How do I open the Sootopolis city gym? & how do I get up the waterfall and go to ever grande city?

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    pandaperson45 - 8 years ago
  2. Clarification Request:
    The cave is easy to find; all you have to do is go to the humongus dark patch and swim around till you find the opening. The hard part is figuring out how to get around inside the cavern. I can't figure that out... does anyone have a map or some kind of directions?

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  1. Now its a pretty long process. 1st go to the waterfall near evergrande city. Don't climb it. Go left (west). use dive. Around there only u will get a cave (underwater). Go inside the cave, u will find the submarine. Now use dive again & u will reach Seafloor Cavern. At the End of the Seafloor Cavern u will fight Archie ( Team aqua's Leader ) & after defeating him Maxie will come & everything will happen automatically. Now after Archie, Maxie & Steven are gone Fly to Sootopolis. Watch the battle. Than surf to west in sootopolis and talk to steven. He will take u 2 Cave of Origin. When wallace asks a question answer SKY PILLAR. than go to sky pillar and talk to RAYQUAZA. Fly to sootopolis & now u can battle the Gym..............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. When you first entered Sootopolis, you were beckoned toward the Cave of Origin at the back of the town. Travelling to the end of the cave, you have a conversation with Wallace about the two titans that are fighting. He mentions that the legendary Pokemon Rayquaza was the one who quelled the titans. So naturally, you need to go wake up Rayquaza, at the Sky Pillar.

    At this point, make sure you are equipped with the Mach Bike and fly to Pacifidlog Town, then surf to the right of town onto Route 131. Work your way northward through a small maze of rocks to reach the Sky Pillar. You must use the Mach Bike to navigate the quickly-crumbling floors, until you reach the top where Wallace awaits. Simply approach Rayquaza, and he'll fly off. Go back to Sootopolis and witness Rayquaza end the conflict, and from this point on, Sootopolis' gym will be open for you to fight at.

    As for climbing the waterfalls, HM 07 - Waterfall is also found within the Cave of Origin when you go inside there to talk to Wallace.

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  2. Same as Smoke Rulz said. It's easy. But the doors to the Sky Pillar will be closed. IDK how you open them yet. Sorry. Hope i warned you. Sorry again. I didn't help much.

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  3. I don't think your both right, I have the same problem like pandaperson45, and the old man in front of the Cave of Origin is always telling me to leave.

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  4. when team aqua and magma wake up the two legendary pokemon , you go to sootopolis city and watch the fight between kyogre and groudon .. Find steven and talk to him , he will lead you to the cave of orgin..go to the room with crystals and talk to the person you see in the room..he will ask you where you will find rayquaza ,, you say sky pillar...
    you go to sky pillar(which is in route 131)and go to the top..rayquaza will wake and stop the fght between groudon and kyogre go to sootopolis after you have awakened it and wait until the cutscene is to the two leaders of the teams(magma and aqua)and then talk to the person infront of the gym........

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  5. 1.Watch the kyogre and groudon cut scene and go get rayquaza at sky pillar and watch the cutscene where kyogre and grouon go underwater.

    2.Beat the sootopolis gym so you can use water fall and im sure you can do the rest.

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  6. You get Waterfall after calming Groudon/Kyogre, and then the Sootopolis gym opens up.

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  7. I just did this on my Emerald. You'll need strength surf and dive!
    Just upon entering route 128 there will be a shallow circle area with a deep patch in the centre, dive down just below the shallow area and go inside the opening, there will be a submarine through the opening and dive back up to the surface and you will be at The Seafloor Cavern!

    Make your way through the cave however you like, there are a few boulder puzzles, with the second one which kinda looks like a face you need to get the two corner boulders forward and move the center boulders either left or right. I cant fully remember how I did it myself it just takes a few tries.

    Once through that puzzle you will find Archie and Kyogre (I think) and after a bit of dialogue Kyogre will disappear and when you go back up to the surface and it's all rainy, go back to Sootopolis City and Groundon and Kyogre are hitting heads.

    Talk to Steven located on the left side of the city and he'll take you into the Cave of Origin and I think he gives you HM7 Waterfall!

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