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Battle Frontier Guide by Chaet_legend

Version: 0.9 | Updated: 03/04/2007

 ______         __                               
|   __ \.-----.|  |--.-----.--------.-----.-----.
|    __/|  _  ||    <|  -__|        |  _  |     |
|___|   |_____||__|__|_____|__|__|__|_____|__|__|
 _______                             __     __ 
|    ___|.--------.-----.----.---.-.|  |.--|  |
|    ___||        |  -__|   _|  _  ||  ||  _  |
|_______||__|__|__|_____|__| |___._||__||_____|


Hello, and welcome to my guide for the "Battle Frontier" in "Pokemon Emerald"!
In this guide, I will try and conver just about everything there is about the
Battle Frontier, except perhaps listing every trainer possible,as they will
usually have different combinations of Pokemon, and there are a heck of a lot
of them (Except the Frontier Brains)!  If you are looking for a particular
section in the guide, use Ctrl+F to find what you are looking for, and type
in the code next to the name that is in the table of contents.

Anyways, lets start!

But beofre that, here are some commonly asked qestions:

Q:  What is the BF?
A:  See part [INTR] on how to get there.  It is an amusement park where you
    battle to your hearts contenet and theAI actually provide a challenge!

Q:  What are good Pokemon to use?
A:  There's a section devoted to them...

Q:  omg can u liek do anyfin rite cos ur faq rly sux and i h8 it.
A:  This is the email I get from depressed gits who dont even own the game.

Q:  What is an AR/GS?
A:  Action Replay/Game Shark, cheating devices that let you hack.  I can make
    codes for ya if youneed them.

Q:  What is HP in the movesets?  Does it mean Hit Point or something?
A:  No, its an attack called "Hidden Power".

Q:  Can you give me a link to explain HP?
A:  http://www.serebii.net/games/hidden-power.shtml

Q:  How do I work out my "Hiddem Power"?
A:  http://www.serebii.net/games/iv-calc.shtml.  Do not worry about EV's and
    IV's.  You only need to put in your "Stats" and the form above it, and you
    will have your Hidden Power worked out for you.  
|Table of Contents|

I:    Intro and the frontier Pass.....................[INTR]
II:   Battle Points...................................[BAPT]
III:  Wild Pokemon....................................[WLDP]
IV:   Symbols and the Frontier Brains.................[SAFB]
V:    Battle Pike.....................................[BTPK]
VI:   Battle Dome.....................................[BTDM]
VII:  Battle Factory..................................[BTFR]
IIX:  Battle Pyramid..................................[BTPY]
IX:   Battle Arena....................................[BTAE]
X:    Battle Palace...................................[BTPL]
XI:   Battle Tower....................................[BTTW]
XII:  Good Teams To use...............................[GDTM]
XIII: Specific Facilities Reccommended Teams..........[SFRT]
IXV:  Tips & Secrets..................................[TPSC]
XV:   Legal Information...............................[LGLI]
XVI:  Contact Me......................................[CNTM]
XVII: Version History.................................[VEHI]

So, lets start with the Intro!

|Into and the Frontier Pass|  [INTR]

The Battle Frontier is only available after you beat the Elite Four, after, you
will obtain the S.S. ticket.  Take the ticket to either Slateport or Lilycove
and get on board to the opposing place.  While on board, Scott (The guy who
keeps following you throughout your adventure) will tell you about the Battle
Frontier.  Congratulations, you are now allowed to go there!  But first,
make absolutely sure you have the Item, "Leftovers", which can be found on the
ship.  Get out of the ship (Sleeping if need be), and walk into the park!
	The Battle Frontier is basically a gigantic amusement park.  You'll find
out more as you go along.  Step into the hall to trigger a cut-scene, and Scott
will come in.  Your trainer card will be upgraded, so now, you can view the 
card, Battle Points, Symbols and the map.  This hall provides information on the
park, so if you are new to this park, do wander around.  Genral rules are:
- The Following cannot be used:  
 -Eggs of any sort
-No Using Pokemon Level 51 or Over in the Level 50 tourneys.
-In Open level, all Opponents Pokemon will match your highest level, so train
- You may not use the "Soul Dew" item, multiples of any item OR multiples of
any Pokemon for one given team (Ie, you couldn't have a Leftovers Blissey and
a Leftovers Snorlax Or 2 Snorlaxes)
	The first thing you want to do is explore.  Get a good feeling of this
place, as you will likely be here for a very long time.  Now, we want to start
winning tournaments, and getting BP, but, for a free 2 BP, go and see Scott (he
is in one of the houses just above the Battle Dome).  Now, there is also a 
(ripoff) trade, you can trade a Skitty for a Meowth, but unless there is a wild
Skitty outbreak, DO NOT do it.  This house is by the Battle Tower.
	There are the standard Pokemarts and Pokemon Centres, aswell as normal
	Your Frontier Pass is used for the features descirbed above.
One thing I forgot to mention was that, you may store one battle from your
adventures on your pass, as long as it is not in the Battle Pike, or The
Battle Pyramid.

|Battle Points|  [BAPT]

Battle Points, or BP for short, are as you may have guessed, the currency used
in the frontier.  You CANNOT spend them in Marts.  You may earn them by beating
a Facility, a one time present fron Scott, or by betting (after 3 symbols).
There is an exchange counter, which is located just south of the Battle Tower,
where you can exchange BP for rare items, however, they cost a fortune!

You may buy:

At the Far-Left Counter:

Kiss Poster   (16BP)
Kiss Cushion  (32BP)
Smoochum Doll (32BP)
Meowth Doll   (48BP)
Togepi Doll   (48BP)
Ditto Doll    (Ditto!)
Clefiary Doll (48BP)
Totodile Doll (80BP)
Chikorita Doll(80BP)
Cyndaquil Doll(80BP)

At The Left Counter:

Blastiose Doll (256BP)
Charizard Doll (256BP)
Venusaur  Doll (256BP)
Lapras Doll    (128BP)
Snorlax Doll   (128BP)

At The Right Counter:

All of the EV increasing items (1BP each)

At The Far Right COunter:

White Herb   (48BP)
Leftovers    (48BP)
Quick Claw   (48BP)
Mental Herb  (48BP)
Bright Powder(64BP)
King's Rock  (64BP)
Focus Band   (64BP)
Choice Band  (64BP)
Scope Lens   (64BP)

Many of these items are hard to get, as Battle points are difficult to earn.
I would steer clear of buying the Blastoise, Charizard and Venusaur Dolls, as
they don't serve an In-Game purpose.

But there is more, there are Move Tutors in the Battle Frontier which will
(genrally) teach your Pokemon good moves for some BP!  These are located just
south of the Battle Dome.

