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    Egg Move Guide by KoldofCaelin

    Version: v2 | Updated: 04/19/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Pokemon Emerald Version Egg Move Guide
    V1 - Created by Kold of Caelin on Easter 2007 - 08/04
    Contact info : *koldofcaelin AT [theoppositeofcold]mail DOT com
    *Kold_Of_Caelin, account at rajah.com´s boards
    *secondary email account : koldofcaelin AT clix DOT pt
    if none of these work, seek me at the Super Robot Wars OG2 boards on gamefaqs
    INDEX [TOC00]
    0 - This index... [TOC00]
    1 - Introduction [INTRO]
    2 - The Egg Move List [OMLST]
    *A [ARADOB]
    *B [BULLET]
    *C [COBRAY]
    *D [DAITET]
    *E [EXCELL]
    *F [FAIRLN]
    *G [GILLIM]
    *H [HIRYUK]
    *I [IRMGRD]
    *J [JKAZAH]
    *K [KYOSUK]
    *L [LAMIAL]
    *M [MASAKI]
    *N [NISHKI]
    *O [OUKANG]
    *P [PRESTY]
    *Q [QAYITS]
    *R [RATSEL]
    *S [SANGER]
    *T [TOUYAS]
    *U [UCCMAN]
    *V [VILLTA]
    *W [WODANZ]
    *X [DOMONK]
    *Y [YUUKIJ]
    *Z [ZENGAR]
    3 - Egg Moves to Use [OUSAR]
    4 - Version List [CHESTO]
    5 - Thankyous [MERCI]
    6 - Copyright Information [AUTOR]
    Yes, this guide uses the helpful Ctrl+F (or +L, or +B, or whatever the hell)
    that some genius invented to help FAQ navigation. Insert that 
    5-letter code inside the [] in the Ctrl+F menu and voila, 
    the princess is not in another castle!
    Firstly, I'm going to establish some points about my person 
    so that you all get to know the pokemon mastermind 
    (cough, cough) behind this egg guide.
    I am a portuguese youth born in the early 90's who one day 
    was so bored he decided to write an egg move guide. 
    My interests lie from wrestling to mecha, passing by some music
    and escaping the subject of study.
    This guide's idea came from Metalkid's pokemon program, and 
    specially an Access database inside it, 
    from which I took all of the information, so all due 
    credit should go to him, I'm just exporting it into text.
    Egg moves are moves learnt through breeding that aren't usually 
    learnt by the pokemon.
    They are passed on to the child by its father, usually from a different
    species. They are widely used, especially among netbattlers and people
    who want to have Hydro Pumping Salamences ingame :)
    Abra                Barrier
    Abra                Encore
    Abra                Fire Punch
    Abra                Ice Punch
    Abra                Knock Off
    Abra                Thunderpunch
    Absol               Baton Pass
    Absol               Curse
    Absol               Double-Edge
    Absol               Faint Attack
    Absol               Magic Coat
    Absol               Substitute
    Aerodactyl          Curse
    Aerodactyl          Dragonbreath
    Aerodactyl          Foresight
    Aerodactyl          Pursuit
    Aerodactyl          Steel Wing
    Aerodactyl          Whirlwind
    Aggron              Body Slam
    Aggron              Endeavor
    Aggron              Smellingsalt
    Aggron              Stomp
    Aipom               Agility
    Aipom               Beat Up
    Aipom               Counter
    Aipom               Doubleslap
    Aipom               Pursuit
    Aipom               Screech
    Aipom               Slam
    Aipom               Spite
    Alakazam            Barrier
    Alakazam            Encore
    Alakazam            Fire Punch
    Alakazam            Ice Punch
    Alakazam            Knock Off
    Alakazam            Thunderpunch
    Altaria             Agility
    Altaria             Haze
    Altaria             Pursuit
    Altaria             Rage
    Ampharos            Body Slam
    Ampharos            Charge
    Ampharos            Odor Sleuth
    Ampharos            Reflect
    Ampharos            Safeguard
    Ampharos            Screech
    Ampharos            Take Down
    Anorith             Knock Off
    Anorith             Rapid Spin
    Anorith             Rock Slide
    Anorith             Swords Dance
    Arbok               Beat Up
    Arbok               Poison Fang
    Arbok               Pursuit
    Arbok               Slam
    Arbok               Spite
    Arcanine            Body Slam
    Arcanine            Crunch
    Arcanine            Fire Spin
    Arcanine            Heat Wave
    Arcanine            Howl
    Arcanine            Safeguard
    Arcanine            Thrash
    Ariados             Baton Pass
    Ariados             Disable
    Ariados             Psybeam
    Ariados             Pursuit
    Ariados             Signal Beam
    Ariados             Sonicboom
    Armaldo             Knock Off
    Armaldo             Rapid Spin
    Armaldo             Rock Slide
    Armaldo             Swords Dance
    Aron                Body Slam
    Aron                Endeavor
    Aron                Smellingsalt
    Aron                Stomp
    Azumarill           Amnesia
    Azumarill           Belly Drum
    Azumarill           Future Sight
    Azumarill           Light Screen
    Azumarill           Perish Song
    Azumarill           Present
    Azumarill           Substitute
    Azumarill           Supersonic
    Azurill             Amnesia
    Azurill             Belly Drum
    Azurill             Future Sight
    Azurill             Light Screen
    Azurill             Perish Song
    Azurill             Present
    Azurill             Substitute
    Azurill             Supersonic
    Bagon               Belly Drum
    Bagon               Dragon Dance
    Bagon               Dragon Rage
    Bagon               Hydro Pump
    Bagon               Thrash
    Bagon               Twister
    Banette             Astonish
    Banette             Destiny Bond
    Banette             Disable
    Banette             Foresight
    Banette             Imprison
    Barboach            Spark
    Barboach            Thrash
    Barboach            Whirlpool
    Bayleef             Ancientpower
    Bayleef             Counter
    Bayleef             Flail
    Bayleef             Grasswhistle
    Bayleef             Ingrain
    Bayleef             Leech Seed
    Bayleef             Nature Power
    Bayleef             Vine Whip
    Bellossom           Charm
    Bellossom           Flail
    Bellossom           Ingrain
    Bellossom           Razor Leaf
    Bellossom           Swords Dance
    Bellossom           Synthesis
    Bellsprout          Encore
    Bellsprout          Ingrain
    Bellsprout          Leech Life
    Bellsprout          Magical Leaf
    Bellsprout          Reflect
    Bellsprout          Swords Dance
    Bellsprout          Synthesis
    Blastoise           Flail
    Blastoise           Foresight
    Blastoise           Haze
    Blastoise           Mirror Coat
    Blastoise           Mist
    Blastoise           Mud Sport
    Blastoise           Refresh
    Blastoise           Yawn
    Blaziken            Counter
    Blaziken            Endure
    Blaziken            Reversal
    Blaziken            Rock Slide
    Blaziken            Smellingsalt
    Blaziken            Swagger
    Blissey             Aromatherapy
    Blissey             Heal Bell
    Blissey             Metronome
    Blissey             Present
    Blissey             Substitute
    Breloom             Charm
    Breloom             Fake Tears
    Breloom             False Swipe
    Breloom             Helping Hand
    Breloom             Swagger
    Bulbasaur           Charm
    Bulbasaur           Curse
    Bulbasaur           Grasswhistle
    Bulbasaur           Light Screen
    Bulbasaur           Magical Leaf
    Bulbasaur           Petal Dance
    Bulbasaur           Safeguard
    Bulbasaur           Skull Bash
    Cacnea              Acid
    Cacnea              Counter
    Cacnea              Dynamicpunch
    Cacnea              Grasswhistle
    Cacnea              Teeter Dance
    Cacturne            Acid
    Cacturne            Counter
    Cacturne            Dynamicpunch
    Cacturne            Grasswhistle
    Cacturne            Teeter Dance
    Camerupt            Body Slam
    Camerupt            Defense Curl
    Camerupt            Howl
    Camerupt            Rollout
    Camerupt            Scary Face
    Camerupt            Stomp
    Carvanha            Double-Edge
    Carvanha            Hydro Pump
    Carvanha            Thrash
    Castform            Future Sight
    Castform            Psych Up
    Chansey             Aromatherapy
    Chansey             Heal Bell
    Chansey             Metronome
    Chansey             Present
    Chansey             Substitute
    Charizard           Ancientpower
    Charizard           Beat Up
    Charizard           Belly Drum
    Charizard           Bite
    Charizard           Dragon Dance
    Charizard           Outrage
    Charizard           Rock Slide
    Charizard           Swords Dance
    Charmander          Ancientpower
    Charmander          Beat Up
    Charmander          Belly Drum
    Charmander          Bite
    Charmander          Dragon Dance
