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FAQ/Walkthrough by DWonn

Version: 1.4 | Updated: 09/16/02

                                Strategy Guide
                                  Version 1.4
                             written by David Wonn
                              September 16, 2002

Table of contents:

   I. About this guide
  II. Weapons & Items
      A. Whip
      B. Dagger
      C. Axe
      D. Holy Water
      E. Boomerang
      F. Watch
      G. Cross
      H. Invincibility potion
      I. Money bags
      J. Hearts
      K. Shot multipliers
      L. Meat
 III. Walkthrough / Tips
  IV. Boss strategies
      A. Vampire Bat
      B. Queen Medusa
      C. Mummies
      D. Frankenstein & Igor
      E. Grim Reaper (a.k.a. Death)
      F. Dracula
   V. Hidden bonus item locations (both quests)
  VI. Advanced tips, lesser known secrets, and glitches
      A. Easy 1-ups
      B. Easily defeat tougher enemies
      C. No music in Level 1
      D. Flashing statue glitch
      E. Continuous jumping and whipping glitch
      F. Collect bonus item without touching it
 VII. Version history
VIII. Disclaimer and how to link to this guide


I. About this guide

This guide is designed to help players defeat Castlevania for the Nintendo
Entertainment System. FYI, I have beaten the game without losing a single life
on various occasions. I have also rolled over the score many times and have
conquered the second quest without using any continues. In this guide, you will
find every known hidden item in the game for both quests, as well as some
strategies to help you conquer the game. And just for the fun of it, I included
some weird glitches too. If you've ever struggled against the later bosses, 
like the Mummies, Frankenstein, and the Grim Reaper, you won't any more. :-)
Some of the methods I have included are so good, that you might even consider
them cheap. For this reason, I include several different tactics for each boss.
Read on to learn how you can master the game....

II. Weapons & Items

Before I get into the more sophisticated strategies and stage breakdowns, let's
get acquainted with the weapons and items you will encounter:

    A. Whip

This is the weapon you will use the most, so it is best to get used to its
timing as early as possible in the game. You start out with a standard Leather
Whip, which has very little range and power. Upgrade it to a Chain Whip to
increase the power by 50%, then upgrade it to a Morning Star for maximum reach.
Fortunately, your whip will remain upgraded throughout the game until you lose
a life.

    B. Dagger

When thrown, the Dagger will travel straight ahead until it hits an enemy or
until it disappears off the screen. It has the equivalent power of the Leather
Whip, making it the weakest special weapon in the game. As a general rule, you
should only consider picking this up if you do not already have a special
weapon. It is good for its speed and range, but it's too weak to be effective
in most situations. Each use consumes one heart.

    C. Axe

The axe travels in an arc, making it handy for attacking foes above you. In
most cases, it has the power of the Chain Whip, but it has surprisingly high
power against certain foes. It is also helpful in reaching candles that are
out of reach. This weapon can be very deadly in the hands of a skilled player.
Each use consumes one heart.

    D. Holy Water

The Holy Water drops downward and will burn any enemies that dare to come in
contact within a small radius. It also freezes them in place for a short time.
This can take several hits away from an enemy when it is well timed and placed.
As a result, this is one of the most useful weapons in the game. Holy Water is
excellent against foes below you, but will not have much use against foes that
are distant or above you. Each use consumes one heart.

    E. Boomerang

When thrown, the Boomerang travels straight ahead like the Dagger, but at a
slower pace. Unlike the Dagger, it will not stop when it hits most enemies. It
will continue to travel forward until it hits a shield or until it is close to
the edge of the screen. It will then reverse direction, possibly doing more
damage. It disappears when you pick it back up or when it flies off the screen.
In most cases, it is as powerful as the Chain Whip per hit, but in some cases,
it will do massive damage. This weapon is quite useful in general since it has
the potential to wipe out several enemies. Each use consumes one heart.

    F. Watch

When you use the Watch, all enemies on the screen will freeze for just a few
seconds. The game timer will be frozen as well. This can be very handy in
specific places, especially when you are facing more enemies or hazards than
you can handle. Unfortunately it won't work against most bosses, and it eats
up hearts quickly. Each use consumes five hearts.

    G. Cross

The cross doesn't appear very often, so take advantage of it when you see one.
As soon as you touch it, all enemies on the current screen will be wiped out.
Sometimes you can jump over it and scroll the screen to make more enemies
appear, then pick it up. This is especially handy if you can get a tough enemy
to appear. Fire spitting Dragons, Axe Knights, and even Skele-dragons stand no

    H. Invincibility Potion

After picking this up, you will not take any damage from any enemies for a
short period of time. Enjoy it while it lasts.

