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FAQ by Dragon

Updated: 06/22/05

Texas Hold 'Em Poker
Game Boy Advance
Copyright Dragon
Version SUX


This is supposedly a poker game. But don't do what I did. I mean it. Don't buy
this. It is about 500 times more fun to download a poker software and play 
online. Mainly because...this is nothing like poker. Sure, the game is there, 
but...the AI just plain SUCKS. I suggest reading dukebluedevil's review to 
notice everything that is wrong with it.

Table of Contents

1. Copyright Info
2. Version History
3. Controls
4. Modes
5. Cheats
6. Poker Terminology
7. Hand Ranks
8. Thanks

1. Copyright Info

This game is copyright Dragon. Feel free to use it, or put on your website, 
but only as long as I get credit.

2. Version History

Version SUX - 6/22/05

  Made this FAQ.

3. Controls

D-Pad: Move around the game/menu
A Button: Confirm options in menu and game
B Button: Cancel options in menu and game
Start: Pause game
L-Tab: Nothing
R-Tab: Change view at poker table.

4. Modes




Get in a game of poker without having any restrictions. First you gotta make 
the name of your player, then you choose whether you want to play at a Sit 
Down Table, or a 1 Table Tournament.

The Sit Down table is like going to a casino and hopping in a game. Its just a
regular game of poker. After choosing this option, you choose what stakes you
wish to play for, ranging from $5-$10, to $80-$160 (mind you, this is LIMIT 
holdem, not no limit.) Then you are able to choose how many opponents you 
want, from 1 opponent to 9, making a 10 player table. Then you're ready to 

The 1 Table Tournament is a tournament game, like at the World Series of 
Poker. First you choose your buy-in, ranging from $100, to $20,000. This is 
what everyone starts with. Then you choose the number of opponents again. Then
the game starts (This IS no-limit poker.)




This is where you can start a career, or continue one. After making your name 
in a new career, you start with $250, and on the riverboat tournament. Choose 
the 1 table tournament to advance farther. You get a password when you win a 
tournament so you can continue farther. After winning in Las Vegas, you'll 
have beaten the game.

5. Cheats

Have you always wanted to be Phil Hellmuth? Well, you can't, but you can get 
close here.

Enter these codes in the password box at continue career.

(^ = up arrow, > = right arrow, < = left arrow, v = down arrow. uppercase V is
NOT a down arrow)

Play as Phil in Atlantic City Tournament:

Play as Phil in Lake Tahoe Tournament:

Play as Phil in Las Vegas Tournament:

Play as Phil in Reno Tournament:

6. Poker Terminology

All-in - In no limit, this is where you bet all the chips you have. In limit, 
this is when you don't have enough chips to cover the bet amount, so you put 
in all you have.

Ante - Placed before any bet is made, this is the minimum bet that must be 
placed before playing.

Big Blind - This is the bet placed by the player sitting 2 seats left of the 
dealer. The player must put in the same as the lower bet. In a $50-$100 dollar
game, the big blind would be $50.

Bring-in - Exclusive to 7 Card Stud and its variants, after the cards are 
dealt, the player with the lowest showing card puts in a forced bet.

Buy-in - This is the amount you must bring to play in the game.

Call - This is when you match the previous player's bet.

Cap - In Limit Poker, only 3 raises are allowed, before you either have to 
call or fold, this is called the cap.

Check - This is where you pass the turn to the next player without putting any
chips in. You can only check when there have been no bets placed.

Community Cards - These are the cards face up on the table, that every player 
can use.

Fifth Street - This is the 5th card shown on the table, also known as "The 

Flop - The first three cards put onto the table.

Fold - This is when you give up your hand, and do not have to put any more 
money into the pot, in exchange of having no chance of winning the pot.

Fourth Street - This is the 4th card that comes out onto the table, also known
as "The Turn"

Muck - You do this when you do not want the rest of the table to see your 
losing (or winning) hand. Like folding, but only done when the hand ends.

Pocket Cards - These are the two cards you are dealt face down.

Pot - The pile of chips that represents what the winning player will receive.

Raise - This is when you match the previous players bet, and then increase the
bet. This causes all th eother players to put in more chips to stay in the hand.

River Card - See Fifth Street

Showdown - After the last round of betting, every player still in the hand 
compares hands to see who wins. The winner gets the pot.

Turn - See Fourth Street

7. Hand Ranks

This will go from strongest to weakest. These are also only example hands, any
hand like it but different suits will result the same.

(s = spade, h = heart, d = diamond, c = club)

Royal Flush
As, Ks, Qs, Js, 10s

Straight Flush
7c, 6c, 5c, 4c, 3c

Four of a Kind
9h, 9s, 9d, 9c, Kh

Full House
Js, Jh, Jc, 4h, 4d

Ad, Jd, 7d, 4d, 2d

6h, 7d, 8h, 9h, 10s

Three of a Kind
4s, 4c, 4d, 6h, Qs

Two Pair
6h, 6s, 4d, 4h, 8d

One Pair
7s, 7h, 3s, Jc, Ks

High Card
Qd, 9h, 6h, 3s, 2c

8. Thanks

Thanks to me for writing this FAQ

Thanks to you for reading it.


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