    Charmander          Outrage
    Charmander          Rock Slide
    Charmander          Swords Dance
    Charmeleon          Ancientpower
    Charmeleon          Beat Up
    Charmeleon          Belly Drum
    Charmeleon          Bite
    Charmeleon          Dragon Dance
    Charmeleon          Outrage
    Charmeleon          Rock Slide
    Charmeleon          Swords Dance
    Chikorita           Ancientpower
    Chikorita           Counter
    Chikorita           Flail
    Chikorita           Grasswhistle
    Chikorita           Ingrain
    Chikorita           Leech Seed
    Chikorita           Nature Power
    Chikorita           Vine Whip
    Chimecho            Curse
    Chimecho            Disable
    Chimecho            Dream Eater
    Chimecho            Hypnosis
    Chinchou            Amnesia
    Chinchou            Flail
    Chinchou            Screech
    Clamperl            Barrier
    Clamperl            Body Slam
    Clamperl            Confuse Ray
    Clamperl            Mud Sport
    Clamperl            Refresh
    Clamperl            Supersonic
    Clefable            Amnesia
    Clefable            Belly Drum
    Clefable            Metronome
    Clefable            Mimic
    Clefable            Present
    Clefable            Splash
    Clefable            Substitute
    Clefable            Wish
    Clefairy            Amnesia
    Clefairy            Belly Drum
    Clefairy            Metronome
    Clefairy            Mimic
    Clefairy            Present
    Clefairy            Splash
    Clefairy            Substitute
    Clefairy            Wish
    Cleffa              Amnesia
    Cleffa              Belly Drum
    Cleffa              Metronome
    Cleffa              Mimic
    Cleffa              Present
    Cleffa              Splash
    Cleffa              Substitute
    Cleffa              Wish
    Cloyster            Barrier
    Cloyster            Bubblebeam
    Cloyster            Icicle Spear
    Cloyster            Rapid Spin
    Cloyster            Screech
    Cloyster            Take Down
    Combusken           Counter
    Combusken           Endure
    Combusken           Reversal
    Combusken           Rock Slide
    Combusken           Smellingsalt
    Combusken           Swagger
    Corphish            Ancientpower
    Corphish            Body Slam
    Corphish            Endeavor
    Corphish            Mud Sport
    Corsola             Amnesia
    Corsola             Barrier
    Corsola             Confuse Ray
    Corsola             Icicle Spear
    Corsola             Ingrain
    Corsola             Mist
    Corsola             Rock Slide
    Corsola             Screech
    Cradily             Barrier
    Cradily             Mirror Coat
    Cradily             Recover
    Cradily             Rock Slide
    Crawdaunt           Ancientpower
    Crawdaunt           Body Slam
    Crawdaunt           Endeavor
    Crawdaunt           Mud Sport
    Crobat              Curse
    Crobat              Faint Attack
    Crobat              Gust
    Crobat              Pursuit
    Crobat              Quick Attack
    Crobat              Whirlwind
    Croconaw            Ancientpower
    Croconaw            Crunch
    Croconaw            Dragon Claw
    Croconaw            Hydro Pump
    Croconaw            Mud Sport
    Croconaw            Rock Slide
    Croconaw            Thrash
    Croconaw            Water Sport
    Cubone              Ancientpower
    Cubone              Belly Drum
    Cubone              Perish Song
    Cubone              Rock Slide
    Cubone              Screech
    Cubone              Skull Bash
    Cubone              Swords Dance
    Cyndaquil           Covet
    Cyndaquil           Crush Claw
    Cyndaquil           Foresight
    Cyndaquil           Fury Swipes
    Cyndaquil           Howl
    Cyndaquil           Quick Attack
    Cyndaquil           Reversal
    Cyndaquil           Thrash
    Delcatty            Baton Pass
    Delcatty            Fake Tears
    Delcatty            Helping Hand
    Delcatty            Psych Up
    Delcatty            Substitute
    Delcatty            Tickle
    Delcatty            Uproar
    Delcatty            Wish
    Delibird            Aurora Beam
    Delibird            Future Sight
    Delibird            Ice Ball
    Delibird            Quick Attack
    Delibird            Rapid Spin
    Delibird            Splash
    Dewgong             Disable
    Dewgong             Encore
    Dewgong             Fake Out
    Dewgong             Horn Drill
    Dewgong             Icicle Spear
    Dewgong             Lick
    Dewgong             Perish Song
    Dewgong             Slam
    Diglett             Ancientpower
    Diglett             Beat Up
    Diglett             Faint Attack
    Diglett             Pursuit
    Diglett             Rock Slide
    Diglett             Screech
    Diglett             Uproar
    Dodrio              Endeavor
    Dodrio              Faint Attack
    Dodrio              Flail
    Dodrio              Haze
    Dodrio              Quick Attack
    Dodrio              Supersonic
    Doduo               Endeavor
    Doduo               Faint Attack
    Doduo               Flail
    Doduo               Haze
    Doduo               Quick Attack
    Doduo               Supersonic
    Donphan             Ancientpower
    Donphan             Body Slam
    Donphan             Counter
    Donphan             Fissure
    Donphan             Focus Energy
    Donphan             Snore
    Dragonair           Dragon Dance
    Dragonair           Dragonbreath
    Dragonair           Haze
    Dragonair           Light Screen
    Dragonair           Mist
    Dragonair           Supersonic
    Dragonite           Dragon Dance
    Dragonite           Dragonbreath
    Dragonite           Haze
    Dragonite           Light Screen
    Dragonite           Mist
    Dragonite           Supersonic
    Dratini             Dragon Dance
    Dratini             Dragonbreath
    Dratini             Haze
    Dratini             Light Screen
    Dratini             Mist
    Dratini             Supersonic
    Drowzee             Assist
    Drowzee             Barrier
    Drowzee             Fire Punch
    Drowzee             Ice Punch
    Drowzee             Role Play
    Drowzee             Thunderpunch
    Dugtrio             Ancientpower
    Dugtrio             Beat Up
    Dugtrio             Faint Attack
    Dugtrio             Pursuit
    Dugtrio             Rock Slide
    Dugtrio             Screech
    Dugtrio             Uproar
    Dunsparce           Ancientpower
    Dunsparce           Astonish
    Dunsparce           Bide
    Dunsparce           Bite
    Dunsparce           Curse
    Dunsparce           Headbutt
    Dunsparce           Rock Slide
    Dusclops            Destiny Bond
    Dusclops            Faint Attack
    Dusclops            Grudge
    Dusclops            Imprison
    Dusclops            Memento
    Dusclops            Pain Split
    Duskull             Destiny Bond
    Duskull             Faint Attack
    Duskull             Grudge
    Duskull             Imprison
    Duskull             Memento
    Duskull             Pain Split
    Eevee               Charm
    Eevee               Curse
    Eevee               Endure
    Eevee               Flail
    Eevee               Tickle
    Eevee               Wish
    Ekans               Beat Up
    Ekans               Poison Fang
    Ekans               Pursuit
    Ekans               Slam
    Ekans               Spite
    Electabuzz          Barrier
    Electabuzz          Cross Chop
    Electabuzz          Fire Punch
    Electabuzz          Ice Punch
    Electabuzz          Karate Chop
    Electabuzz          Meditate
    Electabuzz          Rolling Kick
    Electrike           Crunch
    Electrike           Curse
    Electrike           Headbutt
    Electrike           Swift
    Electrike           Uproar
    Elekid              Barrier
    Elekid              Cross Chop
    Elekid              Fire Punch
    Elekid              Ice Punch
    Elekid              Karate Chop
    Elekid              Meditate
    Elekid              Rolling Kick
    Espeon              Charm
    Espeon              Curse
    Espeon              Endure
    Espeon              Flail
    Espeon              Tickle
    Espeon              Wish
    Exeggcute           Ancientpower
    Exeggcute           Curse
    Exeggcute           Ingrain
    Exeggcute           Moonlight
    Exeggcute           Psych Up
    Exeggcute           Reflect
    Exeggcute           Synthesis
    Exeggutor           Ancientpower
    Exeggutor           Curse
    Exeggutor           Ingrain
    Exeggutor           Moonlight
    Exeggutor           Psych Up
    Exeggutor           Reflect
    Exeggutor           Synthesis
    Exploud             Extrasensory
    Exploud             Smellingsalt
    Exploud             Snore
    Exploud             Swagger
    Exploud             Take Down
    Farfetch'd          Curse
    Farfetch'd          Featherdance
    Farfetch'd          Flail