    I. Money Bags

Money bags come in different varieties. Red ones give 100 pts., blue ones give
400 pts., white ones give 700 pts., and flashing money bags will give you 1000
pts. Points are important in this game, since you earn a bonus life at 30,000
pts. and every 50,000 pts. thereafter.

    J. Hearts

Hearts come in two varieties. The small ones are most common and will add one
heart to your total. A big heart is equal to 5 small hearts. Grab as many as
you can so that you can use special weapons.

    K. Shot multipliers

Shot multipliers are hidden throughout the game. Usually you'll find one hidden
behind blocks, but you can also get them from candles if you use your special
weapon against enemies. The double shot allows you to have two of your special
weapon to appear on the screen at the same time. A triple shot maxes it out to
three weapons. If you switch to another weapon, you lose the upgrade, but there
is a way around that if you can get both a multiplier and a weapon to appear on
the same screen.

    L. Meat

Meat is always hidden behind blocks. Pick this up to replenish 6 units of your
health meter.

III. Walkthrough / Tips

Stage 01 - There isn't too much to say here. This stage is a warm-up for things
to come, so it's a great place to get used to the timing of the whip and how
to deal with multiple enemies. This is also a great place to rack up on points
and bonus lives, which is discussed in section VI. All enemies will take off 2
health units if you are hit. In the second quest, they take off 4 units.

Stage 02 - If you lose 6 or more health units, be sure to grab the Meat to
replenish your health. This is especially handy in the second quest since all
enemies deal out double the damage. Section V tells where all the hidden items
are located.

Stage 03 - Grab the Axe and take it to the boss, or if you feel like hanging
on to a Watch, feel free. Section IV outlines different boss strategies.

Stage 04 - Grab the Boomerang and carry it upstairs to the next screen. Before
you reach the top of the staircase, throw it to your left to easily take out
the Knight. In the second quest, the Small Medusas will not appear until you
have left the staircase, so keep this in mind.

Stage 05 - In the first quest, Small Medusas will appear until you get past
several candles, then they vanish temporarily. If you stay in motion, they
won't be too much of a threat. If you face left, they appear on the left side
of the screen, and if you face right, they'll come from the right side. In the
second quest, you will constantly be dealing with Small Medusas. Sometimes it
is best to crouch and whip them before they get to you. After going upstairs
to the next screen, they will be much more of a threat. I generally crouch and
whip the first one and then immediately keep moving. Don't waste time with the
candles on the lower level, unless you just like taking chances. One hit from
a Small Medusa could very well drop you to an early demise, so keep moving. It
would be very helpful to pick up the Watch in this section, especially in the
second quest. Grab the Meat too and head to the moving platforms. In the second
quest it is almost essential to freeze the Small Medusas if you want to clear
this stage.

Stage 06 - Grab the Meat right away before you fall! In the second quest, I
advise that you jump as soon as the stage starts in order to trick the first
Small Medusa into going extra high. This will make it much easier to get the
Meat. If you carried the Watch from Stage 5, then the spiked ceilings will be
a piece of cake. Otherwise just be extra careful with your timing. It may help
to know that you can duck under the ceiling that doesn't go all the way down.
Either keep the Watch or grab the Holy Water. If you pick up the Holy Water,
you can get a double shot shortly after. The first fire spitting dragon should
be easy if you whip it from the lower platform. Don't engage the next one until
you see it spit out fire twice. Freeze it with either the Watch or Holy Water
and whip it until it's gone. If you have Holy Water, throw it at the ghost
that sneaks up from behind you. By doing this, you'll have a great chance of
picking up a triple shot in the second candle on the next screen. Keep moving
on the last screen and you'll make it to Queen Medusa in no time.

Stage 07 - At this point in the game, any hits from the enemies will now take
off 3 units of health instead of 2. In the second quest, it will still be 4
units. The Hunchbacks are your newest threat. As soon as one appears, keep
moving. It will jump high over your head, giving you plenty of time to turn
around and whip him. Take care of the White Skeletons by jumping and whipping
them or by throwing Holy Water and luring them into your trap. Grab the Meat if
you have taken any damage. Climb upstairs and be careful of the eagles. As soon
as you see one on the screen, just wait for it to make the first move. This way
you can easily jump and whip them. If you pick up the Axe, its only good use
will be to make it easier to collect the Boomerang in the next stage.