Defense Curl  (16BP)
Softboiled    (16BP)
Icy Wind      (24BP) 
Mud-Slap      (24BP)
Snore         (24BP)
Swift         (24BP)
Siesmic Toss  (24BP)
Dream Eater   (24BP)
Mega Punch    (24BP)
Mega Kick     (48BP)
Endure        (48BP)
Thunder Punch (48BP)
Ice Punch     (48BP)
Fire Punch    (48BP)
Psych Up      (48BP)
Body Slam     (48BP)
Rock Slide    (48BP)
Thunder Wave  (48BP)
Swords Dance  (48BP)
Counter       (48BP)

The beauty of these Move Tutors is that, these moves can be taught as many
times as you want!

|Wild Pokemon|  [WLDP]

At the Battle Frontier, there are two Pokemon that you can catch, both found 
nowhere else.  They are Sudowoodo and Smearlge. Sudowoodo is located next to the
Battle Palace, and will only battle you if you water it with the Wailmer Pail.
Level 40.  Once you have defeated him, you can go on to a cave by falling down
the Waterfall, and Surfing along the path (There are no Wild Pokemon in the 
water).  When you reach "Aritsan Cave", all you will find are wild Smeargle,
and, Exploring the far depths of the cave, EV boosting Items.  Smeargle, using
its Signature Move, Sketch, could help you tremendousley at the Battle Frontier
(See Good Pokemon to use section).

|Symbols and The Frontier Brains|  [SAFB]
When you defeat a facility enough times, you will be chalenged by their leader,
or the "Frontier Brain".  They are;

Factory Head Noland (Knowledge Symbol)
Dome Ace Tucker     (Tactics Symbol)
Pike Queen Lucy     (Luck Symbol)
Arena Tycoon Greta  (Guts Symbol)
Palace Maven Spenser(Spirits Symbol)
Pyramid King Bradon (Bravery Symbol)
Salon Maiden Anabel (Ability Symbol)

I will tell you how many battles it take to challenge the Frontier Brain in 
their respective Facilities.  Once you have defeaten them once, you will earn
a silver symbol.  Next, you must battle your way through that place again, and
then, the real challenging Frontier Brain starts.  Defeat this person and they
will challenge you no more, but instead, give you a gold symbol.  Collecting
all of the Gold Symbols upgrades your trainer card.  Each time you defeat a
Frontier Brain, you will get 10 extra Battle points + the amount you should
have (I.E., beating Lucy for the First Time would get you 11 BP).  

On a personal note, I think that Spenser is the hardest frontier brain, and Lucy
(despite Shuclke) is the easiest.  I can usually get the Luck Symbol within 10

|The Battle Pike|  [BTPK]

Brain: Pike Queen Lucy
Silver Requirement: 2 times through the Pike (28 rooms)
Gold Requirement: 10 times through the Pike (140 Rooms)

The Battle Pike...The Easiest Facility to get the Silver Symbol...yet quite
hard to get the Gold!  OK, so here, you must choose your path between three.
There is always a guide, who tells you your path.  She may say one of the
following things:

"A Trainer?  I sense the presence of people..."

You have a 75% chance of fighting a trainer
You have a 25% chance of having your Pokemon Fully restored.

"I seem to of heard something...it may have been whispering..."

You have an 80% chance of finding a trainer who will not battle you
You have a 20% chance of havng a double battle.

"It seems to have the distinct aroma of a Pokemon wafting around it..."

You have a 75% chance of going to a walkway, where you will find uncatchable
wild Pokemon (for a full list, go to http://www.serebii.net/emerald/tube.shtml,
but I list everything else apart from that on that page here).
You have a 25% chance of fighting a "hard" (cough cough) trainer and having your
Pokemon fully restored after.

"For some Odd reason, I feel a wave of Nostaliga coming from it..."

You have a 45% chance of finding a person will inflict a stats condition on
one of your Pokemon (again, for all the intracates, follow the link above).
This becomes 0% when there is no Pokemon to inflict.

You have a 55% chance of findng a healer, who, again depending on the rooms
will restore one or more of your Pokemon to full health. This becomes 100% when
all Pokemon have a Stats condition (Including faint).

"A terrifying event, yes a horrifying one is about to befall you..."
You have a 100% chance to fight Lucy.  However, you have a 33% chance of finding
a healer to nurse all your Pokemon back to fulll health.

When you have beaten the Pike twice through (28 rooms), you will fight Lucy.
The first time you fight her, she will lead off with Seviper.  Wowie.  Psychic.
Next!  Milotic.  Thundrbolt.  Next!  (Though I found Milotic the hardest of them
all).  Shuckle might come before Milotic.  Ah.  Problem.  I like to keep a
Shuckle in my party, and after you fight Lucy, you will know why!  Shuckle will
try to Poison you using Toxic, which is a bad start.  Then, gathering you are
not Steel, Rock or Ground, he will use Sandstorm to drain your HP even more. 
Maybe Protecting to annoy you some more, or perhaps, RESTING to restore his HP!
You see, what I haven't told you is that, Shuckle, when at level 50, has the 
Speed of a weak Zigzagoon, the attack of Chansey, and the Sp. Attack of a 
Poocheyena!  His HP is about a Linoone too.  However, his defences are like a
Level 100 Steelix, basically, over 200 Points for each defence at LV 50.
He acts like a Blissey.  However, not all is lost, as we know of Taunt!  Using
Taunt, he will not be able to attack, as none of his moves do direct damage,
forcing him to struggle, and, after a long battle, letting you clech vicotry.

Then, Lucy will come back for more after a 140 room completion (10 times).
Lucy is a tad easer this time, using the trademark Seviper (Psychic).  She has
swapped Milotic for Gyarados (Thunderbolt) and Shuckle :) for Steelix (Surf).
 Claim the symbol that took 5 times as long as the first one to get to!!!!!!!!

You'll be done with the Battle Pike for now.  Lets go to our next place, which
|The Battle Dome|  [BTDM]

Brain: Dome Ace Tucker
Silver Requirements: 5 Tournaments (20th Trainer)
Gold Requirements: 10 Tournaments (40th Trainer)

The Battle dome is my favourite attraction in the park.  In the Battle Dome, you
participate in tournaments.  You will be ranked for your Pokemon selection. For
example, if you were entering 3 Zigzagoons, you would probably get "The team
most unlikely to win the tournament", however, if you picked something like 
Salamence, Shuckle and Vaporeon, you would probably get "The best candidate to
be a champ!"  You can choose to pick single or double battles, single is 
recommended, as you get a shot at Tucker that way.  However, when you actually
go into battle, you will only be allowed to take two in.  So, if you had a
Slaking, a Breloom and a Blastiose, I would recommend missing out Breloom.
However, what if my opponent has a Wiscash?  And Breloom has Giga Drain?  That
is the beauty of the Battle Dome, you get to see your opponents 3 Poekmon
beforehand, but you will not be able to see the one that is left out.  They
will construct their team around your, so do the same, with a few surprise moves
thrown in.  If you win a Tournament, you will have fought four matches.
Another thing you get told is which EV's they either emphasize, or neglect
(or raise Pokemon in a well balanced way).  Sometimes, if you rest, when you
come back on, it may tell you the other way.  The final thing you get to find
out is how the trainer likes to battle, it could say something like "Skilled at
enfeebling, then attacking" or "Occasionally uses a very rare move".  There
are many more than these.
So, an information card may look like this:
|        POKEMON TRAINER CHAET         |
|                                      |
|:)(me)    Pokemon Pics                |
|                                      |
|The best Candidate to be a Champ!     |
|Has a tough wining pattern.           |
|Raises Pokemon in a well-balanced way.| 
	After 5 tournaments (20 trainers), if you can advance to the final,
there is a 99.99% chance you will fight Tucker.  Tucker can lose to some stupid
idiot, but the odds are like the Earth colliding with Mars next Wednesday
morning.  Anyway, when you fight Tucker, be wary, as he has a Charizard,
Salamence and a Swampert.  He focuses on speed and attack so be careful.
Electric type moves will help take out Salamence and Charizrd, but they do Jack
on Swampert.  An Ice type does big Bucks on Salamence, but little on the others.
I would recommend having a fast electric type leading, say, Jolteon, and then,
as backup, a Gardevoir (also going to help alot, Gardevior can learn Thunderbolt
and Psychic, and with a Heck of a lot of SP. ATTACK, it is a prime choice for
the Battle Frontier.
	Again, after 10 tournaments (on your 40th match) you get another shot
at Tucker, this time, harder.  He still has his Trademark Swampert (All Frontier
Brains have a trademark Pokemon, except Brandon), but this time, with Metagross
and Latias.  Grass works well on Swampert, but not on the other two.
Ground works well on Metagross, but not on the other two.  Ice works well 
on Latias, but not the other two.  So, what do we do?  This is the fun bit,
keep a fast ground type in your first slot (DUGTRIO RECOMMENDED!) and then,
put a Shuckle in the second.  Make sure Dugtrio knows Earthquake, and Shuckle 
Toxic, Rest and is holding a Chesto berry.  Send Dugtrio out first.  If it is
Metagross, kill it straight away.  If it is Latias or Swampert, switch to 
Shuckle, and do the Draining Toxic method.  Obviously, if Tucker has Metagross
second, let Shuckle faint, as it serves no purpose from here.  Now, you may be
wondering why I said that...well, seeing as how Dugtrio's defence is appaling,
and would probably get taken out with one shot, it is best just to make sure
ATTACK AND SHUCKLE IN BOTH ITS DEFENCES!  Claim the Tactics symbol and leave
the best part of the Battle Frontier behind.

