How can i find latios/latias easily?

  1. Ive beaten the elite four and become the champion, and i chose i wanted latios by saying the

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  1. Get any level 40 pokemon in your first party slot and use a form of Repel while walking through grass or surfing. In my playthroughs I have almost always encountered the Lati@s at some point while surfing from Lilycove to Pacifidlog Town.

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  1. You can get a Pokemon who is level 40 like the Latis in an area outside where Pokemon level 40+ don't appear (like south of Mauville) and use any repel. Weaken them slowly and possibly use false swipe to ensure 1 hp survival. Get a fast Pokemon to put him to sleep. Constantly save to avoid making mistakes. A sea route to find him is west of Pacifidlog. Get a Pokemon like Wobuffet which has shadow tag and prevents foes from escaping (not sure if this works on flyers and levitators). If not, then get something like Crobat to use mean look or a ghost Pokemon who has it and Hypnosis (attach something like wide lens or whatever Emerald has for accuracy). I suggest Quick ball, Great ball, Timer Ball or you can use your Master ball. Avoid flying. It makes him "warp".

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  2. The easiest way is this:

    Buy some Max Repels, and make sure you have a Pokemon with Surf.

    (Make sure you have defeated every trainer on the route from Mauville to Lilycove, so no trainer will challenge you to a battle)

    Go to Mauville City, use a Max Repel (also, keep using one when the previous one stopped working).
    Go to the East (Route 118) and Surf on the water towards the T-split.
    Go up (Rt. 119)
    Walk all the way to Fortree City (avoid the sand slope on this route by passing through the tall grass next to it).
    Walk through Fortree towards Rt. 120, and head down towards Rt. 121.
    Then, when arrived at the entrance of the Safari Zone, make sure your Max Repel stops working, and walk through one of the grasses near the entrance.
    If Latios is not one of the first 15 Pokemon you encounter, go back to Mauville (you may Fly this time) and do it all again.
    You will probably Latios (eventually) this way, believe me, it works.

    This is still the best way of encountering Latios after you've encountered it the first time.
    But then you can check your PokeDex (when arrived at the Safari Zone entrance) to see if Latios is there.
    If not, return to Mauville, repeat.
    If so, don't check your PokeDex to often, it will fly away. Just check it once and keep searching the grasses there. After 10 Pokemon without Latios or so, you can check again if it's still there.
    If not, return to Mauville, repeat.

    PS do not train Latios to Lv100 without knowing how to EV train. If you do, you will regret it later on.
    If you don't know about EV training, clone Latios before training one of the two to Lv100, so you can EV train the other when you have learned about EV training.


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  3. Go to rout 118 from Mauville city. Open up a cave next to the grass using secret power. Run around in the grass and if Latios/Latias doesn't appear right away then go inside he cave, come back out, and run around in the grass again. Going inside the cave resets the pokemon's location so it will eventually appear where you are. Using repel is recommended with a pokemon at he head of your party below level 40. This is the fastest way I know of.

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  4. i just got the emulator and I haven't found him yet, but on other sites I have found that you should save the Master Ball for Latios/Latias as they flee. The other legendaries do not flee. I still have my Master Ball and am trying to find Latios.

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  5. (Remember if you are lucky enough to get the EON TICKET, you can use that to both of them without em fleeing through Lilycove)

    Well, the easiest way is to get a Lv.40 Haunter or Gengar with Mean Look, Hypnosis, Dream Eater and *Insert a weak move here*. Give it a Quick Claw - just in case. Then buy a TON of Max Repels and Hyper Potions/Max Potions/Full Restores, check your Pokedex for it's location, then set off on the search.

    NEVER, I repeat, NEVER, use FLY, or the BICYCLE, when trying to get Latias/Latios. Or else you'll be wasting your time. Maybe you could use FLY constantly to get it close to your location, though. Worked for me. But remember it takes a lot of patience when you use this method - The Eon Duo are annoying...

    Once you encounter Latias/Latios, now is the time to use Mean Look IMMEDIATELY, and if Latias/Latios is faster hope the Quick Claw kicks in. Once the Mean Look has taken effect, use Hypnosis - if your Haunter or Gengar dies, it can run away again, then you will have to put up with searching for it. Now that it is asleep, start weakening it using Dream Eater and the weak move you chose. Since Dream Eater restores HP, you may not need to use your Potions, but you can never be too safe.

    Now when Latias/Latios is weakened enough, throw these Poke Balls -
    *Timer Ball (This method of catching the Eon Duo is REALLY long, trust me.)
    *Quick ball (If Latias/Latios ran away after weakening it a happens.)
    *Ultra Ball
    *Master Ball (If all else fails...)
    *Repeat Ball (If you've had it before, but your Little Bro or someone released it. I know the feeling.)

    Good luck - you'll need it xD

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