Stage 08 - Just run through the first part, and the Small Medusas will miss you
every time. If you picked up the Axe, throw it at the high candle to get the
Boomerang quickly. If you still have Holy Water, you might consider keeping it,
since it will easily destroy the Mummies. The Boomerang is a better weapon for
this stage and the next, so choose wisely. After you climb up the stairs, skip
the Watch. While it's nice against the fire spitting dragons, it will do you
no good against the Mummies. Plus you'll only get a Dagger after that, so
consider hanging onto the Boomerang or Holy Water. As soon as you see a dragon,
immediately throw a Boomerang. This will knock out two fireballs and take out
two hits on the dragon. Engage combat with the whip until he's gone. You could
use a similar method with the Holy Water, but the Boomerang is much safer.

Stage 09 - Use similar tactics in the previous stages for taking out dragons
and eagles. As long as you use special weapons against the dragons, you'll be
very likely to pick up shot multipliers. You should be able to reach the
Mummies with a double or triple shot. Depending on which strategy you pick for
the Mummies in section IV, you might want to skip the Meat. You'll see why. :-)

Stage 10 - The bats will be your biggest threat here. The Fish Men shouldn't
be too much of a problem unless you're in the second quest, in which case they
may pop up right from where you are standing. Yikes! When you are jumping onto
moving platforms, look out for bats. If it appears on the screen just as you
were thinking of jumping onto that platform, you're better off to wait for the
next ride. Be sure to duck when the ceiling is too low if you plan on staying
alive. If you still have the Boomerang from the previous stages, you might
want to hang on to it. Otherwise, grab the Holy Water and hang onto it. The
stage isn't too bad in the first quest, but in the second quest, it's nearly
impossible to avoid taking at least one hit due to the nasty Fish Men. As a
general rule, if you don't feel safe jumping to the next moving platform, it
is best to wait the next time it comes. Be conservative and you should clear
the stage. You'll automatically climb the final stairs.

Stage 11 - This stage can be a pain if you let too many Hunchbacks appear.
What I do is keep moving, but when a white eagle drops a Hunchback, I stop
momentarily and time the crack of the whip to destroy the Hunchback right away.
Some may appear from behind too, so if they do, just defeat them the same way,
stopping and turning around to take care of them. You can also jump and whip
the white eagles that are flying low, but it isn't necessary. Oftentimes you
will receive items from the enemies, so pay close attention to what appears.
An Axe will appear on occasion, so don't pick it up if you already have the
Boomerang or Holy Water. Otherwise, it would be a good idea to grab it. At the
end of the stage, a Skele-dragon appears for the first time. Just run under it,
but don't go through the door yet. It will safely appear above you, and you'll
have the upper hand. It can only spit fire to the left, so just turn around and
repeatedly whip it. This way, you'll easily pick up several small hearts or
money bags, and maybe even a shot multiplier.

Stage 12 - From this point on to the end of the game, any hit you take from an
enemy will take off 4 units of health so be careful! If you have only lost 3 
units of health from one of the previous stages, it would be futile to even
think of grabbing the Meat. If you lost 4 or more units, then you should get
it. Don't grab the Dagger if you already have a special weapon! Get the items
in the other candles, and be prepared for another Skele-dragon. If you have a
Boomerang, throw it right away, and you may take it out in one shot! A single
well-placed Axe will do the job too, but it's much trickier to get the timing
just right. Holy Water is nice too, but it will take 2 or 3 shots to take it
out. If you don't have any of these, then just stay crouched within whipping
distance, and try to repeatedly hit it while it is low. The whip can also take
out the fireballs as well. Use similar tactics for the next one as well. See
section IV for ways to take out Frankenstein and Igor.

Stage 13 - First thing to do here is move forward just a little, and wait for
the Hunchbacks to get close, then whip them quickly. The Holy Water will be
very useful in this stage, so consider getting it as soon as possible. You can
easily set traps for the White Skeletons with this, plus it's effective against
Hunchbacks. After going upstairs, and then downstairs, be sure to get the shot
multiplier. Those really high candles can only be reached if you still have an
Axe from earlier stages. In case you're wondering, they just contain small
hearts and red money bags, although you can get shot multipliers out of them as
well. Whip whatever candles you can before getting the Meat and move on.

