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Introducing the 3rd "Cosplay RPG" in the "Narikiri" series featuring all the characters from the successive "Tales of" series!
New characters from titles such as "Destiny 2" and "Symphonia" will be added, and Julio and Caro will have a big adventure again!
In this title, in addition to the fun of wearing costumes and becoming a professional, a new system "Party Battle" in which up to 12 characters appear at the same time is adopted, enabling highly strategic battles with a large number of characters.

There is a city in the world where each story of the "Tales of" series is handed down as a legend.
The main characters, Julio and Caro, who yearn for legendary heroes, and their acquaintance Dr. Brown live here.

A few years ago, the ruins of an ultra-ancient civilization were found in a fissure created by an earthquake.
Julio and Caro visit Dr. Brown, who studied and restored the relics found in the ruins.

Relics are timeships, boats that cross time and space. Their function is to cross time and space and go back and forth to the legendary world.
The long-awaited restoration has finally been completed, and Dr. Brown is very good at it.
What's more, he says he will let Julio and Caro name the timeship.
The two apty named this dream machine; "the Dream" and they decided to go see the heroes Julio and Caro longed for the next day.

However, that night...
When Julio read the heroic biography before going to bed as usual, something was wrong.
The storyline was different from when he read it before.
The hero who should have saved the world isn't in there time to stop the resurrection of evil
The world isn't supposed to be destroyed.
Julio falls asleep while complaining.

Julio and Caro are awoke by Dr. Brown's voice, shouting and with his brown hair disturbed.
It seems that "the Dream" was taken away by someone last night.
According to Dr. Brown, the purpose of the thief must be a modification of the legend, speculated from the change in the hero's story.

He has to be stopped, but it's impossible to create a new timeship.
The three people are left wondering what to do.
Suddenly, a timeship that is different from the Dream appears in front of the three.

From the inside, a white-haired man who looks just like a doctor. According to the white-haired man, he is Dr. Brown from 100 days in the future.
He seems to have come here after discovering and repairing the second timeship, Dream No. 2, from the ruins.

The future 100 days later is on the verge of destruction.
The cause was that the legend was modified by using the Dream that someone took away, resulting in a paradox.
"I had so much heartache that my hair turned white like this."
He called himself Dr. White.

Julio and Caro try to get into Dream 2 at once.
However, the two doctors stop Julio and Caro, who are about to leave for the momentum.
Dr. Brown said, "Why are you dressed like that and are you going to go without any preparation?"
Another relic was found in the ruins.

It is a transformation device that can transform a person, placing them into various roles.
With Narikiri Clothes and Dream No. 2, I'm sure you can change any miserable fate.
The battle journey to save the world, transcending the space-time of Julio and Caro, is about to begin!

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