|The Battle Factory|  [BTFR]

Brain:  Factory Head Noland
Silver Requirements: 3 cycles (21st Trainer)
Gold Requiremtns:  6 cycles (42nd trainer)

The Battle factory...this can be easier than the battle Pike...or it can be
harder than the Palace...it all depends on the Pokemon.  Here, you may NOT use
your own Pokemon, rather, you must use rentals.  You are given a choice of 7
to choose from, I recommend having a fast Pokemon at the front, like Salamnce,
a good, likely to last a long time Pokemon second, like Slaking, and then, a
high HP pokemon, like Blissey, at the end.  However, you may swap your Pokemon
after each match, and seeing as how the rentals get better with eavery 14 or so
swaps you do, it may be a good idea to try and swap as often as possible, just
don't go giving away Slaking for a Linoone OK?  I can honsetly tell you no more
on the Battle Factory...except this;
When you are about to battle, you are told how your opponent battles and if
they favour any particualr type.  For example, my opponent could favout the
Water type, and so, he would have a Marowak (to counter its main Weakness),
Starmie and Vaporeon, and his battle strategy may be "Impossible to predict",
which means he will use many different moves.  Below is what their style might

"Based on Total Perception" means that s/he will use moves that increase stats,
such as Swords Dance.

"Depends on the Battles flow" means that s/he will use a lot of Combos to suit
the Situation.

"Adaptable to the Situation" means that s/he will use a Weather condition to
annoy you, for example, they may use Rain dance when you are using Aracanine...

"Free-Spirited and Unrestrained" means that s/he will use a wide variety of

"High Risk, High Return" means that it will use Self-Damaging moves, like

"Impossible to predict" means that they will use even more variety of moves than
in Free Spirited and Unrestrained.

"One of Endurence" means that they will use moves to heal themselves, or negate
damages, such as Rest and Protect.

"Slow and Steady" means that they will rely on Stats conditions, like Toxic.

"Weakens Foe from the start" means they will use Stat decreasing moves, like 
Tail whip (lol).

After your 20th Victory, you final Opponent on the 3rd cycle will be Noland.
I can't really help you here, and nor can the stupid nerd that tells you about
everyone else...anyway...what I can tell you is Noland will construct his team
usually the way I described above, speed, then main battler, then HP.  I lost to
him on the Last Pokemon, which really burned me up (it was a Xatu).
	After your 41 victory, you will face Noland again.  I'm sorry, I can't
help you here either,  but he does construct his team the same way as above.
Don't expect to get your Gold symbol for a couple of weeks.  Leave this harsh
place and head for quite a fun place.

|The Battle Pyramid|  [BTPY]

Brain:  Pyramid King Brandon
Silver Requirements:  3 cycles
Gold Requirements:  6 cycles

The Battle Pyramid is one of the harder attractions, but there are a few that
top it.  In this, you may not use ANY hold items, which is an immediate
downside, and also, you may not take your bag in with you.  Instead, you get
given a bag, which, unlike the bag you have, can only hold 10 items and has one
pocket.  You will find berries and normal items ONLY, so no Mastterballs here.
However, you may attach these items to Pokemon, and you may use them in battle
too.  If you find yourself in possesion with the Sacred Ash, Consider yourself
extremely lucky (and DO NOT use it unlesss it is on the Frontier Brain).
As you walk around, you will find wild Pokemon (Uncatchable) and many trainers.
These trainers only have one Pokemon apiece, but they tend to be weak (unless
you are on the 6th or 7th floor).  Each time you defeat one of either, your
small vision radius will increase by about a millimeter.  I highly recommend
avoiding defeating wild Pokemon, as it only uses up PP.  When you defeat a
trainer, they will give you one of three pieces of advice.  The bad piece of
adivce is how many trainers there are left, the OK piece of adive is how many
items there are left, and the good piece of advice is the genral direction of
the exit (in my opinion).  Do this 7 times, and you will have completed one
round.  Collect 5 BP.  Repeat for big bucks.
	Remember, the Pyramid is always different, say you beat one floor for
the first time, if you went back and directly challenged the pyramid again, it
would not be the same.  Items, trainers and warp tiles also change.  However,
there is one thing that usually stays the same.  Next ot the PC in the first
room, there will be a Hex-Maniac, who will be pleased to tell you what Horrors
await you in the Pyramid, in both categorys.  Genrally, it goes Paralysis,
Poison then Burn.  To make things worse, say, if you were to use a Steel type
in the Poison category, the opponents would have Ground and Fire types,
something you need to get around.  
	Don't use Flash, it won't work.  And obviousley, don't lead with 
something like Shuckle, but rather something like Electorde, becasue getting
away fron wild Pokemon will be your first priority.  You may find Fluffy tails
lying around the place, and they will undoutebly help out.  If you can find a
smoke ball, that may help too.
	Note the move Pickup, usually it affected by level, but in the Battle
Pyramid, they rid this effect because there is no point in finding a TM in the
middle of this challenge!!!!!  There is a full list here:
	When you beat the Pyramid 3 times, you can Challenge Brandon, the Brain.
Brandon, who may seem hard, actually is relitivley easy.  On your first try, he
uses the Three Regis, Of Ice Rock and Steel.  Notice anything?  Yup, the're all
weak to fighting, so, a speedy fighting choice-bander, like Breloom, and Sky
Uppercut will make quick work of him.  If you cannot access such a Pokemon
however, it may be best to bring an Arcanine/Entei (for Registeel and Regice)
and a Dugtrio (For Regirock).  Rember, this is the only frontier brain you are
permitted to use items on, so make useage of that.  Revive and hyper Poitions
are fairly common throughout the Pyramid, so remember ot pick them up.
	When you complete the pyramid 6 times, you will be challenged again, but
this time, you will be against Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres.  This defys the 
anime, but I don't follow it, but Noland is supposed to be the bearer of
Articuno.  Anyway...this fight will be a bit harder than the last, but what I
would advise you to do is STAY AWAY FROM ICE TYPES, as the only thing they work
well on is Zapdos.  Stay away from fighting types too, especially Breloom.
Usig electirc types, Articuno and Moltres will go down farily quickly.  However,
Zapdos, being part eletric, eliminates flyings main weakness.  Flying eliminates
the ground tpe weakness.  The only thing that you might be thinking of now is
Ice.  Leave it at home.  Dugtrio (this is a handy little Pokemon isn't it?) can
learn rock moves, in particular, use Rock Slide and, after your speed bests 
Zapdos, use rock slide.  Claim the symbol and leave full of pride!

|The Battle Arena|  [BTAE]

Brain:  Arena Tycoon Greta
Silver Requirements:  4 cycles 
Gold Requirements: 8 cycles

The Battle Arena really will test your ability.  You choose 3 Pokemon to enter.
However, these Pokemon CANNOT switch, so make sure you plan it to be one
Pokemons succeeder is able to cover its weakness.  If you do not faint your
opponents Pokemon in 3 turns, you will go to judging to decide.  You are judged
on the following catergorys:

Mind - whoever used the most offensive moves gets this.
Skill - Whoever did the most Skilful display, EG lowering your health, Flailing,
then Resting.
Body - The Pokemon witht the most HP left.  

