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Game Script by Meowth

Updated: 04/23/2012

This is a script made by DJ Meowth for the "Go West Young Meowth" 
episode of this GBA Video.

This script may be used by GameFAQs.com


[Scene shows Ash's house]
Narrator: It's a beautiful morning in Pallet Town and Ash and Brock are up
with the sun getting ready for the Pokemon League competition!
[Ash and Brock are working out in front of Ash's house]

Brock: I'm really breaking a sweat today, it feels great to work out!

Ash: You know me, nothing I love more than getting a nice hard workout!

[Scene switches to Misty in the house]

Misty: The only thing that gets a hard workout with those two is 
the TV remote.

Togepi: Toge toge.
[Back outside the house Mr. Mime is cleaning while Delia is tending to the 

Mr. Mime: Mime, mime.

[a mail man approaches them with a letter]

Mail Man: Morning! Special delivery!

[Mr. Mime receives the letter]

Mr. Mime: Mime?

[Scene shifts to Delia, Ash, Brock, Misty and Mr. Mime in the living room]

Delia: Hmmm, it's an invitation. "You and your guests are cordially invited 
to attend the world premiere screening of the exciting new motion picture 
event Pokemon in Love in Hollywood, California!"

Misty: Wow, Hollywood! I'm gonna see the star!

Brock: And I'm gonna be seeing the starlets!

Misty, Brock and Delia: We're going to Hollywood!

Ash: Uhh you all go have fun, I'll stay here and train for the 
Pokemon League. Ugghhh... 

Misty, Brock and Delia: Oh that's right! That's too bad!

Ash: Uhh.. you convinced me! I'll go too!

[scene shifts to Team Rocket sitting in front of a large 
billboard that is advertising "Pokemon in Love"]

Jesse: James, I just can't wait to go to the gala premiere of this movie!

James: But I didn't get an invitation, did you?

Jesse: We don't need invitations, we're the stars! 
All we have to do is show up.

James: And all they have to do is throw us out!

Jesse: Don't be ridiculous, James, this movie is our ticket to Hollywood 
super stardom! And soon we'll be getting limousines and movie contracts 
and fan mail!

James: We might even get our own... infomercial!

Jesse: Lights!

James: Camera!

Jesse: Action!

Meowth: CUT! 

[Jesse & James fall down]

Meowth: Hollywood... a place I'd like to forget.

[title of the episode appears: "GO WEST YOUNG MEOWTH"]

[scene shifts to show a baby Meowth in a basket while Meowth narrates]

Meowth[narrating]: My story's a bittersweet one, like a cheap chocolate bar.
The first thing I remember was being alone. No family, no friends, no home. 

[scene shifts to show a slightly older Meowth in the rain,
Meowth still narrating]

Meowth[narrating]: My stomach was empty... and so was my heart. 

[Scene shifts to show an older Meowth at a baseball game]

Kids: Oh yeah, get the ball!

Batter: Heads up!

Meowth[narrating]: Even a basket of baseballs looked good enough to eat.

[Meowth tries to climb into a basket full of baseballs but ends up turning 
it over and getting trapped in it]
[Meowth is tied up and hung in a tree] 

Batter: Bad Meowth! You deserve to be punished.

[the sun goes down and night arrives with Meowth still hanging from the tree]

Meowth[narrating]: I cried and cried and finally cried myself to sleep. 
Then... something woke me up.

[an outside movie is being held while kids are cheering]

Man: All right, all right, settle down everybody! We've got a special treat 
for you tonight at Camp Poke-hurst. Tonight, we'll be showing a brand new 
movie direct from Hollywood so without any further ado here's tonight's 
special presentation of "That Darn Meowth"!

Meowth[narrating]: I'll never forget what I saw on that screen. Ice cream! 
Fried Chicken! I knew what I had to do.

Meowth: Haaa... yah!

[Meowth breaks free of the rope]

Meowth: Hee hee!