    Farfetch'd          Foresight
    Farfetch'd          Gust
    Farfetch'd          Mirror Move
    Farfetch'd          Quick Attack
    Farfetch'd          Steel Wing
    Fearow              Astonish
    Fearow              Faint Attack
    Fearow              False Swipe
    Fearow              Quick Attack
    Fearow              Scary Face
    Fearow              Sky Attack
    Fearow              Tri Attack
    Feebas              Confuse Ray
    Feebas              Dragonbreath
    Feebas              Hypnosis
    Feebas              Light Screen
    Feebas              Mirror Coat
    Feebas              Mud Sport
    Feraligatr          Ancientpower
    Feraligatr          Crunch
    Feraligatr          Dragon Claw
    Feraligatr          Hydro Pump
    Feraligatr          Mud Sport
    Feraligatr          Rock Slide
    Feraligatr          Thrash
    Feraligatr          Water Sport
    Flaaffy             Body Slam
    Flaaffy             Charge
    Flaaffy             Odor Sleuth
    Flaaffy             Reflect
    Flaaffy             Safeguard
    Flaaffy             Screech
    Flaaffy             Take Down
    Flareon             Charm
    Flareon             Curse
    Flareon             Endure
    Flareon             Flail
    Flareon             Tickle
    Flareon             Wish
    Flygon              Focus Energy
    Flygon              Gust
    Flygon              Quick Attack
    Forretress          Counter
    Forretress          Flail
    Forretress          Pin Missile
    Forretress          Reflect
    Forretress          Sand Tomb
    Forretress          Swift
    Furret              Assist
    Furret              Double-Edge
    Furret              Focus Energy
    Furret              Pursuit
    Furret              Reversal
    Furret              Slash
    Furret              Substitute
    Furret              Trick
    Gardevoir           Destiny Bond
    Gardevoir           Disable
    Gardevoir           Mean Look
    Gardevoir           Memento
    Gardevoir           Will-O-Wisp
    Gastly              Astonish
    Gastly              Explosion
    Gastly              Grudge
    Gastly              Haze
    Gastly              Perish Song
    Gastly              Psywave
    Gastly              Will-O-Wisp
    Gengar              Astonish
    Gengar              Explosion
    Gengar              Grudge
    Gengar              Haze
    Gengar              Perish Song
    Gengar              Psywave
    Gengar              Will-O-Wisp
    Geodude             Block
    Geodude             Mega Punch
    Geodude             Rock Slide
    Girafarig           Amnesia
    Girafarig           Beat Up
    Girafarig           Foresight
    Girafarig           Future Sight
    Girafarig           Magic Coat
    Girafarig           Psych Up
    Girafarig           Take Down
    Girafarig           Wish
    Glalie              Block
    Glalie              Spikes
    Gligar              Counter
    Gligar              Metal Claw
    Gligar              Razor Wind
    Gligar              Sand Tomb
    Gligar              Wing Attack
    Gloom               Charm
    Gloom               Flail
    Gloom               Ingrain
    Gloom               Razor Leaf
    Gloom               Swords Dance
    Gloom               Synthesis
    Golbat              Curse
    Golbat              Faint Attack
    Golbat              Gust
    Golbat              Pursuit
    Golbat              Quick Attack
    Golbat              Whirlwind
    Goldeen             Haze
    Goldeen             Hydro Pump
    Goldeen             Mud Sport
    Goldeen             Psybeam
    Goldeen             Sleep Talk
    Golduck             Cross Chop
    Golduck             Foresight
    Golduck             Future Sight
    Golduck             Hypnosis
    Golduck             Light Screen
    Golduck             Psybeam
    Golduck             Psychic
    Golduck             Refresh
    Golem               Block
    Golem               Mega Punch
    Golem               Rock Slide
    Gorebyss            Barrier
    Gorebyss            Body Slam
    Gorebyss            Confuse Ray
    Gorebyss            Mud Sport
    Gorebyss            Refresh
    Gorebyss            Supersonic
    Granbull            Crunch
    Granbull            Faint Attack
    Granbull            Heal Bell
    Granbull            Metronome
    Granbull            Present
    Granbull            Reflect
    Granbull            Smellingsalt
    Granbull            Snore
    Graveler            Block
    Graveler            Mega Punch
    Graveler            Rock Slide
    Grimer              Curse
    Grimer              Explosion
    Grimer              Haze
    Grimer              Imprison
    Grimer              Lick
    Grimer              Mean Look
    Grimer              Shadow Punch
    Grovyle             Crunch
    Grovyle             Crush Claw
    Grovyle             Dragonbreath
    Grovyle             Endeavor
    Grovyle             Leech Seed
    Grovyle             Mud Sport
    Growlithe           Body Slam
    Growlithe           Crunch
    Growlithe           Fire Spin
    Growlithe           Heat Wave
    Growlithe           Howl
    Growlithe           Safeguard
    Growlithe           Thrash
    Grumpig             Extrasensory
    Grumpig             Future Sight
    Grumpig             Substitute
    Grumpig             Trick
    Gulpin              Acid Armor
    Gulpin              Dream Eater
    Gulpin              Pain Split
    Gulpin              Smog
    Hariyama            Counter
    Hariyama            Cross Chop
    Hariyama            Detect
    Hariyama            Dynamicpunch
    Hariyama            Faint Attack
    Hariyama            Foresight
    Hariyama            Helping Hand
    Hariyama            Revenge
    Haunter             Astonish
    Haunter             Explosion
    Haunter             Grudge
    Haunter             Haze
    Haunter             Perish Song
    Haunter             Psywave
    Haunter             Will-O-Wisp
    Heracross           Bide
    Heracross           False Swipe
    Heracross           Flail
    Heracross           Harden
    Hitmonchan          Helping Hand
    Hitmonchan          Hi-Jump Kick
    Hitmonchan          Mach Punch
    Hitmonchan          Mind Reader
    Hitmonchan          Rapid Spin
    Hitmonlee           Helping Hand
    Hitmonlee           Hi-Jump Kick
    Hitmonlee           Mach Punch
    Hitmonlee           Mind Reader
    Hitmonlee           Rapid Spin
    Hitmontop           Helping Hand
    Hitmontop           Hi-Jump Kick
    Hitmontop           Mach Punch
    Hitmontop           Mind Reader
    Hitmontop           Rapid Spin
    Hoothoot            Faint Attack
    Hoothoot            Featherdance
    Hoothoot            Mirror Move
    Hoothoot            Sky Attack
    Hoothoot            Supersonic
    Hoothoot            Whirlwind
    Hoothoot            Wing Attack
    Hoppip              Amnesia
    Hoppip              Confusion
    Hoppip              Double-Edge
    Hoppip              Encore
    Hoppip              Helping Hand
    Hoppip              Psych Up
    Hoppip              Reflect
    Horsea              Aurora Beam
    Horsea              Disable
    Horsea              Dragon Rage
    Horsea              Dragonbreath
    Horsea              Flail
    Horsea              Octazooka
    Horsea              Splash
    Houndoom            Beat Up
    Houndoom            Counter
    Houndoom            Fire Spin
    Houndoom            Pursuit
    Houndoom            Rage
    Houndoom            Reversal
    Houndoom            Spite
    Houndoom            Will-O-Wisp
    Houndour            Beat Up
    Houndour            Counter
    Houndour            Fire Spin
    Houndour            Pursuit
    Houndour            Rage
    Houndour            Reversal
    Houndour            Spite
    Houndour            Will-O-Wisp
    Huntail             Barrier
    Huntail             Body Slam
    Huntail             Confuse Ray
    Huntail             Mud Sport
    Huntail             Refresh
    Huntail             Supersonic
    Hypno               Assist
    Hypno               Barrier
    Hypno               Fire Punch
    Hypno               Ice Punch
    Hypno               Role Play
    Hypno               Thunderpunch
    Igglybuff           Faint Attack
    Igglybuff           Fake Tears
    Igglybuff           Perish Song
    Igglybuff           Present
    Igglybuff           Wish
    Illumise            Baton Pass
    Illumise            Growth
    Illumise            Silver Wind
    Ivysaur             Charm
    Ivysaur             Curse
    Ivysaur             Grasswhistle
    Ivysaur             Light Screen
    Ivysaur             Magical Leaf
    Ivysaur             Petal Dance
    Ivysaur             Safeguard
    Ivysaur             Skull Bash
    Jigglypuff          Faint Attack
    Jigglypuff          Fake Tears
    Jigglypuff          Perish Song
    Jigglypuff          Present
    Jigglypuff          Wish
