GameBoy Advance GameShark Save (North America)

  1. From Zero_-_Phantom (12/01/2014; 64KB) Special Mode Unlocked
  2. From minimoggundam (01/31/2006; 64KB) SWRS OG2. Final battle in Ex-Hard Mode. Optained All Skill Point, All Secrect Mechs, Items and Stuff. Also recruit some new Chars and Mechs ^^.
  3. From Samurai Edge (11/24/2006; 64KB) Two save slots. One is after chapter 19, while the other is after chapter 9. Both are routes that required a spilt of teams.

GameBoy Advance Pro Action Replay Save (North America)

  1. From BassGSnewtype (01/14/2007; 64KB) Saved after Planagenet 1 WurgerL and ash saber gained

GameBoy Advance GameShark Save (Japan)

  1. From RuruniX (02/06/2005; 64KB) 2 save file, First=Hard mode stage 4,max money, Second=Original Mode, Final Battle,Max upgrade and money
  2. From NeoZeroX (02/06/2005; 64KB) 2nd Replay save with Normal, EX hard, Special mode unlocked.
  3. From Mykas0 (02/01/2005; 64KB) Game saved after the third level, all stats maxed for the robots you already have.
  4. From Mykas0 (02/05/2005; 64KB) Game saved before the final battle, always picked the first route, don't have all skill points.
  5. From RuruniX (02/21/2005; 64KB) Special Mode,Hukebiem MK3R,Ash Saver,Wild B. L, and MK3S , All mecha fully upgraded,max money

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