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Reviewed: 04/29/03 | Updated: 04/29/03

Super Smash Bros. meets DBZ the legend. It can't be bad.

This is one cool fighting game. I'd be a big fan of the fighting game genre if there were more games like Groove Adventure Rave 2. The difficulty level is just right. Challenging but not too frustrating.
The controls can be a bit disorienting at first but will feel just right after a an hour or two of gameplay. In this review, I will state what I like and what I don't like about the game.

I'm a big fan of the anime series and I read some of the great reviews on this game, so I knew I had to have this game. and I have to say, they weren't kidding. At first, I thought the action was a bit slow paced on the first level, that's until I found out that up to four players could fight at once for 1 on 1, 2 on 1, 3 on 1, 2 on 2 and free for all action. The levels are also well designed with multi-platform stages. What I like best is the simple controls. button B for a normal combo attack, button A for your Jump, d-pad down to block and the r1 button for the special attacks and start to finish off your opponents. You can also perform some variations by pressing attack + up, attack + down, special attack + up etc. The battle system in Rave is like a mixed version of Super Smash Bros. and DBZ the legend. The game can accomodate up to four players at once with multi-level stages, but it doesn't have those fatal falls and star finishes from Mario Bros. To win, you need to get your Life higher than you opponent's by hitting him/her until your life fills about 80% of the life bar which is like the power balance system in DBZ the Legend. Then, you need to perform your special attack by pressing start. The character will then begin to perfom the finisher unless someone interrupts you. During the special attack, you need to pound on the buttons and you d-pad in a circular motion, to keep your life up to 80%, if you win, you perfom the special and finish off your opponents, if your opponent wins, they get a big percentage of the lifebar. There's a lock up feature which you can engage in by pressing A+B when you're close to your opponent. It will show you and the enemy pushing each other back with full screen manga artwork, you need to press a certain d-pad combination shown on-screen. If you win, you get one bar on your character's status indicator shown below the lifebar. You can boost your character's attributes by pressing L1 +Down or just L1. You can also KO your enemies by hitting them repeatedly, but they get up after awhile. Unlocking the extra characters is also a breeze, since you just need to play with all the characters in story mode, except for the last one.
Don't expect a storyline oriented game in Rave, this game is all about action (This ain't no rpg suckah.) That aside, there are lots of game modes in this game. There's the normal story mode, A vs. mode where you can choose 1 on 1, 2 on 2 etc. and a special mode (I can't read Japanese, but it's kinda like a chess game.) where you can buy the last secret character. For the graphics, sounds etc. They're pretty standard, not too bad , not too good. However, gameplay and replayability is where it counts the most in fighting games and Groove Adventure Rave 2 scores high on both in my book.
My only complaint about this game, is that they could have added more moves per character and they could have made some levels where you fight against multiple one-hit enemies until you reach the final boss. They could also have placed more events in the story mode, some of the battles are plain silly. As an example, one level while playing as Haru, my partner was Musica fighting against Griff and Plue. The game is also in Japanese, but there's not much text to read anyway. The menus are easy enough to decipher even without knowing Jap.

This game has it all, a unique combat system, bonus levels and good variety of modes. Get this game now, you won't be disappointed.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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