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Guide and Walkthrough by ShinigamiMiroku

Version: 1.5 | Updated: 08/28/2009

                         Pokemon: Emerald version
    (Copyright 1995-2005 Nintendo, Creatures Inc., GAME FREAK Inc.)
                     Pokemon Emerald FAQ/Walkthrough
                               Version 1.4
                           By: Shinigami Miroku
                                  /    \
                                 /      \
                                 \      /
(forgive the poor ASCII art)

1. Table of contents

  1. Table of contents (obviously...)
  2. Introduction
  3. Basic Controls
  4. Version updates
  5. Intro to Pokemon R/S/E changes
  6. Walkthrough
    6a. Littleroot Town
    6b. Oldale Town
    6c. Petalburg City
    6d. Rustboro City
      6d1. Roxanne
    6e. Dewford Town
      6e1. Brawly
    6f. Slateport City
    6g. Mawville City
      6g1. Wattson
    6h. Verdanturf Town
    6i. Fallarbor Town
    6j. Mt. Chimney
    6k. Lavaridge Town
      6k1. Flannery
      6k2. Norman (Petalburg City)
    6l. Weather Institute
    6m. Fortree City
      6m1. Winona
    6n. Safari Zone
    6o. Lilycove City
    6p. Mt. Pyre
    6q. Team Magma & Aqua Hideouts
    6r. Mossdeep City
      6r1. Tate & Liza (double battle, not two bosses)
      6r2. Shoal Cave
    6s. Sootopolis City/Cave of Origin
     6s1. Sky Pillar 1
     6s2. Sootopolis Gym
    6t. Pacifidlog Town
    6u. Ever Grande Town (includes Victory Road)
    6v. Elite Four
    6w. Afterwards...
    6x. The Battle Frontier
  7. FAQs
  8. Credits
  9. Contact/copyright information

2. Introduction

Hello! I am known on GameFAQs as Shinigami-Miroku. This is my third attempt at
an FAQ, the first being a conversation log from Fire Emblem that was rejected
(I later found out someone already did one; it's a definate must-read IMO) and
the second being a conversation log from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
(ended up giving up on that. too little time considering the shifts I'm pulling
at work).

In any case, I noticed a lot of the Emerald guides haven't been completed yet.
It does not surprise me, considering how much information there is to put in it.
However, since over half of the guides were out before the NA release, this
means that: 1) a lot more people import GB games than counted in the poll
regarding imported games, 2) a lot of people use illegal ROMs and GameFAQs has
no way to know if their contributors are telling the truth, or 3) I'm just being
paranoid over a trivial matter (knowing me, it's 3. lol).

I'm not saying I'll have this done in one day. On the contrary, at the time of
the first version being submitted, I haven't gotten past Norman yet (sad, isn't
it?). I guess I'm babbling again... oh well. Wait a while longer for my next
GameFAQ, probably for the DS Pokemon games, and enjoy this one in the meantime!

Small-time update for this area... With regards to Fire Emblem 7: Rekka no Ken
- I finally beat both ENM and HNM! Gotta love my 20/20 Bishop Serra. ^_^

0.4.5 Update: Well, I haven't gotten very far in the Paper Mario 2
Conversations... simply because it's more time-consuming than anything else.
But, like the Version Update says, I have beaten Norman & gotten to the Weather
Institute. I included all the Aqua battles too, though I normally don't do that
because, unless they're alone, I don't do Grunts since they're like normal
trainers. I won't do the Grunt battles for Mt. Pyre, the Hideouts, or beyond
simply because there are too many. So use the Weather Institute battles as a
simplified guide since they rarely use other types. For Magma members, switch
Numel & Carvanha and it's the same.
0.5 Update: 2,000+ Hit Special! I can't believe how many hits I've gotten, and
only over the past two-three weeks that this guide has been up!  It's taking a
lot less time than I assumed it would be, but I'm still going to overestimate
the time it'll take to be safe. I wouldn't want you all to miss out... ::grins::
0.6 Update: I was planning on two smaller updates, but I kinda got ahead of
myself, so this is one BIG update! Also, this also marks the 4000+ Hits to this
site! yay! ^_^ One thing, though. If anyone knows the name of the Aqua Admin in
the Aqua hideout, could you please send me an email? Don't worry, I'll make sure
I put you in the credits section.
0.6.5 Update: I was re-reading this and found quite a few mistakes, so I'm
making this quick update to fix them.
0.7 Update: Made it to the Sootopolis Gym! Sorry this took so long, but my
laptop have been on the fritz over the past month or so, so I haven't been able
to work on it. However, I did make hand-writted notes while I played the game,
and now that my laptop is running smoothly I've started to compile those notes
into the information you see. If you read above, I gave up on my Paper Mario 2
Conversations FAQ... too much work, too little time, especially with this FAQ
needing to be finished, and as far as GameFAQs is concerned, this one is my
highest priority. However, I've also been working on beating FE7: Rekka no Ken
(i.e. Fire Emblem), so that's why I'm only up to Sootopolis Gym.
0.8 Update: Stupid laptop... it has not working because of the stupid AC
Adapter, but now it's fixed, so I can finish this guide. That's why I haven't
made any progress on the FAQ in awhile. I did beat the Sootopolis Gym and the
Elite Four, but the hardest part is remembering the Gym Leader's lineup, levels
& movesets... if anyone could supply that information, I'll be extremely
grateful (or is it greatful? I always get that word messed up... x_x)
0.9 Update: I finally got off my rear end and decided to go full-force into
finishing this FAQ. First is finishing the Pokemon encounters in the Sky Pillar.
Second is continuing into the Victory Road. The Elite Four will have to wait
until the 1.0 Update, though, since I still have yet to find out their movesets.
1.0 Update: Ah, forget about the movesets... I've held off long enough.
The types used by the E-4 should give a decent idea of what to expect, anyway.
GO GO E-4!
1.1 Update: Yeah, Yeah, I know... I've been trying to find a job, which is a
full-time job in and of itself, ok? In either case, I'm back to give some info
on the Battle Frontier itself... mainly the Battle Factory, as that's the only
place I have a Silver in... my main teams is already past lvl 50 but not close
to 60, so I can't aim for the medals without either leveling my current team or
making a whole new team from scratch, which I no longer have time for.
1.2 Update: OK, it's November of '07, and a lot has happened with the release
of Diamond/Pearl. With regards to this game, I'll modify it a bit to point out
good Pokemon to transfer over. As far as the Battle Frontier goes, it's gonna
be a while before I get back there since I'm working on a new run-through of
this game along with my run-through of Pearl.
1.3 Updates: Corrected data errors including enemy Pokemon levels, rewards, etc.
1.4 Updates: I realized that I hadn't covered Shoal Cave, so I went ahead and
             made a small section for it after the Mossdeep Gym.
1.5 Updates: No, I haven't forgotten... been busy trying to get my Culinary
             Arts certification, and add onto that other game and writing
             projects I haven't had much time to spend updating. I'm trying
             to clean it up a bit, too, so it'll be a bit easier on the eyes.

3. Basic Controls

A- talk to people
   confirm menu selections
   soft restart (hold A,B,Start,Select)

B- cancel menu selection
   run (hold, after getting the Running Shoes)
   wheelie (on Acro Bike, hold while going in a direction)
   bike hop (Acro Bike, hold until hopping, must not be moving)
   bike jump (Acro Bike, tap B and + direction at the same time)
   soft restart (hold A,B,Start,Select)

+ Pad- move around

L- same as "A" (select L=A in Options menu)
   move left & right in menus (select LR in Options menu)

R- move left & right in menus (select LR in Options menu)

Start- pause
       soft restart (hold A,B,Start,Select)

Select- instant access to selected "Key Items" item
        soft restart (hold A,B,Start,Select)

4. Version updates

0.4 - submission of FAQ/Walkthrough
0.4.5 - fixed some typos, Norman > Weather Institute
0.5 - Rival battle #3 > Lilicove
0.6 - Rival battle #4 > Mossdeep City
0.6.5- typo/incorrect info fixed, Mossdeep Gym
0.7 - up to Sootopolis Gym
0.8 - other typos fixed, up to Victory Road
0.9 - up to Elite Four
1.0 - completion of the story mode; typos fixed
1.1 & 2 - BF and D/P-related updates
1.3 - errors regarding listed trainer battles fixed
1.4 - Shoal Cave; errors fixed
1.5 - D/P/P updates

5. Intro to R/S>E changes

#1. Battle Tower gets a major face-left!

Explanation: Basically, the Battle Tower, which was an added feature from
Crystal Version, was so successful that they put it in Ruby/Sapphire, and then
vastly expanded it in this game & made it become the "Battle Frontier". The
name certainly does suit the place, as the place is rough to get through (or
so I hear), and new Pokemon appear from the G/S/C series that weren't in
Ruby/Sapphire. More details in "Afterwards..." (which will be expanded into its
own separate components once I get there).

#2. Gee, this place looks familiar... 'cept I don't see Chansey...

Explanation: The Ruby/Sapphire Safari Zone, whose original counterpart was the
only place in R/B/Y you could find many super-rare Pokemon, including Chansey,
has been expanded in Emerald to include Pokemon from the "National Dex", which
is basically the PokeDex from G/S/C added on to the R/S/E PokeDex.
Unfortunately, the two new areas in the Safari Zone cannot be accessed until
after you become the Champ and gain the National Dex (honestly, what did you

#3. Double the Experience, Double the Fun (or Pain...)!!!

Explanation: More Trainers are stuffed into the game, some routes having almost
double the origninal number of Trainers they had in R/S. This has given birth
to the (almost) new double-battle. It is like fighting Twins, but they will
have different types of Pokemon from each other, because you can battle them
seperately as well, so it will be more easy or more difficult, depending on how
you handle them.

#4. Save the World... from BOTH TEAMS?!? Surely you jest!!!

Explanation: I'm not, and don't call me Shirley. (yes, bad joke, but I like it,
so whatever...) In any case, in Ruby Version, Magma was your enemy. In Sapphire,
Aqua was your enemy. But in Emerald, they fight each other and threaten the
world together, so you have to beat both teams to restore order to Hoenn (makes
MUCH more sense, huh..?). As such, new locations for the teams have been
created, and you now have more chances to fight each team.

#5. Double the Power, Double the Trouble... wait, now that ain't right!!!

Explanation: Kyogre & Groudon have been super-charged to be at lv.70 when you
fight them, so they are basically on-par with the legendary dragon Rayquaza in
terms of level (but as far as experience goes, Ray-boy has much more, so they
respect him enough to stop fighting when they're released from their
should've-been-eternal slumber). Be extremely careful when tracking these three
down, as they WILL kill your team if you don't know what to expect. Just
because I'm nice, I'm going to list Kyogre's and Groudon's move lists here:

Kyogre: lv. 70, Water-type
Ability: Drizzle (automatically starts rain status for 5 turns)
 Hydro Pump (second most powerful Water move)
 Rest (puts user to sleep for 2 turns & restores HP/status)
 Sheer Cold (One-hit KO; 30% base hit rate)
 Double-Edge (Normal version of Hydro Pump, except user gets 1/3 the dealt
 damage unless the user had the Rock Head ability, which Kyogre doesn't)

Groudon: lv. 70, Ground-type
Ability: Drought (automatically starts sunlight for 5 turns)
 Fire Blast (Fire version of Hydro Pump)
 Rest (see above)
 Fissure (Ground version of Sheer Cold; doesn't hit Flying-types)
 Solarbeam (Most powerful Grass attack; same-turn attack in sunlight, which
 works with Groudon's Drought ability)

#6. Where's Waldo... er, Wally... er, I mean, Wallace...? Heh heh heh... ^_^;

Explanation: Wallace, the Water-using Gym Leader from Sootopolis, is no longer
maintaining his gym. Can you find him? (Hint: He comes later on in the storyline
of the game)

#7. Hey, look! More Berries! ^_^

Explanation: The Berries from G/S/C have been renamed & revamped for R/S/E. The
simple Berry is now the "Oran Berry", for example. Many different types of
Berries now exist, especially with the release of Emerald version; there are
now EV-reducing Berries (not sure which ones, but you'll know since they
increase happiness), nature-specific Berries (which cause confusion to Pokemon
that dislike a certain flavor), and other Berries.

#8. Hey, I can connect to Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum!

Explanation: The DS games Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum can connect with
all 5 'third-generation' games, including Emerald, to unlock different Pokemon
in any one of those games, as well as the feature to transfer Pokemon from
the 'third-generation' games to D/P/P. These will be pointed out as we go.

6. Walkthrough

6a. Littleroot Town

You start out on... well, it's more or less a phone call with Prof. Birch, I
guess, and it explains what you're going to be & do, like in the last ones
(::sighs:: some things never change...). After the intro, you'll find yourself
in the back of a moving van, getting bumped around on the rough road to
Littleroot (honestly, who puts their kid in the back of a moving van? Isn't
that child abuse?).

No need to talk about every little thing, so I'll just sum it up. You
have to talk to Birch's kid in order to get to Birch, like in R/S, but he/she
won't appear until you try to steal his/her Pokeball (not like you'd get
away with it; you're not Lupin the 3rd). He/She'll come in & talk for a
minute, then leave. Go out & save Birch from the lv.2 Zigzagoon (how pathetic...
::shakes his head in disgust::). After that, talk to some of the NPC people
you see to get playing tips, if you need them...

6b. Oldale Town

This place is not much bigger than your town... maybe they should've combined
the two to make a city... In any case, talk to the person from the Pokemart,
who is just outside the town, to get a free Potion (it heals 20 HP, which is
big at this point).

After that, walk around & talk to people, buy another Potion or three,
then go out & train your starter. I picked Torchic, but that's always
been my tradition, to start out with the Fire-type starter, because they
usually end up being the best of the three, not to mention one of the best
in their type category (or categories, depending on the version).


Treecko: lv. 5, Grass
 Recommended nature(s): Brave (+ATK, -SPD), Quiet (+S.ATK, -SPD)
 Moves: Pound, Growl

 [Advantages- Good for beginners because of the Speed stat focus; balanced
 offensive stat build; good for beginning gyms; good against Team Aqua (for the
 most part)]

 [Disadvantages- statistically weak and not as popular as other Grass-type (I
 usually go for Oddish > Bellosom); does poorly in most gyms & against Elite
 Four (though not against the Champion); poor against Team Magma; lower ATK base
 means that it loses the advantage of its signature move, Leaf Blade, in D/P]

Torchic: lv. 5, Fire(evolves into Fire/Fighting)
 Recommended nature(s): Modest(-ATK, +S.ATK)/Adamant (-S.ATK, +ATK), Timid
 (-ATK, +SPD)/Jolly (-S.ATK, +SPD)
 Moves: Scratch, Growl

 [Advatages- Good for pros; most unique type combination; great for both types;
 good against the *final* final boss... ::wink::]

 [Disadvatages- stat focus is, more or less, on ATK, which makes it better as a
 Fighting-type than a Fire-type (though most vets argue that's a good thing);
 poor against both teams, poor against some gyms, both early & later]

 -Notes- Being one of the more versatile Pokemon out there, this one can easily
 fill both roles as a Fire-type and as a Fighting-type well. However, since in
 the metagame Fire-types are less useful than Fighting-types, the standard
 nature for Blaziken is either Adamant or Jolly... thankfully, the addition of
 Flare Blitz, a physical Fire-type move, means that it can take advantage of
 both its types

Mudkip: lv. 5, Water/Ground
 Recommended nature(s): Bashful, Docile, Hardy, Quirky, Serious (no strengths or
 drawbacks, unless you're planning on going into the competitive scene)
 Moves: Tackle, Growl

 [Advatages- most balanced; immune to Electric attacks; good in most gyms;
 relatively excellent movepool with stats to compliment them; good against Team

 [Disadvatages- more balanced stat build compared to the other starters which
 excell in one or two major stats; poor against Team Aqua]

 Note: The person who came up with the fad "so i herd u liek mudkipz" should be
 shot... or at least given a massive BOOT TO THE HEAD. -_-

Trainer battle: Rival
Pokemon: (whatever is strong type-wise against your 'mon), lv. 5
 Notes: Easy as long as your starter is lv. 7-8... ish...
 Credits: 300

Return to your hometown to get the PokeDex from Birch, 5 Pokeballs from May,
and the RUNNING SHOES from your mom. Now save again, assuming you saved before
fighting the rival, and head out to catch Pokemon...

