Review by Mykas0

Reviewed: 01/03/05

A usual sentai game, coming with 2 bonus...

I know absolutely nothing about the series in which this game was based (well, I know it is a sentai series... -_- ), so I will have to review this game based only on what I saw in it... And it was not good... Oh, and if you are wondering, "sentai" is the japanese name for series like Power Rangers or VR Troopers...

Like in most of the sentai series games, this is an adventure game, meaning that you will most of the times just have to move across the scenario to the right, defeat an huge amount of "normal" enemies, face a more powerful foe at the end of the level and then face him again in a giant form, using a giant robot. Well, this game's gameplay is exactly like that, except for 2 small details: the "normal" enemies come in different colors (being each different color more powerful than the ones before it, like gray -> blue -> red and so on) and when the powerful foe grows up, it has a slightly different formula. On the levels, you can choose from 3 different units, but as one of them is way better than the others, there isn't any point in choosing the other ones. Each one of them has a special power using the weapon they like, and the power of that attacks depends on the number of enemies you defeat, from 0 (no power) up to 3 (which would perform the his power at top damage). As for the battle in the end of the levels, you just need to press B really quickly to fill a special attack bar and then use A in order to perform that attack, and the more you press B, the more powerful the attack will be, and you will never even have to move your robot... which turns those battles even worse and more boring! Now, connection all these levels you will see a small scenario, which is always like this: 3 normal levels and then a level in which you will face a powerful foe at the end, followed by the giant robot battle, up to a total of 20 (boring) levels, which 5 different themes, I mean, you will play in the city, in the mountains, and so on... However, there is a really bad glitch in this game... since this is a adventure game, there will be surely lots of fights, and in those fights sometimes the game suffers from slowdowns, which makes this game worse and make you sometimes have an hard time in the battles...

Not sure about this one, but as far as I can tell earth is being attack by some sort of evil aliens from space and you will have to defeat them... Well, the usual theme for the sentai series!

This game graphics look somehow good, and sometimes you will get to see some images that seem to have been taken from the series. As for the sound, it's not very special, but at least you won't get REALLY bored yet it.

Play Time/Replayability
Personally I finished EVERYTHING in this game in less than a day, but maybe I am not the average gamer. You can play the game in 3 different modes (easy, medium and hard difficulty levels, as usual...), and finishing one of them will unlock some secrets. However, all of them have almost exactly the same difficulty, and they are way too easy! I mean, I could finish the easy mode without loosing a single life, and I finished the hard one loosing 3 or 4 lives... Plus, there is another thing to unlock, but it isn't very good...

Final Recommendation
Only fans from the series should try this game. Apart from the 2 unlockable things, this game is nothing special...

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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