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DarkChips FAQ by The Dark Unknown

Version: 0.9 | Updated: 05/26/07

     ) |                                                          | (
    ( |    Megaman Battle Network 5: Team Protoman/Team Colonel    | )
    ( |                       DarkChips FAQ                        | )
     ) |__________________________________________________________| (

    Written by: The Dark Unknown
       Version: 0.9

Formerly known as - Rockman EXE 5: Team of Blues/Team of Colonel - DarkChips FAQ
* Team Protoman for NA/EU is Team of Blues for JP

- Version History -
0.9   (May. 26, 2007) - Added the overdue Team Colonel Chaos Soul Unisons.
0.8   (Jan. 15, 2006) - Another correction on DarkPlus, submitted by Elimoon.
0.79  (Nov. 05, 2005) - Corrected location of DarkPlus * again - this time it's
                       100% correct x_x.
0.78  (Sep. 26, 2005) - Minor correction with regards to DarkPlus. Credit goes
                       to Lunarsphere.
0.77  (Aug. 16, 2005) - Multiple (other) mistakes corrected, updated missing
                       information (mostly on ChaosSoulUnisons for ToB).
0.76  (Aug. 11, 2005) - Another mistake corrected with regards to DarkTwister.
                        Thanks goes to Vlad Tepes.
0.75  (Mar. 31, 2005) - Tiny mistake fixed up. Methinks I'm done here unless
                       they release another version or something.
0.7   (Jan. 01, 2005) - Finally had the incentive to fix up those errors...
0.6   (Dec. 19, 2004) - Fixed up all of those mistakes. Thanks to Shift and
                        Lourde's info.
0.5   (Dec. 18, 2004) - Completed most sections available for Team of Blues.
                        Team of Colonel isn't even out yet =(.

This FAQ is Copyright 2004-2007 The Dark Unknown. Any attempts to plagerize or
failure to credit those who deserve it will be dealt with severely. You have
been warned.

____ I am NOT responsible for spoiling anything in the game. You chose to ____
       read this FAQ, you deal with whatever spoilers you read yourself.

You're reading a DarkChips FAQ for EXE5. Why? Because DarkChips are now a
fundamental part of the game. Even players who prefer the Light side of Rockman
and are perfectionists who wish to keep their HP at 1000 may be using DarkChips
for one reason or another. It's all in Capcom's innovative modifications to
the DarkChips system in EXE5 as opposed to EXE4's system of getting DarkChips
only when you're in Anxious Emotion Mode. Overall, not the most balanced of
systems, but it has improved a lot.

Read on.

      _ _                               _ _
     |_*_ Section 0 - Table of Contents _*_|

 >> Section 1 - Changes from Rockman EXE 4's DarkChips System       [SCT1]
 >> Section 2 - The twelve fragments of Darkness                    [SCT2]
      [DC1] - DarkSword [Sword]
      [DC2] - DarkThunder [Elec]
      [DC3] - DarkTwister [Wind]
      [DC4] - DarkMeteor [Heat/Fire]
      [DC5] - DarkCircle [Seeking]
      [DC6] - DarkRecovery [Recovery]
      [DC7] - DarkSound [Object/Summon]
      [DC8] - DarkDrill [Metallic]
      [DC9] - DarkInvis [Invisible]
     [DC10] - DarkLance [Wood]
     [DC11] - DarkPlus [+/-]
     [DC12] - DarkWide [Aqua]
 >> Section 3 - Embrace the Darkness - Chaos Soul Unisons           [SCT3]
      [RDS] - Rockman DS (DarkSoul)
      [BSK] - Rockman: Berserker Mode
         - Team Protoman ChaosSoulUnisons -                         [CSP]
     [CSP1] - ChaosBluesSoul
     [CSP2] - ChaosMagnetSoul
     [CSP3] - ChaosGyroSoul
     [CSP4] - ChaosNapalmSoul
     [CSP5] - ChaosSearchSoul
     [CSP6] - ChaosMediSoul
         - Team Colonel ChaosSoulUnisons -                          [CSC]
     [CSC1] - ChaosColonelSoul
     [CSC2] - ChaosKnightSoul
     [CSC3] - ChaosShadowSoul
     [CSC4] - ChaosTomahawkSoul
     [CSC5] - ChaosNumberSoul
     [CSC6] - ChaosToadSoul
 >> Section 4 - This FAQ wasn't really that long...                 [SCT4]

      _ _                                                         _ _
     |_*_ Section 1 - Changes from Rockman EXE4's DarkChip System _*_|

Most readers of this FAQ should know how Rockman EXE4's DarkChips worked. The
crappy, untested system which either made you neglect DarkChips throughout the
game, or took away all of your skill, since they offered DarkChips at the start
of every battle if you kept using them. Stupid system. It got a major overhaul,
and now it actually intergrades into the game in such a way that it is a must
for every player, or is at least usable by everyone without negative consequen-

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, then it's about time you read the
EXE4 FAQs...fine, I'll explain.

In Rockman EXE 4, you had the Emotions System, where Rockman gains FullSynch,
Anger Mood and all that. One of them - Anxious Mood - was triggered when you
got hit a number of times without you attacking back. Once this mood is active,
you will be able to select from two randomly chosen DarkChips from your Custom
Menu, as your 9th and 10th chips. You can only select one DarkChip, and no other
chips with it. Using it in battle...you use it, then you get a glitch depending
on the type of DarkChip. After the battle, you will permanently lose 1 HP (If
you save, that is). There is a Karma System (Still implemented in EXE5) which
calculates your Karma based on the number of battles you win with/without
DarkChips. If you used a DarkChip in 5 consecutive battles, then you would
become "Tainted", and will be able to use DarkChips right at the start without
getting Anxious Mood (Because you're in DarkSoul Mode already).

That was EXE4. Going back to EXE5. In EXE5, DarkChips are now obtainable as
chips themselves - they're actually listed in the Library. These have a set 
code and can be placed into your Folders, and act as normal chips, only with 
the Dark effects. As with EXE4, when you used a DarkChip in battle, you would 
turn Dark, and will become glitched. After the battle, the 1 HP penalty is 
registered if you save. Same old, same old.

However, there is a way to use DarkChips without getting all of those side
effects, HP loss included. In addition to the normal Soul Unisons, other Dark
Soul Unisons have been implemented into EXE5. These are known as "Chaos Soul
Unisons", and basically Dark forms of the normal Soul Unison. This will be
explained later, but in general, Chaos Soul Unisons will allow you to replicate
the effect of the DarkChip of that Soul's attribute (Eg - Chaos MagnetSoul for
DarkThunder)...but it's really just a gamble that will either propel you to
victory or create a powerful adversary who will fight against you for a while.
(Around 13 seconds) [efire_ - Thanks for pointing out the mistake here, but 
your info wasn't entirely correct :p]. It's all fun. Moving on.

      _ _                                              _ _
     |_*_ Section 2 - The twelve fragments of Darkness _*_|

Sounds sort of like the '5 Fragments' in EXE4, doesn't it? It's the same idea.
You have Dark, evil chips. Within them are powers beyond imagination (Or just
really cheap attacks). But there's a cost, as with all of these thingys they
throw in anime and games. "You can't use this cursed Nebilim or you'll have a
status effect in battle!".

There are a total of 12 DarkChips. Although all twelve are both readily avail-
able in both Team Protoman and Team Colonel, only six can be used for Chaos
Soul Unisons (As there are exclusive Souls). This is why only the Chaos Soul
Unisons are separated into ToB/ToC. Anyhow, each of the twelve DarkChips are
of a different attribute - there are twelve attributes excluding Neutral, if
you haven't noticed.

