Review by ssj4karan

Reviewed: 05/16/05

Episode 3, the game!


We all might have have seen a lot of poor attempts made to make a good STAR -WARS game but what we got was nothing but "CRAP".So don't let that change your mind about this game cause this one is a MASTER-PIECE.


Well it is a "spoiler" cause it takes us through the events of the 3rd Episode of the great Star Wars saga.So if you intend to watch the movie first, don't play the game so that it does not spoil the fun.Well i will just spoil it for u cause the story is about Anakin Skywalker who is caught in a battle between the Good side and the Dark side and he alone has to choose his path which he does, towards the Dark side and it also tells us about the birth of the Great Darth Vader.


Now moving towards the game.Well the graphics of the game look cool and are much better than the other Star Wars games made for the GBA.The graphics may look cartoon-ish but they still look great and the animation for each character is simply great and it seems it has been inspired from the Clone Wars series.


The sound for the game is ok.The sounds for the light-sabers and the gun firing have all been done well and it makes us fell like we are in the Star Wars universe.


Now this is were the game really comes to life.This is what every Star Wars fan was hoping and waiting for.The game play in this game is simply remarkable.With responsive controls, anyone can get used to it in no time.There is lot of slashing to do in this game and you have got different combos to do it with.Apart from the slashing which we all like, we can also use different Force Powers to rip apart the enemies.The only one problem noticed in the game is the Camera view but can easily get used to it.


Whether you are a Star Wars fan or not it does not matter.Give this game a try and you will know what i have been talking about but only one thing bugs me that the game is too short and you can complete it within 4-6 hrs.But still the game is great and must be Bought don't Rent it cause will regret it as the game is Very Addictive and you will keep coming back for more, so don't wait BUY it NOW WWWWW.......

Now moving on to the Scores

Rating: 10

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