    Jolteon             Charm
    Jolteon             Curse
    Jolteon             Endure
    Jolteon             Flail
    Jolteon             Tickle
    Jolteon             Wish
    Jumpluff            Amnesia
    Jumpluff            Confusion
    Jumpluff            Double-Edge
    Jumpluff            Encore
    Jumpluff            Helping Hand
    Jumpluff            Psych Up
    Jumpluff            Reflect
    Jynx                Fake Out
    Jynx                Ice Punch
    Jynx                Meditate
    Jynx                Psych Up
    Jynx                Wish
    Kabuto              Aurora Beam
    Kabuto              Bubblebeam
    Kabuto              Confuse Ray
    Kabuto              Dig
    Kabuto              Flail
    Kabuto              Knock Off
    Kabuto              Rapid Spin
    Kabutops            Aurora Beam
    Kabutops            Bubblebeam
    Kabutops            Confuse Ray
    Kabutops            Dig
    Kabutops            Flail
    Kabutops            Knock Off
    Kabutops            Rapid Spin
    Kadabra             Barrier
    Kadabra             Encore
    Kadabra             Fire Punch
    Kadabra             Ice Punch
    Kadabra             Knock Off
    Kadabra             Thunderpunch
    Kangaskhan          Counter
    Kangaskhan          Crush Claw
    Kangaskhan          Disable
    Kangaskhan          Focus Energy
    Kangaskhan          Foresight
    Kangaskhan          Safeguard
    Kangaskhan          Stomp
    Kangaskhan          Substitute
    Kecleon             Disable
    Kecleon             Magic Coat
    Kecleon             Trick
    Kingdra             Aurora Beam
    Kingdra             Disable
    Kingdra             Dragon Rage
    Kingdra             Dragonbreath
    Kingdra             Flail
    Kingdra             Octazooka
    Kingdra             Splash
    Kingler             Amnesia
    Kingler             Dig
    Kingler             Flail
    Kingler             Haze
    Kingler             Knock Off
    Kingler             Slam
    Kingler             Swords Dance
    Kirlia              Destiny Bond
    Kirlia              Disable
    Kirlia              Mean Look
    Kirlia              Memento
    Kirlia              Will-O-Wisp
    Koffing             Destiny Bond
    Koffing             Pain Split
    Koffing             Psybeam
    Koffing             Psywave
    Koffing             Screech
    Koffing             Will-O-Wisp
    Krabby              Amnesia
    Krabby              Dig
    Krabby              Flail
    Krabby              Haze
    Krabby              Knock Off
    Krabby              Slam
    Krabby              Swords Dance
    Lairon              Body Slam
    Lairon              Endeavor
    Lairon              Smellingsalt
    Lairon              Stomp
    Lanturn             Amnesia
    Lanturn             Flail
    Lanturn             Screech
    Lapras              Curse
    Lapras              Dragon Dance
    Lapras              Foresight
    Lapras              Horn Drill
    Lapras              Refresh
    Lapras              Sleep Talk
    Lapras              Substitute
    Lapras              Tickle
    Larvitar            Ancientpower
    Larvitar            Curse
    Larvitar            Dragon Dance
    Larvitar            Focus Energy
    Larvitar            Outrage
    Larvitar            Pursuit
    Larvitar            Stomp
    Ledian              Bide
    Ledian              Psybeam
    Ledian              Silver Wind
    Ledyba              Bide
    Ledyba              Psybeam
    Ledyba              Silver Wind
    Lickitung           Belly Drum
    Lickitung           Body Slam
    Lickitung           Curse
    Lickitung           Magnitude
    Lickitung           Sleep Talk
    Lickitung           Smellingsalt
    Lickitung           Snore
    Lickitung           Substitute
    Lileep              Barrier
    Lileep              Mirror Coat
    Lileep              Recover
    Lileep              Rock Slide
    Linoone             Charm
    Linoone             Pursuit
    Linoone             Substitute
    Linoone             Tickle
    Linoone             Trick
    Lombre              Flail
    Lombre              Leech Seed
    Lombre              Razor Leaf
    Lombre              Sweet Scent
    Lombre              Synthesis
    Lombre              Water Gun
    Lotad               Flail
    Lotad               Leech Seed
    Lotad               Razor Leaf
    Lotad               Sweet Scent
    Lotad               Synthesis
    Lotad               Water Gun
    Loudred             Extrasensory
    Loudred             Smellingsalt
    Loudred             Snore
    Loudred             Swagger
    Loudred             Take Down
    Ludicolo            Flail
    Ludicolo            Leech Seed
    Ludicolo            Razor Leaf
    Ludicolo            Sweet Scent
    Ludicolo            Synthesis
    Ludicolo            Water Gun
    Luvdisc             Mud Sport
    Luvdisc             Splash
    Luvdisc             Supersonic
    Luvdisc             Water Sport
    Machamp             Counter
    Machamp             Encore
    Machamp             Light Screen
    Machamp             Meditate
    Machamp             Rock Slide
    Machamp             Rolling Kick
    Machamp             Smellingsalt
    Machoke             Counter
    Machoke             Encore
    Machoke             Light Screen
    Machoke             Meditate
    Machoke             Rock Slide
    Machoke             Rolling Kick
    Machoke             Smellingsalt
    Machop              Counter
    Machop              Encore
    Machop              Light Screen
    Machop              Meditate
    Machop              Rock Slide
    Machop              Rolling Kick
    Machop              Smellingsalt
    Magby               Barrier
    Magby               Cross Chop
    Magby               Karate Chop
    Magby               Mega Punch
    Magby               Screech
    Magby               Thunderpunch
    Magcargo            Acid Armor
    Magcargo            Heat Wave
    Magmar              Barrier
    Magmar              Cross Chop
    Magmar              Karate Chop
    Magmar              Mega Punch
    Magmar              Screech
    Magmar              Thunderpunch
    Makuhita            Counter
    Makuhita            Cross Chop
    Makuhita            Detect
    Makuhita            Dynamicpunch
    Makuhita            Faint Attack
    Makuhita            Foresight
    Makuhita            Helping Hand
    Makuhita            Revenge
    Manectric           Crunch
    Manectric           Curse
    Manectric           Headbutt
    Manectric           Swift
    Manectric           Uproar
    Mankey              Beat Up
    Mankey              Counter
    Mankey              Foresight
    Mankey              Meditate
    Mankey              Revenge
    Mankey              Reversal
    Mankey              Rock Slide
    Mankey              Smellingsalt
    Mantine             Haze
    Mantine             Hydro Pump
    Mantine             Mud Sport
    Mantine             Rock Slide
    Mantine             Slam
    Mantine             Twister
    Mareep              Body Slam
    Mareep              Charge
    Mareep              Odor Sleuth
    Mareep              Reflect
    Mareep              Safeguard
    Mareep              Screech
    Mareep              Take Down
    Marill              Amnesia
    Marill              Belly Drum
    Marill              Future Sight
    Marill              Light Screen
    Marill              Perish Song
    Marill              Present
    Marill              Substitute
    Marill              Supersonic
    Marowak             Ancientpower
    Marowak             Belly Drum
    Marowak             Perish Song
    Marowak             Rock Slide
    Marowak             Screech
    Marowak             Skull Bash
    Marowak             Swords Dance
    Marshtomp           Curse
    Marshtomp           Ice Ball
    Marshtomp           Mirror Coat
    Marshtomp           Refresh
    Marshtomp           Stomp
    Marshtomp           Uproar
    Masquerain          Foresight
    Masquerain          Hydro Pump
    Masquerain          Mind Reader
    Masquerain          Mud Shot
    Masquerain          Psybeam
    Mawile              Ancientpower
    Mawile              False Swipe
    Mawile              Poison Fang
    Mawile              Psych Up
    Mawile              Swords Dance
    Mawile              Tickle
    Medicham            Baton Pass
    Medicham            Dynamicpunch
    Medicham            Fake Out
    Medicham            Fire Punch
    Medicham            Foresight
    Medicham            Ice Punch
    Medicham            Thunderpunch
    Meditite            Baton Pass
    Meditite            Dynamicpunch
    Meditite            Fake Out
    Meditite            Fire Punch
    Meditite            Foresight
    Meditite            Ice Punch
    Meditite            Thunderpunch
    Meganium            Ancientpower
    Meganium            Counter