Meowth[narrating]: Go west young Meowth, go west to Hollywood! The place
where there was ice cream and friend chicken waiting just for me! I hitched
my dream to a truck headed for Hollywood and Tinseltown was the light at the
end of the tunnel.

[scene shifts to Ash, Misty, Brock and Delia]

Ash: We made it!

Brock: We're here!

Misty: In Hollywood!

Pikachu: Pika, pika!

Delia: Oh, I'm getting swept up in all the excitement, aren't you?

Misty: Is this where the premiere is? I don't believe it. What a dump.

Brock: They usually go to one of those big beautiful theaters downtown for
the premieres of all the new blockbusters.

Misty: This block looks pretty busted to me.

Brock: Now let's see. According to this map the theater should be right
around here.

Ash: Hmm... this must be the place!

[Cleavon Schpielbunk pops up in front of the building]

Cleavon: That's right film fans, this is the place where motion picture 
history is about to be made! Get ready for the gala world premiere of 
Cleavon Schpielbunk's Pokemon in Love!

[Team Rocket are across the street watching]

Meowth: This sure ain't the town it used to be.

Jesse & James: Huh?

Jesse: Meowth, why didn't you ever mention that you've been to Hollywood

Meowth: Hm? There are things you don't know about me, things I like to keep

Jesse: Really?

James: Like what?

Meowth: You two go ahead, I'll be back before the movie. I got some personal
business to take care of. 

[Meowth walks off]

Meowth[thinking]: Looks like this part of town's falling on hard times,
but times were always hard here, at least for me.

[Meowth has a flashback of a restaurant]

Cook: Hamburgers! Hot dogs! Ice Cream! The best in Hollywood!
Step right up and taste for yourself! 

[Meowth tries to steal food from the restaurant]

Man: Get out of here you mangy Meowth! Hyah!

[Meowth runs out with some chicken but the Man hits him with a pan and
knocks it out of Meowth's mouth]

Meowth: Yaaah!

Man: I'll teach you!

[Meowth escapes into a dark alley]

Meowth[narrating]: The streets of Hollywood were colder than the ice cream
I craved! Nobody cared about a young hungry Meowth!
My life was at a dead end.

[Meowth is surrounded by a pack of Meowth and a Persian]

[The Persian approaches Meowth and then signals a different Meowth to give
Meowth some fish, which Meowth happily accepts and eats]

[The next day a pack of Meowth run out of the restaurant]

Cook: Get out of here ya moochers!

Meowth[narrating]: The next day I tasted fried chicken for the first time
in my life! I ate and ate but I was still starving... for love.

[scene changes to the present Meowth walking up and looking at an abandoned

Meowth[narrating]: And then.... and then I met ...her.

[scene changes to the past when the building was a high class store]

[Meowth sees a female Meowth grooming herself]

Female Meowth: Meow?

Meowth: Meow-ow-ow-ow!

[The female doesn't seem impressed but Meowth runs across the street towards
her, causing multiple wrecks, but Meowth manages to get to the female]

Meowzie: Meow?

Meowth: Yah yah yah yah yah yah yah! Meowth, meowth, meowowowth!

Female Meowth: Meowth. [looks away]

Meowth: Ahh... meow meow meow meow meow meowww! [Meowth attempts to sing
her a song]

[suddenly Meowth is hit with an umbrella]

Woman: You dirty little Meowth! Stay away from my gorgeous little Meowzie!
Come on, darling. Time to go bye bye with mummy! I've got a brand new diamond
studded pokeball just for you, my poopsie-woopsie!

Meowth[narrating]: I saw the way she looked at those jewels. I knew I didn't
stand a chance. How could I compete with diamonds? In Meowth language,
Meowzie told me, "She's a rich lady and she can buy me anything I want.
And what are you? You're not rich, you're not even human!
You're just a street Meowth. You'll never be human so just forget about me."

[The woman returns Meowzie to her pokeball and leaves]

[Meowth grabs onto a ledge and tries to hold himself up on two legs]

Meowth[narrating]: If I wanted her I had to make myself a human!

