect.
            |         |
            |         |
            |   Lv7   |  Allows you to do combo commands. Hacker Lv2 and Lv4
            |         |  also enabled.
            |         |
            |         | - Down, down-forward, forward - charged buster Lv1
            |         | - (Down, down-forward, forward) x2 - charged buster Lv2
            |         |                                      buster EX skill
            |         | - Forward, down-forward, down - charged saber
            |         |

> EX Skills                                                             (10.3)

 ________      __      __
|EX SKILL| __ | 2| __ | 4|             1 - Time Stopper    5 - Tsuibangeki
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ | 1| ¯¯ | 3| ¯¯              2 - Tractor Shot    6 - Buraitotsu
           ¯¯  __  ¯¯  __              3 - Burning Shot    7 - Shouenga
           __ | 6| __ | 8|             4 - Ice Javelin     8 - Shougetsujin
          | 5| ¯¯ | 7| ¯¯
           ¯¯      ¯¯

The first column (1 and 5) is neutral element, the second column (2 and 6) is
lightning element, the third column (3 and 7) is fire element, and the last
column (4 and 8) is ice element.

  EX Skill         |  Obtained from    |  Description
                   |                   |
  Time Stopper     |  Purpura          |  Temporarily halts the movement of
                   |  Cockapetri       |  weak enemies. Area of effect is a
                   |                   |  white frame.
                   |                   |
                   |                   |
  Tractor Shot     |  Mino Magnax      |  Shoot once* and charge your buster.
                   |                   |  After a few seconds, a green ball
                   |                   |  of electricity forms on the tip of
                   |                   |  your buster, which will attract all
                   |                   |  small energy shots and grow more
                   |                   |  powerful.
                   |                   |
                   |                   |  * - There seems to be some glitches
                   |                   |      with this move. The buster must
                   |                   |      be out (in Zero's hand) for the
                   |                   |      green ball to form. And getting
                   |                   |      hit or using another weapon
                   |                   |      releases the ball prematurely.
                   |                   |
                   |                   |
  Burning Shot     |  Sol Titanyan     |  Your buster shot explodes after
                   |                   |  hitting an enemy, doing splash
                   |                   |  damage on any nearby ones.
                   |                   |
                   |                   |
  Ice Javelin      |  Tech Kraken      |  Your buster shoots out a stream of
                   |                   |  ice that deals multiple hits. Most
                   |                   |  powerful of the buster EX skills if
                   |                   |  you equip Hacker Lv3 with it.
                   |                   |
                   |                   |
  Tsuibangeki      |  Nobel Mandrago   |  Performed by pressing down + attack
                   |                   |  in mid-air. Zero will fall down much
                   |                   |  faster with a downward thrust. It's
                   |                   |  about as powerful as a charged saber,
                   |                   |  plus the ground you land will split
                   |                   |  and throw out some rocks that also do
                   |                   |  some damage.
                   |                   |
                   |                   |
  Buraitotsu       |  Pegasolta Ekrehl |  Performed by dash + attack. Zero will
                   |                   |  put out his saber in front as if he's
                   |                   |  stabbing someone. When it touches the
                   |                   |  slope or a wall, the saber creates
                   |                   |  two lightning balls that crawl on the
                   |                   |  surface.
                   |                   |
                   |                   |
  Shouenga         |  Heat Genblem     |  Performed by pressing up + attack on
                   |                   |  the ground. Zero will jump up and do
                   |                   |  a rising slash. You can also execute
                   |                   |  combos with other saber moves.
                   |                   |
                   |                   |
  Shougetsujin     |  Fenrir Lunaedge  |  Performed by pressing down + attack
                   |                   |  on the ground. Zero will swing his
                   |                   |  saber and release an ice blade that
                   |                   |  travels along the ground, freezing
                   |                   |  enemies it touches.
                   |                   |

> Parts List / Chip Recipes                                             (10.4)

I've told you before about how the new chip system works, but you may ask,
"How in hell am I supposed to do it now that the game is still in Japanese?"

Well, we also had the same problem on the boards. Most of us had no clue until
Terence Fergusson (one of the most respected FAQ writers out there) translated
the mechanics part of the game and posted it in a thread. Very useful.

However, you still have to get a katakana chart so that you can read what you
are supposed to combine. Which is very tiring and boring. So I came up with a
solution to complement Terence's info dump.

Download this zip file from my webspace-


In case that one goes down (as usually is the case with Geocities -_-), here's
a mirror of the same file. Thanks to RikkusRikkus of the Planet Mega Man forums
for setting it up-


What does that file do? It's an archive of the screenshots of the parts, with
its English name attached to it. And the screenshots are placed in nifty little

Those folders have the name of the chip. Inside are the parts needed to make
that chip. With that info at hand, it's very easy to browse through Cerveau's
menu and create the chip you want.