As said before, all of these DarkChips are to be placed in your Folder, and can
be selected for use or for Chaos Soul Unisons. Using the chip will glitch Rock
for the rest of the battle and lower your Karma level, as well as deducting 
1 HP from your total -MAXIMUM- HP permanently. (So yes, you lose 1 HP for the
rest of the game. There's only enough HP Memories to get you 1000HP, so any
DarkChips you use will take your total potential HP below 1000)

If in battle, you use a DarkChip your Status Icon will change to a sprite of
the tainted Rockman (Purple background, all those poisonous clouds etc. Capcom
needs to get rid of that x.x), and it should flash (Indicating that you've used
a DarkChip in that battle. If you're just plain tainted with >100 Karma, then
you won't be flashing). If you 'die' (Go to/below 0 HP), Rockman will
automatically go into Berserker Mode (See [BSR]). It sucks, so it's not a big

The limit for DarkChips is 3 per Folder...not that you really NEED 3.

Chips Ahoy!...*Runs*

     ) DarkChip #1 - DarkSword (
    Chip Name: DarkSword
    ChaosSoul: ChaosBluesSoul [Team Protoman] (See [CSP1])
  Counterpart: DreamSword PA
    Attribute: Sword
         Code: Z
       Damage: 400
        Range: [_][_][_][X][X][_] R = Rockman
               [_][_][R][X][X][_] X = DarkSword Range
  Description: Essentially a souped up DreamSword. Rockman slashes the 6 panels
               in front (2x3) with a Purple DarkSword, dealing 400 to all 
               enemies and objects within its range.               
       Glitch: - DudBuster -
               3/8 times, your Buster will fire out 'blanks' (As in, it clicks
               and you don't fire anything). It's not a problem, but it does
               affect Charged Shots.
How to Obtain: After Day 2 (Shademan's Scenario), you can buy DarkSword from a 
               man at the SciLab Docks for 500Z.
        Power: ****  (4/5)
     Accuracy: ****  (4/5)
   Usefulness: ***** (5/5)

     ) DarkChip #2 - DarkThunder (
    Chip Name: DarkThunder (DarkThunderBall)
    ChaosSoul: ChaosMagnetSoul [Team Protoman] (See [CSP2])
  Counterpart: ThunderBall
    Attribute: Electric
         Code: M
       Damage: 200
 Add. Effects: Paralysis, Affects enemies in OceanPanels.
        Range: [_][_][_][_][_][O] R = Rockman
               [_][_][_][_][_][^] O = Opponent
               [_][R][>][>][>][^] >,^ = Movement of ThunderBall (Homing)
  Description: When used, Rockman will release a DarkThunderBall. This acts just
               like a normal ThunderBall - it will travel forwards and home in
               on the enemy. It can move in all 4 directions, but it moves
               fairly slowly and will disappear after a while if it doesn't hit
       Glitch: - Custom Menu HP Drain: LV1 -
               When you go to the Custom Menu, Rockman will start to drain HP
               at a slow rate (LV1). This will occur until you press OK and
               close the Custom Menu.
How to Obtain: After Day 2 (Shademan's Scenario), go to SciLab Docks and find a
               woman standing near a large brown crate. She will quiz you with
               5 questions and upon completion, you will be rewarded with 
               DarkThunder. [The NPC is the "Quiz Apprentice"]
        Power: **    (2/5)
     Accuracy: ***   (3/5) [Far too slow...]
   Usefulness: ****  (4/5)

     ) DarkChip #3 - DarkTwister (
    Chip Name: DarkTwister (DarkTornado)
    ChaosSoul: ChaosGyroSoul [Team Protoman] (See [CSP3])
  Counterpart: Tornado
    Attribute: Wind
         Code: T
       Damage: 50 x 8
        Range: [There are 3 possible ranges]
               [_][_][_][_][_][_] R = Rockman
               [_][R][_][X][_][_] X = DarkTwister Range

               [_][_][_][_][_][_] R = Rockman
               [_][R][X][X][_][_] X = DarkTwister Range

               [_][_][_][X][_][_] R = Rockman
               [_][R][X][X][X][_] X = DarkTwister Range
  Description: When DarkTwister is used, the second panel in front of Rockman
               will be hit with a Twister - this doesn't cause flinching, so
               it will hit that panel 8 times, causing stunning each hit (With-
               out SuperArmour). How/why the range changes has not been verifed
               but it is either the # of glitches, your Karma level etc.
               Note that it will NOT be affected by panels, unlike the normal
               Tornado Chip.
       Glitch: - Custom Penalty - [Thanks to Shift Breaker for this info]
               After you use DarkTwister, you will lose 100 HP each time you
               open the Custom Menu, as a 'penalty' for using DarkChips. Note
               that you will lose HP EVERY time until the battle ends. You'll
               be left with 1 HP if you don't have 100 HP when you enter the
               Custom Menu.
How to Obtain: After the 3rd Day (Cloudman's Scenario), go to the Oran Island
               Mines. In "Area 6" of the Mine Maze in the -Real World-, there
               will be a Scientist (He's at a dead end). He'll sell you 
               DarkTwister for 500Z.
                [Thanks goes to Vlad Tepes for correcting above information]
        Power: ******(6/5) [DoublePoint + DarkTwister + Atk+30 + Atk+10 x2 +
                            FullSynch = 160 x 8 x 2 = 2560 Damage. Ouch.]
     Accuracy: *     (1/5)
   Usefulness: ****  (4/5)

     ) DarkChip #4 - DarkMeteor (
    Chip Name: DarkMeteor
    ChaosSoul: ChaosNapalmSoul [Team Protoman] (See [CSP4])
  Counterpart: None (Resembles EXE3 Rand/Hole/ShotMeteor & EXE4 Meteors1/2/3)
    Attribute: Heat
         Code: F
       Damage: 100 x 10
 Add. Effects: Affects enemies in OceanPanels. Panels hit become Holes.
        Range: [_][_][_][X][X][X] R = Rockman
               [_][R][M][X][X][X] M = MeteorTower
               [_][_][_][X][X][X] X = Meteor "Range" (It targets all panels
                                      your opponents are on)
  Description: When used, Rockman will stand still until the first meteor lands
               - although this isn't much of a problem when thousands of 
               meteors follow it. Invis would be nice. Meteors will home in and
               ONLY hit the panels your opponent is/was on, including your own 
               panels. The panel that will be hit will flash yellow for a while
               before the meteor hits it, only one Meteor can land at a time 
               (So there is an order for the panels that get hit, although it's
               only a difference of a fraction of a second). Other than that, 
               you won't need any other chips. Just ChaosNapalmSoul [CH4].
               In addition to that, the panels hit will become holes.
       Glitch: - Custom Menu HP Drain: LV1 -
               When you go to the Custom Menu, Rockman will start to drain HP
               at a slow rate (LV1). This will occur until you press OK and
               close the Custom Menu.
How to Obtain: On the 5th Day (Cloudman's Scenario), a girl on the Cruise Ship
               will sell you DarkMeteor for 3000Z. She is a stupid one.
        Power: ***** (5/5) [Depends on # of hits, and that's random]
     Accuracy: ****  (4/5) [Unless your opponent is a Netbattler who moves
                            constantly, at least 3 Meteors will hit]
   Usefulness: ***** (5/5) [It. Pwns. Everything. From. Cloudman. To. You.]