[back in the present, Meowth is in front of a mansion listening to the
people inside]

Woman: Why don't you take me out anymore?

Man: Because you keep coming back!

Meowth[narrating]: This place had changed a lot, too.

Woman: How dare you talk to me that way!

Man: I'm lucky I can get a word in edgewise!

[Meowth has another flashback to the past]

[scene shows women practicing for ballet]

Woman[chanting]: Un Deux Trois.

[It is revealed that Meowth is spying on them from a hole in the ceiling of
the mansion]

[Meowth begins imitating them]

Meowth: Meow meow meowth

Meowth[narrating]: To win Meowzie's love I had to be human and humans walk on
two legs, not four.

[floor breaks beneath Meowth and he almost falls in]

Meowth: Awk!

[Meowth starts getting better at walking]

Meowth[narrating]: So l learned to walk like a person. A weird person,
but a person.

[scene switches to the restaurant, showing the pack of Meowth stealing food

Cook: Get out of here!

[The Cook begins chasing Meowth, who is running on two legs instead of four]

Meowth[narrating]: I could walk on two legs...

Cook: I'm gonna get you this time you freaky little cat burglar!

Meowth[narrating]: But I couldn't run fast enough and he caught me.

[Meowth, all bruised up, crawls back to the hole in the ceiling]

Meowth[narrating]: And that's when I learned to crawl.

[Meowth hears a class going on downstairs]

Instructor: All right class, repeat after me: She sells seashells by the

Class: She sells seashells by the seashore.

Meowth: Meowth meowth meowth meowth meow

Meowth[narrating]: Talking was hard but I wouldn't give up!

[Meowth is shown Meowing while trying to read a picture book]

[Narrator Meowth begins singing]

Under the evening sky with the moon high up above
I learned to speak human cause this cat's got puppy love
I'll stand on two legs, hold my head up high and she'll want me,
wait and see!

I'll write poetry and recite it myself!
For Meowzie.

[Back at the restaurant the pack of Meowth steal food again]

Meowth[narrating]: I had my heart set on Meowzie, so I kept runnin' and
I kept getting caught, but I got a little faster every day.

[Meowth gets caught by the cook again, and crawls back to the hole in
the ceiling where he hears the class again]

Instructor: She sells seashells by the seashore.

Class: She sells seashells by the seashore.

[Meowth attempts to repeat the saying as well]

Instructor: Once again.

Class: She sells seashells by the seashore.

[Meowth attempts again and is beginning to succeed]

Instructor: Enunciate please.

Class: She sells seashells by the seashore.

Meowth: She sells seashells by the seashore? Huh?

Instructor: Excellent.

Meowth: Hey! She sells seashells!

[scene shifts to Meowth in front of a book]

Meowth[narrating]: I didn't know what seashells were but I was finally
talking so I got myself a picture book and tried to figure out the alphabet!

Meowth: R is for R-R-Rocket!

Meowth[narrating]: If that hadn't been the first word I understood...

[Jesse and Jame's faces appear in the book]

Jesse: T is for "Prepare for trouble"!

James: D is for "Make it double"!

Meowth[narrating]: I might not have joined the illustrious Team Rocket!

Meowth: H for happy... M for marriage!  And M is for Meowzie!
A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, Oh my dream came true! I can talk! 

[scene shifts to Meowzie grooming herself again as Meowth walks up to her]

Meowth:  Meowzie just look at me now!

Meowzie: Meow?

Meowth: See? I can stand on two legs just like a human does and
I can talk human talk too! 

Meowzie: Meow.

Meowth: I'm just like a human now, Meowzie,
and here I bought these flowers just for you!

[Meowth tries to give Meowzie flowers but she turns her head]

Meowth: Huh?

Meowzie: Meow meow, meow.

Meowth[narrating]: Here's what Meowzie was saying:
"What's so human about you? Look at yourself. You may stand on two legs
and talk like a human, but you're still just a dirty street Meowth with no
money. You're worse than before, now you're a freak!"