Routes 101/103 Pokemon:

Zigzagoon: lv. 2-4, Normal, Very common
 Recommended nature(s): N/C
 Moves: Tackle, Growl
 Notes: This one is a "Swarm" appearance in D/P, but if you don't want to wait
 for the rare appearance of a Ziggy Swarm, then transfer this one.

Poochyena: lv. 2-4, Dark (pure), Common
 Recommended nature(s): Modest (-ATK, +S.ATK)/Adamant (-Sp. ATK, +ATK)(only for
 D/P, as most of his Dark-type moves are physical in nature now)
 Moves: Tackle
 Notes: This is one of the Pokemon you'll want to carry over to Pearl, if you
        have it; it only shows up to be caught in Diamond version, and only
        if you have either Ruby or Sapphire in the GBA slot of your DS,
        *not* Emerald.

Wurmple: lv. 2-4, Bug, Common
 Recommended nature(s): N/C
 Moves: Tackle, String Shot

Wingull(103): lv 2-4, Water/Flying, Uncommon
 Recommended nature(s): N/C
 Moves: Water Gun, Growl

Lotad (102): lv. 2-4, Water/Grass, Uncommon
 Recommended nature(s): N/C
 Recommended ability: Rain Dish (other ability: Swift Swim)
 Moves: Astonish, Growl
 Note: This Pokemon can only be found in D/P with Sapphire in the slot, so
       catch an extra one to transfer to your copy of D/P

Seedot (102): lv. 2-4, Grass (evol. into Grass/Dark), Very Rare
 Recommended nature(s): N/C
 Recommended ability: Chlorophyll
 Moves: Bide, Harden
 Note: This Pokemon can only be found in D/P with Ruby in the slot, so catch
       an extra one to transfer to your copy of D/P

Ralts (102): lv 2-4, Psychic, Very Rare
 Recommended nature(s): depends on the moveset, Modest(preferred; -ATK, +S.ATK)
 Recommended ability: Trace (for capturing reasons), Synchronize (for battling)
 Moves: Growl
 Notes: This Pokemon can only be found via 'PokeRadar' in D/P, so I suggest
        trading as soon as you get the NationalDex in whichever version you
        have. This is not a problem in Platinum, though, as Ralts was among
        the Pokemon added in to the SinnohDex.

There's a few trainers to whet your appetite. Most carry 1-3 Pokemon, each
being lv. 2-5 themselves (though I think one was lv. 6). In any case, grab the
berries & items and continue through to Petalburg. Oh, and one other thing:
keep your team balanced & up-to-date in terms of level.

6c. Petalburg City

This "city" is not much bigger than Oldale, so I assume that it's a "city"
because it has all three things: A PokeCenter, PokeMart, and a Gym. Oldale
didn't have a Gym, so it is only a town. (it works the other way around,
though, since Slateport is a City, but it doesn't have a Gym)

Anyway, look around, chat it up for a couple of minutes to learn stuff, then go
talk to your dad, Norman, in the Gym. Interesting that this is the first Gym
you see, but you don't fight in it yet... Anyway, you'll end up taking a sickly
child, Wally, out to the field near the Gym to catch a Pokemon. It ends up
being a lv. 5 Ralts, which only happens for this instance because this Ralts
is treated as a "starter" by the game's programming.

In any case, you go back to the gym, Wally leaves for Verdanturf, and you can
now move on to the Petalburg Forest, the best place to train at this point...
and STOP! Yes, you'll be stopped by a mysterious character in sunglasses and a
tropical get-up... yeah... be careful of this guy, or he'll FREEZE YOUR GAME
AND ERASE YOUR DATA!!! Just kidding. Anyway, he'll do a lot of monologuing, so
just scroll through what he has to say and be on your way.

New Pokemon Alert: Route 104

Marill: lv. 4-6, Water, Rare/Very Rare (unsure)
 Recommended nature: none
 Moves: Tackle
 Note: No need to transfer; this one occurs naturally in D/P and Platinum

Taillow: lv. 4-6, Normal/Flying, Common
 Recommended nature: Adamant (+ATK, -Sp. ATK)
 Moves: Peck, Growl
 Note: This Pokemon cannot be found in any 4th-gen game, so transfer one as
       soon as you can

Other Pokemon in the area: Poochyena, Wurmple

New Pokemon Alert: Petalburg Woods

Shroomish: lv 4-6, Grass, Common/uncommon (not sure)
 Recommended nature(s): Jolly (+SPD, -S.ATK)
 Moves: Absorb, Tackle
 Notes: If you want, stick with it until it learns Spore, at lv. 56 (T_T); this
        one is treated by the vets the same as Blaziken. Also, this one is
        found naturally in D/P and Platinum (and, also, learns Spore much
        earlier, at lvl. 45)

Slakoth: lv 4-6, Normal, Rare
 Recommended nature(s): N/C
 Moves: Scratch, Yawn

Silcoon/Cascoon: lv 4-6, Bug, Uncommon
 Recommended nature(s): N/C (I hope you don't plan on capturing one instead of
                        training a Wurmple)
 Moves: Harden
 Notes: See question in the FAQ area

Also in Petalburg Woods: Wurmple (this is probably the best time to catch it),
                         Poochyena, Taillow

Special battle: Team Aqua Grunt
Pokemon: lv. 9 Poochyena
 Moves: Tackle, Howl, Sand-attack, Bite
 Notes: Tough unless you have a Pokemon of equal level with sufficient
        Defense, like Shroomish... just try to wear it down with your best team,
        and note that it has a poor Defense...
Credits: ~200 PokeYen

You'll initiate the grunt battle when you run into a Devon Corp. representative,
who was looking for a Shroomish while running some errand(shame on him, putting
pleasure before business...) In any case, this is your first run-in with Team
Aqua, so that's why it's a special battle... though I may write in all the
other Aqua/Magma grunt battles, if I get any emails requesting it. After that
battle, try to make your way to Rustboro & avoid as many trainers as possible,
because your team is probably tired out by now...

One note, though. When you get out, there's a house just to the north of the
It has TM 10 (Bullet Seed) and the Wailmer Pail(mer. :P) The pail is vital to
growing Berries, which is vital for making PokeBlocks to win at the Contests.
Also, behind the house are some items worth nabbing. A couple are invisible,
so you need to check the open spots.

6d. Rustboro City

So much time, so little to do... wait, strike that, reverse it. Thank you.
::grins:: Sorry... I just like doing that joke. Anyway, back to business. There
is quite a bit going on for such a small city, with an actual school (for
aspiring Pokemon Trainers, obviously...), and there's also the Devon Corp.
main office, and the Cutter's House. Last but not least, the Rustboro Gym!

HM Time!

HM: 01-Cut
Obtained: by talking to the Cutter
Type: Normal
Power Points: 30
Base power: 50
Secondary Effect: None
Field Effect: Cuts down small trees (message will pop up if you click on it)
Accuracy: 95%
Notes: Powerful Normal-type attack at this point, and not bad overall, but by
       the time you get to the Move Deleter, you won't need it much anymore...
       Give it to either Zigzagoon or someone that you would use sometimes
       but not often. Zigzagoon is the best choice at this junction
       because you don't have many to choose from anyway, and he's got a decent
       enough ATK to use it effectively.

New Pokemon Alert: Route 116

Nincada: lv. 6-8, Bug/Ground, Uncommon/rare
 Recommended nature(s): N/C
 Moves: Sratch, Harden, Leech Life

Abra: lv. 6-8, Psychic, (Very?) Rare
 Recommended nature(s): Bold (-ATK, +DEF), Timid (-ATK, +SPD)
 Moves: Teleport
 Notes: Since he doesn't know any attacks, this guy *will* use Teleport and
        escape if you let it, so try to catch it with a Great Ball on the
        first turn (or train a Nosspass to level 16, when it learns Block)

Whismur: lv. 6-8, Normal, Common
 Recommended nature(s): N/C
 Moves: Pound, Uproar

Skitty: lv. 6-8, Normal, Uncommon/rare
 Recommended nature(s): N/C
 Moves: Tackle, Growl, Tail Whip, Attract

Other Pokemon in the area: Taillow

Notes: the Trainers here are good practice to get ready for Roxanne, though
none of them are gym-trainer material... get ready for the new double-battle
feature, because there's at least two sets waiting, not to mention the ones
waiting until after you beat Roxanne.

6d1. Rustboro Gym

Note: this gym specializes in Rock-types, obviously. After all, the leader's
name is (Rox)anne (x > cks = Rocks)... Anyway, Rock-types have a good list of
weaknesses. Grass, Water, Fighting, Ground, and Steel can all do double-damage
to Rock-types. Since we only have access to Grass- and Water-types, we'll deal
with those (unless you trade from R/S for a Pokemon you'd get after this gym).

Most of the gym trainers have Geodudes at level 8-10, so it's no big. Since
Geodude is a Rock/Ground-type, it takes quadruple damage from Grass and Water
attacks, and if you're using a Shroomish's Absorb, that's 6x damage on them
(2x2x1.5=6). Lotad's Absorb would only be 5x damage (2x2x1.25=5), but that's
still massive damage. It's even easier if you started with Treecko or Mudkip,
but, as you can see, it's no big, even if Torchic can't do much to help in this

Gym leader: Roxanne

Lv 14 Geodude, Rock/Ground, x2
 Moves: Rock Throw, Rock Tomb, Defense Curl, Mud Sport
Lv 15 Nosepass, Rock, x1
 Moves: Tackle, Harden, Rock Throw, Rock Tomb
(tougher than Brock in FR/LG...)

My team:
Lv 13/14 Shroomish
 Moves: Absorb, Tacke, Leech Seed, Stun Spore
Lv. 12 Lotad
 Moves: Absorb, Astonish, Growl
Lv. 12/13 Wingull
 Moves: Water Gun, (Wing Attack), Supersonic, Growl
Lv. 14 Torchic (did not participate)
 Moves: Scratch, Ember, Focus Energy, Growl
Lv. 13 Beautifly (backup)
 Moves: Poison Sting, Absorb, Gust, Harden
Lv. 12 Zigzagoon (for Pickup ability)
 Moves: Cut, Headbutt, Tail Whip, Growl

Notes: Use Leech Seed and Stun Spore on Nosepass to keep it from overwhelming
your team with Rock Tomb. If you brought a Poochyena at level 12 or a Zigzagoon
at level 13, be prepared to sacrifice it in order to use Sand-Attack to lower
its accuracy. Because both Tackle & Rock Throw have 95% accuracy, using
Sand-Attack on him really helps to keep your main attacker alive. Fortunately,
I beat her without having to sacrifice anyone on the team.

Rewards: $1,500 PokeYen, Stone Badge (boosts Defense to your Pokemon by 1-3
points, allows use of HM01), TM39 (Rock Tomb)

Note: Beating Roxanne triggers the theft of the DEVON GOODS and the
"kidnapping" of Mr. Briney's Wingull, Peeko (wierd guy...). The guy escapes to
the Rusturf Tunnel, where he is blocked by (HM06)Rock Smash-able rocks. Since
he can't escape, he challenges you. Once you beat him, give the DEVON GOODS
back to the Devon Corp. dude for another Great Ball (what a cheapskate... I can
get those with Pickup. -_-)

Anyway, you have to deliver those goods to Slateport, as well as a Letter to
the president's son, but this time you get your reward in advance, in the
form of the PokeNav, a nifty item that you can check out on your own. :P

Special battle: Team Aqua Grunt

Pokemon: lv. 11 Poochyena
 Moves: Tackle, Howl, Sand-Attack

Rewards: 220 PokeYen, DEVON GOODS

Notes: OK, so I put this one in, but only because I'm bored... Anyway, it's the
       same guy as last time, obviously... Not as tough as last time, since
       you have a bigger team with more choices in attack... just try to wear
       it down with your best team, and note that it still has a poor

Trainer battle: Rival

Pokemon (with Torchic as your starter)-
Mudkip lv. 15
 Moves: (Tackle/Growl, dunno which), Mud Slap, Water Gun, Bide
Torkoal lv. 13 (how'd she get all the way to the Firey Path before us?)
 Moves: Smog, Ember, Curse

Notes: DON'T go starter-to-starter in this battle because her starter now has
       moves in both categories that WILL beat your starter. Use a Grass-type
       against her starter (I used Shroomish) and use Wingull against her
       Torkoal, but be careful of Smog. It may have 20 for base power, and its
       accuracy may be 80%, but it poisons half the time it hits, or 40% of
       the time overall, so have a few Anitdotes handy (hopefully Zigzagoon
       used Pickup & grabbed some in the previous matches).

Credits: 900 PokeYen (man, I keep overestimating how much these people carry on
         them... XD)

After the battle, use Cut to further explore the Petalburg Woods, then get to
the sea-side shack on route 104, where Mr. Briney lives, and sail to Dewford.

6e. Dewford Town

For a town that's so far out of the way, it has interesting people that like to
keep up with the "fads" on the mainland. Not only that, it's the only "town"
that has a Gym. It doesn't have a Mart, so if you don't have a good supply of
items, then go back to Petalburg & buy some support items, or raise a fleet of
Zigzagoon to get a whole boatload of free items (lol). Also, make sure to get
the Old Rod from the fisherman walking around in the town; it only picks up
Magikarp, sure, but it's worth leveling to get a Gyarados.

After that, though, you'll need to spend a LOT of time training in Granite Cave,
where the Pokemon range from level 8 to level 12 on the bottom floor (and up to
level 20 Geodude & Nosepass on the Rock Smash-able rocks, but that's for later).

If you want, try to find your way through the Cave to get to Steven, the son of
the Devon Corp. President. Once you deliever the letter, he'll give you Steel
Wing, the second-most-powerful Steel move in the game, and run off somewhere
(but not before registering himself in your PokeNav). After that, you can call
him from time-to-time for updates on his progress. Hint: Stay close to the wall
on your right when you enter the first dark floor to find both an item and the
next ladder.

New Pokemon Alert: Granite Cave

Zubat: lv. 8-11, Poison/Flying, Very common
 Recommended nature(s): Quiet (-SPD, +S.ATK)
 Moves: Leech Life, Supersonic (lv. 7), Astonish (lv.11)

Makuhita: lv. 6-10, Fighting, Common
 Recommended nature(s): Jolly (-S.ATK, +SPD)
 Recommended ability: Thick Fat
 Moves: Tackle, Focus Energy, Sand-Attack
 Notes: This one appears via a 'swarm', and in a tough-to-reach area, so save
        yourself the trouble and transfer this one

Aron: lv. 9-12, Rock/Steel, Common
 Recommended nature(s): Jolly
 Recommended ability: Rock Head
 Moves: Tackle, Harden, Mud Slap (Metal Claw at lv. 13)
 Notes: This Pokemon should be transferred to Pearl if that's your copy, as it
        only appears naturally in Diamond and Platinum

Sableye: lv. 10-12, Dark/Ghost, Uncommon/Rare
 Recommended nature(s): N/C
 Moves: Leer, Scratch, Foresight, Night Shade

Geodude: lv. 8-20(only in rocks, 8-12 normally), Rock/Ground, Common
 Recommended nature(s): Jolly (-S.ATK, +SPD)
 Recommended ability: Rock Head
 Moves: Tackle, Defense Curl, Mud Sport, Rock Throw

Nosspass: lv. 8-20 (only in rocks), Rock, Rare
 Recommended nature: Hasty (-DEF, +SPD)
 Recommended ability: Magnet Pull (to catch Skarmory later)
 Moves: Tackle, Harden, Rock Throw, Block
 Note: This Pokemon gets an evolved form in D/P, so unless you already got one
       from a 'swarm' event, go ahead and transfer this one to your copy of D/P

Other Pokemon: Abra

HM Time!

HM: 05-Flash
Obtained: by talking to the Hiker
Type: Normal
Power Points: 20
Base power: --
Secondary Effect: Lowers Acc. one level
Field Effect: Lights up pitch-black tunnels and caves (does not work in the
              Battle Frontier's 'Battle Pyramid')
Accuracy: 85%
Notes: not as good as Sand-Attack, and only certain Pokemon like Psychic- and
       Electric-types can use it, so I'd stick it on an extra Abra or Ralts
       so you can explore the cave after getting the Mach Bike. Fortunately,
       it gets better in D/P because it has a higher accuracy and is no
       longer an HM (is now TM 70).