     ) DarkChip #5 - DarkCircle (
    Chip Name: DarkCircle
    ChaosSoul: ChaosSearchSoul [Team Protoman] (See [CSP5])
  Counterpart: CircleGun
    Attribute: Seeking
         Code: R
       Damage: 300 (Up to x4, but only on different targets)
        Range: [_][_][_][C][2][3] R = Rockman
               [_][R][_][X][_][4] C = Where the Cursor is stopped (Press A)
               [_][_][_][X][X][X] 2/3/4 = The 2nd/3rd/4th panels after the
                                          cursor that are hit as well.
                                  X = Other panels that could be targetted
  Description: When used, time will be frozen. A cursor will appear on your
               opponent's panels, and will keep moving around the outer panels
               of your opponent's area - the panels in the middle will not be
               affected at all. Press A to stop the cursor. When stopped, the
               panel that the cursor stops on will be 'locked', AND 3 more
               targets will appear on the next 3 panels (See Diagram). All 4
               panels will be hit for 300 each. (If a VDoll is hit at the same
               time as your opponent, VDoll's CUrse will still hit for 600,
               dealing a total of 900 damage).
       Glitch: - Custom Penalty - [Thanks to Shift Breaker for this info]
               After you use DarkTwister, you will lose 100 HP each time you
               open the Custom Menu, as a 'penalty' for using DarkChips. Note
               that you will lose HP EVERY time until the battle ends. You'll
               be left with 1 HP if you don't have 100 HP when you enter the
               Custom Menu.
How to Obtain: [I don't know who to credit. Game Jester for posting it again,
                at least. Probably Zekiryo for original discovery. Thanks goes
                to whoever really found it]
               Near the end of the game, when you enter the Nebula Base, there
               will be a console behind three of your teammates. Plug in and
               grab the BMD to get DarkCircle.
        Power: ***   (3/5)
     Accuracy: ***** (5/5) [Unless your opponent is on the middle panel]
   Usefulness: ****  (4/5)

     ) DarkChip #6 - DarkRecovery (
    Chip Name: DarkRecovery (aka. DarkRecover1000)
    ChaosSoul: ChaosMediSoul [Team Protoman] (See [CSP6])
    Attribute: Recovery
         Code: H/*
       Damage: +1000HP to self
        Range: N/A (You heal yourself -_-)
  Description: Using DarkRecovery heals you 1000 HP. Simple. If you have less
               than 1000 damage, or your maximum HP is 1000 or less, then you
               will be healed to full HP.
       Glitch: - HP Drain in Battle: LV3 -
               Once used, Rockman will receive the HP Drain LV3 Glitch - the
               highest level of HP Drain glitch-wise. This'll bring your HP
               down very, very quickly, so don't bother with DarkRecovery.
How to Obtain: - DarkRecovery H -
               On the 7th Day (Cosmoman's Scenario), a Heel Navi will be idling
               in End Area 2. Talk to him, and he'll give you DarkRecover H...
               then try to kill you. How inconsiderate.
               - DarkRecovery * -
               Currently Unknown.
        Power: N/A         [Recovery Chips don't do damage.]
     Accuracy: N/A         [Unless you kill yourself from BadMedicine, Recovery
                            Chips don't exactly miss...]
   Usefulness: *     (1/5) [Considering the glitch + a few hits from your
                            opponent brings you down by 600 or so HP, it doesn't
                            do anything Recover 300 or Roll SP can't]

     ) DarkChip #7 - DarkSound (
    Chip Name: DarkSound (Of the Fanfare chip series)
    ChaosSoul: ChaosColonelSoul [Team Colonel] (See [CSC1])
    Attribute: Object/Summon
         Code: E/*
       Damage: N/A
 Add. Effects: Paralysis, pierces Invis.
        Range: [_][_][_][X][X][X] R = Rockman
               [_][R][T][X][X][X] T = DarkSound (Object)
               [_][_][_][X][X][X] X = Area affected (All of opponent's panels)
  Description: When used, a Fanfare type Virus will appear in front of Rock.
               It works just like the other chips in the series - when it sings
               all of the opponents on your opponent's panels (Note - this does
               not include opponents on your panels. When they return to their
               own panels, they will be paralyzed there.). The Trumpet will
               sing at regular intervals, with each 'session' lasting around 3
       Glitch: - Teleportation -
               It doesn't sound like much, but it's REALLY annoying.
               You know how on Ice Panels, you always slide from one end of the
               area to another? This glitch is EXACTLY the same, only you go
               to the other end instantly, meaning you can't do anything in
               the middle, unlike with Ice Panels.
How to Obtain: - DarkSound E -
               On the 2nd Day (Shademan's Scenario), a guy in a green shirt will
               be 'hiding' behind Higsby's Shop. Buy DarkSound E from him for
               - DarkSound * -
               Currently Unknown.
        Power: N/A         [Paralysis =/= Damage.]
     Accuracy: ***** (5/5) 
   Usefulness: ***** (5/5)

     ) DarkChip #8 - DarkDrill (
    Chip Name: DarkDrill
    ChaosSoul: ChaosKnightSoul [Team Colonel] (See [CSC2])
    Attribute: Metallic
         Code: D
       Damage: 100 (x1-5)
 Add. Effects: Piercing.
        Range: [_][_][_][_][_][_] R = Rockman
               [_][R][D][D][_][_] D = DarkDrill Range
  Description: When used, Rockman will hit the two panels in front of him with
               a DarkDrill. Your opponent will be knocked back ONE panel on
               first impact - that means your opponent must be in front of you
               for maximum damage. Fan may help. If your opponent gets knocked
               onto the drill again, he/she will receive the same amount of
               damage repeatedly until the Drill disappears.
       Glitch: - Poison Panels -
               When Rockman steps off a panel, there's a 5/6 Chance of him 
               turning that panel into a Poison/Swamp Panel. HP Drain: LV1.
How to Obtain: A Heel Navi will sell you DarkDrill for 3000Z in End Area 1. He
               is located on a platform past a invisible path to the SOUTHEAST 
               of End Area 1. There are TWO Invisible Paths. 
        Power: ***** (5/5) [Very powerful if you get it to hit repeatedly]
     Accuracy: **    (2/5) [It's instant and hits all panels simutaneously, but
                            it's just a multi-hit LongSword.]
   Usefulness: ***   (3/5)

     ) DarkChip #9 - DarkInvis (
    Chip Name: DarkInvis (DarkInvisible)
    ChaosSoul: ChaosShadowSoul [Team Colonel] (See [CSC3])
    Attribute: Invisible
         Code: I/*
       Damage: N/A
        Range: How can it have a range when it takes all of your DarkChips and
               uses them randomly without limits?
  Description: DarkInvis is officially the cheapest DarkChip ever made. Or any
               chip, for that matter.
               When you use it, Rockman will pause whilst Rockman DS takes over
               (He'll turn Purple, like with ChaosSoul Unisons). After that,
               AI takes over. Rockman has INFINITE DarkChips, but he uses
               DarkSword at least half the time...sometimes on the back row.
               -_-. But, when it does use something powerful, like DarkWide...
               and everything else until your opponent dies. Note that the only
               thing Rockman DS will do is use DarkChips. When one turn has
               passed - ie. Custom Gauge is full, Rockman will flash white and
               will revert to himself...and will be controlled by the player.
               [Thanks to Shift Breaker for the last bit above]
               DarkChips used: DarkSword, DarkDrill, DarkLance, DarkWide and
               DarkRecovery (Without the HP Drain Glitch)
       Glitch: - Teleportation -
               It doesn't sound like much, but it's REALLY annoying.
               You know how on Ice Panels, you always slide from one end of the
               area to another? This glitch is EXACTLY the same, only you go
               to the other end instantly, meaning you can't do anything in
               the middle, unlike with Ice Panels.
How to Obtain: - DarkInvis I -
               [Thanks to Zekiryo for this info]
               After you've finished the game (IE gotten Blues' Icon), trade
               a Kawarimi * (AntiDamage *) for DarkInvis I in Shachihoko (?)
               > There is also a DarkInvis I in a PreCon Folder from a Heel
                 Navi in Oran Island Area 3 after you've beaten the game.
               [Thanks to Pharohman exe for this info]
               - DarkInvis * -
               Obtained from the Numberman Lottery - Code: 68799876
        Power: ******(6/5) [I was literally screaming "HOLY ****ING ****"
                            when I saw its damage capabilities]
     Accuracy: *     (1/5) [When the AI plays, it misses. A lot.]
   Usefulness: ***** (5/5) [Who DOESN'T want a BETTER Berserker Mode for free?]