[Meowth drops the flowers]

Meowth[narrating]: I was crushed.

Meowth: She thinks I'm a freak!?

[Meowth then storms out of Hollywood] 

Meowth: She thinks I'm a freak does she? Well I'll show her.
I'll become the riches most powerful freak she ever saw and she'll come
crawling back to me beggin' for my love.

[scene shifts to the present Meowth]

Meowth[narrating]: That was the last I ever saw of Meowzie, Hollywood or my
old gang. I joined up with Team Rocket to become rich and powerful but my
dream just never came true.

Meowth: Hmm... Huh? Huh? Huh?

[Meowth is surrounded by a pack of Meowth]

[A Persian approaches]

Meowth: Hiya, Bud.

[scene shifts back to Team Rocket]

Jesse & James: Hmmm...

James: I wonder what could be keeping that Meowth?

Jesse: He said he'd be back in time for the movie...

Jesse & James: Huh?

[Jesse and James see Meowth across the road, walking with the pack of
Meowth & Persian]

Jesse & James: Meowth?

[scene shifts to a junkyard]

Meowth: So you want me to join the old gang again, huh?

Persian: Meow meow. 

Meowth: Well I can walk and talk like a human so I guess I'd be pretty
valuable to your operation, ain't that right?

Persian: Me-meow.

Meowth: Sorry to disappoint ya, pal, but I'm sticking with Team Rocket!

Persian: Meow.

Meowth: My mind's made up and you're not gonna change it!

Persian: Meow meow!

Meowth: Huh?!

[Meowth looks over to see Meowzie]

Meowzie: Meow.

Meowth: It can't be. Meowzie, what are ya doing here?

Meowzie: Meow meow.

[scene shifts to Meowth and Meowzie talking to each other by a
junkyard barrel]

Meowth: What happened?

Meowzie: Meow meow.

[Meowzie has a flashback]

[A limo stops and Meowzie's owner gets out]

Woman: Meowzie, dear, we need to talk.

[Meowzie's owner summons Meowzie from her pokeball]

Meowzie: Meow!

Woman: I hate to do this, but my money has nearly run out! I wish I could
keep you but I'm sure you can fend for yourself. I have to.
Good luck, darling.

[Meowzie's owner gets back into the limo and drives off as the smoke from the
limo covers Meowzie]

[as Meowzie is coughing the pack of Meowth find her]

Meowzie: Meow? Meow.

[the flashback ends and the scene returns to Meowth and Meowzie]

Meowth: You didn't wanna join, did ya? 

Meowzie: [shakes her head] Meow meow.

Meowth: But the rich lady left you with nothin' and you had no other choice,
did ya?

Meowzie: [shakes her head again] Meow, meow.

Meowth: Well you're not thinkin' of stayin' with them, are ya?

Meowzie: Meow.

Meowth: I can't believe it! She leaves you all alone with nobody to turn to
but a bunch of bums?!

Meowzie: Meow.

Meowth: I'm gettin' ya out of here right now!

[suddenly the pack of Meowth and the Persian walk up to them]

Persian: Me-meow.

Meowth: Cool it, cats. She's coming with me.

Persian: Meow? [looks at the pack of Meowth] Hrr-meow!

[suddenly the pack of Meowth begin stepping closer and closer to Meowth and

[Suddenly Jesse and James appear]

Persian: Meow?

Jesse & James: You know us as Team Rocket and we fight for what is wrong,
we're tired of our motto so we thought we'd try a song.

Jesse: Jesse!

James: James!

Meowth: Team Rocket to the rescue! Hey guys, did you really come here to
rescue me?

Jesse: We may be mean and nasty but we'd never turn our backs on a
teammate in trouble!

James: As long as we're not exposed to any actual physical danger.

Jesse & James: Hah!

[Jesse and James jump down in front of the pack of Meowth]

Jesse & James: Uhh!

Jesse: We saw you with this scruffy-looking gang.

James: So we followed you here just in case.

Jesse: We can't let anything bad happen to our little buddy.

