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Techniques Guide by Redlance

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/27/04

Yuu Yuu Hakusho: Tournament tactics techniques guide
Version 1.0

If your looking for a specific Character just press Control+ f to search 
this document.


Masked fighter

Thanks to

Version 1.0 added all characters and there moves plus requirements for them 
how much Spirit energy they take up and how many initiative it costs.

Welcome to my techniques list for Yuu Yuu Hakusho: Tournament tactics. This 
guide was created to help out in telling what techniques a character has 
and many upgrades you need to get it. I hope that this guide will help you 
out in what you want to upgrade and for who.
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Yusuke has a good variety between close and long rang attacks almost all of 
which are pretty strong.
Spirit kick
You start out with this attack not to strong kicks the opponent
SE:15 INIT:20
Range: one square 

Spirit gun-1 spirit energy
This is your first long range attack. It packs a 
nice punch and it will help you out greatly in the beginning of the game. 
SE:30 INIT:15
Range depends on environment

Spirit combo-4 power
Much better than spirit kick yusuke will give them two 
punches and a kick.
SE:52 INIT:25
Range: one square 

Spirit shotgun-5 spirit energy 
The shotgun will hit any enemies in front 
of you for a short range. It seems stronger than the spirit gun. 
SE:139 INIT:30
Hits any thing in front of you in a 2X3 rectangle.

Spirit wave-6 offense: 
Your strongest close range attack yusuke punches forward with energy.
SE:170 INIT:35
Range: two squares directly in front of you
Spirit Mega gun-Spirit energy MAX 
Your strongest long range attack it tends to take you awhile to move again 
after using this.
SE:170 INIT:35
Long range
He deals in close range attacks. Good for close combat if you have 
someone backing him up. Make sure not to let him get surrounded.
Spirit sword: 
You start with this your basic attack creates a sword out of energy and 
swings it.
SE:13 INIT:10
Range: one square 

Long sword strike-2 offense 
Sends a sword forward for a few squares.
SE:62 INIT:30
Strike three squares directly in front of you and can hit multiple targets.

Double sword-3 movement 
Kuwabara makes two swords and strikes with Them, stronger than spirit 
SE:53 INIT:20
Range: one square 

Energy blade storm-5 spirit energy 
You fire energy blades in front of you for a short range much like the 
SE:107 INIT:30
Range: a 2x3 rectangle infront of you. Will hit anything in the rectangle.

Spirit swatter-6 power 
Kuwabara makes a giant swatter out of energy and hits the opponent with it.
SE:135 INIT:35
Range: One square

Super sword- Spirit energy MAX 
Kuwabaras strongest attack slices with a giant energy sword.
SE:175 INIT:50
Three squares directly in front of you

Masked fighter: 
The masked fighter is more of a close range fighter with only two long 
range attacks but is very useful early on in the game.

Spirit kick: 
You start with this move basic attack
SE:12 INIT:12
Range: one square

Rapid punch: 
A bit stronger than spirit kick, you start with this as well
SE:0 INIT:12
Range: one square

Spirit gun double-3 spirit energy 
One of the masked fighters long range attacks. Not to bad if you need it 
fires two spirit bullets.
SE:37 INIT:20
Long range

Air shotgun-5 spirit energy 
much like the spirit shotgun hits in a certain area in front of you
SE:117 INIT:30
Range:2x3 rectangle in front of you

Spirit of reflection blast:6 power 
The strongest close range attack sends out a large energy beam in front of 
SE:188 INIT:35
Range: like the shotgun except the top left and right squares are missing.

Giant blast gun- Spirit energy MAX
The masked fighters strongest attack, it's a long range blast.
Long range

He mainly has long range attacks but a few close range ones. He's 
good to help support other characters without taking damage himself.
Snap kick: 
You start with this one you kick doesn't do much damage.
SE:0 INIT:10
Range: one square 

Rose whip: 
You start with this as well has ok range and ok attack strength makes a 
whip out of a rose to attack with. 
SE:0 INIT:15
Range depends on what's around you

Death seed-3 spirit energy 
Sends a seed into the opponent, which will damage and poison them.
SE:45 INIT:20
Range depends on what's around you

Whipslash fury-5 power 
Kurama slashes his whip around in a area in front of him.
SE:0 INIT:20
Range: three squares in front of him

Thorn wheel-4 offense 
Kurama spins his whip around him damaging any enemies around him.
SE:95 INIT:25
Area around kurama

Yoko death plant-Spirit energy MAX 
Kuramas strongest attack Becomes Youko Kurama and creates a death plant in 
a certain area in front of him.
SE:175 INIT:50
3x3 area of attack


Like yusuke he has a good variety of close to medium rang attacks but only 
one long range one almost all of which are good but.
18 slash jagan- 
You start out with this your basic attack Hiei stabs his enemy 18 times.
SE:0 INIT:10
Range: one square 

Darkness sword-2 spirit energy 
A strong melee attack fuses dragon of the darkness flame with his sword 
then attacks with it.
SE:43 INIT:20
Range: one square 

Mortal flame-3 offense
This is Hieis long range attack  useful for those hard to get opponents, 
sends a flame at enemies.
SE:52 INIT:20
Long range, can hit enemies directly next to you.

Dragon of the darkness flame-4 spirit energy
Sends the dragon forward for a few squares.
SE:95 INIT:25
Attacks directly in front of you for four squares.