A red Circle means you got two points, and the opponent got none.  A black cross
means that you got none and your opponent got 2.  A blue trinagle mean you tied
and you both got one.  If your match still ends in a tie, you will both faint.

  /        _3.Ground
 |2. Water/
Sorry for the Crapness.  Basically, what I am saying is Ice can be beaten
by fire and fighting (off the top of my head).  Fire is a more common type, so
we need something to defeat that.  Ground, Rock and Water fall into that 
category.  Many Rock types (but not all) are part ground types, so lets rule 
rock out.  Water, which can learn Ice moves, can take out Flying and Dragon
(and Levitater's), so your best bet is a water type. Water can be beaten by
Electric and Grass, Electric is more OU than Grass, so lets go for a ground
type.  In the even of a grass type, you have an Ice type.  But seeing as how
you cannot switch, it won't matter anyway.  A good team would be this:

Use: Ice Beam, Ice Beam, Rest

Use: Psychic/Surf (Depending on type), Psychic/Surf (Depending on type), Rest

Use: Ariel Ace/Earthquake (Depending on type), Ariel Ace/Earthquake 
(Depending on type), Ariel Ace/Earthquake (Depending on type)

THIS STRATEGY IS  NOT RECOMMENDED FOR GRETA!  Though, it is possible to use,
it will be hard to get Heracross down using Regice, your better off with 
Starmie.  Then, Umbreon will put an end to your Sherade.  If you manage to
defeat it with Dugtrio, your very lucky, and then, deliver the final blow to
Shedinja.  Anyway, I am kind of doing this facility in reverse order, I am doing
the brain first, then the arena itelf.  Then, going back to the brain!
This strategy, when used in the Arena, will usually result in you using all
3 Pokemon.  Using the Offensive, 9 times out of 10, you will get the Mind and
Skill, especially when you use rest.  This usually results in body too.  DO MAKE
Rinse, repeat and you win.  I have yet to test this strategy. BTW, Regice will
ALWAYS get the body bonus, because it is very slow, and it will usually recover
without taking a hit.

Back to Greta, using a Flying Type that Naturally learns Ariel ace and is fast
(Swellow), you can easilly take out Heracross.  Umbreon will fall fairly quickly
to Hariyama, as Hariyama is meant to last.  MAKE SURE THAT HARIYAMA KNOWS ARM
THRUST, FAKE OUT AND KNOCK OFF!  Why?  Fake out on first turn = Skillful.
(Possible Knock off to get rid of item).  Arm thrust, although weak, is very
powerful if used properly (and in this case).  Knock off is to get rid of 
Shedinja quickly.  Beware of Ariel ace and the speed of it!

Back on the 8th time, you fight a more powerful Greta.  Umbreon is screaming for
Arm Thrust and Fake out again, so make sure to lead with Hariyama.  Gengar is
begging to not have Psychic put a dent in it, Gardevoir will be plenty.  And
Breloom?  That will be annoyed if you use an Ariel ace on it (Dugtrio
surprisers? Anyone?)  Once you beat her, you will walk away with the guts

Now, as I said earlier, Fakeout=Skillful.  Combined with the fact that Sabeleye
has no weakness, and is immune to normal, Psychic and fighting types,
you should consider using Sabeleye.  Sabeleye is resonably fast, too.
It should have Fake Out, Confuse Ray and perhaps Shadow Ball for anything that
isn't resistent (or immune), perhaps Recover too (learnt from breeding), as a
means of self recoverey, a first at the Frontier.  

|The Battle Palace|  [BTPL]
Brain:  Palace Maven Spenser
Silver Requirements: 3 cycles 
Gold Requirements: 6 cycles

The Battle Palace...the most pain-in-the-ass attraction here...

In the battle palace, depending on your Pokemon's nature, they will attack by
themselves.  So...how do we determine what attack they like to use?  There is
a complicated chart...or there is a girl with a house near the palace (its the
long one).  She'll tell you what your moves your Pokemon like to use, and what
happens whn it gets enough "ouchies" (low on HP). For example...
"Your Pokemon likes to battle! Even if it has lots of ouchies!" would mean my
Pokemon would generally use offensive moves, but sometimes "be incapable of
using its power" (this can happen anytime, to anyone, and is a waste of a turn).
"Your Pokemon likes to be Sneaky!  But if it gets enough ouchies, it will look
after itself!" This can happen in reverse order too.  If your Pokemon is told it
likes to be sneaky, it would genearlly be Status inflicting moves.  A standard
Blissey Setup would help there.  Looking after itslef means that it will use
recovery and defensive moves like protect, recover and even safeguard!  And so
what makes this place the most pain in the ass place ever?  If you want your
Raichu, who is on low HP and you tell him to attack with out a protective move,
if thats in his nature, then Raichu is a dead man and you have lost your first
challenge!  However, unlike the last, you are allowed to swith in battle.
	Your opponents must play by the same rules as you, they cannot command
their attacks.  However, just be wary if your up against a Slamence with Ariel
Ace that has a Bold nature...
	When you have beaten the Palace 3 times (to be precise, 2 6/7ths) old
beard head challenges you.  He hold a staff.  No.  Never.  I don't care!  What
is intertesting about him is that he has several tattoos...AND HE LOOKS LIKE HE
IS A GHETTO OF A DINOSAUR!  Anyway, back to reality, Spenser has really tough
Pokemon, but sometimes they give him no good.  He'll use a Crobat first, and
I would recommend countering with a steel, because he likes to Toxic, Double
Team x a bit.  If you chose a type like Metagross, make sure that the little
girl tells you it will battle 100%.  Teach it Psychic, and NO OTHER OFFENSIVE
MOVES!  Metagross will not be poisoned, and with some luck, can kill Crobat
relitivley easily.  Use what you can from Metagross to kill STUPID SLAKING,
who's HP and defence make it = to Shuckle in taking hits!  What can happen is
Slaking can "be incapable of using its power", followed by a Traunt, so use that
time wisley.  His final Pokemon is Lapras, which is even more of a job than
Slaking.  I would recommend usng a Shuckle for this fight, even though its weak.
Toxic him, sandstorm for more damage, Safeguard and Rest when need be (do it
intrrupting that cycle if things fall to drastic measures!).  But what Shuckle
in particular?  Mabey its because of...H-h-h-h-orn dill!!!!!  And don't forget,
make sure Shuckle is a SNEAKY TYPE, EVEN IF IT GETS LOW ON HP, do it will do max
	When you get through the 6th time, you get your second brawl with old
dinosaur, who has got even better (:/()).  He leads off with Arcanine, one
of my favourite Pokemon for a reason.  Extremspeed.  I know only of Arcanine,
Raquaza and Speed Deoxys that can learn it.  However, I am not 100% sure if
he has it, I would assume he would if you are playing Open Level.  I would
hope you lead off with a fast water type. If you have it Suicune (see a couple
of lines down), or Starmie will be fine.  Make sure it knows Hydro Pump and
Surf, they will be of infinate value if you have a nature that will 100% attack.
If you can kill Arcanine, you will find our friend, Slaking.  Again.  And more
powerful this time.  Like I said last time, use whatever you have left of
Starmie to dent it, and then, finish it off with a POWERFUL Hariyama (make sure
it will battle 100%).  Finally, I copied Spenser's Suicune idea because he uses
it here.   A fast and hard-hitting Pokemon, which seemed rubbish in G/S/C (it
knew tackle, growl, water gun and quick attack or something like that in those
games).  Again, use whatever you have left of Hariyama to finish it, then use a
Raichu (more risky, but fast) or a Shuckle (less Risky, but slow).  After the
most hated area on the whole frontier is complete, you walk away with the 
symbol of spirits.  RUN FROM THIS VILE, VILE PLACE!!! (Unless you are going for
wild Pokemon).