     ) DarkChip #10 - DarkLance (
    Chip Name: DarkLance (aka. DarkBambooLance)
    ChaosSoul: ChaosTomahawkSoul [Team Colonel] (See [CSC4])
    Attribute: Wood
         Code: W
       Damage: 400
        Range: [_][_][_][_][_][L] R = Rockman
               [_][R][_][_][_][L] L = DarkLance Range (Always back row)
  Description: When used, the back row of your opponent's panels are hit with
               BambooLances. These knock your opponent forwards one panel (But
               not obstacles). DarkLance doesn't cause flinching, so you can
               follow it up with another powerful attack. What was Capcom
               smoking when they made the Lances PURPLE? Have you ever seen
               purple Bamboo flying around? *Smacks forehead*
               When you're in a Liberation Mission Battle with enemies on both
               sides, DarkLance will ONLY hit the back row of the side you're
       Glitch: - PanicMood -
               Remember that useless chip in EXE3 PanicMood? Well, using Dark
               Lance confuses you EVERY time you get hit by an opponent. 
               Too bad you don't have PanicMood in EXE5. =P
How to Obtain: Finish the "Quiz Master"'s quiz.
        Power: ***** (5/5) [Extremely powerful for a non-flinching chip]
     Accuracy: ***   (3/5) [You won't miss if they're in the back row]
   Usefulness: ****  (4/5) [Can be used to knock opponents forwards, doubling
                            as a part of a high damage combo.]

     ) DarkChip #11 - DarkPlus (
    Chip Name: DarkPlus (DarkAttack+)
    ChaosSoul: ChaosNumberSoul [Team Colonel] (See [CSC5])
    Attribute: +/-
         Code: *
       Damage: +50 Damage to Base Damage of previous chip.
        Range: Useless by itself.
  Description: When used BEFORE any chip with a numerical damage value (A base
               damage), Rockman will glow green for a moment, and your next
               chip will receive a +50 damage boost. This means you can't use
               Colour/DoublePoint with it, but you will be able to stack Atk+
               10/30 after your chip.
               Rockman will be glitched with Teleportation as soon as DarkPlus
               is used. As with all glitches it lasts until the end of the
               battle (Without BugFix).
       Glitch:  - Teleportation -
               *Same as DarkSound - Copy and Paste =p*
               It doesn't sound like much, but it's REALLY annoying.
               You know how on Ice Panels, you always slide from one end of the
               area to another? This glitch is EXACTLY the same, only you go
               to the other end instantly, meaning you can't do anything in
               the middle, unlike with Ice Panels.
               Note that this glitch is activated only when you use the Chip 
               that gets a damage boost from DarkPlus (ie the chip behind it)
How to Obtain: BMD in Undernet 1 - It's behind the Nebula Gate (Purple Skull)
               at the top left area of Undernet 1, and is -ONLY- accessible
               through the invisible path in End Area 1 that leads to a portal.
               Just for clarity, you will see the Nebula Gate/DarkPlus en route
               to Swallowman/Larkman in Undernet 1.
        Power: ***** (5/5) [+50 with no direct negative effects is VERY
                            powerful. Too bad about the glitch though.]
     Accuracy: N/A         [Unless you select it at the wrong time and it does
   Usefulness: ***** (5/5)

     ) DarkChip #12 - DarkWide (
    Chip Name: DarkWide (DarkWideShot)
    ChaosSoul: ChaosToadSoul [Team Colonel] (See [CSC6])
    Attribute: Aqua
         Code: T
       Damage: 300
 Add. Effects: Piercing (through obstacles/enemies).
        Range: [_][_][W][_][_][_] R = Rockman
               [_][R][W][>][>][>] W = DarkWideShot (The actual wave)
               [_][_][W][_][_][_] > = Direction DarkWide moves in (The entire
                                      wave moves forwards)
  Description: Rockman fires a purple, Dark WideShot forwards, which will travel
               forwards at a moderate speed. The WideShot covers 3 panels on
               the column (If Rock is on the middle row, it will cover all 3
               rows). The WideShot is piercing and will pass through any enemy
               or obstacle on the field (damaging it) The shadow that DarkWide
               produces doesn't actually do anything >>.
       Glitch: - DudBuster -
               3/8 times, your Buster will fire out 'blanks' (As in, it clicks
               and you don't fire anything). It's not a problem, but it does
               affect Charged Shots.
How to Obtain: On the 5th Day (Cloudman's Scenario), a Girl Navi in SciLab Area
               4 will sell you DarkWide for 1000Z
        Power: ***   (3/5)
     Accuracy: ***** (5/5)
   Usefulness: ****  (4/5) 

      _ _                                                       _ _
     |_*_ Section 3 - Embrace the Darkness - Chaos Soul Unisons _*_|

One of the newest (And more brilliant) systems implemented into EXE5 - Chaos
Soul Unisons. Each of the Soul Unisons (All 12 of them - 6 exclusive to each
version) have a Chaos version, or a Dark Version.

To activate Chaos Soul Unisons, you must 'sacrifice' the corresponding DarkChip
(Of the same attribute as the Soul Unison). Note that you are allowed to select
any other chips as per usual, as well as OTHER DarkChips should you wish to.

The first thing you'll have noticed with Chaos Soul Unisons would be the change
in colour for the Soul Unison's Sprite. Most of them are either Purple/Green.
That's a minor difference. Take a look at the Soul Unison Counter (Emotion
Mode Window). You have just ONE turn with the ChaosSoul Unison (This can NOT
be increased with SoulTime +1 NCPs)

Any non-charge buster related Soul Abilities, such as GyroSoul's OmniShoes, 
will be carried over to the ChaosSoul. They are no different. The main differe-
nce is the Charged Buster. Instead of being the normal Charged Buster, such as 
BluesSoul's WideSword or NumberSoul's DiceBomb, you have a strange 'dark' 
charged buster. Please don't play with this yet.

The main point of Chaos Soul Unisons is to allow you to use the Soul's DarkChip
without getting ANY of the bad Side Effects, glitches included. As with all 
Dark Weapons, there's a risk to it.

The DarkChip Charged Buster (Yes, CHARGED BUSTER) is a very, very shape double-
edged Sword. If you time it correctly every time, then it becomes an invaluable
addition to your arsenal, and you'll annihilate SP Navis with ease. If you 
don't...get ready to take a crapload of damage.

~ Important: Charged Buster Information ~
Your Charged Buster has THREE modes.
- Green.    You're safe; Your Buster is Charging. Get ready to release when it
            changes to Purple. If you let go now, you'll just fire a normal
            Buster Shot.
- Purple.   This is the crucial point. You MUST let go now (You have a bit less
            than a second to do so). If you let go before it changes colour 
            again then you'll use that DarkChip straight away.
- Flashing. It's flashing Green, then Purple, then Green. If you release it when
            it flashes Purple, then you'll use your DarkChip. Releasing it when
            it's green...you summon Rockman DS. Poo.
            [Thanks only to Markmesterio. Nothing for those people who argued
             over nothing for no reason.]
            There are TWO ways to get rid of your Charged Buster if you don't
            want to risk having Rockman DS pummel you:
           - Go to the Custom Menu
           - Use ANY Chip

If all goes well and you release your charged buster in the fraction of a second
in between Green and Flashing, then you've unleashed hell, DarkChip style. Note
that ALL of the DarkChips retain their normal damage, but cannot be powered up
(So DarkTwister will keep the 50 x 8, but you can't power it up with chips or
GyroSoul [As you have to use DarkTwister for ChaosGyroSoul -_-]).

If you don't, then Rockman DS will appear.