More notes:
 - Your recipe will still succeed even if you put the parts in the wrong order.
 - You don't need the actual recipe to make the chip - you just have to know
   the right part combination.
 - For the Galacta chipset, please look at 'Galacta Armor' in the secrets.
 - You can find Ceramic Titanium hidden away in most of the stages. It is not
   obtained from an enemy.

Notes for the other FAQ writers:
 - If you want to use the zip file for your own FAQ, write to me first and ask
   for permission. Once I give you that, you have to make a mirror of the file.
   (I'm just a poor student, you know. >_<)

  Chip Name         |  Parts Needed     |  Description
                    |                   |
  [head chip]
  Auto Charge       |  Valiant*Missile, Sundozer, Raiken, Raiken
                    |  Automatically charges equipped weapons.
  Auto Recovery Lv1 |  Popplan, Valiant*Fencer
                    |  Recovers 1 HP every 3.5 seconds while standing.
  Auto Recovery Lv2 |  Popplan, Valiant*Fencer, Ark Cannon
                    |  Recovers 1 HP every 3.0 seconds while standing.
  Auto Recovery Lv3 |  Popplan, Valiant*Fencer, Ark Cannon, Pantheon*Corpse
                    |  Recovers 1 HP every 2.5 seconds while standing.
  Quick Charge Lv1  |  Beamwalker, R*B Cannon
                    |  Reduces charge time to 5/6 of normal.
  Quick Charge Lv2  |  Beamwalker, R*B Cannon, Hikyarunikosu B
                    |  Reduces charge time to 2/3 of normal.
  Quick Charge Lv3  |  Beamwalker, R*B Cannon, Hikyarunikosu B, Serpent*Gear
                    |  Reduces charge time to 1/2 of normal.
  Auto Filling      |  Bombsect, Molgul, Grachal, Megamezone
                    |  Automatically refills Z-Knuckle subweapon ammo after
                    |  10 seconds; only works if remaining ammo > or = 1.
  Weapon Plus       |  Bombsect, Bombgal, Valiant*Fire, Triaformer
                    |  Adds one more ammo to Z-Knuckle subweapon.
  [body chip]
  Absorb            |  Axeroid, Gyro Attacker, Ceramic Titanium
                    |  No recoil when hit. Color of armor is bright green.
  Rolling           |  Maulroid, Lamproid X, Teribomb, Ceramic Titanium
                    |  Activates jumping slash and rolling slash moves; press
                    |  up + jump and dash + down while slashing, respectively.
                    |  Color of armor is orange.
  Erase             |  Minicraban B, Minicraban R, Ee*Laser, Ceramic Titanium
                    |  Z-Saber can destroy energy shots. Color of armor is
                    |  light violet.
  Strong            |  Gan*Ga*Gahn, Ceramic Titanium
                    |  Contact with spikes or lava deals 10 damage instead of
                    |  instant kill. Color of armor is the same as normal.
  Stronger          |  Gan*Ga*Gahn, Megamezone, Ceramic Titanium
                    |  Contact with spikes or lava deals 8 damage instead of
                    |  instant kill. Color of armor is yellow.
  Strongest         |  Gan*Ga*Gahn, Megamezone, Needballoon, Ceramic Titanium
                    |  Contact with spikes or lava deals 6 damage instead of
                    |  instant kill. Color of armor is gold.
  Reflect           |  Gyro Attacker, Refbeamer, Ceramic Titanium
                    |  Z-Saber can reflect energy shots. Color of armor is
                    |  dull green.
  Extend            |  Bomaider, Hecrysta, Eledeserter, Ceramic Titanium
                    |  Slightly increases invincibility time. Color of armor is
                    |  blue.
  Elf               |  Pure Elf, Metall, Beeneran, Ceramic Titanium
                    |  Adds 1 more point to Elf Capacity. Color of armor is
                    |  green.
  [foot chip]
  Quick             |  Cerberus, Cerberus, Cerberus
                    |  Increases running speed by 25% - does not stack with
                    |  Animal Lv1.
  Double Jump       |  Faitar, Gan*Ga*Gahn, Gyro Cannon H, Cannon Hopper
                    |  Lets you execute a second jump in mid-air.
  Splash Jump       |  Krio Neon, Yadokaroid, Medyu Hopper
                    |  Lets you jump over the surface of the water.
  Spike*Type I      |  Needballoon, Cross Vine, Krio Neon
                    |  Negates sliding due to lack of friction on ice.
  Spike*Type W      |  Valiant*Claw, Popplan, Glass Cannon
                    |  Negates sliding due to strong wind.
  Frog              |  Magnepa N, Magnepa S, Keroshu
                    |  Halves sliding speed on walls - does not stack with
                    |  Animal Lv2.
  S Crystal         |  Faitar, Megamezone, Valiant*Fire, Ceramic Titanium
                    |  Another part used for obtaining Sub Tanks from
                    |  Hirondelle and creating the Galacta body chip.