|The Battle Tower|  [BTTW]
Brain:  Salon Maiden Anabel
Silver Requirements: 5 cycles 
Gold Requirements: 10 cycles

The Battle tower is probably the most boring place in the frontier.  You can
either choose to fight single (recommended, as that way you can beat Anabel),
double, double partner, or link double partner.  By double partner, what you do
is you go to a sort of union room, and then, you can pick a partner.  They are
random trainers.  They will tell you their best Pokemon, and one of its better
attacks.  Do NOT choose a trainer that says something like "I have a Linoone
with Hyper Beam", because it is pointless to have such rubbish!  Anyway, there
is no speciality about the tower, it is just 7 straight battles.  That makes it
kinda boring, but then again, it is better than the battle palace.  I can only
advise you to make your team like I did in the battle factory, Speed->Endurer->
HP (but you have your own team here).  The trainers are random and their Pokemon
are too, like every other facility.  They get better and start to use legends
later on.  So...well...I can't say much else, but what I can tell you is how
to beat the person on the end of the 5th and 10th tier, Anabel, the fronteir 
leader!  Apparently, she is supposed to be in charge of the frontier brains,
but I think Brandon is more deserving of that place.  Anyway, Anabel is often
regarded as weak for a reson, she has an average team.  OK, fine, Entei but
still.  One's weakness is another's strength (but there are ways to aver this).
She'll start off with an Alakazam.  Keep fighting for last, you'll need it,
but, actually, you can use it now.  Her ALakazam has 3 damaging moves, all being
the elemental unches, so use a fast sighting type (Breloom) and use something
Strength to KO it pretty quick.  Next, she'll send out Entei, the fire dog.
Entei can be a pain up the but, dependng on how you look at him, if you go
charging in with a bug bregade, your toast (pun indeed...).  I could suggest
what you did for old dinosaur, use Suicune, but if you can't get one (you need
FR or LG or Colosseum), Starmie will be fine.  Suceeding Entei will be a
Snorlax with a crap moveset.  It doesn't have rest.  Really Anabel?
You can do better than that!!  Anyway, I said use Hariyama last because Snorlax
is basically FR/LG's Slaking, it can take a lot of hits, but it has average
defence.  It shouldn't be too much trouble taking her down, if you have
problems, you need to do better...she isn't hard!
	However, whe gets much harder the second time.  First off is another
dog Raikou (were did SHE get THEM from?).  Raikou is faster and has better moves
than Entei, but it will be very prone to a Choice Banding Earthquaker.  It
likes to use rain dance and Thunder, to boost the Power and make sure it hits
every time.  Next up, we have Latios (she is a fan of the legends isn't she?).
Total pain in the ass.  Psychic/Dragon type means its main weakness is dark/ice.
There aren't a good lot of powerful SP.ATT Ice types around...so We'll settle 
for Claydol.  I know Claydol's ATT and SP. ATT are nothing to turn the world
upside-down, but the thing is, his defences are both above average, and Latios
won't be able to do a great amount of damage against him.  Next, we have
the sig Pokemon, Snorlax.  Use the strategy I said above, and also, you could
try and fnish it off with Claydol.
	One more thing before you use Claydol, make sure it knows Barrier AND
Reflect (it can learn both).  Take that symbol of this so called leader.
Congrats, you have now beaten the battle Frontier!  And you know what you get?
Nothing, absolutely nothing!

~Battle Tower Secrets:

-Your apprentice.  Every day, there will be an apprentice standin at the far
left of the tower.  He'll ask you uestions like,
"Which Pokemon should I raise?  Linoone?  Or Snorlax?"  We all know what you
should say (instead say Linoone, you'll see why in a minuet), so don't say it.
After about 5-7 days, they will have asked you 1 Q. per day.  They can also ask
you stuff like which item is the best for them (you pick one of your own).  
Now, you may wonder why I tell you to always pick the rubbish one?  It is
because they appear in the frontier as a trainer when they are finished, often
against you.  These trainers will have the same Pokemon, Items and Moves 
(always).  The process is repeated a number of times.


1.  Take two Pokemon, and Make sure they are in your party.  Atatch any item you
    deisre, that will be cloned too.
2.  Deposit the Pokemon in the PC.
3.  Save infont of the PC (its compulsory).
4.  Withdraw the Pokemon.
5.  Talk to the Link-Multi battle woman (on the far right).
6.  Tell her you want to enter.
7.  Chooose those two Pokemon.
8.  When she says is it OK to save say yes.
9.  If done correctly, there should be about a 5 second period where there is no
10. When it says "Would you like to save the game?" say no.
11. Turn off and on.

|Tips and secrets|  [TPSC]

~Easy BP:

-Betting.  When you have won your third symbol, you get the option to bet.  An
easy way to win is to see what the guy is asking you to bet on, then, BEFORE
you say yes, go to that attraction and lose.  Go back to him again, bet 15BP
(this is easy on the BP) and then, claim your reward.  Just make sure it is on
a facility that you are good with.

-The Battle Pyramid.  Beating the Battle Pyramid nets you 5 BP at a time.  Go
start beating the Pyramid!

-Frontier brains, Scott.  By talking to Scott (one time only) you get 2BP.  OK,
so thats not alot.  Beating the fronteir brains will net you the normal battle
points that you would get, +10.  Beating Brandon nets you 15ish for the silver
symbol.  Go beat them!

~Battle Tower Secrets:

NOTE:  This section is C&P'd from the Battle Tower Section.

-Your apprentice.  Every day, there will be an apprentice standin at the far
left of the tower.  He'll ask you uestions like,
"Which Pokemon should I raise?  Linoone?  Or Snorlax?"  We all know what you
should say (instead say Linoone, you'll see why in a minuet), so don't say it.
After about 5-7 days, they will have asked you 1 Q. per day.  They can also ask
you stuff like which item is the best for them (you pick one of your own).  
Now, you may wonder why I tell you to always pick the rubbish one?  It is
because they appear in the frontier as a trainer when they are finished, often
against you.  These trainers will have the same Pokemon, Items and Moves 
(always).  The process is repeated a number of times.


