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Reviewed: 10/29/04


OK, the movie was good, I must admit it... However, should they just make more games, without any nice idea for them at all?

This is a platform game as most of the of you should think, however it doesn't seem to have anything special at all... Like, most of the times you will be able to play as the Cat (I don't know his exact name... :-\) from Shrek 2, but you will also be able to play as the donkey or with Shrek himself. However, their levels are not very different from the the usual ones that you get with the cat, which makes this game boring... There are also special "powers" that you can get in the levels (like a small fairy which lets you stay in the air for a while) or a special plant which should give you luck but doesn't seem to do anything at all... As you may think, those are not very important and you can even finish the game without using them, as they only seem to appear once or twice during the game. The controls are really easy to understand even at a first sight, but they are provided during the game, at the first time that you need any new element. You can even stun your enemies by performing that cute face that the cat uses in the movie! However, all the levels are quite small and easy, and if you aren't interested in collecting all the coins (which grant you bonus stuff) you can finish this game in less than 2 hours! Finally, and as for boss battles, you will just find one across the entire game, and that's just the final level!

The game is somehow based in the story from the movie, but in the end they have some slight differences... You will start playing with the cat when he wants to find a job, and after that you will get into the story from the movie, mainly playing from the cat's point of view of the events...

The graphics are quite good, one of the best points in this game... They are great during the levels, but the story scenes that introduce you to every level are quite funny and drawn in a way that is REALLY like the book shown in the movie. As for the sound, I didn't quite liked it (yep, you just feel like turning it off after a while), but perhaps you will enjoy it...

Play Time/Replayability
Like I already said, you can finish this game in less than 2 hours... But if you are aiming to get all the coins (which give you extra bonus levels) it may take you some minutes more... As for replay value, I don't think this game has any, since there are just 5 bonus levels and once you get them, that's all you are going to achieve in the game... There will be nothing else for you to do, so you can just put the game away!

Final Recommendation
Truly, I believe that you should only get this game if you liked the movie really much and wanted to get some more action, mainly if you like the cat and feel like playing a couple more with him or watch his story!

Rating: 3

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