Stage 14 - The Axe Knights will be your newest foe here. If you still have Holy
Water, then jump and toss it right away! With the right timing, you can knock
out both the Hunchback and the Axe Knight in one shot! Climb up and use it on
the next Axe Knight. At this point, make a decision on whether or not you want
the Axe. It can also take out an Axe Knight in one well-placed shot, though it
will often take two. Climb up and you'll eventually face more Axe Knights. Deal
with them with either Holy Water or the Axe to take them out quickly. As long
as the Axe doesn't hit their shield, they will be massively hurt, if not
destroyed completely. If one of their axes slips through your defenses, you
have options. Your best bet is to whip them, but you can also jump over the low
ones and duck under the high ones so keep this in mind too. Just keep moving!

Stage 15 - You will be greeted by a dragon right away, so whip the first two
fireballs, then whip it repeatedly. Use a special weapon if you wish. As you
move along, one of the candles will have a Boomerang. Skip it if you have the
Axe or the Holy Water, since these are much better for taking out the enemies.
Otherwise take it. Go up the stairs just enough so that the next dragon can't
hit you. Just whip it repeatedly and watch out for Red Skeletons. Grab the Meat
if you have lost 4 or more units of health. Go up to the next screen, whip the
candle on the right to get a big heart, then go back downstairs. Repeat a few
times if you like to quickly build up on hearts. Trust me, you'll need them.
If you have the Axe or Holy Water, this section will be much easier. Just
bombard the Axe Knights with them, and carefully dodge the Small Medusas. If
you don't have either, then continuously throw Boomerangs at the Axe Knights.
They won't look like they do much damage, but since you have already built up
on hearts, you can afford to use them. You stand a much greater chance of
getting shot multipliers this way. You'll want the Boomerang to be powered up
to a triple shot for it to be effective against the Grim Reaper. With the Axe
or Holy Water, a double shot should suffice.

Stage 16 - Grab the items in the first few candles while you can. You will
face several large bats in this stage. Don't even bother trying to defeat them
or you will get injured. Just run under the high ones and jump over the low
ones. Yes, jump even if they haven't come up yet because if you don't, it's
likely that they'll catch you just before you are jumping from one platform to
the next. And one hit could send you to your doom. Skip most of the candles,
but I highly recommend that you pick up the Watch. Don't be afraid to use it
if you think one of the bats will attack. Don't conserve on hearts; you'll have
plenty of chances to rack up on them. Also try to get the big heart at the end
of the level. You should be able to get through without taking a hit, or at the
worst, you might take one hit.

Stage 17 - Stand back at the beginning to lure the White Skeleton to you so
that you can easily whip him. Now you can work your way upstairs to meet two
more of them. You should be able to take care of the next one with the Morning
Star, but don't lure him to your platform or you'll likely take a hit. Climb
upstairs when you think it's safe to avoid the bones from the White Skeleton
above you. Instead of taking the small set of stairs, jump and whip to take
care of the White Skeleton. Don't pick up the Dagger! Just keep moving and use
your Watch shortly after the first white eagle appears. With good timing you
can grab the meat without taking a hit! Now hurry to get downstairs. If you're
quick, the Hunchbacks will just miss you. On the next screen, more white eagles
appear. If they get too close, crouch and whip them. Drop down to your left
when you have clearance. Carefully make your way up the stairs. If you see an
eagle coming in your path, climb up or down to avoid it. With good timing, you
can get through this section without taking a hit, but it's likely you'll take
a hit or two. Once you clear this screen, you won't have to deal with any more
enemies. Get the big heart in the next screen, then go downstairs and back up
to reset the candles. This way you can get plenty of hearts. You'll need them.

Stage 18 - At last, you've reached Dracula! Go upstairs and collect all candles
except for the last two. Double back downstairs and back up to reset all the
candles if you want to get even more hearts. This technique at the end of the
previous stage is quicker, but if you die in stage 18, then you'll want to use
this one. See the boss strategies in section IV for dealing with Dracula. If
you've made it this far, congratulations!

IV. Boss strategies

    A. Vampire Bat

       1. Easiest method

The easiest way to defeat the Vampire Bat is to grab the Axe and continuously
throw them while it's hovering above you. Don't forget to grab the double shot
to make things even easier.

       2. Alternate method

A good alternative is to grab the Watch. Stand on the lower part of the stairs
and wait for the bat to swoop by. Freeze it when it gets close and repeatedly
whip. With good timing of the Watch, can defeat the bat quickly.

       3. Other ways

Although the Axe and Watch are the best ways to defeat the bat, you can try
other methods for a change of pace. With the Holy Water, you could stand below
the stairs and wait for the bat to swoop by. Throw Holy Water at the platform
and you may be able to freeze it in place. Continue to do this until it is
defeated. In the second quest, it is possible to bring a Boomerang with you.
Throw them up high for best results. You could do the same with the Dagger, but
you're better off just using your whip if that's all you have.