6e1. Dewford Gym

Notes: Holy mazes, Batman! (^_^) Sorry, another bad joke... but this gym is no
joke whatsoever. Between not being able to see where you're going half the time
and gym trainers who love their Meditites, you'll have a tough time if you
aren't prepared.

This time, though, none of your starters have a clear advantage unless you have
a Torchic/Combusken that still knows Peck. Even then, it won't give more than
double-damage to the opponent, and since Meditite knows Confusion, it's
probably best to leave Torchic as Torchic. However, more important are your
Psychic-types Abra/Kadabra ::disappears, then walks back into the room:: I hate
it when that happens...

Anyway, you have access to the powerful Psychic-type Abra and Ralts families at
this point. Kadabra gains a great amount of power once he evolves from Abra at
level 16, and at that same level, Ralts is strong enough to take on even Brawly
(Brawly - y = brawl, or an all-out fight). His name reminds me of Broly,
a character from Dragonball Z, but that's another story...

Anyway, bring out the Flying-types Wingull and Beautifly, as they take
half-damage from Fighting attacks. Taillow is probably a good idea too, but
make sure it's in top form because it takes normal damage from Fighting (since
it's Normal/Flying), and with its low DEF, it could get knocked out in one hit.

Gym Leader: Brawly

Machop: lv 16, Fighting, x1
 Moves: Bulk Up, Karate Chop, Low Kick, Focus Energy
Meditite: lv 16, Fighting/Psychic, x1
 Moves: Bulk Up, Reflect, Confusion, Light Screen
Makuhita: lv 19, Fighting, x1
 Moves: Bulk Up, Arm Thrust, Vital Throw, Sand-attack

My Team-
Torchic: lv 16/17
 Moves: Peck, Ember, Scratch, Focus Energy
Taillow: lv 17
 Moves: Peck, Wing Attack, Quick Attack, Focus Energy
Wingull: lv 17
 Moves: Water Gun, Wing Attack, Focus Energy, Growl
Ralts: lv 17/18
 Moves: Confusion, Double Team, Growl, Teleport
Kadabra: lv 17
 Moves: Confusion, Teleport
Sableye: lv 19
 Moves: Fury Swpies, Astonish, Night Shade, Leer

Notes: Machop is easier than cake, but the Meditite, being Fighting/Psychic, is
       tougher. It has quite a bit of SPD, so it often strikes first, and most
       often with Confusion. And since it often doesn't go out with one Wing
       Attack, if it hits twice with Confusion, look out... After that one,
       Makuhita comes out. Despite being such a high level, it suffers from low
       SPD & DEF, so often all it takes is one Wing Attack. I used Sableye on it
       because Fighting-types can't touch Ghost-types. It also works well on
       Meditite because Ghost-type attacks do normal damage against
       Fighting-types, and therefore does double-damage against the Psychic-type
       part of it. That's how I got my Sableye so high, is from beating all
       the gym trainers with it.

Rewards: 1,800 PokeYen; Knuckle Badge (ensures obedience from all Pokemon up to
         level 30, and allows you to use HM 05 (Flash) outside battle);
         TM 08 (Bulk Up)

6f. Slateport City

You'll need to keep coming back here from time to time, so it's best to
familiarize yourself well with this port town. From the Slateport Aquatic
Museum on the east side to the new Battle Tent & redesigned outdoor market on
the west side, you'll be busy trying to find every item & secret this bustling
city, which is about 3/4 the size of Lilycove City in terms of stuff to do, has
to offer.

The Name Rater still lives on the west side. I don't use him much unless I want
to rename my starter or one of the Legendaries later on. The Official Pokemon
Fan Club is one house to the south of the Name Rater, and it has a few things
you can do to keep busy. Just remember to talk to everyone (both in the town
and outside) and you might find a few surprises.

When you & your team are ready, you'll be able to enter the Museum and proceed
to hand Team Aqua their rears on a silver platter. Fortunately, there's only
two battles, and only on the second floor. Everyone else is just for
informatiion if you like to find out more of the storyline from their
point-of-view. One of them will give you the VERY handy TM 46 (Thief).
He ends up being the one you pulverized the last two times, and he wants to
avoid a scene in front of the public, so I assume he's trying to appease you.
I say "Whatever floats your boat, man. If you want to bribe me, that's your
deal." Anyway, their Pokemon should still be weak compared to your team.

Once you whip them, you'll be able to move on to Route 110, where you'll run
into more double-battles, more Berries, and your rival (AGAIN).

Trainer battle: Rival

Pokemon (with Torchic as your starter)-
Marshtomp lv. 20
 Moves: Mud Shot, Mud Slap, Water Gun, Bide
Torkoal lv. 18 (how'd she get all the way to the Firey Path before us?)
 Moves: Smog, Ember (or Fire Spin), Curse, Smokescreen
Lombre lv 18
 Moves: Astonish, Growl, Absorb, Nature Power

Notes: Again, DON'T go starter-to-starter in this battle because her starter
has moves in both categories that WILL beat your starter. Use a Grass-type
against her starter (I used Shroomish) and use Wingull against her Torkoal,
but still be careful of Smog. Again, have a few Anitdotes handy (hopefully
Zigzagoon used Pickup & grabbed some in the previous matches). Also, use
Wingull because of "Keen Eye", since it protects against moves like
Smokescreen (which lowers Accuracy). Against Lombre, don't use
Torchic/Combusken unless it still knows Peck.

Winnings: $1,200; Itemfinder
Notes: The Itemfinder's range is the screen's area, so once you've moved
around a bit, re-scan to find hidden items.

Before you go against your rival, though, stop by the "Trick House" to have
some fun. As I mentioned before, the Trick House mazes are redesigned, so if
you have a R/S strategy guide, don't rely on it.

The first two are fairly simple, and they involve the same skills. Each maze
is little more than a small puzzle, nothing worth comparing to "The Legend of
Zelda(C)"'s puzzles, but ok in its own right. Anyway, fight your way to the
scroll, then to the exit in the back. If you can, grab the mail items. I think
one of them is the Harbor Mail, which you WILL need in Mauville if you want to
play at the Casino.

After you make it the exit, talk to the Trick Master. He'll give you something
for your trouble, gloat (@_@), then warp out (... OK, you're not an Abra, so
stop warping!). Heal if you must, then battle your way to Mauville.

New Pokemon Alert: Route 113

Oddish: lv. 11-13, Grass/Poison, Very common
 Recommended nature(s): N/A
 Moves: Absorb, Sweet Scent

Gulpin: lv. 11-13, Poison, Uncommon
 Recommended nature(s): N/C
 Recommended ability: Liquid Ooze (for Dream Eater-spammers)
 Moves: Poison Gas, Pound, Yawn

Plusle: lv. 11-13, Electric, Very Rare
 Recommended nature(s): N/C
 Moves: Quick Attack, Growl, Helping Hand, Thunder Wave
 Notes: No need to transfer this one unless you don't want to wait

Minun: lv. 11-13, Electric, Rare
 Recommended nature(s): N/C
 Moves: Quick Attack, Growl, Helping Hand, Thunder Wave
 Notes: See Plusle

Electrike: lv. 11-13, Electric, Common
 Recommended nature(s): N/A
 Recommended ability: Lightning Rod (for Doubles matches)
 Moves: Tackle, Thunder Wave, Leer, Howl
 Notes: Another 'swarm' in D/P

Other Pokemon: Zigzagoon (what else is new?), Poochyena (good place to catch
one if you haven't)

6g. Mauville City

It wouldn't be right to call this place the Celedon of Hoenn because the
Department Store is not here. Nevertheless, it is important because of the
Casino & the Bike Store, not to mention the Pokemon Gym in the norwest corner.
Roughly half the size of Slateport, it is still important as the crossroads
city of Hoenn. You will find yourself returning here a LOT, especially if you
like gambling, but mostly either passing through, or going to the Bike Shop to
switch Bikes.

The Bike Shop, in the northwest corner of the city, is owned by a kind
entrepreneur named Rydel. Because of his interesting advertising strategies,
he doesn't have to charge out-of-towners such as yourself for using one of his
Bikes. Like R/S, it holds two different bikes, and each one is valuable for
different areas. They are:

> Mach Bike: focuses on speed, and so sacrifices in maneuverability. Because
it is twice as fast as the Acro Bike, it can race over cracked floors and race
up slippery slopes with ease. this particular model is vital to reaching the
top of the Sky Pillar, so try to master handling it early on.

> Acro Bike: focuses on maneuverability, so it's only as fast as running with
the Running Shoes. it makes up for its lack of good speed by letting you do
wheelie tricks, allowing you to reach secret areas by hopping across narrow &
broken bridges, as well as hopping up some cliffs. It comes in real handy
while training on the Jagged Pass.

The Casino, which is just south of the Gym, is the other main highlight of this
otherwise normal city. Unlike in G/S/C, it's a simple matter to get the Coin
Case that allows you to play the Casino games. Take a Harbor Mail to the girl
next door & she'll give you her Case in return. Play if you want to get your
hands on the TMs for Flamethrower, Thunderbolt, and Ice Beam early, but I
suggest against it, since you don't have much money to begin with. You get
Thunderbolt in "New Mawville", so there's no rush for that. Most Fire-types
can learn Flamethrower naturally, or can be bred with it, so there's no
problem. Getting multiple Ice Beams for your Water & Ice-types (that don't
learn it naturally) isn't as useful as it once was because, if you remember
from R/S, the final boss isn't Lance or another Dragon-type user.

I won't cover the Gym just yet, since I wasn't strong enough to take him on
with my crew just yet. Instead, we're going on to Verdanturf Town via Route
117. If you want, check out the "Day Care Center", but only if you want some of
your new guys to catch up while you walk around. It's mainly for breeding,

HM Time!

HM 06: Rock Smash
Obtained: by talking to citizen in lower-right-hand house
Type: Fighting
Power Points: 15
Base power: 20 (40 in D/P/P)
Secondary Effect: Lowers DEF. one level (30% chance?)
Field Effect: Destroyed cracked boulders (which sometimes initiates combat,
depending on the route/area.
Accuracy: 100%
Notes: Good to give your Poochyena for the Contests (commbine it with Howl to
get major points). Since it is much-needed along the way, especially when
dealing with Magma & Aqua, I'd say give it to either the pooch or
Makuhita/Hariyama (those two names are obviously in Japanese, so does anyone
know what they mean?). It's generally looked on as weak, but I've won quite a
few Leader battles with this move (especially against Wattson), so as long as
you know how to combine moves for maximum effect, you'll be fine. It does,
fortunately, get a power boost in D/P.

New Pokemon Alert: Route 117

Volbeat: lv. 13, Bug, Rare
 Recommended nature(s): N/C
 Moves: Tackle, Confuse Ray, Double Team, Moonlight
 Notes: Occurs naturally in D/P/P, but appearance is as rare as in this one

Illumise: lv. 13, Bug, Very Rare
 Recommended nature(s): N/C
 Moves: Tackle, Sweet Scent, Charm, Moonlight
 Notes: See Volbeat

Roselia: lv. 11-13, Grass/Poison, Uncommon/Rare
 Recommended nature(s): N/A (same as Oddish)
 Recommended ability: Poison Point (no need to take this one against Poison-
 or Steel-types), Natural Cure (if building it defensively or if it's tanking)
 Moves: Absorb, Poison Sting, Growth, Stun Spore

Other Pokemon: Oddish, Zigzagoon (again, what else is new?), Poochyena
(another good place to catch one if you haven't already)

6h. Verdanturf Town

OK, this is mainly a passing-through area until your Pokemon are level 30 or
stronger, and also the place you should first use the HM 06 (Rock Smash). Other
than that, this is where Wally, who could be looked at as your second rival,
lives with his uncle, aunt, & cousin. Next door is someone with a special
ability to read your lead Pokemon's "trust-level", which is vital for
friendship-based evolutions & the Return/Fustration TMs.

On this side of the cave, you have access to a small area just west of the
entrance. It contains an HP Up & Blackglasses, which boosts Dark-type
abilities. Give it to Zubat until he evolves into Crobat (through Golbat) and
learns good Flying-type techniques, since it relies on Bite as it's main attack
for awhile. After that, give it to Poochyena, who should be a Mightyena by now.
It still focuses on its ATK stat unless it's a Modest-nature Mightyena, in
which case the two attack stats should be balanced. Let him keep it after that.
Store the HP Up until much later in the game, as with all the Vitamin, Mineral,
& PP Up items.

That reminds me... SAVE YOUR NUGGETS!!! This cannot be overempasized... They
are only useful if you run low on money (which should, under any circumstance,
NEVER happen). Assuming you're the frugal type, save them until you reach the
Elite Four so that you can stock up on Full Restores & Revives, unless you're
good enough to make it with only Lemonades & Lava Cookies. This also goes for
Stardust & other items of that nature.

Anyway... Train your team very well by beating Trainers on Route 117 & Cycling
Road, then return to Mawville City to face off against Wally, which you need to
do in order to access Wattson's Gym.

Trainer battle: Wally

Ralts lv. 16
 Moves: Confusion, Double Team, Growl, Teleport

Notes: Just use your Poochyena to take Ralts down in one-two hits. Using anyone
else will probably take 2-3 hits to defeat Ralts. Zubat can do it in one hit if
it's strong enough with its Sp.ATK, but go with Poochyena to guard against its
Confusion, in case it doesn't go down quickly.

Credits: 500-750? (will be confirmed soon)

6g1. Mawville Gym (yes, I'm skipping about a bit. I'm gonna do it for Norman

Notes: Well, this isn't as bad as Brawly's Gym, but it can get confusing if you
don't know which switch triggers what gates. If you try to go the direct route
to Wattson, you'll end up stuck fighting everyone anyway, and you'll have to
leave the gym to reset the switches. I don't remember the sequence, but I'm
sure there's a map of this on GameFAQs. If not, then go trial-and-error.
That takes longer, but you'll be a little wiser for the wear.

Gym Leader: Wattson

Voltorb: lv 20, Electric, x1
 Moves: Charge, Screech, Sonicboom, Shock Wave
Electrike: lv 20, Electric, x1
 Moves: Howl, Quick Attack, Spark, Shock Wave
Magneton: lv 22, Electric/Steel, x1
 Moves: Thundershock, Thinder Wave, Sonicboom, Shock Wave
Manectric: lv 24, Electric, x1 (new to Wattson's lineup from R/S)
 Moves: (same as Electrike, only stronger due to his higher stats. x_x)

My Team-
Torchic: lv 22
 Moves: Peck, Ember, Scratch, Focus Energy
Geodude: lv 24
 Moves: Rock Throw, Magnitude, Self-Destruct, Defense Curl
Makuhita: lv 22/23
 Moves: Arm Thrust, Rock Smash, Vital Throw, Focus Energy
Ralts: lv 18 (didn't participate)
 Moves: Growl, Double-Team, Confusion, Teleport
Zigzagoon: lv 21
 Moves: Cut, Headbutt, Sand-Attack, Mud Sport
Sableye: lv 19/20
 Moves: Fury Swpies, Astonish, Night Shade, Leer

Notes: For an easy win in this place, spam Geodude/Graveler's Magnitude move. I
balanced out the XP gains so that Geodude, who I don't use too often, didn't
get too much experience. I used Zigzagoon's Mud Sport to aid Sableye, who used
Night Shade to take out Manectric. Torchic, since I won't let him evolve until
it learns Flamethrower, was taken out fairly quickly by Magneton, but it managed
a win against Voltorb. Electrike & Magneton are easy fodder for Geodude &
Makuhita. lol...

Rewards: $2300, Dynamo Badge (allows field use of HM 06), TM 34 (Shock Wave)

Go back to Rusturf Tunnel & use Rock Smash to clear one of the smashable
boulders (both if you're a perfectionist like me) and the guy on the other
side will give you HM 04 (Strength). He and the girl that appears behind you
will walk back to Verdanturf Town, so folllow them into Wally's house to find
out what was going on with that...

HM Time!

HM 04: Strength
Obtained: by using Rock Smash to clear the Rusturf Tunnel
Type: Normal
Power Points: 15
Base power: 80
Secondary Effect: none
Field Effect: Shoves solid boulders one space in the direction you're facing
Accuracy: 100%
Notes: It doesn't matter who you give this, since at this point it is a really
strong move. Even when you reach the Elite Four it will still be a strong move,
just an Arm Thrust weaker than the Flamethrower/ Thunderbolt/ Ice Beam TMs.
::chuckles:: Anyway, if you plan on your Zigzagoon becoming an "HM-slave"
(who in the heck came up with that term?!?), then this one will fit in nicely.
If I had one, mine would probably end up knowing Cut, Strength, Surf, and
Pin Missile (for use against Psychic-types).