11. Secrets\__________________________________________________________________

Shhh... they're not supposed to know what's here...

Fast way to fill Sub Tanks:
 - Return to the second intermission stage (Prison) and snag all the large
   energy capsules in the ventilation system. With Hacker Lv6 equipped, each
   large energy capsule is worth one-half life bar. Exit the stage and repeat.

Fast way to gain E-crystals:
 - Revisit the Scorching Particle Cannon stage and stay at the upper level
   (before the miniboss). The tough enemies there tend to drop large E-crystals
   and with Hacker Lv6 equipped, each one is worth 32 E-crystals.

Fast way to earn extra lives:
 - Return to the Magnetic Zone and go indoors. There's an extra life in the
   crevice of the ceiling after the second portal. Exit the stage and repeat.

Fast way to collect Ceramic Titanium: (c/o Paromin)
 - After you have finished Final Stage 1 and forged the double jump chip,
   return to it and double dash jump right at the start. You should be able to
   reach the rails where you can plainly see a large E-crystal and Ceramic
   Titanium nearby. Exit the stage and repeat.

> Galacta Armor                                                         (11.1)

The Galacta Armor is a very special set of chips which only works if you
fulfill these conditions:

1.) Wear all chips of the Galacta Armor at the same time;
2.) Disable all elf powers (i.e. all elf powers at Lv0);

Once those requirements are met, all the damage you do to your enemy, and the
damage your enemy does to you, will be twice as effective. Perfect if you don't
get hit that much, but even then this is a very tricky armor to wear as you
don't have your elf to depend on, so be very careful while using it.

1.) Galacta parts are made by combining any 2-4 parts that fail to create a
    proper chip. (example: 2 Valiant*Fire parts as is)
2.) Galacta means 'junk' in English. So you're wearing an armor made out of
    junk! No wonder why it works that way. >_>

  Galacta Head      |  Galacta, Serpent*Gear, Glass Cannon
  Galacta Body      |  Galacta, S Crystal, Gan*Ga*Gahn, Ceramic Titanium
  Galacta Foot      |  Galacta, Bomaider, Beamwalker, Maulroid

> Unlockables                                                           (11.2)

Hard mode
 - Beat the game once on Normal mode. It is the third option in New Game, right
   below 'Normal'.


Ultimate mode (c/o xybazelu, mech gouki)
 - Beat the game with all 51 parts in your Parts List (including Galacta,
   S Crystal, and Ceramic Titanium) and your Cyber Elf fully upgraded to Lv7.

xybazelu also included some notes on how Ultimate mode works:

1) Capacity Level is set at 21, meaning no penalties whatsoever.

2) Elf is raised to lv.7 from the start, meaning you don't have to feed her any
   E- Crystals.

3) When a category is set at a high level, all levels in the same category
   lower than that level are activated, ie. set Animal to lv.5 (shoots thunder-
   elemental shots)and all lower levels(run faster, slower wall slide, fire and
   ice shots) will be activated as well.

4) The exception to no.3 is the Nurse Class Cyber-Elf, as you only get the two
   full life bars(lv.7) and the occasional life drop(lv.1), not like 5 1/2 bars
   added up, which should be the accumulated total. XD

5) Since Ultimate mode is a new game, obviously you don't get any EX-Skills,
   parts, armors, Sub Tanks from the beginning; only the Uber-Elf once you
   speak to Alouette.


Minigames (source: Iriasu's Rockman Perfect Memories page about Z4 secrets)
 - Wood Chopping     - Beat the game with an overall S-Rank.
 - Magma Border      - Beat the game with a complete Database.
 - Busy Basket       - Beat the game once on Hard mode.
 - Hammer Harvest    - Beat the game under one hour.
 - Plant Panic       - Beat the game without feeding your elf any E-crystals.
 - Elf Chase         - Beat the game without making any Chips.
 - Energy Laboratory - Surpass the high score on all the other minigames.

Juan Ca Garcia told me through e-mail that he didn't unlock the Hammer Harvest
minigame when he finished the game in less than an hour on Easy mode. I tried
it myself, and yes, it's not possible. Technically, when you beat Easy mode,
you should also unlock Plant Panic... but that didn't happen either.

So I guess it's safe to conclude that you won't earn minigames from Easy mode.
You must do it on at least Normal mode (or Hard, for Busy Basket).

More to come as more is unlocked...

12. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)\_________________________________________

This is where all the other stuff that doesn't fit in the other sections go.
As of now, this section doesn't contain a lot since I detailed all that I could
think of in the appendices...

Q: Is this game out in English?
A: Not yet. There's also no set release date for the US or Europe. There's a
   rumor of an underground community translating the game, but Capcom has
   sent the stop signal to them, so only expect the official translation from
   Capcom itself.

Q: Where are the Guardians (Harpuia, Leviathan, and Fefnir)?
A: Zero 3's ending tells us that they have gone over to Zero's side, so they're
   probably hanging out in the old Resistance Base. Don't worry, Capcom will
   not forget about those folks so easily.

Q: How hard is this game compared to the previous ones?
A: Depends on how you play the game. It can be really easy if all you do is
   feed your elf and use max levels without caring for your rank, or awfully
   difficult if you strive for perfect 100-pt missions on Hard mode.

   Overall? I believe it's on the easy side, since you don't have to pull as
   many stunts as before, and most stages are pretty short.

Q: Is Dr. Weil related to Dr. Wily?
A: Who knows.

Q: How would you rate this game?
A: I think Capcom handled the gameplay quite nicely here with the addition of
   the Z-Knuckle. Graphics and music is still top-notch, and the replay value
   would keep you entertained for quite some time. Not a must-buy yet, but
   do play it if you could borrow a copy from a friend.

Q: How do you get a certain enemy in the database?
A: It seems you do so by killing them. Now this is fine for 55 out of 56
   Type-B enemies in the game, except for the 56th one, Raytri, which is
   invincible. I'm not really sure how that one went in my database. =/

Q: What are the bosses saying in Japanese?
A: xybazelu has been translating those as well. Link to his work in progress-

Q: What in the world did the ending mean?
A: Whoops. I can't discuss that in detail here due to the spoilers. GameFAQs
   and Planet Mega Man forums have threads specifically for that subject.

That should be enough for now. Ask away so I'll know what questions should I
quickly address here.

13. Disclaimer, Copyright, and Contact Information\___________________________

I do not guarantee that the stuff I typed here will work, so it's entirely your
fault if you find yourself throwing your GBA/DS to the wall in frustration.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

This FAQ can only be used by the following sites-

Contact me if you want to be added to this list.

This document is Copyright 2005 Aaron Paul Madriñan. You can print it for your
own personal, private use, and redistribute it to your friends for free. That
way, everybody is happy (including me).

However, what I'm NOT happy about are people stealing my work and/or making
money of it. Please don't. You're still free to use this guide as a reference
for your own work, just don't claim what you obtained here as your own.

[Contact Information]
My e-mail address is on the very top of this document. However, I do request
one standard for those who want to e-mail me: put 'Zero 4' at the start of the
e-mail header so that I could identify it as related to this game. I also
might not be able to reply, but at least I'd read it if you follow my rules.

14. Special Thanks\___________________________________________________________

 - Terence Fergusson, for translating a lot of stuff I know about this game.
   My hat's off to you. Without that info dump, I'd still be lost in RMZ4,
   and I wouldn't be able to create this FAQ of mine. You can see more of
   his creations here - http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/2507.html

 - Iriasu, the webmaster of Rockman Perfect Memories, for allowing me to use
   the content in the Zero 4 section of his Mega man site -

 - CJayC and Sailor Bacon, for maintaining the best website in the whole wide
   web, GameFAQs. http://www.gamefaqs.com

 - RikkusRikkus of the Planet Mega Man forums, for providing a mirror for
   my screenshots zip file.

 - gngfn of the Planet Mega Man forums, for showing me an English translation
   of this game's intro. You can find what else he has translated here -

 - Nekomancer of the Planet Mega Man forums, for discussing the game's story.

 - The creator of the real Solar Death Ray, for coming up with such a nice idea
   (and a cool name). http://www.solardeathray.com/

 - Paromin, for helping me out in some parts of this game.

 - Juan Ca Garcia, for the heads-up about minigames not appearing in Easy mode.

 - xybazelu and mech gouki, for clarifying some stuff concerning Ultimate Mode.

 - Gashin, for telling me where to find that 'spoon' subweapon (which turned
   out to be the Iron Pipe, heh).

 - Raymond Bulos and Randolf De Los Reyes, for staying with me when I got stuck
   at home the other day. >_<

 - The posters of GameFAQs World Asia: Philippines, for providing good company.

 - The other RMZ FAQ writers, for inspiring me to work like mad on this FAQ.

 - The RMZ4 message board folk, for staying around and attending the questions
   this FAQ failed to answer. You guys rock.

For now, that's it -- thanks for reading this stuff I wrote. Good day to y'all!

___________________________________________© Copyright 2005 Aaron Paul Madriñan

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