1.  Take two Pokemon, and Make sure they are in your party.  Attach any item you
    deisre, that will be cloned too.
2.  Deposit the Pokemon in the PC.
3.  Save infont of the PC (its compulsory).
4.  Withdraw the Pokemon.
5.  Talk to the Link-Multi battle woman (on the far right).
6.  Tell her you want to enter.
7.  Chooose those two Pokemon.
8.  When she says is it OK to save say yes.
9.  If done correctly, there should be about a 5 second period where there is no
10. When it says "Would you like to save the game?" say no.
11. Turn off and on.

Thats all I can think of at the moment, I'll add more later on.

|Good Temas to use|  [GDTM]

THe Battle Froniter is by no means an easy place to complete.  So many teams and
Pokemon I have tried, and failed.  Now, thanks to a little research, and Serebii
Battle Tower for R/S guide, I will list teams and Pokemon that I think will help

Latios @ Shell Bell
Ability: Levitate
Calm Mind
Psychic/Dragon Claw (I like Psychic due to Dragons being sparse in the BF)

Weezing @ Leftovers
Ability: Levitate 
Sludge Bomb
Flamethrower/Fire Blast (I like Flamethrower more, due to accuracy and PP)

Zangoose @ Chesto Berry
Ability:  Immunity
Swords Dance
Shadow Ball/Brick Break (I like Shadow Ball for Ghosts)
Crush Claw

This team, was made by Mild Altaria of Serebii.  I DID NOT MAKE THIS TEAM, all
credit goes to him!

This is my main Battle Frontier Team.  First off, may I say this team is well
balanced, and that there aren't alot of weaknesses (about 3 or 4 common ones,
5ish in total).  Already a great help.  Secondly, this team has a Special
Sweeper (Latios), a phisical Sweeper (Zangoose), and a Hazer/Exploder (Weezing).
"ZANGOOSE?  WTF!" I may here some of you say.  What you don't realise is
Zangoose was one of the top OU's around, but it fell in popularity due to its
defences.  After a single Calm Mind/Swords Dance, you are very likely to 1/2KO
anything, very handy indeed.

Weezing is for those Iron Defenders, Opposing Calm Minders, and is your only
Steel Counter, just be aware of that.  It has the Levitate Ability, making it
immune to its biggest weakness, ground.  Latios also has this ability, making 
him usefull too.  When weezing islow on health, bad status condidtion etc.
EXPLODE!!! and KO anything that hasn't upped (but that shouldn't be there, due
to Haze).   Weezing is a great Phisical wall too, so that makes it a worthy
choice.  It has decent Attack too, so Sludge Bomb will 1/2 KO most things that
don't resist it or are named Snorlax and Blissey.  

Zangoose is a wee bit hard to get, your going
to have to trade from Ruby/Pokemon XD, but trust me, its worth it.  It may not
have great defences, but it can certainly sweep well.  Using one Swords Dance is
engough to 1/2KO anything, really, using Shadow Ball or Crush Claw.  Yes, Ghost
moves ARE phisical attacks (and whoever thought that up should be shot, the only
REAL one that I can think that requires contact is Shaodw Punch, and it lesser
seen).  The Chesto berry is for waking up after Rest, its form of Self Recovery.

For Latios, read Zangoose, just replace "Swords Dance" With Calm Mind, "Shadow 
Ball/Crush Claw" with Psychic/Surf/Dragon Claw and Rest with Recover.  The Shell
bell is there as another form of Self-Recovery, and you'll be doing quite alot
of damage with it, too.
Gengar @ Leftovers

Ability:  Levitate

Brick Break
Shadow Ball

Suicune @ Chesto Berry/Leftovers (if you didn't give LO to Gengar)

Ability:  Pressure

Calm Mind
Ice Beam

Ursaring @ Salac Berry/Shell Bell (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get the Salac Berry)

Swords Dance
Rock Slide
Brick Break


May I just say 3 things:  1)  This is a VERY VERY hard team to get, with you
needing to trade to FR/LG for Genger and possibly Suicune or maybe Colosseum for
Suicune.  2)  It is a risky set, you have about 2 more weaknesses than the last
one, but they aren't as common.  3)  It can be slightly situational.  Can I just
say that it _is_ possiblt to get the Gengar set, you have to breed Haze, get
Explosion by Move Tutor, and the offensive moves by TM (or Shadow Ball at LV.
45 in FR/LG).  Gengar is basiclly an imitated weezing, with slightly less
defence, the added Speed (VERY USEFULL on this type of Pokemon) and the Ghost
Type.  Oh, and there is Brick Break over Fire Blast/Flamethrower too...

Suicune is going to be the main man in your team.  He has a monsterous defence,
not too shabby attack, Hp that is quite good, and a great ability, making him
a perfect annoyer/attacker (holds up GBAchaosmaster shield).  Water/Ice gives
you normal damage to every pokemon in the game (bar Shedinja), and Surf gets
STAB.  Suicune is a good Staller, with the Pressure ability, Pokemoln will use 2
PP instead of 1 when they attack, perfect for the longer battle.  Suicune will
probably take 4 hits to KO with its weaknesses, so it can be very good against
those types.  Chesto Berry is for Rest.  I think thats it for Suicune...

Ursaring...could be the new Zangose if given a bit of luck!  Notice Ursaring's
totally offencive movest (+Swords Dance)?  Well, that is what Ursaring does!
usually, most attacks will come close to knocking Ursaring out, thats why I was
so desparate for the Salac Berry.  With this, if you swords dance on turn one,
get hit and then activate the Salac Berry, You will have Monsterous Attack and
Speed, and with type coverage with all those attacks, you will have very few
problems.  You must watch out for Jolteons, Aerodactyls, Electrodes and Ninjask,
who will all outrun it.  A STAB Thrash will knock out 99% of Pokemon that don't
resit it (the 1% is for the gay Focus Banders).

So this set can work, you just need to give it patience, time an some TLC.

If you want to go against the suggested teams, or don't have easy access to
Suicune/Latios, here are some Pokemon that may work for you:

Starmie @ Petaya Berry/Leftovers       

Ability:  Natural Cure                 
Ice Beam

The all-out Special Sweeper is the way to go.  Starmie has vey good stats in 
everything, and can outrun most Pokemon in the Battle Frontier.  I would 
seriously consider Starmie for your team, as an all out sweeper it does well.
You need no Strategy for the iy, attack, if Shedinja is thrown out, Switch (if 

NOTE:  Sorry aobut the CM set, I was emailed to let me know Starmie can't learn
CM...lol I feel stupid now.
Shedinja @ Choice Band / Nothing

Ability:  Wonder Guard

Ariel Ace
Shadow Ball
Silver Wind
Filler (For the CB) / Theif (for No Item)

USE THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!  Shedinja is a deadly fainting machine when given
some TLC, but use only with a Rapid Spinner and a Pokemon that Resists Flying,
Fire, Ghost, Dark and Rock, any attack from these types WILL KO Shedinja.  Kinda
ovious this set, especially for a CB-Ja
Dugtrio @ Choice Band

Ability:  Arena Trap

Ariel Ace
Sludge Bomb
Rock Slide

CB needs no Strategy.  Just hit Hard and Fast.
Smeargle @ Salac Berry (you NEED this berry, the Quick Claw is hopeless)

Ablilty:  Own Tempo

Extremespeed/Quick Attack

If you cannot get the Salac berry, then forget about using Smeargle.