    B. Queen Medusa

       1. Easiest method

The easiest way to defeat Queen Medusa is to get the Holy Water from stage 6.
Grab at least a double shot for best results. As soon as the screen no longer
scrolls, stand on the right side of the screen and throw Holy Water at her to
freeze her in place. Whip once or twice and repeat. Piece of cake.

       2. Alternate method

If you still have the Watch, you can freeze Queen Medusa in place and just
repeatedly whip her. It's just as effective as using the Holy Water, but you
are more likely to consume more hearts this way. Either way will get the job

       3. Other ways

If you still have the Boomerang, you'll want it to be powered up to a triple
shot to be effective. Keep tossing these and whip when you can no longer throw
any more Boomerangs. They won't stun her nearly as effectively as the Holy
Water or Watch, though. If you are still hanging on to an Axe or Dagger, don't
bother using either one. Just crouch and repeatedly whip to win. Keep in mind
that you are more likely to take a hit or two.

    B. Mummies

       1. Cheap method

This method is so good that it may even seem to cheap to some people. Grab the
Holy Water from Stage 7 and avoid picking up any other special items. Make sure
that it is powered up to at least a double shot for best results. Once you make
it to the screen with the Mummies, DO NOT COLLECT THE MEAT! As tempting as it
is, you must not whip the block containing the meat. Scroll the screen just far
enough so that it no longer scrolls and immediately jump on the block where the
meat is. Jump up more blocks so that you are safe from the Mummies. All you
have to do is throw the Holy Water to the right. Once you have the Mummies
trapped, keep throwing it until they're gone. You won't even take a single hit
this way. Cheap but very effective. :-)

       2. Not as cheap method

Even if you don't have the Holy Water, you can still use a similar tactic to
the one above. Avoid collecting the meat, and scroll the screen far enough so
that it no longer scrolls, then retreat as you would in the previous method.
When the Mummies are within safe striking distance, stand on top of the block
that contains the meat. Crouch and continuously whip them. If they get too
close, you can always retreat to the higher blocks until it is safe once again.
Repeat until they're gone.

       3. Quick method

If you have the Boomerang, be sure to power it up to at least a triple shot.
Collect the meat if you're down 6 or more units; otherwise save it for when you
really need it. Jump over the mummy on the right and keep bombarding them with
Boomerangs. When the screen is filled with Boomerangs, keep whipping them. It
is likely that you'll take a hit this way, but since meat is available you can
afford at least a hit or two. This is probably the quickest way to finish them

       4. Other ways

If you do not have the Boomerang or Holy Water, your best bet is to use the
second method. But if you still insist on collecting the meat, then you'll
have to repeatedly whip them. You are much more likely to take damage this way.
The Axe will go too far and the Dagger is too weak to have much effect. The
Watch will not have any effect whatsoever, so use your whip.

    D. Frankenstein & Igor

       1. Cheap method

Once again, this method may seem cheap to some people, but it is by far the
easiest way to win. Grab the Holy Water from stage 10 if you don't already
have it. Be sure it is powered up to at least a double shot for best results.
As soon as you can see Frankenstein & Igor, throw Holy Water at Frankenstein's
feet. Before it wears off, throw another and repeatedly bombard him this way.
As long as you keep this up, Igor will never even leave Frankenstein's
shoulders! They won't stand a chance!

       2. Alternate method

If the first method is too cheap for your tastes, then you might consider this.
If you still have a Boomerang from several levels back, hang on to it. The
Boomerang is extremely effective against certain enemies in this level. If you
have it powered up to a triple shot, then just bombard Frankenstein with these.
It's not as cheap as the first method, but you should be able to take him out
relatively quickly this way. If you can afford to take a hit or two, ignore
Igor and just be persistent.

       3. Another good method

Sometimes you will get an Axe from the enemies in stage 11. It is especially
handy to pick one up there if you died in stage 11. A well placed shot can
take out even some of the toughest enemies in one hit! Carry it into stage 12
and you should be able to get at least a double shot power up. Once you face
Frankenstein, stand a safe distance away and just bombard him with the Axe.
Its arc is handy in stunning Igor at times and is also good at knocking out
the fireballs as well.