After that, Rock-Smash your way up Route 111, through the Firey Path, and
through Route 113 to Fallarbor Town ::sighs:: Of course, I'm going to list the
Pokemon for each part, but it's gonna take awhile... ;_;

New Pokemon Alert: Route 112 (none on Route 111 until you enter the Desert)

Numel: lv. 13-16, Fire/Ground, Very common
 Recommended nature(s): N/A (one that boosts either ATK or Sp. ATK)
 Moves: Growl, Tackle, Ember

Marill: lv. 13-16, Water, Very Common
 Recommended nature(s): N/C
 Moves: Tackle, Defense Curl, Tail Whip, Water Gun, (Rollout replaces Tackle @
 lv. 15)

Other Pokemon: none (gasp! what a shocking development!)

New Pokemon Alert: Firey Path (technically part of Route 112)

Slugma: lv. 14-16, Fire(Fire/Rock after evolution), Rare
 Recommended nature(s): N/C
 Recommended ability: Flame Body (both this & Magma Armor cut breeding time by
 half, so inflicting Burns is better than preventing Freezing)
 Moves: Yawn, Smog, Ember, Rock Throw
 Notes: Raise this one for breeding Rock Slide to others, if possible

Torkoal: lv. 14-16, Fire, Very Rare
 Recommended nature(s): N/C
 Moves: Ember, Smog, Curse, Smokescreen
 Notes: This one is tough to find via the PokeRadar, so transfer this one

Grimer: lv. 14-16, Poison, Uncommon/Rare
 Recommended nature(s): N/C
 Recommended ability: N/C (both have their advantages)
 Moves: Pound, Harden, Disable, Sludge

Koffing: lv. 14-16, Poison, Uncommon/Rare
 Recommended nature(s): N/C
 Moves: Poison Gas, Tackle, Smog

Other Pokemon: Numel

New Pokemon Alert: Route 113

Spinda: lv. 14-16, Normal, Very common
 Recommended nature(s): N/A (one that doesn't change stats)
 Moves: Tackle, Uproar, Faint Attack, Psybeam
 Notes: 'swarm' Pokemon with ~20% encounter rate, so transfer

Skarmory: lv. 16, Steel/Flying, Very Rare (Common if one with Magnet Pull is
in lead position)
 Recommended nature(s): Adamant (-Sp. ATK, +ATK)
 Moves: Peck, Sand-Attack, Swift, Agility

Other Pokemon: Slugma

6i. Fallarbor Town

It's about time we met the maker of the newly-designed & massively-updated
Pokemon PC. When you go to use it, someone is using it. Talk to her to change
"Someone's PC" to "Lanette's PC" and to have her go back to her home/laboratory,
where you can talk to her later to get the "Starter Doll"(which of the three
dolls depends on which starter you got at the beginning). Go to the Fossil
Maniac's house to get TM 28 (Dig), a useful Ground-type move, especially for
Sandshrew, who doesn't get one until it learns Sand Tomb (a Ground version of
Fire Spin). Make sure that you give this TM to a Pokemon (preferably a Field
breeding-type) who can breed it to a lot of Pokemon, since most Pokemon can
use it. The Battle Tent, like the one in Verdanturf, won't be winnable until
your Pokemon are at least level 30. Make your way through Route 144 to get to
Meteor Falls, where things start to go Ruby...

New Pokemon Alert: 114

Lombre: lv. 16-18, Grass/Water, Rare
 Recommended nature(s): N/A (see Lotad)
 Recommended ability: Rain Dish
 Moves: Astonish, Growl, Absorb, Nature Power

Nuzleaf: lv. 16-18, Grass/Dark, Very Rare
 Recommended nature(s): N/C
 Recommended ability: Chlorophyll
 Moves: Pund, Harden, Growth, Nature Power

Swablu: lv. 16-18, Normal/Flying (Dragon/Flying after evolution), Very Common
 Recommended nature(s): N/C
 Moves: Peck, Growl, Astonish, Sing (Fury Attack replaces Peck at lv. 18)
 Notes: Same as Spinda (except having Altaria is more worthwhile), except in
        Platinum, where they occur naturally

Seviper: lv. 16, Poison, Rare
 Recommended nature(s): N/C
 Moves: Wrap, Lick, Bite, Poison Tail
 Note: This one requires Sapphire to find in D/P/P

Other Pokemon: Lotad, Seedot, Geodude

Thus appeareth Team Aqua's nemesis: Team Magma. When you approach the steps to
the left of the entrance, the Team Magma Grunts will blather on about their
stolen Meteorite, and will run when Archie & Team Aqua show up, and with good
reason to, since at this point Archie's Pokemon are much stronger than yours.
When he notices you, he'll express confusion at the fact that, since you're
here, you haven't chosen a side to fight against, whether it be Team Magma or
Team Aqua. After he leaves, train until your team is in the mid-20s, then
(after talking to Cozmo) high-tail it to Mt. Chimney via the Cable Lift.

New Pokemon Alert: Meteor Falls

Solrock: lv. 16, Rock/Psychic, Uncommon/Rare
 Recommended nature(s): N/A
 Moves: Tackle, Harden, Rock Throw, Confusion

Golbat: lv. 16-18, Poison/Flying, Rare
 Recomended nature(s): N/C
 Moves: Supersonic, Astonish, Bite, Wing Attack

Other Pokemon: Zubat (unfortunately, Lunatone does not appear here as it does
in Sapphire, so you'll have to trade with someone that does or get XD: Gale of

6j: Mt. Chimney

OK, not too much to see here, both during the Magma/Aqua battle & afterwards,
except that after you beat Maxie and the tourist/trainers return, an old lady
appears next to the Cable Car entrance, selling Lava Cookies. "What's so
special about them?", you may be asking (or maybe you're asking "When is he
gonna shut up?"). In any case, let's just say you can get three of these for
every one Full Heal, which cures all status problems from poison to sleep,
though attraction can't be cured like that... but it's a real bargain, right up
there with Lemonade (heals 80 HP) at $350. ^_^

Special battle: Team Magma Admin: Tabitha

 Numel: lv. 18, Fire/Ground
  Moves: Tackle, Ember, Magnitude
 Numel: lv. 22, Fire/Ground
  Moves: Tackle, Ember, Magnitude, Focus Energy
 Poochyena: lv. 20, Dark
  Moves: Tackle, Howl, Sand-Attack, Bite
 Zubat: lv. 22, Poison/Flying
  Moves: Astonish, Wing Attack, Bite, Confuse Ray

Reward: 880 PokeYen
Note: I'm making an exception for the Admins, okay? Only because I feel like
it... :P

Special battle: Team Magma Boss-Maxie
"I heard Archie bemoaning a child who'd been meddling in TEAM AQUA's affairs.
It must be you he meant."

 Mightyena: lv. 25, Dark
  Moves: Bite, Sand-Attack, Odor Sleuth, Roar
 Golbat: lv 25, Poison/Flying
  Moves: Astonish, Wing Attack, Bite, Confuse Ray
 Camerupt: lv 28, Fire/Ground
  Moves: Tackle, Ember, Magnitude, Focus Energy

Reward: 2,000 PokeYen, Meteorite (from the machine)
Notes: VERY tough boss battle if you go straight-up against him, and just tough
when taking advantage of types. I.E. Use a Fighting-type against Mightyena, an
Electric-type against Golbat, and a Water (preferably Water/Flying)-type
against Camerupt. I say it's tough because he's got them on Vitamins or
something, cause they hit hard & take damage like Steel-types. Just go at it &
win, and do it quickly because time works to Maxie's advantage. He'll use Super
Potions, Full Restores & Hyper Potions if you don't knock out his Pokemon in
two hits or less, making your fight an uphill battle.

6k. Lavaridge Town

Welcome to the hot-spring capital of Hoenn, Lavaridge Town. It's so famous for
its hot-springs & sand-baths that it has not only a Pokemon Mart, but it's own
Gym. Just a real-world side-note: I was researching something when I came
across some interesting information. This city was designed roughly after the
real-world city of Ibusuki, Japan, which is at the southern tip of Kyushu
Island. Also on this island, on the northern end, is the city of Beppu,
which is home to more than 2,700 hot-springs. Just thought I'd point that

Anyway, you can get the Charcoal power-booster in the Herbal Medicine shop,
just below the Pokemon Center. It boosts Fire-type attacks, so give it to
Combusken or another Fire-type if you didn't choose Torchic as your starter.
In the sand-bath area just below the hot-spring, to can get a Wynaut Egg. Its
nature is determined when you receive it, so save before you accept it so you
don't get stuck with a Lonely or Rash Wynaut. They need what little DEF. &
Sp. DEF they get to survive, despite the massive amount of HP they get, and
their ATK & Sp.ATK stats are useless since they don't learn any direct attacks.

After hatching the Egg, go ahead & train it, using the EXP. Share & placing it
in front so it can get 3/4 the XP for all battles. It can become a strong part
of your team, except against Dark-types, since they aren't affected by Mirror
Coat (that attack's classification is Psychic-type). If you don't by now, you
should be training a back-up team or two in order to find a well-balanced &
strong team. Swapping in & out of similar types will add variety to your
group & increase your survival chances.

New Pokemon Alert: Jagged Pass

Spoink: lv. 20-22, Psychic, Uncommon
 Recommended nature(s): N/C
 Recommended ability: Thick Fat
 Moves: Psywave, Odor Sleuth, Psybeam, Psych Up
 Notes: 'swarm' appearance in D/P/P

Machop: lv. 20-22, Fighting, Uncommon
 Recommended nature(s): Adamant, Jolly
 Moves: Leer, Focus Energy, Karate Chop, Seismic Toss (Foresight replaces Leer
 at lv. 22)

Seviper: lv. 16, Poison, Rare
 Recommended nature(s): N/C
 Moves: Wrap, Lick, Bite, Poison Tail
 Notes: This one does not appear in D/P/P without Sapphire; Zangoose will
        need to be gotten from Ruby or XD: Gale of Darkness

Other Pokemon: Lotad, Seedot, Geodude

6i1. Lavaridge Gym

This gym, like the others, has been redesigned for Emerald version, and it is
more confusing than ever. I had to walk up to every hole just to mentally map
out the correct route. Fortunately, that's a good thing, since more trainers =
more experience. Just be sure to leave & heal as often as possible to prevent
anyone on your team from fainting. The exposed trainers won't re-challenge you,
so once they're out of the way, heal, save, and move on to the hottest Trainer
in the game (literally!): Flannery.

Gym Leader: Flannery

Numel: lv 24, Fire/Ground, x1
 Moves: Overheat, Magnitude, Take Down, Sunny Day
Slugma: lv 24, Fire, x1
 Moves: Overheat, Smog, Light Screen, Sunny Day
Camerupt: lv 26, Fire/Ground, x1
 Moves: Overheat, Take Down, Sunny Day, Attract
Torkoal: lv 29, Fire, x1
 Moves: Overheat, Body Slam, Sunny Day, Attract

My Team-
Pelipper: lv 28
 Moves: Water Gun, Wing Attack, Supersonic, Protect
Graveler: lv 25
 Moves: Rock Throw, Magnitude, Self-Destruct, Defense Curl
Hariyama: lv 24
 Moves: Arm Thrust, Rock Smash, Vital Throw, Focus Energy
Ralts: lv 24 (didn't participate)
 Moves: Confusion, Calm Mind, Double-Team, Growl
Linoone: lv 26
 Moves: Pin Missile, Cut, Headbutt, Sand-Attack
Azumarill: lv 26/27
 Moves: Rollout, Water Gun, Bubblebeam, Defense Curl

Notes: Despite her penchant for using the triple period (wait, that's MY
thing!!!) and "uh", Flannery won't go easy on you. For an easy win in this
place too, spam Graveler's Magnitude move. However, even Graveler will get
KOed, despite type protection from Fire, when up against Torkoal or Camerupt
if it is of insufficient experience, so try to have a Water-type or two with
you. Azumarill, believe it or not, is very valuable here, especially with his
Thick Fat ability, which gives it added protection from Flannery's flaming
assault of Overheats (which is a base 140 power, so it's VERY dangerous).

Rewards: 2800 PokeYen, Heat Badge (ensures obedience from all Pokemon up to
level 50, and enables field-use of TM 04 (Strength)); TM 50 (Overheat)

After you exit the gym, your rival will walk up to you from a nearby house
and, after commenting on your speedy progress through the Gym ranks, gives you
the Go-Goggles as a gift. It's a good thing your rival wasn't looking for a
fight, since at this point you're probably in no condition for a Rival Battle.
Oh well... on to the Route 111 Desert!

New Pokemon Alert: Route 111 (the Desert, since that's the only place on this
route to find any Pokemon)

Sandshrew: lv. 20-22, Ground, Uncommon
 Recommended nature(s): N/C
 Moves: Scratch, Defense Curl, Sand-Attack, Poison Sting

Trapinch: lv. 20-22, Ground(/Dragon after evolution), Very Common
 Recommended nature(s): N/C
 Recommended ability: Hyper Cutter
 Moves: Sand-Attack, Bite, Faint Attack

Baltoy: lv. 20-22, Ground/Psychic, Rare
 Recommended nature(s): N/C
 Moves: Mud Slap, Psybeam, Rock Tomb, Self-Destruct
 Notes: Hope you have a Psyduck with the Damp ability... ;_;
        Also, this is another 'swarm' Pokemon in D/P/P

Cacnea: lv. 20-22, Grass(/Dark after evolution), Uncommon
 Recommended nature(s): N/C
 Moves: Absorb, Growth, Leech Seed, Sand-Attack (Pin Missile replaces
 Absorb at level 21)

Lileep: lv. 20, Rock/Grass, Very Rare (only 1 fossil)
 Recommended nature: N/C
 Moves: Astonish, Constrict, Acid, Ingrain
 Note: You have to choose either the Root or Claw Fossil from the tower on
       this route; the other sinks into the ground permanently

Anorith: lv. 20, Rock/Bug, Very Rare (only 1 fossil)
 Recommended Nature: Jolly
 Moves: Scratch, Harden, Mud Sport, Water Gun
 Note: See Lileep

Other Pokemon: none

New Pokemon Alert: Route 115
Jigglypuff: lv. 25(?), Normal, Rare
 Recommended nature(s): N/C
 Moves: Pound, Disable, Rollout, Doubleslap

Notes: Most of the Pokemon in this area can't be reached without Surf (if I
remember correctly), and besides Jigglypuff, it's pretty much every 'mon from
Route 114.

Other Pokemon: none

6i2. Petalburg Gym

You've made it roughly halfway through the game, and now the Gym Leaders are
getting serious. As Nintendo Power issue #193 states, "Be warned: you may be
kin, but he has no intention of going easy on you." This gym has the same
layout, but the Pokemon that each trainer has will be different than in R/S.
Instead of using stat-boosting items, the trainers have different Pokemon that
specialize in a certain stat or ability, like Linoone in the Speed room and the
Zangoose in the One-hit KO (critical-hit) room.

Gym Leader: Norman

Spinda: lv 27, Normal, x1
 Moves: Facade, Teeter Dance, Psybeam, Encore
Vigoroth: lv 27, Normal, x1
 Moves: Facade, Slash, Faint Attack, Encore
Linoone: lv 29, Normal, x1
 Moves: Facade, Slash, Heatbutt, Belly Drum
Slaking: lv 31, Normal, x1
 Moves: Facade, Counter, Faint Attack, Yawn

My Pokemon-
Sandslash: lv 28, Ground
 Moves: Secret Power, Slash, Defense Curl, Sand-Attack
Breloom: lv 27/28, Grass/Fighting
 Moves: Absorb/Counter, Mega Drain, Mach Punch, Leech Seed
Solrock: lv 28, Rock/Psychic
 Moves: Fire Spin, Rock Throw, Confusion, Harden
Skarmory: lv 29, Steel/Flying
 Moves: Air Cutter, Swift, Agility, Sand-Attack
Aron: lv 28, Steel/Rock
 Moves: Mud-Slap, Metal Claw, Take Down, Iron Defense
Hariyama: lv 29, Fighting
 Moves: Arm Thrust, Rock Smash, Vital Throw, Focus Energy

Notes: Ugh... if you don't know what's coming, get ready for a few do-overs...
Like they said, "You may be kin, but he has no intention of taking it easy on
you." Better play defensive against him with attacks like Leech Seed, Counter,
and Sand-Attack. I didn't use Torchic in this battle because I want him to
evolve after he learns Flamethrower at level 43. Only problem is that it's
such a long way away... ;_;

Rewards: 3,100 PokeYen, Balance Badge (boosts Defense power of Pokemon, enables
field use of HM 03 (Surf)); TM 42 (Facade); Father's Pride (not an actual item,

one small note: after beating your father, you should return home, at Norman's
suggestion, in order to get one of the most useful hold items in the game: the
AMULET COIN. This lets you get double money if the Pokemon holding it takes
part in the battle. Using this on Rich Boys, Cooltrainers, Ladies, etc. will
net you BIG bucks, and even normal trainers will have quite a bit of money is
you use this item, so have it on a Pokemon on your team at all times...