Before I explain this set, I have only lost once (though I haven't used him for
more than 15 battles) with this guy.  Many people hate Smeargle, and I can't
seem to figure out why.  It can learn every single move in the game, but it does
however have absolutely appauling stats.  Now, we can actually use those low
stats really in our favour.  Actually, it has a base 75 speed, so it can and
will outrun most Pokemon in the battle frontier with the Salac Boost (Salamence
not included).  Also, if Smogon has this set up, then it can't be all that bad,
can it?

Firstly, you have to predict a strong attack from your opponent.  However, these
are guarenteed from a fighting type, and any boosted type (other than ghost).
First off, use Endure.  This will usually bring Smeargle down to 1 HP (a base 
35 DEF and 45 SP. DEF hurts alot), activating a Salac Boost.  Spore will always
hit your oponnent, barring stat lowering, and is much more reliable than Sleep
Powder and Hypnosis.  With them asleep, you are more than likely able to get 2
turns turns to yourself, so first use Endeavour to bring them down to 1HP, and
use Extreem Speed/QA for the guarentted kill.  Rinse and repeat from the spore
process.  Be VERY wary of Ghosts and Other Pokemon with a first strike move
(e.g. In the Battle Dome, you will often find a Hitmonchan in the lower tiers,
they can often carry Mach Punch and ruin everything.)

Whats Even Better about this set is this:

In a double battle, if you pair it with a Pokemon with high attack that can
Explode (Metagross is the best choice here, you can use Golem and Rhydon,
but they both have a 4x weakness to Grass and Water...), if you endure the hit,
you will likely win the battle (unless there are some resistances involved).
If the opponent is also being a Jerk and surviving, then Spore, Endevour, QA or
Extremespeed and win XD.

Seriously give this dude some thought, he can be an absolute core addtion to
your team.
Heracross @ Choice Band

Ability:  Take your pick, Swarm or guts will be fine.

Rock Slide
Brick Break

This is really hated by the CPU, they think that a Politoad is better.  If you
managed to read on the message board, this, Suicune and Gardevoir got a "Likely
top 3 finsiher" while the Champ got a Politoad, Crawdaunt and Pinisr.  I lold my
ass off to space.
Regice @ Leftovers

Ability:  Clear Body

Ice Beam

Oh-so famous (ice) STAB boltbeam with Regice's Special attack = Most things
dead.  Filler moves include; Toxic, Rest (use a Chesto Berry if so), Amnesia,
Reflect, Thunderdancing (dont use) and Sciesmic Toss.
Regice will shrug off most hits and deal a helluvalot of them back.  Use it.
|Specific Facilities Reccommended teams|  [SFRT]

Having problems even using my reccommended Pokemon?  As each update goes on,
I will add teams for different facilities.  I aim to do 1-2 an update.

So...starting off with....BRANDON!

Pyramid King Brandon Silver Run through

Personally, I would think that is a killer team anywhere except the battle Pike
/Pyramid, but it would need some alteration for there.  Firstly, I would suggest
using a very fast Pokemon/have a Pokemon witht the run away ablility so you can
run away from wild Pokemon.  Next, I would have a Powerful Pokemon, one that can
really do damage, but can't take a huge amount of hits (but seing as how the CPU
dont like to use sensible atacks, you needn't worry).  Finally, I would have a 
VERY bulky Pokemon, one that is adept at taking Phisical hits and is immune to
Toxic and Earthquake.
So, a good team would be something like this
Gengar (lead)
Shadow Ball
Focus Punch
Ariel Ace
Rock Slide
Dragon Dance
Steel Wing*
Drill Peck
*=I wouldn't normally use that, I only do because it has Super Effective Damage
and STAB against his first 2 Regis
Basically, use Gengar to run/battle (followed by Salamence).  While you may have
alot of weakness to electric, you have a slim to none chance of finding it in 
the BF.
When battling Brandon, I suggest leading with Salamence, primarilly because his
Regirock will use Explosion.  So when he does, switch to Gengar to find he 
wasted a Pokemon.  Next, you COULD use Gengars sub-punching, I just hope you put
252 EV's into HP and Defence, have an IV of 31 in each of those stats and have a
Relaxed nature, making it VERY hard to get this Gengar (but once you do, you
WILL love it)
Beat the Regice as best you can (don't worry if this takes a couple of times,
it will come one day), it won't always be easy.  Finally, send out Skarmory to
take care of Registeel.  He wont be able to use Toxic, he wont be able to EQ
you, but you wont do that much damage to him, thats fine.  You'll need to send
out Salamence if your Skarmory faints.  Salamence will basically 1-2 KO it,
depending on how much work you did with Skarmory.

Pyramid King Brandon Gold Run through

Using all of the legeendary birds has a snag, he has a 3-way weakness to Rock
Attacks -- Exploit that.  Infact, Articuno AND Moltres are guarenteed OHKO's
from a strong rock slide, CH or not.
So I would suggest having the same strategy: Fast pokemon, strong hitter, Filler
/Pokemon that can take out the strong one quickly.  So:
Rock Slide
Filler  (might be Protect)
Filler  (Might Be Rock Tomb)
Filler  (No idea, perhaps Swagger?)
DO NOT have an EQ on Dugtrio, there is no point.  Dugtrio is the fastest ground
type, and he has a decent array of rock moves too.  His attack stat is nothing
to laugh at, so this Rock Slide will exploit that 4x weakness of Articuno and
Moltres.  Zapdos can only damage you by drill peck.  Protect is for when you
think your opponent is going to launch a drill peck/Ice beam (Moltres won't 
damage you too much).  Rock tomb is for using when you are up against one and 
you think you may be slower than them, as going first against them is critical.
Swagger is for Zapdos ONLY it is a very risky move, and wil though pay off if
used correctly.  However, dugtrio can't take an Ice Beam/Drill peck, so just
be very careful.  An Alternate to Dugtrio would be Rhydon with Rock Slide, Rock
Tomb, Protect, Explosion, but this is EXTREMELY risky and you will get KO'd by
his Articuno's Ice beam, max SP DEF or not.
Sub-Punching Gengar is quite hard to use, so I'm going to stay away from that.
Basically, have one back-up for Dugtrio, and one for a surefire Zapdos counter.
I might consider using an Unorthodox choice here - Quagsire.
Ice Beam
Rock Tomb
This is your surefire Zapdos counter.  Eletricity immunity + Off the scale
defences = win.  One thing to be wary of is the Speed and Sp. Attack of
Quagsire, both of which are slightly below average.  Rock tomb him so he is
slower than you then Ice beam away.
Rock Slide
Donphy is REALLY powerful, and is basically your duggy backup.  If you run into
Articuno, you have a 60% chance of being totally screwed, depending on how you
raise it.

Dome Ace Tucker Silver Run through

Actually getting to Tucker is harder tha  fighting to him.  Come on, do you
REALLY need me to post a moveset for him...aww...

Starmie / Suicune @ Leftovers

Ability:  Natural Cure / Pressure

Ice Beam / Ice Beam
Surf / Surf
Recover / HP Grass
HP Grass / Roar

I set it out as in Starmie/Suicune.  The choice is yours,  Starmie will
guarentee a OHKO on Salamence and Charizard, depending on how you train it, and
Suicune will guarentee to last.  The choice is yours.  Ice beam = Dead Salamence
and Surf = Dead CHarizard.  HP Grass = Dead Swmapet.  Next.  Oh, OK, so you were
a bit of a muppet and you fainted your Pokemon...who do you use in reserve?