     ) Rockman DS (DarkSoul) (

Description: Rockman's Dark Counterpart - created by the evil peoples of the
             evil world for no apparent reason other than "Oh noes we haev nu
             1 as pwerfal as Rockman lolol letz maek a chaep verson of hems"

             Appears when you've ****ed up and mistimed the ChaosSoul Charged
             Buster. You will be stunned for a millisec or so whilst Rockman DS
             spawns on your opponent's panels and attempts to kill you.
         HP: None. Cannot be hit in any way.
Deleting DS: Impossible. He cannot be harmed, and will not disappear from the
             battle until either you defeat the Viruses or Navi you were 
             fighting in the first place, or after 30 seconds or so. Think of 
             Rockman DS as an annoying Yoh Clone who tries to kill you whilst
             in God Mode. *Runs*
             Any attack performed on Rockman DS will go RIGHT through, so he
             doesn't actually block the way.
   Attack #1: - Vulcan Buster -
             Rockman DS will stand still for a second or so, then fire off his
             charged buster repeatedly, dealing massive damage should you stand
             still. It does not cause flinching, so it will hit multiple times.
             Each time, Rockman will fire his Vulcan Buster thrice, dealing
             damage per shot.
   Attack #2: - Random Chippage -
             Rockman DS is stupid. He will use chips every once in a while,
             usually after 4-5 Vulcan Buster Bursts. Usually, he uses generic
             chips like Cannon, EnergyBomb, AirHock, AirWheel and such, but
             he will use things like Shademan. On the back row. -.-
Other Notes: Rockman DS moves/teleports very quickly when he's attacking, and
             will always atttack after moving (Usually with his Vulcan Buster).
             Your opponent -can't- go on any of the panels in their field -
             since it's all AI programmed, Rockman DS will probably move out of
             the way to compensate. Anyhow he will keep attacking and will
             probably do like...200 damage alone before his vanishes.
             Remember, you're up against him AND all of the other enemies.
             If you're playing a Liberation Mission Battle where you have Virii
             on both sides, Rockman DS can freely teleport from side to side,
             making him slightly more annoying.

             Remember, it's YOUR fault Rockman DS is on the field. Suffer...
             kinda. He's too weak to make you suffer. Try Invis if you really
             have problems.

You can have your very own Rockman DS...only it's FAR better. Meet Rockman:
Berserker Mode.
*Note that this is not the same as -Rockman DS-. Rockman -Berserker- Mode is
 triggered by -DarkChips-, Rockman DS by a failed -ChaosUnison Charged Buster-*

     ) Rockman: Berserker Mode (

Description: It's the same Rockman DS, only he takes over Rockman and fights
             as an AI player. Sucks at aiming, but the massive chip damage
             If you use a DarkChip in battle, your icon will become that purple
             tainted thing (With Rock and all those purple clouds of evilness)
             and should flash. If you go to/below 0 HP, then you don't lose.
             Nope. You get your DS counterpart to merge with you. Isn't that
             clever? "OH NOES I'M GUNNA DAI!!! I OUGHT TO LET MY DARK SIDE
             Anyhow, Once DS takes over, he will be AI controlled and will
             be impervious to almost all attacks, and will spam DarkChips and
             his CrapBusterEX. Literally.
   Duration: 13 seconds, give or take. It should be 15, but I guess Capcom cut
             it short. At 10 seconds, Rockman will start flashing white. This
             is a good time to pull up the Custom Menu (Yes!)
             When Rockman turns back to normal, he will have ONE HP. It doesn't
             matter if you won the battle, or if the enemies are still alive.
             You have 1 HP.
    Attacks: - DarkSword  [DC1]
             - DarkMeteor [DC4]
             - DarkDrill  [DC8]
             - DarkLance  [DC10]
             - DarkWide   [DC12]
             - Possibly any other chips in your Folder that you've used before.
               - ChaosVulcan...Crap Edition -
             Rockman can fire his Buster repeatedly, using it as a Vulcan like
             Napalmman's in Liberation Missions. The only problem is that the
             Vulcan only does 1 damage (Unconfirmed. It may do 1 damage because
             of the lack of Atk+1, or it may be set to 1 damage). Rockman will
             fire it in bursts of 6 shots, but he can spam it. =o.
Other Notes: Rockman: Berserker Mode WILL be able to teleport from panel to
             panel, and he will use a DarkChip/Buster upon every teleport.
             You will not lose additional HP from using Berserker Mode. You
             either lose 1HP for using DarkChips in the battle, or none if you
             were already in Tainted Mode and did not use a DarkChip during
             the battle.
   Weakness: [Thanks to Shift Breaker]
             Apparently, if you are hit by a time-freezing chip that does NOT
             have a damage counter but does damage, then Rockman DS will be
             deleted. This includes the Django chip series, Gun Del Sol series
             and Areagrab/Panelgrab.
        Power: ***** (5/5)
        Range: ****  (4/5)
     Accuracy: **    (2/5)
   Usefulness: ***** (5/5)

Moving onto Chaos Soul Unison Descriptions. Yay.

[Note that some of the normal Soul Abilities do not apply to the ChaosSoul
 Unisons, and have been completely omitted. Refer to the Soul Unisons Guide for
 information on the normal Souls.]

First we begin with the Chaos Soul Unisons for Team Protoman, which, as stated
previously, are the Chaos counterparts of the 6 Soul Unisons obtainable from
Team Protoman's exclusive 6 Navis. 

      These are: Protoman    ->   ChaosProtoSoul    [CSP1]
                 Magnetman   ->   ChaosMagnetSoul   [CSP2]
                 Gyroman     ->   ChaosGyroSoul     [CSP3]
                 Napalmman   ->   ChaosNapalmSoul   [CSP4]
                 Searchman   ->   ChaosSearchSoul   [CSP5]
                 Medi        ->   ChaosMediSoul     [CSP6]

     ) ChaosSoul Unison #1 - ChaosProtoSoul (

   Soul Unison: ChaosBluesSoul
  Game Version: Team Protoman
      DarkChip: DarkSword Z (See [DC1])
     Attribute: Sword
Charged Buster: (Dark)LifeSword (See [DC1])
 How to Obtain: On Day 10, you will be liberating Dark Blues (2nd time?). After
    [BluesSoul] completing the mission and watching all the cutscenes and so on
                you will receive BluesSoul.
    [DarkSword] (See [DC1])

~ Soul Ability: - #1: StepStrike -
                BluesSoul/ChaosBluesSoul can change any non-time freezing Sword
                attribute into a StepSword. When a Sword chip is lined up as
                your next chip, hold A. Rockman should charge up the chip. When
                A is released, Rockman will step forwards 2 panels and hit the
                panel in front with the sword you charged. For example:
                [_][_][_][_][_][_] @ = Where Rockman was originally
                [_][@][_][R][X][X] R = Rockman (Stepped forwards)
                [_][_][_][_][_][_] X = LongSword Hit Range
                Note that this ability does NOT work on Time-freezing Sword
                Chips such as Blues/SP.
        Damage: [Damage of Sword Chip] x2
         Power: ****  (4/5) [Lowest damage is 160, with Sword (80) and up to 980
                            with NeoVariable's DoubleLifeSword Button Command]
                            (Thanks goes to Nam Nguyen)
         Range: ***   (3/5) [You can hit anything in the area provided that you
                            don't get Areagrabbed]
      Accuracy: **    (2/5) [Takes very good timing...and you have to constantly
                            reposition yourself]
    Usefulness: ****  (4/5) [For Swords at least...loses a point for inability
                             to affect time-freezing/PA swords]

~ Soul Ability: - #2: Reflect -
                Like Blues himself, BluesSoul also has a Reflect shield (same
                as the Reflect Navi Customizer Program), which can be triggered
                by pressing <- and B. If you are hit when said shield is 
                activated (as in when the Shield animation is displayed), it 
                will deal 50 damage instantly to the frontmost target in your 
                row. Note that piercing attacks will go through the shield and 
                deal damage as per usual.
        Damage: 50 [With successful shielding and target in same row]
         Power: *     (1/5)
         Range: ***   (3/5)
      Accuracy: **    (2/5) [Accurate only if opponent is on the same row]
    Usefulness: ***** (5/5) [Depends on situation]

     ) ChaosSoul Unison #2 - ChaosMagnetSoul (

   Soul Unison: ChaosMagnetSoul
  Game Version: Team Protoman
      DarkChip: DarkThunder M (See [DC2])
     Attribute: Elec
Charged Buster: (Dark)ThunderBall (See [DC2])
 How to Obtain: After you liberate End Area 3 and defeat Shademan, you will
   [MagnetSoul] obtain MagnetSoul, BUT you will not be able to use Chaos-Magnet
                Soul until you defeat Rockman DS.
  [DarkThunder] (See [DC2])