HM Time!

HM 03: Surf
Obtained: by defeating Norman
Type: Water
Power Points: 15
Base power: 95
Secondary Effect: none
Field Effect: Allows you to travel over water without using a ship
Accuracy: 100%
Notes: This is the Water-version of Flamethrower, Thunderbolt, and Ice Beam.
Give it to a Gyarados (hopefully, a Modest male Gyarados because his Special
Attack sucks otherwise), as that will become it's main attack (besides Thrash)
until it reaches level 40, when it learns Hydro Pump, the Water-type version of
Fire Blast, Thunder, and Solarbeam. Anyway... this isn't an extra gift from
your father, despite what I said... when you beat your father, Wally's dad
comes rushing into the Gym in hopes of talking to you (he's lucky he didn't
walk in on us during the middle of the battle or he'd "be more than a little
crispy" (Bao-Dur, SW:KotOR2)). Anyway, after the grueling battle, he drags you
off to his house despite the fact that most of your team is probably in need
of major healing. Once there, they start yapping about how they never properly
thanked you earlier and give you the HM now as a more-or-less apology. (Uh
huh... it's not like they could give you such a powerful move so early anyway...

New Pokemon Alert: Route 118

Tentacool: lv 5-35 (@_@), Water/Poison, Very common (Surf)
 Moves: See Notes.
 Notes: uhh... most of his attacks are Normal-type attacks, though, depending
 on their level, some will have one of two Poison-type attacks, and those
 higher  than lv. 25 will have Bubblebeam

Pelipper: lv 17-32 (or so I've seen...), Water/Flying, Uncommon (Surf)
 Moves: Water Gun/Protect, Supersonic, Wing Attack, Mist

Manectric: lv 24-26, Electric, Very Rare
 Moves: Leer/Odor Sleuth, Howl, Quick Attack, Spark

Other Pokemon: Wingull, Electrike

New Pokemon Alert: Route 119

Linoone: lv 25-27, Normal, Uncommon
 Moves: Headbutt, Sand-Attack, Odor Sleuth, Mud Sport

Tropius: lv 25-27, Grass/Flying, Rare
 Moves: Razor Leaf, Stomp (x_x), Sweet Scent, Growth, Whirlwind* (lvl 27)
 *Note: get Tropius to sleep if you want to catch it at that level;
        unobtainable in D/P, but appears in Platinum

Kecleon: lv 25-27, Normal, Very Rare
 Moves: Faint attack, Fury Swipes, Psybeam, Screech

Other Pokemon: Oddish, Zigzagoon

6l. Weather Institute

Just a couple of notes before I go into details about this stage. I hate it
when people get "weather" mixed up with "whether" or mis-spell either by
spelling it "wether". "Weather" is what is going on outside by nautre.
"Whether" is used like this: "... whether or not you like such-and-such...",
ok? OK, enough of my ranting about hononyms and people butchering the English
language out of ignorance...

Team Aqua has struck again! This time, they intend to steal a synthetic
Pokemon that can change the weather at will so they can make it rain all the
time (dude, seriously that's twisted science, simply because rain can only form
when there's enough moisture in the air, and there's no way to speed up the
process artificially... course, this isn't Earth they're at, so they must have
different scientific laws there...). In any case, since you're in the area and
in need of such a versatile Pokemon, why not stop by and steal what they're
after? What? You can't? Why not? You say that stealing is wrong? Then why'd
you go after your rival's PokeBall in the beginning of the game? Uh huh...
I thought so...

Special battle: Team Aqua Grunt (female)

Carvanha, lv 28, Water/Dark
 Moves: Focus Energy, Scary Face, Crunch, Screech

Special battle: Team Aqua Grunt (male)

Zubat: lv 27, Poison/Flying
 Moves: Astonish, Bite, Wing Attack, Confuse Ray
Poochyena: lv 27, Dark
 Move: Bite, Odor Sleuth, Roar, Swagger

Special Double-battle: Team Aqua Grunts

Male's Pokemon:
Poochyena: lv 27, Dark
 Moves: Bite, Odor Sleuth, Roar, Swagger
Carvanha: lv 27, Water/Dark
 Moves: Focus Energy, Scary Face, Crunch, Screech

Female's Pokemon:
Zubat: lv 27, Poison/Flying
 Moves: Astonish, Bite, Wing Attack, Confuse Ray
Poochyena: lv 27, Dark
 Moves: Bite, Odor Sleuth, Roar, Swagger

Special battle: Team Aqua Grunt (male)

Poochyena: lv 26, Dark
 Moves: Bite, Odor Sleuth, Roar, Swagger
Zubat: lv 26, Poison/Flying
 Moves: Astonish, Bite, Wing Attack, Confuse Ray
Carvanha: lv 26, Water/Dark
 Moves: Focus Energy, Scary Face, Crunch, Screech

Special mini-boss battle: Team Auqa Admin(istrator) Shelly

Carvanha: lv 28, Water/Dark
 Moves: Focus Energy, Scary Face, Crunch, Screech
Mightyena: lv 28, Dark
 Moves: Bite, Odor Sleuth, Roar, Swagger

Reward: 1200+ EXP, 1120 PokeYen (;_;), Castform (^_^)

Note: all it took for each one was a Thrash from Gyarados, so I shouldn't be
      surprised... nothing like her boss, Archie.

After the battle, the scientists that were being held prisoner thank you by
giving you Castform, a Normal-type Pokemon with unique abilities... Before
that, though, a Grunt comes in & informs everyone that a "Team Magma mob" got
past them & moved on past Fortree to get to Mt. Pyre. Naturally, Aqua's gonna
be on the move, so there's no need to worry about them bugging you.

New Pokemon Alert: Weather Center

Castform: lv 25, Normal, Common (according to the scientist, but you only get
 Recommended nature: Modest (+Sp. ATK, -ATK)
 Moves: Powder Snow, Hail, Rain Dance, Sunny Day
 Notes: you only get one, so make sure it's a Modest nature (unless you want
        to give it Sandstorm) so its Special Attack will be high without
        costing anything in its defensive stats, as well as its speed stat.
        Also, concerning D/P/P, it is found in Mr. Backlot's Garden if he
        states it (like Plusle and others)

Trainer battle: Rival

Pokemon (with Torchic as your starter)-
Marshtomp lv. 31
 Moves: Mud Shot, Foresight, Mud Sport, Take Down
Slugma lv. 29 (why'd she trade her tough Torkoal for a... Slugma?!)
 Moves: Ember, Rock Throw, Harden, Amnesia
Lombre lv 29 (she should've traded this for Tropius instead...)
 Moves: Absorb, Nature Power, Fake Out, Fury Swpies

Notes: Easy as long as you counter-type her. Like a fool, she won't switch out,
       so take advantage of that.

Winnings: 1860 PokeYen, HM 02 (Fly)

just a side note: After I explored Fortree City, I was experimenting with my
lv. 32 Gyarados, and testing out Hidden Power, when I realized that Gyarados
had HP Flying. ^_^ I know this sounds wierd, but since he has no Flying-type
attacks, that half of him was considered a liability, but now he can use his
massive ATK score for something other than that over-rated move Hyper Beam.
Sadly, since Hidden Power is now 'special-based' as of Diamond/Pearl, it's a
hopeless case for poor Gyarados. T_T

HM Time!

HM 02: Fly
Obtained: by defeating Brendan/May
Type: Flying
Power Points: 15
Base power: 70 (gets a serious power boost in D/P, so woot for that! ^_^)
Secondary Effect: Evades opponent's move once while using Fly
Field Effect: Allows you to fly to any city you've visited before (will only
work if you've entered that town's Pokemon Center)
Accuracy: 95%
Notes: none (for once)

6m. Fortree City

There's just something calming about a city made up almost entirely of
treehouses, though it's almost funny too. A whole city of Tarzans & Janes...
::chuckles:: Anyway, there's a few things to note. There is a big Secret Base
Trading Post in the southwest corner of ther city. Also, an old woman in one
of the center treehouses gives you the odd TM 10 (Hidden Power), who's power
is based on your Pokemon's "IVs", which is a hidden stat that determines how
high each visible stat goes. Don't ask why... it's a long and convoluted story.
Oh, and Winona's Flying-type Gym... Almsot forgot about that. ^_^;;;

Sadly, you can't get to it just yet because there's something blocking the
path. To get to Winona's Gym, you have to find the ever-elusive Steven, who
"just so happens" to be on the long bridge on Route 120, blocking your way
along with the same invisible object that blocks your way to Winona's Gym.
Convenient, huh? It so happens that after the last time you ran into him on
Route 119, he's become interested in your training aspects, and challenges you
to get rid of whatever is blocking your way. He'll use the DEVON SCOPE to
unmask the invisible threat, which turns out to be the chameleon-like Pokemon
Kecleon. It isn't a really tough battle, but unless you've got a Hariyama that
can take it out with one Vital Throw, just use Linoone and his bevy of
Normal-type attacks (and hope Sand-Attack can keep it alive).

Assuming you win against it, he'll comment on your "skills" and give you the
DEVON SCOPE as a gift... more or less... Anyway, train some more, then head
to Winona's Gym. Don't worry about fighting the wild Kecleon, because 9 times
out of 10, it will flee immediately. Once it's out of the way, go to your 6th
Gym challenge!

6g1. Fortree Gym

It seems that there are more Flying-types than anything else, and there are
never any pure Flying-types either (because they don't exist as of the Third
Generation). Some combinations are interesting (Dark/Flying Murkrow,
Psychic/Flying Lugia), wierd (Ground/Flying Gligar (@_@ What in the heck was
that about, anyway?!)), or just plain cool (Steel/Flying Skarmory). In this
Gym, expect to see every Flying-type you've had a chance to capture/evolve up
to this point, including Skarmory. ::evil grin:: Anyway, the revolving doors
is a relatively easy puzzle as long as you think ahead, and remember that if
you think you're stuck, go back the way you came, because it's designed so
you can never truly get stuck.

Gym Leader: Winona

Swablu: lv 29, Normal/Flying, x1
 Moves: Perish Song, Mirror Move, Safeguard, Aerial Ace
Tropius: lv 29, Grass/Flying, x1
 Moves: Sunny Day, Solarbeam, Mirror Move, Aerial Ace
Pelipper: lv 30, Water/Flying, x1
 Moves: Water Gun, Supersonic, Protect, Aerial Ace
Skarmory: lv 31, Steel/Flying, x1 (thank the L-rd...)
 Moves: Sand-Attack, Fury Attack, Steel Wing, Aerial Ace
Altaria: lv 33, Dragon/Flying, x1 (again, thank the L-rd...)
 Moves: Earthquake, Dragonbreath, Dragon Dance, Aerial Ace

My Team-
Solrock: lv 32, Rock/Psychic
 Moves: Fire Spin, Rock Throw, Confusion, Cosmic Power
Minun: lv 32, Electric
 Moves: Quick Attack, Spark, Charge, Charm
Magnemite: lv 32, Electric/Steel
 Moves: Sonicboom, Spark, Thunder Wave, Lock-On
Castform: lv 32, Normal
 Moves: Weather Ball, Hail, Sunny Day, Rain Dance
Linoone: lv 32, Normal (for Pickup)
 Moves: Pin Missile, Cut, Headbutt, Tail Whip
Torchic: lv 33, Fire
 Moves: Peck, Ember/Slash, Flamethrower, Focus Energy
Gyarados: lv 32, Water/Flying (alternate for Castform)
 Moves: Bite, Thrash, Hidden Power, Surf
Skarmory: lv 30, Steel/Flying (2nd alt. for Castform)
 Moves: Air Cutter, Swift, Agility, Sand-Attack

Notes: Get ready for your toughest battle to date, because since Flying-types
are always dual-types, their second tpyes cover a lot of ground. Grass, Water,
Steel, and Dragon: all formidable types on a team, and with moves to take
advantage of said types, they're super-tough. Swablu is easy enough, provided
you take it before it uses Perish Song. If you don't switch it out after three
turns, you Pokemon automatically faints. She'll switch to another one once
Swablu's count reaches "1", so be ready to do so also.

Use Magnemite against Skarmory because of both Magnet Pull and Steel's
resistence to just about any type of attack. Only Water and Electric attacks
are let through Steel's defenses (without being super-effective). Also, my
Torchic took out Skarmory with one Flamethrower hit, so make sure if you're
going Fire vs Steel to use that attack.

Tropius is relatively easy. Torchic also took this one out with Flamethrower,
and like an idiot, Tropius started with Sunny Day (he is quicker than my
Torchic, obviously), so that powered FT even more. Pelipper can be KOed by one
Spark, so it'll use Protect a lot. Just keep spamming Spark and you'll get

As for Altaria... LEVITATE! The Levitate ability is invaluable here, which is
why Solrock has to take this one on. Spamming Cosmic Power increased his
defense against Dragonbreath, and since he couldn't hit Solrock with EQ he had
to keep using Dragonbreath to do any damage. After maxing out its defenses, I
just kept hitting Altaria with Rock Throw, throwing in Fire Spin from time to
time just to shake things up a bit. I finished it off with Confusion, though.

Rewards: 3300 PokeYen (6600 w/Amulet Coin); Feather Badge (ensures obeidence
from all Pokemon up to level 70; enables field use of HM 02 (Fly)); TM 40
(Aerial Ace).

After you leave the Gym, Scott, the wacko Pokemaniac, calls you up and
blathers on about how he thinks you're "... the TRAINER that I've been
searching for." Then he'll hang up, but not before saying that you've got
*yet* another fan. /sigh

New Pokemon Alert: Route 120

Mightyena: lv 25-28, Dark, Uncommon
 Moves: Bite, Odor Sleuth, Roar, Swagger

Absol: lv 25-28, Dark, Rare
 Moves: Quick Attack, Razor Wind, Bite, Swords Dance
Note: This guy appears earlier in Platinum than D/P, but at a more rare rate,
       transferring from this one might be your best shot (and he's much better
       due to most Dark-type attacks going physical in the 4th gen.)

Other Pokemon: Kecleon, Poochyena, Oddish, Zigzagoon, Linoone

New Pokemon Alert: Route 121

Shuppet: lv 25-28, Ghost, Common
 Moves: Screech, Night Shade, Curse, Spite
(not sure yet if there are any more new ones... will fix in next update)

Other Pokemon: Poochyena, Mightyena, Oddish, Gloom

6n. Safari Zone

This place is huge, at least as large as the R/B/Y Safari Zone. The only thing
is that this one isn't a freaking maze, so it doesn't feel quite as large,
which IMO is a big plus. You only need to visit this place twice during the
main quest to get every Pokemon and item from this area, and once (maybe twice)
afterwards to visit the off-limits area east of the main grounds. The most
common Pokemon you'll end up running into are Oddish, which is pretty much
common anywhere, and Doduo, an ostrich bird (which can somehow learn Fly. @_@)
that is valued for it's high Attack and Speed.

Among the most rare includes the infamous Pikachu, who (no surprise) gets his
own held item: the Light Ball. This item doubles Pikachu's Special Attack power
when held. Although this is not shown on the stat screen, it means that his
Thunderbolt and Thunder attacks will do twice as much damage. That's not
really the reason you want the Light Ball, though, since Raichu will easily
do that much damage and take more hits. It's for breeding that you may want
this item. When a female Pikachu holds the Light Ball when it's placed in
the Day Care Center, and a compatible male is also placed in there (as long
as it's the same egg group), a Pichu will be born. This is where it gets
interesting. The newborn Pichu will have a unique move that is a legacy from
FireRed/LeafGreen: Volt Tackle. This is the Electric version of Double-Edge.
In other words, OUCH! Unfortunately, since Pichu & Pikachu have poor HP and
dismal Defense stats, using that move will be tantamount to suicide because,
since Volt Tackle can do massive damage, Pichu & Pikachu will also take massive
damage (1/3 of the damage dealt). It also happens with Raichu, but it gets
much better HP & Defense, since it's an evolved Pokemon.