Sceptile @ Focus Band

Ability:  Overgrow

Leaf Blade
Dragon Claw
HP Electric/Thunder Punch

I am assuming that you have taken out their flying type, the Focus Band is there
in case you havent.  I dont expect you to go wrong with him...dont use Leaf 
Blade on Salamence...if your not a n00b that is.

Dome Ace Tucker Gold Run through

So she ditches Salamence for Latias and Charizard for Metagross...wise move
Tucker.  Unfortunately, it won't work.

Starmie / Suicune @ Leftovers

Ability:  Natural Cure / Pressure

Ice Beam / Ice Beam
Surf / Surf
Recover / HP Grass
HP Grass / Roar

HP Grass = Dead Swamert.  Ice Beam = Dead Latias.  No questions asked.

Dugtrio @ Focus Band

Ability:  Arena Trap

Earth Quake
I Really
Dont Care
What Goes Here.

EQ = Dead Metagross, just survive the hit...and if you feel haxxy, use the focus
band to survive the hit.

Salon Maiden Anabel Silver Run through.

Good Pokemon, Crap Movesets.  What more could you want?

Sersiously, without reverting to 00ber, Anabel made a good Pokemon choice.
However, she needs some moveset advice.

Houndoom @ Leftovers

Ability:  Early Bird


Flamethrower is only good for one thing: STAB.  Unfortunately, it has no uses 
here.  You may be thining "WTF has Chaet gone mad with Charm"?  And the answer
is no, I have not gone mad, its just you wouldn't normally use it.  Crunch takes
care of Alakazam, and Will-O-Wisp and Charm are for Snorlaxen.  You wont do jack
to the Entei. Instead you'll be using...

Starmie / Suicune @ Leftovers

Ability:  Natural Cure / Pressure

Ice Beam / Ice Beam
Surf / Surf
Recover / HP Grass
HP Grass / Roar

These two kicass around these two facilities.  A surefire Entei counter.  Cant
do anythign to the other two IMO.


Drill Peck
Double Edge

Again, I hate this set, but it works.  Snorlaxen wont do much damage, and if you
managed to get a Charm or two in, then I filler > Counter, please.  IIRC, it's
trait is Immunity, so dont expect toxic to work (if It does, email me and I'll
look into it).  Stalling.  Mehish.

Sorry I am not very helpful, if youv'e got a good strategy (I can get any
Pokemon eligeble for the Frontier) and I'll test it out.

Salon Maiden Anabell Gold Run

Raioku and Latios AND Snorlax...total bitch she is.  STABBED EQ will kill R and
S immediately.

Dugtrio @ Choice Band

I Really
Dont Care
What Goes Here.

Switch when Latios comes out.

Starmie / Suicune @ Leftovers

Ability:  Natural Cure / Pressure

Ice Beam / Ice Beam
Surf / Surf
Recover / HP Grass
HP Grass / Roar

....do you need help Ice Beaming L?

Meh...Guess I'll do Lucy or Greta next.

Pike Queen Lucy Silver Round

Wow so incredibly easy.  If you don't win in 10 turns with my strategy, I'll
eat my hat.

Alakazam @ Leftovers

Ability:  Syncronise (If this is spelled wrong, it is because I dont know how
to spell it and am too lazy to look it up.  :P)


This thing will take out Seviper.  I wouldn't normally use Alakazam, but it
needs to have that little bit of Extra Speed.  This also puts a dent in 
Milotic, too.

Gyarados @ Whatever (APART FROM CHOICE BAND!!)

Ability:  Intimidate

Surf/Hydro Pump
Rain Dance (If you feel like it)

This is the Shuckle counter.  My version of Tauntrados is strictly for this
fight.  Taunt the Shuckle, it wikll only Struggle.  Rain Dance/Surf/Hydro Pump
(if it can learn it) away and 1-3KO it.  

Switch to Alakazam to make a dent in Milotic, then use Lanturn.

Lanturn @ Quick Claw (lets face it, its speed sucks.)


Ability:  VOlt Absorb (not that it really matters, but...)

Thunder Bolt
Ice Beam
Confuse Ray

No Para?  It'll activate his triat, which wont worry us, because we're taking
him down from the special side.  Fuse him straight away.  Thunder Bolt = Win
and he cant damage you, unless by Attract.  Thats why I said make sure it is 

Pike Queen Lucy Gold Run

How Pathetically easy can you get???

Alakazam @ Leftovers

Ability:  Syncronise (If this is spelled wrong, it is because I dont know how
to spell it and am too lazy to look it up.  :P)


This thing will take out Seviper and possible Gyarados.  Any questions?

Lanturn @ Quick Claw (lets face it, its speed sucks.)

Ability:  VOlt Absorb (not that it really matters, but...)

Thunder Bolt
Ice Beam
Confuse Ray

This thing will take out Gyarados and possibly Steelix.  Any questions?

Dugtrio @ Choice Band

Ability:  Arena Trap


This thing will take out Steeilx and possibly Seviper.  Any questions?

Arena Tycoon Greta Silver Run 

lol...Pathetic.  Tyranitar will suqish her silly.

Skarmory @ Leftovers

Ability: Doesnt matter, they dont have OHKO or accuracy lowering moves.

Drill Peck

Using this is the only way your going to be countering her Heracross.  Dead bug
is not pretty.  One thing, whatever you do DO NOT use Drill Peck on the first
turn, as he is guarenteed to Endure-Rev-Salac and kill you, Tyran and Hariyama.
Do it on the second turn when either a)  She wont use it b)  It will fail or
against all odds c)  It will miraculously work.

Tyranitar @ Choice Band

Ability:  Sand Stream

Brick Break

Brick Break will wipe the floor with Umbreon.  Heracross (if not KO'd by Skarm,
because you are a self obsessed hussy) aint gonna last too long, but if it gets
a hit in, you'll be in some serious trouble.  Sandstream will KO Sheddy
instantly, meh meh meh to the Ultimate Pokemon.  Wouldn't it be good on a
Sabeleye...ahh well.  Youd still kill it with Leech Seed/Spikes/Sandstorm etc.

If you really need a last resort Umbreon counter...

Hariyama @ Leftovers

Ability:  Guts

Brick Break

lol.  You only use this if you failed at life and couldn't counter Umbreon with
Tyrainitar.  Sandstorm will KO Sheddy for you.

Arena Tycoon Greta Gold Run through.

Even easier.

Tyranitar @ Leftovers

Ability:  Sand Stream

Brick Break
filler (if you feel haxxy, Blizzard, though I DO NOT recommend this)

Those of you with sharp eyes will notice I swapped Choice Band For Leftovers.
This is because STAB Brick Break on Gengar = 0% damage.  Brick Break is
guarenteed to, at most, 2KO Umbreon.  Crunch will decimate Gengar.  Blizzard is
for those who are feeling haxxy enough to take on Breloom with this thing, and
if your lucky, you'll get a missed Blizzard then be KO'd.

Gardevior @ Whatever apart from CB

Ability:  Syncronise (incase of Gengar parlasis etc.)


You COULD CB it, but it wont get anything from it.  If you havent taken out Umb
you fail at life.  Unless of course, he uses Confuse ray and you aren't haxxy.
If so, you have my sympathy.  Psychic will kill Gengar and Breloom, promise!!

Skarmory @ CB

Ability:  Who cares

Drill Peck

And if your even sadder at life for not KOing his Breloom, skarm here will do
it for you.

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Happy 2007 everyone!

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