Sword splitter0 5 power 
Hiei slices his sword
SE:0 INIT:30
Range: One square 

Dragon summon0 spirit energy MAX: 
This is it Hieis ultimate attack. Summons the dark dragon in front of him.
SE:202 INIT:50
Attacks in a 3X3 square.

Yukina:She is the healer so she only has two attacks and they aren't very 
good at all. Try and not put her into the middle of a battle.
Frozen wind
sends frozen wind at the enemy, you start with this.
SE:18 INIT:10
Range: one square 

Focused healing-2 spirit energy- 
Heals some health for a friend
SE:9 INIT:10
Range: one square 

Healing ring-5 spirit energy- 
better healing than focused healing will heal 
all units in a certain area around her
SE:41 INIT:30
Heal in a 3X3 around you enemies can be healed as well so be careful. 

Frozen tears-6 offense- 
another attack if you really need a attack, I think it sends frozen tears 
at the enemy not sure.
SE:60 INIT:40
Attack in a 2X3 square in front of you

Rallying strength- 5 power 
Heals a certain amount of Health and spirit energy.
Se:60 INIT:35
A small area around you can be used on enemies

Hero healing-Spirit energy MAX 
The best healing will only heal heroes
Se:85 INIT:40
Anywhere as far as I can see, very useful a low energy cost to heal 
everyone including yukina.

He has a variety of close and long range attacks, but mostly close range.
Stumbling fist- You start with this attack
Chu punches forward and seems to go thru the enemy.
SE:0 INIT:12
Range: One square

Rapid jabs- You start with this attack
Chu punches a few times
SE:0 INIT:20
Range: One square

Spirit ball shot-2 spirit energy
Chu launches a ball of energy at his opponent
SE: 37 INIT:25
Long range

Crusher kick-5 offense
Chu kicks the enemy stronger 
SE:77 INIT:15
Range: One square

Concussion headbutt-6 power
Chu head butts the opponent I think this is his strongest attack.
SE:0 INIT:25
Range: One square

Power ball shot-Spirit energy MAX
Chus strongest long-range attack launches a ball of energy at his opponent. 
It looks like when an enemy is at the very end of the range he will take 
more damage.
SE:75 INIT:40
5 squares in front of him

He uses yoyos as his weapon usually at a close to medium range.
Quick kick- Basic attack you start with
Kicks the enemy
SE:0 INIT:15
Range: One square

Yo-Yo shot-You start with this attack
Rinku throws his yo-yo at a enemy
SE:28 INIT:15
Long range

Poison Strike-3 movement
Rinku uses a poison yo-yo on the enemy next to him. Doesn't do much damage.
SE:28 INIT:15
Range One square 

Serpent energy snare-4 power
Rinku sends out a lot of yo-yos to attack multiple targets
SE:54 INIT:20
2X3 rectangle in front of him

yo-yo shock bite-5 offense
Rinku sends out a yoyo that looks like it's charged with electricity
SE:79 INIT:25
Range: One square

Serpent calling-Spirit energy MAX
Summon a giant serpent in an area around him
SE:204 INIT:40
Range: An area around Rinku

He has great movement and deals in close range attacks. Great for going in 
getting a few hits then getting out again.
Rapid punch-You start with this your basic attack
Rapidly punches
SE:0 init:10
Range: one square

Tornado fist-you start with this to
Creates a tornado around his fist then punches the enemy
SE:67 INIT:20
Range: one square

Tornado raid-Another attack you start with this one it is his only long 
Range attack.
Uses a small tornado to damage the enemy
SE:80 INIT:20
Long range

Double tornado crush-6 offense 
Jin forms two tornado's around his fists then punches the enemy.
SE:134 INIT:35
Range: one square

Wicked tornado-Spirit energy MAX
Jin summons a tornado in front of him
SE:202 INIT:50
Range: 2X3 rectangle in front of him

Fly by kick-4 movement
Jin launches some mini tornados in front of him
SE:0 INIT:25
Range: two squares straight ahead

Another close range fighter he has decent movement when you get him
Frozen fist combo-you start with this your basic attack 
Touya punches a few times.
SE:1 INIT:10
Range: one square

Cold spires-You start with this
Touya makes some spires of ice come out of the ground in front of him.
SE:34 INIT:15
Range: The pattern looks like this + in front of him.

Ice driver-You start with this
A stronger melee attack Touya takes out two spikes of ice and stabs the 
SE:34 INIT:15
Range: one square

Ice sword swing-5 spirit energy
Touya takes out a giant sword made of ice and slices the enemy with it.
SE:81 INIT:30
Range: one square

Shards of ice blast-6 movement
Touya launches shards of ice at the opponent
SE:136 INIT:35
Range: 2X3 rectangle in front of Touya

Icicle falls-Spirit energy MAX
Makes it rain pieces of ice.
SE:188 INIT:50
Range: one square

This guide is copyrighted Courtenay Dickinson. If you have any questions 
emails me at apollo5002(at)hotmail(dot)com. Please do not use without 
permission or alter this document in anyway. If you would like to use this 
guide on your site email me and I will get back to you on that.

===============================Thanks to===================================
Atari for making the game
GameFAQS for hosting this FAQ
The GameFAQS board where I got the idea to create this whole thing

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