~ Soul Ability: - #1: Magnet Feet -
                When your opponent is on the same row as you, you can press <-
                + B (Same as Shield, only Shield will NOT function at ANY time
                whatsoever if you're in MagnetSoul). If you're successful, your
                opponent will be rooted to the panel - a 'magnetic vortex'
                (like with MagBomb in EXE2) will appear on the panel. Note that
                it works just like Timpani - your opponent is free to attack
                (But he/she WILL be stunned when the vortex appears), but
                cannot move off the panel, regardless of whether he flinches or
                Rockman's feet will have purple aura thingys surrounding them
                when this ability is activated, so you can tell whether it was
                your crappy timing or your crappy hand co-ordination that 
                messed it up.
         Power: N/A 
         Range: ***** (5/5)
      Accuracy: *     (1/5) [Chances are, you'll mess up and leave yourself
                            vulnerable. Netbattlers can foresee it, and Navis
                            will probably move off the row before you press it]
    Usefulness: **    (2/5) [If you want to immobilize your opponent, use a
                            Timpani. Too bad ChaosMagnetSoul doesn't have the
                            Magnet Charged Buster]

~ Soul Ability: - #2: EnergyCharge -
                All Electric Chips will receive a 2x damage boost, regardless
                of when you use/select it as long as MagnetSoul is active.
        Damage: [Damage of Elec Chip] x2
         Power: ***** (5/5) 
         Range: N/A         [Depends on Chip]
      Accuracy: N/A         [Depends on Chip]
    Usefulness: ***** (5/5) [How can a double damage boost NOT be useful?] 
~ Soul Ability: - #3 De-magnetize -
                Repel Panels will no longer repel Megaman off them if he is in
        Damage: N/A
         Power: N/A
         Range: N/A
      Accuracy: N/A
    Usefulness: ****  (4/5) [Lack of Repel Panels in general] 

     ) ChaosSoul Unison #3 - ChaosGyroSoul (

   Soul Unison: ChaosGyroSoul
  Game Version: Team Protoman
      DarkChip: DarkTwister T (See [DC3])
     Attribute: Wind
Charged Buster: (Dark)Twister (See [DC3])
 How to Obtain: After you defeat Rockman DS and get Rockman back, you will
     [GyroSoul] receive GyroSoul (Along with NapalmSoul and the ability to use
                ChaosSoul Unisons. Note that you will get Gyroman in your team
                on Cloudman's Mission, but will not receive GyroSoul then. (No
                details to reduce spoilers)
  [DarkTwister] (See [DC3])

~ Soul Ability: - #1: GaleBooster -
                GyroSoul/ChaosGyroSoul has a fan, right? You need to get that
                to spin to get your W/N Chips to do 2x damage (Getting it to
                spin also makes NORMAL GyroSoul's Charged Buster do +5 damage
                per hit). To do so, use a Wind Chip WITH a damage value - chips
                like Wind/Fan don't count. After that, as long as the Fan spins
                (Rumoured to never stop spinning...), your Wind AND Normal Chips
                to do double their damage, as long as they have Damage Values.
                [Thanks to Shift Breaker for the following bit]. When you use
                your 2x damage Wind/Normal Chip, GyroSoul's fan will cease to
                spin, and you will need another Wind chip to trigger it again.
        Damage: Damage of Wind/Normal Chip x2
         Power: ***** (5/5) [Just think of Twister.]
         Range: N/A         [Depends on Chip]
      Accuracy: N/A         [Depends on Chip]
    Usefulness: ******(6/5) [The MetalSoul of EXE5. Nuff said]

~ Soul Ability: - #2: OmniShoes -
                GyroSoul grants the abilities of FloatShoes, AirShoes and Shadow
                Shoes, all in one package. This allows Megaman to step over any
                panels without negative effects:
                - Not breaking cracked panels
                - Stepping over broken/missing panels
                - Negates HP Drain from Swamp/Poison Panels
                - Does not receive damage from Lava Panels
                - Not slowed from Ocean Panels
                - Does not slide on Ice Panels
                - Not repelled by Repel Panels
        Damage: N/A
         Power: N/A
         Range: N/A         [Depends on Chip]
      Accuracy: N/A         [Depends on Chip]
    Usefulness: ***** (5/5) [OmniShoes resembles a chunk of the ol' HubBatch]

     ) ChaosSoul Unison #4 - ChaosNapalmSoul (

   Soul Unison: ChaosNapalmSoul
  Game Version: Team Protoman
      DarkChip: DarkMeteor F (See [DC4])
     Attribute: Heat
Charged Buster: (Dark)MeteorArm (See [DC4])
 How to Obtain: After you defeat Rockman DS and get Rockman back, you will
   [NapalmSoul] receive NapalmSoul, along with GyroSoul and the ability to use
                ChaosSoul Unisons.
   [DarkMeteor] (See [DC4])
  ~Add. Notes~: Megaman will receive damage whilst stepping over Ocean Panels.
~ Soul Ability: - #1: Napalm Conversion -
                If a Fire Chip is selected, you can hold A to charge it up.
                When it is fully charged, you can let go of A to throw a Napalm
                Bomb and it'll land 3 spaces ahead and explode, hitting all
                enemies in a 3 x 3 grid.
                Additionally, the damage of the NapalmBomb is twice the base 
                damage of the Fire Chip used. *And will negate the effect of 
                any damage booster - LavaShoes/Booster* (Thanks - Zidanet129)
        Damage: [Damage of Fire Chip] x2
         Power: ***** (5/5) [2x damage omgomgomgomg etc.]
         Range: ***   (3/5) [Hard to hit if you get Areagrabbed]
      Accuracy: ****  (4/5) [The only drawback is that you have to throw it.]
    Usefulness: ****  (4/5) [Greatly increases accuracy of most Fire chips]
~ Soul Ability: - #2: Booster -
                NapalmSoul simply adds 40 damage to the base damage of any Fire
                Chips you use (in said Soul). This does -not- require charging
                up or anything. Booster stacks with LavaShoes, as well as any
                Atk+ chips you tack on.
        Damage: [Damage of Fire Chip] +40
         Power: ***** (5/5) [It's a free +40 damage...]
         Range: N/A         [Depends on chip]
      Accuracy: N/A         [Depends on chip]
    Usefulness: ***** (5/5)
~ Soul Ability: - #3: LavaShoes -
                If your next chip is a Fire element Chip, stepping over Lava 
                Panels whilst in NapalmSoul will change that panel back to 
                normal and will give your Fire Chip +10 base damage.
                This ability does not work with Soul Ability: Napalm Conversion
                and you'll have wasted a bunch of lava panels.
        Damage: [Damage of Fire Chip] +10/Lava Panel
         Power: ***** (5/5) [Well, in theory]
         Range: N/A         [Depends on chip]
      Accuracy: N/A         [Depends on chip]
    Usefulness: *     (1/5) [LavaSeed and lack of LavaStage make this a pain to

     ) ChaosSoul Unison #5 - ChaosSearchSoul (

   Soul Unison: ChaosSearchSoul
  Game Version: Team Protoman
      DarkChip: DarkCircle R (See [DC5])
     Attribute: Seeking
Charged Buster: (Dark)CircleGun (See [DC5])
 How to Obtain: After you liberate End Area 5 and defeat Cosmoman, you will
   [SearchSoul] be able to use SearchSoul and ChaosSearchSoul.
   [DarkCircle] (See [DC5])

  Soul Ability: - Chip Shuffle -
                Lets you exchange all unselected chips in your Custom Menu
                screen for other randomly selected ones from your Folder.
                Basically, you reshuffle your dealt chips. You may only use
                this ability 3 times at the Custom Menu per turn, and the chips
                shuffled away return to your Folder. Note that chips you have
                already used cannot be received in this manner.
                (SearchSoul also has this ability)
        Damage: N/A
         Power: N/A
         Range: N/A
      Accuracy: N/A
    Usefulness: ***** (5/5) [You can pretty much draw any chip you want, with
                             a large chip draw at the Custom Menu unless you're
                             very unlucky. Good for PAs especially.]