    Meganium            Flail
    Meganium            Grasswhistle
    Meganium            Ingrain
    Meganium            Leech Seed
    Meganium            Nature Power
    Meganium            Vine Whip
    Meowth              Amnesia
    Meowth              Assist
    Meowth              Charm
    Meowth              Hypnosis
    Meowth              Psych Up
    Meowth              Spite
    Mightyena           Astonish
    Mightyena           Covet
    Mightyena           Leer
    Mightyena           Poison Fang
    Mightyena           Yawn
    Milotic             Confuse Ray
    Milotic             Dragonbreath
    Milotic             Hypnosis
    Milotic             Light Screen
    Milotic             Mirror Coat
    Milotic             Mud Sport
    Miltank             Curse
    Miltank             Endure
    Miltank             Helping Hand
    Miltank             Present
    Miltank             Psych Up
    Miltank             Reversal
    Miltank             Seismic Toss
    Miltank             Sleep Talk
    Minun               Substitute
    Minun               Wish
    Misdreavus          Destiny Bond
    Misdreavus          Imprison
    Misdreavus          Psych Up
    Misdreavus          Screech
    Mr. Mime            Fake Out
    Mr. Mime            Future Sight
    Mr. Mime            Hypnosis
    Mr. Mime            Mimic
    Mr. Mime            Psych Up
    Mr. Mime            Trick
    Mudkip              Curse
    Mudkip              Ice Ball
    Mudkip              Mirror Coat
    Mudkip              Refresh
    Mudkip              Stomp
    Mudkip              Uproar
    Muk                 Curse
    Muk                 Explosion
    Muk                 Haze
    Muk                 Imprison
    Muk                 Lick
    Muk                 Mean Look
    Muk                 Shadow Punch
    Murkrow             Confuse Ray
    Murkrow             Drill Peck
    Murkrow             Featherdance
    Murkrow             Mirror Move
    Murkrow             Perish Song
    Murkrow             Sky Attack
    Murkrow             Whirlwind
    Murkrow             Wing Attack
    Natu                Drill Peck
    Natu                Faint Attack
    Natu                Featherdance
    Natu                Haze
    Natu                Psych Up
    Natu                Quick Attack
    Natu                Refresh
    Natu                Steel Wing
    Nidoking            Beat Up
    Nidoking            Charm
    Nidoking            Counter
    Nidoking            Disable
    Nidoking            Focus Energy
    Nidoking            Supersonic
    Nidoking            Take Down
    Nidoqueen           Amnesia
    Nidoqueen           Beat Up
    Nidoqueen           Confusion
    Nidoqueen           Counter
    Nidoqueen           Disable
    Nidoqueen           Supersonic
    Nidoqueen           Take Down
    Nidoran-F           Amnesia
    Nidoran-F           Beat Up
    Nidoran-F           Confusion
    Nidoran-F           Counter
    Nidoran-F           Disable
    Nidoran-F           Supersonic
    Nidoran-F           Take Down
    Nidoran-M           Beat Up
    Nidoran-M           Charm
    Nidoran-M           Counter
    Nidoran-M           Disable
    Nidoran-M           Focus Energy
    Nidoran-M           Supersonic
    Nidoran-M           Take Down
    Nidorina            Amnesia
    Nidorina            Beat Up
    Nidorina            Confusion
    Nidorina            Counter
    Nidorina            Disable
    Nidorina            Supersonic
    Nidorina            Take Down
    Nidorino            Beat Up
    Nidorino            Charm
    Nidorino            Counter
    Nidorino            Disable
    Nidorino            Focus Energy
    Nidorino            Supersonic
    Nidorino            Take Down
    Nincada             Endure
    Nincada             Faint Attack
    Nincada             Gust
    Nincada             Silver Wind
    Ninetales           Disable
    Ninetales           Faint Attack
    Ninetales           Flail
    Ninetales           Heat Wave
    Ninetales           Howl
    Ninetales           Hypnosis
    Ninetales           Psych Up
    Ninetales           Spite
    Ninjask             Endure
    Ninjask             Faint Attack
    Ninjask             Gust
    Ninjask             Silver Wind
    Noctowl             Faint Attack
    Noctowl             Featherdance
    Noctowl             Mirror Move
    Noctowl             Sky Attack
    Noctowl             Supersonic
    Noctowl             Whirlwind
    Noctowl             Wing Attack
    Nosepass            Explosion
    Nosepass            Magnitude
    Nosepass            Rollout
    Numel               Body Slam
    Numel               Defense Curl
    Numel               Howl
    Numel               Rollout
    Numel               Scary Face
    Numel               Stomp
    Nuzleaf             Amnesia
    Nuzleaf             False Swipe
    Nuzleaf             Leech Seed
    Nuzleaf             Quick Attack
    Nuzleaf             Razor Wind
    Nuzleaf             Take Down
    Octillery           Aurora Beam
    Octillery           Haze
    Octillery           Octazooka
    Octillery           Rock Blast
    Octillery           Screech
    Octillery           Supersonic
    Octillery           Thunder Wave
    Oddish              Charm
    Oddish              Flail
    Oddish              Ingrain
    Oddish              Razor Leaf
    Oddish              Swords Dance
    Oddish              Synthesis
    Omanyte             Aurora Beam
    Omanyte             Bubblebeam
    Omanyte             Haze
    Omanyte             Rock Slide
    Omanyte             Slam
    Omanyte             Spikes
    Omanyte             Supersonic
    Omastar             Aurora Beam
    Omastar             Bubblebeam
    Omastar             Haze
    Omastar             Rock Slide
    Omastar             Slam
    Omastar             Spikes
    Omastar             Supersonic
    Onix                Block
    Onix                Explosion
    Onix                Flail
    Onix                Rock Slide
    Paras               Counter
    Paras               False Swipe
    Paras               Flail
    Paras               Light Screen
    Paras               Psybeam
    Paras               Pursuit
    Paras               Screech
    Paras               Sweet Scent
    Parasect            Counter
    Parasect            False Swipe
    Parasect            Flail
    Parasect            Light Screen
    Parasect            Psybeam
    Parasect            Pursuit
    Parasect            Screech
    Parasect            Sweet Scent
    Pelipper            Agility
    Pelipper            Gust
    Pelipper            Mist
    Pelipper            Twister
    Pelipper            Water Sport
    Persian             Amnesia
    Persian             Assist
    Persian             Charm
    Persian             Hypnosis
    Persian             Psych Up
    Persian             Spite
    Phanpy              Ancientpower
    Phanpy              Body Slam
    Phanpy              Counter
    Phanpy              Fissure
    Phanpy              Focus Energy
    Phanpy              Snore
    Pichu               Bide
    Pichu               Charge
    Pichu               Doubleslap
    Pichu               Encore
    Pichu               Present
    Pichu               Reversal
    Pichu               Volt Tackle
    Pichu               Wish
    Pidgeot             Air Cutter
    Pidgeot             Faint Attack
    Pidgeot             Foresight
    Pidgeot             Pursuit
    Pidgeot             Steel Wing
    Pidgeotto           Air Cutter
    Pidgeotto           Faint Attack
    Pidgeotto           Foresight
    Pidgeotto           Pursuit
    Pidgeotto           Steel Wing
    Pidgey              Air Cutter
    Pidgey              Faint Attack
    Pidgey              Foresight
    Pidgey              Pursuit
    Pidgey              Steel Wing
    Pikachu             Bide
    Pikachu             Charge
    Pikachu             Doubleslap
    Pikachu             Encore
    Pikachu             Present
    Pikachu             Reversal
    Pikachu             Volt Tackle
    Pikachu             Wish
    Piloswine           Ancientpower
    Piloswine           Bite
    Piloswine           Body Slam
    Piloswine           Double-Edge
    Piloswine           Icicle Spear
    Piloswine           Mud Shot
    Piloswine           Rock Slide
    Piloswine           Take Down
    Pineco              Counter
    Pineco              Flail
    Pineco              Pin Missile
    Pineco              Reflect
    Pineco              Sand Tomb
    Pineco              Swift
    Pinsir              Faint Attack
    Pinsir              False Swipe
    Pinsir              Flail
    Pinsir              Fury Attack
    Plusle              Substitute
    Plusle              Wish
    Politoed            Bubblebeam
    Politoed            Haze
    Politoed            Ice Ball
    Politoed            Mind Reader
    Politoed            Mist
    Politoed            Splash