Other rare Pokemon include Psyduck, the duck who learns more Psychic attacks
than Water attacks; Girafarig, the Psychic-type with an immunity to Ghost
attacks; and Natu, the wierd Psychic/Flying type that wishes it was Lugia.
There are others, so be sure so search thoroughly in each and every corner.

Anyway, lots of rare items lay hidden where Trainers have dropped them, and
it's your duty as a citizen to keep the park clean since there aren't enough
guards to do it. :D Anyway, for example, by using the Acro Bike, you gain
access to the northeast corner of the park and TM 22 (Solarbeam). This TM is
most effective on a Pokemon that has the Chlorophyll ability which raises
Speed under sunshine (which is TM 11 (Sunny Day)). Thing is, two of the three
Pokemon that have Chlorophyll learn it naturally, so give it to Shiftry or
save it as a contest move or something...

Oh, before I forget... if I haven't mentioned this, you can't even enter just
yet, at least not until you pick up your free PokeBlock Case at the Lilycove
Pokemon Contest Hall, so go there first. It's not like you have much to do at
this point anyway... ::totally forgot about the main quest::

6o. Lilycove City

I guess you could truly call this the Celadon of Hoenn. It's certainly big
enough to be it... There are so many things to do here, you may just forget the
main quest you're on. From your last(?) rival battle to the recently-moved
Pokemon Contest Hall, not to mention the infamous Department Store, you'll be

One small note: at the top of the Department Store building is not only the
vending machine, where you can get a lot of Lemonade, which is the most
cost-effective HP-healing item in the game, but a man near the stairwell
is a Move Tutor. He teaches Substitute to one of your Pokemon, which is an
interesting technique. It is best used to set up Focus Punch, since it negates
the damage clause that makes your Pokemon "flinch" if it gets hit while winding
up for the Focus Punch. Save it for much later, when you're setting up your
team for the battles beyond the Elite Four.

Trainer battle: Rival

Pokemon (with Torchic as your starter)-
Marshtomp lv. 34
 Moves: Mud Shot, Foresight, Mud Sport, Take Down
Slugma lv. 32
 Moves: Ember, Rock Throw, Harden, Amnesia
Ludicolo lv 32
 Moves: Absorb, Nature Power, Fake Out, Fury Swpies
Tropius lv 31
 Moves: Stomp, Sweet Scent, Whirlwind, Magical Leaf

Notes: Easy considering the major headache you went through to beat Winona.
Just remember to put a Flying-type in the lead because she sends out Tropius
first. After that, just keep counter-typing. If you have a good Grass-type,
especially Tropius, it can take three of her Pokemon easily, and one Water
Gun from a Marill (of equal level) can usually take out Slugma in one hit,
it's that weak...

Winnings: $2040 (x2 w/Amulet Coin)

After you beat her, she'll start reminiscing, and then get all depressed
because you kept beating her, so she's gonna run home and be all depressed
there. Geez, what a crybaby... though she's still cute. XD ::gets shot::

6p. Mt. Pyre

Ah... it's so good to be home... just kidding! I doubt anyone would feel at
home in a graveyard, even one devoted to deceased Pokemon. And yet, many
people come by every day to pay their respects, often honoring their memories
by holding battles inside the building. Others meditate in order to hone their
sixth sense among the Shuppet and Duskull that wander the rooms. The most
recent visitors, however, have not come to pay their respects or to meditate
(or do anything quietly, for that matter). Both Team Magma & Aqua have come
for some reason, and you know whatever that reason is, it isn't good.
Therefore, it is obligatory to follow them & try to stop them (after all, you
wouldn't be the hero if all you had to do was become the Pokemon Champion).
To reach the outside area, you go inside, and the exit you want is down a
short hallway to the left. You don't even have to explore Mt. Pyre's interior,
but I suggest you do so if you want to get an Azurill & Wynaut (two special
items found only here allow those two to be bred).

New Pokemon Alert: Mt. Pyre (inside)

Duskull: lv 22-32, Ghost, Uncommon
 Recommended Nature(s): Adamant
 Moves: Disable, Foresight, Astonish, Confuse Ray, Pursuit(replaces Disable at
        lvl 27)
 Note: This Pokemon gets a new evolution in D/P. It has even better stats
       all-around, with a huge boost to its Attack stat and improved moveset,
       so be sure to check this one out.

Other Pokemon: Shuppet

New Pokemon Alert: Mt Pyre (outside)

Vulpix: lv 26-32, Fire, Uncommon
 Recommended Nature: Modest
 Moves: Quick Attack, Will-o-Wisp, Confuse Ray, Imprison (lv. 27)

Chimecho: lv. 28 (summit only), Psychic, VERY RARE (finally found one on
 Recommended nature: Modest
 Moves: Confusion, Take Down, Uproar, Yawn

Other Pokemon: Shuppet, Duskull

Once you reach the top, you'll find out that Team Magma, who'd been headed
here while you were stuck at the Weather Institute, already got away with the
Blue Orb. Aqua has just arrived, so you'll be determined to stop them from
getting the Red Orb (again, otherwise you wouldn't be the hero). In any case,
it seems Archie's arrival forced Maxie to high-tail it out of there, leaving
the Magma Emblem (since Magma = Fire, could it be called the "Fire Emblem"? XD)
for the old couple to give to you. If you don't know where to go from here,
remember the lone Magma Grunt you fought on the Jagged Pass and go find him...

6q. Hideouts

If our hunch is correct (which it is), Team Magma's secret hideout is near the
base of Mt. Chimney where the Magma Grunt was standing. Once you approach where
he was standing, a rock will "react" to the Magma Emblem (...) and a secret
door will open, allowing you to infiltrate Team Magma's hideout and steal back
the Blue Orb before they do something terrible (or terribly stupid, which is
more likely) with it.

New Pokemon Alert: Team Magma Hideout (Jagged Pass)

Graveler: lv 28-33, Rock/Ground, Uncommon
 Moves: Rock Throw, Magnitude, Self-destruct, Rollout

Other Pokemon: Geodude, Torkoal

Special battle: Team Magma Boss-Maxie

 Mightyena: lv 37, Dark
  Moves: Bite, Roar, Swagger, Scary Face
 Crobat: lv 38, Poison/Flying
  Moves: Bite, Wing Attack, Confuse Ray, Air Cutter
 Camerupt: lv 39, Fire/Ground
  Moves: Ember, Amnesia, Rock Slide, Earthquake

Reward: 3120 PokeYen
Notes: Not as tough as last time, since you should know what to expect from
       him. The problem is his Pokemon's levels. He's really strong, so you
       have to match him in level, not to mention out-type him...

After battling with you, he chases after Groudon, the legendary Ground-type
Pokemon (with no more interference from you, of course, since he already
awakened it...). We already know that Groudon escaped from Mt. Chimney to
search for the other legendary so they can finish their ancient battle. In
the meantime, you have to go to Slateport in order to initiate the theft of
Capt. Stern's submarine and entrance into Team Aqua's base in Lilycove City.

This base is the base used by either Magma or Aqua in the R/S games, so if you
played either one, the warp tiles should go to the same ones, but if you
haven't played either, then... well, just go trial-and-error. I get lost in
those tiles too, and I played Sapphire, so don't feel too bad. Suffice to say
that going to the left is usually a good idea.

Make it a point to find the main office. Despite what you'd think, Archie
isn't in there like he should be (what a coward). What's there is even better:
the MASTER BALL (if I remember right, an Elixer is there also, but that is of
little consequence compared to the MASTER BALL). Guarding it are two level 30
Electrodes. Since they are evolved Pokemon, they make for great experience,
but if you haven't evolved a Voltorb from New Mawvile yet, then go ahead &
catch one of them. If you did, or don't care to get an Electrode yet, then
KO them and take the spoils. After that, run around & search for the small
inlet inside the cave. An Aqua Administator will notice you, but will not
approach you and continue to block your way to Stern's sub.

Special battle: Aqua Administrator Matt

 Mightyena: lv 34, Dark
  Moves: Swagger, Odor Sleuth, Scary Face, Bite/Crunch
 Golbat: lv 34, Poison/Flying
  Moves: Wing Attack, Bite, Confuse Ray, Air Cutter

Notes: none, except this guy is also chump change compared to his boss, so
       wipe the floor with this guy quickly.

He will have now fufilled his job: to delay you so Archie could get away
(I guess they're good for something). Now, with no leads, go to Mossdeep City
and try to relax some.

6r. Mossdeep City

This is a fairly peaceful place set on a small island in the eastern half of
the Hoenn region. There are a few things to note:

One of the two Blackbelts on the beach is actually a Move Tutor. He can teach
Dynamicpunch to one of your Pokemon. This move is the Fighting version of
Zap Cannon. If you have either a Machoke/Machamp or a Magnemite/Magneton,
you'll understand what I mean. It has 100 base power, but has an average
accuracy of 50%. This may bite, but it's the second move in a move combo, much
like ZC. The first, Mind Reader, enables the next attack to hit regardless of
that move's accuracy and the foe's evasion. The only Fighting-type that learns
Mind Reader naturally, Meditite/Medicham, is A) not in Emerald, and B) learns
Dynamicpunch naturally. Save this Move Tutor until later in the game when you
breed someone with Mind Reader.

Another thing is the Space Center. I love astronomy, so I thought it was
pretty cool they added something like this into R/S/E. Of course, I also love
weather, so I also liked that they added the Weather Institute into the game.
Anyway, the place is busy with scientists planning their shuttle's launch,
much like what NASA goes through on a normal basis (which says a lot about
how much they're working on the recent launch of the Discovery, what with all
the double-checking of the safety systems, etc.). Recently, though, they got a
strange notice from Team Magma, saying that they intend to steal every last
drop of rocket fuel from them. For what reason, even Steven doesn't know. Oh
yeah, that's right. Steven is in the Space Center examining the letter and
standing guard for when Maxie & Team Magma shows up.

Since everything seems peaceful (for now), take time to visit the Shoal Cave,
which is north of Mossdeep. Oh and before you go, head to one of the houses
behind the Space Center and get the Super Rod. This allows you to fish for
much stronger Pokemon, and even find an occasional one from the ocean floor
like Chinchou and Relicanth. Of course, that only applies if you're fishing
over holes that your Pokemon can "Dive" into after beating the Gym here in

6r1. Mossdeep Gym

This place will remind you of the Saffron Gym fairly quickly if you've ever
played R/B (and tried to take on Sabrina's level 50 Alakazam in Yellow. x_x),
but this has a bit of a twist. In a similar fashion, Tate & Liza set up
switches to rotate blocks and trainers (that must get dizzying after awhile)
Many of the switches will have Trainers facing each other, activating the
Double Battle feature. This can make it tough, but what I recommend is having a
Ralts that knows Imprison so that the opponents can't use whatever attacks
Ralts knows as well (the others should be Confusion, Psychic, and Calm Mind,
for this very reason). Other than that, go to the Dark side and unleash hell
on the trainers with moves like Bite, Crunch, and Ghost moves like Shadow Ball
and Astonish. If you have a Gyarados that has Hidden Power Ghost, he'll be
invaluable here since it would be (much) more powerful than his Bite.
Otherwise, just stick with Shuppet, Absol, and Sableye.

Gym Leaders: Tate & Liza (Double Battle!)

Xatu: lv 41, Psychic/Flying, x1
 Moves: Future Sight, Calm Mind, Psychic, Confuse Ray
Claydol: lv 41, Ground/Psychic, x1
 Moves: Earthquake, Calm Mind, Psychic, ???
Lunatone: lv 42, Rock/Psychic, x1
 Moves: Psychic, Calm Mind, ???, ???
Solrock: lv 42, Rock/Psychic, x1
 Moves: Sunny Day, Solarbeam, Calm Mind, Psychic/Rock Slide (never found out...)

My Pokemon:
Skarmory: lv 37, Steel/Flying
 Moves: Air Cutter, Fly, Steel Wing, Agility
Gyarados: lv 38/39, Water/Flying
 Moves: Bite, Thrash, Hidden Power Flying, Surf
Magnemite: lv 37, Electric/Steel
 Moves: Sonicboom, Spark, Thunder Wave, Lock-On
Torchic: lv 37, Fire
 Moves: Slash, Flamethrower, Mirror Move, Focus Energy
Linoone: lv 37, Normal
 Moves: Pin Missile, Covet, Headbutt, Tail Whip
Ralts: lv 37, Psychic
 Moves: Confusion, Psychic, Calm Mind, Double Team/Imprison

Notes: I mainly used the Skarmory/Gyarados combination to beat her Pokemon
       (without loss of life, I might add), but it was tough. In the end,
       Steel Wing and Thrash were the best moves usable on my team.
       I was going to use Imprison-Ralts to keep them from using Calm
       Mind & Psychic, but they kept almost KOing Ralts, so that didn't work
       out. Always have Flying-types & Levitators out against Claydol because
       his Earthquake is nasty... though not at first since it never
       "one-hit KO"ed Ralts...

Rewards: 13,200 PokeYen (with Amulet Coin); Mind Badge (raises both Special
         stats, enables use of HM 08 (Dive) in the field); TM 04 (Calm Mind).

6r2: Shoal Cave

The dungeon "Shoal Cave" is an interesting little place; it's the only place
to find the Ice-type Pokemon Spheal and Snorunt, and it's also the place where
you can put together a nifty hold item: the Shell Bell. It allows the user to
recover HP based on the amount of damage it does to the opponent (I think the
amount is 1/8 of the damage dealt). In order to do this, you have to talk to
the old man in the entrance area after collecting 4 Shoal Shells and 4 Shoal
Salts. Getting the Shells is easy, as the tide is usually high when you first
go into the area, but getting to the Salts means you have to wait roughly 6-8
hours for the tide to go low (don't worry about getting stuck, either; the
tide won't change until you leave the cave). The Shells and Salts stand out;
their location icons are not PokeBalls, but rather a clump of rocks and a clump
of sand (respectively).

New Pokemon Alert: Shoal Cave

Spheal: lv 26-30, Ice/Water, Common (entrance, B1F)/Uncommon (2nd floor)
 Recommended Nature: Modest
 Moves: Ice Ball, Aurora Beam, Body Slam, Encore

Snorunt: not sure (still have yet to find one), Ice, VERY RARE (~1%)
 Recommended nature: none
 Moves: ???

Other Pokemon: Zubat, Golbat (2F)


At this point, you can train some more (which I suggest) or immediately go to
the Space Center to battle Team Magma for the last time. Personally, I didn't
understand why Magma was after rocket fuel, of all things. Fortunately, Maxie
acts like a normal villain and reveals his plan to you & Steven: He's going to
dump it all into Mt. Chimney & cause it to erupt. Once Steven slides back
(must've just waxed the floor), he'll approach the Magma guys again, then you
can talk to him & take part in a multi-battle. Choose three Pokemon and enter
the fray!

Special boss battle: Maxie & Magma Admin Tabitha

Maxie's Pokemon:
Mightyena: lv 41, Dark
 Moves: Scary Face, Swagger, Take Down/Crunch, Taunt
Crobat: lv 43, Poison/Flying
 Moves: Mean Look, Wing Attack, Confuse Ray, Bite
Camerupt: lv 44, Fire/Ground
 Moves: Earthquake, Take Down, ??? (probably Amnesia), ???

Tabitha's Pokemon:
Camerupt: lv 36, Fire/Ground
 Moves: Amnesia, Earthquake, Take Down, ???
Golbat: lv 40, Poison/Flying
 Moves: Wing Attack, Confuse Ray, Bite, Mean Look
Mightyena: lv 38, Dark
 Moves: Scary Face, Swagger, Bite/Take Down, Taunt

Notes: They all love starting out with Confuse Ray/Swagger, so have Hariyama
or whatever Fighting-type you have equipped with a Persim or Lum Berry to cure
the confusion, so that after Mightyena or Golbat/Crobat use it, Vital Throw
will do massive damage. Oh, and use Magnemite/Magneton against Crobat, since
almost nothing that Crobat does will damage him in any way (4x resist against
Flying, 2x resist against Dark & Normal, immune to Poison).