       4. Last resort method

If you die in stage 12, this may be your only hope. In this case, most likely
you will not find any special weapon other than the weak Dagger. Frankenstein
will be considerably tougher now. As soon as you face Frankenstein, stand on
the platform to his left, then crouch and whip to stun Igor. Now you should be
able to safely whip Frankenstein 2 or 3 times. If you have good timing, you
might be able to stun Igor once more before he has a chance to jump around the
room. Once he starts moving, things will get tougher. As long as you are near
Frankenstein, keep whipping him. When Igor starts shooting fireballs, you'll
need to either dodge them or whip them. Try to stun Igor with your whip if he
gets too annoying. If you are far from Frankenstein, then keep using a Dagger
attack. If you alternate between stunning Igor and attacking Frankenstein, you
will eventually win. One more note: The Watch has no effect whatsoever.

    E. Grim Reaper (a.k.a. Death)

       1. Cheap method

If you've ever thought the Grim Reaper was the toughest boss in the game, this
might change your mind. With this method, the Grim Reaper won't even stand a
chance! Grab the Holy Water from stage 13 and avoid all other special weapons.
Be sure to have it powered up at least to a double shot if you want to use this
method. You'll find it to be a handy weapon against the Axe Knights leading up
to the Grim Reaper. Just lure them into walking into the Holy Water. After you
have made it past them, step into the Grim Reaper's room and immediately stand
on the right edge of the center platform. Jump straight up and throw Holy Water
at the platform on the right. This will stun him completely. As soon as it
begins to wear off, jump and throw another. Repeat 8 times. As long as you keep
him stunned, the scythes will never appear! You won't even take a hit.

       2. Good, but not cheap method

If the method above is too cheap for your tastes, consider the Axe as an
excellent alternative. You can find it in stage 14. It is even better against
the Axe Knights! One well-placed Axe will take them out if you don't hit their
shields. If your shot isn't perfectly placed, a second Axe will finish them off
for sure. You should be able to obtain a double or triple shot attack within
the level. When you face the Grim Reaper, start out in the center and bombard
him with Axes. When the scythes start to chase you down, retreat to the left
and then whip or axe them. Resume throwing Axes at the Grim Reaper and repeat 
if necessary. A good combination of the Axe and your whip will work wonders.

       3. Another good method

Even if you die against the Grim Reaper or anywhere in stage 15, you'll always
have access to a Boomerang. Build up on hearts by repeatedly collecting the big
heart near the first Axe Knight. Just collect, go downstairs and back up, and
repeat a few times. Bombard the Axe Knights with your Boomerang and whip. Doing
this will allow you to easily earn double and triple shot power-ups. As soon as
you face the Grim Reaper, stand in the center and throw several Boomerangs to
the right. Retreat to the left if the scythes bother you too much, then take
them out. The Boomerang doesn't quite give you the protection that the Axe
gives, and it's slower. On the other hand, you can potentially get two hits on
one Boomerang, so the tradeoff isn't too bad.

       4. Not recommended

Since the Boomerang is always available in stage 15, you should avoid bringing
a Dagger or Watch to the Grim Reaper, unless you just feel like making it extra
challenging. The Dagger is a bit weak to have much effect, but you could try
using them from a large distance. The Watch is nice against the Axe Knights,
but it will not have any effect on the Grim Reaper or his scythes. Stick with
the Holy Water, Axe, or Boomerang for best results.

    F. Dracula

       1. Best method

Fortunately stage 18 gives you two choices of weapons against Dracula. For best
results, take advantage of both of them. Grab the Boomerang first, then whip
all candles but the last two. Retreat, go down the steps and back up to reset
the candles. This effectively allows you to double the hearts you can start
with (or triple if you continue to repeat, and so on.) When you're ready to
fight, avoid whipping the last candle. As Dracula's head rises from the ground,
stand back just enough so that you can whip him. As soon as he stops flashing,
jump and whip him on the head. You can whip after you land if you wish to stop
his fireball attack. If you're still fast enough, you can jump and whip him on
the head once more. Now he will start his teleporting. My word of advice is to
keep moving because he has a bad habit of reappearing where you are standing.
When he reappears, repeat the process. It is difficult to get two direct hits
each time so you may want to aim for one hit each time.

If Dracula appears too far away, just concentrate on whipping the fireballs or
throwing a Boomerang to take them out. Doing this not only protects you, but it
also increases your chances of getting a double or triple shot weapon. If he's
within striking distance, you have different options. You can whip him before
he throws the fireballs, or jump over them and whip him. Only attempt to get
two shots on him if he appears in front of you. Pay close attention to his life
meter. When it is down to one unit, you don't want to hit him unless he appears
on the leftmost or rightmost side of the screen. If he appears anywhere else,
just whip the fireballs until he does. Once you've knocked off his head, grab
the Holy Water. Now for his surprise....