    Politoed            Water Sport
    Poliwag             Bubblebeam
    Poliwag             Haze
    Poliwag             Ice Ball
    Poliwag             Mind Reader
    Poliwag             Mist
    Poliwag             Splash
    Poliwag             Water Sport
    Poliwhirl           Bubblebeam
    Poliwhirl           Haze
    Poliwhirl           Ice Ball
    Poliwhirl           Mind Reader
    Poliwhirl           Mist
    Poliwhirl           Splash
    Poliwhirl           Water Sport
    Poliwrath           Bubblebeam
    Poliwrath           Haze
    Poliwrath           Ice Ball
    Poliwrath           Mind Reader
    Poliwrath           Mist
    Poliwrath           Splash
    Poliwrath           Water Sport
    Ponyta              Charm
    Ponyta              Double Kick
    Ponyta              Double-Edge
    Ponyta              Flame Wheel
    Ponyta              Hypnosis
    Ponyta              Thrash
    Poochyena           Astonish
    Poochyena           Covet
    Poochyena           Leer
    Poochyena           Poison Fang
    Poochyena           Yawn
    Primeape            Beat Up
    Primeape            Counter
    Primeape            Foresight
    Primeape            Meditate
    Primeape            Revenge
    Primeape            Reversal
    Primeape            Rock Slide
    Primeape            Smellingsalt
    Psyduck             Cross Chop
    Psyduck             Foresight
    Psyduck             Future Sight
    Psyduck             Hypnosis
    Psyduck             Light Screen
    Psyduck             Psybeam
    Psyduck             Psychic
    Psyduck             Refresh
    Pupitar             Ancientpower
    Pupitar             Curse
    Pupitar             Dragon Dance
    Pupitar             Focus Energy
    Pupitar             Outrage
    Pupitar             Pursuit
    Pupitar             Stomp
    Quagsire            Ancientpower
    Quagsire            Body Slam
    Quagsire            Curse
    Quagsire            Mud Sport
    Quagsire            Safeguard
    Quagsire            Spit Up
    Quagsire            Stockpile
    Quagsire            Swallow
    Quilava             Covet
    Quilava             Crush Claw
    Quilava             Foresight
    Quilava             Fury Swipes
    Quilava             Howl
    Quilava             Quick Attack
    Quilava             Reversal
    Quilava             Thrash
    Qwilfish            Astonish
    Qwilfish            Bubblebeam
    Qwilfish            Flail
    Qwilfish            Haze
    Qwilfish            Supersonic
    Raichu              Bide
    Raichu              Charge
    Raichu              Doubleslap
    Raichu              Encore
    Raichu              Present
    Raichu              Reversal
    Raichu              Volt Tackle
    Raichu              Wish
    Ralts               Destiny Bond
    Ralts               Disable
    Ralts               Mean Look
    Ralts               Memento
    Ralts               Will-O-Wisp
    Rapidash            Charm
    Rapidash            Double Kick
    Rapidash            Double-Edge
    Rapidash            Flame Wheel
    Rapidash            Hypnosis
    Rapidash            Thrash
    Raticate            Bite
    Raticate            Counter
    Raticate            Flame Wheel
    Raticate            Fury Swipes
    Raticate            Reversal
    Raticate            Screech
    Raticate            Swagger
    Raticate            Uproar
    Rattata             Bite
    Rattata             Counter
    Rattata             Flame Wheel
    Rattata             Fury Swipes
    Rattata             Reversal
    Rattata             Screech
    Rattata             Swagger
    Rattata             Uproar
    Relicanth           Amnesia
    Relicanth           Magnitude
    Relicanth           Rock Slide
    Relicanth           Skull Bash
    Relicanth           Sleep Talk
    Relicanth           Water Sport
    Remoraid            Aurora Beam
    Remoraid            Haze
    Remoraid            Octazooka
    Remoraid            Rock Blast
    Remoraid            Screech
    Remoraid            Supersonic
    Remoraid            Thunder Wave
    Rhydon              Counter
    Rhydon              Crunch
    Rhydon              Crush Claw
    Rhydon              Curse
    Rhydon              Magnitude
    Rhydon              Reversal
    Rhydon              Rock Slide
    Rhydon              Swords Dance
    Rhyhorn             Counter
    Rhyhorn             Crunch
    Rhyhorn             Crush Claw
    Rhyhorn             Curse
    Rhyhorn             Magnitude
    Rhyhorn             Reversal
    Rhyhorn             Rock Slide
    Rhyhorn             Swords Dance
    Roselia             Cotton Spore
    Roselia             Pin Missile
    Roselia             Spikes
    Roselia             Synthesis
    Sableye             Moonlight
    Sableye             Psych Up
    Sableye             Recover
    Salamence           Dragon Dance
    Salamence           Dragon Rage
    Salamence           Hydro Pump
    Salamence           Thrash
    Salamence           Twister
    Sandshrew           Counter
    Sandshrew           Crush Claw
    Sandshrew           Flail
    Sandshrew           Metal Claw
    Sandshrew           Rapid Spin
    Sandshrew           Rock Slide
    Sandshrew           Safeguard
    Sandshrew           Swords Dance
    Sandslash           Counter
    Sandslash           Crush Claw
    Sandslash           Flail
    Sandslash           Metal Claw
    Sandslash           Rapid Spin
    Sandslash           Rock Slide
    Sandslash           Safeguard
    Sandslash           Swords Dance
    Sceptile            Crunch
    Sceptile            Crush Claw
    Sceptile            Dragonbreath
    Sceptile            Endeavor
    Sceptile            Leech Seed
    Sceptile            Mud Sport
    Scizor              Baton Pass
    Scizor              Counter
    Scizor              Endure
    Scizor              Light Screen
    Scizor              Razor Wind
    Scizor              Reversal
    Scizor              Safeguard
    Scizor              Silver Wind
    Scyther             Baton Pass
    Scyther             Counter
    Scyther             Endure
    Scyther             Light Screen
    Scyther             Razor Wind
    Scyther             Reversal
    Scyther             Safeguard
    Scyther             Silver Wind
    Seadra              Aurora Beam
    Seadra              Disable
    Seadra              Dragon Rage
    Seadra              Dragonbreath
    Seadra              Flail
    Seadra              Octazooka
    Seadra              Splash
    Seaking             Haze
    Seaking             Hydro Pump
    Seaking             Mud Sport
    Seaking             Psybeam
    Seaking             Sleep Talk
    Sealeo              Curse
    Sealeo              Fissure
    Sealeo              Rock Slide
    Sealeo              Spit Up
    Sealeo              Stockpile
    Sealeo              Swallow
    Sealeo              Water Sport
    Sealeo              Yawn
    Seedot              Amnesia
    Seedot              False Swipe
    Seedot              Leech Seed
    Seedot              Quick Attack
    Seedot              Razor Wind
    Seedot              Take Down
    Seel                Disable
    Seel                Encore
    Seel                Fake Out
    Seel                Horn Drill
    Seel                Icicle Spear
    Seel                Lick
    Seel                Perish Song
    Seel                Slam
    Sentret             Assist
    Sentret             Double-Edge
    Sentret             Focus Energy
    Sentret             Pursuit
    Sentret             Reversal
    Sentret             Slash
    Sentret             Substitute
    Sentret             Trick
    Seviper             Body Slam
    Seviper             Spit Up
    Seviper             Stockpile
    Seviper             Swallow
    Sharpedo            Double-Edge
    Sharpedo            Hydro Pump
    Sharpedo            Thrash
    Shedinja            Endure
    Shedinja            Faint Attack
    Shedinja            Gust
    Shedinja            Silver Wind
    Shelgon             Belly Drum
    Shelgon             Dragon Dance
    Shelgon             Dragon Rage
    Shelgon             Hydro Pump
    Shelgon             Thrash
    Shelgon             Twister
    Shellder            Barrier
    Shellder            Bubblebeam
    Shellder            Icicle Spear
    Shellder            Rapid Spin
    Shellder            Screech
    Shellder            Take Down
    Shiftry             Amnesia
    Shiftry             False Swipe
    Shiftry             Leech Seed
    Shiftry             Quick Attack
    Shiftry             Razor Wind
    Shiftry             Take Down
    Shroomish           Charm
    Shroomish           Fake Tears
    Shroomish           False Swipe
    Shroomish           Helping Hand
    Shroomish           Swagger
    Shuckle             Sweet Scent
    Shuppet             Astonish
    Shuppet             Destiny Bond
    Shuppet             Disable