Fortunately, Steven comes to play with his lv 42 Metang, lv 43 Skarmory, and
lv 44 Aggron. He alone can make short work of all of the opponent's Pokemon,
but it's courteous to assist him in the battle. He'll likely target Maxie's
Pokemon, so wipe Tabitha off the map, then move in to assist Steven.

Rewards: 5,120 PokeYen (without Amulet Coin)

(small interjection)

OK, somehow I was missing Maxie's battle data and the path toward Kyogre's
cave, so I offer my sincerest apologies... I never intended to lose that much
data when my laptop crashed.

After defeating Maxie and shutting down TEAM MAGMA, it's time to take the fight
to TEAM AQUA. First, get the HM 06 (Dive) from Steven, then go out and take on
Archie. Finding the right trench to Dive into will take some time, but as long
as you're Diving, you won't run into any wild Pokemon (aside from 'grassy'
areas that appear underwater). Surf south and east of where Sootopolis is,
and you'll eventually find the right place.

HM Time!

HM 06: Dive
Obtained: by defeating Maxie, then speaking with Steven
Type: Water
Power Points: 10
Base power: 60
Secondary Effect: Evades opponent's move once while using Dive
Field Effect: Allows you to go underwater where dark-blue patches exist (only
while Surfing)
Accuracy: 100%
Notes: ... Only use on an HM slave... >_>;

Special boss battle: Archie

Archie's Pokemon:
Mightyena: lv 41, Dark
Crobat: lv 43, Poison/Flying
Sharpedo: lv 44, Water/Dark


Notes: Just shut him down with an Electric Pokemon... no real need for
dramatics here. Make sure to replace that Lum/Persim Berry that might've been
used during the battle with Archie.

Right after the battle, the Red Orb will awaken Kyogre and it'll fly (...?)
off to find Groudon, which it knows is active again. Maxie will confront
Archie with the truth of the situation and the three of you will be transported
to the surface, where heavy rains mix with super-abundant sunshine to create
very unstable atmospheric conditions that threaten to wreak havok on Hoenn.
After the two leaders leave, Steven come swooping down out of the skies to
find you standing there. He'll comment about the scorching drought that
Groudon caused, which was followed by the current "deluge", as he puts it. He
mentions Sootopolis as the source of the turmoil, and then decides to head
there to confront the problem after warning you not to do anything stupid
(i.e. not to get any more involved in the situation). If you fly directly to
Sootopolis, you'll see Groudon & Kyogre duking it out in front of the gym.
Heal in the Center if you need to (which you probably will), then talk to
Steven to trigger the trip to the Cave of Origin to find Wallace.

6s. Sootopolis City/Cave of Origin

I include both the city and the cave because this is where the story becomes
very linear. Since at this point the only accessible place in Sootopolis is the
Pokemon Center (obviously), you have to go to Steven if you want to make the
storyline progress and open up the Sootopolis Gym (which Archie is blocking
with his fat butt...). He'll lead you to the Cave of Origin and force you to
go inside. Go in and go down one level to find Wallace, the Gym Leader from
the Ruby/Sapphire versions. He'll reveal that he retired from being the Gym
Leader & entrusted it to his leige, Juan. He'll then spill the beans on
Rayquaza, the uber-Dragon from ancient times that played as a third-party
intermediary between Groudon & Kyogre. Then he'll ask you if you know where
Rayquaza is. If you know from R/S, tell him. If not, then leave and ask around
Pacifidlog. Actually... I'll spare you the trip for now and say that he's at
the Sky Pillar. After that, head back to the surface while avoiding the Golbat
that fly around, annoying the heck out of anyone who enters the cave. Since
that's all to the Cave, leave & go to the Sky Pillar to awaken Rayquaza.

6s1. Sky Pillar 1

This area will be visited twice, so the second time will be included in the
"Afterwards" section. For this area, like the Mirage Tower, you'll need the
Mach Bike. This is good practice for the second time, which will be much harder
to get to the top. In any case, once you make it (it's between Sootopolis &
Pacifidlog, along the north edge of route 131), go up to the 2nd floor and
meet up with Wallace. Things are starting to get worse, so hurry up to awaken

New Pokemon Alert: Sky Pillar

Sableye: lv 34, Dark/Ghost
 Moves: Detect, Faint Attack, Fake Out, Knock Off
Claydol: lv 38, Ground/Psychic
 Moves: Self-Destruct, Ancientpower, Sandstorm, Hyper Beam
Altaria: lv 38, Dragon/Flying
 Moves: Mist, Take Down, Dragonbreath, Safeguard

After releasing Rayquaza, Fly back to Sootopolis, where the battle still rages
on... until the cinematic starts, showing Rayquaza come out of the clouds and
shouting something to them (or using Hyper Voice on them), forcing them to
settle down once more and go back into hiding. After that, you have full
control, and can enter the Sootopolis Gym, but not before receiving HM 07
from Wallace.

HM Time!

HM 07: Waterfall
Type: Water (duh...)
Power: 80
Acc.: 100%
PP: 15
Notes: Despite what some people say, Strength and Waterfall are good attacks.
Maybe not as strong as Hyper Beam & Hydro Pump (or even Return & Surf), but
they definately work out, overall...

6s2. Sootopolis Gym

This is it! Your last Gym, and it's gonna be a doozy. Because many of the
Pokemon here are not only Water-types, but also Ice-types, avoid using Pokemon
like Tropius and Swellow, and go for Electric- and Fighting-type Pokemon like
Magneton and Hariyama. Because all of the Pokemon will be 35-40 (as far as
Trainers go), if you need extra training for any of your Pokemon, go ahead and
train them as much as you think is neccesary. The Gym layout is the same,
though the Trainers are a bit more diverse in their choices. Juan mostly
follows Wallace's team from Ruby/Sapphire, but they have more unique moves,
decent strategies, and a tough-rear-end Kingdra... x_x. Don't panic, as
Pokemon like Magneton and Gardevoir (with T-bolt) can easily get through his
line-up (with a bit of strategy on your part, of course).

Gym Leader: Juan

Luvdisc: lv 39, Water
 Moves: Water Pulse, Sweet Kiss, Attract, Take Down
Whiscash: lv 41, Water/Ground
 Moves: Water Pulse, Amnesia, Earthquake(?), Rest
Sealeo: lv 42, Water/Ice
 Moves: Water Pulse, Hail, Rest, Ice Beam
Crawdaunt: lv 43, Water/Dark
 Moves: Water Pulse, Knock Off, Taunt, Crabhammer
Kingdra: lv 45, Water/Dragon
 Moves: Water Pulse, Agility, Water Gun, Twister

My Pokemon:
Skarmory: lv 45, Steel/Flying
 Moves: Fly, Steel Wing, Spikes, Roar
Magneton: lv 50, Electric/Steel
 Moves: Spark, Thunderbolt, Zap Cannon, Lock-On
Blaziken: lv 50, Fire/Fighting
 Moves: Slash, Sky Uppercut, Flamethrower, Focus Energy
Linoone: lv 45, Normal
 Moves: Pin Missile, Headbutt, Return, Tail Whip
Gardevoir: lv 47, Psychic
 Moves: Psychic, Dream Eater, Calm Mind, Hypnosis
(I know I had a Water-type in this 6th slot, but I forget if it was Gyarados,
Walilord, or Azumarril...)

Rewards: 4,600 PokeYen; Rain Badge (ensures complete obedience from all Pokemon,
         regardless of level; enables field use of HM 08 (Waterfall));
         TM03 (Water Pulse)

Notes: this is similar to the R/S fight against Gym Leader Wallace, except the
       challenge has been upped by replacing Milotic, who was suscpetible to
       a T-bolt from even Gardevoir, with the only other Pokemon aside from
       Whiscash that can withstand any kind of Electric attack... don't fret,
       though, since it's not like Kingdra presents any large-scale danger
       (especially considering its sucky moveset). Personally, I used the
       Hypnosis-Dream Eater combo to take care of it (mind you, at this point,
       EV-training it wasn't an option). The rest were relatively easy...
       Skarmory beat Whiscash, Gardevoir beat Kingdra, and Magneton wiped the
       floor with everyone else. /heh

At last... you're now ready to take on the Pokemon Championship Challenge
(as I like to call it)... or so you'd think, anyway. There's still much work
to be done, but basically you now have access to every area in the game... as
for experience, your best bet is the next area, and your toughest challenge
yet: Victory Road. First, though, let's take a small break...

6t. Pacifidlog City

Welcome to the most peaceful city, though perhaps aside from Verdanturf, in
Hoenn. The city is as peaceful as the gentle waves that roll under its floating
platforms. It coud be said that this place's origins is Venice, Italy, but
A.it's kinda obvious, and B. GAME FREAK wouldn't admit something like that...

Anyway, here lies two interesting TMs: 21 (Fustration) and 27 (Return).
The power behind these TMs lies in the level of friendship between the user
and the trainer. If the Pokemon has a max happiness level (and by this time,
what wouldn't?), then Return is the most powerful of the two. If the Pokemon
has a deep distrust of the trainer, then Fustration is the most powerful. At
their most powerful, the calculated base power of both moves is 102, slightly
beating out Earthquake in terms of power, though all three are used much in
the meta-game. In terms of your opponent, you'll see EQ a *lot* more than
Return/Fustration, if mostly because of the coding that would have to be
added to each trainer regarding friendliness.

With regards to catchable Pokemon, there aren't many new ones, though if you
Surf west toward Slateport, you'll eventually fish up Horsea, the weak sea
horse that eventually becomes the Water/Dragon-type Kingdra, UU/BL in the
meta-game but used by Juan of Sootopolis, once traded while holding the
Dragon Scale, which is sometimes held by wild Horsea.

6u. Ever Grande City/Victory Road

... This has to be the smallest 'city'... *ever*... All it has is a Pokemon
Center just outside a cave (reminiscent of Mt. Moon in R/B/Y)... which so
happens to lead to the Pokemon League HQ. o_0 Anyway, go in to register this
part in your "Fly Registery", which is what I call the map that comes up when
you use HM 02.

This place is, as it always has been, a very large maze. Even in R/B/Y, you
could get lost if you didn't have a photographic memory, not to mention a
Pokemon with the HM Flash (which is useless otherwise)... in fact, you'll
need to use all HMs, except for Cut and Fly, to get through this (as well as
the move Dig in case you get stuck/lost and didn't bring any Escape Ropes).
Beyond this, there is little to say aside from "good luck... you'll need it"
and give you the lastest Pokemon information.

New Pokemon Alert: Victory Road

Hariyama: lv 36-40, Fighting
 Moves: Fake Out, Whirlwind, Knock Off, Smellingsalt, (Belly Drum replaces
        Fake Out at lv 40)
Lairon: lv 38-40, Rock/Steel
 Moves: Roar, Take Down, Iron Tail, Protect
Loudred: lv 38-40, Normal
 Moves: Howl, Stomp, Supersonic, Screech

Others: Zubat(duh...), Golbat (again, duh...), Whismur, Aron, Makuhita

There are several interesting notes regarding the trainers in this area. One is
the sheer volume; there are more Trainers in Victory Road, especially in this
version, than there have been in any other version. Another is Cooltrainer
Vito, a resident of Victory Road BL-2, and the only trainer you face if you
decide to take one of two routes on that level. According to rumor, this
Cooltrainer is the final Winstrate in the game, the one that the grandmother
refers to as the "one who is stronger than all of us" and mentions is taking
the Pokemon League Challenge. Seems he either got stuck or decided to train
there... Third is Wally, the young trainer from Petalburg/Verdanturf whom you
assisted at various times throughout your adventures. He has finally found you
and wishes to submit himself to a final test, to see if he is truely ready for
the Elite Four. I'd give you his roster & movesets, but since he is registered
in your PokeNav he counts as a regular trainer, not a special event trainer
(that, and I forgot. ^_^;). Be sure to have a Dark-type with you for his
powerful Gardevoir...

Small side-note: The theme for this place got a remix and addition into Super
                 Smash Bros. Brawl; I suggest checking it out, because it
                 is probably the best Pokemon song remix I've ever heard. ^_^

Finally, you've made it out of the maze that is Victory Road, and now it's an
empty road ahead as you near the Pokemon League-Hoenn division Headquarters,
where the Elite Four of the Hoenn Islands awaits a trainer bold enough to
challenge their awesome might...

6v. Elite Four

We have finally arrived... the end of the road, the final test... the
Elite Four. As you make your way past the threshold of the Pokemon League-
Hoenn division HQ, you will find that all of your hard work will be tested
like never before as you battle your way to the top and claim your rightful
place as the Champion Pokemon trainer of the Hoenn region! (I mean, after all,
what use is being the protagonist if you're not trying to become the best?)

Elite Four: Sidney
Type focus: Dark
Reawrd: 4,900 PokeYen

 Mightyena: lv 46, Dark

 Crawdaunt: lv 48, Water/Dark

 Shiftry: lv 48, Grass/Dark

 Absol: lv 49, Dark

 Cacturne: lv 46, Grass/Dark

Elite Four: Phoebe
Type focus: Ghost
Reward: 5,100 PokeYen

 Dusclops: lv 48, Ghost

 Dusclops: lv 51, Ghost

 Banette: lv 49, Ghost, x2

 Sableye: lv 50, Ghost/Dark

Elite Four: Glacia
Type focus: Ice
Reward: 5,300 PokeYen

 Sealeo: lv 50, Ice/Water

 Walrein: lv 53, Ice/Water

 Glalie: lv 53, Ice

 Sealeo, lv 52, Ice/Water

 Glalie: lv 54, Ice

Elite Four: Drake
Type focus: Dragon
Reward: 5,500 PokeYen

 Shelgon: lv 52, Dragon

 Flygon: lv 53, Ground/Dragon

 Salamence: lv 55, Dragon/Flying

 Altaria: lv 54, Dragon/Flying

 Kingdra: lv 53, Water/Dragon

Elite Four Champion: Wallace
Type focus: Water
Reward: 5,800 PokeYen

 Wailord: lv 57, Water

 Gyarados: lv 56, Water/Flying

 Whiscash: lv 56, Water/Ground

 Tentacruel: lv 55, Water/Poison

 Milotic: lv 54, Water

 Ludicolo: lv 56, Grass/Water

Some notes for the E-4 battles: these Pokemon have versatile movesets that
allow them to counter any Pokemon that they may be weak to. In the case of the
Ghost-types, they include moves like Ice Beam and Earthquake in order to hit
Normal-types, so be cautious when selecting a counter; a Careful-natured
Skarmory will be of great use as Steel negates the Flying-type's weakness to
Ice, and Flying makes EQ useless (Careful nature raises Special Defense while
lowering Special Attack). The Dragon-user also packs Ice Beam, as well as
Flamethrower, so keep your eyes open. I highly suggest using Skarmory's
Spike -> Whirlwind/Roar combination to inflict damage all-around, applying
Steel Wing and Fly/Drill Peck (depends on if you took the time to breed, as
Drill Peck must be bred onto Skarmory from Doduo/Dodrio) when needed.
Skarmory's high Defense rating allows it to wall even a DD-Gyarados, allowing
it to set up Spikes, then Roar away the Dragon Dance's stat boosts.


6w. Afterwards

Congratulations! You made it to the end of the game! ... or so you thought;
there's still much to do, as Lati@s has finally been seen roaming about, and
it is up to you to catch this powerful Legend. That is but one trial you must
endure as you travel to the corners of Hoenn, searching for the rest of the
Legendaries and Ubers, mastering all the Pokemon Contests, and last but not

Competing in the mythical refuge of elites: the Battle Frontier.

6w1. Lati@s

First off, you'll want to find this ultra-rare Pokemon, so return to your home
and talk with your mom. You'll walk up to the TV automatically and watch a news
short about Lati@s appearing. Your mom will ask you what the color of the
Pokemon you saw was. This determines which one you'll go after:

Red - Latias
Blue - Latios

My suggestion is to find Latios, as his Special Attack stat is higher than
Latias's. You can get Latias later on by trading with Ruby or getting the Eon
Ticket (or the Aurora Ticket... I forget which one, but the other summons
Lugia and Ho-Oh... mind you, you'll be hard-pressed to find both tickets, let
alone one of them, so stick with trading Latias from Ruby).