Dracula now will appear in a new form and will regain all of his health! As
long as you've allowed him to appear on the side of the screen, you stand a
much better chance of winning. Stun him with the Holy Water, then jump and whip
him a couple times. Repeat as necessary. With the aid of the Holy Water, this
battle shouldn't be too bad, provided that you have enough hearts left. After
he's defeated you get to see the ending with the castle collapsing in its 8-bit
glory and will see the credits. If you still feel like playing, you'll get to
play the more challenging second quest. Good luck!

       2. Alternate method

An alternate method you might consider is to just keep the Boomerang for the
whole battle. Just follow the procedures for the first method, but when Dracula
appears in his second form, you may try throwing them up high to get multiple
hits. It's harder to do than the first method since you don't have the Holy
Water to stun him in place. Just repeatedly use Boomerangs and your whip and
you can win. The advantage to using this method is only apparent after you
defeat him. Finally you get a chance to carry a Boomerang into the first level!

       3. Other ways

Surprisingly enough, the Dagger is quite effective in taking out Dracula's
fireballs. It can take out all three fireballs in one shot! Its speed is very
useful. Consider this as an alternative to the Boomerang when fighting his
first form. It won't have much effect on his second form, so you'll want to
switch to the Holy Water at that point. Another method you could try would be
to carry an Axe to Dracula. It might sound like a good idea at first, but
unfortunately it doesn't do much damage on either form. Good luck bringing an
Axe to him with full health! Once you've reached stage 18 with the Axe, you 
only have one chance to try it out! You're better off using the Watch in stages
16 and 17 anyway, but just remember that it won't have any effect on Dracula.

V. Hidden bonus item locations

Note: an asterisk (*) denotes an item that is only found in the second quest
after you have defeated Dracula.

Stage 01 - *. Outside, crouch in front of the 2nd statue for 1000 pts.
           1. Jump over the entrance to the castle for 1000 pts.
           *. Stand still next to the window at the top of the three raised
              platforms for 1000 pts.
           2. Whip block at the end of the 3rd raised platform for 400 pts.
Stage 02 - *. Just before descending first set of stairs, keep walking left
              back into the first platform for a 1-up!
           1. Whip 2 blocks at tall wall you can't climb for Meat.
           2. Whip last floor block at the end of the underground section,
              then crouch on lowest block for 1000 pts.
Stage 03 - 1. Whip the lowest blocks at the end for a shot multiplier.
Stage 04 - 1. Climb first stairs, whip blocks on the right, then walk into gap
              for 2000 pts.
           *. Climb stairs to next screen and whip blocks on the right for Meat
           2. Above and to the right of the 2nd Knight, whip the floor block
              for a shot multiplier.
Stage 05 - 1. Stand on the left block of the two raised blocks for a couple
              seconds for 2000 pts.
           2. In the section with 2 Knights, whip the highest elevated blocks
              for Meat.
           *. Jump to the first moving platform for 4000 pts.
Stage 06 - 1. Right away, whip the blocks you start on for Meat.
           *. Stand between right and center spiked ceilings for a few seconds
              for a 1-up! Tip: Jump to lure a Small Medusa into appearing high
              so that it will safely fly over your head while you remain idle.
           2. Whip floor blocks at first set of stairs for shot multiplier.
           3. After climbing the stairs, wait between the 3rd and 4th pillars,
              counting from the right for 1000 pts.
Stage 07 - 1. At the 2nd elevated platform, whip the blocks for Meat.
           *. Crouch on the platform at the top of the stairs at the beginning
              of the second section for 4000 pts.
           *. After climbing stairs, whip next elevated pair of blocks for a
              shot multiplier.
           2. Before you reach the last White Skeleton, duck (or fall) on one
              of the low platforms for 1000 pts.
Stage 08 - *. Walk as far as you can to the right for 4000 pts.
           1. After climbing the stairs, crouch a couple blocks to the left of
              the candle containing the Watch. Go left for 1000 pts.
Stage 09 - 1. In the Mummies' room, keep walking left on the block above the
              first stationary Mummy for 0 pts. LOL.
           2. In the Mummies' room, whip the block near the left Mummy for Meat
Stage 10 - None found.
Stage 11 - None found.
Stage 12 - 1. After defeating the first Skele-dragon, whip the block where it
              was anchored for Meat.
           2. After defeating the second Skele-dragon, whip the block where it
              was anchored for a big heart.
Stage 13 - 1. Keep walking right into the wall above the first set of stairs
              leading downward for a 1-up!
           2. While taking the first set of stairs that leads downward, whip
              the floor blocks to the right for a shot multiplier.
           3. At the end of the stage, near the last Hunchback, whip the floor
              block for Meat.
Stage 14 - 1. After taking the first set of stairs leading downward, wait in
              the middle of the hollow to the right for 1000 pts.
           2. After taking the first set of stairs leading downward, take the
              next set upward. Whip 2 blocks in the wall to your right for a
              shot multiplier.
           3. Wait beside the wall to the bottom left of the second set of
              stairs leading up, after taking the first set leading down for
              1000 pts.
           4. Take the final set of stairs leading upward, then go right, and
              land on the two isolated blocks for 1000 pts.
Stage 15 - *. Walk to the left and whip blocks at the end for shot mulitplier.
           1. Climb the first set of stairs, go as far right as possible, then
              whip the blocks at the end for Meat.
Stage 16 - None found.
Stage 17 - 1. Climb up all the way to the top of the second screen, go left,
              fall down, and go right. Whip the wall twice for Meat.
           2. After going downstairs to the third screen, head right instead
              of going left. On the right end of the gear, crouch for 1000 pts.
           3. On the same screen, head left and whip the blocks above the
              staircase for a shot multiplier.
Stage 18 - None found.