    Shuppet             Foresight
    Shuppet             Imprison
    Skarmory            Curse
    Skarmory            Drill Peck
    Skarmory            Pursuit
    Skarmory            Sky Attack
    Skarmory            Whirlwind
    Skiploom            Amnesia
    Skiploom            Confusion
    Skiploom            Double-Edge
    Skiploom            Encore
    Skiploom            Helping Hand
    Skiploom            Psych Up
    Skiploom            Reflect
    Skitty              Baton Pass
    Skitty              Fake Tears
    Skitty              Helping Hand
    Skitty              Psych Up
    Skitty              Substitute
    Skitty              Tickle
    Skitty              Uproar
    Skitty              Wish
    Slaking             Body Slam
    Slaking             Crush Claw
    Slaking             Curse
    Slaking             Pursuit
    Slaking             Slash
    Slaking             Sleep Talk
    Slaking             Snore
    Slakoth             Body Slam
    Slakoth             Crush Claw
    Slakoth             Curse
    Slakoth             Pursuit
    Slakoth             Slash
    Slakoth             Sleep Talk
    Slakoth             Snore
    Slowbro             Belly Drum
    Slowbro             Future Sight
    Slowbro             Mud Sport
    Slowbro             Safeguard
    Slowbro             Sleep Talk
    Slowbro             Snore
    Slowbro             Stomp
    Slowking            Belly Drum
    Slowking            Future Sight
    Slowking            Mud Sport
    Slowking            Safeguard
    Slowking            Sleep Talk
    Slowking            Snore
    Slowking            Stomp
    Slowpoke            Belly Drum
    Slowpoke            Future Sight
    Slowpoke            Mud Sport
    Slowpoke            Safeguard
    Slowpoke            Sleep Talk
    Slowpoke            Snore
    Slowpoke            Stomp
    Slugma              Acid Armor
    Slugma              Heat Wave
    Smoochum            Fake Out
    Smoochum            Ice Punch
    Smoochum            Meditate
    Smoochum            Psych Up
    Smoochum            Wish
    Sneasel             Bite
    Sneasel             Counter
    Sneasel             Crush Claw
    Sneasel             Fake Out
    Sneasel             Foresight
    Sneasel             Reflect
    Sneasel             Spite
    Snorlax             Charm
    Snorlax             Curse
    Snorlax             Double-Edge
    Snorlax             Fissure
    Snorlax             Lick
    Snorlax             Substitute
    Snorunt             Block
    Snorunt             Spikes
    Snubbull            Crunch
    Snubbull            Faint Attack
    Snubbull            Heal Bell
    Snubbull            Metronome
    Snubbull            Present
    Snubbull            Reflect
    Snubbull            Smellingsalt
    Snubbull            Snore
    Spearow             Astonish
    Spearow             Faint Attack
    Spearow             False Swipe
    Spearow             Quick Attack
    Spearow             Scary Face
    Spearow             Sky Attack
    Spearow             Tri Attack
    Spheal              Curse
    Spheal              Fissure
    Spheal              Rock Slide
    Spheal              Spit Up
    Spheal              Stockpile
    Spheal              Swallow
    Spheal              Water Sport
    Spheal              Yawn
    Spinarak            Baton Pass
    Spinarak            Disable
    Spinarak            Psybeam
    Spinarak            Pursuit
    Spinarak            Signal Beam
    Spinarak            Sonicboom
    Spinda              Assist
    Spinda              Baton Pass
    Spinda              Disable
    Spinda              Encore
    Spinda              Rock Slide
    Spinda              Smellingsalt
    Spinda              Trick
    Spinda              Wish
    Spoink              Extrasensory
    Spoink              Future Sight
    Spoink              Substitute
    Spoink              Trick
    Squirtle            Flail
    Squirtle            Foresight
    Squirtle            Haze
    Squirtle            Mirror Coat
    Squirtle            Mist
    Squirtle            Mud Sport
    Squirtle            Refresh
    Squirtle            Yawn
    Stantler            Bite
    Stantler            Disable
    Stantler            Extrasensory
    Stantler            Psych Up
    Stantler            Spite
    Stantler            Swagger
    Steelix             Block
    Steelix             Explosion
    Steelix             Flail
    Steelix             Rock Slide
    Sudowoodo           Selfdestruct
    Sunflora            Curse
    Sunflora            Encore
    Sunflora            Grasswhistle
    Sunflora            Helping Hand
    Sunflora            Leech Seed
    Sunflora            Nature Power
    Sunkern             Curse
    Sunkern             Encore
    Sunkern             Grasswhistle
    Sunkern             Helping Hand
    Sunkern             Leech Seed
    Sunkern             Nature Power
    Surskit             Foresight
    Surskit             Hydro Pump
    Surskit             Mind Reader
    Surskit             Mud Shot
    Surskit             Psybeam
    Swablu              Agility
    Swablu              Haze
    Swablu              Pursuit
    Swablu              Rage
    Swalot              Acid Armor
    Swalot              Dream Eater
    Swalot              Pain Split
    Swalot              Smog
    Swampert            Curse
    Swampert            Ice Ball
    Swampert            Mirror Coat
    Swampert            Refresh
    Swampert            Stomp
    Swampert            Uproar
    Swellow             Mirror Move
    Swellow             Pursuit
    Swellow             Rage
    Swellow             Refresh
    Swellow             Sky Attack
    Swellow             Supersonic
    Swinub              Ancientpower
    Swinub              Bite
    Swinub              Body Slam
    Swinub              Double-Edge
    Swinub              Icicle Spear
    Swinub              Mud Shot
    Swinub              Rock Slide
    Swinub              Take Down
    Taillow             Mirror Move
    Taillow             Pursuit
    Taillow             Rage
    Taillow             Refresh
    Taillow             Sky Attack
    Taillow             Supersonic
    Tangela             Amnesia
    Tangela             Confusion
    Tangela             Flail
    Tangela             Leech Seed
    Tangela             Mega Drain
    Tangela             Nature Power
    Tangela             Reflect
    Teddiursa           Counter
    Teddiursa           Crunch
    Teddiursa           Fake Tears
    Teddiursa           Metal Claw
    Teddiursa           Seismic Toss
    Teddiursa           Sleep Talk
    Teddiursa           Take Down
    Teddiursa           Yawn
    Tentacool           Aurora Beam
    Tentacool           Confuse Ray
    Tentacool           Haze
    Tentacool           Mirror Coat
    Tentacool           Rapid Spin
    Tentacool           Safeguard
    Tentacruel          Aurora Beam
    Tentacruel          Confuse Ray
    Tentacruel          Haze
    Tentacruel          Mirror Coat
    Tentacruel          Rapid Spin
    Tentacruel          Safeguard
    Togepi              Foresight
    Togepi              Future Sight
    Togepi              Mirror Move
    Togepi              Peck
    Togepi              Present
    Togepi              Psych Up
    Togepi              Substitute
    Togetic             Foresight
    Togetic             Future Sight
    Togetic             Mirror Move
    Togetic             Peck
    Togetic             Present
    Togetic             Psych Up
    Togetic             Substitute
    Torchic             Counter
    Torchic             Endure
    Torchic             Reversal
    Torchic             Rock Slide
    Torchic             Smellingsalt
    Torchic             Swagger
    Torkoal             Endure
    Torkoal             Eruption
    Torkoal             Sleep Talk
    Torkoal             Yawn
    Totodile            Ancientpower
    Totodile            Crunch
    Totodile            Dragon Claw
    Totodile            Hydro Pump
    Totodile            Mud Sport
    Totodile            Rock Slide
    Totodile            Thrash
    Totodile            Water Sport
    Trapinch            Focus Energy
    Trapinch            Gust
    Trapinch            Quick Attack
    Treecko             Crunch
    Treecko             Crush Claw
    Treecko             Dragonbreath
    Treecko             Endeavor
    Treecko             Leech Seed
    Treecko             Mud Sport
    Tropius             Headbutt
    Tropius             Leech Seed
    Tropius             Nature Power
    Tropius             Razor Wind
    Tropius             Slam
    Typhlosion          Covet
    Typhlosion          Crush Claw
    Typhlosion          Foresight
    Typhlosion          Fury Swipes
    Typhlosion          Howl
    Typhlosion          Quick Attack
    Typhlosion          Reversal
    Typhlosion          Thrash
    Tyranitar           Ancientpower
    Tyranitar           Curse