James: Because we're more than teammates, we're friends!

Meowth: It's so nice to have real friends.

Jesse: We'll take care of this gang! Go Arbok! [Jesse calls out Arbok]

James: Weezing, go! [James calls out Weezing]

Arbok: Charrbok!

Weezing: Weezing! [Weezing sprays smoke over the area]

[scene shifts to a top of a building where Meowth and Persian are facing
each other and ready for battle]

[Persian and Meowth leap forward towards each other, pass each other by
and then turn around and leap towards each other again]

Persian: Meow!

Meowth: Ahhh!

[as Meowth and Persian pass each other the second time, Meowth swipes Persian]

Meowth: Uhh. [Meowth kneels down]

Persian: Meow? Meow! [Persian suddenly falls over] 

Meowth: Nice try.

[Meowzie meows then starts heading towards Meowth and Persian]

Meowth: Meowzie, I'm okay! [gets ready to hug Meowzie, but she runs right
passed him to Persian] [Meowth hits the ground]

Meowth: Huh?

Meowzie: Meow meow!

Persian: Meow.

[Meowzie begins licking Persian]

James: After what Meowth did for her?

Jesse: She's sticking with the Persian?

Meowzie: Meow meow meow meow meow.

Meowth: She says that the Persian took her in and helped her when she was
down and out and it wouldn't be right to leave for me.

Meowzie: Meow meow.

Meowth: Anyway...

Meowzie: Meow meow meow meow meow.

Meowth: Baaaaahhhhh! 

James: Huh?

Jesse: What'd she say?

Meowth: She'd never want to be with me cause I'm still just a walkin' talkin'
freak Meowth!

Jesse: Maybe so...

James: But at least he's...

Jesse & James: Our freak.

[Meowth falls over]

[scene shifts to a movie theater at the end of a movie]

Cleavon: Well, what do you think? I've done it again, haven't I? I've given
birth to a new cinematic masterpiece!

Ash: I don't know if it's a masterpiece, but I didn't see us anyway in that
whole movie.

Misty: Neither did I.

Brock: Yeah, where were we?

Delia: I'm pretty sure I saw what looked like a shot of Pikachu and Togepi
from behind but only for a second.

Pikachu: Pika?

Togepi: Togeprii!

Cleavon: We all must sacrifice for art. My film is about Pokemon,
so I left you all on the cutting room floor! It hurt me so to do it.

Ash: It hurt us even more.

Misty: If we aren't even in the movie, I don't know why you invited us to
come see the premiere.

Brock: Yeah.

Cleavon: Well, I couldn't get any movie stars to come, so I decided to
invite all the little people!

[suddenly the lights turn off and spotlights focus on Team Rocket]

Jesse: If you wanted stars to come...

James: You should have invited us.

Jesse: To protect the world from devastation...

James: To unite all peoples within our nation...

Jesse: To denounce the evils of truth and love...

James: To extend our reach to the stars above...

Jesse: Jesse!

James: James!

Jesse: Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light!

[Jesse and James kick Cleavon off the stage]

James: Surrender now or prepare to fight, but you'll have to talk to my agent.

Meowth: That's show biz!

[Lights return to normal]

Ash: What do you want this time?

Jesse: Oh nothing!

James: We just like to do our part to preserve musical theater!

Meowth: Now it's time for the finale.

Jesse: See you all next time!

Jesse, James & Meowth: [singing] Looks like Team Rocket's dancing off

[Team Rocket exits the stage]

Ash: That was scary.

Brock: I guess our movie career is over.

Misty: Before it even started.

Togepi: Toge togeprriii!

Ash, Misty & Brock: Awww... [hangs heads]

Pikachu: Pikachu!

[scene shifts to Meowth sitting alone on a roof top]

Narrator: I wonder what Meowth is thinking as he gazes at the night sky.

Meowth: Well... maybe Meowzie's looking at the moon, too. Hm.

[end credits]

---Special Thanks---

Mikeaspike: For giving me some tips about making and submitting this.

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