VI. Advanced tips, lesser known secrets, and glitches

    A. Easy 1-ups

In stage 1, you can easily rack up on bonus lives. Get some Holy Water and get
to the very end of the stage, but don't go up the stairs. Instead, hang around
the area underneath it, and wait for several zombies to appear. Throw Holy
Water at several enemies to gain points quickly. The first zombie will only
be worth regular points, but the second one will be 1000 pts., the third one
will be 2000 pts., the fourth will be 4000 pts., and so on. You can do this
as long as you wish until you run out of hearts or run out of time. You gain
a life at 30,000 pts. and every 50,000 pts. thereafter. Repeat the process as
often as you wish. It is possible to bring a Boomerang into the second quest,
so you can use this in stage 20 to rack up on points even faster.

    B. Easily defeat tougher enemies

Some of the toughest enemies in the game have weak spots if you know how to
exploit them. The Skele-dragons in stages 11 and 12 really hate it when you
toss a Boomerang at their heads. It will easily take them out in one shot if
it's lined up right. You can do the same with an Axe, but the positioning is
much tougher. The Axe Knights in stages 14 and 15 have shields to lessen the
effect of most weapons, but if you manage to get past their shields, they are
not as tough as they appear. Throw an axe with perfect placement, and you'll
destroy them in one hit! If the first axe doesn't finish them, a second one
will. They also don't like Holy Water too well. Jump straight up, throw Holy
Water, then retreat. They will fall for your trap and might even be destroyed
in one hit!

    C. No music in Level 1

Wait for the third demo to appear before you start up a game. Once you start
playing, there will be no music until you either die or reach the first boss.
You can bypass the first two demos by hitting Start if you wish.

    D. Flashing statue glitch

Allow a demo to play, and wait for Simon to collect a whip upgrade. As soon as
he does this, press Start to get out of the demo, and press Start again to
begin a new game. The first statue in stage 1 will flash colors briefly before
Simon appears.

    E. Continuous jumping and whipping glitch

After you defeat any boss, hold the A and B buttons as soon as you collect the
red ball. Simon will continuously jump and whip until the fanfare finishes,
then he will freeze in place.

    F. Collect bonus item without touching it

At the beginning of stage 4, you can collect the bonus item without having to
go back downstairs. All you have to do is just go upstairs after you made it
appear. Simon will automatically collect it as he leaves the screen due to a
wraparound glitch. Cool!

VII. Version history

- Version 1.1 (12-24-2001) - First online version.
- Version 1.2 ( 1-16-2002) - Corrected point value for bonus in stage 17 and
    added 3 hidden bonuses exclusive to the second quest. Special thanks to
    Machinegun on the GameFAQs boards for the 1-up in stage 6 (2nd quest).
- Version 1.3 ( 6-18-2002) - Added 8 hidden bonuses for stages 1, 2, 6, 7, 9,
    13, and 14. Special thanks to akira slime on the GameFAQs boards for all
    of these recent additions.
- Version 1.4 ( 9-16-2002) - Added 1 hidden bonus for stage 1 in the 2nd
    quest. Special thanks to akira slime on the GameFAQs boards for this
    latest addition.

VIII. Disclaimer and how to link to this guide

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