  Soul Ability: - Sixth Sense -
                When ChaosSearchSoul is used, Invis/Blind and so on are all
                removed from your opponent.
        Damage: N/A
         Power: N/A
         Range: N/A
      Accuracy: N/A
    Usefulness: ***   (3/5) [Unless you use it right when they're Invisible,
                            it's useless]

     ) ChaosSoul Unison #6 - ChaosMediSoul (

   Soul Unison: ChaosMediSoul
  Game Version: Team Protoman
      DarkChip: DarkRecovery H/* (See [DC6])
     Attribute: Recovery
Charged Buster: (Dark)Recover 1000 (See [DC6])
 How to Obtain: After defeating Dark Blues, you will get MediSoul. Not Blues,
     [MediSoul] but that's Capcom (Note: I haven't gotten here, so I don't
 [DarkRecovery] (See [DC6])

  Soul Ability: - Ability Fusion -
                MediSoul/ChaosMediSoul has the ability to merge chips in your
                Folder with special 'Ability Capsules', which appear on the
                blank spot after the 8th chip. Two random Ability Chips will
                appear when you enter the Custom Menu with MediSoul (Meaning
                you can only use these Ability Capsules when you're finished 
                with ChaosMediSoul's turn).
                You can select any chip, then select one of the capsules to
                fuse the two chips, granting the chip an extra effect. If the
                effects of the capsule overlap/conflict with the chip's effects
                then the chip's original effect is foregone.
                Lightning Capsule - Adds paralysis to chip
                    Sight Capsule - Adds Blind effect to chip
                Confusion Capsule - Adds confusion effect to chip
                    Heart Capsule - Recover a portion of HP based on chip.
                   Poison Capsule - Adds HP Drain Lv1 Glitch onto chip.
                                    [HP Drain only works in Netbattle on Humans]
         Power: N/A         [Depends on Chips used]
         Range: N/A         [Depends on Chips]
      Accuracy: N/A         [Again, Chips. The capsules don't 'miss' though.]
    Usefulness: ***** (5/5) [The multitude of effects gives this ability an
                             automatic 5 star. The Paralysis/Lightning Capsule
                             is reckoned to be the best for Netbattles.]

As with Team Protoman, Team Colonel has its 6 exclusive Chaos Soul Unisons,
respective of its 6 exclusive Navis.

      These are: Colonel     ->   ChaosColonelSoul    [CSC1]
                 Knightman   ->   ChaosKnightSoul     [CSC2]
                 Shadowman   ->   ChaosShadowSoul     [CSC3]
                 Tomahawkman ->   ChaosTomahawkSoul   [CSC4]
                 Numberman   ->   ChaosNumbermanSoul  [CSC5]
                 Toadman     ->   ChaosToadSoul       [CSC6]

     ) ChaosSoul Unison #7 - ChaosColonelSoul (

   Soul Unison: ChaosColonelSoul
  Game Version: Team Colonel
      DarkChip: DarkSound E/* (See [DC7])
     Attribute: Object/Summon
Charged Buster: DarkSound (See [DC7])
 How to Obtain: 
  [ColonelSoul] At the end of Day 10
    [DarkSound] (See [DC7])

~ Soul Ability: - #1: ColonelArmy -
                After you place obstacles, if your opponent enters the same
                row as one of your obstacles, it will transform into a Colonel
                Soldier (like the chip) and march forwards. If it hits, then it
                will deal damage and paralyze your opponent. Note that the
                obstacle used will disappear.
        Damage: ??? [![Needs confirmation]!]
         Power: ****  (4/5)
         Range: ***** (5/5) [The Soldiers can hit any panel along the row]   
      Accuracy: ***   (3/5) [Depending on the distance of the obstacle, the
                             soldier may be dodgable. However, the accuracyy of
                             the soldiers by themselves is not high. Other
                             chips may be used in conjunction to hit.]
    Usefulness: ****  (4/5) [Many strategies can use this to their advantage,
                             including the usage of obstacles like Rockcube.
                             Howver, some obstacles you may need for other
                             purposes, which would be destroyed with Colonel
[ArmChange has been omitted, as its effects do not last - the ArmChange reverts
 to the normal buster on the second turn, and you may only select a chip on
 the second turn in ChaosColonelSoul.]

     ) ChaosSoul Unison #8 - ChaosKnightSoul (

   Soul Unison: ChaosKnightSoul
  Game Version: Team Colonel
      DarkChip: DarkDrill D (See [DC8])
     Attribute: Metallic
Charged Buster: DarkDrill (See [DC8])
 How to Obtain: Liberate Orange Island Area 3, and you can use this ChaosSoul
   [KnightSoul] after you obtain TomahawkSoul.
     [DarkDril] (See [DC8])

~ Soul Ability: - #1: KnightArmor -
                When Rockman uses any offensive chip (with a damage value) that
                doesn't freeze time in KnightSoul, he will become temporarily
                invincible during the execution of the chip. In other words, 
                you can't be hit whilst you use any attack chip - not even by
                piercing attacks or otherwise.
                (Similar to invinciblity from Fanfare)
         Power: N/A 
         Range: N/A   
      Accuracy: N/A   
    Usefulness: ***** (5/5) [Invincibility when using basically any damage chip
                             without any negative effects. You're pretty much
                             untouchable, especially with a solid defense.]

~ Soul Ability: - #2: Power Break -
                When in KnightSoul, chips with the Metallic attribute may be
                charged up by holding A, doubling the base damage for the chip.
                Very useful for chips like DrillArm and AirHock. 
        Damage: [Damage of Metallic Chip] x2
         Power: ***** (5/5)
         Range: N/A         [Depends on Chip]
      Accuracy: N/A         [Depends on Chip]
    Usefulness: ***** (5/5) [Double Damage!]
~ Soul Ability: - #3 SuperArmor -
                This grants the effect SuperArmor, like the Navi Customizer
                Program. This makes you impervious to chips that cause stunning
                (not paralysis), meaning you will be able to move when being hit
                with a Vulcan, or any other chip which normally causes Rockman
                to flinch. Stacking this with the SuperArmor NCP has no effect.
        Damage: N/A
         Power: N/A
         Range: N/A
      Accuracy: N/A
    Usefulness: ****  (4/5) [SuperArmor has proved very useful in Netbattles and
                             avoiding heavy damage in all MMBN games. However,
                             there have been situations where SuperArmor is not
                             preferable - not sure if it's applicable in MMBN5]

     ) ChaosSoul Unison #9 - ChaosShadowSoul (

   Soul Unison: ChaosShadowSoul
  Game Version: Team Colonel
      DarkChip: DarkInvis E/* (See [DC9])
     Attribute: Invisibility
Charged Buster: DarkInvis (See [DC9])
 How to Obtain: Liberate SciLab Area 3, and you can use this ChaosSoul after you
   [ShadowSoul] obtain TomahawkSoul.
    [DarkInvis] (See [DC9])

~ Soul Ability: - #1: Agile -
                When in ChaosShadowSoul, Rockman will move faster than normal.
         Power: N/A 
         Range: N/A
      Accuracy: N/A
    Usefulness: ***** (5/5) [Unless there is a slip-up and moving too fast
                             caused you to be hit, then this ability is
                             invaluable in Netbattle and dodging in general,
                             as well as being more advantageous for pulling 
                             combos in succession.]