With that in mind, Fly to Lilycove, *SAVE YOUR PROGRESS* (very important) and
stock up on Max Repels. Then take out a level 39 Pokemon and search the grasses
outside Lilycove. Having a level 39 Pokemon in the lead, plus the Max Repel,
allows you to focus solely on finding Lati@s without being distracted by the
wild Pokemon in that region.

Once you do run into it (it might take a couple Max Repels), snag it
immediately with your Master Ball. Yes, the *MASTER BALL*... yes, you CAN
catch Rayquaza, Groudon, and Kyogre without the Master Ball. Here's the reason
why: Latios is a one-of-a-kind Pokemon that cannot be bred, so you're stuck
with whatever nature it has when you run into it. If that nature is a bad one
(Adamant, for example), then you'd have to restart, find it again, and go
through the trouble of catching it again. Using the Master Ball saves hours
of relentless whittling down of Lati@s's HP. Ray, Groudon, and Kyogre don't
run anywhere, so you can spend as much time as necessary whittling down their

The best nature for Latios is probably either Modest (-Atk, +SP. Atk) or Timid
(-Atk, +Spd). If you care about having the strongest Latios you can get, you'll
want to study up on EVs, IVs, and such things. Serebii.net is pretty useful for
that (but don't use its advice on movesets... Smogon.com is the best place for
moveset advice).

Of course, if you don't care about such things, then be happy with your Modest
Latios (and hope it's shiny... /gg).

These are among the ones you want to transfer to Diamond/Pearl, if simply
because they're so hard to get. However, more importantly, the ones below
unlock a legendary in Sinnoh, so make sure to get the following Pokemon first.

6w2. The RegiMon

Here I will cover the unlocking and capture of the three strangest-looking
Pokemon ever seen: Regice, Regirock, and Registeel (I call them the RegiMon,
for obvious reasons). These Pokemon are beyond description, so I'll go right
into how to unlock them.

Needed Pokemon/Moves
- Wailord (preferably your Water HM-slave, as you'll need Surf & Dive)
- Relicanth (catchable on the ocean floor outside Sootopolis)
- a Pokemon knowing Dig (Trapinch learns it naturally at lvl 41)
- a Pokemon knowing Flash and Rock Smash (Psyduck is perfect to fulfill both
  this requirement and the Surf & Dive req)
- A Braille alphabet, if you want to read what they put in

OK, first go to Pacifidlog Town. From there, Surf on the south edge until you
get to the currents; hopefully you'll run into the Fisherman (who has 1
Magikarp and 5 Gyarados, btw). From there, go around the rocks and begin
Surfing to the left following the current until you get to a ring of land that
has 4 Trainers on it; two of them are running. Get around them if you don't
want to face them, and surf to the left; the current will take you up and
around the rocks. Surf to the left until you hit the current again.


When you get to the island, stand in the middle square of the leftmost
side of the island, then Surf. Only at this point will you be able to reach
the Underwater Passage, which is in the middle of an island ring.

Now, Dive through that ring and follow the path south until you come to your
first Braille wall-carving. Simply put, use Dive here to enter the cavern.
Then, walk to the top of the cave and use Dig to open up the entrance to the
WAILORD IS IN YOUR LAST SLOT! Many people get this mixed up, myself included,
so this is a mental note for myself as well.

Once you read the Braille at the top of the innermost cavern, you will have
opened the caves that contain the Regimon, who are scattered among Hoenn. Here
are their locations:

Regirock: The Route 111 Desert area, in the southern part of the desert;

Regice: Along the Route 105 sea path, staying to the left will show a side
path leading to his cave;

Registeel: On Route 120, go up the stairs to the left of the route instead of
turning onto route 121, going right to Lilycove. The cave is northward, past the
super-tall grass (you'll encounter a Berry-loving NPC, a Ninja, and a Ruin
in that order).

As to how to fight them... read onward.

Regirock: Enter his cave, read his inscription, then proceed two steps left,
then two steps down. Use Rock Smash. Yes, I know it looks like there's nothing
there, but the coding allows for using Rock Smash in that particular spot to
trigger the opening of the door to reach Regirock. Save before you face off
against him (VERY IMPORTANT!!!), then proceed to attack.

New Pokemon Alert: Route 111

Regirock- lvl 40, Rock (weak to Grass, Water, Ground, Steel, and Fighting)
 Moves: Curse, Ancientpower, Superpower, Rock Throw
 Preferred nature: Careful (+DEF, -Sp. ATK), Adamant (+ATK, -Sp. ATK)

This guy's a mild pain, but nothing like taking on the many Legendaries of
Sinnoh. Basically, chip away at this massive rock until its HP is in the red
(try to use False Swipe if possible; Scizor will take neutral damage from all
his attacks, and his high DEF allows him to tank those hits somewhat, so use
him if possible), then start tossing Ultra and Timer balls left and right.
Use Ultra Balls (or PokeBalls, if you have a lot of them. Who knows? One might
work... XD) for the first 15-30 turns (I forget the exact numbers), then after
that chuck the Timer Balls because that's when they're the most effective at
that point.

(note: Curse is used by these guys to offset Superpower's secondary effect of
lowering their ATK & DEF stats by 1 unit, so it can go for awhile; also,
Ancientpower has the chance to boost all stats by 1, so once its Speed is low
enough it will start using Ancientpower)

Regice: Enter his cave, read his inscription, then do a lap around the room,
staying right next to the wall as you go (don't worry about the inward-pointing
edges; as long as you stay along the wall you'll be alright). Examine the
inscription again, and the door to Regice will open.

New Pokemon Alert: Route 105

Regice- lvl 40, Ice (weak to Fire, Rock, and Steel)
 Moves: Curse, Ancientpower, Superpower, Icy Wind
 Preferred nature: Calm (+Sp. DEF, -ATK)

This guy is not as tough as Regirock or Registeel in that it takes normal
amounts of damage from Normal-type attacks, so False Swipe will do full
damage. That said, Icy Wind will lower your Speed, so watch out for that,
and just try to whittle its HP down as fast (or slow, depending on your
strategy) as possible, and try to survive. Scizor will take more damage from
Superpower than Scyther (who has 4x resistence to Fighting-type attacks), but
Scyther takes double damage from Icy Wind and quadruple damage from
Ancientpower, so take your pick there. Regice is a special wall (i.e. he has
so much special defense that even Flamethrower won't OHKO it unless it's from
a vastly high-leveled Fire-type or from Ho-oh/Moltres), so you can try to
lower its HP by using special attacks. Alternatively, it has lower Defense,
so it'd be faster, and riskier, to stick with physical attacks.

Registeel: Enter his cave, read the inscription, then use HM 05 (Flash) while
standing on the center tile of the room. This will open the door to Registeel.
Here are his moves:

New Pokemon Alert: Route 120

Registeel- lvl 40, Steel (weak to Fire, Ground, and Fighting)
 Moves: Curse, Ancientpower, Superpower, Metal Claw
 Preferred nature: none; it excels in blocking both physical and special
 attacks, so perhaps a nature that boosts one of those two stats

This little bugger is actually not too bad to whittle down, provided you can
effectively put it to sleep (I prefer SporePunching Breloom) and get it down
to a sliver of health (for that I go with Sword Dance-False Swipe
Scyther/Scizor). After that, it's just up to how many Ultra and Timer Balls
you have. Remember that the Timer Balls get more powerful as the battle drags
on, so wait until late into the battle to use those (IIRC it's at its
strongest at turn 30 or later, but that might be Sinnoh-only).

6w3. Deoxys, the other Lati@s, and

6x. The Battle Frontier

A new area has opened up to you with the defeat of the Elite Four, and it is
your duty to conquer that place as well, should you so desire. Fly to Slateport
City and go into the dock building. Speak with Mr. Briney and Capt. Stern to
ride the ferry to either Lilycove or the Battle Frontier. Since it doesn't
matter which route you choose, go to the Battle Frontier. While on the ship,
you can battle the trainers in their cabins (which are kinda cramped, if you
ask me... :\ )

When you depart the ship, your Trainer Card will have a new function: it has a
map of the Frontier and a place to log your acheivements. First off, of course,
find the Pokemon Center so you can Fly to it whenever you wish. After that, you
can run around and explore the place, as there is also a hidden cave on the
island, as well as a super-rare Pokemon... guess what? Everyone's favorite
fake tree is back! It's Sudowoodo!

New Pokemon Alert: Battle Frontier

Sudowoodo: lv 40, Rock (1 only)
 Abilites: Rock Head/Sturdy
 Moves: Flail, Low Kick, Rock Slide, Block
 Location: just past the Battle Palace; go around the top of it, then down on
 the right side, along the river

Smeargle: lv 42-49, Normal
 Abilities: Own Tempo
 Moves: Sketch
 Location: Artisan Cave (Surf past where you find Sudowoodo, go down the
           waterfall, and Surf left until you find the cave entrance)

Other Pokemon: none

After catching these two, it's time to see what you can do. In order to get a
good picture of what the Frontier is like, I suggest taking on the Battle
Factory, as they use rentals to battle. It's the building to the far left of
the Frontier.

6x1. Battle Factory

The first among seven massive buildings off the coast of Pacifidlog, this
gives trainers "rental" Pokemon to battle with, a sort of homage to Pokemon
Stadium. There are two levels options, being "Level 50" and "Open Level." In
the Battle Factory, "Open Level" means all Pokemon are level 100... I don't
know why, but that's how they programmed it,,, guess they wanted to make
things even. Anyway, no matter what level you start on, you're always asked if
you want to save, for legality reasons; if you find yourself doing poorly in a
match, this prevents you from soft-resetting to start up in the room before
the match that you had trouble on, so you can switch out your starter for a
more favorable choice. If you try this, you'll automatically lose that

Now, there are also two sides to the room; the left is for "Singles" matches,
and the right is for the "Doubles" matches, which is new for the RSE era, and
is what most battles in the nearby Orre region (Colleseum, XD: Gale of Darkness)
are fought as. Both rooms require strategy to defeat your opponent, as you'll
not get a chance to switch out your Pokemon like in normal battles (this is
true for all Battle Frontier challenges), but the Doubles matchups require
different strategies than the Singles matchups.

For the sake of cleanliness, I'll divide the singles and doubles sections.

6x1A. Battle Factory: Singles division

This is the standard 3-vs-3 setup that the majority of BF battles will take.
If you choose level 50 Pokemon, you'll find it somewhat easier, but also a bit
more difficult for several reasons:

1: Your Pokemon will usually be (for lack of a better descriptor) either basic
or 1st-level Pokemon (i.e. anything except the likes of Blaziken, Aggron, etc.)
and will know weaker attacks like Water Pulse instead of Surf.

2. Your Pokemon's attacking power will be severely limited; most try to make a
case that it's easier because of the lower HP and defense stats, but this
applies more to your Pokemon than to your opponents' Pokemon. (yeah, the AI
likes to screw with you here)

... ok, that's all I can think of right now, but that's cause I'm playin'
Ragnarok Online, so nya! XP

OK, on with the setup... ok, so they save the game, then drag you into a back
room... where they beat ya up and run off with your money! XP Just kidding...
They "tell you a bit about your next opponent", which always ends up pretty
vague. Figures, eh? Anyway, after that, they let you choose your three rentals
from a grouping of 6 Pokemon; choose whichever ones in heck you want, but keep
weakness-balance in mind; you don't want to go into a battle with, say, an
Electric-, Rock-, and Steel-type, since you'll have a massive weakness against
Ground-types. Type balance is harder with 3 Pokemon, so you'll have to check
out their attack lists to see what their particular theme is (with lvl-100s,
you're sure to run into SunnyBeaming Exeggutors, ThunderDancing Starmies,
and the likes).

You fight the Frontier Brains twice. The first time is usually after you
clear a seven-battle string three times, then the second is after the
seventh string (so battles 21 and 49 will always be a Brain). They always
have a strong team that counters each other's weaknesses, and the Factory's
Brain is no exception. The thing that you have the advantage of is the fact
that you get to choose from the same Pokemon as he does, so you can set
yourself up more easily earlier on, whereas in the other areas you need to
use your own Pokemon and even if you have a good setup you could still lose.

I found the Brain here much easier than the other six (especially the
Pyramid and Pike Brains), but that's because I always lucked out and got
decent Pokemon like Swagger-Psyching Metagross or SubSeeding Meganium.

(will continue with next update)

7. FAQ

Q: How do I find the Fossils? They aren't in the northeast corner of the desert
A: Simple. After you defeat Flannery and get the Go-Goggles, it will "randomly"
appear near the southern entrance to the Desert (I put "randomly" in quotes
because it isn't random, but like the Mirage Island, it is affected by some
action that I'm not aware of... just keep moving from Route 111 to Route 112,
then back again to keep checking. It's bound to appear at some point... Oh,
and one more thing. Don't grab any of the fossils until after much training in
there, since the Pokemon in there are stronger than the ones outside.

Q: Why does Facade devastate my enitre party so quickly? I try to stop my
opponent's Pokemon from attacking, but they end up wiping out even Pokemon 10
levels higher than it! What's the deal?!?
A: Facade is fairly powerful in its own right (at a base power of 70, it's on
par with Headbutt), but it DOUBLES in power when the user is afflicted with
one of three status condition: Poison, Paralysis, and Burn. Hit your opponent
with Sleep- and Freeze-inducing moves and they will be powerless against your

Q: Will you give suggestions for EV training?
A: I'm still learning about EV training myself, so I can't really give advice
about it. There are EV-training FAQs on either the Emerald FAQ list, or the
FireRed/LeafGreen FAQ list, so look for it there. If that doesn't help you,
go to Serebii.net and read up on it there.

Q: Why haven't you given any notes on any of the normal Trainer battles, like
against a Rich Boy or Twins?
A: To be blunt, because I don't feel like it. I don't want to babysit y'all
through this game, and it'll take up too much space on GameFAQs anyway.

Q: What is the deal with the old man in the house next to the Sootopolis
Pokemon Gym? And how do I get rid of the trees blocking a staircase?
(submitted by "Jeremy")
A: As far as I can tell, that was something that was part of the Japanese
version of the game that got taken out when it was beinng adapted for the
U.S. GBAs. Further investigation reveals that it had something to do with the
e-Reader accessory, which is much more popular in Japan than it is here. That's
bout the only answer I have. Sorry...

Q: Who is Lupin the 3rd? (submitted by "Louise")
A: Look him up on a search engine or something. To sum it up, though, he's a
gentleman-thief who was created as an anime character in the 1970s.

Q: Why does Wurmple sometimes evolve into Silcoon, but it evolves into Cascoon
at other times? (submitted by... a LOT of people...)
A: The answer is very complex. What your Wurmple evolves into is triggered by
two things: time of day, like whether Eevee evolved into Psychic-type Espeon
or pure-Dark-type Umbreon in G/S/C; and "gender value", which is a number
between 0 & 510 that determines what gender your Pokemon is. The trick had me
confused for awhile too, but after some research on both my Sapphire & Emerald
games, as well as research on the Emerald forum, I've come to this conclusion.
I'll admit that it's more likely that the only reason is gender value, and that
the time of day thing was mere coincidence... Let's just say it's random & be
done with it, ok? ... okay, if you're desperate for an answer, there's always
the message boards...

(Two notes: All names are changed to protect privacy, and will be updated when
I get some more responses. lol)

8. Credits/thanks

God: for... well, everything.

Nintendo, GAMEFREAK, etc.: for creating & distributing this fun Adventure/RPG

GameFAQs: for allowing me to submit and post this FAQ/walkthrough

other posters: for the lack of decent coverage of this game

myself: for doing it the right way and not using an illegal ROM to put this
out ahead of the release

Pokemon Emerald forum veterans: for clearing up some stuff, like the Wurmple
evolution problem

9. Copyright info/miscellaneous stuff

This FAQ is my "intellectual property", and may be distributed ONLY by
GameFAQs.com on their main website. Any sign of blatent plagerism (it's hard
to tell, since walkthroughs usually end up looking similar anyway) will be
dealt with swiftly and effetively (as the U.S. Judicial system will allow,
anyway). In other, more plain terms, "You steal, I sue." Capice? -_0

My e-mail is thegreatdestroyery2k@yahoo.com. I will only accept e-mails with
the heading "Pokemon: Emerald Version FAQ", and will only respond to questions
that the walkthrough does not answer, up to and including the Elite Four.


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