    Tyranitar           Dragon Dance
    Tyranitar           Focus Energy
    Tyranitar           Outrage
    Tyranitar           Pursuit
    Tyranitar           Stomp
    Tyrogue             Helping Hand
    Tyrogue             Hi-Jump Kick
    Tyrogue             Mach Punch
    Tyrogue             Mind Reader
    Tyrogue             Rapid Spin
    Umbreon             Charm
    Umbreon             Curse
    Umbreon             Endure
    Umbreon             Flail
    Umbreon             Tickle
    Umbreon             Wish
    Ursaring            Counter
    Ursaring            Crunch
    Ursaring            Fake Tears
    Ursaring            Metal Claw
    Ursaring            Seismic Toss
    Ursaring            Sleep Talk
    Ursaring            Take Down
    Ursaring            Yawn
    Vaporeon            Charm
    Vaporeon            Curse
    Vaporeon            Endure
    Vaporeon            Flail
    Vaporeon            Tickle
    Vaporeon            Wish
    Venomoth            Baton Pass
    Venomoth            Giga Drain
    Venomoth            Screech
    Venomoth            Signal Beam
    Venonat             Baton Pass
    Venonat             Giga Drain
    Venonat             Screech
    Venonat             Signal Beam
    Venusaur            Charm
    Venusaur            Curse
    Venusaur            Grasswhistle
    Venusaur            Light Screen
    Venusaur            Magical Leaf
    Venusaur            Petal Dance
    Venusaur            Safeguard
    Venusaur            Skull Bash
    Vibrava             Focus Energy
    Vibrava             Gust
    Vibrava             Quick Attack
    Victreebel          Encore
    Victreebel          Ingrain
    Victreebel          Leech Life
    Victreebel          Magical Leaf
    Victreebel          Reflect
    Victreebel          Swords Dance
    Victreebel          Synthesis
    Vigoroth            Body Slam
    Vigoroth            Crush Claw
    Vigoroth            Curse
    Vigoroth            Pursuit
    Vigoroth            Slash
    Vigoroth            Sleep Talk
    Vigoroth            Snore
    Vileplume           Charm
    Vileplume           Flail
    Vileplume           Ingrain
    Vileplume           Razor Leaf
    Vileplume           Swords Dance
    Vileplume           Synthesis
    Volbeat             Baton Pass
    Volbeat             Silver Wind
    Volbeat             Trick
    Vulpix              Disable
    Vulpix              Faint Attack
    Vulpix              Flail
    Vulpix              Heat Wave
    Vulpix              Howl
    Vulpix              Hypnosis
    Vulpix              Psych Up
    Vulpix              Spite
    Wailmer             Curse
    Wailmer             Double-Edge
    Wailmer             Fissure
    Wailmer             Sleep Talk
    Wailmer             Snore
    Wailmer             Swagger
    Wailmer             Thrash
    Wailmer             Tickle
    Wailord             Curse
    Wailord             Double-Edge
    Wailord             Fissure
    Wailord             Sleep Talk
    Wailord             Snore
    Wailord             Swagger
    Wailord             Thrash
    Wailord             Tickle
    Walrein             Curse
    Walrein             Fissure
    Walrein             Rock Slide
    Walrein             Spit Up
    Walrein             Stockpile
    Walrein             Swallow
    Walrein             Water Sport
    Walrein             Yawn
    Wartortle           Flail
    Wartortle           Foresight
    Wartortle           Haze
    Wartortle           Mirror Coat
    Wartortle           Mist
    Wartortle           Mud Sport
    Wartortle           Refresh
    Wartortle           Yawn
    Weepinbell          Encore
    Weepinbell          Ingrain
    Weepinbell          Leech Life
    Weepinbell          Magical Leaf
    Weepinbell          Reflect
    Weepinbell          Swords Dance
    Weepinbell          Synthesis
    Weezing             Destiny Bond
    Weezing             Pain Split
    Weezing             Psybeam
    Weezing             Psywave
    Weezing             Screech
    Weezing             Will-O-Wisp
    Whiscash            Spark
    Whiscash            Thrash
    Whiscash            Whirlpool
    Whismur             Extrasensory
    Whismur             Smellingsalt
    Whismur             Snore
    Whismur             Swagger
    Whismur             Take Down
    Wigglytuff          Faint Attack
    Wigglytuff          Fake Tears
    Wigglytuff          Perish Song
    Wigglytuff          Present
    Wigglytuff          Wish
    Wingull             Agility
    Wingull             Gust
    Wingull             Mist
    Wingull             Twister
    Wingull             Water Sport
    Wooper              Ancientpower
    Wooper              Body Slam
    Wooper              Curse
    Wooper              Mud Sport
    Wooper              Safeguard
    Wooper              Spit Up
    Wooper              Stockpile
    Wooper              Swallow
    Xatu                Drill Peck
    Xatu                Faint Attack
    Xatu                Featherdance
    Xatu                Haze
    Xatu                Psych Up
    Xatu                Quick Attack
    Xatu                Refresh
    Xatu                Steel Wing
    Yanma               Leech Life
    Yanma               Reversal
    Yanma               Signal Beam
    Yanma               Silver Wind
    Yanma               Whirlwind
    Zangoose            Counter
    Zangoose            Curse
    Zangoose            Double Kick
    Zangoose            Flail
    Zangoose            Razor Wind
    Zangoose            Roar
    Zigzagoon           Charm
    Zigzagoon           Pursuit
    Zigzagoon           Substitute
    Zigzagoon           Tickle
    Zigzagoon           Trick
    Zubat               Curse
    Zubat               Faint Attack
    Zubat               Gust
    Zubat               Pursuit
    Zubat               Quick Attack
    Zubat               Whirlwind
    V1 - The first version, 20/April/2007
    v2 - Second version, 21 Apr 2007
    - Added supercheats.com to the sites that can use my faq list.
    A helpful list I've come up with. Contributions needed, under e-mail
    subject Pokemon Egg Moves [OUSAR], please.
    'Chu's Volt Tackle (learn by making the male Chu hold a Light Ball)
    Hydro Pump Bagon
    Will-O-Wisp Ralts
    Rock Slide Rhyhorn
    Dragon Dance [anyone]
    Baton Pass Ariados
    Baton Pass Scizor + Swords Dance
    Elemental Punching Abra
    Substitute [anyone]
    Haze [anyone], because Hazers are always important.
    Wish [anyone except sweepers]
    Rock Slide Blaziken
    Heal Bell/Aromatherapy [anyone except sweepers]
    Ancientpower Charmander
    Most of Anorith's good moves
    Dragon Claw Totodile
    Elemental Punching Drowzee (not as good as a punchin Zam, better than Kadabra)
    Ice Punching Electabuzz
    Dragonbreath Milotic
    Explosion Gastly (LOL!)
    Magic Coat Girafarig
    Acid Armor Gulpin
    False Swipe Heracross, for use as catcher
    Endure + Flail [anyone]
    Psybeam/Psywave Koffing
    Silver Wind [anyone]
    Belly Drum Lickitung
    Acid Armor Magcargo
    Curse Marshtomp
    Poison Fang Mawile
    Elemental Punching Meditite (again, not as good as Zam, better than Kadabra)
    Sky Attack Murkrow
    First of all, Metalkid. He is the god of pokemon pokedex's. His v4 is the 
    most complete program of this kind I've EVER seen. 
    He was also where I got most of my information.
    My mom, for everything.
    My dad, for his stupid jokes and for being an older self.
    My bro, cousins and friends for everyday laughter.
    The WAP2P community for bringing me into teh Intarweb,
    *Us_Champ_Mysterio, Biggy, Justin and Joe especially.
    The BTuga and TotalWrestlingTuga.com communities, for being their 
    jackass selves and giving me somewhere to go to talk bout rasslin.
    Rajah.com for being THE wrestling forums of the world.
    CJayC for GameFAQs (the forceful mention of honor :D)
    GameFAQs itself for its boards and walkthroughs.
    Nintendo for the GBA
    Game Freak/The Pokemon Company for the ever-addicting Pokemon series
    (after all, I'm here since Blue...)
    Anno for Evangelion
    Megumi Hayashibara and JAM Project for their lovable voices :D
    You, for reading this and making this worth.
    This document is copyright (c) 2007 by José de Carvalho Maia, 
    aka "Kold_Of_Caelin".
    All trademarks and copyrights referred to in this docment are owned 
    by their respective holders. 
    The present document seeks to infringe no copyright laws or trademarks.
    This document may be printed in its entirety or in parts, 
    You may not display the present anywhere without my written permission, 
    under the form of an e-mail.
    The permission is currently exclusive to GameFAQs and supercheats.com
    You may not copy parts of this walkthrough that are not the list itself, 
    for it belongs to the creators of Pokemon.
    ** ZE END **

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