~ Soul Ability: - #2: BackStab -
                If Rockman's next chip is of the Sword attribute, then it can be
                charged by holding A. When released, Rockman will teleport 
                behind the closest opponent and use the chip. Damage done and
                the range of the chip does not change (meaning ShadowSoul 
                doesn't give 2x damage bonuses to Swords.)
        Damage: [Damage of Sword Chip]
         Power: N/A         [Depends on Sword]
         Range: ***** (5/5) [Unless your opponent always stays in the back row,
                             you can definitely reach. However, in a Netbattle
                             your opponent may anticipate your strategy and 
                             remain in the back row, out of range.]
      Accuracy: ****  (4/5) [In theory, it shouldn't miss unless your opponent 
                             is moving when you activate your Sword chip. Your
                             Sword hip's range also makes it more accurate, 
                             especially with LifeSword.]
    Usefulness: ****  (4/5) [Tends to help you hit with Sword chips easily, 
                             but sometimes it may be preferable to hit from the

~ Soul Ability: - #3: AntiDamage -
                Similar to the Navi Customizer Program AntiDamage, this ability
                lets you activate AntiDamage for a short period (<1 second), in
                which if you are hit, AntiDamage is activated and Rockman
                throws 3 shruikens whilst negating the attack. The shruikens
                aim for the frontmost opponent.
                This replaces any Shield/AntiDmg NCPs you have active, meaning
                you will not be able to Shield with ChaosShadowSoul.
        Damage: ?? x3 [![Need confirmation]!]
         Power: ***   (3/5)
         Range: ****  (4/5) [Autotargets frontmost opponent, but only one.]
      Accuracy: **    (2/5) [Easy to dodge, may be harder if opponent's attack
                             delays their movement. SuperArmor makes
                             consecutive hits unlikely.]
    Usefulness: ***   (3/5) [Better off with Shield, as AntiDamage has short
                             'guarding' duration]

~ Soul Ability: - #4 NinjaShoes -
                Rockman will not be affected by panels with negative effects
                when standing on them, such as damage on lava or sliding on
                ice panels. Identical to the FloatShoes Navi Customizer Program.
                Note that FloatShoes does not let you float above broken panels.
                (Strange how ShadowSoul only has FloatShoes whilst GyroSoul has
        Damage: N/A
         Power: N/A
         Range: N/A
      Accuracy: N/A
    Usefulness: ***** (5/5) [Useful to have, although the lack of AirShoes makes
                             it less reliable for all-purpose usage.] 

     ) ChaosSoul Unison #10 - ChaosTomahawkSoul (

   Soul Unison: ChaosTomahawkSoul
  Game Version: Team Colonel
      DarkChip: DarkLance W (See [DC10])
     Attribute: Wood
Charged Buster: DarkLance (See [DC10])
 How to Obtain: 
 [TomahawkSoul] Liberate End Area 2.
    [DarkLance] (See [DC10])

~ Soul Ability: - #1: GrassStage -
                When you ChaosSoulUnison to ChaosTomahawkSoul, the entire stage
                will be converted to Grass Panels, except the panels that are
                permanently broken (empty panels)
         Power: N/A 
         Range: N/A
      Accuracy: N/A
    Usefulness: ****  (4/5) [Doubles Wood chip damage (#2), and lets you recover
                             HP gradually (#3), which is helpful, but taking 4x
                             damage from Grass Panels + Wood element is fatal.]

~ Soul Ability: - #2: Green Power -
                When standing on a Grass Panel, using a Wood element chip will
                double the base damage of the chip, and the Grass Panel will
        Damage: [Damage of Wood Chip] x2
         Power: ***** (5/5)
         Range: N/A         [Depends on Chip]
      Accuracy: N/A         [Depends on Chip]
    Usefulness: ***** (5/5) [As long as you have Grass Panels - which Ability #1
                             GrassStage provides. Generating Grass Panels is
                             difficult otherwise.] 

~ Soul Ability: - #3: Natural Absorption -
                Gradually heal HP when standing on Grass Panels. The heal rate
                is around equal to (the opposite) of HP Drain Level 1, which
                is only helpful when paired with Undershirt, in which case you
                can survive 1 Hit KOs, as you'll be reduced to 1 HP, and then
                rehealed and go down to 1 HP again with another hit - as used 
                in previous MMBN titles.
         Power: N/A
         Range: N/A
      Accuracy: N/A
    Usefulness: **    (2/5) [Unfortunately, the cons outweigh the pros - Wood
                             Element Soul on Grass Panel takes 4x damage from
                             Heat Element, which means one well-timed chip can
                             reduce your HP by more than 3/4s - and Undershirt
                             can't save you either.] 

     ) ChaosSoul Unison #11 - ChaosNumberSoul (

   Soul Unison: ChaosNumberSoul
  Game Version: Team Colonel
      DarkChip: DarkPlus * (See [DC11])
     Attribute: +/-
Charged Buster: DarkPlus (See [DC11]) - Not entirely sure how this works -
                                       presumably it adds to your current chip
 How to Obtain: 
   [NumberSoul] Liberate End Area 5.
     [DarkPlus] (See [DC11])
~ Soul Ability: - #1: CustomMax -
                Both NumberSoul and ChaosNumberSoul give you 10 chips in your
                Custom Menu as long as the Soul is active on the turn you visit
                your menu. This occurs regardless of how many Custom+1 or +2 you
                have in your Navi Customizer.
         Power: N/A 
         Range: N/A
      Accuracy: N/A
    Usefulness: ***** (5/5) [There really aren't any drawbacks...]

~ Soul Ability: - #2: Generic Addition -
                All Normal Chips used in ChaosNumberSoul (And NumberSoul) will
                receive a +10 base damage, similar to an Atk+10 chip. Note that
                Normal Chips have no symbol, and ChaosNumberSoul does not power
                +/- attribute chips.
        Damage: [Damage of Normal Chip] +10
         Power: *     (1/5) [In most situations +10 damage isn't much.] 
         Range: N/A         [Depends on Chip]
      Accuracy: N/A         [Depends on Chip]
    Usefulness: **    (2/5) [Well, it's free. It's applications aren't
                             worthwhile enough to use ChaosNumberSoul for this

     ) ChaosSoul Unison #12 - ChaosToadSoul (

   Soul Unison: ChaosToadSoul
  Game Version: Team Colonel
      DarkChip: DarkWide T (See [DC12])
     Attribute: Aqua
Charged Buster: DarkWide (See [DC12])
 How to Obtain: 
     [ToadSoul] Liberate Undernet 4.
     [DarkWide] (See [DC12])
~ Soul Ability: - #1: Submersible -
                (Chaos)ToadSoul has the ability to dive and hide underwater on
                Water Panels. Normally movement is slowed on these panels (Like
                Sand Panels in Rockman EXE3), but with ToadSoul movement occurs
                as normal, and when submerged only ripples are seen on the 
                panel, and Rockman basically has the protection of a Mole Chip.
                In most circumstances, Rockman can only be hit if he attacks on
                a Water Panel (because you must come up from the water).
                If you're paralysed, you will stay above the water.
     IMPORTANT  -- ToadSoul takes 2x damage from Elec even when underwater --
         Power: N/A 
         Range: N/A
      Accuracy: N/A
    Usefulness: ****  (4/5) [It removes the negative effects of Water Panels and
                             gives you added protection, but Elec chips are very
                             common, meaning it is easy for it to backfire.]

~ Soul Ability: - #2: AquaBoost -
                Aqua Chips will receive a 2x damage boost to their base damage
                when you charge up the chip in ToadSoul by holding A. This only
                applies to chips with a damage value.
        Damage: [Damage of Aqua Chip] x2
         Power: ***** (5/5) 
         Range: N/A         [Depends on Chip]
      Accuracy: N/A         [Depends on Chip]
    Usefulness: ***** (5/5) [Double Aqua damage!] 

~ Soul Ability: - #3 SlipProof -
                In ChaosToadSoul, Rockman will no longer slide on Ice Panels.
                Essentially the same as FloatShoes - but only for Ice (Therefore
                their effects don't stack)
         Power: N/A
         Range: N/A
      Accuracy: N/A
    Usefulness: ***** (5/5) [Very useful if there's Ice Panels.] 

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